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2022.10.09 15:12 TheEminenceInShadow it doesn't get more accurate than this

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2022.07.27 07:56 Votax0 Hello! I'm nearly 13 and I have rarely any friends since I do online school and was looking for people near my age that use VC and play Gmod since I kind of want to do those Nextbot Chase videos!

My username Is 1ShotVex with the Itachi PFP. :)
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2022.07.26 09:58 Autocrat_of_Thesia I'm going to block every single person that messages me with an Itachi Uchiha PFP or reference in their name.

Flair, but also unironically I have nearly a dozen Itachi PFPs blocked across the board for low effort intros / ignoring my limits / unsolicited flirting (usually also in their intros) like this to the point where 'anime PFP pic' is becoming a qualifier.
(It isn't actually.)
Edited as I failed to notice a part that showed their name.
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2021.09.08 13:10 Itachi_King_1 Itachi Manga Pfp

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2021.08.13 21:35 wyuue My one problem with Naruto Fans

I’m a naruto fan and I’m also a fan of several other popular manga/anime that are similar to naruto in popularity (dragon ball, one piece, bleach, etc).
The one thing I see the most from the Naruto fan base that I don’t really see as often from other fan bases is this:
The lack of understanding and constant misconceptions about the show they claim to be a fan of.
Out of all popular anime communities I see, naruto fans by far have the most amount of fans that straight up miss key plot points and elements of the show.
I have never personally seen another fan base with this little info and knowledge about the show they’re a fan of.
You see one piece fans making crazy theories about where the one piece could be and then there’s a lot of Naruto fans that don’t even know how edo tensei works.
Someone with an itachi pfp just tried to tell me kamui doesn’t work on taijutsu because minato was able to grab obito.
I saw another who tried to tell me Sakura speedblitzes Kaguya(due to the SNEAK ATTACK) they said that means teenage Sakura’s speed scales above Adult Naruto and Sasuke??? I’m ngl there is ALOT of misconceptions On how strong Sakura is, probably from new fans that love Sakura or something idk.
Another one I saw is someone saying that Mangekyou Sharingan is normally infinite and that Sasuke and itachi only lost eye sight because their mangekyou was strong ?? (They used obitos eyes lasting a long time and itachi’s illness as proof)
And don’t even get me started on the people who GENUINELY THINK that obito only participated in the war as revenge against kakashi for rin(not referring to the people who meme about it. There is a whole section of people who water down obitos character to “simp”)
It’s almost like a lot of Naruto “fans” have very low depth in their analysis and a lot of them only skim through the series and fill the gaps of their knowledge in with assumptions.
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2021.08.11 02:51 JamesFlintcrazy Itachi pfp

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2021.07.16 03:22 Aggravating-Owl-5946 Is Whoppa the biggest Weeb from Jax or something?

Yesterday he had Itachi from ‘Naruto’ as his pfp today he has Luffy from ‘One Piece’ as his pfp. Is it a know thing that he’s a weeb or what. If he is a weeb it makes sense why he so animated irl and gotta big personality fr.
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2021.05.16 22:53 Nexus__94 Itachi discord PFP help

I want to use this picture but the discord circle bubble thing is making it impossible. Can anyone work some magic? I just want most of the picture at least but it seems cropping is not possible unless I like.. finish the picture or something lmao please help.
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2020.12.24 02:20 Kizerz Need an Act 2

I legit have 33666$ dollars and I’m saving up for the new submarine, my Xbox is xKravr with a kid itachi pfp
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2020.10.20 05:34 CaptainAaron555 Itachi Swat PFP

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2020.07.03 23:42 joes9987 ignore this, just doing a thing

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