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TOP 10 Things to do in MADRID - [2023 Travel Guide]

2023.06.07 08:05 hnqn1611 TOP 10 Things to do in MADRID - [2023 Travel Guide]

TOP 10 Things to do in MADRID - [2023 Travel Guide]
In this post, we'll show you the top 10 things to do in Madrid. This post is based on our fun trip to the Spain’s capital city. Don't forget to like this post, subscribe to our channel, and enable notifications. And share your own experience or ask a question in the comments below. Sponsored by Beeyond compression packing cubes for travel. The link is in the description. And stick around until the end because we have a bonus for you.
Top 10 things to do in Madrid ⭐ Sponsored by BEEYOND packing cubes, a revolutionary new way to pack your luggage 🧳 🎒 👉 👈 (on Amazon)
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Here are our top 10 picks:
Number 10: Plaza Mayor Plaza Mayor is one of the most important public spaces in Madrid. The square which once hosted coronations and executions, was first constructed in the 16th century. The square’s name and functions changed several times over the course of history, but it started out as a popular marketplace. Today, Plaza Mayor is famous for outdoor cafes and restaurants, the statue of Philip III on a horse, and the much-anticipated Christmas market. Don’t skip one of many entrances to Plaza Major, such as Arco de Los Cuchilleros, the most famous one. The square is home to the historic Casa de la Panaderìa, which served as the town’s main bakery hundreds of years ago. It is now also home to The Madrid Tourism Center. Visit other squares in Madrid, like the famous Puerta del Sol dating back to the 15th century.
Number 9: Food & markets Madrid is packed with exquisite bars, elegant restaurants, colorful markets, and sophisticated outdoor terraces. The city is a melting pot of Spanish cuisine, highlighting the country's diverse food culture. Start your day with a serving of tasty churros dipped in hot chocolate at Chocolatería San Ginés. Spaniards are known for going big for lunch, so huevos rotos, paella or any other typical spanish meal is a great option. Enjoy your lunch or dinner at authentic places, like Casa Toni, and order one of many delicious food options. And finish your day at the most popular food market in Madrid, Mercado de San Miguel, and try delicious appetizers called tapas with a glass of authentic Spanish wine. This century-old food hall is famous for its cast-iron structure and with its ideal and convenient central location, and flavors of every corner of Spain, the Mercado de San Miguel attracts over 10 million visitors annually. Visit also other food markets across Madrid.
Number 8: El Retiro Park El Retiro is a vast green space, home to expensive gardens, beautiful lakes, and numerous historic buildings. Once a royal park designed for King Felipe IV in the 17th century, El Retiro is now a popular public area. Rent a boat at El Retiro Pond, an artificial lake, The magnificent Palacio de Cristal or Glass Palace conservatory, a former greenhouse that now houses art exhibitions. On any given day, the park is filled with people of all ages enjoying the outdoors, including local musicians and performers entertaining the public, especially on weekends. Don’t skip the Monument to Alfonso XII, The Rose Garden, with over 4,000 roses, and Puerta de Alcalá, once the main entrance to the city, located just outside the park. Did you know that the park was once a part of a royal palace complex, but during the Peninsular War at the beginning of the 19th century, the building was seriously damaged and couldn’t be restored? Madrid offers other beautiful parks. Check our travel guide for more suggestions. By the way, our mobile-friendly travel guide covers the top 20 things to do in Madrid, including maps, opening hours, links to buy tickets, and other information. By purchasing our travel guide, you are also helping us sustain this channel, so a big thank you for that!
Number 7: Matadero Madrid Matadero Madrid is a cultural arts center located in a former slaughterhouse and cattle market built between 1911 and 1925. The complex is now home to several contemporary art studios, museums, exhibition areas, and theaters. After its successful renovation in 2006, Matadero Madrid caters to various fields of art interests with numerous programs you can visit, including ongoing art exhibitions in one of many buildings across the complex. We visited a unique immersive experience in Madrid Artes Digitales, exploring the evolution of works of Gustav Klims through virtual reality, exhibition spaces, and an interactive room. And while you are in the area, you can explore the beautiful Madrid Rio Park and the banks of Manzanares River.
Number 6: Palacio de Cibeles The Palacio de Cibeles, inaugurated in 1919 is an exquisite example of Neoclassical architecture. This iconic building once housed the city's main post office and telegraph and telephone headquarters. The building is now home to Madrid City Council, used as a City Hall and a public cultural center. Don’t skip the magnificent Glass Gallery, a multi-purpose venue for various events, or the stunning view of the city at the Mirador observation deck. Check our Madrid walking tour to get the real feel of the surroundings and the entire city. The link is in the description.
Number 5: Atocha Train Station Madrid's central station, the Atocha Train Station from mid 19th century, is a sight worth visiting, even if you’re not traveling by train. This unique transportation hub is also a gateway to Madrid for travelers to other parts of Spain and Europe. Over a century after it was constructed, Atocha's old train shed was transformed into a luxury hub in 1992 and now includes the Greenhouse Atocha, a botanical garden composed of an extensive collection of tropical plants. The greenery is a great and relaxing sight for the passengers. Did you know that Gustave Eiffel, the leading engineer of the famous Eiffel Tower, collaborated on the renovation project of the train station?
Number 4: Templo de Debod Experience a piece of Egypt right in the heart of Madrid. Templo de Debod is an actual over 2,000-years old temple relocated from Egypt, originally a shrine built to worship the Egyptian god Amun. The temple was a gift of gratitude by the Egyptian government to Spain in 1968, after the UNESCO’s efforts to help save several monuments and archaeological sites from being destroyed while constructing the Aswan High Dam on the Nile River. You can also visit the interiors and admire its hieroglyphics and sculptures. If you don't have time to visit the interiors, also because there is usually a very long line of people waiting to see the temple from the inside, you can still admire it from the outside. It is especially enchanting during the sunset. Surrounded by charming parks and gardens, the site is a local favorite for scenic strolls, picnics, and even yoga.
Number 3: Queen Sofia Arts Center From classical collections to modern installations, Madrids’s Golden Triangle of Art consists of three world-class museums and is considered a mecca of global excellence in art, history, and culture. Visit Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, a museum of 20th-century art opened in 1992. The museum is named after Queen Sofia and is situated close to CaixaForum art center. Queen Sofia Arts Center houses a collection of art from some of the most famous artists in history, including Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of interactive exhibits, making it an ideal place to spend the afternoon. In addition to the arts center, the museum also houses a library, auditorium, and café. This video is sponsored by Beeyond, helping you save space when you travel and organize your suitcase. A revolutionary new way to organize your luggage consists of a set of small and large packing cubes. Once you're done packing, just close both zippers, compress the air out of your packing cubes like this, and voila, your clothes are compressed, and your luggage is organized. We use Beeyond packing cubes on our travels, and they are even designed to fit your carry-on. Visit Beeyond's Amazon page to get your own compression packing cube set. The link is in the description.
Number 2: Gran Vía Spain’s vibrant capital is also a renowned shopping destination. Gran Vía is Madrid’s most famous street, also known for its iconic and remarkable architecture. Built between 1910 and 1930, Gran Via was essential to Madrid’s development and modernization. Tagged as the street that never sleeps, the Gran Via also boasts next-level nightlife experiences, driven by luxurious bars, renowned theater productions, high-end street art, world-class designer stores, and enormous shopping malls. You will hardly run out of options in Gran Via, with the numerous stores by popular fashion brands such as Zara, Mango, Primark and high-end boutiques. Besides shopping, visitors can also watch theater and musical shows since the city is also known as the Spanish Broadway. Don’t skip the first skyscraper in Spain or the Iconic Metropolis office building, one of the major highlights of Gran Via. BTW, did you know that the biggest Zara store in the world is located on Gran Via, right across from Plaza de España.
Number 1: Palacio Real A visit the Palacio Real will take you on a journey through Spain’s royal history. The Royal Palace of Madrid is the official home of the Spanish Royal family. And while the royal family no longer actually lives there, the palace is still used for state ceremonial purposes. The palace, open to the public, comprises over 3,000 rooms, including the Throne Room and the Royal Armoury. Next to the palace is the Neo-Romanesque crypt Catedral de Almudena, the seat of Madrid’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese, consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1993. Behind Madrid’s grandest church is Parque de Emir Mohamed, the location of the ruins of the Muslim Walls, built in the 9th century during the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. Don't miss beautiful Neoclassical Sabatini Garden right next to the palace or an English-style garden - Campo del Moro. And here is the bonus that we promised. Flamenco is Spain's most celebrated dance and music style, commonly performed through rhythmic clapping, feet stamping, and emotional vocals and guitar. So, if you have some time left, visit one of the countless flamenco shows thought the city. Although flamenco is a form of Spanish folk music and dance that originated in the Andalusian region, Madrid became a epicenter for those looking to succeed in this special genre. This unique art form is believed to have developed from intermingling cultres of Andalusian Roma, Sephardic Jews and Moors from southern Spain. There are many other attractions and neighborhoods to discover in Madrid. We wish you a fantastic trip to this amazing metropolis!
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2023.06.07 07:42 Ahsan789506 How to Reset Snapchat Password without Phone Number?

An average Android user has multiple social media apps installed on his smartphone; each one has a different username and password. Apart from that, several online websites and platforms require you to create an account, adding to the list of usernames and passwords. In these circumstances, it is quite common to forget the password for one or multiple social media apps, and if you’re someone who has forgotten your Snapchat password, here’s how to reset your Snapchat password without phone number.
Thankfully, all of these apps allow you to reset the password in case you forget it. There are multiple methods to do so, like using email, phone number, etc. In this article, we will discuss the detailed password recovery process for one such popular social media app, Snapchat.
Although Snapchat does not require you to sign-in every time and has an auto-login feature, there are times when we do need to type in our username and password manually. It could be while logging in on a new device or if we accidentally get logged out of our own device. However, you won’t be able to do so if you have forgotten your password. The only alternative is to reset your Snapchat password. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.
How to Reset Snapchat Password without Phone Number
1. How to Reset your Snapchat Password via Email
If you have forgotten your Snapchat password, then there are multiple ways to reset it. The simplest and easiest way is by using your email. While creating your Snapchat account, you must have registered via a working email address. You can use this email again to change the password. Given below is a step-wise guide for the same.
  1. The first thing that you need to do is open is the Snapchat app and from the login page click on the Forgot your Password option.
  2. Now on the next page, select the “via Email” option.
  3. After that, enter the email address associated with your Snapchat account and tap on the Submit button.
  4. Now open your email app (e.g. Gmail or Outlook), and you go to Inbox.
  5. Here, you will find an email from Snapchat that contains a link to reset your password.
  6. Click on it and will take you to a page where you can create a new password.
  7. After, come back to the Snapchat app and log in with your new password.
  8. That’s it; you are all set. If you want, you can note it down someplace in case you forget it again.
Also Read: How To Disable Snapchat Account Temporarily
2. How to Reset Snapchat Password from the website
The previous method that we discussed relies on using the Snapchat app to reset your password. However, if you do not have your phone nearby, then you can also reset your password from the official website of Snapchat. Follow the steps given below to see how.
  1. Firstly click here to go to the official website of Snapchat.
  2. Now click on the “Forget Password” option.
  3. Snapchat will now ask you to submit the email address that is associated with your Snapchat account.
  4. Enter that and tap on the Submit button.
  5. In the next step, you might have to take the “I am not a Robot” test.
  6. Once you complete that, Snapchat will send a password recovery email similar to the previous case.
  7. Go to the email inbox, open this email, and click on the Reset password link.
  8. Now you can create a new password, and you are all set. You can use this password to log in to the future.
3. How to Reset Snapchat password via your Phone
Snapchat also allows you to use your phone to reset your password. If you have linked your phone number to your Snapchat account, then you can use it to reset your password. Snapchat will send you an OTP on the registered mobile number, and you can use this to reset your password. This method only works if you have linked a phone number to your Snapchat account and you have that phone on your person. If these conditions are true, then follow the steps given below to reset your password.
  1. Open your Snapchat app and from the login page tap on the “Forgot your password?” option.
  2. On the next screen, select the “Via Phone” option.
  3. After that, enter the registered phone number and tap on the Continue option.
  4. Now you can either receive the verification code “via Text” or “phone call”. Select whichever method is more convenient for you.
  5. Once you receive the verification code (via text or call) enter it in the designated space.
  6. Now you will be taken to the “Set a password” page.
  7. Here, go ahead and create a new password for your Snapchat account.
  8. You can now use this new password to sign in to your account.
4. Recover your Password using Google Password Manager
You might have noticed that Google prompts you to save your username and password when you sign up or log in to a new website or app. The main purpose behind this is to save time as you would no longer need to type in the username and password the next time; Google will automatically do it for you.
Now, there is a good chance that you might have saved the password for Snapchat as well when you first created the account. All these saved passwords are stored in Google Password Manager. Follow the steps given below to recover your password using Google Password Manager.
  1. Firstly, open Settings on your device and tap on the Google option.
  2. Now click on the “Manage your Google Account” option.
  3. After that, go to the Security tab, and here you will find the Password manager once you scroll down to the bottom. Tap on it.
  4. Now look for Snapchat in the list and tap on it.
  5. You can reveal the password by tapping on the ‘View’ button.
  6. With this information, you will be able to log in to your Snapchat app.
5. Try to Figure out which Email id you had used to create the Snapchat account
If none of the above methods works, then it is going to be a little difficult to regain access to your Snapchat account. Snapchat primarily requires either the email id or the registered phone number to reset your password. Therefore, you need to figure out which email id you had originally used.
To do so, you need to look for the Welcome email that Snapchat must have sent you when you first created the account. If you find this email in your inbox, it will be confirmed that this is the email associated with your Gmail account.
In case you have multiple email accounts, you need to check the inbox for each of them and search for the Welcome email from Snapchat. Use keywords like “Welcome to Snapchat”, “Team Snapchat”, “Confirm email”, etc. Snapchat usually sends the welcome email from the email address “no_[email protected]”. Try searching for this id and see if you have received an email or not. If you find it, then you can use this email id to reset your password.
Bonus: Reset your Password when you are signed in to the app
You should know how to reset your password even when you are signed in to Snapchat. Changing your password once in a while is a good practice as it not only helps you remember it and makes your account more secure. It reduces the chances of your account getting hacked. When you use the same password for years and at multiple places, hackers can easily crack them and access your account. Therefore, you should try to reset your password frequently, at least once in six months. Follow the steps given below to see how.
  1. The first thing that you need to do is open the Snapchat app.
  2. Now tap on the Settings option.
  3. Here, select the Password option under My Account.
  4. Now tap on the Forgot password option and select how you would like to receive the verification code.
  5. Use it to go to the next page where you can set up a new password.
  6. To make sure that the changes have been applied, log out of the app and then log in again using the new password.
With that, we come to the end of this article. We hope that you find this information useful and you were able to reset your Snapchat password without phone number. It is frustrating not to be able to sign in to your own Snapchat account. You might also be a little scared of losing your data forever. However, there are multiple ways to recover and reset your password, as discussed in this article.
We would advise you to try these and not to panic unnecessarily. At the end of the day, if nothing else works, you can always contact Snapchat support and hope that they help you recover your account. Tap on the Help option at the bottom of the login page, and here you will find the option to contact support.
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2023.06.07 07:42 happyfridays_ Am I dumb for not jumping on a Fiesta ST because of safety

I've been car shopping for... a while. Currently drive a 2001 Accord V6 at 193K miles. Just replaced the power steering hose.
Wanted something small and sporty but found a lot of cars have seats that don't fit me (Mazda3 Gen3, Gen4/MK7 GTI/2020+ Corolla SE). Recaros in the Fiesta ST and Focus ST seem to be a good fit and I like them a lot.
So now I want either a Focus ST or a Fiesta ST. I could go either way in terms of preference. I like the greater practicality of the Focus. Also like the idea of the whippy handling Fiesta.
I'm not generally a fast driver, and don't want to go super wild, but I think I'll get a lot out of enjoyment out of a very good handling car that I can learn to get really good at driving. Also found out that I really enjoy the more technical bits of manual shifting - I enjoy trying to get a perfectly rev-matched shift and would probably really enjoy learning to heel-toe. Maybe a bit of hypermiling just because, then a bit of spirited driving too.
Market by me has a lot of crap though. Unless I liked yellow (I don't), I'm looking at > 110,000K miles for a Focus ST with recaros, or dealing with a catback (no thank you).
There's a Fiesta ST for sale that looked stock and has 62K miles. It's grey.
Grey cars were ~35% more likely to have injury-causing accidents then White cars:
Don't even particularly fear death (although I enjoy my life), but there's other people who care about me who would be hurt if I died.
So I'm holding off on a fun car and it's very frustrating. I want that car. My 2001 Accord can't be all that safe either, although I don't have the data on it the same study showed 2002 accords have a death rate of less than 1/2 the Fiesta's. I'll probably only be driving it for another month before something else good pops up though.
Side question, there's a White Focus ST (2017 401a ST2 w/ 70K Miles) that was on offer from a Ford dealership, but the sales guy told me that the mechanics need to fix the engine (hey, he was honest!). How dumb of a buy would that be if he tells me it's ok later and then I get it PPI'd by my own mechanic?
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2023.06.07 07:40 eduardoBtw Fedora 38 Nvidia drivers issues

Hello everyone.
I've been trying to start my Linux journey with Fedora, but it's been very hard since I can't make my display look right, nor use two screens at the same time.
I've already tried installing Nvidia drivers using rpmfusion guide and manually installing as in if-not-true-then-false guide.
My setup runs on a Ryzen 9 5900X, and Nvidia RTX 3080ti. I have two monitors pluged via DisplayPort, one 1080p 75Hz and another 1440p 165Hz. Nouveau drivers don't give me any resolution nor refresh rate options.
Whenever I installed the drivers and rebooted, it detected both monitors, but it displays gray screens. The GUI is basically non existent, but I was able to control the computer via the keyboard. I could only shut it down xd.
I have secure boot mode disabled and everything (had to reinstall because of this and thought it'd work after)
I am running out of options. Should I just switch to Radeon GPUs now? I do gaming and work in this computer.
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2023.06.07 07:18 Chancefan33 Ryzen build feedback from recent builders

Hello all,
Constructive comments welcome for people who have experience with building using the current gen Ryzen in the last couple months.
My setup is as follows:
Old components being reused:
SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB Special Edition
Fractal Design Define R5 black
Be Quiet P9 Pro 750W PSU
Western Digital WD1002FAEX Black 1TB 3.5" HDD
Samsung MZ-75E500B/EU 850 EVO SSD
New components:
Windows 11 Pro 64 bit
AMD Ryzen 7 7700 AM5 65W with stock Wraith Prism cooler
G.SKILL Flare X5 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5 6000
2x WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe M.2 2280 SSD 2TB (1 used as OS and programs drive, one for data/important files)
I understand that there have been lots of problems getting stable builds due to the ram, power settings, and general BIOS issues.
Any particular words of warning? This is my 6th or so build, so I'm generally pretty knowledgeable, just a bit nervous considering everything I've heard so far.
Not planning on OCing the CPU, but I do intend to make the RAM run at 6000 if possible since that makes sense.
I've heard i need to update the Bios to the newest version before I install the CPU. I've heard about the exploding CPUs and from what I've heard, the newest version is supposed to make it so i don't have to double check the voltages etc for the dangerous overvoltages?
How is working with Expo?
I've had experience doing manual OCs before on CPUs but I'm not familiar with these automated tools.
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2023.06.07 07:17 Adblinds Smart Curtains - Transforming Your Home with Intelligent Window Treatments

Smart Curtains - Transforming Your Home with Intelligent Window Treatments
Smart Curtain

Smart Curtains - Transforming Your Home with Intelligent Window Treatments

In today's rapidly evolving world of technology, smart home innovations have become increasingly popular. From voice-controlled assistants to automated security systems, homeowners are embracing the convenience and efficiency that these advancements bring. One area where technology has made significant strides is in window treatments, with the introduction of smart curtains.
In this article, we will explore the concept of smart curtains, their features and benefits, and how they can transform your home.

Understanding Smart Curtains

Smart curtains, also known as motorized curtains or automated window treatments, are an intelligent solution that allows you to control the opening and closing of your curtains with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. These curtains are equipped with motors and automation technology that eliminate the need for manual operation.

Advantages of Smart Curtains

  1. Convenience and Accessibility
Smart curtains provide a high level of convenience and accessibility. With the integration of smart home systems, you can control your curtains from anywhere in your home or even when you're away. Imagine being able to open or close your curtains remotely, allowing you to let in natural light or maintain privacy with ease.
  1. Energy Efficiency
Smart curtains offer energy-saving benefits. By automating the opening and closing of your curtains based on pre-set schedules or light sensors, you can effectively regulate the amount of sunlight entering your home. This feature helps to keep your home cool during hot summer days and insulates it during colder months, reducing the strain on your HVAC system and ultimately lowering energy consumption.
  1. Enhanced Privacy and Security
Privacy is a crucial aspect of any home, and smart curtains can provide an added layer of security. By scheduling your curtains to close automatically at nightfall or when you're away, you can deter prying eyes and protect your home from potential intruders. This feature not only enhances your privacy but also gives the impression that someone is home, even when you're on vacation.
  1. Integration with Smart Home Systems
Smart curtains seamlessly integrate with existing smart home systems, such as voice assistants or home automation hubs. This integration allows you to control your curtains using voice commands or through mobile apps, providing a cohesive and interconnected smart home experience. You can create custom schedules, group curtains with other smart devices, and even control them remotely while you're on the go.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Smart Curtains

When selecting smart curtains for your home, several factors should be taken into account:
  1. Compatibility
Ensure that the smart curtains you choose are compatible with your existing smart home ecosystem. Check if they can be integrated with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, as well as with other smart devices you may have.
  1. Installation and Power Source
Consider the installation process and the power source required for the smart curtains. Some models are battery-operated, while others require a direct electrical connection. Choose the option that best suits your preferences and home layout.
  1. Control Options
Evaluate the different control options available for the smart curtains. While voice control is a popular choice, some models also offer remote control, smartphone apps, or wall-mounted control panels. Select the control method that aligns with your convenience and preferences.
  1. Design and Aesthetic Appeal
Smart curtains come in various styles, colors, and materials. Consider the design and aesthetic appeal of the curtains to ensure they complement your home decor. Look for options that offer customization, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your windows.

Installation and Maintenance Tips for Smart Curtains

Installing and maintaining smart curtains is relatively straightforward. Here are some tips to guide you through the process:
  1. Measure accurately: Before purchasing your smart curtains, measure your windows accurately to ensure the right fit. Take into account the width, height, and depth of the window frame to determine the appropriate curtain size.
  2. Follow manufacturer's instructions: Each smart curtain system may have specific installation instructions. Read and follow the manufacturer's guidelines carefully to ensure a proper and secure installation. This may involve mounting brackets, attaching the curtain track or rod, and connecting the motorized components.
  3. Consider power source options: Smart curtains can be powered either by batteries or through a direct electrical connection. Choose the option that suits your preferences and home layout. Battery-powered curtains offer flexibility and ease of installation, while wired curtains provide a continuous power source without the need to replace batteries.
  4. Ensure proper connectivity: If your smart curtains require connectivity to a smart home system or a central hub, ensure that they are properly connected and configured. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to connect your curtains to the desired control device or smart home ecosystem.
  5. Test the functionality: Once installed, test the functionality of your smart curtains. Open and close them using the control method you prefer, whether it's a smartphone app, voice command, or a remote control. Ensure that the curtains operate smoothly and respond accurately to your commands.
  6. Regular maintenance: Smart curtains generally require minimal maintenance. However, it's essential to keep them clean and free from dust or debris that could affect their operation. Regularly dust the curtain fabric or wipe it gently with a damp cloth, following the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations.
  7. Check and replace batteries: If you have battery-powered smart curtains, keep an eye on the battery life. Replace the batteries as needed to ensure uninterrupted operation. Some smart curtain systems may provide low battery alerts or indicators to remind you when it's time to replace the batteries.
  8. Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues with your smart curtains, consult the troubleshooting section of the manufacturer's manual or contact their customer support for assistance. They can guide you through common problems and provide solutions to ensure your curtains function optimally.
Remember, the installation and maintenance process may vary depending on the specific smart curtain system you choose. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
By following these installation and maintenance tips, you can enjoy the convenience and benefits of smart curtains while ensuring their longevity and smooth operation in your home.
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2023.06.07 07:01 tealandpurple69 Wall mounted controlled for Mitsubishi mini split?

We’re installing a Mitsubishi mini split system soon (a 3 head system), and I feel like I’m going nuts trying to figure out what options I have for a nice looking, simple, wall mounted, thermostat.
The remotes are so ugly, and I want something that looks like the Nest system, in that it’s a simple and attractive dial where I can change the temperature. I’ve read a fair amount in this sub about how smart thermometers mess with mini split efficiency - and I don’t need a smart thermostat per se. The other options that seem more specific to mini splits (Flair, Cielo, Honeywell) either have 0 videos showing how they actually work, only work via phone app, or have terrible reviews.
Is there a way to “turn off” the smart features on the Nest? Does anyone have other suggestions?
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2023.06.07 06:50 Acrel-electric Discussion about the application of medical IT power system in a hospital

Discussion about the application of medical IT power system in a hospital
摘要:本文主要阐述了IT隔离电源系统在深圳市第三人民医院ICU、手术室内的应用,以及IT隔离电源系统的重要性、优点及注意事项。 Abstract: This article mainly describes the application of IT isolated power system in ICU and operating room of the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen city, as well as the importance, advantages and matters needing attention of IT isolated power system.
关键字:IT 隔离电源、系统、接地
Key words: IT isolated power supply, system, ground
1、项目概况 Project overview
深圳市第三人民医院项目,位于龙岗区布吉镇李朗立交桥西南侧,建设用地 100005 ㎡,总建筑面积 81737 ㎡,包含门诊楼和医技科研楼、住院楼、行政楼、学术报告厅等共十四栋建筑及配套道路、广场、绿化等。为深圳市重大建设项目,是一所与中心城建设相配套适应 深圳市规划发展的现代化的平战结合的传染病医院。是集医疗、科研、防保、教学与康复为 一体的“三级”传染病医院。
The project of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital is located in the southwest side of Lilang overpass in Buji Town, Longgang District. The construction area is 10,0005 ㎡, and the total construction area is 81,737 ㎡, including 14 buildings such as outpatient building, medical technology research building, inpatient building, administrative building and academic lecture hall, and supporting roads, squares and greening, etc..As a major construction project of Shenzhen city, it is a modern infectious disease hospital which is compatible with the construction of the central city and ADAPTS to the planned development of Shenzhen city.It is a three-level infectious disease hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, prevention and protection, teaching and rehabilitation.
2、关于设置 IT 隔离电源系统的相关规范要求
Specification requirements for setting up IT isolated power system
随着社会经济的不断发展,大型综合型的现代化医院不断投入建设,因而医院电气安全可靠也引起来业界的重视,其中关于 ICU、手术室等重要场合的配电安全可靠越来越引起业界重视。尤其是关于IT隔离电源的设置。GB16895.24-2005/IEC60364-7-710:2002 标准中规定,在医疗领域2类医疗场所内,用于维持生命的、外科手术的和其他位于“患者区域”内的医疗电器设备和系统的供电回路应选用带绝缘监视的医疗IT系统供电。2008年8月1日正式实施的《民用建筑电气设计规范》中12.8.6对医疗场所采用的IT系统供电做了相应要求和规定。
With the continuous development of society and economy, large comprehensive modern hospitals are constantly put into construction, so the electrical safety and reliability of hospitals have also attracted the attention of the industry.The safety and reliability of power distribution in important occasions such as ICU and operating room have attracted more and more attention from the industry. Especially with regard to IT isolation power Settings.According to gb16895.24-2005 /IEC60364-7-710:2002, the power supply circuit for life-sustaining, surgical, and other medical electrical equipment and systems located in the "patient area" in class 2 medical facilities in the medical field shall be powered by medical IT systems with insulation and monitoring.12.8.6 In the Civil Building Electrical Design Code officially implemented on August 1, 2008, the corresponding requirements and regulations are made for the POWER supply of IT system used in medical places.
In class 2 medical facilities, the medical IT system shall be used for the power supply circuits for life-sustaining, surgical and other medical electrogas equipment and systems located in the "patient area".
Separate medical IT systems should be installed at least once in adjacent rooms for the same purpose.And it is equipped with insulation monitor.
Each health IT system should be located where medical personnel can monitor IT regularly and should be equipped with an audible and visual alarm system.
Medical IT transformers should be equipped with monitoring devices for overload and overheating.
12.8.10中对辅助等电位联结做了相关规定。同时,在条文说明中规定12.8.1-12.8.6,12.8.10是根据国家标准《特殊装置或场所的要求医疗场所》GB16895.24的规定。其中2类场所包括:抢救室(门诊手术室)、手术室、CU 室、导管介入室、血管照影检查室。
In 12.8.10, relevant provisions are made for auxiliary equipotential connection.At the same time, 12.8.1-12.8.6 are stipulated in the provisions of 12.8.10 in accordance with the national standard "Medical Places required by Special Devices or Places" GB16895.24.The two types of places include: emergency room (outpatient operating room), operating room, CU room, catheter intervention room and angiography room.
3、IT 隔离电源系统简介及医院采用的重要性 Introduction of IT isolated power system and importance of hospital adoption
1)IT隔离电源系统,I表示电源侧没有工作接地,或经过高阻抗接地。T 表示负载侧电气设备进行接地保护。IT系统在供电距离不是很长时,供电的可靠性高、安全性好。一般用于不允许停电的场所,或者是要求严格地连续供电的地方,医院的手术室、急救室和ICU室等二类场所必须采用IT系统。运用IT方式供电系统,即电源中性点不接地,一旦设备漏电,单相对地漏电电流很小,不会破坏电源电压的平衡,因此可以避免电击等电气事故,同时不足以使回路保护电器动作切断电源,保证供电的不间断。所以比电源中性点接地的系统安全、可靠。
IT isolates the power system, and I indicates that the power side is not working grounded, or is grounded through high impedance.T represents the grounding protection of the electrical and gas equipment at the load side.IT system in the power supply distance is not very long, the reliability of power supply is high, good security.Generally used in places where blackouts are not allowed, or where strict continuous power supply is required, IT systems must be used in hospital operating rooms, emergency rooms, ICU rooms, and other type ii places.The use of IT mode power supply system, that is, the neutral point of the power supply is not grounded, once the equipment leakage, single-phase leakage current to the ground is very small, will not destroy the balance of the power supply voltage, so IT can avoid electric shock and other electrical accidents, at the same time is not enough to make the circuit protection electrical equipment action cut off the power supply, to ensure the uninterrupted power supply.So than the power neutral grounding system is safe and reliable.
The importance and necessity of using isolated power systems in hospitals.
众所周知,当用电设备对人体心脏直接漏电大于10uA 时,会造成对病人的微电击事故。
而在一般通用建筑中所采用的对地漏电保护开关,其动作响应值是mA 级(如:30 mA),远远不能满足医疗领域的需要。在医院的特殊环境里,漏电流对病人构成了潜在的危险,因此对电气安全设计也提出了特殊的要求。尤其是那些生命攸关的场所,如外科手术室、重症监护室、心脏手术室等地均需安装医用IT隔离电源系统,其目的就是为了保证对该场所内的医疗电器提供一个安全可靠的电源,以确保病人的安全。在导电体触及到心脏(例如,打开心脏的手术或埋置心脏起搏器)时,在普通安全接地的导体之间流过的细微电流会造成微电击和死亡的可能。隔离变压器就象一个门一样,将医疗地区的非保护区域和保护区域的电气线路隔开,保护区域内所有带电导体是与地隔离的,防止线路绝缘层上危险电流造成微电击。绝缘监视仪必须与隔离变压器配合使用,用来连续监视隔离变压器二次侧的带电导体与地之间的电阻及电流,例如,手术过程中流出体外的血液和金属制的手术台可能会使病人与地形成一个通路,这样就存在预期危险电流,一旦医疗电子设备的导电体也形成对地通路(如漏电),将会造成宏电击(不是所有电流都流经心脏)或微电击(所有电流都流经心脏)。一般供电电网是以大地作为参考电位,相线中的电流可以通过任何未绝缘的通道,对地构成回路,这是电击的根本原因。隔离供电是采用隔离变压器供电,电源经隔离变压器后,原电网中的地已不再是参考电位了。隔离变压器任何一根输出线都不能与地构成回路,只能在两根输出线之间构成回路,这就提高了供电的可靠性。用隔离变压器以分隔非保护区域与保护区域,在隔离变压器的次级引出IT系统的电源,以防止产生接地故障电流。将IT系统引入手术室或急救室,在房间内设一配电箱,箱内放置绝缘监视仪,绝缘监视仪的使用可以及早的显示隔离变压器次级负载部分的绝缘状况,在发生绝缘故障对人身构成威胁前就提供报警信号。而此时电源不会被切断,保证了供电的连续性,医护人员此时可以根据监视仪上显示的漏电流大小和手术的实际情况及时处理,因而人身触电的危险被降低到了最小。
It is well known that when the direct leakage of electrical equipment to the human heart is greater than 10uA, it will cause a micro-shock accident to the patient.
However, the action response value of the earth leakage protection switch used in general general buildings is mA level (such as: 30 mA), which is far from meeting the needs of the medical field.In the special environment of hospital, leakage current poses a potential danger to patients, so special requirements are put forward for electrical safety design.In particular, those vital places, such as surgical operating rooms, intensive care units, cardiac operating rooms, etc., need to install medical IT isolation power system, the purpose of which is to ensure a safe and reliable power supply to medical appliances in the site, so as to ensure the safety of patients.When the conductor touches the heart (for example, during open-heart surgery or embedding a pacemaker), the tiny currents flowing between normally safely grounded conductors can cause micro-shocks and the possibility of death.The isolation transformer acts as a door separating the non-protected area of the medical area from the electrical wiring in the protected area. All live conductors in the protected area are isolated from the ground to prevent the dangerous current on the line insulation from causing a micro-shock.Insulation monitors must be used together with the isolation transformer, used for continuous monitoring isolation transformer secondary side of charged conductor and earth between the resistance and current, for example, in the process of the operation flow of blood and in vitro metal table may make the patient and to form a path, so there are dangerous currents, once the conductor in the medical electronic equipment form of pathways (such as leakage), will cause the macro electric shock (not all current flows through the heart) or micro electric shock (all electric current flows through the heart).Generally, the power supply network takes the ground as the reference potential, and the current in the phase line can pass through any uninsulated channel to form a circuit to the ground, which is the root cause of electric shock.Isolated power supply is the use of isolated transformer power supply, power through the isolated transformer, the original grid is no longer a reference potential.None of the output lines of the isolating transformer can form a circuit with the ground, but can only form a circuit between two output lines, which improves the reliability of power supply.The isolating transformer is used to separate the unprotected area from the protected area, and the power of the IT system is extracted at the secondary of the isolating transformer to prevent the generation of ground fault current.The IT system will be introduced into the operating room or emergency room, and a distribution box will be set in the room, and insulation monitors will be placed in the box. The use of insulation monitors can show the insulation status of the secondary load part of the isolation transformer as early as possible, and alarm signals will be provided before the insulation failure poses a threat to the person.At this time, the power will not be cut off, to ensure the continuity of power supply.Medical staff can then monitor the leakage current and the actual operation, so that the risk of personal shock is minimized.
4、深圳市某医院 IT 隔离电源系统的配置情况 Configuration of IT isolated power supply system in a hospital in Shenzhen city
A hospital in Shenzhen has installed a medical IT isolated power system in all operating rooms and ICUs.Specific composition including isolation transformer, insulation monitors, external alarm and display, current transformer, etc., the system sets the continuity of insulation monitoring, monitoring, and improve the fire load transformer temperature monitoring at an organic whole, reduces the contact voltage and the floor drain current, make person get an electric shock hazard to minimize, greatly improve the ability of accident prevention, to keep the power supply security.A hospital in Shenzhen city chose Bendell IT isolated power supply system from Germany. 系统图如下: The system diagram is as follows:
The IT isolated power system in the ICU is as follows:
每个ICU装设一套6.3KVA IT系统(含6.3KVA隔离变压器ES710,绝缘监视仪107TD47,电流互感器STW2,外接报警显示和测试仪MK2007CBM-CN,仪器专用电源AN450)。
Each ICU is equipped with a set of 6.3KVA IT system (including 6.3KVA isolation transformer ES710, insulation monitor 107TD47, current transformer STW2, external alarm display and tester MK2007CBM-CN, special instrument power supply AN450).
2)手术室中IT隔离电源系统图 Diagram of IT isolated power supply system in operating room
Each operating room is equipped with a set of 8KVAIT isolated power supply system (including isolation transformer 8KVA, insulation monitor, special power supply, external alarm display and tester MK2007CBM-CN).
3)系统设备功能: System and equipment functions:
a)绝缘监视仪 Insulation monitor
- 为医疗IT系统专用绝缘监视仪
- 绝缘监视、负荷监视和隔离变压器温度监视功能
- 带背光的液晶显示
- 绝缘监视响应值调节范围50kΩ-500Ω
- 过负荷监视响应值调节范围5A-50A
- 输出报警继电器
- RS485接口
- 测量值模拟电流信号输出
- 内置或外接自检按钮
- 接线监视
- 导轨安装
- Insulation monitoring and alarm system conforms to IEC61557-8 and IEC60364-7-710 standards.
- Special insulation monitors for medical IT systems
- Insulation monitoring, load monitoring and isolation transformer temperature monitoring functions
- LCD with backlit display
- insulation monitoring response value adjusting range 50kΩ-500Ω
- Adjustment range of overload monitoring response value 5A-50A
- Output alarm relay
- RS485 interface
-Measured value analog current signal output
- Built-in or external self-check button
- Wiring monitoring
- Guide rail installation
- ac impedance should be at least 100kΩ;
- The test voltage shall not be greater than dc 25V;
- Even in the case of fault, the peak value of its injected current is not greater than 1Ma;
- the latest in insulation resistance to the 50 kΩ, should be a signal.And the apparatus for testing this function is configured.
b)隔离变压器 Isolating transformer
-满足《建筑物电气装置 第 7-710 部分:特殊装置或场所的要求—医疗场所
GB16895.24-2005/IEC60364-7-710:2002 710.512.1.6中规定:医用隔离变压器应符合IEC61558-2-15的要求。
- 容量 3.15-10kVA
- 绕组内部安装温度传感器
- 噪音低于 35 分贝
- 变压器紧靠医疗场所安装,安装在柜内或外护物内以免被无意地接触期带电部分。
-变压器的二次侧额定电压 Un 不超过 250V,用于移动式和固定式设备的医疗 IT 系统采用单相变压器,其额定输出容量不小于 0.5Kva,不超过 10Kva。
- Meeting electrical installations in buildings - Part 7-710: Requirements for special installations or places - Medical places
It is stipulated in GB16895.24-2005/IEC60364-7-710:2002 710.512.1.6 that medical isolating transformers shall meet the requirements of IEC61558-2-15.
- 3.15-10 kva capacity
- Temperature sensor is installed inside the winding
- Noise below 35 decibels
- The transformer is installed close to the medical site, in the cabinet or in the outer sheath to avoid inadvertent contact with live parts.
- the rated voltage on the secondary side of the transformer shall not exceed 250V. Medical IT systems for mobile and stationary equipment shall adopt single-phase transformers with rated output capacity of not less than 0.5Kva and not more than 10Kva.
- The metal housing of the isolating transformer is connected with the local equipotential connection terminal plate.
c) 外接报警显示和测试仪 Alarm and displaying device
- 绝缘监视仪的外接报警和显示装置
- 数码管显示绝缘阻值和负荷状况
- 蜂鸣器声报警及消音按钮
- RS485 接口
- 中文面板
- 防水面板易清洗
- External alarm and display devices for insulation monitors
- Digital tube displays insulation resistance and load status
- Buzzer sound alarm and mute button
- RS485 interface
- Chinese panel
- The waterproof panel is easy to clean
- Real-time monitoring of isolating transformer load condition and transformer winding temperature.
- A green light indicates normal operation;
- A yellow light lights up when the insulation resistance drops to the minimum setting value.This light indicator should not be eliminated or disconnected;
- When the insulation resistance drops to the minimum setting value, the sound alarm action.The audible alarm can be cancelled;
- When the fault is cleared and restored to normal, the yellow signal should go out.Can monitor overload overheating of medical IT transformers
5、IT 隔离电源系统有以下优点:
IT isolated power system has the following advantages:
1) The shock voltage and leakage current are too small to cause electric shock or other electrical accidents;
2) In case of ground fault of the power supply system, the circuit protection device will not cut off the power supply, which ensures the uninterrupted power supply.
Precautions for using IT to isolate power systems.
1)IT 系统不能引出中性线,因为在中性线发生接地故障时绝缘监测仪无法故障报警,系统将变为 TT 或 TN 系统,再发生相线接地故障,则系统电源将被切断,可能会产生严重后果。
1) The IT system cannot lead out the neutral wire, because the insulation monitor cannot give an alarm when the neutral wire has ground fault, and the system will
If TT or TN system is changed, the power supply of the system will be cut off if the phase-to-ground fault occurs again, which may have serious consequences.
2)由于 IT 系统发生一相接地时,另两相对低电压将升高,因此对电气线路及电气设备绝缘水平要求较高。
2) The other two relatively low voltages will increase when the IT system is connected to the ground, so the electrical circuits and electrical equipment are insulated, the level is high.
3)IT 系统的绝缘监测仪需通过 PE 线接地,因此其与PE线的连接必须可靠。
3) The insulation monitor of the IT system needs to be grounded through the PE wire, so its connection with the PE wire must be reliable.
7、 安科瑞医疗IT隔离电源系统的介绍
An introduction to the Acrel Medical IT Isolation power system
7.1 概述Overview
With the wide application of electronic medical equipment in the field of hospitals, leakage current poses more and more threats to patients, especially in those places where life is crucial. During surgery or under anesthesia, a variety of electrodes and sensors are directly inserted into the body of patients, and tiny leakage current may lead to death by electrocution.In addition, some medical equipment is used to maintain the life of seriously ill patients, once the equipment power failure, it will also pose a threat to the lives of patients.Therefore, the electrical design of this special place for medical treatment should be carried out in strict accordance with national standards and norms.
Ankore medical IT system insulation monitoring fault location device and system are suitable for the hospital operating room, ICU(CCU) ward and other important places, can provide safe, continuous, reliable power supply solutions for such places.
7.2 医用隔离电源系统Medical isolation power system
The medical Isolated power monitoring system is used to centrally monitor the health of the medical IT system in all medical 2 locations in the medical building.The centralized monitoring system can be set up in the hospital electrical operation and maintenance personnel on duty room, also can be integrated in other power monitoring system, monitoring by professional electrical personnel, once a set of IT systems fail, electrical maintenance personnel can in time to make a judgment, and according to the site condition for processing.
系统拓扑图 System topology
7.3 软件功能Software functions
Acrel medical isolated power monitoring system is based on the touch screen software design, the software has a variety of functions such as remote measurement, remote parameter setting and remote self-inspection, which provides a powerful system integration tool for the centralized monitoring of the isolated power system in 2 types of hospitals.The main functions of the software are as follows:
■ 一次图和现场分布显示
Primary diagram and field distribution display
The system has the function of one-time diagram and field distribution diagram display, can intuitively understand and timely find the alarm location or area of IT power supply system, so as to facilitate professionals to timely arrive at the scene for fault troubleshooting;
■ 实时数据采集与显示
Real-time data acquisition and display
The parameters of each isolated power system are collected by means of insulation monitoring instrument and insulation fault location instrument installed in each isolated power system.The collected data will be displayed on the interface of the monitoring system in real time. These monitoring parameters include insulation resistance of IT system to ground, transformer load current, transformer winding temperature and insulation fault circuit, etc.
■ 故障报警Fault alarm
All kinds of faults in the medical isolated power system, such as insulation fault, overload fault, overtemperature fault and connection break fault, are uniformly processed and recorded, and information such as fault type, monitoring value, fault location and fault occurrence time can be displayed directly on the display interface.At the same time start the monitoring system sound and light alarm system, timely remind the relevant personnel, fault treatment.Among them, the sound alarm signal can be manually eliminated.
■ 远程参数设置和查询Remote parameter Settings and queries
Through the system, all kinds of alarm parameter thresholds of insulation monitors in medical isolated power supply systems can be adjusted and set remotely according to requirements, and these alarm parameter values can also be checked at will.The parameters include insulation alarm value, load current alarm value and isolation transformer temperature alarm value
■ 图形显示功能:Graphic display function:
7.4 安科瑞医用IT系统四件套选型 Acrel medical IT system four-piece set selection
The system can be in the form of a curve, showing the insulation status of each set of isolated power supply system, load status, as well as the isolation transformer temperature rise status, as well as their change trend, in order to facilitate the sub-managers to understand and analyze the operating changes of each power supply system, targeted maintenance and maintenance of some systems.
Insulation monitoring products of medical IT system (a four-piece set) include AITR S series medical isolation transformer, AIM-M10 medical intelligent insulation monitor, abakh 0.66P26 current transformer and AID series (AID10, AID150) external alarm and display instrument, etc., as shown in Figure 5.
Name and type
Product Picture
AITR 系列医用隔离
AITR series medical isolation transformer
AITR系列隔离变压器专用于医疗IT系统,铁芯采用日本进口的硅钢片叠加而成,损耗很小。绕组间采用了双重绝缘处理,并设有静电屏蔽层,减少了绕组间的电磁干扰。线包内安装了 PT100 温度传感器,用于监测变压器温度。整体采用真空侵漆处理,增加了机械强度和抗腐蚀性。产品具有很好的温升性能和很低的噪声。AITR series isolation transformer is specially used in medical IT system, and the core superposition adopts the silicon steel sheet imported from Japan, which has very small losses. The windings are treated with double insulation and have electrostatic shielding layer, which reduces electromagnetic interference between windings. The PT100 temperature sensor is installed in the windings to monitor the temperature of transformer. The whole body is treated with vacuum invasion paint, which increases mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. The product has good temperature rise performance and very low noise.
AIM-M10 医疗智能
AIM-M10 medical insulation monitoring device
AIM-M10 medical insulation monitoring device is special for medical IT system.It is used to monitor the insulation status of IT system.It can send out alarm signals when insulation fault occurs.
current transformer
The AKH-0.66P26 type current transformer is the protective current transformer which the maximum measurable current is 60A and the transformation ratio is 2000:1. The current transformer is directly fixed inside cabinet by screwing
AID series external alarm and displayer

It is suitable for wall installation embedded and can monitor 1 AIM-M10 insulation monitor. It has sound and light alarm function of insulation, overload, overtemperature and equipment failure, and RS485 communication.
采用LCD液晶显示,RS485总线,可集中监控最多16套 AIM-M10医疗智能绝缘监测仪的数据,可远程声光报警。AID150还可监控多套AIM-R100剩余电流监测仪的数据。
LCD display, RS485 bus, centralized monitoring of up to 16 SETS of AIM-M10 medical intelligent insulation monitor data, sound and light alarm can be remote. The AID150 can also monitor data from multiple AIM-R100 residual current monitors.
Table 1 Insulation monitoring products of medical IT system (four-piece set)
[1]Product information of IT isolated power supply system of Bender, Germany.
[2]Wang Houyu on Applied Building Electricity of IT System, 2008 (11) : 3-7.
[3]Application of Liu Jianjun and IT Isolated power Supply system in Shenzhen Third People's Hospital.
[4]Design and Application Manual of Ankore Enterprise Microgrid.2019.11 edition
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I am in need of desperate help.
My litter robot 3 connect quit working and just the yellow light was flashing rapidly. I looked and read the manual and thoroughly cleaned the pinch sensors and DFI sensors. Still nothing worked.
Then I went ahead and ordered new pinch and DFI sensors kit on the the LR website. I received it today and installed it correctly a couple of hours ago.
I turned it back on and it acted like it was going to work and started cycling for literal 10 seconds and then stopped and started flashing yellow but slower than before. Then when I hit reset it switched to a flash red light and I got a notification on my phone about a bonnet error. So then I looked up how to fix that. And I disconnected and reconnected the cat sensor located inside the base.
Then I couldn't get my app the reconnect to the litter box since it stopped 10 secs into a new cycle. So I logged out of the app and logged back in but now I can't even attempt to reconnect my app to the litter box because it wants to blue light on the power button flashing but nothing is overriding the other flashing lights. I have also tried hard reseting it like 10x in the last 3 hours on me working on it.
I still can't seem to get this litter box to work and the same lights are still flashing. Not together but they change when I hit reset.
I have taken apart and put in back to together probably 15x tonight and it's driving me insane.
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I have been using a Ryzen 7 2700x processor for quite some time, along with a Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3466mhz C16 (16-18-18-36) memory optimized for AMD systems, without any issues. The motherboard running the system is an ASUS ROG Crosshair VII, and the graphics card is an RTX 3070. The operating system is installed on an m.2 drive.
Recently, I purchased a new RAM kit, Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR at 3600mhz C16 (16-19-19-36). However, this kit is not optimized for AMD systems but for Intel.
When I installed the kit and activated the D.O.C.P profile, which is automatically recognized by the BIOS, everything works perfectly until I start playing games or performing intensive tasks on the computer.
That's when I experience micro-stuttering approximately every 5 seconds, which makes gaming quite uncomfortable. I understand that this memory kit is not optimized for this processor, and the 2700x may not be capable of running any memory kit at 3600mhz.
I have tried several solutions, including:
Is there any setting that I might be overlooking that could help me run this memory more smoothly?
Either way, I plan to buy a 5900x processor soon, so I don't want to get rid of the kit. I would like to be able to use it in the meantime.
I appreciate any ideas!
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2023.06.07 06:40 Financial-Body-7931 Micro-Stuttering on 2700x and new RAM Kit.

I have been using a Ryzen 7 2700x processor for quite some time, along with a Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3466mhz C16 (16-18-18-36) memory optimized for AMD systems, without any issues. The motherboard running the system is an ASUS ROG Crosshair VII, and the graphics card is an RTX 3070. The operating system is installed on an m.2 drive.
Recently, I purchased a new RAM kit, Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR at 3600mhz C16 (16-19-19-36). However, this kit is not optimized for AMD systems but for Intel.
When I installed the kit and activated the D.O.C.P profile, which is automatically recognized by the BIOS, everything works perfectly until I start playing games or performing intensive tasks on the computer.
That's when I experience micro-stuttering approximately every 5 seconds, which makes gaming quite uncomfortable. I understand that this memory kit is not optimized for this processor, and the 2700x may not be capable of running any memory kit at 3600mhz.
I have tried several solutions, including:
Is there any setting that I might be overlooking that could help me run this memory more smoothly?
Either way, I plan to buy a 5900x processor soon, so I don't want to get rid of the kit. I would like to be able to use it in the meantime.
I appreciate any ideas!
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2023.06.07 06:39 dice1899 LFMW Rebuttal, Part 18: The Early Church – Polygamy [C]

Posts in this series (note: link will only work properly in new Reddit):
Sorry for taking so long to get this posted! I’ve been putting in more than 60 hours a week at work lately, and I just didn’t have time to properly research this post.
This week, the topic under discussion is Joseph’s wives and the way that he personally practiced plural marriage. It’s true that some of the circumstances a little unusual compared to how later members practiced it, and it’s also true that sealing practices in general were unusual compared to how we practice them today. The world was also very different in the 1840s than it is today in the 2020s.
All of that means that it can be very difficult for us to understand what was going on and why. I’m going to do my best to break this all down so that it makes sense, but just remember, it’s okay if it makes you uncomfortable. It’s okay if you don’t like the idea of plural marriage. It’s okay if you don’t ever want to practice it. I don’t, either.
But I do have a firm testimony that it was commanded by God. That testimony didn’t just magically appear one day. I had to earn it. I had to get on my knees and pray, and I had to ask Heavenly Father whether He instituted it or not. I had to study the issue and the circumstances surrounding it. More importantly, I had to ask Him to help me understand the reasons why He instituted it.
That’s the only way to really know for yourself.
So, having said that, let’s get into Faulk’s claims.
  • The Women
Due to the secretive nature of Joseph’s affairs, the actual total number of wives Joseph took is unclear. Written records, primary accounts and second hand accounts puts the number between 29-65 women.
They were not affairs, they were sealings. Sixty-five is also a pretty exaggerated number. Most reputable sources put it at around 30-35. And again, remember that sealings are different than marriages, even though we often perform them together today. Many of those sealings were for eternity only, not for both time and eternity the way that sealings are done today. In fact, some of those wives, such as Cordelia Morley and Rachel Ivins Grant, did not have any kind of union with him at all while he was alive, and were sealed to Joseph for the very first time after he was already dead.
One thing to remember is that the sealing power is to seal us all together as one giant family. It’ll be one unbroken chain connecting all of us together. Many of these sealings of Joseph’s were done for that specific reason, to bind families together in the next life. That’s why there were things like adoption sealings, where people would be “adopted” into each other’s families through the sealing process. Siblings were sometimes sealed together. Women who were married to men who were not members of the Church would sometimes to be sealed to righteous Priesthood holders for the next life.
Also, it drives me batty that Faulk keeps repeating that Joseph took wives. None of them were married to him against their will. They all had a choice in the matter.
Most disturbing was the fact that many of these women were already married, much younger and related to each other.
Why is that “most disturbing”? The women were all of legal marriageable age, and there is no evidence of any sexual relations between Joseph and any of the civilly married women, or with any of the youngest wives.
One of the reasons it’s believed that Joseph was sealed to so many women who were already married is because he was trying to satisfy God’s commandment while not hurting Emma. If he was sealing himself to married women, he wouldn’t have to actually marry them and live together as husband and wife. As the Gospel Topics Essay Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo says:
These sealings may also be explained by Joseph’s reluctance to enter plural marriage because of the sorrow it would bring to his wife Emma. He may have believed that sealings to married women would comply with the Lord’s command without requiring him to have normal marriage relationships. This could explain why, according to Lorenzo Snow, the angel reprimanded Joseph for having “demurred” on plural marriage even after he had entered into the practice. After this rebuke, according to this interpretation, Joseph returned primarily to sealings with single women.
Joseph’s youngest wife, Helen Mar Kimball Whitney, was sealed to Joseph when she was fourteen. We’ll discuss her in some detail a little later in this post. But that union was done for dynastic/adoptive reasons at her father’s request, to join Heber C. Kimball’s family to Joseph’s in the eternities.
And, believe it or not, some of the women who practiced plural marriage probably found it easier to do so when the other wife was biologically related to them. After all, they already loved them and knew how to live together with them in harmony.
At this point in the LFMW, Faulk posts a small chart taken from Todd Compton’s In Sacred Loneliness. You can find that chart here.
1. Married: Between 8-11 women were married to other men at the time Joseph took them for his wives.
And every single one of them remained married to their husbands after they were sealed to Joseph. That’s because, again, sealings and marriages are not the same thing, and sealings for the next life had no bearing on their marriages in this one. Joseph did not live with these women as husband and wife.
He sent several men on missions for the Church then married their wives, or married their wives in secret and then sent the husbands on missions afterwards.
Many of the husbands in question knew about the sealings and even participated in them. Joseph also did not send the husbands on missions so he could marry their wives in secret.
  • Marinda Nancy Johnson-Hyde-Smith
In September 1831, Joseph and Emma Smith moved in with the Johnson family while Joseph and Sidney Rigdon worked on translating the Bible. While staying with the Johnsons in March, 1832, Joseph Smith was dragged out by a mob and tarred and feathered. Marinda’s brother Eli led the mob because he felt that Joseph had been too intimate with Marinda.
Um. No. Eli Johnson was Marinda’s uncle, not her brother, and he wasn’t the leader of the mob. The mob also didn’t attack him for that reason. Marinda herself said that Joseph had never acted inappropriately while he was staying in her father’s home. This accusation was first introduced during the infamous 1884 Braden-Kelley debate, and repeated by Fawn Brodie, Grant Palmer, and a host of others.
The mob was led by Symonds Ryder and Ezra Booth, because they thought he’d try to steal their property under the Law of Consecration. They’d both already apostatized for various reasons, then led a smear campaign against Joseph and the Church through local newspapers for a while before leading the attack. The only evidence that Eli Johnson was even involved are brief reports that he was the one who provided and heated the tar. According to at least one account, he wasn’t even an active participant, but just left it out for them to use. The mob tried to castrate then murder Joseph and nearly did kill Sidney Rigdon, and were unsuccessful in all attempts.
However, as we all know, Joseph’s infant son tragically died from the effects of the frigid weather that night. Pretty tough bunch of guys, right? Gathering up a violent mob to go murder a baby.
Soon Marinda married apostle Orson Hyde. On April 6, 1840, Orson was sent on a 3 year mission to Jerusalem. Shortly after his departure, Joseph married his wife Nancy Marinda Johnson-Hyde while Orson was gone. In Joseph Smith’s journal, in a list of his marriages he wrote “Apr 42 Marinda Johnson to Joseph Smith.” In 1858 Orson and Marinda separated.
The separation of Orson and Marinda Hyde had nothing to do with her sealing to Joseph, which had happened 15 years earlier. The rest of this is also pretty heavily distorted. Orson Hyde was sent on his mission on April 15, 1840, and returned on December 7, 1842. There are two sealing dates for Joseph and Marinda, making it unclear when it actually happened. It was written down in Joseph’s journal by his scribe Thomas Bullock as taking place in May of 1842. This entry was apparently not recorded until after July 14, 1843, however, and the affidavit Marinda signed stated that the sealing took place in May 1843, after Orson was home.
Regardless of which date is accurate, Orson was not sent on a mission so Joseph could steal his wife if the sealing happened 2-3 years after he left. They were not sealed “shortly after his departure” at all. In fact, even the earliest sealing date is closer to the date he returned than the date he left.
  • Zina Diantha Huntington-Jacobs-Smith-Young
Zina was 18 when her mother died and after went to live in the Smith’s home. Soon she met Joseph’s friend, Henry Jacobs. Joseph was to officiate their wedding, but never showed. Instead, bishop John C. Bennett performed the marriage. Later, Zina asked Joseph why he didn’t show, “He told her it had been made known to him that she was to be his Celestial Wife and he could not give to another one who had been given to him.” (Henry Jacobs, History of Henry Bailey Jacobs)
During Henry and Zina’s marriage, Joseph sent Henry on 8 missions. At one point Joseph sent a message to Zina through her brother Dimick. It read, “Tell Zina I have put it off and put it off until an angel with a drawn sword has stood before me and told me if I did not establish that principle and live it, I would lose my position and my life and the Church could progress no further.” After four proposals and pressured with the responsibility for the life of the prophet, Zina finally accepted. (Brian C. Hales, Mormon Historical Studies 11, no. 2 (Fall 2010): 69–70.)
That last line there is a pretty big exaggeration of what the article actually says. In fact, the article doesn’t talk about Zina Huntington at all. The only place she’s mentioned at all is her inclusion in a chart of the different accounts of the angel with the drawn sword. I’ve included a screenshot of the only three mentions of her from Faulk’s cited source. In fact, it’s actually a paraphrased line from Todd Compton’s In Sacred Loneliness.
Zina, however, clarified that she came to accept the principle through searching the scriptures and praying, and that she received an answer from God that it was from Him. It wasn’t because she felt pressured into it at all.
Unfortunately, it’s hard to pin down exact details when it comes to Zina’s timeline, as there are a lot of discrepancies. When I wrote my response to the CES Letter, I cited liberally from a book titled 4 Zinas: A Story of Mothers and Daughters on the Mormon Frontier. This book used to be housed on the Internet Archive, but has since been taken down. Forgive me that I can’t show exact pages anymore on those citations. Many years after all these events took place, Zina gave testimony saying that she first learned of the principle of plural marriage from Dimick, who had heard it from Joseph. Other sources, seemingly reliant on her diary, say that she learned it from Joseph while she was staying at his home. Some sources say that Joseph proposed to her three times while she was living at his home and that she refused him each time out of respect for Emma. Other sources say she declined to give him an answer and kept putting him off, also out of respect for Emma. Some sources say that Joseph wrote Zina a letter saying he’d been threatened by an angel with a drawn sword, while others say that it was a verbal message passed to her by Dimick, who had been sent to offer her another proposal (even though she was already married to Henry Jacobs at that point). Some sources say that Henry was present for that initial sealing to Joseph, but absent from the other resealing to Joseph for eternity and sealing to Brigham for time. Others say Henry was there for the sealing to Brigham, but are silent on whether he was there for the first sealing to Joseph. Zina said in her later testimony that it was just Joseph, her, and Dimick present at their initial sealing, but that Brigham later resealed them after he returned from a mission to England, meaning that she would have been sealed to Joseph three times in total. However, in signed affidavits collected by the Church, Zina, Dimick, and Dimick’s wife Fanny all verified that Fanny was there at the sealing, too. Etc.
Because of all of this, it’s difficult to know exactly what happened, who was aware of what, and when and how they all became aware of it. However, Zina did say that the Lord had prepared her for the doctrine prior to her hearing it:
I will tell you the facts. I had dreams — I am no dreamer but I had dreams that I could not account for. I know this is the work of the Lord; it was revealed to me, even when young. Things were presented to my mind that I could not account for. When Joseph Smith revealed this order I knew what it meant; the Lord was preparing my mind to receive it.
Additionally, Henry was called on his first mission in May of 1839, before he ever even met Zina. The guy was a prolific missionary who served repeatedly throughout his life. None of those missions overlapped with Joseph’s sealing to Zina.
In fact, according to family tradition, he was present when Joseph told Zina that the reason he hadn’t officiated their wedding is because she was meant to be his plural wife. Henry accepted the news because he was close to Joseph and trusted him. Zina was the one who hadn’t received an answer yet and still had reservations.
After Joseph’s death, Brigham Young also took Zina for his wife while she was still married to Henry Jacobs. Brigham called Henry to serve a mission in England and told him to find another wife. While Henry was in England, Zina began living at the Young house with her children and soon bore a child with Brigham.
Let’s walk through all of this. First, many of Joseph’s sealed wives who were already civilly married to someone else just stayed married to their husbands after his death. They had the choice on whether to re-seal themselves to Joseph or not, and the single wives had the choice of which members of the Twelve they wanted to be sealed to for time. Zina wasn’t forced to leave her marriage to seal herself to Brigham. She chose to do that.
Brigham supposedly told Henry to find another wife, though that can’t be corroborated. He also supposedly had to tell Henry to stop writing love letters to Zina after they were married.
Brigham eventually had several dozen wives and 57 children, in addition to being the leader of the Church and the governor of Utah Territory, owning multiple businesses, and directing the settlement efforts across a very large area. Dude was a busy guy, just saying. Zina did not live with him and did not spent tons of alone time with him. She lived for a time in a separate home with her children, and for a time in a house with several of his other wives. The time she spent alone together with him was sporadic and infrequent.
How would Brigham know that Zina was getting love letters from Henry Jacobs unless she told him? And if she enjoyed receiving those letters, why would she tell him? Why not hide them from him? It would’ve been pretty easy to do so—all she had to do was keep her mouth shut. It’s not like Brigham was snooping through all of his wives’ things in his limited free time. The only reason for her to bring the letters to his attention was if she didn’t like receiving them.
Imagine it from her point of view. You get divorced and move on. You describe that marriage as an unhappy one at several points throughout the rest of your life. You marry someone else and even have a child with them, but your ex keeps contacting you, telling you how much they still love you and still want to be with you. How uncomfortable would that be? It’d be an extremely awkward situation for anyone.
To me, it’s far more likely that Zina went to Brigham and asked him to intervene because it was making her uncomfortable than it is that Brigham found out on his own and flew into a rage and forbade Henry from contacting Zina despite her protestations.
Aside from a very few notable exceptions, most of Brigham’s wives and children spoke of him in glowing terms. Zina herself mentioned his kindness repeatedly.
Henry, meanwhile, was married three more times and all four of his marriages ended in divorce. I don’t know what led to the end of the other three marriages, but I do know that he’s the common denominator in all of those marriages.
It seems clear that Zina left him in what is sometimes called a “folk divorce,” which was a thing in the 19th Century where the man and woman decided to dissolve their marriage and go their separate ways, leaving each of them free to marry again. She chose to marry Brigham for time, and Henry struggled to move on afterward...for a time. Brigham asked him to back off, and he did.
  • Vilate Kimball
Shortly after Heber’s return from England, he was introduced to the doctrine of plural marriage directly through a startling test. He had already sacrificed homes, possessions, friends, relatives, all worldly rewards, peace, and tranquility for the Restoration. Nothing was left to place on the altar save his life, his children, and his wife. Then came the Abrahamic test. Joseph demanded for himself what to Heber was the unthinkable, his Vilate. Totally crushed spiritually and emotionally, Heber touched neither food nor water for three days and three nights and continually sought confirmation and comfort from God. On the evening of the third day, some kind of assurance came, and Heber took Vilate to the upper room of Joseph’s store on Water Street. The Prophet wept at this act of faith, devotion, and obedience. Joseph never intended to take Vilate. It was all a test.” (Heber C. Kimball, Mormon Patriarch and Pioneer by Stanley B. Kimball, p.93)
Yep, because blessings come after the trial of our faith. Heber and Vilate were sealed for time and eternity that same night as a reward for their faithfulness. Theirs was one of the very first sealings of this dispensation.
Teenagers: Ten of Joseph’s wives were teenagers.
Here, Faulk posts another little chart, which I have also linked.
  • Helen Mar Kimball-Smith
Instead of taking Heber C. Kimball’s wife, Vilate, as Joseph had done with others, he married Heber’s 14 year-old daughter, Helen, in May of 1843.
This is presented somewhat disingenuously. Joseph and Helen were sealed two years after Heber and Vilate were sealed. The two incidents are not connected at all. And, as mentioned earlier, Joseph and Helen were sealed at Heber’s urging. He wanted to link his family to Joseph’s in the eternities.
“The youngest was Helen Mar Kimball, daughter of Joseph’s close friends Heber C. and Vilate Murray Kimball, who was sealed to Joseph several months before her 15th birthday.” (Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo,, Oct. 2014)
In a letter written by Helen Kimball, her father had asked her if she would be willing to be sealed to Joseph Smith, Joseph himself came to her and said,
“If you will take this step, it will ensure your eternal salvation and exaltation & that of your father’s household & all of your kindred.” She talks of her mother’s hidden grief “to see her child, who had scarcely seen her fifteenth summer, following in the same thorny path [of polygamy].” “I would never have been sealed to Joseph had I known it was anything more than ceremony. I was young, and they deceived me, by saying the salvation of our whole family depended on it.” (Helen Mar Kimball, Mormon Polygamy: A History, by LDS Historian Richard S. Van Wagoner, p.53)
Ooh, this is super dishonest framing! The first two lines in quotation marks are indeed taken from an autobiographical letter written by Helen to her children in 1881. The first is from page 482 of a book titled A Woman’s View: Helen Mar Whitney’s Reminiscences of Early Church History, and the second from page 486.
But that third quotation, about how she’d never have been sealed to Joseph if she knew it was anything more than a ceremony? That’s taken from page 19 of an early anti-Mormon pamphlet called Narrative of Some of the Proceedings of the Mormons: Giving an Account of Their Iniquities by Catherine Lewis, published in 1848. She claimed to have heard Helen say this to her mother at some point, though everything in the book is suspect. It’s all pretty badly distorted from reality, which you can see for yourself just by reading it.
Helen herself certainly never backed up its claim. She did admit to being upset as a 15-year-old at being prevented from going out to dances with her friends because of the sealing, so it’s possible she said something like that at one point in her frustration and disappointment. But the circumstances surrounding it are certainly skewed, since Catherine reports it in the context of Helen refusing, after Joseph’s death, to be sealed for time as her father’s plural wife. That surely never happened. And in fact, after a few more years, Helen became a very vocal defender of plural marriage and of Joseph Smith for the rest of her life.
So, I’d take that statement with a very big grain of salt. That Faulk presents it here as if it was a direct quote from Helen’s own letter to her children is repulsive.
Joseph told a reluctant Helen Mar Kimball that if she married him it would ensure her salvation and the salvation of all her family. Imagine the burden on a 14 year old girl’s emotions of the salvation for her entire family riding on accepting Joseph’s proposal.
Except that Helen herself admitted that she didn’t understand what he was trying to teach her, and neither of her parents, who were there at the time of the proposal, understood it that way at all.
  • Nancy Winchester Smith
While records show Nancy was married to Joseph, no dates were written. At the time of Joseph’s death, Nancy was 15 years old. It is possible that, like Helen Mar Kimball, Nancy could have been 14.
It’s not confirmed that Nancy Winchester was a plural wife of Joseph Smith, though evidence leans that way. We also have no idea when that sealing would have taken place, because no records of the sealing exist. We don’t know much about her at all. Her brother Benjamin was a known and rather hostile critic of Joseph’s who never mentioned the fact that they were sealed, so either he didn’t know about it, he didn’t see anything wrong with it (which is highly doubtful), or it never happened and her inclusion on the list was a mistake.
Eliza R. Snow listed her as one of his wives, and so did Orson Whitney, the son of Helen Mar Kimball Whitney. Helen was one of Nancy’s good friends so there’s solid evidence to believe it, but it’s not confirmed.
Unlike what is commonly taught in Sunday school lessons, marriages to young teenagers were not “common in pioneer days.”
Not true, and Faulk’s evidence for this claim doesn’t even say that:
“In 1890, when the U.S. Census Bureau started collecting marriage data, it was recorded that the average age of a first marriage for men was 26 years, and the average age of marriage for women was 22 years.” (
Note that this quote says the average age was 22 years old. That means that some women were much older and some were much younger. 1890 is also half a century later than 1840, and society can change a lot in 50 years.
Craig Foster wrote a great article for the Interpreter a few years ago) which demonstrated that in frontier America in the 1800s, females often married quite young, and their husbands were usually older and more settled. It was much less common in the settled cities along the East Coast, but on the frontier (which included Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and especially Utah), it was relatively common. Men in their 20s-40s marrying teenagers was not unusual.
Even today, it’s legal for teenagers to get married. Let’s not forget that most of Joseph’s teenaged wives were 17-19 years old. Many of us in this church know women who got married at 18 or 19. While they are technically still teenagers, calling them teen brides is implies that they were underage.
The entire concept of “underage” did not exist in the 1800s. In fact, the concept of “teenagers” didn’t even exist back then. You were either a child or an adult, and there was no in-between.
Applying our societal standards to a past society and judging them for their lack of adherence to our norms is a logical fallacy known as “presentism.” I get it—today, it’s unusual and it makes us squirm to hear of girls aged 14-16 getting married. But it was also not out of place in that day and age. And, most importantly, there is no evidence of any sexual activity between Joseph and his youngest wives.
3. Mothers and Daughters: Joseph married a mother and daughter pair.
  • Patty Bartlett Sessions (Mother – already married to David Sessions)
She was sealed to Joseph for eternity while her husband was a faithful member of the Church, and though she and her husband both later received their endowment, they weren’t sealed at that time. She also didn’t re-seal herself to Joseph in the temple after his death the way that many of his other plural wives did. The reasons why are unclear. After her husband’s death, she was sealed for time to another man. Around 1867, after submitting an affidavit concerning her plural marriage to Joseph, she was offered the chance to be re-sealed to Joseph again, though I’m not sure if she accepted or not.
We don’t know the reasons for this sealing, just like we don’t know the reasons behind many of Joseph’s sealings to civilly married women.
  • Sylvia Sessions Lyon (Daughter – already married to Windsor Lyon).
Windsor Lyon was excommunicated from the Church in November of 1842. Joseph and Windsor remained good friends for the rest of Joseph’s life. There are conflicting dates from two unsigned affidavits saying that Sylvia’s sealing to Joseph either took place in early 1842 or early 1843. Brian Hales favors the later date.
If he’s right, this appears to be one of those sealings where Joseph was sealed to a woman whose husband wasn’t (at the time) a faithful member of the Church so that she could still obtain exaltation.
Sylvia bore children with both husbands; three children with Windsor and one with Joseph. (Josephine - February 8, 1844)
No, no, no. She most certainly did not have a child with Joseph. For a long time, it was considered an unproven possibility, but was never definitive. However, even the possibility was ruled out by DNA testing in 2016, seven years ago.
The fact that this is still in the LFMW after all this time caught me by surprise. We know the LFMW has been updated since its first posting, since the original FAIR rebuttal addresses differently worded accusations. There was plenty of time to correct the inaccuracy. In fact, this particular objection appears to have been added to the original text, rather than removed.
4. Pairs of Sisters: Joseph married 3 pairs of sisters.
  • Emily Dow Partridge and Eliza Maria Partridge.
  • Sara Lawrence and Maria Lawrence.
  • Zina Huntington Jacobs and Presidia Huntington Buell.
Yep, he sure did. Zina and Presendia (her name is not Presidia) were both sealed to Joseph for eternity only, with no marriage in this lifetime. But Emily and Eliza Partridge and Sarah and Maria Lawrence were all sealed to Joseph for time and eternity.
Again, though, I’m not sure why this is supposed to be a point of scandal. None of them were married against their will. They all had the choice, and they all agreed to these arrangements. Is it unusual? Sure. It’s weird, I think we can all agree with that. But is it sinful? Nope. When God commands polygamy, it’s not sinful, and levirate marriages have been around for thousands of years. This is somewhat similar to that practice, particularly in the case of Mary and Mercy Fielding and Hyrum Smith.
Remember, when plural marriage was first introduced, they weren’t really given a rule book. There are some directions and guidelines given in D&C 132, but they only cover certain situations. In the Nauvoo days, they were basically winging it. They had to adjust to the new commandment that completely upended their entire lives and then figure out the best way to live it. There was trial and error, heartache, sacrifice, and suffering involved. It was not easy for any of them, and they did the best they could. If they made mistakes, they need our grace, not our judgment.
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2023.06.07 06:29 enjoyerofsounds looking for info/repair advice on sanyo m-gr78

long time lurker first time poster. i recently came into possession of a sanyo m-gr78 (walkman-type player), mostly working with a couple minor issues i'd like to fix up myself, but haven't been able to find any solid info on that particular model. i'm looking especially for maintenance information and would really love to see a pdf of the user manual, although word of mouth is good too.
btw, the issues i'm having with it are that it's missing the button for the rewind (although the rewind itself works fine, the missing button just exposes the circuit board so i'd like to replace it to avoid any damage to the inside). it also doesn't play sound out of the left ear, which (particularly because the inside is exposed) i think is probably due to either dust buildup or a problem with the capacitor, but after i take it apart and take a better look i'll report back on that front. if anyone has any advice on fixing either of these i welcome it!
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2023.06.07 05:56 MattDeezly Extreme packet loss while

Motherboard - Asus prime x670e-pro (BIOS VER. 1618)
CPU - Ryzen 9 7900x
GPU - 4080 FE
HDD - Crucial T700 (Issue also happens on my old WD_BLACK SN850)
So I wanted to be fancy and get a new PCI.E GEN 5 M.2 since Crucial (who I personally like) released their new Drive! So I installed it, booted everything up and hopped in discord to talk to my friends. As I have always done, I downloaded games while trying to talk to my friends... but there was a MAJOR issue - everything was lagging beyond comprehension. This issue is new and I have never experienced it before. As soon as I noticed the horrible lag I did multiple packet loss tests, and can confirm I am sitting around 20%-26% packet loss while downloading games making is impossible to voice chat.
Now I fully understand that you can get packet loss from from downloading but it has NEVER occurred to me before. I checked my Network Adapter area on task manager and its not fully saturating my available download bandwidth so I really don't think its that. At this point I rage quit, uninstalled the new M.2 Drive, said "PCI.E GEN 5 drives aren't ready for prime time" and I put back my old WD_BLACK SN850 in, did a fresh install of windows cus its been a while cus why not, and booted back up...... the issue is still there. I am truly stumped on what to do. I've spent the last day and a half trying to fix it with many attempts.
here's what I tried
1- Cleared CMOS
2- Re-flashed latest BIOS
3- Reseated my RAM
4- Inspected M2 Slot & board for damage
5- Re-installed windows (both 10 and 11 same results) many times
6 - Confirmed all drivers and windows updates are installed.
7- Manually uninstalled my network drivers and reinstalled (Multiple versions of ) drivers starlight form the manufacture.
8- Changed my router to a different backup one I had
9- Unplugged my router AND ONT for 10 minutes​ fully resetting network.
10 - Installing games on a completely different drive from my C: drive 11 - Installing games on a completely different drive from my C: drive 11 - I tried downloading stuff on other devices on my network and my desktop isn't effected it seems
I am going insane and I am completely out of ideas besides my network card is damaged, but the thing is I am 100% sure I didn't damage it at all during my M.2's install. If anyone has ANY ideas besides RMA I am open to anything. I waited years for Diablo 4 and cannot play it knowing my computer has this issue.
Thanks in advanced
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2023.06.07 05:55 TheMostGiftedSeraph Jagex Launcher and RS Game Client on Linux Using Bottles

Hello world (guardians)!

After seeing Jagex will not support Linux, I set out to find a way to get the Windows versions to run on Linux. I am not the first to try to find such a solution, but I wanted to share.
I'm running the Windows version of the Jagex Launcher and RS3 game client on Linux using Bottles, a wine prefix manager. Here's how I got it set up:
  1. Escape wine dependency hell using Glorious Eggroll's guide here.
  2. Install Bottles (And since Bottles is a Flatpak, installing Flatseal is a good idea, too).
  3. Create a new bottle using the 'Gaming' preset. I recommend the soda-7.0-9 runner.
  4. Install dotnet48 in Dependencies (This might take a while, don't panic! It also could probably be replaced with mono, but I haven't tested it myself yet).
  5. Copy over the Jagex Launcher installation files from Windows to your Bottle.
    1. In Windows, default path of these files is C:\Program Files (x86)\Jagex Launcher Copy the whole folder!
    2. In Linux, default Bottles path is ~/.vaapp/com.usebottles.bottles/data/bottles/bottles
      1. You can also click the three vertical dots at the top of the Bottle Details window, and 'Browse Files'
  6. Run JagexLauncher.exe by clicking 'Run Executable...' and navigating to the .exe in the bottle.
    1. It will attempt to update, and ultimately fail. Force quit, close, etc if prompted, and run it again. The second time should run properly.
  7. Login, install the game client via the launcher like you would on Windows, and continue your adventures in Gielinor!
OR, if that seems like a lot, you can import this config file in Bottles by following these steps:

  1. Escape wine dependency hell using Glorious Eggroll's guide here.
  2. Install Bottles (And since Bottles is a Flatpak, installing Flatseal is a good idea, too).
  3. Copy/paste the YAML file below into your favorite text editor, and save it as JagexLauncherBottleConfig.yml
  4. In Bottles, click the hamburger button at the top of the window and 'Import' JagexLauncherBottleConfig.yml
  5. Copy over the Jagex Launcher installation files from Windows to your Bottle (See above for path info)
  6. Run JagexLauncher.exe by clicking 'Run Executable...' and navigating to the .exe in the bottle.
    1. It will attempt to update, and ultimately fail. Force quit, close, etc if prompted, and run it again. The second time should run properly.
  7. Login, install the game client via the launcher like you would on Windows, and continue your adventures in Gielinor!
Jagex Launcher Bottle Config YAML:
Arch: win64 CompatData: '' Creation_Date: '2023-06-03 15:14:32.775792' Custom_Path: false DLL_Overrides: {} DXVK: dxvk-2.2 Environment: Gaming Environment_Variables: {} External_Programs: {} Installed_Dependencies: - d3dx9 - msls31 - arial32 - times32 - courie32 - d3dcompiler_43 - d3dcompiler_47 - dotnet40 - dotnet48 - andale32 - arialb32 - comic32 - georgi32 - impact32 - tahoma32 - trebuc32 - verdan32 - webdin32 Language: sys LatencyFleX: latencyflex-v0.1.1 NVAPI: dxvk-nvapi-v0.6.3 Name: Jagex Launcher Parameters: custom_dpi: 96 decorated: true discrete_gpu: true dxvk: true dxvk_nvapi: false fixme_logs: false fsr: false fsr_quality_mode: none fsr_sharpening_strength: 2 fullscreen_capture: false gamemode: false gamescope: false gamescope_borderless: false gamescope_fps: 0 gamescope_fps_no_focus: 0 gamescope_fullscreen: true gamescope_game_height: 0 gamescope_game_width: 0 gamescope_scaling: false gamescope_window_height: 0 gamescope_window_width: 0 latencyflex: false mangohud: false mouse_warp: true obsvkc: false pulseaudio_latency: false renderer: gl sandbox: false sync: esync take_focus: false use_be_runtime: true use_eac_runtime: true use_runtime: false use_steam_runtime: false versioning_automatic: false versioning_compression: false versioning_exclusion_patterns: false virtual_desktop: false virtual_desktop_res: 1280x720 vkbasalt: false vkd3d: true vmtouch: false vmtouch_cache_cwd: false Path: Jagex_Launcher Runner: soda-7.0-9 RunnerPath: '' Sandbox: share_net: false share_sound: false State: 0 Uninstallers: {} Update_Date: '2023-06-04 00:36:36.242621' VKD3D: vkd3d-proton-2.8 Versioning: false Versioning_Exclusion_Patterns: [] Windows: win10 WorkingDir: '' data: {} run_in_terminal: false session_arguments: '' 
Ok, sorry for the long post...I'm still working on this, and plan to host a more detailed guide someplace smarter than a Reddit post, but wanted to share what I've got now. A few things I'm already tracking:
Happy to help troubleshoot any issues whenever I can, but I'm also a noob, so suggestions are always welcome!
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2023.06.07 05:24 LTW2022 Lutron Switch Help - New switch wont work

I have a basic understanding of electrical, I can do the basics but am stumped by what is happening when trying to install my Lutron Switches. A few months ago I installed a Lutron Claro Smart Switch, which works as a three-way switch with no dimmer. I decided that I wanted to install a Lutron Diva Smart Dimmer instead.
I thought this would be an easy swap out, considering these are the same brand and (I assumed) the color coding of the wires would be the same. However, when I swapped out the switch, the lights glowed dimly and the switch would not turn on or operate, including on the non-smart side. I tried everything I could think of, switched wires around, and followed the wiring diagram, but no matter what I just get a dim glow from the light and the switch will not operate. I placed the Claro switch back on and it works perfectly. I cannot figure out why one switch would and the other wouldn't.
Any help would be appreciated!

Current Light switch -
Hand Drawn Wire Diagram (Its crude I know), excludes grounding -
Dimmer Switch Wire Diagram -
Claro Switch (current switch) Diagram -
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2023.06.07 05:01 CyberHoff Can I restore windows settings without a backup?

In typical nerd fashion, I'm spending way more time figuring out the answer to this question than I would have if I had simply modified my new PCs settings manually.
TL;DR, does Microsoft save windows settings to the cloud, and if so, how do I load them onto a new, fresh install without my old device? I logged into my MS account on the new PC, my avatar updated itself and is displaying correctly (it's my Microsoft account avatar), but nothing else changed (desktop, taskbar, etc).
The long version:
If you've ever migrated to a new android phone, you'd know that pretty much all your settings can migrate from the cloud without having your old phone. I think that only the apps and app settings don't migrate if you aren't able to connect to your old phone. But other than that, all the settings are pretty much the same. The new phone looks and feels the same as your old one.
Why can't I get that to happen to my windows PC? It actually crapped out for an unknown reason, and I didn't have any backups. I couldn't restore from the OS because once the boot sequence started, the keyboard and mouse stopped working. So, I had to create a Windows boot drive from scratch using my laptop (a Chromebook), load it into my PC by setting my USB to the primary boot device. It worked flawlessly (except the wireless driver didn't work at first, I had to pull out an old AP to get it to connect to the network). I loaded the drivers to get the Wi-Fi to work properly, logged into my Microsoft account, and after a few reboots, everything seemed fine, except my settings hadn't loaded yet. The background is still default, the taskbar and theme are still default. Does windows not save these settings to the cloud?
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2023.06.07 04:55 bottleblowing LS-A1-15L 1 cavity 3-5 gallon fully automatic PET bottle blow molding machine for 10L to 15L bottles

LS-A1-15L 1 cavity 3-5 gallon fully automatic PET bottle blow molding machine for 10L to 15L bottles
LS-A1-15L full automatic 5 gallon pet bottle stretch blow moulding machine can produce different shapes from 10L to 15L water bottles,edible oil bottles and other bigger plastic PET containers. High speed,low defect rate,stable running and easy operation.

  • A.Advanced PLC control system and touch screen with convenient operation.
  • B.High efficiency automatic preform loading device.
  • C.Precise infrared heating, the preform rotates by itself and on the orbit at the same time, with strong penetration and high heating efficiency.
  • D.High security ,when a failure occurs during action or machine running,the program will alarm immediately and display the cause of the failure.
  • E.Two ways of operate: automatic and manual.
  • F.Customized machine design saves space and energy.
  • G.Simple installation and operation.


Whatsapp:+86-15867685898 Fax:+86-0576-81108560


30# Yuantong Road,Huangyan Zone,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province,China


[email protected]
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2023.06.07 04:14 SearchLarge2149 [USA-CA] [H] NZXT kraken z73 AIO, corsair dominator rgb 3600mhz 36gb (4x8gb) RAM, Sealed Ledger Nano X, Lian Li Uni Fan SL-INF 3-Pack 120mm Black [W] PayPal


Kraken z73 brand new unused. I opened the box but never physically removed or installed the components, factory thermal paste still on the pump.
Price: 200$ shipped
Corsair dominator RGB 4x8gb (32gb) ram 3600mhz /w original box and manual (used in my pc for 2 months great condition)
Price: 100$ shipped
Brand new, unused Ledger Nano X still sealed. Ordered it from Amazon like 3 weeks ago for my gf, but ended up not needing it.
Price: 110$ shipped
Lian Li Uni Fan SL-INF 120mm RGB 3-PACK BLACK Brand New
Price: 80$ shipped
Everything will be shipped with care and bubbled wrapped.

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2023.06.07 04:11 Chatyboi Does anyone like guns the way they are rn?

When I think of Dante his twin pistols Ebony and Ivory come right after, not that his sword isn't any less prevalent but those guns are his poster children. He uses them everywhere and they're supposedly op according to the anime.
I think ever since the DMC game that shall not be named, Capcom has been extremely cautious with firearms in the franchise. Not that we don't get some good guns here and there, Pandora, kalina ann 2, and Dr Faust are powerful and fun as hell, but the actual guns are lacking.
Most guns only have their one shoot button, and then a few gunslinger abilities that can very between useless or amazing. Blue rose only has the shoot button but at least your always using it once it's charged. And Vergil's swords are incredibly useful and flashy. And I know that guns are primarily used to extend combos and make the combo MAD's look great but I want a little more.
I would suggest that in future instalments that guns have combos. You can still just spam fire and have a basic combo string, but delayed inputs or directional inputs can access new gun moves. Give us those boss Dante DMC 4 honeycomb fires where he fires in a line horizontally or vertically. A delayed combo that has Dante spin and shoot his pilots. A shotgun combo that shoots in a cone for good area control. A directional back attack that has Dante flip backwards spraying e&I. Maybe some attacks even get a manual aim like the blue roses tomboy shot. If we want to keep guns being able to move and shoot them at the very least more gunslinger abilities would be greatly appreciated.
For Nero id recommend giving him new devil arms, literal arms, when he kills demons that are like styles, and one gives his blue rose some additional moves. Not much, that gun is pretty perfect. And Vergil needs to improvements.
This would make guns, and gunslinger, more viable and fun, while also leaving the door open for lady to have a fun playslyle if we ever get her back.
Let me know how this sounds and if you have any suggestions on how guns could be done going forward.
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2023.06.07 04:04 haribo_dinosaur [USA-CO] [H] FormD T1-SW Titanium and Accessories [W] PayPal / Local Cash

Up for sale is a bunch of items from FormD.
I’d like to sell this all as one kit so I don’t have to ship 3 packages or more. However, if necessary, I will break it up into smaller bundles. Check out the pics! I attempted to lay out the pieces as they are in the manual.
All exterior surfaces are beautiful. A few screws are slightly beat up, but not even close to stripped. I couldn’t get the rear power switch installed. Apparently it’s a common issue and there are aftermarket alternatives. You might be able to screw it in. I didn’t try very hard.
I am the second owner. The first owner is a buddy of mine who sold me the case unopened. Only the sandwich case itself was ever used. I added some pictures of my build in it: note that my pc parts are not included in this sale! I’m selling because my current parts just fit better in a SSUPD. I considered keeping the T1 for a future build, but it would be a shame to keep it in the closet for years.
I have some custom cables (by Ray) that might work out for you too. Ask me if interested.
Full price is north of $480 (without shipping from China) and availability is quite limited.
I’m looking for $425 shipped, PP G&S. If you are local and drive to me I can do $400.
Please reply with questions or comments in this thread when messaging me so I don’t miss you. Thanks for looking.
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2023.06.07 04:03 dracopurpura Need to monitor Temperature for Hass, Flair, and...aquariums

I have 2 needs for temperature sensing. First, I plan to install a bunch of Flair smart vents, and I'm looking for temperature sensors that can feed data into Home Assistant so I can use that to make the smartest hvac system. I'd combine this with a Honeywell thermo stat and 2 or 3 Flair pucks to help guests who dont have access to my Lovelace.
Also I have a number of turtles. I need to get some temps of water and basking temps. My poor girls had no basking heat and I didn't know right away.
As a network architect, I prefer wifi. I don't have any zigbee currently but I'm open to it . Also I'm lacking in time to do too much DIY, so mostly out of the box is preferable.
Does this wonderful community have any recommendations for sensors?
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