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2023.06.02 12:49 JoshAsdvgi The Great Serpent and the Flood

The Great Serpent and the Flood

The Great Serpent and the Flood

From Maine and Nova Scotia to the Rocky Mountains, Indians told stories about the Great Serpent.

More than a century ago the serpent was considered to be "a genuine spirit of evil."
Some version of the story of the Great Flood of long ago, as recounted here, is told around the world.
Nanabozho (Nuna-bozo, accented on bozo) was the hero of many stories told by the Chippewa Indians.
At one time they lived on the shores of Lake Superior, in what are now the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin and the province of Ontario.
One day when Nanabozho returned to his lodge after a long journey, he missed his young cousin who lived with him.
He called the cousin's name but heard no answer.
Looking around on the sand for tracks, Nanabozho was startled by the trail of the Great Serpent.
He then knew that his cousin had been seized by his enemy.
Nanabozho picked up his bow and arrows and followed the track of the serpent.
He passed the great river, climbed mountains, and crossed over valleys until he came to the shores of a deep and gloomy lake.
It is now called Manitou Lake, Spirit Lake, and also the Lake of Devils.
The trail of the Great Serpent led to the edge of the water.
Nanabozho could see, at the bottom of the lake, the house of the Great Serpent.
It was filled with evil spirits, who were his servants and his companions.
Their forms were monstrous and terrible. Most of them, like their master, resembled spirits. In the centre of this horrible group was the Great Serpent himself, coiling his terrifying length around the cousin of Nanabozho.
The head of the Serpent was red as blood. His fierce eyes glowed like fire.
His entire body was armed with hard and glistening scales of every color and shade.
Looking down on these twisting spirits of evil, Nanabozho made up his mind that he would get revenge on them for the death of his cousin.
He said to the clouds, "Disappear!"
And the clouds went out of sight.
"Winds, be still at once!" And the winds became still.
When the air over the lake of evil spirits had become stagnant, Nanabozho said to the sun, "Shine over the lake with all the fierceness you can.
Make the water boil."
In these ways, thought Nanabozho, he would force the Great Serpent to seek the cool shade of the trees growing on the shores of the lake.
There he would seize the enemy and get revenge.
After giving his orders, Nanabozho took his bow and arrows and placed himself near the spot where he thought the serpents would come to enjoy the shade.
Then he changed himself into the broken stump of a withered tree.
The winds became still, the air stagnant, and the sun shot hot rays from a cloudless sky.
In time, the water of the lake became troubled, and bubbles rose to the surface.
The rays of the sun had penetrated to the home of the serpents.
As the water bubbled and foamed, a serpent lifted his head above the centre of the lake and gazed around the shores.
Soon another serpent came to the surface.
Both listened for the footsteps of Nanabozho, but they heard him nowhere.
"Nanabozho is sleeping," they said to one another.
And then they plunged beneath the waters, which seemed to hiss as they closed over the evil spirits.
Not long after, the lake became more troubled.
Its water boiled from its very depths, and the hot waves dashed wildly against the rocks on its banks.
Soon the Great Serpent came slowly to the surface of the water and moved toward the shore.
His blood-red crest glowed.
The reflection from his scales was blinding--as blinding as the glitter of a sleet-covered forest beneath the winter sun.
He was followed by all the evil spirits.
So great was their number that they soon covered the shores of the lake.
When they saw the broken stump of the withered tree, they suspected that it might be one of the disguises of Nanabozho.
They knew his cunning.
One of the serpents approached the stump, wound his tail around it, and tried to drag it down into the lake.
Nanabozho could hardly keep from crying aloud, for the tail of the monster prickled his sides.
But he stood firm and was silent.
The evil spirits moved on.
The Great Serpent glided into the forest and wound his many coils around the trees.
His companions also found shade--all but one.
One remained near the shore to listen for the footsteps of Nanabozho.
From the stump, Nanabozho watched until all the serpents were asleep and the guard was intently looking in another direction.
Then he silently drew an arrow from his quiver, placed it in his bow, and aimed it at the heart of the Great Serpent.
It reached its mark.
With a howl that shook the mountains and startled the wild beasts in their caves, the monster awoke.
Followed by its terrified companions, which also were howling with rage and terror, the Great Serpent plunged into the water.
At the bottom of the lake there still lay the body of Nanabozho's cousin. In their fury the serpents tore it into a thousand pieces. His shredded lungs rose to the surface and covered the lake with whiteness.
The Great Serpent soon knew that he would die from his wound, but he and his companions were determined to destroy Nanabozho.
They caused the water of the lake to swell upward and to pound against the shore with the sound of many thunders.
Madly the flood rolled over the land, over the tracks of Nanabozho, carrying with it rocks and trees.
High on the crest of the highest wave floated the wounded Great Serpent.
His eyes glared around him, and his hot breath mingled with the hot breath of his many companions.
Nanabozho, fleeing before the angry waters, thought of his Indian children.
He ran through their villages, shouting, "Run to the mountaintops!
The Great Serpent is angry and is flooding the earth! Run! Run!"
The Indians caught up their children and found safety on the mountains.
Nanabozho continued his flight along the base of the western hills and then up a high mountain beyond Lake Superior, far to the north.
There he found many men and animals that had escaped from the flood that was already covering the valleys and plains and even the highest hills.
Still the waters continued to rise.
Soon all the mountains were under the flood, except the high one on which stood Nanabozho.
There he gathered together timber and made a raft.
Upon it the men and women and animals with him placed themselves.
Almost immediately the mountaintop disappeared from their view, and they floated along on the face of the waters.
For many days they floated. At long last, the flood began to subside.
Soon the people on the raft saw the trees on the tops of the mountains.
Then they saw the mountains and hills, then the plains and the valleys.
When the water disappeared from the land, the people who survived learned that the Great Serpent was dead and that his companions had returned to the bottom of the lake of spirits. There they remain to this day.
For fear of Nanabozho, they have never dared to come forth again.
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At our village the people were living.
At the place where now Shókhungioma and his wife, Síngösi, are living somebody lived and had a daughter whose name was Awát Mcána.
The father had a field west of the village in the valley and often watched that field.
He became tired of watching the field alone, and so one time he said to his daughter she should relieve him once; he would go down early and then after breakfast she should come down and take his place.
So after breakfast she went down and took her father's place and the latter returned to the village.
She was sitting in the kísi (a temporary booth or bower to give shade); all at once she heard some singing at a distance in the hollow, but she did not go there.
In the evening she went home.
The father thanked her that she had assisted him.
"Yes," she said, "to-morrow I am going down again when it is very early."
The father asked her whether their corn had already roasting ears.
She said yes, she had gone through the corn and had found that the roasting ears were beginning to come out already.
Her father had seen what the girl had believed to be singing children.
They were Grasshoppers.
So in the morning she went to the field early and stayed there during the day.
When the sun was well up it became warm and then she heard the singing again.
She thought she would see what it was, and going in a southerly direction she cam; upon a little wash, and away down in the wash in the shadow of the bank she saw many little beings engaged in a dance and in singing.
When she saw them she stopped short, but the Grasshoppers also noticed her and said: "Somebody is standing there"; so they stopped their dancing.
The maiden said, "Go on, dance some more," but they hesitated for a little while.
She urged them to perform another dance, but they refused to do it.
She finally said, "If you dance for me once more you can have one division of our corn-field and eat the corn."
They then were willing to dance, bending. their front legs like arms, and swinging them lively back and forth, to which they sang the following song:

Yayaaaaa shaolololo,
Yayaaaaa shaolololo,
Yayaaaa shaolololo,
Yayaaaa shaolololo,
Halatoni halatoni,
Halatoni halatoni,
Yamoshkiki yamoshkiki,
Ruk, ruk, ruk, ruk.

When they were through they said: "Now, let us go," and, then they began to emerge from the wash and it was found that they had wings, so they flew to the corn-field and began to devour the corn.
The maiden ran after them, and when she saw that they were eating away the corn beyond the limit she had allowed them, she told them they should stop as her father would be angry.
When she saw that they would not stop she began to cry and took her blanket and began to beat them.
When she found that that would not do any good she left them and ran to the village, arriving there nearly at noon, all in perspiration and nearly out of breath.
Her father was just spinning cotton for a ceremonial robe (atö'ö), for her.
"Why did you come home?" her father asked.
"Yes," she said, "something is eating our corn," and then she told him all about it.
"Ishohí!" he exclaimed, "they are certainly going to eat all of the corn."
He at once laid down his spindle and hurried to the field and found that the Grasshoppers had eaten up all the corn.
He then grabbed a stick and, knowing where he had seen the Grasshoppers before, and also seeing their tracks in the sand, he followed them.
It seems that on returning they had not been flying, but walking.
When he came upon them he found that they were resting and sleeping, as they had filled themselves so full with the corn.
He jumped into the wash saying: "Ishohí, you have eaten my corn," and began pounding them with his stick.
He killed a great many, but others escaped.
He destroyed their houses there entirely, and that is the reason why now the grasshoppers do not all live at one place, but may he found almost anywhere.
Hereupon he went home, being sad at heart.
When he came home he chided his daughter saying:
"Why did you tell them about our corn-field?
They are bad." But he added:
"I have only you alone, and I shall not be angry at you.
That corn will sprout and grow again."
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2023.06.02 12:26 AlexFerrana Revy (Black Lagoon) vs John Wick (John Wick franschise)

Inspired by this art:
Plot: John Wick is hunting down an important high-rank gangster, but soon he discovers that he hired Revy from "Lagoon Company" as a bodyguard. Determined to take out the gangster, John Wick takes on Revy in a fight.
Rules & winning conditions: random encounuter, no prior knowledge about each others. Standard equipment for both. Fight to death, KO or incapacitation. No outside help and interference from both sides. Revy is from "Black Lagoon" anime, John Wick is from all 4 movies.
Location: a multi-story parking lot near the hotel in New York City, USA.
Round 1: pure hand-to-hand combat, no guns and melee weapon.
Round 2: melee fight, both has a knife.
Round 3: gunfight. Revy has her dual Cutlass Berettas, John Wick has a Glock 34 pistol and CA-415 assault rifle.
Bonus round 1: John Wick vs "Black Lagoon" female assassins squad, consisting of Revy, Eda, Roberta, Balalaika, Shenhua and Sawyer. 1 vs 1 fight, "running the gauntlet" style.
Bonus round 2: same as Bonus Round 1, but now it's an 1 vs 6 fight.
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2023.06.02 12:24 Affectionate_Win8361 Husband beat wife up and got away with it

Husband beat wife up in Mississippi and injured her ,, wife convinced him to take her to the hospital and told the staff about what happened , they forbade him from going near her, and called the cops . The wife's sister went to the hospital to be with her . The sister changed the locks of the house which the violent husband broke again , and went inside the house and is still living there. The house is on wife's and her sister's name , but because of marriage , they can't just kick him out of the house . He is threatening for more violence and trying to kick the sister out of their lives by falsely accusing her of child perversion and being a supporter of lgbt community (he himself is against those things and the law in that state is too in some matters) . They have two children ( 1 yo twins) together which he threats to take away in case of divorce . Now the problem is . The wife wants him in jail as he is a threat to her and her children . The cops are not doing anything about it . What should she do ? She wants him to go to jail and file for divorce, kick him out of the house that she bought with her own money , and have the custody of the babies . What is needed to be done in order to achieve that? Because the law will wait for him to kill her almost to death before taking any strict action, the man's parents have links in the police , probably that's why they aren't doing anything about it . She spent a night in the hotel for safety. But she can't spend everyday there. nd it's her own house , and she has no other place to go to . What should she do ?
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2023.06.02 12:20 halfprincessperlette People with school age kids:

Summer holiday is coming, are you getting your kids the Deutschlandticket, and what will you visit? I'm looking for ideas 🫠
Edit: we're near Frankfurt, open for a few days of adventure. Train, hotel hopping, things like that.
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2023.06.02 11:24 Cultural-Pin3976 Overnight stay

Hey suggest for fine budget friendly hotels near Marathahalli for couples
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2023.06.02 11:17 Ok-Job-182 Anxiety Therapist Near Simi Valley

Anxiety Therapist Near Simi Valley
Struggling with symptoms of anxiety? Find your anxirety thapiest for anxiety attacks, phobias, social anxiety, OCD or another anxiety disorder & find relief now!
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2023.06.02 11:11 saiorthoandlhospital Best Oncology & Oncosurgery Department in Sarangpur M.P

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2023.06.02 11:06 joshua_sunrise Book Vacation Rentals Yucca Valley, CA - Joshua Sunrise

Book Vacation Rentals Yucca Valley, CA - Joshua Sunrise
Are you in search of BooK Vacation Rentals in Yucca Valley, CA? Look no further than the Joshua Sunrise Modern House. Our luxurious home is thoughtfully designed to offer both comfort and serenity, providing a peaceful escape from the daily hustle and bustle amidst the picturesque Mojave Desert. Our rental property promises to ignite your senses and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed when you return home. Every room in our property offers a stunning view, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings. We prioritize your comfort, providing high-end appliances for your convenience, and ensure your safety with a gated entrance and alarm system. Our well-trained hotel staff is knowledgeable about the key attractions in Yucca Valley, allowing you to interact with them and gather information about the desert area. Additionally, our property boasts various amenities designed to meet all your needs and create lasting memories during your vacation.
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2023.06.02 11:03 KnownLow6403 Relaxation Classes in Arizona, Relaxation Classes in Gilbert Arizona - Girish Jha
If you are finding Relaxation Therapist near me, Relaxation Classes near me then Girish Jha is best for you.

Contact here:-
7304 S Stuart Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85298
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2023.06.02 10:46 rahulsharma2023 Top Housing Projects In Gurugram

Gurugram, a thriving city in India, is rapidly developing. Gurugram is on track to becoming the most urbanized city in India with affluent neighborhoods, big residences, retail malls, and global corporations. Gurugram is considered an education and career hub due to 250 Fortune 500 firms, seven colleges, prestigious schools, and other factors. India's prosperity has been boosted by globalization, and Gurugram, the hub of modern India, is reaping the benefits. Here are some top residential properties in Gurugram.

Homes In Gurugram

Birla Anaika

Contact No : +911166103762
Located in Sector 60, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram, Birla Anaika is a project developed by Birla Estates Pvt. Birla Anaika showcases design-influenced architecture. This makes every height, bend, shape, creativity, and square foot perfect. Spacious homes that offer individual areas for each family member and also allow for family time are ideal for privacy and family living. Birla Anaika prioritizes quality. A strong house is essential for a healthy family, just like a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. Birla Anaika houses were built using the finest materials. 3 bhk flats in Gurugram are available at a selling price of INR 3.62 Cr.

M3M Natura

Contact No : +912261739629
Located in Nurpur Jharsa, Southern Peripheral road, Gurugram, M3M Natura is a project developed by M3M India. M3M Natura is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work, making you forget that you live in the city. These apartments are far from the city center. Living in desirable apartments offers numerous benefits. M3M Natura's location in Nurpur Jharsa provides convenient access to all major landmarks and daily destinations. These include hospitals, schools, supermarkets, parks, recreational centers, and other fun places. 2 bhk flat in Gurugram is available at a selling price of INR 1.06 Cr.

Suncity Vatsal Valley

Contact No : +911166103762
Located in Sector 27, Golf Course Road, Gurugram, Suncity Vatsal Valley is a project developed by Suncity Projects Pvt Ltd. Suncity Vatsal Valley is located in a beautiful forested area and is also conveniently close to Gurgaon and South Delhi. You can reach the premium region along Golf Course Road in Gurgaon in just 5 minutes by car, and South Delhi in no time. It's just a 10-15 minute drive from IGI airport and conveniently located near other important parts of the city. 2 and 3 bhk flats in Gurugram are available at a selling price of INR 98.88 Lacs and 1.22 Cr respectively.
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2023.06.02 10:36 _PicFlo Last min Prague hotel

Last min Prague hotel
Double room (2 singles), 4 nights (6-10th June)
I'm not going anymore so selling a hotel for the final for 4 nights for cheap.
I paid £250 odd when we beat AZ, selling for £180.
Hotel are being nobs and not letting us cancel hense the post, booking is just gonna go unused if we don't sell so do enquire if you want a cheap decent hotel for 4 nights in Prague.
Would love it to go to a hammer so they can enjoy this once in a lifetime final.
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2023.06.02 10:30 glo75001 ​Valley of Flower Tour Package 2022

​Valley of Flower Tour Package 2022 from Haridwar - Rishikesh - Dehradun - Delhi 5 Nights 6 days from Dehradun -Haridwar_rishikesh 7 Nights 8 Days from Delhi NCR - chandigarh Inclusions - Meals - Camp / Hotel Stay - Guide - Vehicle - Entry Permit charges - all inclusive Package starting from
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2023.06.02 10:30 glo75001 Nanda Devi Adventure resort Auli I Best Himalayan Facing Resort in Auli

Nanda Devi Adventure Resort Auli

Hotel location - near Car Parking, Auli, Auli Laga Joshimath, Uttarakhand 246443
Call now - 7500101155, 01352680927, 7895254355
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2023.06.02 10:04 Medium-Committee-701 Could you suggest some affordable hotels in Mumbai near Charni road

Budget - under 5k per day
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2023.06.02 10:00 bushiredublin Corporate Travel & Staff Transportation Services in Dublin

Corporate Travel & Staff Transportation Services in Dublin
Dublin, as a major economic hub and home to numerous businesses, often requires efficient and reliable transportation solutions for corporate travel and staff transportation. Whether it’s airport transfers, shuttle services, or corporate event transportation, Dublin offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of businesses. Here are some of the top corporate travel and staff transportation services in Dublin:

1. Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are a crucial aspect of corporate travel. Dublin has several reputable transportation companies that provide reliable and efficient airport transfer services. These services ensure that employees, clients, and business partners are promptly picked up from the airport and transported to their destination in comfort and style. Whether it’s a small group or a large corporate delegation, these services offer a range of vehicles to accommodate varying group sizes and requirements.

2. Executive Chauffeur Services

For businesses looking for luxury and professionalism, executive chauffeur services in Dublin are an ideal choice. These services provide highly trained and professional chauffeurs who offer a premium level of service. From executive sedans to luxury vehicles, companies can choose the most suitable option for their corporate clients or senior executives. Executive chauffeur services ensure a comfortable and stress-free travel experience, allowing passengers to focus on their work or relax during their journey.

3. Corporate Event Transportation

When it comes to corporate events, transportation logistics play a significant role. Dublin offers specialized transportation services for corporate events, including conferences, seminars, and team-building activities. These services handle the transportation needs of attendees, ensuring timely arrival and departure from event venues. Whether it’s a shuttle service between hotels and the event location or coordinating transportation for a large group, these services take care of the details, allowing businesses to focus on organizing a successful event.

4. Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are an efficient and cost-effective transportation solution for staff transportation in Dublin. Companies can arrange dedicated shuttles to transport employees to and from the workplace, ensuring punctuality and convenience. Shuttle services can be customized based on Bus Hire Dublin specific requirements, such as multiple pick-up and drop-off points, fixed schedules, and route optimization. These services not only help reduce traffic congestion but also provide a reliable and stress-free commuting experience for employees.

5. Corporate Car Rental Services

Corporate car rental services are another popular option for businesses in Dublin. These services provide a fleet of well-maintained vehicles that can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis. Whether it’s for business meetings, client visits, or employee travel, corporate car rental services offer flexibility and convenience. Companies can choose from a variety of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and vans, depending on their specific requirements.
In conclusion, Dublin offers a range of corporate travel and staff transportation services that cater to the needs of businesses. From airport transfers to executive chauffeur services, shuttle services to corporate event transportation, and corporate car rentals, these services ensure efficient and reliable transportation for corporate clients and staff. By utilizing these services, businesses can enhance their professionalism, improve logistical efficiency, and provide a positive travel experience for their employees and clients in Dublin.
Useful Links : Sports Events, Schools, Dublin Airport Transfers, Corporate Bus Hire, Stag & Hen Party Bus Hire, Wedding Bus Hire Near Me, College & University Events, Concerts & Festivals
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2023.06.02 09:49 Gloomy_Stage When was the last time it was possible to drive South to North on motorways without hitting roadworks?

I made the mistake of driving to London to Manchester late evening to avoid traffic.
I was wrong. The M3 had roadworks, a bit on the A34 too. Once I neared Birmingham I counted no more than 6 sets of roadworks, many lane closures (of which lanes were in fact, not closed off), hugely variable speed limits. In fact the speed limits were so variable I wasn’t even sure what the limit was. In one section the temporary sign said 50 but the overhead gantry said 60 then the next gantry was blank then the next one says national then you get all confused on how fast you are supposed to be going.
After 5 hours I ended up stopping off at a hotel. Back on the road again this morning. I’ve been driving for 15 years and go North to South a twice a year or so and do not remember ever having a free run!
This country seems to love never ending roadworks!
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2023.06.02 09:46 Flat_Newspaper4466 7 biggest challenges for tourism marketing

The travel industry is booming. For other travel businesses worldwide, there are now better ways to serve customers and target them with relevant online marketing messages. However, along with all these new opportunities, do some challenges. In this article, VietISO outlines seven marketing challenges in the tourism industry today and how they will impact the future of businesses in this sector.
Personalization has become very important in many different aspects of the travel industry. It is not only necessary to capture the attention of your audience with your marketing message, but also to provide a good customer experience.
Regardless of whether someone is traveling for business or pleasure, they appreciate and expect personalization, and businesses are doing everything they can to incorporate it into their offerings. For example, Delta Airlines uses personalization technology to help flight attendants support their business customers and includes services such as in-flight amenities, special offers, information on connecting flights, and more. trip, etc.
Hotels can also collect extensive micro-data about their guests and use it to deliver a more intimate experience. Guests interact with the hotel in many different ways during their trip: at the check-in counter, at the hotel's restaurant, with room service, at the spa,... These are all opportunities to collect Collect data and learn about guest preferences.
However, capturing and utilizing this information are two completely different things.
Hotels need to have systems in place to collect this data and connect it to a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to automate personalization activities to encourage repeatability and upgrades. book room. Let's say a previous guest spent the day of their week-long vacation on the golf course. They can be retargeted with a relevant marketing message promoting discounted tee times.
Advertising is no exception to today's traveler's need for personalization. According to a recent travel advertising report, personalization is the number one challenge for travel marketers today, with nearly half (46%) reporting that delivering offers and promotions Real-time personalized reporting is the top challenge for 2020.
Perhaps the greatest personalization opportunity for travel advertisers is catering to the interests and desires of each audience. For example, today's youth are less concerned with luxury and relaxation and more concerned with the experiences they have when they travel: does this very well with the targeted ads shown above. They also track onsite with MyAruba, an interactive feature that allows you to build your own itinerary of favorite places and experiences:
Personalization is more than just ad targeting. It's also about giving people the autonomy and customization features they need to build the travel experience they want.
Keeping Up With New Technology
Technology is constantly innovating industries decade by decade, but the real impact of new technology on tourism over the past 10 years has been dramatic. Back in 2010, hotel and airline apps were just getting started, but now they're just as important to the travel industry as other big businesses.
One prominent example of new technology that travel businesses need to catch up on is dynamic pricing. Airlines and hotels can use factors like time of year, day of the week, and corporate versus tourist travelers to estimate the right rates to drive conversions. Using technology powered by artificial intelligence, it is possible to make these adjustments based on day-to-day changes in market demand. Some pricing engines have the ability to update fares as often as every 15 seconds, and businesses are starting to notice the big difference this makes in bookings.
The problem travel marketers face, however, is that taking advantage of dynamic pricing requires more than just investing in new technology. The challenge businesses face is to redo their entire data management process, including CRM integration and revenue analytics.
New technologies bring new opportunities for marketing and sales, but they also bring new competition. Airbnb is a prime example of this. The home and room rental platform helps travelers book accommodation at a fraction of the typical hotel price. It also excels at meeting individual needs by providing rentals with co-working and pet-friendly spaces, kitchens, and all the other “home” amenities that people need. want that most hotels do not provide. 49% of Airbnb users use it as an alternative to hotels.
Seize New Opportunities
Marketing channels are constantly introducing new features and content formats that businesses can use to advertise their services. This is especially true of social media. Airlines and other businesses in the travel industry have a presence on social media, but they often have trouble keeping up with the latest marketing opportunities on these platforms.
For example, take a look at Facebook's travel ad. These are dynamically generated ads that contain information based on an individual's travel interests. Let's say someone browses hotels or watches flights. Airlines, hotels, and other travel businesses can target Facebook ads based on dates, specific destinations, and other trip details.
Other new ad types like Story Ads on Instagram or Short Video Ads on TikTok also offer businesses a unique opportunity to reach audiences directly. However, since this is primarily a video format, travel businesses need to be prepared to invest in creative marketing to capture attention and encourage action. Once done, businesses can also take advantage of Facebook video ads as well as ads on TikTok and YouTube to reach their audience with more engaging marketing messages.
Competition on search networks is so fierce that most travel businesses invest the majority of their marketing budgets in paid search, largely ignoring social media. However, they can't really ignore new features and social targeting anymore.
Google is a problem for travel marketers that most don't realize they have. Google offers all kinds of features for marketing: paid search ads,Google Hotel Search, Trips, Maps, and more. But these opportunities also essentially serve to give Google a marketing monopoly in the travel space. The Google products ecosystem tends to be in its own favor. Google Flight is a feature that allows travelers to make reservations right from search results. Having it appear above the organic results actually encourages people to use it over other options like Expedia or Kayak.
What Google considers to be a feature that improves the user experience is actually just encouraging people to use their other properties. Another example of this is Google Trips, which offers travel recommendations to people based on information gathered from their Gmail accounts.
The growing monopoly of the tourism industry presents businesses with a conundrum. Many people feel they have no choice but to invest their entire marketing budget in Google products. And even then there's no guarantee Google will suggest their business in search results.
There's still not much businesses can do about this particular marketing challenge, other than maintaining a diverse and patient strategy. Google has been fined for favoring its own products in the past, and the issue of tourism exclusivity is currently being discussed with law enforcement.
Voice search
Voice search is a growing concern for search engine marketers in every industry. Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Cortana, and other technologies encourage and empower people to use voice search to get the information they need. This is especially true for travel related queries. According to research by Travelport, nearly half of travelers have used voice search to help manage trips. It takes a lot of work to optimize your content for search engines in general, and considering voice search even more of a challenge. People use voice search differently than they do regular search queries. Here are some key things you can do to optimize for voice search today:
Conversational Keyword Targeting
Voice search users are more likely to use longer keyword phrases in their queries. For example, instead of saying “hotels in Da Nang”, they might say “show me hotels in Da Nang near Dragon Bridge”. Travel businesses should create pages optimized for these long-tail queries to get more traffic. Creating a detailed FAQ page is a great way to do this.
You can explore voice search keywords using Google Search Console. There are also many third-party tools designed to help you brainstorm long-tail keywords. For example, Answer Public shows you common questions people ask related to specific keywords.
Use schema markup
In order for smart devices to provide your website information as query results, it needs to make sure your information is really the type of content people are looking for. Instead of letting the machine guess, you're better off encoding your content to help the machine determine what the information really is. This is commonly done using schema markup. It's a standardized vocabulary that you embed in your website's HTML code. It effectively labels your content. For example, say you have a hotel suite listed with two bedrooms. Using schema markup to indicate the number of rooms helps ensure your listing shows up when people search by voice for “hotel in Boston with two adjoining rooms.”
Optimize Google My Business
Optimizing my Google My Business information is a good idea for SEO in general. When people specifically search for your business, Google My Business information will immediately show up in the search results.
In today's digital environment, with nearly all voice searches going to local businesses, it's even more important to keep this information up to date. Including relevant information like your address, availability, and amenities makes it easier for voice search to display your listings when referring to specific voice search queries.
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