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2023.03.21 22:44 spaggins Today is the second day

Yesterday my mom informed in our family group chat that our old JackRussel has not been well during the weekend and they are going to the veterinary. She could not stand properly and slept most of the time. I kind of knew the outcoming. I have been scared and crying even when she was alive because I knew this day would come eventually. Two hours later I saw the message no one wants to see. My mom informed that our dear dog is in heaven. She passed away in my mom's arms. She was 17 years old and three weeks short to turn 17.5 years old. She had epilepsia for 7 years, but it was not that bad. But during the last months her recovery after the seizures took longer. She was almost blind and deaf, could not control her bathroom duties. But had the same appetite and would still occasionally play "find the stuffed cow and get cheese as a reward". She was the best and smartest dog I knew and could have hoped for. The entire family is devasted. My dad was a typical dadwhodidnotwantpets. He mourns in his own way. Doesn't show it outwards but he packed away all the dog's belongings. Last time I saw our dog was two weeks ago. I did not give it a proper goodbye because she was on the backyard. And I just thought that we will see again in a few weeks. I was there when she came home as a puppy and would have wanted to be there at her last moments. But that did not happen because I was abroad but due to come home the same day. But it was too late. You never know when you see your dear pet for the last time. Hug your pets dearly while you can. We will miss you dearly and you will be forever in our hearts.
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2023.03.21 22:44 BeardAfterDark What's everyone's ideal location in the United States to teach?

I'm currently working in New York City where I live with my wife. While I love it here the winters are taking its toll on both of us plus my wife has been allowed to work from remotely from home from anywhere in the U.S. As a result we've been exploring various different cities and states that would be more affordable to live. Since my wife would be able to keep her NYC based salary this means I would be able to take a cut in my salary, which is pretty high for teaching, and still be able to live a higher quality of life where maybe, just maybe, we could even buy a house someday.

Anyways, I'm curious what everyone's suggestions are on different cities/states you've taught compared to others. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 22:43 Nar_val [Moonshadow] pt.11- Fantasy, Adventure, First person perspective, Inhuman protaganist.

It took us days, days of wandering in this forsaken heat. But eventually we found a store where the owner was willing to make a deal, he’d get us the equipment needed and ingredients that weren’t too expensive and in exchange we got half of the profits. By the end of our first week we were making more gold than we were spending, morgan had dyed her hair black and cut it. Fortunately, the wanted posters of us that we saw didn’t bear too much of a resemblance… still we did our best to avoid the city guard. With our first week we turned into our regular room.
“so how much gold do you figure we need?” [morgan] “well, I did ask about the relevant info and I think we need another hundred to be safe and sure that there will be enough. Before you ask it looks like we’re making, well saving maybe ten gold a week”
I sigh. “I hate this place.” [giggles] “what big bad bug doesn’t like the heat? Well, it’s a nice change for me, all sort of free people around to chat with and do business while the warbug has to skulk around in fear”
“hate me that much do you?” [morgan] shakes her head with a sigh. “I grew up in fear of your kind looming over me for any failing no matter my desires or effort, don’t expect me to be the most sympathetic”
“and here I was thinking we were starting to get along somewhat” [morgan] “I’m helping you so you don’t get the urge to kill me like some fucking warbug did to my little brother before tossing his body into the shit pit. So no, I don’t like you. I can tolerate you however which is more than I can say for most of your kind”
“shit pit?” [morgan] “yes, a pit that had our camps shit in it, poop, crap, call it what you will now shut up and sleep.”
She went under her bed’s blankets and turned putting her back to me… an odd move. But I knew one thing, she can’t learn that I killed her brother. Wasn’t there something about smooth-skins turning their backs to others? Ahhh it could wait to think about.
The next week is quiet, she doesn’t talk to me. She barely interacts with me. After long thought as to why this old smooth-skin, companion was acting like that I recalled her saying memories can bring pain to them, so remembering her brother's death was painful? Hmmm, I suppose it would go away with time. If it didn’t then how would any smooth-skin function?
Halfway through our third week we went to our room, and she finally talked. At last I could have some conversation… and ask myself why I was so glad to have talk to me again.
[morgan] “look, I… I’m not sure you see it this way but… well, your people caused both of us a lot of harm. They took things precious too both of us, d-did you grow up in a family?”
“no… no I didn’t, not even a creche. Oh, uh it’s like what your kind would call extended family? I think?” [morgan] “is that how your people used to be raised, way back when?”
“yeah, that’s what our records say… I was raised by the… caretakers, caretakers fits. They see to raising the hatchlings to adulthood… well they do now at least” [morgan] “they do now? What did they used to do?”
“sane but for not as long, since it was all old souls” [morgan] “wait, that’s right new souls were a recent thing. The earth mother woke up a bit and changed how that works for you guys”
“yeah, more or less. Nobody understands why she did it… actually some think she didn’t. After all how could a new soul help more than one that’s seen countless battles and honed their skills for centuries?” [morgan] “… maybe, their age is why she did it?”
“explain, I don’t understand” [morgan] “well at least for us the oldest tend to get a bit, set in their ways. Unwilling to change to new realities and improve themselves. They get too stubborn”
I don’t reply I just sit and think about her point, her potentially very valid and reasonable point. If it was true, if that’s the reason for the change then wouldn’t our input as new souls be highly valued? Had the great mother only been able to put part of her plans in motion before being put back to sleep?
[morgan] “well, let’s get to sleep then.”
Another day and more earnings, more heat, more tedium. Though I am distracted somewhat thinking about what was discussed.
“this is going to get old not talking almost all day” [morgan] “your kind don’t strike me as the talkative type”
“little conversation isn’t no conversation. Besides, I can’t occupy my time with reading and learning other things like I could before” I sigh “those were two very good years” [morgan] “they were better than many before them”
“you know he wasn’t my favorite but blade did save us” [morgan] “yeah. He was devoted to his duty. But if that was to kill us he’d have done it in a heartbeat”
“… an old soul would have been able to fight it off, would’ve saved themselves as well as us” [morgan] “we had other old souls with us then right? Didn’t they all die? Maybe they keep putting you down so they stay on top?”
“no, they devote themselves to the good of our people. To the restoration of our culture.” [morgan] “have they? Did they start restoring that culture when they had new souls to raise? Do they know what’s best? I mean even if they try for what’s best they can still be wrong right?”
“… you’re oddly thoughtful. Don’t most of your kind just want simple things and not really care about the bigger questions like this? They just want their needs taken care off and family?” [morgan] sighs “you’re not fully wrong… inaccurate but not entirely missing either. I am, weird. I never did take to things quite like the others. Spent time asking adults questions and not playing with the other kids as much… I hate to admit it but I did like being able to read so much at the old scribe job. Even if it was for your kind, it suited me.”
I nod. “I miss my friend, despite there being so many of us it was always a bit, lonely. Being a new soul means I’m not as good, not as useful. You know some would ask why one of us new souls had to take a body that could’ve been for an old soul instead.” [morgan] “they resent you existing? I thought that was just for everyone but their kind.”
“I, well no they-… it’s, hmmm. Why do I sometimes feel like you understand my people better than me?” [morgan] she just stares at me for a moment. “that’s, well. I guess being aware of others motivations is something my kind is better at.”
“yes well I suppose it doesn’t matter since you only tolerate me right?” [morgan] “yeah, yeah I guess so… let’s get some sleep.”
Another quiet couple of days pass. Being alone like this is, well I can’t say I like it. Spending so much time in a city of these soft-skins. Though I see some that are surprisingly strong, and others I note are cunning.
[morgan] “hey. Uh, I know you might not want to answer this but… why do you want to go back?”
“what do you mean? It’s my home. It’s where my people are” [morgan] “True. But is that all it takes? I mean do you really want to go back to that, back to where they resent you for existing despite being your kind? Back to the people that took your arms? Back to trying to please them when they’ll never be fully satisfied no matter what you do?”
“that’s… reveal was happy with what I did, mys was a good friend.” [morgan] “and is that it? Just a friend and happy superior? You know there are places much further where they wouldn’t hate you like here. Places where you could become a valued member. Where you might be able to have more than just a friend and happy boss. There’s a lot more you could have.”
“so I should betray my people because it would be good for me alone? How can any society last with that as a basis?” [morgan] “betray? Did you ever go against your people before being made penitent? Did you not work to further their interests? How did that end? How did the treat you for doing your best to help them? To do something with yourself when they kept telling you that you were less than them.”
“I’m not worthless, you are! All of you pathetic soft-skins, you’re all lesser, all deserving of death” standing as I shout back. She takes a breath. [morgan] “that’s what they told you, can you tell me why? Without shouting, we are trying to not be detected.”
Practically grinding out the words “your kind destroyed mine, slaughtered them with your scaled monsters. Your kind started the butchery.” [morgan] “alright, which ones? Come on, which individuals did it?”
“individuals don’t matter, your people, your kind did it so you share the blame” [morgan] “then they were right to make you penitent, not for a mistake but for being born”
“NO, I did nothing wrong. I didn’t choose that, and I did my best to make the most of it. I helped as much as I could” [morgan] “moonshadow, individuals don’t matter. Your kind, new souls are at fault so you deserved it.” “...your kind chose to kill mine” [morgan] “maybe, but if we are to pay for other's actions, then you are guilty and justly punished as a penitent regardless” … [morgan] “you might hate it, but if that’s how you evaluate then it’s true”
“then how do you evaluate it?” [morgan] “same as most I grew up with did, by your actions, by your choices… perhaps with some leeway on context but by the individual.”
“fuck you soft-skins” I go to bed. The next week I don’t chat, thinking things over. I hate it; I hate her approach… I have nothing in it, there’s nothing. No purpose, no higher meaning in it. Just everyone being terrible, everyone causing war and death without end.
As we are walking through the town at the start of our fifth week, I see a young soft-skin, one that goes up to a merchant at their stall. I’ve seen it before, this dirty and unkempt young talking to the merchant when they aren’t busy with a customer and getting a bag filled with something then running of after getting a kiss on the head. Morgan notices I stopped and comes up to me. I whisper down when she’s close enough.
“the young ran off with a bag the merchant gave, over there. Do you know why?” [morgan] “stay right there grandpa I’ll be right back” she walks to the merchant, with the number of other people talking I can’t hear what’s said. Minutes later she comes back with some fruit.
[morgan] “these were at a good price! Come along grandpa. So the kid Taelyr, his mom was the merchant’s friend. Mom died trying to give birth to his sister and since dad died fighting the merchant took him in. I think she struggles to keep him and her own kids taken care of, she hasn’t been able to keep up with getting them properly clothed”
I nod and keep walking. After we finish our potion making I pull her along to a clothing store.
[morgan] “grandpa, we’re fine on clothes. There’s no need to enter here.” I pull her close to whisper.
“for the kids, I asked about this morning.” [morgan] “I… that’s, very nice thought but we really shoul-”
I pull her up to the counter. A green-skinned female smiles, small tusks showing. [merchant] “well what can I do for you two? I’ve got clothes to fit all sorts of physiques in all sorts of styles.” [morgan] “uh” I push her. [morgan] “alright grandpa. So it’s not really for us. There’s a fruit and vegetable vendor we saw this morning and a kid she-” [merchant] “ah yeah Mylia, sweet woman. Too bad I have to make a living with this all.” [morgan] “yes well, grandpa was moved to help her out so if you have it we’ll pay.” [merchant] “well that’s mighty fine of you. I’ll be right back with what’s needed.”
she gives me a glare before the merchant comes back. [merchant] sets a stack of clothes on the counter-top. “here we are, a stack for one gold” [morgan] “that’s, a lot… are you sure it only costs one gold?” [merchant] “well yeah, it’s at cost after all. Now go get her these.” [morgan] “I… y-yeah we’ll do that right away”
Minutes of walking and we arrive at a simple mud made structure… it’s, less than what anyone of my kin would stay in long-term. The woman, mylia opens the door and quickly I can see her… fear, apprehension, panic?
[mylia] “uh wrong place we want no trouble.” [morgan] “no no that’s, we’re not hear to cause you any trouble.” [mylia] “then please tell me why you’re here.” [morgan] “I, we talked earlier in the market. My grandpa here heard things from me and well.” she holds out the stack of clothes. [mylia] “is, is this?” she starts looking through the stack of clothes. That’s, you… how, n-never mind come in.”
I follow behind morgan; the woman sets us down at her table and soon she and her two children are eating soup with us. She thanks us and talks with morgan as the time goes on. The cover story of being refugees but having potion making skills seems to put her at ease. I see the young, rowdy, full of energy, somewhat oblivious to things around them. I also see the way she cares for them, shows affection to both of them. I can’t help but recall the differing traditions I read about, hands held in hands upturned. Heads softly pressed against each other with one arm on each-others head as a sign of care between lovers. Parent’s and family playing with the young. Things I had only read about, only ever in ancient history. Except here, in their own way the soft-skins were that way. I could see how she looked at the young she cared for, how they were precious to her like no wealth could ever be… We chatted for a while more… well morgan did and mylia gave us here thanks, saying we must have been sent by… one god or another I forget. It didn’t matter to me, what mattered was what I saw. We went to our room, and I went to sleep immediately.
In the morning I lay in the bed. [morgan] “ok you’re being really slow today. We need to clear out… are you going to move?”
“they never did that.” [morgan] “did what? Who? Seriously, no more cryptic stuff please.”
“my kind, when I was growing up. They never did that.” [morgan] “wait, you… the kids? Hugging? Your people never hugged you?”
“no, but yes. When she looked at them, took care of them. She cared, there was… what is that?” [morgan] “lov-… oh, oohhh. Fuck, they. When they raised you they didn’t love you?”
“There’s all sorts of affectations, little actions. Different than your kinds, but they do exist. Just the only place seems to be in our history books.” [morgan] “that’s… I. Damn, moonshadow I didn’t even know it was-” a loud two bangs hits the door. [innkeeper] “ten minutes!” [morgan] “yeah nearly out! Moon, we’ll talk tonight alright”
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2023.03.21 22:43 NecroCannon November 2021 I was planning on killing myself, even though I decided to live, I hate that I’m still fighting.

I gave up. What else was there for me?
Lost my job, lost my only mode of transportation, I was trapped in a toxic household, and I had no friends, hardly any family. I had a plan. I was going to find my cat a great home, go to my favorite spot along the river, and hang myself on the bridge.
My life’s never been stable, when I was 5, my mom threw me in a tub of boiling hot water. When I was a teen, my main group of friends treated me like a joke and a doormat. As a young adult, I just question what’s the point in suffering so much if it all ends the same. I couldn’t argue with the fact that I lived my life stuck inside of a box, so I decided to not go through with it and see what a life where I’m more assertive and being myself despite what others think would be like.
I’ve become a different person since then, I’ve improved a lot, but I still just struggle to find enjoyment in my life. I’m just at my limit, something has to change, I wish the people around me actually showed they care as much as they say they do. I wish they could understand me, understand what it’s like living with an invisible gun strapped to your head that’s ready to go off after one more massive failure. But they don’t even try so you’re just nothing but an inconvenience, until you finally pull the trigger, then it’s tragic.
I just can’t help but hate fake people more and more after giving myself another chance, looking back my ex-friend used my suicidal ideation against me to try to make me feel like shit, my father made fun of me when he found out after the school called, and my brother forgot I was even suicidal, something I’ve been pretty open to him about.
Maybe that’s why I cling to art for a meaning and purpose, I’m just another artist with a shitty life
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2023.03.21 22:43 realestateson Father going through divorce wants to buy a home through LLC in my name

As the title says, my (m29) father is currently going through a divorce. He rehabs homes for a living, and lives in a common property law state (NV). His soon-to-be ex is a pretty spiteful person, and so he thinks it is unlikely he can get her to sign the required documents for him to be able to buy a new house and then sell it without her taking half. He has a new investor that would like to fund a few rehabs for a 5% ROI. My dad called me and asked if he could set up an LLC in mine and my older sister’s name, and do the business through that. (The investor would pay the LLC, and I would buy the house and pay for the materials to rehab through the LLC.)
Would I or my sister be on the hook for anything if we do this? Could it harm us in any way? My hesitation is that I don’t know this new investor. Also, I love my dad to death but he plays pretty fast and loose with his money, and I am a pretty conservative and risk adverse guy. I would love to help him if I can.
Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.
*edit: typo
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2023.03.21 22:42 Alexa-endmylife-ok “WHAT ABOUT THE SUP PERSECUTED WHITE PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS???” But actually yes, diversity inclusion training typically is designed to make you aware of “OTHER” cultures than your own, and not just the scary minorities.

“WHAT ABOUT THE SUP PERSECUTED WHITE PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS???” But actually yes, diversity inclusion training typically is designed to make you aware of “OTHER” cultures than your own, and not just the scary minorities. submitted by Alexa-endmylife-ok to Persecutionfetish [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:42 EmptySodaCan1 A Scam I've noticed recently.. (No usernames idk if this still breaks the rules or..?)

Sorry if the formatting is bad, I'm new to making posts. I'm also not sure if this breaks the rules since I don't mention any jammers.
I'm not sure if this is a new scam goign around or just an old one since I only came back to playing this year.
I've noticed a "scam" going around and I've seen it three times. Basically a jammer will be giving away their outfit or trade list and this list usually has an okayish item, a good item and in all 3 items I've seen, the last item is a rare bow tie. They ask you to buddy them then go to their den to enter the giveaway. All 3 I've seen have been like this.
In the den they'll say that first two prizes are a wheel and who ever wins the second prize decides on a game to play for the bow tie. The first item is actually legit (I think) since I've gotten a tap dancer tail item from it. Next item goes to someone and they picked the game as Best trade. Obviously this is a big red flag but the person who picks goes first and gets their items back. I've seen people say that they will go just to make the game fair and not so just the first person can win or, they are desperate for a bow tie. Usually after a good item is traded the den owner unbuddies everyone and locks their den.
I haven't been scammed from this but overall just watch out for people who want to play Best Trade.
Sorry for bad grammar and if this breaks any rules );
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2023.03.21 22:42 MyGFhasabigassAMA Early marriage problems making me feel pessimistic about the future

I've been with my wife for a little over 6 years (married for 5 months). I love and adore my wife, and I feel guilty and ashamed for any stress or pain I have caused. Our troubles began during the wedding planning process. I hate being the center of attention and the wedding made me extremely anxious as a result. I had tried to get my wife to make some modifications to meet me halfway, but pushing for any changes led to her becoming very upset as these changes would have offended her family and/or friends. I was able to get through the wedding, and it was honestly a great day that I look back on fondly. However, my wife took my anxiety very personally during the process, and it prevented her from looking forward to the wedding.
Preceding our wedding, we moved across the country for her career. The area we moved to is primarily spanish speaking and this made it tough for me to find work, and ultimately I had to take a night shift job at an old folks home (I'm an RN), and it doesn't pay very well. I felt very isolated being so far from family and friends, and I haven't really been able to make any friends here. She, on the other hand, has made several friends and loves it here. My work situation, as well as feeling isolated, really put me into a mental funk. I put on weight and became a hermit when I was not at work. That being said, I still went out of my way to take care of her. I do all the cooking, cleaning, errands, etc. I do it for her because she works so hard and I just want her to put her feet up and relax when she gets home after work.
I started to get out of slump a couple months ago by prioritizing my health by quitting smoking, losing 20 pounds, taking care of extensive dental work I had put off, and making the best of work. However, there were a couple trips my wife took alone during my funk, and this hurt her. Three weeks ago she called, while she went away to ski with her friends back home, to tell me how unhappy she is, how I've been since we've moved here has made her feel very alone, and dampened this new experience in a new place for her. I had not gone on these trips because I didn't think it was financially prudent given our living expenses on top of all my dental work. There was no malice in not going on my end, but I feel silly for not in hindsight, I was just too locked up in my head to see the big picture. She had given me no inclination as to how unhappy she was before leaving, and the phone call felt like a rug being pulled out from under me. She claims she didn't realize how unhappy she was until this trip.
While I want to look at this as a rough patch we can work through, and move forward, she has told me recently that she's not sure if she's ever going to feel the same again in regards to our relationship. This truly breaks my heart. I'm committed to making the necessary changes to make her happy, but I feel as though she's already writing things off despite wanting to do couples counseling, as well as agreeing to take a new job closer to home to better our relationship. Moving again with her seems like a leap of faith, as I'm not sure how committed she truly is, and I'm constantly waiting for the next shoe to drop. I can't eat, sleep, or focus at work, and when I'm home I just pace around the apartment dwelling on all of this. I know a big component of moving back closer to home is so she can be closer to her mother, who I feel has always been prioritized over me.
I'm staying at a hotel tonight and flying back home to see my parents tomorrow in order to clear my head for a few days before proceeding forward. Am I wrong for having a pessimistic view of how things are looking?
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2023.03.21 22:42 Bbdubbleu Damn outcoral’d by the Facebook comment section…

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2023.03.21 22:42 Skeleton_Warrior The Cenobites During Purge Night

Every March 21st is the day of the annual Purge in The Purge series, where all crime including murder is legal for 24 hours. Let's say someone decides to stay home on Purge night and decides they won't be busy purging but will instead spend their time with the Lament Configuration summoning the Cenobites. Or it could even be that a Purger somehow comes upon the box (perhaps taking it off of a victim or somehow just finding it) and curious, takes a break from the mayhem to solve the box, only to quite literally open up Hell.
If it's the lawful Pinhead and gash of the first two films where they only torture someone who willingly opens the box and carries a certain darkness within them, then Pinhead and co. won't just be mindlessly partaking in the festivities, but in pursuit of the summoner they may stumble across some Purgers who'll naturally try to attack them, not realizing who they're dealing with. But the renegade Pinhead and Psuedo-Cenobites as depicted in HR3 would probably be far more fitting for this scenario with how bloodthirsty the HR3 Pinhead is and the Psuedo-Cenobites seemingly attacking and killing at will. The kinds of havoc they'd wreak upon Purgers would be something else.
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2023.03.21 22:42 The1Morpheus [Recruiting] da milk #2LUV9CL0L TH 11+ Clan Level 10 Social/CWL/Wars/Events Independent

Clan Info
Entry Requirements;
Hello there! I am The1Morpheus (IGN: Morpheus, #QC2U9RJU2) and I'm the Leader of your next clan, da milk !! We are a semi-competitive clan which is recruiting active players that need a clan to call home. As a social and semi-competitive clan, we want you to join our community and contribute to our clan. Da Milk maxes out Clan Games every month, gains 1000+ raid medals every weekend, actively participates in wars, and actively competes in CWL every month. We have a clan discord which which you should join if you intend on being part of our clan! We also donate frequently and have multiple accounts than can donate siege machines and all troops to you.
We expect you to partake in clan games, raid weekends, donate and chat with us frequently. we hope you particpate in wars and CWL, and don't worry if you aren't an experienced attacker, we will help you develop your strategies as long as you ask for help and play often! So stop reading, and join your new clan - da milk !!!
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2023.03.21 22:42 SilenceInTheSnow Small Roadtrip - Lower Michigan - Seeking Ideas

For our anniversary, my wife and I are planning to take a small trip to lower Michigan for a couple of days. The planned time is mid-April and we are planning on a 3 1/2 day trip (leaving Thursday afternoon/evening, coming home Sunday night). We are coming for Southeast Wisconsin.
Currently we are planning to stop at Notre Dame in South Bend, IN on our way, but outside of that we are going in blind and I was hoping to get some ideas on destinations and activites for the trip. We both enjoy outdoor activies, so nature reserves and state parks are a plus, but we welcome any other ideas as well.
The boxed area in the screenshot is our comfort zone as far as travel distance, as further than that would cut in to activity time. TIA.
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2023.03.21 22:42 Aridmushy Does anybody test their Tryptamine content on their own?

Does anyone have a process or guide on how to somewhat accurately determine the concentration of tryptamines in dried fruits?
I know this one is a little off topic, but this sub has given me such a wealth of knowledge, and I'm still learning from yall every day; I figure somebody here would know and could help out. I have looked into using some at home kits that can be purchased to test the relative concentration of tryptamines in the dried fruits, but they seem to be fairly expensive.
My goal is to test multiple generations and strains to prune and selectively breed for potency. At about 70 dollars for 5 tests, it seems fairly expensive. My first thought is to use pure methanol to extract and compare the darkening of the solution to other vials. This, however, would only let me determine with some accuracy that 1 strain or flush is more potent than another. Does anyone have a process or guide on how to somewhat accurately determine the concentration of tryptamines in dried fruits?
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2023.03.21 22:42 lookingforinspo-now My boyfriend (21M) is cheating on me (24F) with his ex. They were together for three years before our relationship.

He doesn’t know that I searched his phone and found messages going between his best friend and him as well as to the ex. His best friend give him advice on how to talk to girls know what explicit messages he should send. He’s spoken about me in both positive and negative ways and some of the negative things are very contradictory to what he would say to me (for ex: this girl doesn’t want to go home” when in fact, he’s the one begging me to cuddle with him until the morning).
The messages to the ex entail meet ups, he’s sent money to her, and he has even said that he loves her so much. He and I have only been together for six months and it is honestly the best relationship I’ve ever had, but I found out last night while I was trying to help him with a research paper. What should I do? Should I confront him about it? Should I tell him that I know what’s going on and that he should stop? Should I break up with him?
He has done so much for me that my past partners would have never done and he crosses all the boxes for me, and I do see a future with him, especially raising kids. He has said genuinely that his life is so much better now that we are together and that he is happy and motivated. I do see a lot of good changes in him as well. But I can’t understand why he is still messing around with his ex.
Someone please help me.
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2023.03.21 22:41 jungleland523 Home Network for Remodal

Like the title says- I’m remodeling my entire home down to the studs and am currently closing in on the end of finishing this project.
My question regards the “boxes” I’ll use to create my access points to my ethernet connections (wall junctions?).
I see options for the standard (usually blue or grey) boxes with a close back or boxes (usually orange) with no opening at the rear.
I realize the face plates are relatively interchangeable but I was wondering more which box type everyone recommends.
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2023.03.21 22:41 SeparateNewt6210 So I have a story to tell!

I'd been seeing my local mayor secretly and when I arrived to his home something strange occured. I showed up at his door with a trench coat with lingerie underneath we'd been flirting for a while so I was ready to see what his talk was all about. So as I stepped inside we locked eyes and man was the fire between us burning 🥵 my body was ready to receive. We kissed passionately for a short while as I revealed what was underneath and as the kiss intensified. He took my breasts into his mouth and I let out a low moan finally it's gonna happen as I wait for him to take me down I slowly caressed his Johnson I felt nothing so I felt it again still nothing. So I still have hope but then he backed away and stopped everything I think he was embarrassed by his manhood. But I would've rode the pony express. Until next time this is the secrets we keep.
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2023.03.21 22:41 andventurepanda Day 9

I stayed home sick... been bored, feeling better and got some urges. I peeked. I shouldn't have but I did.
Urges aren't worse.. but I'm putting my phone away for the rest of the day. I need to rest anyway.
Stay strong. 🤘🏼🔥🔥💪🏼
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2023.03.21 22:41 LyricalLinds How many bought a house that WASN’T “the one”?

I am a first time home buyer and have seen a few. The only one we’ve somewhat liked is because of the neighborhood rather than the home. Inspection was yesterday and it was…. Not great. Many issues but the worst are that it needs a new roof semi-soon, windows could stand to be replaced, some wood siding might need replacing (only a couple spots), and new water heater.
The inside is not great but I feel like even just painting, making some repairs, and adding some more light could work wonders.
Bottom line: I see many saying “the house we are in now is ‘the one’” and “we walked a lap around and KNEW it was the one”. Can anyone share a success story of a flawed home that you were able to fix up over time and are happy with it? Here in FL prices are insane and finding a safe neighborhood in our price range has been hard. We love the neighborhood but the price feels so high for what the house itself is (MAXING our budget and it has many flaws) and I need some hope.
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2023.03.21 22:40 RadioDude1995 I feel like there is no space for my hobbies in my high rise condo apartment

I need some advice about how to make living in a high rise apartment not as painful as it already is. My partner and I live in an extremely high cost of living city where you’re effectively stuck with living in an apartment whether you want to or not. My girlfriend grew up living in a dense urban center while I grew up on a farm. She’s very satisfied with where we live, but I’m looking for a way to make it move livable for me.
One of my biggest frustrations about urban living is that there’s really no way to do the same hobbies that I had at home. For example, we park our vehicle in a parking garage with one parking space, and it’s a very tight squeeze. I’m used to working on cars myself, and spending lots of time in the garage to work on projects. I miss being able to have a project car to work on, and it seems like my building HOA would frown upon me doing any sort of hobby activities in the garage.
Another frustration I have is that there’s really no way to garden. I’ve created a little garden on the patio, but the space is very very limited. I particularly miss being able to cut the grass, and have gone as far as to ask the gardeners if I could help them mow the grass we have outside of the building (LOL).
My last frustration is that I just don’t feel like we have enough space. We previously lived in a 500sqft one-bedroom unit downtown, and that was miserable. We recently upgraded to about 800 soft and two bedrooms (one room for hobbies), but it still isn’t really enough space since the other room is so small. Is there any way to make this space feel larger? I used to be really into vinyl record collecting, and I haven’t been able to continue this hobby in a long time since there isn’t enough space to store records or the equipment to play them.
Does anyone have any advice on how to make this situation a little more livable? I understand that this is primarily my problem, because I’m sure most people love urban living. It’s just frustrating for me.
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2023.03.21 22:40 help4mom_ohio How to deal with the "Oh, don't start again!" line?

tldr; How do you respond when your parent unfairly gives you the, "Oh, don't start again!" line?

My mom always thinks I'm nagging her about whatever, which is probably not true, I'm guessing, but who knows?
It's 100% true, however, that she is 100% ready to believe that I am nagging her about... whatever.
So, it could be something completely innocent like, "Hey ma, did you want another sandwich?" and she'd be like, "I did _not_ leave the door open!" and be all pissed off at me. Her hearing is really bad, which is the #1 point of contention between us. She has hearing aids, won't wear them, etc.
But, today, the situation was this.
I come in at 3:30pm - i been out all day, she usually doesn't get up until 2pm or so (yes, really, that's a diff story). She's startled b/c she didn't hear me coming in, said, "Oh you were silent coming in!" -- she's not pissed but she's not wearing her hearing aids, thus thinking I was silent coming in or went out of my way to be super-quiet to be passive-aggressive about her not wearing her hearing aids beacause I knew that if I wasn't extra loud then my coming in would scare her when she finally saw me or heard me, even if it was me saying, "Hi, ma" or something, which is prob what happened.
I prob said, "you don't have your hearing aids in" and she said "i was home alone (therefore i don't need the hearing aids)".
i started to say how i don't actually care, really, if she ever wears hearing aids (somewhat true, but that's a much longer story) -- i'm just mostly sensitive about trying to keep my hearing, or what's left of it, so i don't like the blasting tv -- that's the main, _almost_ the only thing that matters to me. Me having to talk loudly or yell to be heard or understood, or repeat myself, or whatever - I can deal with all that - but the tv is I can't do it, so if you want to _not_ wear your hearing aids most of the time, that's prob fine by me.
"Oh, don't start again!"
That angered me in the extreme because I was in a good mood - as usual - and i felt attacked - as usual - and it's a pattern - and I'm now miserable, at least temporarily, and trying to figure out how to handle this situation in the short term, either repair it, leave it, ignore it, etc. - but I'm miserable in part because I see this as a long-term situation -- this is the road of misery I'm headed down -- voluntarily.
This time I went silent, finished unloading the shopping I did - most of which was for her - and retreated to my room to be miserable for a while and work.
She came in my bedroom later - I leave the door unlocked - and said something about her doctor calling - she doesn't like to use the phone so maybe thought I'd be interested in answering her phone from her doctor - she was going out for a walk. I kind of shook my head in acknowledgement but thru my silence made clear that I was pissed and sulking.
I consider myself a semi-enlightened individual so i'm willing to do therapy, and read, and learn, and admit fault, and try to have good conversations with her, and she's not all there mentally like she used to be but she's mostly still there mentally and this is who she has always been, so I'm about as sure as anyone can be that her rudeness, etc -- what I consider it to be -- is just her -- it's not dementia or anything else.
What would a normal person feel/do in this situation? A good child/sibling/etc.? Mom's about 80, I'm about 50.
I can imagine a bunch of different reactions based on all sorts of things -- some healthy, some not.
We're living together at the moment and that's the plan, in theory, but moments like this make me wonder if I can handle it -- more specifically, I pretty much immediately come to the conclusion that I don't _want_ to handle it -- so i'll either get a place nearby, or bail on this whole project where I've moved back to basically take care of her in her preferred geographic location in the US -- which happens to be a place I'm fine with, but is away from other family.
So, that's all the context, but I'm more looking for the simple answer here -- what does a normal, adult, sane person do when hit with the, "Oh, don't start again!" line?
Ignore? Pretend I'm not affected? Say what I'm feeling, "Listen, you @#[email protected]#[email protected]#$#@$...."?
Or I could say, "Why would you say that?"
And she would either deny she said it or say that I was, in fact, nagging her, by asking her how I could make things better for her.
All would end up with her being angry or angrier. And same for me.
Or, maybe I say, calmy and etc., "I am not nagging you, or I do not _intend_ to nag you -- let's drop it" or one of the myraid permutations on that?
Or, maybe I _was_ nagging her? I thought I was trying to open up a discussion about adjusting our agreement (she said she would wear her hearing aids daily) to see if we could get to something that's better for her, but maybe it was just seen as 'nagging' because she's just always thinking that?
I don't know what 'passive aggressive' means, but that would seem to be my current behavior, and it def feels stupid, but I also feel it's the least stupid approach I have available to me at the moment -- at least until I figure something else out, which might include me bouncing back to where I came from. I and other family members can sort mom out in place she does not want to be, but i would no longer be suffering like this.
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2023.03.21 22:40 im_that_monster My Xbox froze and won't turn back on

So last night I was playing my game and everything just froze so i went to home screen and nothing loaded in so i just turned it off and for some reason it won't turn back on, i tried turning it on by my controller and manually too and nothing. What should I do
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2023.03.21 22:40 TheYoungLiar [H] Steam Games [W] Paypal (US)

Offering these for trade:
112 Operator
Aliens vs. Predator Collection
Avernum 3: Ruined World
Book of Demons
Broken Age
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Civilization VI
Crying Suns
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Dear Esther Landmark
Desperados 3
Drawful 2
Draw Slasher
Duke Nukem Forever
Duke Nukem Forever Hail to the Icons
Earth X
Endless Space 2
Evan's Remains
Fallout 76
Full Throttle Remastered
Fury Unleashed
Gloria Victus
Go Home Dinosaurs
Grim Fandango Remastered
LEGO Jurassic World
LEGO Marvel's Avengers
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Mafia: Definitive Edition
Nex Machina
Orbital Racer
PGA 2019
PGA 2K21
Popup Dungeon
Project Warlock
Raji: An Ancient Epic
Red Solstice 2
Ring of Pain
Slinger VR
Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy Forever
STAR WARS Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic II
The Long Dark
War of Mine
WWE 2K Battlegrounds (Base Game)
Yoku's Island Express
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