The challenge usa spoilers


2014.06.30 16:48 Sherlock_House MTVChallenge

Welcome to MTVChallenge! The unofficial home for the world's greatest reality TV competition show, The Challenge, and all its spinoffs. We are spoiler free--please take a look at our rules before posting. Join us for live and post-episode discussions, weekly megathreads, and great original content! Threads with the 💣🌋 emojis are open to spoilers from yet-to-be aired seasons, including season winners. If you are Unspoiled, avoid those threads and the mods will play defense everywhere else.

2022.05.24 04:08 IAmNotABOTomg TheChallengeUSA

A MTV’s “The Challenge” Event Starring Your Favorite CBS Stars Premiering July 6th On CBS & Paramount Plus.

2018.02.24 10:42 smarx Capture the Ether

for discussing

2023.03.21 22:10 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator Download Course on

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2023.03.21 22:09 Arkmaximum My usual starter empire what do you think? any improvements?

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2023.03.21 22:09 Siggs-land99 Whats the most an ounce would go for in USA?

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2023.03.21 22:08 RealTrashyC Details Regarding a C Permit

Afternoon Good Swiss folk,
I am from the USA, accepting a job offer in Switzerland, and was reading up on permits.
I read the following: “A C permit is obtained after 10 years of residency or after 5 years holding a B permit while being strongly integrated”
What is meant by “strongly integrated”? I was reading into this because one of my dream jobs in the future is to open my own cute little coffee shop/climbing gym. So I was curious if and when I could do that in Switzerland :)
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2023.03.21 22:08 MrSolarSun No Fires Problem

Ever since I bought and started playing Cities Skylines for PC, I've noticed that there doesn't appear to be any fires starting at all. Which is ashamed because I never get to see my cool fire trucks I downloaded from the Steam Workshop driving around the city. It also makes the game unnecessary easier, which kinda takes away one of the challenges of running of city, dealing with fires. Is there anyway I can be fix this problem?
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2023.03.21 22:08 topCSjobs Dynata - Customer Success Manager - New York, USA

A unique leadership opportunity to be at the heart of international innovation and strategy for one of the fastest-growing companies in the online and mobile market research sector.
Dynata is a global leader in permission-based digital data collection and reporting.
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2023.03.21 22:08 Trip327 The Flash #795 discussion thread (SPOILERS)

For those who have read the issue, what do you make of that last page? I recognize Gold Beetle, Gunfire, Blue Jay, Lagoon Boy (I think), and Steel but I don't recognize the other characters on "Planet Flash".
Nice to see Jesse back in her Liberty Belle costume and Jay and Barry taking charge.
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2023.03.21 22:07 BonesandSticks0 Added my Wine Cooler to my kitchen, the final piece - San Diego, USA

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2023.03.21 22:07 kyles08 Forget Chat GPT, we now have to be on the lookout for bard posts

Google just opened up access to Bard (their AI) today. It's style is a little different than Chat GPT, so it's certainly something to be aware of.
The good news is, I told it to write about moon farming on reddit, it's not onto us yet:
Moon Farming is the process of growing plants on the Moon. This is a difficult and challenging task, but it is also a potentially very rewarding one. Moon farming could provide a way to grow food for astronauts on future missions to the Moon, and it could also help to develop new technologies that could be used to grow food on Earth.
There are a number of challenges that need to be overcome in order to successfully grow plants on the Moon. The Moon's gravity is only about one-sixth of Earth's gravity, which means that plants will grow much more slowly. The Moon's atmosphere is also very thin, which means that plants will need to be protected from the harsh environment. And the Moon's surface is very dusty, which means that plants will need to be able to withstand the dust.
Despite the challenges, there are a number of reasons why Moon farming is a potentially very rewarding endeavor. The Moon's surface is very rich in minerals, which could provide a valuable source of nutrients for plants. The Moon's environment is also very stable, which means that plants would not have to deal with the same pests and diseases that they do on Earth. And the Moon's low gravity could make it possible to grow plants that are not possible to grow on Earth.
Moon farming is a new and exciting field, and there is still a lot that we do not know about it. But with continued research and development, it is possible that Moon farming could one day provide a way to grow food for astronauts on future missions to the Moon, and it could also help to develop new technologies that could be used to grow food on Earth.
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2023.03.21 22:07 Lorenofing Rejecting arguments

People who reject and laugh about arguments without actually reading or considering them are not engaging in productive or rational discourse. This behavior is often a form of confirmation bias, where people only seek out information that confirms their existing beliefs and dismiss or ridicule anything that contradicts them.
Engaging in productive discourse requires an open mind and a willingness to consider new ideas and perspectives, even if they challenge our preconceived notions. This involves actively listening to others, asking questions, and critically evaluating arguments based on evidence and logic.
Rejecting arguments without considering them not only undermines the potential for productive discourse but also limits our ability to learn and grow as individuals. By shutting ourselves off to new ideas and perspectives, we miss out on opportunities to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us.
In conclusion, rejecting and laughing at arguments without actually considering them is not a productive or rational way to engage in discourse. To have productive conversations and learn from others, we must approach discussions with an open mind and a willingness to consider new ideas and perspectives, even if they challenge our existing beliefs.
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2023.03.21 22:06 Roo_Sport_Analytics April Challenge!

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2023.03.21 22:06 Sloppyjoses Rash on Hand, 33yo Hispanic Female
My girlfriend is a 33 year old hispanic female located in the northeast USA. Her height is approximately 5’7” and weight is approximately 155lbs. She’s a non-smokenon-drinker. She currently takes the oral contraceptive, YAZ, every evening. She has been diagnosed with PCOS but is in otherwise good health. She has no known allergies. She does suffer from very dry skin on her hands.
For the last month she’s developed an itchy red splotchy rash on her right hand. She works in food service and wears gloves for 8 hours a day. She changes her gloves multiple times a day and practices good hygiene. At the onset of the rash she was treating a ringworm on her belly. She treated with Lotramin. Also while treating the ringworm/ developing this rash she developed a UTI which was successfully treated with a 5 day course of Macrobid. I feel the rash looks suspiciously of contact dermatitis. Maybe from the dry skin and glove use? Anyways, before we make a costly Derma visit, I was curious if this looks like something we could treat at home? Second link is what the rash looks like after removing her gloves. Thank you!
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2023.03.21 22:06 Fields-and-Flagons [Online][5e][Flexible][UTC-7/8] Player seeking regular evening campaigns

Friendly, versatile player seeking an online (roll20, owlbear, theater of the mind) long-term campaign, D&D 5e (balanced or combat-heavy) or other game, on a weekly basis on any of M-W & F-Sa after 6pm MDT. LGBT+ friendly preferred.
About me: Hi! I'm Ray, he/him, LGBT, early 30's. I started playing during covid lockdown and so far have finished only one campaign, a homebrew. I can be a little shy at first but I'm downright charismatic once I'm comfortable. I had a couple bad experiences when I first started playing, but it's all been good from there.
5e: My favorite classes I've played so far are monk and fighter. My fave races are halfling and aasimar. That said, I like to get to know the rest of the group's intentions before finalizing my character to ensure our party is balanced. I like to challenge myself to try new things, so it's no disappointment for me to take a different direction. I can make a new character with a compelling backstory and sometimes even a custom face quite quickly.
Regarding "flexible," I suppose at this time I'm most interested in other D&D editions (I've been told several times that 3.5 would be perfect for me) or D&D adjacent games such as Pathfinder. I'm also open to experimental homebrew/adjacent games.
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!
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2023.03.21 22:05 Roo_Sport_Analytics April Challenge!

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2023.03.21 22:05 ObieFTG Stay off of social media today if you haven’t played the seasonal content.

And before you ask, no I wasn’t actively looking for story details. I was spoiled to what happens this week on of all things, a Bungie post talking about the Iron Banner.
Legitimately infuriating…but cautionary nonetheless. And y’all wonder why we have a spoiler rule on the sub?
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2023.03.21 22:05 No_Neighborhood6856 [No Spoilers] The Raven Queen

Does the RQ still have a part to play in death even if the person is a follower of another god?
So for example a person may have a funeral but is a strong follower of Saranrae, therefore their funeral is on that basis. Would the RQ still be part of this?
I don't know if what I am asking makes sense but hopefully you get the jist.
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2023.03.21 22:05 datamoves Matching Data Quickly and Easily in Snowflake: Three Ways

Matching Data Quickly and Easily in Snowflake: Three Ways
A requirement of finding duplicates, fuzzy matching, eliminating redundancy, and identifying data inconsistency are all ways of saying that you have some data that needs to be cleaned, wrangled, prepared, and otherwise organized before its value can be maximized.
If these requirements are not met, then it can substantially compromise efforts at Analytics, Reporting, Data Science, AI/ML, CRM, Marketing, or other data-driven initiatives that depend on accurate, consistent data for successful outcomes.
Here are some samples of different types of inconsistent, matching data:
 G.E. Gen Electric General Electric Bill Jameson William R. Jamison 500 Browne lane suite #100 500 Browne ln suite 100 500 brown lane ste 100 
Here are three ways you can address this issue quickly and easily and on the fly with Interzoid and your Snowflake data.
#1) Generate a match report.
This will analyze an entire table of data (or view) and auto-generate a data match report to see how significant of an inconsistent/duplicate data challenge you have.
This can be achieved executing the following single command from the command line (it's an API call utilizing cURL). All you need is your Snowflake connection string, table name, and column name. You also need to indicate which set of matching algorithms to use based on the data content type (company/organization names, individual names, or street addresses).
 curl '' 
(Note: remember that within Windows, cURL requires double rather than single quotes.)
Snowflake Table
More? Full walkthrough here.
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2023.03.21 22:05 KiraWinchester H: trades (list below) W: aa/ss/1s melee, apparel offers, or items on with list

Wish List: Teslas below, AA/SS/1S melee, and rare apparel/masks
I still need the following Teslas: GS/50L/15r,,, H/50c/25,,, Jug/50c/25,,, Med/50L/15r,,, Troub/50c/25
Complete Trade List: (Thank you for your time browsing this huge list!!!)
FIXERS: AA/25/15r,,, AA/25/15v,,, AA/50c/15v,,, AA/50vhc/25,,, AA/50L/25,,, AA/AP/25,,, AA/E/Dur,,, Ari/25/15r,,, Ari/E/15r,,, Ari/E/25,,, B/25/15v,,, B/50L/25,,, BAP/25,,, Exe/50c/25,,, Exe/AP/25,,, Exe/E/25,,, F/50c/25,,, GouE/25,,, GS/25/25,,, GS/50c/25,,, GS/E/25,,, H/50c/25,,, Jug/50c/25,,, Jug/AP/25,,, Junk/25/15r,,, Junk/50c/15v,,, Junk/50c/25,,, Junk/50L/25,,, Junk/AP/25,,, Junk/E/15v,,, Med/25/25,,, Med/50c/25,,, Med/AP/25,,, Mu/AP/25,,, MS/50c/25,,, N/AP/25,,, N/E/25,,, Q/25/15r,,, Q/25/15v,,, Q/AP/25,,, Q/E/50,,, St/50c/25,,, St/AP/25,,, St/E/25,,, Su/50c/25,,, Su/AP/25,,, Su/E/25,,, T/AP/25,,, TS/25/15r,,, TS/25/15v,,, TS/50vhc/25,,, TS/AP/25,,, V/AP/25,,, Z/25/25,,, Z/E/25
HANDMADES: AA/E/15v,,, Junk/25/15r,,, MS/E/25,,, Mu/E/25,,, Mu/50c/25,,, Q/50vhc/25
HEAVY WEAPONS: AA/25/90 AGL,,, AA/25/15r Cryolator,,, As/25A/90 Fatman,,, B/E/Gho 50cal,,, B/25A/90 Missile Launcher,,, B/50vhc/90 Missile Launcher,,, B/50L/90 AGL,,, Exe/50c/15r Flamer,,, Exe/25A/90 Gatling Plas,,, Exe/E/25 LMG,,, Q/25/15v LMG,,, Q/25/Dur LMG,,, Q/50L/90 Minigun,,, TS/50vhc/90 Broadsider,,, TS/25/15r Gatling Gun,,, TS/25/15r Gatling Laser,,, TS/25/25 LMG,,, TS/E/25 Minigun,,, V/25/15r 50cal,,, V/25/25 Gatling Gun,,, V/50L/90 Harpoon Gun,,, Z/E/90 LMG
MELEE: AA/SS/1S Death Tambo,,, AA/SS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, AA/40P/1S Gulper Smacker,,, AA/SS/1S Pole Hook,,, AA/50c/15v Power Fist,,, AA/SS/1S Super Sledge,,, Ari/SS/1S Shovel,,, Ari/SS/1S Sledgehammer,,, As/40P/1S Chainsaw,,, As/40P/1S Drill,,, B/SS/1S Bowie Knife,,, B/40P/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, B/SS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, B/SS/25 Gulper Smacker,,, B/SS/25 Meat Hook,,, B/SS/1S Power Fist,,, BSS/1S Power Fist,,, Exe/50c/1Sv Power Fist,,, Ext/SS/1S Drill,,, GS/SS/1S Chainsaw,,, I/SS/1S Death Tambo,,, I/SS/1S Golf Club,,, I/SS/1S Power Fist,,, I/SS/1S Super Sledge,,, Jug/SS/1S Power Fist,,, Junk/SS/1S Power Fist,,, Junk/SS/1S Security Baton,,, Mu/SS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, Mu/SS/1S Power Fist,,, MS/SS/1S Shishkebab,,, Su/SS/1S Power Fist,,, Su/SS/1S Spear,,, Troub/SS/1S Bowie Knife,,, Troub/SS/1S Golf Club,,, V/SS/1S Combat Knife,,, V/SS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, V/SS/1S Mole Miner Gauntlet,,, V/SS/1S Pole Hook,,, V/SS/1S Sledgehammer,,, Z/SS/1S Fire Axe,,, Z/SS/1S Knuckles,,, Z/SS/1S Pipe Wrench
RAILWAYS: AA/50vhc/25,,, AA/E/15v,,, Ari/25/15r,,, B/50vhc/25,,, B/E/15r,,, B/E/90,,, F/50c/25,,, F/E/25,,, GS/50c/25,,, H/25/25,,, H/50c/25,,, I/25/25,,, I/50c/25,,, Junk/E/25,,, Q/50L/15r,,, Q/50L/90,,, Q/AP/25,,, St/50c/25,,, Su/25/25,,, Su/E/25,,, TS/50L/25,,, TS/50vhc/25,,, TS/50c/15r,,, TS/AP/25,,, TS/E/Dur,,, V/25/25,,, V/50c/25,,, Z/E/90
TESLAS: AA/25/15r,,, AA/50L/15r,,, AA/AP/25,,, B/25/25,,, Exe/25/15r,,, Ext/25/15r,,, F/25/15r,,, I/25/15r,,, Q/AP/25,,, TS/25/15r,,, TS/25/25,,, V/25/250,,, V/25/Dur,,, V/50L/15r,,, Z/25/15r
AA/E/25 Assault Rifle,,, AA/25/25 Assultron Head,,, AA/50c15v Crossbow,,, AA/50L/25 Enclave Plasma Rifle,,, AA/25/25 Gamma Gun,,, AA/E/15r Hunting Rifle,,, B/AP/25 Compound Bow,,, B/25/25 Gauss Rifle,,, Exe/50c/25 Combat Rifle,,, Exe/E/25 Hunting Rifle,,, Exe/E/25 Lever Action,,, F/50c/15v Thirst Zapper,,, Gou25/25 Lever Action,,, Junk/50c/25 Enclave Plasma Rifle,,, Mu/50c/25 Crossbow,,, Q/50c/25 Assaultron Head,,, Q/25/15r Combat Shotgun,,, Q/25/15r Plasma Rifle,,, St/50c/25 Crossbow,,, TS/25/15r Combat Rifle,,, TS/50c/25 Combat Rifle,,, V/50c/25 Bow,,, V/AP/25 Crossbow,,, V/50c/25 Gauss Rifle
ARMOR: Aristocrat's Heavy Robot left leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Assassin's Heavy Raider left leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Assassin's T-45 right leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Auto Stim Raider Power left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Auto Stim USA right arm with AP/WWR,,, Bolstering FSA chest with 7%LED/WWR,,, Bolstering Sturdy Combat left leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Bolstering Trapper chest with AP/Cavalier,,, Bolstering Trapper right arm with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Chameleon Raider Power right leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Chameleon Robot chest with 7%LED/WWR,,, Chameleon USA chest with 7%LED/Cavalier,,, Chameleon USA left arm with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Cloaking Raider Power right leg with 7%LED/WWR,,, Mutant's Excavator left arm with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Mutant's FSA chest with 7%LED/WWR,,, Nocturnal Excavator right leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Nocturnal USA right leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Overeater's Excavator right leg with luck/cavalier,,, Overeater's Heavy Robot chest with +25 Rad Resist/Sentinel,,, Overeater's T-60 left arm with +25% env resist/WWR,,, Overeater's T-60 left arm slowed hungeWWR,,, Overeater's USA chest with slower hungeSentinel,,, Overeater's USA left leg with Agility/WWR,,, Overeater's USA right arm with Endurance/Sentinel,,, Regenerating Heavy Raider right arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Troubleshooter's Marine left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Troubleshooter's Sturdy Metal right leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Unyielding Heavy Raider left arm with Luck/Cavalier,,, Unyielding Metal chest with AP/HDT,,, Unyielding Robot right arm with Agility/Sentinel,,, Unyielding Sturdy Leather left leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Unyielding Trapper right arm with 7%LED/HDT,,, Unyielding Wood left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Vanguard's Excavator right leg with Intelligence/Cavalier,,, Vanguard's Heavy Leather right arm with 7%LED/HDT,,, Vanguard's Heavy Robot right arm with 7%LED/HDT,,, Vanguard's Raider power right arm with 7%LED/FDC,,, Vanguard's Sturdy Robot left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Vanguard's Sturdy Robot right leg with 7%LED/WWR,,, Vanguard's USA right arm with AP/Cavalier,,, Vanguard's Wood chest with Strength/Sentinel,,, Zealot's FSA left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Zealot's USA right leg with AP/WWR
PLANS: Assault rifle,,, Barbed walking cane,,, Baseball bat rocket,,, Baseball bat searing puncturing rocket,,, Bear arm,,, Bear arm heavy mod,,, Boxing glove lead lining,,, Camo Backpack,,, Cave cricket tube,,, Civil war era suit,,, Civil war era top hat,,, Confederate hat,,, Deathclaw gauntlet,,, Dense marine armor torso,,, Dense trapper armor torso,,, Fire station bell,,, Flannel shirt & jeans,,, Halloween skull mask,,, Hatchet electro fusion,,, Junkyard fountain,,, Machete sacrificial blade,,, Meat Tenderizer,,, Nuka Girl area rug,,, Pepper shaker,,, Pitchfork Flamer,,, Protective lining Marine underarmor,,, Puncturing pole hook,,, Radioactive barrel,,, Raw cement barricade,,, Scorchbeast queen plushie,,, Scorched tube,,, Sheepsquatch staff,,, Shielded lining casual underarmor,,, Shielded lining Marine underarmor,,, Skeleton costume,,, Skiing outfit,,, Sledgehammer heavy searing sharp rocket,,, Small vault girl statue,,, Snallygaster plushie,,, Spiked walking cane,,, The Fixer,,, T-60 BOS knight paint,,, TV Aquarium,,, Ultracite emergency protocols,,, Undershirt & jeans,,, Vintage water cooler,,, Witch costume,,, WV state bird rug,,, Yao Guai tube,,, Cranberry Bog Healing Salve recipe,,, Fasnacht donut recipe,,, Fasnacht sausage recipe,,, Formula P recipe,,,Stimpak Diffuser recipe,,, Tato salad recipe
APPAREL: Asylum Uniform Pink,,, Clean Spacesuit,,, Emmett Mountain hazmat suit,,, Fasnacht Craxy Guy mask,,, Fasnacht Deathclaw mask,,, Fasnacht Raven mask,,, Grey Fishermans Overalls,,, Hunter's Long Coat,,, Longshoreman Outfit,,, Straight Jacket Clean,,, ,, Winter Jacket and Jeans
CHEMS: Addictol: 145,,, Berry Mentats: 288,,, Buffout: 1367,,, Calmex: 293,, Daddy-O: 966,,, Day Tripper: 510,,, Disease Cure: 385,,, Mentats: 1000,,, Overdrive: 450,,, Psycho: 2528,,, Psychobuff: 1241,,, Psychotats: 1010,,, Super Stimpak: 2500,,, X-cell: 303
FOOD: Canned meat stew: 45,,, Salt: 1433,,, Spices: 877,,, Sugar Bombs(w/rads): 240,,, Pepper: 1417
Enclave plasma aligned flamer mod,,, Enclave plasma aligned sniper barrel mod
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2023.03.21 22:04 Sensitive_Medicine_7 zoomaa playing challengers for fun

isnt this weekend the only weekend yall could do that challengers shit, because the matches are going on all the other weekends
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2023.03.21 22:03 AdvancedPainting8739 Light Yagami the chosen one (SPOILER).

I just read the manga and...
The idea came to me that for a few reasons Light was actually and for many facts that change my Riuk ideologies, inevitably the wrong guy in the end.
Was he determined to take the notebook? Don't be mad, but Light was in clear images of himself that the world sees and society at least took the pathetic hand of choosing justice as it is.
Riuk and his boredom can clearly have an idea on who to take the death note?
Apparently we can all say and affirm that.
What happens if the death note can't be found and Light just ends up taking another note as similar as the death note?
Will Riuk determine which one is the fake? Or the location of the real death note?
What if Light ends up finding a fake copy or similar death note?
This will end as a theory. I mean if someone came up with the idea of ​​creating a fake dn, like someone took the idea from Light's first impression of finding the death note.
Nothing will end in lucky choices, or at least those probabilities will ask would appeal another answer.
What if Riuk just pushed himself by hiding his true plan and waiting for his ideal plan at the end of the series?
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2023.03.21 22:03 ooh-aah-cantona 10 Reasons to believe Elon Musk is a CIA Operative

10 Reasons to believe Elon Musk is a CIA Operative
Here are the 10 main reasons to believe that Elon Musk is a CIA Operative:
First of all: Elon Musk is a False Counter-Culture figure
Elon Musk has always acted as though he is 'anti-establishment' - doing things such as questioning the C-19 official story, amongst others. Yet Tesla produces machines for a C-19 vaccine. How is this 'anti-establishment'? It is likely he has been planted by the CIA to appear to be 'fighting the machine' whilst he's actually working for it. (And making it, too)
2. Elon Musk in the early '00s.
Q-Tel, the CIA's venture capital firm, were interested in Elon during 2001/2002. Mike Griffin CIA executive, travelled to Russia with Musk during this time and their intention was to buy ICBMs. But they never made this deal with the Russians and so Musk decided to form SpaceX. His prospective business partner Mike Griffin from the CIA was then appointed as NASA administrator, and was awarded a $400 million contract to SpaceX - before it had even launched a rocket.
3. Elon Musk's Businesses Are the CIA's Wet Dreams
Elon Musk has three main companies:
A satellite grid that completely covers the globe. If everyone is on the 'grid' of satellites (which will most likely happen eventually) everyone will be completely trackable at all times, anywhere. Especially if people are linked to NeuraLink. They are basically 'spy satellites'
A chip surgically planted into your brain that can upload and download information, turning you into a transhuman. This will not only create trans-humans but also a divide between trans-humans and humans. The trans-humans will have many advantages due to the downloading and uploading of all information whilst the humans will remain organic, but will be heavily disadvantaged in a capitalist society as a result.
Elon Musk has never mentioned that these two technologies will be 'linked' - but since they have the names StarLINK and NeuraLINK, and Starlink provides internet whilst Neuralink requires it, you can be damn sure these things will be linked.
Remotely-hijackable cars that can be controlled by internet connection (and by StarLink eventually I am sure) you go of course? Tesla realigns it. You break the law? Tesla drives you to the police station. Speeding? Tesla slows you down. You do anything that isn't within the rules of Tesla and the law and you no longer have choice, your choices are controlled.
These 3 business have CIA written all over them.
4. Further NeuraLink Breakdown
NeuraLink is the true beginning of transhumanism, which will be the final step that turns us from being human into becoming something other than human. It will finally connect us to the 'hive mind' - through StarLink - and ultimately disconnect us from the soul.
One of the main reasons for this is that more people these days are finding spirituality. People are realising how bad technology is for the soul and are steadily starting to distance themselves from it - deleting social media, using phones less, following spiritual teachers, gurus, religions etc. If they convince us to install tech such as NeuraLink into our minds, it pulls us as far away from spirituality as possible and turns us into transhumans. Transhumans cannot ascend or go to heaven. The more people who have Neauralink, in their eyes - the better.
5. 'Elon Musk Is Not Your Friend' Documentary Removed From Rumble
There was a documentary on Rumble that gained a huge amount of traction but has since been removed.. why was it removed?
It explained how Elon Muskis a fraud and CIA/WEF puppet who never actually invented anything and got rich from elitist money.
If anyone has a copy of this documentary anywhere please let me know as it needs to be reposted.
6. Elon Musk and the New World
Elon called for a one world government in January 2022
"Elon Musk and the WEF"
In his talk at the WEF, Elon Musk discussed how society needs to work together to create some kind of world government. He stated that this would be necessary to address the challenges currently posed by climate change and artificial intelligence.
Bloomberg article from 2008 confirming Elon Musk is a Young Global Leader
Elon Musk, the chairman of Tesla Motors, the much-publicized electric sports-car company, is a new YGL.
Wikipedia archive confirming Elon Musk became a Young Global Leader in 2005
Here here here says via Twitter "we've been working on mRNA vaxx tech for four years" in 2020
"Hacking Humans: How Neuralink May Give AI The Keys To Our Brains"
(links from user: Thick_Maybe_1819)
7. Elons Ex-Partner Grimes
By now most of us know about the music video she released pre-covid of people in pandemic masks as well as her cryptic photo of an ancient stone artifact with some additional symbols added: vaccine needles and UFO's.
There has also been mentions of her being a witch, ties to the occult, elitist parents, CIA background etc although this is all speculation and nothing has been proven. But due to her cryptic postings prediction COVID and the jab, I wouldn't be surprised if some, if not all of this is true.
And then of course Elon Musk tweets and image about finding out his partner was a CIA actor planted to dissuade him from being part of the counter-culture movement.
This not only screams "my ex was CIA" but when we keep in mind everything else, it also screams "I am a shill for the CIA fronting as a counter-culture figure"
8. Elon Musk is a Pentagon Contractor
Elon Musk's SpaceX won 2 Pentagon contracts for nearly $160 million in order to launch missions with its Falcon 9 rockets.
"The Pentagon announced Tuesday that it had signed two contracts with Elon Musk's space company, SpaceX, for more than $159 million.
Under the agreements, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets will launch two separate missions, the US Department of Defense said in a statement.
The two contracts come to $159.7 million and are expected to be completed by the end of 2023, the Pentagon said. It did not disclose the cost of each individual mission." -Source
9. Elon is a Department of Defence Contractor
Kash Patel, Trump's top advisor, confirming Elon is top DoD contractor:
10. Elon Musk Wore a Satannic Suit of Armour at an Elite Halloween Party (Image of Baphomet on the Chest)
Now fair enough, this could be a joke. But when you consider all the other craziness he's clearly up to, I don't think it's that far-fetched to suggest that he wore this suit for 'a reason'....
Elon Musk at a Red Carpet Event
Elon Musk and Greg Abbot doing the 'horns' symbolic handsign:
Elon Musk and Greg Abbot
Thanks for reading,
Cantona Lynx 1084
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2023.03.21 22:03 A__European [3] US State Highways NM Speedrun #55 (1 min timer)

Challenge link:
Deadline: March 28, 8 pm UTC (9 pm CET).
You are facing a U.S. state route sign. Do you recognize the state without moving? How fast can you find the route number on the map? You have just one minute! Good luck and have fun! :-)
Please post your score as comment in this thread if you want to have it counted for the leaderboard (every posted score counts!).
Here are the results for challenge #54. Congrats to rtlewis123 for winning the challenge.
Rank Reddit Name Result Percentage Points
1st rtlewis123 24951 100.00 100
2nd bdm6985 24640 98.75 98
3rd saladpants77 24627 98.70 98
4th solarsensei 24378 97.70 97
5th kuhl_kuhl 23370 93.66 93
6th SirRedDiamond 19496 78.14 78
Total standings of season 1:
Rank Reddit Name Points
1st bdm6985 1069
2nd saladpants77 1028
3rd solarsensei 972
4th \Rooster\ 697
5th kuhl_kuhl 655
6th rtlewis123 586
7th gobluetwo 480
8th LunacyEcho 471
9th wtf_are_you_talking 369
10th postmen21 293
11th SirRedDiamond 196
12th PatriotsFTW 186
13th WorshipIceJJFish 100
R1: Tennessee. Knoxville, the third largest city of Tennessee, is easy to find on the map. Oak Ridge is not far away. Therefore, the area where you had to look for our location wasn't very large. When you turned around you could see a secondary highway sign for the TN-170. 11 perfect scores. :-)
R2: Illinois. The sign to the "Riverfront Park" suggested that we were close to a river. The "Marina" tells us that the river is large enough for boats. Therefore it was a good idea to look near the larger rivers for our location. 7 perfect scores. :-)
R3: South Carolina. US 321 runs through the entire state from north to south. Scanning along US 321 for the state highways should have helped to find the location. 12 perfect scores. :-)
R4: Nebraska. No numbering system in this state. I don't know if there are any other clues to narrow down the area. Some players found NE-41. The general direction of NE-41 is east to west with long straight east/west sections. Our location was in a long curve. Furthermore there was a railroad close to our location. There are not many sections along NE-41 with a railroad next to it. 2 perfect scores. :-)
R5: Idaho. Most of Idaho's major cities are located in the Snake River Plain. Therefore, it was a good idea to look for the highway in the mountainous, sparsely populated areas. Many players found ID-57 in northern Idaho. However, you had to zoom very far into the map to see the POI war the "Falls Inn" while scanning along the highway for our location. 4 perfect scores. :-)
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