Used cars under 5 000

Cars Filled With Garbage

2016.02.26 01:10 spidarmen Cars Filled With Garbage

We've all seen it. A car filled to the brim with trash. Some call it car hoarding. We call it, Carbage!

2008.05.11 03:06 UsedCars: Everything with Buying & Selling Used Cars.

UsedCars: Everything with Buying & Selling Used Cars.

2015.06.06 21:01 RoonilWazilbob Nearly Impossible Odds

Nearly impossible feats of achievement, those with great degree of difficulty or incredible odds.

2023.05.30 16:34 KingCornOfCob Melee weapon balance is terrible

Title. I'm of the opinion that melee needs more balance changes than ranged, as ranged being so inherently strong means most weapons are good. Melee is a complete joke, with over half the weapons varying between bad to downright throwing.
Generic weapons: Outside of axes, mostly due to brutal momentum being broken, the rest are trash. The knife is good for zooming though, but you're mostly relying on your ranged option to take care of hordes/specials. Giving catachans a damage buff would make them alright, and you should be able to hold the counter rather than having it instantly counterattack. Chain weapons also need a damage buff, and the option to block cancel the sawing portion of the attack would also be a massive buff imo.
Veteran: Still relegated to only 2 melee choices, axes with brutal momentum and power sword. Shovels do next to no damage and hit like 4 targets maximum on a charged heavy, which maybe kills the one groaner of the group.
Zealot: Probably the most balanced(?) in terms of weapon choices to use and I see the most variety with. Thunder hammer is usable and deletes anything you need gone, heavy sword is good and probably my favorite to use, crusher is useable(?) at least imo and while the eviscerator needs some help, it's still way ahead in terms of usability compared to the chainsword and chainaxe.
Ogryn: Don't play the class cause it has the least interesting melee weapons, give it a two handed weapon. Other than that, every ogryn runs butcher, no exceptions. Give the big man some help.
Psyker: Illisi or deimos force sword, that's it. Force swords shouldn't have infinite dodges, that should be something the dueling sword has, which also needs damage buffs.
Blessings: Brutal momentum needs a massive nerf, ignoring hit mass for just a weak spot kill is way too good and allows you to mindlessly swing into a horde with an axe. All or nothing is terrible, scaling power based on depleted stamina will always be a terrible idea when other blessings are way better in terms of buffing damage. Unstable power is also bad. Way more to list, such as impact blessings which I struggle to see the point of.
While some might not agree, you can't deny that everybody uses the same 5-6 melee weapons with maybe the outler every 10 or so runs.
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2023.05.30 16:33 Left-Mixture5252 Tesla or keep is350

Want to keep my 2014 Lexus IS350 with 150,000 miles on it when we moved to California given that gas prices are so high. I don’t owe anything on it and maintenance has been minimal. Or do I want to trade it in for a used Tesla model 90 D
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2023.05.30 16:33 purleedef What % of your budget should go to an audio interface?

I'm a hobbyist musician, but obviously I want my quality to sound as good as possible. I'd like to put $10,000 into a home studio including mic, mic pre-amp, the audio interface, and some basic room treatment. I only record vocals. I've been making music casually for 20+ years and never in my life needed more than one input. I only record vocals (singing/rapping). I also prefer mixing inside the DAW. When I see a lot of audio interfaces in the $500+ range, they almost always have multiple inputs and multiple pre-amps and I can't help but feel like I'm not getting much bang for my buck when obviously the manufacturer is pricing in the cost of adding those extra components into the final price.
I used to have an Audient ID14 and it sounded pretty solid to me, but I wonder if I end up putting $6,000 - $7,000 toward a mic and pre-amp if having a $300 interface will become a bottleneck in the overall quality.
Does anyone else see this as problematic? If so, are there any well-recommended interfaces between $500 - 1500 that focus more on optimizing the quality for 2 inputs rather than just throwing more pre-amps and more inputs at you to drive up the price?
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2023.05.30 16:33 jah_3504 Opened my in-laws tea drawer this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Opened my in-laws tea drawer this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes.
First lemon pound cake water, now tea?🤢
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2023.05.30 16:33 Apprehensive_Put5762 1996 Chevy Tahoe 6.5 turbo diesel

1996 Chevy Tahoe 6.5 turbo diesel
This is my and my wife's '96 tahoe with the 6.5 diesel. Tahoe has right at 235,000. Some light modifications include #9 resistor, PMD relocation to the inside with a dedicated fan on it. Heath diesel manual waste gate actuator, a heath diesel lift pump pigtail.
She still needs some work like glow plugs and relay, replace the harmonic balancer and pulley, and new spring bushings.
Overall the Tahoe is a unique vehicle that gets looks all the the time especially when my wife is refueling it.
She is my boat puller and "dog vehicle" now but I hope to eventually get a torsion key lift slightly bigger tires and do more off reading and camping with it.
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2023.05.30 16:33 SplatW Looking for suggestions for 30B or C to give me more "fullness"?

What I am looking for might not exist, but I'd like to ask anyway. I am looking for a bra that feels as close to nothing as possible while still giving me more volume in the chest.
I currently only wear True & Co True Body bras, xs. I am really sensitive about bands and can't stand when anything feels remotely like it's creeping up on me. I haven't had a good relationship with an underwire since probably 2008.
The problem I'm having with the True Body ones, however, is that I look quite flat with them. I had my second kid 2 years ago and they've deflated and shrunk since pre-kids. And, of course, my belly is bigger post pregnancy. I feel like the smaller boobs make me notice the belly more.
So I'd like to try for something that helps me out a bit more. I have used the calculator a few times, cause I've been uncertain on my measurements. The most recent try comes up as a 30B, but previously got 30C.
Measurements, 1st try/2nd try: Band: loose: 30.5/29.5, snug: 29.5/29 tight: 27/27 Bust: standing: 31.5/31, leaning: 33/32, lying: 31/31.5
I guess I'm looking for a few things. 1. What are some bras I should try? 2. When ordering some to try, what sizes would be a good start, and what retailer has these sizes AND a good return policy?
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2023.05.30 16:33 daddyeclipse79 Really having trouble today....

Things have actually been going great with me and my wife since we decided to keep trying. Im strugling today though with something many if not all BS strugle with, i want to get my hands on AP. I know its not a good idea, i know im letting him live rent free in my head everytime i think like this, and i know i risk losing everything including my kids if i do anything. Sometimes its so bad the feeling that i almost dont care about myself or anything any more, i just want to physically hurt him. Its only been almost 5 months since dday. That is a relatively a short amount of time in the whole skeem of things. It feels like the more me and my wife get closer and the more i let her back into my heart, the worse this feeling gets that i have to get my hands on him. I feel i would do whatever it takes to get my hands on him. Im so tired of this reacurring theme. No matter how hard i try i cant seem to shake the fact that he knew she had a husband and kids at home and still didnt care. I know it was her choice and she knew this too but the way i see it is she is still here facing the consequences of her actions while he walks away free to do this again to another family. 2 days after dday i was so broken and lost that i spent 2 hrs that day parked in my car in a secluded spot overlooking the mountains where we live. I sat there with a gun in my hand trying to get the nerve up to kill myself. All i can think is what if AP helps do this to another family, what if the next husband does kill himself, or even worse what if the next husband decides he isnt going to let his family go through this and kills them all. I know thats crazy thinking but you see things like that all the time on the news now a days. I know i couldnt live with something like that. I want to be the one to put a stop to him and yes it would be getting revenge for myself but its how i justify it in my head. I know AP and my wife didnt care about me but the fact that neither of them cared about what would happen to the kids and how hurt they would be blows my mind. Like i said my wife is here dealing with those very same consequences right now. He gets to hurt me and my kids and walk away. I feel like this guy needs to be taught a lesson and be stopped. I feel like i am the one maybe the only one who can do this. Damn i need to get out of my head but damn i want to put my fist through his head. I just havent found a way to stop this from consuming me sometimes.
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2023.05.30 16:32 QArea_ltd HRM Software Development: How To Build A Perfect HR Solution For Your Needs

HRM Software Development: How To Build A Perfect HR Solution For Your Needs
The world is going digital at a rapid pace, and the HR industry is quickly adopting the changes. We’ve recently talked on our blog about digital transformation in HR and trends that will define the HR industry in 2023. However, the biggest change is probably the shift to digital solutions for HR management.
But what exactly does HRM software do? Should you go for a custom HR software solution or use one of the many tools available today? And how to build a reliable HR application for your company? These are the questions we are going to discuss today.

What is HRM software and why do you need it?

HRM software is a broad term that includes all forms of software designed to help with day-to-day HR management. This can include anything from an applicant tracking system for smarter recruitment to an application that evaluates employee performance and offers AI-based suggestions to improve it.
For decades, HR departments managed their operations manually, resulting in vast amounts of paperwork and a high probability of errors. Things began to change in the 1970s, with the first HR software products becoming available to the general public. Since then, the HRM software development industry has given us some outstanding solutions. And the transformation doesn’t stop there, as new HR solutions are getting more advanced by the year.
So why should you consider using human resource management system software? Besides the obvious benefits of going digital in a corporate setting, such as reducing the amount of paperwork and making things easier for the HR department, a switch to an HRMS has other sizable advantages:
  • The work of the HR team will become efficient and error-free
  • Every HR process, from hiring to offboarding, will be streamlined and optimized
  • Payroll will operate faster and without errors
  • New positions will be filled faster and by the most suitable candidates
  • The onboarding process will result in better employee retention
  • The HR team will be able to better monitor and manage employee performance
  • Employees outside of the HR department will be able to also use the software when needed
And that’s not all! It’s safe to say that by investing in HR software development, any organization can unlock a new level of productivity and employee satisfaction while keeping up with the industry transformation.

Types of HRM software

Human resource management system software has come a long way since its inception, when users were offered standard, often limited functionality. These days, HR software comes in all shapes and sizes and can fit even the most unusual needs of an organization. Here are the most popular types of HRM tools.

1. Recruitment management systems

Recruitment management software can come with robust and diverse functionality. From predicting the hiring needs of a company in the upcoming months and specifying the list of requirements for a new vacancy to identifying the most suitable candidates or suggesting current employees with a relevant skill set for the position, HR teams can count on recruitment management software for a lot of their daily tasks.

2. Applicant tracking systems

An Applicant Tracking System is designed with the sole purpose of improving the recruitment pipeline and making it faster, more efficient, and more comfortable for everyone involved. An ATS can do anything from importing candidate information from LinkedIn and other platforms and scheduling interviews to measuring the efficiency of the company’s current recruitment practices.

3. Workforce management systems

Workforce Management System is a broad term that can include different types of HR software. Specifically, the most popular types of workforce management software include performance management software, used by HR teams to evaluate the performance of the employees and track it across periods of time, and employee engagement management software, which deals with the way employees feel about their job and steps needed to improve their engagement.

4. Learning management systems

Proper employee engagement and performance are downright impossible without sufficient training. To keep track of employee progress, create personalized training plans, and set the goals for this process, HR departments frequently use learning management systems. They can be particularly invaluable for companies that operate as distributed teams or have a lot of front-line employees in addition to in-office teams.

5. Payroll and benefits systems

Payroll and benefits management systems allow the organization to speed up the payroll process and avoid many of the issues linked to human error. A well-developed payroll system can calculate the wages for hundreds of employees with a couple of clicks and transfer the information further for the employees to get paid. Some solutions can also calculate taxes and manage employee benefits, such as sick days and vacation.

6. Onboarding and offboarding systems

Companies are now investing a lot of effort into onboarding and offboarding their employees, and for a good reason, as it helps make the employees more productive, improve company culture, and strengthen employer branding among prospective employees. Onboarding and offboarding software can streamline this process by consolidating the training materials, guidelines, questionnaires, and other essential information in one place.

7. Scheduling systems

For companies where employees work in shifts or have different schedules, scheduling software can bring a welcome transformation. With the help of a scheduling system, which is typically available to each eligible employee on a self-serve basis, employees can not only set and change their own schedules, but also access other people’s schedules and make decisions accordingly.

Custom software development for HR vs. an out-of-the-box solution: What you should consider

Custom human resource development software is the preferred solution for thousands of organizations. However, many companies are also pretty satisfied with out-of-the-box HR solutions. So which one should you go for? Here is a detailed comparison of the two options.

Out-of-the-box solution

Out-of-the-box HR solutions can include both traditional software and Software as a Service products. These are their biggest advantages and drawbacks.


  • Quick start. Out-of-the-box solutions are called that for a reason. This software offers little to no additional setup, which is why it doesn’t take long to implement the software within an organization.
  • Low cost. Whether you are purchasing a lifetime license or opting for a monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription, the cost of ready-made software will always be lower than the cost of custom solutions.
  • Support and training. Depending on the conditions of the software purchase, the vendor can offer additional training for your employees and provide extended customer support for as long as you need.


  • Limited customization. Typically, ready-made HR software solutions are distributed as-is, with customization being limited or not available at all. This means that even the most suitable software may not have all the features you need or can come with extra functionality you don’t have use for.
  • Dependence on the provider. The situation where a company has been fully relying on a software solution for years only for the provider to no longer offer support for the product or discontinue the software altogether is more common than you may think.
  • Vendor lock-in. When you’re using software that is distributed on a regular payment basis instead of a one-time purchase, there is a risk of encountering vendor lock-in — a situation where switching to another provider is not financially feasible.

Custom HRM solution

Developing custom human resources management system software can be the single biggest upgrade to the way your HR department operates. Here are the key pros and cons of a custom HR solution.


  • Virtually unlimited functionality. As long as you have a reliable development partner and the right tech stack, no HR feature is out of reach for you. You can create a solution that only includes the features you actually need.
  • Wide customization opportunities. Developing a custom HRM system doesn’t mean you are stuck with the same selection of features forever. Whether you have an in-house development team or an outsourced partner, you can further customize the solution and add new features as you go.
  • Close team collaboration. When the whole HR department has a say about what to include in the software solution, and the rest of the organization is encouraged to contribute to the discussion, the end result is going to satisfy everyone.
  • Long-term financial benefits. Sure, developing a solution from scratch costs more than purchasing a ready-made SaaS solution. However, in the long run, you won’t face any additional expenses when you own the software, whereas every month of using a SaaS product costs money.


  • Choosing the vendor. Unless you have a whole in-house development team with the required expertise, you’re going to need an outside development team. And that may be one of the most important decisions you make in the course of the project.
  • Waiting time. HRMS software development is not something that happens overnight. A few months will typically pass from the moment you conceptualize the future application to the moment you complete your first task using the new solution.

Popular HRM tools: The ultimate comparison
If you are still thinking about whether your organization needs a custom HR solution or you will be fine with a ready-made tool, the points above should help you make the decision. And in case you decide in favor of using a solution that is already available in the market, here are the top ten tools for managing various HR-related processes.

Key features of HR software development

One of the biggest advantages of developing HR software from scratch is that you get to include all of the functionality you consider important. Needless to say, the HR department should actively participate in the process of designing the requirements for the software product. This is why, in the end, each HR software solution will turn out to be unique in its own right. Still, here are the features that most HR software products include in some form:
  • Attendance. This is the basic feature of HR software. At the very least, it can help monitor the number of days or hours an employee has worked in a month. The attendance feature can also be more advanced and allow workers to punch-in and punch-out for more precise daily reports.
  • Project management. With the help of this feature, employees can record the time they’ve spent completing a certain task. The data can be entered manually, or the application can be integrated with other time tracking tools to make automatic records.
  • Employee records. This feature allows to minimize the use of paperwork in an organization and store all employee data in a digital form. This can include personal information, track record, payroll data, medical insurance, development plan, and more.
  • Payroll management. The payroll feature can calculate employee salary based on rates and attendance, but it can also do more than that. The payroll feature in HR software can also be responsible for bonuses, benefits, health insurance, taxes, and other finance-related issues.
  • Reporting and analysis. One of the key advantages of HRM software development over HRIS software development is that HRM software is far better equipped to not just record information, but also to analyze it and generate reports based on all kinds of data selected by the HR team member.

HR software development process: Step by step

Developing human resource management system software is a complex process but, as is the case with many complex processes, it can significantly benefit from being broken down into smaller steps. These are the steps you need to take to build your own HRMS solution.

1. Identify the specifics of the solution

At this stage, you need to develop your general HR software idea into a detailed concept. Obviously, the HR department is going to actively contribute to the process, as HR managers are the ones who will use the software the most. Together, you will need to identify the necessary features of the software product, as well as list the current challenges the product is going to address.

2. Find a tech partner

Unless you are developing the project with the help of your company’s software department, which is fairly rare in today’s HR world, you will need to find a reputable vendor that will bring your project to completion. There are several factors you need to consider when making a choice, including the company’s relevant experience, available technology stack, rates for the services, and testimonials from former customers.

3. Further outline the solution

When you already have a tech partner, you need to work together to give your software concept an even more complete look. For example, you can discuss whether you want the product to be available only as a web application or you want mobile availability as well. Another important feature to discuss with your tech team is security, as HR software is known to work with a lot of sensitive information.

4. Create the UI/UX design

This is the stage where the UI/UX designer and, ideally, the business analyst, should be heavily involved. Taking into account all the requirements stated by the HR team and other stakeholders, the designer will find the best way to include all the features in a convenient and easy-to-use interface. This is especially vital if the product is going to be used not only by the HR department, but also by other people at the organization who may not have the necessary experience.

5. Build an MVP

This step is usually optional, especially when you are developing a single-purpose tool instead of a large-scale solution. However, for most projects, building an MVP helps better evaluate the project idea and pivot it if necessary. With an MVP, you can gather the feedback of real users who will then work with the full-fledged solution and will be able to better tailor the solution to the needs of every stakeholder.

6. Develop the solution

When you already have the completed design of the application and have learned some valuable lessons at the MVP stage, it’s time to build the actual software solution. If you’ve made the right choice of a vendor, your involvement during this phase can be limited to checking the progress and discussing further steps. It’s important to make sure that the team is taking into account all the requirements and that the project is going the right way.

7. Test and maintain the product

The work on HRMS software development is not over once the developer writes the final line of code. In order to work well, handle sensitive data, and genuinely improve the HR processes, the solution requires rigorous testing. And after the product is deployed, there still needs to be a small team that will maintain the software, take care of the bugs, and keep the solution in ship-shape.

The cost of HRMS software development & the factors that influence it

It doesn’t take hours of research to know that the price of ready-made HR software can start at $3-$5 per month for a basic tool with limited functionality and go all the way to $3,000+ per month for an advanced SaaS product or $5,000+ when it comes to purchasing a lifetime license. But how much does HRMS software development cost when you are building the solution from scratch?
There cannot be a standard fixed price for HRM software development because each HR software project is different. The overall cost of the software depends on three key factors:
  • The complexity of the software. This is pretty self-explanatory: developing a custom solution with limited functionality, such as a scheduling application or a payroll system, is going to take significantly less time and money than building a robust HRM system that includes multiple HR software modules.
  • The size and seniority of the team. This factor is directly related to the previous one: the more complex your product idea is, the more functionality is required, and the more users the application is going to have, the bigger the team you’ll need and the more senior-level engineers you will need to hire.
  • The location of the software vendor. Often, the best option for HR development is to have it done by an in-house software development and testing team. However, that is not always possible, especially if your organization doesn’t work with software development. This is why most companies now prefer to outsource their HRM software development projects to outside vendors. You can outsource your project locally or find a partner in other parts of the world.
When it comes to the HRM software development team, its composition and size can vary depending on the project specifics. A typical team for an HR-related development project will include
  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • Business analyst
  • Software tester
  • System administrator
The key specialists on the project are, of course, software developers. Here are the average hourly rates of software developers across the world:
  • The US and Canada — $100-$200
  • Western Europe — $50-$100
  • China — $50-$100
  • India — $25–$50
  • Ukraine — $25-50
Let’s say an HRIS software development project will take six months and require the services of two back-end developers and one front-end developer, among other specialists. When working with US-based developers, you can end up paying around $160,000 just for the development services. Whereas working with Ukrainian software engineers of the same level and for the same amount of time will cost you only around $50,000.
Considering the reasonable rates and the lack of language and cultural barriers with Ukrainian development teams, it’s hardly surprising that Western companies are now actively outsourcing their software development projects to Ukraine.

Our own experience with HR software development

Having developed custom software solutions for over two decades, we at QArea have acted as an HR software development company a few times in our history. Here are two cases that demonstrate our HRM software development expertise.

Applicant tracking system

This is a project we developed for our own organization: when the number of job openings and hirings at QArea reached a certain threshold, we realized that we needed a better applicant tracking system than the one we had. And since we were already using Odoo, the open-source suite of business applications, as our ERP and CRM system, the decision to develop the ATS using Odoo was a completely natural one for us.
Throughout the development project, especially at the requirement gathering stage, we closely collaborated with our HR department to find out what they were looking for in an applicant tracking system. Turned out they wanted to see a well-thought-out recruitment pipeline, an ability to import data from different sources, including LinkedIn, an interview scheduling feature, and seamless integration with our existing HR software, among other things.
A little over a month later, the application was finished, and, after in-depth testing, began transforming the way our HR team handled the recruitment process. You can find out more about this project here.

Part-time job-seeking platform

While one of the goals of HRMS software development is to speed up the hiring process, companies typically allocate a few weeks to hire one candidate. The situation, however, is different with part-time jobs. Part-time or temporary positions need to be filled quickly, and companies cannot afford to wait for weeks to hire an employee. This is the statement we fully shared with our client for this project.
Our job was to develop a web application and a hybrid mobile app for part-time job seekers and employers looking for temporary workers. The application had to have a user-friendly interface with easy navigation, robust HR functionality, proper security parameters, and a well-thought-out recruitment pipeline.
Working in close collaboration, our design and development teams created the UI/UX design of the application that was then implemented and made functional with the use of Python and Angular. The project was completed in ten weeks, providing the customer with the exact solution they envisioned. The application is now actively used in the target markets, helping employers connect with the perfect candidates for their needs.

Final thoughts

Well-designed HRM software, which includes all of the features important for the organization, can positively transform the HR processes, save time and money spent by the company on HR management, and help the organization enter a new digital era. Whether you start with a ready-made tool or prefer to build a customized solution, now is the perfect time to take this step!
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2023.05.30 16:32 E-B-A_Yemez hayalimde ki araba bmw e46 hangisi olduğu önemli değil ,türkiyede 3.16i modeli bile 400k ve üzeri iyisinden alıyım dersen 500k'ya kadar çıkıyor,yurtdışı fiyatlarını gördükçe içim kan ağlıyor

hayalimde ki araba bmw e46 hangisi olduğu önemli değil ,türkiyede 3.16i modeli bile 400k ve üzeri iyisinden alıyım dersen 500k'ya kadar çıkıyor,yurtdışı fiyatlarını gördükçe içim kan ağlıyor submitted by E-B-A_Yemez to KGBTR [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:32 Scrub_spade10387 Looking for active players unm hitters

Looking for active players unm hitters
50k low cvc, we only kill normal hydra not that huge in this clan, we down nm and unm daily we need 3 active players chill no drama one clan quest from each group a week
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2023.05.30 16:32 sjamesparsonsjr 2-inch PVC WYE with dishwasher hose barb.

2-inch PVC WYE with dishwasher hose barb.
I'm installing a dishwasher for my in-laws, and the location is 15 feet from the sink. However, a 2-inch PVC DWV drain is under the dishwasher. I already have water and power hooked up. My first choice was to use a 2-inch PVC WYE with a dishwasher hose barb, but I've only found 1.5-inch. My second choice is to run 15 feet of hose to the sink (this is five feet over code). And my last idea is to use a 2-inch Wye with a 1-inch port and add a 3/4-inch hose barb.
First, what do you experts think the best way to go is? Second, do they make a 2-inch Wye to dishwasher barb, my googling skills are lacking? Lastly, does anyone know where I can get a 1-inch to 3/4 PVC hose adapter?
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2023.05.30 16:32 GrandAdminUT Aftermath

"...Meg... I... I..."
"...please, we have to go..."
"...I couldn't save Peter... but there's someone I can save."
" we have to go... now..."
"...leave me..."
" we'll find a cure...together."
"...Mytho, grab him. Mytho...."
"...alright... it's time we got out of he- "
"...heh... looks like... y-you got gifts to open... "

"…what the hell is going on… I’m out, but… they don’t… did I... I did."
He sat down against the pillar. He looked down at the view. Under any other circumstance, it would have been beautiful. The entire Sinnoh Region beneath him. Just one man, sitting atop Mt Coronet. But things couldn't be that simple. The view was a painful reminder of a life he left behind. A life that followed him. And now, a life he no longer had.
He sighed. "…of course… it makes sense… I was stupid, but… but why am I still…" It was clear now. Once again, he was stupid. Stupid, and selfish. Stupid, selfish, and greedy. And now he had to pay the price. And so did everyone else. But why was he still here? He had made his mistake. So why was he...
...he looked at his hand. His glowing hand. More specifically, the sphere glowing inside of his hand. "...of course... he's keeping me here..." He began to chuckle. His chuckling quickly turned into laughter, and laughter into tears. Tears of grief, sadness, anger, and an emerging insanity. "He… he still needs me! …and… and I’m still his… his to use… his to control… the avatar is his to control… I’m out of time… I can’t warn them… because… if I do… they…"
"…in a split second… they won’t remember any of it…" His punishment finally came. For not being able to save his family... not being able to save his friends... not being able to save him...
"…he’d know what to do…
"He should be here…"
"…and it’s my fault he isn’t…
"…heh… jumped into the blast to save me… people still believe that…"
"…how fucking gullible are they… and… and how stupid am I?"
"…so… so fucking selfish……and it’s my fault he isn’t…"
"…heh… jumped into the blast to save me… people still believe that…"
"…how fucking gullible are they… and… and how stupid am I?"
"…so… so fucking selfish…"
He continued to cry. Not for himself. Not for what he lost. But for the embarrassing fool he was. He didn't deserve any of it. His brothers, his sister, his girlfriend... all the people who had relied on him. Looked up to him. But they didn't know. "But they didn't know. …I tried to save him… I got him killed… I tried to save dad… I got me killed! Except I’m not dead! But they think that! AND THEY’RE NOT GONNA LEARN THE TRUTH, BECAUSE EVEN IF THEY DO…"
"…we’ll just… end up back here… right where we started… caught in the loop of time…"
"…can’t even say goodbye… they’ll forget that too."
He laughed again, and in a fit of rage, slammed his glowing hand against the floor. Time seemed to shift around him, and in an instant, Spear Pillar had reconstructed itself. Back to how it was before the space-time rift destroyed it. Any trace of the destruction beforehand was gone.
He looked, not even surprised at this. And there he sat, hugging his knees. Waiting to be taken away Waiting for his new instructions. Waiting to be woken up from this nightmare. Waiting for anything.
But nothing came to him.
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2023.05.30 16:31 wolvirine27 Oh No! Anyway +27

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2023.05.30 16:31 lucretiuss Am i being unreasonable on this cash upgrade?

My partner and I are flying to europe, but on two different reservations, both booked by me under my mileageplus number (lowly silver boi). She is going a week ahead of me, but we are on the same return flight.
I've been keeping an eye on the PremiumPlus upgrades and they dropped again to $375 per ticket for the return flight. I decided to jump on it. So I opened two tabs, her reservation in one mine in the other. Put her in 24D added it to the cart. Put mine in 24F and added it to the cart. Clicked pay on hers, changed tabs and clicked pay on mine.
Lo and behold mine fails. I go back to re-do it. Price is now jacked up to $657. It is clear to me that because I bought one ticket, the price algorithmically changed IMMEDIATELY to $657. I went to united chat, guy told me he can't but they should be able to honor that price, and to call. So I call. They will not honour the $375 price. They are trying to tell me that fare class is "sold out" which is frankly an insult to my intelligence. I've been watching the price for 3 weeks. It's gone as low as $375, then went all the way up to $2,000. I regretted not buying at $375 so when I saw it again today I decided to jump on it.
This has nothing to do with a fare class being sold out, but is united jacking up the price based on demand. But given the demand is ME and I WAS TRYING TO BUY BOTH I find it a bit insane they won't honour that and instead are just like "sucks to be you, I can purchase the other seat for you for $657 if you want?"
Am I wrong to be frustrated here?
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2023.05.30 16:31 PitoyaTUX I think my light sensitivity is getting worse, and I'm wondering if it's because of my thyroid

I'm 27 AFAB currently being treated for aura migraines that affect my vision and breathing. I have hypothyroid, PCOS, anemia, and am being evaluated for asthma and fibromyalgia. At the moment I'm on DEPO to control menorrhagia/intense irregular bleeding that caused me to be hospitalized with critically low hemoglobin. I'm on Topiramate, Propranolol, Levothyroxine, Vitamin D, B12, Calcium, Omega-3, Iron, and Tumeric plus a multivitamin gummy. I can take Motrin for migraines when I get them; I'm allergic to acetaminophen.
I've had light sensitivity issues with my migraines my whole life and had some issues with sunlight but I feel like it's getting worse. I'm not sure why because it's not like I've been avoiding sunlight. We normally keep our apartment lit via natural light during the day and we have big windows, but for the past few months I can't be in the direct light without getting a headache or setting off a migraine (it usually starts with an achy pain in my face/cheekbone area under my eyes on one side). I've also been using the light/color filters on computer and my phone screens during the day instead of just at night. Like the nightlight function.
I know my DEPO and thyroid have been having it out with each other. My PC upped the dose of the Levothyroxine and during the adjustment period, the DEPO became less effective and as of now I've been bleeding every day for three months. I'm not currently in danger in terms of my iron or hemoglobin but both my neurologist and my OBGYN were not happy about my labs (my blood was acidic apparently so I'm making sure to up my water intake). I just started Propranolol two weeks ago, in three weeks I'm supposed to re-check my thyroid, and supposedly once it figures itself out so will my DEPO and migraines? I also have my next DEPO shot today which should hopefully help with the bleeding? I'm not entirely sure but my doctors told them to let me know if nothing improves after the shot.
I guess I'm just wondering if my thyroid being unstable is causing this increase in my light sensitivity. It sounds silly but I'm so close to wearing sunglasses indoors like I'm sitting on the couch with a throw blanket over my head up to block the light just to get some relief. Only reasons I'm not using the overhead lights is to save money and the bulbs our apartment gave us are harsh and trigger my migraines.
I also want to throw out there that I've had a CT scan and there wasn't anything interesting going on as far as my migraines are concerned. I haven't had an MRI yet (can't afford it) but I will get one as soon as I can. My migraines quickly go from not being able to see so well to not being able to breathe properly/lying in the dark, drooling and somewhat unresponsive for a few hours (happens if I don't get medication in time). I'd like to know why the light sensitivity is getting worse because I'd like to not have to deal with my migraines more often that I already do.
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2023.05.30 16:31 Tdrabbach I would like to craft a handcannon - which should I use deepsight harmonizers on?

The two best options I've identified are:
Round Robin ( I only need to use 2 harmonizers)
Austringer (I would need to use 5 harmonizers)
Any clear winner out of those? Any others to consider (that are currently obtainable)?
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2023.05.30 16:31 Loyal_Sloth What's the problem with Voidwalkers?

Hi, LoyalSloth here and I can't help but to notice a consistent hate towards the «Voidwalker» mechanic within DeepWoken.

« Voidwalker Origin »

We all know what a Voidwalker does:
What they do What they have How to obtain
They take on bounties and have a massive progression boost from them as well as a penalty from normal PvE progression. They have their own spawn point that only they can access along with a shop, blacksmith, water source, bounty board plus the Grasp of Eylis as a tool to teleport to them along with the Voideye to return from anywhere with a 10 minute cool down that can be reset by successfully finishing a bounty; and to top it off even a chessboard to play. This Origin is obtained by killing 15 players that have yet to obtain an oath. (Oathless doesn't count nor do grips on chime of conflict) After that you're meant to talk to an NPC under the deck of one of the ships from the Etrea vs Knives of Eylis event and after selecting the 2nd option, you'll be entering to a Time bubble in order to get the origin.
So far, so good. We all know about what the origin does.
But why does it annoy people so much?
Those are all, fair points. It's frustrating indeed but is it deserving of hate in such a degree?
There are daily rants, people threaten others based on said origin, it's quite the crazy situation.
I usually am in the recieving end due to my lack of skill in PvP, but I just find this to be a learning experience that I stubbornly reject, focusing on PvE and dedicating my time into running away instead of getting used to how PvP works.
But isn't the constant threat of Voidwalkers a good thing?
Let's, change perspectives for a second and move our train of thought away from the cons.
``` Well, that's all I've got, thanks for reading!
I'll be really glad to read comments in the regard of the primary question or points of view in relation with this post.
Some say the community is, greatly toxic but I believe that bad apples don't make a tree.
Att: Your ever loyal sloth. ```
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2023.05.30 16:31 InternalOptimism Weird Thing I've noticed in some climate reports I've seen.

This may just be a personal experience but recently I've been seeing less reports use RCP 8.5 and 2.6, generally focusing on RCP 4.5 more.
Is this a general trend? I don't know what to feel about this? I'm not just talking about various articles, but also like other documents?
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2023.05.30 16:31 CrucialLogic Ever Bet on the NPB Interleague?

If you're up for an interesting new challenge and want to start following a super popular sport in Japan, check out this interesting NPB Interleague promotion. Every Tuesday to Sunday up to the 18th of June, you have a chance to grab a share of the 5,000 USDT weekly prize pool. Make sure you Opt In to the offer and have a look through the rules to qualify.
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2023.05.30 16:31 InternalOptimism Weird Thing I've noticed in some climate reports I've seen.

This may just be a personal experience but recently I've been seeing less reports use RCP 8.5 and 2.6, generally focusing on RCP 4.5 more.
Is this a general trend? I don't know what to feel about this? I'm not just talking about various articles, but also like other documents?
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2023.05.30 16:31 AbbreviationsNo7785 To remortgage or not? Spouse and I have differing opinions.

So my 5 year fixed term mortgage is coming to an end. I have £60k left to pay off. My husband (who is not on the mortgage ; we got together after I bought my house) wants us to remortgage with him on it and get another £40k to build a garage and create a patio area and just do general home improvements.
This has resulted in so many arguments. I am reluctant to remortgage. I just want my mortgage to be as low as possible and over as quickly as possible. I was raised to fear debt and avoid borrowing. I have £40k in savings so I’ve said that we can use those savings to improve the house rather than borrowing money that we have to pay interest on. He argues that we need savings to fall back on and that if we pay it off monthly we won’t notice it.
His work is freelance and although he makes a lot of money when he has work, there are significant portions of the year where he has no income so he doesn’t want to dip into his savings at all.
Using my £40k would wipe all my savings. What is the smartest thing to do? Any advice would be appreciated. We are both stupid when it comes to this type of thing.
We have booked in with a mortgage advisor next week so we’ll see what comes of that.
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2023.05.30 16:31 TidyCompetition Coinfield - Get 10 Free SOLO coins

Coinfield is a good crypto exchange based in Canada. They sell all the main cryptos including Bitcoin and Ethereum but their main focus is XRP.
XRP is like the banks equivalent of crypto. They use it to make fast and free global payments. XRP is the fourth largest crypto my market capitalization.
Coinfield have their sights set on attracting new users for multiple countries and have recently added instant bank transfers.
To entice new sign ups they are offering new users 10 Free SOLO (their native token) they sign up and buy £100 of XRP.
This offer has been around for a while a lots of FreeBitcoiners have taken advantage of it. If you have not done it yet I would recommend it if you are looking to increase your crypto holding and like free crypto offers.
Coinfield Links:
Here are the useful links:
Here are the steps you need to follow for the free 10 SOLO:
  1. Sign up via My Referral Link for your 10 free SOLO.
  2. Complete verification (selfie and passport)
  3. Deposit $100 (or local currency equivalent) - a bank transfers are free.
  4. 10 Solo will be instantly credited
  5. As you need a minimum of 50 solo to do a trade, purchase another 40 using your deposit
  6. Then exchange both your solo and deposit into XRP
  7. It is expensive to sell on Coinfield so I would send if to another wallet as this is free. I sent mine to my Celsius wallet to earn 5% interest on my XRP. The deposit took less than 1 min.
  8. Share your link to get more free SOLO :)
All in you will be in profit to the tune of SOLO. Let me know if you have any questions.
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