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BoJack Horseman

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Subreddit for the Netflix animated series, BoJack Horseman, starring BoJack Horseman as BoJack Horseman.

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The Trojan Horse Affair - a podcast from Serial and The New York Times. Birmingham, UK - An unlikely duo chases down the origins of a mysterious letter that caused a national scandal. Brian Reed is the host and co-creator of the podcast S-Town, a production of Serial and This American Life.

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Follow the story In the form of poetry Of this equine man. His name is Graham His eyes, nose and mouth human From neck down he's horse. Five, seven and five A well known poem format Delivers our tale. This is a being That needs no introduction Welcome Graham Horse.

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2023.06.07 06:46 CornerCornea Old Traditions for a Night Wedding

I had been contacted by the magistrate to investigate a night wedding in the countryside that had involved the loss of human life. There seemed to be a recent rise in tourists involved in ghost dowries over the years. However, from my research I believe it was a man in search of night weddings for personal gain that was the cause of so many deaths.
When I received the request, I was nearby on Green Island, and addressing a rather unique matter even for my line of work. A little girl from the mainland had arrived two weeks prior and claimed to be the recently deceased husband of the grieving widow.
The child claimed to have woken up in the hospital where the doctors informed them that they had drowned and was clinically dead for 4 minutes when the body inexplicably sat upright in the gurney. This would have seemed to be great news, except when the child looked into the mirror, it was not their face staring back at them.
In old Taoist texts I have read of such events, where the bodies of the recently deceased are not put to ground quickly enough, and their souls are left to wander. They could get carried away by the Northeast or Southwest wind. Depending on the location from where they died. And possibly attach to an empty host.
This seemed to be the case, as the wife acknowledged that due to the wet season, they did not bury her husband's body right away. Because the grounds were so wet, that any graves would wash away, leaving corpses laying in the street. Still, I had the responsibility of testing the child. Whom passed a simple test of naming names. Where they used to live. The wife's habits. A conversation they recently had, and even childhood memories. All were confirmed by friends and family. But it would be the child's handwriting that ultimately convinced me. They were a perfect match, down to the signature.
Upon my approval, the villagers had no choice but to accept that this child was indeed the man come back to life. And when I left, he was sitting outside of his house cleaning fish as he had always done for 32 years, except now in the body of a 10 year old girl.
I didn't have much time to dwell on this case as I was needed at the aftermath of the failed night wedding. Ghost dowries have been in use for thousands of years, and traces of it can be found in many different cultures. From the Aztec to the Egyptians, and more recently from old Spain to the streets of Southeast Asia. Though in recent times, only a few remote places continued the practice, and there are a limited number of priests today who are qualified enough to handle such a case. Luckily, I had plenty of experience in this matter.
In my early years, I had married many ghost brides.
And was often asked, "But you're a priest, how can you get married?"
"Zhengyi Taoist priests can choose to take a wife or not. In fact, in order to pass on my Celestial title, I must have an heir."
The man looked distraught, "And you're sure this will stop her from whispering into my ear every night?" He clutched the bag rather tightly.
"Don't you worry," I took the bag from his hands. "Everything will be fine."
We would perform the customary vows and the following night the man reported no more whisperings from his daughter, yet a week later, the police raided my hotel in a different district. The man had claimed that I had swindled him. That his daughter had returned and continued her whispering of terrible, horrible things that he dare not listen. Clanking and banging away in the walls as he covered his ears in fear until sunrise.
Fortunately, I was allowed to prove my innocence.
I returned and stayed in the man's room, waiting with him for signs of his daughter. And surely enough, late in the hour, I heard the wretched scraping and dragging in the walls. The man stopped breathing in his bed and laid perfectly still. Even I was afraid to move as the most dangerous aspects of my job are in the unknown. My mind began racing, wondering if I had somehow botched the night wedding. Or worse, that the ghost bride wasn't his daughter at all, and I had inadvertently given this mysterious entity a special anchor to this world, a holy man.
The walls shook without reason. And a tiny noise could be heard near the man's bedside. He jumped off his mattress and ran to my side. The two of us watched as the noise traveled back and forth against the back wall like wooden clogs.
"My daughter did always carry around a rattle drum when she was little," the man whispered.
"Hush, don't let it capture your breath," I warned him. "Whatever this is, I don't believe it is your daughter. And because of the ritual, we may have increased its hold on this realm."
He whimpered, "Not my daughter?"
I held up my finger and traced the noise as it traveled in an odd form. I began to wonder if the entity was creating some sort of symbol.
"What are you drawing," the man cried.
"It may be creating a portal," I told him. "Now hush before it turns its attention toward us."
"Please, there must be something you can do?"
I reached into my bag and pulled out some incense. I lit the ends and began chanting. From my waist I pulled out a long yellow parchment. And drew on it a sealing spell. "Spirit," I called as I stepped forward. "I am a guiding light." The noise rattled with conviction as I drew closer. "Let me lead you to peace!" And with one quick motion I punched my hand into the wall, clutching the sealing spell in my palm, at the last place I heard the noise. To my displeasure I felt something wriggling in my grasp as something long and thin wrapped itself around my wrist, its end clawing at my forearm. I screamed when I felt its teeth sink between the soft flesh of my thumb and index finger. But I did not let go. Instead I pulled out this demon from the wall and threw it roughly to the ground.
The man screamed as he jumped onto a chair and screamed, "Rat!"
Yes. A simple field rat. That had a trap stuck on its tail which caused its movements to rattle in the wall. That had been rummaging near the man's nightstand because in one of the drawers he had left a bag of watermelon seeds.
Not all cases are this simple, and plenty are true to life supernatural encounters. Over the years my experience has taught me to be more cautious in my evaluations. Which was why when I finally arrived at the house of the massacre due to a failed night wedding. Every hair on my neck stood on end as I tried to be objective as possible.
But there was no denying that something heinous had occurred here. Bodies were still laying on the floor. Some with their faces in the dirt. Some missing their heads completely. And those with their faces up, were unrecognizable. And my first wife leaned into my ear and whispered to me, "This is the work of a ghost bride."
"How do you know?"
"I recognize her anger. It was mine before we were married."
"How do I know what?" A man walking toward me asked. "Are you the priest they called out here?"
He was average built, and in plain clothes, "Detective, why yes. I am here to assist you in anyway that I can."
The detective spit on the ground, "Assist me? As far as I'm concerned we're wasting valuable time carrying on with this hocus pocus bullshit. The killer's trail will be cold by the time we get through all this religious tape." He wafted the air in front of his face, "And the dead bodies boiling out here. This is all your fault as far as I'm concerned. Assist me," he snorted.
"Where there any eyewitnesses, Detective?"
"Several. But they're all saying the same damn thing. Spouting a bunch of nonsense. Which is why those religious nuts down at the station dredged you up."
"All non-relatives to the home owners?"
He snorted again, "Coincidence."
"Let us hope so," I told him. "Because the alternative is much worse." I walked the scene, going around the upturned tables, tracing the steps of carnage in the courtyard, to the main living room. There I saw the body of an old man, both hands clutching his chest, his face was completely missing. "Any surviving family members?"
"Some are still left," he grunted. "But we've gathered most of them under police protection."
"Have you located the husband?"
"Yeah, we're trying to extradite him."
"The foreigner took off in the middle of all the commotion. Boarded a flight back home according to our investigation. We've contacted the airline, and the airport security in America will hold him when he lands. As he is currently my number one suspect."
I circled the area in front of the shrine. Noting the spilled bowl and its contents on the ground. The position of the spoon next to it. Before standing in the spot on the left side where the effigy would have stood. "What about the bride?"
The detective shook his head, "What bride?"
"It was a night wedding," I told him. "There must have been a physical object acting as a stand in for the daughter's soul."
"Nothing more than bags of cotton usually," he paused. "But they did report that the stand-in this time was some sort of department figurine. A mannequin of some sort."
"Have you looked into that?"
"Why would I look into that. Are you crazy?"
"Right, you're right of course. You'd have to wait until after sunset to be able to figure out which mannequin serves as the ghost bride's earthly form."
The detective stormed off as if I had said something outlandish. Leaving me to my own devices, I interviewed a few of the neighbors who had attend the night wedding, gathered some evidence and sorted with the other officers at the site, and then left for the nearest hotel in the city.
It had been a long month for me and I couldn't think of anything better than I would enjoy more than a cold beer. So after checking in I went down to the bar, where an ethereal creature sat alone. She was beautiful to say the least and I had to strike up a conversation lest I live a life of regret, "S'il te plaît ma chérie, dis-moi comment on t'appelle pour que quand je sois perdu dans les ténèbres. Puis-je demander la lumière."
"Oh, American. I apologize. I thought you were French."
"On my mother's side," she brushed away her hair.
I noticed the ring, "Ah, you are married. My sincerest apologies miss."
"Newly married," she told me. "My husband speaking with the concierge."
"Activities on vacation," I mused. "How wonderful."
"It's nothing like that. It seems someone has left him a note. And we're technically on our honeymoon." She paused, "Though this isn't where we're supposed to be. We're supposed to be in Hawaii."
I ordered a beer with the bartender and sipped my drink, "Hawaii is wonderful, but this is also a beautiful island. In fact, when the Portuguese came here, they named it Formosa. Which translates to beautiful island. It may not be where you're supposed to be, but perhaps you'll find that this is exactly where you need to be."
The woman sighed, "I don't even know anymore."
"Ah, I know what this is. I've great experience in these matters. Having been married many times. You feel doubt."
She laughed, "How many times have you gotten a divorce?"
"Divorce?" I laughed. "I never leave a woman after we have been wed."
She looked taken aback, "Oh. I didn't know polygamy was so common in these parts." She glanced behind her to where a tall man was standing with what looked to be the hotel's concierge. "I guess we're in the same boat."
"It's not what you think," I told her.
"Where have I heard that one before," she rolled her eyes.
"Larissa!" The man called for her.
She stood up, "Well, it was nice meeting you. Tell your wives I said hello."
I smiled as she left, glancing at my sides. "If only you knew," I said while sipping my beer.
Now in hindsight, if I were not so fatigued after nearly a month of hard work and constant traveling. I would have perhaps picked up on the fact that she too was familiar with the concubine lifestyle. Which was unusual in itself for an American. Or perhaps I would have picked up on the fact that Larissa was an uncommon name. As I had read Jim's article. But there was no such luck, which is why, when I say that I am deeply regretful of what I read on the news later about the couple, I am truly at a loss for what I could have prevented. But that is not my story to tell.
After I finished drinking at the bar I made my way to the elevator and got in. When a man came towards me to hold the door, I called out, "It's full." He looked at me bewildered as I was the only person he could see in the elevator, before sticking his hand out to stop the doors from closing. Huffing and puffing as he glared at me angrily before pressing his floor number. Except the elevator pinged. The weight capacity light had turned on above our heads. "Like I said, it's full." The man shook his head in amazement. Pressing his floor number again. The elevator pinged again. Unwilling to budge. I sighed and got out, "I'll wait for the next one."
And wait I did, even in my room I waited for night fall instead of resting. The thoughts of a botched night wedding swirling in my head. For the many things that could go wrong. Because even though I had much practice in these matters, I was still always nervous before a fight. So when night fell, I was red eyed and exhausted, but better mentally prepared than before.
But when I arrived back at the scene of the crime, I was not prepared for all of the commotion.
"Ka-kin-eh Ka-kin-eh," a man shouted as the fire blazed.
I grabbed one of the men running by with an empty bucket, "What happened here?"
"T-the villagers, they set the p-place on fire. Trying to rid the evil demon."
I let him go and shook my head. The fools! I made my way toward the courtyard where I saw the detective from earlier moping his forehead as he was helping put out the fire. "Detective! This is terrible," I yelled as the flames licked the night.
"No shit dumbass, it's a fire."
"You don't understand," I told him. "Now the entity has nowhere to return. We may never find it."
He threw the bucket to the floor and whirled around, "Enough! I've had enough! Listen here, there is a fire. F-I-R-E. This a real problem. If it catches to the fields, it could light the newly laid fertilizer on fire and catch the entire mountain!"
That was the only word I had to say before he punched me. It was a dark night out, but stars had suddenly appeared. He hovered over me and I thought he would strike me again but then suddenly he froze. "What is that?"
I turned my head and looked out into the field. The heat of the fire burning the back of my head as I tried to stop my nose from bleeding. "Where?"
Neither one of us moved as we watched the tall field.
"Right there." He pointed.
I reached up and threw his hand down, "No! You never point at entities," I told him. "Now you could be marked!"
He ignored me and reached for his gun, "Stop! Hey you! I order you to stop or I'll shoot!"
I looked into the field, scanning the endless rows before my eyes stopped and froze in horror. At one point in time the thing must have been a simple plastic mannequin. Standing in a department store perhaps. But now, it was twisted and gnarled. It's first dirty and unrecognizable. It stood on all fours sometimes threes as it swayed slowly back and forth. The thing was also without form because it didn't need to bend or move as normal people. It was still objectively, plastic. It swung its arms behind it and used that as leverage to run, turning its head - cracking the seams that had somehow still held and took off.
The detective rung a shot out at it. I think it struck but it didn't matter. Though the mannequin was gone. The detective must have lost his mind because he gave chase.
I couldn't let him go alone so I followed. Pulling out my long yellow parchment as I wrote on it the symbols for sealing, hoping the simple spell would work. As we entered the tall field.
It was chaos. The ground was mushy beneath my feet, and the smell of fecal matter assaulted my senses further. In the brush I had lost the detective, so I was forced to tell my wives to help me locate his whereabouts. They didn't often leave my side, and some were reluctant but ultimately agreed.
I stood in the field, waiting with bated breath as I heard further gunshots in the distance. I couldn't wait for my wives to gather as I tore after the detective. And just in time as I saw him standing, looking absolutely terrified as he shot blindly into the fauna until his pistol clicked. The mannequin lunged for him. But I got there first. Pushing him to the ground, causing both of us to tumble.
He was eating a mouth of dirt as I pulled him to his feet. "We have to get out of this field! The ghost bride will pick us off in this thicket!"
Stumbling, and running, the two of us were covered in more than dirt. Several times we heard rustling nearby as if something were running alongside us. But eventually we made it out into the open plain. The detective trying to catch his breath as he reloaded his pistol.
"Shooting it doesn't work," he panted. "But maybe I can disable it from moving."
"Shut up," I told him. "Listen."
He stopped for a moment and we waited. Then all of the stalks before us shook wildly as if a hundred people were running through it. The detective raised his arm but I stopped him as my wives ran out of the field.
They were terrified as they ran right through us.
I hadn't experienced the feeling in awhile but the coldness as their ghostly forms went through our bodies was cold as ice. It was enough to bring us both to our knees, clutching our chests as we struggled to breathe. I had passed through one or two in a row before. But never 10 or 20 at a time. I lost count.
"What was that," the detective managed to gasp, his fingers in a death grip around his gun.
"A blue procession," I told him. "Something caused all of my dead wives to flee."
We looked up as the leaves in front of us rustled.
"Is it..."
I shook my head, running forward to catch her. My 13th wife, Ah-ren. Her arm was missing, and a part of her shoulder. She was an innocent girl that had drowned when she was alive. Her innocence carried on with her to the afterlife where many souls generally grew up embittered. But never her, always sweet my girl, just weary of water.
"I didn't want to go," she told me.
"I know," I held her. "I'm sorry."
"It got some of the others too. But Meita got in its way and told me to run." She cried.
"Don't cry I told her. You know how you hate getting wet."
"I don't want to go. I wanted to stay with you. All of us together."
I watched as her soul splintered and disappeared forever.
I had never felt such fury. In all my years, a womanizer, a liar, a cheat at cards, a scoundrel, a bastard even. But an undutiful husband? Never.
Without thinking I approached the field and cast a spell that was been forbidden.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm purging the field. All beings alive or dead will forever feel displaced when they enter here. A feeling of unending dread and doom will overcome them, causing madness if they do not leave or are unable to. But I have no other choice." I reached into my side and threw a handful of salt. It landed on the ground as I chanted. The winds carrying it into the field, the small white morsels rolling obediently into the darkness.
"Nothings happening," the detective's word stuck in his mouth as a horrible scream echoed into the night. It sounded like two pieces of steel being twisted together.
"There," I took off after it. The jumbled figure of the mannequin fled toward the village.
We followed it through people's homes, and between alleyways; the villagers screamed and fled when they saw it. We barged through home after home as we chased it. Until we cornered it at an abandoned building at the edge of town.
"It was supposed to be a mall," the detective told me. "But the developers ran out of money."
We walked quietly into the empty building. Shells of stores stood in various degrees of construction. Checking a few of the fronts before venturing further inside.
"You've got to be kidding me," the detective said as we came near the center of the complex. There next to the escalators and the fountains was an army of mannequins of all shapes and sizes lined up like terracotta warriors. "They must have stashed them all here when the place was being built, and forgot about them when it closed."
"There are hundreds."
"We'll go through together. Quickly and quietly." He added, "Stay alert."
We moved through the rows, staring at all of the stuck faces, searching for one covered in grime and bullet holes. But it was more difficult than it sounded. Many of the mannequins were in bad shape, weathered, broken, laying in pieces on the ground. It was hard to tell if a pile of parts was indeed our culprit.
Slowly we began to clear the rows and I could see the other side in sight.
"There!" The detective shot his gun. The surrounding mannequins dropped like dominoes when the entity scattered. Falling down all around us, drowning in a sea of plastic arms and smiling faces. I was struggling to stand as I looked up and saw the entity come rushing toward us. The detective fired his gun blowing out a knee cap. I hurriedly reached for my parchment but could not find my pen. Another shot, but the scorned bride kept on charging unable to feel pain.
It jumped into the air and another shot blew a part of its face away. The detective screamed as it tore at him. Pieces of his sinew was launched into the air as he was torn apart. I rushed forward trying to help but the creature grabbed me by the throat and lifted me into the air. My feet searching for the ground as my lungs folded trying to breathe. The thing turned its head toward me and said, "Will you marry me?" As the darkness closed into the corners of my eyes.
The fight was leaving my body as I saw several of my wives rushing forward. Their ghostly forms ethereal as they began tearing at the mannequin, slowly pulling out pieces of her soul, causing the mannequins arms and legs to go limp as they dragged her out.
I scrambled the floor blindly with my fingers searching for my sacred parchment but could not find it amongst the rubble and the ghost bride was fleeing, leaving the shell of her mannequin in a heap on the floor. My wives chasing her, screaming their fury for killing the others. For destroying their souls.
I chased after them into the open air, where she was being cornered. Crying as I approached, trying to escape into the Southwest wind. I knew what I should have done, but could not bring myself to do the right thing. Instead I bit my finger and drew symbols on my forearms with my own blood. Approaching the bride that never was and tore her soul into pieces.
When I was done my wives sat down around me before slowly dispersing as the sun began to rise.
"We did it huh?"
I continued staring at the sun, "Yeah."
"Well then," the detective said before disappearing. "Maybe in the next life I'll be sooner to trust you."
Later they would find his body in the abandoned mall. Still clutching his gun. The department gave him a 21 gun salute at his funeral and a medal as commemoration. I was just glad that his soul had not been eaten.
I, on the other hand, went back to the hotel. To the bar and ordered a well deserved drink. Where I saw a pretty woman sitting alone, "Did you know that in order for me to pass on my Celestial title, I must bear an heir?"

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2023.06.07 06:46 TheWolfsDen_ Need help looking for manga title

This manga I was reading on a site was removed or the page glitched and I can't remember the title. The most I remember about the name is that I'm pretty sure it starts with "komo". I don't have any images from the pages but I can give a breif summary.
Basically the main character has a crush on his older brother's ex-girlfriend, but she still like the brother and pretty much stalka him. So the MC helps the girl just so he can spend time with her.
It's not that good of story in my opinon but I just want to see how it ends, so of someone knows the title and can tell me I'd appreciate it.
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2023.06.07 06:44 dayfirstblogs Burning 2018

"Burning" is a South Korean psychological thriller film directed by Lee Chang-dong. Released in 2018, the film is based on a short story called "Barn Burning" by Haruki Murakami. "Burning" received critical acclaim for its atmospheric tension, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes.
The film follows Jong-su, a young aspiring writer who reconnects with a childhood acquaintance, Hae-mi. Hae-mi asks Jong-su to take care of her cat while she goes on a trip to Africa. When she returns, she introduces Jong-su to a mysterious man named Ben, whom she met during her trip. Jong-su becomes increasingly suspicious of Ben's intentions, and the film delves into a captivating exploration of obsession, desire, and class dynamics.
One of the central themes in "Burning" is the deep-seated inequality and social divide in South Korean society. Jong-su comes from a rural background and struggles financially, while Ben represents the affluent class. The film skillfully highlights the vast disparity between their lifestyles, emphasizing the disparities in power and opportunities. Jong-su's frustration and resentment towards this unequal system create a simmering tension throughout the narrative.
The character of Hae-mi adds an enigmatic element to the story. Her presence is both ethereal and elusive, leaving room for interpretation and ambiguity. Hae-mi's disappearance later in the film adds to the sense of mystery and fuels Jong-su's paranoia. As he becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth, the line between reality and imagination blurs, leading to a haunting and unsettling climax.
The slow-burning nature of the film allows for an immersive experience. Lee Chang-dong masterfully builds tension through his meticulous direction, emphasizing silence, long takes, and subtle gestures. The cinematography by Hong Kyung-pyo captures the beauty of both urban and rural landscapes, juxtaposing the stark contrast between the two worlds inhabited by the characters.
Steven Yeun's performance as Ben is particularly noteworthy. Known for his role in "The Walking Dead," Yeun delivers a charismatic and enigmatic portrayal, leaving viewers guessing about his true nature and intentions. Yoo Ah-in's performance as Jong-su showcases a gradual transformation from a reserved and introspective individual to a man consumed by his obsessions.
"Burning" is more than a conventional thriller; it explores existential themes and raises questions about identity, alienation, and the nature of truth. It demands active engagement from the audience, encouraging them to decipher the layers of symbolism and metaphor embedded within the narrative.
In conclusion, "Burning" is a mesmerizing and atmospheric thriller that combines social commentary, psychological depth, and a haunting sense of mystery. Lee Chang-dong's masterful direction, combined with exceptional performances, creates an unforgettable cinematic experience. With its thought-provoking themes and ambiguous storytelling, "Burning" continues to captivate audiences long after the credits roll.
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2023.06.07 06:43 aerismorn36 A story, for a better life

One story to another: This is my story.
I knew I loved alcohol and drugs, but my demon, my lover, his name was Alcohol. Alcohol has a back story but maybe next time I will share that..For now, This is my sobriety story.
3 years ago I moved from my home town. Why you ask? because my ex husband of 18 years wanted our 2 teenagers and I to move here, for his career. I hated him for leaving us for a whole year for his job. During that year I tried to follow God but lost my way. I thought for surey husband was cheating on me, especially after I caught him on a dating app. He forgot we had a shared gmail. Yet I chose to believe him and stuck by him. Hoping for something better. When him and I went to look at houses he told me I had to sign the new house over in his name or we would not get the house because my credit was not as good as his, so I did. Plus I could fathom my kids being homeless because of me not signing the papers. The next time I went down to visit him one weekend after work and I told him I had a problem drinking and wanted to stop drinking. The next day he took me to a brewery and made me sit at the bar. I went home feeling defeated that this lifestyle would never change. I tried when I got home to stop or simmer it down a bit and I on a health kick and was doing better, but as soon as I went to visit him again we went to his work dinner and one of his co-workers kept feeding me drinks. I kept saying no but they would not stop until I drank. I got so drunk that night I was completely plastered. On the way back I had to pee so bad, so he just dropped me off somewhere. I walked in this building and saw a bunch of people parting. I was escorted to the restroom then out the back door. I talked to some guy who sat me on a bench. He asked if he knew where I was and where did I come from. I told him my husband dropped me off. The man then said, this was a his church. I think they felt sorry for me because I immediately apologized and started to sobbing like a child. I soon wiped my tears as he spoke with me. That's when my husband arrived, as I walked back to the car a woman gave me a book and told me to read it. My husband yelled and screamed at me after vomiting all over myself in the hotel room. The next day he left for work and I drove home still hung over, we didn't speak. Then the day after that nothing, until he called me a few days later and was told by a co-worker that I kept getting served drinks and pressured into drinking by her. She had askedbif I was okay. I tried to hold onto hope by reading the inspirational book this woman gave me. Yet I just kept drinking. If the sky was too blue or the sun too shiny I would drink. I did everything I could to not feel this pain inside me. Every time he came home to visit we got drunk and anger and violence would soon follow. I'm embarrassed of the thing my kids had to wittness. Us either being so grossly flirtations or him and I screaming yelling throwing things. I wish we had never done any of it in front of our kids but even if they were in there room I know they could hear it. Eventually, the kids and I packed the whole house up and moved down. I simmered down on my drinking for a bit for my kids. Yet he would still get drunk and violent. My biggest concern at that point was protecting my kids from it. I always thought I had. I tried to get him to go to therapy or marraige counceling because I needed it. No such luck. My kids knew how bad it was getting soon after we moved into the house. My mental health was declining because I started to hide my drinking from everyone. Shortly after moving into our home my husband then told me after an argument over the phone that he wanted a divorce, that I knew. When he said he didnt love me anymore. I was done. I thought to myself that I was trying so hard to keep the family together, I had left my friends, my job, my life for him. Our kids moved schools and his parents moved for him. I did everything did everything for him or so I thought. Yet, In that moment I wanted to die and if I had had a gun I wouldnt be heir today. I didnt so, I came up with a plan.. That night when the kids were in bed I acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary..yet no one knew not even my husband; that I had taken pills and was attempting to drink myself to death. Yet the only thing it made me do was go crazy. We were drinking in the living room listening to music and having fun when he said " I still wanted to be friends, I told you we would be better at being friends." I lost it. He had crushed my world. I ran after him throughout the living room trying to attack him. I wanted to kill him. He hurt me so bad I wanted him dead. I couldnt hear my daughter screaming at me and I could see the fear in his eyes because I was no longer me. I was the demon inside me comming out for revenge. My only lust in that moment was to kill. Luckily My daughter called the cops and my huband managed to evaide me. When my daughter yelled she called the cops and they were on there way, the demon in me ran for the door. Iran but eventually I calmed the demon down and walked up to the cop cars trying to play it off stupid. The cops arrested me but instead of taking me to jail were I had gotten to know that cold place befor; they sent me to the hospital for a psych eval. I spent a week in a mental Institute hallucinating and sobering up. After I came back home my kids begged me to move out. Evenntheyvwere done with me and Yet a week of sobriety was not enough and I couldnt stop. I got an apartment soon after got a boyfriend and had a great job who supported me though my stay at the hospital. I had to rebuild myt life. I was calling it quits. I had been to jail before Ive been in a mental institute and the only place left was the grave. So I put myself through rehab. Anger managment classes was the hardest for me. Even after 30 days I couldnt go back to my boyfriend who had moved in. I wasnt ready. So I lived in sober living. When I left sober living I got a call from the director who was concerned. I told him if I can get through covid sober I can do this in the loving place I now call home. Ive slipped a few times. Not going to lie but everyday is a new day. I know this. The last time I drank was last year in May. It was a margarita and I didnt like it very much. I especially hated the way it made me feel. So yah. I'm not going to say that I wont slip or have relapse. I dont know. What I do know is that my kids are so much more happier with me. Our relationship is the best it's ever been. My life is good.
The darkness is there still because In sobriety we talk about death. It's a fact because while my stay in rehab and sober living and even now I've lost so many firends. Every name is on my altar. Even my bestest friend who I helped kill by drinking with him died slowly and painfully because of alcohol. Could I have stopped it, maybe but by the time I tried it was too late. His kidneys had failed then after dialysis he didnt last long and I never got to say goodbye.
If you want something to live for you first have to get sober. There is no other way. You will not find a light at the end of that tunnel because there is only darkness and death. I say this to you because I love you. Every sober person who has gone through this knows how hard that road is. We will always help you, all you have to do is reach out you're hand and grab ours.
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2023.06.07 06:39 dice1899 LFMW Rebuttal, Part 18: The Early Church – Polygamy [C]

Posts in this series (note: link will only work properly in new Reddit):
Sorry for taking so long to get this posted! I’ve been putting in more than 60 hours a week at work lately, and I just didn’t have time to properly research this post.
This week, the topic under discussion is Joseph’s wives and the way that he personally practiced plural marriage. It’s true that some of the circumstances a little unusual compared to how later members practiced it, and it’s also true that sealing practices in general were unusual compared to how we practice them today. The world was also very different in the 1840s than it is today in the 2020s.
All of that means that it can be very difficult for us to understand what was going on and why. I’m going to do my best to break this all down so that it makes sense, but just remember, it’s okay if it makes you uncomfortable. It’s okay if you don’t like the idea of plural marriage. It’s okay if you don’t ever want to practice it. I don’t, either.
But I do have a firm testimony that it was commanded by God. That testimony didn’t just magically appear one day. I had to earn it. I had to get on my knees and pray, and I had to ask Heavenly Father whether He instituted it or not. I had to study the issue and the circumstances surrounding it. More importantly, I had to ask Him to help me understand the reasons why He instituted it.
That’s the only way to really know for yourself.
So, having said that, let’s get into Faulk’s claims.
  • The Women
Due to the secretive nature of Joseph’s affairs, the actual total number of wives Joseph took is unclear. Written records, primary accounts and second hand accounts puts the number between 29-65 women.
They were not affairs, they were sealings. Sixty-five is also a pretty exaggerated number. Most reputable sources put it at around 30-35. And again, remember that sealings are different than marriages, even though we often perform them together today. Many of those sealings were for eternity only, not for both time and eternity the way that sealings are done today. In fact, some of those wives, such as Cordelia Morley and Rachel Ivins Grant, did not have any kind of union with him at all while he was alive, and were sealed to Joseph for the very first time after he was already dead.
One thing to remember is that the sealing power is to seal us all together as one giant family. It’ll be one unbroken chain connecting all of us together. Many of these sealings of Joseph’s were done for that specific reason, to bind families together in the next life. That’s why there were things like adoption sealings, where people would be “adopted” into each other’s families through the sealing process. Siblings were sometimes sealed together. Women who were married to men who were not members of the Church would sometimes to be sealed to righteous Priesthood holders for the next life.
Also, it drives me batty that Faulk keeps repeating that Joseph took wives. None of them were married to him against their will. They all had a choice in the matter.
Most disturbing was the fact that many of these women were already married, much younger and related to each other.
Why is that “most disturbing”? The women were all of legal marriageable age, and there is no evidence of any sexual relations between Joseph and any of the civilly married women, or with any of the youngest wives.
One of the reasons it’s believed that Joseph was sealed to so many women who were already married is because he was trying to satisfy God’s commandment while not hurting Emma. If he was sealing himself to married women, he wouldn’t have to actually marry them and live together as husband and wife. As the Gospel Topics Essay Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo says:
These sealings may also be explained by Joseph’s reluctance to enter plural marriage because of the sorrow it would bring to his wife Emma. He may have believed that sealings to married women would comply with the Lord’s command without requiring him to have normal marriage relationships. This could explain why, according to Lorenzo Snow, the angel reprimanded Joseph for having “demurred” on plural marriage even after he had entered into the practice. After this rebuke, according to this interpretation, Joseph returned primarily to sealings with single women.
Joseph’s youngest wife, Helen Mar Kimball Whitney, was sealed to Joseph when she was fourteen. We’ll discuss her in some detail a little later in this post. But that union was done for dynastic/adoptive reasons at her father’s request, to join Heber C. Kimball’s family to Joseph’s in the eternities.
And, believe it or not, some of the women who practiced plural marriage probably found it easier to do so when the other wife was biologically related to them. After all, they already loved them and knew how to live together with them in harmony.
At this point in the LFMW, Faulk posts a small chart taken from Todd Compton’s In Sacred Loneliness. You can find that chart here.
1. Married: Between 8-11 women were married to other men at the time Joseph took them for his wives.
And every single one of them remained married to their husbands after they were sealed to Joseph. That’s because, again, sealings and marriages are not the same thing, and sealings for the next life had no bearing on their marriages in this one. Joseph did not live with these women as husband and wife.
He sent several men on missions for the Church then married their wives, or married their wives in secret and then sent the husbands on missions afterwards.
Many of the husbands in question knew about the sealings and even participated in them. Joseph also did not send the husbands on missions so he could marry their wives in secret.
  • Marinda Nancy Johnson-Hyde-Smith
In September 1831, Joseph and Emma Smith moved in with the Johnson family while Joseph and Sidney Rigdon worked on translating the Bible. While staying with the Johnsons in March, 1832, Joseph Smith was dragged out by a mob and tarred and feathered. Marinda’s brother Eli led the mob because he felt that Joseph had been too intimate with Marinda.
Um. No. Eli Johnson was Marinda’s uncle, not her brother, and he wasn’t the leader of the mob. The mob also didn’t attack him for that reason. Marinda herself said that Joseph had never acted inappropriately while he was staying in her father’s home. This accusation was first introduced during the infamous 1884 Braden-Kelley debate, and repeated by Fawn Brodie, Grant Palmer, and a host of others.
The mob was led by Symonds Ryder and Ezra Booth, because they thought he’d try to steal their property under the Law of Consecration. They’d both already apostatized for various reasons, then led a smear campaign against Joseph and the Church through local newspapers for a while before leading the attack. The only evidence that Eli Johnson was even involved are brief reports that he was the one who provided and heated the tar. According to at least one account, he wasn’t even an active participant, but just left it out for them to use. The mob tried to castrate then murder him, and were unsuccessful in both attempts.
Soon Marinda married apostle Orson Hyde. On April 6, 1840, Orson was sent on a 3 year mission to Jerusalem. Shortly after his departure, Joseph married his wife Nancy Marinda Johnson-Hyde while Orson was gone. In Joseph Smith’s journal, in a list of his marriages he wrote “Apr 42 Marinda Johnson to Joseph Smith.” In 1858 Orson and Marinda separated.
The separation of Orson and Marinda Hyde had nothing to do with her sealing to Joseph, which had happened 15 years earlier. The rest of this is also pretty heavily distorted. Orson Hyde was sent on his mission on April 15, 1840, and returned on December 7, 1842. There are two sealing dates for Joseph and Marinda, making it unclear when it actually happened. It was written down in Joseph’s journal by his scribe Thomas Bullock as taking place in May of 1842. This entry was apparently not recorded until after July 14, 1843, however, and the affidavit Marinda signed stated that the sealing took place in May 1843, after Orson was home.
Regardless of which date is accurate, Orson was not sent on a mission so Joseph could steal his wife if the sealing happened 2-3 years after he left. They were not sealed “shortly after his departure” at all. In fact, even the earliest sealing date is closer to the date he returned than the date he left.
  • Zina Diantha Huntington-Jacobs-Smith-Young
Zina was 18 when her mother died and after went to live in the Smith’s home. Soon she met Joseph’s friend, Henry Jacobs. Joseph was to officiate their wedding, but never showed. Instead, bishop John C. Bennett performed the marriage. Later, Zina asked Joseph why he didn’t show, “He told her it had been made known to him that she was to be his Celestial Wife and he could not give to another one who had been given to him.” (Henry Jacobs, History of Henry Bailey Jacobs)
During Henry and Zina’s marriage, Joseph sent Henry on 8 missions. At one point Joseph sent a message to Zina through her brother Dimick. It read, “Tell Zina I have put it off and put it off until an angel with a drawn sword has stood before me and told me if I did not establish that principle and live it, I would lose my position and my life and the Church could progress no further.” After four proposals and pressured with the responsibility for the life of the prophet, Zina finally accepted. (Brian C. Hales, Mormon Historical Studies 11, no. 2 (Fall 2010): 69–70.)
That last line there is a pretty big exaggeration of what the article actually says. In fact, the article doesn’t talk about Zina Huntington at all. The only place she’s mentioned at all is her inclusion in a chart of the different accounts of the angel with the drawn sword. I’ve included a screenshot of the only three mentions of her from Faulk’s cited source. In fact, it’s actually a paraphrased line from Todd Compton’s In Sacred Loneliness.
Zina, however, clarified that she came to accept the principle through searching the scriptures and praying, and that she received an answer from God that it was from Him. It wasn’t because she felt pressured into it at all.
Unfortunately, it’s hard to pin down exact details when it comes to Zina’s timeline, as there are a lot of discrepancies. When I wrote my response to the CES Letter, I cited liberally from a book titled 4 Zinas: A Story of Mothers and Daughters on the Mormon Frontier. This book used to be housed on the Internet Archive, but has since been taken down. Forgive me that I can’t show exact pages anymore on those citations. Many years after all these events took place, Zina gave testimony saying that she first learned of the principle of plural marriage from Dimick, who had heard it from Joseph. Other sources, seemingly reliant on her diary, say that she learned it from Joseph while she was staying at his home. Some sources say that Joseph proposed to her three times while she was living at his home and that she refused him each time out of respect for Emma. Other sources say she declined to give him an answer and kept putting him off, also out of respect for Emma. Some sources say that Joseph wrote Zina a letter saying he’d been threatened by an angel with a drawn sword, while others say that it was a verbal message passed to her by Dimick, who had been sent to offer her another proposal (even though she was already married to Henry Jacobs at that point). Some sources say that Henry was present for that initial sealing to Joseph, but absent from the other resealing to Joseph for eternity and sealing to Brigham for time. Others say Henry was there for the sealing to Brigham, but are silent on whether he was there for the first sealing to Joseph. Zina said in her later testimony that it was just Joseph, her, and Dimick present at their initial sealing, but that Brigham later resealed them after he returned from a mission to England, meaning that she would have been sealed to Joseph three times in total. However, in signed affidavits collected by the Church, Zina, Dimick, and Dimick’s wife Fanny all verified that Fanny was there at the sealing, too. Etc.
Because of all of this, it’s difficult to know exactly what happened, who was aware of what, and when and how they all became aware of it. However, Zina did say that the Lord had prepared her for the doctrine prior to her hearing it:
I will tell you the facts. I had dreams — I am no dreamer but I had dreams that I could not account for. I know this is the work of the Lord; it was revealed to me, even when young. Things were presented to my mind that I could not account for. When Joseph Smith revealed this order I knew what it meant; the Lord was preparing my mind to receive it.
Additionally, Henry was called on his first mission in May of 1839, before he ever even met Zina. The guy was a prolific missionary who served repeatedly throughout his life. None of those missions overlapped with Joseph’s sealing to Zina.
In fact, according to family tradition, he was present when Joseph told Zina that the reason he hadn’t officiated their wedding is because she was meant to be his plural wife. Henry accepted the news because he was close to Joseph and trusted him. Zina was the one who hadn’t received an answer yet and still had reservations.
After Joseph’s death, Brigham Young also took Zina for his wife while she was still married to Henry Jacobs. Brigham called Henry to serve a mission in England and told him to find another wife. While Henry was in England, Zina began living at the Young house with her children and soon bore a child with Brigham.
Let’s walk through all of this. First, many of Joseph’s sealed wives who were already civilly married to someone else just stayed married to their husbands after his death. They had the choice on whether to re-seal themselves to Joseph or not, and the single wives had the choice of which members of the Twelve they wanted to be sealed to for time. Zina wasn’t forced to leave her marriage to seal herself to Brigham. She chose to do that.
Brigham supposedly told Henry to find another wife, though that can’t be corroborated. He also supposedly had to tell Henry to stop writing love letters to Zina after they were married.
Brigham eventually had several dozen wives and 57 children, in addition to being the leader of the Church and the governor of Utah Territory, owning multiple businesses, and directing the settlement efforts across a very large area. Dude was a busy guy, just saying. Zina did not live with him and did not spent tons of alone time with him. She lived for a time in a separate home with her children, and for a time in a house with several of his other wives. The time she spent alone together with him was sporadic and infrequent.
How would Brigham know that Zina was getting love letters from Henry Jacobs unless she told him? And if she enjoyed receiving those letters, why would she tell him? Why not hide them from him? It would’ve been pretty easy to do so—all she had to do was keep her mouth shut. It’s not like Brigham was snooping through all of his wives’ things in his limited free time. The only reason for her to bring the letters to his attention was if she didn’t like receiving them.
Imagine it from her point of view. You get divorced and move on. You describe that marriage as an unhappy one at several points throughout the rest of your life. You marry someone else and even have a child with them, but your ex keeps contacting you, telling you how much they still love you and still want to be with you. How uncomfortable would that be? It’d be an extremely awkward situation for anyone.
To me, it’s far more likely that Zina went to Brigham and asked him to intervene because it was making her uncomfortable than it is that Brigham found out on his own and flew into a rage and forbade Henry from contacting Zina despite her protestations.
Aside from a very few notable exceptions, most of Brigham’s wives and children spoke of him in glowing terms. Zina herself mentioned his kindness repeatedly.
Henry, meanwhile, was married three more times and all four of his marriages ended in divorce. I don’t know what led to the end of the other three marriages, but I do know that he’s the common denominator in all of those marriages.
It seems clear that Zina left him in what is sometimes called a “folk divorce,” which was a thing in the 19th Century where the man and woman decided to dissolve their marriage and go their separate ways, leaving each of them free to marry again. She chose to marry Brigham for time, and Henry struggled to move on afterward...for a time. Brigham asked him to back off, and he did.
  • Vilate Kimball
Shortly after Heber’s return from England, he was introduced to the doctrine of plural marriage directly through a startling test. He had already sacrificed homes, possessions, friends, relatives, all worldly rewards, peace, and tranquility for the Restoration. Nothing was left to place on the altar save his life, his children, and his wife. Then came the Abrahamic test. Joseph demanded for himself what to Heber was the unthinkable, his Vilate. Totally crushed spiritually and emotionally, Heber touched neither food nor water for three days and three nights and continually sought confirmation and comfort from God. On the evening of the third day, some kind of assurance came, and Heber took Vilate to the upper room of Joseph’s store on Water Street. The Prophet wept at this act of faith, devotion, and obedience. Joseph never intended to take Vilate. It was all a test.” (Heber C. Kimball, Mormon Patriarch and Pioneer by Stanley B. Kimball, p.93)
Yep, because blessings come after the trial of our faith. Heber and Vilate were sealed for time and eternity that same night as a reward for their faithfulness. Theirs was one of the very first sealings of this dispensation.
Teenagers: Ten of Joseph’s wives were teenagers.
Here, Faulk posts another little chart, which I have also linked.
  • Helen Mar Kimball-Smith
Instead of taking Heber C. Kimball’s wife, Vilate, as Joseph had done with others, he married Heber’s 14 year-old daughter, Helen, in May of 1843.
This is presented somewhat disingenuously. Joseph and Helen were sealed two years after Heber and Vilate were sealed. The two incidents are not connected at all. And, as mentioned earlier, Joseph and Helen were sealed at Heber’s urging. He wanted to link his family to Joseph’s in the eternities.
“The youngest was Helen Mar Kimball, daughter of Joseph’s close friends Heber C. and Vilate Murray Kimball, who was sealed to Joseph several months before her 15th birthday.” (Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo,, Oct. 2014)
In a letter written by Helen Kimball, her father had asked her if she would be willing to be sealed to Joseph Smith, Joseph himself came to her and said,
“If you will take this step, it will ensure your eternal salvation and exaltation & that of your father’s household & all of your kindred.” She talks of her mother’s hidden grief “to see her child, who had scarcely seen her fifteenth summer, following in the same thorny path [of polygamy].” “I would never have been sealed to Joseph had I known it was anything more than ceremony. I was young, and they deceived me, by saying the salvation of our whole family depended on it.” (Helen Mar Kimball, Mormon Polygamy: A History, by LDS Historian Richard S. Van Wagoner, p.53)
Ooh, this is super dishonest framing! The first two lines in quotation marks are indeed taken from an autobiographical letter written by Helen to her children in 1881. The first is from page 482 of a book titled A Woman’s View: Helen Mar Whitney’s Reminiscences of Early Church History, and the second from page 486.
But that third quotation, about how she’d never have been sealed to Joseph if she knew it was anything more than a ceremony? That’s taken from page 19 of an early anti-Mormon pamphlet called Narrative of Some of the Proceedings of the Mormons: Giving an Account of Their Iniquities by Catherine Lewis, published in 1848. She claimed to have Helen say this to her mother at some point, though everything in the book is suspect. It’s all pretty badly distorted from reality, which you can see for yourself just by reading it.
Helen herself certainly never backed up its claim. She did admit to being upset as a 15-year-old at being prevented from going out to dances with her friends because of the sealing, so it’s possible she said something like that at one point in her frustration and disappointment. But the circumstances surrounding it are certainly skewed, since Catherine reports it in the context of Helen refusing, after Joseph’s death, to be sealed for time as her father’s plural wife. That surely never happened. And in fact, after a few more years, Helen became a very vocal defender of plural marriage and of Joseph Smith for the rest of her life.
So, I’d take that statement with a very big grain of salt. That Faulk presents it here as if it was a direct quote from Helen’s own letter to her children is repulsive.
Joseph told a reluctant Helen Mar Kimball that if she married him it would ensure her salvation and the salvation of all her family. Imagine the burden on a 14 year old girl’s emotions of the salvation for her entire family riding on accepting Joseph’s proposal.
Except that Helen herself admitted that she didn’t understand what he was trying to teach her, and neither of her parents, who were there at the time of the proposal, understood it that way at all.
  • Nancy Winchester Smith
While records show Nancy was married to Joseph, no dates were written. At the time of Joseph’s death, Nancy was 15 years old. It is possible that, like Helen Mar Kimball, Nancy could have been 14.
It’s not confirmed that Nancy Winchester was a plural wife of Joseph Smith, though evidence leans that way. We also have no idea when that sealing would have taken place, because no records of the sealing exist. We don’t know much about her at all. Her brother Benjamin was a known and rather hostile critic of Joseph’s who never mentioned the fact that they were sealed, so either he didn’t know about it, he didn’t see anything wrong with it (which is highly doubtful), or it never happened and her inclusion on the list was a mistake.
Eliza R. Snow listed her as one of his wives, and so did Orson Whitney, the son of Helen Mar Kimball Whitney. Helen was one of Nancy’s good friends so there’s solid evidence to believe it, but it’s not confirmed.
Unlike what is commonly taught in Sunday school lessons, marriages to young teenagers were not “common in pioneer days.”
Not true, and Faulk’s evidence for this claim doesn’t even say that:
“In 1890, when the U.S. Census Bureau started collecting marriage data, it was recorded that the average age of a first marriage for men was 26 years, and the average age of marriage for women was 22 years.” ( us-1800s-23174.html)
Note that this quote says the average age was 22 years old. That means that some women were much older and some were much younger. 1890 is also half a century later than 1840, and society can change a lot in 50 years.
Craig Foster wrote a great article for the Interpreter a few years ago) which demonstrated that in frontier America in the 1800s, females often married quite young, and their husbands were usually older and more settled. It was much less common in the settled cities along the East Coast, but on the frontier (which included Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and especially Utah), it was relatively common. Men in their 20s-40s marrying teenagers was not unusual.
Even today, it’s legal for teenagers to get married. Let’s not forget that most of Joseph’s teenaged wives were 17-19 years old. Many of us in this church know women who got married at 18 or 19. While they are technically still teenagers, calling them teen brides is implies that they were underage.
The entire concept of “underage” did not exist in the 1800s. In fact, the concept of “teenagers” didn’t even exist back then. You were either a child or an adult, and there was no in-between.
Applying our societal standards to a past society and judging them for their lack of adherence to our norms is a logical fallacy known as “presentism.” I get it—today, it’s unusual and it makes us squirm to hear of girls aged 14-16 getting married. But it was also not out of place in that day and age. And, most importantly, there is no evidence of any sexual activity between Joseph and his youngest wives.
3. Mothers and Daughters: Joseph married a mother and daughter pair.
  • Patty Bartlett Sessions (Mother – already married to David Sessions)
She was sealed to Joseph for eternity while her husband was a faithful member of the Church, and though she and her husband both later received their endowment, they weren’t sealed at that time. She also didn’t re-seal herself to Joseph in the temple after his death the way that many of his other plural wives did. The reasons why are unclear. After her husband’s death, she was sealed for time to another man. Around 1867, after submitting an affidavit concerning her plural marriage to Joseph, she was offered the chance to be re-sealed to Joseph again, though I’m not sure if she accepted or not.
We don’t know the reasons for this sealing, just like we don’t know the reasons behind many of Joseph’s sealings to civilly married women.
  • Sylvia Sessions Lyon (Daughter – already married to Windsor Lyon).
Windsor Lyon was excommunicated from the Church in November of 1842. Joseph and Windsor remained good friends for the rest of Joseph’s life. There are conflicting dates from two unsigned affidavits saying that Sylvia’s sealing to Joseph either took place in early 1842 or early 1843. Brian Hales favors the later date.
If he’s right, this appears to be one of those sealings where Joseph was sealed to a woman whose husband wasn’t (at the time) a faithful member of the Church so that she could still obtain exaltation.
Sylvia bore children with both husbands; three children with Windsor and one with Joseph. (Josephine - February 8, 1844)
No, no, no. She most certainly did not have a child with Joseph. For a long time, it was considered an unproven possibility, but was never definitive. However, even the possibility was ruled out by DNA testing in 2016, seven years ago.
The fact that this is still in the LFMW after all this time caught me by surprise. We know the LFMW has been updated since its first posting, since the original FAIR rebuttal addresses differently worded accusations. There was plenty of time to correct the inaccuracy. In fact, this particular objection appears to have been added to the original text, rather than removed.
4. Pairs of Sisters: Joseph married 3 pairs of sisters.
  • Emily Dow Partridge and Eliza Maria Partridge.
  • Sara Lawrence and Maria Lawrence.
  • Zina Huntington Jacobs and Presidia Huntington Buell.
Yep, he sure did. Zina and Presendia (her name is not Presidia) were both sealed to Joseph for eternity only, with no marriage in this lifetime. But Emily and Eliza Partridge and Sarah and Maria Lawrence were all sealed to Joseph for time and eternity.
Again, though, I’m not sure why this is supposed to be a point of scandal. None of them were married against their will. They all had the choice, and they all agreed to these arrangements. Is it unusual? Sure. It’s weird, I think we can all agree with that. But is it sinful? Nope. When God commands polygamy, it’s not sinful, and levirate marriages have been around for thousands of years. This is somewhat similar to that practice, particularly in the case of Mary and Mercy Fielding and Hyrum Smith.
Remember, when plural marriage was first introduced, they weren’t really given a rule book. There are some directions and guidelines given in D&C 132, but they only cover certain situations. In the Nauvoo days, they were basically winging it. They had to adjust to the new commandment that completely upended their entire lives and then figure out the best way to live it. There was trial and error, heartache, sacrifice, and suffering involved. It was not easy for any of them, and they did the best they could. If they made mistakes, they need our grace, not our judgment.
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2023.06.07 06:35 RecommendationDue814 Beware of stalker by the name of Daniel Godley, I have videos of him stalking twice and text evidence. Unfortunately, Reno police did not answer any of their calls

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2023.06.07 06:30 Ok_Lingonberry4816 27F - Seeking a night owl guy friend there, anyone still wide awake? (US based only)

I hope you're all enjoying the late-night hours as much as I am! I'm a night owl looking to find a like-minded guy friend (aged 23+ only) to share in the nocturnal fun and have some fun conversations. If you're still wide awake and seeking a new friend to hang out with during these late hours, this post is for you!
If you read this and thought, "Hey, that sounds like me!" then don't hesitate to chat me. Let's connect and make the most of these nighttime hours together lol. We can share stories, exchange memes, recommend music, or even just rant about life lmao 😜
Feel free to drop me a message on my chat box, drop your age and your name too 💌✨
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2023.06.07 06:29 __onyourleft Positive stories from when me and my severe ADHD call customer service

I’ve been reading through and seeing a lot of negative calls so I thought I’d post my positive ones.
I have severe PTSD and chronic illness and am basically trapped at home. I really like people so sometimes (I have ADHD and I talk a lot) when I call customer service for something the person will talk to me for a long time like we’re friends. If they’re very obviously in a rush or speaking in a more mechanical way I sum things as fast as I can.
Story 1 I called a very famous company’s customer service line because one of my tech items caught on fire. (It’s complicated.) I guess he just seemed incredibly amused that I wasn’t angry, also that I threw it in my sink and was still unsure if another fire would happen.
He helped me with a bunch of tech questions, and then because I noticed his accent we literally had a full conversation about the difference in UK vs American movies. He wasn’t using a “customer service voice,” didn’t say anything weird or inappropriate, just genuinely seemed to be as interested in movies as I am. He also laughed when I said “Do you guys fully accept Chris Hemsworth as your president??”
Story 2 I called a small business about a supplement. The man who answered said he really liked my name, because he just had a baby, and had it been a girl they were going to name her that. I was worried that I was going to have a freak reaction to the supplement (this tends to happen to me with my health issues) so he literally told me the secret ingredient, which I will fully be taking to my grave. He also was not rushed and told me misconceptions and facts about where he was from.
Story 3 A guy definitely seemed to be working at a higher speed. My charger cord broke so I asked if it was under warranty. The conversation was maybe 30 seconds before he told me what to do to get a replacement. I said, “Thank you, that was easy!” And he cheerfully said “It was!” Which made me feel bad for him, because it was such an easy call and he must get called by angry people.
Story 4 Called a clothing store (can you tell I shop online?) This was around the holidays and the woman sounded a bit gruff/irritated. I wondered why and that led into me learning about her husband’s job and also that people call and yell at her all day. She was nice.
I’m a woman in my 20’s, to give context. I feel like if I were like, a 60 year old man this post would be a different vibe.
Anyway, I definitely talk too much. I don’t like people who yell at customer service though. Okay, that’s all.
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2023.06.07 06:28 KingSans14 SNVRF Chapter 25

“Mother……Father……Brothers……Sisters……..Why must you have to go so soon?” said a voice that sounded like Azazel. Darkness falls around the world. A person can be seen fallen into the dark void. It was Azazel who was falling into the void. His eyes were a dark golden and were crack as if his eyes were actually made of glass all along. “Why……..Did it have to be them? Why must they be chosen for death?” said Azazel. Deep dark thoughts and visions start to root into Azazel. Visions that blame him for his family death. Thoughts that show him how bad of a brother he is and he shouldn't have been born. All of these not only made Azazel eyes crack more but a seed of hate was planted into Azazel. For once this seed blooms into a hatred flower Azazel would become full of nothing but hate for himself. And will devour Azazel into darkness. Hours later after Azazel returned home the sun came into being. The golden sun of Surya shines down on the land of gold making it light up like a star in the night sky.The sun shines down on that once stood Azazel village was now but ash and dust. There was no one left or remains of the village. It was as if Shiva came and punished the entire village for upsetting him. Azazel laid in the middle of the village asleep from trying to put the fire out in the village. Everyone he knew was gone. All his friends and family were gone. But only one person came to his mind out of all everyone, was his dear older sister Seraphina was she safe? Is she alive? He knew that the tree was a far walk from the village meaning she could be alive somewhere. All he needed to do was awaken and open his eyes. The sun beams down on Azazel who was still asleep. A couple hours later Azazel quickly awoke and quickly breaths in and out. It seemed he had a nightmare about something involving his family. As he continued to take deep breaths in and out something was strange about Azazel after that strange nightmare. Azazel. He knew the sun was out because he felt the warmth on his skin but why couldn't he see it? He slowly felt around and feels the hard ground. "Why can I not see? Am I dead? Is this my punishment from the gods?" said Azaze not knowing he had gone blind. "Shaddap" said a voice. Standing not to far away from Azazell was a man carrying a bowl of sweets. He had a heavenly aura around him. This man was no one than the honorable Buddha. He had been watching Azazel from sometime now ever since he came to that tree last night. He could feel the seed planted into Angel and see the damage it could do if fully bloom. "What? Who said that? Gods is that you? Have you come to reunite me with my family in the stars?" said Azazel. Buddha continues to much on his candies. He looks on the ground and see a small rock. He kick it gently at Azazel. The rock hit Angel straight at his forehead. "Ow! What the hell that for?" said Azazel looking at the direction the rock hit him from. "Maybe if I hit you with something you'll finally shut up about that nonsense you are spilling. And look at that it works." said Buddha before stuffing his face again with candy. "Nonsense?" said Azazel confused. "Yes, nonsense. All this talk about death and being reunited with your loved ones. And the gods coming for you is all but silly. Your not dead pal. No gods are here to take you or punish you. You are alive fully Azazel. This is no dream or nightmare but real life." said Buddha. Azazel slowly begins to tear up before letting out a golden shower of tears. Buddha's words had struck him like a knife. "I DON'T DESERVE TO BE ALIVE! MY FAMILY DOES! THEIR DEATH IS ALL MY FAULT! IF ONLY I WAS THERE TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE DANGER OR WHOEVER CAUSE THIS! THEY WOULD BE ALIVE! I'M A HORRIBLE BROTHER! I DESERVE NOTHING BUT DEATH!" said Azazel before looking down and crying more tears. The seed started to slowly sprout in Azazel. Buddha sighs before frowning. Lotus appears in his eyes. "You're still blind. Maybe it's time you open your eyes" said Buddha before the lotus changed position. Suddenly a magic blindfold appears and starts to slowly wrap around Azazel's head covering his eyes. Azazel felt the soft fabric of the blindfold and how comfortable it felt. Suddenly his vision came to him again. "I can see again!" said Azazel. He slowly looks up to see Buddha. "Are you a God? You must be one…..You know my name even though I never told you." Buddha chuckles and smirks. He then pointed to himself while his power and glowing eyes glances down on Azazel. "I am the honored one! Throughout Heaven and Earth the only one who can move me, IS ME! I am the Buddha!" said Buddha. Azazel quickly bowed before Buddha. "Thank you for your help, Lord Buddha! I am not worthy of your present!" said Azazel. "Shaddap. There's no need for that, praising me stuff kid." said Buddha as he went back to munching on candy. Azazel looks up confusingly at Buddha. "Why?" said Azazel. "Because I said so. Now I've been watching you kid for quite some time now. You're a special one you know. You're just like me kid except you lack love for yourself and other things. Azazel, your family loves you no matter what happens. They would put you first before themselves because they love you. So don't beat yourself up and blame yourself for their demise. Seraphina would want you to be alive more than ever kid." said Buddha. Azazel looks up at Buddha as he is reminded of his beloved sister. "Seraphina……..I'll live for you! NO ALL OF THEM! I'LL BECOME THE SHIELD OF HUMANITY! THAT WAY I'LL PROTECT EVERYONE FROM HARM!" said Azazel trying to hold back his tears. Buddha smiles as he reaches out his hand for Azazel. "If you wish to be the shield of man. Then you must reach new heights. Would you like to reach enlightenment with me Azazel?" Azazel slowly took Buddha's hand. "Yes…..For Seraphina."
Dust started to settle around the wall. Angel slowly started to get up. Everyone on the humanity side was shocked to see what had happened. Nakara on the other hand had heart eyes and started to simp harder for Buddha. The thought of just two Buddhas made her heart beat faster than ever. "GO MY LORDS! DESTROY THAT ANGEL!" said Nakara. North shakes his head in belief. "Simps these days…." said North. The Gods cheer for Buddha though Buddha paid no attention to them. The second Buddha also paid them no attention. Shiva was starting to get pumped up just watching the battle between Buddha and Angel. "There…..There.....There TWO OF THEM?" said Ares surprisingly "It would seem so. So I guess the legends are true." said Hermes. Ares quickly grabs Hermes and shakes him. "LEGEND? WHAT LEGEND? TELL ME THE LEGEND HERMES!" said Ares. "Okay! Okay! Just put me down and I'll tell you!" said Hermes. Solid pay no attention to him. He was more interested in the fight. Ares puts Hermes down and apologizes for shaking Hermes. Hermes quickly dust off his attire. "Now where was I? Ah yes. There is a legend or myth that there is more than one Buddha in this world. But no one has ever seen more than our beloved Buddha friend until now. I guess the myth is true but there can only be one true Buddha out there." said Hermes. Ares couldn't believe it. "Indeed, there can only be one in this world. There must always be an original to be able to make copies of it. Though I wonder how many there are?" said Solid. Ares chuckles. "Can't be more than 5 of them. Then they'll eat up all the sweets in the world. Right Zeus?" said Ares chuckling. Zeus didn't say a word or a peep because he was no longer in the room with them. "He left a while ago. Probably for some important business." said Solid. Angel took some damage but not severe enough to put him down. Blood was leaking from his head. Slowly Angel starts to untie his blindfold that was soaked in blood from Angel's blood. "No need for this anymore. It's time I fight with everything I got!" said Angel. Both Buddhas smile at the words that came out of Angel's mouth. Angel took off the blindfold and dropped it on the ground. He picks up his swords and opens his eyes. "As the shield of humanity! I will never break!" said Angel, his eyes shining like gold. He rushed at the Buddhas. "ANGEL IS BACK ON THE ATTACK! WHAT DOES THE SHIELD OF HUMANITY PLAN TO DO?" said Heimdall. Buddha smiles knowing Angel is improving. The second Buddha summons a Six Realms Staff. Both Buddha rushes at Angel. “No way that fool can take on two GODS!” said someone from the God side. Prep watches in disgust. “That Buddha shouldn’t be fighting. That traitor! I hope after this round I can finally end him myself.” said Prep as he continued watching the battle from a corridor window. "Seems like I'm not the only one who wishes to get back at Buddha. Though you'll have to get in line pal." said a voice before chuckling. A muscular creature was walking up to prep. The creature had a long tail and brown hair covering him everywhere. He was wearing a gold chest plate over a yellow shirt, a gold coattail with red and turquoise trim, maroon pants, a red sash belt, and black boots with gold soles. He also was wearing a red two-piece cape and a small gold headdress with two long red feathers. His eyes were bright blood red as well. He seemed to be carrying a red staff. This creature was no one else than the Great MONKEY KING! Sun Wukong(Chinese). Sun Wukong smiles as he was in the presence of the strongest titan in all of Greek. He had heard many stories and poems about Prep. Just the thought of going toe to toe with Prep excited him. Angel swords and Buddha halberd/staff clash with each other causing the dust to slowly build up. "Wukong. What is it that you want? So I can be at peace." said Prep, not taking his eyes off the fight. Wukong laughed. "Why so serious? Lord of Titans….I think we both know what I'm here for." said Wukong as eyes glow with Wukong's true ambitions. “If it’s to rumble I am too far above your league. Your immortality is nothing but a fable here alongside these walls. You're nothing but a warrior of hair.” said Prep. Wukong laughed, before getting serious. “You're funny, you know that Prep? Even if my immortality doesn’t work here I’m still a fierce fighter. The Great Monkey King won't go down easily." said Wukong. Angel and the Buddha were in a stalemate. Angel and the Buddhas smile before they swing again over and over. The speed of each swing started to increase over time. "Whatever….." said Prep. Wukong slowly walked past Prep and stopped before going down the corridor. His eyes were glowing bloody red. He turned his head a little so that one of his eyes looked dead at Prep "A little word of advice my titan friend. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. This tournament of Gods and Redditors has only just begun……….." said Wukong before walking away. Prep was silent as he could feel the darkness fill back up the corridor. Meanwhile, in the VIP for Humanity. Tempest and Brundhilde were watching the fight. “I wonder how long will that Ice last?” said Tempest. “Hm? The ice?” said Brunhilde. Tempest was watching Angel's swords more closely. “Yes, the ice. Ice is a strong material but only when it's frozen solid but after a while it becomes nothing but useless. Especially in the heat." said Tempest. Brunhilde looks at the intense swings Angel was doing. The ice though made from the heavens was slowly starting to melt as the stalemate continued to happen. Angel would soon have to change weapons or else he would be defeated. But no matter when an opportunity to strike seems possible the second Buddha covers it. Angel would have to take care of the clone first before taking on Buddha. "Come on Buddha! Kill that little human!" said someone on the God's side. Suddenly something caught Tempest's eyes. Little lotus starts to form in Angel's eyes. "Could……could he be able to see the future through his own eyes?" said Tempest. "Possible. He was taught under THE BUDDHA after all." said Brunhilde. Tempest wishes he fought the gods. Just from watching his heart pumps with excitement alone though his face never changes from his serious expression. "ANGEL SWORDS HAVE MELTED AWAY! WHAT WILL ANGEL DO NOW?" said Hemdaill. Tempest looked back at Angel to see if it was true only to see that it was. The handles of the ice swords were on the ground but there was something else on the ground as well. It was………. BLOOD! But whose blood was it? Everyone was shocked and quit to see who it belonged to. It was no one else than Angel! He used his wing to block the blows from the Buddha but sadly it came at a price. Angel felt horrifying pain from the attack. "BUDDHA ATTACK HAS CONNECTED BUT ANGEL BLOCKED IT WITH HIS WING AT THE LAST SECOND!" said Hemdiall. "Guess you are done truly warming up kid?" said both Buddhas smiling. Angel slowly looks up and opens his eyes. There was lotus in his eyes as well glowing. "Yes! Thank you for the warm-up. Now let's truly dance!" said Angel, smiling.
The end
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2023.06.07 06:28 Zagaroth [No Need For A Core?] - CH 089: Mushrooms

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
Early the next morning, as the sun was just cresting the horizon, Bellona was putting the last of her gear onto a merchant wagon. With the change in plans for several routes that came with the news of the new dungeon came an opportunity to start the first part of her route with some company. For the first leg, she’d be accompanying a caravan, then going by horse alone for the second leg, before going on foot for the last leg. It made her logistics easier, she didn’t have to worry about feed for the horse for most of it.
The champion of Amirume went over her mental checklist one more time as she adjusted the position of her stuff, making everything as neat as possible. All her heavy armor was in the chest, until she was setting out on the last leg there was little reason to wear more than a chain shirt. There was little chance of danger on the main roads, so her axe she’d keep at her side and her shield on the horse. Even when traveling solo, it would be easier on the beast to distribute the weight of her armor rather than have her entire armored mass centered on its back.
For the last leg, when the horse would be left behind, she’d wear her full kit. If you were going to be carrying the weight anyway, there was no better distribution than to wear it. That would also be the section where she’d be traveling up mountain paths, and she didn’t look forward to it. She’d worn her armor for days while moving and fighting across relatively flat land before, but days of going up a mountain in armor were going to be quite different. Fortunately, it was early summer, so the mountains wouldn’t be too cold on her way up.
After Moriko had reached the monastery, Mordecai and Kazue had turned their attention back inward, for it was time to build. As usual, Kazue went first. With her plans finalized, the walls of the cavern on the fifth floor shifted and formed tiers, enabling ever-higher placement of mushroom buildings, and larger structures that could spread their weight on supports of multiple heights.
This was a large village of artisans, crafters, farmers, athletes, entertainers, writers, philosophers, and similar professions. She expanded on her tokens idea, to pass through the gate required five tokens, but the laganthros were free to hand tokens to one, some, all, or none of a party’s members as they saw fit, and the tokens would attune themselves to those who they were presented to. She also borrowed from Mordecai’s double-door concept: the first door could be opened by anyone who had five tokens, the second door would open only if the first door was closed and everyone inside the corridor had five tokens, and the first door also can’t be opened unless the second door is closed.
In addition to the more straightforward challenges she’d been thinking of previously, she had developed some slightly more complicated quests. Many professions use heat, so a challenge could start with “My fire drake wandered off and I can’t find him!”, leading to tracking down the drake, then figuring out the sub-challenge (it might be somewhere hard to access, or be distracted by a love interest, or maybe it found a shiny to large for it to carry but won’t let it go and hisses at any one who gets close, etc), solving the issue, and then they might still need to persuade the drake to come home.
There were many variations of ‘I need a thing’ that could be made into challenges, and the first obstacle was unstated: The inhabitants could pick the challenge, and could make it harder. If they didn’t like you, it would probably be long and involved, and wind up getting dirty, wet, and cold. So being at least reasonably polite made everything much easier. It wasn’t terribly likely that this would be an issue by the time someone got this far, but Kazue had decided that she was going to include variability in all her future challenges that made things easier for people who were being nice.
Now, people needed proper settings for them to venture into, so she spun off side caves of differing layouts and environments; some were jagged rifts that required navigating a lot of vertical terrain, some were wide with one or more streams or small ponds, others saw a return of crystal outcroppings, and a few were mildly caustic with acidic, alkaline, or salty environments. Nothing too dangerous of course, unless one was exceptionally foolish.
With many of the available challenges being at least partly physical, she started arranging for appropriate rewards as well. Mordecai had made sure she now knew how to craft some of the common physical enchantment items and how to alter their form and fine-tune their secondary abilities. A belt that could let someone carry more weight, boots that made you a little faster or made your steps quieter, a cape that could keep you warm or could help you blend into the background, and many other possibilities.
Not that she neglected the mental side either: glasses that could help decipher an unknown language, a pen that always wrote smoothly and without smearing and with unlimited ink of your choice, crafting tools that enhanced the product you made, and several other items of specialized use were all available rewards. She wanted the rewards here to be more focused on helping people better their skills, rather than rewarding them with direct knowledge as the library did.
Of course, sometimes people would be coming through who knew more than anyone in the dungeon did on a topic. Their challenge would be to teach, and rewards would generally be in raw materials unless there was other information they wanted.
She did have to be careful just how generous she was though. From dawn to dawn, there was a limit to how much the dungeon could create that could be claimed as loot, and they could only ‘stockpile’ for values that had already been won or that they already owed as part of a trade agreement. Their inhabitants were not so limited, but only if they worked with ‘real’ materials rather than ones created directly through dungeon mana, and it took a fair amount of time and effort to craft even a minor enchanted item the proper way. So unless there was a good cause, the items the inhabitants crafted were their own to use or to trade as they saw fit.
When Kazue was done she looked over the town to make sure she was satisfied with her work. There were towering mushroom spires, thick-walled squat mushroom buildings, long buildings made from many mushrooms grown together, and every other combination that had been asked for that she could make work. A lot of them were ‘dummies’ at the moment with no roads to reach them or doors to enter them, but she’d change that as the population grew. She even had a few unoccupied buildings growing from the ceiling, which were left available to be claimed by any inhabitants that could make their way to them. A little challenge and reward set up for her own people, figuring out how to make flying magic items or systems.
Creating the lighting had been one of her favorite parts. There had been a few concepts she’d considered, such as just making every mushroom and fungal surface glow slightly to create a very even and ‘sourceless’ lighting, but in the end, she went for something a bit more flavorful. The underside of the mushroom caps glowed to illuminate the area around their base while large glowing ‘spores’ floated overhead to cast a dimmer radiance to the general area, and all the paths were marked with tiny little puffballs that would collapse in a sudden burst of glowing dust spores if disturbed, most likely coating whoever messed with them and leaving a glowing residue that would smear the more you tried to rub it off.
All of the fungal-based light was in a soft blue/green color, but in addition to the ‘natural’ lighting, the inhabitants had access to fire and normal light spells, making the interior of the buildings look warm and inviting against the backdrop of perpetual twilight outside. Overall she rather enjoyed the contrast of slightly spooky exterior lighting and warm, inviting interior lighting.
They’d had plenty of time to build up lots of energy since Kazue’s mother had come through, so technically Mordecai could have built up his side at the same time. But he felt it was best to wait until she finished in case there were any surprises. The upside-down houses on the ceiling had not been in their original ideas for example, though in this case, they didn’t cost a significant amount more. They did, however, give him an idea to add later.
For now he focused on his original plan. At the entrance to the fifth floor, visitors would find themselves entering a wide campsite. There was no equipment, but the space was obviously cleared with a small, 2-foot tall ‘fence’ of piled stones and a fire pit in the center. There was also a plaque that read:
This area is neutral territory for the two warring factions beyond, but animals and monsters do not know such distinctions. Proceed at your own time and in your own way, there is no one path or one method to success. 
Combat challenges were fun and straightforward, but even the library was only a warm-up. Beyond the cleared campsite stretched a dimly lit mushroom and fungus forest that gave away nothing of what lay in wait for brave adventurers to face. Or at least would, when he was done.
Mordecai started with the terrain. The campsite was going to be slightly disadvantageous in that it was at the bottom of a shallow depression. All ways out were uphill, making it impossible to see most of the cavern from here even without the addition of a forest. From there he varied the terrain, creating twisting valleys, solo and clumped hills, the occasional small ravine, and very few areas of simple, flat land. If one tried hard enough, one could even find thin trails running along the walls of the cavern, but those were carefully placed and angled to be difficult to spot from below. Once done with the layout, he created a few springs to become the heads of several streams that eventually combined into a river that flowed into the boss chamber at the end of the cavern.
Back toward the entrance, he also introduced a small, natural ‘alcove’ with three waterfalls coming down along the inner curve of the wall into a small pool, which in turn started its own stream. These three waterfalls were connected back to the warren’s water network, making them part of the ecology of the dungeon. It was also time to add a layer of complexity: rather than just having exclusive pathways for different water uses, he started using nature’s filters of rock, soil, and sand to keep most of the impurities flowing into the sewers, and then let water seepage work its way into various underground ponds, which in turn became the sources for further streams. He made sure the paths alternated going into airless pockets and into caverns that were half-air and had light sources embedded in the ceiling to let photosynthesis take place. All natural purification. This was the source of the water for these three waterfalls and introduced the preexisting biome into this floor.
Now he looked at his entire catalog of available mosses, lichens, and fungi to select the best ground cover options, then he carpeted the entire floor in a mixture of this ‘grass’. Not entirely unaltered, Mordecai did fortify them to make them more resistant to being walked on and generally tougher, but for the most part he left them alone in their design. He was also doing a wild-seeding mix, to let them all compete and find their preferred environments. And there were plenty available, every single visitor had brought in various spores and tiny seeds that most humanoids never realized were clinging to them and shedding from their skin at all times.
He’d also been very considerate of Kazue’s origins. While she knew how to zoom in on material structures, he’d carefully avoided showing her how that technique could be used to examine all the tiny critters that lived on people all the time. Mordecai had found out a long time ago that most people did not want to know about them. It did however provide a source for the next layer of this floor’s ecology, filling all the undergrowth with tiny creatures invisible to most people. Once Mordecai was satisfied that everything had reached a self-sustaining state, it was time for the ‘trees’ of this forest.
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2023.06.07 06:23 weirdmountain [US-NJ] [H] Tomb Of Dracula CCs. Gotham Central HCs. Immortal Hulk HCs. East Of West HC set. Howard The Duck Gerber Omnibus. A whole lot of low-priced oddball stuff. [W] PayPal.

I’m a little flexible with prices, so if you disagree with a price, don’t feel bad about making an offer. I’d prefer to stick within US only, because international shipping is expensive and kind of a pain in the butt with customs and all that. Flat rate shipping of $5. Unless you want more than $50 worth of books, then shipping is free. Please forgive the list being such a mess. I combined a few old posts into one.
Anything that doesn’t have a picture, please ask, and I’ll happily provide!
I’m not really looking for anything in trade, unless somebody’s got the Silver Surfer Parable anniversary treasury sized hardcover they wanna trade.
Please comment to dib, and I’ll DM you to get your email so I can send an invoice.
Gotham Central HC 2. Excellent condition. Opened, but I don’t remember ever actually reading it. $17
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Tomb Of Dracula Complete Collection TPB set of Volume 1, 2, 3. - True first editions from 2010/2011(All the ones I've seen on ebay are the 2017 editions, with a different cover design). The paper is not fully glossy like in the omnibus editions, and they look amazing. These three books cover the same material as Omnibus 1. These are read, but reasonably well cared for. Volume 3 has damage near the bottom of the spine, as shown in pics. Asking $130 shipped
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Nick Fury Agent Of Shield TPB. Printed on nice, not-glossy paper. $20
Thor Masterworks 1 (Comiccraft cover). $25
Thor Masterworks 3 (Comiccraft cover). $25
Take both Thor Masterworks for $45 shipped
Doctor Strange Masterworks Vol 1 first printing. Included is an extra dust jacket for the later printing. I bought a copy of the later printing from someone on eBay, and when the book arrived, the actual book was Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks 3. I always put the newer Dr Strange dust jacket over the OG one. $60
Aliens Salvation/Sacrifice TPB. Great book. Pretty rare Mignola story/cover. $55
(Marvel) Taskmaster The Right Price. $5
Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction, Vol. 1 - $2
Fingerless. Spugna. Signed $10
Lowriders Blast From The Past. $2
Spera Volume 1. $2
King Of Nowhere Vol 1. $2
Power Rangers Vol 1 TPB. $3
Hunters. $2
Blackout Vol 1 (Dark Horse) $2
Odds Off. Matt Madden. $2
Lowriders Blast From The Past. $2
Doorknocker. $2
Croc N Roll with signed bookplate and ashcan. $2
Marvelous Land Of Oz. Skottie Young. $2
Suicide Squad Rogues TP. $3
Strip Search. Dark Horse. $2
Black Candy. $2
Granny Candy. $2
The Family. Pat Higgins. $2
Becoming Horses. $3
Horror Vacation. Edition of 150. $2
Good Boy Magazine 1. $2
Ghost Hog $2
Big Book Of Thugs. $2
Scumbag For Hire. Keenan Marshall Keller. $2
A Bleeding Cut. $1
Montana Diary. $2
The Freak. $2
Gun Land 3. $2
Destroyer. Kirkman. $2
Comment if you’re interested. I’ll DM you for your email address for PayPal. IST is my standard for packing and shipping, so the books will get to you in the same shape they left me.
I usually ship within two days of payment.
Thanks for checking this out.
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2023.06.07 06:23 Zyacon16 On the Lyuu What If

I'll save what has already been said by others out of this, but one thing I haven't seen mentioned is: about the what if retroactively changing Bell's character, it really doesn't, why? because the entire story is predicted on Bell's character suddenly and drastically changing for absolutely no reason. it starts with a typical case of breaking character, it goes against the fundamentals of Bell as a character (as we see in LN 17 with Syr), further development has no bearing on the original story. it is a contrivance, the only way this alternative future could exists without radically changing Bell's character is by radically changing the past of the world, making it an alternative history story, not just an alternative future.
the most likely changes that would result in this outcome are: Zeus and Hera Familia's don't get TPK by OEBD and somehow seal it before they loose a majority of their strength, the consequences of this would be Orario doesn't have a dark age, and Astrea Familia also doesn't get TPK, meaning Alfia, Meteria and Bell's dad can raise him to be an adventurer as part of Zues and/or Hera Familia, where he meets Lyuu around when she would have joined Astrea Familia. in other words, completely rewriting she story, and even if this were the case, given we don't know what the conditions were for Ais being freed, it's entirely possible she gets freed, and Bell along with the rest of Zues and Hera familia are the ones to descover her, and Ais and Bell end up being childhood friends that develops into lovers anyway.
TL;DR the Bell x Lyuu would be incredibly unlikely in so many ways, even if you ignore meta-context and only focus on the events of the story. to whom it may concern: you didn't bet on a black horse, you bet on a lame horse.
submitted by Zyacon16 to DanMachi [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 06:23 AutoModerator [Release] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator.
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2023.06.07 06:22 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (course)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator.
Iman Gadzhi – Agency Incubator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Over the span of 20+ hours, Agency Incubator has training that covers EVERY aspect of building an agency. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! You name it... signing clients, running killer Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you!
The lessons inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator course include:
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2. Mindset
3. Systems & Processes
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2023.06.07 06:20 AutoModerator How To Watch The Boogeyman Online Free Reddit

Horror Movies! Here are options for downloading or watching The Boogeyman streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch Stephen King's horror adaptation movie at home. Is The Boogeyman 2023 available to stream? Is watching The Boogeyman on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option / service.

Watch Now: The Boogeyman (2023) Online Free
Watch Now: The Boogeyman (2023) Online Free
“The Boogeyman,” a horror-thriller from the mind of best-selling author Stephen King, opens June 2, 2023, in theaters nationwide. High school student Sadie Harper and her younger sister Sawyer are reeling from the recent death of their mother and aren’t getting much support from their father, Will, a therapist who is dealing with his own pain. When a desperate patient unexpectedly shows up at their home seeking help, he leaves behind a terrifying supernatural entity that preys on families and feeds on the suffering of its victims.

The Boogeyman (2023) is the latest adaptation of the Stephen King classic. Here's when and where you can watch the horror flick.

It's not real? Keep telling yourself that! For the first time since 2022's Firestarter, the legendary master of horror Stephen King, will have yet another one of his classic tales told with The Boogeyman. Directed by Host filmmaker Rob Savage and based on King's short story of the same name, this terrifying story follows a young girl named Sawyer (Vivien Lyra Blair) as she is tormented by a malicious monster known only as "The Boogeyman." What first sounds like a simple case of a child being afraid of the dark to Sawyer's sister Sadie (Sophie Thatcher) and father Will (Chris Messina) turns out to be anything but, as this children's tale turns out to be very real and very dangerous.

Stephen King adaptations are infamous for their variations in quality. For every masterpiece like The Shining, Misery, and The Shawshank Redemption, there's an adaption less than stellar like Sleepwalkers, Maximum Overdrive, and Cell. In the case of The Boogeyman, it thankfully looks like we're getting one of the better cases of a Stephen King story. Following its premiere at CinemaCon 2023, reactions to The Boogeyman have generally been quite positive, with Collider's own Chase Hutchinson describing the film as a "frequently petrifying" adaptation.

The Boogeyman follows Sadie Harper and her young sister Sawyer after the recent death of their mother. Sadly, their father, Will, is not able to give them any sort of support through this as he is dealing with the death in his own way. A stranger comes knocking, claiming to need help from Will, who is a therapist, but what they allow inside their home is an evil entity.

With a strong start through decent reviews, The Boogeyman is bound to attract dedicated members of the horror film community. To learn more about how you can see Stephen King's nightmare come to life, here is exactly where and how you can watch The Boogeyman.

When is the Release Date for The Boogeyman?

Make sure you got plenty of batteries for your nightlight ready by next month because The Boogeyman will officially begin terrifying audiences everywhere starting on Friday, June 2nd, 2023. However, check your local theater listings for advanced screenings, as some theaters release the film as early as Wednesday evening on May 31st, 2023. Any parents eager to take their kids to go see Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse that same weekend should definitely make sure they're walking into the proper theater, so they don't accidentally scar their children for life with the titular monster.

Is The Boogeyman in Theaters?

The only way to see Chris Messina take on a child-hunting monster is to head to your local movie theater, making the Boogeyman's torment of the Harper family only viewable on the big screen. No plans for a streaming release have been made, but more on that in a moment.

Where To Watch The Boogeyman Online:

As of now, the only way to watch The Boogeyman is to head out to a movie theater when it releases on Friday, June 2. You can find a local showing on Fandango.

Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, Vudu, YouTube and Apple, or become available to stream on Hulu.

How to Watch The Boogeyman
There's been no official announcement regarding The Boogeyman's streaming release date, though we know it will eventually be released on Disney+, rather than Netflix or HBO Max.

Since the movie was originally supposed to have a streaming release, we don’t doubt it will become available on streaming services at some point, with the most likely being Hulu since that had been the plan to begin with.

That would be Hulu. Don’t hold your breath on it, though! We strongly believe this is where the 20th Century Studios film will go, but this won’t be for a couple of months (or more) after the movie’s theatrical release. As soon as we learn more details, we’ll update you!

When Will The Boogeyman Be On Streaming?

While no official streaming plans have been released by 20th Century Studios as of yet, given the recent release patterns of other films under the ownership of The Walt Disney Company, we can likely expect to see The Boogeyman arrive on streaming no more than ninety days after its theatrical release. Given that the horror film is a 20th Century Studios production and monsters eating children isn't exactly "Happiest Place on Earth" material, The Boogeyman will likely be making its streaming home on Hulu rather than Disney+ (at least, for now).

Before we get into the various pricing plans for Hulu, we should also mention that The Walt Disney Company is confirmed to be planning a merge between Disney+ and Hulu, effectively putting all the massive media conglomerate's content under one roof by the end of the year 2023. No specific date for this merger has been given yet, but the company has already begun purging their least profitable content to prepare for the transition. With that information in mind, the following subscription options for Hulu may not be valid for long, so be sure to be cognizant of that before signing up.

As of now, Hulu has two subscription plans: an ad-supported and ad-free plan. The ad-supported option offers most of Hulu's streaming library with limited ads for $7.99 USD per month or $79.99 USD per year. The ad-free option removes most ads for a higher price of $14.99 USD per month. There are also the Disney Bundle options, including Disney+ and/or ESPN+ in addition to Hulu, but these will likely be reworked or removed entirely in the coming months with the upcoming merger.

Is The Boogeyman on Netflix?

The Boogeyman isn’t currently available on Netflix, but you can catch it in theaters from June 2, 2023.

However, there is a great selection of Netflix horror movies, so you’ll still be able to find plenty to be scared of on the platform. And if you don’t currently have the service, we’ve got all you need to know about the Netflix price.

Will The Boogeyman Be On HBO Max?

No, The Boogeyman will not be on HBO Max since it’s not a Universal Pictures movie. Last year, the company released its films in theaters and on the streamer on the same day. However, they now allow a 45-day window between the theatrical release and the streaming release.

Is The Boogeyman on Disney Plus?

The Boogeyman isn’t currently available on Disney Plus, given that it’s showing exclusively in theaters for now.

It’s also probably not going to end up on there, since Disney Plus isn’t well-known for its horror catalog. That said, it may end up being the option for UK subscribers since Hulu and Disney content often merge for UK-based viewers. There are also plenty of Disney Plus movies and Disney Plus shows you can get stuck into otherwise.

Is The Boogeyman on Prime Video?

The Boogeyman isn’t available to watch on Prime Video right now, but we’ll let you know if it does end up getting distribution there. If you’d like to see what else Prime has to offer, you can sign up for a free trial subscription here.

Is The Boogeyman Available On Hulu?

Viewers are saying that they want to view the new horror movie The Boogeyman on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

How to Watch The Boogeyman Online For Free?

Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to The Boogeyman (2023) free online. We will recommend 123Movies is the best Solarmovie alternatives.

There are a few ways to watch The Boogeyman online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

The Boogeyman Cast and Characters

The Boogeyman was written by Stephen King and directed by Rob Savage. It stars the following actors:

What is The Boogeyman About?

High school student Sadie Harper and her younger sister, Sawyer, are still reeling from the recent death of their mother. They're not getting much support from their father, Will, a therapist who's dealing with his own intense pain. When a desperate patient unexpectedly shows up at their house seeking help, he leaves behind a terrifying supernatural entity that preys on families and feeds on the suffering of its victims. Thanks vhai
submitted by AutoModerator to TheBoogeymanhpNow [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 06:18 Smooth-saiyan4289 [QCrit] The Shadow of Love, Psychological thriller, 70k -First attempt

Dear [Agent], Love is a boon of life, but when an apathetic witch summons a demon, Love becomes the catalyst to the destruction of a coastal town.
 In 1993, Anemone Bay is being plagued by a series of murders. Private detective Vibeke Love is brought in to find the culprits while dealing with an unexpected depression. A Coven of witches are suspected, but to Vibeke’s dismay are impossible to catch. One of the witches, Charlotte Paige, is a fanatic of Vibeke’s modus operandi, believing her knowledge of “Love” can resolve her own depression. Ignoring her friend’s warnings, Charlotte summons a demon named Kittie who motivates her to steal Vibeke’s “True Love” amulet as Charlotte reveals being a murdering mastermind. Vibeke breaks down but eventually catches Charlotte, costing the lives of some of their friends. A year later, Charlotte returns killing again under a god complex. Vibeke chases her down to the depths of an antique shop that transports them to a nebulous world. They team up to kill Kittie, and learn the meaning of love from each other’s experiences. THE SHADOW OF LOVE, will be my debut psychological thriller of a 70,000 word count. It combines diverse characters like from Mexican Gothic but in a thrilling Robert McCammon novel. I am a writer based in [location]. I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in the Arts from [university]. I’ve been promoting the story with my art on my Instagram and have written and published my own comics on WEBTOON and Tapas for two years on a biweekly schedule. Thank you for your time. 
best, [Signature]
(I’m pretty new to this, I had sent queries over a week ago to some agents already but i just trimmed it down to the version above. Advice on more comps would be great but overall advice would be great thanks.)
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2023.06.07 06:16 Appropriate-Hurry893 Alright stoners my crazy weed smoking retired army chaplain neighbor just stopped by. I asked him as an older gentleman if had it figured out yet...

My mind has been blown. He gave me a run down on his crazy life that ended with him speaking in tongues. In the wild ride that was his story he told me about this philosopher named kierkegaard.
Anybody else read some of his stuff it's made me see religion in a different light. This is what i got out of it
[To have faith is to embrace the absurd, without faith there is only doubt. Doubt will lead you to despair and despair is the ultimate sin]
It somehow makes things click for me.
submitted by Appropriate-Hurry893 to StonerThoughts [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 06:15 itsalwaysblue The 3 visitations of the lost ones

So I love this post on the no method, method.
It’s a must tool in your journey to learning how to AP! I’m very grateful to the author.
I had a scary thing happen, and was struggling through this new fear I had. So I did the method. Talking to my subconscious mind. But something strange happened.
I asked to not only AP, but to also remember every dream I had. For lucid dreams/to have awareness of the dreams. I asked for awareness. Remembrance. No matter what.
The past few weeks have been crazy. This is my experience in order of them happening. They were each powerful and so important to me understanding the vast dream/unconscious world.
The wrongly accused.
I have a childhood friend who was accused of a crime and just disappeared. They are gone from all social media, and never convicted or anything. I have no way of contacting them or knowing what happen. My first weird dream was of them.
We talked about what happen, how they lost everything they had worked for. And how hard their life has been. How they fucked up. I said, I has a feeling that is what happen. And I surrounded them with love and empathy. This person loved me for many years. And even though it was unrequited, I felt like I was actually with them. Helping them.
The human who lost love … to fear
One of my sad stories of life. Is a deep and powerful love I had for someone. Who broke away from me because of their own fear of illness and death. It was brutal to experience. This person loved me dearly, but never said the words. In the dream we reconnected and spent time together. Free from fear. They said the words.
“I love you”, and I said it back… “I love you so much” which is my favorite way of saying it. So much.
It felt like the ending we always deserved. Instead of leaving things in anger and fear.
The girl who died
A childhood friend who died suddenly, my own age. I went to visit her. She had a house of what I imagine was her dream house. The crazy part was, as I was dreaming of her… it was like she was dreaming of me. I couldn’t remember her name in the dream. It was just beyond my awareness, and she had forgotten too. So it wasn’t entirely lucid. It was something else.
She showed me to a room where people come to visit. And she said her mom came to visit all the time, and would stay in that room.

Every time I woke from these dreams I had the loud ringing in my ears, and the buzzing sensation of an astral projection. But they were not lucid in the sense of me controlling the construct. It was like I was visiting a place where we could meet up. Two conscious minds having a hang. Maybe they were a type of astral. I don’t know, but they were just as if not more meaningful to my astral travels.
So I really recommend this technique! Ask your brain for awareness. To remember. Feel the request with all your being.
submitted by itsalwaysblue to AstralProjection [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 06:13 Reinstarke A DETAILED description of the new Lion King Trailer showed on D23 and Brazil's CCXP (new info)

An YouTuber from the country I live in (Brazil) a few months ago, after D23.

He made a video describing the Mufasa: The Lion King trailer (or teaser, we dont know), and yes, I know somebody already did something like a trailer description here, but the explanation of the trailer I'm giving here is a lot more detailed and expanded than the other one, and it also matches with the previous post.

Let's go...
(Try visualizing the scene in your head while reading this. Note that it has the same technology as the previous one [im just talking about the photorealistic style, the expressions and colors seem to have been improved! i hope..])
It starts with the camera passing through a savannah
(probably one of those shaky and accelerated walkthroughs that trailers do to show distance).

In it, it was possible to see some zebras and some undescribed things (probably random animals).
The camera advances a lot, and then we are able to see a lion cub lying on a rock
(maybe in a place that looks like the desert where Simba almost dies before being saved by Timon and Pumbaa, I guess).

Then he stands up.

BUT THEN, things go into slow motion for a while, and it zooms in on a water drop that is falling on him, and we are able to see Mufasa's reflection in it.

And when the drop finally falls on the cub, the motion returns to normal speed.
The camera expands, and suddenly there is a big storm + flood that comes and swallows the cub

When the water swallows the cub, some transitions happen (the transitions were not specifically described by the YouTuber).
The camera goes underwater, and it is possible to see a lion cub kind of floating.
(The underwater part was vaguely described).

Then the camera goes back to the surface, but then it shows the already grown Mufasa (he said that Mufasa's age there looked something like teenage-adult Simba).
(It was not confirmed, but I'm assuming he was next to a river or a puddle, thinking about his past, so the camera could come off the water naturally).

Then an animal shows up saying something like, "What are you doing here?"
And then Mufasa looks back at him, and the animal asks another question:
"What is your name?"

(kind of "answering" the question, lol)


AFTER THAT, Timon, Pumbaa, and Rafiki appear,
and someone (probably Timon) asks, "Hey, why are we here if we aren't even in this story?"
And Pumbaa says something like, "Oh yes, we aren't, but it will be cool so we can contextualize stuff, and blah blah blah."

(He says that they appear because they will be telling the story and 'PROBABLY' to one Simba's cubs).
HYPE BONUS: In an interview, the director said that the script Disney gave him had a lot of things he didn't even know existed in The Lion King lore (he probably didn't go as far as The Lion King and The Lion King 2, to be fair), SO I MAY BE WRONG, BUT WE DEFINITELY ARE GETTING THE LION GUARD IN SOME FORM HERE.
The references may be Scar having the Lion Guard mark, Scar working with his Lion Guard
(OMG, what if... Scar's Lion Guard saves Mufasa! WRITE THAT DOWN!!!)
or Kion being the lion that Timon, Pumbaa, and Rafiki are telling the story to. I don't know, lol.

Fan service is going crazy in my mind, help.
submitted by Reinstarke to lionking [link] [comments]