Brain out level 145

Enterprise Networking Design, Support, and Discussion

2008.07.20 12:52 Enterprise Networking Design, Support, and Discussion

Enterprise Networking Design, Support, and Discussion. Enterprise Networking -- Routers, switches, wireless, and firewalls. Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Fortinet, and more are welcome.

2013.12.01 21:39 surrealisticsense Mental Clarity

Dental floss helps keep teeth clean, Mental floss keeps your brain clean! Usually Mental health describes a level of psychological well-being, or an absence of a mental disorder. Here it means the exact same thing but instead of therapy we give out advice and share!

2012.05.12 19:50 squarna ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.

2023.06.01 08:50 VW2001 Recommended Study Resources and Strategies for CSIR-NET Preparation

Hey there, fellow CSIR-NET aspirants!
Today, let's discuss some recommended study resources and strategies that can help us excel in our CSIR-NET preparation. Whether you're just starting or already deep into your studies, these tips might give you some new insights. Let's jump right in!
  1. Start with a Practice Paper:
Before diving into any study resource, I highly recommend solving at least one CSIR-NET previous year paper. This will help you assess your current knowledge level, identify weak areas, and set a benchmark for measuring your progress throughout your preparation journey. It also familiarizes you with the question pattern and allows you to approach your studies with a purpose.
  1. Avoid Rote Learning of Standard Books:
Instead of relying solely on rote learning from standard textbooks, focus on understanding concepts deeply. Mere information retention without a purpose can lead to forgetfulness. CSIR-NET requires a targeted approach, so focus on learning from a question paper perspective. This way, you train yourself to solve specific types of problems and questions that commonly appear in the exam.
3. Join Study Groups and Online Communities:
Collaborating with fellow aspirants can be immensely helpful. Consider joining study groups or online communities where you can share your progress, exchange resources, and discuss challenging topics. Telegram groups, such as (link in the comments), can provide a supportive environment and access to valuable study materials that might otherwise be costly or hard to find.
4. Leverage the Power of ChatGPT:
Don't forget about the incredible resource at our fingertips—ChatGPT! Smart utilization of this language model can help clarify doubts, provide explanations, and offer insights on complex topics. However, remember to use it as a supplementary tool and always cross-verify information with reliable sources.
5. Read References for In-depth Understanding:
As many of us are postgraduate students who have already studied our subjects during coursework, it's essential to approach CSIR-NET preparation with the right mindset. Instead of starting from scratch, focus on using references selectively. When encountering unfamiliar topics, refer to appropriate resources to gain a deeper understanding. This will save you time while ensuring you have the necessary knowledge to tackle CSIR-NET questions effectively.
For free previous year questions (specifically for life sciences), you can visit: (link in the comments). Practicing with previous year papers is crucial as it familiarizes you with the exam format and helps you understand the question trends.
Remember, CSIR-NET preparation is a journey that requires consistent effort. Practice regularly, even if progress seems slow at times. Small steps forward accumulate to significant achievements. Treat your preparation like a one-day match, where every day of study counts towards the final victory.
Feel free to share your own recommended study resources, tips, or any questions you may have in the comments below. Let's support each other on this challenging yet rewarding path towards CSIR-NET success!
Good luck, and keep up the amazing work!
P.S. Don't forget to check out the previous posts in the series
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2023.06.01 08:49 tokidoki58 I need help figuring out what this symptom is?

Hi, my DX partner discribes a sensation where their head is so desperate for stimulation/dopamine that it feels like they are on fire? they also suffer major depression as well.
I cannot find a proper word or even explanation for what they are describing, the closest I have gotten to is anadonia because they become depressed and miserable and will do whatever it takes for a hit of dopamine to make it stop, it is like their brain is in physical pain and going wild for relief.
I cannot find anything like this in any of my research into adhd, I am starting to suspect their levels of dopamine and serotonin are so insanely low it makes them fall into erratic manic episodes.
Any help here is appreciated 🙏
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2023.06.01 08:48 Wilson_PCL NFT Utility on ParallelChain

We want more power to artistes and creators with #NFT on blockchain, and $XPLL is making that a reality with real utility.
Find out more:
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2023.06.01 08:48 amazingdoodle Mobile Security Specialization

There isn't a perfect specialization available, so I improvised my own specialization - Mobile Security Specialization. I would roughly define the field of interest as:
Below I've put together a course plan, a "specialization", if you may, given the format.
I'm seeking input on how this can work out. Please note that this course plan is not advice to anyone - I am trying to receive advice on how to plan out my journey at OMSCS!
The "Specialization" Requirement
Take all 4
Pick 2
<FORCED> Pick 1 track to graduate from either the Computer Systems or HCI specialization.
<FREE> Pick 1
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2023.06.01 08:47 BabuWithNoName Rapier Rush mid dusa (not for the faint of heart, broken in 8k mmr games)

Tis only fit that a stoner plays the stone lady.
  1. Ban windranger
  2. Mark mid & last pick medusa
  3. Buy treads rapier
  4. Follow the rest of the guide
Regarding laning, level 3 you become strong, level 5 you become cancer. Level 3 you are strong because you have 2 points snake and 2 points mana shield, so you deal enough dmg that they cannot ignore you, and you are tanky. Before that, use mystic snake to ideally secure ranged & harass enemy mid at the same time if possible. Right click the guy you're laning vs when you are not securing a CS. Most trades are good for you because of how broken mana shield is. Heroes will run out of hp before you run out of mana. Medusa mid vs most melee mids (ember, voidspirit, storm, even pango) is a fairly free lane. The hard lanes are the lane dominators (SF, batrider, viper, huskar etc) that can sort of do infinite damage.

Once you get to level 3, for the most part, just turn your brain off, auto attack a creep down, and then use snake on the remaining 3 creeps + 1 hero. Try to make it so the hero is hit by the last bounce to maximize damage. If you use snake this way, it will cost effectively 0 mana, and do about 200 damage to the enemy mid after reductions. Try not to get range creeps denied while doing this though; ideally, right click the ranged creep so that it dies to snake + auto.

When you get to level 5, your skill build should be 0-3-3 (mana shield is weird, so you can have 6 skill points by lvl 5). Tanky as hell, and your snake will do crazy damage because you can use it directly on the wave now, and have it bounce to the hero (since now the snake bounces off 5 units). This is when you should start playing like a psycho. It should be around the 5 minute mark during this time, so place an obs, and start spamming snake on the enemy mid like there is no tomorrow. Per wave, the enemy mid should be getting snaked twice (one snake which bounces on the whole wave, and another snake just on the hero after most of the wave has died). You can even use glyph after pushing in the wave to try and pressure the tower with catapult since your hero is immensely tanky. A level 5 medusa has ~2k EHP, not to mention the wand charges you will have built up.

Now, it should be around 6 minutes. Push in the wave, and try to 50/50 the power rune. Don't try and chase the enemy mid on the power rune, just go to the one they are leaning away from. At this point, your hero will somewhat auto push the wave because of snake, which you usually want to happen anyway because the enemy midlaners level 6 timing is way better than yours, so you want to just start focusing on your own farm. Once you get atleast 2 points in split shot, you can start to jungle between waves, but before that, just try to ward your primary jungle so that you can find good camps to get mana back from (satyrs/mudgolems). In terms of GPM, the most effective thing you can do is to double stack the triangle every minute at XX:53, but it's good to farm some regular camps for neutral items & regaining mana.

Pro tip: Buy clarities on this hero every time you are missing about half your mana. A clarity regens 6 mana/sec, which is pretty good for dusa in terms of EHP. More importantly, once Dusa is out of mana, she has no way of getting mana back. But if she has even enough for one snake, and there is a satymudgolem camp, she can be practically full mana with 2 snakes. So you REALLY don't want to be in a position where you are at 0 mana, or you will be unable to CS, unable to jungle, unable to restore your mana by snaking, and unable to walk base because your hero is so pathetically slow.

*Also pro tip*: When killing mud-golems, try to time it so that both mud-golems die to snake, so that their spawns also get snaked. This way you will get an insane amount of mana back. Finding a random mudgolem camp to nuke can be lane-winning when you are low on resources.

**ALSO pro tip**: When killing satyr camps, make sure your mana is full before doing so. Satyr camps are probably a better source of regen for dusa than the goddamn fountain itself, so before you kill them, make sure you're pretty much full mana. Otherwise, just snake them twice, and voila.
Overall, medusa is an incredibly strong laner right now. I've even laned against batriders and come out on top because wand charges + snake slow + medusa's tankiness = batrider dies if he dives. Most medusa vs melee matchups are medusa favored enough that your networths should be like this after the lane:
Early Itemization: There are two options.

Lanes where you take a lot of damage: Sage mask, magic stick, branches -> basi + wand -> treads

Lanes where CSing is difficult: 2 circlets, sage mask, branches -> band of elvenskin rush (for damage) -> treads -> wand

After treads, you know the build. Straight demon edge into rapier.

Playstyle before rapier: Farm as much as you can, and get your rapier timing. Make sure you farm at least 1-2 creep waves per minute; many medusa's make the mistake of going from camp to camp to camp, and end up not farming creep waves, which is a way better source of gold. Ideally, every minute, you clear 2 waves and farm both ancients, or farm one, stack the other. The most optimal farming pattern on Radiant midusa is as follows:

Clear the mid wave when it meets the river at XX:15
Walk to the neutral camp that is near your mid tower and kill it

Walk to the neutral camp near the outpost & kill it
Walk back mid to clear the wave that meets the river at XX:45
And finally, either go to your triangle & double stack it, or have a support stack. Ideally, you stack the triangle and the support stacks the inner ancients. This way, you are farming 2 creep waves + 2 neutral camps, and with the stack, effectively x2 ancients and a hard camp. In other words, you're getting rich.

Provided you have a decent lane and go the correct skill build (0-3-2 into max splitshot, skip ult unless against windrangebatrider), you will have rapier before 16 minutes.

Playstyle after rapier: Make sure you ping your rapier as soon as you get it so that your team starts playing around you. As for the gameplay, just do roshan (should be sneakable as its night cuz 15-20 min is night time). If the enemy team is playing in the roshan lane, smoke to that lane with your team as 5 (or 4, sometimes people don't wanna 5 man smoke this early), take a fight, and go rosh. If they aren't playing in that lane, just smoke up with whatever heroes you need to tank roshan (usually offlaner) and go sneak it. It's pretty fast since the game is early & you have a rapier. In this stage, what is most important is to make good use of the surprise rapier factor. The enemy team will not expect the rapier, so you should try your best to have a good rapier reveal fight (pro tip: don't show your hero with the rapier on creep waves before you get this fight).

For extra safety, there is yet another method for the faint of heart:

While buying your 'rapier,' lock the sacred relic. Only unlock it once you have successfully killed roshan & obtained the aegis.

In games that you have mana sustain (IO/Pugna/Kotl) and they have no windranger, you can easily go highground with the aegis. If they have repositioning heroes/windranger (yes, AM does not matter), it becomes tricky, but you can still use the aegis to take out all the outer towers. But don't rush it. Don't just walk from top t1 to mid t1 to bot t1. Do something more like: push mid wave, take mid t1, push another wave, farm enemy triangle, backdoor top tier 1, farm enemy inner ancients, tp to your own triangle, clear ancient spawn, walk down bot lane and take tier 1 + tier 2. You want to make sure you're using the rapier for efficiency to the absolute max: 4 hitting towers, 3 hitting heroes, 2 hitting creep waves, all the good stuff.

At this point, you should be really farmed. Buy a good item, and win your team the game. In my games, I almost always go either hyperstone or butterfly after the rapier since it makes your DPS skyrocket with the rapier. Mask of madness is an item I haven't really tried, but it could be good. Butterfly rapier with aegis is just an insane timing, and with hyperstone, you can usually go something like hyperstone -> bkb or hyperstone -> skadi and just be unkillable + fast building pusher so you can end. In the game below, I went rapier hyperstone, got aegis, and we could just end the game because we have pugna + kotl, and pango isn't enough mana burn.
Finally, the most difficult question of all, which I have also figured out through theorycrafting & experimentation.
How to deal with Windranger: Rapier -> blademail -> aegis -> butterfly -> throne. This only applies if the windranger is smart and buys diffusal blade, otherwise you can just go rapier -> butterfly, windranger can't kill you twice with butterfly + aegis without diffusal this early in the game.
For reference, this is legit enough that I can play it at 8.9k mmr & win in 20 minutes (Match ID: 7168746931). I look forward to the day a competitive team does this. Enjoy. (at least one rapier midusa per stream)
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2023.06.01 08:47 Sawses Where to go from CTA?

Hey everybody--I've got about 3 years of CTA experience split between two roles, one at a sponsor and one at a CRO. I didn't realize it at the time, but I lucked out by getting a CTA role as my entry into the industry.
Where can I go from here? I like working at the sponsor level because I get to be "in the room" for a lot of really interesting discussions and much of my study team is happy to mentor me, but it seems like it'll be a long time before I can get back in that position as a CTM or project manager.
Do I need to be a CRA? I don't mind it, but I'd be just as happy with routing into project management directly. What else can I do? I know hiring is a bit slow right now, so I don't want to limit my options through ignorance.
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2023.06.01 08:45 No7887 WTH is the story so far?

Literally. Not that compilation thing. Maybe I should’ve just posed this in the FAQs thread but…
Is there a good resource somewhere for making more sense of this overcomplicated series? A website? or Reddit post even? (Thumbs up to the first sarcastic a-hole to say “the games” XD)
Serious question. Not trying to to be a troll.
For reference if it matters/for those who care: I adored the first KH. Played it when it came out and was Sora/Riku’s age at the time. It ended up getting me into the FF series. I just recently completed the Final Mix version and decided to try, yet again, to understand the rest of this series.
CoM - Begged, pleaded and borrowed a GBA to play this when it came out in anticipation of KH2.
KH2 - Fast forward to 2018. I bought The Story So Far when it came out in anticipation of KH3 and finally got around to playing KH2. I know 13 years after it’s release, but hey I’ve been busy living a life and trying to stay out of the Square-Enix cash-grab. I played the whole story through and didn’t hardly bother with any of the extra content or side quests. The entire experience had an off-handed feel to it and was overall unmemorable. I know it had Olympus Underworld with Auron and PotC. I don’t remember what majorly changed combat-wise between 1 & 2, but I do remember being generally irritated with it. The fan base seems to think very highly of this release so idk what I’m missing here. I do plan to give it another go and actually 100% it.
358/2 Days - Watched the “movie” version of this that came in The Story So Far bundle. I still find it hard to care about Roxas, but respect his more aggressive attitude compared to Sora.
BBS - Played a world or two as Aqua and the other Sora copy guy, Ventus(?). Had a hard time getting into it, let it sit, then got busy and forgot about it.
KH3 - Played when it came out and never even finished it. Another one I plan on coming back to because I remember initially having fun and feeling like a kid in a candy shop over the pretty new visuals and all the new things. It felt like there was more new stuff even just way more new worlds in the jump between 2&3 then 1&2. NGL I couldn’t tell you the difference between 2&3 other then the graphics and 3 has Ratatouille, Frozen, Big Hero 6 and fully 3D gummi ship space. Oh and THE worst Olympus level ever. No coliseum. Denied! And more Pirates. Overall still hard to appreciate when you hardly understand the story.
I’ve read each games synopsis on Wikipedia more than once through out my life and I still don’t know what the hell is going on. Maybe I just need to go in order according to the timeline rather than game release to figure it out? Halp pls.
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2023.06.01 08:45 CDOMarkets USD/JPY Daily Report

Support Level : 138.80 – 137.20 – 135.70 Resistance Level : 140.00 – 141.00 – 142.30
The USD/JPY pair extends the overnight retracement slide from the vicinity of the 141.00 mark, or a six-month high and remains under some follow-through selling on Wednesday. The pair maintains its offered tone through the day and currently trade around 139.30, down over 0.30% for the day. A combination of factors provides a goodish lift to the JPY, which, in turn, is seem exerting downward pressure on the USD/JPY pair for the third successive day.
Check out: CDO Markets
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2023.06.01 08:45 seazn 06/01/23 Event and Dungeon

This boss at the highest difficulty is a major blocker. One of the adds will cleanse your unit's buffs and prevent buffs from being applied. Boss will heal 500k on Turn 3(or 4?) and hits super hard. My set up was Enzo for nuke, Bael for buff, and gray Hajiroboshi for buff, then red Barbatos 4th for backup damage. Here's a video for reference. Sorry for the poor quality and pause, it's late and I'm pretty tired

Dungeon this month is just disgusting. 10 floors, with limitations that seriously lock you out of your pilot/MS/SC. Please see notes below

Floor 10 - Red Red

Floor 9 - Blue

Floor 8 - Green

Floor 7 - Red Blue Green
Ridiculously amount of AOE dmg from the three bosses. SSR Blue Schwarz AOE blind should work charms here
Left most boss casts a 4hit barrier on all bosses at 49% hp

Floor 6 - Yellow Purple
Nothing special. One of the boss will stun you with its super attack

Floor 5 - Purple
Good old Guison Rebake boss with counter attack buff. Burst him down or bring sustain

Floor 4 - Yellow
Nothing special here

Floor 3 - Red
Boss cast a 20-hit barrier at start. Doesn't seem to recast barrier. I used my place holder blue units

Floor 2 - Blue, SSR MS/Pilot/SC Only
Boss cast a 5000 HP barrier, and a 3-hit barrier when he ultimates. I 3-menned it to conserve due to this stage being SSR only. Boss doesn't hit hard, 3x level 70 green units will easily handle it.

Floor 1 - Green Green, SR MS/Pilot/SC only
Enemies cast a 10-hit barrier on themselves.
Bring multi hit SR units or counter SC to deal with enemy barrier. When one enemy dies, the other will refresh the barrier.
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2023.06.01 08:45 Kizerknife 2023 June - Kizer Satisfaction Survey

We would like to know your satisfaction level regarding our products and services to help us improve and enhance our quality and service.
Please help us fill out the following survey.
5 responses will be selected randomly and get a surprise gift!
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2023.06.01 08:45 trappedinthedesert Had a dream Destiny introduced a game mode called “Slimeball” and now I wish I could play it

I have no idea why the game mode being called Slimeball stuck out in my brain so much but whatever. It was like a weird fusion of gambit and like, the opposite of hot potato where you wanna hold the thing as long as possible instead of getting rid of it asap (i know this has a name but it’s escaping my just awoken brain right now). Teams spawned in their own area and had to kill a number of NPC enemies and beat a miniboss to transmat into a new, shared arena with much higher enemy density and find the slimeball. The object of the game was to hold onto the slimeball for a collective 5 minutes as a team in that arena while the other team tried to kill the carrier and take it. The slimeball carrier got a debuff and could only one hand fire sidearms but got a boost to shields. It seemed like a fun basic idea and I remember alternating between picking off players rushing the slimeball carrier and running or trying to hide with the slimeball lol
That’s all I remember from the dream but honestly might be some potential for another game type for the drifter since crucible has a few options in the rotation like control and rift and mayhem. I like gambit a lot as break from pure PvE play and would love to see more gambit content but also some other new ideas for unique game modes and this game seemed so fun in my dream lol. Some stuff coming to mind now to make it more interesting: maybe a way to do a simple mechanic in an area of the arena to spawn a boss that is unique to the team that summoned it to give team buffs, maybe something called like “phalanx honor” where the carrier team gets boosted shields when in close proximity to each other or “seeker’s bloodlust” that buffs damage against the carrier. Or even a step further and have a simple mechanic and manageable boss to grant a buff like that to teams based on carrier vs seeker but also more difficult mechanics and harder bosses to grant devastating buffs, maybe something like “shadow’s embrace” that grants team invisibility for a minute and “unyielding light” that gives the team mayhem level ability and super cooldown speed for a minute, both depending on which mechanic you chose to do. I’d think that including those higher level mechanics should increase objective hold time from 5 minutes to maybe 10 or 15? Just spitballing here.
I have no idea why my brain is so stuck on this mode being called slimeball but at this point it’s just so funny to me i’m sticking with it. Anyone kinda like the basic premise? Would you try playing Slimeball?
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2023.06.01 08:44 StrictCow4581 What are your thoughts about my BigFive?

O: 93%/ C: 7%/ E: 12%/ A: 62% / N: 96%
FANCIFUL/IMAGINATIVE TYPE (Low C, High O) Fanciful/Imaginative Types are unconventional nonconformists who pride themselves on being different from others. They are not so much openly antisocial and disruptive in their behaviour as they are fanciful, impractical, and unconcerned about the general welfare of others. They are described by others as complex, imaginative, and critical.
SENSITIVE TYPE (High N, High O) Sensitive types are very bright but emotionally sensitive. They pay attention to, and are strongly affected by, things that happen in the world around them. They open themselves to their environment; consequently, they enjoy many positive sensory experiences, but on the other hand, they are vulnerable to having their feelings hurt. They are described by others as complex and imaginative.
BOOKWORMISH TYPE (Low E, High O) Bookwormish Types are highly intellectual, introspective, self-examining loners. Although they keep to themselves, their level of intelligence and learning garners them respect for others. They are described by other persons as learned, well-read, persevering, rule-abiding, calm, and industrious.
DISCOURAGED TYPE (Low E, High N) Discouraged Types are not happy with their present life situation but feel there is no way out because they lack the ability to improve their life circumstances. They are perceived by others as unambitious, unenergetic, shy, solitary, passive, introverted, cowardly, pessimistic, insecure, and fearful
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2023.06.01 08:44 CDOMarkets XAU/USD Daily Report

Support Level : 1950 - 1931 - 1900 Resistance Level : 1975 - 1985 - 2000
Gold prices are up for the second consecutive day on Wednesday, driven by lower government bond yields. The yellow metal reached its highest level in a week and now is trading above $1,963. US data released so far on Wednesday has been mixed. The JOLTS Job Openings came in at 10.10 million in April, against expectations of a decrease to 9.73 million. Meanwhile, the Chicago PMI showed a sharp decline in May from 48.6 to 40.4, against expectations of 47. These economic figures triggered market volatility.
Check out for more: Read Daily Reports
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2023.06.01 08:44 hahayeshedgehog thinking

tonight im feeling more paranoid than usual, i turned my light on bc laying on my back in the pitch black made me feel this weird nauseating heaviness on my back. that im being watched n somethings gonna jump out at me. idk wtfs wrong w me. why wont it just all hit and then be over, y cant the hallucinations come for one night and then im at peace. im worried that my house just fucked my brain, scrambled it all up. when i lived at my old house there was a gas leak n lead n black mold and it made me sick. can it make you mentlaly sicker permanelty? id always see this shadow man standing in my moms room in this one corner in the dark at night, never moving or dissipating except for when its light out. my mom said i could just see ghosts, idk. ive hd like 3 big episodes where i be hallucinating in multiple ways at once rly overwhelmingly. when i was rly young b4 the mold n gas i thought my dead dog was sending me letters telling me to die and that ill die soon in the light filtering through my shades into the wall, trying to make out the letters. i had it once where this just suddenly happened again when i was 15 and it really scared me, it never happened again after then, idk what the fuck is worng with me. why do i always feel this fucking oppressive force on my back and the force of everything dark and scary and evil watching me and waiting. its like 2:43 am and i cant sleep, i have a test tmrw. brain foggy. time feels non linear and wrong.
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2023.06.01 08:44 2paki_ Returning player looking for tips.

First off, I’d like to start by stating that the purpose of this post is so that I, personally, am able to get back into the game by hopefully learning some things from this sub. I used to play this game when I was a child, around the ages of 7-8. I am now about to turn 19. It has been about 3 years since I have been on this game. The only reason I haven’t been, was because, I was unable to Sign into my game center that I had Linked with my main accounts. Today, actually, I recovered my old Game Center account and gained access to my old DragonVale world and clash of clans worlds. The reason I’m on this sub, however, Is because I’d like to learn how to further advance my island and also to learn what it takes for my island to be considered ‘respected’. I used to show my island to people IRL who also played the game, and I never was able to find someone who had progressed faster than me. I want to be at that level again, where I can show my DragonVale account to other players and they will respect it. Like I said, I am willing to p2w, however, I am also fully capable of grinding. Just let me know what I can do to beat progress my island and get to the top, I’m mainly trying to figure out what the ‘top’ of this game currently is, and determined to get there one day.
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2023.06.01 08:43 Shades_Of_Gray__ How to stop being emotionally distant?

I don't think I(24F) am splitting on my husband, because I don't lash out or get angry at him. But I keep going through phases where I just want him to leave me alone. I don't know why. I love him. But sometimes my brain just goes "meh" and I ignore him, and generally just don't feel anything.
By the time I'm back to being obsessed with him, he's asking me if I still like him, if he's still good enough for me, and just generally feeling like I don't like him. I feel terrible. I want him to feel like I love him, because I do, but some days my brain simply decides its not capable of love, and I'll go half the day before I remember he even exists.
Anyone else do this? Is it still splitting if I don't hate him, just involuntarily distance myself?
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2023.06.01 08:43 melonyxx Me n my ghosty friend

why you pace back n forth? are you me in my head?
we hang in the garage, but like its cool. I don't feel scared, like I know based off my experience that this pulled me out of the numbness, dread, zombie. stop doing magic on me ghost! you broke my pipe, I know it was you cause I told you to get outta here if you're a weirdo ghosty. but like did I just pranked by a ghost? because now were friends
Therapy is good for your brain and can help you untangle the tangles, then you see the tangles are snakes eating themselves. perooooo the snakes are kinda cute, so they become your friends too because you love everything and you're remembering how to do that again because the transition trauma said whistle tip, "woo WOOOO" so now the neuron pathways are formed and I just need to adjust them and omg I have gone through a lot and I am so cool that a frreaking ghost wants to hang out with. me. lol if you don't like me, fight me. im not scareda nothing, but im also not a dumb, dumb, Im a quietso. c: 👻
ya know?
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2023.06.01 08:43 AlxDahGrate Possibly the worst show I’ve seen (my honest opinion)

Long post but some of this shit got to be said.
So, I was excited for the show. I like Alycia and like a little murder mystery-teenage drama type of show. However, if I knew what I was getting into, I probably would’ve never watched this shit.
The entire season had me wondering who it could’ve been, because mentally I was trying to piece together the suspect and didn’t want to go down the “usual suspects” route and couldn’t come up with any. To say the least, after “watching” the last episode, I put that in quotation marks because after finding out how Alison truly died, I pretty much just stopped watching because I had no more care in my heart for Alison or anyone else.
Everyone was treating Alison like she was this sex goddess who can have any boy she chooses. She was MID at best. The brown hair girl looked better for Christ sake. In my opinion, the actress who played Emily should’ve switched to play Alison and that would’ve made more sense. I also feel sorry for Betsy Brandt and Alycia for being part of this show. Both very good actors, Betsy in Breaking Bad and Alycia in The 100. This show just seemed like a paycheck for them and they did their best, but this just wasn’t it.
Emily the entire season thought about no one but herself and didn’t care who she hurt to get answers. She literally lost her job, lied to her boyfriend, yelled at her parents and therapist, went on a psychotic break and tried to manipulate Clive into giving her answers. I don’t know how it ended, but I really hope Emily’s boyfriend broke up with her because after what she did in the last episode, I really can’t feel sorry for her. It also pissed me off how after Clive tried to explain to her how much his life changed after the island, she has the audacity to be like “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOST!” Bitch, you have (sorry HAD) a career, loving boyfriend, best friend who cares about you, and parents who cared about giving her a chance at life without the looming nightmare of her sister’s death hovering her, but she CHOSE to pursue answers. She CHOSE to do the things that she did, losing her job in the process, losing her best friend, and practically almost losing her boyfriend. CLIVE lost his entire life.
Also, how the FUCK did Emily know to go to Tyler after speaking with Clive. Clive didn’t know Alison ran away to Tyler. No one fucking did. I know there was a book about this and I don’t know how they connected it, but I felt like the writers for the show tried really hard to have Emily still meet up with Tyler even though it made absolutely zero sense at all. Tyler also explained his last sighting with Alison horribly. Alison was fucking running around like a sex crazed lunatic, concerned about not being like the other girls (she is), and CHOSE to have sex with Tyler. No one at any point forced her to do anything. Just because you are drunk, doesn’t remove your agency. She is honestly the worst sister in the entire world. She chose dick, which she could’ve gotten the ENTIRE FUCKING WEEK, instead of chilling with her little sister.
I honestly was rooting for Tyler and hoped it wasn’t going to be him because at least he tried to be good to her, even though that time he fucked up was bad and I just couldn’t find a way to support him after that incident, Edwin was literally just using her as another white girl tourist and although she was all preachy like “IM NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS. IM SPECIAL, LOOK AT ME!”, she STILL FELL FOR EDWIN AND FELL INTO HIS TRAP. The best way she could’ve addressed finding out that Edwin was a player, WAS TO NOT PLAY THE FUCKING GAME. It was annoying though that Alison was trying to play with both Tyler and Edwin, like if you’re going to try and fuck two guys at least be honest that you are doing it. She literally was just stringing him along while she was trying to impress Edwin. I also thought it was pretty lowkey racist how that one time when she chilling and listening to music, but the second she saw Edwin, she automatically switched it to rap. Also that fucking one time in the first episode where she literally tried to chastise her dad with something about there being starving children and poor people on the island that they are vacationing at, and even the FUCKING driver was like, “Uh, actually we’re totally fine.” Like bruh, just because it’s a third world country, doesn’t mean everyone is fucking suffering and living in mud huts, you actual racist fuck. I thought Alison was supposed to be this college-educated, worldly girl but came off worse than her fucking dad. Which her dad wasn’t bad, she just wasn’t appreciative that she was benefiting off of his success.
Alison and Emily just came off as really fucking unlikeable throughout the entire series. I really tried to like Emily because of the actress, but the dishonesty with her boyfriend and making her best friend lose her job was crossing a line. Alison on the other hand was just trying to be this holier-than-thou white girl trying to seem different in the eyes of people who genuinely DO NOT CARE, when all she cared about was getting dick. She was an asshole to her little sister, dishonest to Tyler by not telling him about Edwin, and low key a jerk to her dad for no reason. Alison also wore fucking eye makeup like it was a fucking mission to look like a prostitute. I don’t know if that was intended, but none of it was doing her any favors. I honestly believe the point of Alison’s character was to show how un-specially special her character is and how underwhelming her death was that something so boring like her slipping on a rock, caused a butterfly effect that changed the lives of everyone on that island forever. It was an accident and it was all her fault.
Literally, everyone in the eighth episode and really the entire season was operating off horny brain, jumping from one person to the next like it was fucking hot potato. So fucking disgusting. I don’t know how the last 20 minutes went because I just didn’t have enough care in my heart to withstand the absolute torture this series put me through any longer and just wanted it to fucking stop. I found out how Alison died, that’s all I needed to know.
Although this is probably going down as one of the worst and infuriating shows I have ever seen, there was SOME good. I really liked Clive’s actor sometimes. The moment when he found out his wife married Edwin felt really emotional. There were some good acting scenes. Others felt like my nails were being ripped off. Marie Schrader tried her best when she was on screen. I laughed out loud when Alison was dancing with Clive and told him he was hot. I don’t know if that was the alcohol talking or if she was trying to “initiate” that threesome for later.
All in all, the show just pissed me off the entire way through. I immediately went to see the score on rotten tomatoes because I was sure it would’ve been below 50%, and was genuinely shocked it was over 80%. THIS is what y’all calling good nowadays?! Anyways, the show was dog shit.
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2023.06.01 08:42 rajdubey123 Imperial Estate Sector 70A: Where Luxury Meets Serenity

Gurgaon, a bustling city in the heart of Haryana, is known for its rapid urbanization and flourishing real estate market. In the midst of this development frenzy, there exists a residential haven that stands out for its perfect blend of luxury and serenity. Welcome to Imperial Estate, a prestigious residential project located in Sector 70A, Gurgaon. This exclusive development offers a harmonious combination of modern living and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for discerning homebuyers.
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One of the most captivating aspects of Imperial Estate is the availability of residential plots. These plots provide an opportunity for homeowners to build their dream residences according to their unique preferences and requirements. Whether you envision a contemporary villa, a modern apartment, or a luxurious bungalow, Imperial Estate offers the canvas to bring your vision to life.
Imperial Estate plots in Sector 70A, Gurgaon, are known for their superior quality and thoughtful planning. Each plot is meticulously designed to ensure maximum utilization of space and to provide a comfortable living experience. The project adheres to strict quality standards, ensuring that homeowners enjoy the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
The residential properties in Imperial Estate, Sector 70A, Gurgaon, are designed to cater to the needs and aspirations of modern homeowners. The project offers a wide range of housing options, including apartments, villas, and independent floors. These properties are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and modern conveniences to enhance the overall living experience. From well-equipped fitness centers to swimming pools, landscaped gardens to community halls, Imperial Estate ensures that residents have access to a plethora of amenities within the project.
Imperial Estate's prime location in Sector 70A, Gurgaon, provides easy access to a host of essential facilities. The area boasts excellent connectivity to major commercial hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment zones. With seamless connectivity to key road networks and public transportation, residents of Imperial Estate enjoy convenient access to all their daily needs.
Imperial Estate is more than just a residential project; it is a lifestyle choice. The project offers a sense of exclusivity and community, with meticulously designed common areas and ample green spaces. Residents can enjoy leisurely walks amidst beautifully landscaped gardens, spend quality time with their families in parks and playgrounds, and socialize with like-minded individuals in the community halls.
When it comes to residential properties in Imperial Estate, Sector 70A, Gurgaon, one can expect nothing but the best. The project represents a perfect amalgamation of luxury, comfort, and serenity. With its thoughtfully planned infrastructure, prime location, and world-class amenities, Imperial Estate offers a truly elevated living experience.
For those seeking an exquisite residence in a tranquil environment, Imperial Estate in Sector 70A, Gurgaon, is the perfect choice. The project offers an array of residential properties that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. With its commitment to delivering excellence and luxury, Imperial Estate is redefining the concept of modern living in Gurgaon.
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2023.06.01 08:42 Chrismesco Quick reminder: last day to BB your backlog players

First of all, thanks u/Silly_Investment_348 for reminding me of this in the first place.
So today, June 1st, is the last day to boundary break as much players as you can in the old way, before the 6th anniversary update.
Why do that?
Starting tomorrow, the BB system will change drastically. To max out a player, you will need : - 4 IDEs to max the stats of your player. - 4 copies of the exact same player or 2 BB4 copies of another card of the same player or 4 player-specific tokens (or any mix of that) to unlock his skill slots and max his limit break.
Therefore, you want to BB3/4 your players right now with dupes to avoid having to use many more ressources to do the same later.
Another point: the new cups system. Starting next monday, cups will be held every week and useable players will be limited to a selection of players. If you own these players, you will be able to use them at their current power level. If you don’t, you will be able to « rent » them but they won’t be as strong as they could be if you had them maxed out. So again, BB them right now with dupes will allow you to not use many more resources to make them usable during the incoming cups.
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2023.06.01 08:42 JuiceBoxDr Hockey and weight loss

Hi all,
I’m 25 and since the whole Covid shutdown thing I stopped being active like I was prior. I’ve played in total roughly 6 years of hockey, a majority of those being on my High School team.
Covid and college took me away from the sport for a bit and as a result I’ve put on around 25-30 lbs since then. For reference I’m about 6’0” 220lbs. My target weight is around 190-195. I’ve just recently come back to the sport. I’m currently playing in 2 men’s leagues and try to get a skills training/ stick and puck in one other day during the week. At first my endurance was wrecked, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and a few times I lost my lunch. After about 4 weeks now I’m really breaking the rust off and getting my wheels back. I can skate full out as long as I’d like now without feeling like it’s detrimental to me physical health.
I remember in HS hockey made me drop weight so fast, no other sport had done that for me and I came from playing football. I’d like to think that I skate at the same level of intensity as I did then, only difference is I don’t have a coach bag skating me and making me do endurance drills, but I try to fit those in for my own good.
Has anyone here been successful with using hockey as a weight loss method, I know my metabolism is not on my side quite like it used to be.
Please don’t hesitate to share your experiences and insights!
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2023.06.01 08:41 sang89 My experience transitioning from full-time to freelancing

My experience transitioning from full-time to freelancing
I was scrolling through this sub yesterday and saw a couple of posts related to what i recently went through - lay offs and freelancing. so thought i'd create a separate detailed post on how i got started freelancing and why not get back into FTE (if interested, see related post back in Jan just after getting laid off-
Anyway, after my last FT job at Amazon, and having the luxury of not needing to jump back into the job market immediately, I had to choose between getting back to stable employment or exploring few things i had wanted to try out for a while now- freelancing and learning web development.
Even with FTE, I had tried working on side projects on evenings/weekends after regular work hours, but with Amazon, "regular work hours" is a blurry line. and my projects never really got anywhere. January was also the time when chatGPT was getting popular and I had been playing around with chat-with-your-data apps using the openai LLMs. So on a whim, even before deciding anything. Mostly, I wanted to prove to myself that i could make money if i needed to without selling away all my time to a company.
I created an upwork profile and reached out to a couple of folks who needed help with AI chatbots, and to my surprise, within a couple of weeks, i had my first freelancing gig and soon after (thanks to the upwork algorithm), started getting jobs in my inbox. So much so that I could select what jobs i wanted to work on. Just last week, I declined a $10k contract offer just for the first phase as the client had been dragging their feet since March with "approvals" and the scope was unclear. I had to remind myself that i didn't want to get into another long contract which would effectively be full time employment.
Since Feb, I have made $15k on Upwork without really 'applying' for any of them (all inbound requests), while being highly selective on how much time i freelance and what kind of work i want to do. I know $15k is nothing to brag about compared to a salary, but I share this as someone who 4 months back, thought freelancing was a non-option for me. To the person who asked about this yesterday, it's very doable.
So what have I been doing with the rest of my time? Spending time with my now 6-month son, traveling, and learning web development. Work-wise, I wanted to reconnect with fellow data scientists, so tried running a data science mentoring/mock interview group here but that never really took off ( So instead, I combined it with my other interest to learn web development and have built a data science mock interview app - here is a short blurb-
  • get mock interviewed with an AI hiring manager for any company/job post/topic of choice. Warm up for your upcoming interview with questions tailored to the job posting/topic.
  • you can upload your resume and have your AI persona answer questions for you. so you get to observe how your chatGPT-version would answer questions.
  • get feedback on each response to the interviewer questions
Its currently a "phone-screen" level interview, but i plan adding other types of interview rounds if people find this useful. And its free. please try out and let me know what you think, especially if you have an upcoming interview. here's a screenshot:
tailored mock interview by an imaginary hiring manager (
For me, it's been fun dabbling with web development (django, htmx), keeping up with AI wave, having the freedom to spend time with family when i feel like, and learn things that interest me. I know this may not be sustainable, but I do plan to ramp up freelancing later this year if needed to stress test that option, and only in the worst case, jump back into the job market.
I understand, these options may not be viable for others, but if you do find yourself having to make additional income with freelancing or want to try out solopreneurship, it's possible. Obviously there is risk involved but also ways to manage that risk until your build your portfolio a little. the AI wave has made this easier than otherwise, but as a data scientist, why wouldn't you jump on this wave?
Thats it, hope this was useful for a few here and please connect if interested :)
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