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2017.09.24 14:00 MBGDennis Not like the other girls

Do you think everyone else is trash? Do you think you're the only unique person on the planet? Do you constantly feel the need to press down others in order to define yourself? Then this is the place for you. This sub is about people trying to be unique by defining themselves outside of "the norm".

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2023.06.04 12:49 markowitty Dating someone with an incurable disease

So I’ve been seeing a wonderful guy for the past month. I’m in my early 30s and with him things progressed quite quickly but to me the pace has been good. We hang at night sometimes and I meet him during the day. He has been mostly making the pace, and I’ve enjoyed following. He texts me every day and we chat through the day. It’s felt mostly great. I’ve been wondering what’s the catch.
Recently he felt distant so I asked him if he could share and he said yes.
Essentially he told me that he has a disease called Retinitiss Pigmentosa. It’s incurable currently but there are immense medical advances happening fast to help patients. But right now it means that his eyesight is slowly deteriorating. It starts with bad night vision which he has so he can’t drive at night anymore and his whole family has it (mom has it and his 3 siblings). He watches his older sibling who vision gets worse and it’s heartbreaking for him. For the most part life is normal but he lives in fear of course that his vision will go away fully which is an option. It can eventually affect day vision even. He’s 30 and in even 10 years things can be very difficult for him.
It’s an utterly heartbreaking disease.
He also mentioned that the thing between me and him is going fast but I was like dude you’ve been leading the pace. He agreed and is just scared because I’m the past people have broke up with him because of this. Which broke my fucking heart because it’s obviously something he can’t help.
But now I’m left with this incredibly hard decision. He is wonderful. Like truly. But if I’m being honest, the idea of signing up for this kind of life makes me terrified. And he’s sort of asking for an answer now… because if it’s a dealbreaker then he wants to know to protect himself and I don’t blame him. And maybe that makes me an awful person but I believe many people would have the same thoughts that this would be a hard life. There is a chance one day he’d be fully reliant on a partner. And there’s no telling when that would be. There’s also the chances that cures could come but aren’t guaranteed. He’s a fighter and super brilliant but there’s isn’t much to do right this moment to slow things down.
People with disabilities deserve love and he’s so unbelievably lovable. I have my baggage too, big old baggage but this is a hard one for me to process.
I’m at the point where I can mourn this and move on, of course. I’d be really sad but I know I can get over it obviously. I’m also so grateful he told me early. He’s so brave. But I’m curious what you would do in this situation. Any thoughts? Have you gone through this? I hope I don’t sound insensitive I am just processing. But when it comes to relationships and the father of our kids I believe we have to weigh everything that’s put on the table.
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2023.06.04 12:49 gijjer why do people lie & ghost instead of just being honest?!

so frustrated lately with people lying and then ghosting to avoid the lie instead of just being honest???
Last two guys I met irl I was interested in have done this. One I asked if he wanted to go on a date and he enthusiastically, like within 30 seconds replied saying yes I would love that I’ll just check my schedule and tell you when! Then proceeded to never get back to me. More recently started talking to a guy after meeting at a party, it was a more casual thing but we did have sex & hang out. Texts me all week saying he’s excited to hang out this weekend/wants to keep hooking up then when it gets to the weekend and I ask when he’s free he leaves it on seen and ghosts me? This second one is also doubly annoying because we have mutual friends (how we met) and I know for a fact he talked about me with them like why even do that if you’re gonna ghost a few days later
I understand these people don’t “owe” me anything per se… but why say you want to do something you don’t? Just say no I am not interested in dating, no I don’t wanna hook up again. It’s a waste of both our times and it’s weird?? It’s also annoying because it’s making me think all the ‘i do not chase, I attract’ girlies are right because it seems this specifically happens with people i approach first lol.
I also hate it because I have anxiety and my therapist always told me I need to trust what people say is true and stop letting my anxiety run wild with alternate theories but having my anxious alternate theories confirmed and validated repeatedly is making me feel I can’t trust anyone :((
Urghhhh dating 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️
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2023.06.04 12:48 Chos992 Witcher vibes.

Does anyone else get them while playing? Ive had several insatnces where i thought like, this reminds me of witcher.. Just me or?
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2023.06.04 12:48 DanailK Luckiest pack I will ever have. I'm in shambles

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2023.06.04 12:48 Comprehensive_Cap965 So dissatisfied with work

I’m constantly being put down/ordered around at work by management and it’s making me want to quit. Every little detail of what I do and how I say it is belittled and it’s making me think less of myself… I can’t be happy in an environment when I feel like I have to change myself to make others happy.
One time I offered to sort out a task and a manager ignored me. Then they stood up and said I’m going to do [task] now as if they never heard me in the first place.
The same person also didn’t trust my word on a fact I knew - they had to go and find out themselves rather than go with what I said was true…
Another time, I was using a computer at and a manager told me to get off it, despite another computer being free, and then opened and started looking at the exact same thing I was working on - as if they didn’t trust me at all
The straw that broke the camels back was not being able to select availability for holidays - I then told a manager about my availability and they told me off for being too direct. I’m so confused. What am I supposed to do? Be assigned shifts and then say I can’t work them at all?
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2023.06.04 12:48 Broccoli-Inside How do I repair a broken UMD case?

How do I repair a broken UMD case?
I’m currently on the road for a complete PAL PSP collection. But a lot of games I buy typically turn up like this annoyingly. And I don’t always remember to check the UMD when it arrives. Is there anyway to repair this casing?
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2023.06.04 12:48 HUZNAIN i 17q am scared to enter the dating/courting/relationship pool

for context, i am 17 years old, queer (assigned-male-at-birth and feminine [You may refer me to any as You prefer; boy, girl, transfem/transgirl, femboy, etc. i just don't prefer asking people to refer me to something]), and filipino
when i was 15, it was my first time being available and going to the relationship-seeking realm, just for the not good reason of having a reason or someone to live for because i was really depressed, it was all online because i can't find anyone near me because i am queer, i am deprived from physical and social availability, my location, and it's really my only option i think. it turned out the opposite than i wished of finding someone and just made my situation much worse, it made me traumatised, felt a lot of heartbreaks from infatuation and love bombing, been taken advantaged of, did not know much about dating and seeking relationships, and stuff like that. when i was in my early 16 i stopped, and with that life has been a bit better for me, i improved overall as a person and my studies
with that of my experience, it is a factor (maybe somehow) of why i am scared of going back being available again:
  1. the traumatic and horrendous experience as mentioned
  2. as a queer person, it's hard to find in physically plus my not-much location, therefore if i were to go available again, it would be online, and online is pretty risky
  3. as a queer person again, the dating world here is very scarce, more on hook-up culture and casualties, non-commitment, and about high standards especially looks. many of the people here often only looks for pleasures and beauty standards is very much emphasized
  4. adding to being queer and it's emphasis on conventional beauty, as an assigned-male-at-birth and feminine, beauty standards is very much emphasized too to people like us, they want someone who posses extremely feminine features, aryan features, looking as a girl, and being conventionally beautiful, and as to my observation, the ones who posses more of these qualities will always be more chosen than the lesser counterparts. and people who often look for people like us just very much sexualize us and wants us for pleasure, and just wants us for that
i am contemplating whether i should open myself again at mid-17 or when i am 18 (right now, pretty much at 18), but with that is a small part of me has a bit of a side-fear and also maybe a bit of trauma too with my past experience, but i know it may go away and be fine
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2023.06.04 12:48 Polishcockney Ultimate Edition on ps5 and standard version on Steamdeck

Hi guys,
I am using remote play to couch play Diablo 4 from the steam deck remote play app called Chiaki. It works great.
I would like to run Diablo 4 when I am out and about, however I am confused on what version to purchase.
Can someone let me know if I need two of the same versions so cross save works?
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2023.06.04 12:48 your_ticket Do you guys build one base per playthrough or build a base for every biome after you beat the biome's boss?

I have built a pretty big base in the meadows and decided to stick with it and just travel around using portals and boats. I like traveling with a longship fully loaded with ores. But now that I got to the plains, I realized that barley and flax can only be grown in the plains. For now, I have a portal that leads to a plains farm where I grow flax and barley. I'm starting to think that building a base per biome is actually a good idea. I will probably do that when I get to the mistlands. I was wondering how other players tackle this base building challenge.
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2023.06.04 12:48 GezinhaDM Question for Brazilians: if my son was born in the US and we registered him at the Brazilian Consulate...

...would he still need to go through Brazilian immigration at the airport with his US passport or not? I have a "registro" from the consulate from when we registered him, so is he a "brasileiro nato" or does he have to go through customs? I'm Brazilian with a Brazilian passport, btw. Obrigada!
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2023.06.04 12:48 blossom- Can you make a "dead end" kind of choice in this game?

More to the point, how much is this a game vs a visual novel? Every time I hear Disco Elysium described it seems like there is no fail state or road block. Yet it's also supposed to be a murder mystery, so how much does that factor into things?
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2023.06.04 12:48 AgleamAstralArmads [LES] I don’t like when characters get extra power-ups after we expect them to win.

Dunno what else to say. It feels cheap to have a big moment where the good guys realise they can win against insurmountable odds, only to get cheap-shotted and lose anyway, then get back in the game with some new power they weren’t relying on during the “we can win” moment, and win anyway.
What the hell was the point of telling me the good guys could win then, if they couldn’t?
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2023.06.04 12:47 No-Copium I really hate the "people are just faking being happy, we're all a mess!" thing everytime I bring up how shitty my life is going

Like I'm not saying that everyone has perfect lives, but to pretend there isn't a difference between someone who can fake a smile and be functional to someone who can't even leave their bed to eat is so invalidating. I would do anything to just be a little bit more functional but it's so hard. I don't know why people think this would make me feel better when I bring up jealousy towards other people, its soo annoying. It feels like everyone wants to level out everyones experience these days, which is needed sometimes but other times it just invalidates people who have more severe mental health.
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2023.06.04 12:47 FST_it How to read the rating of a .jpg file?

Hey all, I am trying to write a script that copies files based on their rating. It is a litte more complex, as it needs to read the rating of a .jpg, to then copy a .cr3 file, but now it looks like read the rating is more of a problem, than copying the equivalent file.
The following code was created using ChatGPT, but it seems like there is no such cmdlet/function as "GetRating":

Define the source and destination folders

$sourceFolder = "C:\Path\to\Source\Folder" $destinationFolder = "C:\Path\to\Destination\Folder"

Get all .jpg files with a one-star rating from the source folder

$files = Get-ChildItem -Path $sourceFolder -Filter ".jpg" Where-Object { >$_.Extension -eq ".jpg" and *$_.GetRating() -eq 1** }

Loop through each .jpg file

foreach ($file in $files) {
# Create the equivalent .cr3 file path ($cr3File = Join-Path -Path $sourceFolder -ChildPath ($file.BaseName + ".cr3"))
# Check if the .cr3 file exists if (Test-Path $cr3File) { # Copy the .cr3 file to the destination folder Copy-Item -Path $cr3File -Destination $destinationFolder }
Does anyone have an idea, how I can replace that part to read the rating?
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2023.06.04 12:47 Laber_ Login problem

Hi, I haven't played classic for a few years and now when I want to log in it says my credentials are incorrect. I am 100% sure the email is right because I only use 2 different ones, tried a few passwords but none worked. When I want to reset my password I just don't receive any emails. I use steam guard and have never noticed any hacking activity. Any idea what the problem could be?
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2023.06.04 12:47 money_made_noodles Help with understanding symmetric encryption

Hi, I'm a beginner at understanding encryption, and need some help with clarification of symmetric encryption.
A very simple example of symmetric encryption is doing XOR on a message using a given key. Doing XOR to a message with the key encrypts the message, and then doing XOR with the newly encrypted message and the same key gives you back your original message.
So when symmetric encryption is defined as using the same key for encryption and decryption, does this mean that the algorithm to encrypt a message has to be its own inverse?
Like with the XOR above, XOR can act as its own inverse on a message, is this a requirement for a symmetric key encryption algorithm?
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2023.06.04 12:47 DXKIII [low effort Sunday] Not a rant but something I've noticed in fandoms

It always seems that fans of a work, fans enough to join a forum at least, are all very apologetic and defensive of the more questionable elements and themes of the series in question than anyone who comes in from outside looking in. I bring this up because I think it's interesting to watch this dynamic.
For example, when discussing Naruto and the Uchiha, a fan will more likely than not, defend the characters decision to commit genocide. Another example is how people in twilight forums refuse to see Jacob's feelings toward a baby as grooming though I don't think they'd give that same consideration to sesshomaru from inuyasha. Long story short: you're less able to recognize the ugly side of your series than a series you're not a fan of. I think there's a corollary to religious thinking.
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2023.06.04 12:47 Medium_Board_4336 Mind checking out my content and giving me feedback

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2023.06.04 12:47 that-gemini-bitch I became intimate with someone I met online after trauma-bonding. He ghosted me and I’m broke.

I don’t even know what to say or feel.
I really, really liked this guy, but we both had a lot of baggage. Mainly, we were both very traumatized by our ex-partners. We both agreed to open communication and honesty. He checked in with me multiple times, asking if he was “enough” for me and if I wanted to leave... I reassured him multiple times that I was not going anywhere. I meant it.
We both felt an instant connection. He was kinky, but also incredibly thoughtful and kind. It felt like our souls aligned. I hadn’t felt like this in a while.
He’s going through a lot of personal family struggles at the moment. I told him I was here to support him, or here to give him space, but I just wanted him to communicate which one he needed. I told him the only unacceptable thing was to ghost me entirely. I told him I was worried and confused. He blew me off for two days. (Before this we had talked all day, every day)
At the end of the second day, when I reached out again to ask what was going on with him and if he was ok, he finally, strangely, responded in the middle of the night. He told me I didn’t understand, had no idea what he was going through, and I was making everything about myself.
And then he blocked me.
It’s been a couple days now. I’m ashamed to admit that I try contacting him multiple times a day through our app, but I just keep getting the “blocked” message. It’s humiliating every time I try, and then doubly humiliating every time it doesn’t go through. And yet, I miss him. I keep trying. I’m ashamed to say I think about making alt accounts just to message him and ask… what the hell, man?
I was very insecure and had to learn to build back a lot of trust for this person. He would repeatedly tell me, “I’m not your ex. Don’t punish me for his sins.” And I had to swallow the trauma I’m working through so I could “let him in.” And then… he does this to me.
It’s my 30th birthday this week and I just feel like such shit. I just don’t understand how you can switch up on someone so easily. Or at the very least, I think you should let someone know, “hey, this is too much for me right now. Wish you the best.” I just got “you have no idea what I’m going through” after being blown off for 2 days, and then the block.
Is that normal? To treat people like this?
The most embarrassing was the first moment I realized I was blocked, mid-conversation. I wrote a long message about how I didn’t want him to misinterpret me, I didn’t want to make him feel bad, I was just worried and confused and wanted to help and I would do anything for him, whether it was support or space… hit send and got the “blocked” message. It never went through. I’ve just been kinda numb ever since.
I have plenty of faults. But I don’t think I’m horribly rotted enough to be treated like this.
Why do men insist that you lower your guard, when they have no intention of protecting your peace?
We are all so selfish. And I am so broken.
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2023.06.04 12:47 trvp_dude Was Ewan really going to give Greg 250 mill or was it a ploy?

Does anyone here really believe that Ewan was going to leave Greg with a 250 million dollar inheritance? I feel like it was all ploy by him to stick it to Logan and get Greg on his side! I feel like it would be out of Ewans character to leave someone that much of an inheritance, specially someone like Greg who just coasts through life and won’t make the world a better place with it.
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2023.06.04 12:47 Routine_Armadillo_46 The lesser spotted bendy buffalo

The lesser spotted bendy buffalo
Bad work on so many levels, more crooked than a shepherd’s staff, horns are totally different altitudes and the flowers look like they were done by my 7 year old. By a studio that’s been in business 21 years and does “damn good tattoos”
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