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2023.03.31 07:59 Suitable-Term-5416 Roommate not taking care of kittens [NEED ADVICE]

For context, she adopted two 2 month old kittens in August. She didn’t even have money to adopt the kittens in the first place so she had to call her brother for $150. I let her borrow some extra bowls and cat food i have (bc i have two cats of my own) and she assured me that she’d buy her own bowls and food the next day. However, months went by and she never got new bowls. That’s not a big deal to me though, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Me and my other roommate (there’s 3 of us) constantly refill the cats water bowl and food bc it’s always empty and we always ask if she fed them wet food and her reply is always “sorry, no, it slipped my mind”. so not only did she not feed them and clean out their water, but there’s always glass, push pins, chocolate, and just random trash all over the ground and i’m so worried that the kittens will ingest something one day. She finally got an automatic feeder and water but she never replaces the water filter and it gets gross and thick. me and my other roommate sat her down for a talk multiple times but she just retaliates and acts like the victim and acts like we are being mean to her!! it’s so strange and i got to my breaking point and i called spca, and showed them these pictures. they told me this is not neglect or anything bad and there’s nothing they can do. what do you guys think I should do now? I’m worried she’s going to take the cats somewhere with even worse conditions, and honestly i want to take them from her myself just to find a better home for them.
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2023.03.31 07:58 ExplosiveNova73 My life has hit a new low

I just lost everyone I thought were my friends and I'm seriously gonna kms
Thanks for everyone on this server for helping me but it's too late now
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2023.03.31 07:58 ezzy007 Missing rings/pad on xbox series s controller pcb help

Missing rings/pad on xbox series s controller pcb help
Pads/rings gone on pcb
Hi guys, a mate of mine tried to replace his xbox series s controller thumbstick module this week with no luck. He's now gifted it to me to have a first time try at it. Question all those solder holes missing the gold ring [which I assume is the pad] won't work anymore will they? No matter how much solder I add? Any ideas on how I can get this working? Cheers
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2023.03.31 07:57 Ginganinja3042 This has to be an April fools joke right? It’s the same for all the areas near me

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2023.03.31 07:57 TopSympathy9740 Reminding my bf about social cues without making him self conscious?

My bf(23) has ASD and I f(23) have adhd, we’ve been dating almost a year and we get along great but i will often do him favours because i enjoy being helpful and he will very rarely say thank you (for example, i spent all day today helping him move with his roommate, on my only day off and he didn’t say thank you)
Now, I want to state im not angry about this, I know he is grateful obviously and i didnt help because i wanted something in return or anything, and I know that he forgets about those small NT niceties in the moment which is totally understandable and okay. However, my love language is words of affirmation and I like to be told im appreciated and a thank you, even if its late makes me feel loved.
My question is how can I ask my boyfriend to thank me and say good job without making him feel bad that he didn’t say it unprompted? He is the type that gets frustrated with himself when he doesn’t act NT (he doesn’t say it this way, he calls himself selfish and dense) any advice from another point of view would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.31 07:57 Non-binary_Potato Rejected from my Safeties?

I’m so confused right now. The one school I was accepted at (NYU) is my reach, yet I can’t attend due to its cost. The problem is all my targets and safety schools have rejected/waitlisted me? I was just rejected by a school with a 70% acceptance rate, and my final school (FSU) decisions is releasing soon and I’m so stressed I won’t get in. Is there anything I can do? I’d really like to go to college this fall.
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2023.03.31 07:56 3plprep1 3rd party warehouse near me

3rd Party Logistics Company is a team of industry experts working together to provide the best possible service. Each of them has years of experience working in small and large businesses, as well as providing solutions for clients that range from manufacturers, distributors and other companies that carry or deliver their products or services.
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2023.03.31 07:56 Super-Dealer1816 Anyone else working at Primark? How the work environment are like there?

So I got a position as retail assistant at Primark, but I am super nervous since team leader said during orientation 'that they can write people up or fire people if necessary for small mistakes.' I am also getting super worried after reading bad reviews on Primark website. So, I have few questions and concerns regarding
- Are team leader just bluffing around or they are serious that management are brutally strict?
- What would be my duties and responsibilities for position as retail assistant? Would I be working cashier heavy jobs or stocking, or would it be mix of both?
- How commuter benefit works at Primark? Would they cover my commute insurance if I use UberX, Lyfts, or even personal car to get to work or the commute benefit only limited to slow and obnoxious public buses, and subway (which I am not counting since no subways travels to the mall).
- Is it really easy to get fired from Primark as most people says on the online reviews, as well as recruiter mentioned during orientation?
It's really concerning me since they made me wait 2 months after I had orientation with them. I had orientation in mid February, and they are now telling me I cannot start until early-April. I already told them I will be moving forward with another job if they make me wait until late April and don't let us start the time they promised during orientation. I am planning on working there temporary anyways since I am using Primark as temporary to find better places and positions that is more aligned with my degree in Engineering.
[Note: I posted question here since they is no official Primark website. I tried searching on reddit and could not find any].
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2023.03.31 07:56 NationalWall7970 MAINTENANCE

I was at home today and a maintenance knocked on the door loudly with no without notice. I said I’m busy and they kept knocking and wouldn’t go way. I went to the door and said how can I help you . They said they need to check out an water leak that is coming from my apartment now. I said can you come back later and they said I’ll let my manager know. 4 minutes later the property manager called and said their is an active water leak going on so they have to enter now. I let the man in and he said I’ll only take 15 minutes. They took 1 hour and 30 minutes. Their was no presence of a water leak in my bathroom so I was confused and asked how is there an active water leak happening. Then the story changed he said the apartment below me said it’s been happening for a week when ever I flush the toilet they see water. They made it sound like water was overflowing and they had to immediately come in on their time. So they lied, which is dangerous. They just popped at my door no notice no call from management. Basically I could have been killed or raped. What do you think ?
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2023.03.31 07:56 chaerins cheer up!

(for context im a domestic student who’s currently studying in an international boarding school!)
i was only allowed 8 applications from my school and i got the last one back today and so it brings my total tally to 6 rejections and 2 waitlists (even my safeties..) :’) it’s not like im a bad student either i have a predicted 41 in the ib and my ecs were quite decent but it’s just sinking into the acceptance phases now for me.. i guess i’ll be taking a gap year and figuring out what comes next
i know the title is completely contrary to whatever is in this post but at this point im just telling that to myself.. it could always get worse so just be happy everyone;;
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2023.03.31 07:56 annoymoustranswoman Does estrogen make it harder for you to lose weight?

Right now I've been trying to find ways to lose weight and nothing I've tried seems to work. My mom told me that transitioning can cause weight gain. Right now I'm pretty obese and have a hard time standing for long periods of time. I'm currently not on progesterone because I was told that will cause weight gain. Is it true that estrogen can cause weight gain? Or is it a myth?
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2023.03.31 07:55 bigbutt-skinnylegs My (26F) BF (27M) threatened to break up with me

We've been together for 6months, and we are really serious. We have planned our future together, and up until yesterday I always saw my future with him. Two days ago, we had a big fight, that started with him picking on my flaws for no reason, I tried to give him space to let him calm down because I know he has anger issues, but it blew up when he started accusing me of being spoiled (which is not true), and it got me Hella furious. We both said mean things but he was way meaner to me, and very insensitive. So I left, and went sleep by some friends of mine. I came back the next day, and we talked, and he seems to barely own up to what he did or said wrong, and he finds it unacceptable that I slept over somewhere else. And then he said if we keep fighting like this, and If I keep up that behaviour he will break up with me. In the past, when we haven't even been that serious, and I would want to discuss my boundaries in the relationship, he would always misconstrue it as me trying to break up, and he told me he doesn't like because it makes him lose trust in us. Now even when I never threatened to break up, I completely understand what he was trying to say, but for him to tell me that he will break up with me 6 months into the relationship and after we had moved in together, I find that hypocritical. And now I am the one who really feels like I can't trust the relationship, and I kind of feel emotionally detached from him. How do I deal with this?
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2023.03.31 07:55 GlobalScore8186 Tired of my husband's sex drive

I have always had a higher sex drive than my husband, but his libido went way down after he gained 60 lbs. Every time we go to bed and I try to seduce him he defends his virtue from me!!!!! I even offer to give him blowjobs as he plays video games. Sometimes he gets horny and he teases me but then gets tired and doesn't feel like going all the way.
So I have just taken things into my own hands and just jerk off to porn and hentai maybe 3 or 4 times a day and he GETS JEALOUS WTF????
I don't understand. I love him though and if I have to jerk it to hentai for the rest of my life that's fine.
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2023.03.31 07:55 Weasle189 I dislocated a metacarpal (bone in the palm of hand) yesterday.

I didn't do anything funny, just noticed my hand hurt a bit. Poked at it and felt the bone out of place, checked other hand and yup, definitely dislocated. How the hell did that even happen? I didn't know you COULD dislocate those bones. I work at a vet and freaked out a colleague a little asking her to poke at it and see if she agreed with me.
Well a new joint to add to the list to watch I guess... Fml
(I relocated it quickly afterwards, it was a little achey for a few hours but it's fine now)
Sometimes the weird stuff our bodies do is just boggling. I also have an irrational fear of it popping out again now.
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2023.03.31 07:55 SorryTechnology Reading r/FIREUK is always a good reminder as to why I started this subreddit in the first place.

I don't really post on reddit anymore, but I am constantly lurking this subreddit and a few other finance ones and they always serve as a reminder as to why the sidebar of this subreddit is so important. Here's a few examples that caught my eye within the last 24-48 hours on FIREUK
Now, I will preface this by saying people have different needs and wants and I fully encourage those to pursue whichever path they wish. However, these numbers and figures all seem incredibly excessive to me? A never ending cycle of chasing more and more, wanting more and more, working that little bit extra, buying that bigger home. I really want to reiterate that LeanFireUK is predominantly about gaining the most valuable resource back - time. Whether this is by being relatively frugal or using a bit of geoarbitrage to reduce costs and reducing our need to step on the wheel in order to sustain ourselves.
Just a reminder that for every £1k extra you require in retirement, that is an additional £25k needed at the typical 4% SWR. My personal opinion is that there is diminishing returns that working will give you after having enough to cover your necessities/minimums. This number is different for everyone of course but for most, how long does saving £25k take? Maybe 2 years at £1k a month if you're fortunate, probably closer to 4 years for normal folk. I don't really see how those 4 years of being tied to your workplace worth an extra £1k a year, when you can likely cut that cost by being frugal and not living that consumerist lifestyle.
Furthermore, this is slightly straying to coastFIRE but if you have a 4 hour job once a week on a Sunday evening paying £10 an hour, that gives you just over £2k a year. That is equivalent to £50k saved (2k a year at 4/% "SWR"). That is 4 additional years of saving £1k a month roughly (yes compound interest is at work but for simplicity's sake), or 8 years of saving £500 a month. I urge you to consider whether this tradeoff is really worth it, I know what I'd rather do.
With all this being said, people are free to do whatever they wish - but I hope this subreddit doesn't lose sight of what we are actually trying to achieve here. Keep costs low, avoid consumerism and enjoy travelling to cheaper and wonderful destinations lol.
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2023.03.31 07:55 TheFreshWenis I thought I was going to beat the pre-Easter rush for Melody's Easter Accessories from the Mattel website, but alas. I didn't. Sigh.

Ended up buying Melody's Daisy Dress and her Easter Accessories from the official website (one of these days I will have to make room for Melody herself, I've been wanting to get her and Claudie) because I'd been eyeing them for a while and decided to take the leap now because Easter's coming up, but after I finish buying the stuff and paying $40 extra for it to be delivered before Easter American Girl's website tells me that the Easter Accessories set is in backorder and won't come to my house until about April 28th.
Easter goodies I can make/assemble...something to cover my Julie's shoulders/arms that matches the Melody's Daisy Dress, I can't pull that off as quickly.
The first thing that comes to mind is to get Julie a white 1970s-style blouse that she can wear under the Melody's Daisy Dress, so I look on Etsy and long story short, I end up paying $41 for a handmade 1970s-style outfit that includes that style of white blouse I'm looking for.
That's the story of how I spent $150 for two doll outfits and an accessory set that won't come for another month.
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2023.03.31 07:55 valueimagery Faulty EVGA PSU?

Scratching my head here. Has anyone had experience with EVGA 850w PSU’s persistently throwing 0ms PG errors?
I’ve gone through 3 x 850w G5, all under the same warranty RMA. All 3 threw the 0ms PG error. The last one failed to even start a few weeks ago. Still under warranty. Put in an RMA and asked supplier to just refund me, and I’ll purchase the EVGA 850w P5 platinum edition, thinking maybe it was that gold edition that was problematic.
Well sure enough the p5 arrives today and I do some testing out of the box to make sure it’s operating normal. nope….
1-the supplied self tester jumper doesn’t initiate the fans, just hear an audible click 2-my PSU tester throws a 0ms PG error
Now I have a working EVGA 650w G+ Used the same AC cable, modular cables, PSU tester, and jumper, to eliminate any variables. Both the tester and jumper work as expected. Fans come on and no 0ms PG reading.
PSU is being powered by a 960w UPS
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2023.03.31 07:55 Siaionerim Childhood misdiagnosis and identity limbo

When I was young I was intentionally misdiagnosed with autism by munchie parents because they were abusing me and I was acting out in 1st grade Initially the school sent me to see a psychiatrist and she noted that I was normal but telling my parents to spend more time with me, which upsetted my mom because she legitimately thought it wasn't her duty to take care of me. (she actually said that) so she doctor-shopped another psychiatrist to label me with autism and sent me to a special education, and I didn't have normal school experiences, socialisation and education until 16. I wasn't allowed to go out of my home or had friends. The diagnosis and the special ed school were pretty shady. I've always been questioning it but no one listened.
I managed to get myself into a normal high school, and university. During my university years I had been seeing multiple psychiatrists and a therapist to re-evaluate me again and all of them agreed that I don't have autism. I didn't fit into the criteria and got 'de-diagnosed' officially
No one I know and meet in my real life think that I am autistc for years. So that's a further confirmation at least and for the people I tell this story they all say that I don't seem autistic at all.
At first I was happy about it but I felt lost...
First. I will not know 'What' I truly am and I feel pretty alienated from the world because of my past. I was told that the diagnosis was subjective bullshit during the process too and while that comforted me Other people don't see the same. You see the tiktok chicks who think that hating public speaking means you're autistc then it means that if I'm not an idealised mega charismatic suave psychic then I'd never be neurotypical enough to be foolproof. And i don't have a 'neurotypical childhood'.. Can you be 'a neurotypical' without the correct childhood for it? Not to mention those neurodiversity people that get into a hissy fit if you talk about misdiagnosis in the same way with what detrainsitioners tend to get. My identity will always be shaky because it's tainted.
I really hate this rigid obsession with identity we have today and it's suffocating. But no one is an island and I have to live in a society so I don't know see myself in it.
Second, I missed so much from my childhood and I feel like my life will always be incomplete. When I got into normal high school I was bullied and was very unpopular because I was an annoying weirdo with no social skills because the lack of experiences... I got better socially though But not quick enough to have a proper teenage years. I finally got to party, drink, have friend groups, going out, have responsibilities, date, when I was in university at 20. While it happened, it was late, I'll be a late bloomer with milestones some years off compared to most people. I'll never go through real rite of passage. I didn't do things at the right time.
I think my life will get better but it's painful to live. I still have some life goal but I don't know what it the way to make life more bearable. I am in a constant identity and existential crisis and only keep myself alive to do art and so my friends won't be sad.
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2023.03.31 07:54 ccm596 [Nebraska] being sued by a prior landlord, whats my best move?

Hi all! I'm not really sure what information to include here, but I'll do my best, just let me know if somethings missing
So a few years ago I moved out of a house here in Nebraska where I lived with two other people (for the record, i didn't break the lease or anything, if that matters), and was (to my math, about seven months later) sent a bill to my new address in the amount of roughly $2,700, along with a letter saying that I wouldn't get my security deposit back, of course. I tried to work out a payment plan, but I had a lot of trouble (the trouble was on my end), and eventually we fell out of contact. I assumed (wrongly, I know now how stupid this was) that this meant one of the other parties had taken care of it, but I learned today that I was mistaken haha
I was served papers today that a collections agency associated with the landlord is suing me for ~$3,200. A couple questions:
I notice that the three of us are mentioned in the invoice, but only I am listed as a Defendant. Is this normal? Does this mean that, for one reason or another, they're only going after me for this, and not the other two? I could pay one-third of the total literally tomorrow, probably even half, but all of it will of course take some time.
What are my options here? I have very little idea what I can do right now, let alone what I should be doing. My very tentative plan was to call them tomorrow and offer as much as I can, at least one-third of the total, if they could shift their focus away from me in exchange, but I honestly have no idea if thats something I could, or should, do. Please help lol, I have either twenty or thirty days to respond (will have to take a closer look, I'm a little confused because both are stated in different places. Will edit this part when I figure it out) but of course the sooner I can get the ball rolling the better. Thanks so much!
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2023.03.31 07:54 N3rF_NeRd56 Feeling better

Like the title says, I feel better. Just a bit.
My parents came to town for workshops for the past 2 days and my brothers and I went to visit them in their hotel room this evening.
The huge dip in my mental health this past month I figure was due to not letting my mind rest enough, then soon after feeling directionless and burntout. While visiting my parents, we talked about everything going at home, politically, what our plans were for the future and talking about past memories. That really warmed my heart and lifted me up a lot.
But what stuck with me was the political state of the rez. And no, we weren't talking down on anyone. We talked about how all of the people now are retiring, and we need a new generation to step up. It got me thinking. What if I take on a leadership role in the future. Along side my tech career (sounds like burnout waiting to happen). What I think about a lot is that I had a nice community to grow up in, I was fortunate enough to not have to worry about living in a bad place like other reserves. I want to help keep it that way.
Idk just a thought tho. The current C&C dont really have my trust rn. My dad being the band manager, he knows a few things. And from what I heard our leadership isn't the most trustworthy. (Story for another time) Which then my mind zoomin' around led me to think about me in a leadership role. Which might become a real thing, but will require a lot of effort. I think I will stick with my silly computers, for now.
Overall, I just needed a quick mental restart (the magic IT method, just turn it off and on again) and a visit with my parents is what I needed. It was nice to see my parents after a while. Maybe their encouragement is what I needed, and a bit of guidence in the right direction.
(I'm sorry if I worried you so much, I just needed a bit of help. Also, thank you so much again for checking in on me, it means a lot to me)
After we left it seemed like the dark thoughts cleared out and the fog lifted. I still feel tired, but I have the whole weekend to reset.
Also I should see a doctor about my medication, they didn't seem to help too much lmfao
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2023.03.31 07:54 Busy_Ocelot2424 When does it get good?

Started playing EFT about 4 days ago. I’ve got 21 raid attempts so far with 4 successful extracts. I spent a lot of time watching streamers and YouTubers play this game so I was pretty excited when I got my pc running to jump into it myself. I’m at the point now where I know why I died and what mistakes I made and what I could’ve done to survive better. I don’t think I’ve even encountered anything unusual like hacking/bugs that really annoyed me. The game itself is annoying is really the problem. I’m a solo player, I’m fine with being solo, but I have to say I got an extract on woods today and it did not hit like (3) successful extracts have in the past. All I do is sit and wait and hit headshot and wait and then loot and then crouch walk and then extract and then play scav to cover my losses when I inevitably die to some unusual hazard. I feel like the only way I can learn to be good at this game is by repeatedly dying, even watching others play isn’t enough info. How much longer is it going to take me to become competent? Do you ever start to succeed in extracting say, more than 50% of the time?
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2023.03.31 07:53 Filupcat We need to fight back against the bad reviews for The Wolf Wars DLC

Right now, there are 87 reviews for the DLC on Steam and it is sitting at Mostly Negative. All of the reviews are so unbelievably whiny, complaining that there's no deckbuilding in the Wolf Wars area and that it's "unfun" or "a slog". And they're complaining that they would have rather just had a DLC pack with just the skins than have to play through the new area.
I played the DLC today and I feel like it was everything I could have wanted. The dev diary outlined exactly what it would be so my expectations were properly set. I understand that not everyone will go out of their way to read it, but I think the devs were very transparent and people just didn't bother to look into it before buying. Now in terms of the actual value:
The Halloween skins were $5 and no one really complained about that. If you want the skins you buy, if you don't you don't. Using that as a metric to set the value, that puts the new skins at $5 and Yogger + a new pet + Wolf Wars story content at another $5. To me, that is entirely reasonable. I think I will get plenty of playtime out of Yogger because he has a lot of fun skills. Like all of the other characters, his gameplay loop feels different from others in his class. Not to mention, the devs released a free update with two new areas in adventure mode that everyone has access to. They could have included this content in the DLC and people probably would have felt it was more "worth it" to get an area of story content plus two new areas in adventure mode. But instead, they made it free to everyone so even those who don't buy the DLC can still access some new content. The devs were too consumer-friendly with their new content to the point that people didn't think the new content was worth it.
In terms of the actual story content, it's fun. If you're into the lore of the world it gives you a little backstory about some of the characters. My friends and I have joked about The Wolf Wars and Yogger since we first started playing so it was pretty funny for us to go through and get new dialogue. While we were playing, we kept saying how we wanted something similar to see more about Cornelius or Wilbur or Thuls or Gustav. It made me sad to think that the devs might see this game as poorly received and change the plans for future DLC. I think it's great to get a little story content to go along with the skins and new characters. I'd love to see new cards and events as well, but I think it makes sense to keep anything directly tied with the deckbuilding and adventure system as free updates!
If you didn't buy the DLC yet because of bad reviews, it's probably worth it if you're into the game enough to be on this subreddit. If you do already have the DLC, please leave a good review to support the developers so we can hopefully get more DLC in the future!
If any of the devs read this subreddit, I love the game and The Wolf Wars DLC was a ton of fun!
TL;DR: DLC good, bad reviews stupid, leave good reviews!
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