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2023.06.07 04:11 Ready_Dust_5479 The beauty of the female form

Where do you think the line should be drawn between admiring female beauty and the sin of lust?
I think one can go to an art museum for example and see naked women in paintings and sculptures and appreciate their beauty without crossing any lines. But there's a clear distinction for most people when we talk about a different medium...
Photography. Whether it's still or moving pictures (videos) suddenly there's almost complete agreement that all nudity in this form is pornography. I disagree. Some photos and videos containing nudity can be matter-of-fact like in an educational context, artistic or completely non sexual depictions of reality like the nudity of the prisoners in Schindler's List.
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2023.06.07 04:02 jambreadg92 HELP! 3 year old won't stop pooping his pants

Parents of reddit; I've got huge issues, and they seem to be control battles. Please help
I have two separate issues, but also kind of similar. Both of them relate to potty, but maybe different reasons
I have 2 boys, almost 5 and 3.5. They share a room (they have to). We put a gate across their bedroom door because of months of them "escaping" (ie flat out leaving) their rooms when they are supposed to be sleeping. We have tried two separate trial runs of removing the gate, and the closest we got was last time it was OK for about a week and then they started boundary testing/annihilating again.
The 5 year old has been refusing/neglecting/putting off going poo in the day. After bedtime, he calls out to us to ask to go poo. It's been consistent for a while now. I'm sure it's a ploy to stay up longer or so he can get out of his room after bedtime. So far we have tried taking away ice cream after dinner (logically I was wondering if it was making him go as well), no screens after dinner (now moved to no screens after daycare at all), constant reminders, offers to put him on the toilet (even though he is capable), but still none of those things are working. Tonight he just flat out refused to go to the bathroom. It's becoming a power struggle. I'm at a loss.
My second problem is the next one. 3.5. Potty trained for about 6 months, peeing on the potty came super easy for him, I foolishly thought I had training innthe bag. Wrong. He would withhold for DAYS and then have an accident. This continued for well over a month, and eventually he got it. For a while anyways.
It slowly came back in the form of anytime we went somewhere different; after refusing to use the potty, he would just poop his pants. Then, he will withhold so he doesn't go at daycare for days, then he'll have an accident at home. Now, he just seems to be having accidents at home. And he doesn't seem concerned about it.
I'm losing my mind. I know he's capable, because he was doing it for a couple months. I'm sick of going places and having him.shit himself (often MULTIPLE times because he only let's a little bit out at a time and refuses to actually "go potty" in between, therefore continues to have more accidents).
Please send words of wisdom. I'm so sick of shit.
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2023.06.07 03:39 Foxyboxy1 Pectus excavatum

Hi y’all,
Today we took our 21 month old to the pediatrician’s for a physical since she’s starting daycare soon. This was our first visit with this pediatrician as I recently started a new job and our old ped isn’t covered via my new insurance. When our LO was a few months, we noticed she had a little dent in her chest. Our old pediatrician was not concerned at all about pectus and claimed the indent was normal. Fast forward to today, we decided to bring it up to the new ped to see what she would say since it’s become more noticeable. She confirmed that our LO does have a mild form of pectus excavatum. My husband is especially hurt because he has pectus excavatum and has struggled TREMENDOUSLY with his self image his entire life. His mom abused substances while pregnant and we sort of just thought he developed this physical deformity because of it. His brother is also autistic due to her usage while pregnant so it made it easier to believe that it wasn’t genetic.
Does anyone have any experience with pectus excavatum? Does anyone have a child with pectus excavatum? Just looking for support and information on what our future holds for our baby. I should also add that I am not hurt or saddened by learning our baby has a mild form of it but just want to speak to people who have been through this or are raising a child with it. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 03:26 Jason_D_811 Suggest a laptop for Computer Science degree


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2023.06.07 03:20 TheSmogmonsterZX The Daughter that Follows - Chapter 27 - Reunited - Part 5

Disclaimer: Registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
DM, the Digitalman, the Scion of Variable is a creation of my good friend who does not use Reddit and is used with permission.
The Pokémon Lucario is © The Pokemon Company.
“When you're in your darkest place, you give yourself hope and that's inner strength.”
― Uncle Iroh
The Daughter that Follows
Chapter 27
Part 5
“So, are we all ready?” Darius asked as he rolled out a second grill in his backyard. He had decided to host the mini-reunion for Alan and his friend.
“We are so friggin’ ready.” Kenji grinned. “I can almost taste the meat...”
“Why is he acting like he hasn’t had meat in forever?” Alan asked Brooklynn while pointing to her husband.
“I wish I knew, he has his own grill.” Brooklyn shook her head. “Cooks good corn.”
“Speaking of, I got these for you.” Alan held up several cobs. “Won’t be a competition because Vegeta thinks vegetables are a sin.”
Brooklyn rolled her eyes, “I know the type.”
“So...” Sammie pointed into Darius’ house. “Is your other guest okay?”
“He’s fine, he just doesn’t like the sun that much.” Alan grinned.
“He’s a vampire.” Yaz said.
“Don’t say that.” Sammie chided her wife.
“Technically he’s a nosferatu.” Alan wavered his hand. “But also be quiet, I want Anna surprised, and Salem surprised.”
“Why is he getting surprised?” Kenji asked.
Yaz smiled, “You didn’t pay attention to his shirt, did you?”
“I think he might be a fan of Alan’s friend.” Sammie said.
Not a moment after that a hole opened above Darius’ driveway. They heard Ben shout in surprise as he fell out with Anna and Vegeta.
“You know, you’re brave...” Vegeta said, “But you need to have more spatial awareness if you’re not gonna fly.”
“We can’t fly here.” Ben said as he was flown over Darius’ roof and sat down.
“Where’s Anna?” Alan asked.
“She saw someone attacking Spider-Men.” Vegeta shrugged.”Dropped us off and ran off.”
“Oh.” Alan blinked.
“Yeah, it looked like some wasp thingy.” Vegeta flew back and returned with a huge slab of meat. “Wagusaurus.”
Alan stopped to think for a moment before another hole in reality opened and Anna walked through covered in orange and green gunk.
“Hose?” She asked grumpily.
Darius pointed to the side of his house.
“So I take it, it squished good?” Salem snickered from the sliding door.
Anna froze and looked up. Then she looked at her father.
“Surprise.” Alan smirked.
Anna ran up and hugged her father. “That’s for surprising me.”
Alan nodded. “I kinda figured.”
Salem was laughing like mad as Anna went to hose herself off. Then he froze as he saw Vegeta cutting up the meat.
“Surprise.” Alan smiled and tapped Vegeta on the shoulder. “You gotta fan here, man.”
“Huh?” Vegeta turned to see the fanged nosferatu staring and pointing. “Hey, you want to help? This stuff is heavy.”
Salem just nodded and helped the saiyan prince separate out the meat.
Anna came walking back around the corner, she had used her aura to squeeze the water from her clothes and skin, though her hair was still wet. She giggled as her father simply eradicated the gunk that was on his clothes.
“Thank you.” Anna smiled up at Alan.
“Yeah, well he’ll be going with you.” Alan smiled. “Plus this needed to happen outside of a battle zone.”
“Oh yeah.” Anna nodded emphatically. “Completely.”
Alan smiled as he clapped his hands. “All right! Everyone get ready for a taste test sensation! Except Brooklynn, I’ll have your corn done not long after.”
“What is she vegetarian?” Vegeta snapped.
“Vegan.” Brooklyn said as she crossed her arms.
“I make meat.” Vegeta crossed his arms as if to challenge her.
“Good for you, my husband is who you want to impress.” She nodded to Kenji.
“Huh, fair.” Vegeta nodded. “Why is he staring at the grills?”
“He grills too, but for fun.” Brooklynn smiled.
“Hey, amateur!” Vegeta stomped forward.
Kenji flinched. “Yes?”
“You’re my second.” Vegeta grinned.
Kenji smiled and saluted, “Yes sir!”
“Ben, you got my stuff?” Alan asked.
“Stuff?” Vegeta asked as Ben walked out with a wheeled tray filled with cooking paraphernalia.
“Oh, now we’re getting serious!” Vegeta grinned. “Anna, you got my stuff?”
Anna nodded and tossed out a pink and blue capsule that turned into another wheeled tray with similar cooking tools on it.
“Just so we’re clear, I’m recusing myself.” Anna smiled.
“Clever girl.” Vegeta stared at her with a vicious smile..
“Man if you knew the history of that phrase here.” Alan shook his head. “All right folks, quarter of a steak each for the taste testing. Be honest, put your fork on the plate you like most.”
“Do we get ketchup?” Anna asked with a devious grin.
Both men stopped and glared.
“I found the heckler.” Alan said through gritted teeth.
“Considering her parentage, I’m not surprised.” Vegeta nodded.
Darkseid paced on Apokalips.
He had been shunted back to his planet and reality with ease by the ghostly reaper. He had been embarrassed for the last time by the Scions. He would not tolerate it anymore.
“Kalibak!” He shouted for his son.
Kalibak came forward and kneeled. “Father.”
“Prepare all to attack Earth. If I cannot go to them I will draw them to me. We will slaughter Superman's adopted homeworld.” Darkseid grinned.
The sound of chains echoed through the halls.
“Alice?” Hare lifted his head.
“She’s coming...” March Hare’s vocalizer on the back of the warbeast he was attached to, sang to life.
Soon a woman in white with red on a half mask walked into view.
“And who are you?” Darkseid asked.
“I am called Kyton. I come from Alan Quain’s home reality.” She said as the chains holding Hare released him. “I am the Revenant of Heroes, element of metal.” March Hare’s brain case released itself and fell to the ground.
“FREEDOM!” The brains’ final thoughts shouted from the vocalizer.
“You will keep them no longer!” Kyton’s chains flew from openings and snagged the ragged body of Hare into a swirling portal.
“So it is war!” Darkseid grinned as lanced out a punch, but a wall of crystal rose up from the ground.
“I’m here to asshole.” Stephen Quain walked in as the air around all of Darkseid’s forces turned to solid crystalline bindings. “And we brought an old friend.”
A scream of rage tore through the air as a clown mask landed at Darkseid’s feet.
Darkseid looked down and was caught by a powerful uppercut, but it was nothing to him. He did recognize his opponent, they had taken him form Quain’s home reality and tormented him. They had tried to shatter the mask he wore only to find it resisted them at all attempts. He wore a new mask now, but Darkseid felt the same hidden power inside it. He grinned and grabbed the human’s fist and tossed him back.
“Dammnit!” SideEffect shouted. “If I could feel those bones I’d be even more pissed!”
“And now I am...” Darkseid looked outside his window to see a series of explosions ripple across Apokalips.
A man flew down to his window, a billowing red cape.
“I’m afraid not, Darkseid, this is the Scion’s war.” Superman smiled. “We’re just helping.” He flew in and slammed the leader of Apokalips through the walls.
Kyton looked at Stephen Quain, “Don’t kill the sapient ones.”
Stephne rolled his eyes. “Just because I have a history with the hairball doesn’t mean I’m trigger happy.”
Kalibak looked around in confusion. The crystal bindings were all too familiar and he looked at the human in fear. “Can you please not turn me into crystal again? It really hurts.”
Stephen rolled his eyes.
In the black space above Apokalips, a green form looked down upon the world. A scythe and sword were by his side, as was a young pale skinned woman. She shook her head but did not oppose the Scion.
“You started this early.” Death of the Endless sighed. “Why?”
“Because it’s the one thing no one would expect me to actually do.” Wraith drew his daggers from his side and looked them over. His black blade still had a knick in it from when a piece broke off in Atropos. “So I’ll make sure this entire war is off balance.”
Death of the Endless shook her head. “I think she got under your skin. So to speak.”
“She did.” Wraith acknowledged. “For this I am not Death. For this I am the endless rage of the murdered and unavenged. She wants this fight, I’ll give it to her, but on my terms.”
“What are your friends doing?” Death of the Endless looked down.
One half of Apokolips was now thoroughly exploded with mechanical animals running rampant over it. The other half was now a flower covered paradise that had strange trees restraining the parademons and other forces.
“What they do best.” Wraith smiled. “Chaos and Imbalance.”
“And what can we do?” The voice of Astral, Scion of Order asked as he appeared.
“Cage of this reality, separate it from itself.” Wraith leaned on his scythe.
“Shadow reality?” Astral asked.
Wraith nodded.
“I’m gonna need my buddy down there.” Astral nodded.
“I’m your buddy?!” Perfection cooed as he appeared. “Hiya D.o.E.! How’s Delirium?”
“Delerious.” Death of the Endless smiled with a nod.
“All right!” Perfection cheered. “One shadow realm coming up!” He snapped his fingers and a wig very similar to a popular card game anime character’s hair appeared on his head and his clothes shifted to a similar style.
“Does that mean I have to be Kaiba?” Astral sighed.
“Would you?” Perfection asked with a pleading look.
“Okay, fine. This once.” Astral sighed and his trench coat shifted to that of another coat similar to the other one’s rival.
“I’m not watching this.” Wraith sighed as he vanished.
“Man, what a party pooper.” Perfection sighed. “Well it’s time to get twisted!”
Anna sat watching her friends and her father. Everyone was relaxed and the party was winding to a close. Vegeta was busy going over a speech with her dad and Salem was busy trying to understand how Ben survived a Carnotaurus as a teenager with no powers.
“We will go to our final battle soon.” Rio sat beside her enjoying some of the last steak.
“Well not our last.” Anna smiled.
Rio shook her head. “I cannot go with you beyond this.”
Anna looked at Rio. “Did I say something, do something?”
Rio shook her head. “I have a responsibility I too will be stepping into, at Arceus’ last request.”
Anna hugged Rio. “You could have said something.”
“I was conflicted.” Rio admitted, “But it was Arlina that made me realize I had to do it.”
Anna nodded. “You’ll always be my sister.”
“You will always be welcome in my world.” Rio smiled and gave a happy yip.
Anna smiled. “Bonds beyond life and death.”
“Bonds beyond time and space.” Rio said as a compliment to it. “I will cherish the time we have had together.”
Anna smiled and held up the pokeball.
“Oh no,we still need that, I don’t want to travel the multiverse exposed to it!” Rio barked nervously.
Anna laughed. “Okay, One last big adventure.”
“Once more unto the breach, my friends.” Alan said as he sat next to them.
“What?” Anna asked.
“The Bard himself.” Alan smiled. “Henry the Fifth.”
Anna nodded. “I’m scared.”
Alan nodded. “So am I. I could lose the most important people to me. But it has to stop, she has to be stopped, he has to be stopped. No more.”
Anna nodded.
“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more, Or close the wall up with our English dead.” Yaz said. “Act Three, Scene One.”
“Indeed.” Alan smiled and nodded. “I better pick up Teal’c and the other’s too.”
Anna looked at her father quizzically.
“He sounds a lot like Kratos. But he enjoys breaking False gods, so...” He paused. “Disturbingly coincidental hobbies.”
Anna giggled.
“How many of my friends have that hobby?” Alan pondered aloud.
Vegeta jumped up and waved his hand.
“No, Vegeta. Frieza was not a false god.” Alan sighed.
“Fair.” Vegeta harrumphed.
“Well I have to get this all cleaned up tomorrow.” Darius sighed.
Alan gave a baring laugh.
“What?” Darius asked.
“Darius.” Anna scoffed, “We aren’t trashy guests...” She focused and Hong Long came out from her aura and quickly began to pick up trash.
Alan simply focused on various small bits that flew to the trash cans. Within minutes the backyard and the grills were sparkling.
“Kami, do I miss the easy cleanups...” Vegeta sighed. “You know the stars here are bit different, but I like’em.”
Anna smiled and began to point out the constellations. Soon though Alan, Anna and their guests returned to the Camp for one more night of rest.
When they got back Anna and Alan crashed within minutes, Vegeta and Salem were still up staring out at the stars.
“You feel it?” Vegeta asked.
“Like a cat with its hackles up.” Salem nodded.
“What do you do, to keep her safe?” Vegeta asked.
“Got some magic, but mostly I use big guns.” Salem said. “I can hack, but it’s a tertiary skill nowadays. If I get pissed I can jack my bodies’ power up, but not anywhere near as powerful as you.”
Vegeta nodded. “Willing to die?”
“For them?” Salem just nodded.
“Good.” Vegeta nodded. “He wants me up front with Darkseid. How do you think I’ll fair?”
“Depends.” Salem shrugged, “What’s your newest technique?”
“Well I developed a bit of an Ego, if you will.” Vegeta grinned.
“No, not with Darkseid.” Salem shook his head. “Definitely poor on the aggression, but you do not want to take a hit. Especially the Omega Beams, you can’t dodge them, you can only put others in front of them.”
“He wasn’t there.” Consumption hissed. “Not even a trace of him.”
Atropos blinked in shock. She felt for certain Wraith would retreat to the Gates of Hell in their home reality. That he wasn’t there was a shock.
“That’s because he’s off picking a fight with Darkseid.” Odin shook his head. “Your plans aren’t coming together, Norn.”
“Don’t call me that.” Atropos said in an off-sweet tone. “I write fates, they make a show of them.”
Odin grunted. He was starting to regret working with this woman.
“As I said it doesn’t matter.” Atropos shoved her hand into her leg, golden ichor rolled out as she pulled an obsidian black shard from her leg. “A piece of his Sin left to remember him by.”
“I can use that.” Sindri shot up, “That will work” He walked over and held out his hands.
Atropos smiled and dropped it in his open palms. The sharp piece struck into the dwarf’s hand and his grief flashed before his eyes and he clutched his hand around the piece as he roared in pain. He forced himself over to his work table and pried it out of his own hand.
Atropos watched in shock.
“It wants you to suffer under your own guilt.” Sindri winced. “Vicious piece, but it has a piece of him, more than enough.”
“Then let Undeath Echo through the multiverse.” Atropos roared with laughter.
Odin watched the woman and slowly tilted his head towards her, then to Sindri. He nodded slowly as he realized what was happening. He had to get out of this mad house and fast.
Anna stretched as Hong Long coiled about in the sky, doing his own version of warming up. Alan yawned as he said his goodbyes to his co-workers and bosses.
Dr. Grant handed him a book, an old one signed by another Paleontologist. Quain grinned as he put the book signed by Tim Murphy into his bag. Dr. Ellie Sattler just gave him a hug. Dr. Wu who had the hardest time saying goodbye, despite the few words the two ever exchanged they had become good friends and trusted each other.
“Don’t go bad or I’ll be back.” Alan smiled.
“I don’t think I can anymore.” Wu smiled.
“He’s got the heart!” Anna shouted. “He took a while to grow into it though!”
Dr. Wu smiled and waved. “Take care of her, she still needs her father.”
Alan nodded and stood next to his daughter.
“What do you think, two holes?” Anna asked.
Alan blew a raspberry. “Why waste the energy?”
Anna nodded. “So who is going to make it?”
Alan stroked his chin. “Rock paper scissors?”
Anna rolled her eyes and Hong Long roared and tore into reality leaving an extra large whole gaping open.
“See you in a week!” Anna laughed as she ran and jumped through. Salem came screaming after her shouting about not being ready.
“That’s CHEATING!” Alan shouted as he raced after his daughter. Vegeta sighed and ran after his friend, grumbling about losing the steak-off once more.
As he breached into the multiverse he felt the power of his new nature course through him. He held it back, but just barely. He wanted to show Darkseid exactly how bad he had messed up.
Anna also felt the power crest in her and she looked back and smiled at her father while Salem tumbled in the rear of Hong Long’s frame. She waved as her father and Vegeta skewed off in a different direction.
“I think I’m gonna puke!” Salem groaned as he spun around.
End of the Daughter that Follows
All the Scions: OH!
S: Yup.
Astral: Fuck.
Maven: With extra cheddar.
Perfection: What?
Maven: It’s a saying from my home reality.
Perfection: But why Cheddar?
DM: How does he even have Cheddar, that’s from England.
Perfection: My head hurts.
S: So that’s her plan folks.
Mosious: That’s not good.
Theten: But there’s no need for Undeath. It’s antithetical to the universe!
Karma: Maybe it’s about exactly that. Like we’re concepts. What if she’s going for Extra material power.
S: Smart woman wins the prize.
Wraith: SHE... ANger... RAGE...
Karma: Oh no, he’s sputtering.
Astral: (steps back)
S: And now folks I work on outlining the final battle. I’ll know more about it’s length in a week or two. In the meantime I will continue to work on GSD.
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2023.06.07 03:19 Foxyboxy1 Pectus excavatum

Hi y’all,
Today we took our 21 month old to the pediatrician’s for a physical since she’s starting daycare soon. This was our first visit with this pediatrician as I recently started a new job and our old ped isn’t covered via my new insurance. When our LO was a few months, we noticed she had a little dent in her chest. Our old pediatrician was not concerned at all about pectus and claimed the indent was normal. Fast forward to today, we decided to bring it up to the new ped to see what she would say since it’s become more noticeable. She confirmed that our LO does have a mild form of pectus excavatum. My husband is especially hurt because he has pectus excavatum and has struggled TREMENDOUSLY with his self image his entire life. His mom abused substances while pregnant and we sort of just thought he developed this physical deformity because of it. His brother is also autistic due to her usage while pregnant so it made it easier to believe that it wasn’t genetic.
Does anyone have any experience with pectus excavatum? Does anyone have a child with pectus excavatum? Just looking for support and information on what our future holds for our baby. I should also add that I am not hurt or saddened by learning our baby has a mild form of it but just want to speak to people who have been through this or are raising a child with it. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 03:06 Oak_Draiocht The Current Whistleblower momentum and what it means for Experiencers.

Background :
There has been a lot of chatter from various sources over the past few months of something coming down the line this summer that'll push the ball forward regarding this topic. With some saying 2023 will be as big a year if not bigger than 2017 was for us.
This chatter started to hint that there was a lot of work happening behind the scenes and a lot of orchestration to make sure this info gets out as they were juggling a lot of push back and having to maneuver around it. And had plans in place in-case of push back. Eventually rumors started to hint that this info was to be related to the recovering of crashed craft or material.

Current Situation:
As many are aware there is currently an on going situation unfolding that is going to gain more and more momentum over the next few days or even weeks.
On Monday the 6th of June, a high-level intelligence official turned whistleblower David Charles Grusch has come forward announcing that extraterrestrial craft and bodies have been recovered and kept secret by the U.S. government.
Full Debrief article on this
Original NewsNation segment on this.
A Fact Check report on all this by the Debrief
Guardian Article on this
Need to Know podcast with Ross Coulthart regarding all this.
Thread on UFOs
A thread from our on sub on the importance of all this.

More interviews and news articles will be coming over the next few days and this post will be updated accordingly.

What does this mean for Experiencers?
This is a shocking revelation and coming much sooner than many of us thought. Personally I was expecting chatter on perhaps "recovered material of unknown origin" and a long stretch of time of hints and build up before words like Non Human Intelligence would be uttered. This is not Disclosure however. Like it or not there is going to be some debate in the non experiencer world regarding the credibility of this guy his story and information. Many won't care what he says and won't accept anything until the major world leaders confirm what this man is saying. There is a road to come to regarding that still. But this opens the door for waves of further whistleblowers to come forward of which we know there are many.
But as Experiencers we already known Non Human Intelligence is here interacting with our species. For us this gets the ball rolling for further to that inevitable point that eyes will suddenly aimed at us and what we have to say. That will be a very delicate time. But still there is a way to go yet.
This is going to trigger waves of more Experiencers to come out though. Coming face to face with their experiences and sharing their story in places such as this and else where.
From doing direct work with Experiencers it has been fascinating to see the amount of people who's journeys into this world started when articles legitimizing this topic in 2017 came out. And the summer UAP report came out in 2021. Neither of those moments were "Disclosure" with capital D. But for many many many people out there these watershed moments suddenly gave people intellectual permission to take this topic seriously. Many Experiencers I've spoken to went through an awakening due to these events. They had no interest in this topic or so they thought. Then this bits of info came out and suddenly they are on an seekers journey deep diving into topic after topic. From nuts and bolts to consciousness is fundamental. Many people went on journeys that resulted in a contact event for them. Confirming this reality is real and juggling ontological shock. And many came to terms that they had already been contactee or had some other form of anomalous experience that they had buried, and now suddenly they had "permission" to engage with it.
The current events unfolding are another watershed moment regarding all this. Regardless of what comes out of it and this does not push things as far along Disclosure wise as many would hope. There is now going to be waves and waves of more people coming to term with their contact being real. Or perhaps even triggering a journey that results in a contact event.
This does push the topic forward. For all of us. Please see Mantis's stickied companion thread on Experiencers.
Another thing that may well come from this current whistle blower situation is chatter around the historical reality of gross mistreatment of Experiencers by groups wanting to suppress them. From civilian Experiencers to military. There is decades of mistreatment that has happened here that may now get the attention it deserves. People will be asking "Why have more people not been talking about this" and while of course, there as been people talking about this for decades - there has also been major mistreatment of those that do. Ross got very passionate about the things he's heard during his research into this topic. "Very grave criminal offenses have been committed."
If you want to have a tiny insight into some of the ways experiencers have been mistreated, this recent interview with Robert Luca, the husband of the famous contactee Betty Andreasson, is one of many illustrations of the level of harassment and intimidation experiencers have historically gone through just for talking about their story. With this current whistleblower testimony hitting the mainstream and the high potential for more to follow. Perhaps this issue will finally be highlighted in the public sphere. It may be too optimistic to see justice but one never knows. But the continued attempt to harasses and suppress experiencers by certain groups will no longer be an easy task with this issue now in the public consciousness. More and more will feel safe and vindicated to come forward with their story. Those in power who've been intentionally kept in the dark about all this, will not be happy either.
Finally it comes to the issue on The Others, who they are and their intentions here. It is my opinion that the situation is highly complex and does not involve just one group. People are going to start looking to us for answers. I do think it best we be as calm collected and neutral about this as possible and not trigger major reactive fear based responses in people. This won't be easy though.
As Experiencers we are veterans of ontological shock. And most were left with out community and help to deal with this shock. Very soon we may find ourselves in the strange position of being there for those that doubted us. And helping them through their own ontological shock as they come to terms with all this being real.
We have a very important part to play in the future.
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2023.06.07 03:03 0x4a616b6f62 23 [M4F] Be the Alex to my Steve?

Hey my name is Jakob, I'm 23 (turning 24 this month!) and live in the US and I'm actually starting grad school in Finland soon (not sure if master's or phd, but it'll be in computer science). And I'm currently working a dead-end job as a culinary relocation specialist in the meantime. My hobbies include running, Minecraft, science fiction, and chess (I'm not good but I try). I also used to do a lot of writing but nowadays I mostly channel my creative energy into Minecraft builds. But most of my life I've always been into creating stuff in some way, shape or form. I attached a photo of me with my wingman (he's a very good boi) for your convenience. Lmk if you wanna chat, and bonus points if you get the reference in the title! .
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2023.06.07 02:55 Throw062023 Advice Needed - sister leaving narc husband and child support/moving states

Warning: long post and on mobile... looking for advice for my sister and her narc.
My sister lives in Delaware and has a 7 month old with her husband. While my sister was visiting our mother in Virginia over Mother's Day weekend (she's been coming down regularly the last 6 months due to my father's health before he passed in early April and subsequently to help our mom), he moved out of their Delaware house and all of his stuff and moved into his parents house in Pennsylvania. He texted her that Tuesday morning that he moved out in order to "work on himself". He's claiming he was afraid to leave any of his stuff at the house in case she threw it out the window in a fit of rage if he left, and claiming he's afraid of her. I have been talking to her about narcissistic traits, and him claiming to be the victim is laughable since she is the one with photo proof of bruises from him holding her back from leaving the house while she was pregnant and other times he tossed her into cabinetry (unfortunately, she did not document with police any time ...). He's the one that forces her to move to Delaware and leave a job in order to accommodate his latest job change and isolate her away from friends and support she had in Pennsylvania (let alone the house that was in her name that she bought on her own).
Note that he was the one that basically forced her hand into going to Virginia that weekend for her FIRST Mother's Day by not planning anything for her and saying he assumed she was going to mom's. And I mean... he took everything of his, down to clothes he's never worn that don't fit, and later justifying it was because he wanted to "take time to go through everything". He seems to be making up excuses for why he left when he did (claims he didn't make the decision until that Monday night when she video called him with the baby saying her first words... dada), excuses for him taking everything, etc. And has since also been love bombing her and wanting to hug her and hold her hand when they did see each a couple times since he left. She's uncomfortable with this, and he wouldn't have a conversation about anything until she allowed him his forced hug... He also didn't want her to tell anyone other than her immediate family (in my mind... so he can keep up his bullshitting and appearances with the neighbors and keep her isolated). Luckily she had talked with neighbors prior to that to see if they noticed anything once she got back to the house in Delaware, so she has some local support.
She'd been wanting to leave prior to all this, but kept saying that staying with him "allowed her to be a stay at home mom and raise her kid" without daycare... so she wasn't going to leave on her own. She's the one that takes care of the baby. He comes home and goes straight onto his computer games. There was over a week in May where he never said a word to her. She decided she had to try, and slept in the same room as him, and he complained that it "threw off his routine". But him moving out forces her hand and she is now more willing to see through with leaving him. She's been trying to gray rock, and is only responding to his texts about how the baby is doing (it took him over a week to even ask about the kid...), she's not responding whenever he's asked anything about herself, and just minimally responding in nonconfrontational ways. He's been trying to get her to agree to some church counseling together, but she's hesitant. We've been telling her she has to make her choices for herself and trying not to say too much that she wouldn't be comfortable keeping us in the loop is she does decide to stay with him. So I've suggested if she does want counseling with him, then do it with an independent and licensed counselor and not one he's found through his therapist at a church.
She did also go to an attorney for a consultation to get info about divorce and custody in Delaware before making any choices. Unfortunately, that discussion with the lawyer has her afraid that she'd have to stay in Delaware since that is the child's legal residence if she files for divorce/custody. Even though he's left to Pennsylvania.. She just wants to be in Virginia. She could move into mom's for the time being. She's worried he'll move back into the house if she leaves it, so it would put his residence back in Delaware as well.
She's trying to find a way out. Trying to think if she can somehow convince him to sell the house, use money to pay off his extensive student loans and let her move to Virginia to "work on herself" (to use his language) by going back to school that my parents had offered to pay for for years. I think if she phrases it as "splitting the money, his and hers" that he'll balk at that, because he won't want her to have her own money. She'd rather wait to file divorce and custody after she and the baby have established residency in Virginia (6 months), so it wouldn't be stuck in Delaware. But also afraid that it wouldn't look good to the court to do move to Virginia to do so. The consulted Delaware lawyer told her she is free right now (before filing anything) to go wherever as normal, but anything over a few days and she needs to let him know (get his okay), and if she files... then she couldn't leave Delaware with the baby without permission.
He only asks about the baby when wants to bring her to his family events, since none of them know he moved out, I'm sure to try to make himself look like a good fathehusband. He doesn't take care of her. His mother has also been texting trying to look like a caring person to my sister and that she's there if she needs anything... but they've never gotten along, and she's the one that helped move her son out of the house, so it's just more gaslighting.
Any advice or suggestions on how to handle the divorce/custody and moving to a different state?? My sister had no ties to Delaware other than the house. She doesn't have a job or family there other than her daughter. She doesn't want to be there, but is afraid the baby (and her by extension) won't be able to leave Delaware if she files..
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2023.06.07 02:41 BlackEyedSceva Please help me find one for Music Production $3000usd

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2023.06.07 02:37 startaboveme 30 gentle yet strict dom looking for younger skinny/slim obedient sub

I'm looking for a very specific kind of relationship, so please read carefully, if u r interested hmu! dms are open
Body: slim, skinny, hairless, smooth, cute (Face is NOT a must) Age: 18 - 23
I'm very gentle and caring dom, looking to build trust and connection with my sub, I don't ask for photos the mintue we get in touch, I'd rather chat and get to know my sub first. It's important to me that my sub is comfortable and satisfied, so we both will have fun in this relationship.
I know that some guys are born to be submissive, they feel satisfied when they please someone else, they are more comfortable and safe when they're monitored, and have rules to follow and tasks to do, especially when they know thay will be punished if they disobey and make a mistake.
We'll talk and set some rules, daily routine, tasks and punishments.
You have to report everything you do throughout the day, show me what u wear, let me pick up ur underwear, ask for my permission before doing anything, especially the sexual stuff.
I respect your privacy, do we will use Snapchat, I will not save any photos to my device, and I will not ask u to do tasks if there is family around, I'll not expose u to anyone else, you're just mine.
I hear more than I talk, so if you feel lonely I'm there for you, you can be yourself with me, tell me anything, I won't judge you, I'll just listen carefully, and support you, shower u with my love and caring.
You MUST be ready to send photos every now and then. If you're not ok with don't waste my tim. Face is NOT a must, unless you want to ;)
I appreciate and enjoy bodies, it's the gift that every sub has. So you're precious 💕 and you have something to make your master happy and pleased. So must know that I own your body and I will enjoy it.
One last thing, I don't send photos, you're the sub you must know your limits.
My reddit account is new, but my snap is not.
My kinks: JOI, spanking, anal, show off, edging.
If you're interested hmu! Let's chat and have fun, Send you're location, age, and body type, and tell me why u see yourself as my sub.
Dms are open.
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2023.06.07 02:30 Glass-Kaleidoscope55 Spanish tourist visa from London

Hi all, I wanted to share my experience getting a tourist Schengen visa for Spain from London in case it's helpful.
I had a premium appointment in mid-May (the only one I was lucky enough to get), in total I paid 185 pounds (visa fee + premium fee + regular visa center fee + courier fee + SMS) but at least the time spent at the visa center seemed a lot shorter than if I had a regular appointment - lots of people were in the waiting room with only I think 2 non-premium windows functioning.
I was told my passport would be returned in 2 weeks, it took 2 weeks + 1 day but there was a bank holiday in that time interval. I got a multiple entry visa for 3 months.
Some things I did/learned that might be useful:
Overall, it was a surprisingly smooth experience (minus the appointment booking which is a nightmare).
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2023.06.07 02:28 Pure_Confidence_7666 Daycare Client!

Daycare Client!
This is my first daycare client at my new house. Her name is Jolie (German Shepherd, Malamute, Terrier mix) and she has made herself right at home. No need to ask for permission haha
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2023.06.07 02:17 Keesdekarper Student/Work Laptop

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US:
1500 euro, Netherlands/West Europe
Are you open to refurbs/used?
Preferably not
How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life?
Prefer good build quality (of course). Performance should be good for programming/running numerical simulations. Battery life doesn't have to be amazing, something like 5 hours minimum should be plenty
How important is weight and thinness to you?
I would prefer thin+light. But if I will have to sacrifice a lot of performance or add a lot of costs. It can be heaviethicker
Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.
Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.
Solidworks for CAD. Some MATLAB/Simulink simulations. And programming python,C#,C++ (and possibly other languages)
If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?
Don't game, so don't think GPU is a big deal
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?
Webcam would be nice, doesn't have to be crazy good. Just having one would be nice
Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.
Those 2 in 1 types seem really nice for making notes etc. If they actually also function correctly and would work with the use cases I mentioned above. That might be a very interesting idea for me
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2023.06.07 02:05 LivingDeliously Percy Haynes White addresses abuse allegations… somewhat

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2023.06.07 02:02 simplygoblin Can you ID these for me?

Can you ID these for me?
My sister got some crystals for me as a secret birthday gift and the delivery came with two extra crystals, (I’m guessing as a thank you.) the two she ordered came with an ID card but the two extra didn’t come with any identification. I’ll attach photos, one of the crystals has more details to show than the other so I’ll add more photos so you can see.
The first seems like it’s in raw form and is transparent/translucent when held up to light?
The second has a lot more detail and I have no idea what it could be.
Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!
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2023.06.07 01:58 CaregiverMiserable64 Wedding Related Evidence for greencard from F1/OPT

Hello everyone, I'm a U.S. citizen and my fiancé is currently on an F1 visa, doing OPT. We are planning to get married soon and apply for marriage based greencard. However, we have a situation and I'm hoping to get some insights from you all who may have experienced similar circumstances.
We want to have a bigger wedding ceremony, and for that, we need to save up and take some time to plan it. But, we understand that it's also important to move forward with our greencard application. We've seen different viewpoints on the importance of wedding photos and other wedding-related evidence when applying for AOS. Some say it's beneficial to have wedding photos to show the legitimacy of the relationship, while others say they aren't essential and applications don't get denied for lack of such evidence.
We're trying to understand what kind of wedding or wedding-related evidence would be necessary to sufficiently support our application. Would a smaller, less formal ceremony now (with a larger planned celebration later) be enough?
We've also heard about the importance of other forms of evidence, such as joint bank accounts and insurance policies. How crucial are these? I’m wondering because we’ve had years of joint banking history, joint residence, several foreign trips and family weddings, etc to show enough proof of our relationship and marriage.
Lastly, we understand that many people recommend consulting with an immigration attorney for legal guidance, which we plan to do. However, we want to get a sense of our options before speaking to a lawyer. Any advice or insights you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Please note that we understand the comments are not legal advice, we're just looking to hear about your experiences and suggestions.
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2023.06.07 01:52 motherofcorgss Update: Woke up to a note in my mailbox today

Please see my previous post for the whole story, but tl;dr my estranged dad left me a note in my mailbox that my estranged mom died.
I never contacted my Uncle (NMom’s brother) as the note instructed. A few days later he showed up AT MY HOUSE. I was caught off guard and didn’t answer the door. I figured my silence would’ve sent the message that I wanted no parts of this. When he left, there was another note to tell me to call the funeral home for her arrangements. I called the funeral home directly and was informed that they needed me to sign off on her cremation forms. Medicaid covered her cremation, but her family also wanted a viewing and a service (which is what they needed my permission to do and also pay for).
I wouldn’t have been contacted otherwise. Shitty, but not surprising.
The funeral home was wonderful to me and said that her family “isn’t entitled to anything” and they are not “the decision makers” I am. I said no to the funeral and everything else and they informed her family for me. They called me when her ashes came in and I picked them up. If anyone thinks I’m being petty here, yes I am. The audacity to not just leave me alone. When my younger brother died, my Nmom and her family went to the funeral home and made all the arrangements without consulting my dad and I- but had them send my dad the bill. Spelled my son’s name wrong in the obituary too. None of them including Nmom paid a dime, my dad and I did. So this was my payback.
I’ll be sending her ashes to my estranged Aunt in another state. What I was told from her son (also doesn’t talk to anyone like I do) was that none of my NMom’s brothers even called her to inform her that she had died. Hence cementing my suspicions they only contacted me to do something for them. My aunt will get her ashes and if the rest of her shitty family wants to see them or ask for some they’ll have to call their sister and probably explain themselves. From what I hear she’s really pissed. Whatever, it’s off my plate now and not my problem.
I found out where she lived and contacted her landlord to ask if anyone has been in touch to clean out her apartment. He said that my uncles have been but he needed my permission. My uncles haven’t contacted me any further because I’m assuming they’re pissed off I shit all over their funeral plans and we’re trying to figure out a way around this without informing me. I did give the landlord permission for them to clean out her space. They’re greedy but what they don’t realize is that my mother didn’t have anything of value, she sold anything for drugs years ago. They can do the legwork and pick the scraps and fight amongst each other. I don’t want anything of hers anyway. I am listed on her death certificate and I’ll be closing her bank accounts tomorrow. There’s probably very little if anything in there anyway, but they won’t get to have it. I’ll be using it for the shipping fee for her ashes.
I’m doing okay though.
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2023.06.07 01:48 KingOfTheFloor White/yellowish “fluff” on mead?

Hi guys,
After letting my mead ferment for a while I’ve just changed it over to another sanitised container for it to settle. All was going well but I’ve noticed some whiteish/yellowish things forming on the top.
It passes a basic CAT test (colour, aroma and taste) but I am concerned it’s infected and it’s too late to save my mead.
I’m afraid I don’t have a photo as when I carefully moved the container to get a photo with better lighting it seems to of disappeared but I’m sure it’ll reappear in a few hours.
Any help is very much appreciated
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.07 01:37 Brilliant-Ad-9006 Canadian possibly relocating to Australian- area and salary?

Hi All,
I have to use a throwaway for this as using my own main account will identify me if I post this information there. I hope this doesn't get removed but I will try to cross-post to a few Australian subs regardless to get the most opinions.
My husband and I might be in the position to take paid leaves form our jobs in Canada to try a year of living in Australia and see if we want to make a final move from there. I have some responses from SA (Adelaide area), Gold Coast, QLD or North Queensland (Townsville and area) and am looking at Melbourne/Shepparton, other suburbs in that area of Victoria too. I am a Social Worker in Canada.
My husband is a service desk analyst/tech support guy.
We have a child who starts kindergarten here in September (turning 5).
My husband and I have been to Australia to every state except for SA and Taz. We are looking for a way to afford out of school care for one child, and a rental near transit as we will not be arriving with a vehicle. We do not live lavishly by any means. For example, we live in a townhouse (rowhouse) so we share a wall on each side but have our own small yard, walk to almost everything (centrally located, but do have have one car), and work full-time. We are frugal with groceries and almost always cook at home. We pay around 700/month CAD for out of school care here, which might drop in the years to come. I have heard daycare is insanely expensive all over Australia, but can people make enough to cover it and still have any savings? Would I be likely to qualify for subsidy (we get it here, but they base it on yearly gross earnings)? We bring home around $6200 per month combined after taxes, in CAD and feel completely fine- lots of leftover savings, since we have a small house. Our bills ae around $3000/month, so we are looking for a similar type of lifestyle, but if we don't have as much left over, we feel fine.
Were we to settle long-term to Australia, what would be a good income for the areas I mentioned above for each of us (both gross and net, per month?) For instance, how much do we need to make combined to live comfortably in these areas in an okay neighbourhood, especially if we were to eventually buy a place? We do not mind condo (buyable apartment unit with strata fees) style living either as we are not having more children anyway so do not need a ton of space.
We do not mind the rainy weather in Melbourne at all but are drawn to the heat of Queensland's Gold Coast and the family atmosphere we noticed there during our visit. That being said, we have heard that about S. Aus too. So long as we have enough outdoors activities to do to not be bored every weekend (we love hiking, swimming, zoos, nature-esque places, etc) and still be close enough to be near a city with amenities if we want a night out and not be isolated, we feel fine. Is the heat in N. QLD really unbearable? Humid or drier type of heat?
This would be a dream for us if it comes into fruition, so I really appreciate any help. I will try to stay logged in here for as long as possible or log in again but it might not be possible. TIA!
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2023.06.07 01:35 brtd90 Weekly Song Spotlight #463: "Comedown" by Bush

Let me know if there are survey issues!


The song spotlight is a recurring topic on this subreddit, where every week we will feature a different song included in the game or its DLC and discuss things like how to play its different riffs, techniques to focus on and more casual things like some interesting trivia or the artist's other work. Finally we'll conclude with a score attack challenge, a random entrant of which will be offered to choose the next song. Further discussion tends to occur over on the subreddit discord so head over there for that.
The format will change depending on feedback and participation, so don't hesitate to send suggestions myself or the mods in general.

Next Up For Delisting

last pack from RS1 to go is Rock Hits 80s 4 next Monday!

This Week: "Comedown" by Bush

Next week's Poll

Marilyn Manson - "Tourniquet" (E Standard, Marilyn Manson Pack)
Arch Enemy - "Nemesis" (C Standard, Variety Song Pack I)
Cyndi Lauper - "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (E Standard, Cyndi Lauper Pack)
Amaranthe - "Amaranthine" (C Standard, Amaranthe Song Pack)

Score Attack Challenge

Submit your score attack results by filling out this google form and including your score and a screenshot of the results screen you see after your playthrough. A readable photo of your screen is fine too. The form will need to be completed for each submission.
Scores will be included at the bottom of next week's spotlight divided based on the difficulty level (you can play any difficulty you'd like) and are tracked separately for lead, rhythm and bass.
A random entrant will get to pick next week's song!
Scores can be submitted until Monday, June 12th at 17:00 UTC.
Last Week's Scores: "Smoke Two Joints" by Sublime
User Lead (Easy) Lead (Medium) Lead (Hard) Lead (Master)
domoproja 1,342,389
User Alt Lead (Easy) Alt Lead (Medium) Alt Lead (Hard) Alt Lead (Master)
User Rhythm (Easy) Rhythm (Medium) Rhythm (Hard) Rhythm (Master)
domoproja 1,006,570
User Alt Rhythm (Easy) Alt Rhythm (Medium) Alt Rhythm (Hard) Alt Rhythm (Master)
User Bass (Easy) Bass (Medium) Bass (Hard) Bass (Master)
domoproja 1,243,833
User Alt Bass (Easy) Alt Bass (Medium) Alt Bass (Hard) Alt Bass (Master)
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