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2023.06.07 04:05 sedition- Just found a full grown cherry in my trimmings tank.

I had a 5 gallon kit tank sitting around so about 8 months ago I set it up on a dresser near my window, just tossed random plant clippings into it and filled it with water, I pay zero attention to the tank, never tested the water or added food, I never turn the light on, no filter no heater, and the only care it gets is topping the water off every couple months when I notice it's getting kinda low.
Lo and behold today as I was over in that corner of my room I looked into the tank and found a full grown super deep red cherry shrimp.
It's probably not a surprise to people who keep shrimp when they manage to hitch rides between tanks, but I'm just amazed by the survivability of this little guy, the tank is directly next to a window and my insulation kinda sucks, so the water was definitely super cold during the winter months, and yet this dude not only managed to survive but he/she's huge.
With this revelation, I've just added an internal filter into the tank with old media, and some drift wood for him/her to graze on, I'll probably add some shrimp from my main tank in with them in the near future, but I'm a tad concerned about the temp difference, it's a full 10 degrees colder than my other tanks.
Apologies for the rant, but this is probably the most exciting thing shrimp/fish related that's happened to me in months and I had to share.
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2023.06.07 04:04 Logical-Welder7377 Need life advice im stuck!

My name is Brad, and I'm 27 years old from Wisconsin. I'm reaching out here in the hopes that someone can provide me with advice or guidance regarding my current situation. I often feel uncertain about whether I'm on the right path or if I should consider giving up.
I've struggled with maintaining traditional 9-to-5 jobs because I easily get bored and have a short attention span. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends, and my family isn't supportive. It's difficult for me to engage in meaningful conversations about my life because they are pessimistic and don't believe in my ideas or capabilities. However, I do have a best friend who is ten years older than me, and we met a year ago. She believes in me wholeheartedly and supports me both emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, she faces challenges due to a drug problem, which hampers her productivity and occasionally affects her mood, consuming a significant amount of my time and energy.
Two years ago, I had excellent credit and built it up to $35,000. However, instead of investing it in my business idea, I spent a year partying and squandered everything. Now, I am on the verge of bankruptcy and starting from scratch.
I currently hold a CDL B license and am studying to obtain my CDL A CLASS. This would enable me to secure a job that pays well enough to invest in my pressure washing business and start saving for the future.
I struggle with being indecisive, often getting distracted by new ideas or things that capture my interest. This tendency derails me from building my pressure washing business, and I find myself having to redirect my focus.
So far, I have laid the groundwork for my pressure washing business. I have invested over 2,000 hours watching a variety of YouTube videos about starting a business, successful entrepreneurs, the life of a business owner, pressure washing techniques, and related topics. I have also created around 100 documents for my business, including a business plan, logistic records, transaction documents, inventory management sheets, legal contracts, human resource materials, and I even have a dedicated business email and business cards. Additionally, I have acquired pressure washing equipment and chemicals.
Currently, I am working on advertising my business and gaining experience by practicing on my family's homes before I begin working with actual customers. However, I must admit that I feel nervous and lack confidence when it comes to reaching out to strangers and actively promoting my services. I fear the responsibility that comes with running a business and worry about the possibility of failure, potentially losing everything I have worked so hard for.
In terms of my living situation, I reside with my family and don't have any bills to pay since I am in significant debt and will be filing for bankruptcy in the near future. Without a job, I spend most of my day at home and can only afford to purchase the necessary supplies for my business.
I would greatly appreciate any advice or input regarding my situation. Should I consider giving up and pursuing a regular job to avoid the negativity from my family, or should I gather the courage to face my fears head-on and fully commit to starting my own business?
Thank you for taking the time to read about my circumstances.
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2023.06.07 04:03 Fnacide Can I ask the company to pay for my housing?

I will soon have an interview with a company for a job I'm very interested in. The job is located in the city I live in but I will be the only one from the team there. The rest are spread in 4 other countries. The job description says that the hired candidate would need to spend some time in another city in another country 2h away from mine by flight (where the head of the team is located) for several months. I'm not sure if they mean : 1- live in the other city for several months : in that case that will be a deal breaker for me. 2- navigate between spending time at the other city and mine: that's a pleasing idea.
However, in the possibility number 2 I'm not sure how to negociate that. Can I ask them to cover for housing in the other city and/or flights tickets? Or is it asking for too much? Because I can't pay a rent in the other city and my mortgage at the same time, that's way too expensive.
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2023.06.07 04:03 wasteofpaint1 Did I ruin my child’s development with tv?

Context: I have a 12 month old son and 6 y old daughter. With my son I experienced intense ppd and ppa, and I found myself caught in a loop of executive dysfunction, insomnia , and frankly doing near the bare minimum from the time he was born a year ago till around his 8 month birthday . I breastfed him, loved him, played with him and cared for him of course, but tv has been my biggest parenting crutch.
Since then I have pulled it together and am doing great , but during that time period I’m ashamed to say he watched so much miss Rachel it makes me sick . Regrettably , there are days where it was on all the time outside of naps. Now he is behind in speech and not communicating at all besides babbling as well as struggling with eye contact and attentiveness and I’m feeling so much like it is my fault. My mother has reinforced these ideas as she watches him while I work, and continues to assert that I let him watch too much tv and that he isn’t communicating because of this. Everything I read about exposing kids to television this young has me feeling like the shittiest mom. Any insight?
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2023.06.07 04:03 hiccups-n-huggles What to do about my knee sprain

My sprain is 1.5 weeks old. I got it x-rayed the day it happened so I know there's no breaks. Doctor who saw me said I should only be concerned if there's a slipping sensation when bearing weight on it, there is no such sensation. He also said I should be able to function near normally with a knee brace after a week.
I am able to bear weight on it with very little pain, and I can walk about 90% normally in regards to limping, but I can't bend it much without a tight sensation like that of a muscle that isn't flexible, followed by pain. I also can't make it completely straight without that same sensation of tightness followed by pain.
I am on a much sought after and not easily replicable vacation for the next 30 days and am itching to go out and have some active fun, skating, biking, long walks etc.
My question is, am I supposed to keep my knee completely inactive till it's as mobile as it used to be, or is it better to push it's limits ever so slightly? Would staying in my room for a week increase my chances of being able to be physically active before my vacation is over, or should I figure it's going to be a bit stiff and problematic for the remainder of my 30 days here regardless of the care I give it?
I'm feeling trapped and frustrated and I don't know what the best course of action is here. I want to get the best bang for my buck. I don't want to hurt myself further or delay my healing, nor do I want to look back and see this vacation as wasted because of spending all my time in a room watching TV.
Thank you.
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2023.06.07 04:03 OsitoArmadillo Man What Happened to this year's Game?!?!?

The beginning of 2k23s cycle was great. I had the most fun in years with 2k. But the game has gotten worse and worse. It feels like each season/patch makes the game more unplayable.
I think I'm officially done with 2k23. I mean why play a game that just aggrevates me when I can play a better one in MLB the Show which doesn't stress me out nearly as much. And this coming from someone who is wayyyy better at 2k than the show and loves basketball more than baseball.
I just felt the need to get that off my chest.
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2023.06.07 04:02 BusinessKnight0517 [CLAIM] The King from a Tower (Claim England, Declaim English 2iC)

Turn of the year, 1520
The unthinkable had happened after the unthinkable had happened. Richard de la Pole, Richard IV, King of England, was dead.
Not long after taking the throne, his campaigning in Wales took him to his grave. In all irony, the same plague of sweating sickness that wore down the Welsh ended Richard. A true Greek tragedy - as Wales bled for Richard, Richard also bled for Wales.
William de la Pole knew in many ways that he was the unlikeliest of Kings. His brother had planned out his rule and found a young bride to give him a son - and William had believed that his brother would be succeeded by that son, not him. William had been locked in the Tower of London for nearly two decades before he was released during the civil war, an innocent man of course, and managed to command armies effectively in Wales during his brother’s campaigning. It was with great shock when the couriers delivered him the news of his brothers passing and his ascension to the throne of England.
Now, many things had to be done. A new privy council was to be selected by him, and quickly. There had been a great number of plans being discussed by Richard and his Lord High Steward, Edward Stafford, the Duke of Buckingham. While he would be replaced by Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk and Earl of Surrey. Stafford would be given Lord High Constable as compensation for his many years of service, and a nice salary with it. The new privy council would be slightly shuffled, but largely similar to Richard’s: - Lord High Steward - Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk and Earl of Surrey - Lord High Chancellor - Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York - Lord High Treasurer - Henry Courtenay, 1st Marquess of Exeter - Lord President of the Council - George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury - Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal - Henry Percy, 5th Earl of Northumberland - Lord Great Chamberlain - John de Vere, 15th Earl of Oxford - Lord High Constable - Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham - Earl Marshal - Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset - Lord High Admiral- Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk
The Clerk of Ships would be Robert Brygandine with his assistant as William Gonson, previously proposed by Stafford. Other plans of Stafford’s would be discussed with Howard to see which would be continuing and which would be altered, or done away with entirely. Any other offices would be filled as soon as practicable.
The succession was an open question to many, William knew. Henry Pole was his current presumed heir, and may make a fine king. But William’s elderly wife, two decades his senior, may prove to not have much life left, and he had heard the rumblings already. He had to think fast were his wife to pass from this earth soon, and get an heir and new wife.
His position felt as tenuous as Richard’s - “The King from the Tower”. His years there had done him no favors, but perhaps he was up to the task of finishing what Richard had started. He had a rebellion to end, and a Kingdom to strengthen.
With Ratboy finishing his tenure as King Richard, wanting to move characters, he has agreed to switch with me and become 2iC for England while I will take over as 1iC. Long live William III, King of England and Ireland!
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2023.06.07 04:02 AutoModerator [Get] James Wedmore – Sales Page By Design Download

[Get] James Wedmore – Sales Page By Design Download
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You’re not just getting the “recipe,” I’m giving you everything you need to write, Design, & publish Your Page TOO!
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  • Plus! Get access to our pre-made templates for plug-&-play design you can use instantly!
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2023.06.07 04:02 KingSteezo Stressing at this point

Stressing at this point
I need help I have healthy hair everywhere but the top of my head near the front. Don't know if it's because I wear beanies alot or not. Wanted to get my dreads back but after growing it out a little I'm not so sure anymore. I desperately need advice on how to fix this because im staeting to stress over it. I will cut it low again if I have to but is it too late for me ? Or do you guys suggest I keep it like this and just have someone crochet my old locs back in ?
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2023.06.07 04:02 Catmom2004 HR requesting a HIGH SCHOOL diploma for a job requiring a college degree What gives?!

Hi all,
I am hoping for some enlightenment from my fellow Redditors.
On Friday, I have a job interview for a position as an RN at a plasma collection center.
The weird thing is that in spite of the fact that I have a BSN and even another bachelor's degree, the hiring manager wants me to bring a copy of my high school diploma. Plus my publicly searchable license shows my acquired nursing education 🤷‍♀️
What gives?!
If I didn't already have a scheduled interview, I would suspect that this is just a way to enable age discrimination by determining what year I graduated from high school so they could dismiss my application immediately. When I show up in person, it will be obvious that I am over 50 so my "cards will be on the table" as it were.
The company was originally founded in Switzerland for what that is worth. Could it be that their unusual (by U.S. standards) hiring practices reflect something to do with Swiss labor laws?
Does anyone have any insight for me about this peculiar request from a hiring manager?
Thanks in advance for any ideas you can share! 😎
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2023.06.07 04:02 californiawaters AA not in person anymore?

Hi 26F, looking to attend an AA class. I’ve went on aa.org and even searched “aa near me” on google. each one i tried to show up to, empty building, no cars in the parking lot. i’m careful of finding the ones that say online only, because i’m tired of driving to the supposed AA meetings for no one to be there. I’ve been to an AA meeting in 2021 in Kansas, but since being back in southern california I can’t find a single one that’s operating.
If you happen to live in southern california, could anyone confirm with me that this is a california thing? or should i check a different website? i really don’t know.
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2023.06.07 04:02 FestiveSon_2746 [For Hire] Do you need a pro tutor to help with Accounting & Finance or mathematics? I provide Top Quality assistance in Accounting & Finance. (Corporate, Management, Reporting, Analysis, etc) & Math(Calculus 1,2,3 & Statistics, R studio, SQL, Python)

For Hire
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^ I’m a Math expert with professional experience in Finance and Accounting (ACCA, IFRS standards). I have been a part-time private tutor for 6years now and my colleague is an expert in Chemistry & Biochem. We have successfully assisted many students with their assignments, tests, and exams in the following areas :
*Calculus 1, 2, 3, ODEs, PDEs, Complex Analysis, Vector and Tensor Analysis, Discrete Math, Algebra, Real Analysis, etc
*Intro level probability and statistics
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*Chemistry & Biochem .
We treat our clients with respect and professional ethics. Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you need any help with any of the subjects listed above or simply
email: [[email protected]]
Whatsapp: +1 (608) 686‑2825‬
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2023.06.07 04:01 _crimeprison 23M. Very few likes, no matches across multiple apps. At a certain point I’m thinking the problem is just my face, not my profile.

I live near a very large college campus. I think it’s pretty commonly held that among my age group, heterosexual men tend not to put as much effort into their dating app profiles, as compared to women. However, based on my experience watching my female friends swipe on the apps, the quality of a man’s profile itself isn’t always immediately a deal breaker, provided they actually find the guy attractive and there aren’t any glaring red flags. Most of the time when they’re showing me profiles of men they’ve matched with, the profile itself is mediocre at best. Not even kidding, EVERY single one of these profiles I’ve seen includes at least one or several selfies, which is supposedly very bad. But what makes up the difference is what the guy actually looks like. And these men aren’t all exactly gigachads either—they just happen to fit whatever definition of “attractive” the girl has.
I don’t even claim to have a super great profile, but I don’t think it’s objectively bad. Definitely not the worst out there. The only reason I can think of that I’m not getting likes or matches is that I’m just not good looking/attractive. There were maybe a handful of likes immediately after I made the profiles, but now it’s been weeks with little to no activity across both Tinder and Bumble. I’m just not convinced that micromanaging little details on my profile will change any of that.
This post isn’t meant to be a profile review, since I know there’s a thread for that. I just want to start a conversation on the general topic here. Thoughts?
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2023.06.07 04:01 medNadjib_google anbody know why my fps cannot go above 10 fps no matter the settings?

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2023.06.07 04:01 Biancaofarc How do I find local tournaments?

Hi i'm having trouble finding people to meet up with to play Strive with, just wondering if there is an easy way to find tourneys near me to meet other people that love strive. :)
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2023.06.07 04:00 leiaos HELP please 🥲Masters of Science in Architectural Engineering or M.ARCH accredited NAAB?

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2023.06.07 04:00 Pinkdivaisme Would you purchase a brand new flip 3 in 2023?

For context I love the simple design of the flip3. I think for the majority of people they were pretty durable. I am worried about the durability of the new 5 coming out with the outer screen that is glass… I found a brand new never opened 3 for like 400 I believe but I’m not sure… I’m not huge into specs and I know the battery is not the best but I do have a charger near me at all times during the day. Just having a hard time pulling the trigger knowing even though it’s a brand new phone it’s still 2 years old. 🤷‍♀️
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2023.06.07 03:59 Financial_Walk5222 Lying by omission & rebuilding trust — (am I being unreasonable?)

Hi all— quick summary of my current poly situation: I am 27 F, engaged to/nesting partner of 28 F, and dating/have a BDSM dynamic with an older man (50M). This post is mostly about him, so for context he and I have a dom/sub dynamic, which is how our relationship started out, but we have also essentially become partners of some sort and are very good friends. We have been seeing each other, ranging from every other week to once or twice a week, since September. Probably important to point out that he has never done a poly thing before and for sure has an avoidant attachment style.
Here’s the situation currently, I am in a very stressed & heartbroken headspace and I feel totally lost about how to move forward: When we started seeing each other we had a clear agreement that we would discuss/inform each other of any new potential sexual partners/dating partners. In February, I saw something online that led me to believe he was seeing someone else which I had ZERO clue about. As in, he had updated his Fetlife bio and mentioned a new dynamic. Which stung, to find out through that. I confronted him, I was completely blindsided and heartbroken by the fact that he had been seeing/sleeping with someone else and didn’t tell me, it had happened a few times between Jan-Feb (according to him). He felt awful about it, profusely apologized, said he regretted doing it in the first place with her at all. I chose to forgive him and move forward, but I was clear that he had broken my trust and he told me he wouldn’t see her anymore in any capacity (I did not ask for that outright, though I suppose I was relieved).
Things have been going ok since then. I adore him, I’m hopelessly attached in a way that probably speaks to my Daddy issues more than anything, our dynamic has helped me work through so much trauma and I genuinely love and care for him outside of the BDSM dynamic. Although I live with my nesting partner, I also see him as a priority in my life.
Today, I just had this feeling. And I usually talk myself down from these gut feelings because I have a lot of relationship anxiety especially with this relationship. But I straight up asked him if he was seeing this same woman again… and he is. He claims they have not slept togethehooked up since my confrontation in February… I sort of believe him. I want to. But that they hang out as friends a couple times a week…. Which means he has been deceiving me about this fact while we are texting or when i call him etc for the last couple months. In response to this confrontation he says “you have someone at home. I don’t. I get lonely” and “you would have gotten upset if I told you”— both of these statements are true but they don’t excuse him lying to me (?). Oh, he also said I “don’t want him To have any friends” which is absolutely not true, I just have feelings about his friendship with this specific person because he lied about her in the first place.
I feel so sad and so lost.. I don’t know what to believe. What is fair to ask for here? Reality checks or any of your takes are welcome. Thank you for reading this
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2023.06.07 03:59 scavxo Alternatives to Plex Media server which works on win 8.1 but with online server (like if something like windows online media server exists)? I want to stream my own media which i have on win 8.1 in Samsung Tizen os but NOT WITH the Criteria PC Should be ON all the times .

i am not interested in Plex media server because it requires the PC to be ON all the times(in order to use it and i have read it uses a lot more cpu processing (which defeats the purpose of streaming))...
The reason why i wanted to stream my media which i have on HDD/PC to Samsung NU8000 TV is that i have stopped running laptop 24x7(which is connected to tv by keeping it on all the times)in order to extend the lifespan of 10 year old ROG G750JX as long as possible, currently making sure laptop stays in off state for 10+ hours every day)
So if plex demands you to keep the PC on all the times in order to use plex media server whenever you feel like you want to access your personal media in smart tv app, wouldn't i just use my pc directly to play all of the contents which i was wishing to stream?.... the idea is that while my laptop is in powered off state and taking rest, i could still have access to my personal media library which i have on hdd using cloud based storage provider support(by uploading all of the media which i want to stream into the cloud storage account).... from what i saw on Plex, they aren't doing this
i cannot connect hdd to smart tv because it is wall mounted and i dont want to place a new stand near the tv by drilling the wall to place a new stand.... also not ready for nas experience.... i like uptobox and mega.nz but they dont offer smart tv apps where we can stream what we have on cloud storage on the Samsung tv and the bandwidth traffic limit of mega will be reached soon enough if we stream 4k videos. Also i believe Google is not going to provide this service.....
So is there any luxury cloud service provider who has superior infrastructures to offer this kind of service ? where like we may choose to buy 1tb of storage and 5tb of bandwidth traffic which will have a validity of 3 months and specific set of fee ? Here's what i want , upload my "Absolute Favorites" folder to a cloud storage provider(which has over 200+ video files and takes 35 gb of space) and then launch the same cloud storage provider's Smart tv app, login to that account and all of the videos which i have on cloud storage account will be shown on the cloud storage provider's smart tv app and now i can choose which videos to watch and control the media playback seeking using Samsung remote... personally, i want to seek forward and backwards using Samsung remote to control the videos playback on vlc in win 8.1, but its impossible even with latest version of windows.... so if we have smart tv app which gives private access to our own media library stored in the cloud and utilizes cloud storage provider's server and processing, then it would be great....
Microsoft could have done this by stimulating the win 8.1 file explorer experience on smart tv by doing something new innovative with onedrive tech.. but sadly they dont offer this.... i want to lay down on bed and browse through the videos in file explorer (which has view->Extra Large Icons) without wanting to have a mouse near me all the time and also the vlc player...
It would be great to control everything which are showing on explorer using samsung remote including the video playback by having a new media player aswell... i have added custom images to my videos using mkvmerge riverman on win 8.1 and installing Icaros helps in showing the custom images as it becomes a powerful shell control replacing the old windows one... now i dont know if whether other cloud based providers could succeed in showing the same custom images which has been muxed in each videos as custom thumbnails which are added by me becomes easy to navigate and beautify the entire ui and folder aswell so something file explorer stimulant like the Microsoft one and improving the shell control would be nice...
Is there something already exist like what i asked ?
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2023.06.07 03:59 BurritoSupreme420 The Starbucks near me has been sold out of iced coffee for 3 days. How is that even possible?

The Starbucks near me has been sold out of iced coffee for 3 days. How is that even possible? submitted by BurritoSupreme420 to starbucks [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 03:59 Catmom2004 Hiring Manager requesting a HIGH SCHOOL diploma for a position requiring a college degree?! What gives?

Hi all,
I am hoping for some enlightenment from my fellow Redditors.
On Friday, I have a job interview for a position as an RN at a plasma collection center.
The weird thing is that in spite of the fact that I have a BSN and even another bachelor's degree, the hiring manager wants me to bring a copy of my high school diploma. Plus my publicly searchable license shows my acquired nursing education 🤷‍♀️
What gives?!
If I didn't already have a scheduled interview, I would suspect that this is just a way to enable age discrimination by determining what year I graduated from high school so they could dismiss my application immediately. When I show up in person, it will be obvious that I am over 50 so my "cards will be on the table" as it were.
The company was originally founded in Switzerland for what that is worth. Could it be that their unusual (by U.S. standards) hiring practices reflect something to do with Swiss labor laws?
Does anyone have any insight for me about this peculiar request from a hiring manager?
Thanks in advance for any ideas you can share! 😎
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2023.06.07 03:58 Judging_in_Sadness Have any of you encountered men who try to "teach you a lesson" that proves you right?

I'm from Australia, I don't usually drive at night because of the animals that like jumping in front of cars e.g kangaroos, emus, drunk drivers, deer, etc. I stopped at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere in the evening to have something to eat, talk to my relatives to let them know where I am/what I'm doing, and if I may stay at the truck stop or drive the extra couple of hours to get to the destination.
When walking into the building a weird mid-aged man immediately looked at me and jumped with excitement, started smiling, and stared at me the whole time while I was getting some food and talking on the phone- he basically lit up upon seeing me I had never met the man before in my life. He kept smiling at me while I was telling my mum I may not drive in case I hit a deer also ignoring him. In a lot of areas there's large distances of no phone reception or civilisation, in some areas you can drive over 4+ hours without seeing another person or anything near by.
After eating I went into the car park, there were other people outside eating and some lights with the building's door not too far away, plus cameras. This creepy mofo followed me into the car park and waited for me to bend into my casit into the front seat when getting something to make me the marvellous offer of: 'Hello, I'm a truck driver and I heard you were going to X, I can drive ahead of you to make sure you don't hit anything'. Seems nice, though I've seen enough true crime and felt a vision this guy would likely brake check me or steer me off the road half way causing a crash, then kidnap me and I'll never be seen again. He was trapping me in my own car and standing so I couldn't close the door, I politely said 'thank you for the kind offer but I think I just might stay here tonight' he immediately got angry and said 'well I shouldn't of fucking offered' still trying to be polite to this guy I said it's okay, I just don't want to drive. Though instead of leaving he started getting angrier and I think was trying to intimidate me so I told him to get tf away from me and my car, while preparing to stand up so he had to get away from me.
He immediately went back inside while whining, swearing, and sulking so I went back in and booked a room while telling the clerk some freak followed me into the carpark, they were dismissive saying its Jimmy James or something. The creep sat in the restaurant area and glared at me for like 20 minutes, watching everything I do. So when I went to the room I had to look back to make sure I wasn't being followed and put a chair to the door. Around 3am someone tried to get into my room.
A few years later I was going for an evening walk in a city on some bridge/walking area near a massive park/river there were several forks on this bridge area that split into whichever path. Some fat guy decked out in workout clothes was huffing and puffing on the path. I knew he was going to try speak to me about mundane shit/try stop me and force a conversation so I turned around, and started walking back. He apparently took offence to that because he started slowly jogging into the split off area, stopped and was looking around clenching his fists yelling 'b!tch'- like we were going to battle. I was just watching him off a pathway because i was hoping he would just go by except he actively tried to find out where I went instead. When he saw me he got that typical mental patient look men get when they're going to do something demented, then started walking over to me to either try scare me or get into my space, while chattering nonsense. I stood my ground and said loudly 'why are you approaching me?' And he stopped then was trying to be menacing but just left somewhere instead.
Both times I tried defusing the situation by being polite or avoiding it, it seemed both men felt slighted over perceived rejection, so they tried to be intimidating then when I wasn't showing I was scared they backed off, I think if I showed more submissive behaviour they would have been worse, I can't fight though I pretended I would if I had to, (reality is I'd run away if they tried to physically attack me). It was like they wanted to "teach me a lesson" though in doing so proves why no one should talk to them or give them courtesy. 'I'll punish her for thinking I'm creepy by being creepy'.
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