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Is Today Friday The 13th?

2017.01.10 15:38 GangControl Is Today Friday The 13th?

Friday the 13th

2012.07.16 20:05 Friday the 13th

For all things related to the Friday the 13th including the man, the myth, the legend - Jason Voorhees himself; the films; the mythology; novels; the original NES video game; etc! All posts relating to the newest video game release should be directed @ /F13TheGame.

2019.06.26 18:30 Dawg1218 Clash of Clans Base Layouts

Need a base or want to share a base of your own? Post it here! Share base links for all Town Halls/Builder Halls to make life easier for clashers!

2023.06.09 02:45 papii2023 Research portion or builder portion

Research portion or builder portion
My clan just started day 7 of CWL and looks like we are taking the first place. I don't know what to buy between the research portion and builder portion. I want to max all buildings on my base as soon as possible but a have a few troops at very low levels. I'm TH13, your suggestions would be appreciated.
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2023.06.09 02:29 Susee167 [Recruiting] Goblin Fury #8CC8JULL Townhall 13+ Arranged War, SC-CWL, Clan Games, Clan Capital EYG Family

_About Us:-_
Part of EYG Family, We are an international English speaking, Adult only, back to back, casual war clan.
⚔️Our Alliance Has 6+ Clans With 3000+ Discord members
✔️ TH13 - 55/55/15/1 +
✔️ TH14 - 65/65/20/20 +
✔️ TH15 - 70/70/30/24 +
✔️ All accounts applying must be balanced
Feeder :-
CLAN NAME :- Shadow Warriors
Requirements :- Accepting TH8-15
✔️ Mostly Hero Down Wars
We're Pushing to CHAMPS III from Masters I in our event clan called The Wise Guys
Master III for Mid 12's to 15's
✔️Adult Only
✔️English Speaking
✔️War Participants
✔️Great People Willing To Learn And Coach
✔️Clan Activity
🛡Adult Clanmates!
🛡Relaxed Atmosphere No Drama!
🛡Back to Back Clan Wars!
🛡Max Clan Games 🏆
🛡Clan Capital Raids
🛡A Place In Our Family For All Of Your Accounts!
🛡Great Management Across The Family!
🛡No Required Donation Ratio!
🛡No Base Calling
🛡An Active And Organised Discord Server
if anyone is interested in becoming a feeder, please feel free send me a DM🙂
Interested? Click Link To Join ⬇️
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2023.06.08 23:16 Sensitive_Arm1328 [recruiting] Ottoman #8L0UGYYL Level 22 Master 3 TH13+ Capital LvL 10 War Focused

We are a highly organized and structured community with over 500+ members spread across 10 clans on Discord.
What sets us apart:
Requirements for new recruits:
If you believe you would be a good fit for our community, we welcome you to join us today!
Don't forget to check out our Discord server using the link below:
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2023.06.08 06:00 DrNekoSenpai [Recruiting] Reddit X-ray TH11+ #2922CY2R War Farming RCS/💎FWA💎 Verified

Reddit X-ray is a FWA clan. We participate in organized farming wars with hundreds of other FWA clans - that means, all the loot, minimum effort. We're always spinning 50v50 wars, come join us if you're looking for a laid back clan with no commitments. We're also in an alliance with the Reddit Zen, Reddit Pirates, Reddit Hunters, and Reddit Eclipse families if you're looking to take your gameplay to the next level.
Our clan tag is #2922CY2R.
What's in it for you?
Requirements to join:
However, we do have some hero/troop/defense requirements.
Town Hall level Requirements
TH11 TH9 heroes/troops/defenses or higher
TH12 TH10 heroes/troops/defenses or higher
TH13 TH11 heroes/troops/defenses or higher
TH14 TH12 heroes/troops/defenses or higher
If you're interested in joining Reddit X-ray, please apply through our discord.
You'll also be asked to give us the RCS password. See you in game, chief!
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2023.06.07 22:39 zarth109x I tracked an average clan's 3-star rate for the last 20 wars. Here is what I found.

I tracked an average clan's 3-star rate for the last 20 wars. Here is what I found.
I couple of months ago, I joined an average clan on my th12 account, along with a friend, and just chill there while I grind heroes. The clan is in Crystal 1/Master 3 CWL and runs a mix of TH15's through TH11's in regular wars and TH15's - TH13's in CWL.
The clan consists of mostly casual players/average attackers (so edrag/yeti/witch spam) as well as a handful of players who're trying to legitimately get good by learning how to queen charge and blizzard. The bases they attacked were also average, internet bases for the most part. Only 4-5 out of the 20 clans faced had all anti-3 star bases.
The data shows that there is a significant difficulty increase between TH12 -> TH13 and TH14 -> TH15. Getting a 3 star at TH15 is almost 3x as difficult as TH14. The drop at TH13 is because that is the point where spam attacks stop working, and more surgical attacks are necessary. Therefore, it makes sense to call TH2-TH8 as "beginner" town hall levels, TH9-TH12 as "intermediate," TH13-14 as "advanced," and TH15 as "expert."
Some important notes on methodology: I only tracked attacks against the same town hall level, so dips and scout hits were not counted. Also, I did not distinguish between a fully upgraded base at a town hall level and a brand-new base. But generally, those with lower heroes hit the new bases and those with max heroes hit the fully upgraded bases at each respective town hall level.
P.S. I used a Discord bot to track all the stats, so there are no errors and no attacks missed.
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2023.06.07 20:56 llamageddon11 [Recruiting] Rebel Alliance #2Q2Y2UJJ2 TH11+ War/Social LVL12+

✨️ ABOUT US ✨️ The Rebel Alliance is for the weary traveller in search of a place to settle down and play some Clash with a sense of community.
✨️ OUR CLANS ✨️ Must apply in discord
📍 Galactic - Th13+


📍 Cosmic - Th12+


📍 Nova - Th11+ 120 heros combined min.


📍 Dutch - Th11+


✨️ Member Benefits ✨️
• Strong & Active leadership • Back to back wars • CWL ranging from Crystal 2 to Master 1 every season • High level donations • Fun/Friendly/Organized Discord Server with burnt base, coach support & more!
✨️ Requiremements ✨️
• Discord & in game active • Seasonal war participation, Capital Raids & Clan Games • Non rushed + minimum Th11 • Respectful and no drama
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2023.06.07 15:00 HautDeFrance [Recruiting] War Snipers 2.A #PQ22VVPU TH11+ Required Clan Level 31 War Farming Clan (FWA)

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2023.06.07 14:29 LuckyImagination7074 [Recruiting] Indian Prestige #PQJUJCPL TH12/TH13/TH14/TH15 Clan Level 19 War Farming/ Farming Wars 💎FWA 🥷 BLITZKRIEG FAMILY

We are Indian Prestige ™️
Serious Clan Capital 10 - 1650+ raid medals / Legend League
Currently Recruiting TH12+ active players with proper war weight.
Perks of Joining FWA:- 🏅 Lazy CWL in our satellite clans (M1- for TH15, TH14 & M2- for th13 and below)
🏅Average LOOT per war varies from 700k-2.45 million depending on your Townhall
Other Family Clans- 1. LaLoon Legion™ - #2YCV029UL 💎OFFICIAL FWA Capital Hall 10 - 1550+ raid medals
  1. War Farmers .fi - #2QGYJJYUV 💎OFFICIAL FWA Capital Hall 10 - 1650+ raid medals/Legend League
More about FWA- YouTube -
‼️Must apply via Discord
Discord -
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2023.06.07 11:59 TheNameIsEva2504 [Recruiting] DarkForcesMini #2PO8OG2OU Required TH13+ Clan level 15 Semi-casual/cwl/capital raids Active member/ donator

Hello fellow clashers,
I am a co-leader for DarkForcesMini clan(Singapore based but accept all nationals) which also has a main clan named "Darkforces 007"(#L8L2GGQ8). The mini clan has a semi casual approach to wars i.e. we allow cw with a hero down but CWL wars and attacks are taken seriously. No hero upgrades allowed during cwl and must attack mirror unless stated by Co or leader.
Clan progress: we are a level15 clan with an average if 1200+ raid medals won weekly(top 12 in SG), crystal league 1 in CWL and looking to add more higher THs to improve our clan cwl chances.
We are looking for the below mentioned requirements: 1. Active players in CWL, CW, CC,CG and donations(TH13+).
  1. Player must be loyal and friendly in clan, no foul language and should respect leaders and members. Base shouldn't be super rushed.
  2. Player should be a good attacker.
To summarise, we need a Player with good intentions and commitment towards clan, good participator in overall activities and a loyal member.
Co and elder promotions will be decided by leader based on performance.
You may apply through the game using the details provided or leave a comment below with ur id/tag.
Donations are available at quite a fast pace for all troops and seige machines
Thanks. Would appreciate anyone interested in joining to reach out.
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2023.06.06 22:32 Altruistic-Pop-732 [recruiting] Dragon Fly #8Y9Y0002 Level 24 Crystal 1 TH13+ Capital LvL 9 War Focused

We are very organized and structured with over 500+ members on discord across our 10 clans.
What we offer:
New recruits must:
All wars are optional, however if you opt in you MUST do both attacks (or all 7 in cwl)
If you feel you are a good fit, please join today!
Check out our discord server!!! 👇👇
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2023.06.06 22:01 FlightHaunting5634 Best War base design for rushed accounts

So I have a major problem in CWL. I run 15 accounts and 13 of them are super rushed th13. Ofcourse they get 3 stared by even a th11 with ease.
What base design should I go for? Any tips (I have a hard time finding anything on google)…
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2023.06.06 04:31 ChripyLloins [Recruiting] Clan Dankula #2GJ2V8Q90 Th 1+ Clan Level 1 Social/Wars/Friendly Independent

Brand new clan looking to start from the bottom and forge a loyal community of chilled casual players. We are happy to accept completely fresh players and help them learn the ropes to empower them to be the best chief they can be! Also happy to take on the grizzled veteran looking to be instrumental in building this clan up.
I am a veteran player who hasn’t played for about 18 months, I’m at TH13 (XP lvl 181) and have my partner running the clan with me. Based in Australia but more than happy to have other nationalities join in as long as we all speak English.
Looking forward to meeting you all!
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2023.06.06 03:10 junkycats [Recruiting] Coolatai #CLRJYCU9 Th15 not rushed Lvl 21 War/CWL/Social/Clan Games Independent

My clan is looking for some new players to join our active and competitive community! We’re an old clan, originally only family and friends but have since had met new players that have been with us for years
🏠 Active participation in war, clan capital, clan games or CWL - if you are opted into war we expect you to use both your attacks
🦸‍♀️ Heroes need to available for CWL, not so important for regular war but opt out if 2 or more are down
💩 No rushed bases, strong defensive bases for CWL are just as important as good attackers
🏆 Active participation and commitment to the clan will get you promoted !
😊 Respectful and friendly attitude - we have some younger players so no profanity or derogatory terms are acceptable
Some other info: Majority of our players are th13+, all people th14 and up will be in CWL and th13 bases are rotated each day
We’re currently in Master League 3 for CWL, and Champion 1 for Clan Capital (#72 in Aus) and always max out top rewards for clan games
We are based in Australia but have players from all over, being able to speak English is needed so we can all communicate
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2023.06.06 02:20 No_Goat_4610 BUYING MAX TH13/TH14 MAX HEROS TROOPS AND BASE

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2023.06.06 02:19 No_Goat_4610 BUYING MAX TH13/TH14 MAX HEROS TROOPS AND BASE

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2023.06.05 23:03 KingMul [Recruiting] Shadow Realm (#Y8U9LJU) TH13+ Clan Level 23 Social/War/CWL/Clan Games/Clan Capital Independent

Entry Requirements: TH13+
Additional Info: Hello, we are Shadow Realm (Level 23), an active clan with a friendly bunch of adults that have been clashing together for a long time. We complete every Clan Games and actively participate in CWL (Masters League III 30v30) but our top priority is community and participation. We currently have ~46 members and donations are always filled (Max troops are provided for war.) We war twice a week and start prep on Mondays and Thursdays at 10 PM EST.
You establish yourself by following a set of very simple rules. Donate often, be active, make both attacks in war, speak proper English (no vulgarity or trash talk) and generally try to be a decent human being.
Discord is recommended but not required. We’re mostly based in the U.S. but all are welcome. Ideally you should have a non rushed base and the appropriate troops for your level.
Please mention Reddit in your request to join. (Just in case we are in an active war.)
Shadow Realm (#Y8U9LJU)
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2023.06.05 22:11 TheEshwin Will this attack work?

Will this attack work?
Quick info, I'm a maxed th13 and I really want to 3-star this TH14 (lvl1) base and I need a second opinion.
I'm attacking with 8 Yeti's, 10 super wizards, 1 ice golem, 6 bat spells and 5 freeze spells and cleanup troops + 6 wallbreakers. CC: Ice golem, pekka, giant, freeze and poison.
First blue, ice golem and log launcher, yeti's spread out followed by all heroes except RC, wizards and wallbreakers at the corners.
Second red, RC to take care of the splash damage
Third yellow, Bat spells in this direction with freezes.
3 star or 87% 1 star?
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2023.06.05 14:59 IAmSarcastic_ [Recruiting] War Snipers 2.7 #PU9PLQJ2 TH11+ Required Clan Level 30 War Farming Clan (FWA)

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2023.06.04 20:30 GeekBaker [Recruiting] Reddit Zulu Clan Level 26 Active th13-15, non-rushed War/Social/Events Verified RCS ~700 wins Well Organized; Extremely Fun and Active! Cwl for all! tag: #2Y28CGP8

Reddit Zulu (#2Y28CGP8)

Clan Level: 26!

Lots of 13s, 14s and 15s! We tend to be a very heavy clan!


Dive into th15 with us or play your 13+ until you're ready to!

Why should you join us?
Zulu prides itself on being a well-organized social clan with where people care about the game and are very active!
We do all war attacks and there are always people on to donate and chat! - Everyone says that...we mean it! What we ask is that you be willing to try and do your best to help us succeed.
We act like family and if you join, we want you to feel like part of the family too!
We have a high degree of organization and a strong leadership team. We care about war and want you to as well. You can find our rules in detail here. We also have additional rules for war - we do expect you to use discord, learn and use strategies, call your attacks, and follow the instructions to help us win!
In our clan, you will find that we try to be fair and work with everyone, but that rules are followed and enforced to make sure everyone has a fun, quality experience....and that we can all achieve together!

If you're interested, then read more below and apply by joining our discord:

We are very happy to take those who are already strong in war as well as those who are willing to put in the effort to learn as everyone is expected to war at least once a week (weekends are mandatory, you may have heroes down if necessary).
We are an international clan with both men and women.

* We have open spots! *

Here are some of the things you can expect from being in Zulu:

  • Clan Capital We have a Capital 10 with all troops and spells maxed! Have fun using all types of troops and get great rewards!
  • Lots of wars and large weekend wars! In addition to our optional wars during the week, everyone wars on the weekends. That means big wars every weekend!
  • CWL participation for everyone! We use two clans for CWL, both with level 10+ perks. High 14s and 15s will use Reddit Zulu and the rest is the clan will use Reddit Elephino when we split. We do sometimes also stay together for 30v30. Everyone will get 4-6 days to play during CWL. Medals and inclusion for all! Reddit Zulu has competed up to Champs 2. Both clans are consistently in Masters or higher.
  • Event access: Zulu participants in nearly all RCS Events! Every scrim and Potluck clan has featured some of our Zulu Players! These include a variety of both fun and competitive wars where you can hang out with others, learn new strategies and have a great weekend. As a member of Zulu, you are eligible to join anything the RCS offers. Whether it be fun wars and scrims or beatdowns against other clan systems! This includes being able to join the 2000 member RCS group chats.
  • Clan Games: Have maxed all clan games with days to spare! No minimum required...we are active enough, we haven't needed to institute one :)
  • Pushing two times a year: Twice a year, we take time to compete in the RCS trophy push and we tend to do exceptionally well! Winners of 4/5 of the most recent RCS trophy pushes and a narrow second place in the 5th!
  • Lots of wins: over 700 wins and more than 1000 wars!
  • Friendly Challenges: Friendly Challenges available at all 3 townhall levels! Just ask any time in game - there's pretty much always a bunch of us on!
  • Good donations: Troop donates are fast and furious! Everybody loves a full cc, and we have a culture of filling others' before requesting our own cc troops. We never want you to raid without a full cc!

Clan Requirements:

• First, and foremost, you must be active. We expect you to be making all war attacks for any war you're in, to make donates and to be either actively raiding, upgrading or warring.
• Related to the first point: no rushed bases. Everyone must meet the following:"
  • Everyone: Offense should be appropriate for your level and developed such that you have a reasonable chance to 3 star your own base.
  • Th13: You must have a minimum of 60/60/40 heroes or better. You must have a lab of a mid th12 or higher and vast majority of defenses built to th12 levels or higher.
  • Th14: we will ask you to have 70/70/50/20 heroes or better and most of th13 complete.
  • Th15: 80/80/55/30 minimum, four pets at level 10.
You must be at least 16 years old.
You must be available to participate in the mandatory weekend wars (declared Fridays). We war 3 times a week. Wars are declared Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Participation for the mid-week wars (declared Monday and Wednesday) is optional and members can opt-in or -out of the midweek wars, but must have all heroes awake if opting in. You must use both attacks for any war in which are you participating!
• You may have heroes down and still war with us on weekends. We expect you to be an active clasher working to improve yourself, and we understand that requires upgrades! That said, we still win most of our wars!
• We are a social clan at heart! We don't have strict social expectations, but it doesn't hurt to hop into game chat once in a while to say hi to your fellow clan friends. Discord is required
In the end,

why should you join Reddit Zulu?

You should consider joining because...
• You are an active player looking for a fun and active clan.
• You're looking for your Clash home.
• You want to war (and win!) regularly.
• You want a clan that prides itself on organization, clear direction from leadership, and all members being valued.
• You want a well-rounded clan that gives opportunities to participate in a large variety of events, giving you more fun ways to enjoy the game.
• You want to be part of a clan that is more family than random strangers on the internet. For those in Zulu, "Clan" is not just in the title of the game. We have become a closely knit social group and if you join us, you will be welcomed in.
Ultimately, you should join Zulu because you want to. If you want to get to know some great people, have fun, improve your village and skillset, and be part of something great, then Zulu is the place for you!
We hope to hear from you soon!

How to become a Zuligan:

Join our discord:
You can begin your application by clicking the option in our #welcome channel.
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2023.06.04 19:55 Sweet_Assist_9275 [Recruiting] Battlerams #2PJLQ8QYL TH 13+ Active Clan Competitive in War More info down below

Welcome to Battlerams!
We’re a US/Canada based war clan with a 78% winning record recruiting TH13’s and up! We have a solid crew with experienced players! For CWL we’re running 15v15 for th 13+. We’re very competitive in wars and want like-minded players who strive for 3 star attacks to become a part of our growing team!
🏷 Clan Name: Battlerams 🔎 Tag: #2PJLQ8QYL 🔰 Clan Level: 15 🏆 CWL League Rank: Crystal 1 📓 War Log: 166 - 47 🌎 Location: US and Canada 🗣 Language: English
💥 Experienced players with effective strategy 💥 Good people with no drama or bad attitudes 💥 Active members that will communicate well 💥 Mature players that will take war seriously and help us continue winning
Please feel free to DM if you have any questions or would like to join Battlerams!
Clan Link: Battlerams
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2023.06.04 18:47 dV8cs Th13 attack for Th15 war base

Th13 attack for Th15 war base
I’m a new th13 so troops are still not fully maxed except (edrag,drag,loons) need to three star this semi rushed th15. They also don’t have any CC. What strategy would you use?
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2023.06.03 23:01 Rude-Accountant-5160 [recruiting] Gamer’s #9VRL92PG Level 21 Crystal 3 TH13+ Capital LvL 8 WR: 518W-448L

🔥Attention Clash of Clans Warriors!🔥
Are you ready to take your game to new heights? Join our Level 21 clan and be a part of our ever-growing family! With over 600+ members across 10 clans, we'll help you push further in CWL, learn new strategies, and grow together! 🌟
🎉 Why become part of our family? 🎉
🏰 Level 21 Clan: Join an experienced, high-level clan! 🎓 Learn & Grow: Get guidance from seasoned players! 🌐 Massive Discord Community: Connect with 600+ members across 8 clans! ⚔️ Non-stop Wars: War 24/7 for endless excitement! 🤖 BurntBase Bot: FREE access for all members! 🤝 Friendly & Active: Enjoy generous donations and a supportive environment!
📋 New Recruit Requirements: 📋
🔗 Discord: Download, install, and join! 🏰 Town Hall Level: Must be TH13+ 🔄 Activity & Donations: Stay active and donate regularly
📌Note: Wars are optional, but if you opt-in, you MUST complete both attacks (or all 7 in CWL).
🎁 Experience our clan's friendly, active atmosphere and watch donations fill up in no time!
💥Ready to join our thriving family?💥
Join our Discord and open a ticket TODAY and start your journey to success with our exceptional clan! 🚀🏆
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