Motel 6 in barstow california

Welcome to Bates Motel, we hope you enjoy your stay...

2013.02.01 02:17 RipperM Welcome to Bates Motel, we hope you enjoy your stay...

Bates Motel is an American A&E TV series inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, and the novel written by Robert Bloch, which depicts the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in Hitchcock's film.

2009.03.21 19:57 California's Central Valley

California's Central Valley

2009.11.04 06:38 livepunkdiefast San José: The Capital of Silicon Valley

A subreddit dedicated to San José, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley.

2023.06.07 07:30 joem8_98 CloudCraft[Vanilla][SMP]{1.20}{Whitelist}{18+}{Mature}

Welcome to CloudCraft! We are a smaller whitelisted SMP focused on a vanilla multiplayer experience, and we are looking for a few more people to join us for our 1.20 reset on Saturday, June 10.
Our server takes some inspiration from HermitCraft and other similar SMPS. Some of our community aspects include a spawn island town (includes starter houses, town hall, shops, etc.), community farms, nether hub, arcade with games, dragon fight event, and more. See below for some images of our past servers. In the past our server has been annually reset for the latest update, followed by 4-6 months of regular server activity (server will stay up the rest of the year until the next reset).
Server Location:California, United States
Version: 1.20 Vanilla
server start date: Saturday, June 10th, 2023
Server Host: performance plus 8GB
Will be added to discord server once accepted
Datapacks:afk display, anti enderman grief, armour statues, durability ping, more mob heads, player head drops, multiplayer sleep, silence mobs, double shulker shells, and wandering trader mini blocks.
We will also be using the simple voice chat fabric mod which simply adds proximity chat on the server. Any other fabric mod used is for server performance only and the experience is still a vanilla SMP.
- No griefing and/or stealing
- No mods/cheating (Mini Maps + Optifine/Sodium are Allowed)
- PVP is allowed only if the other player or players agrees to fight.
- Must use discord and be 18+
- No Duping - TNT “Explosion” Duping is Allowed (e.g. tree farm, auto concrete, world eater, etc.)
Please copy the questions below and reply to this thread or message us directly with your application. I will add you to discord if accepted and you will receive an invite to the discord channel.
Name (that you want to go by):
Minecraft IGN:
Age (18+ only):
Discord username (Ex. UserName#0000) :
Tell us about yourself:
What's your favorite thing to do on a Minecraft serveworld (Ex. Building/Redstone):
Please insert screenshots of your best builds (Can use Imgur, gyazo, etc.):
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2023.06.07 07:29 Delta-Cubes Will a gap right after college raise some eyebrows?

I recently got my offer for ft deferred till March of 2024, right when I’m about to graduate (I graduate this week). I’ve got no leads on new grad positions, and I’ve already been applying to over 300 jobs before my offer was deferred.
I’ve decided to refresh and take some time off, since I’ve saved a lot of money from my past internships, but I’m wondering if taking 4-6 months without a job impact my chances of getting a new grad offer in case my existing deferred offer gets rescinded. Will the months off make my resume look less appealing when I start applying again in September for new grad?
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2023.06.07 07:29 ankita-raut ASEAN Semiconductor Market Size And Forecast For By 2028

The ASEAN semiconductor market has seen substantial expansion over the past few years, driven by rising electronics demand and technological advancements. The area is home to some of the biggest producers of semiconductors in the world, including firms with headquarters in Singapore like Broadcom, STMicroelectronics, and Infineon Technologies.
A number of reasons, including the rising use of smartphones and other mobile devices, the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications, are likely to fuel the market's continued growth. Furthermore, semiconductor businesses wishing to expand their operations will find the ASEAN area to be a desirable destination due to its favourable business climate, affordable labour costs, and strong government support for the technology industry.
Read More:
Key Players:
· Intel Corporation (California, United States)
· Qualcomm (California, United States)
· Samsung Electronics (Suwon-si, South Korea)
· SK hynix (Gyeonggi, South Korea)
· Taiwan Semiconductors (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
· Texas Instruments (Texas, United States)
· Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)
· Rohm Semiconductor (Kyoto, Japan)
· Renesas Electronics Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)
· Micron Technology (Idaho, United States)
· NVIDIA Corporation (California, United States)
· NXP Semiconductors N.V. (Eindhoven, the Netherlands)
Regional Analysis:
Singapore is the largest semiconductor market in the region and is known for its strong focus on research and development in the technology sector. The country is home to many semiconductor manufacturers and has a well-established semiconductor industry.
Malaysia is another significant market in the ASEAN region, with a robust semiconductor industry that includes companies such as Infineon Technologies, NXP Semiconductors, and Texas Instruments. The country has a skilled workforce and a supportive government that has created policies to attract foreign investment in the technology sector.
About Us:
Fortune Business Insights™ offers expert corporate analysis and accurate data, helping organizations of all sizes make timely decisions. We tailor innovative solutions for our clients, assisting them to address challenges distinct to their businesses. Our goal is to empower our clients with holistic market intelligence, giving a granular overview of the market they are operating in.
Contact Us:
Fortune Business Insights™ Pvt. Ltd.
US: +1 424 253 0390
UK: +44 2071 939123
APAC: +91 744 740 1245
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.07 07:29 mom-advice111 I secretly want to visit my dad less

Even though I’m 25, I still basically have the same schedule as my family’s old custody agreement and I visit my dad every other weekend if I can. The reason? I love my dad. He’s one of my favorite people in the entire world so I want to see him as much as I can. When I was a teenager, his weekends were a breath of fresh air from my overbearing mother. Now I’ve started to dread going over to his house some days, but it’s not because of him
My dad lives with his mother and is basically her full time caretaker. Over the course of about 10 years, her mobility has slowly decreased to the point most days she struggles to stand up from her bed longer than a few minutes. She doesn’t have any signs of dementia (any moments of non-coherency are usually a side effect of one of her medications) it’s just that her body is failing her. It’s a mixture of what we believe started as a spinal injury and has deteriorated due to lack of consistent physical therapy to slow the progression and some of the lack of mobility may be psychosomatic.
My dad really struggles to take care of her. He’s developed back and arm pain because most days he has to pull her up to get her into a sitting position. I don’t think he’s gotten an uninterrupted nights sleep in at least 2 years (maybe once in while when I’m there). Even on a good night, he has to get up at least once to ensure she took an extremely important med she needs to take every 4 hours or her already limited mobility becomes even worse. He’s on a work mandatory CPAP machine and once he had to stop working for a week because despite warning her, she called him asking for help too many times in one night (he can only undock the machine a limited number of times per night).
When I come over, it’s become a duty of mine to lighten the load where I can. I’ve helped her sit up, get fed, done a few late night checkups in place of my dad (mostly because I’m an insomniac and stay up til 4am anyway) change diapers, and have even wiped her privates clean when she was unable to. I don’t like it (obviously) but I know this is one of the few times of relief my father gets.
I feel so guilty because honestly I want to go over less. When I stay at my mom’s house, my weekend is open to what I like. Going out with friends, inviting people over, going shopping, sleeping in guilt free. When my grand mother was more mobile my dad and I used to go to the movies religiously and go out together. Now we can never leave the house for more than an hour for errands. Our time together is constantly interrupted. His brother is no help, and his sister does help when she can but she’s also a caretaker for her husband and can only come by once in a while. They can’t afford full time care for her, and even if they could, my grandmother has scared off 6 caretakers in a year because she’s extremely rude to anyone who isn’t family trying to take care of her.
But I know I can’t stop seeing him because I’m one of the few consistent in person interactions he has. While my dad is honestly fine living as a hermit 95% of the time, I think he misses having a choice in that matter and still craves that 5% of social interaction. I know he wouldn’t even be upset with me for coming over less, he’s tried giving me an out a few times. I think he’s even asking me for less help because he get me becoming resentful. But honestly that just makes me feel worse.
She doesn’t qualify for most government benefits that could possibly help her and my dad because she still owns her house and refuses to sign it over or even switch insurance. I’m terrified because she needs to make necessary changes to her will, but how can she go see a lawyer when she can’t walk 5 feet to a toilet and doesn’t have the energy or strength to put on pants most days? I don’t know how much longer my dad can physically and mentally last doing this.
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2023.06.07 07:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [UK] - Oldest carved piece of wood to be found in Britain dates back 6,000 years Guardian

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2023.06.07 07:28 tkwadeauthor Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Jazz Machine [Short Story Review]

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Jazz Machine [Short Story Review]
[The basic plot points of this story are spoiled.]

"The Jazz Machine" is a short story written by Richard Matheson. It was published in 1963.

So... I'm just going to spoil this story. It details how a black man who plays the trumpet gets an offer from a white man who claims to have invented a machine that can translate "jazz" as if it was its own language. And it very well may be it's own language when you consider how expressive it is. So this part is actually interesting.

But after testing the invention out, the black man destroys the machine in a fit of rage. He does it because it works. The machine was essentially none of the white man's business for poking around in a language that wasn't his own. There are other nuances here, but I just don't care enough to explain them to you.

The real problem with the story isn't the story itself... it's how it was written. "The Jazz Machine" is 100% written in beatnik lingo. I hate it. It was nearly impossible to read. I actually got a headache from it. What might have been an interesting story was stunted by a language that was outdated. People might have read this in the 60's and saw something in it, but I care nothing for it today.

I think it is safe to say that I do not recommend "The Jazz Machine" at all. Skip it. Matheson is actually a great writer deserving of your respect. I am pretty sure he has proven that by now. But this one... no. He clearly made a mistake. It's garbage.

This blog was written on May 6, 2023.

Thank you for reading my blog! Did you enjoy it? Either way, you can comment below, or you can email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Also stop by my listing by clicking this link:

Check out my books! Thanks!
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2023.06.07 07:28 tlnw8_ezst Lily Lemus, children Estefany and Emiliano Perez died in Fremont, California, murder-suicide; GoFundMe

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2023.06.07 07:27 Trick_Wonder_4576 Male, Christian, INFJ, Scorpio, Empath, Survivor, Scapegoat, Estranged, Defendant, "Brother", Hospitality Leader, Heterosexual, ADHD, Anxiety, Isolation, Financial Freefall, Dependent, Single, Unemployed, in a city I despise, parent's health fading, Narcissistic Abuse,"Substance Abuser", Transient

I rarely post, but recently I've been reading some posts where people offer uplifting responses to strangers. It has been a source of comfort for me lately. At the moment, I feel overwhelmed and defeated, with a deep sense of loneliness. I want to express my emotions intelligently, as I am experiencing profound emotional wounds and a lack of direction in my life. This description reflects my current state.
The aspects that define me at this moment are a combination of permanent, temporary, cyclical, and circumstantial factors. I find myself in the deepest depression I have ever experienced in my 41 years of life. Considering my current circumstances and the metrics used to measure success, I feel like a complete failure. If one were to analyze my job history and performance, there were moments of incredible opportunities followed by brief success, only to be followed by utter failure. Similarly, if we were to evaluate my personal life in terms of social interactions, dating/marriage, friendships, and health, I would be considered among the lowest performers. It seems like my entire life has been marked by failure.
Furthermore, it seems as though the universe has singled me out for some special kind of punishment. For years, I have felt a sense of surrealism, where every decision or action I take inevitably leads to unfavorable outcomes. Every significant matter in my life has ended in prolonged consequences, worsened circumstances, or some form of material loss. I have missed out on numerous opportunities, chances for marriage and having children have slipped away, I am financially struggling, and I have very few friends apart from one in my former hometown of Chicago and another in Alaska. My spirituality and faith have also been deeply affected by the setbacks and obstacles I have faced, and I am dealing with all of this without the support of my estranged family.
My three best friends, my sisters, and I have not spoken in six years. I can't recall the last time I spoke with my brother, as he doesn't respond to my emails or texts. My mother is suffering from rapid-onset dementia, while my father has recently retired from a lifelong career as a doctor. Throughout my life, my family has systematically scapegoated me, starting with being labeled the black sheep. However, everything changed when I disclosed at the age of 27 that my brother had sexually and physically abused me as a child. Since then, life has been a constant battle against me. The universe seemed to shift its axis, and my life has never been the same. It is particularly disconcerting that my brother, a urologist by profession, is the perpetrator of such heinous acts.
My sisters, as research suggests, took sides between the "black sheep/fuckup/substance user" and the successful urologist. They accused me of lying, changing my story, waiting too long, claiming it was nothing, and even being jealous of my brother's life, which includes a mansion, a Porsche, wealth, and respect. Since I have accomplished nothing, they believe I fabricated drunken tales of childhood and only decided to reveal this ultra-specific story at the age of 27. I never imagined that I would lose my family in this way. It feels like I have lost my identity, purpose, support system, best friends, and confidants – my sisters. They have subjected me to the silent treatment, which my brother also employs, treating me as if I don't exist. My sister's last text message summed it up when she said that they don't get together to talk about me anymore because I don't come up in their conversations. It was the same sister who initially encouraged me to reveal the truth about the abuse but then betrayed me and twisted the narrative.
In my family, my case of sexual abuse was not an isolated incident. My father, a physician and at the time a pediatrician in Illinois, had a second case of sexual abuse and incest in his side of the family. His younger brother, the second oldest among seven siblings, also abused his own daughter, my cousin. He is also Dr. A few years before I disclosed my own abuse as an adult, my cousin trusted my father enough to disclose her abuse to him. Despite my father not knowing about my case at the time, he took no professional action to report the abuse committed by another doctor, his brother, who abused his now niece, and did nothing.During that same disclosure, my cousin admitted that her two brothers, who are also my cousins, had abused her as well. This meant that five members of her household, three of whom were abusing one child, were involved in these traumatic events. My father, along with his brother and siblings, did nothing legally to report these incidents. My uncle, the abuser, is now the president of a hospital in East Texas. So technically, my case was the fourth, following my uncle, cousin, and another cousin. One of those cousins is now a pastor of a small church community, while the other works for a former presidential candidate's company. As for me, I have been trapped in a cycle of failure to launch as an adult, mental health issues, and intermittent substance abuse problems for the past 20 years. And that's not even the end of it – the fifth case involves my cousin, who was arrested in a state capital where he worked as a therapist or counselor. He was arrested for filming his young neighbor through her window. I am aware of his arrest but do not have any information regarding the progress of his case or its resolution.
To put it all together, it is an intricate mess of narcissism, ego, power, control, and childhood trauma. I strongly believe I have developed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) as a result of these experiences. In fact, I am certain that I have.
Fast-forward to the present, and I am writing this from a motel room, where there are too many details to recount from the past six months since my return from Montana. In a way, I followed the path of my other abused cousin – I left. However, I ultimately failed and had to return to a city near my parents, a city I despise. To add to my troubles, I was falsely accused of felony domestic violence soon after my return, further fueling my sense of failure and shame. My parents, upon hearing about the incident, made it clear that they wanted little to do with me. Speaking of Montana, my experiences and the year I spent there were truly nightmarish, to say the least. But that's a story for another time.
During the car ride to a hospital in a small town in the same county, my father and I had an opportunity for a discussion about the abuse. I wanted to understand why he did nothing in all five cases, why the eldest child seems to be targeted (true for my brother and cousin), why successful doctors are involved – including a pastor, a consultant, and now a urologist after the fact. Did he not notice the intergenerational pattern and his own parental negligence as a physician and a parent of adult children? I questioned why he took no action, why his behavior changed so drastically in the past three years, why he lied about his knowledge of nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) when he had used them for possible infidelity and had lied about private settlements. He even harassed me using the police, assassinated my character in our small town, and now charged me with striking him, resulting in false statements and allegations. As a consequence, my reputation has been tarnished while my father's remains pristine. We currently reside in a town where he practiced medicine, and the consequences for me are severe. Deep in my heart, I know that his post-arrest behavior towards me has been consistently inconsistent. He evades questioning, avoids contact and visits, and shows no signs of wanting a relationship. Instead, he guilt-trips me, shifts blame, engages in word salad and gaslighting, and pathologically lies.
As I sit here now, I wonder: What can one do in such a dire situation? There seem to be no options, no answers, no safety nets of money or emotional support, no motivation, and no joy – only the looming threat of a potentially harsh sentence. Even worse, my father has attempted to record my phone calls and offered me money not to hire a proper defense attorney or pursue litigation, just a week before I was supposed to accept a four-year adjudication plea as an innocent party. Then, when I decided to plead my innocence at the last minute during the trial, he abandoned me once again, signaling to me that money is somehow tainted. Regardless, it's gone now.
I apologize for unloading all of this on Reddit, and I understand that it may be quite depressing for others to read. However, I feel that I have reached the end of my fight, not against just one issue, but against a conglomerate of issues that have stolen my life and time, offering me nothing in return. I desperately need legal advice, emotional support, prayers, or any form of assistance. I find myself lost in a maze of confusion, where every turn I make is a miscalculation, distorted by backward perspectives and reflections off other elements. Over the past six weeks since leaving my job due to a problematic relationship with the owner, I have been living a transient and isolated existence in the dark corners of this wretched city. It feels as though I have been exiled from my own life. I don't know what to do or who to turn to. I want to assure you that I'm not dramatizing this situation; I'm simply sharing my experience because I have no one else to talk to. I have been completely alone and isolated since losing my job.
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2023.06.07 07:27 Open_Priority_7991 Banks and Miss-Selling of Insurance products

Banks and Miss-Selling of Insurance products
tl:dr - Insurance is not an investment.
Hi india, you might have come across the recent video of a HDFC bank staffer harassing his employees for not selling Insurance product enough to his customers. I was recently pitched a similar insurance scheme as "investment" by a HDFC branch employee.
Please note that Insurance is NOT Investment. Our parent's generation were brainwashed for decades by LIC Agents that taking an LIC policy is a brilliant/safe investment product. Its bullshit. Most insurance schemes have a rate of return (interest rate) that is typically in the 3-5% region. Some like LIC's Jeevan Saral 165 plan also had -50% ROI (you paid 5L as premium, you get back 2.5L after 16 years).
So, please, don't don't don't buy an LIC policy or a bank insurance scheme thinking your are investing in your future.
For example, the policy that was pitched to me today, was supposed gave 17 Lakhs as Maturity amount after investing 10L (1 Lakh per year for 10 years) and the banker was like this is more than 10% ROI, when in reality its less than 6%. See screenshots.
Bank's Policy document that talks about the maturity value. Doesnt mention Rate of Return anywhere.

With the same premium amounts with just 6% rate of return, you actually make more money!
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2023.06.07 07:27 Missed-Narwhally [Self] The Bigger They Are

A 6 Foot, 300lb man, assumed to have a moderate level of fitness and ability, aged 20 - 30, wins 99% of any unarmed, gladiator style matches he could be entered in. Or does he?
We get our population averages from the UK Data (We then assume similar figures globally) We get our height and weight averages from Global Data
Roughly 10% of Men are 6ft+ Roughly 7 - 10% of Men are 250lb+ We assume half of this population overlap (3.5 - 5%) Our assumption is that the overlap is constant at 4.25%
(Anyone within 50lbs is assumed to be a fair fight) Anyone below 250lb is then considered to have a disadvantage, as the much larger male, statistically, will win the fight. (Statistics based on police reports of altercations between two men)
"A study published by (I think) the California State Police which sought to determine the factors determining who would win a random fight.
The CSP found that:
Size is the biggest factor (Big guys beat little guys.) Endurance comes next. Only after size and endurance are factored in, does training decide the winner."
That being said, 4.25% of men are within the "Fair Fight" Range based solely on size.
Once we eliminate groups by age, excluding those below the age of 17, and above the age of 45 (Exceptions may exist in either category, but would be rather remarkable cases of either) In the UK, roughly 60% of people fall into one of the two, we assume a similar figure globally. Leaving 40% of the population.
Out of the 29.2 Million Men in the UK, 496,400 men, or 1.7% (Our new "Fair Fight" Range) Remain. (40% of 425)
There are, roughly, 83,500 male martial artists in the UK (Based on our 4.25% for size, assuming this translates to martial artists, but is likely lower) There are roughly 3500 men who are more than likely going to mess our man up (We will class these as Losses) 3500 is equivalent to roughly 0.012% population.
In a fair fight, we assume the odds to be 50 - 50 (Fair meaning roughly equal) Our man wins 0.85% and loses 0.85%
Meaning our man loses an estimated 0.8512% of the time, if being placed in a one on one situation, unarmed, in a gladiator styled arena with any random male from around the world.
Rounding to two decimal places our man has a 99.15% chance of winning any match.
This mean that's out of 4 billion potential match ups, our man is likely to lose in only 34 million instances.
This entire situation has taken some mathematical liberties - high end of (assumed) averages (but is nonetheless purely based on statistics and precedents) We have assumed that anyone who is much smaller would lose, and therein lies the problem - What are the chances they don't? Make your arguments below for the little guys!
What I'm hoping is that people counter with what they believe are the correct chances of our man winning actually are, and showing their work. Check the math?
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2023.06.07 07:27 innocentvogu Lily Lemus, children Estefany and Emiliano Perez died in Fremont, California, murder-suicide; GoFundMe

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2023.06.07 07:27 Big-Coat-6574 moving out sale

hello! everything obo and bundles very welcome.
measuring cups have labels smudged and water pitcher has a little crack so it leaks a bit. i have two thin striped blankets (~twin size). down to meet on campus if that's easier.
talk to me first abt kitchen island pls
pickup 6/12-14 (toaster and island would be 6/15)
if you're not in a spot to spend right now, free works! message for questions <3
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2023.06.07 07:27 cag80 Anyone know of a dealer in California that sells cheaper extended warranties?

Does anyone in California know of a dealer that sells extended warranties for reasonable prices? California does not allow the purchase of warranties out of state (like Flood, etc.)
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2023.06.07 07:27 inspyral Shimono Hiro and Taniyama Kishou from Seiyuu to Yoasobi Tuesday

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2023.06.07 07:26 imadethisacctoask1q I’m A Mom At 15 Years Old

It’s my family obligation to “raise” my siblings. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved babies. I have a soft spot for caring for cute, chubby babies. I guess that’s how I got assigned the job of raising my siblings. At 10 years old, I woke up every single morning at 4AM, to take care of my brother for 6 hours. Meanwhile, my mom was at work. My mom gave me no recognition, or any sort of appreciation for what I did. I was homeschooled so I was able to wake up early in the mornings. I gave up my childhood, my friends, my sleep schedule, my school, my entire life, to raise as a newborn baby. According to my mom, this was “normal.” I was just being an average, good big sister. I truly believed at 10 years old, based of what my mom had told me, that any sister would have given up their entire life to raise their brother. I thought it was normal to have a full time job as a nanny at 10 years old. I’m 15 now. I’m always the one babysitting my younger siblings on weekends. I never get paid, and if I ask to take a break, I’m called “lazy.” My mom is emotionally neglectful to my younger siblings. I don’t want anyone going through what I went through as a little kid, so this means I have to step up and take my mom’s place. I have to give the unconditional love I was never given. I comfort them when they’re sad, or if they get physically hurt. I’m the one that teaches them about empathy, emotions, kindness, morals, and healthy communication. A while back, I caught my sister (12) shoplifting. I tried to tell my elder siblings, aged 17 and 24. They told me it was my job, to just “deal with it.” I was trying to be a therapist, mom, and a sister all at once. The burden of my sister’s actions was placed onto me. I had everyone in my life giving me their advice, telling me I needed to help her more, I needed do this better, I needed to do that. It shouldn’t be my responsibility to handle my 12 yo sister with no help. I don’t want to put myself through any more anxiety and stress by trying to help my 12yo sister, but I feel pressured into doing so. The worst part of it all, is my sister treats me like garbage and refuses to listen to me. I feel awful admitting this, but I am so done. I was not the one who chose to get pregnant and have kids. My mom did. This should be her job. I shouldn’t be raising people less than 4 years younger than me. I never asked to be a mom. I love my siblings, but I want to be a sister. Not a mom. 
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2023.06.07 07:26 OutlandishnessFun740 Am I screwed?

I'm m21 I don't drink cuz of family history of alcoholism, I don't smoke cigarettes, I used to smoke weed daily now it's just socially, I take some psychedelics but not others, I'm a nondenominational Christian and I'm a virgin. Like most men my age I have a porn habit that I've wrangled mostly under control. I'm not bad looking a bit short at 5' 6-7" if i stand up straight but I dont let it drive my bus.
I feel like I'll never find anyone who will match up with me in any way shape or form. Everyone seems to either be a party hoe, been in an arguably abusive relationship since their teens or too fugly their own mother wouldn't want them.
Everyone I know has gotten married or is in a relationship, I feel so alone. I have a few close friends and honestly that's all I want too much people is draining I'm a lot like my mother that way. Maybe I'm just young and naive, I hope so, that's what my parents tell me, wait until I'm 25 at the earliest and I agree I just feel like I should have had something, the only relationships I've had only lasted a month if that, they all ended on good terms because we or they just weren't feeling it which is fine.
I just can't help but wonder is it me? Am I too... strange? Are my standards too high/obscure? Should I start partying and drinking just to find love? I go to therapy because of personal issues and it's just a good idea in general, I go to the gym, I go to church but there aren't many opportunities for socializing it's more just go, hear the sermon and then leave I live in a small town which doesn't help and lately I've only been able to work nights/graves. Dating apps have been total bust. I just feel at a loss.
I need to go to more social events but being a small town there aren't many that aren't geared towards people who already have friends and SO's. Classes are expensive but once the economy settles down I'll take some classes. Heck i might just bankrupt myself now for a cooking class if i thought just a meaningful friendship might blossom from it. I like trap shooting but the shooting range isn't exactly the best place to talk with all the gunfire. Advice? Thoughts? Or even just some kind words?
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2023.06.07 07:26 Hungry-Grocery-2646 I 18M left the girl of my dreams 17F

So the thing I met a girl 1 month and we struck immediately....days of chatting followed and we attended an event (3 days) together as judges ...such was our bonding that people started assuming we were together ....but once the event ended ...we aren't in the same locality, clg , school , tutions , nothing ! ... I started realizing that even though she was texting back quickly and detailed fashion main , it was me who was always texting first ! . I gave her proper hints on how i like her and she kept on moving around how she likes me as well but isn't ready for a relationship rn ! It was like she wasn't taking me in nor was she letting me go
For context : I look okaish and had 5-6 girls approaching me after the event but I didn't give them attention coz I was so invested in this girl ...
Ab vo bhi gai , ye bhi gai ....
Pls help 😭
(Accha my choice of girls is very niche , on how she can be writer or reader , doesn't drink or smoke and isn't u knw exactly like our snapchat Gen, pretty old school ) This girl was the first one I met who alongside being pretty fitted in all of these
TLDR: met a girl of my dreams only for it to be not be
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2023.06.07 07:26 Far_Elevator_423 Y’all think this’ll beat this event

Y’all think this’ll beat this event
So I already tried this event with double hit and when I got to str ui goku, the rainbow hit took damage and died even with lr hit and goku on rotation. So let’s try this team.
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2023.06.07 07:26 camkiter Camkiter - Global Camera Price

Camkiter - Global Camera Price
Camkiter is providing a wide range of Camera Prices and Specifications (including Digital Photography Cameras, Video DSLR Cameras, Security Cameras, and CCTV). We are operating worldwide.

camkiter logo
Which brands we offers
There are several popular camera brands known for their quality, innovation, and reliability. Here are some well-known camera brands that have established themselves in the industry:
  1. Canon camera Price: Canon is one of the leading camera brands, known for its wide range of cameras catering to different needs and budgets. They offer DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and compact cameras, along with a vast selection of lenses and accessories.
  2. Nikon camera Price: Nikon is another renowned camera brand that produces a variety of cameras, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and compact cameras. Nikon cameras are known for their excellent image quality, advanced features, and durability.
  3. Sony camera Price: Sony has made significant advancements in the mirrorless camera market with its Alpha series. Sony cameras are known for their impressive image quality, high-resolution sensors, and advanced video capabilities. They offer a range of mirrorless cameras for both enthusiasts and professionals.
  4. Fujifilm camera Price: Fujifilm is popular for its mirrorless cameras, known as the X-series. Fujifilm cameras are highly regarded for their retro design, exceptional image quality, and film simulations that replicate classic film aesthetics.
  5. Panasonic camera Price: Panasonic is known for its high-quality mirrorless cameras, especially in the Micro Four Thirds format. They offer a range of cameras suitable for different photography and videography needs, with a focus on video features and capabilities.
  6. Olympus camera Price: Olympus is renowned for its Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras. Their cameras are known for their compact size, excellent image stabilization, and robust build quality.
  7. Leica camera Price: Leica is a luxury camera brand known for its precision engineering and exceptional optics. Leica cameras are highly regarded for their craftsmanship, image quality, and iconic design.
  8. Pentax camera Price: Pentax cameras are known for their durability, weather-sealing, and value for money. They offer a range of DSLR cameras with advanced features and compatibility with a wide selection of lenses.
These are just a few examples of popular camera brands, and there are many other reputable brands available in the market. The choice of the brand depends on individual preferences, specific needs, and budget considerations.
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2023.06.07 07:26 Strict_Entrance_5689 What are some of the most luxurious features available in your van rental fleet?

In our van rental fleet, we offer an array of luxurious features designed to enhance your travel experience. Some of the most notable features include:
  1. Plush Leather Seating: Our luxury vans are equipped with premium leather seating that provides exceptional comfort and elegance.
  2. Spacious Interior: Our vans offer generous space, allowing you and your companions to stretch out and relax during your journey.
  3. State-of-the-Art Entertainment Systems: Enjoy cutting-edge entertainment options with high-quality audio systems, large flat-screen TVs, and DVD/Blu-ray players for a cinematic experience on the go.
  4. Ambient Lighting: Indulge in the ambiance with customizable ambient lighting options, creating a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere within the van.
  5. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Stay connected throughout your journey with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access, ensuring you can work, browse, or stream content effortlessly.
  6. Climate Control: Our luxury vans feature advanced climate control systems that provide individual temperature settings for passengers, ensuring everyone's comfort.
  7. Refreshment Centers: Experience convenience with built-in refreshment centers offering refrigeration units, minibars, and storage compartments for snacks and beverages.
  8. Premium Sound Systems: Immerse yourself in a superior audio experience with high-end sound systems, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music in crystal-clear quality.
  9. Privacy Features: Our luxury vans are equipped with privacy curtains or tinted windows, allowing you to enjoy seclusion and discretion during your journey.
  10. Advanced Safety Features: Your safety is our priority. Our vans come equipped with advanced safety features such as collision warning systems, lane departure alerts, and blind-spot monitoring.
  11. Rear Passenger Amenities: Some of our luxury vans include features like reclining seats, footrests, and personal entertainment screens for rear passengers, ensuring their utmost comfort and entertainment.
  12. Driver Assistance Technology: Enjoy the convenience of driver assistance technologies, such as adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, and rearview cameras, making your driving experience smooth and stress-free.
These luxurious features are designed to provide a premium travel experience, combining comfort, entertainment, and convenience for our valued customers.
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2023.06.07 07:26 basillycup Accidentally wrong dosage one day, forgot meds next day. Weird but interesting?

This post was born to share my surprise. It's not meant to suggest to replicate this, as I can't tell for sure the whole thing is not random coincidence.
26, f, autistic, ADHD
20 (6 AM) +20 (11 PM) medikinet (methylphenidate, prolonged release). How long 20mg effect last for me: 3h
I'm currently taking 20+20 Medikinet a day. Clearly not enough since I started work: often on the verge of burnout. Walking back home, I could not function; the act of walking itself was very challenging. Could not do anything. Home becoming a mess.
Now, I'm wondering.... Was this ever brought up by someone else? Why the hell did it go like that?
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2023.06.07 07:26 pahuchiy My shader renders differently depending on its position relative to the origin

My shader renders differently depending on its position relative to the origin

Hello. My shader renders differently depending on its position relative to the origin. It is, as it were, divided into 4 parts at the point 0.0. How to make it be like in the lower right sector on the entire area it occupies?

shader_type canvas_item; uniform vec4 _color: hint_color = vec4( 1.0); uniform float opacity: hint_range(0.0, 1.0) = 0.5; float rand(vec2 coord){ // prevents randomness decreasing from coordinates too large coord = mod(coord, 10000.0); // returns "random" float between 0 and 1 return fract(sin(dot(coord, vec2(12.9898,78.233))) * 43758.5453); } vec2 rand2( vec2 coord ) { // prevents randomness decreasing from coordinates too large coord = mod(coord, 10000.0); // returns "random" vec2 with x and y between 0 and 1 return fract(sin( vec2( dot(coord,vec2(127.1,311.7)), dot(coord,vec2(269.5,183.3)) ) ) * 43758.5453); } float value_noise(vec2 coord){ vec2 i = floor(coord); vec2 f = fract(coord); // 4 corners of a rectangle surrounding our point float tl = rand(i); float tr = rand(i + vec2(1.0, 0.0)); float bl = rand(i + vec2(0.0, 1.0)); float br = rand(i + vec2(1.0, 1.0)); vec2 cubic = f * f * (3.0 - 2.0 * f); float topmix = mix(tl, tr, cubic.x); float botmix = mix(bl, br, cubic.x); float wholemix = mix(topmix, botmix, cubic.y); return wholemix; } float perlin_noise(vec2 coord) { vec2 i = floor(coord); vec2 f = fract(coord); // 4 corners of a rectangle surrounding our point // must be up to 2pi radians to allow the random vectors to face all directions float tl = rand(i) * 6.283; float tr = rand(i + vec2(1.0, 0.0)) * 6.283; float bl = rand(i + vec2(0.0, 1.0)) * 6.283; float br = rand(i + vec2(1.0, 1.0)) * 6.283; // original unit vector = (0, 1) which points downwards vec2 tlvec = vec2(-sin(tl), cos(tl)); vec2 trvec = vec2(-sin(tr), cos(tr)); vec2 blvec = vec2(-sin(bl), cos(bl)); vec2 brvec = vec2(-sin(br), cos(br)); // getting dot product of each corner's vector and its distance vector to current point float tldot = dot(tlvec, f); float trdot = dot(trvec, f - vec2(1.0, 0.0)); float bldot = dot(blvec, f - vec2(0.0, 1.0)); float brdot = dot(brvec, f - vec2(1.0, 1.0)); vec2 cubic = f * f * (3.0 - 2.0 * f); float topmix = mix(tldot, trdot, cubic.x); float botmix = mix(bldot, brdot, cubic.x); float wholemix = mix(topmix, botmix, cubic.y); return 0.5 + wholemix; } float cellular_noise(vec2 coord) { vec2 i = floor(coord); vec2 f = fract(coord); float min_dist = 99999.0; // going through the current tile and the tiles surrounding it for(float x = -1.0; x <= 1.0; x++) { for(float y = -1.0; y <= 1.0; y++) { // generate a random point in each tile, // but also account for whether it's a farther, neighbouring tile vec2 node = rand2(i + vec2(x, y)) + vec2(x, y); // check for distance to the point in that tile // decide whether it's the minimum float dist = sqrt((f - node).x * (f - node).x + (f - node).y * (f - node).y); min_dist = min(min_dist, dist); } } return min_dist; } float fbm(vec2 coord){ int OCTAVES = 4; float normalize_factor = 0.0; float value = 0.0; float scale = 0.5; for(int i = 0; i < OCTAVES; i++){ value += perlin_noise(coord) * scale; normalize_factor += scale; coord *= 2.0; scale *= 0.5; } return value / normalize_factor; } void fragment() { vec2 coord = UV * (0.5/TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE); float noise; noise = value_noise(coord); COLOR = vec4(vec3(noise)*_color.rgb, opacity); } 
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