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Welcome, welcome, to the tip of mount crumpet! Where The Grinch, he himself, stood and played his new trumpet. Here he plotted and planned about christmas: to stump it... Be it presents or grinch memes, this is where you can dump it.

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2023.06.01 06:34 Major-Television6395 A little frustrated but head held high

The past two years have been a wild ride for me. This past year was one of the most difficult times of my life. It took me about a year to get my mojo back. I went through a tough break up and did what I could to try and save the relationship, though I wasn’t fully happy with the relationship itself. I was hoping my loyalty would change things. It took me about 8 months to realize that I did deserve better.
After spending months working on myself, which included gym time, therapy, and overall taking care of myself in any way I can, I was ready to put myself out there and go to bat again.
I met someone who really sparked my interest. It felt great because I knew at that point I was ready to move on from my ex. She gave me her phone number without me asking for it. I was pretty stoked about it. The couple of times I texted her, I was left on read.
On the same day that I was left on read by my crush, another girl stood me up on our coffee date. No text or no warning lol. Just straight up ignored my follow up text from the day before.
I feel a bit frustrated, however. I’ve done a great job getting my life together and am in a position to do awesome things. I know I have a lot to be extremely confident about. I definitely do not hate myself. I just feel crappy about being ignored by someone I like and being stood up by someone else on the same day lol.
But instead of dwelling on it, I went straight to the gym, read my self help books, and had a bomb ass dinner. Now I’m ready to have a productive day at work tomorrow. I got my head held high right now but this past week has reminded me that dating and putting yourself requires being vulnerable and taking risks. You don’t feel in control and it’s quite scary.
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2023.06.01 06:34 tripp_hi_mary Wealth confiscation is fascism

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2023.06.01 06:34 JacoZeWacko I feel alone in a sea of people

There are so many people around me, and that just makes it more apparent how lonely I am. My family is in shambles, I probably speak a combined 20 sentences a day between all of them. My closest friends stopped messaging me as often. I can't seem to form any meaningful relationships with anyone in this new town I moved to. Every time I try to ask people to hang out, they're busy. Then I see them with their friends on whatever socials I am stubbornly keeping on my phone. It seems like I'm the only one with any free time and I spend it all distracting myself with my phone. Every day bleeds into the next one. Everything feels dull, I feel constantly tired. The things I liked are now boring. I'm now boring. I know that something has to be wrong on my end. I'm the only common thing between all of these problems. Everyone else seems to be living just fine. I sort of know what to do, but I'm not doing it. I used to be the family's shining star and now I see myself as lazy and pathetic. I don't know what I want from posting this. I don't believe complaining gets you anywhere. It's up to me to fix these things but it's fucking hard man. I'm tired of pretending that I'm fine. I'm not. I just want a real friend, in real life, who likes spending time together, who likes the same stuff as me, someone I can call up any time and just enjoy shit without feeling like I'm talking to a wall or an imbecile. Is that really too much to ask for? Will life just be like this? Surrounded by people who don't care about you at all? This isn't what I thought life would be like when I liked living. I just don't understand what changed.
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2023.06.01 06:34 fullcourtpreston Girlfriend (18f) told me (18m) that she is starting to feel different after hanging out with friends a few days in a row

I am a first time poster here, as this is my first relationship and the first wrinkle in the relationship. We haven’t had any arguments or anything that had me question our relationship till now. Nothing even close. She’s an extremely clingy girl, always asking for me to come over or for her to come to my house. We’ve had a great relationship, she says all the time how lucky she is to have me and that she wants to marry, have kids. She told me last weekend she made plans with her friends on Monday because she won’t see them much anymore after she graduates, makes sense so I said have fun and enjoy yourself. That night she doesn’t text me at all. I figured she was out late, no biggie. Tuesday she barely texted me, just super dry answers while I was trying to make our normal conversation. Then she says I’m going out again. Claims there’s no service there. Makes me fishy. No text that night either. Does the exact same thing today. At about 8 she asked me how long I believed the relationship would last, I told her forever because I wouldn’t be dating if I wasn’t pursuing life together. I ask her why she’s been so dry, why she hasn’t been herself. She says she doesn’t know, I continue to ask similar questions till I ask one of the friends who she was hanging out with if they’ve noticed anything has changed. Then said friend didn’t respond to me and told her I said that to her. She then says I’m starting to feel a little different. I responded with I don’t believe what you’re saying, sleep it off and text me tomorrow, I love you. What do I do in the morning? Is she breaking up with me?
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2023.06.01 06:33 FitBag3145 Professional Line of Credit Loan for Medical School, now in a civil court case Ontario

Dear all: would appreciate any insight on my situation.
1) Graduated from Medical School Nov 2021. Took out a PLOC from CIBC 250k.
2) Nov 2021-Nov 22: Took off for an academic research year to improve my chances to matching into my specialty. The bank was on me for repayment- but I explained to them, then I did not have the financial means of making payment. Did not make any income in Canada during this year- till present.
3) Nov 22-Present: applied for residency, matched. By March 2022- CIBC handed it over to lawyers, which I explained to them I can start making regular payments once I start residency in July. My income would be ~60k/yearly- which they verbally agreed to. The lawyers also kept pushing me on how I would need to pay the 250 in full within several weeks, which I did not have. I assume that's their intimidation tactic.
I was served this month with legal papers from the court. I have various amounts of debt from undergraduate, and graduate school (government loans) probably amounting to another ~200k. I also have no assets/savings.
From the reading I've done so far, it is my understanding that I can't bankrupt on the professional loan, the next best thing is to file a consumer proposal. I called the probono law office for Ontario who suggested I file "intend to defend"- although, it's ironic- there's nothing to defend here. I took the money, and when I have the financial means to do- I will pay it back.
1) I already filed the intent to defend. filed the defense form: do these need to be sent to the law office by register mail or will the file in the court suffice?
2) Represent myself in court? takes away time for my training. I cant afford a lawyer at the moment. It also takes away from my training. I'm finding this whole thing pretty taxing, already.
3) Find an insolvency lawyer or a civil lawyer?
Many thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 06:33 LoveMangaBuddy Read Oukoku no Ko - Chapter 7.2 - MangaPuma

{Paradise Love Scanlations} One country‘s cruel custom: “leading the life of a stand-in……“. Away from the center of the city in a theater, an actor, a boy called Robert, is asked to become the stand-in of Elisabeth who has the right of succeeding to the throne. “I will definitely survive and come back-“. Is Robert to be swallowed by the things to come as the wheel of fortune starts to spin? Deceit ... Read Oukoku no Ko - Chapter 7.2 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/oukoku-no-ko/chapter-7-2
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2023.06.01 06:33 Comicdumperizer Hot take: I personally kind of prefer the Divine beast quest to Regional Phenomena

Yes, really. I do believe that Tears of the Kingdom has a better plot OVERALL, however I actually kind of like the botw main quest more. My reasons are simple. Basically, I feel like botw has a really fantastic cohesive theme throughout the main quest, that being recovery from failure, but Totks main quest is honestly so random. Like, the only real connecter between the four is “oH bOy eVil zEldA“ but if you already got the memories before doing it, it kind of makes this completely pointless because you know exactly what Zelda is up to. In my opinion the best region for my comparison is Zoras domain. Looking back, in my opinion, the Zora botw quest line is one of my favorite in the series. The way the theme of grief and moving on from it is portrayed, is done so subtly well, and the stuff you have to do makes sense and all factors into the final sequence of the quest, which is the Vah Ruta entry. However, in ToTK, the theme is that Sidon is sad because of the mud, and his fiancé who should be link but isn’t says like one thing and then it’s immediately resolved? And then you have to like, go to an island and shoot dorephans scale through a tear shaped hole which reveals a thing? And you just randomly get the Zora armor? And then BOOM WATER TEMPLE! Basically, the BoTW quest is tightly knit, and feels like every aspect is really necessary and important, but the ToTK one just kind of feels like an anime filler episode. (Now, because of the tears of the dragon being so much better than anything botw presented for story and the FANTASTIC final sequence, I still prefer ToTKs plot) but regional phenomena is probably my least favorite part of the game.
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2023.06.01 06:32 ks_pq How should I approach my thinking?

Hi everyone, this may sound not so big of a deal, but is breaking me apart the more I think about it...
Some months ago I was presented with an offer that I've worked hard to get, so obviously I took it, but that means that I will have no time for anything... for aproximately 6 years, I will only be able to focus on this thing, literally, only that thing, and after that, I have a goal that I MUST do, I've had that goal for years and it's the only reason I wanted this offer in the first place, so I will be able to solely focus on that goal for who knows how much time until it blooms and comes to fruition.
I am ALL for it and it's the only thing that has driven me since my teen years, but I can't help but to think what will happen with my life, my social life? No relationships... Maybe friends along the way, but Im pretty sure I will have NO romantic relationship for most of my 20s which are the years you build your serious romantic situations (And yeah yeah, I know, everyone can have a partner regardless of age, and so on, but come on... is not the same and the experiences youll miss are extremely relevant)
That fact is eating me alive, no relationship in my 20s, who knows who will I be in my 30s, and WHO knows if the goal is going to come to fruition because is really tough. Im laser focus on my goal but is just a thought that I can't avoid. How should I approach this thinking? It makes me feel lost and to question what i really want when I know what i really want, makes me feel lost, makes me lose hope for my future
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2023.06.01 06:32 ChazmaniatimesTM In the eb of night.

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2023.06.01 06:32 CaedesOfTheSkies Need advice: Division of labor with a successful provider?

Hi all!
For background, I recently married the love of my life after three years of dating, and he is a provider through and through. Comes from a wealthy family, works in finance making high six figures and an absolutely lovely human. I’m starting my masters’ degree soon and he has made it very clear that he wants to completely support me through the degree so I can focus on my education.
I’m someone who’s always been very independent (attended uni on a full scholarship, got a high paying job right after uni, attending my masters on a 50% scholarship), so being able to accept this kind of support is a bit hard.
I’m wondering, in you ladies’ view, how I can ‘pull my weight’ if that makes sense? We’ll be staying in a beautiful flat in the center of the city, and some things I’d like to do is keep the house, cook a couple times a week etc., to show my appreciation (while I’m studying). Anything else come to mind?
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2023.06.01 06:32 ToadBrigade5 Tower Duo (+Celebi!) - Toad's Daily Pokémon Ranking, 249-251 (I'm back!)

Tower Duo (+Celebi!) - Toad's Daily Pokémon Ranking, 249-251 (I'm back!)
Introducing the first Boxart Legendaries!
249: Lugia
In truth, I'm not very familiar with the Tower Duo. On the one hand, they started the tradition of each game having a flagship legendary on the title, and... in all honesty, barring few exceptions, the box duo Legendaries rarely ever catch my interest. But on the other... I kind of like the way the tower duo is set up, looking back on them.
Lugia is the leader of the Legendary Birds, with Ho-oh leading the newly created Legendary Beasts. That's an interesting parallel, contrast and dynamic, and sets up a lot of cool things. None of which feels like it pays of, narratively, but it sets the precedent for some other cool legendaries like, say, Regigigas which I feel does that task more efficiently.
Aesthetically, Lugia is very cool. It combines bird like traits with that of dinosaurs and dragons in a way that feels natural and like it could exist, and the white/blue colorscheme is quite appealing. I think it's body is a little... undetailed for my personal tastes, which is a trend I dislike in a lot of older designs, but nonetheless, the Pokemon is suitably awe inspiring to be introduced as a leader of a previous trio.
My feelings are pretty mixed overall, but generally more positive than not, and I could see how Lugia might've been impactful to people who've been around since the Gen 2 era. I think Lugia is deserving of an upper C+ Tier position.
Fanart by Koday

250: Ho-oh
Hey, it's a palindrome Pokémon!
Lore wise, Ho-oh feels more coherent than Lugia. In contrast to Lugia who debuted as the leader of the birds and manages their territorial disputes allegedly despite not being mentioned in Gen 1, Ho-oh ressurects the Legendary Beasts and debuts alongside them, allowing it to be worked into their backstories with a greater presence. I never was a fan of the story but credit where it's due, it's a story and helps sell Ho-oh power in the lore as the creator of such powerful Legendaries.
Where Lugia gains points on Ho-oh though is... uh...
Guys, we kinda... had a Phoenix already. Granted, it looked like a flaming rubber chicken, so I understand the need for a do-over but... really?
Ho-oh aesthetically just doesn't feel as cool as Lugia, and I'm biased because of color schemes, but also I think it's fair to be whelmed that it's another Fire/Flying bird that doesn't really look all that legendary. That said, I think it's a fair trade off for a better story. All in all, I think Ho-oh gets a high C Tier placement from me.
Found on Wallpaper Safari

251: Celebi
Yaaaay, a mythical.
I mentioned this with Mew but I never liked mythicals. They feel like a poor way to establish monetization, often feel tacked onto the lore, and never really look worthy of their special treatment.
In the first two generations, there was only one each, so it felt somewhat agreeable, but unlike Mew, Celebi doesn't feel relevant narratively, and I just don't like it's design enough to forgive it for being mythical. It just feels like the standard "big head, big eyes = cute" formula to me, and eh.
I will say though, the idea of Celebi, as a forest fairy with time travel powers, that preserves plant life, is legitimately somewhat creative. I remain not a fan of it's execution. I'm sure the concept was done justice in the movies, but I'm just not on board with cute, rarity bait.
I think it's about on par with Mew, preceding how egregious Mythicals get later on, but for now, I think C- Tier is a fair placement.
Fanart by Emily Jones
Hey everyone, it's been a while huh?
...it's hard to start something again when it's been gone for so long. I stopped because I became overwhelmed with finals during my Senior Year of college. Now, I've graduated with a Bachelors and been accepted into a Master's Program. I've been free for two weeks now and intended to start the series back up, but it feels awkward having a backlog especially since the whole "Daily" thing doesn't fit anymore.
I might rename the series when we get to Hoenn, but this last post finally finishes Johto. Tomorrow, I'll make a recap and review, and then hopefully I'll be more consistent during the Summer. Here's hoping my old readers can find me still.
For information on this series like tier definitions, the archives, and rankings, see this master doc. The last post on Tyranitar and it's line can be found here.
If you'd like to see more content like this, also check out Emi's version which runs in parallel: Emi's Version.
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2023.06.01 06:32 keiisobeiiso [TOMT][VISUAL STORY] Story about a bar(?), red napkin, and a group of friends

I’m not entirely sure where I’ve seen this, only that it was something like a show, movie, anime, etc, hence the “Visual Story” marker. It might’ve been an episode in an episodic series, which I’m starting to suspect.
The story was about this group of friends who came together and started a bar together. This guy and his lover originally came up with the idea themselves, to which the lover wrote down the name of their establishment and some other things (maybe?) onto a red napkin. I remember there being a photo of the about 5-6 friends in their establishment after it first opened.
As the years went by, the friend group eventually drifted apart and some things happen, which ends up bringing up the question of who originally came up with the idea of the establishment. It might’ve been an argument and/or court case being the guy and his lover (which i will assume for easier storytelling). The guy claimed he wrote the details on the napkin, while the lover thinks the same thing.
They then try bringing the napkin as proof for their arguments, but for some reason the lover no longer has it. The guy however has it, but its apparent later on that this was a fake evident due to a doodle being missing or smth.
The main characters go and try to find this red napkin, believing it to be inside of a picture frame in the guys office, but nope. Later on though they find it in a bookshelf, return it to the lover, and win the court case(?)
I remember the office having a huge wall of just window too.
Please help
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2023.06.01 06:31 Own_Shock_4420 Top 10 Resons this job is ass (my store)

  1. SM talks shit under his breath/behind partners back. You know we can hear you right ? Speak up
  2. ASM is a meatrider who will do and say anything to get on the SM’s good side. Also talks way too much on the headset (PLS STFU)
  3. Both of these managers refuse to break their CS cycle to help on bar (which is now solo bar majority of the day)
  4. We have like 7 baristas left. 2 shifts. One just got fired. Good one guys.
  5. Can’t pull more than 2 stickers now without getting bitched at. Told to “lOoK aT tHe dPm” to locate orders. Fuck the dpm and those tiny ass checkboxes, I promise using the ipad just wastes more time. Fuck the playbuilder also which casually lists 3-5 positions for each partner.
  6. No more 8 hour shifts. Haven’t had one since December. Partners who do get an 8 hour shift usually don’t get a 30 or second 10.
  7. No more bar 2 . First the CS/Front position disappears. Now drive bar is also bar 2. Manager has the nerve to bitch about window times while hot bar is doing their job connecting with cafe customers.
  8. Forced to take orders outside with the tablet. This just makes people more pissed as it gives the illusion we are running efficiently , yet you still wait in line for 30 minutes after.
  9. Got sent home early for using the restroom
  10. District manager defended a known pedophile / creep , who still comes in daily and sits in the cafe from open to close.
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2023.06.01 06:31 frogger520 Shiv & The Waiter

Bringing this up to me cemented the reason why she wavered. I dont think it was about Tom or the proximity to power. Shiv didnt want to fail the test. She didnt really cared about the morality of Kens copability in the waiters death or that it might be bad for the company in the future if it came out. It got too real that Kendall was going to win, childhood pettiness kicked in and she pulled out the most hurtful tool she had against Ken and twisted the shit out of it. Shiv couldn't bare to lose to her brother.
Ken's "the people who say they love you also fuck you" is spot on for them. It doesn't seem like any of them have other people in their lives and they can't even talk to each other about serious stuff because there is cant have depth with each other. Logan raised them to constantly compete and betray and mistrust so when they get this moment of real connection and vulnerability at the end of season 3 and Ken trusts Shiv it's tragic to think that's a mistake. They each really have no one.
Throwing this back in Kendalls face, in public, is the cruelest thing one of the siblings has done to any of the others.
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2023.06.01 06:31 Odd_Importance_4260 I'm so exhausted with "vegans" adopting pets

*The only vegans who should have pets are vegans who had those pets before becoming vegan.
*You should actively be trying to make your pet less of a menace to nature and other creatures
*You should actively be trying to feed your pet fewer animal products if at all possible
*Shopping for particular breeds at shelters is the same thing as just buying one from a breeder
*emotional support animals = animal abuse
*companion animals = not vegan
*keeping an animal locked in a house or apartment all day is the same as keeping them locked in a crate all day
*vegans keeping pets normalizes and condones the practice
*vegans keeping pets normalizes the hierarchy of agricultural/food animals vs companion animals
Just STOP ALREADY with the shortsightedness and selfishness. You are hurting animals, not saving them
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2023.06.01 06:30 Least-Pie-8886 Has an Actor/Actress played one role in the original and another in the remake/adaptation? If not, who would be apt to that, which movie and role?

Michael Cane played the role of the young protagonist in Sleuth (1972). Then he went on to play the older protagonist in the remake 35 years later in Sleuth (2007). The fun thing is that the script had only these 2 characters.
I found this very interesting and felt it would be fun to think of some of our great actors, who have aged well, do something like this. Has this happened ever in Malayalam? Hypothetically, who would you chose for such an attempt and which movie and role?
PS: I am not a big fan of remakes, but since it’s hypothetical we can go crazy.
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2023.06.01 06:30 nola_gal_61506 Passes over for promotion, do I need to leave?

I am a director at a big company and had received glowing performance reviews for 8 years and had two promotions during that time. The company paid to move me across the country in april of 2022 for my latest role and the head of the company said very nice things about me during leadership meetings with VPs from all the functions (she lives up to her glowing reputation, she is getting things in order and taking charge, HR said he "just loves me") between march- july 2022. In late july the day before my maternity leave, the head of the company said in front of his leadership team that he had a pit in his stomach about me going out on leave. I came back from maternity leave to discover that my old boss was being promoted and the man who had been covering for me was going to become my new boss. He's very good and qualified (not personable though) . I feel discriminated against and so angry. Several members of my team proactively made statements like, " they did you wrong", "this is why women don't take leave", "are you going to leave now", "have you thought of suing", etc....I just feel betrayed, discriminated against, stuck, angry and I am realizing I likely have to leave the company and it breaks my heart... any perspectives?
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2023.06.01 06:30 Orange7567 Who is the fastest speedster?

So as the title says, i’m wondering who the fastest speedster in comics is. I haven’t read many Flash comics so my knowledge on speedsters only goes so far. Originally I assumed it was Wally West, and that was kind of the consensus with many of my friends as well. However, recently I found out in “Flash Vol 2. #141” Black Flash is actually faster than Wally. He narrowly escapes death itself by running to the end of time where Black Flash simply evaporates since death has no meaning there. So it would make sense for Black Flash to be the fastest considering it’s a physical representation of Death for speedsters. But then another thing came up.
I’m seeing lots of people say that Godspeed is faster than Black Flash. I don’t know much about Godspeed aside from who the character is, and I haven’t been able to find much evidence on the claim so i’d just like to figure out why people believe it and who is the ACTUAL fastest speedster in comics.
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2023.06.01 06:30 funeral_crasher69 Some of y’all need to hear this

I (23M) see a lot of you who I went to high school with still doing this and I’m just giving y’all my two cents because I think it’s what you need to hear
NOBODY thinks it’s cool when you post a bong rip video or post a photo in a ski mask holding a gun or any of that
I know it’s popular for kids our age to be rebellious and not care what others think… but you should. Because one day, inevitably, your future is going to fall in the hands of someone else and that persons opinion of you WILL matter
I’m talking about bosses, higher-ups, in laws, your own parents, etc.
Along with this just putting out a terrible image and representation of yourself because let’s face it… 90% of you… aren’t that guy (even if you are is it something to be proud of?) it’s just foolish and shows a lack of maturity. Being young comes with a lot of scrutiny and hardship as it is. It does you no favors when you draw negative attention to yourself.
Ultimately I don’t lose sleep over it because it’s not my life, it’s yours. A lot of you seem to think it’s only elders who frown upon this behavior. Im the same age as you guys and cringe uncontrollably whenever I see it.
Hopefully some of you will take this advice and for those of you that won’t you’ll catch on eventually 🤷‍♂️
That’s my two cents
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2023.06.01 06:29 goodbye6 Best synth from the 90's / early 2000's for warm, ethereal pads / keys / leads?

In the market for a hardware synth from this era, I know there's plugins for everything now but I'm one of those bozos who always prefer owning the real thing.

My main thing I look for is complex, even evolving pads and keys with that warm, sometimes haunting ethereal sound. Think Aphex twins ambient work, boards of canada, the playstation 1 intro, drum and bass pads of that era, 90's anime soundtracks, etc.

Some keyboards I really enjoy, the yamaha ex5, alesis qs6, roland jd-800, d50

Really appreciate any advice you guys may have :-)
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2023.06.01 06:29 smirkingplatypus Buy property overseas

G'day, fellow Aussies! 👋 I've always been fascinated by the idea of buying property overseas, and I'd love to hear from any of you who have taken the leap. Do you have any stories to share or advice to give? I'm particularly interested in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, or Mexico. 😁 As an Aussie, I feel a special connection to our community, so any recommendations or tips would be awesome! . Cheers, mates!
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2023.06.01 06:29 Long-Operation3660 Today I reported my racist boss to HR

Hi wives! Yesterday I posted about smoking a roly poly. Today I am posting about working up the courage to report my racist (ex) boss to HR. I just feel so sad and alone and this is a wonderful community.
I was coaching and teaching under my former coach and mentor (at community college). Things went south and became really contentious between us when I finally stood up to him after two years of him taking advantage of me and earning $$$$ off my work and efforts.
During the conflict I finally saw him for what he truly is- a manipulative, gaslighting bully. Today I decided enough is enough and reported him to HR. Although I had more than enough to report him for how he has been treating me, I didn’t want to go down that road. Instead, I reported him for speaking derogatorily towards people of color. He will openly call one of our swimmers a slur directly to his face (but he’s ‘joking’). He also will speak down on another demographic conversationally. When I spoke up about it to him, he didnt engage or care.
Today I wrote a letter detailing his words and actions and sent it to the president of our school and HR. I spoke with the president on the phone and this is now a Title IX violation/ investigation(big deal). I am terrified he will know it is me. We share a space twice a week and I will have to see him. I have known this person since I was 15 (half my life). I have a relationship with his wife and son. 3 weeks ago he spoke at my wedding reception.
I worry that he will think this is me being petty because I am mad about what led to my resignation. I worry that this will cause me to loose work and coaching opportunities (he is a big deal in our sport). I worry that this will cause my former coworkers and friends to think I am a traitor. I’m worried he will be fired and lose his salary and it will be my “fault”.
Silence is violence. As a professor and coach, it is my duty to protect my athletes from hate and discrimination. To be a voice for those who are marginalized. To speak UP.
… I just feel so bad. Idk. This is scary and unchartered territory.
Tomorrow I leave for my honeymoon! I’m supposed to be packing but I’m typing this to you all and hitting my travel vape pen. It will be great to turn my brain off and read some awesome books.
Ugh I didn’t realize this would cause a pit in my stomach. Any advice? Thank you for reading ✨🌸
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