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2023.05.30 16:42 Heliment_Anais How do I manage it in the Upper River without going back to London.

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2023.05.30 16:41 ParanoidAltoid What are the ethical consequences of buying stocks in harmful companies, such as Nvidia?

What effect does buying a stock in a potentially harmful industry have on the world? What assumptions determine if the effect is considerable or not, and has anyone attempted to quantify the effect?
I've considered posting this question before, and now seems like a pretty good time as Nvidia enjoys one of the largest single-day gains in history as a result of AI hype. Some who made money betting on AI are the same who warn of it's dangers (myself included), which is worth investigating. I've only seen vague handwavy arguments about what actual effect buying stocks has on the world, some say the markets move money where it's most effective while others think it's a game billionaires play at our expense. 80000hours advice I've seen is aimed at the top 1%, geniuses who can earn-to-give without relying on AI-hunch bets. Here's my (weakly held) arguments:


I'll lay out some background, basically I want to take it for granted for the sake of this post that building more semiconductors is net negative, and we're evaluating what a typical /EffectiveAltruism poster should want to do.
You decide to buy $20k in Nvidia stocks. You've got no special insider information or market expertise, you just believe that AI will transform the economy in a way most of the world and hedge-fund managers don't appreciate, and so you can beat the market by betting on semiconductors. But you also believe AI research is dangerous, and the faster we invest in and gather compute to train models, the more risk there is. You're somewhat self-interested but somewhat altruistic, i.e. you want to have successful investments both for yourself but want to avoid causing non-negligible harm and give away a non-negligible chunk of your extra income to charity.

Of course it's wrong to own harmful companies

If you create a company that profits off dumping toxic waste into rivers, most agree this is bad. If you buy stock in a harmful company, you're now part owner, and share in responsibility. Folk-deontological reasoning pretty clearly sees this as wrong. Many cigarette companies would argue that if they didn't do it someone else would, which there's some truth to. But as usual a more honest consideration of the consequences bring you back to the obvious conclusion: each person willing to sell cigarettes moves the needle somewhat. And most of the "someone elses" aren't evil but instead using the same excuse as you, so the normalization of this excuse is what creates 90% of the problem in the first place.
If you want clean hands you can stop here, but if you're like me you think it's selfish to just care about your own cleanliness, especially if you can make the world cleaner by getting your hands dirty. And while it's simple to say owning and operating a cigarette company has bad consequences, what is the actual consequence of just buying a stock?

Efficient Market Hypothesis doesn't save us

When you buy a stock the price nudges upwards as one more seller is taken off the market. If EMH is basically true, some bot will sell and bring the price back down to its natural level and everything will continue as it was. Of course there's butterfly effects that'll ripple throughout the market, but that's true of breathing. On net the price remains the same, it'll just be you that owns some fraction of Nvidia instead of someone else. Nothing wrong with that, and if you donate any part of your gains to effective charity, you're doing more good with it than anyone else would have. But why bet at all if Efficient Market Hypothesis is true? I can't adjudicate exactly how true EMH is and with what caveats. But we can actually circumvent this question, since if it is true, you have no justification to buy any particular stock in the first place. If it's false, we can't use it to justify buying harmful stocks. To have any justification at all, we need to justify buying the stock as if EMH isn't true.

Signaling and capital effects of buying a stock

Each purchase nudges the price by some microscopic amount, and is visible to traders and bots. This signals that Nvidia might be worth more than it seems. There's no immediate effect since you're just sending money to a seller, but effectively higher stock price leads to more semiconductors, as the company can sell stock for more cash to invest, or use the stock as collateral for larger loans. I have no idea how large this effect is, hence posting this as a question. My hunch is it's some fraction of $20,000, the amount you invested. It can't be $20,000 fully since you might sell tomorrow, and surely they can't count total trading volume as capital to invest. My best guess is it's 6% yearly interest on $20,000, the amount they would pay if they instead had to take a loan to get that cash.


I don't actually have much to conclude since this is mostly impressions posted with the hope someone with more expertise can improved. But my sense is that with a trillion dollar market cap, your contribution to the stock price does end up being quite small. Granted all effects a single individual can have are small assuming you're not a superstar org leader, we're all Mother Teresa throwing crabs back in the ocean. But this effect is small in the sense that it's a drop in an ocean of global capital markets filled with millions of people trying to make money, whereas giving some of your extra income to an effective charity is much less small, since there's not millions of people picking up the low-hanging fruit in charity where there's no incentive to get things right. So, if you think earning money in stocks will gain some extra income to donate (or help your financial situation so you can focus on doing more good in your work), the effect should be net positive.
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2023.05.30 16:41 yassinesgr21 aa

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2023.05.30 16:40 J_K_M_A_N Not a trucker but I had a long trip this weekend and I have a couple questions for truckers.

So my wife and I drove out to see our son (from MN to MI) and for a long stretch, we stayed behind a truck to get some better mileage. Do truckers mind that or do you not really care?
Also, what are the signals of flashing lights? It seems, when one passes another, the one getting passed will flash the lights and I think it is to let the passer know they are clear to move back over. One other thing I saw was the truck in front put on the right blinker and then the left and then the right and then the left. Is that some kind of code?
I tried to "thank" my truck driver as we got off to get gas and I flashed the lights twice. Do you think they noticed or was that considered rude?
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2023.05.30 16:39 odeacon “ your out of your league “ -“ yes, yes you are “

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2023.05.30 16:37 Altruistic_Air8580 Rebuilding the Celtics a Realistic New Championship Coaching Staff: a Thought Experiment - Silas, Cassell, Vanterpool and Forcier.

Caveats: This assumes that Joe Mazzulla is not fired, I do not know if this is the right decision, but it seems to initially be that Mazzulla will be back. This also assumes that, per reporting, the current top two assistants Ben Sullivan and Aaron Miles may be leaving to rejoin Ime Udoka in Houston. I also took into account that there probably aren’t too many former head coaches with success in their 50s and 60s (Doc, Budenholzer, Stotts) who would want to take an assistant job for the 34 years old and relatively inexperienced Mazzulla. If these assumptions are incorrect, then retaining Sullivan or hiring someone like Lionel Hollins or Nate Mcmillan to run the defense probably makes sense. Frank Vogel is also the obvious potential hire given his relationship with Brad and defensive mind also, but who knows if he also would want to be Joe's assistant or if having fans call for him to replace Mazzulla all year would be good for the team. I also personally think Borrego would make more sense than Silas, but Silas was seen at a team practice last month. Also should be noted that Mazzulla should retain Tony Dobbins since he is Jaylen’s guy going all the way back to Brad’s coaching staff.
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2023.05.30 16:36 FakeMr-Imagery What are some of the alcohol in dwarf fortress you would like to try in real life(has to be the fictional ones like sewer brew and dwarven wine) and how would you describe their taste

For me it's Sunshine, River spirits and Dwarven rum.
I am no expert in alcohol but I would imagine sunshine tastes somewhat warm and it's sweet and kind of resembles fig(fruit) in terms of its sweetness. and river spirits would taste like gin, but slightly more bitter and tastes more watery and little earthy in it's flavor( rope reeds grow next to river so I guess it makes sense that that tastes somewhat like water). And finally dwarven rum tastes very sweet and can sometime stick on the teeth. but at the same time tastes a little earthy as well since sweet pods are somewhat like peas and peas have an earthy taste.
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2023.05.30 16:34 Symgaria (SELLING) Assassin's Creed, Baywatch, Devotion, Here Comes the Boom, 22 Jump Street, Justice League x RWBY, Knives Out, Men in Black: International, Peanuts Movie, & many many more to list

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4K Movies ($4 each, unless specified otherwise)

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SD MoviesAnywhere [MA] Movies ($1)

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2023.05.30 16:33 whoninj4 Ache in tooth that will not go away

I have had an ache in one of my top molars on the left side. It doesn’t have any correlation with eating, drinking, temperature, etc. I have been to my dentist two times about this issue, they have recently X-rays and thoroughly checked my teeth in that area. No cavities and nothing wrong with my teeth at all. I am 35F and do not smoke or drink.
What could be causing this? I do have sinusitis/ allergies so my dentist said that could be causing the upper tooth pain. But wouldn’t that be my entire upper teeth area and not just one spot?
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2023.05.30 16:33 Narwhals4Lyf 8 Days in Bay Area / NoCal

Thought I would do a trip report for once! I traveled to NoCal area from May 7th to May 15th. I live in America (Pittsburgh) and have not been to the West Coast other than when I was a preteen, so I decided it was time to go explore. I am 26F for context.
May 6th - Flew into JFK, my flight was delayed on the tarmac in Pit, and I only had a 1.5 hour layover. I managed to make my second flight as the doors were closing. PHEWF. Landed in SF around 12:30. I had left my apartment at 2:30 AM EST so I already had been traveling for 12 hours at that point LOL. I then picked up my rental car, drove another 4 hours towards Yosemite. Stopped along the way and did some hikes and site seeing. Got to my airbnb, got dinner and just had a campfire that night. My airbnb was in the Sierra National Forest. It was just beautiful there!
Day 2 : Spent time exploring local hikes in the area. I was near Oakhurst/North Forks. Went to Bass Lake. Went back to my airbnb (which was a cute AF airstream camper) and grilled for dinner and read a book. Very relaxing day.
Day 2 : Went to San Joaquin recreation area and did a hike there. Saw so many wildflowers... like 20 different types. And so many cows. Very little people on the trails, it was beautiful! The river was raging.
Day 3: Yosemite day! It was about a 1 hour drive to the gate, then another hour drive to the Valley. Left around 6am, was at the Valley by 9 AM (stopping and taking my time getting there once again LOL). Got some coffee at the cafe, and then set off for hiking. I did the lower Yosemite Falls trail and the upper Yosemite falls trail. Was a super steep hike, there was still snow on the trail! Yosemite was just gorgeous. I seemingly got lucky as well, because the park was closed the week before, and the weather was calling for it to be 30 degrees, but it was 50. The park was not crowded AT ALL when I was there.
Day 4 : Another travel day! Hit up a few wineries on my drive back towards SF and got to Pacifica around 5ish? Got dinner at the beach taco bell (had to, it is so iconic) and watched the sunset (glad I did, it was the only sunset that wasn't foggy!!!)
Day 5: Decided to roadtrip down to Big Sur and stop along the way! Stopped in Half Moon Bay, did some walking and shopping, stopped along the coast multiple times to site see, hung out near Bixby Bridge for a bit, turned around and met up with an old friend in Santa Cruz and had dinner on the beach and watched the sunset with her!
Day 6 : Tried to go see the Golden Gate Bridge at Bakers Beach but it was foggy af, so I just walked on the beach and people watched for like 45 mins, then took off towards Muir Woods. I stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge view as it was not foggy across the bridge, and got to see it! Then I drove up to Muir Woods to see the redwoods! Hiked around for a bit, but my knee was bothering me a bit that day, so I didn't do any long hikes. More just sketched and took pictures on my polaroid.
Day 7: Time to go into SF Proper. I parked at a BART Station, took the BART in, got brunch at a super cute place near the BART stop, and used MUNI for the rest of the day. I went to DeYoung Museum after, which was amazing. Loved both of their special exhibits. There was a public concert going on, so I hung out there for a bit and watched. Then I went to the Japanese Tea Gardens. Very cute in there. Lots of blooming flowers and plants. After, walked through Golden Gate park to Haigh-Ashbury and did some windowshopping at vintage stores, and came across a local artist market. Went and saw the Painted ladies. Took a bus to dinner, and headed out after that as it was 7pm and I wanted to get back to my car before dark!
Day 8: Travel day! My flight wasn't until noon, so I hung out on the beach in the morning and watched the surfers. Traveled home, no delayed flights. Got in around 1/2am to Pittsburgh.
Overall, it was a great trip! I was very impressed by California, it was just beautiful. I never felt unsafe, as many people warned me that SF was "gross, unsafe, dirty". I didn't share those sentiments at all. It is upsetting to see poverty and income discrepancy, for sure, but I did not have any negative experiences regarding that. It was cold, but I was expecting the weather. I honestly overpacked warm cloths, as Yosemite was calling for 30ish weather, but it ended up being 50!
Very happy I chose this area as my first Cali experience!
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2023.05.30 16:32 bababhuvaneshus Best Fortune Teller in usa

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2023.05.30 16:30 jorywea78 House of the Dragon Season 2 Summery

Jace lands at the eyrie where he meets Jeyne Arryn.
Aftermath of Lucerys death
Jace receives news of Luc’s death while meeting with Jeyne. Jeyne pledges the vale to her Cousin Rhaenyra.
Rhaenyra is heartbroken over her son’s death. Daemon swears he will avenge Luc. Corlys and Rhaenys disagree about further bloodshed.
Daemon sends word to Mysaria as he departs for Harrenhal.
Aemond returns home to find King Aegon pleased with his victory at Storms End. To which Alicent and Otto are furious. Aegon throws a feast in his brothers honor.
Mysaria meets with her hired assassins, a former gold cloak and rat catcher, Blood and Cheese.
Velaryon fleet has began a blockade of Kings Landing. Otto sends an envoys to the Triarchy.
Daemon circles Harrenhal and Ser Simon Strong submits to Daemon.
Daemon is deeply troubled with Rhaenyra. Where he meets the local healer Alys Rivers. She gives him a potion to help him sleep. Daemon has a dream of Rhaenyra. But he awakes to find Alys alone with him naked.
Jace reaches Winterfell. Where he is met by Sara Snow.
Lord Samwell Blackwood declares for Rhaenyra. Samwell moves against house Bracken. 2 armies meet at burning mill. Lord Amos Bracken slays Samwell in single combat. Samwell’s sister Alysanne kills Lord Amos. Bracken army retreats to Stone Hedge.
After the kings feast. Alicent is seeing her grand babies off to sleep. When she is met by 2 men. Alicent is bounded and gagged. Blood and Cheese, catch Helaena off guard. Cheese has young prince Maelor and Blood has the heir Jaehaerys. Helaena is offered a choice. Which boy will be killed, Maelor or Jaehaerys. Helaena chooses Maelor and blood kills Jaehaerys. Blood and Cheese take Jaehaerys dead body as proof the job was done. They are caught by Aemond and Ser Criston. Aemond kills blood and Ser Criston catches cheese.
Larys tortures cheese, he admits a woman named Mysaria hired them to kill Aegon’s son. A son for a son.
Jace instantly falls for Sara Snow. He also meets with Cregan Stark. First meeting goes bad.
News of Jaehaerys’s death reaches Dragonstone. All are distraught at Daemon’s actions. Corlys and Rhaena go back to driftmark.
Jace goes to the weirwood tree at night, where he meets Sara. Sara seduces Jace. The next morning Cregan receives the Raven about Lucerys death. Jace is late for their meeting. Cregan Stark assumes Jace is still grieving over his brother. Cregan too lost a brother. House Stark declares for Rhaenyra.
Cregan has Rodrick Dustin assemble team to March south.
Funeral is held for Prince Jaehaerys. Where a food riot breaks out. Ravens also come with news that The Vale and Winterfell have declared for Rhaenyra. King Aegon fires Otto as hand and replaces him with Ser Criston Cole.
Ser Criston commands Ser Luther Largent commander of the city watch. To find Mysaria, Ser Criston also employs bounty hunters in this effort.
Ser Criston orders Ser Arryk to sneak onto dragonstone and assassinate Rhaenyra.
Daemon with help from Lords Darry, Forest Frey & his wife Sabitha. Defeat House Bracken at Stone Hedge.
Jace returns home
Dual to the death between brothers Arryk and Erryk, the 2 are found dead by Rhaenyra and Jace.
Royal Army takes Rosby, the lord kneels.
Corlys arrives at Hull. Where he see’s Marilda, a ship builder. Rhaena meets Alyn a deckhand and his brother Addam. Alyn and Addam escort Rhaena and Corlys back to Dragonstone. Alyn and Corlys have argument about Marilda, Alyn hasn’t forgiven his father Corlys leaving him and his brother. Addam doesn’t know Corlys is his father. Addam believes Laenor is his real father. Corlys is stunned to find a man matching description of Laenor has been sailing to Hull.
Stokeworth kneels to Aegon.
Jace begins looking for dragon riders.
Royal Army combined with soldiers from Rosby and Stokeworth. March to Duskendale.
Otto and Gwayne meet with Triarchy in near Dorne.
Helaena is completely broken.
Jace meets Hugh Hammer a bastard of Baelon Targaryen. Hugh bonds with Vermithor.
Royal Army sack Duskendale. Lord Darklyn is beheaded by Ser Criston.
Ser Criston sends a Raven to dragonstone to inform Ser Steffon Darklyn of his relatives death. Ser Steffon is burned to death trying to bond with Seamoke.
Nettles a local begins feeding the dragon sheepstealer, sheep on a daily basis.
A local drunk named Ulf. Gets drunk and unknowingly bonds with silver wing.
Alyn and Addam attempt to bond with dragons. Addam gets seasmoke, while his brother is burned by sheepstealer.
Alyn is being cared for by Baela.
Daemon returns from riverlands. Daemon and Rhaenyra are confronted by Corlys. About Laenor’s death. Both admit he faked his death with their help.
Rooks Rest
Royal Army lays siege to rooks rest. Which last days, Lord Staunton sends ravens with no answer from Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra is hiding the the messages from Daemon. But can’t hide them from her cousin Rhaenys. Rhaenyra refuses any else to their death. Rhaenys ignores her cousin. She is seen off by Corlys.
Rhaenys arrives with her dragon Meleys. And begins burning the Royal army. King Aegon and Aemond descend from the sky. Dragon battle, Meleys tears open the wing of sunfyre. Flame from Meleys hits King Aegon. Aemond and Vhagar take Rhaenys and Meleys by surprise. Vhagar kills Meleys and Aemond burns Rhaenys to death.
Nettles bonds with Sheepstealer
Jace takes Rhaena and Joffrey to The Vale
Royal army returns home with Meleys head and Rhaenys burnt body.
King Aegon becomes incapable of ruling. Ser Criston declares Aemond Prince Regent.
Gwayne Hightower and Ser Luther Lurgent find Mysaria at Cock Inn Tavern. Ser Luther betrays Gwayne and kills him on Mysaria’s command.
At Cobblers Square a man named The Shephard. Begins preaching against dragons and injustices of war.
Aemond decides to take Harrenhal back from Daemon.
Ormund Hightower is attacked by Alan Tarley. His nephew Daeron and his dragon Tessarion save Ormund. Daeron is knighted.
Corlys attends to leave Dragonstone after hearing of Rhaenys death. Jace convinces him to stay. Jace needs Corlys to help him plan to send Aegon and Viserys to pentos.
Addam and Alyn company Aegon and Viserys to pentos. As Rhaenyra watches from ashore.
Aemond and Ser Criston arrive to find Harrenhal deserted. Aemond kills everyone but spars a healer name Alys Rivers.
Winter Wolves led by Lords Cregan Stark and Rodrick Dustin. Come across the Lannister Army commanded by Jason Lannister.
Addam and Alyn are stunned to see multiple ships approaching, The Triarchy have come for their bounty, Aegon and Viserys Targaryen.
The End
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2023.05.30 16:30 ogreatgames Ty The Tasmanian Tiger: Dual Boomerang Action Gamecube Game!

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger: Dual Boomerang Action Gamecube Game!

![video](m1jppj97cr291 " Ty The Tasmanian Tiger is full of extreme mission challenges. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#gamecube #game #animals --
Ty The Tasmanian Tiger For Nintendo Gamecube. Ty The Tasmanian tiger is a tiger with an extreme mission. His goal is to free his tiger friends from captivity in a strange action packed adventure. Attack with a variety of cool moves to take down multiple enemies along the way. Explore dangerous level after dangerous level with his trusty boomerang as a weapon. Plus, at select parts you can even dual wield these fantastic boomerangs. And you can use various other types of boomerangs. Quickly smash through floating orbs, objects, and enemies while pursuing your epic mission. Hear cool Australian voice accents too throughout the game. This is an excellent action adventure title to check out. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.05.30 16:30 troyepic Ok Scotland, this piece is in our yard in River Hills, Wisconsin. We have no idea what it is but the original owner architect way back when was from Scotland so we thought we would post and someone might know! Thanks

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2023.05.30 16:27 inconspicuous_aussie Partner with Bruxism - Asking for Advice

My partner grinds his teeth a lot, it keeps me awake. I will be booking him into the dentist asap, is purchasing a night mouth guard from the chemist appropriate to provide temporary relief? Is there something else that might work?
I intend to get the original cause of this issue addressed. Thank you in advance.
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2023.05.30 16:27 Find_Your_Job Proces Consultant Customer Journey

Ben jij die gedreven en klantgerichte Proces Consultant die met ons gaat zorgen voor een excellente klantbeleving?
Proces Consultant Customer Journey
De uitdaging voor de komende jaren ligt in het inrichten en optimaliseren van customer journeys en processen die tot een verhoging van onze NPS en een verlaging van onze cost-to-serve leiden. Als Proces Consultant is de klantwens je vertrekpunt en vertaal je deze door naar een effortless online procesflow.
Energie beweegt jou
In onze Operations organisatie werken we in drie customer journeys: I Join, I Use en I Pay. Elke customer journey werkt op basis van één consistent en agile samenwerkingsmodel en is onderverdeeld in meerdere klantmissieteams, coaching & development en een journey team. Samen zijn de teams verantwoordelijk voor het leveren van een excellente klantbediening en het continue verbeteren van (een deel van) de klantreis. Voor deze rol zijn we op zoek naar uitbreiding van de Customer Journey teams I Join, I Use en I Pay.
De journey I Join richt zich met name op nieuwe klanten en het ervoor zorgen dat ze fan zijn vanaf dag 1 en de journey, I Use richt zich op het neerzetten van de beste klantervaring voor bestaande klanten in het regelen van al hun energiezaken (inzicht in energie verbruik en advies, loyaliteit programma's, verbeteringen van apps en digitale dienstverlening). En I Pay richt zich op een consistente, correcte en betaalbare energiefactuur gedurende de gehele journey. De Process Consultants rapporteren aan de Journey Manager.
Als Proces Consultant maak jij het verschil als het gaat om:
* Het inrichten en continue verbeteren van de customer journey voor (nieuwe) klanten en onderliggende processen en systemen op basis van klantinzicht en klantfeedback
* Het borgen van een optimale procesflow voor klanten waarbij zelfservice en onze digitale kanalen centraal staan
* Uitrollen van nieuwe producten en services naar klanten en medewerkers
* Het realiseren van onze doelstellingen op klantervaring (NPS) en het verlagen van de kosten (Cost to Serve) gebaseerd op data inzichten, gap analyse en A/B testen
* Het ondersteunen van klantmissieteams bij kleine verbeterinitiatieven en borgen van de connectie met de change roadmap. Waar nodig zoek je samenwerking met andere expertises zoals customer experience, online, legal en marketing & sales.
* Je werkt nauw samen met Product Owners om te zorgen voor goede productdefinitie als basis voor de prioritering en opdracht aan de software applicatie development teams
* Verbeteren van kwaliteit van onze processen door het elimineren van grondoorzaken van bedreigingen en issues en het acteren op kansen en (sector)ontwikkelingen
* Zorgen voor stabiliteit en compliance van I Join / I pay processen en het uitvoeren van control self-assessments en issuemanagement
Jij bent Essent
Samenwerken als één team om onze klanten voor ons te winnen. Dat geeft pas een energieboost. Alleen door te ondernemen, kritische vragen te stellen en continu beter te willen groeien we. Jij als Essenter én wij als bedrijf. Of je nu liever achter de schermen je werk doet of in de spotlight wilt staan. Het maakt niet uit. Maak jij impact voor jezelf, het team en onze klanten? Je hebt het totaalplaatje als je ook in het bezit bent van:
* HBO werk- en denkniveau met minimaal 3 jaar werkervaring met procesmanagement en/of het inrichten en optimaliseren van customer journeys
* Een klant focus en resultaatgerichtheid; je kunt goed data interpreteren en processen in kaart brengen
* Affiniteit met externe ontwikkelingen op het gebied van CX, technologie en digital
* Ervaring met toepassen van Agile/SAFe of Lean werkwijze
Je bent in topvorm. Een échte Essenter die schouder aan schouder gaat voor één doel. Ook heb je een speciaal pakket aan competenties en capaciteiten. Zo werk je klantgericht en ben je als persoon sterk gericht op resultaat en kwaliteit. Je kunt prioriteiten stellen en bent gecommitteerd. Je beschikt over een “can do” mentaliteit waarbij je kijkt naar pragmatische oplossingen. Je toont lef door over de grenzen van je eigen verantwoordelijkheid te stappen waar dit nodig is.
Wij bieden jou
Je gelooft in jezelf, het team en het bedrijf. En wij? Wij belonen jou voor al het harde werk. In geld, kansen en persoonlijke groei. Omdat jij altijd het beste levert voor onze klanten bieden wij jou (o.b.v. 40 uur per week):
* Een baan bij de nummer 1 in de Nederlandse energiebranche en onderdeel van belangrijke Europese speler E.ON. Wij blijven groeien, innoveren en ontwikkelen.
* Een bruto maandsalaris tussen € 3.344 en € 5200, nauwkeurig afgestemd op jouw niveau
* Een vaste eindejaarsuitkering om onze waardering nog meer uit te spreken
* 27 vakantiedagen en 13 ADV dagen en 8% vakantiegeld omdat je naast je werk nog andere hobby’s hebt
* Alle faciliteiten om zowel op kantoor, als thuis en onderweg hybride te kunnen werken
* Een inspirerend hoofdkantoor met goede koffiebar, twee bedrijfsrestaurants en op loopafstand van Centraal Station Den Bosch.
* We raden je aan om met het openbaar vervoer te komen. Een fijne extra: je ontvangt dan een NS Business Card van ons. Liever reizen met eigen vervoer? Dan krijg je een kilometervergoeding
* Een breed scala aan ontwikkel- en doorgroeimogelijkheden nationaal én internationaal
Klik hier voor het sollicitatieformulier!
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2023.05.30 16:27 booziebrookie Cosmetic and Pediatric dentists

Two separate questions in one post here.
Has anyone gotten any cosmetic dental work in the area? I have cosmetic bonding that I am looking to upgrade to veneers or crowns. I’m a little nervous to have this done by my current dentist because they don’t really specialize in it. I went into a local office after reading good reviews and was quoted over $20,000 for 8 veneers. I knew they would be expensive but there is just no way I could swing that price for something purely cosmetic. Curious of other rates in the area and what you thought of the results.
Also looking for pediatric dentist recommendations. My young daughter is ready to start going to the dentist and I want to find a nice kid friendly environment for her.
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2023.05.30 16:27 freedomisntfried Floating or Tubing

In from out of state visiting family and we'd love to spend some time on a river. Any suggestions for a shuttle for our kayaks/ paddle boards or place with tubes and a shuttle? From Google it looks like there are several on the Elk just across the border but any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 16:26 Agile-Conversation-9 I have a dentist appointment and I’m freaking out

I haven’t been to the dentist in 10 years because I’m so freaking scared to go. I had a traumatic experience when I was around 5yo. My appointment is in 6 hours and I’m thinking of cancelling it again because of the anxiety I’m having but my tooth also hurts a doesn’t help that I’m super embarrassed about how bad I’ve let me teeth get. I don’t know what to do i feel so sick to my stomach since waking up.. I know they have gas they can give you but I don’t know if that will be enough for me lol I had a panic attack making the appointment too and cried with the receptionist on the phone 🤦🏼‍♀️ someone please help me feel ok im terrified 😭
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2023.05.30 16:25 architecturephotog Hike up Barranco de los cochinos

Absolutely stunning place. A couple of disclaimers: To access this barranco from the bottom, you’d need to cross a private property. They own a lot of cats and have a donation box that you pass on the way. It’s obviously a nice gesture to ask for permission to cross.
I followed it in to where the water is running freely in little rivers, and then did the trail up. It’s got some steep and exposed parts where you need to keep focused and you should be in good shape. You cross a lot of fascinating old ruins and water infrastructure on the way through.
As I got up I walked the path up towards Erjos, but took a right after a while to connect to the PR-TF54 trail which is Las Moradas, checked out one of the peaks above the lower “Caserio” and then connected back to the trail.
There’s also at least one other option to connect these two places. One which I’ve also done on another occasion, but which is a brutal, very steep and dangerous path that I would not recommend to anyone. You pass it on your way through the barranco.
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2023.05.30 16:24 blackkittymeowmeowww Swimming holes and spots?

I don’t mind up to 1hr drive. I just moved here from humboldt county California and loved swimming in the rivers there. Looking to find some spots locally to splash around with me and my dog. Is there things I should know ? Like not swimming in certain rivers, or until a certain time in summer, or things like blue green algae which is toxic? Also do people swim in the ocean here during summer? Lol when does the water get warm ? Dog friendly beaches?
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2023.05.30 16:23 YGLD Find Your Edge ☝️

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