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2023.06.07 07:41 Inns4n1ty My dad wants to leave us homeless and go to japan

infos: Im 14M, my mom is 54F and my dad is 47M. my mom and dad have been married for 23 years.
(this is my first post on this place or even on reddit so please excuse any bad writing, also english isnt my native language n im on phone.)
For context on how he acts: My dad is your typical deadbeat father. He works at a pharmacy and usually comes home late, plops down on the couch, watches tv while eating, takes his ipad and watches whatever movie in my parents’ room before sleeping. Hes the type of guy to intentionally make you sad, my mom gets happy when the house is clean so he ruins it, he makes tea gets the paper part of the tea bag and uses it to clean his teeth and then throws it on the floor for my mom to clean up. He wakes up and after using the toilet for his business he doesnt flush or clean the toilet at all, leaves his clothes all around the floor and the pharmacy isnt that great either (it goes on and on) When my mom was 7 months pregnant with me she worked for my father for basically free, quit her own job for him, held a overnight shift in the freezing cold pharmacy while he slept home for a YEAR straight just because he wanted to. When my mom was giving birth he read on a news paper that natural birth is better and makes the baby “smarter” than a c section or anything of that kind (mind you this hasnt been proven at all or any research hasnt gone into it) so he threw a tantrum until the doctors threw him out. He didnt even let my mom have a wedding, they lived in an apartment with broken down furniture and torn wallpaper until my mom broke down begging for new furniture which ended up being the most cheap. He would have no problem sending me to school in ripped clothing and sandals in the middle of winter. He gaslights and manipulates everyone he can. He doesnt have friends so he prevents my mom from getting any by. going in and on and on and on about how his race is the minority and how he hates our country and this usually ends in arguments and causes her friends to leave her. We also never go out unless its out to the forest where my mom doesnt like (he onyl goes to the forest or he throws a tantrums where we go) You can guess how he is.
now onto the story a few years ago (around 7) my mom said that we should move to canada or japan since ourr country is going downhill, he refused. but now that his brother who lives in japan invited him he wants to go, he doesnt know the language m, culture or anything. he wants to sell our pharmacy, our belongings and everything and get up to move. the thing is my uncle hates my mom (his whole family does cuz of her race) my uncle also acts like my father (basically turning my dad into him). they both have god complex and if my dad were to go theres no doubt there would be a disagreement in the first month. my moms family is dead so she cant go anywhere. She cant work in her field because of how hard it is and on top of that she has health problems. My mom tried to kill herself last winter but backed away due to fear of what my dad would do to me. Im scared of her trying again. He also actively searches a way to go to japan either solo or together and when we object he tells us to basically fuck off and that its his apartment his pharmacy and hes the king. I dont know what to do . (she cnat get a joband i cant getsupport us both cuz the cost of living in my country is so high)
idk if needed but shorter version: my deadbeat dad wants to go to japan and leave us to rot
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2023.06.07 07:41 Damin_Shah10 "Which stock market affects the Indian market? "

The Indian stock market may be affected by several global stock markets, but the biggest impact will come from the US stock market. The US stock market is the largest and most influential in the world, and its performance could have a domino effect on other global stock markets, including India.
The performance of the US stock market affects the global economy including the Indian economy through various channels such as trade, capital flows and investor sentiment. A positive or negative trend in the US stock market can create a ripple effect, leading to changes in foreign investment flows, exchange rates, and global commodity prices. Other stock markets that may also affect the Indian stock market include the stock markets of neighboring countries such as China, Japan and Singapore, as well as the European markets. However, the impact of these markets is relatively weaker than that of the US market.
In summary, the US stock market has the most significant impact on the Indian stock market. Other global markets may also affect the Indian market to some extent. It is important for investors to keep an eye on global market trends and news that may affect the Indian market. Virtual trading platforms like StockGro can help investors learn more about the stock market and practice trading strategies in a simulated environment.
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2023.06.07 07:41 Lostman138 China buying a shit ton, of Arab, and Iran oil. Right?

China buying a shit ton, of Arab, and Iran oil. Right? submitted by Lostman138 to tankiejerk [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 07:41 DarthYserim Recovering a deceased player's account

I'll try to be brief-- in light of the recent news, I am terribly anxious to retrieve my dead stepdad's account. Him, my mother, and I all played together back when he was alive. Eight years after his death, this game helped me bring my Mum back from the depths of utter despair. I only know fragments of the stories they created together from this game, but I know that fanfic was how they bonded from the time they were children. It was also a major touchstone between him and I for the short time I knew him, even if I was too young to appreciate it at the time. Moreover, I believe there are characters in his legacy which belonged to my younger brother, who also died recently. If so, they are artifacts of a time before grief visited its terrible malignancy on our relationship.
If the game truly is on life support, I would dearly like to be able to access his account to document what I can. I know it sounds juvenile and stupid, but even just knowing the names of those characters would mean so much. Unfortunately, I know better than to trust Support directly for... the most basic assistance at all, really. Any-- and I mean ANY-- advice anyone has to offer is appreciated more than I can express.
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2023.06.07 07:41 Professional_Self579 Deux moi blind + lala lying

What do we all think of the blind?? Personally I would disappointed if THAT was the big news- that stassi is producing a spin off. That would be cool and I obviously will watch lol but I was hoping for the juice to be something crazy we DIDNT know regarding rachel and Tim. Also, what's up with lala flat out lying? To preface, lala is my favorite. But does she have amnesia ? She said a week ago that she knows what the big secret is and then went on the view a week later acting like a new person that has no idea what anyone's talking about? Let's discuss ....
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2023.06.07 07:40 Long-Return 37m-Looking for a buddy in Los Angeles to chat with and possibly hang with

Just trying to see what’s out there since I found this sub. I’m an active guy in decent shape and looking for someone else who’s active. I like to lift but I’m recovering from an injury so I’ve been taking it light for a while. I’m open to trying new sports out like handball with a bud to stay active. Open to other ideas as well. Hit me up!
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2023.06.07 07:40 ambikajapan Celebrating 25 Glorious Years of Ambika Corporation’s Grand Milestone.

Celebrating 25 Glorious Years of Ambika Corporation’s Grand Milestone.
It's a moment of immense joy and pride for Ambika Corporation as we celebrate our 25th anniversary.
Announcing a Special Celebration for all our dear ones out there. Over the years, we have grown from strength to strength, achieving remarkable milestones and establishing ourselves as a leading name in the industry. We owe this success to the unwavering support and trust of our esteemed customers and partners.
Renowned Music Composer & Guinness World Record holder Pritam to Grace Ambika Corporation's 25th Anniversary Event.
To mark this special occasion, we are thrilled to announce that we are going into full celebration mode! We are happy to announce that Ambika Corporation has roped in the renowned Indian music composer, Pritam Chakraborthy to grace the event and create an enchanting musical extravaganza. As we all know Pritam Chakraborthy has composed music for a wide range of films, delivering chart-topping hits and creating memorable soundtracks. His works encompass various genres, including romantic melodies, peppy dance numbers, and soulful compositions. Some of his notable works include the soundtracks of movies like "Barfi!", "Jab We Met," "Dilwale," "Dhoom," and "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani" “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” "Brahmastra" etc. Pritam's ability to blend diverse musical styles and create captivating tunes has earned him widespread acclaim and numerous awards in the Indian film industry.
Mark Your Calendars
Save the date for an unforgettable experience! Join us on the 28th of September 2023 at the stunning Tokyo Garden Theatre for a grand celebration. Stay tuned for the finalized event time, as we are working on creating a truly remarkable experience for you.
Stay Connected and Win Free Tickets with the Ambika B2C App
We have devised an innovative way to keep you updated and ensure that you don't miss out on any information. We have developed the Ambika B2C app, a user-friendly platform where we will notify you about all the event-related details. To be a part of this grand celebration, all you need to do is download and install the Ambika B2C app on your smartphone. Once you have the app, just click the bell icon on the App’s Bottom part
And just provide your registered email ID here,
If you are already logged in to your Ambika Account, then just click on "Register"
Immediately you will be registered for the lucky draw for Pritam Concert Passes
If luck favors you, you may get a chance to win free tickets to the event!
Make sure to get registered by June 30th. By July 14th 2023 all the 1000 lucky winners will get an exclusive invitation on their registered email ID. Only 1 ticket will be allocated to the lucky winner. Kindly note that the event is exclusively for audience members aged 18 and above only!
Join us in Making History: A Grand Celebration of Ambika Corporation's 25th Anniversary We understand the importance of staying connected, and that's why the Ambika B2C app will serve as your go-to source for all the latest updates, event announcements, and more. So, make sure to stay tuned to the app for further details and exciting updates. Join us in this grand celebration, and let's make this day an evergreen memory that will be cherished for years to come. Thank you for being a part of Ambika’s journey and we can't wait to celebrate this momentous occasion with you! (A small flowchart of the above procedure)
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2023.06.07 07:40 vision20233 Understanding Eye Floaters and How to Handle Them

This article demystifies eye floaters, their causes, and various management strategies, promoting awareness of eye health to prevent serious conditions.
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2023.06.07 07:39 mlebjerg 💻🐍 Market Maker Signals 2023-06-06 🐍💻

💻🐍 Market Maker Signals 2023-06-06 🐍💻

Here is the chart:
Total volume: 3984379
Signal counts:
🔻 Down, 300's 473
➡️ Sideways, 400's 186
💥 Gap it, 500's 231
🤷‍♂️ I am short on shares, 505's 2
🔹 Resistance, 600's 80
💹 UP!, 700's 39
💹 UP!, 777's 0
🔊 Volume coming, 800's 32
🕊️ Trade free, 900's 25
📰 NEWS, 911's 0
🛑 Don't let it run, 1000's 111
🚀 Let it run, 2100's 0
Signals pr. exchange:
NYSE 142
IEX 90
BYX 18
Total 1179
Trades pr. exchange:
FINRA 15199
NYSE 4275
ARCA 3035
BATS 2540
MEMX 2337
IEX 1258
BEX 400
BYX 294
PSX 203
AMEX 181
CHX 53
Total 40978


What is this?
  • This is something i do every marketday, it started with this post, go read it to learn more.
Wut mean?
  • Who is really to say? Some days the signals fit really well, other day they don't, it is still up for debate.
Why do you keep posting these?
  • We are keeping a watchfull on our favorite stock, even if the signals turn out not to be a thing these can still be used to see how a single trading day looked.
Disclaimer: This is not and should not be used as a financial instrument, the information in this post should not be used to make ANY judgement on a trade. I do not sell this information to anyone, it is entirely free and opensource if people want to do it themselves. Github: The chart is HTML that i export from plotly.js and upload it to netlify, a free service to host websites.
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2023.06.07 07:38 PossibleBloods Nigerians support up and coming musicians more than Ghanaians – King Pilla » GhBase•com™-Everything & News Now

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2023.06.07 07:38 xvx613 25M [chat] or new friends please and thank you

Hey! Thanks for taking your time to read this, and if you find me interesting definitely hit me up!
I work in the music industry, so music lovers are definitely welcome. I can talk about it nonstop. I also love art in general. I am covered in tattoos and am not done yet, lol. I play video games sometime(mostly sports games and a bit of CoD) I am also a baseball fanatic, but rest assured we can probably find something in common!
My messages are open, so feel free to reach out 🙏🏻
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2023.06.07 07:37 JSFXPrime4 Oh, so it's only taken The Experts™ at HU - the same university that LARPed the "pandemic" during EVENT 201 - 3+ years to figure out what the ignorant, racist, white supremacist, science-denying Luddites have been saying since the lockdowns began?

Oh, so it's only taken The Experts™ at HU - the same university that LARPed the submitted by JSFXPrime4 to CoronavirusCirclejerk [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 07:37 xvx613 25M can’t sleep, let’s be friends

Hey! Thanks for taking your time to read this, and if you find me interesting definitely hit me up!
I work in the music industry, so music lovers are definitely welcome. I can talk about it nonstop. I also love art in general. I am covered in tattoos and am not done yet, lol. I play video games sometime(mostly sports games and a bit of CoD) I am also a baseball fanatic, but rest assured we can probably find something in common!
My messages are open, so feel free to reach out 🙏🏻
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2023.06.07 07:37 PandaENB I’m lost and seeking advice.

Long Post. I am 21 AMAB, I was practically raised by the internet as I have spent the majority of my life on video games, YouTube, web forums, etc. I am in sort of a bubble.. I don’t have a license, a car, I’ve never had a job, I’ve never had friends, I’ve never been romantically involved with anyone, I’ve never had a night out, my family goes on vacations to different parks yearly, This is probably the only time I get to go somewhere besides a store. I have at least from reading online: severe ADHD, severe depression, severe social anxiety. I struggle with possibly being trans and am attracted to women.
I am an extremely lonely individual.. I have been diagnosed with Autism, depression, and ADHD by a doctor in the past. I just want to note here that I am not suicidal, I have the thoughts nearly every day, multiple times a day but that’s all they are for me, thoughts, it still effects my mood heavily though. These symptoms also appear to line up with bi-polar disorder, though I can’t really tell much myself just by reading a few things. Going off of that I could easily have split personality disorder, and a few other things. I’d need actual professional help to sort what I have out.
I am just mentioning all of this as grounds for well.. My issues currently and why I feel lost. I did not have a good education, some of it is my fault but I also blame others for not helping me more and for having a lot of trouble processing information back then. I often slept through all of my classes online and when I did the work It was ALL guesses. This is from when I started homeschooling (around 1st or 2nd grade I don’t really know how old I even was) to about age 17- I struggled with political and religious thoughts privately. From 16 down, I could have seen myself as a Trump supporter and a phony (struggled with actually believing in anything) christian. At age 16 going into 17 I found myself having some really degenerate thoughts (think incel shit) and it was pretty scary how hate filled I was becoming.
I was able to completely turn my mind around upon nearing age 18. I supported more left-leaning ideas and goals and have only become more and more radical in my mind with struggles facing the left, etc. So, I’m happy I’ve found empathy and a love for humanity I didn’t have before, though I still think I have more room to improve. I’m no longer christian, tbh I never was and never wanted to be nor cared for it. My family is very conservative and religious. Their talk about burning in hell does get to me sometimes when they are ranting but it fades. They have recently fallen down the evangelical and right-wing pipeline thanks to scum like Greg Locke, Fox News, etc but have always been this way to be honest and are too far gone to pull out, at least by me.
They don’t believe in vaccines, believe in tons of conspiracies, etc. Nearing 18 my grades improved quite a bit because I started to really care about my education, now I was held back I think twice (not sure) but I graduated at 19. It was a pretty sad graduation, I actually wanted to start up school again just to improve my grades more but I never went through with that. I want to attend college as well, but I have no idea what to study for.. I have no currently known interests in terms of work, I love gaming, game development? Well, I think designing games is actually pretty boring, sure id love the end result, being the game but I can’t see myself doing this and my ideas are simply too unrealistic for what id be able to create on my own, not to mention it’d take at least a year to even really learn I’d imagine, probably multiple years. And even if I did know what I wanted to study it probably wouldn’t matter cause for multiple reasons it just wouldn’t happen.. Art? I love art, but I have no drawing talent. I know drawing is something pretty much anyone can learn how to do but I have no self-discipline.. This is something I really struggle with, I cannot bring myself to try to do things for a long period of time. I’ve been trying to stop over-eating, working out, taking better care of myself, etc for more than about 7 years at this point. I have gotten better as I get older but not enough, I have not really improved in anything other than my mind.
I have some more interests but nothing I really have career wise and I’m honestly not good at coming up with ideas. I’m also locked out of pretty much everything related to me from my doctors papers to legal documents, etc. I signed something when I turned 18 to give my family full control over whatever it is that I signed. I’ve never managed anything outside of signing a few papers, I have no idea what sort of things I have in those regards. And asking about it always gets shut down by “You won’t understand it” type responses. I don’t know what to do.. I feel trapped and stuck. I decided to try and learn a new language as a way to get some self discipline and so far so good but this doesn't help me with my other issues, as the "stick to it" thing just isn't carrying over to anything else.
Everything is satanic to my family so I find it harder and harder to enjoy anything freely without constant fear of getting caught for something simple as playing a game like well.. Anything because everything is becoming satanic to them, I’m actually hiding that I’m learning other languages as well. I’ve always had to live with this constant state of stress and fear of getting caught doing literally anything because of this but it’s got so much worse. Having to hear about the LGBT cults destroying the world everyday is really hurting me.
I genuinely believe that I could be happy, away from them, talking to therapists, living on my own, making friends and all in all trying to become an individual like anyone else. I do not see a world where I cut them off entirely. If they were anyone else I couldn’t care less but because they are at least to the me that they know very loving and genuinely try their best with what they believe in and would be willing to trade their life for mine in a heartbeat I cannot cut them off. I am also terrified of being alone unless I’m in a moment where I need to be from being overloaded, etc. I don’t think this is just laziness but I find it really hard to do anything from house work to something as simple as ripping up a box. I just feel like a void of nothingness every day now and it’s occurring more and more. Sometimes I randomly get bursts of energy where I can do just about anything but it’s rare.
I’ve tried journalism, it helps clear the mind but not much else. I’ve tried sticking to routines but I fail. I really am trying too, I swear. I’m unable to talk to my family about any of this, there’s nothing that can be done in that regard. And, it would just bring a lot of negatives. I don’t think my family would ever kick me out but if I talked about any of this to them it would definitely result in a lot of shouting, shaming and a loss of internet access and devices. Which is my main source of.. Everything. I’d be so unbelievably more stunted if I never got internet access. Just not sure how to move on with life from here. I'm stuck in my room all day everyday and it's been like this ever since I was little.
I've heard a lot of self help advice over the years and I can't say that any of it has ever helped.
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2023.06.07 07:37 FashionStadoStore Office Wear Kurti- Unique Blend of Elegance and Style

Office Wear Kurti- Unique Blend of Elegance and Style
A Office Wear Kurti set is a great option whenever it comes to office wear. Visiting will let you come across the right type of office-wear kurti that will neither be too flashy nor boring.
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2023.06.07 07:36 WhoAmIEven2 Are there sports other than hockey that go without proper best on best tournaments for a long time?

In hockey we haven't had a proper best on best for 9 years. We "had" one in 2016 but it was ruined by two meme teams because they didn't want to invite every country so they only invited the top 7 countries and the rest joined a cojoint team of the best players from the other countries, and the other team were American players under 23.
Are there other sports that are without proper best on best for long periods of time?
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2023.06.07 07:35 Tall_Pace_7274 Join our Discord Server for latest and top cryptocurrency news, blogs, crypto coin prices, charts, airdrops, ICO, IDO

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2023.06.07 07:35 artpile AM POETRY

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2023.06.07 07:35 itechnolabs Low-Code or No-Code Development: What is The Future Of Application Development?

Low-Code or No-Code Development: What is The Future Of Application Development?

In the 1970s when cell phones were developed and used for communication purposes and greatly advanced technologies, nobody thought that the use of the Mobile phone will become so common and necessary that the survival of human life like businesses, and studies will depend on it.
Nowadays if businesses want to survive in a competitive market businesses must have to concentrate on Mobile applications to connect to this customer by providing valuable information. Sectors like sports, fitness, and mobile provide their goods and services.
With the rapid technological change, Mobile Applications to are changing by using various technologies like AI, VR, AR, and blockchain, which shows that the place of the mobile application will not slow in near future.
Read more about Low-Code or No-Code Development
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2023.06.07 07:34 S_M_Y_G_F How many of you in here are actually making changes to your lives?

All I ever see is complaining…
I hate my life, I have no luck on dating sites, girls don’t like me, etc. When people make good suggestions, the majority of the time there seems to be an excuse as to why you can do x or y.
Go out, be social.
You know what gets a bad rep but actually has a friendly and helpful culture? The gym! Get fit (if you aren’t already) and socialise with other people who are all doing the same thing. Same goes for skateboarding, it is the friendliest culture I have ever known… if you’re legit trying and having fun, people will respect that. Sports not your thing? How about volunteering? Meet a wide variety of different people who just want to help others. How about board game or video games? There are welcoming groups for whatever you’re into.
You will meet potential future partners naturally, but you’ve got to stop thinking of everyone you meet as a potential partner. Just talk to them as a normal person.
Ugly or fat? So am I, but my partner loves me for who I am. Looks are nothing to do with finding a partner.
You know what doesn’t attract people? Creepiness, begging, acting like you’re owed something or that you’re so hard done by.
The majority of you in here are living a better life than half of the rest of the world is.
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2023.06.07 07:34 zoob32 We need to ban advertising.

Advertising is ruining everything and has been for a long time, we need to put limits on it.
I'm talking the whole kit and caboodle. Junk mail flyers, billboards, youtube/video sponsors segments, websites selling data to advertisers, tv/radio commercials, banner ads, etc. Literally everything nowadays is just advertisements or things to sell advertisements.
News websites don't care about news now, they just want clicks to have better ad revenue. Tv stations churn hot the cheapest shit they can do that will get eyes so they can sell ads without spending too much. Websites promote algorithms to keep you engaged longer with their platform so they can sell advertisements or track your data better and sell that to marketers so they can advertise. Reddit kills off third party apps so they force traffic through their own app to increase ad revenue. Youtube runs 10 thousand ads a video, the video also has a sponsored segment that has nothing to do with video subject matter. Social media posts are just ads for companies disguised as real posts.
Pretty much everything you interact with nowadays is purely there to drive ad revenue. Ads seriously need to be limited if not banned. I also get it, ads or selling data to advertisers pays for most of the internet, tv, radio, etc. Too fucking bad. This shit needs to stop, it's gone too far and will only get worse if we don't do something. Those personalized augmented reality ads from minority report? Yeah those are coming. Are you ready to be walking through a park and have an ad blast at you? Ready for verification cans? It needs to stop. We need to put in place regulations, and yes it will drastically change how large swaths of companies run their businesses and i don't care.
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2023.06.07 07:33 A_horse_a_piece77 CDC Warns that Pride Events Could Spawn Massive Monkeypox Outbreak While The New Deputy Coordinator For Monkey Pox Appointed By Biden Is A Proud Satanist

CDC Warns that Pride Events Could Spawn Massive Monkeypox Outbreak While The New Deputy Coordinator For Monkey Pox Appointed By Biden Is A Proud Satanist
Only weeks after approving revamped guidelines that allow gay men to donate blood without previously-required screening for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases largely prevalent in the LGBT community, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sounded the alarm for a potential outbreak of monkeypox.
In an ominous assessment issued late last month, the CDC warned that an “uptick in mpox cases in Chicago that began in mid-April underscores the risk of renewed mpox outbreaks, which we judge is substantial across the United States.”
Mpox, the preferred moniker since monkeypox was cancelled as racist by Biden regime leftists, has remained relatively rare in the general population while persisting to cause concern for LGBT communities where transmission rates are highest.
The concern gained added urgency last month with the looming onslaught of so-called Pride Month parades, festivals and protests.
“CDC continues to assess that the risk of resurgent mpox outbreaks is substantial in the United States,” the agency wrote in its May update. “The risk of outbreaks could further increase as people gather this spring and summer for festivals and other events with high potential for skin-to-skin contact or increased sexual activity.”
Adding to the potential crisis, the CDC also acknowledged that it was exploring a theory that the monkeypox virus “may have evolved mutations to evade the two-dose Jynneos vaccines that were rolled out last year to protect against it,” CBS News reported.
The possible mutations were detected “in a cluster of cases” around Los Angeles, which officials said indicated that drug-resistant monkeypox could be transmitted person-to-person in at least “rare cases.”
Those cases could spread rapidly in a tidal wave of LGBT Pride events scheduled across the country, including large cities that are hotspots for LGBT activists.
“Cases of mpox in San Francisco remain low, however, we remain watchful, as several new cases have recently been reported in other parts of the country,” San Francisco Health official Dr. Susan Philip said in statement released by the agency “in advance of the summer season and Pride Celebrations.”
“We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy a happy and healthy Pride,” Philip said.
In response to the monkeypox cluster outbreak in Chicago, the Biden administration is weighing a recommendation for more mpox vaccine boosters. A shift in strategy might be needed, said the regime’s national monkeypox response deputy coordinator, Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, reportedly seen in April spreading the Biden doctrine in Las Vegas at the 2023 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit.
We’ve already, really immediately after seeing the Chicago cluster, convened folks within the U.S. government to discuss what the data is that we have and if there needs to be any change,” Daskalakis said last month.
Written by Mark Pellin via Headline USA
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