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2023.06.07 03:36 daisybeach23 Lady C Tea YouTube 6/6/23 (a few nuggets paraphrased by me)

Greeting from Castle Goring! Lady C is very chilly today so she wants you all to know this is the reason she is bundled up. Sinners, I am going to cover some of Lady C’s non Sinner material because they are topics that have been discussed here peripherally, so I thought this one time it would be ok for me to include.
Lady C, What do you make of Anna Wintour giving Edward Enninful the boot? Do you know anything about this? Yes I do. Enninful was making no secret about wanting and expecting Anna’s job in America. Anna is 73 years old and quite astute and in full use of her faculties. She did not appreciate this. Furthermore, British Vogue sales have been in decline and many think Enninful is using it as a platform to promote black people rather than fashion. It is ok the be a Black fashion editor, but you have to serve all cultures in a fashion magazine and always focus on the fashion. Perhaps the Vogue readers did not appreciate his radicalized views in a fashion magazine. His primary responsibility is to maximize sales and satisfy the shareholder. His content was not appealing to a larger group of people. Fashion is about a fantasy, not promoting an agenda. I have heard many good things about Enningful as a person but I am sure his days at Conde Nast are numbered.
Lady C, there are rumors circulating that the new Duke of Edinburgh is very ill. Is that to distract from the observations made about the King and Queen and how shaky she is? Queen Camilla seems to be avoiding evening events. Can you dish the dirt? No I can’t. Sorry. All I will say about Prince Edward is he has gone through a very hard time losing his parents. He was devasted by the death of QEII. He has lost a lot of weight. More than that, I will not say. Now about the King and Queen. I have heard rumors. And if I knew something, I am not going to tell anybody. If people wish to preserve their dignity and privacy, should they have health issues, it would not be suitable for me to comment. You do not tear fig leaves off public figures if there is no pressing need. This is a subject I am not prepared to discuss further.
Lady C, that PR company is trying to restore that woman’s reputation. Well good luck with that one. That woman will never change. She cannot help herself. She has to vent her vitriol and she will always fail. She has personality issues. I agree. You can dress up a donkey like a thoroughbred, but it is really a donkey. Meghan from what I know of her (based on my research and people I speak to) has always been a miserable creature. She had the patina of charm which enabled her to succeed. Once she reached the platform she had been aiming for, she relaxed her guard, fatally, she gave up her artifices and ploys. She relaxed herself. Meghan should have continued to strive and hustle, and not relaxed into the negativity and dislike of her own self. Had she continued, she would have been a success. She misread the situation. She does not know how to deny her own destructive nature (as many successful people do now how to do). Once the Emperor has sailed down the street with no clothes, you see his ghastly body, and nothing can convince you he is a capable leader.
Lady C, I do not care who is managing her. She cannot be managed. She is a hateful person. You have expressed the same view millions of people have. Based on her own conduct. She has shown us what she is really like. There is something else going on. All these stories that they are retreating from attaching the BRF are false. Omid Scabies is releasing a book called End Game in August. There will be a lot of support for Harry and Meghan in this book. Who gave him the information for his book? I don’t think we need to look very far. WME has told her to layoff the negativity. Will she be able to? Even if she does, she has exposed herself, like the Emperor. We now know how inadequate Meghan is.
Lady C thinks Edo and Beatrice should be working royals. Edo has the patina of good breeding and good taste. He is a dapper man and a good influence on Beatrice.
Lady C, Harry has become a scam artist with his lawsuits. Lady C thinks Meghan has influenced him. Her job on Suits made her think she has legit legal insight. Lady C does think she has some aptitude. She is wily and exploitative. Rachel Zane did influence Meghan’s fantasies. Harry’s legal instincts are to his detriment. When these lawsuits started, their reputations were much better than they are today. Now, their reputations are destroyed. Their legal viability is destroyed. Meghan is continuing to make Harry more vulnerable and dependent on her. She is also strengthening her position in the event of a divorce. It is a brilliant tactic from Meghan, although not admirable.
Lady C will address Harry’s court testimony on Thursday.
What will happen to the children in the event of a divorce? I would not be shocked to hear they are getting divorced in the next few weeks. The fact that Harry has lawyers advising him and the marriage is subject to strain. Evidently Harry is a very involved father. I know many of you think the children do not exist. The children do exist. Really they do. There is no doubt in my mind they are Harry’s children and Harry loves them. Although Harry has turned his back on his birth family, this doesn’t alter the fact Harry is committed to his children. People need to realize that Harry may not want his kids to be in a divorced family. Lady C thinks Harry will hesitate to break apart the family.
Lady C, Meghan Markle lusts after fame and celebrity. Harry lusts after power. Harry madly wants to be more powerful than his father and brother. I do not think Harry lusts after power. I think Harry lusts after ratifying his own worth. Meghan is similar. I think Harry wants to eclipse his father and brother. Without Meghan, Harry would not have done all the things he has done. I really believe this. I think Meghan has been the architect of the whole thing. Harry has gone along with it due to his addiction to her.
Lady C did more on Philip Scofield and showed an interview she did three years ago describing why she is suing the Mirror.
Toodles Sinners!
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2023.06.07 03:36 brittybear94 [Thank You] A Late Night Surprise Delivery

u/omggallout The sweetest elderly gentleman just came to my door.
In his hand was a piece of mail addressed to me.
It had come to his address, many streets over, with the same apartment number.
He didn’t know how else to get it to me, so he hand delivered it 🥹💌 And I’m so glad that he did!
Thank you for the lovely cat card, the pink crocheted heart and the stickers 🩷 I’m so happy it finally made its way home to me!
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2023.06.07 03:35 Solid-Ad7207 How can I ask my landlord to stop coming into my house?

Hello everyone! My first time posting on Reddit but I need your help! I live in Burbank, California. My landlord keeps giving one week advance notices to enter my apartment. Every tine they say it’s for safety check but they bring in a bunch of people to take pictures of the apartment. It’s the fourth visit in since April. Also, every time it’s on aTuesday from 10am-1pm. That forces me to take a day off or call out to be home while these strangers come in. What should i do?
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2023.06.07 03:35 Ok-Parsnip-1383 been having quite the difficult time this past year—any and all insights regarding this on my chart are welcomed!

been having quite the difficult time this past year—any and all insights regarding this on my chart are welcomed!
I have struggled with authority and power structures for a long time and finding direction in my career has seemed impossible. After having yet another career path fall apart this year, I feel lost. This is in tandem with a myriad of personal and family issues over the last year as well— if anyone has any suggestions on how to better navigate this through the lens of my chart, I would be greatly appreciative!
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2023.06.07 03:33 ReferenceOtherwise74 Guys I can’t live this nightmare anymore, I am trapped beyond comprehansion and isolated from the outside world I need you.

To spare you the details, I’m in dire need of advice, reality check, alone and confused and afraid.
Both of my parents are awful people, most of my family is abusive in all shapes and forms and master manipulators. It took me 24 years to realise that to get what they want they’re ready to bury me as a sacrafice (metaphorically) and in reality as crazy as it sounds I’ve been their human sacrafice.
Abuse begun when I gained consciousness, I’m a child s/a survivor by relatives. Where I come from the culture is way behind and they used it for advantage. I was literally tortured my entire life never to stop and think that love shouldn’t hurt. I was programmed to never speak of what happens in our home and that everyone else was an “enemy”. Though, I went to school and continued studies in a progressive country where I was bullied for poor hygine and lived with my parents and their roommates for a while.
Then a social reject, pillhead, pothead, cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking little girl. I feared them all my life and never felt safe or okay around them. Taken to psychiatrists never allowed to speak of the abuse. Medications would often be thrown and never had a regular doctor or therapist. Only to be at this grown age addicted to benzos for years prescribed by doctors from my country where I was often sent to be treated. I had stopped my medications, had a job and they decided for me to buy a house and was always told that I am not in reality and that I should be controlled every way even financially.
Only for me to end up back in my home country in an apartment because I had no peace at my home. I finally found a decent doctor after two months of self isolation and not eating and doing thinking and calculations, I had been financially f-ed by them, the doctor saw the evidence and validated my reality only to have an argument over the phone with them and be sent to rage and brutally arrested with no reason given by the cops from there who handcuffed me being on the phone sayinf for the cameras of the building to be turned off along with me getting restrained by their good friends and taken to an “asylum” where H of human rights don’t exist and the western world cannot even fanthom what it was like there. No light, men and women together, rapes, all kinds of artrocities.
I begged my family for mercy to take me out and I conformed as ressistance made everything worse. I got out and their treatmeant upon me remained the same. They continued to do the same, gaslighting me, guilttripping me, screaming, yelling. I left the country as I did not feel safe. Now back at my house, all of my money gone. I asked for boundaries such as distance for they to move out and give me what they owe so I don’t lose my home, my pets whom I susppect have not been treated OK.
Just by asking that of them they made me feel like the embodiment of evil, they said they’re left with no money because of me and now are being “kicked out by the devil their child with nowhere to go” also that I have ruined them, made them sick yet upon my calculatons already verified by a doctor they have means. I feel as the worlds worst person I even suggested that I move out (to live on the streets or a shelter or community) they said “no we are leaving, don’t worry about us you never have” when all I ever did was trying to make them happy.
I asked them to leave because when they’re here I cannot function, I kind of get paralysed in bed and shake, most times terrified to walk the dogs. I also asked them kindly to leave so that I could form my own family, get my boyfriend here to start a new life, a new beginning to be independant and free and to grow up but when I said since now they refuse to stay I would not need any money and that I’d find a girl my age to rent a room to yet that sent them to a terrible rage, calling me the punishment of God where I asked to sit down with me open the bible and quran and show me how I am the devil and they refused. I know enough of how they operate and they’re not planning on moving out.
I feel so alone, so guilty, it’s hard to breathe. I don’t know why I am so dumb afterall to hate myself and have compassion for them. My boyfriend is far far away and doesn’t know how to help me and he is poor and we can’t even speak on the phone. We don’t have money for me to go and live with him but I am also so tired of this mistreatment stuck in some moral dilemma and emotional paralysis tucked in bed with tachichardia. Someone has to go, this needs to end but I don’t know how and I’m so tired and I don’t want to feel guilty for the rest of my life for “hurting” them. This is so fucked. I don’t want to hurt myself either, I want to finally be free and taste life and learn about normalcy, something I dreamt of as a little girl. Now I found love but turns out love doesn’t mend this kind of suffering…..Thank you.
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2023.06.07 03:32 whatshername025 Am I over thinking?

I (22 F) have been with my bf (24) for a little over 4 yrs. Or relationship has been a bit rocky but we want to make it work. In total, we've lived together for a little under 3 yrs (weve lived in 3 different apartments together). Through out living together, we both agreed that some of those times were the best times of our life and we were deeply in love but when he got our last apartment together, we both fell into addiction issues and personal issues so thats what caused our break. I moved back into my parents and he & his best friend got an apartment together. We've had arguments here and there. But one thing we agreed is that we isolated ourselves in each other when we lived together and didn't have much attention for anyone else like friends. We had some come and go but his 2 best friends always stuck around and they'd come over sometimes.
Recently, he started getting paid more and I'm able to save up my money living at my parents.
Now, back tracking again. He and his best friend have ALWAYS been into going to concerts. They'd go to one 1-4 times a year... I've never been invited to a single one.. even for birthday gifts, I bought both of them tickets for shows they wanted to go to but I've never been thought of to tag along.
Fast forward again, we have this extra money coming in now. He, his best friend, and another friend went to Disney World in California.. cool, fun.. I wasn't invited cause it was his friend's birthday. Whatever.
Now, my bf is going out more with friends, which I'm happy for him.
More plans for concerts, going out to a party, planning a trip to Las Vegas for my bf's birthday... I'm still not invited.
I'm kind of more hurt about not getting invited to his birthday trip to Las Vegas. I guess I understand wanting to hang out with the boys but I've never really gotten any big plans with him & ive never really ever been able to travel anywhere cause my mother was sick for most of my life. Ive set dates for us to go to other states and they just never fell through. We went on a very tiny road trip recently and our 4 yr anniversary followed shortly after.... and we did nothing for our anniversary. So his excuse for doing nothing was our... very tiny road trip as a substitute for our 4 yr. I got really mad over this, he apologized, and said he'd make up for it... nope.
I've asked about going to concerts and... he doesn't want to see that artist or drive 1.5 hr away.
I mention a trip to Washington in 3 months and... he's iffy.
Am I over thinking this? Am I right to kind of view from the sidelines and wish I'd get an invite? I feel like if I ask to go on the Las Vegas trip that he'll feel pressured. I'm happy he's going out with friends but I feel like he doesn't want to include me on big fun adventures.
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2023.06.07 03:31 IntellectualDinosaur I get bummed out when my boyfriend goes to the kitchen to grab a snack or a drink and doesn't bring me anything. Am I being petty?

I live with my boyfriend in a small apartment.
Whenever I go into the kitchen to grab something for myself, I ALWAYS either ask if he wants anything or I just grab something for him too and surprise him. Not to receive praise, but because I care about him and because we share a space together.
My boyfriend never does this for me. Sometimes he even orders meals for himself, leaving me to come up with something for myself at home.
Is this inconsiderate or is it just a small detail that doesn't really mean anything?
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2023.06.07 03:29 maya0310 is this an earwig bite?

is this an earwig bite?
i saw one in my apartment (in TN) three nights ago then stayed at my friend’s apartment until today when the exterminator was able to come (i’ve also had some spider and gnat issues). i haven’t SEEN any earwigs today, but i didn’t notice the mark on my arm and it didn’t slightly sting until today within the past couple hours. i notice there are two little dots which is what leads me to believe the mark could’ve been from an earwig but i’m not sure since there are so many other bugs in my apartment
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2023.06.07 03:29 Nunya_biz_nas It's Nancy's fault?

Do you think that because they didn't have their therapist Nancy in Flagstaff that it contributed to the marriages falling apart?
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2023.06.07 03:29 Gonomed (RANT) I have paid more than $20k towards my landlord's property and that makes me feel sick.

In the time living where I'm renting, I have paid well over $20k in total towards my landlord's property. It is a building of a couple apartments, and when looking up the price by which it was sold, found out that my LL bought it for $89k a few years back.
He "invested" in it, and somehow feels entitled to overcharge for a small apartment, and is planning on raising rent this year yet again.
It makes me feel defeated and frustrated. If living with my parents for a year and a half was an option, those $20k would have easily helped with a mortgage for my OWN property. Now? I have nothing to show, and I am back to hunting for apartments in an overpriced college town due to work.
Property is most probably already paid for, and property taxes did not go up by the thousands-a-year to justify such a raise in rent, when the apartment is already overpriced for the area. To complicate things, I haven't seen a single dollar increase in my salary since COVID, yet groceries, gas, rent and EVERYTHING is more expensive. I am definitely feeling the pressure.
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2023.06.07 03:26 oopspanties naked in my apartment

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2023.06.07 03:26 maya0310 is this an earwig pinch?

is this an earwig pinch?
i saw one in my apartment (in TN) three nights ago then stayed at my friend’s apartment until today when the exterminator was able to come (i’ve also had some spider and gnat issues). i haven’t SEEN any earwigs today, but i didn’t notice this mark on my arm and it didn’t slightly sting until today within the past couple hours. i notice there are two little dots which is what leads me to believe the marks were made by earwig pincers but i’m not sure since there are so many different bugs in my apartment any idea?
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2023.06.07 03:26 11054 "consciousness is a shape"

i saw this tiktok that had shapes that roughly resembled wormholes, but I started thinking how can u possibly give consciousness a shape
phantom limb you are your limbs too brain is neeves and they extend everywhere in ur body (primitive understanding of this) 🐒 and senses are a part of your consciousness so with no ego everything becomes apart of you or your consciousness could expand as far as a plane in the sky (hearing) and seeing even. i mean its almost limitless
"consciousness is a blob"
even the internet in a sense expands our consciousness socially or something
imagination makes it limitless?
either way i think it has to be crazy to think u can narrow down consciousness to a shape but idk lmk 🍃
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2023.06.07 03:25 ChlorineHuffer Orlando Based EMT-B’s

Hey all! Not exactly new to EMS as I’ve been an EMT-B in multiple capacities (911, travel, IFT’s, ER) but was hoping to get some input on your hourly rates around Orlando.
I currently live in Tacoma, WA and we’re making about $23-$25/hr starting here. I know Florida will be a lot lower than this but the cost of living here has become pretty outrageous even with the wage increases. So just curious and looking to get a baseline on how salaries/ job prospects are in Florida nowadays.
Thanks all!
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2023.06.07 03:25 Cmyers1980 [Comic Excerpt] “Tell me where he is!” (Action Comics #975)

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2023.06.07 03:25 AbleTheRandom15 🌞Sally Starlet in my AU "We're Only Falling Apart" + OG Sally🎭

🌞Sally Starlet in my AU
🌟Heyo!! I'm sorry for the small break, but I am back with the next design for my AU, Sally Starlet!(Don't mind the spelling mistake in her name). Our good pal Sally here was the last of all the puppets to become self aware and realize she was a puppet, but she doesn't show her distress around her friends. She keeps putting on performances and hopes to keep everyone happy and entertained. She can glow in the dark so when Wally needs to paint at night, she sits in the sun for hours on end so he can paint. When her face got damaged, Eddie fixed it and she insisted it look like the Phantom of the Opera mask.🎇
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2023.06.07 03:24 Smothered_in_plants We want to adopt a sibling for my dog, but due to a traumatic experience she now has some reactivity issues, what do I do?

TLDR: my dog never had any aggression until after a stressful year, she got into a fight with our other dog, they’ve since been separated but she still shows signs of anxiety and reactivity when around new dogs. How do I go about socializing/training so we can adopt a new friend for her?
So, my female dog (jade) had never shown any type of aggression, ever. She lived with our other dog Atticus for about 5 years with no issues other than a little jealousy, but nothing that ever caused conflict because he was very passive and had no jealousy issues, and she was always “polite” about it. And I mean she was in LOVE with him, she’d spend hours cleaning him head to toe, and they slept together every night. Unfortunately, he was very reactive around other dogs, so due to random circumstances she ended up seeing him get into a couple fights on different occasions. She took on some of those behaviors. After a very stressful year of moving into an apartment and people coming in and out of their lives she snapped and got into a nasty fight with him over food. We split them up immediately and jade moved in with myself and my boyfriend. Since then she hasn’t been the same, she’s very iffy around other dogs, hasn’t attacked but will nip and assert dominance. We’ve been able to have a few “play dates” with dogs she wasn’t familiar with that went ok, but not amazing. We’ve had Atticus over for multiple sleepovers and everything was fine but you could tell she still had her guard up the whole time. It’s clear she likes to have dog friends, and we’d like to adopt another dog so she can have a companion but it’s so hard because I’m terrified she might snap again. My question is, do y’all think this is something we can handle without a behavioralist? Should we just work on socializing her more and see what happens? How do I go about this situation?
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2023.06.07 03:24 No_Consequence_9252 I have no friends and I doubt I ever will.

I (23M) have not had a friend since middle school. I’ve tried, i’ve tried so hard. I lost a lot of social skills early on before high school. I attempted to socialize often but was never accepted because of the stigma that I was just some “weirdo” I’m a person. I will always be a person. I have likes, interests, a personality. Just no one is there. I have not experienced many things the average person would, this is because I lack others. I lost my parents years ago. i live alone in an apartment. Its clean, but its so, so quiet. Deafeningly quiet. I often sit on the chair there and contemplate. I still engage in hobbies and try to socialize but I have had no luck in befriending people. Am I doomed to never have anyone? I’m fully convinced I have no one and will for the rest of my life. I know i’m young but the time has already passed to experience so many things, prom, going out late nights as a teen, its all gone. I’m just so tired of trying to make friends. I’m so, so tired.
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2023.06.07 03:23 Tyrint81 05 grand marquis Clicking sound

05 grand marquis Clicking sound
My bare bones knowledge has me thinking the vent selector is jammed and that's the noise, hoping I don't have to completely take the dash apart. Any advice or better ideas welcome, thank you all in advance.
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2023.06.07 03:23 Dys_Warrior Help with Lazy Wrap Bun

I am having trouble getting my lazy wrap buns to stay together for more than a couple of hours. I was wondering if having layers in my hair makes a difference. I have been able to do other buns like the nautilus bun, cinnabun, figure 8, and infinity bun with no trouble. They stay in for hours without coming apart. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
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2023.06.07 03:22 Ill_Association_854 LPT Request: Internal Conflict - zero confidence vs zero patience

zero confidence -
I failed a lot in my life(in ways that mattered to my heart). unfortunately in many cases these failures had no value and nothing to take away from. They just came one after another and slapped me hard in the face. I learned to take them more gracefully each time but my confidence right now is nothing.
zero patience -
I have a few beliefs/values related to spirituality, personal relationships and lifestyle that I've developed from exposure to art(novels, movies, music) and converstions with people. Despite me being self aware that I'm merely getting started and have a long way to go where most these values are inevitably subject to change, I hold a lot of these positions very strongly and find it very difficult to not be adamant/stubborn about these beliefs.
The Internal conflict -
Am I, a young dummy who should be completely open vs should I just stand on the ones, that I know nothing about, strongly, until I find out that those values need change?
Extra context/info about me -
I'm a 22 yr old south-indian hyderabadi man currently in the USA pursuing MS looking to work in academia, accustomed to a lot of failure(bad 10th marks, bad NEET/EAMCET results, bad GPA in BTech, bad GATE results, bad GRE results, MS is alright tho. nothing else apart from studies was really mentioned because nothing else really mattered to my heart till very recently I've been trying for a long time and am seeing results very slowly. Then, I gradually started caring about people around me like friends and family).
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2023.06.07 03:21 Dessin_Unique Best Friend Conflict Plots

I’m writing my first book I actually plan on finishing. I have everything planned out except one thing? The conflict between these two once best friends I just wanted to see if anyone had any good plots for separation between close friends. The only thing I can think of is the book “Operation Do-Over” where two 12 year old boys fall in love with the same girl and it tears there relationship apart (if u haven’t read it I would highly suggest it Gordon Korman is a great writer)
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