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2015.12.22 00:57 brain4breakfast pbtdeathpool


2017.06.21 04:53 zinisterz NoLimitCoin (NLC2)

* NoLimitCoin has been perfectly designed for a wide range of (gaming) applications because of its super fast transaction time and low fees. * Anyone can buy NLC2, no exchanges needed, with its credit card payment feature: * It has celebrity brand ambassadors like Johnny Chan and Joe Theismann * NLC2 powers an actual live platform: * Visit the coin site: * Join us on Telegram:

2022.05.20 06:05 TheFutureMod TheFutureIsGood

Welcome to TheFutureIsGood, the home of positive visions of the future. We can only build a better world if we can imagine one first. From grand visions of a more enlightened solarpunk society to a smart toilet that checks on your gut health, any and all specific optimistic ideas are welcome at TFIG.

2023.06.07 06:51 kartiman 6 Week Plan Ozempic Weight Loss Results

Are you looking to shed those extra pounds and achieve significant weight loss? Look no further! The 6-Week Plan utilizing Ozempic is a powerful strategy designed to help you reach your weight loss goals. In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of Ozempic in promoting weight loss and outline a comprehensive 6-week plan to maximize your results. Get ready to transform your body and embrace a healthier lifestyle!
The PhenQ fat burner comes with free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee
Week 1: Consultation and Prescription Kickstart your weight loss journey by scheduling a consultation with your healthcare provider. Discuss your weight loss goals and inquire about Ozempic, a prescription medication that aids in appetite control and blood sugar management. Upon evaluation, if deemed suitable for you, your healthcare provider will prescribe Ozempic to initiate your weight loss plan.
Week 2-3: Adjustment and Monitoring During these weeks, your body will begin to adapt to the effects of Ozempic. It's important to monitor your progress closely, noting any changes in appetite and overall well-being. Remember to follow the prescribed dosage and maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to optimize your results.
Week 4-5: Progress and Lifestyle Modifications By week four, you may start experiencing noticeable weight loss results. This is the perfect time to evaluate your lifestyle choices and make necessary modifications. Incorporate regular exercise into your routine, such as brisk walking, jogging, or cycling. Focus on consuming a balanced diet rich in whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. These lifestyle changes will enhance the effectiveness of Ozempic and support sustainable weight loss.
Week 6: Assessment and Continued Success As you approach the end of the 6-week plan, take a moment to assess your progress. Celebrate the milestones you have achieved and reflect on the positive changes you have made in your life. Consult your healthcare provider to discuss the next steps in your weight loss journey. Depending on your progress, you may choose to continue with Ozempic or explore alternative options to maintain your weight loss success.
The PhenQ fat burner comes with free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee
Conclusion: The 6-Week Plan utilizing Ozempic is an excellent approach to achieve remarkable weight loss results. By following this comprehensive plan, in consultation with your healthcare provider, you can leverage the benefits of Ozempic to suppress your appetite and regulate your blood sugar levels. Remember, weight loss is a journey that requires dedication and commitment. With the right mindset, lifestyle modifications, and the support of Ozempic, you can transform your body and embrace a healthier, happier you. Begin your journey today and unlock the amazing weight loss potential within you!
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2023.06.07 05:07 CPD5691 Good boy’s 13th birthday

Good boy’s 13th birthday
My good boy, Oscar, with his birthday toy. He had his favourite dinner and extra treats to celebrate.
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2023.06.07 04:39 DarthCatch22 June's Theme: Sit On My Face

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a steamy June as we dive into our next theme: Sit On My Face! This month, we're all about celebrating the art of pleasure and the intimate connection between partners.
For June's Theme, we want to see your most seductive and alluring photos that capture the essence of "Sit On My Face." Whether it's a real face or a stuffed animal, show us your irresistible charm and tease us with your captivating presence.
Remember to add the June's Theme flair to your post to enter the competition. The post that ignites the most passion and receives the highest number of upvotes by the end of the month will be crowned the winner and receive some extra special recognition.
So, get creative, unleash your inner temptress, and let the passion flow. Share your tantalizing moments and let's make June a month to remember. Let the games begin, and may the most seductive post win!
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2023.06.07 03:56 Acrobatic-Pin-9023 made it thru a BIG craving just now

Day 3 here. Normally always drink once I finish up work. Walk the dog to the grocery store, grab a 1/5th of hard liquor and nurse that for the next 2 nights (along with a gross frozen pizza).
Got done with work today and despite having a WAY better day than days 1 or 2 by all metrics, started walking the dog (who I gave a wonderful brush and bath today), toward that grocery store.
While we were walking there, I felt almost on auto-pilot. But I told myself and that inner pilot, "OK, if you can think of ONE good reason to drink tonight, you can. Even if it's a quote-unquote "good" reason. Are you celebrating anything special? No. Are you going on a date? No. Are you particularly sad? Drowning something out? No."
I couldn't think of seriously ONE good reason to drink tonight, I couldn't even think of a bad reason that I would normally disguise as a good reason to myself. Nothing came to mind. First time that has ever happened to me. I couldn't even lie to myself with a "good" reason.
So I turned around and walked to a different, health food store. On the way there I walked past a movie theater that smelled so good and nostalgic. So in the health food store I picked up some popcorn to make at home and I spent the money that would have gone to booze on a nice gourmet take n' bake pizza instead, and got myself a chocolate chip cookie.
Now at home watching a movie with the dog who is noticeably WAY happier than he's been in any evening in a long time due to all the extra attention he got today because I wasn't hungover.
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2023.06.07 02:31 AlecASaurus Just So Mad and Demoralized

Well, I went and did it again! Tied on one really good, drove to get food and more beer when I shouldn’t have done either, got higher than a kite, and super blacked out. As happens when I drink and smoke. Woke up at 530a in a hangxiety panic, dehydrated beyond belief, to a kitchen that was destroyed by my munchies and burn marks in my carpet. Wow. Extra credit on that one.
I tossed and turned and tried to ignore the world and “sleep” until 12p. Then drag my ass out of bed to deal with the fall out. I’m so bloated. I’m brain fogged out. I missed out on the whole day. It’s sunny and gorgeous even. For what? Drinking? That I don’t even like anymore. Like any aspect.
But I keep fucking doing it! Ugh. I’ve been stringing together more days. Been being sober more. But then I just go off the handle like last night. Feels like it nullifies any progress. I know it sets me back, that’s for sure.
I’ve been enjoying my sober time. I like to kick back in the eve and have my NA beer and then be able to do things with the rest of the eve! I like waking up early with no regret. Last night was supposed to be a celebration, the last day of school. And today I was supposed to finish my papers, and I did, but I feel no joy about it. As I should.
I told myself I’d stop this. Yet I just keep breaking promises, to everyone. I’m so mad and sad. I’m ruining and wasting my life. For what?
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2023.06.07 02:21 NoSneezePlz Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 37.0

Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 37.0

Bloons TD 6 v37.0 - Update Notes!

Rolling out now on iOS, Android, Steam please restart your storefront or be patient if it does not appear for you, these updates can take some time to be rolled out to every region due to how the storefronts are set up.
Check out the more awesomer update video here.

Key New Features

  • New Paragon - The Magus Perfectus! (loves casting spells) Some of you know we teased this last year, but we needed more time to balance the art and design required to make this extra special, so we are very pleased to get this live! Wizard Monkey’s Paragon is designed to be a higher level strategic Paragon with powerful ability usage similar to the Doomship.
    • The core of the Magus is a toggle to and from a Draining Beam which deals very small single target damage but absorbs graveyard mana as it damages and destroys Bloons
    • While toggled off from the Drain Beam, Magus attacks with a powerful Arcane Spike that deals massive damage to MOABs and revives Bloons it slays, while a Dark Phoenix circles overhead attacking with Firebomb breath and a radial fireball attack
    • Phoenix Explosion Ability: can be cast to consume the Paragon’s entire graveyard to set all Bloons on screen on fire for 30 seconds and summon one Zombie ZOMG for every 9000 graveyard mana consumed
    • Arcane Metamorphosis Ability: can be used to consume all graveyard mana and transform the Magus briefly into an alternate form which decimates everything with a flame cascade attack; Metamorphosis lasts longer the more mana it consumes
    • Magus was designed for armchair play so it will fill and consume graveyard mana on its own, but our goal was to create more actively controlled Paragon for those who will enjoy microing between Beam on and off and choosing which awesome Ability to unleash and when

New Awesome

  • Happy Birthday BTD6 - On June 14th, BTD6 will celebrate 5 years of monkeytastic fun and strategy! We hope you’ll join us for the main menu changes, skinned Collection event, special Questing, and general celebration. Thank you for five amazing years and we’re looking forward to all the years ahead!
  • New Hero Skin - Jiangshi Sauda, a fun new cross-cultural look for Sauda brainstormed by the art team, mixing inspirations from a favorite show and Chinese folklore
  • New Map - Erosion
    • Community designed advanced map Erosion by “I am not an artist” ~ u/TheWiseTroll
    • TheWiseTroll’s original concept proposed land and water but when thinking about map colors and the little stories we think of behind each map, the concept of the polar bear walking back with the shrinking ice was too compelling to do anything else
  • New Quests
    • Birthday Party - Pop the Party Bloon as many times as you can before it escapes
    • Blade Sauda Nowhere - Try out Sauda and learn some of her skills
    • Patch’s Cheap Chimps Challenge - Beat Logs with as little cash spent as you can
    • Striken Bad - Defeat the BAD on round 100 using First Strike. The spelling hurts us, too, you’re not the only one - but we had to do it!
  • Least Cash and Least Tier Boss Events
    • We’ve heard feedback about and have been wanting to shake up Boss rules, so here we go!
    • Applying new victory conditions to Boss Events completely changes the focus while still needing the damage output and type to handle each Boss
    • Time still matters, as the secondary time score will break any ties
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Heroes: Geraldo Pack Mule pet, Quincy Spec Ops Drop In placement
    • Monkeys: Sweden Village Flag
    • Bloons: Party Hat Bloons
    • Game & UI: Vortex Avatar, Sunset Samba 64 Mix music track, Quincy Arrows banner
    • Creator Supporter Avatar - show your support for Content Creators by using the Creator Support button on the Settings screen and purchasing any IAP
  • Limited Time only {trophy items if there’s a seasonal}
  • 5 Year Anniversary Avatar, 5 Year Anniversary Banner
  • New CT Team Store items
    • Base Props: Treasure Chest
    • Icons: Overclock icon, Archmage Staff icon
    • Frames: Bloon From The Dead frame, Mage Hat frame
  • New Slider
    • Everybody loves sliders, right?
    • After lots of discussion on the team and a fair few player requests, we’ve added a ‘Projectile and Effects Scaling’ accessibility option to main menu Settings
    • This is primarily for accessibility to minimize the size and brightness of projectiles and effects, especially when the screen is crowded with Monkeys and Bloons
    • This is not directly a performance improvement feature, so please do not expect the game to run noticeably better - just noticeably cleaner
    • We tried not to remove key game state indicators but this is ultimately in player control - if you adjust the slider and effects and projectiles make it harder to play the game, please reset the slider until the game is working the way you want
    • It’s also really fun for silly screengrabs, so please post your favorites!

News - Anniversary Giveaways!
We would also like to formally announce that we will be doing a week of giveaways on our Twitter starting next Monday NZT to celebrate the BTD6 5 year anniversary! 5 winners will be picked randomly each day for 5 days to win an awesome prize from our merch store. This will be exclusive to Twitter so make sure to follow us here to be involved!

Game Changes / Additions

  • New Party Time game theme event!
  • Refactored how leaderboard scores are stored so that we could add Least Cash/Tiers ranking options for Boss Events
  • Bosses on spawn will now clear the map of all existing projectiles
  • Highest Round profile stat renamed to Highest Round (All Time) & added in the new profile stat Highest Round (Current Version).
  • The 4 different Highest Round profile stats are now grouped together near the top of the profile stats page
  • Freeplay budget scaling reduced slightly (same speed/hp, but number of Bloons added per round will increase at a slower rate)
  • Added a new Roundset with Income curve to be used by our events team; this customized income curve allows us more flexibility to make this roundset than would otherwise have been possible with existing roundset tools
  • Translated game into Thai

Quest Changes

  • Added a ‘Play Again’ button to the victory screen for quests
  • Added a ‘Disable Dialogue’ checkmark for some quests after beating them
  • Game hints are now hidden during Quests
  • Story Quests now sort to the top of the quest list & completed Story Quests sort to the bottom

Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • A large number of localization fixes - thanks for the player feedback on your pet peeves!
  • Resolved a number of general crashes
  • Number of additions/changes to improve existing quests, highlight scores to beat & increase our possibilities for quest creation
  • Resolved an issue with abilities highlighted in quests remaining highlighted after restarting
  • Holding down on a tower should correctly hide the UI again
  • Quests no longer play placement effects for any pre-placed towers
  • Resolved an issue that could prevent Total Damage from counting correctly to profile
  • Resolved an issue where total insta monkeys profile stat would decrease if the instas were used
  • Resolved certain very specific freeplay seeds causing crashes on certain rounds
  • Bloons Leaked summary no longer gets cleared in co-op after reviewing map
  • Stairs in the top corners on Resort are now placement blockers
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when waiting on the events screen as events end
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when the Hero Booster popup was canceling via any map mechanics forcing the player to deselect the hero
  • Fixed some towers not targeting the test bloon when set to target type Strong
  • Fixed position of the full patch notes link on update popups on some resolutions
  • Midnight Mansion plays a fishie animation in the bloon exit on loading in
  • Resolved an issue where placed items on the map lose their cosmetic skins after a resync occurs during a co-op game.
  • Obtaining towers from redistribution on co-op that are still locked for you will now show messaging in the unlocks screen as to why you are not earning XP for it
  • Pressing back from the avatabanner selection will now just back out of that selection
  • Changed Pop Count on summary screen to Damage Count and added actual Pop Count
  • Hero portraits no longer linger too long on the screen after exiting the upgrades menu in game
  • Paragon art state changes moved from 22/42/62/82 to 20/40/60/80
  • Resolved map-based buffs not inheriting to subtowers correctly
  • Resolved an issue where an external proxy could sometimes cause the game to hang on loading forever
  • Co-op red areas fade in more slowly when you cross the boundary
  • Resolved online/Invisible profile setting displaying text incorrectly
  • Audio polish when opening reward chests in the collection event
  • Updated wording on logout screen to address some confusion
  • Added a background to the rewards UI
  • Added confirmation pop-up for In App Purchases added from outside the game
  • Monklish font has been regenerated to include the Māori macrons

Tower Specific Fixes

Ice Monkey
  • Resolved a number of cases of the xx2 Refreeze crosspath not re-freezing bloons when dealing certain numbers of damage.
Monkey Buccaneer
  • xx5 Trade Empire should no longer buff too many merchants in co-op
  • Resolved tower moving from flagship to navarch displaying vfx at the wrong scale
  • Resolved "Paragon available" pip displaying for Buccaneer with only Flagship and Pirate Lord unlocked
  • Resolved an issue where Navarch’s attack rate buff would not apply to Doomship in some cases depending on build order
Monkey Ace
  • xx2 Centered Path ace no longer displays it’s placement target on screen initially when loading a save
  • Upgrading to 002 Ace no longer refreshes the cooldown on the special toggle
  • Resolved an issue with Monkey Ace jumping offscreen after a Retry Last Round
Banana Farm
  • 5xx Banana Central no longer buffs other Banana Centrals in co-op
  • 1xx Engineers can now place their sentries correctly on One Two Tree
  • Overclocking a 5xx Engineer’s sentry just as it starts exploding no longer crashes the game
  • Engineer Paragon no longer crashes if created while a Bloontrap is being deployed
  • Engineer Paragon no longer crashes when selling the main tower while it has a sentry moving through the air that has not landed yet
  • Engineer Paragon should no longer throw sentries into the middle of the map due to techbots
  • Resolved an issue where the Paragon’s permanent speed boost per round would not load until the end of the first round played after loading a save
Beast Handler
  • 3xx Great White projectiles can no longer hit bloons far out of range
  • 3xx Great White rare crash that could occur at end of rounds has been resolved
  • 3xx Great White’s slow applied to grabbed target now expires correctly
  • 310 Beast Handler now has eyebrows, just like that one map suggestion
  • Corrected the splash asset for crosspathed 4xx & 5xx Beasts
  • Merging an Orca into a Megalodon while it's taking out a bad should no longer cause a 2nd Megalodon to briefly appear
  • x1x Microraptor no longer fails to attack in some cases when being moved to different heights
  • x4x Tyrannosaurus Rex ability now scales with Challenge Editor ability cooldown slider
  • Beast Handler's bird targeting no longer breaks when set to strong if bloons are leaving radius
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when moving a beast to the screen boundary

Hero Specific Fixes

Obyn Greenfoot
  • Resolved an issue where Obyn’s Wall of Trees when placed on an intersection looping back around on itself would not be able to hit the children of any targets that passed over it
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when attacking glued Bloons
  • Resolved an issue where selling Geraldo, and then re-buying him would show the description of the last-viewed store item from before selling him
Platform Specific fixes
  • PC: Beast Handler’s hotkey in the hotkeys menu has been moved up near the rest of the support towers
  • PC: Added a ‘ Monkey Special 2’ hotkey (for towers like Beast Handler, Necromancers & Ace Paragon). By default the Special 1 & Special 2 hotkeys have been assigned to PageUp & PageDown and ordered so that PageUp triggers the upper specialty, and PageDown triggers the lower one
  • Arcade: Resolved a strange one pixel wide black line that can appear above some text characters on the arcade font
  • Chromebook: Game no longer crashes if attempting to login via webview
  • Chromebook: Resolved an issue with bluetooth mice being unable to scroll

Balance Changes

Boomerang Monkey
This part has to be included along with the Lych Soul rework with Paragons which is finally making it in this update after necessary delays. As Boomerang Paragon’s knockback hits so many times so quickly, we need to make it more reasonable when applied to targets that aren’t immediately destroyed.
  • Boomerang Paragon knockback amount reduced 3 > 1
Bomb Shooter
MOAB Assassin fills a useful role of a pure long cooldown ‘single target assassination’ in the game, but when compared to something like First Strike it feels a little lacking that it is unable to carry damage through MOAB Layers
  • x4x MOAB Assassin ability passes through MOAB layers
  • x4x MOAB Assassin ability explosion centers around the impact target
Tack Shooter
Blade Shooter has always struggled to find much value without MK or as a step to Maelstrom, so to give it build value on its own we feel like this should be a part of the base value on the upgrade.
  • x3x Blade Shooter pierce increased from 6 > 8
Ice Monkey
Lowest tiers of ice monkey are far too effective for their cost against ceramics, with this scaling well all the way to round 100, we feel like ice duration against ceramics needs to be reduced to counter this but for now this reduction will only apply until T3.
  • 000 Ice Monkey freeze duration reduced by 50% on ceramics
  • All T3 Ice Monkeys increase freeze duration on ceramics from 50 > 100%
  • 203 Icicles crosspath now gains camo prio
Glue Gunner
The Bloon Solver’s rework has been very popular, however, we’d like to have a better lead up into the new mechanics by introducing this earlier at the tier 4 now.
  • 4xx Bloon Dissolver now creates puddles on track leading up to Bloon Solver, puddles deal 1 damage, all other stats and crosspath benefits are the same.
Sniper Monkey
This will allow Cripple MOAB to take out regular MOAB layers in one shot until round 100; for such a slow attacking single target tower we feel this will help top path flex, even if mostly for show.
  • 5xx Cripple MOAB damage increased from 80 > 280
Monkey Buccaneer
Reworking Grape Shot crosspathing as it gains far too much crosspath value by T2 but then is lacking in purpose at higher tiers, double shot will only work as one extra grape however Destroyer will now apply its full attack rate buff to the grapes and Flagship will equip aspects of Grape Shot on the mini planes.
  • 210 Grape Shot total projectiles reduced from 10 -> 6
  • 310 Destroyer also reduced from 10 > 6 grapes
  • 310 Destroyer now increases grape attack rate twice as much, matching increase to the regular attack
  • 410 Aircraft Carrier planes radial attack now fires an arc of grapes instead of darts
  • 410 Aircraft Carrier planes radial Emission Angle 360 > 90
  • 410 Aircraft Carrier planes radial projectile count 8 > 6
  • 410 Aircraft Carrier plane grape projectile speed 100 > 200
  • 420 Aircraft Carrier planes radial projectile art: dart > hot grape
  • 420 Aircraft Carrier planes radial damage type Sharp > Fire
  • 400 Aircraft Carrier plane radials damage 1 > 2
  • 4xx Aircraft Carrier missiles now follow tower target priority
Monkey Ace
Spectre is shifting a little of the ceramic bonus around into basic all damage at the cost of reduced pierce, which should make up for lack of single target damage while also making the pierce crosspath more necessary when being used for cleanup focus.
  • xx4 Spectre Dart damage increased 3 > 4
  • xx4 Spectre Dart ceramic bonus reduced 2 > 1
  • xx4 Spectre Dart pierce reduced 15 > 10
  • xx4 Spectre Bomb damage increased 2 > 3
  • xx4 Spectre Bomb ceramic bonus reduced 4 > 3
  • xx4 Spectre Bomb pierce reduced 30 > 20
Heli Pilot
Even with the map-range advantage, rotors are weak compared to any other constant AoE circle like this. Chinook feels like it’s near a place we are happy with now, however we want another tiny nudge on cost while keeping cash generation value the same. Pushing some higher values on the last Comanche Commander changes as the missile attack is effectively such a small portion of the tower’s total damage late game.
  • 302 Razor Rotors will now benefit from the faster firing crosspath
  • 3xx Razor Rotors cooldown rate 0.75 > 0.5
  • x4x Support Chinook price reduced from $10500 > 9500
  • x4x Support Chinook supply crate cash generated reduced $1650 > 1,550
  • x4x Support Chinook max uses per round reduced from 3 > 2
  • xx4 & xx5 Comanche mini's follow the target priority set on their main Heli
  • xx5 Comanche Commander missile damage 7 > 15
  • xx5 Comanche Commander missile moab bonus 5 > 8
  • xx5 Comanche Commander mini's missile dmg 5 > 15
  • xx5 Comanche Commander mini's missile moab bonus 5 > 8
Mortar Monkey
As the Rapid Reload crosspath has actually fallen behind in value compared to Burny Stuff for top path Mortars we want to try a slight stun duration increase as this buffs the base path with a larger benefit to Rapid Reload mortars as a stalling option. Mortar consistency is lacking at x3x making it tough to spend on even though x4x is fairly good, so some of the T4 rate is shifting down to help out with this. As the camo property has grown quite weak and currently Signal Flare is considered the best decamo tool, we want to push back slightly on its cost and by reducing the blast radius of the decamo area while emphasizing crosspathing for effectiveness there.
  • 4xx The Big One stun duration non-MOABs increased from 0.5s > 0.75
  • 5xx The Biggest One stun duration MOAB increased from 0.3s > 0.5
  • 5xx The Biggest One stun duration BFB increased from 0.2s > 0.3
  • 5xx The Biggest One stun duration DDT increased from 0.2s > 0.3
  • x3x Heavy Shells attack delay reduced from 1.08 > 0.81
  • x4x Artillery Battery attack rate buff reduced from ¼ to ⅓ (remains the same rate: 0.27)
  • xx3 Signal flare cost increased $700 > 800
  • xx4 Shattering Shells price reduced from $11,000 > 10900
  • xx3 Signal Flare decamo radius reduced from 50 > 43
  • 103 Signal Flare decamo pierce increased by 5 > 10
  • xx4 Shattering Shells burn DoT deals moab bonus +5
Super Monkey
As Engineer sentries do this already, newly spawned Mini Avatars from temples will now by default match the target priority of the temple.
  • 4xx Sun Temple's Magic Sacrifice mini Sun Avatars when placed will spawn with the same target prio as their parent tower
Ninja Monkey
We’re changing the Ninja Monkey Paragon’s focus as a fighter against camo, as we feel like a greater strength and tactical value against camo will be the full reveal of all camos rather than all camo removal.
  • Ascended Shadow now grants global camo detection for all your towers
  • Ascended Shadow no longer strips camo from Bloons with every attack
  • Ascended Shadow main attack gains bonus to camo +6
  • Ascended Shadow Flash Bomb Explosion gains bonus to camo +20
  • Ascended Shadow Flash Bomb Shurikens gains bonus to camo +16
  • Ascended Shadow Sticky Bomb Projectile gains bonus to camo +3200
  • Ascended Shadow Sticky Bomb Explosion gains bonus to camo +700
  • Ascended Shadow now deals 25% damage to all non-Boss MOABs that spawn
Alchemist Transforming Tonic is in a weird spot with the transformation unable to attack through walls when the base alchemist is able to. Also with this, including a QoL fix for the T5 that currently prevents transformed towers from functioning with target priority.
  • x4x Transforming Tonic transformed alchemist can now ignore line of sight
  • x5x Total Transformation towers transformed by the x5x will keep their Target Priority
While the tornado doesn't do anything to MOABs, it still spends itself on them which wastes a relatively long cooldown, so addressing this flaw. Avatar of wrath doubles the base attack speed before any scaling is applied, but this hasn’t ever applied to the 205 Lightning, so taking care of that as well. Housekeeping - even deep in the forest, it does actually make life better.
  • 3xx Druid of the Storm’s Tornado no longer targets MOAB-class Bloons
  • x3x Druid of the Jungle no longer pops Lead Bloons without 130 crosspath
  • x3x Jungle Vine follows target prio of tower instead of strong
  • x3x Jungle Vine defaults tower to strong priority when purchased
  • 205 Avatar of Wrath base Heart of Thunder attack rate increased 2.3s > 1.15
Spike Factory
We’ve heard the feedback, so Spiked Mines get a tweak to get more mines exploding but with less pierce on each, to overall increase quality of life in more frequent use but less wasted pierce. This will help out with some of the problems it has scaling into late game super ceramics.
  • 4xx Spiked Mines pierce increased from 12 > 20
  • 4xx Spiked Mines explosion pierce reduced from 40 > 30
  • 4xx Spiked Mines DoT damage increased from 1 > 10
  • 5xx Super Mines explosion pierce remains at 60
  • 5xx Super Mines DoT damage increased from 1000 > 2500
Monkey Village
A minor QoL for cheap Monkeyopolis creation, we included a small base amount of cash production to the generation formula.
  • xx5 Monkeyopolis income formula now includes a base +$2500 minimum
The 005 crosspath fix in the last update left XXXL Trap slower than previously even if crosspathed to 205, so we are increasing that base 005 slightly to match up the 205 crosspath again so that it isn’t any slower than before.
  • xx5 XXXL Trap attack cooldown reduced from 5.8s > 4.6
Beast Handler
As our newest tower to be added to BTD6, we went over feedback for every path and made a large number of adjustments addressing a variety of points.
  • 3xx Great White thrash rate benefits from speed buffs
  • 3xx Great White damage increased 4 > 8
  • 3xx Great White max extra damage from merge increased 8 > 16
  • 3xx Great White max attack rate buff from merge increased 0.20634 > 0.38
  • 3xx Great White extra thrash knockback duration from merge increased 0.1 > 0.2
  • 4xx Orca thrash damage increased 20 > 30
  • 4xx Orca thrash max extra damage from merge increased 40 > 60
  • 4xx Orca max attack rate buff from merge increased 0.37829 > 0.38
  • 4xx Orca thrash radius increased 20 > 24
  • 5xx Megalodon price reduced from 55,000 > 45,000
  • 5xx Megalodon thrash radius increased 30 > 36
  • 5xx & x5x Beast handler paths are now overclockable
  • x4x and x5x Max Merge Bonus: Overkill damage on MOABs now distributes to the children of that target
  • xx1 Gyrfalcon path deals +1 damage to Regrows to stop accidental infinite regrow farms
  • xx3 Golden Eagle pierce increased 12 > 15
  • xx3 Golden Eagle pierce range increased 24 > 30
  • xx3 Golden Eagle ceramic pierce penalty reduced from +3 > 1
  • xx3 Golden Eagle Max Merge Bonus: Now grabs MOABs with pierce penalty +14
Removing the stacking aspect of Gwendolin’s burn damage over time, but increasing the damage as she levels up so that it actually scales up in power now.
  • Lv6 Gwendonlin main attack DoT stack count 0 > 1
  • Lv6 Gwendonlin main attack DoT damage increased from 1 > 2
  • Lv9 Gwendonlin main attack DoT damage increased from 1 > 4
  • Lv10 Gwendonlin main attack DoT damage now increases by 1 per additional level
While they are complicated individuals, Adora can now fully appreciate the sacrifice of the newest Monkeys in the struggle against the Bloons.
  • Lv7 Blood Sacrifice can now be used on Beast Handlers
Admiral Brickell
We aren’t happy with strats that start looking like exploits with frequent sell-replace loops.
  • Upon Selling Brickell - all of her placed Mines are now expired along with her as well
Psi’s stalling out of the end of round is an odd mix of useful / annoying / out of control, so we are for now capping this to a 3 seconds of overtime stalling. Psi’s Psychic Blast ability also has weirdly low pierce for a long cooldown ability with no damage, we are increasing the base pierce greatly but it no longer increases in pierce at Lv7 since the extra pulse brings more pierce anyway.
  • If no Bloons are left unpopped on screen aside from ones Psi is currently holding & destroying, these Bloons will be destroyed after a maximum of 3 seconds
  • Lv3 Psychic Blast pierce increased from 50 > 200
  • Lv7 Psychic Blast pierce increased from 100 > 200
Event / Boss / Relic / Knowledge
  • All Lych Soul variations can now be stunned/slowed by paragon tier upgrades
Looking Forward
Five months of 2023 done and dusted, which feels to us like it has zoomed by, perhaps because the Auckland office where the BTD6 team is based has only just reopened after the severe flooding at the end of January. All of Update 36 and the majority of Update 37 were completed while again working from home, but we’re very excited to have the office repairs done, the flood wall almost finished, and the ability to work shoulder to shoulder again on fun new things for the monkeyverse! Here’s the latest gaze into the crystal ball:
  • Update 38 Key Content
    • New Boss - Phayze: another all new Boss concept and play style, not giving any other hints apart from the name itself
    • Summer fun: a new Brickell hero skin and a waterpark map aimed toward Intermediate to help keep northern hemisphere summer cool
    • Quests: continuing to build new quest system features and adding a few new Quests to the list
  • Update 39 Key Content
    • Map Editor: under construction since last year with internal systems testing happening during 38.0 development, we are super excited to put map creation tools in player hands on as many platforms as possible when it goes live
    • New Hero - Spirit Walker: another unique design that we’re sandboxing already to make sure it has as much balance and art iteration as possible, again no hints other than the name
  • Update 40 Key Content
    • New Paragon - Monkey Sub: we’ve tagged sub as the next Paragon, so tell the Navarch to stop hoarding all of the Portable Lakes!
    • Stretch Goals - Boss Rush Team Event and CT Themes: lots of unknowns 3 updates out but we have strong plans for a new Team event and new parameters for Contested Territory that will make each CT more dynamic - anything that we don’t get done by end of year will have strong groundwork for next year
  • Console
    • Getting closer to submission on Xbox and PlayStation but this has been slow going. We’ve added another programmer and are working even more closely with platform partners to get through our last issues and launch as soon as possible, but that’s likely at least another 2 months. Switch is still a consideration depending on response to Xbox and PlayStation, as it will require additional bespoke development.
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2023.06.07 01:04 dreamingofislay Isle of Raasay Distillery - visit recap

Isle of Raasay Distillery - visit recap
Just did a series of posts recapping our trip to Islay for Feis Ile 2023. Continuing with that theme, we carried on up to the Highlands and then drove over to Skye, where we've spent the last few days. Today, after hiking up the Old Man of Storr, we hopped the quick ferry across to Raasay, to visit the first (legal) distillery built there. Some quick thoughts:
Not a bad view from Raasay looking back at Skye
  • Raasay's visitor center is gorgeous and well-designed, with room for a small gift shop, bar, a tasting room, an indoor lounge, an area that looks like it could become a cafe or bistro, and ample outdoor seating for the rare days (like today) when it's bright and lovely outside. The actual stillhouse is a staircase up from the bar, so this is a small place, but with a lot to see. You can even stay in their on-site lodgings, which already has me thinking of a return trip ...
The small stillhouse at Isle of Raasay Distillery
  • Raasay, the entire island, has 170-odd inhabitants. On the tour, our excellent guides (Alex and trainee Janie) explained the long history behind that, but mostly it boils down to one rich a-hole who bought the whole island in the 1800s and then tried to drive everyone else off through draconian laws. When the distillery started up, it started employing a significant chunk of the island's populace. Really amazing.
  • Unlike some island distilleries we've visited, Raasay is small enough that it still ages all of its whisky on the island (because space is at such a premium on islands, big distilleries often age the majority of their stock in mainland Scotland). It makes peated, lightly peated, and unpeated malt. For the first two, it sources peat from the Highlands, so it's not using an island-style peat with maritime and seaweed-y notes.
  • The main tasting room features a live edge wood table with the ingredients of whisky written at each place in Gaelic (e.g, water, oak/wood, time, barley, yeast, etc.).
A+ tasting room at Isle of Raasay Distillery
  • We did the tasting with a chocolate pairing instead of the standard tour. But it turns out the two experiences aren't entirely separate. The whole group goes through the tour together and then returns to the tasting room at the end, where everyone tries the same whiskies and gin. The only difference is the chocolate pairing people get their chocolates there with everyone else. It is a bit awkward to have the two tastings together, so some people have the extra bit and some don't, although everyone was enjoying themselves in our crew.
  • Raasay and Skye are both stunning (to be fair, in our eyes, the entire Scottish highlands is one knockout viewpoint after another). We did the obligatory hike up to see the Old Man of Storr this morning. A bit tougher than expected, lots of elevation change!
Some quick notes on the whiskies:
Isle of Raasay Single Malt - The distillery's flagship is a mix of six different whiskies: heavily and lightly peated spirits, aged in three cask types, ex-rye whiskey, Chateau Margaux red wine casks, and virgin oak. Three unusual barrel types, and a huge departure from your typical ex-bourbon/ex-sherry choices. The result is a great encapsulation of their house style: quite fruity, rich, and caramel-laden, but ending with a soft, earthy peat.
Isle of Raasay Distillery Exclusive/Tourism Destination of the Year - To celebrate a recent tourism award, the distillery bottled a tiny batch of Manzanilla sherry casks. My wife raved about this whisky, which started out with a sweeter chocolate note before growing drier with time. A bit of youthful spirit on the palate, but overall a nice dram.
Isle of Raasay Chinkapin Oak Single Cask - Had not heard of this oak type before visiting, but it's apparently what Raasay uses for their virgin oak cases. It imparts flavors that remind me a lot of oloroso sherry aging: sultanas, nuts, and creamy vanilla.
Isle of Raasay Red Wine Single Cask - For some reason, a lot of wine cask finishes or maturations on this trip have given me a slightly metallic note - something I also find in a lot of Redbreast bottlings - and that was the case here as well. Also fruity, but not particularly sweet.
Isle of Raasay Gin - Cheating a bit to include notes on this non-whisky, but it's a part of the tasting. This exhibited tremendous balance between the juniper, some citrus/lemon and orange peels, and other earthy botanicals. I would have sworn cardamom, but they proved I know nothing because it's not in there. Oh well. Pricey at 40 pounds, but very good.
The funny thing is, we've enjoyed our time on Skye without feeling like we need to come back for more. But we loved hanging out at this distillery so much that we now want to come back for Raasay (and maybe even stay there)!
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2023.06.07 00:46 one_headlight My weaning story.

My weaning story starts off with my 28 month old. First off, she had a great latch and was a great eater since day one. I had a bit of an over supply within the first year and a half. She stopped taking pumped milk around 8 months because of high lipase.
Now up until about two months ago she was a milk monster. We were doing the don't ask, don't refuse, but she was bored-eating to he point where everytime I sat down to relax she'd ask to drink. I started with the podcasts and research to found what I could do to help wean. We started with timers and reading books about weaning, but every book would make her want to nurse more. The only one that was successful was Booby Moon by Yvette Reid. We started with timed nursing, started at 8 minutes per session, shortening it by one minute each week. We finally got down to 4 minute timers, with unlimited nursing for nap and bed. There were lots of tears and tantrums at first. We also started talking about the milk fairy in regards to the Booby Moon book, we'd talk about how she was coming soon. She'd was going to take the milk back to he moon soon and we needed to prepare by only drinking at nap and bed time. Our final week, we only had milk at bed time and throughout the night because night weaning is the hardest part right. We counted down the days until the "big moon" and on Sunday evening we colored and set out a a sign for fairy to come. We talked about how this was the last drink of milk and in the morning the fairy would leave her some gifts. Then we had our last nursing session to sleep and only one overnight wake-up and whimper for milk then back to sleep. In the morning, I set out a Pikachu stuffy and a shirt with mushrooms af the moon on it. Things she really likes and would be excited for. That afternoon with her cousins and grandparents we had a small get together to celebrate. We had a cake that said bye bye fairy and she got another little gift. All the kids cheered her on for being brave and turning into a big girl and she spent the night with them.
It's now Tuesday afternoon and she's asked for milk here and there, but when told its all gone she talks about the fairy and thanks her the gifts and milk. Tonight is our first night completely without milk together. 🤞🏼 I'm gonna put large bandaids over my nipples and wear a long shirt tucked into my PJ shorts for less access. It's very bittersweet, of course. I loved nursing and being able to provide nutrients for her thru COVID and a 9 day stomach bug, but I was ready to have my boobs back. I was sick of the toddler twiddle and pinches and the lack of dress options. I'm a bit emotional now, missing the extra cuddles now, but I'll cherish the years we had breastfeeding.
Any tips on ways to be sure I won't have clogged ducts? I feel a little swollen, but not painfully. I've been taking soy lecithin every night for two weeks.
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2023.06.07 00:30 HonestConcentrate947 How I fixed my broken Gaggia

How I fixed my broken Gaggia
I acquired a broken gaggia classic pro for the purpose of tinkering and learning. I have a Breville in our kitchen for everyday. Since I opened the box I ran into a million things I had not anticipated. here here and here. Just wanted to extend a thank you to the awesome community for pointing me in the right direction every time.
I'm also writing down all the things I had to do to get the machine to work so that the next person doesn't have to suffer the same.

In the beginning:

The machine was in disgusting condition, the pump was working, I had steam and no water. Not knowing the history of the machine I decided to take it apart and give it a good cleaning. I essentially followed this video.

Taking it apart:

In addition to taking photos while taking it apart I took an extra minute to compare everything to the wiring diagram and learned my way around. It is really not a complicated machine. Everything is color coded. Number the connectors with a Sharpie and mark them on the diagram and you are golden.

Cleaning and fixing:

- Dezcal and a wire brush did most of the work.
- Fixing the pitting on the sealed surface of the boiler: I had to grind some amount of metal from the mating surface of the boiler with the group head. I ground the surface on a flat piece of marble I have with 80->120->220->300grit sanding papers. It took about 30-40min.
- Gaskets were all torn. I ended up ordering a gasket kit for about $20 from ebay.
- Order a set of pinch clamps while at it. I ended up breaking the clamp on the pump hose to take the boiler out. A set of clamps with a crimping tool is about $20-30 on amazon. 7-8.7mm clamps worked fine. I'm sure you can just buy the one you need and crimp with end cutting pliers.

Putting it back together:

Using the marked wiring diagram and photos it was a breeze.


I finally turned it on aaaaand frustration. Pump is still working, steam is fine, little drops of water out of the group head. My mistake likely was rushing the process and not rinsing the boiler once more before putting it back together. While waiting for the gaskets to arrive for over a week the inner surface either corroded or more flakes fell off and the moment I turned it on they clogged the solenoid.

Finale (retake):

I fixed most of the problem by cycling the water pump while the steam is on like so link Letting the steam pressure build, then turning on water and letting steam and hot water rush out of the group head a bunch of times cleared the clog. First they rushed out little. After a couple of times, things got steamy and wet on my kitchen counter so to speak.
I still ended up taking the solenoid apart because I was not getting anything back in the drip tray after a shot.
Either way, finally success!
Here is my first watery and under-extracted shot to celebrate in my favorite espresso cup from Blue Fern Ceramics (!
I need to dial my shots for this new machine but man I enjoyed it :)
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2023.06.07 00:22 SkipperWoods17 Looking for an extra wristband for Cisco celebration

If anybody is wanting to sell me one, I would be happy to meet them and pay cash, just message me and we can meet up.
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2023.06.06 23:58 Kardolf Upcoming protest thoughts

A little over 11 years ago, a random post somewhere on reddit asked about favorite dog breeds. Most comments had links to subreddits about various breeds mentioned, but I couldn't find anything regarding my puppers, so I created this sub. I had no desire to mod a sub, and honestly had no idea what it would take. My entire goal was to provide a place that our white fluffballs could bring people together to celebrate how much my pups and your pups mean to us.
I'm not a particularly political person and don't usually get involved in protests. However, I want to address what is going on, just to try and answer questions.
Recently, reddit made a decision to start for using their API's. For those who don't know, and API allows developers to "hook into" the reddit environment, and perform functions. That usually shows up in the form of apps, such as Reddit is Fun (RiF), BaconReader, or Narwhal (all of which are popular mobile apps for reading reddit. The APIs also create a range of mod tools which help me prevent spam (sometimes, at least) or deal with malcontents (which we have fairly little of, thank you!!).
For most of the users of reddit, that's not a big deal, and you might even think it's a good idea. After all if reddit is making money outside of ads, we should see less of them. But, for the developers of those apps and tools that we use, this is a massive hit. Many developers built their apps or toolsets as a labor of love. They tried the official reddit app, found it lacking and decided they could help the community. Sure, they might have in-app purchases, or ads, but for the most part, their basic app is designed to improve on the reddit experience, and do it inexpensively. In fact, charging for APIs is a normal business practice. However, the amount of money that reddit will be charging for access to it's APIs is prohibitive. The creators of one app, for example, have been quoted a sum of $20 million per year in API fees to continue providing their service. For a free app.
As a direct result, many of you are going to be impacted. Your methods of accessing reddit are going to be restricted, your choices removed. That is the entire point of this post. If this was only affecting mods or otherwise invisible to the user community, I would likely have never written this.
From June 12 through June 14, many subreddits are going to "go dark" in protest of this action by reddit. Many mods rely on tools that are far better developed than what reddit provides to successfully manage their subs and this is going to cause the mods a great deal of extra work. Some mods have publicly stated that their subs will simply go away if the situation becomes too burdensome. Some of you may have seen comments about this, some may be surprised when it happens.
I think that's all I'm going to say. I hope each of you get to see your Eskies and give them some love this week. Keep those pictures coming!
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2023.06.06 23:56 williamsus The state of glaives- a guide and a lifestyle

The state of glaives- a guide and a lifestyle


Nine months ago I posted a simple guide to glaives in celebration of my 1,000th kill on my Enigma and as a way of shining a light on a weapon class with a lot of potential. I know DFP and likely various other content creators have cracked 10K kills on their glaives, I was still particularly proud of my achievement as a largely casual player and I'm sure I'm still among the few who still use them. Nine months later and glaives have received numerous nerfs in both the Crucible and PvE, we've been showered with new glaives every season and we've even had two new archetypes of glaives introduced. Since then glaives have seemingly become even less popular in both usage rates and popular sentiment. With a new Trials glaive hot on the market and another 1,000 glaive kills under my belt, I figured now would be a good time for an updated guide to glaives. And perhaps we can decipher why they're so despised, how effective they are in the current sandbox and if they're worth your time.


In case you missed out on my previous guide I will briefly go over the general overview of how to play a glaive. Fortunately we have also gotten more insight as to Bungie's design philosophy regarding their newest special weapons. Bungie has described the glaive as fulfilling a "riot shield" type of fantasy. Already we have a partial answer as to the derision that glaives can cause. People generally seem to hate riot shields in first person shooters because they slow down the gameplay and can feel frustrating to fight against. Nobody likes feeling like they are not doing the damage they should be.
All three special ammo archetypes of glaives kill in two projectile hits at 10 resilience as well as three melee swings. I will caution you to mainly stick to shooting, rather than poking. A shame, I know. It's also important to note that a glaive projectile is not hitscan and instead has travel time that is influenced by the range stat of the glaive. This means that the projectiles landing can feel inconsistent at times.
So the gameplay loop of a glaive involves building shield energy through landing projectile hits. This shield gives you 50% damage reduction at the cost of slower movement. Playing around your shield is the goal of a glaive, not stabbing with it. Carrying this damage reduction into the next fight can be a powerful tool and catch enemies off gaurd. This however means that landing the first shot of the engagement is crucial to success and highly punishing if you miss. I recommend aerial playstyles and sneaky movements to get the first shot off. The skill ceiling of a glaive comes in it's game of resource management. Positioning, shield energy, ammo, and health all command your attention in combat.


We now have available to us 7 different legendary glaives. 5 Adaptive Frames, and one for each of the other two families. While every glaive has different perk pools which can change their value, some have a more obvious PvE focus. I will discuss each archetype and rolls to look for. Let's start with the OG:
The king here is quite new. The new Trials glaive- Unexpected Resurgance. It has the best stat package, will be able to take adept mods, has a pretty stellar perk selection, and has a useful origin trait to boot. Second place here will be The Enigma- the first glaive. It can roll the most desirable PvP perks and has great stats as well. Any other Adaptive glaive is inferior to these two for the sake of the Crucible.
Perk selection on glaives is fairly homogenous unfortunately. There isn't that much that helps them find success, so the few feasible perks are essentials. With both of these glaives I have to recommend Impulse Amplifier. The increase to velocity is a must-have for consistency. Landing that first shot for the shield is so important, anything to help secure projectile hits is too good to pass up. In the other column things are more up in the air. I'd recommend Unstoppable Force. The perk gives a 20% damage bonus when blocking damage with your shield, which comes up quite often. This perk can ocassionally lead to hilarious multikills. However, there are other notable perks. Joltshot could be fun, Vorpal is likely undervalued as glaives are surprisingly already pretty decent at knocking out supers, Swashbuckler sounds great but you may not find success when going out of your way to melee. Same goes for the perk Close To Melee.
Speaking of, if you're trying to conserve ammo, the Adaptive family can use one projectile followed by one melee to automatically kill any guardian with resilience 9 or lower. Also worth noting that each archetype shares the same melee damage at 68 per swing. The projectile damage for this archetype sits at 132 damage per shot.
Currently there is one glaive in this family- the new dungeon glaive, Greasy Luck. As the name suggests, it shoots faster with lower damage output. Each projectile hits for only 106 damage. So it can secure a two projectile kill at any resilience, but just barely. Overshields and healing may hinder this glaive moreso than usual. However, getting those shots off faster is quite the boon. Honestly, I haven't played with Greasy Luck much. I plan to and if I learn anything unique about it besides the new archetype, I'll be sure to update this guide. As it sits, the best PvP roll is the same as the Adaptive family's top contenders- you're looking for Impulse Amplifier and Unstoppable Force. There's some good PvE play here too with other perk combinations. This glaive seems unable to kill higher resiliences in one projectile and a melee, so if you're lower on ammo, be prepared to swing two melees after your projectile lands.
Judgement of Kelgorath is the only available Aggressive Frame glaive currently available. And I have to admit I think I undervalued it at first. I was disappointed that the premier glaive perks both sat in the last column and I felt the extra damage wasn't enough to make up for the slower fire rate. I'll say now that I was wrong and this glaive offers some explosive play and consistency that some glaives don't. Each shot lands for 147 damage. The archetype as a whole can secure the one projectile/one melee combo on any resilience. And while I first turned Judgement of Kelgorath into a PvE glaive with Demolitionist and Incandescent, I now plan on pivoting not into either Impulse Amplifier or even Unstoppable Force in the last slot, but to one of the highest damage buffs in the game- Surrounded. This allows Judgement of Kelgorath to kill a full health guardian in one projectile. The only glaive to be able to accomplish this. I know being surrounded by that many gaurdians in PvP may not be very common, but if you've ever gone on a kill streak with a glaive, you know they can be explosive playmakers and turn fights around. On a close range weapon, it just makes sense. Use your first shot to instantly kill one of your opponents and you now have shield energy with a hard hitting glaive for the next couple of guys.
Now, I haven't much discussed barrel, magazine, and masterwork options, and I'll say it's largely dependent on the weapon I generally like to go for shield energy, especially since I normally have Impulse Amplifier. Since we won't for Judgement of Kelgorath, you may be looking for a combo of shield energy and range to increase that projectile velocity. The first main trait slot is users preference but Shot Swap is there for handling, then several perks to help with the slow reload, and a couple to help your shield's viability like Immovable Object or Tilting at Windmills. The Ambush origin trait is excellent as well.
Honestly I'd love to do more testing as to the efficacy of speccing into Airborne Effectiveness on a glaive, but currently I wouldn't recommend Icarus Grip. Faster handling can always be useful but I actually normally go with Radar Booster which I find surprisingly uncommon.


Generally speaking I notice that glaives do best when paired with highly mobile builds that add in elements of healing or overshields. This automatically makes solar and void my favorite subclasses to pair with a glaive. Healing grenades on solar are fantastic and throwing one right at your feet when you're low and coming back out with full health and a your glaive shield up is highly potent. Then with void you can get overshields or devour going quite nicely. I'm sure arc hunter with blink and arc titan with a thruster are good alternatives, but they lack safety from healing. I stray away from Stasis and Strand with a glaive but I'm sure there are specific builds and exotics you can pair with any subclass to give them some glaive viability. Before we move on to specific exotic armor that pairs well with each class, I'll also recommend the chest piece mod Lucent Blade on any build to help the glaive with shield energy.
With a glaive build I lean into recovery with some resilience, while I treat both mobility and strength as dump stats to lower as close to 1 as possible. Mobility matters a little less (unless you're a hunter) and I'm being slowed down by the shield anyways. Strength is less valued because you cannot use your powered melee with a glaive equipped. Discipline and intellect can be adjusted freely for different builds.
Titans don't have many exotics that directly tie into a glaive playstyle, and the ones that do mostly buff the melee. Pretty useless in PvP. So, instead we look to any number of useful neutral game exotics. One Eyed Mask since you're blocking damage anyways, Anteus Wards to help guarantee the first shot for shield energy, Crest of Alpha Lupi for quick healing, ACD0 Feedback Fence to help out with anybody who gets too close, etc. The options are limitless, I'd be interested to hear any other ideas for a Titan's glaive build!
Hunters have access to the only glaive specific exotic in the game- Triton Vice. Too bad it doesn't seem particularly great or useful. I'd actually rather go with Wormhusk or Bakris for conventional, everyday use. However, I will say that I could have fun pairing Triton Vice with the Hunter specific exotic glaive- Edge of Concurrence or an Incandescent or Volt Shot glaive for extra explosions, plus since you're encouraged to match the glaive and subclass element, you would be on arc with Edge of Concurrence so you could use blink as well. Unlikely to be overwhelmingly efficient though.
My main class. So I speak with the most experience here. Again, neutral game exotics are going to be most appealing, though it's hard at times to reject the allure of posion melees with Necrotic Grips... but no. I recommend going with Transversives with any subclass because the sprint speed to close the distance or run with a close range weapon is valuable, and the auto reload actually saves my skin constantly believe it or not. Alternatively, Wings of Sacred dawn for extra damage reduction and to throw off your enemies with aerial play is surprisingly good, hilarious fun. Lastly, Astrocyte Verse blink with a devour focused build is absolutely nuts at times and I need to use it more as I have a hard time leaving solar and icarus dash alone.
While glaives are fairly versatile and can reach out and touch mid range, I wouldn't highly recommend rocking anything too close range. SMGs and Sidearms are largely off the table (though you can make it work, a lot of SMGs also touch mid range anyways). Instead bows and scouts offer some appeal but the main draw here is hand cannons and pulse rules. If we're talking straight up usefulness, it'd be hard to ignore how good High-Impact pulses specifically are. No Time To Explain, The Messenger and numerous others will serve you well. Lately I've personally been trying out Randy's Throwing Knife and it's been a blast. Most good glaives also don't take up the exotic slot, so the world of exotic primaries is open to you. I personally also scored hundreds of kills with Lumina while using my glaive, and the damage bonus is substantial.


We now have access to 5 exotic glaives. Three class specific glaives, Vexcalibur and the heavy slot glaive- Winterbite. We will briefly review them.
The Titan exotic glaive. Functioning as a normal glaive, the unique function is exchanging a fully charged glaive shield into a mini-Ward of Dawn. While absolutely hilarious and amazing, it's pretty bad.
Though it has some PvE utility since it works with Helm of Saint 14 now, it isn't useful in PvP. And I'll just go ahead and say that all three of the exotic glaives are pretty bad and it's mostly because the trigger to the unique function of each is full glaive shield energy. Not only does this mean that you must land at least 4 shots to fully charge your shield, but it also means that you cannot even use your shield energy because you're so busy consuming it for the special function. I'm sorry, but I'd rather use my entire shield to fight than to pop a small and short lived Ward of Dawn.
This might be the best class exotic glaive for PvP (which isn't saying much at all). This one at least offers an interesting choice between your defensive natured shield energy and your offensive natured exotic ability to shoot a tracking bolt of lightning at someone. I could see this one making some fun clips with limited utility, but let's be honest, if you can make this glaive work then you could make most legendary glaives work better.
I want to love this glaive so bad. I use Lumina and Boots of the Assembler so much, so the idea of using a healing glaive is so appealing. But it's just not good. In fact, it's downright terrible. In exchange for full glaive shield energy you can deploy a healing turret that shoots allies. Even with it's buff, I've never seen it used. Not in PvE and especially not in the Crucible. This might be the worst glaive in the game.
What a fun, unique exotic. I have limited use with it in PvP and I must say I like normal glaives better just for the added range and longer glaive shield, but I could see some potential here. The Vexcalibur shoots 5 pellets like a shotgun with limited range. Each pellet does 29 damage for a total of 145 damage if they all land. The shield is then also quick to drain, but grants an overshield instead. Melee kills refresh and extend your void overshield. This could have potential with void specific builds. All in all this is more of a PvE weapon, but I will be keeping my eye on it and upgrade it further soon to see it's full potential. If all pellets land the Vexcalibur can indeed pull off the one shot/one melee combo against any resilience.
The first heavy glaive. So I actually had no idea as to how this thing worked in PvP until I started doing testing for this write-up. Turns out it seems pretty fun and surprisingly potent. So without any ammo the Winterbite actually still retains the standard 68 melee damage per swing. Not insanely useful but it's already doing more than any other heavy weapon without ammo. With ammo, the exotic perk gives it added melee damage which allows it to kill in two melees instead of three with each swing doing 101 damage. Each heavy brick give only one ammo (like a rocket launcher). This projectile is better than I thought it'd be. It's a little slow but seems to find it's target well enough and does a whopping 381 damage. I'm unironically going to rock this glaive more in PvP.


My last guide had an entire section dedicated to glaive counters. Glaives have been hit with repeated nerfs in PvE and PvP since then. So instead of only talking about specific counters, I figured I could wrap things up by talking about the history of glaives and their place in the meta as a whole. As far as counters go, I don't feel the need to point many out specifically because you don't need anything specific to counter a glaive. Even with 50% damage reduction, in all likelihood you will kill any glaive used with your special weapons or plinking away with a primary. When glaives dropped with Witch Queen, glaive shields carried a hefty 75% damage reduction. While still not topping usage charts, they were actually very potent in this state. They were kept at bay by the underwhelming ammo economy. You would only gain one ammo back per special brick. Given that it takes two shots to down a guardian, this annoyed players and steered them away. However, with the starting ammo reserves of around 4 shots, I actually found this to be the healthiest glaive meta. They were absolutely explosive playmakers that could wipe out entire teams, but you had to be very careful with your ammo. And this is a point I need to iterate that I believe many fail to consider: half the ammo means half glaive shield buildup. Not only does more ammo mean more potential kills, but it's also double the glaive shield buildup and it's far less punishing to miss a shot. This also made the one projectile/one melee combo to be "canon" and legitimately useful when low on ammo, truly leaning into the hybrid firearm/melee fantasy.
When they doubled the amount of ammo received per brick to 2 and the community was starting to really talk about damage reduction in PvP more, Bungie got scared and nerfed glaives several times before usage rates even got high. Now, I will admit, glaives were very powerful when they first changed the ammo economy. But the nerfs we received were numerous. Ignoring the many PvE nerfs, they still nerfed projectile damage, Unstoppable Force's damage bonus and of course reduced the 75% damage reduction from the shield to 50%. One or two of these changes were warranted. But all of them combined lowered the utility to nothing. Glaives are not good in the current meta. I find some success with them, but it's through building into them, practice, and doing everything I can to trick and outsmart my opponents. I play on console. I've done some PC lobbies and can also guarantee that it's even more difficult to make work against opponents on mouse and keyboard. I've seen reaction times that kill me in the time between my projectile landing and my glaive shield coming up. And special weapons just chew through the shields regardless.
My thoughts on buffing glaives in the Crucible would be either reverting many changes including the ammo economy changes. Higher damage reduction with special ammo bricks only giving one shot. Alternatively, if they're going to do less damage, with less damage reduction then other aspects of the glaives should be changed. Perhaps faster strafe speed at base to move easier from cover to cover. Perhaps a base velocity or range buff for all glaives or even converting them into hitscan weapons. Perhaps more melee damage. It's Bungie's world and we just live in it. Speaking of, where's my stasis glaive with chill clip, BUNGO?!


Glaives offer one of the most unique and involved playstyles in Destiny 2. While not the most effective in the Crucible, they have a high-skill ceiling that can be fun to climb. They draw the ire of many in the first person shooter genre and will guarantee twice as many hate messages and t-bags. Despite it all, they stay glued to my inventory and are my favorite weapon class. I hope that this write-up made you consider taking a glaive for a spin for one or two matches and maybe even changed some hearts and minds. If any information I provided is inaccurate or you have counterpoints, I welcome discourse. I don't often do stuff like this but I noticed a distinct lack of glaive information out there and wanted to bring some attention to the weapon type I most wanted to master. I'd love to hear or see your favorite glaive moments and plays. Build ideas, weapon pairings, and perk combos I didn't mention are all welcome. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to cross paths or cross glaives. - Lupus_Bellator
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2023.06.06 23:28 LethalLariat Do they still tape shows before RAW?

I’m going to RAW in Cleveland on the 19th and was curious to know if they still taped Main Event or any show before RAW? I live an hour away, but also work so trying to get a sense of what time to leave lol. I went to Smackdown in Pittsburgh last December when Angle had his birthday celebration and all they had was a cruddy pre-show dark match and nothing post show. Not ungrateful by any means, but they always had extra matches a few years ago lol
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2023.06.06 22:22 Careful-Somewhere-63 Streak 263: The guy from Argentina

There was a guy from Argentina who used to write every day here. His streak was the second-largest, only behind Victor. I remember he reached the 365-day mark because he wrote a post celebrating it. But soon after, he vanished. Like, he didn't even write a post saying he'd stop, he just vanished. He was a cool guy, and probably the first good experience I had with Argentineans on the internet (which wasn't the best up to that point). The first contact I had with them was when I played DotA 2. In the beginning, I only played with Brazilians, but I think Valve must've changed the server location or something because suddenly I started playing with many Argentineans and people from other South American countries. I didn't like them because they were way offensive. I couldn't say anything that they would call me a monkey. Plus they were, on average, worse players than Brazilians. But I think this last point could be due to the barrier in our communication. DotA 2 is a game where teamwork is essential.
Anyway, I know they don't represent the Argentinean population. If we were to generalize the Brazilians' behavior in online video games we wouldn't be much better off, really. The fact of the matter is, gamers represent only a small portion of the population. They are way more toxic than the average. Or maybe it's just that video games make a normal person more toxic. When someone is on the internet, they're somewhat anonymous, so they can talk shit without any real backlash. Also, some games can be real stressing, especially if you're a competitive individual. That extra stress could make someone more impatient and aggressive.
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2023.06.06 21:33 No_Owl_4440 New DM with New Player friends - Writing a campaign primer (3 pages minimum to not overwhelm the players) Need Advice

New DM with New Player friends - Writing a campaign primer (3 pages minimum to not overwhelm the players) Need Advice
Hi there! i'm currently writing a primer for the new players and wanted to ask what to include. I have included an overview of the adventure (without spoilers) character creation options (with the new race owlin) The location of the central campus so that they have an idea of what they would like to do (to ease them into role playing) lines and veils, and the additional mechanics like Exams and Relationship (so that they have the option to opt in or out for these).
We will have our session 0 - character creation in 3 weeks, but thought that it would be nice to provide them with a bit of material to introduce them to dnd and this campaign.
is there anything else that i should include?

ps - I've made a strixhaven acceptance letter that future DM's can use if they like. I'll be giving it to players in a wax sealed envelope as an extra flavour along with the primer (The handbook refered to in the image), a notebook and a dice set (kinda like a welcome pack to celebrate us embarking on this campaign journey... but thats just me being extra XD
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2023.06.06 21:28 JunkDawgsJunkRemoval Junk Dawgs 5 Helpful Tips

Junk Dawgs 5 Helpful Tips

Helpful Hints to Create a Paw-sitive Space in your Home
Are you tired of living in a cluttered home? Is your yard starting to look like a junkyard? Do you have more junk than you know what to do with? Fear not, because Junk Dawgs is here to help! We’re experts in junk removal, and we’re here to share our top 5 tips for proper junk removal with you.
  1. Have a Hoarder Weight Loss Plan
The first tip for proper junk removal is simple: do not hoard what you don’t need. Look we know it’s not easy when you add up kid’s toys, birthday parties, gifts and cool stuff on Amazon. It can be tempting to hold onto every little thing that comes into your life, but trust us, it’s not worth it. If you haven’t used something in over a year, it’s time to let it go. And if you have more than one of something, consider donating the extras to a charity or giving them away to friends.
  1. Make It a Game
Junk removal doesn’t have to be a boring chore. Make it a game! Challenge your family or roommates to see who can find the most junk to get rid of. The winner gets bragging rights, and a clutter-free home, and extra space to do those work out routines.
  1. Get Creative
Sometimes junk removal requires a bit of creativity. Don’t just throw everything away. Consider repurposing items or turning them into something new. That old dresser could become a beautiful garden planter, and those old tires could become a unique piece of outdoor furniture. The possibilities are endless! If you run out of ideas, there is always TikTok.
  1. Get Some Support
Junk removal can be a big job, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Get your friends or family members involved or hire a professional junk removal company like Junk Dawgs. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your clutter-free space.
  1. Celebrate!
Finally, don’t forget to celebrate your clutter-free space! Throw a party, invite your friends over, and enjoy your newly organized home. You worked hard to get rid of all that junk, so you deserve to celebrate.
There you have it, folks: 5 tips for proper junk removal by Junk Dawgs. Follow these tips, and you’ll have a clutter-free home in no time. And remember, junk removal doesn’t have to be a boring chore – it can be fun, creative, and even a little bit silly. Happy junk removing!
Junk Dawgs
Top Rated Junk Removal Company
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2023.06.06 21:23 XOTIC10 27 [M4F] Los Angeles/California/Online Are you the one?! 🫶🏻

1 Good and Caring Boyfriend available for pick-up, delivery or download for the right person. Free Trials available! Find out more within:
First a few exclusions, offer only available to those who meet the below qualifications:
About Me (Your potential boyfriend ❤️) : * 27 Years Young ;) * Man AMAB * 6’6 tall and roughly 255 pounds * White (Swedish/Jewish ancestry if that matters to you) * Agnostic (I don’t plan to interfere with your religion but please don’t push me to practice yours, If I’m comfortable I may join you for Church events and I’m not afraid of celebrating Holidays. I just simply won’t change my beliefs.) * Wears glasses with blueish eyes * Long brown hair (Don’t message me asking me to cut it for a relationship with you, that’s the biggest turn off ever.) * Pilot in training (hobby) * College educated * Possesses a stable job * Smoke/Drug free human that rarely if ever drinks Alcohol. * Enjoys music/tv/movies daily * Gamer * Anime lover * Archer * Tattoo’d with intention of getting more. I never intend to Tattoo my face, neck or hands. * Open to children, could also live without them. The ball there is in your court.
5 Quick reasons why I’m incredible boyfriend material:
Do I sound fun? Consider this an AMA. Hit me up and enjoy the fact that I’m an open book waiting for a lovely reader 🙏❤️
Please include at least your age and location in your message.
Sometimes my chats don’t work, if you don’t hear back within 8 hours please send a message instead, Reddit can be evil like that
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2023.06.06 20:59 ScratMarcoDiaz Latest Reward from Disney Movie Insiders: Raya and the Last Dragon Lithograph

Latest Reward from Disney Movie Insiders: Raya and the Last Dragon Lithograph
First lithograph I got from Disney Movie Insiders (on sale for 750 points). Got some extra points from the Little Mermaid in-box insert. Anyone else think they’ll release Wish-themed lithographs to celebrate the movie’s release in November?
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2023.06.06 20:55 bigtittysusan Mom keeps deciding who comes to my graduation

I hope this is the right subreddit for this, if not, let me know :,)
So, this week I (F20) am graduating college and it's a pretty huge deal in my family. I'm not the first to go to college, but I am the first to graduate. My younger brother will be graduating high school the day after me as well, for future reference. Everyone in my family has been extremely excited and supportive of me. My mom has been pretty supportive too, but the things she's been doing make me frustrated.
For my ceremony, we received 6 tickets each. I knew who I wanted to invite with my six tickets: my mom, 3 sisters, boyfriend of 2.5 yrs, and brother. My backups were my SIL or my boyfriend's mom; however, my brother, SIL or boyfriend's mom couldn't make it. Before I could even tell my mom though, she told me that she told her boyfriend of 6 months (who I've known for 4) to get that day off and that I saved a ticket for him.
Now, don't get me wrong, I do like her boyfriend; he's a nice guy, he takes care of my mom, and he treats my siblings and I well. But I don't know him on a personal level to be inviting him to something as big as my graduation, and I expressed this to my mom. I told her I wanted that ticket for someone I personally wanted there, but she just brushed me off and told me he already has that day off.
Before I knew my boyfriend's mom couldn't make it, she asked me if I could invite her friend (let's call her Samantha) because she was the one making the invitations for a celebration party we would be having later on. I told her no, I was saving that ticket for boyfriend's mom. She got all huffy and told me that we've known Samantha longer, but I reminded her that I've only met her once or twice.
Then, I requested 2-3 extra tickets. One ticket I wanted for my aunt; when my dad passed away, she was one of the people who was there for my siblings and I the most. However, her and my mom don't talk, but they stay in touch because of my siblings and I. So, I let my mom know that I would be inviting her, and let my aunt know my mom would be there. The other I wanted for a family friend, Helena. But my mom began insisting I give those two tickets to my great uncle and godfather. I got an extra ticket (so that's 3), and at this point I'm hiding it from my mom, because I'm considering inviting one of my closest friends.
My great uncle, I personally don't mind. I know he cares about me, but he doesn't call me or anything. But my godfather is extremely homophobic and has done things to my godfamily (is that a word?) that I don't want to be associated with. All (and I mean all) my siblings + myself identify as LGBTQ in some way. I'm not going to do that to myself or my siblings; it's completely unfair.
Because my younger brother is graduating as well, he's made a list of people he wants to invite because he has limited tickets. My mom is trying to overthrow his invites too by inviting her boyfriend, but my brother told her no, that's completely unfair. He's already had to uninvite one of our older sisters because he can't request extra tickets.
Then my older sister texted me and it made me realize how unfair my mom has been about this. Basically, she (my older sister) texted me last night asking if she could bring the girl she's dating to my graduation dinner. She followed that up with "I know you guys just met her, and I won't invite her to your ceremony, but I do want her to come around more and you guys to know her better."
I'm so frustrated about this, but every time I tell my mom I've had my own plans on who I invite, she tries to make up excuses on why I shouldn't invite people I'm considering. We're planning on having a party for my brother and I, since we're both graduating, and I reassure her that we can invite more people to the party, but she keeps insisting on people we barely know. It feels like it's completely out of my hands and I want to spend this day with the people I know and love the most, family or not.
edited for errors :)
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2023.06.06 20:03 alibubz Itinerary check: 3 Week Honeymoon for first timers

Hi everyone!
My husband and I are headed to Japan for our honeymoon in late October. We’ll be there roughly 3 weeks. We are foodies, and love unique experiences! I want to see it all, but also want to be conscious of my partner - I tend to have a lot more steam and don’t want to burn him out.
Could you take a look at my itinerary and tell me if it looks too packed or if it’s missing anything? I’m also debating doing one more day in Kyoto, and one less day in Osaka.
Im still plugging in some restaurants and cafes I want to visit, but I’m open to suggestions!
Oct 28 -Tokyo - Land at Narita in the afternoon. Settle into hotel and find dinner. (sushi!!!!)
Oct 29 - Tokyo - First full day! Starbucks reserve, Mario Kart Tokyo Bay (?) & shop for halloween costumes (any ideas where??). Shibuya Sky & Coco Curry House
Oct 30 -Tokyo - Disney Sea
Oct 31 - Tokyo - Harajuku, Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, Senso-Ji Shrine & Nakamise-dori market. Halloween Celebrations in Shibuya or Rappongi?!
Nov 1 -Tokyo - Meiji Jingu, Akihabara, Tokyo Sky Tree
Nov 2 -Tokyo - Travel to Kyoto, Ramen Making Class
Nov 3 - Kyoto - Arashiyama - Sagano Romantic Train to Kameoka Station. Cruise on Hzugawa River. Hogon-in Temple & Garden. Walk to Iwatayama Monkey Park. Bamboo Grove.
Nov 4 - Kyoto - Kinkaku-ji, Tea Ceremony
Nov 5 - Kyoto - Climb Fushimi Inari, Toji Temple, Nishiki Market
Nov 6 -Kyoto - Samurai Experience, Explore
Nov 7 - Kyoto - Kiyomiza Dera Temple, Head to Osaka
Nov 8 - Osaka - Dotonburi & Rose Garden Park
Nov 9 - Osaka - Nara Deer Park
Nov 10 - Osaka - Osaka Castle & Osaka Castle Park
Nov 11 - Osaka - Yasaka Shrine, Kuromon Ichiba Market (TBD if we need this extra day!)
Nov 12 - Hakone - Take it easy. We'll be tired by this point - so a stay at a Ryokan with a private Onsen sounds good.
Nov 13 - Hakone - Slow Morning.Travel back to Tokyo.
Nov 14 - Tokyo - Asakusa - Kaninarimon, Nakamise Dori, Pagoda, Sensoji Kappabashi Street
Nov 15 - Tokyo - Leaving it open! Don Quijote probably for some souvenir shopping.
Nov 16 - Tokyo - Fly Home!
Thank you so much!
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2023.06.06 19:43 sendflowersby Vibrant and Captivating: Embrace the Beauty of Orange Roses in a Stunning Bouquet

Vibrant and Captivating: Embrace the Beauty of Orange Roses in a Stunning Bouquet

Embrace the warmth and radiance of a captivating bouquet filled with vibrant orange roses. These stunning blooms are a true testament to the beauty of nature, evoking feelings of joy and enthusiasm.
Each petal boasts a mesmerizing shade of orange, ranging from soft apricot to fiery tangerine, creating a visual feast for the eyes. As the sunlight dances upon their velvety petals, the bouquet becomes a vibrant masterpiece that demands attention.
The enchanting fragrance of these orange roses further enhances the sensory experience. With every gentle inhale, a delicate scent lingers in the air, filling the surroundings with a subtle, yet alluring aroma. It's an olfactory journey that ignites the senses and adds an extra layer of enchantment to the bouquet.
Symbolically, orange roses convey a message of enthusiasm, fascination, and excitement. They are the perfect gift to celebrate new beginnings, achievements, or to express admiration and encouragement. Whether presented to a loved one, a dear friend, or as a centerpiece for a special occasion, a bouquet of orange roses radiates positive energy and conveys heartfelt emotions.
Versatile and captivating, these blooms effortlessly blend with various floral arrangements. Combine them with complementary colors like deep burgundy or soft yellow for a captivating contrast. Alternatively, create a monochromatic masterpiece by arranging them with different shades of orange for a harmonious display that truly celebrates the beauty of this captivating hue.
Whether adorning a wedding ceremony, brightening up a living space, or simply bringing a smile to someone's face, a bouquet of orange roses is a testament to the beauty and joy that flowers can bring. So, indulge in the splendor of these captivating blossoms and let the bouquet of orange roses be a beacon of vibrant positivity and admiration.
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2023.06.06 19:30 estebandesoto Ritual as a source of meaning in life

Years back, I shared a link to this series of articles. I think it's time I share it again, and this time talk a bit about what it means.
In the first article, the authors start by saying that many of us today feel a lack of meaning in our lives, and that ritual is the treatment for this lack of meaning. Though not cited by the article, this is backed up by psychology research.
The article continues:
According to Catherine Bell, professor of ritual studies and author of the preeminent textbook on the subject, ritual has been traditionally defined as an action that lacks a “practical relationship between the means one chooses to achieve certain ends.”
This is really important. I've often thought about practicing magick, then gotten discouraged, because to practice magick is to generate evidence that it doesn't work. And yes, I know about open-label placebo, but if I want open-label placebo effects, I'd do better with hypnosis, which is faster and more efficient.
But the thing I've been missing this whole time is that ritual is not about results--it's about the feeling you get from performing it. If you're doing it as efficiently as possible to get results ... well, according to Catherine Bell it's not even really ritual.
Bell lists six attributes of ritual: Formalism, Traditionalism, Disciplined invariance, Rule-governance, Sacral symbolism, and Performance. There are descriptions in the article, so I won't go into detail here. You should read about them there if you'd like to construct rituals for yourself.
The second article gets into the sacred versus the profane, and liminality. It's an interesting read. I won't talk too much about it, because I couldn't say much more than exactly what the text of the article says. But I will quote this:
Traditionally, the religious man (and here we’re really talking about those who live/d in premodern societies) seeks to experience the sacred as much as possible, for he sees it as the realm of reality, the source of power, and that which is “saturated with being.” For the religious man, the profane feels unreal, and leads to a state of “nonbeing.” In contrast, the nonreligious man refuses any appeal to mystery or to the supernatural.
This, I think, is why I keep coming back here, and /wicca, and /satanists. I want something more than the profane. It's disappointing not having any mystery in life.
The third and fourth articles are also interesting, but in the fifth article is what I consider the final important piece:
Ritual boredom. As you’ve been reading through this series, you may have thought to yourself, “This sounds great in theory, but I’ve done some of the rituals mentioned, and I haven’t experienced any of these amazing supposed benefits.”
Dr. Tom F. Driver calls this common modern experience “ritual boredom.” While he argues that it is caused by rituals being kept too rigidly and not evolving to be more relevant to modern culture, I don’t personally believe that tradition itself is the problem. Two other factors seem more salient to me:
The first is an atrophied attention span. What feels like boredom to some is experienced by another as a meaningful exploration of truth. The first person, confronted with repetition and a current of stimuli much slower than what is experienced on their phone and computer, does not feel there is enough to hold their attention and their mind drifts off to that week’s grocery list. The second person, who has a keen and genuine curiosity, is able to focus in on what is happening and dig deeper into it, asking questions like, “Why do we do this at this point? What does this symbol mean? How are these things connected?” The more they dig, the more the ritual reveals to them, and the more meaningful and interesting the ritual becomes.
Second, ritual boredom can be traced to the postmodern gap between the signifier and the signified. That is, we see rituals and symbols as meaning different things to everyone, or really not meaning anything at all. Take something like Christmas. Originally a Christian holiday (and yes, before that, based on pagan celebrations), it is now something celebrated even by some Jews and atheists. The symbols of Christmas were designed to point towards something, but now symbolize nothing more than a certain time of year and “fun” and “family.” If you don’t believe there are deeper meanings to rituals, then you won’t believe they carry special forces. And in the absence of these elevating and electrifying powers, the ritual is experienced as just boringly going through the motions.
Take New Year’s celebrations. For primitive tribes, they truly believed that each new year they re-founded the world and that in reenacting the primordial deeds performed by the gods during the period of creation, their rituals released some of the potent, transformative power that was present at the very beginning of time. That’s heady stuff. On our New Year’s Eve, we drink, watch a ball slide down a pole, wryly discuss the pathetic statistics for how many people actually keep their resolutions, and go to bed with a sigh, feeling more blah than rejuvenated. The revelry isn’t connected to the gods or mythical ancestors, to mythology or history, or even a strong sense of tradition. We do it because, I dunno, Party City says we should? Because the ritual does not re-create anything, the juices that infuse creative acts, that makes magic and transformation possible, that open up pockets of the sacred are absent, and instead of the ritual feeling extra-ordinary, like a break in the everyday, it feels excruciatingly flat, one-dimensional — like just more of the same.
It seems like every year, particularly around spring, I start feeling this again, and I'm drawn back to this subreddit. These are the things I always get stuck on. I hope that this helps someone else as much as it helps me.
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