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2023.06.02 13:23 2imsodone2 Korean Friends

Hi everyone!
Are there any native Koreans who would like to chat with me and kind of teach me how Korean people chat? I took TOPIK last year and I was level 3 so I know a little Korean but I have a really hard time producing the language (writing, speaking). I feel like what I need at this point is to get into contact with the natıve speakers as the way that I study does not help me with it.
A few things about me: 23, she/her, bi (I don't want this to sound like I am looking for partners but I think knowing these about me might be crucial before deciding whether you want to be my friend or not)
I really like Korean cuisine, K-pop, K-hip-hop, K-indie, movies, reality shows, cooking, reading, etc. so I'm just a regular person who has plans to study in Korea. I hope we get along well.
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2023.06.02 13:21 S3mone Garmi Venu or Venu 2 for Navigation through Routes/Courses/Trails with Apps or GPX

Hi everyone,
I recently discovered that even if watches have GPS this doesn't mean I can use them for Hiking and following routes (I use Wikiloc).
*facepalm* for how stupid I am.
Anyway, that's why I started looking for sports watches that could connect with that app and that I can use to follow the tracks instead holding my phone for hours.
My budget was not so high so I started to look at Garmin Venu and Venu 2 (Willing to find a good one on Vinted for an honest deal) sure that Wikiloc would've worked through Garmin Connect for Venu 1 and Garmin Connect IQ for Venu 2.
But while looking at Wikiloc App on Garmin IQ I found out that Venu and Venu 2 are not listed as supported for that app.
I was still confident in using the method suggested by Wikiloc for Garmins that are not supported by the App connecting them through a Garmin Connect profile, but again while looking at the procedure I found a tread in this Reddit of a month ago or so, where a guy with a Garmin Venu 2 Square said that even with this procedure he was responded with an error like "You devices does not support Courses". So before buying another Watch for then discovering that it doesn't allow that, I wanted to know if someone in this Reddit uses Wikiloc on one of these 2 devices and if it's true that they don't allow navigation.
I don't need specifically this app or any app at all, I can also upload GPX tracks if there is a way to do so and if these models support navigation.
Thank You to everyone that went through my post,
Have a nice day!
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2023.06.02 13:19 ExcuseResponsible483 Thoughts on GameStop Playr - Lessons On Disinformation

Hi Apes:
TLDR: Our opponents spent the last four months trying to convince us that GameStop was no longer pursuing Web3.
GameStop PlayR was released yesterday. Awesome. The reason game makers want GameStop involved is because they can use their brick-and-mortar infrastructure to onboard customers. That’s why we have the Eth Cards, the Wallet, the PlayR launcher. I anticipate specialists in the stores helping people safely get their crypto into wallets and set up on Web3 games.
But here’s the fun part. For more recent apes - you get the perfect view into how the other side does disinformation.
About eighteen months ago there was a lot of information about Web3 hires, the new wallet and other forward looking revenue stream developments. We were appropriately excited.
In order to fight another day, Matt Furlong worked on profitability. We were appropriately excited.
After the wallet dropped we started seeing some ‘different’ information. - Some of the developers were leaving and we saw a lot of social media posts saying that Web3 was done. OG Apes explained that developer churn is normal and the highest talent developers are often seeing a specific learning experience then they move on. - Matt Furlong’s statements were mis-interpreted and we started seeing MSM articles stating that GameStop had stopped investing in Web3. OG Apes explained that GameStop would prefer to work in secrecy to avoid tipping their hands. This was used against them. - As GMErica NFTs came out the NFT as ‘ripoff’ articles accelerated. Owners who lost money on the first generation of image NFTs were held out as idiots. OG Apes explained that our use cases were about owning digital assets in games.
I could go on - but you get the picture. So many, many, many things that we have learned underwent this attack. Try to learn the pattern.
Normally the FUD cycle takes longer than a few months and can be difficult to spot unless you know what you’re looking for. This particular cycle - GAmeStOP HAz STopPeD inVEsTiNg iN WEb3 - was quick and obvious.
Shop, Buy, HODL, DRS, BOOK.
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2023.06.02 13:18 ThrowRAAny-Lion8960 He [46M] is not attracted to me physically, only mentally. How do I get my [49F] head around this?

I started to notice ageism online, etc
I asked my parents, sister and psychologist about it and they told me:
That most people don't believe that men prefer younger women when it comes just down to physical beauty and sex
And that most people don't believe that physical beauty is mostly about how much younger you are nor how much younger you look
What do you think? And why does online, etc say differently to those in my life?
The online world, f eminists and what I see in the media put me off men and people in general completely. I don't want to associate with people and I want to be reclusive/avoid people because I cannot accept if most think and accept that men prefer younger and that beauty is about younger and I don't know how women accept that men prefer younger while as they themselves age they stay attracted to men. That's pathetic, unrequited love and finding the needle in the haystack. I won't accept being surrounded by a society where most believe and accept it.
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2023.06.02 13:18 Unlikely-Thanks9272 Please help me stay on a path of planning my exit.

Anyone with stories of how life is actually better once you left, or how you maintained sanity while planning your exit. Maybe even tips on how NOT to react when they’re baiting. Or when they switch their entire personality over night.
How did you stop yourself from craving the good again? How did you keep a clear mind on the plan to leave? This is for those that had no choice but to slowly plan and slowly save up, etc. I so appreciate all of you. 🙏🏻
Mine does this thing , where he knows it will hurt if he brings up my physically abusive ex, so he has now been comparing me to him. Like a dumb ass, I shared so much with my husband over the years, and that stuff constantly gets thrown back in my face. A small example - I told him how my ex cornered me in a room (in a literal corner, ex would hover over me directly face to face and would scream and push) and I would be hysterical. Now- I’m being accused of that?
if I open the bedroom door while he lays in our bed (15 feet away from where I am) while he’s trying the silent treatment, mind you, and says how unhinged I am and just like my ex. Very calmly he’ll say “wow - you are just like him”
It’s in those moments I freak out. I can’t handle the accusations of being an abuser, mentally unstable, etc. he is doing this to me. And I’m struggling. Thanks you 🙏🏻
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2023.06.02 13:17 AffectionateSound261 [NEED] The Solar Boss Academy – Ivan Pashov

Hi guys, I really need this The Solar Boss Academy – Ivan Pashov. Does anyone here in this group know how to get the course? or anyone can share it? Btw, Any reviews for this course, please? appreciated your comment here. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 13:17 wyrmiam Yugioh nexus?

Sorry if this isn't the correct place to ask this but every time I try to login to the website a box comes up saying "page unresponsive" and I can't interact with anything. Does anyone know how to fix this? If I'm lost and this isn't the right subreddit for this please point me in the right direction lol.
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2023.06.02 13:16 Federal-Tangerine-40 Are parsis legally in Minority class

As a fellow parsi who’s studying to give my neet entrance examination next year ,I’m wondering if parsis fit into the minority quota and if there is a separate reservation of seats for us. If anyone does know a government medical college situated in Pune/Bombay please let me know.
Also. I find it so funny how half the medical colleges top ones as well are all donated by parsis but there are no seats that are reserved for us?
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2023.06.02 13:15 parxis Bubbul Gem in Gerudo Sanctuary

Does anyone know how to get through the gate in the Eighth Heroine's room to get the Bubbul gem?
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2023.06.02 13:15 FlaxenFalafel OCD makes my work life hell sometimes

I am constantly way delayed getting projects done because I am a perfectionist about how I do them. Its so frustrating. They I get an extension and my logical mind is like “hey, just get the thing done, dont even think about…” and the OCD brain is like “maybe just perfect this one thing it’ll only take an hour or two” and then Im not done with it until days later. I do this even though I know its a trap but somehow I keep doing it and it keeps seriously impacting my mental health and general wellbeing because then hey Im still late getting this thing done and now I have to try to cram to finish it which I may or may not do i time. Idk Im just frustrated and posting on basically no sleep. Does anyone have this kind of a relationship with work?
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2023.06.02 13:14 russellbearo Found a snail in my lettuce

Found a snail in my lettuce
Hello, my family tried to wash this little friend down the drain after they found it in the pack of lettuce we bought so I just had to save it :, )
I'm left with this snail and don't know what I should do. I would like to keep this snail healthy and happy... I don't have any soil nearby (I don't keep plants and I live in a city) so for now I put it in a glass container, sprayed some water, and left it with lettuce, egg shells, and egg yolk(I don't think this is how you do it) I heard lettuce isn't good for them but this was all I have got at the moment, so I'll get them better food soon.
It's got a cracked shell at the bottom and it wasn't showing its face so I was worried it had already died, but soon after it thankfully started to explore its new home.
What should I be buying now to meet its needs? Is there any place where I can get some information?
Also, what kind of snail is this friend? Is it young or is it just small? (I live in Korea so I suspect they're native?)
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2023.06.02 13:14 Jupcity21 Need advice, going out of country

My anxiety has been the worst it’s ever been lately. I am going away for 10 days with my girlfriend, and all I’ve been thinking about is how bad my anxiety is going to be while I’m out of the country.
I don’t know what to do. I can’t cancel (one week away) and if I do, we lose all our money and I know my girlfriend will break up with me. Everyone around me says I’m not ready, but losing her will give me absolutely no hope.
Does anyone have any advice? I can’t live like this anymore and I just want my life back. Every single day is an absolute struggle. I’m begging for some advice. Thank you.
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2023.06.02 13:13 upset_larynx Help! First time inviting friends over - I don’t know how to host and I’m nervous because I’m poor.

Just the title. My 18th birthday is coming up, and while they don’t know, I want to do a very small get together. Like, maybe just six or so friends. We’ve joked about how much they need to try homemade Pakistani food so I’ve been thinking that I should invite them over for lunch.
But, it’s my first time inviting friends ever and idk wtf I’m supposed to do. I don’t know how to host or entertain. I have some card games (we’ve got uno, Catan, checkers, Ludo) but I also don’t want to bore the hell out of them. I also have a ps4 so we could play a multiplayer game like COD zombies but I don’t think most of them share my gaming interests. I just have no idea how to host.
I invited a friend over once for a cup of chai and luckily, that wasn’t really awkward. We just talked a bit while I brewed the tea (ended up talking for over 3 hours!) and it was nice but this is way more people.
Plus, my family is very poor and most of their families are well off. So I’m very nervous of them seeing my house. It’s horrendously tiny and the biggest thing I’m nervous about is our table, which is one of those foldable grey tables you get from Lowe’s. One of those things that really highlight how impoverished we are. I’ve never invited friends over, specifically because it’s kinda embarrassing for them to see how poor we are and I feel bad knowing I can’t provide for them the same way they could if they had invited me over.
The table is just one of the things that bother me. Most the stuff in our house is broken because we can’t afford to fix it - the bathroom, kitchen cabinets, fridge door. And I feel nervous inviting people into my room too - because I sleep on a mattress on the floor. I have no furniture so important things like medicine bottles and books are on the floor too. Would it be rude not to invite them up in my room?
I would love to have my friends over, if only I knew how to host and they didn’t have to see my destitute living conditions. I am grateful to have all that I have, however little it may be, but I am afraid they will judge me. I know my friends are better than that, but still I am scared.
Does anyone have any tips on how to host and get over this mental hurdle?
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2023.06.02 13:11 Cuppsofjoe What is this dark thing on my calculator?

What is this dark thing on my calculator?
Hello nyets! Does anyone know how this occur? I noticed that it appeared a few months ago(not exactly sure when). Is it a big or a small problem? I'm asking because i am a SPM candidate this year and am in a dilemma of whether i should purchase a new one...
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2023.06.02 13:11 catnip1888 marriage advice

My partner (M32) and I (M28) have different behaviors when we are under stress, my husband tends to overreact and yell at me, which is very disrespecful for me because I wasn't raised like that, in his family it's very commom tho. I am so calm and try to communicate a lot more, even when I'm stressed, but I have a limit and last night that limit was over for me. He yelled at me because I forgot to put toilet paper inside the bathroom, yes, I was so pissed off and responded him which lead us to a fight, I rarely confront people because I hate to argue over stupid things with people I love. I try so hard, I just got my second job recently and money isn't an issue anymore in our lives, he's trying too, he's studdying plus working, it takes him at least 60h weekly and sometimes even weekends are compromised because we both have work. I don't study anymore, I dropped my masters degree so he could finish his studies, and I know how graduation is stressful but he just doesn't realise I try to get everything done in the house and pay the heavy bills so he can study in peace.
We know each other since 2017 and we are married (living together) since 2019. This morning I was calmer and tried to apologise which was a mistake because he was not in the mood for it and said that he would just try to ignore certain things because I don't care about him or the house. He thinks I don't put an effort into the relationship because I forgot the damn toilet paper in the pantry, I said nothing but it was so hard to hear that. Does couples therapy work? Is he being abusive? I'm not perfect but I'm getting sick. I never wanted to get a divorce because people say marriage is hard in the first years and I love him.
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2023.06.02 13:11 moon_coconut International Transcripts

So I want to go to law school immediately after I finish my undergrade (so I am applying with only 6 semesters), my degree takes four years to be completed which is equivalent to the US, it is a stupid question but how does Lsac know that I still have 2 more semesters left as I don't see it in the transcript request form?
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2023.06.02 13:11 mildlystalebread Low battery notification messing up aiming - iOS

Anyone else fed up with getting the aiming interrupted by a low battery notification? Once it appears the balls get launched wherever it was pointing when you close it, and I can't find a solution to it when it happens (other than paying more attention to when I am low). Happened a few times in critical punrank shots and ruined the run. Anyone else knows how to remedy when it does happen?
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2023.06.02 13:10 moon_coconut International Transcripts

So I want to go to law school immediately after I finish my undergrade (so I am applying with only 6 semesters), my degree takes four years to be completed which is equivalent to the US, it is a stupid question but how does Lsac know that I still have 2 more semesters left as I don't see it in the transcript request form?
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2023.06.02 13:09 rusticgorilla Supreme Court ruling makes it even riskier for unions to strike

Eight Supreme Court justices issued a ruling yesterday that will allow companies to more easily sue unions for damages during a strike.


The case, Glacier Northwest v. Teamsters, centers on a cement truck driver strike in Washington state. Glacier alleges that Teamsters Local Union No. 174 intentionally ordered a work stoppage after the trucks had been loaded with wet concrete, potentially wasting the product and risking damaging the rotating drums of the trucks.
According to Glacier, the goal was to “sabotage” the company:
In August 2017, the Union, which represents Glacier’s truck drivers, was engaged in collective bargaining negotiations with Glacier. Unhappy with the company’s response to its bargaining demands, the Union devised and executed a scheme to “intentionally sabotage” Glacier’s business operations and destroy its property. On the morning of August 11, Glacier had numerous concrete deliveries scheduled, with drivers starting work between 2 AM and 7 AM. Knowing this, the Union “coordinated with truck drivers to purposely time [a] strike when concrete was being batched and delivered” with the specific purpose “to cause destruction of the concrete.” At 7 AM, once “Union representatives knew there was a substantial volume of batched concrete in Glaciers barrels, hoppers, and ready-mix trucks, they called for a work stoppage.” A Union agent made a throat-slashing gesture to signal a “sudden cessation of work.”
Non-union employees were dispatched to clean the trucks, preventing damage. However, the mixed concrete had to be destroyed.
The Teamsters contended that the strike could only be called once all drivers had arrived for work. With staggered start times, this resulted in a 7 am strike time, after some concrete loads were already mixed and in trucks from earlier shifts.
On the day the strike began, 43 drivers were scheduled to work. The drivers arrived at staggered start times running from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. Local 174 called the strike at 7 a.m., when all of the scheduled drivers had arrived for work…When the strike began, some trucks were at Glacier’s yard waiting to be loaded, some were returning to the yard to be reflled and some were out with loads of concrete to be delivered. Sixteen of the striking drivers returned trucks containing undelivered concrete to Glacier’s yard. These drivers left their trucks running so that Glacier could dispose of the concrete as the Company saw fit.
Glacier sued the Teamsters in Washington state court for intentionally destroying its property. In doing so, the company indirectly challenged existing Supreme Court precedent set in 1959’s
San Diego Building Trades Council v. Garmon, which held that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has jurisdiction over whether a labor union’s activity is protected by law.
It is not for us to decide whether the National Labor Relations Board would have, or should have, decided these questions in the same manner. When an activity is arguably subject to § 7 [which includes strikes] or § 8 [unfair labor practice] of the Act, the States as well as the federal courts must defer to the exclusive competence of the National Labor Relations Board if the danger of state interference with national policy is to be averted…If the Board decides, subject to appropriate federal judicial review, that conduct is protected by § 7, or prohibited by § 8, then the matter is at an end, and the States are ousted of all jurisdiction. Or, the Board may decide that an activity is neither protected nor prohibited, and thereby raise the question whether such activity may be regulated by the States.
Glacier should have brought its complaint to the NLRB, which would have decided whether this particular strike violated the law. Instead, Glacier brought the case to the Washington state courts, lost, and ultimately appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The ruling

Justice Amy Coney Barrett, writing for the eight-justice majority, ruled against the Teamsters union in finding that an employer may pursue a lawsuit against its workers’ union before the NLRB determines whether a particular strike is protected by federal law.
Barrett reaches this conclusion by determining that the truck drivers’ failure to strike before the mixing of concrete violated the National Labor Relations Act’s (NLRA) “reasonable precautions” clause — a strike is not a protected activity if workers fail to take reasonable precautions to avoid foreseeable, imminent damage to the employer's property, such as the building, equipment or products.
The Board has long taken the position—which both the Union and Glacier accept—that the NLRA does not shield strikers who fail to take “reasonable precautions” to protect their employer’s property from foreseeable, aggravated, and imminent danger due to the sudden cessation of work. Given this undisputed limitation on the right to strike, we proceed to consider whether the Union has demonstrated that the statute arguably protects the drivers’ conduct. Davis, 476 U. S., at 395. We conclude that it has not. The drivers engaged in a sudden cessation of work that put Glacier’s property in foreseeable and imminent danger…The Union failed to “take reasonable precautions to protect” against this foreseeable and imminent danger.
With this ruling, the Supreme Court partly reverses Garmon. Employers will now be allowed to sue unions in state court before the NLRB completes its review of the case. As Ian Millhiser explains in Vox, the outcome (1) is costly for unions and (2) creates a more uncertain atmosphere for strikes:
Glacier Northwest is still a significant loss for unions, in large part because it does not draw clear lines indicating when Garmon still applies and when it does not. Suppose, for example, that a single angry worker picks up a piece of their employer’s equipment and smashes it at the beginning of a work stoppage. Does this one worker’s wildcat action render the entire union vulnerable to litigation?
Similarly, imagine a company much like Glacier Northwest, except that this company is so busy that it always has at least one truck full of wet concrete being delivered to a client. At what point are this union’s workers allowed to strike? And, if they do strike, what are the precise precautions the union must take in order to protect the employer’s trucks?
Questions like these will need to be decided in future litigation — and the mere existence of this litigation will only undermine Garmon even more. Striking unions will now potentially have to litigate one case in the NLRB while simultaneously litigating a second case whose purpose is to determine whether their employer is allowed to sue them in state court.
That will make it much easier for well-moneyed employers to grind down unions with legal fees.
Justices Roberts, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Kavanaugh joined Barrett’s opinion. Justices Thomas, Gorsuch, and Alito concurred in judgment, but wrote or joined separate opinions advocating for the Supreme Court to overturn Garmon altogether. Justice Thomas wrote:
The parties here have not asked us to reconsider Garmon, nor is it necessary to do so to resolve this case. Nonetheless, in an appropriate case, we should carefully reexamine whether the law supports Garmon’s “unusual” preemption regime. In doing so, I would bear in mind that any proper pre-emption inquiry must focus on the NLRA’s text and ask whether federal law and state law “are in logical contradiction,” such that it is impossible to comply with both.

The dissent

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the lone dissenting justice, wrote in defense of Supreme Court precedent, the National Labor Relations Act, and the right to strike:
The right to strike is fundamental to American labor law. Congress enshrined that right in the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and simultaneously established the National Labor Relations Board to adjudicate disputes that arise between workers and management. That decision reflected Congress’s judgment that an agency with specialized expertise should develop and enforce national labor law in a uniform manner, through case-by-case adjudication. For its part, this Court has scrupulously guarded the Board’s authority for more than half a century. See San Diego Building Trades Council v. Garmon, 359 U. S. 236 (1959). Under Garmon, and as relevant here, a court presented with a tort suit based on strike conduct generally must pause proceedings and permit the Board to determine in the first instance whether the union’s conduct is lawful if the conduct at issue is even “arguably” protected by the NLRA.
Today, the Court falters. As the majority acknowledges, the Board’s General Counsel has filed a complaint with the Board after a thorough factual investigation, and that complaint alleges that the NLRA protects the strike conduct at the center of this state-court tort suit. The logical implication of a General Counsel complaint under Garmon is that the union’s conduct is at least arguably protected by the NLRA. Consequently, where (as here) there is a General Counsel complaint pending before the Board, courts—including this Court—should suspend their examination. Garmon makes clear that we have no business delving into this particular labor dispute at this time.
But instead of modestly standing down, the majority eagerly inserts itself into this conflict, proceeding to opine on the propriety of the union’s strike activity based on the facts alleged in the employer’s state-court complaint. As part of this mistaken expedition, the majority tries its own hand at applying the Board’s decisions to a relatively novel scenario that poses difficult line-drawing questions—fact-sensitive issues that Congress plainly intended for the Board to address after an investigation.
The court incorrectly placed the onus of protecting Glacier’s property on the workers and the union, Jackson continued:
To the extent that the majority’s conclusion rests on the alleged fact that “by reporting for duty and pretending as if they would deliver the concrete, the drivers prompted the creation of the perishable product” that “put Glacier’s trucks in harm’s way,” I see nothing aggravated or even untoward about that conduct. Glacier is a concrete delivery company whose drivers are responsible for delivering wet concrete, so it is unremarkable that the drivers struck at a time when there was concrete in the trucks. While selling perishable products may be risky business, the perishable nature of Glacier’s concrete did not impose some obligation on the drivers to strike in the middle of the night or before the next day’s jobs had started. To the contrary, it was entirely lawful for the drivers to start their workday per usual, and for the Union to time the strike to put “maximum pressure on the employer at minimum economic cost to the union.”
Nor was the onus of protecting Glacier’s economic interests if a strike was called in the middle of the day on the drivers—it was, instead, on Glacier, which could have taken any number of prophylactic, mitigating measures. What Glacier seeks to do here is to shift the duty of protecting an employer’s property from damage or loss incident to a strike onto the striking workers, beyond what the Board has already permitted via the reasonable-precautions principle. In my view, doing that places a significant burden on the employees’ exercise of their statutory right to strike, unjustifiably undermining Congress’s intent. Workers are not indentured servants, bound to continue laboring until anyplanned work stoppage would be as painless as possible for their master. They are employees whose collective and peaceful decision to withhold their labor is protected by the NLRA even if economic injury results.
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2023.06.02 13:09 Former-Macaroon-9798 Midea U shaped AC Water

My midea u shaped ac was making a crackling noise and I've had it for about two weeks. I had hired people to install it, so I decided to try and fix the noise this morning.
The first thing I realized was when I took it out of the window, about 2 gallons of water fell. Does anyone know how to make it so that the water falls out when it's on. I assume this is what was making the noise.
I'm pretty sure it was installed wrong, not that i'm not grateful they installed it fore me.
Thanks in advance. :)
Apreciate it.
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2023.06.02 13:09 TheBlackMewtwo Different RNG Seed

Hey there!
So I wanted to shinyhunt in emerald, but I'd like to get a different RNG seed so I won't just be on the default one. I remember it being possible to get a different seed, but I forgot how it actually works and I couldn't find anything when I googled (though I might have just worded it in a way that sucked). Anyway, does anyone know how that worked? Or is there a tutorial I missed?
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2023.06.02 13:08 gvurrdon Another amp advice question

Normally I play double bass and fretless bass guitar; for these purposes an Orange Terror Bass with 1x12 cab does the trick nicely and has never been found wanting in volume for any gig. It also appears to work adequately with guitar, but it would be nice to have a reasonably light combo with reverb for taking to jams. This would be less faff to transport/set up and could also be used at home, perhaps. The TB is nice but has a fan that's annoying at low volumes (not noticeable during gigs).
Though a valve amp would be appealing I suspect weight and reliability could be an issue. The Harley Benton Tube 15 looks cheap but I don't know how good it would be for clean headroom.
DV Mark amps have been suggested in this sub, but I can't see examples of the Jazz 12 for sale locally and they are not enormously cheap.
A Fender Tone Master amp would be great, but these are very expensive.
I recently noticed the Vox Cambridge 50w 1x12 combo, which is cheaper than the DV Mark. This is apparently reasonable according to Youtube reviews, and the Nutube looks interesting (don't know how good it will be in practice). Does anyone have any experience of this amp? Is 50w solid state through a 1x12 enough for a jam or small gig?
In case it is of use to know, I'm using a Squier Telecaster with humbuckers.
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