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Shitty Dark Souls is a community that celebrates the awesomeness, and often shittiness of the game Dark Souls, as well as the rest of the 'Souls' universe. Whereas /DarkSouls is a community around Dark Souls that is more discussion oriented in nature, /ShittyDarkSouls is about playful, and charming comics that mock and/or poke fun at the Dark Souls universe.

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Uberscheißpost Central. This sub is a crossover between SWS and History Memes. We Scheißpost so SWS doesn't have to!

2023.05.30 16:08 xlovelessfranx My dad says my suicide attempts are manipulation tactics and that i’m faking my depression so i don’t get a job and continue to live off their money

I have no hope or will to live anymore and swallowed about two shots of shampoo this morning and now im just stuck with explosive diarrhea 50 minutes before a job interview that if i get it I’ll move out even to a cardboard box but if i don’t I’m afraid there’s nothing left for me but live under my abuser’s roof. I have no supportive extended family, my boyfriend is already fed up with my issues and emotionally numb from it so i can’t bother him more. I don’t want to die but I can’t bear living anymore.
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2023.05.30 16:07 jburnsey2606 I'm 21 and I wish I never started

I've been addicted recently thought I had it under control because I've got hobbies and I'm always busy and I got friends but yeah I don't have it under control I'm only young and I don't know whats the cause of my addiction i think it's wanting to feel loved but I really want to quit because I know how badly it can fuck up your life and future relationships so I'm trying to stop now before I can
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2023.05.30 16:07 TheBlackUnicorn Everything that went wrong in my four years of owning a Tesla Model S

Hi everyone! I posted earlier about my decision to buy a Toyota Tacoma to replace my S (I have not traded the S in, I got the Tacoma yesterday and I'm currently waiting on repairs from Tesla before I sell the S).
I suggested in the comment thread that I'd do a post about EVERYTHING that went wrong with that car. So let's buckle up because here we go.
I bought the car CPO from Tesla in June of 2019, it is a 2016 75D/"Standard Range" S. The car is a relatively rare build because Tesla upgraded to Autopilot 2 hardware in October of '16 and removed the free unlimited supercharging perk in January of '17 (or roughly around that time). My car came down the line in November of '16 so it's one of very few Ses that has both these features. The first time I took it into the Service Center I was told by a technician (who does not drive a Tesla as his personal vehicle) that this particular run of Ses was one of the best batch he'd ever seen. Oh boy let's see how great this batch is.

Heated steering wheel

The first thing that went wrong with the car was actually broken from the time I bought it, but I didn't notice for a few months because it was the heated steering wheel. Winter '19/'20 set in and I realized the steering wheel wasn't warming up. I took it in for warranty repair and they found it was simply unplugged, this was free.

Trunk latch

In the summer of 2020, amid the COVID lockdowns, one day the trunk failed to latch and was stuck open. I tried pulling the emergency release but that did nothing. I scheduled a mobile appointment (which I will give Tesla credit for, very few car companies make housecalls), and the technician was also unable to get the trunk to latch. So I scheduled a service center appointment and had to drive with the trunk open for a couple weeks, this made an annoying beeping noise and prevented me from using ANY cruise control, let alone "Autopilot" (or "Full-Self Driving", I actually got grandfathered into the offer to upgrade from EAP to FSD for $3000 so I pulled the trigger on that, I have not requested the FSD Beta because it looks like a death machine to me).
Amazingly during my drive to the service center the trunk magically fixed itself. I wasn't about to turn around and go home since I figured the part could still be faulty, so I asked them to look at it anyway. Since they didn't see anything wrong they charged me over $500 to replace the components. This was my first repair bill.

First collision repair

A couple months later I was rear-ended by a teenager and she did a bunch of damage to the back of the car, this was one of my most seamless issues with the car, I took it to a local collision repair shop and they had it back to me within 3 days, all of these costs were paid by insurance.

MCU2 Upgrade

At some point I took the car in for them to replace the MCU (the 17" touchscreen) with the newer one so I could get Netflix and YouTube on my center screen. This was an optional service center visit, though the original MCU was REALLY starting to chug on newer Tesla software. The replacement cost $1600 and they did not put in a new AM/FM radio (that would have been an additional $500 and I don't listen to the radio much anyway). I was actually kind of happy that I could have the option to upgrade this tech, but if MCU2 winds up being as sluggish as MCU1 was when it was just 4-5 years old this seems like an extra non-optional cost.

12V Battery Replacement

In the summer of 2021 I got the error "12V BATTERY LOW SCHEDULE SERVICE NOW". That seemed really urgent, so I went on YouTube and searched for this error and found out that James May got the same issue. TL;DW the 12V system is powered primarily by a DC-to-DC converter from the main battery, but when the main battery disconnects there's a small 12V (like one you'd use in a motorcycle) that is needed to power on the actuators that connect the main battery. If the 12V goes flat the car is bricked and, because the 12V is under the frunk and the frunk is electronically actuated, the only way to get to the 12V to trickle charge it is to partially dismantle the car.
In fact, I was lucky to get a warning at all some Teslas have had this happen with no warning and in fact it was a software update that even added the warning. And in fact a lot of early Teslas failed within a year because for some reason they charge and discharge the 12V like mad. I hope they've improved this since this blog post, but anyway this is a serious design defect.
Tesla did the right thing here and got me into service the next day AND I got the car back within 90 minutes. This is the fastest turnaround time I've ever seen from them, however I'm fairly certain that if my car was no longer under warranty (meaning they would not be responsible for paying to tow it to the service center) I would not have gotten such white glove treatment.

Suspension issue

In 2022 I read the book Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors by Ed Niedermeyer. From this book I learned about whompy wheels and learned a rumor that many Teslas were built with cheap aluminum suspensions that tend to fail. China forced Tesla to do a recall on cars built in the US and exported to China.
I frantically drove to my local tire shop and asked them to look at the suspension, they reported that it looked to be in good condition but that there was a leak in the hydraulic fluid that Tesla should repair under warranty. I took the car to Tesla and they had it for SIX DAYS during which I had to rely on their Uber vouchers (Tesla only recently started doing loaners in my area, it might be because I live in a very obscure remote place called New York City /s). They reported to me that nothing was wrong with the suspension and returned the car, completely filthy since they'd left it parked under a tree.

Windshield replacement

In late 2022 I decided to save some money by replacing my wiper blades myself. While the blade arms were out one of the springs came loose and smashed into the windshield. It took me about a week to get the wiper back on, I tried every tool in my toolbox and eventually just took it to the tire shop where they put in a vice and got it to reconnect. They did this for free. Over the winter of '22/'23 however the damage to the windshield escalated into a crack. This is mostly my own stupid fault, I probably could have prevented this crack from growing with a cheapo Amazon glass repair kit, but none of the other cars I've ever driven have had something this nuts happen.
I took the car to a local glass repair shop and the owner told me I needed a full new windshield. He called Tesla to confirm the part number and order it, they did not pick up the phone. I was out of the country for about a month so I left this to pick up when I returned. I just went to SafeLite since I assumed they had more staff to pester Tesla to send them the windshield. Dropped off my car, they called me and said they had to wait a couple weeks for the windshield to ship. About a week later I dropped off the car AGAIN and they replaced the windshield.
This cost me another $500 out of pocket and the rest (about $700) was covered by insurance.

Door replacement collision repair

On March 7th 2023 a kid jumped a stop sign and crashed into my driver's side door, he put a huge dent in it and the door handle got stuck in the presenting position. Because he was not the policyholder* his insurance could not establish that he had permission to drive the vehicle and said they would not pay for the repair, so I again had to go through my insurance meaning I couldn't get a loaner.
It took Tesla TWO WEEKS to ship a new door to the only local Tesla-certified collision repair center in my area (this was about a 30 minute drive and I had to Uber both ways since there was no nearby public transit). When I got the car back there was an obnoxious amount of wind noise, I found they had misaligned the new window with the weather stripping. I brought the car back to them and they tooled around enough to get the wind noise down to a lower level, but it is still not gone. I did find I could jam some paper into the weather stripping and shim it up to prevent a little bit of noise.
This was a $500 out of pocket cost (which I may get back through insurance arbitration) and the cost to the insurance was a whopping $4700!

The HVAC filter, radars, and AC

Now we come to the straw that broke the camel's back. I noticed in the manual recently that my car is due for a replacement of the HVAC filter. They're fairly cheap on Amazon, so I figured I'd try doing it myself again. My wife talked me out of this due to what happened with the wiper blades. Additionally the HVAC system has a desicant bag that needs to be replaced periodically (like one of those sillica gel packets), and that requires a special machine.
So I scheduled a service center visit, they informed me my car was also eligible for a free upgrade to the autopilot cameras. I dropped off the car and for the first time in FOUR YEARS they gave me a loaner, a lease-return Model Y that presumably they couldn't find a buyer for (this car was a complete shitbox but that's a whole other story).
They said they would take FIVE DAYS to do this quick 30 minute job of replacing the HVAC filters. I also tried phoning them to ask if they could take a look at the wind noise from the previous repair, there was a message on the phone that told me I need to do all communication with them through the app. I messaged in the app, they did not respond.
Amazingly I got the car back after just FOUR days, but I was informed they did not look at the wind noise because it wasn't on the original list of things, and I would need to book ANOTHER appointment and wait ANOTHER two weeks for that.
After I got the car back, however, I realized that they did not merely "upgrade" the Autopilot cameras. They removed the Autopilot radar. I know they did it because now my follow distance bottoms out at 2 and I now have an 85mi/hr Autosteer speed limit. By the way, unlike the 3 and Y the Autopilot follow distance control in the S is a physical click-knob. So I can click it to 7,6,5,4,3,2 and 2. Like they replaced the bottom position with a second "2".
The HVAC is now blowing hot air. Every time I turn on the AC the car blasts me in the face with hot air and the compressor goes nuts. I assume this means the coolant is low (since it seems to have some ability to cool but is struggling a LOT).
So that's the end of our story. That's everything that's happened to this car so far. And where are we now? I have an appointment with service to fix the remaining problems and YESTERDAY I bought a 2020 Toyota Tacoma which GET THIS has a radar adaptive cruise control! No fancy "Autopilot" or "Autosteer", but it has lane departure warning which is enough to keep me awake on a long nighttime drive.
The biggest open secret about "Autopilot" and "FSD" is that they're mostly off-the-shelf components. Rather than building a self-driving car what Tesla actually did was take standard driver-assistance cruise control features and mash them together pretending they're something magical.
*This was a frankly ridiculous claim on the part of his insurance since his mother was the policyholder and the police report documents that she was sitting in the passenger's seat at the time of the collision. So I guess their position is that she was in the process of being kidnapped.
If you ever get into a crash like this make sure to take out your phone, take a video, and say "Do you have his/her permission to drive this vehicle?" If they say no just turn to the police and say it's a stolen vehicle and it needs to be impounded.
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2023.05.30 16:07 Affectionate-Arm-405 Counter and layout designer

I am looking for someone that will help me design counters that fit with a coffee shop in morning / bar at night. It sounds simple but the design could benefit from someone that has experience in terms of function and ergonomics. Also someone that understands code ie. number of sinks grease traps etc. I don't think the right person is an architect, any idea who I can contact?
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2023.05.30 16:06 Glinks1234 Developers of "Somali Survival"

In a remarkable collaboration that transcends borders, cultures, and backgrounds, a group of talented game developers hailing from Somalia and Algeria, but residing in Britain, are crafting an extraordinary game known as "Somali Survival." This ambitious project represents the convergence of diverse perspectives, shared experiences, and a collective determination to create a game that celebrates the resilience and spirit of the Somali people.
United by their passion for gaming and a desire to make a meaningful impact, this multicultural team combines their unique skills and insights to breathe life into "Somali Survival." Drawing from their Somali heritage and the rich tapestry of their Algerian-British identities, they infuse the game with authenticity, depth, and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by the Somali people.
This collaborative effort serves a dual purpose: not only to entertain players with an engaging and immersive experience but also to shed light on the trials and tribulations endured by the Somali population. By leveraging the power of gaming, the developers seek to foster empathy, understanding, and awareness among players worldwide.
"Somali Survival" ventures into uncharted territory, allowing players to traverse the rugged landscapes of Somalia, embarking on a journey of survival and self-discovery. Through the eyes of a courageous protagonist, players confront the harsh realities of a nation grappling with conflict, displacement, and the unyielding quest for hope.
The game's development team skillfully weaves together elements of Somali culture, folklore, and history, infusing each pixel with authenticity and reverence. The landscapes are meticulously crafted, mirroring the breathtaking beauty of Somalia's untamed wilderness, while also capturing the scars left by years of strife. The characters, too, reflect the diversity and resilience of the Somali people, with their stories and struggles woven intricately into the fabric of the game.
The synergy between the Somali and Algerian-British developers yields a fusion of ideas, perspectives, and artistic styles. Drawing inspiration from the captivating storytelling traditions of Somalia and the technical expertise of the British gaming industry, the team strives to create an experience that captivates players while respecting the culture it represents.
"Somali Survival" stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and cultural exchange. By joining forces across borders and forging a path towards unity, these developers exemplify the possibilities that arise when diverse minds unite under a common goal. Their shared vision transcends geographical boundaries and ignites a spark of inspiration that has the potential to change the gaming landscape forever.
As "Somali Survival" takes shape, it carries the hopes and dreams of its creators, a testament to their unwavering commitment to their heritage and their desire to leave a lasting impact on the gaming world. This groundbreaking project not only showcases the talent and creativity of Somali and Algerian-British game developers but also serves as a catalyst for a new era of representation, empowerment, and cultural appreciation in the gaming industry.
Through "Somali Survival," players are invited to embark on a journey that transcends mere entertainment. It is an invitation to immerse themselves in the resilience, courage, and indomitable spirit of the Somali people. With every step, players forge a connection with a nation seeking to overcome adversity and find solace in unity. In the world of "Somali Survival," they discover that, through gaming, we can bridge divides, celebrate diversity, and sow the seeds of understanding and compassion.
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2023.05.30 16:06 starfield_pro [ALL] The Next Zelda Should Have Airships And Oceans

People are mind blown about how TotK improves on everything from BotW without changing the world map overall and largely having the same characters and so forth. There's a question about how it could get better, and I'm here to answer it.
First, building on TotK's surprise building/crafting mechanic. You can clearly see how this was inspired by BotW experimentation. Well, imagine if we look at the more impressive machines the community is making and expand on them.
For me, this means upgrading from vehicles to ships. What's a ship? It's a vehicle large enough to have independent systems and multiple utility. So, a ship will carry cargo like a wagon, but it will also have weapons, maybe it can scan for items, maybe carry passengers. One thing I want in TotK is the ability to selectively power Zonai components. This is what a ship would do. Where you can divert power from engines to weapons to shields and so forth. Nothing too complicated, just more precise power management.
I think you can grasp how this concept builds directly onto Zonai machinery. Think of it as bigger vehicles, with more utility items (and more things to do, that is missions), and the ability to have bare minimum micro-management of power.
I would combine this into a concept of airships. Anything from a Wright Flyer or Porco Rosso style light aircraft to large blimps. This kind of system might also require that Link could assign crew to ships, which is pushing the boundaries of Zelda's traditional mechanics, so perhaps a better system would be that the game automatically takes people who you've befriended and they join your ship, where maybe you can pick the captain. Similar to the horse and stable system.
That's all fine and good, but it doesn't address how to freshen up the over world. We see that Totk is comfortable with a layered overworld, so the airships can apply to a sky layer with larger islands and perhaps, with next gen technology, a larger overworld.

What Zelda can and should do next is a version of the Depths that's under the ocean.

The idea is these are gloomy and murky, but with the right potion, armor or whatever, they become bright and colorful. Eventually you would gain some sort of permanent power.
What I envision for this ocean floor are two specific things:
  1. Truly 3D micro dungeons. You can move up and down in the labyrinth because you can swim. This also means 3D environments where it's not just terrain like hills and cliffs, but all terrain has interior space as well, so the overworld has more "what's above and below me?" and is less planar.
  2. Sea life. The main gimmick of this game, moreso than airships, should be the ability to commune with sea life. Ride giant sea turtles to get access to jetstream currents you can't otherwise enter, for faster travel. Ride seahorses for mobility and combat advantage. Summon schools of fish to fight at your side or even conceal you from danger. Imagine a fully realized, colorful undersea ecosystem in Zelda as its core overworld mechanic, BotW style.
To fit this all together I imagine an opening (think Child Link) portion that's based on the sea surface with islands, Wind Waker style. After completing this opening portion, calamity strikes and sea monsters, storms and tsunamis plague the sea surface. Magic raises most towns into the clouds.
What's left is an air layer with, NPCs, shrines, towns, and air islands. With airships of course and perhaps air currents and storms to control access.
Then, the ocean depths which is the main overworld with story dungeons and its how you access new air islands.
Finally, the sea surface remains as a challenge layer with valuable items. Most islands will have world boss enemies or challenging platforming. Maybe ruins of a town, or something like that.
All in all this makes the most sense to me as an evolution of the BotW concept. Undersea with specifically a fully realized animal life layer that you directly interact with to do most of your tool, weapon and mobility tasks.
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2023.05.30 16:06 BoyWonder731 Error Message Received via Mazda App

Error Message Received via Mazda App
Has anyone received the above error message? At the time and date listed, I wasn’t driving the car, so I can’t confirm it is showed on the car or if this is an error with the app…? I took it to my local Mazda dealer under the assumption that it would be covered under warranty and they’re charging me $180 to diagnose it. Is that normal? It’s a 2022 with 15k miles, so I’d think it would be under warranty.
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2023.05.30 16:05 Awkward-Soup-4303 Schizo Post Real Fast [all]

Rails line of cocaine mixed with adderall
Okay, so: Demigod dreams allow them to see into the past, present, and future, which gives them crucial insight into character history and enemy planning. Usually, this is done at random (plot), but dreams can be controlled. Reyna can contain her dreams in the pool at the garden in New Rome, and Luguselwa compares dreams to chariots, says they can be driven, and then Apollo does it, therefore making it literal canon that with an application of will, demigods can control where and when their consciousness goes when they sleep.
You know, barring divine haberdashery.
Now, what this means is that demigods can see into every dark room and behind every closed door and bear witness to every dastardly scheme ever devised by mankind. Therefore, they have the ability to confirm all the conspiracies.
Let’s say then, for the sake of eye-rolling, Percy, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, Piper, Leo, Reyna, Thalia, Nico, and every other demigod that goes/went to the camps has a collective dream in which they see the truth behind everyone’s favorite conspiracies: whether or not covid really was manufactured and deliberately released, if the election really was stolen and rigged, if the CIA and FBI really do orchestrate mass shootings, if billionaires really do conspire to oppress the general public, if 9/11 really was an inside job, if the Titanic really was somehow deliberately sunk in order to create the Federal Reserve, if Mark Zuckerberg really is a lizard man from outer space, whether or not One Piece will ever actually end, etc.
You know, among other things.
What do they do with that information? Do they:
  1. Do nothing. They just keep their heads down and live their best life knowing the very people they fought for and died to save from the Titans, Giants, and emperors are actually more of a threat to their livelihoods and those of their mortal friends and families than the aforementioned major mythological threats.
  2. Try to find a way to tell the general public.
  3. All band together to establish the new world order in their image after overthrowing the old one.
Like, dam. Imagine the world under the leadership of Annabeth and her loyal sidekicks, backed up by the House of Life and Hotel Valhalla.
View Poll
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2023.05.30 16:05 xXFIRE_FOXx What they are?

What they are?
I found them under deformed fig leafs after I saw a lot of ants going up and down the tree. Can they be some sort of aphids?
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2023.05.30 16:05 Paigenacage I left the walk in a mess

I know. I shouldn’t have. Or should I have?
Im the night cook at an assisted living fac. Also the lead cook & a supervisor in the kitchen. My sous been on vaca for the last 2 weeks, only coming in mid week to work a few days. She & I were both here on Friday. Then I was off for the weekend. So SHE SAW how neat & clean everything was when we left. She’s aware I was off & the rest of the staff was in house, including the exec.
She was off again for Memorial Day. I was in. Holy shit this place was a fucking mess. The walk in particularly. So so so much leftover food that needed to be trashed because we can’t use it. Mashed sweet potatoes, a speck of this, a scoop of that. A whole unbaked pizza we left Friday to be served as employee lunches for Saturday. The ground beef box had yellow grease spilled on top, raw beef Pattie’s bleeding & turning brown on the speed rack. The floor a mess. Empty boxes & stuff all out of place.
I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t. My sous thinks those girls can do no wrong & that they’re not messy or dirty. “They never do that”. I left it so she could see how her perfect little angels treat the kitchen when we’re away. Plus I wanted them to clean their mess. I’m tired of always being the only one that keeps the place clean. I did clean out & restock the low boy that they left a fucking mess too though. I needed it for dinner service.
These girls need to get their shit together & pull their weight. Of course I’m probably going to be the one that gets chewed out for the walk in because she won’t see what’s going on. She’s always saying we need to work as a team. I don’t have any players to be on the team. I am the team. Tired of it. Tomorrow should be interesting
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2023.05.30 16:05 Tsarinya Is there a list of ‘scripted non-quests’?

Hey everyone! I can’t think of the right phrase to use so please excuse my clunky title but I’ve come across 3 interactions that I haven’t seen written about under side quests or errands. I came across a group of people near the relic ruin in the Daunt who wanted my help then again when I was near the signal spike mission I came across a dead Oseram and I’m the cave I found some green shine. Finally I came across some dead Tenakth and used my focus to follow their footprints to find some more greenshine. I was wondering if there was a list of these sort of interactions or if there were anymore? Thank you :)
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2023.05.30 16:04 Bearem I bet this is yalls favorite card.

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2023.05.30 16:03 smallersize Extreme edema on prednisone

Hey y’all—I’m mid 30s SLE/lupus nephritis among other things. On prednisone now to address a flare. I’m experiencing wild edema from mid section to my toes. It may be lupus itself, but it started this bad after starting prednisone. I Can barely stand/walk, can’t navigate stairs effectively, my skin it stretched to the max over my legs. I think it’s also squishing my digestive organs down because processing food has been rough.
I kinda remember something like this happening on prednisone before but I don’t remember it interfering with my mobility and ADLs as much. This isn’t “weight gain” in the typical sense— it’s literally fluid pooling under my skin. I can squish it around and it doesn’t bounce back like regular body mass. It also happened within 1 week. Doctors haven’t seen me in person yet since the prednisone prescription, but don’t seem too responsive to what I’m describing— honestly feels like I’m not effectively communicating how bad it is.
Does this happen to others? Any ideas for relief? (FYI, what I’ve tried so far— I’m hydrated, “managing” with massage, exercise when I can, and my diet is very anti-inflammatory mostly veggies and gluten free).
Thank you all!
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2023.05.30 16:03 Dead_Quiet NUC13ANKi7 does not recognize boot device

I've moved my SSD (Samsung 980 Pro) from an Intel NUC10FNK to a NUC13ANKi7 and now I'm getting the message "A bootable device has not been detected".
Both NUCs have the same BIOS settings:
The UEFI partition is vfat and has markings "esp" and "boot" (set via Gparted).
NUC13ANKi7 has been updated to latest BIOS version.
The SSD is recognized in the BIOS under storage but it does not appear under UEFI boot order.
I can boot via UEFI shell though:
fs0: cd EFI\void_grub grubx64.efi 
Any ideas? Not sure if this is a bug or if requirements for the EFI partition have changed / are more strict now?
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2023.05.30 16:03 SlowJunket8363 Been lurking on this sub a long time and finally want to tell someone about my problems

My boyfriend of almost two years came with a lot of…baggage. Baggage is the nice way to put it. I knew his last relationship a couple years before we started dating was pretty horrible. His ex was extremely abusive to him mentally and physically. So I get why he was cautious to start a relationship again. But we did begin a relationship and moved in together pretty quickly. Shortly after moving in together, I don’t know why I decided to do this, but I looked through his phone. He had a couple of burner Snapchat accounts he would sext hundreds girls with, and had looked at tons of porn every single day. Very specific fetish websites where he’s interacting with other people. Okay, fine. I put up with that. I worked with him. He said it was an addiction and he wanted to stop. That took about a year to really get under control. He probably still looks at porn and I don’t really care about that a whole lot because the sexting thing was more what he was addicted to. He let me put a screen time password on his phone and it limits his ability to use Snapchat. Set up through my email so he can’t change the time limit. So he’s not doing that anymore, but our bedroom is still dead as fuck. From November-February of this year we did not have sex one time. No foooling around at all. And then we did for about a month or two, infrequently but still better than before. But now as of today we’re back on two months without sex. I think trying to recover from this fucking sexting addiction has killed his libido, and also his drinking habits. He drinks every single night until he falls asleep. I used to kind of encourage him to slow down, and then I saw him slow down and alcohol is the only thing I’ve seen cure his anxiety and insomnia… I know it isn’t healthy and I’m still not encouraging it but I’ve given up on that stopping. So this two things combined have completely killed any intimacy we had. We are both young, good looking, active people. I think I deserve a relationship where my needs are met, I’m too young to have a shitty sex life. He says his low libido is due to stress. He said he’s 28 and stressed about his low paying job and how he’s doing nothing that he wanted to do with his life. I asked him “so on top of that do you want to also have a shitty sex life?” He says no and he’ll work on it. But he does not work on it. I don’t feel as close to him when we don’t have sex and I don’t feel wanted. I don’t even want to initiate, not because I’m scared of being rejected but I don’t want to have sex with someone who doesn’t totally WANT me. I want someone that desires me. I think I know that this means I should probably end the relationship, because if it’s this bad and we haven’t even been together for two years I can’t imagine even further down the road, but I know I would miss him and his family and our friendship so so much, so it’s hard for me to walk away. How do I walk away?
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2023.05.30 16:03 Puzzleheaded_Age9736 My fiance 33M suffers from Retroactive Jealousy and it's causing me 26F a lot of shame

This is going to be long. Me and my fiance have been dating 8 months ago. We went to the courthouse to get our marriage license but have not gone though with our marriage ceremony. Just recently I have been trying to get closer to God, I grew up in the church but then went down a different path. Since meeting him I have been falling in love with God again. I feel so far away from God, I dont want to admit it but I think God called us together for a purpose but we weren't meant to stay together... Me and my partner are both very complex to say the least, I suffer from intense mood swings. I can go from 0 to 100 really quick.. if he says something that makes me upset I have gotten to the point where I get physically abusive. He's very passive aggressive and knows how to get under my skin. Since the beginning of our relationship, my partner has been obsessed with knowing how many people I have slept with. The first night we met he asked me what my number was. He would ask what my number is multiple times afterwards, throughout the relationship. I dont have the lowest number. In the beginning I lied about my number because I was ashamed. After continually asking me again and again what my number was I couldn’t take it anymore and told him what the actual number is. He chose to still stay with me but I feel like I’m losing my mind because he continues to make me feel ashamed and blamed for lying even though he "forgave me" and i forgave him for the emotional abuse and constant uncomfortable questions. He suffers from OCD thoughts and depression. I wish he would of just let me go because i can't take the emotional abuse anymore. For months, he would make small "jokes" and be very passive in making me feel bad about my past choices. He claims he’s never had retroactive jealousy with anyone else, that it’s only with me because he “fell so hard for me” We will make love and he’ll say “who else has done this” and he’ll make me tell him how many and when.. he’ll say things like “I hate that so many guys have gotten that part of you, so many guys have seen that sx face” and stuff that make me feel really bad and ashamed. and let me just add that his past is worse than mine. I feel like I’m such a shame to him even though he says i am not. He makes me feel really beautiful at times except for when his mind goes on a spiral about my past and I could see it all over his face and body language. He say's I'm worth it but he can't live in the moment..he literally lives in his head and it's affecting me.. We went out for Memorial Day weekend and he said "i wonder what you would be doing if you were single" and that comment made me so uncomfortable. This man can never enjoy the moment. He lives in his head and in the past. I know what I should do I just wish it was that easy. He still has so much hope for us.. he says that if we do couple counseling everything will get better. That with time this retroactive jealousy issue will be healed But I’m afraid this is never going to end.... any advice is helpful..
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2023.05.30 16:02 PoliticoBailey LB274 - Elections Bill - Division

Elections Bill

Make provisions for the use of IRV in the elections of various local government offices.
BE IT ENACTED by the King’'s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—
Section 1: Definition
(1) “IRV system of voting” means a poll returning one candidate in which each person entitled to vote may—
(a) Indicate their preferred candidate;
(b) In case of the presence of 3 or more candidates, express a second and subsequent preference amongst candidates;
(c) Votes shall be counted in accordance with the guidance given by the electoral commission as a result of the STV Elections Act 2021.
Section 2: Elections for elected mayor of local authorities in England
(1) The Local Government Act 2000 is amended as follows:
(2) Substitute section 9HC (1) with “Each person entitled to vote as an elector at an election for the return of an elected mayor is to vote in accordance to the IRV system of voting if there are three or more candidates”;
(3) Omit Section 9HC (3);
(4) At the end of Schedule 2 (1) add “In Wales”;
(5) In Section 9HD (2), for “first preference vote, or more than one second preference vote,” substitute “vote”;
(6) In Section 9R (1), omit the definitions of “first preference vote” and “second preference vote”.
Section 3: Elections for police and crime commissioners
(1) The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 is amended as follows:
(2) Substitute Section 57 (3) with “If there are three or more candidates the commissioner is to be returned under an IRV system of voting”;
(3) Omit Sections 57 (4) and 57 (5);
(4) Omit Schedule 9.
Section 4: Extent, Commencement and Short Title
(1) This Act will extend to England.
(2) This Act shall come into force immediately upon Royal Assent.
(3) This Act may be cited as the Elections Act 2023.
This bill was submitted by the Rt. Hon. Earl of Kearton (Sir u/Maroiogog) KP KD OM CT CMG CBE LVO PC FRS as a Private Member’s Bill, and takes inspiration from the Elections Act 2022.
Opening Speech:
My Lords,
This Bill is quite simple in nature. It changes the voting system for local authority mayors and for police and crime commissioners from a system in which one can only indicate a first and second preference into one where one can indicate as many preferences as they please. As we can see from these results of past police and crime commissioner elections many of the votes don’t actually redistribute and thus the desired effect of having voter’s full preference ranking influence the result of the poll is not achieved. Removing the limit of how many candidates can be ranked solves the issue. Also, these changes bring these offices in line with the system used for most other elections in the country (everything aside from general elections), reducing confusions and making voting a more straightforward affair.
This vote will end on Friday 2nd May at 10pm BST.
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2023.05.30 16:02 pblack177 Had removal 2 weeks ago - trying to figure out how to cover my redness

Had removal 2 weeks ago - trying to figure out how to cover my redness
Hi all
So I had removal done 2 weeks ago so now I can wear some concealer to cover my redness. Makeup pic and no makeup pic for reference.
My artist told me strokes going inwards would look good since I have hair loss there and that’s where my natural brow should be.
I’m now left with big red lines while I wait for my next laser removal at the end of June.
I’ve been covering with concealer and think I’m doing an ok job at it (never worn makeup before). But the redness under the hair is showing and it’s bothering me.
Can I / should I get my eyebrows tinted while i wait for my next removal? Is that allowed inbetween ?
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2023.05.30 16:01 BaptisteVillain VOD of Northgard played during Zlan: maybe the largest multigaming tournament in France

Zlan is a big esport (multi gaming) tournament in France with over 50K cashprice.
A few weeks ago, the 2023 Clan took place with Northgard on the menu!!! Shiro games even added the observer mode at the request of Zerator for the event.
So the game was played twice: during qualifiers in 2v2v2v2 format (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXYEfGe3q5M ), but also during the grand final between the 2 best players of the tournament: Oslo and Lockness. They played 1 map against each other, and even if the commentary is in French, and to be honest, both the casters and the players do not have the best competitive level ever, I think the game was fun to watch and I wanted to share some highlights with timestamps with you!
Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYsnsCDp0iY
Timestamps and highlights:
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2023.05.30 15:59 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (56)

First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Vani, Venlil Surgeon
Date [Standard Human Reckoning]: 2136-10-22
Secluded in the comfort of our cabin, I found myself savoring the rare moments of peace with Johan. The bustling camp did not afford us the luxury of privacy, and this precious pocket of calmness felt like a gift. Lying on the bed together, we did not feel the need to fill the silence with words or engage in any couple of activities. I felt an inherent satisfaction in just lying there together.
"Vani," Johan's voice filled the quiet cabin.
"I'm... I'm afraid of going back," he confessed.
I considered his words before asking, "Do you have many friends back in Jakarta?"
His gaze stayed on the ceiling as he replied, "Other than Snop... not. I guess, in a twisted way, that's a kind of luck?"
I watched as he rolled onto his side to face me, his eyes searching mine. "I count myself beyond fortunate to have met you." His fingers stroked my mane. His light touch felt heavy and comforting. "Even if we were in Jakarta when they implemented the quota they would have let me evacuate with you."
For a while, we just lay there, appreciating each other, our silent exchanges speaking volumes.
When we arrived at the ship, it was still the second or third hour of the day. I forgot when I fell asleep, but Johan's alarm woke us up the same. When we stepped out of our cabin, we found Tresn and the siblings lounging in the common area. Tresn now had the prostheses in his paws. The device twitched every now and there. Meanwhile, the siblings were engrossed in their thoughts or busy with their pads.
In the common area, we had our first meal aboard the vessel. We sat near the window, our portal to the world outside. Through the clear pane, the black water merged with the black sky, and I felt like being suspended in a void. Yet, despite this sense of absolute stillness, the ship flew above the water at a speed above fifty meters per second. Sometime after we had cleared our plates, our surrounding transformed. The sun, breaking the confines of the horizon, began its ascent. Although we were facing away from this bright ball in the sky, its effect was no less mesmerizing. Dawn overtook the black sky. First, the once pitch-black sky took on a shade of deep purple. A transition to an intense, deep red followed it soon after.
Perhaps two or three hours after the sunrise, the coastline of Cirebon began to emerge, peeking out from the edge of the horizon. Its unblemished skyline shone in stark contrast to the devastation reported in Jakarta.
Elangkasa joined us in the common area before we landed.
"Hi folks." They greeted me. "So, I might have forgotten to tell you all that you'll go to Purwakarta Sector 12 as volunteers."
"We don't mind." Said Johan. "I'm glad if I can be of help."
Elangkasa then briefed us on our job in Purwakarta Sector 12, Bolad and I would join the health workers. Johan and Cynthio had put aside their differences, nodding in agreement when Elangkasa assigned them to service and maintain the drones for rescue. Snop agreed when they asked her for help in construction with her skills in operating machining tools.
The armed forces had commandeered this once bustling commercial hub and had transformed it into a temporary base and staging area just like in Banjarmasin. Once we disembarked, Bolad and I joined Johan in his van again. A map of the region appeared on the dashboard. A red pinpoint marked the ovation where the bomb fell and a circle around it, the area of effect.
My classes both in Venlil Prime and Earth did not teach me about orbital bombardment and here I learned that one needs to get into a bunker in times like this. Because, for tens of kilometers, the bomb would heat the air to the point of causing tissue damage. The map showed a region where you will face severe burn injury if you stayed outside when the explosion happened. Amid the circle depicting the zones of devastation, one stark red marker pulsated with disconcerting energy. It lay within the severe heat zone. Its constant glow commanded my immediate attention.
"Johan," I ventured, pointing at the glaring red marker that almost seemed to taunt us, "That red marker there is your home, is it not?"
His eyes shifted from the barren road to the display, taking in the red beacon that represented his home. "Yeah…" He let out a sigh, heavy with desolation within the confines of the vehicle. "I wonder what's left of that house now."
As we drew nearer to the affected area, I steeled myself for the scenes of destruction. However, the buildings seemed to have withstood the assault better than I expected. Of course, we could see the scars of the attack, the shockwave shattered windows and some structures had superficial cracks. A general sense of disarray permeated our surroundings, but the core structures stood against the odds.
Cities and towns dotting the outskirts of the Greater Jakarta Province had been retrofitted with camps to accommodate the droves of displaced people emerging from the ruins of the once-thriving metropolis. In recent days, the tide has started to turn. Able-bodied survivors moved back towards their shattered homes, driven by the urge to reclaim and restore what they could salvage from the debris.
Our journey led us to the city of Purwakarta, a place I remembered from a past excursion with Johan. We had once visited the city's reservoir, taking in the tranquil beauty of the idyllic landscape. The city has changed now. A bustling hive of activity transformed the city as it took refuge for those fleeing the destruction.
Because of the scale of the destruction, we didn't have a single "camp" as we had for the gojids. The refugee districts were divided into Sectors. We pulled into sector twelve as the midday sun reached its zenith, casting almost no shadow on the ground. Prefabricated buildings of varying sizes formed an ordered chaos across the city's outskirts.
Everywhere we looked, people occupied themselves in a frenzy of activity. Here, soldiers oversaw the transport of food and materials. There, health workers moved to check from the habitation unit to the habitation unit. Engineers collaborate with helper and builder drones to perform maintenance and construction. All around, people took on roles they never imagined they would, united by the common goal of survival and restoration.
Despite the dire circumstances, the humans put on determined faces. Humans made the majority of camp inhabitants, but I spotted two arxurs here, their imposing presence always accompanied by a human minder. Both of them shot a look in disgust at Tresn, while humans looked at the defector with an equal part of concern and curiosity.
Elangkasa led us through the camp. First, we passed the engineering quarter where my human and the siblings parted from us. Another trip led us to the medical complex, where we saw medical personnel moving with well-practiced efficiency to care for the injured. A conglomeration of tents and prefabricated buildings all bearing the red crystal symbol made up the hospital. The bustle here felt different, it had an undercurrent of urgency threaded through the ordered chaos.
At the entrance of the hospital's administration building a zurulian had waited for us. Her short stature did not deter us. Upon noticing us, however, her expression turned sour.
"I have a feeling I'm not supposed to be here." Said Tresn. "Maybe... I can get to the habitation unit?"
"You need some help with physiotherapy. Can you bring him there, Elangkasa?" said Bolad.
"Yeah, take that to a human health worker. I'm not going to treat it." The zurulian said with a huff.
"I am Bolad, and this is Vani." The gojid introduced ourselves.
"I'm Rawan, the medical Coordinator for Sector Twelve, Shift Two."
My stomach rumbled, a reminder that it was midday, mealtime according to Earth's cycle.
Sensing my discomfort, Rawan commented. "Hungry already? Well, we are on a lunch break right now. Follow me," leading us away from the hospital administration.
According to the map, there exist two dining areas, located far from each other. The one Rawan brought us to, served plant-based meals for species with a herbivorous diet, the other was where arxurs and their human minders feast.
Stepping into the hall felt comforting. It felt as if an invisible barrier dampened the harsh sounds of the bustling camp outside, replaced by the familiar din of a busy dining hall. Members of Federation species, like us, gathered here. I saw zurulians, colleagues of Dr. Rawan, along with several gojids who had responded to the call for assistance in the rescue, relief, and rebuilding efforts.
The dining procedure here was not like what we had at the camp. Instead of autonomous carts coming around to deliver our meals, we had to stand in line. Humans manned the serving counters, dishing out meals onto trays as we moved along. The menu today consists of a stir-fried noodle and rice combination, named "Nasi Mawut".
After getting our portions, we selected an empty table, the tantalizing taste in the air from our tray deepened my hunger and anticipation. We set down our trays, and with a collective eagerness, took our seats.
"To be honest," Rawan began, her gaze sweeping over the crowded dining hall before returning to her meal, "This is often the highlight of my day here." She gestured towards her plate and scoffed, "Imagine that, I, a zurulian, looking forward to a predator's meal."
"To be fair," I retorted, "this meal is not prepared from ingredients they acquired from hunting."
Rawan chuckled a high-keening sound that made her sound like she was in distress. "Sometimes," she mused, her eyes thoughtful as she poked at her food, "I do wonder why they feel the need to consume flesh when they can subsist on meals such as these."
Not wanting to engage in a sensitive debate with a superior officer we had just met, I opted for silence, focusing instead on the pleasant taste of the Nasi Mawut before us.
A voice broke the quiet chatter around us. A gojid, appearing youthful by their standards, made his way toward our table with a casual gait. A broad smile adorned his face as he acknowledged us. "Hey, doctors! Fancy seeing you here again."
"Greetings," Bolad replied with a courteous nod. "I hope the presence of arxurs has not caused you undue distress?"
I looked at the gojid's hip and saw a familiar scar. I recognized him as the one gored by the sheep back at the camp.
A robust laugh escaped from the gojid, his face brightening up. He waved off Bolad's concerns, "No worries, Doc. We've got a human minder assigned to us to keep those predators in check. And we also have a buddy system, safety in numbers, you know."
"That is good to hear," Bolad responded. Although my facial annotator had learned a lot about gojids' gestures and expressions, it kept interpreting Bolad's emotion as a blank.
A small device strapped to the gojid's wrist chirped. The gojid glanced at it before looking back up to us with a swift nod. "Ah, duty calls. Well, it was nice chatting with you, Doc!" With that, he swung around, his round figure merging with the crowd as he strode towards the exit.
Once the gojid departed, Rawan, Bolad, and I continued to sit and chat over the remains of our meal. Bolad and I shared stories about our experiences in the gojid camp in Kalimantan. The pervasive sound of a resounding announcement filled the hall, halting our exchange. An impersonal voice echoed from the overhead speakers.
"Shift Two! Your break time will be over in ten minutes. I repeat. Shift Two! Your break time will be over in ten minutes." The forceful announcement marked the conclusion of our pause, a reminder of the tasks that awaited us.
"Well, that's our cue," the medical coordinator announced, getting up from her seat. Her hands reached for her tray but having to maneuver in bipedal mode made the action seem awkward.
"Allow me," I offered, reaching for her tray to assist. "I'll carry it to the collection point."
"Thank you," she responded.
As I made my way to the collection point, Bolad engaged Rawan in a conversation. "How many shifts are there in a day?" he queried.
Rawan turned to Bolad. "We work with a four-shift rotation. The humans initially wanted three, due to their unusual stamina," she explained.
Once we discarded the tray Rawan led us back to the medical complex of Sector Twelve.
"Our main goal here is to offer immediate care to the injured and aid in their recovery." She started when we passed the gate of the medical complex.
Rawan gestured towards a cluster of tents assembled off to the side. A perpetual flurry of activity surrounded them as people carried patients in and out on stretchers. "These are our triage tents," Rawan explained. "New patients are first brought here for evaluation. Depending on the severity of their injuries, they are then dispatched to the appropriate sections for treatment. Bolad, you'll be stationed here. Your expertise in general medicine will be invaluable in assessing patients."
Our tour continued, taking us through the maze of the field hospital. We walked past prefabricated structures, erected with solid synthetic materials.
"These," Rawan proclaimed, her paw sweeping towards the buildings, "are our operating theaters. We haven't been able to install remote surgical facilities. Though, given your preference, that shouldn't be an issue..."
"I do favor direct surgery," I confessed, revealing a bit of my past.
Rawan halted, her sharp gaze taking both of us in. Her snout was positioned between Bolad and me looking at us from her peripheral vision. "I've reviewed both of your files," she said, focusing her attention on me. "I've worked with your kind before. You have your use in times and places like this."
Neither Bolad nor I questioned her use of the term "your kind", but we all know what she implied here.
"Now, it's time for you to report to your stations," Rawan instructed us, her tone leaving no room for debate. "The human health workers already in the field will brief you on the specific protocols we've established here."
The moment I crossed the threshold into the operating theater, I was confronted with an open fracture. The sterile operating rooms of the past, where I donned a vacuum suit to prevent my fur from contaminating the environment, seemed a world away. Here, a disposable robe was all that separated me from my patient. I plunged into hours of repairing human bodies, and I feel more useful than I had ever felt before. As valuable as my previous role of determining causes of death was, I feel a satisfying gratification in saving lives.
As I immersed myself in the demanding tasks of the medical field, my mind sometimes drifted toward Bolad. While my duties were straightforward, applying proven techniques and procedures, Bolad grappled with the daunting responsibility of determining the course of our patient's treatment. His role dictated the trajectory of their recovery or, in the worst cases, their demise. The magnitude of such a responsibility could be soul-crushing, and I wished that it did not burden him.
Before I knew it, a new team arrived ready for me to hand over my job to them. The end of our shift brought us to a prefabricated habitation unit, a space similar to our quarters in the camp. Due to spatial constraints, the unit contained three bunk beds instead of the usual row of mattresses.
When Bolad and I arrived at our living quarters, we found Johan, the siblings, and Tresn already present. They all gathered around a table, engrossed in a spirited card game.
"Vani! Bolad!" Johan looked up from his hand of cards, a warm smile spreading across his face. "How was your day?"
Bolad answered before I could. "I had to watch people die."
A stark silence filled the air. Johan's smile faltered as he bit his lip.
"Bolad was assigned to the triage area," I clarified, stepping in to defuse the tension.
"But you can request a rotation if the stress becomes too much," I offered, directing my words at Bolad as I hoisted myself onto an unoccupied chair. "What about you two?" I inquired, shifting the focus onto Johan and his siblings.
"We had to program the drones and-" Johan began, but Cynthio interrupted his explanation.
"They removed all the restrictions," Cynthio said. "We got to work with unrestricted synthetic intelligence! What we had to do felt less like programming and more like... talking with them." The joy and excitement on Cynthio's face were obvious even without my facial annotator.
Tresn placed a card onto the pile in the middle of the table, interjecting a question that caught us off guard. "By the way… how difficult is it to get to Sector Ten?"
"You could walk there if you wanted. Why do you ask?" Johan responded, curious about the sudden interest in another sector.
"There's someone I want to meet," Tresn admitted, a hint of hesitation in his voice.
"Hmm…" Snop considered, tilting her head. "We have about two or three hours before the breaking of the fast. How did you come to know this person?"
"The Internet," Tresn replied.
"Oh…" Snop replied, her face attempting to maintain neutrality and almost failing.
Intrigued by Tresn's unexpected online connection, we decided to accompany him on the short journey to Sector Ten. Leaving our habitation unit, we found ourselves navigating the ad hoc alleyways of Camp Sectors. Humans of all ages hustled past us, their faces a mosaic of determination and sorrow, each one bearing the weight of rebuilding amidst the ruins.
The further we ventured towards Sector Ten, the more conspicuous the increase in the arxurs' presence became. Given their nocturnal tendencies, I surmised that most Arxurs preferred anything but the second shifts.
Upon reaching the main plaza of Sector Ten, Tresn pulled out his pad, fingers dancing over the screen to access a social media site. I saw intensity in his actions, as he engaged in a private chat with a rapid succession of texts. He scanned his surrounding and his instinctive predatory gaze locked onto a specific figure in the bustling crowd, a human who was also looking around. An arxur shadowed him, their movements synchronized as if orchestrated by a shared rhythm.
Tresn wheeled first and we followed him toward the pair, our formation taking on a semi-circular shape around them. The human had close-cropped curly hair and his upper revealed his arm. A band covered his right arm and there was something off about the rest of that limb. The skin looked too smooth.
"Wait…" Snop, ever the observant one, pointed a finger toward the human, her voice laced with recognition. "I think… I know you."
The human responded by pointing back at Snop. "Aren't you Snowpaws?"
She nodded in affirmation. "Yeah, and you're… Jagomerah?"
A smile of confirmation danced on the human's lips. "Yeah."
Johan, who had been watching the interaction unfold, broke into a musing grin, "Jagomerah… that has to be a screen name," he remarked, shifting his gaze toward Tresn.
"Tresn," Johan began, an amused undertone in his voice, "You have been chatting with furries haven't you?"
"Scallies." Both Snop and Jagomerah corrected.
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2023.05.30 15:59 West_Radish_8917 top surgery insurance coverage

Hello! I have been on t for almost 10 months now and have been wanting top surgery for a while. The problem is cost but I have insurance under my parents but they told me that I cannot use the insurance for any trans related health care (if you couldn’t tell they’re pretty unsupportive !). Does anyone know if there’s a way (or have personal experience) to use the insurance so that I can still use it without them knowing? Cause I know insurance companies send statements and bills is there a way to prevent that or have them send it to my dorm?
The insurance is blue cross blue shield and I think the plan is community ppo or smth like that not too sure though.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.05.30 15:58 a_random_work_girl Imagine a cEDH precon, what do you want to see?

Just as a thought, I tried to imaging a cEDH precon set and what it would look like. 4 decks, each slightly representative of the meta, with a power level just below cEDH, probably priced around the $200 mark, with no real fast na etc. It would obviously be cool to get something like this as a premium product but we can but dream wotc.
My ideas are:
-5 colour combo pile. Slightly repreentative of 5c [[kenrith]] or najeela, this commander will have a subpar combo on it, and a variety of "good stuff" mid range cards, maybe 1 or 2 stax peices, 4 or 5 counters, some ramp, and 3 or 4 combos to finish. Maybe as a notible reprint it could have Kenrith as a backup commander.
-RWG stax/agro. Something similar to [[winota]] or other decks like that. maybe the commander could have some attack based/combat damage based ramp/draw so you can break parity? It could include bunch of cards like [[Yasharn]] or [[dranith]] maybe even [[tanglewire]] or [[smokestack]].
-BRU or GRU combo. something like temur pirates or turbo [[anje]]. this deck could be the fastest and include a vault or crypt reprint? Maybe a Moxen or two?
-BUG control valuetown, similar to Kinnen or maybe thrasios/tevesh tzat, this deck could be about th counter and control aspects, and all about getting value in the mid to late game.
Notable reprints could include;
-[[Dranith Magistrate]]
-[[Glinthorn buccaneer]]
-[[dockside extortionist]]
-[[Mana crypt]]
-[[Mox Amber]]
-[[Mystic Ramora]]
-[[Esper sentinel]]
-[[priestess of Titania]]
-[[Dauthi voidwalker]]

What do people think? What decks would you rather see made? What cards would be a good include?
submitted by a_random_work_girl to CompetitiveEDH [link] [comments]