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2023.05.30 17:09 throwaway826405 SA sucks and idk what to do.

I've been struggling for far too long, I havent had a job in far too long. I have trouble leaving the house and going anywhere by myself.
I'm not financially stable enough to go to therapy or get medication, because I dont have a job...but i need a job so i can pay for therapy and medication. It's a vicious cycle I've been stuck in. Everything triggers my SA. Theres days where I have to go to the store and I will sometimes have a fake phone call to make myself feel better. But then I feel stupid cause I'm just talking to myself :(
I dont really have any friends, and my partner has to work, which makes me feel like a burden, my partner is super supportive when they can be which I'm very thankful for, but they cant ALWAYS be there for me. I just want to get my life back, I dont wanna be struggling to pay for rent and groceries anymore..I want to be able to get a job and make friends and go out and do things, even drive some day. I dont know why my SA got so bad within the last few years but it's making me depressed.
Any tips, suggestions, experiences or similar experiences might help me see anything in a different light and maybe make me (and you) not feel so alone<3. I just dont want to feel like this anymore, I want to feel the sunshine on my face with ease, and have a job without stressing about being anxious, talk on the phone with anyone(even family) and go SEE family, make friends again.
Thank you for reading it means a lot <3
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2023.05.30 17:09 Severe_Site4343 Looking for a off campus housing roommate

700 a month message me here or on instagram @zonachomma
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2023.05.30 17:09 ranpr Society uncle hits man for entering from wrong gate in Bellandur
TOI story:
Linkedin profile of the said uncle says he works with HP India. Unfortunately, Reddit does not allow me to post his profile link
When uncles start thinking they are the law. I really hope HP India head Mr. Ketan Patel sees this behaviour by his employee
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2023.05.30 17:08 Resiw Property owned outside of Netherlands - tax implication

I moved from my home country to Netherlands last year. I have a house in my home country.
As I understand, I need to report that house in my tax return. However, do I also need to pay tax for that property in Netherlands ?
Thank you
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2023.05.30 17:08 abignailed About to be homeless, can’t even get a job waiting tables

So I am a recent grad in environmental sciences (already deeply regretting that choice) and have been applying for jobs and internships since January. After being ghosted and never hearing back from a single company I applied to, I started hunting for good old food service work again. I started one serving job that is so slow, I average $30 on a Saturday night. I’ve been cold calling, applying online, and dropping off resumes at every other establishment within 15 miles of my house and have not gotten a single call or even email back. I have 6 years of serving/restaurant experience and I’m just flabbergasted at how difficult it is for me to find a job. I can’t afford rent and am going to be moving into my car in the next month. I feel like such a massive failure watching all my friends get relevant “big kid jobs” and I’m trying to figure out if I can afford a storage unit or sell all my furniture.
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2023.05.30 17:08 sunscreenmonster My father (63M) is sick and refusing Treatment. my family feels overwhelmed with what to do. I'm looking for a some-type of consultant to understand what our choices are.

Hi all,
I'm not sure if this is the correct subreddit for this. If you know of a more appropriate one, please let me know!
As the title says, my father is very sick. He has a laundry-list of medical issues and has developed mental health issues as well. He has all but given up on life and has even told my family that he's going to die soon. In the last year, he has rapidly deteriorated. He currently is at our family home, where he lives with my mother.
Our problem is that he refuses any medical treatment that requires him to leave the house. In fact, he has not left our home in four months. It seems like he has accepted that he's not going to get better; we're past the point of "fixing it". Our family simply has no idea what to do. Taking care of him is becoming more and more of a burden on my very healthy mother and she's becoming increasingly unable to live her own life. I He refuses in-house help and also refuses to go to a home.
I'm looking for some sort of social workecase manageend of life consultant that can just help us understand what our options are. I've looked around online and the only the I can really find is hospice care services which I'm not exactly looking for at this time. Does anyone have any advice about where to start?
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2023.05.30 17:08 LessArugulaPlease Are my delivery instructions clear?

Hello! I'm not a courier myself, but I recently moved so I've ordered quite a bit from Amazon to make things easier.
Two times in a row, regardless of my delivery instructions to leave any packages by my front door, I have had two people crawl over two walls to get to my patio, then enter my patio (by climbing another wall) and leave the package.
Today, my patio tablecloth was pulled and everything that was on it was all over the floor (cool rocks but also potted plants). I'm worried they were looking for a house key, but maybe they just accidentally broke my things while climbing.
I took a picture of my delivery instructions that they should have seen as well. Does it make sense that I want it by my front door and not the patio? Does it not make sense? Could I rephrase to make it cleare more concise?
Thank you for your help, I'm not reporting the driver to Amazon because I know there are different drivers so it's not like this person is a repeat offender, but I'm just worried I'm giving people a harder time by my choice of words. I seriously don't want people climbing three walls to get to the back of my building but I seriously don't want strangers on my property either.
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2023.05.30 17:08 cumtitsmcgoo Hyatt Place Auburn Hills

I’ve stayed at about a dozen Hyatt Places and Houses and I’ve always had a good experience. I never expect luxury from these lines, but they have always been clean, orderly, and sufficient. This HP on the other hand would make a Motel 6 look like a Park Hyatt.
With how small Hyatts portfolio is compared to the other players, along with their overall elevated brand identity, I expect a higher level of quality control. Regional management needs to stop by this place and give it the Gordon Ramsey treatment.
The whole place was dirty everywhere and the front desk was left unmanned many times I walked by. When manned, the staff looked like they just rolled out of bed. They were friendly enough, but far too casual. Wearing sweatpants and on their phones. Hanging with friends who stopped by to visit. I get that these jobs can be thankless and tiring, but there’s a baseline for professionalism.
Now, I don’t expect much from a 3 star hotel buffet, but the breakfast was a joke. Only ran from 7-9, which is the shortest window I’ve ever seen and half the time the buffet was empty. By the time they finally refreshed the buffet it was all somehow over cooked and cold at the same time. Seemed like it was maybe food from the day before that had been stored in the fridge. I watched the woman refilled the potatoes spill a bunch onto the counter and scoop them right back into the serving container. Dishes and trash were piled up everywhere and everything was just grimy. The coffee was burnt and had the consistency of tar. I figured the Starbucks down the street was a safer bet. I didn’t want to get food poisoning on this trip lol.
Housekeeping didn’t come by once in my 3 nights even though I specifically requested it each day. Lots of excuses of being short staffed. AC unit couldn’t keep the room cool, but did a great job spitting out black soot all over the bed. It was also neat how it took 10 minutes for hot water to come out of the shower head.
I’m a Hyatt loyalist and generally have top tier experiences at their hotels, but this was comically bad. I want them to continue to expand their footprint with lower cost options in smaller regions/cities, but they need to keep the quality consistent.
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2023.05.30 17:08 Stressednotrelaxed Lot owner owes me 315$ and won't help

Ohio Montgomery county
Okay back in February I was billed 770$ for my rent which is really high compared to what it normally is. Usually 450 give or take.
So I investigate my invoice to see they charged me 315$ extra for December claiming " Payment missing from tenant ledger ". Confused, I looked up my payment history showing everything paid in full, lot electric, water etc. Checked my bank they double confirmed it.
I asked my lot manager about it, and he said there is an issue and to let them handle it. I said okay, I'll go ahead and pay the total now, if they'll reimburse me or let it go to my next months bill and I let him know.
So fast forward month after month I've not gotten any answer period, two months ago I was told " oh I meet with my boss today from the company that owns the park I'll let them know. And get back to you"
Well now it's freaking june almost and I've not heard anything new! What do I do???
Additional info: Plumbing also has been backed up since October... Of last year claim no one will work under trailers anymore... Said he would " get a contractor on it " 3 months ago also...
Company name: Bright Star community they own the park
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2023.05.30 17:08 strugglebus1914 I feel my husband should ask BM for some extra money for us to take the kids while she goes to Mexico.

My step kids 11&8 are staying with us for two weeks while BM goes on vacation with her boyfriend. She is missing SD11 elementary school graduation and it’s making me so mad bc she missed her kindergarten graduation to go to a rave festival. They will be with us during the last week of school so I have to drive them to school as well as driving my husband to work. It’s a half hour drive to my husbands work and their school and we already spend hundreds in gas a month and taking them to school is even more. I’m also on food stamps and we only get it for me and my husband (BM lies to DSHS to get food stamps for the kids so we can’t claim them) and with the regular routine me and my husband already skip meals so we have more food for when they come over. I feel like asking her for 100$ just to cover the extra gas and food isn’t unreasonable. Especially since she waited to tell us until a few weeks before that she was leaving and had the kids tell us that we were taking them, didn’t even ask.BM just baby trapped her boyfriend who is very wealthy and they live with practically no expenses bc they live with his dad. She doesn’t buy or do anything for the kids so it isn’t like she doesn’t have 100 to spare for the kids. If I was healthy enough to work and make things comfortable I would but I can’t and I have a toddler (who I get WIC for but it’s just baby food so I can’t exactly buy everyone food with that like I can food stamps) I just don’t understand what the harm is in asking via text so we have a record of her saying no, or on the off chance she says yes we can hold her to her word when she leaves. This woman has never taken her kids on her trips that she goes on. She even went to disney land without them and told them she wouldn’t ever take them. She fights letting my husband see them, even threatening to lie to the police, but when she wants to go rave or go to Mexico or just abandon them for months(which she did when she was living in her car with her ex) she just expects us to drop everything and cater to that, which of course we do bc we love the kids and if they stayed with her family they’d be abused per usual. She is a HCBM and she drives me nuts. She also refused to give me the phone numbers of the kids friends parents to invite them to a graduation party for SD11 that my mom and I are doing. I had to just print invitations with my number on them hoping she didn’t tell the parents to say no. This is all bull shit. I wish my husband would take her to court already and end her power trip. She’s a neglectful, abusive mother and these kids don’t deserve it. They deserve to be home with us. I’m sick of digging their over grown nails out of their fingers and toes bc she doesn’t help them clip them. Sick of emergency rooms and walk in clinics bc they haven’t been to the doctor in years. I’m sick of them coming over with mats in their hair and stinking to high heaven bc they haven’t showered since the last time they were here. I’m sick of the behavior problems bc of her. I’m sick of all of it I just wish we had them so they had a good stable home instead of bouncing around BM family’s houses being abandoned. I know we aren’t perfect but we are a hell of a lot better than her.
This morphed into a rant so I guess I’m done.
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2023.05.30 17:08 Serafec99 (Thursdays 6PM CST) (5e) (Online)

Pitch Welcome to the land of Vingmar, a fantastical norse-themed fantasy realm forged from the fires of Ragnarok. The inhabitants of this land, the Children of the 3 Forgings as they are known, raid and trade in equal measure between the great isles of the world-continent and interpret the will of the Dead Gods from the cinders of the night sky.
Yet not all is well within Vingmar. The reign of King Harkon the Grey has passed with his own passing, a reign known for many blood feuds which were barely kept in order between the clans. Now a new high king is to be elected from their ranks and many whisper of a renewal of conflict driven not by glory or loot, but by revenge and bloodshed.
Enter, you. As is customary following the passing of a high king, tribute from all settlements are to be offered from across the isles. Even your small village is expected to contribute and you have been selected to make the long journey to Harkon's Hall to deliver tribute.
This will mark the first step in your journey as you enter into a land after the gods and after the old heroes, where new sagas and songs will be sung of your valorous deeds. Mens eyes turn enviously towards each other, omens darken the skies and constellations, rumours abound of the dead stirring as something rattles deep beneath the veneer of the affairs of mere mortals' ambition.
Welcome to Vingmar.
House rules -Potions may be drank as a bonus action but can only be applied to another character via action.
-HP will be rolled for each level but if one rolls below their class average, they take the average.
-Proficiency in a skill is required for skill checks which would reasonably require professional training in said skill.
-Proficiency in a skill is required to provide the Help action to someone attempting that same check.
-Level ups will be gained via milestone but can be expected generally every 3-5 sessions.
-Aside from race restrictions, all content from all books except Unearthed Arcana and Acquisitions Incorporated will be allowed.
-Homebrew will be allowed only on a case by case basis pending my approval.
General rules and expectations -Playable races are restricted to: Aarakocra, Aasimar, Gnome, Dragonborn, Dwarf, Elf, Genasi, Goblin, Half Elf, Half Orc, Halfling, Hexblood, Hobgoblin, Human, Kobold Orc, Shifter, Tiefling
-We're all here to have a good time and the best way to ensure that is for everyone at the table to be fun, friendly and polite. I want players who can really get into the norse fantasy setting, engage in deep roleplay and who can take initiative instead of expecting the DM to string them along. D&D is a collaborative story and the players are as much responsible for driving it forward as the DM is.
-Players are expected to make characters who will work with, not against the party. If you're interested in playing a lone wolf or edgelord then this game is not for you. Evil characters will also be banned for this reason as I have seen too many players online use their alignment as an excuse to be a dick and ruin other peoples' fun.
-Players are expected to make characters who want to adventure and do great things instead of only ever wanting to pursue their backstory goals. Backstory goal realization is, of course, important but it's important that not the entirety of your character's motivations revolve around that.
-Any discriminatory behaviour of any kind towards another player's race, gender identity, sexuality etc will result in an immediate kick and ban.
-Communication is key in all relationships in life and so if you have a problem with another player or the game, communicate said player with me and we will resolve it.
-I am fine with players challenging rulings or called rolls of mine and changing them or even rules lawyering provided the player can provide a logical and reasonable argument. If the discussion will take more than 5 minutes, however, it will wait until after the session.
To apply If you've read all of this please message me with your name, age, pronouns, discord, what you look for in a game, a description of a past character you've played and a character pitch you may like to play.
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2023.05.30 17:07 ana-banana-10 SS moved in with his mom FT and is now angry at us

My SS turned 18 a few months ago and we told him then that when he graduated HS (which was last week) he’d need to pick his mom’s or our house. Part of the reason was that he had so much stuff at each house and was hardly at either one so we figured this would be a good step for him to grow up. He’s pretty spoiled and we felt like he was using our house as his sports storage since his mom didn’t want clutter at her house. Our house is smaller than his mom’s and she’s very difficult and does a lot of guilt tripping with the kids so we knew he’d pick her house.
Unfortunately since he left a week ago, he isn’t talking to us and when he does, he’s rude and short. We assume he’s mad that we kind of kicked him out and his mom is probably not saying very nice things about us. The problem is that my husband is heart broken and when SS treats him like this (which he does often), he usually over compensates and spoils/buys him more stuff. We’ve fought about this for years but he just gives in to this kid all the time.
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2023.05.30 17:07 ButterflyGrand1269 Residence files??

I’m on Charlotte Heights and I have now had 3 side jobs where the best clue I have is that they a live in Gomez House. But for the life of me, I cannot find any residence files. Anyone have any tips? (The other clues have been things like their build and job title.) I am pretty new, so the job titles seem too broad to figure out (ie shop keeper) but maybe that’s not true.
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2023.05.30 17:06 Kind_History5832 HELP my (25M) gf's (25F) dad sucks

For context, we're both 25 and just starting our careers. We're from different cities which requires one of us to stay the weekend when we're visiting. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to stay at her house because of her dad. Who, IMO is a total piece of shit. Ever since I met her, he will call her and ask her where she is and what she's doing - often yelling or being harsh. If she doesn't answer the phone, he throws a tantrum. She tells me of instances where he gets upset and takes it out on her, taking personal shots at her and mocking her career choice (teacher) telling her she won't be a good teacher. The final straw for me happened recently. She told me that he had shoved her when they were carrying groceries inside. In my world, this is INSANE and made my blood boil. Who the hell treats their child like that? I guess what I'm asking for advice for is how do I manage this? I have told her that I think her dad is a piece of shit, but how do I tell her that I don't want to be associated with her father? This guy is so damn annoying
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2023.05.30 17:06 axisokdev I documented the winner character of every 2023 Strive tournament I found on YouTube

Personally, I don't like tier lists, especially because they're extremely biased and don't represent actual results. So what does represent results? Well, what else if not the results themselves?
So, I decided to make a "tier list" based on real data with video evidence. These videos were all found by searching "guilty gear strive top 8" on YouTube and sorting by newest. Then I went through them one by one, checked what character won really fast (very likely to have made several mistakes) and made a list. I could keep going, but I already spent a few hours on those so I decided to stop on the first tournament of 2023. Plus, we probably don't want to include too old videos, as the difference between patches would be too big to ignore.
Also, there are several missing because for some reason they're either not on YouTube at all or they didn't show up in the search (notably baccpaBrawl has several missing on search, but they are available on the channel), don't take that as a list of every recorded tournament in 2023 because it's definitely not. And again, there's definitely mistakes somewhere, I did not check every video twice and some links might be broken/lead to something unrelated for some reason.
So, here it is, the results:

Tournament winners

Win count

So, what conclusions can we draw from that? Well, I would personally ignore everything at or below 2 wins, as I'd say that's where you can see a singular player carrying the character that one time or two. I would also like to point out that many of the character wins are from the same very few players, which could change the way you think about the list, but do remember that if they're sweeping consistently maybe the character is good after all.
Those things aside, I do think that the "tier list" formed by those wins is decently accurate. It would be interesting to check every single one of those videos and include more players from the top 8, maybe that way we'd see some obvious characters that are missing like Baiken. But it might become slightly more of a popularity contest, which could go against the original goal.
I wouldn't say this is a tier list of which character to pick if you're new to tournaments and want to win, but instead a tier list of which characters are more likely to win any future tournament. I'd consider anything below Zato to be the underdog, and everything above to be one of the favorites to win it all. Why is Ky up there with the big boys? I don't know, I guess Dany is just built different.

Fun zone

One last thing I wanted to do, as this might be more representative of the actual power level of a character. Just keep in mind that these are some arbitrary numbers and calculations and there aren't enough samples to draw any conclusions even if they were scientific. The numbers don't reflect reality at all, it's just for fun.
I'm taking the popularity on 2100-2200 elo from Rating Update (as of writing this) and dividing the percentage of wins by it. What that gives us is a number that is bigger if a character is not very popular but wins a lot, and lower if a character is very popular but doesn't win much. A number of 1 means the character is in line with what you'd expect, higher means they're winning too much and lower means they should be winning more. Again, 49 tournaments is not enough and the numbers are going to look funny.
We could somehow include the amount of different players using each character, but while we could pretend that would be closer to the truth about the character being good or bad, I think the number is already meaningless enough as it is.
So I think what we learned from this is that May is severely underpowered and needs some buffs. S dolphin will be +0 on block on the next patch, boys.
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2023.05.30 17:06 johndoe73568 Dust accumulates, how to deal with dust

Hi, does anyone know any tips to avoid dusting? Any fast tool to dust with or any product to use? Lately is becoming very overwhelming dusting every little corner of the house every day. When i go to people's house all i think is how they are dust free So here i am asking for any tip. Bare in mind i hace 2 cats.
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2023.05.30 17:06 bluejay0717 Renting office says they "don't go by that" to the fine print in the lease.

So I'm in a bit of a confusing situation regarding a bit of my lease and what the office is saying. We had to move a bit unexpectedly and forgot that our landlord requires a 60 day move out notice. We were at the 45 day mark so we sent in the notice and were informed that we would have to pay an extra month of rent that would be taken out of our deposit (fair enough i suppose). However, i looked over the lease just to double check everything and there is a part that states:
"If we require you to give us more than 30 days’ written notice to move out before the end of the Lease term, we will give you 1 written reminder not less than 5 days nor more than 90 days before your deadline for giving us your written move-out notice. If we fail to give a reminder notice, 30 days’ written notice to move out is required."
We never received any reminder about the move out notice so to my understanding that should put us in the clear, correct? Well we went to the office to discuss it with management and when we showed the lady the same part of the lease agreement she said "we don't go by that. We only go by what's on the first page" (where it states they require 60 days notice). We were very confused and she could not tell us why it states that in the lease if they "don't go by it". As far as I'm aware, we signed and agreed to the entire lease and they we should both have to abide by what the lease states right? I've only rented once before and we did get a move out reminder pretty early on but that's the extent of my experience. If anyone could help at all I would be greatly appreciative.
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2023.05.30 17:06 mad_queen-_- I watched someone's head get punched in

 When I was 16, I was desperate to get away from living with my stepdad. My stepdad had tried to rape me when I was 11 and had been creepy ever since. I would come home and he would be hovering around my laundry basket in my room, I rarely ate bc he would watch me when I passed by, he got into my phone before to find out if I had any nudes(luckily I didnt), he would point out my bathroom habits and brag about how he could tell it was me in there, I would only get things if I played nice around him, and he would play psychological games to torture me. He used to lock the doors on me when I got in his car sometimes. I remember his laugh when he'd see the panic in my face. He'd always look at little girls out in public. It made me sick. I desperately wanted out, so I jumped at the first opportunity. 
At the time, I went back to my hometown to go visit with old friends and my brother. My bro took me to the next town over, where his bff's gf that he was also sleeping with lived. She was cool and all. My bro was going to a party that night and I had to go too. It started off with beer pong, no biggie, but my bro's bff's gf was hooking up with yet another guy at this party. My bro got pissed off and left me there. The party took a dark turn when the host went with a bunch of people to go smoke crack in the room. They tried to get me in there first, but I refused. I made friends with another unsuspecting guest and we became good friends that night. His name was Stonie. The ppl smoking crack then tried to grab this girl who was passed out drunk and Stonie and I stopped these crackhead. Stonie and I didn't sleep at all that night. We had to guard the ones passed out. We made it through the night, but I was flabbergasted that my own bro would do me dirty like that and l was rightfully traumatized. We finally left that town to visit with our old friend, B. I miss that guy. He committed suicide in jail a long time ago, but he was a good guy and when I told him what happened, he let me stay there. B was a weed dealer and we hung around and partied with our group of misfits. They let me stay there in exchange for taking care of their son. They called me Lupita(after the loyal maid from Weeds).
 Fast forward a couple months and there was a girl well known for cheating and she was doing her thing, cheating on her bf, who studied MMA. There's a pounding at the door one night and I go to answer it. It's the bf. He pushes past me and heads to the basement towards his gf and her lover. I didn't particularly like either one of them. She helped perpetuate calling me a whore and claimed that I was a cheater bc I got raped(I was a virgin) after I was passed out drinking with this one person and the guy was always mean to me and stole my shit regularly, however, I didn't want them to die and especially not in the house of my drug dealer friend. I ran after the bf while he headed down to the basement. Immediately it was 2hits to the face for the loverboy. Then dude starts wailing on him. I watched his head get punched in. It was gross. Like a watermelon. Ew and then you hear the brains swish around🤢. I'm only 5' and I was about 100lbs at the time, but Idgaf. Not on my watch. I jumped on dude's back and successfully got him in a triangle hold, but he was still throwing punches, but I was tiring him out. I was yelling at him and told him not to kill him bc there's a baby in the house and he knew B dealt weed and we didn't need an investigation. It worked. He gave one final blow, which was a punch to the gf's face and left. 
The guy with the punched in head went to the hospital and had to have plates in his head. I comforted the girl and got her some ice for her face and some ovaltine to make her feel better. I saved their lives, but it left a bit of trauma for me and I can still see his head caved in when I think about it. Gross🤢
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2023.05.30 17:06 oneeyedpiratewhale Letting agent wants me to transfer >£10000 in one go before signing the lease

Hi there, appreciate any help I can get!

So, because I am about to study full time again, I don't have a stable income. And in order to rent a place, I offered to pay 12 months rent in advance, all in one go.

I have rented from different agents in different cities in UK before, and usually they would be the ones who sent me the tenancy agreement without me asking for it. This time, it's different. I transferred my holding deposit and signed the holding deposit agreement. The agent told me the place will be ready to move in within 7 days. During that week, I never heard back from the agent again despite the move in date was getting closer and closer. So, right before the scheduled movein date, I sent an email to the agent again, and they changed the movein date to a week later. They still hadn't sent me the tenancy agreement at this point.

So literally 2 working days before the new move in date, I sent an email again. No replies. Until literally the day before the new move in date. Still no tenancy agreement. The email simply asked me to do the bank transfer of >£10000 and said I can collect the keys the next day and sign the lease.

This sounds incredibly fishy to me. The agent did take me to see the flat. It's unfurnished with a broken old bed mattress on the floor. He said they would hire the cleaners and throw away all rubbish. (That was around 2 weeks ago.) Today when I walked past the window of that flat, I saw the old mattress was still in the flat when I am supposed to move in tomorrow. All these red flags give me really bad vibe.

I went to their office to talk to them face to face in the end. I didn't mention I could still see the old mattress. But I said I would prefer having the lease signed by both parties before making the transfer of such a big sum of money. They told me that's not how they do things. I then asked if it's possible to do the transfer and signing the documents simultaneously at their office on move-in date. They said they can make a compromise and have me transfer one month rent to them (plus the holding deposit I have already paid), before even letting me see the lease copy.

My question is, from a legal standpoint, how fucked can I potentially be if I make that transfer of 12months rent in one go, and the other party hasn't even signed the tenancy agreement yet?

Many thanks in adv!
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2023.05.30 17:06 MermanTram Two iPhones, one used as “house phone” - how can I decouple them?

I have a regular iPhone that I use normally. I have another old iPhone that I use to play music onto a Bluetooth speaker or chromecast Netflix/Apple TV shows onto a TV.
I don’t want my old iPhone syncing with my regular iPhone. For example, I don’t want text messages sent to both, I don’t want Do Not Disturb on one to be set on the other too. Lastly, I want emails on my regular phone but not my “house phone.”
However, I need to login to my Apple ID on both for Apple Music and Apple TV. But doing this syncs the two devices. Is there anyway to decouple them?
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2023.05.30 17:05 Fishosophy French Birb Sticker I made

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2023.05.30 17:05 iim7_V6_IM7_vim7 [US, US] [H] Binder [W] PayPal

I'm clearing out my house and found these cards that I'm just trying to just get rid of.
There's nothing that great but there are a couple first editions and a shadowless magneton. I was hoping for $75 for the lot (OBO). I'm sort of basing the price of but then taking a bunch off that because I care more about getting rid of everything than I do about getting a bunch of money for it (which is why I'd rather not sell them all individually).
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