2021.08.12 09:57 BumblebeeTricky4944 polecat324


2021.08.12 09:57 BumblebeeTricky4944 polecat324


2022.11.22 17:31 Ranvu968 average Black Shokaku kinda OP

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2022.10.04 01:12 clip_mirror_bot Polecat324 will not be attending TwitchCon

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2022.09.28 00:45 MentalRefrigerator76 Pedocat324 Instagram

Polecat324 Official Instagram has now limited comments on all posts. I'm even a follower.
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2022.09.25 22:33 Gatekeeper5150 LIVE TONIGHT 9pm Eastern --- D-Railed Ep. 236: Polecat324 LEAVES DOJ Over Allegations - Casey's Conspiracy Theories - NFL Week 3

LIVE TONIGHT 9pm Eastern --- D-Railed Ep. 236: Polecat324 LEAVES DOJ Over Allegations - Casey's Conspiracy Theories - NFL Week 3 submitted by Gatekeeper5150 to u/Gatekeeper5150 [link] [comments]

2022.09.25 16:46 Michael1212pp r/pedocat_polecat324 Lounge

A place for members of pedocat_polecat324 to chat with each other
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2022.09.18 00:53 OldTomato4 DOJRP Child Abuse Alert

I am sure at least some here are familiar with Polecat324. He was one of the content creators who's spearheaded GTA Police RP. Throughout his tenure in community leadership there were various reports and allegations that came out regarding inappropriate contact with children involved both directly in the DOJRP FiveM community, but also, within his general YouTube fan base.
The current DOJRP Administration is attempting to aid Polecat in the cover up of the latest victim to come forward, who presented screen recorded verified snapchat records of Polecat asking a minor for inappropriate sexual pictures and other inappropriate contact with said minor in exchange for gifts and goods. This person has chosen to come out to stop others from being victimized, and there are other victims both that have come forward, and those who we know of but who have not yet reached a point where they are comfortable in doing so.
I implore the FiveM community to avoid supporting Polecat324 and his FiveM community, the Depaartment of Justice Role-Play comunity in order to halt other kids from being victimized. The current administration of the community has only circled the wagons and admitted to primarily being concerned with doing "damage control" rather than aiding the victims.
I spread this message here because this is not just DOJ drama, but something every adult and minor in the FiveM community should be aware of. Stay safe my friends, and keep your friends safe, there are many predators out there. If you are in a position to take action, I urge you to do so.
I have linked a website with publicly released evidence from the latest victim report so everyone can view themselves. The authorities are involved and actively pursuing the matter.
submitted by OldTomato4 to GTAVRP [link] [comments]

2022.07.17 16:04 HeavyF250 [SUGGESTION] Looking for a pre built set up that’ll mostly be used for gta fiveM

I’m located in Nc and I don’t know anything about building a pc. I’m willing to learn but I work 12 1/2 hours so a full build and learning would take forever. I wouldn’t mind getting a built system that can push 4k to 60fps constantly that I can upgrade when needed and price isn’t really an issue but I’d say about 3k max. An example of what I’m looking for is something close to Polecat324’s setup
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2022.03.10 18:18 Trick_Tax_72 So when are you releasing more videos ?

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2022.03.02 00:13 AlertParfait3421 Does anyone know what graphics mod polecat324 uses??

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2022.02.15 03:01 leSCURCRUH Question: Is There Good YouTube Content Creators?

As the title inquired, I'm curious as to if there are any good YouTube commentators who make good, entertaining content for The Crew 2? From the ones that get suggested the most, they either do not speak, or are more on the clickbaity/child oriented side of things.
Only person who was remotely entertaining and more adult-oriented seemed to be a dude called Polecat324, but his content for the game is rather far and few between(plus his driving is sub-par at best).
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2021.09.05 02:47 Canadaboi_ Ima quit Voxiom.io (plz don't remove this)

Hi, my name is Canada but I have changed my name on voxiom to candy recently. I'm level 102 the reason I'm at such highish level is because of three people named u/Polecat324_Voxiom and u/Buttkat6969 finally u/soiy_ I'm not going to go into detail about why these names are in here. Back to the point the reason why I'm quitting voxiom.io. Because my mom just got diagnosed with cancer so I'm dropping all my hobbies including voxiom to be with her. #FuckCancer
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2021.08.29 04:25 Character-Calendar49 WHAT graphics mods does Polecat324 use in his gtavrp videos??

What graphics mods does Polecat324 use in his gtavrp videos??
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2021.08.27 03:33 Polecat324_Voxiom Water Update

Dear Devs,
So Water Is Being Worked On FINALLY, Yet Lava Was Announced Almost 2 Months Ago. May I Please Have An Explanation.

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2021.08.13 11:37 BumblebeeTricky4944 Polecat logo

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2021.08.12 09:57 BumblebeeTricky4944 r/polecat324 Lounge

A place for members of polecat324 to chat with each other
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2021.08.09 21:34 Polecat324_Voxiom To: Capslck

Dear Capslck,
I do apologize for the events that occured yesterday of what I did/said in game. I was mad but I shouldn't of said what I said in that way. I love your content and Youtube Channel and I am sorry and did not mean anything I said, Again I am sorry.
-Your Sweaty Gamer, Polecat324
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2021.05.20 07:12 Turbo_614 OPEN ROAD RP Looking for LEO and CIV Hiring Department Heads Custom Cars and Motorcycle Drifting Street Racing Join today!!

Open Road RP is looking for new members. My name is Turbo owner of ORRP and 614 Design. As the Graphic artist for Polecat324, BarryBogan and many others, including the Designer for all the new DOJRP logos I have seen what makes a great server and what I think should be added. In Open Road RP we have put in all the stuff that makes for good roleplay and expanded on that by adding a long list of addon cars from Honda Civics to lambo’s and classics. We have even set up to be adding in custom Harleys from big wheel baggers to beautiful Road Kings from ACKNOD Motorcycles. The LEO is fully equipped with stunning LEO addon cars and trucks with custom skins made by me. That and the EUP and addon K9 police dogs, with TeamSpeak for radio and dispatch and a fully working CAD/MDT system you can be sure the force is ready. Join this Start to a new age of roleplay, Open Road RP where DOJ style Roleplay meets Custom Midnight Club Vibes. Drag Drift Street race join a motorcycle club or serve in blue this is Open Road Roleplay. See you on the streets of S.A.
Discord - https://discord.gg/AhfUdUWBcm
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2021.05.13 23:13 stangguy2015 Siren That Polecat324 Uses

what siren does polecat use in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIkhjWisFjc)
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2021.03.26 21:44 Cars-n-survival Hey Muta I have an interesting topic

For the past 2-3 years I have been interested in a controversy regarding the GTA5 role play community
I was first interested when a channel I liked called Bay Area Buggs and Jeff Fafignano stopped playing and making videos with polecat324 and I did some research back then and couldn’t find any information but recently I learned that they stopped associating with him because he was abusing his powers as an admin of the DOJrp server.
But even more recently polecat has been accused of being a child predator and it has been a very interesting story that I would love for you to cover
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2020.11.30 02:19 Dalejrfan5150 Where to get this?

If you watch Doj videos from people like polecat324 they have all of the houses that they can enter is there a way I could get that mod or is it private? Or a mod that is like that?
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2020.09.15 23:30 Ranvu968 Wows blitz

I’m back at Wows blitz and u wanna add me IGN Polecat324 in NA server
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2020.09.13 17:26 Ranvu968 Wows blitz

I’m back at Wows blitz and U wanna add me in IGN Polecat324 in NA server
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