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2023.05.31 09:57 rtf75 Okay I finally got a weird one. Peeping Dasher?

Okay I finally got a weird one. Peeping Dasher?

Do whaaaat?

Making damn sure. ;)
Funny yet awkward. 🤣
When I got to the house I went ahead and texted to make sure that this is exactly what they wanted. It felt a little creepy being a dude going up to a dark house... at night.... to a bedroom window..... sticking the food on the windowsill,.....then taking a picture. 😂
I was a little worried if a neighbor saw me or if a cop happened to drive by right then. What somebody would think if they saw that. 🤣
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2023.05.31 02:20 yungfalafel May the siren be with you all

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2023.05.27 02:19 cornholio666x Think I might be on to something 🤔

Think I might be on to something 🤔
Got 20 bone-in wings, 20 pieces of corn, cheese fries, and a 32oz drink for $26.22 😎
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2023.05.27 01:39 merchantsmutual Customer Dropped Tip When I Didn't Get Them Smokes

I picked up a Wingstop order and got a message: "Hey can you stop by the store and get me swisher? Will give you cash." I didn't want to do so and I dropped off the food with a neutral message about how I was late to another delivery. I never got my tip. What should I do? I hate people who do this.
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2023.05.18 20:16 Whole_Try_3649 Bogo

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2023.05.17 03:33 Chance_Sky_2876 My negative experience as an Uber Eats courier

In March, I moved to a new town, which meant that I had to quit the two part-time retail jobs I was working at the time, despite how long I had had both and how well both were going. The town I moved to is a much sleepier corner of the county, and seeing as I didn't know anyone who lived there, I knew right off the bat that landing a new job there straight away would be unrealistic. So, despite never having worked as a courier before, I decided to sign up for Uber Eats. Even though I wasn't expecting to get many orders in this town, I thought it would least help me out until I were to find a more substantial job with a fixed income.
After a few days of going through the sign-up process/waiting to get verified, I was finally able to start my job delivering for Uber Eats. I don't drive, so I used a bicycle for the job. My first day on the job, my bicycle (an old, shakily manufactured one I'd been using for a few years) breaks down in the middle of the road right before I can deliver my first order. So already, I'm in a tight spot because, with no other employers calling me back, I had to scrounge up what little money I had to buy a new bicycle just so I could make some income with Uber Eats.
Fast forward a week, I managed to buy myself a brand new bicycle, and first thing Monday morning I set out to start my new job as a delivery cyclist, which I knew I was going to have to do 8 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to make back the money I paid on the new bicycle. As expected for a town so quiet so early in the afternoon, things are quiet, but I finally land an order that goes perfectly well. It's the second order that would end up inducing many a subsequent headache.
The order in question is a simple Wingstop order, which I was to deliver to an apartment complex in the neighborhood. Being new to this area, I was obviously totally unfamiliar with this complex, and the only information the seller gave me was to drop it off at the door of Apartment M. Sure, seems easy enough. I find an Apartment M, and leave it there. Normally, I would check with whoever lives there to confirm that they were the ones who made the order, but I was given specific instructions to not knock on the door or say anything, to just leave the food so as not to wake up their housemate, who was sick.
So, with no way of knowing better, I think I'm done, and I mark the order as complete, and start cycling away. About five minutes later, I receive a call from the man who made the order, telling me he didn't get his food. "That's strange," I respond, "I know I just dropped it off at Apartment M." It's only then that the customer tells me there are two Apartment Ms within the complex. I thought the whole thing was kind of silly, and even though internally I felt that he should have specified that to begin with, I oblige. I return to the complex, take the food (which was miraculously still sitting at the doorstep of the wrong Apartment M), find the other Apartment M, and drop it off there. I then cycle away once more to a coffee shop while I wait for my next order to roll in.
Only, after half an hour, no orders were coming in. It was getting closer to the time of day when many people would be getting off work, so I was confused. I check the app to discover that my account had been automatically deactivated for what Uber deemed "prolonged activity fraud". Essentially, I was in trouble for returning to the apartment complex to deliver the order to the correct apartment after I had already marked the order as complete. This in itself is massively frustrating, because now all I can do is submit an appeal to explain my case, and according to the app it could take up to seven business days for my appeal to even be reviewed, which means no way of making back the money I so desperately needed for the next few days.
However, I take a deep breath, type out the entire situation to Uber in a comprehensive and cool-headed fashion, and return home. Around 1am on Wednesday morning, I receive an email telling me that my appeal was approved, and that I may go back out on the road and start taking orders again. I was massively relieved, since for whatever reason no employer in the area would so much as send me a rejection letter, so my Uber Eats job was prudent. Keep in mind they're the only delivery app that would allow me to deliver on a bicycle in my area. Anyway, feeling quite happy to leave that mishap behind me, I go to sleep and prepare to resume my job that morning.
As soon as I sit at my bike and open up the app, I can't believe my eyes. My account was deactivated again, with the exact same reason given - prolonged activity fraud. What happened, did they change their mind?? Now all I can do is request yet another appeal, in the vain hope that they'll reactivate my account once more. So I go back in the house and wait for a response email on an hourly basis. Two weeks go by with total radio silence on their end. I decide to call their number for help, and after calmly explaining my situation to the poor guy at the call center who has no say in the matter anyway, I'm told that Uber will get back to me. It's been an entire month now. Do you think I've heard back from them? Nope. Not even a rejection to my appeal. I still get daily emails from Uber Eats like clockwork, promoting whatever new deal they have going on, but in terms of an email addressing my situation? Nothing. And on top of that, I still haven't been able to land a job in this town, and I've had to rely on the generosity of my friends and family to survive. All because there were two Apartment Ms.
So, what can I do? Is there anything I can do? I have tried to be patient, but ultimately it is extremely frustrating when I was penalized from my one and only source of income for an honest mistake.
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2023.05.16 01:01 smokinjoe71 well I hit 1000 deliveries in 3 months. I received a dozen hot bags, a guided tour of doordash headquarters, a brand new electric car and a 50% off a wingstop order....which part of the following statement is true?

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2023.05.14 02:35 xEmptyIsAwesome Oh boy, I hope it’s a good tip

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2023.05.12 23:29 ShiedaSpoon Oh boy, I hope it’s a good tip

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2023.05.12 16:04 hellfox747 Two 30 PC Crew Packs from Wingstop, your damn right I'm Late!

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2023.05.12 08:05 PreserumSophia Is there anything I can do to get off the “signature list”?

2 weeks ago I ordered from door dash, but the dasher left my food outside of the wrong apartment. My unit is 73 and you could clearly see a different apartment number in the picture the dasher uploaded. It was a simple mistake and I didn’t want the dasher to get in trouble, so I went out to try and find my order (even though it was the middle of the night and I was creeped out) but when I got there it was gone. I reported it to dd customer support for a refund and now I have to go out and sign for my orders. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten a refund from doordash for an issue like this. I’m always honest, and I even tried to find the order myself first.
My husband works overnight so I’m on a flipped schedule with him. He’s in the military so I also don’t know anyone here and it’s a high crime area deep in the opioid crisis. Our apartments aren’t gated so we do get a lot of people who are on something wandering inside.
I have pretty severe anxiety being here alone all night which is why I really prefer no contact delivery. I don’t feel comfortable opening the door for random men when I’m here alone. I know it’s silly and most dashers are just normal guys trying to pay their bills, but the fear of opening the door for someone who may take advantage seeing I’m home alone is still there for me, despite it being unrealistic.
Is there anything I can do to go back to normal no contact delivery? I honestly wish I just took the L on that wendy’s order so I could keep my contactless delivery. My recent order was from wingstop if that makes a difference
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2023.05.10 03:20 PhysicsAcademic9201 I hate wealthier people.

I hate wealthier people.
These motherfuckers lived in a very nice house in a very wealthy neighborhood. Had 2 vehicles with FLORIDA plates meaning they have a primary residence outside of Indiana as well. I could tell they’re definitely of eastern world origin because in all my years, I’ve never seen North Americans put their shoes outside. People like that deserve to have their house spontaneously combust.
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2023.05.08 00:41 LovesGayContent Who is paying extra for doordash?

I keep hearing people complain about inflation, but any time I go to Wingstop I see a line of delivery people. Who's paying extra money to have their food delivered?
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2023.05.06 07:22 MasterpieceHuge9506 Contract Violations

Hello my dad has gotten 3 contract violation since he began. His first one he received an order never arrived on 4/11 from a hand it to me for wingstop. He filed a dispute a day or two after receiving it and since then has done approx 180 deliveries and it still has not cleared. His second was 4/23 the same thing but maybe like 30 deliveries less. And the last one is 5/1 contactless with a picture of drop off for proof. Support has been completely useless. Does anyone have any advice on how to move forward? It's been affecting the quantity/quality of the orders offered to him and creating a schedule has been extremely difficult since he received his first one. Thanks jn advance!
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2023.05.01 21:33 Squirrelyone12 Scary as hell

Scary as hell
Had a delivery here today & was greeted by the largest pit I have ever seen ,I don’t think he wanted wingstop .
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2023.05.01 17:53 UFOGoldorak Dasher involved in car accident but somehow doordash has no record of order and refuse to help.

How can a dasher be dispatched without a transaction history?
I placed an order through wingstop's app friday 4/28. I never got a text or an email confirmation from doordash. Order is a no show. I text the dasher listed on the wingstop receipt but I get an automated response saying "This number cannot be used anymore. Please contact DoorDash support for assistance."
I call doordash support. They can't find my order on their side so they can't help me. I give them the dasher's number that I texted, his name & the doordash automated response but they can't find it and insisted it was picked up by another delivery service. I call wingstop and they tell me it was picked up and it's out of their hands.
Two hours later the driver shows up. I have doorbell video of him visibly upset and yelling. F-bombs and n-words saying doordash doesn't pay him enough. Apparently he's been in a car accident. I didn't have a face to face interaction with him. Im debating uploading this video but he seems to have had a bad enough day.
I call doordash again explaining the above. Still no record of the order and they refuse to help. I explain how my bag was ripped and how the driver was yelling from the top of the driveway all the way to the door. The lady says "oh no would you like to file a report against the driver". Now, im just more confused. So I ask how can they do that if they can't even find my order or the driver. I'm not gonna make his day worse by filling a report. At this point I don't even care about a refund or a replacement. I just want to know how there is no transaction history. Doordash is still insisting it was not picked up by their driver even though the dasher clearly states on video that DOORDASH is not paying him enough to do this.
I call wingstop again to speak with a manager. He tells me they can replace the food but they have to see it to replace it so I would have to bring it back. I tell the manager it's going in the trash I just want answers. He explains they only have a printer at the restaurant that spits out an order and that's all the information they have. My only option was to file a complaint through wingstops app. I did, no response yet.
How is there no kind of accountability? How did a dasher pickup my order without a transaction on doordash's side?
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2023.04.21 18:48 bedclothesstray Wingstop hides an additional hidden fee on top of a delivery charge… [Frickin' Frustating]

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2023.04.21 10:34 Unusual_Ideal375 Yeah, no thanks

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2023.04.20 16:47 Aggravating_Guide546 There's a whole lot we can do

First of all, it took me a second to realize you should deny most orders bc they're not going to be worth it, but if we want more pay, collectively, we need to start denying ALL small orders. After all, dd has been advertising no delivery fee. That shouldn't fall on the role doing the work. Also, if the person recieveing the food has gotten it before with no tip. What is stopping them from doing it again? No orders under $6! My problems usually occur with the vendors. Nobody puts priority on dd orders and that is bs when you're sitting at wingstop for 25 min... there goes another 6 bucks. I hope dd can figure this out, but if not, I am available for hire to straighten it out for them!
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2023.04.18 06:34 Still_Night “Failed to end dash” - anyone seen this happen?

I’m pretty new to DoorDash (~200 deliveries) and have been following this subreddit and am starting to pick up on some of the annoyances I’ve seen mentioned here.
One thing I haven’t seen before happened tonight. I scheduled myself to end my dash at 9:00pm. My last delivery of the night ran me over to 9:05pm. I guess DoorDash automatically extends your dash when you go over time. Anyway, I’m about to head home so I hit “end dash” like I always do, and the app kind of lagged for a few seconds and then I see on screen “failed to end dash.” I try tapping it again and it’s unresponsive.
Then all a sudden an order pops up - $2.50 for a 6 mile delivery from wingstop. I obviously decline it, but really? Can’t let me call it a night and end my shift without dinging my acceptance rate another percentage? Just left a bad taste in my mouth at the end of the night.
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2023.04.16 05:31 MaterialExcellent631 Eww. How can you do this???

Eww. How can you do this???
I got not 1 not 2 but 4 god awful add ons to my $20 order. Who would accept these orders solo.
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2023.04.16 01:47 FlynngoesIN BASED pay increase? (meme colarized 2023)

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