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2023.03.21 22:50 Accomplished-Waltz88 trying to balance school and pup

i have a 4 month goldendoodle, and he’s a big distraction when it comes to my studies. i’ve tried doing work at home but he will grab my stuff for my attention and he’s too cute to say no to. i come home around 1:30-2 during the day, he’s left with my mom in the morning who leaves right before i come home. my dad comes home at around 5-7. i want to be able to go to the library which is a 10 minute walk from my house to do work. from 2-4 is when i take him out to play. he’ll be left alone for 3 hours at most while waiting for my dad, and he’ll fall asleep anyway since he’ll be tuckered from playing. is this a good fit?
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2023.03.21 22:48 Irulantk help with my aggressive cat

I have 3 cats. The oldest, Posada, is 12. ive had her for 8 years. But she would cry when i left so i got her a companion about 4 yrs ago, Carey who is now 4 yrs old. When Carey first came Posada was super aggressive but she seemed to calm down after a few weeks and she stopped crying at the door when i left. It seems to have curbed the loneliness but they dont really interact all that much. They dont play or cuddle together. They kind of just are like formal roommates. And thats ok.
However i rescued a 5 month old kitten 5 months ago, ive named her Maggie. Maggie was not fixed. And when i brought her in neither Carey or Posada was very happy. Posada got over it in 3 days and now she just doesnt care, in fact she'll bathe Maggie. Maggie isnt afraid of her either.
Carey on the other hand hated her vehemently. I thought 'oh its just a new cat' but it didnt abate after a month, in fact it got worse, more violent and frequent. So then i thought oh its cause Maggie isnt spayed and is spraying (something i didnt know female cats did until then). I cleaned up every time she did but yeah. It took me 3 months to get her finally spayed (2 months cause i usually wait for them to be around a year old to get them spayed, and another month for the 2 vet appts, i only got her spayed younger than i usually would because i thought itd help the aggression with Carey).
It did not. Ive had her for 5 months. She is fixed, shots, etc. And Carey is still violently aggressive with her. Maggie hisses and runs but she doesnt fight. I usually yell at Carey, which stops it in the moment but 5 minutes later shes back at it. Ive tried reintroducing slowly (something i know youre supposed to do at first but ive never bothered with because all my cats before this were fine after 2 weeks), ive tried different litter boxes, more food and water dishes (i had one community dish at the time), ive tried giving Carey more attention, ive thought oh maybe if i just let them fight it out eventually Maggie will fight back and swipe Carey a good one and Carey will leave her alone. But Maggie has yet to fight (this was my last resort). My vet checked Carey and Maggie, both are healthy.
She advised me to get a cat pheromone diffuser. I bought the one she recommended. Its been plugged in for 12 days. The first day saw no difference, but the next 3 days was far better. Not one fight, just Maggie growling and hissing. Which was a huge improvement because within the last 5 months of Maggie being here theyve never missed a single days worth of fighting for hours on and off all day. But the last 3 days its back to business as usual with Carey going after Maggie.
I am at my wits end, and ive been considering rehoming Maggie by the end of june if i havent made any progress by then. Because yes its driving me up the walls, but its also bothering Carey, and Maggie is so stressed shes hiding for most of the day and is beginning to get timid when she wasnt when i first got her.
If anyone, please, has any ideas, advice, tips, anything, id be grateful. I dont like rehoming animals if i dont absolutely have to. Thank you in advance
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2023.03.21 22:48 DarkBlueFlame36 Parenting techniques for 4yo with potential ADHD/ASD

Hi amazing parents, I'm after some advice. My daughter is 4 (5 next month) and struggles with anything that requires focus or even the slightest bit of organisation. She has been disruptive at school since the start of the year and dispite putting coping strategies in place with her teacher, her behaviour hasn't significantly improved. At this stage we think she may have inattentive adhd or could be on the asd spectrum.
Anyway, at home we butt heads frequently as I'll ask her to do something roughly twenty million times before she does it (finishing her breakfast, getting dressed, putting on her shoes etc). We fall into a cycle that goes like this:
At which point she gets upset and it's game over, so I end up dressing her myself and walking her to the bus stop in silent fury.
I am well aware this isn't a good parenting strategy, so recently I started looking up gentle parenting techniques... and its really opened my eyes to my own negative inner monologue. Seriously, I genuinely wouldn't even bother getting out of bed if I didn't think someone would be ashamed of me or cross with me for shirking off. Every single thing I do is to prevent someone being unhappy with me or see me as a failure in some way.
This leaves me with two rubs 1. How is it that if shame and fear of failure are such powerful motivators for me, how come my daughter seems to have the ability to just flipping well ignore them? 2. How the heck do I actually get her to do what she needs to do in a loving and caring way that actually makes an impact? All the gentle parenting stuff seems to centre around the child just magically wanting to do the stuff you ask if they feel secure and loved... and as much as it all seems very admirable, I just can't see that working? I mean, wouldn't bother doing what anyone said about anything if I wasn't terrified of repercussions - do children actually respond to this and if so am I the one that's broken?!
This is a lot to unpack, I know, but I'm sick of being perminantly furious - especially when it doesn't even work! But I'm having a really hard time sifting out strategies that are likely to work even slightly from the stuff that's complete and utter rubbish.
What has worked for everyone else out there? Especially if you have a neurodiverse child... or a even a non-neurodiverse child who is frankly just notorious for not listening. What can I do to make her do what she's meant to, properly and on time without having to resort to yelling?
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2023.03.21 22:48 surrealistik 2020 Conversion - Techtronica M40 Pulse Rifle

Techtronica M40 Pulse Rifle Type: Weapon (Excellent Quality Exotic Assault Rifle) Applicable Tech Skill: Weaponstech Cost: 5,000eb (Luxury) Techtronica's milspec Electro-Magnetic Pulse Rifle is designed to be the ultimate electronics-killer. Utilizing multi-band electromagnetic beam propagation systems, the M40 is a rugged weapon designed to disrupt, defeat and otherwise destroy electronics and computer systems of all kinds. This stubby, rifle-shaped weapon is fully insulated against its own effects. Up close, the weapon can permanently fry electronics of all kinds (from computers to cyberware), and incapacitate people.
The Techtronica M40 Pulse Rifle is an Excellent Quality Exotic Assault Rifle that is only capable of Single Fire, deals no damage to Cover and doesn't ablate armor. On a hit, in addition to dealing damage, it forces the target to make a DV17 Cybertech Check. If they fail, the GM chooses two pieces of their cyberware or carried electronics to disable as per a Microwaver for 1 minute. Whenever this weapon would inflict a Critical Injury, if any of its damage gets through the target's armor, the target instead falls Prone and Unconscious for 1 minute or until they are woken by taking damage, or by someone else using an Action that touches them. Different effects apply depending on distance from the target:
• 0-6 Meters: This weapon's DVs increase by 2 and the target's SP against its damage is halved. Effects that render the target's electronics or cyberware immune to Microwavers are ignored by this weapon. If the target's Cyberware Check is Fumbled, their cyberware and electronics are destroyed rather than disabled.
• 51+ Meters: This weapon's DVs decrease by 2 and its damage is reduced by 2d6.
Ammunition is costless as it runs off easily rechargeable (1 hour) battery packs that need to be replaced after 4 shots. Extra battery packs are 50eb (Costly).
Intended Tactical Niche: Basically localizing the iconic Cyberpunk 2020 Techtronica Pulse Rifle to Cyberpunk Red design conventions/lethality: a long range, military grade microwaver. Obviously this meant stripping away a lot of its destructiveness and instant death/KO capabilities, either strictly limiting these, or interpreting them as products of critical hits, fumbles and damage. Though overall 'better' than a Microwaver at 10 times the cost, the Microwaver does retain a niche as a one handed weapon that can be made concealable with a tech upgrade or via a pop-up with a bigger ammo capacity.
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2023.03.21 22:46 Puzzleheaded-Iron-58 Adding 10 4 minutes left thunderus

0783 1551 2884 (2711 6318 2369)
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2023.03.21 22:46 ShortConfection1316 WTAF experience.

I did 3.5 g of shrooms today around 4/5 hours ago, and the experience I had was out of this world 🌎 I can't even begin.
So I can't really remember every bit but it was crazy and a little scary.
I somehow felt the need to listen to Remove evil eye mantra 🧿 and I remember thinking that I was listening for hours but was just a few minutes. Some way through of all this crazy thoughts and emotions I felt a really weird feeling and presence almost take over me. The whole time looking at the lady with 3/4 snake arms.
I remember feeling a connection to Hinduism.
The next minute I look down at my hand and feet and the look distorted and deformed. Although I have no recollection of this it almost felt as if I was deformed and snapping in half almost possessed like. I remember feeling my neck and it felt really swollen and I remember looking down and thinking wow this isn't me. Who am I. Wtf
Then I just sat there saying I am good I am powerful I am strong. I remove all negative energy and feelings and flood this house and area with positive energy. I felt disembodied and disfigured. I remember expelling negative energy's to the pits of hell. It was so weird!!
The whole experince was unpleasant but towards the end insightful and amazing. Mind blown and I feel brand new and a different person so wierd
After this experience i sort of started warping back to normal and after a good hour of touching my body insanely and making sure my spine was still intact.
I felt a immense release of pressure.
Now I look back I had this awful weight in my shoulders. Really negative before. Eating loads of junk food. Just a complete ass.
It's almost like I expelled a demon from myself.
Metaphorically/ physically.
The feeling of relaxation and leave I have now is crazy. I feel like I've been reborn. I forgot who I was. Then I was snapped in half cracked popped and put back together. With a fresh attitude and no upper back pain.
Insanely wierd experience. Anyone else's take would be greatly appreciated
I then rang my partner who at the time was playing dayz and was telling me that he got nuked in game and was running over fences.
I immediately linked the disfigured Ed's to just being nuclear bombed and being in the after life 🤣🤣 I am now going to go sleep and have some crazy dreams lol
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2023.03.21 22:44 cbb88christian Negotiations Underway 3

First Prev Next
Approximated Earth Date: 3. May. 2235
A dull pain began to gather in Teresh's neck. Now that his shock was waning, he was beginning to feel the searing heat of the cut. His eyes glanced around at the oddly mundane things around him. Nothing seemed, well, alien. This room resembled many clinics and hospitals that he had visited throughout his life, though at a larger scale of course. These aliens seemed to have a fairly square approach to their furniture. The cabinets of medical supplies and the cots were evidence of that. Valaxi architecture favored more triangular geometry. Though not perfect triangles at times to preserve space, their beds and cots were wider near the head and skinnier near the feet. Their practical storage was still primarily square to be easily stacked, but many domestic shelves, cabinets, etc. were actually triangular in shape. Perhaps it wasn't the most efficient, but it was the artistry of it that was always apparent. He wondered if these aliens had art. If Tom had ever created a living mural or an infinite world.
There was a loud thunk as the door opened, Tom tentatively stepping inside. His voice resonated through the dull translator, "I have arranged a meeting, but we're going to have to hide you. If anyone sees you they'll probably panic. I don't want there to be any possibility that you'll be hurt."
"H-Hurt!" Teresh squawked, "Your people kill strangers on sight?!"
Tom sighed, the translator echoing a dull vibration. He continued, "No, we don't kill strangers on sight. If people see you and panic because they think that you'll hurt or kill them, then they may try to fight back first."
"Why would they do that? I'm not a danger to anyone... but myself it seems," he replied, his voice low.
"Humans..." Tom began, then stumbling, "that's us by the way. Our species."
"Hue-man, human," Teresh sounded out the word.
"Yes. Humans have something called a 'fight or flight' response. Under great stress, like seeing something that frightens us, we can either freeze up, run, hide, or become aggressive and defensive. There are plenty of other ways people act that fall into those camps, but that's roughly how it works," Tom explained. He made sure to have distance between them as he explained the aggressive part.
Both natural aggression and fear responses? Teresh had never heard anything like it.
Most species were either majorly one or the other, with exceptions of course. His own, the kooli, were actually aggressive when threatened. They could puff up their chest and crown, displaying an array of dazzling colors that could frighten many assailants. Their sharp talons usable as a last resort to rip and tear into their attackers. On the other claw, some like himself did prefer to run and hide. Though, Teresh always considered that a weakness of his. Not being honorable and brave like so many other kooli. It wasn't natural like with humans.
"Do you think I'm frightening?" He asked.
Tom immediately shook his head, "No! No, not at all."
"But other humans might be?" Teresh asked.
Tom explained, "There's a chance Teresh, that's all I'm saying. I don't want to take a chance with a diplomat like yourself. As you said, you need to speak to our leaders, and I'd like to facilitate that."
The kooli thought for a moment, his feathers unknowingly shifting to purples and violets. Then returning to his usual emerald green, "I-I understand, but how will you hide me? Please don't tell me you're going to toss me in a box."
"Okay, we really need to work on your perceptions of us. We're not callous," he replied, eliciting a strange look from Teresh.
"Callous?" Teresh questioned. Not familiar with the term.
The human paused for a moment, then rattled off, "It means... cruel, rude, brutish,"
That remains to be seen, he kept to himself. Though, he had to admit that Tom had shown him genuine compassion and hospitality since his arrival. He just hoped that the rest of his race was similar.
"How do you mean to hide me then?" Teresh asked, looking up at his own reflection in the black void.
"So, I've been thinking it over and I think I have a good solution. I need you to let me explain something that may be surprising to you, understand?" Tom responded.
Though he could feel his heart beating faster in his chest, he gave the human a nod.
Tom pointed to himself, "This is not what we, humans, look like naturally."
I surmised as much, Teresh noted sarcastically. He knew what a space suit was and would have donned his own if the atmosphere wasn't safe in the ship's hanger.
"This suit keeps me safe in the vacuum of space, including this," he made a closed fist with his hand and tapped the black mirror a few times. "You can't see my real face from the outside. I'd like to have you don one of these suits, so you don't stand out."
So, it is a helmet of some kind. For intimidation, it certainly is effective. I can't imagine seeing that on the battlefield, he noted.
Their own gear was nowhere near as terrifying. The kooli used a high-tech mask that vacuum fit to their head shape. It even accounted for the varying size of their crowns. This was the usual for most species using SSS (Smart Skin Suits), but it seems the humans haven't developed their own version of it. However, it seemed that this was working to their benefit. Perhaps this plan wasn't as farfetched as he initially thought. The thought of him dressed head to toe in orange and with the mirror helm would have made him laugh if he wasn't so nervous.
"I see, you mean to disguise me as one of your own," Teresh replied, receiving a nod of affirmation. "Could I pass as a human with my... size?"
"Yes, we humans actually come in many varying heights. There are plenty of humans that are actually shorter than yourself, albeit rare," Tom answered, getting another strange look from the kooli.
"Really? Are you humans highly varying in shape too, or just height?" He asked curiously.
"Eh... somewhat. Some can be a little bigger around the stomach area, but we all share the same shape for the most part," the human answered.
"I would love to sit down and discuss biology with you or your professionals, but that will have to wait till later. For now, I'm at your disposal," Teresh explained, then tacking on, "and please don't dispose of me."
"Wouldn't dream of it. Let's find you a proper suit first," Tom said, turning to face the door.
"Wait!" He called out, causing Tom to stop and flinch. The black mirror settled on him, knowing that there were however many eyes behind it. Gulping, he continued, "Would you let me see your face? Your real face?"
Tom paused, his stance still and tense. He had no idea what thoughts were stirring behind that glass, seeing only his own expression. The human's hand gripped the frame of the door a little tighter. Then he gave his answer.
"In time, but not now. I'd rather not expose you to any possible diseases, but..." Tom faltered, "I promise I will if all goes well. Deal?"
"If you're asking me to accept your terms, then yes," Teresh agreed, his feathers flashing a bright yellow.
"Good. I'll be back soon, just need to make sure my crew aren't experiencing their own fight or flight response," Tom concluded. He shut the door behind him, and left Teresh in silence.
Date: May 3, 2235
Tom stepped past the threshold and immediately leaned on his side. His mind spiraled, his breath tight in his chest. There was too much going on. The lights were too bright, the dull humming of electricity and the pipes pounding in his ears. His blood rushed through his veins, and every muscle twitched with energy. His anxiety like a swirling maelstrom in his chest. Everything was too much.
Come on, remember to breathe. Inhale. 1... 2... 3... 4... Exhale. 2... 3... 4... and Inhale. 2... 3... 4... Tom repeated in his mind. Forcing his body to follow the rhythm as his chest raised and lowered.
A simple salvage mission had turned into so, so much more. He had no idea what he was doing. There was a god damn alien in his med bay. He talked to them, and they talked to him. They shared a conversation about humanity and now he was trying to sneak them into a UNEM base. What the hell is happening with my life? It was supposed to get easier after service, but it's been nothing but more and more difficult. Why did it have to be me?
Dread began to fill his being as he made the long trek from the med bay to the cargo bay, to the administrative branch, and up to the bridge. He knew the others could watch him through the cams, and he could only imagine their expressions throughout the ordeal. Each step another clang against the metal floor below. Passing room after vacant room. He considered it an annoyance to only have the three of them working for the day, but now he held it as one of the greatest blessings. Clang, clang, clang. The sound of his boot impacting the stairs echoed through the air as he climbed to the top step. A hiss escaped the air as he removed his helmet and placed it under his left arm. With a heavy hand, he opened the door and stepped into the bridge. Both Maxim and Ally were crowded around the monitors, helmets off, expressions gaunt.
He looked at them, and they looked at him. The tension in the air kept them in an eternal moment. Up until Tom finally decided to cut through the silence.
"Their name is Teresh. They're friendly as far as I can tell," he explained, neither of them saying a word. Tom paused, and continued, "I phoned Mikael, going to try and figure this mess out together. I'm taking them to Jefferson base."
That seemed to snap them out of their stupor. Maxim speaking first, announcing, "Captain, you can't be serious."
Maxim may not don the uniform the uniform, but he was always a soldier. Young, strong, and ready for anything. He remembered Maxim coming to him fresh off his 18th birthday, ready to save the world. Tom could still see the innocence in those blue eyes, though tarnished with time. A number of pale scars and tattoos now adorning his obsidian arms. His voice was like a rough-cut gem. Strong, chiseled features, though he'd never tell him that. With jet black hair, he retained the buzz cut from service, and the same carefree attitude that Tom used to grapple with. However, given the situation, he knew it was the time for professionalism.
At the sound of his old title, there was a surprisingly flash of anger that swirled inside Tom.
"I'm not a captain anymore!" Tom growled. Then quickly dropping the snarl, continuing, "and I'm deadly serious. We need to get them to Earth gov and do it quickly. This is the most important thing that's ever happened in human history, and it's been dropped on our plate."
"Ca- Sir, we have an honest to God alien in our med bay. How do you expect us to get through clearance?" Ally asked, concern in her eyes.
Ally was always too kind for her own good. Their line of work didn't deserve someone like her. She came to their unit fresh out of college and worked as their intel operative. Outside of his lead, she was the one who pulled their asses out of fires. A tad shorter than both he and Maxim, but she was hiding the strength of a seasoned gymnast in that deceptive frame. She may not be able to go toe to toe with either of them, but she as hell could toss them around like ragdolls with their own body weight. Ally had hazel green eyes, lighter skin, dirty blond hair, and usually wore it in a ponytail.
"Already thought of it. I'm going to put them in an EVO suit and escort them ourselves. Give them a box, act like we're there delivering cargo," Tom explained, drawing stares from both of them.
"That's your plan?" Maxim asked with disbelief.
"Yes, damn it! I've had all of fifteen minutes to think of it, so I'd say it's pretty damn good. Look, you both know how the bulls are. Walk and talk like you belong, no one says a word," he replied, a tad exasperated.
"And if they scan the ship? Y'know, like the routine surface scan that's definitely going to pick up an unknown craft in our hanger bay," Ally said, a hint of an edge in her voice.
Tom allowed himself a smile, "Already thought of that. If they ask, it's top-secret clearance. They want info on it, they can go to Mikael."
"You're seriously going to throw the commander into the brush like that?" Maxim asked, hiding a chuckle in his voice.
"You better believe it. He owes us far more than that," Tom concluded, placing both hands on the helm.
He looked out of the viewport. Neptune was still in sight, with colorful marbles of various size in the distance. Dipping his hand down, he turned the navigator to the moon and set it to autopilot.
The nav computer's voice filled the ship, "Destination set: Earth's Moon. Estimated travel time: Fifty-five minutes, and twenty-three seconds."
With a small shunt, the ship shifted and began to turn. Its engines roared to life as it began to coast towards the moon. They could've used FTL but making a jump like that would've drawn much more attention to them. Better to play it safe and slow. See if they could dodge some of the air control towers while they're at it.
With a few extra button presses, he put the countdown timer up on the screen. They now had a little under an hour to formulate their plan and strategize for any obstacles. In some ways, it was sickeningly nostalgic. The three of them were tasked with an impossible mission once again. However, this time, it would be for peace and not for war. Failure was not an option.
Just like old times, Tom thought to himself. Just like old times...
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2023.03.21 22:44 Smooth_Chest6969 Medication shortage ruining my life

The adderall shortage has absolutely upended my life. For 1 - 2 weeks every each month for the past 8 months, my mental health has been reliant upon 1 person in 3 separate organization completing a task. I’m so grateful and lucky that the 1st medication i tried to treat my adhd worked perfectly for me. I’ve been on the same medication, at the same dosage, at the same quantity for 13+ years. I have established routines. I have learned tools. I have managed to build a life as an ambitious ores in despite my adhd.
This has all changed in the last 8 months. Last year in June was the last time I had my medication. Since then I’ve tried Adderall XR, Ritalin, an awful generic adderall IR from a manufacturer in India that made me want to k myself. My insurance wouldn’t cover 2 XRs a day so I was only getting half my regular IR dose but extended throughout the day. Then the available XR dosages started decreasing. Then no more generics, name brand only. Then no XRs. Then no Ritalin again. Etc etc. This month my meds are overdue by a week and a half.
Every day for this last week and a half I’ve had to make an average of 4 calls a day between my pharmacy, my Dr.s office, and my insurance company to access my medication. This time I’ve been prescribed Vyvanse. 4 times in this past week and a half I’ve put meds in my cart just for my order to be canceled last minute. Because the shipment never made it to the pharmacy. Because my Dr. was out of the office for the weekend. Because the pharmacy ran out. Because the person who does the prior authorizations is out of the office. Every single time my order was cancelled I had to start the process again. Get a new prescription again. Ensure the pharmacy has it in stock again. Call the insurance company again.
I’m not getting any work done. I’m glad I’m freelancing right now because if I had a regular job I’d have been fired by now. Everything feels so hopeless. Advocating for myself is exhausting. Everything is exhausting. I feel like I’m screaming in a room full of people and everyone is ignoring me. I’m a shell of my former self. Idk. I just don’t know how long I can keep doing this.
There has to be a lawyer out there willing to sue the DEA.
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2023.03.21 22:43 JaySpillz What a day! This is just the start. 🧠🧠

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2023.03.21 22:41 lnf3cti0n M+ and new Primordial Stones - with No healer?

Just a bit of a theory here. Would it be plausible, if you had a M+ team with a tank and 4 dps, where every member was running all the healing proc stones?
Looking on wowhead, the proc combinations across a whole group could effectively equal a significant total hps across the whole group. Combine this with tanks that practically don't need healing (like bdk or something), and providing the group doesn't stand in bad and take loads of unnecessary damage, then I can see this being actual a reasonable possibility.
The only thing I'm a little unsure about is how often they proc. If it's only like once every 2-3 minutes then it probably wouldn't work, but more frequent could make this viable.
Any thoughts?
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2023.03.21 22:41 pizzaguyman Chasing the dopamine leads to me hating myself

I recently got medicated earlier this year and my overall mood has increased and my ability to chase the dopamine has greatly improved. however I have noticed I end up feeling guilty or that I have done a disservice to myself in doing so. For example last night I sketched out a furniture piece I wanted. 15 minutes of sketching turned into 4.5 hours, it was 1 or 2am before I knew it. I worked out that I couldn’t afford to build the furniture and now I’m just hating on myself for spending so long and sacrificing 3 hours of sleep on a work night for no reason. I don’t know what to do about it because I felt happy and like I was enjoying what I was doing for the first time in a while and now I can’t stop punishing myself.
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2023.03.21 22:40 RetardHolder *Bonk* - Die Aktienschau zum 21.03.2023 - Ausgabe Nr. 314

*Bonk* - Die Aktienschau zum 21.03.2023 - Ausgabe Nr. 314
Guten Abend liebe Affengemeinde!
Der heutige Handelstag brachte unserer Lieblingsaktie ein Plus von 4,62 %, womit sie bei 17,65 USD schließen konnte.Über den Tag wurden 4,9 Mio. Aktien gehandelt. Edit: Nachbörslich schoss der Kurs bisher weitere 44 % nach oben.
Die Heatmap zeigt uns für heute fast nur Gewinner. Ausnahmen finden sich vor allem im Versorgungssektor und bei Immobilien.
Die Kryptomärkte ging es bergauf. Die meisten gängigen Kurse gewannen bis zu 3 % ihres Wertes dazu. Ein paar Ausnahmen gibt es für beide Richtungen, die Gewinner fallen hierbei aber wesentlich deutlicher aus.
Das RRP Update zeigt uns für heute einen Wert von 2.098,4 Mrd. USD mit 97 Gegenparteien.

  • Top Beitrag: Hype wegen eines GameStop Tweets.
  • Wie vorhergesagt: Der Vorsitzende der Credit Suisse schiebt KleininvestorInnen die Schuld für ihr Versagen in die Schuhe. Vergangenen November hatte die Bank bereits vor Verlusten gewarnt, da KleinanlegerInnen härteres Vorgehen gegen Naked Shortselling erzwingen wollten.
  • Swap DD: Ein Affe glaubt, ein Schlupfloch gefunden zu haben, mit welchem sich - unter Zuhilfenahme verschiedener Swap-Varianten - unbegrenztes Naked Shorting betrieben werden kann.
  • Anschuldigungen: Ein Unternehmen, das Heilmittel gegen Krebs entwickelt, wirft Market Makern wir Citadel und Virtu vor, ihren Aktienkurs mittels Spoofing manipuliert zu haben - über einen Zeitraum von 5 Jahren.
  • Peruvian Bull Tweet: Die Deutsche Bank ist die nächste, die es erwischt.
  • Teurer Spaß: Die Leihgebühr für GameStop Aktien ist auf 30 % gestiegen.
  • Entdeckung: Die Aktienkurse von Credit Suisse und UBS verliefen lange Zeit sehr ähnlich. Das änderte sich ab Januar 2021 drastisch.
  • Twitterstreit: Virtu CEO erklärt InvestorTurfs Vorwürfe gegen Citadel für Fakenews.

GameStop Earnings Call:

Das sollte alles Wesentliche für den Tag gewesen sein. Sollte es sonst noch Erwähnenswertes geben, von dem ich nichts mitbekommen habe, schreibt es gerne hier in die Kommentare. Ich werde versuchen, den Beitrag gegebenenfalls zu ergänzen.
Schlaft gut meine Affen, bis zum nächsten Mal!
Edit 1: Zusatz bei unserem Aktienkurs.
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2023.03.21 22:39 According_Ad4862 Just dropping by with my daily share count update

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2023.03.21 22:39 Zack_BeverlyHills [Task] YouTube Script Writer for Hip-Hop Content (900-1400 words)

I’m looking for a long term reliable script writer for my YouTube channel focused on Rap News and Culture. I produce videos on current trending topics as well as unique stories from the past. I’m looking for 2-4 scripts per week between 900-1400 words (about 6-9 minutes). I am pretty flexible with the schedule, turnaround time, and payment. I would strongly prefer someone US based, but I will consider others if you meet the following: You must be fluent in English, have a very good understanding of rap culture, and the ability to use slang/informal language in a natural way. You must be able to come up with a hook, rehook, and use tactics to keep the viewer engaged. I don’t mind providing some initial guidance but you should be able to write a script that requires minimal editing. Please provide me with relevant samples or explain why you’d be a good fit.
(Please do not share random sample scripts on topics such as finance, make money online, etc. as they provide no value to this work.)
Pay is $0.15 per word, which is around $15-20 per script. I’m open to purchasing in bulk or paying per task. If you are highly qualified but unable to work with this budget, message me and we can discuss. Thanks!
Here are a few videos so you can get an idea of the style I am aiming for:
Patrick cc: https://youtu.be/GLRdAjgbGy4
Haloh https://youtu.be/Ifnqi29Ql0g
Jabroney https://youtu.be/emAN4ZwYeVs
Bobbalam https://youtu.be/AoK-TrAZ-Dc
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2023.03.21 22:36 ConfuzzledRAGE Help me choose a book from these titles!!

So I need to read a book from the list given to compare to the Great Gatsby for my oral which is going to be 4-5 minutes long. I’m mainly into romance, mystery/murdecrime, fantasy, sci-fi and am looking for a short book. Any recommendations from below?
  1. Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi - Purple HIbISCUS
  2. Ahmed, Samira - Love, Hate and Other Filters
  3. Albertalli, Becky - Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda
  4. Anderson, Laurie Halse -The Impossible Knife of Memory, Twisted
  5. Anderson, M.T. - Feed
  6. Arnold, David - Mosquitoland
  7. Austen, Jane - Emma, Sense and Sensibility
  8. Blackman, Malorie - Boys Don't Cry
  9. Bradbury, Ray - Fahrenheit 451
  10. Brown, Jennifer - A Thousand Words, Torn Away, Perfect Escape
  11. Capote, Truman - Breakfast at Tiffany's
  12. Dessen, Sarah - Saint Anything
  13. Doeer, Athony - All the Light we Cannot See
  14. Hannah, Kristin - The Great Alone, The Nightingale
  15. Hashimi, Nadia - The Pearl That Broke its Shell
  16. Hossein, K- The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, And the Mountains Echoed
  17. Keyes, D- Flowers for Algernon
  18. Khan, Muhammad - I am Thunder
  19. King, A.S. - Ask the Passengers
  20. Kingsolver, Barbara - Flight Behaviour
  21. Lockhart, E. - Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks
  22. Manal Al-Sharif - Daring to Drive
  23. Marchetta, Melina - Saving Francesca, On the Jellicoe Road
  24. Mashigo, Mohale - The Yearning
  25. McEwan, lan - On Chesil Beach
  26. Murphy, Julie - Ramona Blue
  27. Nelson, Jandy - 1'Il give you the sun
  28. Ness, Patrick - The Rest of us just live here
  29. Ng, Celeste - Everything I Never told You
  30. Nicholls, Sally - Things a Bright Girl Can Do
  31. Niven, Jennifer - All the Bright Places, Holding up the Universe
  32. Nyathi, Sue - Gold Diggers
  33. Obama, Michelle - Becoming
  34. Pan, Emily - The Astonishing Colour of After
  35. Robert, Na'ima B- Far from Home
  36. Rowell, Rainbow - Eleanor and Park, Fangirl
  37. Ruby, Laura - Bone Gap
  38. Saenz, Benjamin Alire - Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
  39. Salinger, J.D. - The Catcher in the Rye
  40. Sepetys, Ruta - Salt to the Sea, Out of the Easy
  41. Smith, Dodie - I Capture the Castle
  42. Stedman. M.L. - The Light between Oceans
  43. Stevens, Courtney - Faking Normal
  44. Thackeray, William - Vanity Fair
  45. Thomas, Leah - Because You'll Never Meet Me
  46. Tlhabi, Redi - Khwezi
  47. Watson, Renee - Piecing Me Together
  48. Weir, Andy - The Martian
  49. Wingate, Lisa - Before We Were Yours
  50. Yousafzai, Malala & Lamb, Christina - I am Malala
  51. Zentner, Jeff - Goodbye Days
submitted by ConfuzzledRAGE to booksuggestions [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:33 autotldr Swiss government orders freeze on Credit Suisse bonus payments

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 36%. (I'm a bot)
The Swiss government is ordering Credit Suisse to temporarily suspend certain forms of variable remuneration for its employees after the bank's collapse and takeover by bigger rival UBS. This content was published on March 21, 2023 March 21, 2023 1 minutes.
Switzerland's Banking Act stipulates that the federal government "Shall impose remuneration-related measures if a systemically important bank is directly or indirectly granted state aid from federal funds," says the statement.
Last week a CHF50 billion liquidity backstop from the Swiss National Bank failed to stop a crisis of confidence in already troubled Credit Suisse.
A weekend of high drama ended with UBS agreeing to buy Credit Suisse for CHF3 billion, well-below its closing share price on Friday.
The Swiss National Bank will smooth the transaction by providing CHF100 billion in liquidity to UBS and Credit Suisse during the takeover.
The government has agreed to absorb up to CHF9 billion of potential UBS losses.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: bank#1 Credit#2 billion#3 Suisse#4 UBS#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.21 22:33 hitmandreams Specific Games Crashing - Hardware Issue Help

Summary of issue: Specific games crash while others are fine after upgrading mb, cpu, and gpu. There are no errors in game logs or event viewer after the crash and there are no blue screens ever. POE, BL3, and DOS2 all crash consistently. Currently testing with DOS2. The game runs fine sitting still but once you start moving around within 10 minutes it will crash consistently.
What I have tried (no particular order): - Reinstalled Windows - Installed Linux (same issue persisted for games that supported Linux) - Updated all drivers, firmware, and BIOS as of today - Cinebench completes on single and multi core tests without issue - Games like Doom Eternal, PUBG, and Warzone work just fine - Ran sfc and chkdsk tools - Ran HWinfo64 while performing stress tasks and gameplay, temps never rose above 85c under load - Did the same with Ryzen Master open, same results. Worth noting that PPT was pegged at 100% of 76W during stress testing in cinebench and prime95. Cinebench also pegged EDC(CPU) at 100% of 90A. - Game files validated through Steam - Swapped RAM to the below Corsair Vengeance Pro sticks from HyperX Fury 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2133MHz sticks - Turned off Simultaneous Multithreading from Ryzen Master and was able to play longer, but ultimately crashed (this has been turned back on since that test) - Playing POE with multithreading off allowed much longer play and often times without a crash. Other games don't have that option and I'd rather not if I can avoid it anyway. - Tried A-XMP profile on and off - Tried PBO through Ryzen Master, cinebench still worked but just hotter and games that crashed still crashed - Tried Curve optimizer to no avail - Reset CMOS, same results - Installed Prime95 and finally got an error that no other stress test gave me (screenshots included of test settings and error)
System Specifications:

Prime95 Worker #5 Fails consistently pretty quickly with the following on the Small FFTs test. Rounding was 4 before the CMOS reset (this turned off XMP). I did the Smallest FFTs test with a similar failure.
[Mar 21 16:20] Worker starting
[Mar 21 16:20] Beginning a continuous torture test on your computer.
[Mar 21 16:20] Please read stress.txt. Choose Test/Stop to end this test.
[Mar 21 16:20] Test 1 (thread 2 of 2), 220000 Lucas-Lehmer in-place iterations of M1633941 using FMA3 FFT length 80K, Pass1=320, Pass2=256, clm=2.
[Mar 21 16:20] Test 1 (thread 1 of 2), 220000 Lucas-Lehmer in-place iterations of M1633941 using FMA3 FFT length 80K, Pass1=320, Pass2=256, clm=2.
[Mar 21 16:20] FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 1, expected less than 0.4
[Mar 21 16:20] Hardware failure detected running 80K FFT size, consult stress.txt file.
[Mar 21 16:20] FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 1, expected less than 0.4
[Mar 21 16:20] Hardware failure detected running 80K FFT size, consult stress.txt file.
[Mar 21 16:20] Torture Test completed 0 tests in 0 minutes - 2 errors, 0 warnings.
[Mar 21 16:20] Worker stopped.
submitted by hitmandreams to pchelp [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:32 badger5411 Åbenlys udnyttelse af kokke på Michelin restauranter - Hvordan kan det være lovligt?

Hej hestenettet,
Tilbage i 2018-2019 havde jeg to udenlandske kokke boende på et ekstra værelse på forskellige tidspunkter i 6-8 uger uafhængige af hinanden. De var begge "interns" på den samme velkendte Michelin restaurant i København K. Jeg var mildest chokeret over deres arbejdstider på +15 timer per vagt på hver oftest 4-5 dage i ugen med en "praktikant løn". Den ene fik omkring kr. 7000 udbetalt for en måned.
Fornyligt har jeg modtaget en flygtning som skulle til en "trialrun" hos en anden kendt Michelin restaurant i København K. Hun er taget hertil fra et andet Europæisk land kun for at komme til en trialrun, rejsen er ikke dækket. Det var ikke oplyst forinden hvad en trialrun består af. Hun møder op til en 15 timers arbejdsvagt (kl. 09.00 - 00.00). Hun får ikke løn får de 15 timers arbejde.
Jeg er ikke overrasket over det sker i Danmark, men jeg er overrasket og målløs over det finder sted på nogle af de mest velrenommerede steder.
Hvordan kan det overhovedet være lovligt?Hvordan kan stederne ikke have råd til at betale personalet en anstændig løn?
submitted by badger5411 to Denmark [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:30 KhoaFraelich Thefts of catalytic converters on the rise throughout province

Thefts of catalytic converters on the rise throughout province

Converters can be removed in five minutes and cost hundreds to replace

What are catalytic converters, and why are thefts of them increasing dramatically around the province?

A catalytic converter is a cylindrical or oval-shaped canister that comes pre-installed by the manufacturer of an automobile. As part of a car’s exhaust system, a catalytic converter converts many of a vehicle’s more harmful exhaust pollutants into less harmful emissions.

The catalytic converter also contains precious metals such as rhodium, palladium, and platinum. Someone might steal one for its resale value, but it’s more likely a thief will sell it to a recycling facility for those small amounts of valuable metals it contains. Due to rising prices for these metals, they are a target for thieves, who are also attracted to the fact that catalytic converters are relatively easy to access and lack identifying markings.

A thief will slide underneath a vehicle and use a cordless reciprocating saw or grinder. These tools are not overly large and can be concealed in a jacket or backpack. After a series of cuts are made, the catalytic converter is removed from the vehicle’s exhaust system. The entire process can be accomplished in about five minutes.

When the vehicle’s owner returns and starts their vehicle, they will hear unusual noises and louder than normal exhaust sounds. It’s also likely that the “check engine” light indicator will be illuminated on the dashboard.

A new catalytic converter costs between $100 and $200, but having one professionally installed will add hundreds of dollars to the bill.

According to ICBC, claims for such thefts have climbed from 89 in 2017 to more than 1,900 in 2021, with claim costs spiking from $356,950 to over $4 million.

In March 2021, the province announced new regulations to the Metal Dealers and Recyclers Regulations, in an attempt to deter these thefts. The new rules direct all metal dealers to report to police each transaction of a catalytic converter when not attached to the rest of the exhaust system, including information about the seller.

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said at the time that the intention behind the amendment was to reduce anonymity when converters are sold, and thus reduces the incentive to steal them in the first place.

Here are some tips that can help reduce your chance of becoming a victim of catalytic converter theft:

– Listen for suspicious electrical tool noises and watch for people under cars, especially late at night or in isolated parking lots;

– Park your vehicles in well-lit areas in view of security cameras;

– If possible, use a locked garage or compound to park your vehicles overnight;

– Install good lighting and functional security cameras that you know how to use;

– Install a catalytic converter-specific security device, such as security cages, alarms, or specialized strapping, or have it welded to the vehicle frame; and

– Adjust the security system on your vehicle, if already installed, to activate from vibrations, such as those produced by electrical tools.

Business owners should consider securing their vehicles/fleet behind locked fencing or in secure compounds.

Source: Ashcroftcachecreekjournal
submitted by KhoaFraelich to CarScannerOBD2 [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:30 AllTimeWhat Apollo 18 but I did it badly

Please pretend I posted this yesterday!
In celebration of Apollo 18’s birthday, its younger brother came to town! Meet The 18th Space Guy, by Are They Big!
Track list: 1. Bury Me A Hole 2. Me Backwards Word Me 3. She Is Proportional 4. The Bad Doppelgänger 5. Special Animals 6. The Monument Took Me On A Drug Trip 7. Arachnid 8. Stringed Instrument 9. Food Sound 10. Squint 11. Skull Hallway 12. What Tells Your Emotion 13. Look At These Stars 14. Suppose I Was Brave 15. Spin 180 Degrees 16. Mind Tricker Of Women Phalange Ends Suite 17. All Is Burning 18. Phalange Ends (Plucky) 19. The Breeze Is Loud 20. Hi There Everyone 21. Who Is Outside The Glass? 22. There’s A Nice Bedbug In My Bed 23. Destroy My Automobile 24. Are You The One Who Gave Me A Black Eye? 25. Hand Over The Dairy 26. Let Me Be 27. Who Hit The Barrier? 28. Lonely, Just Me 29. Why Is That Navy Object Here? 30. Something Held The End Of My Arm 31. What Do You Mean 32. I Detected A Noise 33. Creepy Hiss 34. The Time Care Came To Have Fun 35. I Am In Cardiac Arrest 36. Phalange Ends (Hissed) 37. I Creep Through Dark Halls End Of Phalange Ends Suite 38. Astronaut Outfit
Well that took a hot minute. Sorry for this being late, Fingertips really put a delay on this. How’d you all like it? Let me know your favorites, albums you’d like me to do, and any suggestions you may have! Hope you enjoyed!
submitted by AllTimeWhat to tmbg [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:27 DragaMachine Help me diagnose my ex - covert narcissist or 'just' emotionally immature?

After being dumped by my ex, I just cannot stop obsessing over what went wrong, should I have been better, when did things become so bad, etc. I compiled a list of strange behaviors and I need help putting this in the right category in order to move on: 1. Overly attached after a guys-only ski trip, constantly cuddly, saying he loves me every few minutes 2. Not recognizing the girl whom he invited to give a whole day city tour. For this, he travelled to another city to meet up with her. 3. Annoyed by one of his 'best' friends bringing him down because of his depression 4. Deciding to go out and meet with a colleague, a day after we had conversation about whether we should continue relationship. Not rescheduling. The initial arrangement was to meet at her place. 5. Obsessing over presents for colleagues 6. Talking in sleep constantly, switching languages 7. Flirtatious messages with a colleague with whom he ran together, noticing when did she read the message, that she is online, etc. 8. At the party at this colleague, he gets drunk and starts inserting himself in her conversation with other people, trying to tease, or make her pay attention to him. On the way out, he says something like 'I am leaving now, I guess my girlfriend too' 9. Coming from a family of hoarders, his father teasing in an impolite way, even making sexual jokes 10. Soulless dead stare, like no one is behind 11. Dead stare when my friends would talk, not paying attention to the conversation, barely present 12. Mirroring my music taste 13. Forgetting stories I shared about my past relationship abuse 14. Not knowing years when his siblings and parents are born 15. Silent treatments, never taking accountability for those, those were always my fault. "If you talk to me like that, you don't get nice behavior from me". 16. Constantly on his phone, mostly browsing guitars to buy 17. Not a single close friend 18. Cheated his ex for 4 months, while living together with her. Only I and the friend who abandoned him know this story 19. While I was abroad, he got wasted and slept at a friend's place. I got mad at him and since then never met her, because she thought I was exaggerating. She was pushing him to break up with me 20. Sending a goodbye message to my friends after he dumped me 21. History of being abandoned/rejected by friends 22. Hooking up with ex-wife and ex-girlfriend of 'not so close' friends, Being kicked out of the group because of it 23. Promising he is willing to change, but barely doing anything concrete to prove that 24. Proposing couples therapy and after a single next fight breaks up for good 25. Afraid to go with me to confront a loud neighbor 26. Very feminine, child-like innocent behavior, while sexually dominant and aggressive 27. Referring to colleagues without name or gender 28. Cannot use urinals because ashamed of other men 29. "I don't agree on other points, we don't share the same view". Never explaining the 'points'. Vague speech 30. While being drunk having morally questionable thought experiments, regarding topics like racism, religion, gender equality
The reasons I am still clinging is that he was extremely cuddly, touchy, helped with a lot of household, practical things, brought flowers each time, thoughtful gifts, picking up hurt animals in the street and bringing them to the shelter, taking care of two rabbits, crying while watching movies, loving animals, helping people on the street. Once I made him cry by describing to him my favorite childhood story. Please help me make sense of this.
submitted by DragaMachine to Empaths [link] [comments]