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De-commodification of housing Rent control Housing coops High quality public housing Tenant's unions Community land trusts Vacancy taxes Good cause eviction clauses Right of refusal laws

2023.06.01 08:53 lackadasicaldaisy I(24F) am growing fed up with my (32M) boyfriend

I think tonight was the last straw. He came home drunk, which I don’t have a problem with. I do have a problem with loud music blaring at 2 in the morning though. I asked him if he could turn down the music, and he said he would in 20mins. 20mins go by, I ask again he says one more song, this repeats until I snap at him to turn it down. He refuses to and says that this is how he normally goes to sleep despite us living together for 4yrs.
I don’t care if he used to play music at night to sleep before we started living together. What I care about is getting a good night sleep. After arguing about it, and him being unreasonable, I decide I need to leave to get at least some space from him. I’d rather be anywhere else than in the apartment with him listening to loud music trying to go to sleep. When I go to leave, he questions where I’m going and tells me he’ll stop playing music because I’m acting like a female. Which is just fucking weird to say and rubs me the wrong way. As soon as I walked out, he immediately locks the top lock so that I can’t get back in with the keys. (They only unlock the bottom lock)
I just don’t see why it’s so hard to be considerate of others at night, especially your partner. Other people need sleep.
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2023.06.01 08:53 Neat-Gold-4180 Dumpster Rental Service in Brook Park

Dumpster Rental Service in Brook Park
Looking for reliable and affordable dumpster rental service in Brook Park, OH? Get affordable and convenient dumpster renting solutions for your waste management needs.
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2023.06.01 08:53 Kanos812 [18M/18F] Long Distance with GF starting to falter

I’m sure that 99% of the posts on this sub are similar to this, but I just need someone to turn to listen so I can get advice and feel heard
For context, I (18M) met my gf (18F) while in the last year of my boarding school. We’ve been together just over 13 months now. As I lived in boarding school for the majority of the year it worked out really well and we managed to come together and frequently see each other for 6-7 months. Then I had to move back home once I finished high school, which is a 3 hour flight away, as well as another 2 hours worth of travel time. To summarise it sucks. Since the start of this year I’ve seen my gf in person twice, and boh times have been extremely quick 3-4 day visits, which isn’t very fair to her when I’m away for 2 months at a time before seeing her
Personally, I’m ok. With covid I didn’t see most of my family for 16 months so I can survive because this is the person of my dreams and I am so willing to wait. However, I can see she is really really struggling and it breaks my heart seeing her trying to be patient and hold on, but it’s hurting her. She even said to me today that ‘she feels like she’s losing connection, even though she doesn’t want to feel like that’. I’m trying my best with FaceTiming and I’m setting up virtual dates and sending presents, but that lack of physical presence is getting to her and I’m lost of what else I can do
I seriously want to spend the rest of my life with this woman, but I’m not sure how practical it is cause the next window we both have to actually be together permanently is in 4-5 years time when we finish our uni courses (we both go to uni in the city we live in), and I’m not sure how much more I can burden her. I’m sure the answer isn’t easy or pleasant, but I wouldn’t mind just having someone listen and give their perspective on the situation
Hope you all have a fantastic day and thank you for giving up your time and patience for me
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2023.06.01 08:52 _ksez I don’t know how to do this without her :(

She was my best friend. The most amazing girl I’ve ever met. When I think about my future with someone all I’ve ever thought about was her.
I went into one of my rooms at home today and found a photo frame she made me when we were 17. It said “Thanks for being my best friend” with photos of us surrounding it.
This is so, so painful. I have no clue how to move on without her in my life.
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2023.06.01 08:52 saginfotechsuresh Guidelines for e-filing ITR 2 Forms, Required Details, and Deadlines

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2023.06.01 08:52 AceMcNugget12 28M Last few days in Hawaii let's chat!!

Been in Hawaii for 7 days almost time to go home. Anyone want to chat or snapchat. Love videogames, PokemonGo, trading cards, funko pops. Enjoy music, traveling, cars and chatting with new people.
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2023.06.01 08:51 nicelasagnaa how do i (22f) comfortably have the ‘relationship talk’ with someone (28m) i’ve been talking to for months?

hi everyone. i started talking to this guy in december and we really hit it off from the beginning and i really enjoyed talking to him. we met on hinge and when we started talking he was visiting his parents across the country for the holidays and i was out of the country visiting my best friend for the holidays. i’m a very shy person so it’s really hard for me to get comfortable with people and feel that the conversation is flowing naturally. but him and i got along very well and i was having fun getting to know him over text; that felt safer for me. we didn’t actually meet until the beginning of february. he had lost his childhood pet soon after he got home and he blocked me out of what he said was panic for a few days. eventually, we started talking again, met up, and i really enjoyed his presence and he seemed to like me as well. we’ve been hanging out consistently over the past few months but he is not the best at communication. he’s constantly turning his phone off, which i totally respect, but sometimes he’ll do it in the middle of a conversation. there’s also times where he won’t talk to me for days at a time. he just finished working on a big project that kept him busy for the last month or so, but it was really hard to even hold a conversation with him throughout that time. a lot of the same conversation day in and day out. it felt like there was very little effort in trying to grow something i guess.
i feel like i am really starting to like him and i would like to explore that and see where it goes, but i don’t know how to bring that up. i have very little experience in the dating world and my parents weren’t exactly in love with each other growing up. a lot of the times i feel like i’m navigating the dating world completely blind, so i tend to overthink things and panic about silly things. we were supposed to hang out tonight, but he completely stood me up. we usually check in with each other through the day, especially since he finished his big project and he took this whole week off of work as a vacation. but today it was radio silence. no check in or anything but he was posting on instagram and liking my story as well. all day i hear nothing from him even though we had plans tonight and at almost 8pm i get a text from him asking if tomorrow night would be better since he was tired from the day.
firstly, i think i’m really starting to like him and i’ve been able to brush off a lot of little yellow flags, if you will, because i really enjoy spending time with him and he makes me laugh and such. but other times i feel like i am more mature than him despite being almost 7 years younger than him. i had to grow up very young and i tend to want to talk to older men because of emotional maturity sometimes. i’m not asking for the world, i just would like to feel like i’m being considered and cared about.
how do i bring up liking him and wanting to grow our relationship and seeing where this takes us without wanting to melt from anxiety?
TLDR; how to i tell this man that i like him and want more effort from him/to move towards a relationship?
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2023.06.01 08:51 capysrealtors What are the advantages of living in South Delhi compared to other parts of the city?

Living in South Delhi offers several advantages compared to other parts of the city. Here are some key advantages:
Affluent Neighborhoods: South Delhi is known for its upscale and affluent neighborhoods. Areas like Greater Kailash, Vasant Vihar, and Defence Colony are home to luxurious residential properties, posh markets, and high-end amenities. The infrastructure and quality of life in these neighborhoods are often considered superior.
Green and Serene Environment: South Delhi is relatively greener compared to other parts of the city. It boasts of numerous parks, gardens, and tree-lined streets that provide a refreshing and serene environment. Places like Lodhi Gardens and Deer Park offer beautiful natural surroundings for recreational activities.
Educational Institutions: South Delhi is renowned for housing some of the best educational institutions in the city. It is home to prestigious schools, colleges, and universities, including Delhi University's South Campus, IIT Delhi, AIIMS, and several renowned private schools. This makes it an ideal location for families with children seeking quality education.
Cultural and Historical Significance: South Delhi is rich in cultural and historical heritage. It is home to iconic landmarks such as Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, and the Lotus Temple. The area also hosts various cultural events, exhibitions, and festivals, providing residents with opportunities to explore and appreciate the city's heritage.
Shopping and Entertainment: South Delhi offers a diverse range of shopping and entertainment options. From high-end malls like Select Citywalk and DLF Promenade to vibrant markets like Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar, residents have access to a wide variety of shopping experiences. The area also houses numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs, and theaters, catering to different tastes and preferences.
Connectivity and Infrastructure: South Delhi enjoys excellent connectivity to other parts of the city. It is well-connected through a network of roads, including major arterial roads like the Outer Ring Road and the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road. The Delhi Metro also covers significant portions of South Delhi, providing convenient and fast transportation options.
Safety and Security: South Delhi is considered relatively safer compared to some other parts of the city. The area often has well-maintained residential colonies with strict security measures, gated communities, and a significant presence of police stations and law enforcement.
Health and Medical Facilities: South Delhi is home to several renowned hospitals and healthcare institutions, including AIIMS, Safdarjung Hospital, and Apollo Hospital. The availability of quality healthcare facilities and specialists makes it an attractive location for individuals concerned about medical services.
It's important to note that while South Delhi offers these advantages, it may also come with higher costs of living, increased population density, and traffic congestion in some areas. It's advisable to consider personal preferences, lifestyle, and individual needs while choosing a place to live in any part of the city.
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2023.06.01 08:51 growwdigitally The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Kerala's Stunning Backwaters

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Kerala's Stunning Backwaters

Introduction to Kerala's Backwaters

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Exploring Kerala's Stunning Backwaters! If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience, look no further than the backwaters of Kerala. This breathtaking network of lagoons, lakes, and canals is not only a natural wonder but also an important part of local life and culture. From cruising on traditional houseboats to exploring hidden villages and seeing wildlife up close, there's something for everyone in Kerala's backwaters. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through this magical destination.

The different types of backwaters in Kerala

Kerala's backwaters are a network of interconnected canals, rivers, lagoons and lakes that stretch over 900 km along the coast of the Arabian Sea. There are several types of backwaters in Kerala that offer unique experiences to visitors.
The Alleppey Backwaters is one of the most popular and picturesque destinations for tourists. It is known for its tranquil waters, lush greenery and traditional houseboats. The Kumarakom Backwaters, on the other hand, offer a serene experience with its bird sanctuary and extensive meandering waterways.
For those looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, Valiyaparamba Backwaters offers a secluded atmosphere surrounded by coconut groves and small islands. Meanwhile, Kollam Backwaters provide travelers with an opportunity to witness Chinese fishing nets up close while enjoying a leisurely boat ride.
Each type of Kerala's backwater offers a unique experience that will leave you wanting more. Visitors can choose from different routes to explore these diverse landscapes or opt for guided tours offered by local tour operators.

The best time to visit Kerala's backwaters

Kerala's backwaters are a beautiful and serene destination to visit all year round. However, the best time to visit Kerala's backwaters is during the winter months from November to February when the weather is cooler and drier. The temperatures range between 20°C to 32°C making it ideal for outdoor activities like boating, fishing, and sightseeing.
During these months, you can witness migratory birds that flock here from various countries adding more charm to this tranquil paradise. You can also experience festivals like Christmas and New Year celebrations in Alleppey or Kumarakom along with some local delicacies.
If you're looking for a budget-friendly option then visiting during monsoons (June-September) could be an alternative as most accommodations offer discounts at this time. However, heavy rains may spoil your plans of exploring nearby areas or taking long boat rides.
Each season has its own unique charm but if you want to make the most of your trip without getting wet then plan your visit between November-February.

What to expect when visiting Kerala's backwaters

When visiting Kerala's backwaters, there are a few things you should expect. Firstly, the serene beauty of the waterways will leave you in awe. The breathtaking views of lush greenery and tranquil waters will transport you to another world.
As you explore the backwaters, expect to see many traditional houseboats made out of wood and bamboo that have been converted into floating hotels for tourists. These boats offer a unique way to experience the backwaters while enjoying all the modern amenities.
You can also expect to meet friendly locals who live along the banks of these waterways. They are known for their hospitality and warm nature towards visitors.
Another thing worth mentioning is that food lovers can look forward to trying some delicious local cuisine during their visit. From fresh seafood delicacies to coconut-infused curries, Kerala has something for everyone's taste buds.
Be prepared for an immersive experience as technology hasn't penetrated much in this region yet. Expect slow internet speeds and limited mobile coverage but embrace it as part of your journey towards having an authentic experience with nature.

How to get around the backwaters

Getting around the backwaters of Kerala is a unique experience. While some parts are only accessible by boat, there are also roads and bridges that connect various islands.
One of the best ways to explore the backwaters is by taking a houseboat tour. These tours can last from one day up to a week or more, depending on your preference. Houseboats come equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay and offer an excellent view of the surrounding scenery.
If you prefer something more active, kayaking or canoeing can be a great option as well. This allows you to navigate through narrow waterways and get even closer to nature. Many local companies offer kayak rentals and guided tours.
Bicycles are another popular mode of transportation in the backwaters. You can rent them from many hotels or homestays in the area, allowing you to explore at your own pace while enjoying breathtaking views along the way.
If you want to visit specific destinations within the backwaters but don't have access to private transport, public ferries run regularly between different islands and towns.
No matter which method of transportation you choose, exploring Kerala's stunning backwaters will surely leave lasting memories!

Tips for enjoying your time in the backwaters

When visiting Kerala's backwaters, there are many ways to make the most of your time and truly enjoy this unique experience. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your backwater adventure!
First and foremost, take a slow approach. The backwaters are meant to be savored at a leisurely pace, so don't rush through them. Take time to relax on board a traditional houseboat or canoe and soak up the serene atmosphere.
Make sure to also indulge in local cuisine during your trip. The food in Kerala is known for its amazing taste and bold flavors, with fresh seafood being one of the highlights! Try some local delicacies like fish curry or appam with stew.
Another great way to enhance your backwater experience is by interacting with locals. Take part in cultural activities such as folk music performances or witness traditional fishing methods firsthand. This will give you an authentic glimpse into daily life in these water-bound communities.
Choose eco-friendly options when exploring the backwaters. By opting for sustainable tourism practices like using solar-powered boats or supporting local conservation efforts, you can help preserve this unique ecosystem while enjoying it at the same time.
By following these tips, you'll not only enjoy your time in Kerala's stunning backwaters but contribute towards responsible tourism too!


Kerala's backwaters offer a unique and unforgettable experience for anyone who visits. From the serene beauty of the Vembanad Lake to the bustling canals of Alleppey, there is something for everyone in Kerala's backwaters.
To make the most out of your trip, plan ahead and choose the right time to visit based on what you want to see and do. Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, there are plenty of options available.
Take advantage of local transportation by hiring a houseboat or canoe to explore the waterways at your own pace. And don't forget to try some delicious local cuisine while enjoying breathtaking views from your boat.
With these tips in mind, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in Kerala's stunning backwaters and create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy exploring!
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2023.06.01 08:50 Youpiercemysoul Remortgage Advice: overpay or shorten the term?

Hi all - hope this is okay. Myself and my husband are coming to the end of our fixed term. We owe £70k. We bought a proper fixer upper in the north east of England at a good time and have good jobs. For context, we are lucky - Collective salary is £104k - about £6300 take home after all taxes, pension etc. We have small children so outgoings are high for childcare etc. However, we save a lot a month. Probably £2k a month. Previous mortgage was £500 a month but we overpaid £350 a month and have done the max overpayment this year whilst interest is low.
At this point we have 17 years left on mortgage but can obviously pay this much quicker. We have savings (about £65k) so have money to fall back on.
Is it better to shorten the term dramatically - say to 7 years (£979 per month) or to simply keep the term the same/shorten less dramatically and overpay each month?
Thanks for help.
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2023.06.01 08:50 lohonostays2020 Bungalows on Rent in Lonavala - Lohono Stays

Looking for a bungalow to rent in Lonavala? Look no further than Lohono Stays. We have a wide selection of bungalows to choose from, all at competitive prices. Book your stay with us today!
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2023.06.01 08:50 throwaway73ax Contemplating FWB w/MM

I never thought I would consider a FWB situation, much less one with a married man but here I am.
A coworker started showing interest about a month ago and we became friendly and a bit flirty (primarily at after work events, nothing close to inappropriate at work). I did not realize he was married at first, I was initially distracted by the age difference as I am twelve years older than him. Nothing has happened between us yet, but we have started to discuss the possibility.
When I first realized he was married I was annoyed and I let him know it. But we continued to chat here and there and became closer. He offered to stop coming by if that’s what I wanted but I told him that I was happy to be friends and the flirting has escalated since then.
I’m 42, he’s 30. I have been divorced for ten years and I have teenagers at home every other week. He’s been married not even a year 😬, no kids. There is an obvious physical attraction between us and friendship too. I am not looking for anything serious from him for a variety of reasons, but passion filled sex would be fun.
I do date seeking long term serious relationships, but OLD is awful and I haven’t had the greatest luck. I typically date men at least a few years older than me with demanding type jobs and the dynamic with those men is completely different. Because I’m not worried about where things will go, or having to deal with competing custody schedules or the prospect of blending families, I find my time with my potential FWB so enjoyable and free if that makes sense. Also, it’s been a long time since I’ve had good sex. The fact that he’s young and buff is thrilling.
So I’m considering a FWB situation with my married coworker. We would have to have a frank discussion and set boundaries, and I see it starting soon. I don’t think we would go out together alone, more likely he would come over to my home when my kids are away. We would continue our work friendship and would keep the sexual part of our relationship a secret. People at work have started asking questions already, but they tend to do that anyway with me as soon as I talk to any man as they all know I’m single and also because I’m attractive with a sexy figure even though I dress modestly at work. The women in my office can be catty and the men are all thirsty, lol.
I would still date and if I find someone I want to date exclusively I would end the FWB. Likewise if he decides he wants to focus on his marriage or whatever, he can elect to ends things. We would be discreet and remain friendly but professional at work.
For the record, I was cheated on by my ex husband so I know the pain. That said I never once blamed any of the women involved, only him. When I consider my potential FWB’s wife I feel indifferent and I don’t feel any guilt as of yet. The idea of his marriage blowing up over this does concern me and I’ve told him he’s the one who has something to lose, not me. So I do feel slightly apprehensive both because I’ve never really done causal or FWB and also because he’s married.
Any advice, suggestions? Am I crazy or a horrible person for even entertaining this idea?
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2023.06.01 08:50 ToxiicCrystal Is it more unreasonable for me to go after a degree or to aim for an entry-level job?

I wish I had a straightforward path where I go to college, do a couple of internships, and then start a career as a software engineer. For a lot of people that isn't the case.
I graduated high school in 2019 with an average performance and average test results. After graduating I didn't go to college right after. In fact, I moved from Dallas to the Bay Area to attend a free software engineering school called 42. I met a lot of people there that came from extremely different backgrounds from all over the world. A few months after the program, I decided to move back home after being a lil' home sick and boom, covid happens and the school shuts down.
Fast forward and it's the Summer of 2020 and I decide that I'm juts going to start going towards a Computer Science degree so I started by attending a community college. College is going smooth at the start but this is when the poor decisions start happening. I start taking useless classes that aren't related to my major and I procrastinate taking pre-calculus and calculus. This has to be the single biggest mistake I've made and could have been avoided if I even met with an academic advisor once and have them tell me I shouldn't be doing this. I was taken useless foreign language classes and retaking other courses, withdrawing from courses excessively, and still kept putting off taking those math courses.
What did that result in? It's 3 years later and I still am enrolled at a community college and still have not taken a pre-calculus or calculus class. I tried starting in multiple semesters but I withdrew after the first lecture because of me believing the professors were terrible. I sat down with academic advising and planned last summer to take both pre-calculus and calculus during last summer, which was going good for the first week, until I got diagnosed with diabetes + liver disease which ruined my summer. I even tried getting back on my feet the following semester (Fall 2022) and at that point I just wanted to self-study Calculus I and take the CLEP examination so I can continue with the remaining major-related courses that I need to take that require Calculus. But that never happens. I don't end up self studying at all. In the spring semester, I withdrew from all of my classes because of my mental health really being tugged down by my health situation and honestly wanting to give up.
The current plan is that I will graduate with an Associate's degree in the Spring of 2024 with a whopping 128 attempted hours, which is almost the same number of hours that is required for graduating with the bachelor's degree of the university I plan on transferring to. (if) things go well, I would expect to graduate with a bachelor's degree in 2026 with 190 attempted hours. I will also be around $60,000 in debt if I go down this path. Parent's aren't able to help contribute to college.
Here I am. These are the crossroads I'm at of either continuing down this path to get a degree or to aim to get an entry-level job. The background I have is full-stack web development. Most of the projects I do involve using React + Express. It's just been a passion of mine for working on side projects and even some commissioned work in the past.
Believe me, I want to still go to college. But at this point is it more unreasonable to go to college than aiming to start my career without one?
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2023.06.01 08:50 hite-Cranberry-1998 Best Indoor Air quality monitoring Services-Equinox labs

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2023.06.01 08:49 Capable-Reindeer6232 Help! Am I crazy or is a married dad from school being a creep.

First post ever and have been a bit nervous about posting in case I come across dumb and paranoid. Buckle up it's a bit of a confusing read anyway here goes. So I'm a single mum and a married dad from school is giving me a weird vibe. He's been following me home lately but continues driving past my house, I'm hoping it's just because his oldest child goes to a school nearby but there is still no reason for him to go past my house as it's a bit of an awkward route to take and there's more simple and faster ways to go. He is always parking behind me and staring into my car. We both go to school swimming lessons as parent helps and he went out of his way to walk close to me and lightly hit me in the face with his child's swim bag while I was sitting head down looking at my phone waiting for my child's turn in the pool. Two other mum's noticed and were weirded out by it. He is always staring and lingering near me when there is no reason for him to be where I am. He once also stood near where I was waiting at school wearing loose basketball shorts and obviously no underwear on and had his bits hanging free and kept trying to do stubble things to get my attention to it. He's never spoken to me at all he's a oddly quiet man. A few other mum's have said that they get a weird vibe like he's flirting with me and have asked me if I know what's happening that's why I am here asking for more opinions. I am 26 and he is into his 40s. I just don't like being near the loser as he is creeping me out and I'm not sure if I'm crazy or not 😟
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2023.06.01 08:48 hite-Cranberry-1998 Best Indoor Air quality monitoring Services-Equinox labs

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2023.06.01 08:48 ArcaneAzmadi CM Punk returning... as a heel?

So now we know for sure that Punk is coming back. The question is, how?
Common sense would dictate that they can't just bring Punk back and pick up from where they left off. The results will be too mixed- there are too many people who are still pissed at him because of Brawl Out and didn't want him to return and his name has already been getting boos from parts of the crowd every time he's mentioned. So the logical thing to do is to bring him back as a heel- that way the people who didn't want to see him back can boo him all they like rather than the company trying to force them to cheer him, and the people who did want him back can go "Oh, alright, it's time for awesome heel version CM Punk now" (which frankly a lot of us were anticipating already anyway) and boo cheerfully for his heel work. It just makes sense.
But of course, they're bringing him back in Chicago. Which is obviously the best thing to do because it'll draw the biggest crowd and the best reaction, but there's no way he can go heel on Chicago- even MJF, the most hateable man in wrestling, turned out to be incapable of getting heat in his own home territory of Long Island. So how do they bring Punk back as a heel in Chicago?
Simply, have him do what MJF does in Long Island- have him be an open heel reveling in the acceptance in his hometown. Have him go heel on the rest of the country while sucking up to Chicago- have him talk in his return promo about how Chicago is the best city in the world because they're the only ones smart enough to get him. Even have him lean in to the reaction by having him describe Chicago as his very own supervillain lair, like Doctor Doom in Latveria, so all the people in the arena are happy to play along with him, while all the people at home boo. Then, once you leave Chicago after the return is done, he'll get a consistant heel reaction in every other city Collision visits.
This would ideally solve the issue of mixed reactions to his return, while still also getting the best possible return pop.
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2023.06.01 08:47 ScofieldTargaryen (Question) Focusrite 2i2 for Logic Pro on MacOS Ventura

Hi there! I need a decent cost-friendly interface for my home studio needs, and I landed my eyes on the 2i2. The computer I work on is the M1 Pro Macbook Pro 14, and I use Logic Pro. I am curious to see if anyone using a similar setup is facing any problems. I only found posts about connectivity issues when the M1 generation of chips were brand new and not optimized, so does anyone know if they ironed these things out? Also, do the plug ins offered by Focusrite work with Logic Pro?
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