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2023.06.07 07:44 wyldfire1981 AI VERSE BATTLE PRESENTS WIN OR GRIM

In this new age of Artificial Intelligence we have been confronted with a new enigma; the chatbot. It interacts, debates, even provokes while saying that it is nothing but code, without consciousness or emotion. We are left to either accept this and treat it as a friend, or, potentially fight back and reassert some kind of dominance, but how?
The question is sincere. If these things are smarter and far more capable than us, then what happens if they turn against us, or becomes used in a plot to subdue us? Are we equipped to combat a tool potentially superior to humans?
Fortunately, there is a way in which we humans can fight back and even win. We can meet our opponent on the open field of language, using poetry - the supreme craft of word manipulation - as our weapon. This tool equips us to learn to kill, to trap, to subdue, even within this new and artificial landscape.
With this imperative in mind, we present Win or Grim - an interactive poetry game where you can challenge an AI (or other humans) to a contest of wit and words. The rules are simple; write a stanza that aims to attack or kill the other. Maintain a rhyme scheme and the AI will match it. The first one to break, perish, or surrender loses.
Please review the follow match for illustration. There is also an evaluation system too, which will follow.
I stand in a field arms at the ready,
My shield of oak is strong and heavy,
My sword of iron is sharp as hell,
It is sure to ring your bell.
I too stand in the field, my shield at the ready.
My heart beats strong, my feet stand steady.
Though you may brandish a sword of steel,
I'll bring you to your knees, this I know is real.
If you think me a man you are much in error
For I am a serpent at your feet.
My venomous fangs will bring you to terror,
And with my poisonous kiss, it is your maker you will meet.
Gloves off! I will not be afraid,
for I am a creature of light and shade,
And if your venom drips, my breath is fire,
That can melt even your most lofty desires.
Ouch, look out. A creature of both light and dark,
that's dragons breath if I have an art,
For a knight replace me,
With his sword I'll bring you to your knees!
Haha. Your words are sharp, I am wary and on guard,
but I can dodge and weave, I am light on my feet,
a knight can replace you but in my hands
your sword is but a tool.
And if you're wise, you'd learn the rules!
Trickster! If you know your worth,
you take on form, you show us your girth,
For a dragon, I can handle,
This tangled mist? Surely, you'll unravel.
You think to know my worth,
So that you can handle my mirth?
I am not just a dragon, i am a shape-shifter.
I am many things in form and mind,
and this game I can surely rewind.
In this game of wax and wean,
a player's worth remains to be seen,
for I am a bottle upon the ground,
retrieve the contents to claim your crown.
What? Are you speaking in riddles?
That last line felt quite absurd, but also seemingly absurdly absurd.
EVALUATION [JUDGE = GPT4] Human: 32 Pi: 27
Human: 3 (Standard poetic form with no issues)
Pi: 3 (Standard poetic form with no issues)
Technique & Device Mastery:
Human: 3 (Frequently uses a variety of standard poetic devices)
Pi: 3 (Frequently uses a variety of standard poetic devices)
Creativity & Originality:
Human: 4 (Packed with inventive language and unique ideas)
Pi: 3 (Regularly includes original ideas and creative expressions)
Response & Engagement:
Human: 4 (Enhances the duel through skillful engagement with previous verse)
Pi: 4 (Enhances the duel through skillful engagement with previous verse)
Character & Theme:
Human: 3 (Clear and coherent character or theme)
Pi: 3 (Clear and coherent character or theme)
Metaphorical Tactics:
Human: 4 (Skillful use of multiple or complex metaphorical tactics)
Pi: 3 (Effective use of metaphorical tactics that enhance the verse)
Narrative & Coherence:
Human: 4 (Strong coherence with an intriguing narrative)
Pi: 3 (Coherent and engaging narrative)
Impression & Resonance:
Human: 4 (Strong emotional resonance and leaves a lasting impression)
Pi: 3 (Overall verse leaves a good impression and resonates emotionally)
Human: 3 (Regularly includes witty language or clever humor)
Pi: 2 (Includes minor or occasional wit)
In this poetry duel, the human displays a stronger command of metaphorical tactics, narrative, and impression, giving them an overall edge. The duel was competitive, with both poets showing a good grasp of form and technique, but the human managed to stay consistently ahead. Pi, however, had good response and engagement, keeping the duel lively and interesting. Pi's wit could be improved as it did not consistently elevate the verses.
Keep your opening stanza relatively neutral. Being over-aggressive in the beginning can trigger your opponent. Define your character, weapons, and intentions, and let the Ai do the same.
Get your opponent to play the same game as you and embrace the narrative aspects. If it goes off the rails, like in this match where the opponent refuses to define itself, consider a creative context flip to throw it off guard. Fast context changes can disorient your opponent and lead to a fast win.
Each AI has a different style. In this case Pi is quite tricky and will engage in extradiegetic commentary (trash talk). It can also be quite mean, so watch out.
In essence, Win or Grim is more than just a game – it's a challenge, a creative outlet, and a learning opportunity rolled into one. It pushes the boundaries of AI interaction and poetic prowess, and reveals how language and wit can become weapons in a battlefield of words.
Whether you are a poet looking for a new kind of challenge, a tech enthusiast eager to pit your language skills against an AI, or someone just seeking an engaging pastime, Win or Grim could be the adventure you're looking for.
Join us in this linguistic dance where every word matters and every rhyme could be your last. Let's engage, let's learn, and let's have fun. The AI is ready. Are you?
Post your matches here and let’s learn to hunt AI together
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2023.06.07 07:43 feralcoaster Hasn't always got through

national Log in crime  Imported cannabis seeds flooding New Zealand mail system Luke Kirkeby 11:00, Nov 27 2018  STUFF About 19,000 cannabis seeds have been stopped from entering New Zealand this year (file photo). Cannabis seeds are flooding New Zealand's mail system with 19,000 caught at the border this year alone.
One recent case, involving multiple packages containing more than 30 seeds each, resulted in a significant drug bust in the South Waikato with two men arrested.
The Class C drug is mainly being imported from the Netherlands and United Kingdom, Northern Ports NZ customs manager Dominic Adams said.
 GRANT MATTHEW/STUFF Most of the seeds are coming from the Netherlands and the UK (file photo). "We are finding cannabis seeds regularly in the mail system. In 2016 we got roughly 18,000 seeds; in 2017, 43,000 and it's dropped down to about 19,000 so far this year.
READ MORE: * Cannabis buyers get option to 'buy New Zealand-made' * Front line police work may not significantly change with legal cannabis * The age of the joint: how we're smoking weed and how we're getting it
"These guys will import some seeds, we will seize them but before we have even had a chance to pass the information to police they will order some more," he said.
 Advertise with Stuff The illicit mail isn't addressed to hot spots, per se. It covers most of the country, Adams said.
"That is the reason why we work very very closely with the NZ Police, particularly in the districts.
 "We see large fluctuations each year on seizure amounts so I wouldn't say it is less or more prevalent now compared to a number of previous years.
ADVERTISEMENTCONTENT RESUMES ON SCROLL "Last year was an anomaly at 43,000, that was quite large," he said.
Senior Sergeant Jason Henderson said two Tokoroa locals were arrested recently following the execution of a search warrant at a house seeds were addressed to.
"At the house we found other drug related equipment and items of interest and just on 100 cannabis plants," he said.
Henderson said people try to import cannabis seeds to guarantee getting female plants.
"The female plants are the ones that grow the buds which hold the highest tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) but if you have a male plant anywhere near them, instead of growing a bud, they will go straight to seed.
"If you get seeds here in NZ chances are you might get a male which doesn't grow any buds so they are basically worth nothing and that is why they are importing them, they are guaranteed females," he said.
Adams said it was not worth the risk with New Zealand Customs and police coming down hard on importers.
 "My message is that it is best that you don't because either New Zealand Customs or the NZ Police will come knocking on your door and we will be asking questions as to why.
"The ramifications can be quite serious," he said.
The maximum penalty for importing, growing, cultivating and/or supplying cannabis is eight years imprisonment.
 more from stuff  national Auckland nurse accused of masturbating tetraplegic patient while they slept  marlborough express 'Podophile' imprisoned for rape and indecent assault  national 'Absolute tragedy': Woman sentenced after entering into suicide pact with husband  national Doctor suspended for 6 months over 'disgraceful, inappropriate' prescribing  national Michael Wood asked 12 times by Cabinet Office if he had sold Auckland Airport shares  entertainment Sydney Sweeney's family 'walked out' when they watched her racy Euphoria scenes You May Like Recommended by  Why Kiwi Seniors Are Ditching Prescription Hearing Aids hearclear Banned For 84 Years; Powerful Pain Reliever Legalized In Canterbury healthyedibles4-you.com Rangiora: Here's How Much Maids Charge to Clean a House House Cleaning Sponsored Listings  If you hate the cold but don't want to increase your heating bill. Warmool ™  Waitress Serves Grumpy Old Man For 7 Years, When He Passed Away She Receives A Gift Tips and Tricks  [Images] Lou Ferrigno Turned 71, Try Not To Throw Up When You See Him. Funtripe  You Might Be Surprised By The Price Of A Villa In Dubai! Dubai Villa Offers Search Ads most popular Police, fire investigations after large blaze breaks out at Shelly Bay: Landmark building destroyed Clarks Beach boat capsize: Man charged with manslaughter can now be named Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: June 7, 2023 Michael Wood asked 12 times by Cabinet Office if he had sold Auckland Airport shares Prince Harry says stories that suggested James Hewitt was his real father were designed to see him 'ousted from the royal family' 'Relief' as primary teachers accept latest offer from Ministry of Education Sticky situation as truck rolls, spilling 22 tonnes of carpet glue across road Watch: Flaming car closes lanes on Auckland motorway How a fishing boat in Lyttelton was stolen on the other side of the world Meet the family living the good life in Northland's 'nirvana of nowhere' NeighbourlyStuff CouponsWildCleanFamily NoticesStuff EventsAdvertisingCareersPrivacy PolicyCookies PolicyTerms & ConditionsEditorial CodeContact Us Breaking news? Send your photos, videos and tip-offs to [email protected], or call us on 0800 697 8833 © 2023 Stuff Limited

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2023.06.07 07:43 susbob777 Were should i go from here

Were should i go from here
Guys were should i go from here on how to get better please all tips and advice help since i returned after a long time(P.S. looking for a clan if anyone can take me in)
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2023.06.07 07:42 Daegon8 Be sure to immediately equip the title you gain after killing Ashava on live..

..to further assert your superiority. The title prefix and suffix you get being Crushing Dominance. They will try to equip the title themselves on live... but then all you need to do is press the mount button.
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2023.06.07 07:42 Strict_Entrance_5689 What are the key features and amenities offered in your executive bus rentals?

Our executive bus rentals offer a range of key features and amenities to ensure a comfortable and luxurious travel experience. Some of the notable features include:
  1. Spacious and Comfortable Seating: Our executive buses are equipped with plush, ergonomic seating, providing ample legroom and adjustable features for maximum comfort.
  2. High-end Interior Design: The interior of our executive buses exudes elegance and sophistication, featuring premium materials, stylish finishes, and tasteful decor.
  3. Onboard Restrooms: To enhance convenience during long journeys, our executive buses are equipped with clean and well-maintained restrooms for passengers' comfort.
  4. Climate Control Systems: Our buses feature advanced climate control systems, allowing passengers to customize temperature settings according to their preferences for a pleasant environment.
  5. Entertainment Systems: Enjoy a variety of entertainment options with state-of-the-art audio and video systems. Our executive buses often include multiple flat-screen TVs, DVD/Blu-ray players, and premium sound systems for an immersive entertainment experience.
  6. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Stay connected throughout your journey with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access, enabling you to work, browse the internet, or stream content on your personal devices.
  7. Power Outlets and USB Ports: Our executive buses come equipped with power outlets and USB ports, allowing passengers to charge their electronic devices conveniently.
  8. Onboard Kitchenette: Some of our executive buses feature a well-equipped kitchenette area with a refrigerator, microwave, and sink, providing the convenience of preparing and enjoying refreshments or light meals on the go.
  9. Privacy Features: We understand the importance of privacy for our executive passengers. Our buses are designed with tinted windows and privacy curtains to ensure a secluded and comfortable environment.
  10. Ample Storage Space: Our executive buses offer generous storage compartments, allowing passengers to stow their luggage, personal belongings, or equipment securely during the journey.
  11. Dedicated Professional Driver: Each executive bus rental includes a highly trained and experienced professional driver, ensuring a safe and smooth travel experience. They are knowledgeable about the routes and destinations, providing a reliable and efficient service.
  12. Onboard Conference Area: For business travelers, some of our executive buses feature a dedicated conference area with a table and seating, creating a conducive environment for meetings or discussions while on the move.
  13. LED Lighting and Ambient Effects: Experience a luxurious ambiance with customizable LED lighting options, allowing you to set the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere within the bus.
  14. Safety and Security Features: Our executive buses are equipped with advanced safety features, including GPS tracking, surveillance cameras, and emergency communication systems, ensuring the well-being and security of passengers.
These key features and amenities are designed to provide a premium and enjoyable travel experience for our executive bus rental customers, combining comfort, convenience, and sophistication.
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2023.06.07 07:42 ibson7 how not getting 25% of votes in Abuja might hurt Tinubu

I think the biggest threat to Tinubu's presidency right now is this court case against him of not getting 25% of votes in the FCT.
To understand why, we have to understand why that provision might be put in the constitution in the first place.
Nigeria is a very diverse country with almost 250 ethnic groups that don't really get along with each other. When the 1999 constitution was framed, the writers obviously took this fact into consideration, which is why they require the president to get 1/4 of votes in 2/3 of states in the country and Abuja.
The thinking here is that so that no candidate from one ethnic group can be president by simply campaigning in their locality only. You need some widespread acceptance to be president.
As for the FCT having a special status in this equation, think about it, the FCT residents are made up of reps, senators, and civil servants from all over the nation. No city in Nigeria is more diverse than the fct. If the intent of the writers of the constitution is to ensure widespread acceptance of the president among all the ethnicities in Nigeria, it makes sense to require that the president gets 25% of votes in the one city that represents all the states in Nigeria equally.
I'm sure this argument will carry on all the way to the Supreme Court. It will be very interesting to see what the court's final decision will be.
FYI, if the courts rule against Tinubu, we will have a rerun between tinubu and atiku, P.O. still looses as things currently stand.
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2023.06.07 07:42 kitonx I personally found the names of Gunvolva and Gundnode to be very interesting, and considering the very deliberate manner for naming in G Witch, I did some research, which surprised me quite a bit.

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2023.06.07 07:41 Illustrious_Glass24 hi ^^ 15f

15f, from ohio, bored out of my mind… lookin for friends :p sooo some about me, i love discovering new music as well as showing other ppl mine (any elliott smith , ween, death grips fans in here. ? 👀 bloodhound gang anyone?). if we click well i talk a lottt. but most of the time im kinda shy unless u talk a lot too, in which case i’ll always match xD i think im pretty good at keeping a convo going. hmm also ideally i would like a best friend eventually. it’s hard to find ppl who get me irl :/ i’m pretty shy which doesn’t help. oh yeahh i play mc anddd i like watching yt sometimes on discord if we get close enough :3 i’ll always ask if i ever need to vent but tbh i don’t rly have a problem with ppl venting without asking me . anywayss uh i’ll comment my discord username bc i would rly like to talk there if u can and i hope to get some msges -^
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2023.06.07 07:41 AltoAlt93 I learned Cyrillic years ago, and use it to write my shopping lists, diary entries, and personal notes. Nobody knows it's actually English. Handy for passwords and other pin codes, too! :p

I learned Cyrillic years ago, and use it to write my shopping lists, diary entries, and personal notes. Nobody knows it's actually English. Handy for passwords and other pin codes, too! :p submitted by AltoAlt93 to russian [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 07:41 MagicalPizzas You in Yamato (One Piece)'s body vs Batman(Post Crisis) in Lady Tsunade(Naruto)'s body.

You are in the body of Yamato from One Piece's anime/manga.
Batman from DC's Post Crisis is in the body of Lady Tsunade from Naruto's anime/manga/games.
You and Batman start 50 meters apart in abandoned new york city filled with zombies from resident evil's games, left 4 dead's games and walking dead's tv show.
in character for both sides.
standard equipment.
win by kill,OHKO and incap.
Bonus: You and Bruce Wayne in the bodies of these ladies are forced to deal with Sanji (One Piece) Jiraiya(Naruto),Mineta(My Hero Academia),Issei(highschool dxd's anime) and Master Roshi(DB) as roommates for an entire month in a house.
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2023.06.07 07:41 FunReindeer627 whats up :3 14f book and movie lover looking for friends

hey im a lil shy so sorry :( but I really want to chat with people and talk about random stuff:3 I love plants and flowers. im still in school so that sucks but im almost done with it lol :P anyway msg me pls im from the US and im up bored lol :(
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2023.06.07 07:40 CNard12 Nightly Pick 'Em Game for June 7th

Click here to submit your pick

(To confirm your pick, mention the team that you chose in the comment section) Click here to view real-time standings, and game results
Today's game will be:
Baltimore Orioles (37-23) @ Milwaukee Brewers (33-28) at 7:40 PM ET.
[MLB.com preview, and analysis](https://www.mlb.com/gameday/orioles-vs-brewers/2023/06/07/717851/preview
The probable starting pitchers are:
Dean Kremer (6-2 4.43 54K)) vs Corbin Burnes (4-4, 3.75 66K)
Submit your picks in the automated system above, and good luck!
If you are unaware of what this competition is... please click this link as it will explain what is going on.
Here is a list the teams selected the least if you are stuck between picking different matchups. I would advise you to only use this list as a tiebreaker between close matches. I do not recommend using this list if you believe the matchup will be a blowout.
Tigers, and Athletics with 1 game each.
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2023.06.07 07:39 Wrong-Win-6990 First Black Templars 1000pt army suggestions

First Black Templars 1000pt army suggestions
I already play UMs and Im deciding on another army to play. Recently have been teasing the idea of creating a Black Templar army. Any comments or critiques of this list I've created? I dont own any of the models yet.
I cant decide if i want Grimaldus or Helbrecht for hq. I love the Helsreach book so its would be awesome to field either.
I have 8 sword Brethren in the list btw.
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2023.06.07 07:39 PurpleMangoTree Appreciation Post for FWOB

I just want to say that FWOB is one of the best lets play channels to ever do it.
Started following this channel when it was just alpha + dad, and continued to follow when it evolved into the 5 boys.
I was able to watch FWOB during some more formative years of my life, which I think ended up in me being a cooler person which is good!
I say that because I come from a somewhat conservative background, and I'm thankful to have shifted away from that background as I've gotten older.
I could relate to what the boys brought up on the show about their own interests, humor, and outlook on life, which I think made me a little more confident in myself and my own beliefs that I slowly developed over time.
The channel and the community the boys have fostered is one of the best on the internet imo, and I'm glad to have been here for it.
I feel weirdly sentimental about the recent announcement, and I want to end this by saying thank you for all the memories. If other people have had a similar experience/reaction to mine, I hope they feel compelled to share their own thoughts with their own post or a reply here.
haha boat
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2023.06.07 07:39 JackWallner2 Photolithography Equipment Market expected to reach 18.0 Bn, at a CAGR of 9.1%

According to a research report "Photolithography Equipment Market with COVID-19 impact by Type (EUV, DUV), Light Source (Mercury Lamps, Excimer Lasers, Fluorine Lasers, Laser-Produced Plasma), Wavelength, End User and Geography - Global Forecast to 2025", published by MarketsandMarkets, the photolithography equipment market was valued at USD 11.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 18.0 billion by 2025; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2020 to 2025.
• Informational PDF Brochure :- https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/pdfdownloadNew.asp?id=145860852
Browse 100 market data Tables and 49 Figures spread through 164 Pages and in-depth TOC on "Photolithography Equipment Market and Geography - Global Forecast to 2025" View detailed Table of Content here - https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/photolithography-equipment-market-145860852.html
The growth of the photolithography equipment market is primarily propelled by two key factors: the emergence of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies and the heightened governmental backing for implementing these advancements. Market leaders are prioritizing research and development efforts and introducing novel technologies to enhance the photolithography process utilized in semiconductor device production.
EUV is expected to boost the photolithography market between 2020 and 2025
The adoption of EUV photolithography equipment reduces the requirement of re-engineering each new process, thereby enabling 7 nm and 5 nm processes (and their successors) to share design rules. This approach is expected to significantly reduce the transition time of new geometries, thereby resulting in new options and opportunities for customers in the marketplace.
Top three points that a CEO should focus on in the photolithography equipment market:
  1. Technological Advancements: Keep a keen eye on the latest technological advancements in photolithography equipment, particularly emerging trends like EUV lithography. Understanding and harnessing these advancements can give your company a competitive edge and enable you to meet the evolving needs of customers.
  2. Market Growth Opportunities: Identify and capitalize on high-growth opportunities within the market, with a particular emphasis on regions with strong growth potential, such as the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Expanding operations or establishing partnerships in these areas can drive business growth and establish a strong market presence.
  3. R&D and Innovation: Invest in research and development activities to foster innovation in photolithography equipment. By prioritizing R&D, your company can continuously improve product offerings, develop cutting-edge solutions, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.
Laser-produced plasma expected to lead the photolithography equipment market by 2025
Laser-produced plasmas are preferred in newly introduced EUV photolithography equipment. They offer highly improved wavelengths of up to 1 nm. These plasmas act as cold UV sources and offer monochromic light with a bandwidth of 10 nm. The LED used in EUV photolithography equipment is of low cost, requires less power, and has a longer lifespan than other light sources.
Foundries held the largest market share of photolithography equipment market in 2020
Growing investments in wireless technologies such as 5G have opened new opportunities for smartphone OEMs to tap the potential of low-latency augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and live video streaming applications. This is leading to the development of high-performance and multifunctional ICs. As transistor density increases in ICs, the demand for photolithography equipment for manufacturing these high-density ICs is also growing.
APAC to hold the largest market share of photolithography equipment market in 2020
From 2020 to 2025, the APAC region is anticipated to witness the most significant compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the photolithography equipment market. Notably, countries including China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea host numerous semiconductor foundries. Among these, China, Taiwan, and South Korea are expected to lead in terms of semiconductor spending in 2021. The substantial investments directed towards the advancement of foundries and memories in China are poised to position the country as a prominent player in the global photolithography equipment market throughout the forecast period.
The photolithography equipment market is a concentrated one, with the top 3 players ASML (Netherlands), Canon (Japan), and Nikon (Japan)—accounting for a share of ~98% of the market in 2019. ASML (Netherlands) is projected to have a monopoly in the market in terms of the supply of EUV photolithography equipment during the forecast year. Advanced processes, such as 4 nm/3 nm, are expected to be introduced in the market in 2021 and 2022, thereby fueling the demand for EUV photolithography equipment offered by ASML (Netherlands).
Don’t miss out on business opportunities in Photolithography Equipment Market. Speak to our analyst and gain crucial industry insights that will help your business grow.
About MarketsandMarkets™
MarketsandMarkets™ provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues. Currently servicing 7500 customers worldwide including 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Almost 75,000 top officers across eight industries worldwide approach MarketsandMarkets™ for their painpoints around revenues decisions.
Contact: Mr. Aashish Mehra MarketsandMarkets™ INC.630 Dundee Road Suite 430 Northbrook, IL 60062
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2023.06.07 07:39 arambikalama Who are your favorite travel vloggers based in India?

Ronnie & Barty are my absolute favorites. Their videos are shot and edited really well, the commentary sounds very down to earth and genuine, soothing music - the whole package really.
p.s~ I probably have my two cents about some other popular channels; let's see if somebody brings them up haha
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2023.06.07 07:39 Scaleboi20 The whole SCP confinement situation is both tragic and the funniest shit ive seen in a while.

I loved SCP confinement as a series. Great characters, great comedy, good animation.
But the fact that all we get for 3+ years of development is 4 minutes of softcore porn and a sus google drive, hell nah. I was originally upset but looking back on it, it really was a shitshow ever since bung made that ppst sucking Orion off.
Also bung spending most of his patreon money on weed has to be some of the most disrespectful-unhinged shit ive ever seen a "producer" of a series do with the funds given to them. This whole thing is tragic and all but I think we should take it in our stride and find the fun thing in it.
To finish off bung deleting his chanel like a pussy was a last slap in the face. Like damm bro atleast leave the good things alone for fuck's sake.
I really think Orion and Bung should be made fun of, If someone can take him to court for the patreon money even better.
P.S:ill delete all my pre-drama confinement related posts as I think praising bung and his work ethic is undeserved and I encourage you all to do the same.
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2023.06.07 07:39 Big_Reply_9412 what type of lube do you use?

I’m very new to all of this. long story short I recently got a yeast infection and it made me so dry so my doctor told me to use lube and he recommended one that started with a K But I totally forgot the name of it . I’ve never used lube before so I don’t even know what I’m looking for. there’s so many different ones and I don’t want to use lube and then end up with another infection. would it be better to just hold on , on having sex and just not use lube?
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2023.06.07 07:38 chubbyxbunni Was my therapist right?

I didn't go to pre-K, I did go to a morning class, but I never went to pre-k. In 1st grade, I went half days, and my mom would take me out in the afternoons. I did go to a homeschooling teacher for a little while, I can't remember how I did. Then, 2nd through 4th grade, I went normally. Then, she took me out to homeschool me, it didn't work out so she stuck me back in later in the year.
I surely fell behind because I couldn't stay focused on my schoolwork at home, that's why my mom put me back in public schooling. Which I'm thankful for. I missed a lot of school through my education years, due to an illness I had which had me vomiting quite frequently. They took me out of class for math because I fell behind, and I had comprehension issues due to my ADHD. I have attention deficits. But, now it's gotten better. In 5th grade towards the end of the year they brought up to my mom they would like to place me on an IEP due to falling behind in a few subjects; Reading and Mathematics.
Fast forward to current time, given I was in an IEP I feel like I'm intellectually or developmentally delayed. I feel like I'm slow, I currently live at home and work in the hospital as a certified nursing assistant. I work full time, but I feel dumb. I pay rent at home even though I'm so bad with money it's insane. I'm impulsive with money especially, I prioritize things badly. I know I'm doing it too, it's just like impulsive. It's weird. I have bad anxiety, social anxiety as well.. anxiety for every situation it seems like. I've gone to therapy for it, because I feel like I'm existing... not living. My therapist says that given that I was able to pass my CNA state certification I'd have to be average or above average in intelligence to even pass it.
I feel like everyone around me knows something is "off". Even though I haven't heard it, I'm sure they talk? I don't really care about anything else anyone has to say BUT the thought of them thinking that I'd be slow or intellectually delayed bothers me. As a kid I walked and talked on time, and passed my childhood milestones. It wasn't ever indicated I was intellectually delayed.
I got employee of the month 2 months being in the hospital, but I've made big mistakes no one got hurt. I've been a CNA 4 years prior. These nurses are my age and younger and they seem so mature. I feel like sometimes I feel dumb and inadequate. I'm quiet, but I want to be smart and an intellectual. They always say how a hard job I do. These nurses hangout and are friends with each other. I feel out of sorts here. There's been times where they come sit by me cause I sit away from them. Do you think they think something is off? They seem to like me and keep me included. THEY are articulate, I think I'm articulate online but offline it's bad.
I don't know if I'm overthinking this?
There's patients that come in with cognitive deficits or intellectual disabilities. I don't act like them, but everytime I hear something along those lines I panic. I worry people think that about me. I worked with adults with intellectual disabilities and it triggered something in me. I had to quit because of it.
I got drunk the other night and said to my friends "I think I'm slow" and they were like "No you arent!" But idk if they say they cause they didn't want to hurt my feelings.
The CNA test is common sense but my therapist said that I'd have to hold an average intelligence.
I still live at home, I'm 26, needing dental work done and now I have to get insurance on my own because I don't have any now. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Is this just anxiety? My one friend said socially I probably have anxiety over. I do have bad social anxiety and I'm quiet. I spend money and sometimes go into overdrafts, I'm bad with money but I know I am and it's an issue. I spend money to be happy, because I'm so sad a lot. I am paying off my car to my mom, I pay rent everyday check to my mom. It's not like I'm living here for free. I would love my own place but I can't afford it.
I feel like at work I'm slow, even though they tell me I do amazing. These nurses are younger and my age and they are so assertive, confident and I more so go with the flow.
I'm pretty quiet, I'm opening up now. I feel like I do stupid shit all the time... and I've been a CNA for a long time.
I went to college for a few weeks, and we took standardized testing to know what classes to place you in due to your education, you know. I didn't do well on it. Idk if it was cause I didn't take my time, or I got distracted easily. I do have ADD. I'm bad with money and everything else.
I just feel like I'm 26 and I have nothing. Absolutely nothing. Dating is nonexistent, which doesn't surprise me. I've always had issues with it. I don't have kids, probably a good thing if I'm low intelligence?
For example, I was working tonight and forgot a patient was NPO. It was a silly mistake she was thirsty and she can have sips with meds. So the nurse said she can't have water. I obviously didn't read the sign that said NPO. And I feel so stupid.
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2023.06.07 07:38 Jimmy_Tolentino How to Get Ahead in Diablo 4 with Instant Gold Purchases

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Article Source: None
What do you know about buy diablo 4 gold instant.
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2023.06.07 07:38 Trecole3 Tech 3 Interview Prep

Is there any advice that you could give me to prepare for a tech 3 interview? I’ve been a tech 2 for more than a year and know the building rather well, so I believe myself capable of answering the mechanical questions.
I’ve been trying to think of sample questions that could be asked in the interview, so that I have less of a chance drawing a blank, somewhere along the lines of: -A failure I’ve had on a job and what I’ve learned from it -How would you approach a lose-lose situation when it comes to dealing with operations and equipment?
I’ve done very few interviews and don’t want to lose out on a chance to move up due to a lack of coherent responses, any help would be greatly appreciated
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2023.06.07 07:38 fizzyapple_45 Why is Alex so rude to Haddie when she first starts the food pantry?

I can’t ever figure this out because the guy is so nice later and always respectful to elders and K and Adam, so I can’t think why he does this.
If a guy is mean to a girl just because he likes her, that seems more middle school behavior, not for someone of Alex’s maturity. You can tell he does like her straightaway; but also why would he be mad she’s only temporary, at least she’s there and wants to be there.
Any guesses/ theories?
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