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2023.06.07 08:45 housingdream4 RPS World Trade Center Commercial Space

Looking for move-in ready office space in Faridabad, vacant office space, and shop for real estate investment purposes then RPS World Trade Center might be your right bet. It is a ready-to-move project at Sector-27C, Faridabad, offering investment options within your budget. For those seeking exciting investment returns, RPS World Trade Center Sector 27C Faridabad is the most desirable commercial project, with property options starting at Rs. 8 L. Their houses the stores, offering maximum visibility and a large influx of the public.
The project is also home to high-quality Grade A office space, ensuring a high return on rental investment from corporate clients. It is spread over 7.5 acres and has total supply units to offer. Properties at this project are available in various configurations. Move-in ready office space here, it is available in 400 square feet. While bare office space is available in 100 square feet. If you're looking to shop, it has a variety of customization to offer. The project has enormous dimensions and consists of 6 towers. More Info:- https://bit.ly/42sXSUA
DLF The Crest
PKS Town Central
Sawasdee 18
Devika Sadar bazaar
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2023.06.07 08:30 female_aardvark Real estate home open on day of bond clean?

I am vacating my rental and have had a bond clean booked in for more than 3 weeks now, which the real estate is aware of. Today they give me 23.95 hours notice they are doing a home open during the time the cleaners are scheduled. What are my rights here? I asked politely first but now they are saying they are coming anyway and won't cancel. I told them they gave less than 24 hours notice, but they are just stonewalling me. 1. It's inconvenient for the cleaners, and 2. If a bunch of people through the place with wet floors and carpets no doubt they'll have to clean them again! What are my rights here? I'm leaving town tomorrow so can't do much, but can I complain to someone about this? Seems ridiculous especially when the lease is for another 10 days, it's not like they need to rush.
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2023.06.07 08:30 AlFarisGroup Al Faris Group, Top Notch Generator Rental Companies

Welcome to Al Faris Group, a family-owned business that has been making waves in the MENA region since our establishment in 1992. We have earned a reputation for our exceptional operational efficiency and outstanding performance results across various industries.
At Al Faris Group, we pride ourselves on delivering safe, innovative, and reliable solutions for Heavy Lifting, Heavy Transport, and Energy Projects. With our state-of-the-art heavy equipment and integrated services, we are equipped to handle even the most demanding tasks with precision and expertise.
Safety is our utmost priority, and we adhere to the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) in all our operations. We have implemented best practices and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the well-being of our team members, clients, and the communities we serve.
Our comprehensive network of depots strategically located across the region enables us to provide efficient and timely services wherever you are. Our dedicated teams of professionals possess extensive local knowledge and global experience, allowing us to tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements. We Comes in The Top Notch Generator Rental Companies.
At Al Faris Group, we believe in upholding the values of quality, safety, and integrity in everything we do. We are committed to delivering excellence and exceeding our clients' expectations. Whether it's a complex heavy lifting project, a challenging transportation task, or an energy-related endeavor, we have the expertise and resources to deliver outstanding results.
Join the many satisfied clients who have entrusted their projects to Al Faris Group. Experience the difference that our reliable solutions and unwavering commitment to quality can make. Contact us today, and let us show you why we are a trusted leader in the industry.
Website- https://alfarisgroup.com/
Address: Plot 532-107, Dubai Industrial City, Saih Shuaib 3, United Arab Emirates Po. Box #: 29089
Tel: +971 4 459 7600
Fax: +971 4 459 7650
Email: [email protected]
#energy solution provider #hybrid energy solution provider #solar tower lights #battery tower lights #energy rental companies
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2023.06.07 08:26 projecthelios92 Don't know what to do

Let me start by saying it's been a hell of a month. Actually a little longer, but I digress. At the end of May, I was fired from my last job because they found out I was looking for a new job as they had just cut my pay in half and demoted me for "having too many ups and downs". At the time I thought I had another job lined up but for one reason or another they went in a different direction. I started drinking even more heavily than usual and was drunk every night for about a week and a half. That ended with me saying some horrible things to my wife and mother, and some extreme psychotic depression. I haven't had a drink since and plan on never drinking again. During the days I was looking for a new job and applying for unemployment, which I did eventually get, and I also eventually got hired for a maintenance position with Amazon, as they are building a new fulfillment center just outside my home town. My first day was slated for June 5th, and I spent alot of time with my wife and son trying to repair the damage I did. I'd like to think things got better over the next few weeks after my bad episode. Fast forward to the last week of May, and my recruiter emails me informing me that I would be flying to Nashville for my first week of training, all paid for, thankfully, including flight, rental car, and hotel. I had my first day of training today, and it was pretty uneventful. But I'm up late now, and need to work at 7:45 tomorrow morning, it being 1:20 am now. I just can't sleep. I'm so full of self doubt and a deep achey sadness in my gut that just won't subside. And I'm so incredibly lonely. I miss my home, and I can't sleep and I somehow have to function tomorrow. I dont know what to do, I've got no one to talk to. I feel like I'm slowly spiraling before I get swept up into the event horizon of this cataclysmic black hole and it just couldn't happen at a worse time.
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2023.06.07 08:23 Sea_Cauliflower_18 Phenolic Pistons vs steel , front calipers.

Hi guys I have a 2019 XLT 3.5 . My truck is currently at ford while I am away at work. I had some warranty work done on the engine and now the vehicle is just sitting there. I asked the person handling my repairs to drive it around the lot once or twice so that nothing seizes up.
She called to tell me that it was too late and that both front wheels are heating up and are showing signs of seized calipers.
I’m still away for another two weeks and have no way of determining how stuck these calipers are and if I can free them up when I get home. Also I’ll be damned if I give ford another dime to even take the wheel off and look.
I had pads and rotors already ordered to do a front brake job as they were ready to be done and now I’m looking online for calipers .
My question is this. Are the phenolic piston calipers any good? I know this is the internet and you’re going to get anyone badmouthing any sort of thing if you ask. So if anyone can give me a honest experienced answer with pros and cons I would greatly appreciate it.
I should add I live in Newfoundland where the weather is garbage and there’s salt on the roads all winter.
I’m sure steel would be better (as the price suggests) but my question is will I get 3-4 years on these in my truck that I use for regular use and drive only half the year.
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2023.06.07 08:21 SolutionAcademic4682 AITAH for wanting my roommates to move out

I am in my masters program and while being here injured my knee and needed to move. From when I hurt myself my one friend in the program wanted to join me because they were in a very tough spot too. One night the two of us were at a bar with our other classmates when one spoke up that her partner would be moving to the UK (we are in downtown Toronto, Canada) to complete his masters. She said he would be leaving May. The two of us agreed it would be a smart decision and we started looking at 3 bedroom places immediately, knowing it would be cheaper too. Being that it's Toronto it is bloody pricey. After we signed a lease and loved the place the couple started having second thoughts because of issues with breaking their lease. At this point, I had already moved my stuff in. I had extra cash because of inheritance and said I would help with the moving fee and the first month's rent. At the time I would have rathered spend the money to get people the two of us like in here than gamble to find someone else in a short amount of time and end up spending just as much money that I would to help them. As I am the guarantor of the apartment any missed rent falls to me. The couple ended up moving in within the month that I paid for them.
We needed a lot of stuff when we moved in and I ended up spending all my inheritance from my Nana passing suddenly on setting up the place. And it's a place Im proud to call home but now I am flat broke. When we moved in the agreement was to pay per person but because I chose the room with the attached bathtub I said I would pay more. (with chronic pain and issues I need a bath to function properly). The total rent is 3800$ and we agreed I would pay 1215, and they paid 861$ each, because that's just how we determined the space.
It now turned out that the partner was not leaving in may, but hasn't even been accepted into the program. Now it's “maybe October?”. They keep telling us that they never said May, yet my friend and I and the other person at the bar that night knows that's what we heard. The couple wanted to have a meeting to discuss the amount of rent they spend and how much space we all have. Because at that time we were paying per person and each person had their own fridge space (the fridge was divided in half from me and my friend and the couple). They wanted to pay less rent and to have more room, though. We sat down and I had everything measured out and we went off of the raw size of the rooms. When I added up the room space and did some math I laughed out loud because it was saying I should pay 1800, my friend 800 and them 1100. I thought it would be a quick laugh and we could carry on. But they proceeded to argue for 45 minutes (yes I counted) about that I should pay that, and said “well we were dividing the price of the rooms if you can't afford it we can switch” to which I said, so you want the room? Take it I can't pay 1800. Stating I would never have agreed to live with roommates for 1800 when I could have found a studio for the same price. My friend and I made a statement that we hadn't even taken into consideration the living room, the 2 internets we have and the electricity or the pool and gym into our communal price. We kept repeating it should be 1200, 1200, and 1400. They argued with me until at the 45 minute mark I lost face and stormed off. Eventually because I did the equation in ChatGPT they listened to me about the price. And they still ended up paying less than what we suggested. Now some context, they were paying 2300, and I was paying 950 before moving here. Their argument to me paying that one months rent for them was that they wanted to look at places in April, even thought back in January my friend was in such a precarious situation that she needed to move out and sleep on their couch. And that the cost of rentals in Toronto has gone up by 10% since January.
My agreement to splitting the rent per room was that it meant to also divide the living room and kitchen by 3 as well. So I measured the fridge and counters, everything. I divided it as close to even as possible without saying 1/10 of this shelf etc. The came back and said “this needs to be fair for everyone”. (the audacity after arguing that I should pay as much as all 3 of them combined). And said “I cut the cake, you guys get to choose the slices” I never intended to take the biggest space, in fact at the end of the day I ended up with the smallest space. But the day I measured everything they were apparently too tired to sit down and discuss it, yet we were forced at 1am to talk about their issues. But when I waited until the new payment was in effect they made us wait for an entire week for them to come sit and look at the plans. Even still they have this one shelf in the living room that is only their stuff and they made the gesture to take my rice off of their shelf that day. Yet when I mentioned each room should have a shelf in the living room then they said there isn't enough room.
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2023.06.07 08:17 samichdan Vancouver police stealing dimghys and cutting locks on tenders in non violation of 3 hour time limit.

Hello there everyone, I would to reach out to those who may be able to help a small family and inform everyone of a situation that I think we could make a difference with. I have sailed into Vancouver and have been getting used to the regulations around using the sea ferry docks for tender parking which on their website is allowed for 3 hours a day. On Friday The Vancouver police were removing derelict tenders that they thought were in violation of the bylaw and one of the neighboring boats caught a video of them towing a good number of them down through false Creek. Upon getting to the dock myself that morning with my own tender I met a lovely husband and wife (Dugan and Heather), here for work, with two very young children who were in a great deal of distress. Their dinghy had been taken and locks cut. They had just gotten themselves an aluminum hulled zodiac and were out walking for an hour downtown Vancouver. I offered them a ride home with my tender. At first they thought they were dingy had been stolen and then I was shown the video by another sailor later and we started to figure out that they're dingy was actually taken by the Vancouver police to an impound yard down in the Fraser River. The dinghy was located and taken out of the impound yard today as well as a flatbed truck hired to bring it across Vancouver to false Creek where they are anchored where I then towed the dinghy back to their beautiful boat. The regulations set forth by the city on their website says you can have up to 3 hours parking a day complementary at these docks and you're allowed to anchor within the city 14 days out of 28, they were abiding by all regulations and their home base is not Vancouver it's within the gulf islands. Here is where I would like to see if I can try and help them, a pay it forward if you will. A couple of years ago I used my 4x4 to take Vancouver Island health authority workers to work during a bad snow storm and I had to stop giving rides due to my tires being too low on tread, they made a go fund me for my truck and bought me a set of tires after I put on 4,000 km in 5 days driving people to and from the hospital. I would like to try and do the same for this wonderful little family I have had the pleasure of meeting. The city of Vancouver completely placed them within the non-regulation abiding citizens, I mean the tender had Spider-Man life jackets on it, and they were doing nothing wrong. They impounded it making the entire endeavor cost $1,000. If you feel you may be able to help this little family I have posted the link to a GoFundMe with a $1,000 limit to try and recover these fund for this family who are providing a beautiful life for their children. I know an unexpected Bill like that with kids cannot be an easy thing. Thank-you for reading, please help if you can Here is a cost breakdown of why the $1,000 limit is the goal. Initial tow to the furthest most inconvenient recovery point from false creek to Fraser River impound $242.38 Cost of impound done intentionally on a Friday causing a weekend of impound fees $488.25 City of Vancouver minimal Bylaw infraction cost $250 Total cost of impeding civil liberties: $980.63
Link to a GoFundMe I've created with their permission, they didn't ask me to do this. I just want to see if I can bring some positivity to such an injustice. https://gofund.me/d8a18b4e
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2023.06.07 08:12 WhiskeyScotchRocks Hi everyone new Monstera owner

Hi everyone new Monstera owner
Hi everyone! New here so learning as much as I can.
So I rescued this guy at a local Home Depot recently as it was looking sick and cast off. After reading posts here I realized it had been in too much sun there, and was getting sun scorched in my windows. I also changed its soil to the miracle grow tropical plant mix and added 1:3 perlite. I have it under a grow light 8-12 hours a night and it gets light indirect during the day. I want to switch to a terracotta planter but they were out of the big ones lately.
Anyways- how is my plant looking? Any tips on fertilizer? Or basic care I might not be doing? I live in southern Louisiana so we are pretty humid
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2023.06.07 08:10 Jiangcool9 Does Google home update its location base on gps?

Im a truck driver and I want to get a smart speaker for the truck. I’ve used echo dot before, but whenever I ask it for weather, it just reports weather for house and not my current location.
Can Google home report weather when I’m on the move?
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2023.06.07 08:07 Prudent_Tie_6771 I’m cursed

I’m 18 female if that matters -first of all one of my “friends” called me bald and said my hair was ugly ext ext and then later basically said that I edited my Instagram photos because I was “skinner looking” -I went to meet my boyfriend of 7-8 months for the first time and he asked me to leave Early because he felt he needed to go to the mental hospital (he felt me coming there kind of didn’t help his break down) -my mom drove 7 hours to come pick me up and we almost got hit by a semi truck -he barely talks to me after getting out because he’s trying to coupe with life and I basically am half broken up with from the love of my life -I’m switching colleges (including applying to one) because I don’t want to go down there and stress him out incase it’s all my fault -me and my friend were trying to have fun after all the stuff going on and she makes a very small mistake at a red light and he followed us, asked if she was on dope and screamed at the top of his lungs at us for 10 minutes straight, (literally hitting the side of his car while talking) -I needed to take out my tape in extensions and I ripped out some hair because the glue got stuck in my head, and it took hours to remove -my friends brother (I was at her house) is a lazy ass and won’t listen to his mom so we were woken up by her screaming and banging on the bathroom door, and then we had to search up the handbook at his school because he drove home and there illegally which was so tiring -and now a bat came into my house for 2 hours and I had to chase it with my mom it’s 2:03 and all I wanted was sleep):
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2023.06.07 08:06 ProduceOk8981 Complicated marriage situation between me (28F) and my husband (40M) involving polyamory and some accusations from other people.

Hoping to get some impartial advice from the good people of reddit. The more recent situation is towards the bottom, but it was helpful for me to write a summary of the entire relationship here, so you can know some of how things got to this point and where I'm at. I met my husband in 2015 when I was a 20-year-old exchange student in a foreign country (he was 32, and resided in said country). A very intense love built quickly between us, and everything felt absolutely out of this world, like nothing could shine brighter than our love. I felt like he was the most amazing person who ever lived as he had so much wisdom and talent, he was kind but unafraid, and we shared a drive to use our gifts to better society. We were also both practicing polyamory beforehand so we were both excited to find someone to have committed relationship with that was also open. At this time I had no doubts that we should spend the rest of our lives together. He had some very unusual and heavy childhood trauma, but I strongly felt I could be someone who would finally help him move past that. The next year, I had to live back in my home country for over a year to finish my degree, we did long-distance and didn't see each other for months at a time sometimes, but the relationship stood the test. At 22 once I finished university, I moved to said foreign country permanently to be with him, where I didn't really know anyone else at first. I fell into a deep depression for several months - during this period he saw me at my worst and helped me through it. I could also sense that (after 2 years since the beginning of our relationship), something had changed in our relationship which did upset me but I put that disconnectedness down to us having to have spent so much time apart. After almost a year living together we got married (by this time we were 22 and 35). I wanted to stay living here and so immigration was a big factor in us getting married so early, as it meant I wouldn't be tied to any particular job in order to stay after my temporary work visa expired, and we both felt like we were very likely to get married later anyway. Occasionally I felt like I had misgivings about it - he did say that he had some traumatic sexual events in his past that he hadn't fully opened up to me about, and I also felt like our relationship wasn't quite where it should be, it wasn't the dream I had moved back over for. But that dream was so strong I was determined that we could find our way back to it eventually. The next two years had their ups and downs - we shared many great moments especially building a community putting on house concerts together, and we found a friendship group of mainly girls my age - husband helped me with this initially as I was having trouble making friends when I first arrived. Husband was also dating another girl for over a year (let's call her Jen). We also worked on my application for permanent residency in this time. This was a very stressful experience because I was relying on him to fill out certain documents and it took him several months to provide them despite me asking him repeatedly, as the end of my work visa was approaching. He would refuse to continue speaking to me if I got too angry at him and one evening this culminated with me getting so frustrated I hit him (lightly) in the back of the head. I admit this was not my finest moment. Around the time the application was coming to an end, Jen ended her relationship with him and this sent him into a deep depression. For months I would be walking around the house and he would be crying on the sofa. He stopped brushing his hair and it actually hasn't been the same since. He was upset that I was not helping him through it very much, but I guess I felt that I as his wife should not be the main person to support him through a breakup with his girlfriend. I also felt that something was off about his reaction as I would sometimes see his computer open and he had sent Jen paragraphs and paragraphs without her replying. I also felt that he had not checked in with me very much about how I was feeling about their relationship while it was happening. He also said to me that the stress I caused him by getting frustrated about the application may have contributed to the demise of his relationship with Jen. During all this time, he has been battling with various health struggles and chronic pain, which I see him wrestling with constantly. For this reason, he hasn't had full-time work in the entire time I've known him. However, he would still find the time to go out to music events, raves etc. when often I would be too tired after work. Even though I was 13 years his junior, I was the one providing financial stability in the relationship even though I also had musical passions that I want to pursue instead. I was unhappy about this so I sought advice from a friend who validated my side of things. Said friend then told my husband she didn't want to be friends with him any more, which at the time I thought was too extreme as I would rather have advice where someone took both viewpoints into consideration. Then, suddenly the pandemic hit so I put all of that to one side. This time was fairly peaceful for us and we were happy to have each other during the crazy lockdowns (which were quite severe and went on for a long time where I live). About a year into the pandemic, while we were in and out of lockdown, I had just got a promotion at work and it was quite intense for a while. During this time he went out and got arrested protesting the removal of the homeless encampments and was facing charges, and then he joined a political group where some of the goals were to have the charges dropped. He would constantly bombard me with the latest political information he was thinking about, it was exhausting and he would get angry and say I wasn't supporting him enough if I didn't want to listen to it. It's worth mentioning that I had become a social recluse and frequently had suicidal thoughts during this time in large part because the pandemic had driven me nuts. I felt unable to express it to him, as I felt overwhelmed by the constant bombardment. We also had a strange dynamic where I was very disconnected from my body, and my husband would try and help me with that, however it involved him giving me these intense and painful massages that he would sometimes ignore my instructions to stop, or repeat an action if I had just told him told him not to do it. He also was upset that I was not providing him with massages as he really needed it to relieve his pain - I offered to pay for him to see a professional using my work benefits but he said he was not comfortable being massaged by someone he was not in a sexual relationship with for personal reasons. In late 2021 (by this time we were 26 and 39), I finally started getting out more and making new friends. I started dating 2 new guys one a few months after the other (let's call them Tom and Daniel). It's worth noting that by this point, my husband was now infamous for posting very strong pro-polyamory opinions on his social media. My relationship with Tom was very physical, and I ended up having sex with him without a condom for a few weeks, which was against the agreement I had with my husband, though I did tell my husband about it before the next time we had sex. My husband was understandably upset about it, but in the months following he was still there to listen and help me when I was upset about the intense issues that Tom was going through. A year after his arrest and after many political activities (many unpaid) in the meanwhile, my husband took it upon himself to spend months running for city councillor. I thought this was odd because for the last 5 years I had been under the impression he had not been able to work a full time job. He promised that making a name for himself politically would help him find a job in that field. During this time I started spending a lot of time (often whole weekends) with Daniel as we also get along really well as friends and had a lot to talk about. I also received a message from a friendly acquaintance saying that my husband had touched her in a way that wasn't fully consensual. Not knowing what to make of it, I asked my husband for his account of the interaction and many details matched but some crucial ones did not. I also asked some of the girls in my original friend group (who I had drifted from a little) if they had been avoiding my husband and they said they had for some time as he made them feel uncomfortable, but they didn't want to tell me. I was still frustrated with being the one to provide financial stability, and about his lack of initiative in maintenance and upkeep of the home, so September last year I decided I was going to move out, though the rental market here is a little crazy so I didn't do it right away. The election happened and political campaigning ended not long after that, and my relationship with Tom ended some time after that. Then, at the beginning of this year, Daniel starting dating another person who told Daniel (let's called them Rae) about a sexual accusation they had heard about my husband. They told me about it together. I was devastated and felt at a loss as to what to do, as we had no further details and the accuser was unwilling to provide more. After 2 months and no further information, I had some time off work and when we were high I ended up telling him I don't want to be primary partners any more. He urged me to reconsider in a way that felt maybe manipulative, but also could be a symptom of me having trouble holding my own sometimes. I was then very confused by what happened so I avoided him for 2 weeks and ended up staying at Daniel's place for a few days then went on a trip by myself. I also finally found myself another place to live during my 2 weeks off and moved out at the end of it. A few weeks into living here, I finally told him about the accusation I heard about because Rae's close friend asked me to uninvite him from a show I was playing at. A week later, he had an article posted about him in a local blog site. This caused a few different and unrelated people on social media sites to post some pretty damning accusations about him. I am currently trying to get more information but people seem reluctant to share because I am his wife. I still see the good in him that I always saw and I know he would be absolutely devastated if I left him. He has no family and I don't know who he would turn too. Part of me would also feel devastated in destroying the dream I have held dear for so long. I would also feel bad going back on the words of our wedding vows. But I have heard about some troubling behaviour and have my own issues with his behaviour. I also feel like this relationship is draining me sometimes. It's also worth mentioning that I am seeing a lot more of Daniel at the moment and though I don't want it to be a confound, it is, especially as he has helped me a lot with processing the various issues. I am wondering if you were me, given everything, what would you do in this situation?
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2023.06.07 07:59 BPB-Attacks Elderly woman fighting for life after ‘vicious’ dog attack in Jackson, Mississippi (06/06/2023)

Elderly woman fighting for life after ‘vicious’ dog attack in Jackson, Mississippi (06/06/2023)
“JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - An elderly woman is fighting for her life Tuesday after being attacked by multiple dogs in a Jackson neighborhood.
Residents who live along Clairmont Street, where the attack happened, say the dogs have been causing trouble for years.
In fact, Nancy Singleton says she walks a farther distance to the bus stop than she should have to just to avoid being attacked herself.
“We can’t walk the streets of Jackson without dogs,” she said.
Singleton says a vicious pack of six to seven pit bulls constantly walk up and down her street and attack almost everything in sight.
3 On Your Side didn’t see any dogs along Clairmont Street on Tuesday afternoon - only cages on the front porch of the home where they apparently live.
“They run after cars, trucks, it doesn’t matter. They’re constantly attacking something,” Singleton said. “You can’t come down the street because the pit bulls are going to come at you. They’re going to chase you, and when they catch you, they’re going to hurt you.”
Residents describe Tuesday’s attack as a gruesome one.
One man pointed me to his blood-stained gloves that he used to pick up the victim and put her in a Good Samaritan’s truck.
He didn’t want his name used in this story over fears of being retaliated against by the dog’s owner.
“I don’t know what hospital she is in right now. I hope she’s still living, but it didn’t look like she was going to make it. She lost so much blood, and all of her insides were laying out on the ground,” he said. “I had never seen anything like that. Every time I think about it, I’m almost about to throw up.”
He and Singleton say the attack should never have happened because residents have asked the person who owns the dogs a number of times to keep them on leashes to no avail.
“This lady is fighting for her life - if she hasn’t passed - because she will not control them dogs. She would not put them dogs on a leash. She would not.”
The residents WLBT spoke with were adamant that it is a woman who owns the dogs, but according to Christian Vance with the Jackson Police Department, a man is in custody after Tuesday’s attack.
Vance also confirmed that the owner has a number of dogs but says only two were involved in the attack. Both of them are now with animal control.
As of August, Jackson’s animal shelter was shut down, so it’s unclear what animal control will do with them.
Vance wasn’t sure if JPD has fielded calls about the dogs in the past.
He also wasn’t sure how the victim was doing but said she was in “pretty bad shape” when she was taken to the hospital.”
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2023.06.07 07:56 Attempt_Sober_Athlet My Landlord Keeps Saving Me

She's got two young kids, too. I don't think she always hears me screaming, especially after later nightmares, and I don't beat my face on the main door until I feel normal again because I learned that one connects to a beam, connected to their bedroom. It's a mother in law kinda suite thing.
I had a very exhausting week last week. I am at a complete loss why. I was sober, working out, sleeping.
Steadily more and more depressed. PAWS?
Exhausted, starving, got home. I was so tired and trying to help my buddy on the phone I forgot to go to the liquor store. THE FUCK
She was carrying some things so I jumped out of my self destructive sit-in-my-truck-exhausted-stupor to help, and she offered me pizza. I took it.
I realized once inside I was supposed to get drunk. I also realized I was hungry. I chose to open the pizza box, knowing there went my buzz and everything it meant to me.
The pizza box had so much more in it than I expected. I ate 2/3 of it, almost cried, and slept for 5 hours with no nightmares. I had been sober for over 56 hours.
I'm drunk now and that's all I can think about.
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2023.06.07 07:55 user74262 Security Deposit Drama! Need Help

We recently moved out of a rental in Idaho. We did a walk through with our landlord and agreed upon some small things that needed an additional wiped down and a carpet cleaning. The home is 1000 sq ft. with one bedroom and another room that is small, roughly the size of a small walk in master closet. She filled out the paperwork of what we agreed to during the walk out. We didn’t physically sign this as she said she’d fill it out later. A few days later, she suddenly kept adding additional things to this move out inspection paper that we didn’t agree upon during the finalized walk through and there is a signature where the tenant signs, so she signed for us. Is she allowed to keep adding additional things even after the finalized walk through? And she’s charging us $49 hourly rate for cleaning when local listings are showing it’s around $19-25 an hourly rate for cleaners. I provided these quotes to her but she hasn’t yet provided her quote of $49 and won’t even after asking her for it. Then she said she needed 7 hours to clean the place when during the walk through we agreed to minimal touch up cleaning needed by just wiping down a corner of the baseboard as it had some dusting, two or three window tracks that had some dirt, and a few dots of spillage on the wall. She said it’s not fair of me to tell her that there was no way it took her 7 hours but with the pictures she sent us we don’t see how there is even more than 3 hours of cleaning. She keeps saying what she is charging is reasonable however I feel it’s way over an overcharge and we have the walk through we agreed to, pictures she’s sent us showing the cleaning just needed a few wipe downs we missed, and quotes of cleaning rates we’ve sent her showing it averages $19-25 in our area. Is she overcharging and can we do something about it? She’s even saying she’s better than professional cleaners and does a better job than them which I don’t see how that means she’s qualified to quote us an hourly charge almost double what professionals charge in our local area
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2023.06.07 07:48 Kermit6100 I have no maidens but i love home depot!

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2023.06.07 07:40 Moonydog55 Brakes suddenly stopped working

Ok. I'm not very good with cars. So I have a 2001 F150 Lariat 5.4L (z vin) and the brakes suddenly stopped working on it earlier.
Me and the bf drove it around just fine for a good chunk of the day (pretty much going to a doctor's appt, and going to home and going to work, etc so nothing really crazy) and the brakes were just fine. He goes to work after dropping me off. He had made some errands at work and they were fine then. But when he was getting ready to leave, he was gonna stop by the office and that's when he noticed the brakes suddenly not working.
Bf recently had changed the break pads on the back. Calipers were replaced too. Rotors are fine. I don't know if any that matters. He had noticed that the brake line back there had a leak so he also replaced that. We haven't gotten to the front brakes yet as we are waiting to get paid to go do them. This was about maybe 2 weeks ago. Had no issues with the brakes after he did that work. When he noticed that the brakes weren't working today. He did a drain and got more brake fluid but the brakes are still not working.
I don't know how to explain how it feels. I know I've seen some posts here say spongy but I don't know if spongy is the right term as I am not good with cars. So when we come to a stop sign, he has to start pressing the breaks about maybe 40 ft before he gets to the stop sign to give him enough time to stop completely. So when he presses the brakes, they still do something ish. But they're essentially gone.
The truck is currently parked at his work place because it would allow us to be able to walk to a store in 5 minutes nstead of being at home where the walk would be a 20+ mi walk one way. Any advice would be awesome. We also aren't ruling out that someone possibly messed with something on the truck because of a particular hairy situation at his work place yesterday and he has a pissed off coworker at him cause he won't let that coworker steal.
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2023.06.07 07:40 jimbobmcgee Employer wants me to relocate for work, but I recently bought a house...

Hey everyone,
I purchased a modest home last year. I managed to obtain the pre-approval prior to the rate increases. I recently secured new employment that tripled my yearly income. My new place of employment is slightly over an hour away from my current place of residence. This is where the complications begin.
I have been offered a higher-paid position within the company. It is Oilfield work and is very safety-sensitive. We operate semi-trucks that are on logbooks. We are only legally required to take a minimum of 8 consecutive hours off in a 24 hour period. During the winter, we will be called the minute that 8 hour reset is finished. We are on a 24 hour on call basis over a period of 15 days. The management at this place of work have seemingly been impressed with me so far. We have spoken of me taking a leadership role within the company, even though I have just passed my three month probationary period. They have brought up the concern of safety in regards to my commute time, citing that at LEAST 2 hours of my 8-hour period of off time is spent commuting to and from my place of work. They have strongly suggested that I relocate to a residence that is within reasonable commuting distance. They have also stated that I should be relocating for my current position in the company, as I am subject to the same responsibilities. I completely agree with them on this basis. Often times, we are awake for more than a 24 hour period of time. I'm typically exhausted on my commute home and I do not feel as though I am being safe returning home.
With my current residence, I am on a fixed-rate closed 5-year term. It is in a remote area. The previous seller took nearly two years to sell this property until my partner and I purchased it. The house was in a poor state when we purchased it (in my opinion) and I do not believe we would be able to sell it for near what we purchased it for. We would also be taking a substantial hit financially by breaking our 5-year amortization term.
Presently, I believe that my best option would be to renovate the house into a more reasonable domicile so that it can be rented out. Then I would also rent a place in the town in where I work. I am concerned about how tangible it would be to find people that would be willing to rent the house, as it is 15 minutes away from the local small town, and there are not many work opportunities within that town.
My partner believes that she will be able to find well-paying work in the town which I work out of. Regardless, I do not wish to subject her to contributing financially to a house in which we do not reside in, as she is not listed on the mortgage, she presently pays rent to me for our current house.
My partner and I are adamant on living together, as we believe it would put an unnecessary strain on our relationship if we were to live apart. With how often I work, I am rarely home long enough to do anything more than sleep, regardless.
Writing this, I realize that I'm doing more rambling than giving concrete numbers to crunch. So, TLDR:
Current house is $170,000 mortgage with 4 years left on fixed-rate maturity date at 2.94%.
Current yearly income (just me) is estimated to be $180,000 Gross with company that is now wanting me to relocate.
My employer has offered to compensate my relocation fees, although I do not believe that they will cover the penalty fees from breaking my mortgage term.
Average rental costs are $1250 (utilities included) within the town in where I work.
Current house will not likely sell for anywhere near what I purchased it for, if there are even willing purchasers.
Roughly $10,000 in renovation on current house needed for me to deem it rentable, if there are even willing renters.
I will likely lose this employment if I do not relocate, and my likelihood of dying in an accident driving during work or to current home from work, due to sleep deprivation, is a genuine concern.
There are no real work prospects where I currently reside, and I do not wish to jeopardize my relationship by working on rotation out of town.
I believe that my best option is to hopefully find renters for my current house, while finding a place to rent near work. Then hopefully sell my current house in 4 years when my fixed-term is finished. I believe I will be making a critical financial loss trying to sell it and incurring massive term penalties, while also selling at a loss.
I do not believe that I will be able to another job with anywhere near the pay that I am currently receiving, without jeopardizing my relationship by being away in camp.
I apologize for the relatively messy blob of information, as I believe I am probably missing critical points in my explanation of my current situation. Regardless, any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying my best at gaining financial knowledge, but I believe that I am substantially behind the ball in comparison to the people that read and post on this subreddit.
If you had the patience to read through this all, thank you.
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2023.06.07 07:31 Additional-Hand-3579 Housing advice

Hello everyone I start orientation on the 12th for my new job, I am trying to rent a room but I am currently not employed and do not have rental history. What should I do in this situation? I currently live in the back of my truck.
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2023.06.07 07:20 kyyv Am I crazy?

Searched the couch for change. Found change in the car. Returned some things to Home Depot left over from a project for a refund. Sold some things on Craig's List. Delayed grocery shopping by using everything in the freezer. Did not pay my credit cards in full like normal and only paid the minimums. I delayed a dental appointment one month, so I would have cash this month. In all I put together about $1,500. On Monday, I bought 6,226 shares at .2392. Am I crazy? No. This was no big sacrifice. If this does not pan out, so what? If BBBYQ moons, OMG, what might those shares be worth?
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2023.06.07 07:13 scruffycheese How do we get our govt to recognise rentals as investments?

I'm so over hearing about $13000 worth of airport shares while these same whining people own numerous rental homes yet get to make calls about housing and taxes to benefit themselves?
Seems like a lot of noise over a seemingly small amount of money in terms of investments
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2023.06.07 07:11 Binder_Grinder Pulled a dead dog off the highway today

I was driving home along the interstate when I came across a big dog standing in my lane. I was able to avoid it but I could tell the poor thing was scared to death. By the time I processed everything I was already 1/4 mile down the road (speed limit of 75 I was going ~80) and decided to turn around when I could - I seriously considered going through the median.
I come to an emergency turn around about a mile down the road, decide I’m turning around, and flip on the hazards to slow down to make the turn. The goddamn geezer bus (class A motor home) behind me wasn’t slowing down and almost rear ended me (not relevant to the story but needed to vent). I get turned around and know every second counts so I get after it.
I get back to the spot where the dog was and am heartbroken to see it laying in the middle of the highway. It was right after (now before) an overpass so I exit. As we’re turning around my wife calls state patrol to report a dog in the road. I get to the end of the on ramp and see traffic is clear and pull straight over to the median behind the dog - parking my truck just enough off the highway where I’m not at risk of being hit but enough in the way to get people to move over so they don’t run the dog over.
Traffic is humming but moving over (one fucker in a BMW almost hit me and the dead dog - further rant/digression, this is off my chest right?). I get out and wait for enough of a break in traffic where I am comfortable running out and pulling the body out of the road. I get him in the median and give him his final ear rub and tell him he was a good boy. I don’t know what type of dog he was but no living being deserves their last moments of life dodging cars and tractor trailers running 75+.
I get back to my truck and pull farther down into the median so I’m not at risk of being hit. I waited a couple minutes longer for the state patrol to pull up. He arrives and pulls up next to me and thanks me for getting the dog off the highway. I tell him there was a collar but no tag - he responds that it’s ok, the family already called looking for the dog. What a dagger to really set the whole situation in. State trooper says he’ll go up the highway a bit to block the lane so I can get going. I pull onto the highway and continue home.
To the interstate pup, I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you in time. I wish there was more I could have done for you. You died scared and alone on a highway - you didn’t deserve that.
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2023.06.07 07:09 Lopsided_Advisor_251 What do you think about my deck?

What do you think about my deck?
Ok guys be brutally honest and don’t be mad if I can’t make any of your changes if suggested. I’m not a contractor, just needed the deck replaced and have construction knowledge from years ago in high school and working for my dad. This is what I got and I want opinions and construction criticism(not a spelling mistake, just a solid dad joke about the construction of my deck.)
Old deck was rotting away and was painted over by previous owners of the house. Posts were not actually connected to the floor anymore. Framing was 24” on center and a few joists were rotted out so I guess 48 on center in 1 spot.
I changed it by doing 16” on center and joist hangers and hurricane ties. Pressure treated hem fir and plan to do 2x6 Doug fir construction lumber from Home Depot and stain/ seal for the top.
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