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2023.06.07 04:24 kylelelelele_ I need help

what the fuck is wrong with me. i am doing nothing every single day. i am in a shell of my own body. even when my OWN MIND begs me vainly to do something i know i HAVE to do, i still cant pull it off. i am mindlessly doing absolutely nothing. i zone out even when im doing something that i deem as soothing, relaxing, calming. playing games, watching a video, going through fyp? my mind isnt even on when im doing all of that. im doing something that i think makes me feel better but it doesnt. it didnt. it never will. i subconsciously know only thing that makes me satisfy is sitting on that desk and working on that shit. but i cant. i cant climb through the barrier. im in my room doing nothing all day. something when i wake up from zoning out i find myself wandering the streets grabbing some food. why am i not on my desk doing what i KNOW is good for me? i know i can study for hours once it starts. but when it ends i cannot come back. i cannot find the passion. i dont even enjoy playing games anymore. im left doing nothing. i cant even sleep at night since all i would think about is how much time i wasted. and then i will just wake up the next day begging my own body to do what i actually need, just to repeat the cycle again. doing something that i absolutely loved just doesnt mean anything anymore. i feel numb. i need help. i cant get myself to sit on that desk and study. i cant get the results i want. what the fuck is wrong with me.
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2023.06.07 04:24 theseance Living alone and the return of my ED

Personal rant and vent incoming🫠 Mostly just need to write it out and acknowledge these sneaky thoughts to a community who understands!
During and post-college my eating disorder was in full swing. Obsessive and compulsive behaviors exaserbated by undiagnosed ADHD, an intense field of study, and poor choices in men. Somehow I eventually got my shit together and found stability in life, as well as a really great dude! Being in a serious relationship and living with another person for 5 years really helped me get healthy eating habits. My SO encouraged me to eat what I want, while I was able to mimic his portion sizes. I gained a bit (thanks pandemic and work from home lifestyle), but honestly I still felt good about myself.
Well, I was recently accepted into a graduate program and have moved to a new city away from my SO. It's literally day three and I don't know what to eat. And whatever I do eat is suddenly accompanied by the strong urge to throw it back up. I'm in a new city where I'm walking everywhere and it is super nice to be active again! But I can feel my brain already calculating my steps and burned calories. Thinking oh, once my body is used to this amount of activity I need to return to the gym. And I haven't even met my fellow classmates in person yet, but I know that as soon as I see these young 20 somethings, my body dysmorphia is going to be back in full swing. fml
why is this disease always lingering in the background, just waiting to rear its head
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2023.06.07 04:24 animatedApologist 9 months - Retrospective

Life could be better, could be worse. This is the longest I've been clean since middle school—in a few months, I go to college. That'll be a year.
Cleaning my room, found an old stash of medical supplies and blades I stole from the hardware store with my father. I always bought the bandages with my own money, but took the blades. I remember the last time I scared myself and my mother. I couldn't remember the last time I wore shorts in the summertime and didn't feel ashamed of it, or the rest of my body, for that matter. The blades are in the bin rolled in a pair of shredded too-tight shorts.
This is the minority of my life, hopefully. Maybe it'll happen again. It's something I will have to reflect on as a footnote of every teenage girlhood anecdote. My body is all I have so I don't want to punish it anymore. I'm still comforted by the bumpy strips on my thighs and the sharp pain I get when nervously scratching them. That's ok. I have other tools now, but not everyone is so lucky. I'm still allowed to take comfort in old hurt.
I plan on getting a large tattoo on my thigh—not to cover it up (would rather die than get a keloid ink'd), but to bring beauty to it. Give people something else to look at, invited to see and know something else I'm 'proud' of enduring. They're not "tiger stripes" or "battle scars", they're gashes from a fucked up kid who didn't get the care she needed and holes she couldn't dig herself out of everyone else's shit, angrily throwing it back at herself because who else deserves it?? Another fucking kid???? No one. No one does.
I don't have to love every part of myself but I can appreciate it regardless. Every shitty, unglamorous, fucked up part of it. Cliché live laugh love my ass off but eventually, it works. Be realistic though, don't romanticize your trauma. But it's a fine line, whatever path to acceptance.
So yeah, probably going to leave the subreddit and other SH/ED related ones, too. Give some preachy check-ins, support, encouragement, pull the heads out of some asses.
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2023.06.07 04:23 SomeRandomFoe Comic translated to nêmern

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2023.06.07 04:23 westenisme Weird new "policy"

Weird new
So we have been getting bad surveys lately one that kinda upsets me personally saying "cashier didn't make eye contact with me" like wtf I don't like direct eye contact that's makes me uncomfortable but because of the recent surveys my gm made some new "policies" while at the register and I guess I'm just wondering if they can really enforce this?
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2023.06.07 04:23 Antique_Implement103 I (f17) have no idea how to make friends

I've had some mental health issues for the past few years that basically lead me to not go outside my house ever, the few times I did i ended up throwing up due to stress and anxiety because of this I've dropped out of school at 14 and now I'm 17 and have no friends or social skills, i genuinely don't get how to even start making friends, it was relatively easy at school but now idk, do you just walk up to someone and ask them to be your friend??? Honestly I'm really worried, i don't like being lonely and I've been struggling with loneliness for a good while, i just want someone tbh, i have some online friends but we don't talk much anymore, I'm afraid of relationships too, like if i can't even make friends how am I ever going to be loved romantically by someone? I'm rambling I'm sorry, i just don't know what to do, i just want someone to talk to i guess although I'm awkward even in texts
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2023.06.07 04:23 mags_n_cheese PTSD in a dog and not sure where to turn next

Hi guys! I'm a little lost with my dog and I'm not sure what to do anymore.
A little backstory before the backstory. Satyr is 3.5 years old, and my active service dog. She has never shown any aggression, just severe anxiety of her own. We like to joke that my service dog for ptsd has ptsd lol. She's a husky/rottie mix and stubborn as all heck.
I adopted her from a local shelter to train to be my service dog. I think she was a puppy mill pup as she was turned in with 13 other dogs, none were her breed, and they knew her exact bday. Got her at 5 months old. She was so scared of people she wouldn't eat for 2 days, then eat a lot (she's been over that now for years!). She would also pull me into streets to get away from people that were .25 miles away from us
A year in she was trained enough to go into stores, and knows all of her service dog commands (in Latin i might add. I thought it would be funny to train a greek named dog in Latin LOL)- however she is still TERRIFIED of people, but doesn't run away just constantly stares as we go past and freaks out when people stare at hetry to touch her
She's now 3.5ish and I still take her to work/school/stores with me, but she's obviously scared and I'm not sure what to do. I've tried giving her treats, anxiety meds, and have men give her treats, but nothing works. She now can go up sniff women, but even men she's known for 3 years and has lived with make her scared. If training would help I'd pay it but it seems like nothing has worked so I don't want to shell out 2-3k for something I have no certainty of. If she gets too scared she will poop as a defense mechanism? Idk what the point is of that but its anxiety-inducing for me if she ever were to do it in a store (luckily she hasn't). I also feel bad that she gets THAT scared, she shouldn't go through that
We are basically at the point where I want her to feel safe like she's allowing me to feel when we go places. I also see it in her eyes when her sister gets loved on by visitors, she so desperately wants to play and love too, but she just has a mental block and can't
I'm very new to Reddit. I've had this account for a very long time but only logged in to get some help or advice, so if I'm doing this wrong please let me know! I'm just very lost on what to do.
I also would like to add I can't afford to get another dog to be a service dog/don't have the space/Satyr is a one dog one cat household type of gal.
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2023.06.07 04:23 chubbyxbunni Am I slow or is this anxiety?

I didn't go to pre-K, I did go to a morning class, but I never went to pre-k. In 1st grade, I went half days, and my mom would take me out in the afternoons. I did go to a homeschooling teacher for a little while, I can't remember how I did. Then, 2nd through 4th grade, I went normally. Then, she took me out to homeschool me, it didn't work out so she stuck me back in later in the year.
I surely fell behind because I couldn't stay focused on my schoolwork at home, that's why my mom put me back in public schooling. Which I'm thankful for. I missed a lot of school through my education years, due to an illness I had which had me vomiting quite frequently. They took me out of class for math because I fell behind, and I had comprehension issues due to my ADHD. I have attention deficits. But, now it's gotten better. In 5th grade towards the end of the year they brought up to my mom they would like to place me on an IEP due to falling behind in a few subjects; Reading and Mathematics.
Fast forward to current time, given I was in an IEP I feel like I'm intellectually or developmentally delayed. I feel like I'm slow, I currently live at home and work in the hospital as a certified nursing assistant. I work full time, but I feel dumb. I pay rent at home even though I'm so bad with money it's insane. I'm impulsive with money especially, I prioritize things badly. I know I'm doing it too, it's just like impulsive. It's weird. I have bad anxiety, social anxiety as well.. anxiety for every situation it seems like. I've gone to therapy for it, because I feel like I'm existing... not living. My therapist says that given that I was able to pass my CNA state certification I'd have to be average or above average in intelligence to even pass it.
I feel like everyone around me knows something is "off". Even though I haven't heard it, I'm sure they talk? I don't really care about anything else anyone has to say BUT the thought of them thinking that I'd be slow or intellectually delayed bothers me. As a kid I walked and talked on time, and passed my childhood milestones. It wasn't ever indicated I was intellectually delayed.
I got employee of the month 2 months being in the hospital, but I've made big mistakes no one got hurt. I've been a CNA 4 years prior. These nurses are my age and younger and they seem so mature. I feel like sometimes I feel dumb and inadequate. I'm quiet, but I want to be smart and an intellectual. They always say how a hard job I do. These nurses hangout and are friends with each other. I feel out of sorts here. There's been times where they come sit by me cause I sit away from them. Do you think they think something is off? They seem to like me and keep me included. THEY are articulate, I think I'm articulate online but offline it's bad.
I don't know if I'm overthinking this?
There's patients that come in with cognitive deficits or intellectual disabilities. I don't act like them, but everytime I hear something along those lines I panic. I worry people think that about me. I worked with adults with intellectual disabilities and it triggered something in me. I had to quit because of it.
I got drunk the other night and said to my friends "I think I'm slow" and they were like "No you arent!" But idk if they say they cause they didn't want to hurt my feelings.
The CNA test is common sense but my therapist said that I'd have to hold an average intelligence.
I still live at home, I'm 26, needing dental work done and now I have to get insurance on my own because I don't have any now. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Is this just anxiety? My one friend said socially I probably have anxiety over. I do have bad social anxiety and I'm quiet. I spend money and sometimes go into overdrafts, I'm bad with money but I know I am and it's an issue. I spend money to be happy, because I'm so sad a lot. I am paying off my car to my mom, I pay rent everyday check to my mom. It's not like I'm living here for free. I would love my own place but I can't afford it.
I feel like at work I'm slow, even though they tell me I do amazing. These nurses are younger and my age and they are so assertive, confident and I more so go with the flow.
I'm pretty quiet, I'm opening up now. I feel like I do stupid shit all the time... and I've been a CNA for a long time.
I went to college for a few weeks, and we took standardized testing to know what classes to place you in due to your education, you know. I didn't do well on it. Idk if it was cause I didn't take my time, or I got distracted easily. I do have ADD. I'm bad with money and everything else.
I just feel like I'm 26 and I have nothing. Absolutely nothing. Dating is nonexistent, which doesn't surprise me. I've always had issues with it. I don't have kids, probably a good thing if I'm low intelligence?
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2023.06.07 04:23 JokeFit5094 having a triggering week

This week has been really hard for me after seeing that I have had unintentional weight gain. Now I'm hyper aware of what I look like and my body and what i eat. Theres so much guilt and discomfort and Im overthinking so much and crying more. Ive been doing well in recovery but now that im on my own with the whole eating thing, I cant stand if I gain more than I needed to. Too be honest i dont care to hear about how overshoot is normal. i just want to learn how to deal w all these feelings and anxieties. eating is so scary to me now and i feel like the only thing that will make me feel better is if i lose some of the weight and eat a little less.
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2023.06.07 04:23 jyorkson My HOCD story. Possibly Triggering

Possibly triggering!
So I'm a 27 yo male. When I was 21 I finally got a shot with the girl of my dreams (we'll call her haley) everything was amazing except for one thing. My previous ex (I'll call her peggy (lol)) and I were into pegging, and I enjoyed it. We had gotten into it when she found my collection of trans porn and different comics and I told her I was interested in submission. I wasn't as into her as I would have liked to have been tho. We ended up breaking up and the girl I had been in love with since freshman year told me she wanted to be with me(theres a whole different story about me asking haley out before I started dating peggy and then peggy finding out about it and giving me an ultimatum on haley and I's friendship). We started dating. I was absolutely head over heels in love with her, wanted to marry her. Maybe too much because the thought kept happening like "what if 10 years go by and I do end up being gay." I did all the shit, checking my penis for movement in public around different genders of people, watching solo male and solo female porn just to check. All the shit. I ended up getting a therapist and started doing a lot better. But haley and I broke up anyways (in tragic fashion). I ended up moving back to my home town and I met another girl who I fell head over heels for another girl. This time things were different. That's because by this point I had accepted the fact that I might be gay bi or straight. I definitely watch irregular porn to say the least. I was open about it with her from the beginning and we discussed the idea of a third at some point but we broke up before we either got comfortable with that. she helped me explore all my kinks which include dressing up all girly. And even tho I was in love with her, I rarely if at all had anxious feelings about my sexuality. I guess what I'm trying to say is that when I got honest with myself and stop fearing the fact that I might end up gay, the anxieties related to this decreased a lot. I wont go any further than thag other than, I know I'll probably get asked this so; idk if I'm bi straight or gay, I dont really care anymore. I like who I like. If I HAD to say I'd guess I'm bisexual heteromantic, but again that could change at any time and I dont really care.
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2023.06.07 04:23 Ready_123_ I just want to relax and enjoy my life.

I'm young and in my last year of college. I moved to 1400 miles west to California for a 10 week internship at a company that'll look good on my resume but one I don't really want to work at after I graduate. I just want to get through the work and enjoy my first time in California for the summer that I am here but I can't seem to breathe. It's only my second day but I'm working the night shift and my family (who dropped me off) left this morning to go back home so I'm all alone. Now my normal reaction would be to go to sleep, but like I said I work the night shift so I can't do that. I tried to exercise and I think about going outside but then my body and mind start to stiffen up at the thought. I'm in a pretty safe neighborhood but being around more people I think would just stress me out more. But I also don't want to be alone. I don't understand myself. I get so anxious and I stress about the little things that end up not mattering and I can't relax!! I know that it'll take sometime for me to adjust (this isn't my first move) but I just hate how long it takes for me to get comfortable because by the time that I do summer will be at least half way over and I'll be stuck in the same routine I'm always in when I'm at home. You're 20s are supposed to be fun and while I've come to terms with the fact that I don't need to be a party girl to have great experiences I also feel like I'm too much of an anxious shut in. I tried to see a therapist but it was too expensive. Does anyone else feel this? Like your mind and body are working against you, not listening to what you need and making it seem like the world is ending?
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2023.06.07 04:23 throwaywyshdhhd Guy I'm talking to constantly bringing up ex girlfriend, is really back and forth emotionally with me. What do I do?

I met this guy months ago and got into a casual conversation that was more than something basic and realized we had a bit in common. Very handsome, responsible, charming, good dad, hard worker, common interests. Decided to throw out there that I wouldn't mind getting to know him better and we agreed to drinks out together.
A lot of our conversations leading up to going out were about our past relationships and what worked for us, what didn't, what our expectations were. We had a lot of the same experiences and expectations, which was nice. Right off the bat we clicked and understood each other. He mentioned he was a bit hurt over his ex still, which I made note of for sure but just let it go for the time being.
We went out a couple weeks later, had a great time, talked for several hours, ended up getting close physically, kissing, all that. I swear the sparks were there and everything was amazing. Ended the evening asking me for a hug and he just held me and kept kissing me, telling me how amazing of a mom I am, how good of a person, and how he was really glad we went out. It was the sweetest moment.
Few days later we are casually talking and he brings up his ex almost immediately, and how it was the day they had planned to be together (she lives in another country) and he was really upset about it. Definitely wasn't expecting that, but felt bad for him considering all of the back story he had given me. I guess it was hitting me now that it's still raw for him. I tried to sympathize and just kind of talk him through the feelings and let him know I was there, but at the same time I felt.. weird. I did let him know how I was feeling and he apologized and said he didn't want to cause me any hurt because of his actions. Okay 👌
We talked a little later on again and the same thing happens, one of his ex's family member had texted him and it made him think of her.
Then he brings up how he has blocked her on all social media, but they follow some of the same pages, and saw a picture of her and it made him really sad.
I'm feeling like I need to back off, but I don't know how. I don't want to, honestly. This man is such a good man, who is definitely dealing with a lot of hurt, but being around him was the most amazing and comfortable time I've had in so long I can't remember. I even cried last night over this bs, just not knowing what to do and it's so dang pathetic.
I honestly don't know if I'm being too sensitive about the situation and this is more normal than I think, or if I'm being too optimistic that things could still maybe develop into a serious relationship down the road.
I feel like this is some high school bs and we are both grown adults with kids. I'm really disappointed and hurt that I let myself be so emotional over this.
Do I keep trying or just gently back off?
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2023.06.07 04:22 Repulsive-End4074 22[M4F] USA/Anywhere looking for love

I'm looking for a serious connection with someone and not looking to play games or mess around I'd like meet someone who's wanting a relationship and not just browsing i am 22m who's into gaming,music,anime,reading etc you don't need to have the same interests as me but if you do than it would be more fun but if you are interested please dm just be 21+ please
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2023.06.07 04:22 chiseplushie Writing paralysis

I'm frustrated with myself.
I do a ton of research on the Things happening in my multi chapter fic I want to plan. I start a loose timeline. I write a couple scenes; I can't write in a linear fashion or I'll get bored, so I just write whatever I'm interested in at the moment. I have the beginnings of half an idea in my head, but no plot bunnies.
But then I don't know what happens in the Middle of my fic. The bulk of the story, characters meeting up, problems that arise, consequences, etc. I cannot make decisions or make sense of what I want to happen.
And the ending! I don't know what's happening there either but I figure that I can find out while I'm writing. I know that I'll change my mind multiple times.
Then all this stuff that is packed in my brain won't come out on paper, you know? I write better when I'm writing drabbles. When I know the topic/writing prompt and can see the way forward. Not knowing what the bulk of the fic is going to be about, I can't get over the block in my brain to write a few sentences.
I just stare at the screen, wall, ceiling, my dog, like I'm going to see a diagram that will show me the path. I cannot "write what toy want!" because.. What even do I want? I've bounced ideas off of people and none of the suggestions or plot points "spoke" to me. Didn't magically inspire me to write or add to the plot. I didn't really expect to have a eureka moment, but I was still disappointed.
Sigh /rant
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2023.06.07 04:22 Far-Music-7990 Is Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home Worth It?

Question: is transfering all of my pokemon from bank to home worth it?
Background: I have been playing nintendo since gameboy & nes. I started on atari. Snes was my first console. I cannot explain why, but I cherish and adore older pokemon games. I have literally played gen 1 & 2 more than 50 times each. I frequently restart the games (im currently playing through red, yellow, gold, & crystal via 3ds). When i refer to gen below i am strictly talking about the new waves of specific pokemon.
Somewhere down the line i stopped loving newer pokemon games (similar to ARLO). I sank so many hours into gen 1-4. I love gen 1-3. Gen 5 was okay but the menu graphics bothered me because they werent great. The pokemon were cool though. I did NOT like gen 6 or 7. I havent played gen 8 or 9, but they dont appeal to me at all. I enjoy the new forms for older pokemon. Theyre fun. I own pokemon legends arceus on switch and im loving the refresh to the series. I wish there was more quality of life improvements and less fluff but i can say that about every pokemon game.
What pokemon are NOT allowed in Legends Arceus?
What pokemon are NOT allowed in Shining Pearl?
Will all of my event pokemon transfer? Shinies? Special moves? Breeded moves? Etc... (i dont care about gimmicks - mega, z, crystal, giant)
I find it odd how pokemon has restarted several times but still omits several pokemon from the newer games...
Sorry for the long post. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 04:22 ThrowRA_nona I don't want to divorce my husband, but I'm tempted to move 3 states away

For context, we have recently moved to an area that I never ever ever wanted to move to. I communicated this multiple times with my husband very clearly. At first, he promised me we'd stay in the area we were in (he was job searching at the time). Life happened and a great job offer came his way from the area I didn't want to live. It's basically his dream job at his dream company and he got emotional when he was offered the position. I work from home, so technically I can live anywhere. How could I possibly crush his dreams? So, I sucked it up and moved with an open mind. Wellll the open mind didn't last long and the exact issues I was worried about are exactly what I'm experiencing. And I just can't. We were both middle ground happy in our old place, and now he's more happy and I'm less happy. Not to mention not knowing anyone here and feeling isolated and socially deprived as I don't even work in a building with coworkers I could meet. We've been here about 2 months and I'm absolutely miserable. I don't know how I can possibly accept it here long term, as I feel it will be. I would never leave my husband under normal circumstances, but this place is absolutely breaking me. I'm considering staying with my mom for a few months this summer. My husband knows I'm unhappy and is doing everything he can to help, but it's just not cutting it. I'm a mess and obviously not thinking clearly but I'm just so sad all the time now which makes me even sadder. 😭
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2023.06.07 04:22 x__PinkGamerBunny__x Ive been craving cutting myself and I worry more and more each day that I wont be strong enough to fight it

Tw: Loss of a loved one, metions of drugs, suicidal ideation
Hi reddit, I've never really talked about this kinda stuff on here but I dont know where else to go. I (18 AFAB Nonbinary) am almost 5 years clean from cutting myself. Im not gonna act like I havent been doing it in other ways (biting, scrating, pulling hair, hitting myself ect) when I get really upset but thats not what this is about. I use to cut myself from around the ages of 11 - 14 ish due to CSA that was occuring at the time. Ive been working on getting better since then but these past 2 months have been hard.
It started at the end of march due to taxes. We found out my partner who lives with my family and me had not been paying state taxes in his previous job (job was in a state that doesnt have state taxes, we live in a state that does) causing him to have to pay $900+ in owed taxes. I have very bad anxiety so this completely fucked by brain and I stressed horribly (and still do to an extent) about it and everything that could go wrong. Then my sister (minor) was found to be abusing her dog early april which was a whole thing since I have taken on a pusdo parent role since my parents split up (i was 15 when they split up, dad is no longer in the picture) and had to be a big part of the conversation. I get how that looks but i took on the role willingly to help my mom not have to be the bad guy like she had to be our whole lives before that. Not too long later my uncle (moms bio brother) passed away at the age of 41. It was a sudden cardiac arrest. He is a former drug addict who only got cleaned up in the past few years due to finding his baby momma and having 2 beautiful babies. My mom found some coke at her job and asked him to sell if for her since he knew people. He picked in up from her work, drove 45 mins home, and collapsed within minutes of getting home. He had not taken any of it but for hours my mom worried she had killed her brothebest friend. My mom, as well has the rest of our family, has been greiveing heavily due to this sudden loss. My mom and partners workplace (they work at the same one) was switching owners so there was a lot of paperwork which freaked me out due to the taxes situation from earlier. That all happened threwout the span of april and may.
For some context I am diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and ptsd as well as being suspected of having autism. I have been depressed before but never to this extent. I use to want to be dead but didnt actually wanna die. I had so much I wanted to do in my life but now im so scared. Scared to leave the house, drive, find a job, talk to people, fill out paperwork, ect. I have no dreams of the future. I feel like my life has already been lived to its fullest extent. I dont feel worried about the fact I could die tomorrow or any other day.
Onto the issue at hand. This major depressive episode has casued my thoughts of self harm to skyrocket. My brain is constantly thinking of how i could hurt myself and how i could hide it. Ive never craved harming myself but now it feels like this horrible itch I need to scrath. Ive tried to find comfort in the things and people i love but nothing has really helped. I wanna feel better and not be like this anymore. Im not in therapy and im unmedicated which we are trying to change but i just need some kind of relief. Some way to feel okay again but i dont know how to help something like this.
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2023.06.07 04:22 harlow714 First time international travel with a baby

Hi everyone
My best friend's girlfriend is surprising him with a trip to Singapore. Their little girl will be about 7, 8 months old at the time. She is a pretty easy baby, for the most part. His girlfriend asked me for travel tips, especially international as that's where I have the most experience. I'm compiling a list of my best tips & tricks. I don't have children so I can't help in that regard.
I've seen previous tips & tricks posts but I'm hoping this one will garner more attention and get more comments with tips. Thank you all so much!!
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2023.06.07 04:22 XWarriorPrincessX Anxiety after avoidance in relationship

After a long period of being single, I have been dating a guy for 5 months. He's honestly absolutely amazing and I can see a future with him. I went through some extreme avoidance but I took a chance and actually communicated with him and he was and is so understanding.
I finally felt able to open up and let down a wall (which has never happened before) after repeated positive conversations. Now I am feeling very clingy and anxious and feel like he is going to get bored and leave me, like he's losing interest, something is wrong. When he takes awhile to text me back it distresses me.
I hate feeling this way. I have logically analyzed our texts and recent interactions and nothing has indicated that he isn't interested. It makes me want to shut down and go back to avoidance but I don't want that either! I just want to feel stable.
I'm sure the solution is to communicate but I'm not sure how to explain exactly why I feel this way.
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2023.06.07 04:21 Ultimate-pooper How have you gotten into a FWB/Situationship?

As a man, I'm curious because I've never been in a FWB type relationship and wouldn't mind having one.
I know there are lots of ways but, for me personally it seems like the best and "easiest" way is to literally befriend a woman irl with whom there is mutual sexual attraction, and take it from there. Yeah sure, there is Tinder and dating apps but, most men on Tinder ARE looking for sex/ONS/FWB's so unless you are super attractive and physically really stand out, most women aren't going to go for an average joe or even an above average guy for sex. Which, is fair enough. I would as well if I was a woman looking for sex.
Problem is for me is that I work from home and my only "social" activity is frequenting a local restaurant bar. Tinder is super hit or miss for me so I don't have much hope of finding anyone there.
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2023.06.07 04:21 pillbox_purgatory First Gaming Pc

I will be using this pc for gaming. Games includes Overwatch 2, Fortnite, Diablo 4, Dead By Daylight, Final Fantasy 14.
Max im willing to spend is $2000 US Dollars and I am looking to buy it asap. I would like this thing to be future proof and allow me upgrade some things down the line.
Budget should include Tower and keyboard.
I live in the United States and live near several Microcenters.
I need at least 32 GB of the fastest ram available and a 2TB FAST SSD (I run some data analytical programs that benefit greatly from these two conditions.) I also want the ability to add an additional 32GB of ram later on, but I won't be adding more ram right away.
In terms of case style, I prefer a matte black case with window. In terms of cosmetics, I prefer very subtle, muted, low key looks ( I don't like really loud, noisy colors) but I am willing to sacrifice all the cosmetics if it helps me get even greater gaming performance from my budget.
This will be my very first gaming PC. I've been a console player all my life. I want to try something new.
A special Request: Can I get two versions of the build? One that includes a monitor and the other that doesn’t?
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2023.06.07 04:21 Lodu_94 transfer assets from US brokerage to Indian brokerage

Moved back to india recently from US/Europe. Don't intend to return.
Does anyone have experience with transferring assets (stocks, MFs) from a US brokerage to an Indian brokerage?
Afaik, Indian residents are allowed to hold foreign assets such as stocks, MFs and bonds. There are restrictions on derivatives.
From a long term maintenance standpoint, it would be much easier for me to have these assets in an Indian brokerage - not needing a foreign address, foreign number, etc. I would prefer to not liquidate right now.
I'm not sure this is even possible with all Indian brokerages, but maybe something like Interactive brokers? Or any other suggestions?
Thank you.
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