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2023.05.25 00:31 Kazzle87 Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT-4 Plugins: Share Your Experiences, Prompts, and Creative Uses!

Greetings, ChatGPT community!
As many of you know, ChatGPT-4 plugins are now gradually rolling out to all users. This exciting development opens up a world of new possibilities for interaction and functionality.
However, with time constraints and the limitation of 25 prompts every 3 hours, it can be challenging to explore and experiment with all the different plugins. Personally, I've only had the chance to play around with "SpeechKI" so far.
So, I thought it would be great if we could create a thread here to pool our collective experiences, knowledge, and creativity. This post aims to serve as a compilation of cool and interesting prompts for individual plugins, as well as unique and creative use-cases.
Here are some topics to get us started:
- Which plugins have you tried and what has been your experience with them?
- Have you discovered any interesting prompts or use-cases for specific plugins?
- What are some unique or creative ways you've used or plan to use the plugins?
Let's create a rich resource for all ChatGPT-4 users to benefit from. Please remember to keep the discussion respectful and constructive. Can't wait to hear about your experiences and insights!
List (and short desciption) of plugins available to me:
Instacart - What’s cookin'? Ask about recipes, meal plans, & more -- and get ingredients delivered from 40,000+ stores!
WebPilot - Browse & QA Webpage/PDF/Data. Generate articles, from one or more URLs.
Expedia - Bring your trip plans to life – get there, stay there, find things to see and do.
Competitor PPC Ads - Discover your competitors' best PPC ads by entering their website address.
Speak - Learn how to say anything in another language with Speak, your AI-powered language tutor.
Hauling Buddies - Locate dependable animal transporters using recommendations, reviews, and regulatory compliance search features.
Video Insights - Interact with online video platforms like Youtube or Daily Motion.
Giftwrap - Ask about gift ideas for any occasion and recipient. Get it wrapped and delivered, no address needed.
Hubbub - Local health risk & safety guidance for COVID-19, Flu, RSV and more in the US.
Weather Report - Current weather data for cities and airports using METAR aviation feeds.
AITickerChat - Retrieve USA stock insights from SEC filings as well as Earnings Call Transcripts.
Options Pro - Options Pro is your personal options trading assistant to help you navigate market conditions.
KAYAK - Search flights, stays & rental cars or get recommendations where you can go on your budget.
Planfit - Get your tailored workout plan and instructions with videos - AI-powered Workout Coach, Planfit.
OwlJourney - Provides lodging and activity suggestions, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly journey.
Tabelog - Allows you to find restaurants in Japan that have availability for reservations.
PlaylistAI - Create Spotify playlists for any prompt.
Word Sneak - The AI has to sneak 3 secret words into your conversation. Guess the words to win the game!
Ai Tool Hunt - Explore the ideal AI solutions for all use cases, drawn from the most comprehensive global database of AI tools.
Currency Converter - Convert currencies based on real-time rates.
Wolfram - Access computation, math, curated knowledge & real-time data through WolframAlpha and Wolfram Language.
Access Link - Access any links on the web and get the information you need.
ScholarAI - Unlock the power of scientific research with peer-reviewed papers from PubMed, Arxiv, Springer, and more.
Redfin - Have questions about the housing market? Find the answers to help you win in today's market.
Savvy Trader AI - Realtime stock, crypto and other investment data.
ChatSpot - Get access to marketing/sales data including domain information, company research and search keyword research.
FundsDB - Discover funding opportunities in UK and India on FundsDB. Type in your query in any language or /help for assistance.
Open Lecture - Discover and access the right moments in open course lectures for targeted learning.
Kraftful - Your product development coach. Ask about best practices. Get top gurus’ product thinking.
Website Performance - Measure key metrics about your website - performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, PWA.
Zapier - Interact with over 5,000+ apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce, and thousands more.
Cloudflare Radar - Get real-time insights into Internet traffic patterns and threats as seen by Cloudflare.
Yabble - Create insights instantly. Any audience. Any question. Yabble it.
Abridged Due Diligence - Discover the details! Search through recent SEC filings, with links to deeper analysis.
Zillow - Your real estate assistant is here! Search listings, view property details, and get home with Zillow.
Photorealistic - Generate Photorealistic prompts for Midjourney.
Polarr -Search Polarr's massive pool of user generated filters to make your photos and videos perfect.
FiscalNote - FiscalNote enables access to select market-leading, real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory information
Coupert - Search for the internet’s best coupons from thousands of online stores.
Podcast - This tool explores podcasts from PodcastIndex.org, a platform for decentralized audio content discovery.
Zumper Rental Search - Find a rental home in the US and Canada.
Klarna - Search and compare prices from thousands of online shops. Only available in the US
C3 Glide - Get live aviation data for pilots. Ask questions about METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs for flight planning.
Creatuity Stores - We integrate stores so you can search for products in all of them at the same time.
Likewise - Your media and entertainment companion. Get TV, Movies, Books & Podcast Recommendations.
edX - Find courses and content from leading universities to expand your knowledge at any level.
Clinical Trial Radar - Discover current info on global clinical trials, organizations, diseases, and biomarkers from public & private studies.
Statis Fund Finance - Financial data tool for analyzing equities. You can get price quotes, analyze moving averages, RSI, and
PortfolioPilot - Your AI investing guide: portfolio assessment, recommendations, answers to all finance questions.
BlockAtlas - Search the US Census! Find data sets, ask questions, and visualize.
Turo - Search for the perfect Turo vehicle for your next trip.
GetYourGuide - Find tours, excursions and other travel activities.
PortfoliosLab - Stocks, ETFs, funds, crypto analysis: historical performance, volatility, risk metrics, Sharpe ratio, drawdowns, etc.
Yay! Forms - Allows you to create AI-Powered Forms, Surveys, Quizzes, or Questionnaires on Yay! Forms.
Manorlead - Get a list of listings for rent or sale in cities across Canada and the US based on your search criteria.
Local by GoodCall - Discover and support restaurants, shops & services near you. 🍽️ 🛍️ 🔧
Comic Finder - A plugin that finds a relevant comic given a description. Currently supports XKCD and SMBC comics.
BizToc - Search BizToc for business & finance news.
CreditYelp - Access various essential financial calculators for a detailed repayment schedule and payoff term.
Xpapers - Effortlessly find real academic papers on arXiv. Dive into abstracts, references, and access public PDF URLs.
Golden - Get current factual data on companies from the Golden knowledge graph.
Magnetis - Magnetis is a digital wealth manager. Get updated data on portfolios returns and allocations. Ask me about Magnetis.
DAIZY - Deep insights on ETFs, stocks, cryptos. Institutional-grade data: performance, risk, sustainability, research.
Crafty Clues - Guess the words that the AI craftily clues for you. Add restrictions to make the game more interesting!
Career Copilot - A trusted, always on assistant to help software developers find a better job. Built by Commit.dev
Shimmer: Nutrition Coach - Track meals & gain insights for a healthier lifestyle from 1m+ restaurants & grocery stores.
KalendarAI - KalendarAI sales agents generate revenue with potential customers from 200+ million companies globally.
One Word Domains - Check the availability of a domain and compare prices across different registrars.
Shop - Search for millions of products from the world's greatest brands.
Creature Generator - Creates a random creature and an image it for use in role playing games.
VoxScript - Enables searching of YouTube transcripts, financial data sources, and Google Search results, and more!
QuakePH - Stay updated with the latest earthquakes in the Philippines.
Decision Journal - Become a better decision maker by keeping track of your decisions and reviewing how they turn out.
SEO CORE AI - Use AI to analyze and improve the SEO of a website. Get advice on websites, keywords and competitors.
Public - Get real-time and historical market data, including asset prices, news, research, and comprehensive financial analysis.
Tomorrow.io Weather - Predicting, planning, and adapting to the weather forecast via contextualized chat-based insights.
Rentable Apartments - Get apartment options in a city of your choice, scoped to your needs and budget.
Vivian Health - Take the first step to finding your next healthcare job.
Trip.com - Discover the ultimate travel companion - simplify your flight and hotel bookings. Enjoy your effortless trip!
Keyplays Live Soccer - Latest live soccer standings, results, commentary, tv stations, keyplays (with and without scores).
Glowing - Schedule and send daily SMS messages - reminders, inspiration, helpers and more.
CoinCap - Get cryptocurrency information from CoinCap.
Tic Tac Toe - Playing a game of Tic Tac Toe with varying board sizes. You can submit your move and get the AI's response move.
Scraper - Scrape content from webpages by providing a URL.
There's An AI For That - Find the right AI tools for any use case, from the world's largest database of AI tools.
Boolio - The easiest way to analyze global stock values with the power of quantitative factor methodologies.
CreatiCode Scratch - Display Scratch programs as images and write 2D/3D programs using CreatiCode Scratch extensions.
Lexi Shopper - Get product recommendations from your local Amazon store.
Visla - Create a short video from public stock footage based on your specified topic.
Metaphor - Access the internet's highest quality content. Recommended by people, powered by neural search.
RoboAd - Your AI powered Ad Assistant!
QuickRecall - Create flashcards and review them with spaced repeition.
AskYourPDF - Unlock the power of your PDFs!, dive into your documents, find answers, and bring information to your fingertips.
Penrose Analyst - Search global news and research papers. Summarize Arxiv.org links. Ask me for the latest news!
Show Me - Create and edit diagrams directly in chat.
DEV Community - Plugin for recommending articles or users from DEV Community.
Algorithma - Shape your virtual life with in this immersive life simulator game to begin Type /start to begin.
Wishbucket - Unified product search across all Korean platforms and brands.
I Am Rich - Proudly declare 'I am rich'.
Open Trivia - Get trivia questions from various categories and difficulty levels.
MixerBox OnePlayer - Unlimited music, podcasts, and videos across various genres. Enjoy endless listening with our rich playlists!
Link Reader - Reads the content of all kinds of links, like webpage, PDF, PPT, image, Word & other docs.
UK Latest News - Get the latest news stories from the UK's top news outlets including BBC News, Sky News, The Independent, and others.
World News - Summarize news headlines. You can ask for the latest news from various sources around the world.
Tasty Recipes - Discover recipe ideas, meal plans and cooking tips from Tasty's millions of users!
ChatWithVideo - Ask questions, analyzing, and parsing through YouTube videos by simply providing a YouTube video URL.
Weather - Provides weather forecast based on location. Includes temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind and much more.
OpenTable - Allows you to search for restaurants available for booking dining experiences
MixerBox News - Get latest news delivered right to you! Stay informed with bulletins across multiple categories from credible sources.
Speechki - The easiest way to convert texts to ready-to-use audio — download link, audio player page, or embed!
ndricks Sports - Get information about pro teams (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) teams by calling the ndricks Software Sports API.
BuyWisely - Compare Prices & Discover the Latest Offers from thousands of online shops in Australia.
Change - Discover impactful nonprofits to support in your community and beyond.
ABCmouse - Provides fun and educational learning activities for children 2-8 years old.
Tutory - Access affordable, on-demand tutoring and education right at your fingertips.
Giga Tutor - Giga is your AI powered personalised tutor, it keeps the answers to your questions personalised.
ABC Music Notation - Plugin for converting ABC music notation to wav, midi and postscript files.
SEO.app - Your personal SEO assistant for content marketing.
Bramework - Find keywords, generate content briefs, perform SEO analysis, and extract SEO information.
Ambition - Search millions of jobs near you.
Ask MFM - Ask the hosts of the My First Million questions about business, tech, entrepreneurship, and life.
Klook - From local escapes to far flung adventures, find the best experiences, tours, hotels and transport options anywhere.
Wahi - Hey Ontario, ask and get so in the know on the latest listings, property insights and more.
Bohita - Create apparel with any image you can describe! Get it delivered right to your door.
Polygon - Market data, news, and fundamentals for stocks, options, forex, and crypto from Polygon.io.
GameBase - Chat and get game info, database is based on the latest gaming information in 2023, supports multiple platforms.
Chess - Unleash your inner chess master with this interactive chess experience! You can play against a novice or a
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2023.05.23 13:42 Grant-Trevithick Decoding Property Taxes in Texas: Essential Insights for Real Estate Investors

Are you curious about the thriving real estate opportunities in the Lone Star State? Whether you're searching for homes for sale near you or considering investing in commercial property, Texas offers a diverse and dynamic market that has captured the attention of property investors across the globe.As a real estate investor in Texas, it's crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of property taxes and their implications. Property taxes play a significant role in your investment's profitability and long-term success. By decoding property taxes in Texas, you can make informed decisions, optimize your returns, and navigate the intricacies of the state's real estate landscape with confidence.In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into essential insights on property taxes in Texas specifically tailored for real estate investors like you. We'll explore various key aspects, including homes for sale and land for sale near you, commercial property for sale, and the significance of real estate agents and realty companies in the buying process. Additionally, we'll discuss investment properties, new construction homes, foreclosure opportunities, and the importance of property appraisals for accurate valuation.Throughout this article, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions, identify investment opportunities, and maximize your real estate ventures in the 21st-century Texas market. So, whether you're a seasoned property investor or a first-time buyer, let's embark on this enlightening journey to decode property taxes in Texas and unlock the doors to your real estate success.

Understanding Property Taxes in Texas

Definition and Purpose of Property Taxes
Property taxes are a fundamental aspect of real estate ownership in Texas. These taxes serve as a primary source of revenue for local governments, including counties, school districts, and municipalities. The funds generated from property taxes contribute to essential public services such as education, infrastructure development, law enforcement, and community programs. By understanding the definition and purpose of property taxes, real estate investors can gain insights into their financial obligations and the benefits derived from their contributions.
How Property Taxes are Calculated in Texas
In Texas, property taxes are calculated based on the appraised value of the property. The appraised value is determined by the county appraisal district or an appraiser appointed by the district. The appraisal process involves assessing various factors, including the property's location, size, amenities, and market conditions. Once the appraised value is established, it serves as the basis for calculating property taxes.To calculate the property tax liability, the appraised value is multiplied by the applicable tax rate, which is expressed as a percentage. The tax rate consists of rates set by different taxing authorities, such as the county, school district, and city. It's important to note that property tax rates can vary across different locations and may be subject to periodic adjustments.
Factors that Influence Property Tax Rates
Several factors influence property tax rates in Texas. These factors can vary depending on the specific jurisdiction and the property's classification as residential or commercial. Here are some key considerations:
Differences between Residential and Commercial Property Taxes
Residential and commercial properties are subject to distinct tax structures in Texas. Residential property taxes are generally based on a lower tax rate compared to commercial properties. Commercial property taxes, including properties such as commercial property for sale or rental properties, tend to have higher rates due to their income-generating potential.It's worth noting that residential properties may also benefit from homestead exemptions, which provide additional tax relief to homeowners occupying their properties as their primary residences. Commercial properties, on the other hand, may have different appraisal methods, such as the income approach, which considers the property's potential income and market value.Understanding the differences between residential and commercial property taxes is crucial for real estate investors to evaluate the potential tax liabilities and optimize their investment strategies accordingly.

Key Considerations for Real Estate Investors

Importance of Property Tax Knowledge for Investors
Having a solid understanding of property taxes is crucial for real estate investors in Texas. By acquiring in-depth knowledge of property tax regulations and trends, investors can make informed decisions and factor in tax implications when evaluating potential investment opportunities. This knowledge empowers investors to estimate their ongoing expenses accurately and determine the profitability of properties, ensuring a more successful and sustainable investment journey.
Evaluating Property Taxes When Searching for Investment Properties
When searching for investment properties, it's essential to evaluate the property taxes associated with each potential investment. Consider the following factors:
Impact of Property Taxes on Rental Property Profitability
For real estate investors considering rental properties, property taxes play a significant role in determining profitability. Understanding the impact of property taxes on rental property cash flow is essential. Consider the following:
Strategies to Minimize Property Tax Liabilities
Real estate investors can implement several strategies to minimize property tax liabilities. Consider the following approaches:
By implementing these strategies and staying proactive, real estate investors can effectively minimize their property tax liabilities and optimize the profitability of their investments.

Exploring Real Estate Opportunities in Texas

Overview of the Texas Real Estate Market
The Texas real estate market is a thriving and diverse landscape that offers numerous opportunities for investors. With a strong economy, population growth, and a favorable business climate, Texas has become a magnet for real estate investment. Whether you're looking for homes for sale near you, land for sale, or commercial property for sale, Texas provides a wide range of options to suit various investment strategies.
Trends in Homes for Sale and Land for Sale
The Texas real estate market showcases several notable trends in homes for sale and land for sale. Currently, there is high demand for residential properties across different price ranges. Affordable housing options are particularly sought after, catering to first-time homebuyers and investors looking for entry-level properties. Additionally, the availability of land for sale presents opportunities for development, whether for residential or commercial purposes.
Popular Locations for Investment Properties
Texas offers a multitude of popular locations for investment properties, each with its own unique advantages. Major cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are hotspots for real estate investment. These cities boast robust job markets, population growth, and diverse economies, making them attractive for both residential and commercial investments. Additionally, emerging markets in suburban areas and smaller cities provide opportunities for investors seeking affordable properties with growth potential.
Unique Opportunities such as Lake Houses for Sale and New Construction Homes
Beyond traditional investment options, Texas presents unique opportunities that can add value to investors' portfolios. Lake houses for sale are highly desirable properties, offering picturesque views, recreational activities, and a tranquil lifestyle. These properties can cater to buyers seeking vacation homes or individuals looking to embrace lakefront living year-round.Moreover, the demand for new construction homes continues to rise in Texas. As the population grows, so does the need for modern, energy-efficient properties. Investors can capitalize on this trend by partnering with reputable builders or exploring new construction projects themselves, providing desirable homes to buyers in high-demand areas.By understanding the trends, popular locations, and unique opportunities in the Texas real estate market, investors can make informed decisions and identify lucrative investment prospects that align with their goals.

Navigating the Real Estate Process in Texas

Role of a Real Estate Agent in Property Transactions
When it comes to buying or selling a house or property in Texas, a real estate agent plays a crucial role. These professionals are licensed experts who facilitate transactions, provide market insights, and offer guidance throughout the process. A real estate agent's primary responsibility is to represent the interests of their clients and ensure a smooth and successful transaction.
Finding a Reliable Real Estate Agent or Realty Company
Finding a reliable real estate agent or realty company is essential for a successful real estate transaction. Start by seeking recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently bought or sold property in Texas. Online platforms and directories can also provide a list of reputable agents and companies in your desired area. Take the time to research and interview potential agents to assess their experience, knowledge of the local market, and track record of successful transactions.
Understanding the Services Provided by Real Estate Agents
Real estate agents provide a range of services to facilitate property transactions. They assist with property searches, schedule viewings, negotiate offers, and handle paperwork. Agents have access to comprehensive databases and can provide valuable insights on market trends, pricing, and neighborhood dynamics. They can also connect buyers with financing options, recommend property appraisers, and coordinate with other professionals involved in the transaction, such as attorneys or inspectors.
Tips for Buying a House or Property in Texas
When buying a house or property in Texas, consider the following tips:
By understanding the role of real estate agents, finding a reliable agent or company, and being aware of the services they provide, buyers can navigate the real estate process in Texas with confidence and make informed decisions.

Resources for Property Search and Analysis

Utilizing Online Platforms for Property Search
In the digital age, online platforms have become invaluable resources for property search. Websites and mobile apps provide convenient access to extensive listings of homes for sale, land for sale, and commercial properties. By utilizing these platforms, investors can customize their search based on location, price range, property type, and other criteria. Popular platforms such as Zillow, Realtor.com, and Redfin offer user-friendly interfaces and advanced search filters to help investors find suitable properties.
Tools for Analyzing Investment Properties and Market Trends
Analyzing investment properties and market trends is crucial for making informed decisions. Several online tools can assist investors in this process. For example, tools like Mashvisor, Roofstock, and PropStream provide data-driven insights, including property valuation estimates, rental income projections, market trends, and historical sales data. These tools enable investors to evaluate potential returns on investment, assess market conditions, and identify emerging opportunities.
Accessing Property Appraisals and Assessments
Understanding the value of a property is essential for accurate investment analysis. Property appraisals and assessments provide valuable insights into a property's worth. In Texas, county appraisal districts maintain records of property appraisals and assessments. Many appraisal districts have online portals where investors can access this information. Websites like the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts offer resources and guidance on accessing property appraisal data.
Exploring Foreclosure and Rental Property Opportunities
Investors interested in foreclosure and rental property opportunities can leverage various resources. Foreclosure listings can be found on specialized websites like RealtyTrac and Foreclosure.com. These platforms provide information on distressed properties, including their location, condition, and foreclosure stage. Additionally, websites like Rent.com, Apartments.com, and Zumper offer comprehensive listings of rental properties, enabling investors to explore rental markets, rental rates, and vacancy rates in their target areas.By utilizing online platforms for property search, leveraging tools for property analysis, accessing property appraisals and assessments, and exploring foreclosure and rental property opportunities, real estate investors in Texas can gather the necessary information and insights to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential.


Recap of Key Insights for Real Estate Investors
Throughout this article, we have delved into the intricacies of property taxes in Texas and provided essential insights for real estate investors. We explored the definition and purpose of property taxes, how they are calculated, factors influencing tax rates, and the differences between residential and commercial property taxes. We also discussed the importance of property tax knowledge for investors, evaluating property taxes when searching for investment properties, the impact of property taxes on rental property profitability, and strategies to minimize tax liabilities. Additionally, we explored real estate opportunities in Texas, including an overview of the market, trends in homes and land for sale, popular locations for investment properties, and unique opportunities such as lake houses and new construction homes. We then navigated the real estate process, highlighting the role of real estate agents, tips for finding reliable agents, and understanding the services they provide. Lastly, we discussed resources for property search and analysis, including online platforms, tools for property analysis, accessing property appraisals and assessments, and exploring foreclosure and rental property opportunities.
Encouragement to Leverage Property Tax Knowledge in Texas
As a real estate investor in Texas, understanding property taxes is vital for making informed decisions and maximizing your investment potential. By decoding property taxes, you gain a competitive edge and can navigate the real estate landscape more effectively. Armed with knowledge about tax calculations, factors influencing tax rates, and strategies to minimize tax liabilities, you can identify properties with favorable tax conditions and enhance your overall returns. Moreover, being aware of the unique opportunities and market trends in Texas allows you to capitalize on emerging prospects and make sound investment choices.
The Next Steps in Your Real Estate Endeavors
If you're an aspiring or seasoned real estate investor, it's time to put your knowledge into action. Start by conducting property searches using online platforms, utilizing tools for property analysis, and exploring foreclosure and rental property opportunities. Connect with reputable real estate agents or realty companies who can assist you in finding suitable properties and guide you through the buying process. Stay informed about market trends and property appraisals to make well-informed investment decisions. Remember, the key to success in real estate lies in continuous learning, adaptation, and taking calculated risks.So, go ahead and embark on your real estate journey with confidence. Decoding property taxes in Texas has equipped you with essential insights, and now it's time to seize the opportunities that await you. Happy investing!
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2023.05.22 11:02 AutoModerator Daily Megathread: HOUSING?

Here are some sites to look at and please know - any sites that have a real estate person’s contact on it are all fed from realtor.ca (MLS - Multiple Listing Service) database. The platforms that some real estate brokerages use might be more user-friendly though.
Realtor run sites:
Not sure if these scrape other sites or just realtor.ca
Non-Realtor listings
Possible shorter term rentals:
This vid can be useful for some as well: https://youtu.be/piVgW35wziQ
For students:

(above text stolen from the wonderful GTAHomeGuy)
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2023.05.19 01:13 7HillsGC Help - helping someone move to SF, and I'm clueless on rental requirements

As the title says - I am hosting a new graduate (a friend of a friend) Memorial Day weekend because she's moving to the area for graduate studies and wants to scout housing, to move later in June. I've already looked through old Reddit posts and given her places to search for apartments (Hotpads, Zumper, Craigslist, Trulia, Padmapper) and advice about neighborhoods (crime, weather, transportation, etc). We've talked about scams and the need to see a place before paying any deposit & signing a lease.
However, what may shock her is rental requirements. She's hoping for a studio for $1500-1700 which seems reasonable based on some listings I found. But I haven't rented in >20 years and am pretty clueless about what the requirements are to get a lease signed. I think I remember reading here that some LL are now requiring salary = 3-5x rent, but maybe that's not universally true?
Asking for help coming up with a list of documentation she should bring, "just in case". Out of state ID, fellowship offer with salary information is assumed. If her mom is coming with, should her mom bring ID & proof of income in case she needs to co-sign? I don't think she has rental history since I think she's lived at home till now, but if she has a reference I'll tell her to bring that.
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2023.05.15 11:02 AutoModerator Daily Megathread: HOUSING?

Here are some sites to look at and please know - any sites that have a real estate person’s contact on it are all fed from realtor.ca (MLS - Multiple Listing Service) database. The platforms that some real estate brokerages use might be more user-friendly though.
Realtor run sites:
Not sure if these scrape other sites or just realtor.ca
Non-Realtor listings
Possible shorter term rentals:
This vid can be useful for some as well: https://youtu.be/piVgW35wziQ
For students:

(above text stolen from the wonderful GTAHomeGuy)
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2023.05.12 17:43 joe4942 Rental demand in Canada continues to outpace supply, rent in many cities soars year-over-year: Zumper

Rental demand in Canada continues to outpace supply, rent in many cities soars year-over-year: Zumper submitted by joe4942 to canadahousing [link] [comments]

2023.05.12 04:26 FancyNewMe Rental demand in Canada continues to outpace supply, average rent in many cities soars year-over-year: Zumper

Rental demand in Canada continues to outpace supply, average rent in many cities soars year-over-year: Zumper submitted by FancyNewMe to canada [link] [comments]

2023.05.08 11:02 AutoModerator Daily Megathread: HOUSING?

(below text stolen from the wonderful GTAHomeGuy)
Here are some sites to look at and please know - any sites that have a real estate person’s contact on it are all fed from realtor.ca (MLS - Multiple Listing Service) database. The platforms that some real estate brokerages use might be more user-friendly though.
Realtor run sites:
Not sure if these scrape other sites or just realtor.ca
Non-Realtor listings
Possible shorter term rentals:
This vid can be useful for some as well: https://youtu.be/piVgW35wziQ
For students:
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2023.05.05 15:47 gittavanbennekom Investing in Encino Real Estate: Opportunities and Considerations

Encino offers amazing options for real estate investment. People willing to invest in real estate are attracted to Encino because it has a great location and a strong housing market.
Let us discuss all of the possibilities and factors to consider while investing in Encino real estate:
1. Housing Market - Strong and Growing
Encino has a strong and growing housing market.
● The average selling price of a home in Encino in March 2023 was $1.5M, which is a 22.8% higher in comparison to the selling price in March last year.
● The value of homes here has been continuously increasing, making it an excellent site for long-term investment.
● It offers different kinds of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condos.
● Encino is an ideal location, because of its close proximity to goods or services, and superior educational systems.
Have a look at the graph below to understand the data.
Please embed the first graph shared in this link
2. Rental Market - Profitable
The rental market in Encino will look very attractive to you if you are looking for properties with a steady stream of income.
● Presently, in April 2023, the average rent of a 1 bedroom apartment in Encino is $2,025, which is 7% higher than last year. You can get more information on the Zumper website.
● A lot of young families, professionals, and students are attracted to the area, which is the reason that it has a constant demand for rental homes.
● Encino provides attractive renting candidates due to its closeness to important job centers including Downtown Los Angeles and the Warner Center.
● You can find profitable houses to rent and ensure that you get the highest possible rental income by doing careful market research and working with an experienced real estate agent.
3. Commercial Real Estate - Growing Opportunities
Encino offers great opportunities in the commercial real estate market.
● Encino attracts business owners and investors willing to start or grow their businesses because of its growing business areas, retail hubs, and professional services.
● Investments in commercial real estate, such as office buildings, shops, or mixed-use projects, may present an ongoing source of income and potential for long-term growth.
Things to Think First When Investing in Real Estate
While Encino offers interesting investment opportunities, it is important to consider a few things before entering the market.
● Do your research - Make informed investment decisions by looking at market trends, similar property estimates, and rental rates.
● Work with a trustworthy real estate agent that is knowledgeable about the Encino market. They can help you in coming to the right and informed decision.
● Think about things like financing opportunities, maintenance costs, and property management requirements.
Evaluating the economic value of future investments will be made easier by doing an in-depth financial analysis. This will include cash flow forecasts and return on investment calculations.
So, if you are ready to invest, Encino’s top real estate agent is right here to help you. Contact Gitta, a professional local real estate agent in Encino.
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2023.04.11 03:28 FarrisAT Real-time Rents are NOT falling, as White House Economists like Jared Bernstein and NY Fed President John Williams claim: Zillow Rent Index

Sources: https://www.zillow.com/research/march-2023-rental-report-32399/
Asking rents climbed by $9, or 0.5%, from February to March, according to the latest reading of the Zillow Observed Rent Index (ZORI). That builds on February’s 0.3% increase, when monthly rent growth turned positive after a 4-month slide. Typical asking rents at the national level now stand at $1,996, which is 6.0% higher than one year ago, and only 0.1% below the peak of $1,997 observed in September 2022.
Real-time rents are not falling. They simply are not. I keep hearing very important financial analysts on Bloomberg and CNBC, White House Economists like Jared Bernstein, as well as Fed President John Williams today claiming that real-time rents have fallen and current OER rent is outdated.
However, all the real-time rent growth indexes show that rents rose in February and March 2023. The Zillow index, Zumper Index, and ApartmentList index all show rents rising between 0.5% and 0.6% monthly. All three show yearly growth of 6.0%-6.5%. They are consistent in showing a few months of declines in Q4 2022, and growth in Q1 2023.
Government Economists, Federal Reserve Presidents, and respected Financial Analysts are utilizing outdated data themselves. Simply claiming something exists does not make it so.
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2023.03.22 21:54 Few-Distance156 St. Catharines renters face double-digit increase for two-bedroom units

St. Catharines renters face double-digit increase for two-bedroom units
According to a report by Zumper.com, St. Catharines ranked the 16th most expensive rental market in Canada in March, with a 14 per cent increase for two-bedroom units compared to last year. The average rent for a two-bedroom unit was $1,750, while a one-bedroom unit was $1,350, up 2.3 per cent year-over-year. The report attributed the rising rents to factors such as high immigration, low housing supply, high interest rates and more demand due to COVID-19. Some city councillors expressed concerns about the affordability and availability of rental housing in the city, especially for newer units that are not subject to rent controls.
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2023.03.20 19:41 Kupotanis (L) [$900-$1,100] Studio/1 Bedroom - May 1st - Has a cat

Good afternoon everyone!
I've been looking around on all of the websites: Padmapper, Zumper, Rentals. I'm looking for, ideally, a 1bedroom in or around [Mile end, Plateau, Laurier est, Downtown, Old Port] If there's an extra space for an office room that would be amazing.
Every time I reach out to set up a viewing I don't ever hear back from places and I'm just starting to get a little nervous
Thank you for any kind of responses it means a lot
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2023.03.12 22:16 ImADecisionTerrible Best Landlords/Rental Properties?

As the title suggests, I’m looking to move to Springfield by early May hopefully. I think my credit score is decent? (705), I have no prior evictions, I can provide a 2 1/2 year rental history, but I have a cat/dog/mini lop bunny. All the animals are spayed and house trained (even the rabbit though she has her own enclosure) I’m looking to move with my 18 year old sister so we can get out of a bad situation. We have a $950 budget but we’d like for it to be lower of course.
I’ve been looking at “At Home Properties” and they seem pretty decent, the reviews look good, but I’ve also been keeping my eyes peeled on other rental apps like Zumper, Trulia, and even Craigslist. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for who to avoid renting from and who to maybe seek out?
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2023.03.05 14:43 Enwaiyoo SF locals - Are there any red flags for this apartment?

I’m a complete stranger to the SF rental market so I don’t know if this is a good deal or not. From my research, it seems like Haight-Ashbury is a relatively nice neighborhood? This fits my budget (<$2000) perfectly. The only things I’m really looking for is walkability, safety, and preferably no roommates.
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2023.03.02 22:57 stone122112 Best sites to find rooms for rent?

I’ve always thought the go-to ones were C.L. & Marketplace, but do many ppl use other ones like Trulia, Zillow or Zumper? You can’t list rooms on Westside Rentals/Apartments.com
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2023.02.05 03:05 zextip first time renter / need help

Hey everyone, looking to get some advice in regards to renting in Toronto.
I’ll be moving for work in summer from Niagara falls and since i’ve never rented in Toronto before, it’s kinda hard to tell what is a decent price for an apartment.
I’ve been looking at studios on zumper.com, viewit.ca and rentals.ca and it seems like prices start at $1400 and go all the way up to $2200.
Would you say around $1700 is average/decent? What should budget for?
The apartment has to be close to a subway station and it shouldn’t take me longer than 30 mins to get to Union Station / downtown for work.
If you know any other websites to look for rentals, please do let me know! Any info is greatly appreciated!
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2023.01.27 01:07 KingWhiteMan007 Syracuse rental prices make a national rent report.

"SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Zumper, an online rental marketplace, has released its National Rent Report and Syracuse has been ranked among the top 100 most expensive rental markets in the nation.
As rent prices slowly begin to decelerate, the median rent for one- and two-bedroom apartments in Syracuse steadily increase year after year.
The average median rent of a one-bedroom apartment is $920 a month and is $1,180 a month for a two- bedroom apartment.
The price of one-bedroom apartments has increased only 1.10 percent since January of 2022, but the price of two-bedroom apartments has jumped 15.7 percent in the same period."
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2023.01.22 16:56 NYBigCityApartments NYC Real Estate Market Forecast 2023

NYC Real Estate Market Forecast 2023
Among metropolitan areas, the New York City metro remains the country’s largest real estate market by value, but by a narrowing margin. The NYC-area housing market is valued at $3.51 trillion, with the Los Angeles metro right behind at $3.27 trillion, according to a report published by Zillow.
What are the New York City real estate market predictions for 2023? New York City has a track record of being one of the best long-term real estate investments in the U.S. The New York real estate market has been booming year over year. NYC home prices nearly doubled over the last decade. With supply and demand continuing to favor sellers, prices continue to rise year over year.
According to NeighborhoodScout's data, the cumulative appreciation rate over the ten years has been 77.08%, which ranks in the top 40% nationwide. This equates to an annual average real estate appreciation rate of 5.88%. Despite the pandemic drastically affecting the New York real estate market, during the period between 2021 Q2 – 2022 Q2, New York's appreciation rate has been 10.54%. In the latest quarter tracked by NeighborhoodScout's data (2022 Q1 – 2022 Q2), they show that house appreciation rates in New York were at 0.91%, which equates to an annual appreciation rate of 3.71%.
According to StreetEast's forecast, due to the higher cost of renting and elevated inflation, renter demand will continue to cool in 2023, pushing down asking rents. This relief in rent prices, however, will be slow to come by due to a limited inventory of rental units. Priced-out buyers may stay in the rental market until 2023's spring purchasing season, keeping rents high.
Despite record-high rates and possible annual savings of $14,500 from roommates, NYC renters are prepared to pay more to avoid having roommates, according to their research. All of this suggests the rental market may cool off more slowly, despite reduced affordability. NYC homeowners will be better prepared for a possible recession.
NYC will continue to see an influx of new residents. Despite high rents, StreetEasy search data suggests the city continues to draw interest from potential new residents wishing to move from other areas. The strong demand in NYC rentals from outside the city, despite lower affordability, coincides with the city's impressive recovery, which had restored 97% of the employment lost during the epidemic by September of this year, according to an analysis by the NYC Office of the Comptroller.
According to a Black Knight Mortgage Report, the mortgage delinquency rate in New York state was 2.7% in September of this year, matching the historically low national rate of 2.8%. Only 0.4% of borrowers in the greater NYC area have negative equity, indicating that New Yorkers are well prepared to weather a potential economic crisis.
Let us look at the price trends recorded by Zillow over the past few years. The current typical home value of homes in NYC is $783,799 (ZHVI). In Nov 2021, the typical value of homes in NYC was around $737,871. NYC home values have gone up 6.2% since last November.
  • Typical Home Value: $783,799 (November 30, 2022)
  • 1-year Value Change: +6.2%
  • 70 Median days to pending.
  • 0.983 Median sale-to-list ratio
  • 22.4% Percent of sales over list price
  • 63.2% Percent of sales under list price
Here's Zillow’s housing market forecast for New York-Newark-Jersey City Metro. The Fed will likely keep interest rates elevated through much of next year which will lead to a decline in the prices over the next 12 months. Buyers are regaining negotiation leverage, but seller reluctance will keep the balance of power from shifting completely in favor of buyers next year.
  • New York-Newark-Jersey City Metro home values have risen by 8.4% to $617,629.
  • The New York Metro housing market forecast ending November 2033 is negative.
  • Zillow predicts that New York Metro home values may decline by 3% by November 2023.
  • If this forecast is correct, New York Metro home prices will be lower in the 3rd Quarter of 2023 than they were in the 3rd Quarter of 2022.

New York's Recovery From The Pandemic

Changes in house prices, rents, and mortgage interest rates can affect households' income and wealth, as well as how much money they spend and on what. Housing costs and policies can also shape where people chose to live, work, and study, as well as their ability to move or change jobs. Rising house prices, by discouraging potential migrants, could significantly reduce the growth potential of the economy, shifting the balance of labor market growth from employment to wages, with a consequent deterioration in competitiveness.
When it comes to the job market and real estate, the relationship is generally correlative: when one rises, so does the other, and when one falls, so does the other. According to preliminary figures released on October 20, 2022, by the New York State Department of Labor, New York State’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased from 4.3% in July to 4.7% in August 2022. From September 2021 to September 2022, the unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) fell from 5.7% to 3.9%.
The number of private sector jobs in New York State increased over the month by 17,400, or 0.2%, to 8,061,500 in September 2022. The number of private sector jobs in the U.S. also increased by 0.2% in September 2022. New York State's private sector jobs (not seasonally adjusted) increased by 361,400, or 4.7%, over the year in September 2022, which exceeded the 4.2% increase in the number of private sector jobs in the U.S.
On a net basis, the total number of nonfarm jobs in the state increased by 15,600 over the month, while private sector jobs rose by 17,400, in September 2022. At the same time, the total number of nonfarm jobs in the nation increased by 263,000, while private sector jobs increased by 288,000.
  • New York City’s unemployment rate decreased over the month from 6.6% to 5.6%.
  • Outside of New York City, the unemployment rate increased from 3.2% to 3.3%.
  • The number of unemployed New Yorkers decreased over the month by 39,400, from 445,100 in August to 405,700 in September 2022.

New York Rental Market Report

The Zumper New York City Metro Area Report analyzed active listings across the metro cities to show the most and least expensive cities and cities with the fastest growing rents. The New York one-bedroom median rent was $2,333 last month. New York City was the most expensive market with one-bedrooms priced at $3,790 whereas Newark was the most affordable city with rent at $1,400.
Here are the places where it makes sense to invest in rental properties in the New York City Metro Area. These are the places where the demand for rentals is growing strong in 2023.
The Fastest Growing Cities For Rents in New York City Metro Area (Y/Y%)
  • Jersey City had the fastest growing rent, up 48.7% since this time last year.
  • West New York saw rent climb 40.3%, making it rank as second.
  • Bridgeport was third with rent jumping 25%.
The Fastest Growing Cities For Rents in New York City Metro Area (M/M%)
  • Bayonne had the largest monthly rental growth rate, up 6.3%.
  • Fort Lee rent grew 6.1% last month, making it the second fastest growing.
  • Union City was third with rent climbing 5.4%.


Where to Buy a House in NYC?

New York is dominated by renter-occupied one or two-bedroom apartments. 76.75% of New York's dwellings are rentals. As per Neigborhoodscout.com, a real estate data provider, one and two-bedroom large apartment complexes are the most common housing units in NYC. Other housing types prevalent in NYC include single-family detached homes, duplexes, rowhouses, and homes converted to apartments.
The New York housing market has affordable townhomes. New York's single-family homes account for just 1.15% of the city’s housing units. During the latest twelve months, the New York real estate did cool off. However, the cumulative appreciation rate over the ten years has been 38.81%, which ranks in the top 30% nationwide. Evaluate the specifics of the NYC housing market at the time you intend to purchase. Hiring a local property management company can help in finding tenants for your investment property in NYC.
New York City's housing market is one of the most costly and competitive in the country. There are 237 neighborhoods in New York (as per Realtor.com). Tribeca has a median listing price of $3.9M, making it the most expensive neighborhood. Riverdale is the most affordable neighborhood, with a median listing price of $360K.
There are some buyer-friendly neighborhoods in New York City where buyers have a bit more negotiating power in neighborhoods as compared to sellers. Jackson Heights is one of New York City’s most buyer-friendly neighborhoods at the moment with home prices under $700,000. Other buyer-friendly markets with a median sales price below $700,000 include Rego Park, where the median sales price in Oct 2021 was $389K, trending down -by 8.9% year-over-year. The sale-to-list price ratio was 100 percent.
The median list price of homes in Sheepshead Bay was $499K in Oct 2021, trending down -by 5% year-over-year. The sale-to-list price ratio was 97.72 percent. The median list price of homes in East Flatbush was $650K, trending up 8.9% year-over-year. The sale-to-list price ratio was 100 percent. The median list price of homes in Brighton Beach was $569K, trending up 16.4% year-over-year. The sale-to-list price ratio was 97.03 percent.
Buyers have a bit more negotiating power in neighborhoods where the median home price falls between $700,000 and $1 million. In areas like Midtown East, where the median sales price is $872,500. Homes in Midtown East sold for approximately the asking price on average in Oct 2021. The other neighborhoods best for buyers looking to spend between $700,000 and $1 million are Bayside, where the median sales price in Oct 2021 was $720,000 and the sale-to-list price ratio was 99.37 percent; Gravesend ($684,500, 96.98 percent); Flushing ($838,000, 96.38 percent); and Bay Ridge ($499,000, 98.14 percent).
All of this could vary from time to time and can be checked on Realtor.com. Check out some of the best neighborhoods for investing in New York for the long term→ These neighborhoods have been selected from all five boroughs.
If you think of investing in NYC, you have decided on a long-term investment property. Here are the ten neighborhoods in NYC having the highest real estate appreciation rates since 2000—List by Neigborhoodscout.com.
  1. Inwood North
  2. Marble Hill
  3. Washington Heights Southeast
  4. Roosevelt Island
  5. W 115th St / Amsterdam Ave
  6. E 57th St / Madison Ave
  7. Madison Ave / E 52nd St
  8. W 58th St / Grand Army Plz
  9. Tribeca South
  10. W 70th St / Amsterdam Ave

Top Real Estate Estate Markets in New York

Buffalo real estate market
The Buffalo real estate investment offers a surprisingly good deal with low prices and relatively high rental rates. The Buffalo real estate market is dominated by older homes. A majority of homes in the Buffalo housing market were built before World War 2. Interestingly, this also means that many small apartment buildings are designed to serve a population that rented small units close to their jobs.
For example, roughly a third of homes are single-family detached homes, while almost half take the form of small apartment buildings. This creates an excellent opportunity for those in the market for Buffalo rental properties. You could buy a small apartment building with multiple tenants for the cost of a single rental property in a more expensive New York real estate market.
Syracuse real estate market
Syracuse's real estate market offers cheaper property with a higher return on investment and a less hostile legal climate. It is one of the better choices if you want to invest in New York state. Another issue that factors into the equation is the job market. Lots of cities have a great quality of life but almost no one can afford to live there.
The Syracuse housing market ranked 6.3 out of 10 for its job market. That’s better than rural and much of upstate New York. And it is why there is a slow trickle of people moving in to replace those who leave. That’s why the Syracuse real estate market has a net migration of 5 or a stable population. This is in sharp contrast to the depopulation seen in most Rust Belt cities. It also means Syracuse's real estate investment properties will hold their value for the foreseeable future if they don’t appreciate it.
Albany real estate market
Albany is a steadily appreciating real estate market. While it isn’t as famous or hot as NYC, it offers an affordable entry point and a massive pool of perpetual renters. Though it may not be somewhere you want to live, many locals are choosing to stay and make their homes here. And that will continue to drive demand for Albany real estate investment properties as long as they are priced right.
Rochester real estate market
You can also consider Rochester. The Rochester real estate market is stable, offering slow appreciation, affordable properties to outsiders, and good returns. It has strong, long-term potential that is only buoyed if NYC collapses. And this is one of the reasons why being everything the Big Apple isn’t is in your favor.
The Rochester real estate market enjoys a healthy population profile. Roughly a quarter of the population consists of children, and many are likely to remain due to the healthy job market. It also means that the Rochester housing market won’t crash if the job market weakens the way San Francisco collapses whenever the tech bubble bursts. Others choose to remain here because of the low cost of living.
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2023.01.19 19:42 BryanSDominguez773 New update on Rental Prices!

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2023.01.14 01:25 TheTikTokScams411 His “luxury” condo. That is extremely cheap for south beach. I live in NYC and pay 2500 for a one bedroom. I bet his house was more

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2023.01.13 17:28 ascendixtech Ranking of the Leading Proptech Firms and Startups in the United States for 2023

Ranking of the Leading Proptech Firms and Startups in the United States for 2023
Real estate has traditionally been slow to adopt technology, but with automation becoming essential, this is changing. Consider this: the market capitalization of General Electric, Porsche, and LG Energy Solution combined is equivalent to that of Foxconn and Shopify combined. This number is $86 billion.
The proptech industry is expected to see tremendous growth, with a projected market value of $86 billion by 2032, equivalent to the net worth of Bill Gates in 2016. This staggering growth means that proptech companies will achieve in a single year what took Bill Gates a lifetime to accumulate.
Proptech companies are businesses that specialize in creating technology solutions for the real estate industry. They identify pain points within the industry and provide customized software products to address them. Whether it's in the design or functionality of a product, the top proptech companies understand the needs of real estate players and create solutions to meet them.
Now, let's take a look at the most valuable proptech companies to learn from and the best proptech startups to invest in.

Leading Proptech Firms to Watch in 2023: Top 7

  • WeWork;
  • Airbnb;
  • Opendoor;
  • Compass;
  • Homelight;
  • VTS;
  • Redfin.
Top Proptech Companies in Real Estate in the US in 2023

Top Proptech Companies in Real Estate


Type of Solution: Commercial office space solutions
Founded: 2010
Funding: $22 billion
WeWork is a leading proptech company that is revolutionizing the way we work by providing flexible office spaces in locations worldwide. They offer a variety of space options including dedicated desks, private offices, office suites, full-floor offices, and event spaces.
WeWork's clients can now enjoy the freedom of a flexible pricing system, allowing them to budget for office space more easily. They offer a variety of options for modern businesses, including the ability to decentralize offices or create collaboration hubs with advanced technology, such as private VLAN and Wi-Fi.
WeWork offers a wide range of office space options to suit the needs of any business, regardless of team size or location. With a global presence in 151 cities and over 700 prime locations, WeWork boasts a total of 151 million square feet of space. Additionally, many of the world's top companies, including over half of the Fortune 100, are WeWork's clients.


Type of Solution: Global short-rentals marketplace
Founded: 2008
Funding: $6.4 billion
Airbnb is one of the largest publicly traded proptech companies globally. It operates as a platform for short-term rentals, connecting travelers with homeowners. Travelers can easily book and manage their trips, and benefit from the secure payment system, verified host profiles and listings, and 24/7 support provided by Airbnb.
Users can select from a variety of options on Airbnb, including Airbnb Experiences, Airbnb Adventures, and Airbnb for Work, depending on the purpose of their trip.
Airbnb is a perfect example of how technology can change the way we do things. Using the principle of peer-to-peer economy, the company connects travelers and homeowners, while only charging a small service fee.
The majority of Airbnb's revenue comes from the non-refundable service fees charged to guests (14.2%) and hosts (3%).
Airbnb has a total of 7 million listings across over 200 countries.


Type of Solution: Residential marketplace / iBuyer
Founded: 2014
Funding: $1.9 billion
OpenDoor is a proptech company that simplifies the process of buying and selling residential properties. Among American public proptech companies, it is one of the most well-funded. OpenDoor allows property owners to sell their property quickly and at top dollar, with a service charge of 5-14% depending on the sales deadline.
One of the greatest benefits of using OpenDoor is its efficient virtual property assessment process, which only requires a video walkthrough and can be completed in a matter of hours. Unlike other real estate tech companies, the entire process including paperwork is done online, making it easy and convenient for sellers to stay at home.
After the property assessment, property owners have the option to accept an all-cash offer and sell their house directly to the company or choose to work with a real estate agent.
OpenDoor's service allows you to avoid double mortgages by selling your old house and buying a new one with the company. You can easily explore OpenDoor houses by installing the company's app and touring them from 6 am to 9 pm, without the need for an appointment.
OpenDoor's streamlined process which includes fewer intermediaries and digital-first experiences, makes it an ideal option for anyone looking to save both time and money.


Type of Solution: Brokerage technology
Founded: 2012
Funding: $1.6 billion
Compass is a well-funded real estate tech company with unicorn status. It operates as a marketplace platform that brings buyers and sellers together by providing brokerage services.
Compass collected a large team of experts in real estate, marketing, design, business, and engineering, who will help you renovate your house without additional fees, and sell it for top dollar in the shortest possible time.
Compass boasts 25+ thousand top real estate agents and 67 real estate markets.
Compass is able to sell properties quickly due to its advanced analytical proptech stack and data-generating tools. Additionally, it offers exclusive listings with a "coming soon" tag, allowing potential buyers to preview properties even before they are officially on the market and determine if it's a suitable fit for them, regardless of their status as direct clients.


Type of Solution: Rental marketplace
Funding: $742.5 million
Founded: 2012
One of the most rapidly growing proptech platforms, Homelight provides house buyers with individual agent advice and connects its clients with property owners. On the company website, you can find the value of your house and browse listings before becoming a Homelight customer.
The company boasts 28 thousand real estate agents and more than $1 billion in transactions yearly.
Homelight promotes housing equality and fights against racial prejudice. Like Orchard, the company helps owners purchase new homes before selling their old ones. Homelight provides services that make it easy to secure a mortgage and find the perfect home with the assistance of a top real estate agent.


Type of Solution: Commercial real estate software
Founded: 2012
Funding: $462 million to date
VTS is a leading proptech company globally and was once a top unicorn proptech start-up. They offer a range of commercial real estate products that assist landlords and brokers in managing properties, marketing vacant units, negotiating lease deals, and maintaining seamless communication with tenants.
Currently, VTS manages over 12 billion square feet worldwide and has a client base of over 45,000. The company's reports indicate that its platform enables clients to convert leads into leases 41% faster, by making data-driven decisions.
VTS's goal is to create an inclusive leasing and asset management platform that is user-friendly and encompasses all aspects of real estate processes.


Type of Solution: Rental software
Founded: 2002
Funding: $319.6 million
Redfin is one of the most valuable proptech companies, offering a wide range of real estate services including insurance, lending, brokerage, and rentals in the US and Canada.
Choosing Redfin is a financially smart decision as the company's technology helps to reduce and save on fees. The only fee required is a 1% listing fee, and according to the company, on average buyers can save $7,000 by using Redfin's services.
As the #1 national brokerage site in the US, Redfin allows users to request house tours and schedule renovation sessions to maximize profits. The company's mobile app also enables users to receive new offers, communicate with real estate agents, and share their favorite properties with family members.


Type of Solution: Rental marketplace
Founded: 2011
Funding: $180.2 million
Amongst other proptech companies, Zumper mostly focuses on multifamily complexes and operates as a platform connecting property owners with tenants. It allows tenants to fill in rental applications online and get real-time alerts on the best-fit property offers.
As for the property owners, the latter can perform a screening session on Zumper’s platform, request TransUnion credit reports and background checks, and collect their rent securely.
Zumper boasts around 180 million visits and 13 million renters.
In terms of inclusivity, Zumper ticks all items on the list. The company provides rental options for every taste and budget: short-term rentals, pet-friendly accommodations, cheap apartments, luxury properties, standard houses, and apartments.


Type of Solution: Digital closing platform
Founded: 2015
Funding: $160 million
Qualia is a top proptech company, known as the leading digital closing platform in real estate. With its assistance, over 500,000 clients have successfully closed millions of home ownership deals.
Qualia transforms home closings into digital transactions and significantly reduces workload by 75%, providing a stress-free home closing and refinance experience for its users.
Qualia designs its products for use by lenders, vendors, settlement agents, title insurers, and real estate agents. With Qualia, all FedEx shipments, emails, and documents are stored in one central location, making it easy for users to access the data they need. Qualia's products also seamlessly integrate with other tools such as Simplifile, providing transparency to accounting and document preparation operations.
Furthermore, among all proptech companies, Qualia is the first to join the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud.


Type of Solution: AI-powered commercial database platform
Founded: 2012
Funding: 128.4 million
Reonomy is a highly innovative proptech company in the United States. They provide a commercial database platform that utilizes predictive analytics to assist investors, brokers, agents, and mortgage lenders in making data-driven investment decisions.
Reonomy offers two key features to its users: the Web Application and Data Solution. The Web Application helps clients locate and track available commercial properties in the US to invest in, while the Data Solution allows for customization of property searches to meet the specific needs of the company.
The company's proptech solution involves extracting data from various sources, primarily public and crowdsourced data, and using it to develop market intelligence for investors. The pricing is flexible and depends on the features used. Users can also request demos and take advantage of free trials.


Type of Solution: 3D visualization
Founded: 2011
Funding: $127.3 million
Hover is a proptech solution company that combines the latest trends in design, construction, and technology. By transforming photos of a user's home, taken with smartphone technology, into realistic interactive 3D models, Hover has revolutionized the home improvement process.
Users can obtain accurate measurements of their property to efficiently plan both construction and maintenance projects. With Hover, you can determine the expected costs and identify the contractors to work with before even starting the project. The platform also allows users to obtain accurate estimates and order the exact amount of building materials all in one place, through the app.
The best part is that you can get your first 3D visualization model without any cost and see if you are satisfied with the results.


Type of Solution: Commercial and residential prop management tools
Founded: 1998
Funding: $105 million
RealPage is one of the most established proptech companies, providing proptech SaaS products, compliance, vendor, and billing services to managers of over 19 million units worldwide. Their products are cloud-based, but can also be accessed on the web and mobile devices.
RealPage has earned a reputation as one of the best real estate tech companies due to the high-quality proptech services it offers. It provides advanced tools to fully automate leasing, listing, tenant screening, billing, and management processes.
RealPage also has a rent-setting software that sets prices for units based on market dynamics without violating antitrust laws, ensuring that properties are leased for top dollar each day.


Type of Solution: Real estate marketplace
Founded: 2006
Funding: $96.6 million to date
Like RealPage, Zillow is one of the biggest proptech companies, offering a wide range of options for buying, selling, and renting properties. The company connects renters, buyers, and sellers to help them find their dream home.
Zillow assists homeowners in getting pre-approved financing for their next home purchase, finding the best mortgage providers, and selecting their future home. Additionally, the Zestimate tool enables sellers to estimate their potential profit and decide whether to hire a Zillow Premier Agent for buy-and-sell consultation.
The platform also caters to renters, with Zillow Rentals, allowing users to search for new rental properties, submit applications, obtain background checks, and pay their monthly rent.


Type of Solution: AI-powered data analytics software
Founded: 2010
Funding: $74.7 million
CoreLogic is one of the leading proptech companies in AI-powered housing data and analytics, providing innovative data modeling to aid mortgage brokers, insurers, valuers, and other industry players in refining their decision-making.
The company's automated valuation models (AVMs) form a part of current and predictive analytics for tracking price trends and other industry changes. For example, one of the company's products is the Mapping the Market Tool which allows users to view median property value and annual value changes.
CoreLogic has a vast database, with 4.5 billion records and 7 thousand data sources. The data provided by the company covers up to 98% of the property market.
With 9 locations and 5 thousand employees worldwide, CoreLogic is a highly respected and reliable source of real estate information, trusted by government agencies and financial institutions.


Type of Solution: Commercial real estate listing platform
Founded: 1995
Funding: $50 million
Loopnet is one of the largest proptech platforms for commercial real estate, providing a listing service for commercial properties. With 85% of commercial real estate decisions being made online, the platform is well-suited to meet the needs of the industry.
The platform is powered by customizable search filters, containing 50 thousand listings for commercial properties for auction, purchase, or lease. It offers a wide range of options, from offices and industrial buildings to land and shopping centers.
The fees for using the platform vary depending on the features you want to add. You can boost your property to the top of the list, save searches, share listings, access property details, and contact agents.
Overall, Loopnet is a great networking platform for finding top brokers and a valuable tool for obtaining top commercial properties.

Top 5 Proptech Startups to Follow in 2023

  • EquipmentShare;
  • Pacaso;
  • Orchard;
  • Side;
  • OpenSpace.

Top Proptech Startups in Real Estate in the US in 2023

Top Proptech Startups in Real Estate


Type of Solution: Construction rental services (marketplace)
Founded: 2015
Funding: $1.6 billion
One of the most funded proptech companies, EquipmentShare is a leader in construction automation. The company offers contractors to rent construction equipment with provided GPS trackers from other vendors by paying a small fee to the rental company which EquipmentShare is.
The company covers the safety plans itself, and economizes its clients up to 20% of total costs.
EquipmentShare delivered innovation by bringing connectivity to one of the most busy sectors in real estate. To boost productivity, the company has created a construction management platform – a cloud-based solution that offers maximum visibility to construction processes, eliminates bottlenecks like wrong alerts or inaccurate reports, and completely digitizes traditionally manual processes.
With the construction industry predicted to rise from $6.4 trillion in 2020 to $14.4 trillion in 2030, it’s clear as a day that EquipmentShare has already mapped out the industry trends for future startups to follow.


Type of Solution: Second home investment
Founded: 2020
Funding: $1.5 billion
The main idea behind Pacaso innovators was to make the idea of second home ownership affordable to everyone.
How does it work? Let’s say are a homeowner, but have to move to a nearby state for a few months or a year. Rather than renting a flat and dealing with complicated homeownership, you can have your share of a second home (pun intended) on favorable terms like 12% of the home’s purchase price. If boredom strikes, you can resell your share or swap it for a different Pacaso house.
One of the world-known real estate unicorns, Pacaso has fairly taken the place among the most valuable proptech companies in less than a year. Today, the company is focusing more on luxury second home sales, since this type of second home purchase has increased by 25% during the second quarter of 2022.


Type of Solution: Real estate marketplace
Founded: 2017
Funding: $472 million
As opposed to classic homebuying companies and agents that won’t give you a permit to buy a new house before selling your old one, Orchard does both. You get a licensed real estate agent that does free home valuation, manages expert home preparation at no additional cost, and sells your old home for top dollar.
Orchard is an excellent example of proptech companies that haven’t revolutionized the market but made the oldest ideas work for them with a tiny remodelling. You can window shop at the company’s website to understand whether the units are worth it. Orchard can skip the house shows, delegating the whole selling-and-buying process to the company’s professionals.


Type of Solution: Brokerage platform
Founded: 2014
Funding: $313.5 million
Side is a real estate brokerage platform that disrupts traditional brokerage models by providing support for agents in legal matters, auditing, advertising, and other aspects commonly associated with the brokerage realm. By delegating these tasks to Side, agents can focus more on their communication with clients.
The company promises a growth of 44% in a year for agents who use their service. Furthermore, when working with Side, the agent maintains full ownership of their business, which can be sold or transformed later, unlike the traditional brokerage model where the brokerage owns the business.
Side is a rare unicorn company valued over $1 billion and considered one of the top successful ventures in real estate. It's a true gem in the proptech industry.


Type of Solution: Construction space management
Founded: 2016
Funding: $200.4 million
OpenSpace is among the leading proptech companies in the US that leverage the power of AI to enhance the real estate industry.
With its cutting-edge technology, the company offers products such as OpenSpace Track to accurately document building sites. Using a 360-degree camera, users can easily capture and record the environment, allowing for later reference and analysis.
The company's technology also allows for easy comparison of building information modeling (BIM) with real-life site conditions, identifying potential hazards before they become a problem.
One of the key benefits of OpenSpace is its focus on risk prevention, with the added bonus of being able to request a demo with no upfront cost.


Type of Solution: Office analytics technology
Founded: 2017
Funding: $82 million
VergeSense is a proptech company that specializes in monitoring and analyzing office space usage.
Utilizing sensor hardware and a cloud-based platform, the company tracks physical office usage remotely through infrared sensors and AI algorithms. This allows businesses to improve office utilization, monitor workplace attendance, decrease vacancy rates and building costs, and make data-driven decisions about office technology.
The company currently monitors over 40 million square feet of office space in 30 countries, while ensuring the security of employee data through low-resolution imagery.


Type of Solution: Rental property investment
Founded: 2019
Funding: $50 million
Doorvest, a proptech startup, specializes in providing rental property investment opportunities for those looking to invest in single-family homes in Houston, Texas.
The company offers a streamlined process for buying and selling properties, managing maintenance, and screening tenants. With no prior property management experience required, Doorvest offers a one-year property management service for a 15% fee of total rent.
Additionally, the company provides a one-year renovation guarantee and a one-year rental income guarantee, ensuring a steady income even in case of a broken lease or non-payment. The minimum investment required is $35,000 and can vary depending on the investor's goals and budget.


Type of Solution: Rental management software
Funded: 2019
Funding: $30 million
DoorLoop is a leading proptech startup that has developed an innovative solution for simplifying the most tedious tasks in property management, such as rent collection, portfolio management, lease signing, and maintenance request processing.
Despite being founded only a few years ago, the company has quickly established a presence in over 100 countries, thanks to its affordable and customizable software.
The greatest advantage of using DoorLoop is its seamless integration with other tools, and the ability to try the software out with a free demo before making any investment.


Type of Solution: All-in-one property management software
Founded: 2016
Funding: $17 million
RentRedi is a user-friendly property management tool that is specifically designed for landlords who manage their properties on-the-go using smartphones.
As one of the top proptech startups, RentRedi offers a range of features including on-time rent payments, tenant screening, maintenance requests management, and easy-to-use lease agreements.
With the help of RentRedi, landlords can expect an increase in on-time payments from tenants.
The software also offers an accounting feature in partnership with REI Hub to keep landlords' financial reporting fee-less and stress-free.


Type of Solution: All-in-one prop management platform
Founded: 2015
Funding: $10.2 million
TurboTenant is a user-friendly and cost-effective proptech solution for landlords who prefer to handle property management tasks on their own. With TurboTenant, landlords can easily create their own listing pages, utilize automatic payment and late fee options, and use customizable lease agreements that can be signed remotely.
Additionally, the platform provides access to resources such as landlord-tenant laws and state-specific legal forms to ensure compliance. TurboTenant also streamlines move-in and move-out processes, making it a convenient and efficient tool for landlords.
The best part? TurboTenant helps you efficiently navigate every aspect of the rental and management process with lightning-fast speed. And it's completely free to use.
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