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2023.03.21 20:46 Kakarolinka AITA for planing a revange on my ex?

First i want to say sorry for any mistakes. English is not my first language. Me (F15) and my now ex bf (TransM16) where in a relationship since Christmas 2022 till Valentines 2023. The reason of me breaking up with him was that he was ignoring me and not meating with me almost at all. He even didn't come to our meeting at valentine's day, telling me he was to lazy to go. Then he spend the whole day watching Netflix on my account with someone else. When i found out I got kinda pissed and confronted him, and he said that he's not going to come to the city (he lives 20/30 minutes by train) every time i want to and started "yelling" at me through texts, we got into an argument and i had enough and broke up with him, he commented it saying "Good". I had enough because he was not treating me right, he cheated on me at first having a thresome with some random guys he met at a party, and then he was sex partners for money with one of them, i have no for idea how long. After we broke up, he had the audacity to show up on my front door. When it was time to go back to school (the whole thing took place on a winter brake) i tas calm, i had to stand him because we had the same group of friends and we are in the same team on the workshop probably till the end of the year. But then he started ignoring your friends, then eventually he cut the ties with them. After that he started to hang out with some fake girls in our class, the ones that act so kind and lovely to everyone but then talk crap about them. Today i heard them talking crap about me and my bff. He told them some crap about her having a thresome with some random guys (even tho it was him), the told them some private stuff about my childhood (definitely not the stuff you share with everyone), he was talking about how he used us, how he had the worst time i he's life when he went to a cat caffe with my bff. He also lied to everyone about what happened between us. He literally change our places, he was talking about how i ignored him, and cheated on him. He was also telling my friend from upper class that i started to be best friends with some girl that destroyed half a school life of this friend, even tho he was the on friends with her, and he was the one talking crap about her. I woried cause i can't live this school because my mother wouldn't let me, i can only change classes, but even that can only be done the next school year. But anyway, funny part is that he was talking all of this crap about us, next to us and the only thing that thay changed while talking about this where the names. We got pissed. And we had a what i thought back then was a genius idea. He forgot to delete all of our conversations, when he was talking crap about the girls he's now friends with, so the plan was that i would take screenshots of the worst stuff he said and send this to girls he was badmouthing. But i'm not sure. Thay deserve to know, but i don't know if i wanna get involved more
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2023.03.21 20:46 wolvrine123 i am a male INFP have been talking to this girl who is ISFP for around 7 months everyday and she told me that she likes me and i told her that i like her too but she is asking me for a break saying that she needs time to figure out her feelings for me should i assume that it is over now ?

I am a male INFP have been talking to this who is ISFP girl for around 7 months everyday now (we were just friends werenot dating or anything) and i like her tbh a lot and i never knew if she liked me or not she seemed quite reserved so i asked her and she said she also likes me but after three weeks she asked me to give her time to think if her feelings for me are true or not and asked me to consider the same thing too , honestly i don't know what to expect like i feel that this is like a goodbye but she asked me not to cut the communication between us but take a break .
i tend to overthink a bit and sometimes assume worst outcome so my brain is telling me what if she is seeing someone else and i am just a second option or something .
I could never understand her feelings for me like sometimes i feel that she really cares about me and sometimes it felt like she was pretending to care but she really remember every small detail about me or the things i tell her, she showed me part of her old diaries and that she wrote about me , but thing is she keeps saying she feels safe around me and that i am nice ,caring and that's it really .
she told me she hadn't been in a relationship since 7 years now and i believe her , at the beginning of our friendship i tended to sadly talk a lot about my ex a lot as i wasn't over her yet and i did tell her that i was still struggling with my past and did not wish to hurt her but she was very okay with it and told me not to worry about it and let us start new and she heard so many rants from me about it yet she choose to stay , i never understood like she had a very long patience with me and taught me many things like not living in the past and appreciating what i have and myself and be proud of my achievements and so on , in away she saved me from the prison that i have created for myself and been living inside for years .
now i am too afraid that she will leave forever and i will give her the space she needs but i donot know what is the best action to do here should i forget about her completely and move on with my life or should i have some hope as i really donot know if she loved me or not honestly and i am afraid that our personality would clash a lot due to our differences .
i am trying to see people opinion about my situation because honestly i feel very confused and scared that i would invest all of my emotions into someone who wouldn't do the same for me and I know that i have trust issues from my past and my overthinking , i am trying to work on the things that i lacked before .
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2023.03.21 20:45 Atronil Right using tasks and processes in Winform application

Right using tasks and processes in Winform application
I have a first time project that includes running same process 4 times, i have flash winform application , thats run (uuu.exe - console application for flashing NXP chips)

winform app
each button starts its own process for burning image to NXP chip
private Process proc = new Process(); private async Task RunWithRedirect(string arguments) { eventHandled = new TaskCompletionSource(); int exitCode; ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(); proc.StartInfo = startInfo; startInfo.FileName = "cmd.exe"; startInfo.Arguments = arguments; startInfo.UseShellExecute = false; startInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true; startInfo.StandardOutputEncoding = Encoding.UTF8; startInfo.CreateNoWindow = true; proc.ErrorDataReceived += proc_DataReceived; proc.OutputDataReceived += proc_DataReceived; proc.Exited += new EventHandler(proc_Exited); proc.Start(); proc.BeginOutputReadLine(); await Task.WhenAny(eventHandled.Task); exitCode = proc.ExitCode; } //parsing output from console uuu application private void ParseOutString(string datastring) { if(datastring != string.Empty) { if (datastring.Contains("100%1:181>Okay")) { SetLabel("DONE"); } else if (datastring.Contains("1:181>Start Cmd:FB: done")) { SetLabel("DONE"); } } } void proc_DataReceived(object sender, DataReceivedEventArgs e) { if (e.Data != null) { string oot = Environment.NewLine + e.Data; if(oot.Contains("%")) { string[] kt = oot.Split('%'); SetProgressBar(int.Parse(kt[0])); SetLabel(kt[0]); } else if(oot.Contains("100%1:181>Okay")) { ParseOutString(oot); } else if(oot.Contains("1:181>Start Cmd:FB: done")) { ParseOutString(oot); } } } private void SetProgressBar(int cnum) { // InvokeRequired required compares the thread ID of the // calling thread to the thread ID of the creating thread. // If these threads are different, it returns true. if (this.progressBar1.InvokeRequired) { SetProgressBarCallback d = new SetProgressBarCallback(SetProgressBar); this.Invoke(d, new object[] { cnum }); } else { this.progressBar1.Value = cnum; } } private void SetLabel(string cnum) { // InvokeRequired required compares the thread ID of the // calling thread to the thread ID of the creating thread. // If these threads are different, it returns true. if (this.Status1.InvokeRequired) { SetLabelCallback d = new SetLabelCallback(SetLabel); this.Invoke(d, new object[] { cnum }); } else { if (cnum.Contains("DONE")) { this.Status1.Text = cnum; this.button1.Enabled = true; } else this.Status1.Text = cnum + "%"; } } 
as u can see SetLabel() shows presentage of output process from uuu application and shows it above progresslinebar. SetProgressBar() - i'm using to show visual progress of uuu application burn process.
RunWithRedirect - starts only when i'm pressing button(BURN 1 UNIT)
private void Cmd_Burn1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string cmdline = string.Empty; int fmb = SQL_Manager.FindMB_Pair(connectSQLDB, MB_Serial[0]); if (fmb == 1) { DialogResult m1 = MessageBox.Show("THIS MAINBOARD ALREADY PAIRED, DO YOU WANT TO UPDATE PAIRING?","INFO",MessageBoxButtons.YesNo); if(m1 == DialogResult.Yes) { Cmd_Burn1.Enabled = false; //MessageBox.Show("CONNECT FIRST STAND USB TO MAINBOARD","INFO"); cmdline = cmdtext(1, bootfile, imagefile); _ = RunWithRedirect(cmdline); } } else if(fmb == -1) { Cmd_Burn1.Enabled = false; cmdline = cmdtext(1, bootfile, imagefile); _ = RunWithRedirect(cmdline); } } 
the question is how i can implement same process to another 3 buttons , and they will work asyncronosly. how i can check if process ends and return control to UI. eventHandled not working and in debug mode i can not catch its value, if you need full project i can share here my github link. with best regards
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2023.03.21 20:43 SeizeThemMemes Visited by something, I think it's pretending.

Long story ahead.
It started when I was just a kid. I'm in my mid 30s now, but that's when it started. I'd like to preface most of this with an obligatory, to the best of my knowledge, I'm not making any of it up. Whatever definitive knowledge I think I've got is based on speculation and heresay. Nothing has identified itself at all, let alone directly. For my own sake, and the sake of related parties I'm going to edit all names from the story(ies). Especially since I'm not using a throwaway or anything. This is going right up on my personal account. I fabricate or hold back nothing this time. Ill be doing my best to cultivate as much accurate information as I can remember, but I'm getting old and don't remember as well as I used to. I can't even tell you how genuinely I consider religion, supernatural whatever, all of it to just be some stuff made up by white men to continue on with the patriarchy. I don't buy into ghosts or any of it.
It started as shadows. The feeling of being watched. My childhood wasn't that great, it was full of physical and emotional abuse from my mother. We lived in my step father's own childhood home, so it wasn't haunted by any ancient ghosts. It was a dark place though, with their history already blotting the air with it's thickness.
I guess before I really go on, I should explain that, too.
My step father was twenty something years older than my mom. So he was in his fifties during my teen years. He wasn't bad, he wasn't great. I guess technically speaking he was a bad step father. We didn't have much of a relationship, let alone a even bad "fatheson" one.
The home itself was an old New England starter home. It was small, as far as modern houses go. Three bedrooms total. One bath, a large basement spanned the entire length and width. By the time we had met him and moved in, he had already mostly paid the house off, buying it from his own parents. Outside of four years in the coast guard, He, his brother, and older sister had all lived there(while they moved away, he stayed)
Their family dynamic was dated, and weird. His mom and dad were the type to call each other "mom and dad" respectively. His sister, even after joining the navy and marrying an officer was required to maintain a joint bank account with her dad so he could have uptime decision making. She had her own creepy qualities when we'd visit. She collected Barbies, never opening them. That in itself isn't weird. Hell, I collect action figures myself. But she had a voice for some of her favorites, and they'd talk amongst themselves if she was in the room. My Step father's brother, was actually an inventor and invented something I can't remember anymore. He wasn't Bezos rich, but had a nice house in Florida when we'd visit. Mom and Step dad both always warned me though to be careful. He was on a lot of drugs.
My Step father himself was a weird man. He was never taught hygiene. And he was never really nurtured or loved, and unfortunately it showed. He didn't know how to do those things, either. He was a nice guy, but had no idea what to do from there. He grew up in the fifties, and as a kid, I just imagined that's why he was the way he was. From a different time.
The legacy of their combined tragic legacy lived on in a ghost that I do believe was in the realitively new house. We lived there total for twelve years with him, however the time is broken up into two different six year stints. Half way through, my mom for whatever reason, moved us out. We lived in a one room efficiency apartment together for exactly one year, before they reconciled and moved back in together. While we were moved out - we adopted a stray cat. Well, he adopted us. We actually found him the very first day we left him on our own. He was a white cat, nearly completely blind. He was just outside our motel door. We took him in with us. He was actually great. We named him Doofus, because he was kinda fun and goofy. He stayed with us the entire year departure, and was reluctantly allowed back with us.
My Step father was a dog person. Awkwardly so. He loved his dog(s). To the point where I'd still say he more made out with them, as a form of affection. It wasn't okay. I'm sure of that. Let me clear something up, while I say all of these negative things about him. It's not like that. While we don't have any sort of relationship now, I believe that's more us both healing from my mother more so than each other. But anyway, let's keep going!
Within a year after introducing the new cat into the house, he had himself quite the affinity for the basement. It was cool in the summer, and kept itself warm enough to be down there without freezing in the winter. It was my home base as a teenage boy in the late 90s, early 00s with AOL internet access. Doofus would often lounge around, and we'd leave him to his own devices while down there. He never disappeared and always came running when we'd shake his bowl of food. That first summer back though, we were, even my step father was, convinced he had worked his magic on a neighborhood feline friend, and had a litter of kittens down there. It wasn't the mousy cries of fresh babies. Certainly a meow that wasn't his though. We thought maybe he had found his way into the walls, or was simply stuck. Inevitably one day it happened with him fast asleep on his window perch in the kitchen. Finally my step dad fessed up what comes to be an important story.
When he was a kid, himself and his younger sister, found a cat. They, with some kind of sitcom understanding of how the world works, brought it home and tried to hide it in the basement to keep. Their father found it and brutalized the animal to punish them and simply disposed of it like it was nothing.
I can't stress it enough how… from that point on, things changed. The meowing from the basement stopped. Forever. It never happened again. However I never felt alone down there again, honestly.
I want to take another brief intermission to point out that at the current point in my life, I've been in therapy and anger management both. I haven't spoken to my mother in over seven years, and I'm barely any contact with my family at all. I had a very good therapist that helped me through my trauma with my mom as a child that continued into adulthood. Most of the information I'm going to share here, and continue to share here are things that modern medicine and science have since explained away. Sort of. I didn't just feel not alone while in the basement of my childhood home anymore, I felt actively pursued. Someone wasn't just always watching, they wanted to be known. I also started to experience night terrors that felt lucid.
I eventually moved out as soon as I could, and moved to Florida. Unfortunately my abusive mother followed. However, years passed from there. Through circumstance, I maintained a relationship with her. I was young and dumb, and didn't know how to set or enforce boundaries. Anyway.
Fast forward to my mid 20s. I had just ended a long term relationship with what was essentially my first "real-life" girlfriend. Things went sour the way things do when you're young, and I ended up moving back in with my mom and her now new husband. It was a very short stay, but while there I fell on hard times with my health. That's where the story here really takes an interesting turn.
Their house wasn't just bad, it was absolutely the worst. It was literally just a shack. The way some of those poor places in Florida are really like. I was home alone. I did have my own private bedroom. It was small, couldn't even hold my bed and the dresser. There was no door. It was an old curtain pinned to the outside wall. The illusion of privacy. It all went from easy enough to explain, to outright bonkers that day.
I was in bed. Doorway clearly visible. The sheet had been pinned to the space above it so it stood open for me to come and go easily. In the doorway was a teenage girl. Shoulder length brown hair. Conservatively dressed, yet modern. She didn't speak. It was over. She was gone.
The same girl came to me two or three days later, same setting. Just standing in the doorway. She seemed far less relaxed. Even agitated. She was holding something but I couldn't make out what. Whatever it was just wouldn't manifest, but it was important to her. Whatever that item was I can't help but feel like it'd all make sense now, but who knows. She stayed for nearly a full five minutes, fidgeting eithcthecitem before leaving. It was only a couple of more days before she came back again, but wasn't alone. An older man. Older then I was at the time, at least. He seemed like her father. They were bickering and fighting about something and she, in her tantrum disappeared. But he stayed and said nothing to me. He made no motion or charades. He did however glare at me this empty, menacing eyes and then vanished.
I didn't see the girl again until the night before I moved out. By this point, I had been drained of the small savings I did have. I was literally starving. Stealing food from Walmart just to keep myself going. I had aloowedcmy mother to drain me of everything. The apparition came to me that night, and the sensation was different. She glowed a warm orange tint. it felt like we were together forever. She still never spoke to me, but shared knowledge. She told me things about myself I didn't know yet. Actual, real life things that wouldn't come to fruition for over a decade, but they have indeed come true. Not even as a warning. It was a parlor trick to prove her abilities to me. I didn't see her again, for nearly 12 years.
It was last year she came back. I wasn't startled, she communicated like we were old friends. By just, giving me the information. I had probably six or eight months prior to that, reconnected with an old friend. The girl told me matter of fact my, "reach out. They aren't okay." Which was weird because we were talking mostly daily at that point again. I knew things weren't perfect but not being okay raised alarm bells. I reached out to find out their dog had passed just that morning. Again not a huge flex of their ability, just enough to keep me hooked.
I was bewildered at this point. I knew nothing of psychics or spirits or demons. Outside of what I seen on TV of course. I didn't even believe in that shit, but I love reading and learning.
Because of the history with my newly rekindled friendship, it was actually my childhood crush - the love of my life. That was actually the context of us becoming friends again. I wanted to work on fixing the things between us so we could be there again. The situation felt ripe by description for either Dr. Phil, or Lilith. Though I didn't know what that was even supposed to mean.
My own research and learning has brought me here, to you. This sub. This long story of ghost cats, and dark places, the meddling of what I thought was Lilith, but I believe to be something else entirely.
You see I've reached out to the girl who manifests. She hasn't been back, but I can still feel her around. So I've worked up the courage to confront her. I ask for identification, and my ears fill with this droning white noise and it'll eventually tell me that shes Lilith, but I'm not convinced. But from the difficulty in expression, neither are they. I believe it's something that latched onto my belief at first of it being Lilith and won't let up on that. I do believe it's "male" in nature. Has a knack for tricks, and knows that pretending to be something it isn't is bad for him, so he's trying to keep it under cover. I also don't think it's here to help me in any capacity. It clearly wants something either from me, personally, or is trying to use me as a vessel.
I think something masquerading now as Lilith has been involved in my life from the house I grew up. It didn't leave me alone, it learned to be less obvious and scary outright. But it's here. It's always here.
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2023.03.21 20:43 Timelesshero How to ask for more compensation as an Influencer Marketing Manager

I’m currently in negotiation for more compensation, either in form of a raise or bonus at the EOY but I don’t know how to best show them my “success”.
A KPI I was thinking of would be conversions naturally since this shows how much actual revenue my work is bringing in, but they aren't always accurate. I'm sure many influencers convert a lot more than the coupon analytics would show.
I'm curious to hear from other influencer marketing managers about the KPIs they use to measure their success. Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.21 20:43 AC_the_Panther_007 Rebooking WrestleMania: Part 3 (WrestleMania XI to WrestleMania XV)

Part 1:

Part 2:

WrestleMania XI (April 2, 1995 at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut):
Alundra Blayze (w/Wendi Ritcher) def. Bull Nakano (c) (w/Luna Vachon) - No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere for the WWE Women's Championship (TITLE CHANGE)
Hakushi def. Razor Ramon
The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) def. Jeff Jarrett (c) (w/The Roadie) - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match (with Larry Young as Special Guest Referee) (TITLE CHANGE)
Men on a Mission (Mabel and Mo) (c) (w/Oscar) def. The Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bart Gunn), The Quebecers (Jacques and Pierre) (w/Johnny Polo), The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner), The Allied Powers (Lex Luger and The British Bulldog), and The Blu Brothers (Jacob and Eli Blu) (w/Uncle Zebekiah) - Tag Team Gauntlet Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Bret Hart def. Owen Hart by Submission - "I Quit" Match with Roddy Piper as Special Guest Referee
The 1-2-3 Kid def. Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) by Countout
Lawrence Taylor (w/Carl Banks, Rickey Jackson, Steve McMichael, Ken Norton Jr., Chris Spielman, and Reggie White) def. Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Ted DiBiase, King Kong Bundy, Kama, Irwin R. Schyster, Tatanka, and Nikolai Volkoff) (with Pat Patterson as Special Guest Referee)
Diesel (c) (w/Pamela Anderson) def. Shawn Michaels (w/Jenny McCarty and Sycho Sid) - WWE Championship Match

WrestleMania XII (March 31, 1996 at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim in Anaheim, California):
Vader, Owen Hart, and The British Bulldog (w/Jim Cornette) def. Ahmed Johnson, Jake Roberts, and Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji)
Goldust (c) (w/Marlena) def. Razor Ramon and The 1-2-3 Kid (w/Ted DiBiase) - Three-Way Dance Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin (w/Ted DiBiase) def. Savio Vega by Technical Knockout
The Ultimate Warrior def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Sable)
Alundra Blayze (c) def. Bertha Faye (w/Harvey Wippleman) by Escaping the Cage - Steel Cage Match for the WWE Women's Championship
The BodyDonnas (Skip and Zip) (w/Sunny) def. The Godwinns (Henry O. and Phineas I. Godwinn) (w/Hillbilly Jim), Men on a Mission (Mabel and Mo) (w/Clarence Mason), and The Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bart Gunn) (c) - Four-Way Dance Tag Team Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship (TITLES CHANGE)
The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) def. Diesel
Shawn Michaes (w/Jose Lothario) def. Bret Hart (c) 1-0 by Pinfall in Sudden Death Overtime - 60-Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship Match (TITLE CHANGE)

WrestleMania 13 (March 23, 1997 at the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois):
Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon def. The Headbangers (Thrasher and Mosh), The Godwinns (Henry O. and Phineas I. Godwinn) (w/Hillbilly Jim), The New Blackjacks (Bradshaw and Windham) (w/Uncle Zebekiah), and The New Rockers (Leif Cassidy and Marty Jannetty) - Tag Team Gauntlet Match to Determine the #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Vader (w/Jim Cornette) def. Brian Pillman
Ahmed Johnson and The Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk) (w/Paul Ellering) def. The Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Savio Vega, and Crush) (with Clarence Mason, D'Lo Brown, J. C. Ice, and Wolfie D) - Chicago Street Fight
Mankind (w/Paul Bearer) def. Shawn Michaels (w/Jose Lothario) by Technical Submission
The British Bulldog (w/Diana Hart) def. Owen Hart - European Final Tournament Match for the Inaugural WWE European Championship (NEW TITLE)
Rocky Maivia (c) (w/Rocky Johnson) fought Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna) by Double Disqualification - WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
The Undertaker def. Sycho Sid
Bret Hart (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin by referee stoppage - Submission Match for the WWE Championship (with Ken Shamrock as Special Guest Referee)

WrestleMania XIV (March 29, 1998 at the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts):
LOD 2000 (Hawk and Animal) (w/Sunny and Paul Ellering) won by last eliminating Owen Hart and The British Bulldog - Tag Team Battle Royal to Determine the No. 1 Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship
Taka Michinoku (c) def. Aguila - WWE Light Heavyweight Championship Match
Jeff Jarrett (c) (w/Jim Cornette) def. Sycho Sid - NWA North American Championship Match
Triple H (c) (w/Chyna and Rick Rude) def. Brian Pillman - WWE European Championship Match
Marc Mero and Sable def. The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust and Luna Vachon - Mixed Tag Team Match
Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie def. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) (c) (w/Chyna and Rick Rude) - Dumpster Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship (TITLES CHANGE)
The Rock (c) (w/Faarooq, D'Lo Brown, Kama Mustafa, and Mark Henry) def. Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, and Vader - Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Undertaker def. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)
Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels (c) (w/Chyna and Rick Rude) vs. - Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship (with Mike Tyson as Special Outside Enforcer) (TITLE CHANGE)

WrestleMania XV (March 28, 1999 at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania):
Owen Hart and The British Bulldog (c) def. Edge and Christian (w/Gangrel) - WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Brian Pillman def. Goldust, Val Venis (w/Ryan Shamrock), Shawn Michaels, Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra), and Ken Shamrock (c) - Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Sable (c) def. Chyna - WWE Women's Championship Match
Jim Neidhart def. X-Pac (c) - WWE European Championship Match (with Shane McMahon as Special Guest Referee) (TITLE CHANGE)
Jacqueline (w/Terri Runnels) def. Ivory (w/D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry) - Evening Gown Match
Vader def. Al Snow and Hardcore Holly - Triple Threat Hardcore Match for the WWE Hardcore Championship
Marc Mero def. Bart Gunn (w/Jim Cornette) by 8th Round Knockout - Boxing Match
Kane def. Triple H (w/Chyna)
Droz, LOD 2000 (Animal and Hawk), and The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) (w/Paul Ellering and Michael "P.S." Hayes) def. The Ministry of Darkness (Sycho Sid, Faarooq, Bradshaw, Viscera, and Mideon) (w/Paul Bearer and Luna Vachon) - 10-Man Tag Team Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Big Show (with Mr. McMahon as Special Guest Referee)
The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) def. Big Boss Man - Hell in a Cell Match
Bret Hart def. Mankind and The Rock (c) by Submission - Triple Threat Elimination Match for the WWE Championship (TITLE CHANGE)

Part 4 is coming soon (WrestleMania 2000 to WrestleMania XX)
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2023.03.21 20:42 PinkPengin [Thank You] House full of love... and cats...

Today's good thing: I'm in one of the rare periods where all my various house humans and all our various shared cats are all in the SAME house instead of multiple. So right now, we have me, son-whose-23rd-birthday-is-in-three-days, wife-whose-anniversary-with-me-is-in-two-days, and sondad-exhusband-greatfriend-fellow-carder, plus 19-indoor-cats-don't-tell-my-HOA, plus regular visits from inlaws-who-live-awful-close. As someone who really, really, really would be happiest in a commune, this is close to as good as it gets in my world.
Also good, this mail pile is manageable and maybe I can get my thanks finished as I listen to a meeting I don't think I can contribute a ton to!
u/shipping_addict - Thank you for this amazing Playbill collage postcard! I definitely still need to make you a GOOD (aka not just letter-sticker-destash) Broadway card soon. You included several of my favorite shows on it and I was so excited :)
u/zenshark33 - Thank you for this amazing RAoC birthday CHEESE postcard. Cheese is an amazing birthday food - I always get good cheeses and do a charcuterie board for my birthday, in fact! So this made me smile.
u/TigerLady13 - Ooooooh. I adore this postcard from the "Queens Bath." Will you get to go there??
u/todayisfab - I swear I *had* this I Love NJ postcard when I was younger, and it made me incredibly happy. We've been to a lot of the same destinations there it sounds like! I used to vacation in Seaside Heights every summer with my sister's family.
u/travel4me22 - This latest penguin postcard from your aquarium trip is AMAZING. I want to pet it and hug it! (And no, this is not one I had before, but I will adopt allllll the penguins so never worry about that please either!)
u/lonelytwatwaffle - I love my mini cactus card and the cards from your travels ... but most of all, YOU. Always. You are my favorite.
u/Peonynote (x2) - Thank you for the beautiful bird thanks card and the "You're Good People" mini-card... and for giving me a taste (hahaha) of the good food we should be able to eat this summer! I also loved seeing the Bread Tree penguins, and now I need to look that up for sure!
u/cswl (x2) - Thank you for the two lovely St. Patrick's Day cards! I would be thrilled to come over for that pot pie you described - that sounds like a casserole I make pretty often, with an egg noodle base and those same things! Right now we do have brownies around, and I probably should've passed on those. I hope your chili dog picnic was good! And as far as wanting the appreciation for all the things you contribute... WOW do I get that!!! And while it definitely doesn't count the same way, I just want you to know how much I admire you. (Thanks also for the reminder to speak kindly to myself... woof... did I ever need that...)
u/AppleCritter723 - This cat card like Bounds-the-yeller is THE BEST. As are these stickers, because I adore them and am looking forward to having them at both cat headquarterses! I am so happy about your new friend. I can't wait to hear more!
u/mypetitmal - OK, this cat person card is the COOLEST nonbinary-appropriately-modified thing I have ever gotten, and you made my whole day! So a fun note about Lost Pengin is that she is named after a penguin illustration my wife made for our business website. We have bunches of pengins, all with their own names - Technical Pengin, Lost Pengin, Photographer Pengin, Security Pengin, etc. - and we've sort of expanded them outward. Why this cat got that name is mostly because she looked a little... confused, like the Lost Pengin illustration! I loved hearing all your kitties' nicknames too. I'll have to write more in a future card about the houses situation. That's convoluted but it HAS led to more cats so it cannot possibly be bad lol!!
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2023.03.21 20:40 StrongCategory4964 So I asked Nova chat gpt(AI) to write a script for Distractible.

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2023.03.21 20:38 throwRAyhxbj swollen lumps in 1 year old neck?

Hello everyone 👋 My daughter & I were finally discharged from the hospital after 5 days. We still have no idea what is going on in her neck. Doctors have lessened it down to either infected lymph nodes or cysts. Also, the scary possibility that the lumps are cancerous.
I am frustrated having no answers but remaining calm, patient, and having faith in the doctors. We were admitted at supposedly one of the best children’s hospitals in my state. I figured I’d take it to Reddit to see if anyone else has experienced something similar. Here is the timeline of events:
Wednesday: I noticed from looking at her from behind, that her right side of the neck was swollen. she recently has had no cuts or injuries. hasn’t been around animals. no known allergies. just a random, out of the blue, swollen neck. she was happy like normal and didnt seem in pain. Took her to pediatrician. Strep test negative, they say this is out of their range and sent us to the ER.
Thursday AM: finally get admitted into a room. Ultrasound is first. Results didn’t bring doctors anywhere. Only concluded that there is inflammation in her neck. She had one big swollen lump on the right side, and then 2 small ones on the left. Bloodwork shows elevated WBC. At this point the lumps in her neck are getting harder, bigger, and less squishy.
Thursday night: they took a chest x-ray, said it was protocol for anyone who was admitted but they were also looking for lung markings. again, inconclusive results as to what was causing this swelling.
Friday morning: they put my baby under anesthesia for a CAT scan. This concluded that her neck was filled with abscess and fluid. Then the preformed a slight draining biopsy procedure where they took some of the abscess and sent it to the lab to see which bacteria grew from it. They were not able to drain a lot of fluid. He described it as, her body formed a ball around the infection to protect it from spreading, and that prevented them from retrieving a lot of abscess thru the draining procedure. But they did get some and that was enough for the biopsy.
Friday afternoon: the surgeon spoke to me about how it’s a possibility this is a branchial cleft cyst, type II lesion, that they will need to remove. after it is removed, they can examine not only the cyst, but also her clean neck to see why it’s happening. he said it has reached the size of a golf ball.
Saturday: still awaiting results. Doctors have lessened their theories to an infected lymph node (what infection, though?), a branchial cleft cyst that she was born with and would possibly require surgery to be removed, or the worst possibility that these ‘lumps’ are cancerous, a type of lymphoma .. Which is just a waiting game while we wait for the biopsy results.
Sunday: finally, some bacteria grew from the fluids in her neck. Staphylococcus epidermidis. They do not believe this is causing the infection /swelling, rather the needle came in contact with StaphEpi when touching the skin on her neck as many people carry this on their skin daily with no issues. They put my baby on Unasyn for 30 mins thru the Iv periodically. her fever spiked to 101 so they gave her tylenol and it went down just fine.
Monday: finally discharged with oral Augmentin to give her orally ever 12 hours, along with a probiotic once a day to harden her stool (diarrhea has been a side effect from the medicine). we are still waiting for the results from the biopsy and i have a follow up visit with the lymph node specialist on friday and the cyst surgeon on monday.
an important note to add is that she was exposed to MRSA, which i was confident could be the cause of her swollen neck, but the doctors don’t have it on their immediate list of theories while we await results.
has anyone heard of or experienced anything like this? swollen, hard lymphnode-like lumps throughout the neck but causing no pain? can eat/swallow fine? sleeping, using the bathroom like normal?
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2023.03.21 20:37 Lazy-Answer-4991 Fanfic review 9- TDAS re- write

So….it’s been a while…. Needed a mental health break. But anyway we’re back, better than ever, except this may be a more negative review so if your not up for that go read a different one. Also spoiler warning.
But if you don’t agree with my opinions please don’t take it out on me, anyway this fanfic was… definitely stirred up something in the TD community.
Basically it went viral a few years ago, but now that we’re all matured, can we admit this was never that good of a fanfic? Sure it’s not bad, but all that hype for what?
Ok so the fanfic is meh, if I’m being honest. But it has the most interesting finale, but not in a good way. Mal, Zoey and Gwen.
Not a bad combo, but gwens already been a finalist, and Mal and Zoey were never good finalists in my opinion, maybe mike but Zoey just didn’t feel like finalist character, she screamed mikes name for the whole of all stars and that was it in my eyes.
I will give it credit though that I actually find it funny how self aware the book can be, especially about mal.
The finale isn’t my the worst thing ever, but I’ve seen better. Let’s start with the bad so then we can end on a positive note, ok so the dialogue in this story is kinda….cringeeeee
It’s good, but it seriously makes me look away sometimes, especially with mal. However this fanfic has one thing that is the only thing that I understand the hype for.
Now I’m not a gwuncan liker, in fact I’m a gwuncan hater, but this story did them justice.
And I love that they made Duncan and gwen date, without making Courtney a horrible person, seriously why didn’t people learn that Duncan, gwen and Courtney can all exist in the same universe peacefully.
Sorry I was supposed to finish the bads, Courtney….baby I love Courtney but seriously they did not do my girl good, she seriously just….I can’t even…. As a Courtney lover it’s painful, that’s all I’ll say.
Zoey is the blandest girl ever, she’s bland in the real show but here she feels so bland that I actually forgot she was still in the competition at some point, let alone a finalist.
Also at the end of each month I’m gonna ask you for nominations on the best and worse fanfic, and we’ll do a little total drama fanfic Oscar’s, we can either do one once a month or once a year you decided, leave nominations.
Unless I change my mind and can’t be bothered 😭😭
Overall good fanfic if your a Gwen fan, like this was made for the fans, everyone else is mediocre at best.
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2023.03.21 20:36 Lilly_Owl App is working fine on phone and iPad, but not on pc.

Hi. Please help.
As mentioned in the topic, if I use the app on my cell phone or iPad, it works just fine.
But, if I try to connect to the exact same servers, using app installed on my pc or laptop, it returns me the error “failed to negotiate cipher with server”.
And the only working clients on pc and laptop leak dns. I have tried client configs (Canada) from vpn book site. They work fine on pc, but, the dns leak test shows traffic from Canadian server and server from my home country.
And other clients that show no dns leak when tested on mobile devices, do not work on pc.
OpenVPN v. 2.6.1. OS on pc is Win8.1. OS on laptop is Win10
Sorry for my English…. and explanation, I tried my best. And would be grateful for the help.
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2023.03.21 20:35 BlantantlyAccidental In The Void of War Chapter 11


Chapter 11

General Republic Automated Repair and Recovery Station #4413A

Republic of United Systems controlled Shoal Zone

The AI aboard the automated repair and recovery station whirred to life as an unknown power source appeared on the extreme edge of its sensor range. It was faint. Attenuating its sensors to best determine exactly what had just entered the same galactic backyard as it, the AI went about its usual business of self checks, log dumps and traffic updates. All of this happened in a nanosecond of being awoken. A few more nanoseconds passed as the information gathered by the finely tuned sensors determined that the engine source nearby was extremely unstable and in need of assistance. It pinged the supposed ship, but no registration information came back. Since it was an AI, it had no feeling of urgency or error. It parsed this information like it did the rest; it put it into the “new” part of its systems and began the process of firing up a repair drone. It would charge whatever it was for its repairs, and if services were refused, the drone would return.
Two minutes after the unknown power source was detected, a repair drone was zipping its way through the cold vacuum of space. As it got closer and closer, a better picture of what the power source was and its purpose became clear to the ai. It was a ship, but it wasn’t a ship it had ever encountered, or a drive system it knew. As the drone got closer and closer, it picked up several signals, all of them foreign. The ai cross checked every known Republic and Solidarity signal, and any other that had been used in the last several years. Nothing came back as a match.
This set off some flagged responses programmed into the ai. First, it sent out a system wide drone update to look for the power source anywhere else a General Republic Automated Repair and Recovery Station was. It took less than 2 seconds for every single station to get the update. Meanwhile, the repair drone finally arrived at the location of the source. The view from the camera was that of an ad-hoc conglomeration of several different pieces of metal and asteroid flung together to make a ship. As the drone approached, several organic signals emanated from the ship. The camera was picking up Space Bugs.
The ancient warp engine of the Zartaxian Hive Hauler shunted the ugly ship roughly through space and time, bringing it to its randomized destination. It’s Zartaxian captain had no name, just a job, and that job was to find stuff. Unlike the others in his race, this Zartaxian was a drone caste, only bred for one purpose; to go out, find, and die.
After several random jumps into the deep darkness of space, This one was finally doing a very good job of the finding part. On its sensors screen, a ripe and juicy stable power source sat, alone and so easy to take. The Zartaxian had ordered its other hive members to general quarters,ordering the ship to approach whatever it was out there. However as soon as they had arrived and determined their target was safe to scavenge, something broke away from the power source and headed toward them. Whatever was heading their way was also a new power source, and very stable.
The Zartaxian had determined it was a smaller craft. Not worried as it did not seem hostile(nothing was happening other than the single craft heading their way) the Zartaxian ordered some Cold Vac members to go and bring the drone aboard. A dozen cold vac Zartaxians floated out of the bug ship toward the drone. As they approached, the drone turned away and started to burn toward its home. A few of the cold vac Zartaxians were obliterated by the sudden activity from the drone they were heading toward. This angered the Zartaxian. Ordering those still outside in the vacuum back to the ship, the Zartaxian was determined to bring back whatever it could to the Hive Station. It send out a “Happy/Find/Treasure” sensation through his ship, and ordered his crew to chase the drone down.
The automated repair drone had determined that whatever it had been sent to try and assist was not anything to offer its services too, noted the organics floating closer and closer to it, turned and began its burn back to the berth. Alien, not alien. To the drone and the Automated Repair and Recovery nothing was out of the ordinary. Just a ship that it couldn’t repaiextort out of money. Interest lost. As the drone began its return, the Station noted that the ship was following it. All attempts at communication with the ship had failed, and the Station was sending out an automated distress signal to the General Republic Station Control Center.
The on duty Control Center Engineer noticed an automated distress signal alarm had appeared on the SCADA systems log. It had happened 10 minutes ago. The Engineer puzzled over this, as every alarm that ever generated would ALWAYS show up in big yellow letters on the screen, along with in the log.
The Engineer scrolled through the log to try and see what happened. He wasn’t overly concerned about the distress signal, as it was probably something wonky with the ai. Typing a few commands, the log appeared on his screen:
[3065/22/06] 14:25:00 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
[3065/22/06] 14:25:00 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
[3065/22/06] 14:25:00 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
[3065/22/06] 14:25:01 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
[3065/22/06] 14:25:01 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
[3065/22/06] 14:25:01 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
[3065/22/06] 14:25:02 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
[3065/22/06] 14:25:02 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
[3065/22/06] 14:25:02 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
The Engineer scrolled through every millisecond of the last 10 minutes of the alarm going off, to the very beginning.
[3065/22/06] 14:14:52 Zulu Station #4413A reports Unkn. Pwr. Src.
[3065/22/06] 14:15:36 Zulu Station #4413A reports Drone Dispatched.
[3065/22/06] 14:20:30 Zulu Station #4413A reports NoCom. NoAck. NoServ. From Drone.
[3065/22/06] 14:20:31 Zulu Station #4413A reports Drone returning.
[3065/22/06] 14:25:00 Zulu Station #4413A reports Prx. Alrm. Unknown.
The Engineer was puzzled over the info in the log. Whatever the Station had detected wasn’t a ship, so the drone it sent out came back.
“Whatever it was that it detected followed the drone back. Huh.” The Engineer said. The Station itself hadn’t broadcast any other alarm since. Acknowledging the alarm and putting it out of his mind, the Engineer went back to staring at the multiple screens on his desk.
The Station had determined that there were Organics floating around it, as whatever ship had arrived nearby had approached. It was close enough that the Station was now broadcasting on all open channels for the ship to depart its zone of control. Nothing replied. The ship seemed ignorant of its pleas, as the first Zartaxian cold vac member began dismantling the massive open gantry space station, the entire crew of the Hauler now out in the cold harshness of space, breaking the station down piece by piece.
The ai did not know it was dying. It was losing functions across many of its systems. It was sending out alarm after alarm, but nothing was coming back from the Control Center. All it could do was that, and wait.
Big red letters popped up on The Engineer's screen. This time he tore his attention away from the Gogtubeok app open on his OptiLens and read the alarms as they happened.
[3065/22/06] 14:42:021 Zulu Station #4413A reports Dmg. Ext. FuelStor.
[3065/22/06] 14:42:022 Zulu Station #4413A reports Dmg. Ext. FuelStor.
[3065/22/06] 14:42:023 Zulu Station #4413A reports Dmg. Ext. FuelStor.
[3065/22/06] 14:42:024 Zulu Station #4413A reports Dmg. Ext. FuelStor.
[3065/22/06] 14:42:025 Zulu Station #4413A reports Dmg. Int. Core. Reg.
[3065/22/06] 14:42:026 Zulu Station #4413A reports Dmg. Int. Core. Reg.
[3065/22/06] 14:42:027 Zulu Station #4413A reports Dmg. Int. Core. Reg.
[3065/22/06] 14:42:028 Zulu Station #4413A reports Dmg. Int. Core. Reg.
[3065/22/06] 14:42:029 Zulu Station #4413A reports Dmg. Int. Core. Reg.
This startled The Engineer. Something was tearing Station #4413A apart. He looked around the cool, dark office that was the General Republic Control Center and sighed.
“What was the procedure for this again?” The Engineer said, opening a drawer and pulling out a thick, dust covered book. Sure things were electronic, but a lot of information wasn’t stored like it was back in the day. The Engineer was old school. Blowing off the cover of the thick novel like book, the words “Control Center Uncommon Occurrences Procedure” were printed in gold leaf lettering. The Engineer cracked open the tome, and flipped to a certain page.
In flowing cursive were three sentences:
“In case of strange or unkn. Alarms from any station, dispatch Station Patrol to investigate. Dispatch as soon as first alarm comes in. Could be rampancy.”
The Engineer furrowed his brow. This was an old book, so he knew that there had been plenty of changes in the use of ai on the stations. It certainly wasn’t rampancy. So the second part of the advice sucked. The first made sense to The Engineer. So he closed the book, put it back in the drawer, and closed it.
He typed a few words on a small terminal, and sent out a dispatch request to the closest Station Patrol group to investigate. Patrol Group Theta-Hart acknowledged the dispatch, and The Engineer sat back. His job was done, for now.

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2023.03.21 20:33 throwRAyhxbj swollen lumps in 1 year old’s neck..

Hello everyone 👋 My daughter & I were finally discharged from the hospital after 5 days. We still have no idea what is going on in her neck. Doctors have lessened it down to either infected lymph nodes or cysts. Also, the scary possibility that the lumps are cancerous.
I am frustrated having no answers but remaining calm, patient, and having faith in the doctors. We were admitted at supposedly one of the best children’s hospitals in my state. I figured I’d take it to Reddit to see if anyone else has experienced something similar. Here is the timeline of events:
Wednesday: I noticed from looking at her from behind, that her right side of the neck was swollen. she recently has had no cuts or injuries. hasn’t been around animals. no known allergies. just a random, out of the blue, swollen neck. she was happy like normal and didnt seem in pain. Took her to pediatrician. Strep test negative, they say this is out of their range and sent us to the ER.
Thursday AM: finally get admitted into a room. Ultrasound is first. Results didn’t bring doctors anywhere. Only concluded that there is inflammation in her neck. She had one big swollen lump on the right side, and then 2 small ones on the left. Bloodwork shows elevated WBC. At this point the lumps in her neck are getting harder, bigger, and less squishy.
Thursday night: they took a chest x-ray, said it was protocol for anyone who was admitted but they were also looking for lung markings. again, inconclusive results as to what was causing this swelling.
Friday morning: they put my baby under anesthesia for a CAT scan. This concluded that her neck was filled with abscess and fluid. Then the preformed a slight draining biopsy procedure where they took some of the abscess and sent it to the lab to see which bacteria grew from it. They were not able to drain a lot of fluid. He described it as, her body formed a ball around the infection to protect it from spreading, and that prevented them from retrieving a lot of abscess thru the draining procedure. But they did get some and that was enough for the biopsy.
Friday afternoon: the surgeon spoke to me about how it’s a possibility this is a branchial cleft cyst, type II lesion, that they will need to remove. after it is removed, they can examine not only the cyst, but also her clean neck to see why it’s happening. he said it has reached the size of a golf ball.
Saturday: still awaiting results. Doctors have lessened their theories to an infected lymph node (what infection, though?), a branchial cleft cyst that she was born with and would possibly require surgery to be removed, or the worst possibility that these ‘lumps’ are cancerous, a type of lymphoma .. Which is just a waiting game while we wait for the biopsy results.
Sunday: finally, some bacteria grew from the fluids in her neck. Staphylococcus epidermidis. They do not believe this is causing the infection /swelling, rather the needle came in contact with StaphEpi when touching the skin on her neck as many people carry this on their skin daily with no issues. They put my baby on Unasyn for 30 mins thru the Iv periodically. her fever spiked to 101 so they gave her tylenol and it went down just fine.
Monday: finally discharged with oral Augmentin to give her orally ever 12 hours, along with a probiotic once a day to harden her stool (diarrhea has been a side effect from the medicine). we are still waiting for the results from the biopsy and i have a follow up visit with the lymph node specialist on friday and the cyst surgeon on monday.
an important note to add is that she was exposed to MRSA, which i was confident could be the cause of her swollen neck, but the doctors don’t have it on their immediate list of theories while we await results.
has anyone heard of or experienced anything like this? swollen, hard lymphnode-like lumps throughout the neck but causing no pain? can eat/swallow fine? sleeping, using the bathroom like normal?
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2023.03.21 20:32 Amaya_273 How do I comfort my bf's fears and insecurities in a proper way?

(TL;DR AT THE END) My bf is the sweetest and loveliest person ever, the way he loves and treats me is beyond words. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me. He had some fuck ups in the past, due to which he struggles letting people in his life and even if he does he refrains from sharing his thoughts and feelings, which is totally okay with me, i cannot force him to open up to me this quickly, especially if that's what he's not used to before. We've known each other since a year (we've been friends for 9 months and started dating now) so it's natural to take some time to open up to me, but when he does i struggle to comfort him.
We usually talk via call so when he vents about his fears his insecurities i feel bad that i cannot comfort him in any way. He doesn't like hearing affirmative sentences, but that's the only way i comfort people (kind of). I struggle with showing my emotions and giving comfort to people with words, i can say it on text but never on calls. Today he told me his insecurity of loosing me and he was extremely sad but i couldn't say or do anything because honestly i didn't knew what to do. So, how should I comfort him? How should I comfort his insecurities without being pushy? It's getting frustrating as even if i want to comfort him, do something for him i just feel so lost. So how should I comfort someone that hates being comforted?
TL;DR: When my super independent and emotionally aloof bf vents to me i struggle comforting him as I'm not good with words and emotions. I really want to be there for him but i cannot figure out how.
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2023.03.21 20:31 Menigma The In-depth Guide to Wingers and Wide Midfielders

This is Part 2 of the Wide Players Guide
Find part one here
Wide Midfielders and Wide Attackers is what I'm going to be using to refer to positions in being focused on in this guide. It's important to understand the key differences between both these positions and how they are influenced by team instructions, role and duty. Wide Attackers offer one crucial thing every team needs, and that is width. Whilst Wingbacks and Fullbacks offer protection from Wide Attackers, they can also offer width as well. A majority of tactical systems play two sets of wide players, that is, some form of Wide Defender and Wide Attacker combination. You may however consider playing one wide player, and there are systems that use only Fullbacks, Wingbacks and even Wide Midfielders, as their only source of width.

Re-quote from part one: It's also important to realise that you need to protect your flanks. I've said this in previous guides, but time+space for any player who is creative enough is dangerous. Creativity in this case refers to crossing, flair, technique as well as the pace and or acceleration to run to the byline. When wingers have all these attributes, and are not closed down, they will simply run down the line and produce quality balls for players in the box. The better the player out wide, the more it's necessary to close them down

Now whilst Wide Attackers and Wide Midfielders primarily offer width, since systems often have two wide players it means they can specialise. This is where Inside Forwards and Inverted Wingers come in alongside roles like Wide Playmaker, Raumdeuters and Trequartistas. Essentially, Wide Attackers have the advantage of offering more than just width, and this comes at the cost of width. Now this is good because the reason narrow systems aren't really popular is because of the need to protect the flanks. There's simply very few options when you play single wide player systems. Standard dual wide player systems allow us to protect our flanks rather well, or at least put good pressure on the opposing team to limit their opportunities to attack our flanks.

ML/R (Wide Midfielders) vs AML/R (Wide Attackers) Positions
The defensive aspect of this is that simply put, the Wide Midfielder positions offer more defensive cover and protection for the fullbacks but even aid in protecting the channels. This is at the cost of the pressing that the Wide Attackers offer. Duties make a difference as well, with a Wide Midfielder on attack duty doing as much defensive work as a Wide Attacker on support. There's also the roles themselves and how they work. Some roles are made to offer protection, like the Defensive Winger, and some roles will do almost no defensive work like the Trequartista and Raumdeuter.

The key distinction of Wide Midfielders and Wide Attackers allows us to control the nature of the pressing system we have. Wide Attackers put more pressure on the opposing backline, and this might not be what you want. Maybe your central players are the ones more suited to doing this and have reasonable cover if they are caught out of position. Dropping the Wide Attackers to Wide Midfielders makes it harder for the opposing team to just play direct balls out wide and forces them to play through the middle, right into your central press. The MEZ specifically likes Wide Midfielders because of this action, the fact they are given even more reason to put pressure on the opposing team is why you find them in such a system. It does however work with any high pressing central roles like the PF, SS, AM(a), CM(a), BBM(s) or the BWM(s).

You may want to press on all fronts, wide and central. You may want to press centrally, or just press out wide or you may not want to press at all. The choice between Wide Attacker and Wide Midfielder determines significantly how you press and who actively puts the pressure. There's also protection to consider, if you play a Wide Attacker you are leaving the duties of covering your defence to your central midfielders and they need to protect your Wide Defenders. This might be better in terms of what your midfielders are capable of. If you have central players capable of carrying the defensive responsibilities of the Wide Attackers, and Wide Attackers capable of covering for the offensive deficiencies of the central players. You may prefer to play Wide Attackers, this does however still limit your options since certain central roles are off limits due to their neglect of defensive responsibility.

The advantage of Wide Midfielders is that you can still put pressure and track back. You can have a more balanced distribution of responsibilities because Wide Midfielders offer specific roles capable of doing that. This is where the Defensive Winger comes in. Willing to put pressure and position well, provide a screen for the WBs/FBs. The other Wide Midfielder roles always consider their defensive duties. You may want a player who keeps the opposing wing backs in check, perhaps you don't want any uncontested crosses for your defence because you are playing a deep defensive line and expect a lot of pressure. Wide Midfielders are better for parking systems because they allow you to deal with these issues of constant pressure.

Generally, Wide Attackers will find themselves closer to goal and therefore be an active goal threat for your team. This can be good or bad depending on what players you have. Often times you may make a system with Wide Attackers even though our Wide Attackers have poor finishing or long shooting. They may also have poor Off-The-Ball and only really possess attributes that allow them to link play rather than finish off attacking moves. In such circumstances it's not advisable to play Wide Attackers primarily because of the fact they are stealing chances from capable goalscorers.

If your idea is to funnel chances into one specific player or a few specific players, then playing Wide Attackers is not a great idea. It does however follow that if you have wide attackers capable of taking chances, perhaps alongside their other distinct qualities, then it would be a good idea to play them. It is almost a necessity to do so if you have average chances takers in other areas of the field.

In terms of tactical ideas behind this, you may decide that you want to have a lot of players actively looking for chances whilst also linking playing as well. The reasoning behind it doesn't matter who gets the chances, so long as chances are made. This is where Wide Attackers shine the most, because they can do both these jobs.

If you haven't noticed, I've described the philosophy of quality vs quantity. Wide Attackers contribute more in attack because they involve themselves in more attacking phases, therefore they will result in more chances. Wide Midfielders have more distinct jobs and as such are limited in what they can offer. This distinction means you have a greater control over what they do, and that should be remembered when creating your systems. The perfect chances will come because your Wide Midfielder won't enter the box to take it away from the player the chance was made for. At the same time, because there is one or two fewer players in the box. The chance is more predictable, it's perfect but it's obvious, whereas if you played Wide Attackers who does the opponent mark. You don't know where the ball will end up with Wide Attackers, neither do the opponents. It may not be perfect, but chances will come, so all you need to do is use the other tools at your disposal to optimise them. That is the team instructions, roles and so on.

Time to classify all these roles

Goalscorers (RAUM)
The only role in both the Wide Attacker, Wide Midfielder and Wide Defender positions that purely looks to be a goalscorer. The key thing to notice about a lot of these specialty roles is how they automatically sacrifice width. This will become a common thing as we look as other roles but for this role specifically the word sacrifice natural. The Raumdeuter or the Thomas Muller role is a role built upon dark arts, it takes advantage of the fact a Fullback will never really follow the winger everywhere they go and as such this role acts as a shadow striker from the flanks. There are however significant differences between the Shadow Striker and the Raumdeuter, that is how they approach the game. The Raumdeuter on the ball is more of a playmaker whilst the SS is more of an Inside Forward. Off the ball however it's essentially the same thing but the Raumdeuter is more dangerous. The greatest threat the Raumdeuter poses is the fact they can simply go to where there is space, another thing to consider is the likelyhood the Raumdeuter is better aerially their marker. This is why I term this dark arts, because there are great sacrifices, one is the width. The other is the lack of pace meaning don't expect them to run with the ball and the last is the disinterest in tracking back to help protect the flanks. A role that some FM managers will never use but if you wanna have some fun, and lose a few games along the way. This role really pushes the boundaries of the match engine.

Runners (CWB, W, IW, IF)
The runners are the roles that carry the ball, but also make runs off the ball in an attempt to get into better positions. There are a lot of runners and transitional roles in the flanks. The reason for this is runners and transitional roles are the only roles that provide natural width that is irregardless of what role from the runner and soon to be discussed transitional class, you will get width from all of them. Now natural width means where they position themselves when the team has the ball. It doesn't matter how narrow you go, or if you add the sit narror PI. These roles will still stick wide, at least wider than the other roles in the wide areas.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the runners fit into every system but it does mean you'd be hard pressed to find a system without a runner or transtional role somewhere. In fact, it would probably be bad tactically if it didn't have some form of width provider. Now that we've understood that, we need to then explain the key distinctions between all these roles. I've already discussed the CWB in part one so I'll skip it here.

Now lets start with the most basic, the winger generally isn't very popular anymore and the reason is simple. What can the winger do that the other runner and even transitional roles can't. Cross better than the IF role maybe, but aside from that the other roles do more offensively. The Winger is generally a role of the past where Fullbacks were expected to just defend. In the modern day so many wide players can defend and attack or attack in a variety of ways. The Winger therefore just isn't good enough as beating your man and crossing is a pure skill check. Now don't let my statements fool you, the Winger is a threat. The great thing about the winger is that if they are better than the opposing fullback, then that's that, chances will be made and Adama Traore is our real life example for that. There's no role more black and white than the winger, and getting a good one absolutely justifies playing a stock standard full-back behind them.

The Inverted Winger and Inside Forward are next but they are unique in that they provide natural width and use that width to get running pathways to goal. They sacrifice that width to earn space inside or at least be a threat in the central area, and that is why these roles are so popular. The nature of the IW and IF is to be quick, fast and skilful on the ball so it's extremely risk to get tight on them and since they are so wide they are readily available to receive the ball. The IW is probably the most well rounded Wide Attacker in the game, however there's no real specific threat that they possess. It's more or less a game by game basis for the IW. The IF on the other hand is a whole combination of specific threats, whether it's off ball movement, excellent finishing, dazzling flair, all round creativity or ranged shooting. The only thing really is their allergy to crossing and sharing the ball, but since they are unlikely to be in the positing to do so unlike the IW, it's not a problem.

The common combination we see with both the IW and IF is some form of an overlapping FB or WB or CWB. This works in so many different ways since both roles provide width, and because they are near each other the link-up play is and cross-movement is where teamwork is manufactured for these roles. Since both the IW and IF sacrifice width to make things happen, the overlapping player recovers or at least takes advantage of the vacated space and since we now have an extra central player, the overlapping player has more choices of whom to cross to.

Can you get away without having an overlapping FB?. Yes you can, if you play a more structured system, where the responsibility of attack and defence are specified. If you do however like playing IF(s) or IW(s) then you simply need to get someone overlapping because your wide players will not have enough impetus to do it themselves.

Another thing to consider is under lapping runs where central players make runs into the channels. This works well with the IW but not the IF because the IF wants to make those runs themselves and if two players make that run then it will most certainly result in that gap being plugged. The IW won't make the run and so can facilitate that type of move, since again they can be a playmaker if the situation allows.

From a defensive standpoint, all of these roles would prefer to press rather than sit and protect space. The reason, all of them to some extent require work rate, acceleration, pace, stamina and anticipation, all of which are pressing attributes.

Playmakers (TQR, AP, WP)
This role you'll notice does not provide natural width since like the Raumdeuter they sit narrower. Now they are still well wider than if they were central, and that is one good thing about playing Wide Playmakers. Being wide means their playmaking options are a bit more limited. This is a very important distinction to understand, there is less threat from a Wide Playmaker than a central one. There is more skill needed to play as a central playmaker rather than a wide one, there is a trade off.

Generally you will find that this is the one class that not matter what cannot get away without someone overlapping or underlapping. The reason being, unlike runners, who can go themselves when given the opportunity. Playmakers pass first so they need options inside or outside of them to be dangerous. Bonus points if you create both, as playmakers are smart enough to pick the right one when the circumstances call for it.

Playmakers are special in that they provide options and ball retention next to their playmaking abilities. The issue lies in the fact they don't provide the natural width normally required. That therefore pushes this to other roles, which isn't necessarily a bad thing since again a lot of players are capable of doing so. The main reason why you may want to play a WP, AP or TQR in the Wide Attacker or Wide Midfielder role is because of the control it gives you as a manager. Essentially the way you have to see it is the more playmakers you have, the more your team works the ball in the box and that applies here.

The TQR as I've said before is aggressive a playmaker as you can possibly have. Still a playmaker, but more open to the more selfish options of play. Since the AP and WP are essentially the exact same role but in different positions, you can simply look at the differences in the Wide Attackers and Wide Midfielders as a reference point for their behaviours. The TQR on the other hand is unavailable in the Wide Midfielder positions, which fits because they are unlikely to track back. The key differences between the AP/WP and TQR are the tradeoff between options and responsibility. The TQR has more options but is given less responsibility for other areas (only coming with an attack duty) whilst the AP and WP take reasonable interest in defending and protecting their respective areas. They do so by trying to cover passing lanes and won't be too caught up with what's going on in front of them, meaning they are unlikely to be caught out of position.

Transitional (DW, WB)
Similar to the runners, these provide natural width and both are capable of being the lone wide player in a tactical system or the supporting wide player to a more advanced Wide Attacker. They generally aim to do a complete set of tasks on the defensive front, whether that be pressing or sitting back and protecting the goal. They possess the same requirements as some of the runners (particularly the winger) and I'd say they can do more than the winger.

The issue that lies with transitional roles is they are not superb, they aren't world beaters. You can expect them to do their job diligently, not better than if you played an actual winger in the wide areas. This is the key distinction between the two roles, the Wingback does well in attack but is unlikely to do amazing and if you build a system then it's not supposed to be around them.

One of the recommendations that I'll make is that in a scenario where you have 2 sets of wide players in your system, it's better to play a narrow width because of how it influences your team. This encourages your players to play through the centre, it encourages your Wide Attackers to move closer to receive passes and if your Wide Attackers cut inside it creates space for your WB. The reason why this is the way you want to approach this is because you want your WBs to be a secondary options to your main option, that being your Wide Attackers.

Controllers (WTM, IWB)
I can't say much about these two, essentially the roles that are there to consolidate control of the game. These roles are both unique, not for same reasons. The IWB sits narrow and aims to link with the central players, meaning once again we've sacrificed width for something else. As a result it is almost always necessary that width this role, in play some other player goes to occupy that empty space. The IWB, especially for possession systems, makes it really difficult for the opposing team to press since it's like having an extra midfielder.

The WTM is also unique in that he does stay wide but is there to hold up play, using physical strength and a good mental to link with teammates and allow your team to get forward. This works well since the WTM is also adept at being an aerial threat in the box and the extra numbers alonside good delivery is likely to result in positive things occurring.

Both need someone to provide width, as they benefit the most from that. If no one does then they lose their effectiveness.

General Purpose (FB, WM)
These roles exist to do one of a few things, mainly to provide width when needed and also provide defensive cover. Both are malleable enough to do other things, which may mean they don't provide width. It however is likely that they will be used for their balanced approach to the game. I believe that it is preferable to play both of these in some scenarios.
Some modern examples
Raumdeuter -> Thomas Müller

IF -> Mo Salah
It is simple really, he can dribble, he can score, off ball movement, long range shooting, and some creativity to add on to that. The best IF in the modern era right now.

IW -> Riyaad Mahrez
This has to do with the way in which Mahrez plays, it's never really specific. There are games where he takes people on, beats them. Games where he links with KDB and games where he crosses and shots primarily. Mahrez is this well rounded Wide player, hence the perfect Inverted Winger.

Winger -> Adama Traore
The question is can you stop him, the answer is usually no. Too quick really and that's what it comes down too, a skill check or pace check in this case. We even see Traore being played as a WB to try to get more out of him, to mixed results.

AP -> Christian Eriksen (Spurs)
Back when Spurs were beating teams, it was Son left, Alli Central and Eriksen on the right as a sort of Advanced Wide Playmaker. On the outside of Eriksen was Walker and with Alli playing as a SS you can see how spoilt for choice Eriksen was when it came to chance creation for Spurs.

TQR -> Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
It's hard to find a pure example, but this is the closest thing to a real life TQR. A playmaker who is open to selfish options, a player who is carried by his team defensively. Eden Hazard was a force and the main reason was the licence to go where ever and almost do whatever he pleased.

WTM -> Mario Mandzukic (Juventus)
During this time, Manzukic would act as a Wide Target Man as Juventus pushed for a UEFA Champions League. It was powerful since crosses were the main way Juventus could score as they played a really rugged back 3. The WTM fit in really well there, since it really was best for the players they had.

WP -> Koke (Athletico Madrid)
As a way to counteract the sheer amount of possession teams would get over Athletico, Simeoni created the Wide Playmaker role. A player who can track back and provide a link between Defence and Attack and control games they were already winning.

DW -> Juan Cuadrado (Juventus)
It's not a surprise again that with the back 3 Juventus play, they needed someone who could put pressure and still consider their defensive responsibilities. Cuadrado has the physical ability, the all round skill and mental attitude required to do that.

WM -> Marc Albrighton (Leicester City)
Not many specific examples come to mind, generally a lot of teams play this role if they play the 442 or 4141 or some form of conservative formation dual wide men formation.
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2023.03.21 20:31 anoleo201194 Where would you rank our individual players this split?

So I just listened to the Dive, and since they obviously didn't talk about TL since none of our players were top 3 in their positions I figured I'd make a post here to discuss our own rankings.
Overall this split was a wash, the level of the 2nd - 8th teams had such high variance that it was difficult to see how good or bad we were. Only reason I think we should make changes is because we just didn't look good in our losses and even in some of our wins we sucked ass.
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2023.03.21 20:31 galacticmang0 I slept with an old flame during a work trip and my husband has no idea

I met D in the 6th grade, science class to be exact. We weren't really friends for the first couple of years of knowing each other. We began talking more around the age of 13/14 and immediately clicked. We had a shared interest for a particular hobby, and once we bonded over that everything else snowballed. We started to develop feelings for each other, but due to my immaturity at the time I never really agreed to officially date. I will spare the details, but unfortunately we had a very painful falling out, and by the time high school came around we were no longer speaking.
We did eventually reconnect, but that was followed by several instances of going back and forth between being inseparable to no contact. It was always rooted in D's inability to be my friend because he still had romantic feelings for me and it made things difficult for him.
D moved across the country not long after we graduated high school, and any contact we had going forward was always virtual. We finally got to a point where it seemed like it was possible for us to be just friends. I got into a long-term relationship and D was dating other people as well. My long-term relationship turned into a marriage, and I've now been with my husband, M, for a total of 6 years. After a couple of years of being married, feelings for D began to resurface. We would talk and text all the time. There were a lot of flirtatious messages being sent. Several times I found myself wanting to cross the line completely. D and I had never been together sexually and I found myself longing for that sort of encounter with him more and more.
I think we both knew what we were doing was wrong. At that point it was pretty much a case of emotional cheating. So we went no contact again and stayed that way for quite some time. Until recently.
I got a new job last year where I've had several opportunities to travel for work. I was recently asked to go to Phoenix for a 2 month assignment. Phoenix is where D lives. I hadn't seen him in 10 years which feels crazy to put into words. I fought with myself not to reach out, but I couldn't help it in the end. I surprised him by showing up to his job (he owns a small café) with a couple of things I had collected over the years that I always wanted to give to him. Understandably he was in shock to see me standing there in the flesh, and I can say I practically felt the same way seeing him. I couldn't really get a read on how he felt about seeing me after so long, but I gave him the name of my hotel, and told him I'd be in the restaurant at 5pm if he wanted to catch up over dinner.
He came and we had such an amazing time chatting, reminiscing, laughing. Two hours flew by and I didn't want it to end. I asked if he wanted to come hang out in my hotel room for a while. I told myself that it was possible for us to just enjoy each other's company without crossing a boundary, but deep down I wanted to take it a step further. We hung out for a few more hours, drinking and laughing. Eventually we got tired. I laid down to clothes my eyes for a few seconds and he did the same. We inched closer together until we were basically spooning, and after a few minutes of laying like that I could feel him getting hard. I was so incredibly turned on, I really couldn't resist. I turned around and kissed him and I'm sure you can guess what happened next.
It was honestly the best sex of my life. I can't even describe what it felt like having him inside of me for the first time. Everything about it was absolutely perfect, from the pace, to the rhythm, the foreplay, everything. His hands on my body felt like electricity. I never orgasmed like that until I was with D.
From then on we saw each other almost daily. We continued to sleep together and each time felt just as good if not better. Of course in the back of my mind I felt tremendous guilt, knowing that I was betraying my husband in the worst way possible. But it just felt too good to stop. Even writing this out now makes me feel a certain way.
I got home from my work trip 3 weeks ago and my husband doesn't have a clue as to went on in Phoenix. I know I should end things with M but I'm scared to actually do it. I've built a life with him here and I know I'm an absolutely shitty, disgusting person for what I've done.
I've already been asked to return to Phoenix for another 2 month assignment beginning in September. I've tried to reason with myself but in the end I just know I'm not going to be able to resist seeing D again.
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2023.03.21 20:29 Equivalent-Hedgehog1 The cherries on top

Since it’s obvious someone on the pod reads even the ridiculous comments from here, could we use this time to determine the value of constructive criticism?
I can already imagine some of the reactions to literally any interview following Dax’s self proclaimed favorite guest and very best episode. I can also imagine how tough it would be to find new life stories that match your favorites of the 550+.
Who do you want to hear on the show? What could they talk about? Why does your unsolicited opinion matter?
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2023.03.21 20:29 questionablestandard [WTS] Fox Radius

Updated Timestamp
Pictures and Videos
Fox Radius - I copied someone else's homework here and edited where applicable but this post did a great job of capturing my feelings on this knife. I am the 2nd owner, it has never been cut or carried all original packaging including the box micro fiber and leather sheath are included. MSRP: $511 Asking Price: $325 $300 OBRO
SPECS: Overall Length: 7.25" Blade Length: 3.00" Cutting Edge: 2.875" Blade Width: 1.00" Blade Thickness: 0.16" Blade Material: Bohler M390 Blade Style: Wharncliffe Blade Grind: Flat Handle Length: 4.00" Handle Width: 1.125" Handle Thickness: 0.56" Handle Material: Copper Shred Carbon Fiber Weight: 3.90 oz.
INFO: There are multiple ways to deploy and retract this knife, which may sound weird considering the mechanic but it turns out you can fire it a few different ways.
The classic 'push and turn with your thumb' is the one I picked up the fastest and does have a learning curve because it is a pretty weird thumb movement. Once you get the hang of it you can really whip it open and closed, although it isn't the best way to fidget. The second opening / closing method involves pushing the button and freeing the knife along the pivot track, then flicking your wrist and using gravity / force to open or close it the rest of the way. This is fun as HELL and basically reminds me of a Paragon Warlock mechanic. I actually have a blast using it like this, really enjoyable action...but still not the best fidgeter.
After a few weeks I was able to depress the button than flick my wrist and keep my thumb on the button, riding it around to finish the open or close. It's amazing and nearly impossible to show on video, I took like five videos before giving up but once you get the hang of it the experience is truly unique.
The blade itself is great, a nice flat grind and extremely well coated. The copper carbon fiber looks great, feels great and the anodized hardware and clip perfectly compliment the copper CF. Overall the aesthetic and build are fantastic, however the action is what really pushes this knife up to 'Knife of the Year' category.
If you tried one of these and didn't give it enough time you really need to pick up a new one, or the Saturn. This mechanism really requires time and effort to master, which I was not expecting when I first got it.
Once you do though....holy shit it is rewarding and fun. I can't believe such a fun knife has flown under the radar while also winning a bunch of awards, it sounds stupid but that seems to be exactly what happened here.
MSRP: $511
Asking Price: $325 F&F
All sales ship USPS Priority, tracking provided in advance.
"YOLO" means you unconditionally agree to purchase the knife with no further questions, and buyers will be given a 90 minute window for payment.
Thank you I can answer any questions
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2023.03.21 20:28 melt-brain my sister got her prom dress a few days ago, and i bawled when i saw it.

my (19f) sister (17, almost 18f) just got her first prom dress. it looked absolutely beautiful. think of a modern wedding dress.
she left over the weekend to go shopping for one and was sending me some pictures of dresses she liked. she found a black one that made her look like a badass from a show like game of thrones or like the main singer from the hex girls from scooby doo.
she comes home that day with her dress. i had seen a photo of it and thought it was beautiful, but when she came home and put it on, i burst into tears.
she looked so beautiful. i’m talking absolutely stunning. she’s always been thinner than me. i’m a bit big. not obese, but not skinny. i’m in the middle. my sister is thin, got broad shoulders and hips, overall a nice modern model. she’s gorgeous.
she’s been self conscious of her thin-ness before but i mean, she’s beautiful. i think she’s perfect. she’s my sister. our fraternal feelings don’t mean we won’t be honest with each other, but even if she wasn’t my sister and she had issues, i would still say she’s beautiful.
she puts the dress on and i could just imagine her in that dress on her wedding day. i could not hold in my tears. i was a bit jealous of her size, but that was nowhere near as powerful as how proud i felt that she found the prom dress that perfect captured her.
i’m so excited to take photos for her on prom night. i just wish that she had a man that would admire her as much as her girlfriends (not romantic. platonic. just to minimize confusion) and family admire her.
sorry for the random and long post. i just love my sister more than literally anything in this world, and i cannot wait to see her on prom night and brag to my friends about her and her beautiful dress. my sister is the best and coolest sister in the world.
also on a completely unrelated note, we may be starting our own podcast, and she thinks it’s because i like her nightly snapchat story talks, but it’s really because i truly have missed out a lot on our bond until the pandemic hit, and i want to get more involved in what she likes and doesn’t like. but she won’t know that ;)
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2023.03.21 20:27 amulek84 Chef Hero
Today on one of the major television channels will be a show to determine the best chef in town. In the game Chef Hero you need to help your character win this competition. An image of the dish that you will need to prepare will appear on the screen. Examine it carefully. Then, using a special panel, sequentially select all the necessary products. After performing certain actions you will cook the dish, and the judges will evaluate it.
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2023.03.21 20:27 linabx Debt Collector sent settlement offer. Can I still negotiate?

I have a Medical Bill that was sent to collections less than 1 year ago for around $200. The debt collectors sent me a settlement offer letter (Medicredit) to pay $125 and the debt will be considered paid in full. This is around 60% of the original debt.
Few questions:
  1. Should I call and negotiate for a bigger percentage off or is this the best I can realistically get for a 1 year old debt?
  2. Do I need to negotiate whether this will show up on my credit report? I'm checking my credit report, but none of these debts are showing up on the report. I'm not questioning the validity of the debt as it's a medical debt that I'm sure is 100% legit.
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