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2023.05.30 17:41 HiBRiD109 Home Depot online shipping issues

Long version: I ordered the 8 tool HP set with the free brad nailer set on 5/17. It got "delivered" 5/19 but only the nailer set. I chatted with an agent, they said to wait till 5/22. Still nothing. Order said delivered. Fedex only got 1 package and it was the dimensions of the box with the nailer. Fedex also had picture of the one box on my porch at delivery. Had to screenshot it for the agent as proof. Reached out again and they created a support case. On 5/24 they said I need to submit a return/refund. I reached out again and I said all I wanted was my 8 tool set. After back and forth, I started to show my frustration. I don't try to be rude as its not the customer support reps fault but I hate getting the run around for their poor process. They refunded me the order and I got to keep the nailer. They then reordered the same order as still wanted the set. I was supposed to get it 5/26 but then on 5/26 I got an email stating my order was delayed and should ship in the next 5 business day.
Has any body dealt with this? I really could use the tools. I wish I could just force corporate to let me get the tools and bundle it from the local store instead of dealing with the terrible warehouse. Website says there's 138 sets available online. I get this is the new "norm" but its still frustrating.
tldr: I ordered 8 tools set plus nailer, only got the nailer, got refunded, reordered, new order is delayed.
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2023.05.30 17:29 Icy_Field8062 Do you have company or store loyalty?

If so, why is that?
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2023.05.30 17:27 SomeDisciple_14 Philosophy of a Beard

Hey, my name is Cory. That's my real name. I don't care I give it out like most OPs. I've been doxxed before. I know the rigamarole. This saga isn't about that. This is about some shitty neighbors who are neckbeards/incels/niceguys or whatever the difference is nowadays and how I learnt from them about making obsessive chicks ghost me. It's about how I ascertained the ability to repulse even legbeards.
Now, for our cast. I am obviously Cory, a guy in his late 20s who lives with his grandmother because he has a neurodegenerative disorder like his grandfather, or his grandmother's late ex-husband. My family doesn't want me living alone because I could die in my sleep and I want to take care of my grandmother. Win-win?
Bert is our first neckbeard. I don't know why I'm calling him Bert, but I need a name. Our second neckbeard is Ernie just because it fits well with Bert some reason. Lastly, our legbeard will be named Kelly because, again, need a name.
So let's dive into things.
One evening, being the light sleeper that I am, I was awoken to the sounds of screaming. I checked the clock. It was only 8PM. I downstairs and talked to my grandma and she said she didn't hear anything. She was awake the whole time, so I presumed the screaming was just me making things up. Turns out the elderly widow living caddycorner to us passed away. We found out two days later.
Weeks went by and her family sold the house. The buyer rented it out. They rented it out to none other than Bert and Ernie, who seemed around my age. Bert and Ernie were quiet at first, making as much nose as anyone does settling in. Then I noticed the oddities. When I'm off work I usually go out for frequent cigarette breaks. I usually during the day and stay up late.
On one of my 2AM smoke breaks I spotted the duo with their guns getting into their rusty Ford truck. Odd, I thought, but I wasn't too shocked as we live near the woods. This happened at least once a week, but I payed it no scrutiny other than rubbernecking.
One day after a trip, I'd come home with something special. It was a Russian Mosin Nagant in pristine condition - something that was made in WW2, never entered the hands of a commie, and probably just sat in some old dude's safe after coming to the US. The neighbor across the street is into guns so I figured I would show him before I wiped it down.
This is important to note: my neighbor are friends. We have a relationship where he teaches me car stuff and helps me with car problems for cheap. I help him with gun stuff and get him sub-MSRP guns in return (all legally, of course). When I was showing him my gun, in come Bert and Ernie from next door to him.
All of a sudden, my friend's dog start barking. They did not like Bert and Ernie. His dogs LOVED everyone in the neighborhood.
Bert: "Nice garbage rod."
I do believe he was being sarcastic as Mosins are often called garbage rods.
Bert: "Do you have any other guns?"
Ernie: "I just got an AK-47!"
Me: "Oh, what kind?"
Ernie: "It's a RAS-47. That thing is a fucking beast! Holy shit."
For those of you who aren't in the know, a RAS-47 is not an AK-47. It's based off the AKM and is one of the worst civilian AK pattern rifles on the market. It has a weak, cast metal trunnion and they are prone to shatter. Anyway...
Me: "Anyway, I gotta get this inside."
I gesture neighbor to hand me the gun back. He gets the jist.
Neighbor: "Yeah, I gotta get back to work. Let me know when you can take a look at that pistol."
Me: "Will do."
I wave and go inside, ignoring what Bert and Ernie say.
That very night, I'm approached by Bert while I'm smoking. I was on my meds, and if you don't know how neurosuppressants feel imagine having all the vertigo and discombobulation of being drunk, but none of the euphoria. I was smoking because it helps me sleep.
Now, I was on these meds so this conversation doesn't stick as well to my memory.
Bert: "Hey, man, you remember me from earlier."
Me: "Hm... yeah?"
Bert: "Is it cool if I bum a cig? I'll pay you."
He did have a dollar in his hand, but I halted him. I handed him a smoke.
Me: "Pay it forward."
Bert: "So you like guns? So do me and my roommate."
Me: "Yeah, I used to be an arms dealer and have degrees to train people and am a bit of an armorer and... I'm sorry if I make no sense. I'm medicated like an old man right now."
Bert: "You think you can get us automatic weapons?"
Me: "No. Even when I was I couldn't. An arms dealer. I don't think the site had them. Davidson's..."
Bert: "That's gay. Fucking ATF being J*wed as fuck."
Me: "Yeah... go to a gun store if you want something ordered. What's your favorite piece?"
Bert: "Probably my AR. I built it myself!"
He then proceeded to pull out his phone and show me a picture of an AR-15 with an anime girl on it. I think it was Rem from Re:Zero. It was at least some blue-haired waifu broad.
Bert: "How about you?"
Me: "Probably my AK. I fixed her up myself to be more accurate than most semis out-of-the-box."
I showed him a picture of my gun. It was a refurbished WASR-10, a Romanian AK, with a new muzzle and furniture. Everything else - mechanical and cosmetic - was fixed by me. I like to brag about fixing up a hunk of rust. Let me have this. I turned $400 into $1600!
Bert: "Heh, good luck hitting anything with that."
Me: "I've went through training with that thing and passed."
Bert: "Well, then where'd you get your training from?"
By this point, I was done smoking my first. I'd just lit another cigarette because I was intrigued. Even when medicated I was attracted to metaphorical fires in the parking lots of hell.
Me: "It's from [Company Name]. They're ex-SWAT, train SWAT, and have something to do with the American College of Surgeons."
Bert: "Can you train us?"
Me: "For money. I'm always down to go shooting."
Bert: "What do we need?"
Me: "I dunno guy... I'll remember in the morning. Good night."
I was seriously slurring my speech now. I pinched the cherry off my cigarette and shood Bert away from me.
I went inside and slept peacefully.
I know this part is all exposition, but soon we'll get into the meat of the story. That comes up next - when I go shooting with the neckbeards and meet the legbeard.
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2023.05.30 17:20 Own-Helicopter3451 On the occasion of Kabir Saheb Ji's 626th manifest day, on 2 to 4 June 2023, a huge store of free desi ghee is being organized in the company of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

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2023.05.30 17:14 vxplore21 How To Create A High-Converting Shopify Store

How To Create A High-Converting Shopify Store
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Need help finding the best Shopify Expert who can set up a high-functioning online store? Please contact Vxplore Technologies, a leading Shopify Agency in Kolkata. Here we will lead you through the steps to build a Shopify store with the help of the top Shopify Expert In India to boost Shopify Sales.
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2023.05.30 17:05 timothy53 Nickerson Beach, managed by Dover Group

For the first full season, the Dover Group will be managing the county park at Nickerson Beach in Nassau County. I have a few questions/issues with this:
This is some grift.
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2023.05.30 17:02 ZachTheLitchKing [CW] Smash 'Em Up Sunday - The Nook

Original Prompt

The Nook
The Book Nook was a small shop on the outskirts of Amsterdam, in between a cupcake bakery called Sweet Eats, and a broadly Asian grocery store that seemed to primarily sell South Korean and Japanese fare. She owned The Book Nook and rented the building it was in. The first floor was her shop and the second floor was her apartment. They were little, but they were hers.
Her morning started like most others; rolling out of bed with a thick, downy blanket wrapped around her shoulders and making a beeline for the kitchenette. She warmed her hands over the stove while waiting for the water and milk to boil. Once done she mixed in the shredded bits of chocolate and watched them melt. Olivia stirred the mixture until it was nice and thick then poured it all into a mug and, while it cooled, added a couple of marshmallows.
The rest of her morning was accompanied by the hot cocoa in hand. She washed up, got dressed, checked her e-mail, paid a couple of bills, transferred some money between various cards to keep everything in the black, and then went downstairs to open up her store. There were a couple of regulars she looked forward to seeing almost every day, people with a passion for classics and who always wanted to chat about one book or another.
There were regulars she did not look forward to seeing; those with numerous books from friends and family that they tried to offload on her for a profit. Olivia was more than happy to pay half-decent money for a good book in okay condition, but these people tended to try and take advantage and so she usually underwhelmed them. The last thing she wanted was to give a guy five bucks for his daughter's favorite storybook so that he could go buy a beer.
The best part of the week for her was when Susan, the school teacher from a few blocks over, brought her first-grade class to the shop to look around. She loved to talk and every word she said was interesting. The primary school was grossly underfunded and Olivia had worked with Susan to get these field trips orchestrated. The children could use The Book Nook as a replacement for their school library whenever they wanted, so long as they remembered their 'library card'; a slip of paper she had written their name on, put some clip art of their favorite items, and laminated.
It had been Olivia's idea to include that little lesson in responsibility.
Today was not a field trip day. It was also payday for most businesses, so none of the sellers were coming in for a few extra bucks. The overcast sky was a prelude to rain and Olivia suspected she would have little to no company today, which was fine by her. She loved sitting down by the window and listening to the rain.
The door opened and a man with broad shoulders and a military haircut stepped in. Olivia checked the calendar by her chair and sighed.
"The first Friday of the quarter already, Simon?" she asked as she finished her hot cocoa and stood up.
"The general's offer still stands," Simon said, wringing his hands together nervously. The look of concern on his face was ever-present whenever he visited Olivia, and it stung. She knew why he was worried; despite her new life, Olivia's past was a terrifying one. The things she had done in the name of protecting the city would scare even the bravest of men, and the weight of it had almost crushed her. Olivia did not want people to be afraid of her.
"Tell him I appreciate it," she said, "But I am not coming back. I'm retired and I'm happy here. I'd be more happy if he stopped sending you to badger me. Remind him about the Incursion; it ended because of me." Try as she might, Olivia could not keep some edge out of her tone and the man flinched at her words.
"Yes ma'am," he said, backing away to the door. He bumped into someone on the way out and apologized before hurrying away. The woman he had bumped into - an elderly one named Agatha - adjusted her glasses and slipped in the door.
"He was in a hurry," she said, "Is everything alright?"
"Everything's fine, Aggie," Olivia said with a warm smile. It was nice to be looked at by someone who didn't know Olivia was once a Hunter. "What are you looking for today?"
This is an Alternate Universe of u/Not_theScrumPolice 's The In Between. Give it a read!
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2023.05.30 16:57 thekrautboy Umbrel has just announced their own hardware: Umbrel Home...

For background: If you didnt know, Umbrel is a relatively popular software for selfhosting, mostly aimed at beginners or casuals i would say. It can be installed on top of a existing compatible OS like Ubuntu or Debian, or can be run as standalone. Its basically a neat webinterface to control some apps that (i think) are handled in the background with docker. It is very similar to CasaOS, Tipi and in parts similar to Yunohost.
So Umbrel has just announced their own hardware, a homeserver called "Umbrel Home". Link to the announcement on their page. Nice Apple-ish product video, not a lot of hardware details mentioned... and then the price, a whopping 668€ (that would be in Germany including taxes, i dont know the USD price sorry).
And the Umbrel Co-Founder shared these exciting news with us here on the subreddit, in this post that now isnt visible anymore when browsing the sub. After i mentioned some (i believe fair and detailed) critique based on the hardware and the asking price... the Co-Founder reacts by deleting their announcement comment and their entire Reddit account. What?! Honestly thats not the reaction i want to see from a company that receives a single comment on their product and asking more than twice the price of the basic hardware. But thats for everyone else to judge.
As i mentioned in my original comment, i will simply try to recommend more CasaOS and Yunohost in the furure ;) But i already did since imo Umbrel lacks a few features that Casa of example has, for example last time i tried it (~2 months ago) i couldnt add my own apps to it, like with a docker run or docker-compose.yml. I was stuck with the apps that they have in their "app store". And a lot of those are crypto related, which i simply do not care for. CasaOS i was able to add my own things into it. Yuno (i think) doesnt use Docker in the background for the apps and i didnt try it enough to know more details.
Right now im trying out Tipi as i have only heard about this once or twice here but never took a real look at it.
But this thread shouldnt be another drama-thread, we all hate those. There is no need to shit on these developers. I can only imagine that this guy was stressed out because of this launch and simply reacted badly to feedback. Not a good reaction at all, but we are all human. Some of us.
I believe it still deservers its place here given that the product is aimed exactly at the selfhosting community, and it comes with Umbrel as the OS which kinda makes it fitting here for selfhosting software services.
So what are anyone elses thoughts on this product?
Am i missing maybe something very obvious that justifies the price? Someone in the original thread mentioned software being included. But Umbrel the "OS" is already free and "opensource". Of course devs should and need to get paid for their efforts, but putting existing software on top of 300€ hardware, even stripping out some hardware parts, and then asking more than twice the price at 668€ for it... thats a bit extreme i think.
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2023.05.30 16:54 NickelTheWise WILDLIFE CH. 1-2

"Dick." "Huh? What, are we there?" "We've been here for six hours, man, we just haven't seen the car yet, and you haven't seen shit because you keep falling asleep." "Gimme a break, man, I was driving all night to get here." The two criminals were seated in a non-descript car, parked nearby the entrance to the main parking lot at Mt. Loyal University, charged with the details of a specific vehicle set to arrive at some point. The two were only armed with camera equipment, but it was enough to ID at a distance and that's what they were being paid to do. "Look, if this chick's as dangerous as they say, it'll help to be ready when she shows up. Try some of the coffee, they shouldn't be too cold." Dick looked at the two big cups from the morning hours before they showed up. "Dale, that stuff's probably frozen by now, let's just go get some fresh stuff." "We can't leave, idiot!" barked Dale, fitting of his canine species. They both were dogs, Dale a chihuahua and Dick a St. Bernard, with personalities to match. "Look, I'll go get some at that place down the block, come back here, and we can throw that stuff out." "Well then, go, come on, hurry up and get back, I don't want you sitting on a bench and falling asleep again." "I'm going, don't yell at me, man." Dick replied softly. "I'm NOT YELLING!" Dale yelled as the larger of the two got out of the car with another huge yawn to head off on his mission. The actual task they were seeing to was admittedly a dull one, but Dale liked to be alert at all times, especially when dealing with contract killers. About five minutes later, Dick had returned with two coffees, Dale opening the door for him. "Thanks. They had that hazelnut stuff you like, so I-" "Wait wait wait, hold that thought, I think that's our ticket." said the chihuahua, pointing a finger at the gate. Indeed, a white Oz Harper was pulling in and turning their way to find a spot. Dale squawked 'Hide!' and pulled the seat lock, falling backwards with it quickly. Dick just watched the car go by and head up towards the front of the building. "GOL-332, I think that's our guy, Dale." the larger dog said, slurping at his coffee loudly. The smaller one's head popped up to check before easing his seat back up. "Of course it is, I knew this was the gate to trust." he declared, pulling out a cellphone to speed-dial a number. "What are we gonna do now, D?" "Shh, lemme make this call in peace for a second... hey, it's us, the ones you called for recon? ...yeah, no, we stuck to the timeframe you gave us, the target's been confirmed at that college we parked at." Dick was starting to fall asleep in his seat again, so Dale smacked at him while completing the phonecall. "Gotcha.. yes, gotcha, you won't be needing anything else? Alright then, it was a pleasure doing business with you, and we'll just be on our way once our payment is secu- what??" The voice over the tiny microphone spoke in stern volumes, Dale glaring wide-eyed at the device like he wanted to bite a chunk out of it. He managed to inhale and hold it before responding tightly. "I understand, we will get a room and meet with you after the hit. Thank you very much for this opportunity." He beeped off the phone, calmly unclipped his seat belt, vacated the car, and then began to attack the right side of it in a psychotic frenzy, all manner of expletive spraying as hornets do from a disturbed nest. Dick watched him for a bit as he gradually slowed his raging melee with their car and got back inside of it. "We gotta go shack up in a hotel for the night, we're not getting paid until they kill this chick." "Hey, oh boy, a hotel, that'll have a bed for sure." He began to hand the chihuahua his coffee before giving a bit too much gas and causing a second furious explosion, this time in the car. The badly-secured lid had sluiced open and had went mostly all over Dale, staining his undershirt dark brown. Dick looked at him and raised his eyebrows high enough to expose his eyes at last. "Oh no, I'm real sorry about that, we can get the duffel bag out and take it-" Dale held up his paw. "Dick, shut up and let's just... take it to get washed somewhere, real quick. I like this shirt, this is my lucky shirt." "Okay, Dale." and he started up the car and turned off down the main street, looking like he'd be smacked around and scolded by the smaller man. Dale looked sidelong at him for a bit before looking forward quietly. "You're mad." "Dick, I ain't mad, I'm just cranky." "No, you're mad, you say that when you're mad." "What're you, my freakin' therapist? Get over into that one there and let's get this thing washed and dried, I'm gonna need it to keep from KILLING you, right in the face. "Dale, I'm really sorry." They parked and they got out. "Just finish your coffee, man, I gotta go use the bathroom and change out."
Tom was in a late afternoon haze of beer buzz, boredom, and bitterness. Something about the verbal skirmish with the snow leopard had really got on his nerves, and he still wanted to give her a piece of his mind. There was a bit of time left, and he felt like he could be risking at least one more smoke, so he went out the back door into the loading alley and lit up there, largely free of company for the moment, but it was then that one of the black cars from before slowly pulled into sight ahead, blocking off the alley's exit. "Shit.." he whispered, knowing better than to turn around as the sound of crunching rock on tires signalled he was being boxed in. He circled on the spot casually, eyes swallowing his surroundings to make sure there was no one else around in case he had to attack and escape. The two guys that got out had matching casual wear and a bully's confidence as they came his way. Two more door-shutting sounds behind him now, sending that tingle of adrenaline pre-game thru his body. Taking a deep inhale to martial his guts and nicotine, Tom came to a stop and looked to the guys in front of him as he exhaled, flicking the cigarette away. They were certainly taller up close. "Larry, Curly, good to see you, something I can help you two with?" he asked brazenly, getting two accosted looks in response. "How's he supposed to know that? He knows my name, man, how does he know that?" said the wiry one of the pair. Tom's throat tightened; one of their names actually WAS Larry, apparently. "He's calling us stooges, man, you know?" said the other, more standard-shaped one. "We got a smartass here, don't we?" came a voice from behind, followed by a hard shove that almost sent him onto the ground. "Hey!" Tom barked, stepping back to take all four of them in. They all had a kind of standard goon panache, and one of them had a shoulder holster slightly visible. The only animal folk in their number was a fox, shock-white and wearing the worst air of superiority among them, along with the tattoos and pink-red eyes. Tom made a mental note to attack this one first if he had to, but wisely switched gears. "Look guys, I think we got off on the wrong foot here, see... I'm a traveling salesman, and I got these dynamite blindfolds I'm peddling. You four want to line for a demonstration, I could oblige you a discount too!" he said, winking an eye. One of them chuckled off to the right, but Larry had apparently had enough, pulling an H17 into view, and putting the barrel inbetween Tom's eyes. He swallowed hard, carefully putting his hands up and standing his mental ground. "Yeah, talk that shit now, huh? Think you're all funny, man, I'll put you in the fucking GROUND, I don't give a fuck!" snarled this Larry.The fox put a clawed hand firmly on the guys' arm and caught his eye coldly. "Stow that piece, and calm down before you get us all popped, dig?" he said in a sibilant tone. Larry was still looking at Tom, glaring back at him, but obeyed and hung up the gun. The leader took point now, nodding for the raccoon to lower his arms. "I'll just... keep them up, if it's all the same, mutual trust eh?" said Tom, giving a weak smile. "Fair enough." answered the vulpine boss, "Now, my friend here seems to think you were scoping us earlier." "At the traffic light back there? No no, I just saw these nice Golgo Tundras going thru town, all sleek and white-- thought someone was putting on a concert or something. Honest curiosity, that was it." It wasn't necessarily a lie either. The tall fox looked him over a bit, his sharp eyes looking lower. "Got anything in your pockets?" "...I do." Tom carefully produced his wad of bills from one pocket and a pack of Mazzerucci Royals in the other. He really hoped they wouldn't stick their hand in the jacket pocket, for a few reasons at that. "See, I was just out doing laundry, there's no-- hey, dammit!" Larry had snatched the items up, and Tom moved his hands in protest, only to be frozen solid by the clawed fingers of the one in charge. "Mutual trust, right?" he said, smiling with sharp teeth. The bothered canine grimaced and tried to look helpless while they counted up his stolen cash, wishing he'd had enough magic stored up for a bolt of half-power lightning; they would probably survive, but with scars to remember. A sizable chunk of money was missing when it was handed back, and that was it. Tom looked up at the leader briefly, who was already biting onto one of the cigarettes. "I like Royals, consider it part of the toll here for wastin' our precious time with your peeking." and he felt his own pockets briefly before looking up again, "No lighter?" Tom lit his smokes on his own, so he just shrugged and produced his unfolded pockets. The four of them seemed to have had their fun and left, but the fox stayed a second to lean in close as his men returned to the cars. One particularly sharp claw came to rest gently just above Tom's left eyebrow. "Now, make a healthy choice, and stay the fuck out of sight for a couple days, okay? You and I see each other again, well--" He slowly dragged the sharp point across Tom's forehead, blood dripping down freely, making him wince a bit. "--You're gonna need one of those fancy blindfolds for when we execute you, since you uh... seem to be out of smokes too. Arrivederci, bambino~" he said, parting ways. "Yeah yeah, au revoir, Simone." Tom grunted, waiting until they'd disembarked before he snarled and kicked a nearby paint bucket across the alley like a soccer ball. "What the fuck is your DEAL, Canada?! I thought this was supposed to be a nice place!" he yelled. From somewhere in the barkyards of a nearby neighborhood, someone shouted in response. "I AM TRYING TO WORK OVER HERE!", it said. "SHUT UP!!" growled Tom, wiping at the blood on his face.
The raccoon was sitting in a miserable distemper while the dryer was finishing his clothes. 'I ought to just spin the wheel again and find someplace else, this town is becoming dangerous.' he thought, halfway thru another drink. He stopped suddenly at the sound of the door jingling, hurrying to move one of his towels over the opened can. A pair of dogs came in, talking in low voices, and Tom minded his own business, having had enough of strangers for one week. They seemed to mind their own business, so it was business as usual. One of them disappeared into the bathroom for a bit, coming out wearing a different shirt, and they proceeded to wash a single shirt. Tom had been on the streets for as long as he could remember, and had seen a furtive load of laundry or two, so lacking any other concrete plans, he got up and pretended to go check his clothes while pointing an ear their way. "...told you to keep it down, ya idiot." the smaller one hissed. "You worry too much, Dale, we're just there to drive anyone who needs it to safety after they corner that lady and tie her up." Already, this was sounding bad, but the raccoon kept incognito for the moment. "Yeah, well that's why they're calling in this extra muscle, this snow leopard's supposed to be a real killer born, y'know? Kinda like you and being so slow and clueless." Dick shrugged and lapped at his coffee again. "I'm just as my momma made me, Dale." "Yeah, well thank goodness she died before seeing this life of crime you've somehow clung to, she'd have died of shame otherwise." snapped the chihuahua, loading quarters into the machine. "Oh Dale, don't say that, she's already mad at me up in Heaven as it is." His partner scoffed and closed the hatch. "Look, I only yell because you never had no friends or family to steer you straight growing up, and I've told you, I'm your big brother! I gotta make sure you're learning and growing up better, yeah?" Dick nodded happily. "I love my big brother." Dale's face was a bit pinker at the cheeks, but he avoided eye contact for now. "Yeah, hey, y'know, it's... nice to be appreciated. Now, take a seat, will ya? Bad enough we're missing out on the fun work over at that construction site up the way, now I gotta hope this stain comes out." he muttered as they headed to one of the plastic benches. Tom was left with a great deal of trepidation: had he just made brief enemies with a trained killer somehow, or was any of this even true? He hurried to pound the rest of his beer, almost getting foam out of his nose in the bargain, bagged up his completed laundry, and left the place without a trace. He was halfway to the Door when he saw some day laborers around a truck by the gas station of his plaza. Once the clothing was carefull scooted into a distant, safe dimensional hideaway around the corner, he sauntered over to them, pretending to throw some trash away. "I don't mean to bother you guys, but do you know which way the big construction site is, just down this road here?"
Kari had been sitting in the parking lot of the campus for about ten minutes, watching the fracas of newspeople and police nearby and really feeling cheated of a decent day of schoolwork. The day was shot for sure, with the media frenzy still stirred up by people posting misinformation online, and news crew remaining on the scene for interviews with the friends or close ones of those involved. Kari looked over at her bag, containing the completed assignment, and felt supremely cheated as she started the car and looked over her shoulder. A bedraggled human face looked back immediately and she shouted in surprise. It was only then she realized it was from outside the car. Some drifter, bedraggled and carrying a backpack that was as weatherworn as it could be, was standing in the middle of the parking lot, looking past her car, then back at her. Something about it felt like the right thing to do, so she got out of the car and approached him. The man began to back away, muttering something. "No no, easy, I'm not gonna hurt you or waste your time, I wanted to ask if you'd seen anything weird recently." At first, the guy said nothing and continued mumbling something, but he paused on a dime and turned to her slowly before taking a huge inhale of her presence. The snow leopard stepped back, looking affronted. "Hey, what the hell?!" she snapped, "I just wanted a damn answer." The homeless man locked eyes with her, speaking very plainly. "He will lead you thru the door, and to places beyond here or there, and I will show you the other side! The OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR!" he said in a rising tone before wandering off incoherently, pulling the backpack into his arms and talking placatingly to it in tender whispers. Kari just got back in her car and looked confusingly at her steering wheel, like it would turn into a giant pretzel or something next. 'There's a lot of weirdos in town today, and that can usually mean something's up.' she thought, going from experience, 'The only problem is for who.. and why?" She rolled the window down and closed her eyes, feeling kind of cooped up for some reason "Excuse me?" "AAA!!" Kari's body moved defensively towards the sound, only to find some kid about 6 sandwiched up on himself to avoid the attack. "Hi? sorry there, kiddo, what did you need, are you lost?" she managed, still oddly on edge. "I'm um, here... this, uh, I got my... there's a letter for, here, there's a letter I got to give you. I have to go." he managed, handing a folded paper to her before hurrying back to a small bike and riding away. Kari almost threw it away, eager to put today behind her, but she groaned and unfolded it for reading. "We know who you are, come alone to the location marked at this address at this time only, make this easier on yourself." An address followed and the feline predator smiled with murderous glee, slowly tearing the letter in half. "Know who I am, do they?" she growled, her grin almost too high, "I sure hope they know what I can do." Before she turned the car around to head home, she carefully pocketed the two pieces of paper. "...dammit, why'd I do that."
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2023.05.30 16:52 mirrorless_dreams_ couldn’t stick it out more than a year >.<

put my 2WK notice in over memorial day weekend, got to the point where i had to ebb & flow with the performance of my coworkers just so it doesn’t stress me out on top of the feeling of my store doing nothing to nurture my potential within the company, i loved the job but can’t see myself here long term anymore, i did get an okay raise on my JD tho in early may.
jobs cool as heck though & easy. i worked in a great store with good people, loved it all aside from my personal tribulations.
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2023.05.30 16:52 Adborgam Fall Guys - Evidence of Epic's Destruction... and Restructuring

I thought it would be nice to detail some obvious signs that Fall Guys has been going in the wrong direction since Epic Games' buyout of Mediatonic, and how the recent information about company restructuring and the movement to 'major projects' is clearly evident:
  1. Free to Play Transition This first point is self explanatory. When Epic Games initially acquired Mediatonic in early 2021, a blog post was published which detailed the future of Fall Guys, yet this blog post was full of lies and intentionally vague information, to conceal Epic Games' ulterior motives. This post claimed that there were 'no plans' to make the game free to play, and that the game would remain available on Steam. Despite this, there were early leaks for a new 'hard currency', which players can only purchase for real money, a premium battle pass system, the release of an Epic Games Store version, and even a redesign for the item shop to match the design of Fortnite's store, and to incorporate this 'hard currency'. All of these eventually ended up in game upon the launch of Fall Guys' F2P relaunch in June 2022, with little or no transparency on these features, and the removal of the Steam version. Typical Epic...
  2. Fall Guys Season 3 - Sunken Secrets This is a BIG one. On the 22nd of November 2022, Fall Guys released their third season since the F2P transition, yet we did not see an end to this season until May 10th 2023. That's nearly 6 months, and for comparison, Season 1 (Free for All) lasted 3 months, while Season 2 (Satellite Scramble) lasted 2 and a half months. Sunken Secrets was the first season not to receive any sort of major mid-season update, meaning that players had to sit through reruns upon reruns of content, with constant delays (the initial datamined end date was February 14th, then April 4th, then April 25th, then May 10th) and no communication in sight from the developers. The game was left in an abysmal state, with it almost being on auto-pilot, recycling the same shop bundles and shows every 3 weeks. It is heavily implied that from developers' Twitter accounts, mainly artists, that the release of Season 4 took so long because developers were being moved onto other projects (sound familiar?) yet these developers constantly reassured that they moved onto games like Fortnite 'willingly', and that Fall Guys was in 'good hands'. How false that was!
  3. Fall Guys Season 4 - Creative Construction After the playerbase had to wait for almost 6 months of nothing, they thought things were going to get better. Turns out, things are staying the same as they have since the middle of Sunken Secrets, with unoriginal in-game events (reruns of currency challenges, skin events with rerun challenges) and the continuation of vaulting (the removal of in-game content, with the excuse being 'a lack of resources and too much effort'). What makes Season 4 even worse, is that the addition of Fall Guys Creative adds to Epic Games' metaverse plan. Now, we are getting no more new limited time gamemodes, and all rounds are being created in the choppy Creative mode instead of Unity. We are getting over 50 new rounds, but what is the point whenever all of them are only Races, and all of them are terrible?
Hopefully that explains some of the problems about Fall Guys under Epic Games, for those who don't play the game. If anyone wants further details, I'll see what I can provide!
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2023.05.30 16:45 lucksp Supbase to call `gcloud` commands?

I am a FE engineer working on a new company from the ground up. The "backend" world is completely foreign to me. It was suggested to use SupaBase for authorization of users. That seems straight forward I think. However, we are using Google VertexAI as the core of the app feature. There is a "public" REST endpoint which would look like this:
curl -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Bearer $(gcloud auth print-access-token)" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8" \ -d u/request.json \ "" 
The issue I run into trying to convert this to a `fetch` type API is that the `gcloud` commands & the oAuth expire very frequently, and storing them as a ReactNative "constant" via `process.env` isn't ideal.
const path = `${Constants.expoConfig.extra.VERTEX_PROJECT_ID}/locations/us-central1/endpoints/${Constants.expoConfig.extra.VERTEX_ENDPOINT_ID}:predict`; const init = { method: 'POST', body: JSON.stringify(requestBody), headers: { Authorization: `Bearer ${Constants.expoConfig.extra.VERTEX_GCLOUD_ACCESS_TOKEN}`, 'Content-Type': 'application/json', }, }; const response = await fetch(path, init); 
The documentation says:
Note: The following command assumes that you have logged in to the gcloud CLI with your user account by running gcloud init or gcloud auth login, or by using Cloud Shell, which automatically logs you into the gcloud CLI. You can check the currently active account by running gcloud auth list.
I've never used "serverless" "edge" functions. Would the Supabase RESTful docs be the solution?
Would the Supabase EdgeFunctions help with this?
Also, is it correct that I want to call gcloud auth login basically once, when the server is initialized so that any of my users can use the feature on the mobile app, or does this need to be called each time a request is made to the gcloud API? Then the gcloud auth print-access-token gets called for each API request.
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2023.05.30 16:41 baconnaire We need vans now.

I know some of you like to work as a group, but this morning I saw they rented or bought a courier van. No wonder I haven't seen shit from this store. I wondered if it was like Uber where you can rent. But you'll still be paying the company that's supposed to be paying you. More and more each day I like the company and people that work this job even less. I can't wait till I can afford wfh equipment so I can be done with this shit.
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2023.05.30 16:39 mewwissa If you need a reason to quit, here it is.

I left the siren a few years ago after being manipulated and taken advantage of every single day, but I have a friend who manages my old store, and what they’ve put her through is absolutely egregious.
She had never worked for bucks before, and got hired as SM (she has lots of manager experience). She put her whole pussy into fixing that store. When I left, it couldn’t keep a manager or staff hardly at all. The store was constantly in crisis mode. The last time I went into the store to get a coffee, I was SHOCKED at how normal and perfect it was. I knew the work that went into getting it there and was amazed at how she had gotten it all together again.
Since being hired there, they have had her dual managing that store and another in town that has had the same troubles. She has two small children, and then got pregnant. She was giant pregnant and freshly postpartum while managing both stores. So many days I saw her posting about how she’d go in to open and wouldn’t go home until close, all while hugely pregnant.
(And before anyone says anything, pregnancy isn’t a choice where we live. She wholeheartedly wanted her child, but just saying. Even if she didn’t, she’d still be having the baby considering our laws).
The fact that her DM and the company was strong arming this woman to manage two BUSY, DIFFICULT stores during the busiest time of the year while new to the company, pregnant af and postpartum, with 2 other small kids, and knowing how fucking awful those stores and it’s customers are….disgusting. She took 6 weeks off when she had her baby. 6 weeks. Then went right back to dual managing.
I had never even heard of dual managing stores for extended periods of time before covid happened. Since then, stores have shared staff constantly. Instead of just doing the right thing and employing their stores appropriately, they spread the same 10 people so thin that they lose their minds. I thought about going back to bucks recently but I just can’t bring myself to do it, even with the huge pay raises.
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2023.05.30 16:36 xDictate Trip report - One week in Portugal

My wife and I took a trip to Portugal early December of 2022, and we had a really solid time. The food experiences were amazing and getting to take in so much old-world architecture was awe-inspiring.
Focus: Our main focus was lazy tourism and fine dining between Porto and Lisbon. We ended the trip with a 9 hour layover in Toronto, which we used to visit friends and some of our favorite Toronto spots.
Weather: The week was mostly sunny with some rain interspersed, and average temperatures seeming to be mid-teens. Toronto at the time was cold and snow-covered.
Accomodations: We ended up doing hotels as they were rather cheap.
Some photos below, along with some detailed notes of the packing list. Photos may be missing some things due to last minute substitutions, tried to note that.
Bag of choice:
Worn clothing:
Packed clothing:
Outer Layers:
A quick note on my charging setup: The whole setup for charging with my InchargeX allows me to charge two devices overnight AND my battery off a single 30w slim wall adapter. This is about as close as I can get to a perfect tiny charging setup. The iPhone plus the battery is plenty enough to get me through even the heaviest of days, into a second day.
Everything else:
What Worked: Overall I think my packing list is cohesive enough and walked the line between casual and nice enough for a good restaurant. I've been working with a lot of this clothing for a while so it's been tested heavily through the rigors of daily wear, and I was very confident in my choices going in. The massive standout was the wool utility cloth - I think more people need these!
What could have been improved: I overpacked on a few things like pants and shorts, which really are just small things. The Pontos were awesome for the trip, but I feel like I would have done better with a pair of Blundstones or a similar Chelsea style boot. I also wish I could find a more casual looking "technical" jacket for daily wear, but the options are limited from what I can find. I think I could have dropped the iPad too, although it didn't take up a whole lot of space and was great for editing photos in downtime or reading on the plane. The Mijia shaver was okay but not amazing.
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2023.05.30 16:34 nerd004 G7 Sanctions Threaten Russian Tech, Resources

The G7 leaders met in Hiroshima to discuss additional sanctions against Russia. Multiple rounds of sanctions have been imposed since the start of the war in 2022, resulting in significant economic damage for Russia. The country has accumulated a deficit of $78 billion over the past 15 months, despite being a net exporter with abundant natural resources. This article focuses on the latest sanctions imposed by the United States, UK, and Canada, particularly their impact on gold and diamond industries. Russia is one of the largest gold producers and exporters, and it also holds significance as a store of value and for industrial use. Additionally, as the world's largest diamond producer, Russian diamond companies are now facing sanctions. The article also explores the state of technology in Russia, highlighting its reliance on semiconductor imports due to a lack of a strong domestic technology industry.
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2023.05.30 16:32 QArea_ltd HRM Software Development: How To Build A Perfect HR Solution For Your Needs

HRM Software Development: How To Build A Perfect HR Solution For Your Needs
The world is going digital at a rapid pace, and the HR industry is quickly adopting the changes. We’ve recently talked on our blog about digital transformation in HR and trends that will define the HR industry in 2023. However, the biggest change is probably the shift to digital solutions for HR management.
But what exactly does HRM software do? Should you go for a custom HR software solution or use one of the many tools available today? And how to build a reliable HR application for your company? These are the questions we are going to discuss today.

What is HRM software and why do you need it?

HRM software is a broad term that includes all forms of software designed to help with day-to-day HR management. This can include anything from an applicant tracking system for smarter recruitment to an application that evaluates employee performance and offers AI-based suggestions to improve it.
For decades, HR departments managed their operations manually, resulting in vast amounts of paperwork and a high probability of errors. Things began to change in the 1970s, with the first HR software products becoming available to the general public. Since then, the HRM software development industry has given us some outstanding solutions. And the transformation doesn’t stop there, as new HR solutions are getting more advanced by the year.
So why should you consider using human resource management system software? Besides the obvious benefits of going digital in a corporate setting, such as reducing the amount of paperwork and making things easier for the HR department, a switch to an HRMS has other sizable advantages:
  • The work of the HR team will become efficient and error-free
  • Every HR process, from hiring to offboarding, will be streamlined and optimized
  • Payroll will operate faster and without errors
  • New positions will be filled faster and by the most suitable candidates
  • The onboarding process will result in better employee retention
  • The HR team will be able to better monitor and manage employee performance
  • Employees outside of the HR department will be able to also use the software when needed
And that’s not all! It’s safe to say that by investing in HR software development, any organization can unlock a new level of productivity and employee satisfaction while keeping up with the industry transformation.

Types of HRM software

Human resource management system software has come a long way since its inception, when users were offered standard, often limited functionality. These days, HR software comes in all shapes and sizes and can fit even the most unusual needs of an organization. Here are the most popular types of HRM tools.

1. Recruitment management systems

Recruitment management software can come with robust and diverse functionality. From predicting the hiring needs of a company in the upcoming months and specifying the list of requirements for a new vacancy to identifying the most suitable candidates or suggesting current employees with a relevant skill set for the position, HR teams can count on recruitment management software for a lot of their daily tasks.

2. Applicant tracking systems

An Applicant Tracking System is designed with the sole purpose of improving the recruitment pipeline and making it faster, more efficient, and more comfortable for everyone involved. An ATS can do anything from importing candidate information from LinkedIn and other platforms and scheduling interviews to measuring the efficiency of the company’s current recruitment practices.

3. Workforce management systems

Workforce Management System is a broad term that can include different types of HR software. Specifically, the most popular types of workforce management software include performance management software, used by HR teams to evaluate the performance of the employees and track it across periods of time, and employee engagement management software, which deals with the way employees feel about their job and steps needed to improve their engagement.

4. Learning management systems

Proper employee engagement and performance are downright impossible without sufficient training. To keep track of employee progress, create personalized training plans, and set the goals for this process, HR departments frequently use learning management systems. They can be particularly invaluable for companies that operate as distributed teams or have a lot of front-line employees in addition to in-office teams.

5. Payroll and benefits systems

Payroll and benefits management systems allow the organization to speed up the payroll process and avoid many of the issues linked to human error. A well-developed payroll system can calculate the wages for hundreds of employees with a couple of clicks and transfer the information further for the employees to get paid. Some solutions can also calculate taxes and manage employee benefits, such as sick days and vacation.

6. Onboarding and offboarding systems

Companies are now investing a lot of effort into onboarding and offboarding their employees, and for a good reason, as it helps make the employees more productive, improve company culture, and strengthen employer branding among prospective employees. Onboarding and offboarding software can streamline this process by consolidating the training materials, guidelines, questionnaires, and other essential information in one place.

7. Scheduling systems

For companies where employees work in shifts or have different schedules, scheduling software can bring a welcome transformation. With the help of a scheduling system, which is typically available to each eligible employee on a self-serve basis, employees can not only set and change their own schedules, but also access other people’s schedules and make decisions accordingly.

Custom software development for HR vs. an out-of-the-box solution: What you should consider

Custom human resource development software is the preferred solution for thousands of organizations. However, many companies are also pretty satisfied with out-of-the-box HR solutions. So which one should you go for? Here is a detailed comparison of the two options.

Out-of-the-box solution

Out-of-the-box HR solutions can include both traditional software and Software as a Service products. These are their biggest advantages and drawbacks.


  • Quick start. Out-of-the-box solutions are called that for a reason. This software offers little to no additional setup, which is why it doesn’t take long to implement the software within an organization.
  • Low cost. Whether you are purchasing a lifetime license or opting for a monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription, the cost of ready-made software will always be lower than the cost of custom solutions.
  • Support and training. Depending on the conditions of the software purchase, the vendor can offer additional training for your employees and provide extended customer support for as long as you need.


  • Limited customization. Typically, ready-made HR software solutions are distributed as-is, with customization being limited or not available at all. This means that even the most suitable software may not have all the features you need or can come with extra functionality you don’t have use for.
  • Dependence on the provider. The situation where a company has been fully relying on a software solution for years only for the provider to no longer offer support for the product or discontinue the software altogether is more common than you may think.
  • Vendor lock-in. When you’re using software that is distributed on a regular payment basis instead of a one-time purchase, there is a risk of encountering vendor lock-in — a situation where switching to another provider is not financially feasible.

Custom HRM solution

Developing custom human resources management system software can be the single biggest upgrade to the way your HR department operates. Here are the key pros and cons of a custom HR solution.


  • Virtually unlimited functionality. As long as you have a reliable development partner and the right tech stack, no HR feature is out of reach for you. You can create a solution that only includes the features you actually need.
  • Wide customization opportunities. Developing a custom HRM system doesn’t mean you are stuck with the same selection of features forever. Whether you have an in-house development team or an outsourced partner, you can further customize the solution and add new features as you go.
  • Close team collaboration. When the whole HR department has a say about what to include in the software solution, and the rest of the organization is encouraged to contribute to the discussion, the end result is going to satisfy everyone.
  • Long-term financial benefits. Sure, developing a solution from scratch costs more than purchasing a ready-made SaaS solution. However, in the long run, you won’t face any additional expenses when you own the software, whereas every month of using a SaaS product costs money.


  • Choosing the vendor. Unless you have a whole in-house development team with the required expertise, you’re going to need an outside development team. And that may be one of the most important decisions you make in the course of the project.
  • Waiting time. HRMS software development is not something that happens overnight. A few months will typically pass from the moment you conceptualize the future application to the moment you complete your first task using the new solution.

Popular HRM tools: The ultimate comparison
If you are still thinking about whether your organization needs a custom HR solution or you will be fine with a ready-made tool, the points above should help you make the decision. And in case you decide in favor of using a solution that is already available in the market, here are the top ten tools for managing various HR-related processes.

Key features of HR software development

One of the biggest advantages of developing HR software from scratch is that you get to include all of the functionality you consider important. Needless to say, the HR department should actively participate in the process of designing the requirements for the software product. This is why, in the end, each HR software solution will turn out to be unique in its own right. Still, here are the features that most HR software products include in some form:
  • Attendance. This is the basic feature of HR software. At the very least, it can help monitor the number of days or hours an employee has worked in a month. The attendance feature can also be more advanced and allow workers to punch-in and punch-out for more precise daily reports.
  • Project management. With the help of this feature, employees can record the time they’ve spent completing a certain task. The data can be entered manually, or the application can be integrated with other time tracking tools to make automatic records.
  • Employee records. This feature allows to minimize the use of paperwork in an organization and store all employee data in a digital form. This can include personal information, track record, payroll data, medical insurance, development plan, and more.
  • Payroll management. The payroll feature can calculate employee salary based on rates and attendance, but it can also do more than that. The payroll feature in HR software can also be responsible for bonuses, benefits, health insurance, taxes, and other finance-related issues.
  • Reporting and analysis. One of the key advantages of HRM software development over HRIS software development is that HRM software is far better equipped to not just record information, but also to analyze it and generate reports based on all kinds of data selected by the HR team member.

HR software development process: Step by step

Developing human resource management system software is a complex process but, as is the case with many complex processes, it can significantly benefit from being broken down into smaller steps. These are the steps you need to take to build your own HRMS solution.

1. Identify the specifics of the solution

At this stage, you need to develop your general HR software idea into a detailed concept. Obviously, the HR department is going to actively contribute to the process, as HR managers are the ones who will use the software the most. Together, you will need to identify the necessary features of the software product, as well as list the current challenges the product is going to address.

2. Find a tech partner

Unless you are developing the project with the help of your company’s software department, which is fairly rare in today’s HR world, you will need to find a reputable vendor that will bring your project to completion. There are several factors you need to consider when making a choice, including the company’s relevant experience, available technology stack, rates for the services, and testimonials from former customers.

3. Further outline the solution

When you already have a tech partner, you need to work together to give your software concept an even more complete look. For example, you can discuss whether you want the product to be available only as a web application or you want mobile availability as well. Another important feature to discuss with your tech team is security, as HR software is known to work with a lot of sensitive information.

4. Create the UI/UX design

This is the stage where the UI/UX designer and, ideally, the business analyst, should be heavily involved. Taking into account all the requirements stated by the HR team and other stakeholders, the designer will find the best way to include all the features in a convenient and easy-to-use interface. This is especially vital if the product is going to be used not only by the HR department, but also by other people at the organization who may not have the necessary experience.

5. Build an MVP

This step is usually optional, especially when you are developing a single-purpose tool instead of a large-scale solution. However, for most projects, building an MVP helps better evaluate the project idea and pivot it if necessary. With an MVP, you can gather the feedback of real users who will then work with the full-fledged solution and will be able to better tailor the solution to the needs of every stakeholder.

6. Develop the solution

When you already have the completed design of the application and have learned some valuable lessons at the MVP stage, it’s time to build the actual software solution. If you’ve made the right choice of a vendor, your involvement during this phase can be limited to checking the progress and discussing further steps. It’s important to make sure that the team is taking into account all the requirements and that the project is going the right way.

7. Test and maintain the product

The work on HRMS software development is not over once the developer writes the final line of code. In order to work well, handle sensitive data, and genuinely improve the HR processes, the solution requires rigorous testing. And after the product is deployed, there still needs to be a small team that will maintain the software, take care of the bugs, and keep the solution in ship-shape.

The cost of HRMS software development & the factors that influence it

It doesn’t take hours of research to know that the price of ready-made HR software can start at $3-$5 per month for a basic tool with limited functionality and go all the way to $3,000+ per month for an advanced SaaS product or $5,000+ when it comes to purchasing a lifetime license. But how much does HRMS software development cost when you are building the solution from scratch?
There cannot be a standard fixed price for HRM software development because each HR software project is different. The overall cost of the software depends on three key factors:
  • The complexity of the software. This is pretty self-explanatory: developing a custom solution with limited functionality, such as a scheduling application or a payroll system, is going to take significantly less time and money than building a robust HRM system that includes multiple HR software modules.
  • The size and seniority of the team. This factor is directly related to the previous one: the more complex your product idea is, the more functionality is required, and the more users the application is going to have, the bigger the team you’ll need and the more senior-level engineers you will need to hire.
  • The location of the software vendor. Often, the best option for HR development is to have it done by an in-house software development and testing team. However, that is not always possible, especially if your organization doesn’t work with software development. This is why most companies now prefer to outsource their HRM software development projects to outside vendors. You can outsource your project locally or find a partner in other parts of the world.
When it comes to the HRM software development team, its composition and size can vary depending on the project specifics. A typical team for an HR-related development project will include
  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • Business analyst
  • Software tester
  • System administrator
The key specialists on the project are, of course, software developers. Here are the average hourly rates of software developers across the world:
  • The US and Canada — $100-$200
  • Western Europe — $50-$100
  • China — $50-$100
  • India — $25–$50
  • Ukraine — $25-50
Let’s say an HRIS software development project will take six months and require the services of two back-end developers and one front-end developer, among other specialists. When working with US-based developers, you can end up paying around $160,000 just for the development services. Whereas working with Ukrainian software engineers of the same level and for the same amount of time will cost you only around $50,000.
Considering the reasonable rates and the lack of language and cultural barriers with Ukrainian development teams, it’s hardly surprising that Western companies are now actively outsourcing their software development projects to Ukraine.

Our own experience with HR software development

Having developed custom software solutions for over two decades, we at QArea have acted as an HR software development company a few times in our history. Here are two cases that demonstrate our HRM software development expertise.

Applicant tracking system

This is a project we developed for our own organization: when the number of job openings and hirings at QArea reached a certain threshold, we realized that we needed a better applicant tracking system than the one we had. And since we were already using Odoo, the open-source suite of business applications, as our ERP and CRM system, the decision to develop the ATS using Odoo was a completely natural one for us.
Throughout the development project, especially at the requirement gathering stage, we closely collaborated with our HR department to find out what they were looking for in an applicant tracking system. Turned out they wanted to see a well-thought-out recruitment pipeline, an ability to import data from different sources, including LinkedIn, an interview scheduling feature, and seamless integration with our existing HR software, among other things.
A little over a month later, the application was finished, and, after in-depth testing, began transforming the way our HR team handled the recruitment process. You can find out more about this project here.

Part-time job-seeking platform

While one of the goals of HRMS software development is to speed up the hiring process, companies typically allocate a few weeks to hire one candidate. The situation, however, is different with part-time jobs. Part-time or temporary positions need to be filled quickly, and companies cannot afford to wait for weeks to hire an employee. This is the statement we fully shared with our client for this project.
Our job was to develop a web application and a hybrid mobile app for part-time job seekers and employers looking for temporary workers. The application had to have a user-friendly interface with easy navigation, robust HR functionality, proper security parameters, and a well-thought-out recruitment pipeline.
Working in close collaboration, our design and development teams created the UI/UX design of the application that was then implemented and made functional with the use of Python and Angular. The project was completed in ten weeks, providing the customer with the exact solution they envisioned. The application is now actively used in the target markets, helping employers connect with the perfect candidates for their needs.

Final thoughts

Well-designed HRM software, which includes all of the features important for the organization, can positively transform the HR processes, save time and money spent by the company on HR management, and help the organization enter a new digital era. Whether you start with a ready-made tool or prefer to build a customized solution, now is the perfect time to take this step!
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2023.05.30 16:32 Baconmustbecrispy [Q] senior dev asks me to split each components' script into saperate .js and use mixin to mixed into... I need your advice...

I am new to Vue and I am working in a company doing some Vue 2.6 projects. (Vue CLI v4, Webpack4, and Not possible to upgrade to Vue 3 due to highly coupled dependencies.)
A senior dev has a recommended guideline, that is to separate every .vue files' script into a .js file, and then mixed it in with mixin.
For example:
- components - SomeComponent - index.vue - js - index.js
The reason that the senior dev gave is that this way the .vue file will not fill with bunch of scripting functions and so on inside it and make it more clean. The senior dev does not like to scroll up and down.
From what I have learned so far, I prefer not to use mixin this way. I am not too worried about script section will overflow my components, since I split a large component into many smaller components if reasonable. Moreover, I feel akaward to debug / navigate through codes when there are many mixins in a single component that is written by other devs. Esp. I am using VSCode not IDEA, the Ctrl + Click to navigate is not that advanced compare to IDEA.
The senior dev asked me that how do I separate logic process from the UI. I answered: depends on the situation. I can put logic process inside the component or pinia store actions. Without specific use case, I can not be certain what I will do. I do use mixin for few obvious reusable functions. However, I prefer trying out renderless component to encapsulate reusable login than using mixins.
The senior dev still thinks mixins is the way to go.
I need you, experienced vue developers, to help me to understand what's the benefit of using mixins the way the senior dev is insisting. Is there anything I missed that I should be aware of? Or please help me understand what the senior dev is thinking?
P.S I did have read What About Separation of Concerns?. I like the idea of Single-File Components. But I cannot seem to convince the senior dev to buy the idea.
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2023.05.30 16:25 Detman102 I just say....

Lush...Your products are AMAZING!! I feel like a complete fool for waiting this long to try them!! I have just discovered your "Honey I washed the kids" and "Let the good times roll" body sprays and I'm IN LOVE!!!! I have over 100 other fragrances in my collection and I wear "HIWTK" daily!!! If I don't wear it alone, I layer some of my other fragrances on top of it...but I ALWAYS have "HIWTK" on me and in my pocket in a small portable sprayer.
At this point, I'm looking at my fragrance collection and seriously consider decluttering or boxing up the majority of them because I will not be wearing them. I'm enthralled with trying out the entire Body Spray line (the frags with vanilla/caramel/honey) that are calling to me.
Everything about your company, I am REALLY liking!! The commitment to the environment, the commitment to quality and most of all...the commitment to the customer. From your local stores to online support to product can feel the love in all of it!! LUSH feels a lot like SUBARU to me...when I go in to a store, I feel like I'm returning to old friends. I haven't felt that anywhere else besides my Subaru dealership...until now! The employees at the LUSH stores know the products because they WEAR the products and USE the products! They are like me...just more experienced!! When I mention something...they know! They can help me find what I'm looking for because they KNOW the products!! That shows great favor with the company and the love the employees have for the company. You have to have a really great workplace in order to build part of it into your life.
The other kudos I'd like to impart is that I truly appreciate your commitment to quality fragrances. I can put on "HIWTK" in the morning and still smell it at the end of the day. I still carry around a portable sprayer, but i don't HAVE to respray after 4 hours like with all my other fragrances. This is such an awesome thing because I know others can smell me and I love smelling me. I've shared "HIWTK" sprays with soooo many people and I really hope I've drummed up some business for LUSH because you all deserve all the love, all the praise and all the honor in this fragrance game.
Please don't ever change.
<3 Your new fan, -Dm-
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2023.05.30 16:18 TrulieveOfficial Trulieve - Weekly FLMedicalTrees Promo

Trulieve - Weekly FLMedicalTrees Promo
Hi everyone! Check out this week's Reddit exclusive promo. Starting today, patients can receive 30% off any Blue River products with the Reddit code "REDDBR." The promo is valid in Florida locations only and can not be combined with any other discounts.
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2023.05.30 16:17 GlobeOpinion Globe Editorial: Boston should ban 'nips'

Globe editorial today:
When Chelsea became the first Massachusetts municipality to ban the sale of miniature bottles of alcohol in 2018, liquor store owners called it a bad policy that would harm businesses and punish those who prefer small-sized liquor products. Worse: The move, which was meant to tackle public drinking and littering, would push customers to buy bigger bottles, thus increasing the chance of more alcohol-related incidents.
But none of those worst-case scenarios seem to have played out. On the contrary — Chelsea got cleaner and alcohol-related emergency calls decreased almost 75 percent nearly two years after the ban went into effect, according to Chelsea city officials. No package stores shut down after the ban.
Since then, other cities and towns have followed Chelsea’s lead in banning the troublesome tiny bottles, commonly known as “nips”: Newton, Falmouth, Wareham, Nantucket, Mashpee, and Martha’s Vineyard.
Boston should be next. There are many compelling arguments for the ban — and it wouldn’t be a radical change since the city already enforces a limited, informal version of a nips ban.
At a hearing in early April to discuss the small containers convened by city councilor Ricardo Arroyo, Boston Licensing Board chairwoman Kathleen Joyce said that since she became the head of the agency in October 2018, under then-Mayor Marty Walsh, “any new license that comes before me for a package store I ask if they would voluntarily agree to a condition of not selling singles or miniature bottles” of alcohol.
In an interview with the editorial board last week, Walsh said his administration pursued the change because community leaders were complaining about people hanging around liquor stores and buying nips. “It was a quality of life issue, but it’s also a public safety issue,” Walsh said.
The current policy applies to any new package store license or any transfer of such license, Joyce said at the hearing. In fact, it just happened last week: On Thursday, the board issued a license for a liquor store to open inside South Station, and the business agreed to not sell nips, a condition that the board will write into the license.
City spokesperson Ricardo Patrón said that the license restrictions cover about 57 package stores. It would ultimately take a regulation from the licensing board to implement a citywide ban on nips in Boston, he said. It would be the logical next step.
Data from the Boston Public Health Commission cited at the hearing show there were more than 16,800 Boston residents in 2021 who visited a hospital due to alcohol use. The next year, Boston EMS had almost 8,000 interactions with residents related to alcohol use.
Arroyo called the single servings, which typically contain 100 milliliters or less of alcohol, a public nuisance. The small containers are often not recycled because waste separation machines are not set up for them; they’re too small to be captured and can jam the equipment.
“We have seen a proliferation of these singles on the streets, in parks,” Arroyo said at the hearing. He noted that a neighborhood association in Hyde Park collected 10,000 miniature bottles in less than two months. At the hearing, Chelsea Police Chief Keith Houghton said the ban was a “game changer” and its impact in the city was seen “almost overnight.” He said Chelsea has seen 20 percent fewer cases where authorities have to put an intoxicated person in protective custody than in 2018.
Not surprisingly, Boston liquor stores oppose the ban. Robert Mellion, the executive director of the Massachusetts Package Stores Association, said a ban would do nothing to address litter and public intoxication. But that argument contradicts the evidence from Chelsea’s five-year-old ban. Mellion said in a statement, “we are committed to expanding the bottle bill (which requires a refundable deposit on bottle purchases) … to include small liquor bottles.” Recycling companies can recalibrate the machines or change them out, he said, so they can accept and sort the tiny containers.
Sure, in an ideal world the Legislature would expand the bottle bill. But Massachusetts residents overwhelmingly rejected a referendum in 2014 that would do so. And it’s doubtful that the state is going to act anytime soon, as Newton City Councilor Emily Norton testified during the hearing: “If we’re going to wait for the state Legislature, I would just say forget it.” Norton said that the ban in Newton, which one liquor store owner supported, prompted no negative reactions when it was approved in 2021.
The benefits of a ban on sales of mini booze bottles outweigh any potential downsides. The tiny bottles are everywhere: They’re typically preferred by drivers who drink because they can be easily concealed and are often simply thrown out the window or disposed of on the street or on people’s front lawns. Plus, they’re often the container of choice among teens precisely because they’re inconspicuous. Liquor stores might be crying wolf now, but experience shows that banning nips won’t cause the sky to fall — and could help make the streets cleaner and safer.
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2023.05.30 16:17 theworldsworstclock AITA for dobbing a worker in for inappropriate behaviour in the workplace?

It's midnight and I'm exhausted so please bear with me. I'm also really nervous that she's gonna see this so wish me luck
The other day I had a lunch cover come in from a different store location because no one from my store could work that shift. She was really sweet and okay at her job and we got along really well.
The store she came from just had their manager get back from being on leave for a few months, and that store manager is best friends with my store manager, and I respect her so much, she's kind and when I first started she took an interest in getting to know me which helps ease my nerves a lot.
The lunch cover (LC) told me that while the store manager was away, LC and the assistant manager were doing it in the back room. I try and be easygoing and understanding but there are just some things I can't agree with and this is one of them. Not only is it a break on the store managers trust, it's unhygienic and messy. Not to mention he secretly had a girlfriend the whole time so it just got super messy towards the end.
He's no longer with the company, but I've got a lot going on personally and being the only one who knew about this, I ended up having a breakdown at work and telling a coworker what I knew, and we agreed to tell the area manager tomorrow so the store manager can be made aware and any actions necessary should be taken.
Someone I know is making me feel really guilty for telling. I know I'm risking her job, but I just can't shake it. I feel filthy for telling and I feel guilty, I'm second guessing myself now and I feel like morally, this is important. I respect the store manager too much to let this slip under the rug and I keep thinking about what would happen if I did something like that, because I know my manager would feel betrayed and I'd 100% get fired on the spot, but I couldn't even imagine doing it myself it just feels so wrong. But that doesn't stop the guilt. The "what ifs", the thought that I'm about to ruin this poor person's life. I feel terrible
So, am I the asshole for saying something? Should I have kept quiet?
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