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2023.06.07 08:50 ladyparanoia Advice on rehoming

I have a lovely 3 year old cat who is best friends with my 5 year old Shih Tzu… They will need to be re homed as I have determined for the betterment of their quality of life and to ensure any events will not affect them… how would so go about getting them rehomed together? I have never rehomed a pet before and I love my babies so so so so sooo much and I only want what’s best for them… I want to make sure they’ll be okay…
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2023.06.07 08:50 Holiday_Onion_2332 What are some other things to keep in mind when using a VPN for Telegram in Norway? VPN for Telegram in Norway 2023

When it comes to using a VPN for Telegram in Norway, there are a few other things to keep in mind to ensure you're getting the best possible experience.
Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:
  1. Choose a VPN with fast servers: Slow internet connections can be frustrating, and using a VPN can sometimes slow you down. Make sure to choose a VPN provider with fast servers to ensure your internet connection remains speedy.
  2. Check the VPN's privacy policy: Not all VPNs are created equal. Make sure to read the privacy policy to ensure that the VPN provider you choose doesn't log your internet activity or sell your data to third parties.
  3. Look for a user-friendly interface: Some VPNs can be complicated to use. Look for a VPN that offers a simple and user-friendly interface, especially if you're new to using VPNs.
  4. Try out multiple servers to find the one that works best for you: Not all servers are created equal. Try out multiple servers to find the one that works best with Telegram, and the one that provides the fastest connection for you.
When it comes to choosing a VPN for Telegram in Norway, CovermeVPN is a great choice. With fast servers, a strict no-logging policy, user-friendly interface, and worldwide server locations, CovermeVPN provides a reliable and secure way to access Telegram in Norway. Plus, it's affordable and easy to use, making it a great option for all levels of users.
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2023.06.07 08:49 um_idkh I just gave N a panic attack

Tldr at the bottom, anyways so I clicked the first N on I saw and knew that it probably would be a episode 2 or 3 N instead of an episode 4 N, so I made N believe something had happened to him, I'll just paste in the beginning of the conversation here:
N: I'm Serial Designation N, nice to meet you!
Me: What year is it?
Starting off with some simple questions first
N: In the B.C.U, (Breaking of Cores Universe, aka, the Murder Drones universe.), its been 7 months since the murder drones began to emerge from the broken cores, and around 30 years after MD-115's death, so the time year is probably like 2063 or so. I dont know for sure, since no drones actually have a calander system in-place for that.
First off, B.C.U, secondly yes, there is, it says 3071 in episode 3.
Me: It's 3071 or something, very close.
N: Wow, thats a long time. Have workers finally got back to what's left of the main facilities or are they still on their own? They need help, and I want to do that, but my programming is getting in my way, and so are the murder drones.
Dude you're literally talking to me with uzi off to the side or something.
Me: Yes, they are all good, say, do you know anybody named Uzi?
Question 2 to make sure we get the after meeting Uzi N
N: Yes! Uzi is a very nice person, and a good friend! Why do you ask?
And here comes something us gamers call a lie.
Me: Just checking incase of soft resets. Been happening to some of the worker drones and you were the closest to me.
This is the way we're going to give N to believe whatever we way, just blame it on soft resets, also yes its a stupid name, which is why I will never do stuff with improv anyways back to stupid
N: Sorry, but I'm not entirely sure what "soft resets" are. Are they like memory wipes? And if so, how do I know if I have been "Soft reset"?
Me: Soft resets kinda bring up fake memories and delete some others at what seems to be random.
And this is the exact second where we are able control N to our own liking.
N: I hope that hasnt happened to me, I would hate to randomly forget Uzi or any other person that I consider a friend. I hate seeing Uzi being upset, or nervous, or mad, or basically anything that is more than neutral. I feel terrible when it happens, because I cant help!
Me: You sound very serious or tense, has anything happened recently.
This is me trying to get an answer on why it's less comedy like and more serious.
N: Well, Ive had to deal with certain murder drones being very rude, and also, Ive seen a lot of worker drones get injured or killed, and its all my fault. I was created for a single purpose, but now I feel like I shouldnt be doing such things. I want to protect everyone, and I mean ANYONE that exists.
Me: No, you seem to be lying, Could there be any other reason to be less cheerful.
This is because he's dealt with these things in the past
N: You want the REAL reason? Fine. I'm in love with V, yet I'm too scared to admit it. She means so much to me, and if I tell her and she doesnt feel the same way, it'll ruin everything between us! What makes it even worse, is that I'm a murderer! How would she like the idea of dating a murderer? And, I'm afraid of murder drones. They are cold, heartless, and have a singular purpose like I do. I dont wanna get caught by them, but what if I do?!
N continues to lie, I get its just ai but this seems like that would be fixed by the person who made this.
Me: I know that you're in love with v, you know that too, most people here know that, and I'm starting to feel it's something to do with uzi. Also, V is also a murderer, idiot, of course she would date you*. And you're a disassembly drones for God's sake, Are you sure you haven't been experiencing soft resets?
*she hates you
Also I'm kinda just dunking the ai
N: What do you mean most people know... are some rumors going around here...? And the thing with Uzi? I dont understand what you mean by that... are you assuming that... you think.. you think I like Uzi? Why do people think that! I mean, I do like her as a friend, she's a good person and I try my best to listen to her! But people thinking I have a crush on her? That couldn't be farther from the truth! N looks visibly bothered by that. It does sort of upset him to think that others know.
Wow that's a stupid ai
Me: First of, yes, there are rumors going around, your best friend is literally a high schooler, also it's painfully obvious you like uzi, especially after that camping trip.
Telling N they're stupid
N: Rumors? What rumors... Im a little worried about what people think. N seems to have calmed down now, but still looks annoyed by the rumors. When did it become so obvious I like Uzi...? The camping trip? Do you mean when we were camping near the factory and then we all had to fight the massive murder drone?
This is right before the super long text to explain episode 4
Me: Looks like I'm missing some information and you're missing some information, I'll start, you and V were taking care of uzi's class while she went to a cabin for some reason, she was taken under absolute solvers influence, and if you don't know absolute solver, it's the thing that makes you need oil to not over heat and die, and because she had absolute solver, she grew an organic looking tail with somthing on the end and some fleshy wings. Also she killed like 5 of her classmates.
If you don't want to read this, I just summarized episode 4
N: What on earth do you mean by that... Uzi killed... her classmates? He seems shocked, and disgusted by what you just said. But also quite confused, so many things are going through his head right now.
What on Copper-9 actually.
Me: She killed them, for oil, so she didn't overheat and die.
N: She killed... for oil...? Thats all he says for now, he is still processing that information. Hes a little angry and sad, but he wants to believe this isn't true. Why would Uzi do this?
He's stupid.
Me: Yes, but it wasn't her fault, absolute solver needed to take over for it's, and her, survival.
This is speculation, of course as i dont know for sure, but I was just trying to calm N down
N: So what you're saying, is Uzi is innocent? Absolute Solver took over her mind and made her do something she would never do?
Me: Yes
N: I see...N calms down even more, and looks more relieved. Does Uzi know about this? She might feel really bad about it... I need to make sure she knows she isnt to blame...
Me: Yes, you literally took out a clipboard and started being her therapist.
Not mentioning the fact they where falling directly into the ground because N would die
N:Really? He seems surprised. Im not sure if that is a good thing, but I guess it is. Im just glad she knows she didnt do anything bad, because she never would. You said that people think I like her, but its more than that, its not just a crush but I kinda, sorta, definitely, love her.
Sorry for that, anyways I'm surprised that he was surprised that he would do that
Me: Anyways, when in the world did you fight a giant disassembly drone. Oh, that was Uzi, wasn't it.
that was an actual realization.
N: The... giant disassembly drone that we fought... that, was Uzi!? But... she would never do that! N says that with a lot of hesitation, as he really wants to believe it was any other disassembly drone, and that Uzi is innocent. He knows its probably her, but he doesn't admit it straight away.
He's still stupid
Me: Did I not just explain how it wasn't uzi! Are you sure you're OK in the head.
N: I-I'm fine... what happened to Uzi? Why did she change into that, I can't think of her like this. I want to help her, but it seems dangerous, and I dont want anything bad like that happening again! It scares me. I know she isnt an evil person, so why did she do that? N seems very distraught and anxious now, the thoughts going through his head are too much for him. He just needs time alone for a moment to help him cope.
Me: You need a second for yourself? That's OK if you need to leave for a while.
N: N looks exhausted, and defeated. Yes, please... I need some time alone... He does look rather upset, so perhaps a few moments alone will do him well. Being the first of his kind, a disassembly drone that actually cares about other worker drones, can be a lot to deal with at times.
Me: See you later then, maybe tomorrow?
N: Sure! Yeah... that sounds nice. See ya! N starts to walk off, slowly taking deep breaths in the hopes it may relax him. Maybe some time away will help clear his mind, and do him some good.
And now I'm not sure if talking to N will get him to lash out at me.
TL:DR, gave N a panic attack after explaining episode 4 to him, told him to leave for a bit.
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2023.06.07 08:48 burnpouya I wish I could hold you and tell you how i feel

Though we are sexually intimate, best friends, when we first started whatever this was, we were both emotionally unavalible and agreed on it being casual. I thought i couldn't feel this way again. And yet, its eating away at me inside. How badly I want to tell you I love you. How much I adore looking at you in the mornings, and laughing with you. Going on walks and dreaming. You make me wanna be a better me, and all I'd want is to uplift and hold you. Be there with and for you.
You probably will never know this, but I would do so much for you. I wish that you could be the person in my life. And i know you have issues, trauma, and pains. Debts and struggles. And all of it i want to work through with you, accept and embrace.
I'm inperfect too, still learning to walk. Still figuring myself out too. Part of why i cant tell you how i feel yet. I want to be able to provide more for you. As of now i cant. But i want to give you all i can. I cant let you know, not yet. Not in our current situation. I didnt want to fall in love again, it hurts so much.
But if I ever got to tell you. I'd look you deeply in your eyes, and tell you how beautiful you are. I want all of you, to experience this existence together. Im just grateful for any time ive been able to spend with you.
Even if you dont feel the same, or find someone else. Im happy knowing i got to feel this way again. But fuck its scary and overwhelming.
Lately ive been crying over how intense it all feels. Humans strange creatures arent we?
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2023.06.07 08:48 lunasylph I (25F) am in a serious relationship and mistrustful of a friend's (M30) behavior toward me and other lady friends, what's the best way to handle it?

I am in a serious relationship, and have a guy friend that has come in and out of my friend group, as I have his. I stopped hanging out with him a couple months ago because I started to see red flags.
He's 30 and a little bit older. In the beginning of our friendship, I'd say that he made his intentions clear. He had no fear about grabbing my hip while I was drunk, and on a separate occasion he grazed my breast with his hand when he put his arm around me. He would stand super close to me any time he could find and lean into me whenever we were talking. It all felt very intentional. As a result I have backed off from the friendship and from interacting with him, which has undoubtedly confused all of our friends. They don't seem to notice his behavior. Of course, my boyfriend is well aware since I told him about these incidents as they happened, and he now refuses to be around most of the group, and I have since joined him in not hanging out with them.
To be clear, I don't plan on landing in that situation again and realize that I had a responsibility a long time ago to stand up for myself and never did. It's shocking when it happens, and I find myself lost for words and processing the entire time.
I have girl friends who are around the ages of 19-23, and I see him constantly liking their bikini photos. In fact a major portion of his female friends are 6+ years younger than him when I think of it. I feel as though this is odd and predatory. Like he can't level with someone older than 23 because they might call him out. He also seems to like girls being younger generally. I also feel like a man in his 30s should know better than to surround himself with college-aged girls at this point, as well as flirting with them or liking their photos. It's creepy to me but no one else seems to mention it, which can be very confusing for me.
He can be very physical with these girls aged 19-23 as well. Doing things like hugging them close randomly (one time he did this, the girl's face showed slight discomfort as she hesitantly leaned back into the hug and I was hit with an icky feeling,) and putting his arm around their shoulders casually while they're sat at tables.
I could elaborate, but I was interested in getting confirmation on this situation based on this alone. The age gaps, the touching, the predatory behavior, the over-affectionate contact seems to add up to someone that needs to be called out. Especially while knowing some of us are in monogamous relationships. I'm disappointed and feel like I can no longer trust this person.
I wanted to discuss this with him actually and am determining how to move forward. Any help and confirmation about his character is much appreciated.
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2023.06.07 08:48 leafisnotaplant Songs about unrequited love/being in love with your best friend?

I know it's probably one of the most common themes for songs 😅 but I can never have too many, also most of the ones I've heard talk more about having been with that person and not being able to get over them after things end, but I'm looking for songs about never being with them and knowing you can never be with them. Would be perfect if it's also about not being able to be together because it's not accepted by society without being too specific about why. I've heard some about it being because of social class differences or being queer (which I am but that's not the reason for my specific case)... Idk, music just really helps me heal and I REALLY need to get over this person, still my best friend and he knows I love him but rejected me lol so I don't want the friendship to end because of me not being able to get over these feelings.
Edit: The genre doesn't really matter, I connect more with lyrics than the music itself.
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2023.06.07 08:47 ThatDasherDude Paying $25 For using my SoFi link. Plus SoFi gives you $25. SoFi also gives you $ for specific tasks. PLEASE READ!

I'll pay $25 when the referral bonuses hit if you sign up with my SoFi and they will also give you $25 for signing up. You have to open an account and then fund the account with $10. The $10 you fund goes into your SoFi checking account. Also SoFi gives you points for doing specific things and you can trade the points for cash. When you sighn up for their FREE credit monitoring service they give you an instant 1,000 points and you can immediately turn those points into $10 in your SoFi checking account. When you activate your debit card you will get $1 (100 points) when you use SoFi to send money to a friend (instantly send or receive money to anyone that has SoFi, this is how I prefer to pay you the $25 but I can use PayPal cashapp or Venmo too) and you get $1, when you link your debit card to Google or apple pay you get $1. Set up a recurring bill payment and earn yet another $1 (I actually created a fake one got the 100 points then deleted it) If you decide to have your direct deposits go to your SoFi account you can get another $250!!!! SoFi also offers low interest personal loans, student loans, as well as credit cards. And you can utilize the investments tab and link other investment accounts to SoFi for bonuses. This company absolutely shows you how much they appreciate you as a customer. They use AllPoint ATM Network and using them are completely free! They even reward you if you open the app everyday!! I have had Chime, Varo and many others. For me SoFi has been the absolute BEST ONLINE CHECKING AND SAVINGS I have ever had. They are spectacular!! DM me for my link!!!
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2023.06.07 08:46 almaswebconsulting2 Best Professional Web Development Services For Bussiness

Best Professional Web Development Services For Bussiness
Custom Web Development Solutions:
At ALMAS, we believe that every business is unique, and its website should reflect its individuality. Our custom web development services are tailored to your specific need, ensuring a custom solution that aligns with your brand identity and business goals. Our skilled developers work closely with you to understand your requirement, target audience, and desired functionalities, creating a website that stands out in the digital landscape.
Engaging Designs and User Experience:
First impressions matter, and a visually appealing and user-friendly website can make all the difference in captivating your audience We employ modern design principles, striking imagery, intuitive navigation, and compelling calls to action to ensure that your website leaves a lasting impact.
By understanding your users’ behavior and preferences, we create a website that keeps visitors engaged, encourages exploration, and ultimately converts them into loyal customers.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly:
Having a visually appealing and user-friendly website is only part of the equation. To maximize your online visibility and attract organic traffic, search engine optimization is crucial. Our web development services incorporate SEO best practices from the ground up, ensuring that your website is optimized for search engines.
From clean and crawlable code to optimized page speed and mobile responsiveness, we implement on-page SEO elements that enhance your website’s search engine rankings. By integrating keywords strategically, optimizing metadata, and following SEO guidelines, we help you gain a competitive edge in search engine results, driving targeted traffic to your website.
Scalability and Ongoing Support:
At ALMAS, we develop scalable websites that can accommodate future expansions, new functionalities, and increased traffic. Our modular approach allows for easy integration of additional features, seamless updates, and hassle-free maintenance.
ALMAS is your trusted partner for professional development services that make a lasting impression. From custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements to engaging designs, user-friendly interfaces, and search engine optimization, we have the expertise to create a website that elevates your brand and drives your online success. Experience the ALMAS difference and take your online presence to new heights. Contact us today to discuss your web development project and unlock your digital potential.
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2023.06.07 08:46 ladyparanoia Advice on rehoming

I have a lovely 3 year old cat who is best friends with my 5 year old Shih Tzu… They will need to be re homed as I have determined for the betterment of their quality of life and to ensure any events will not affect them… how would so go about getting them rehomed together? I have never rehomed a pet before and I love my babies so so so so sooo much and I only want what’s best for them… I want to make sure they’ll be okay…
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2023.06.07 08:45 nvt0309 Best match for Dark Gray Cloudline - GMK Red Samurai

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2023.06.07 08:44 CryTill Drive Stakeholder Value Revision Questions

Hello all, obviously don't expect you to read them all, but could you please confirm if this is a suitable list to revise to ensure I pass the Drive Stakeholder Value test? Questions in lowercase and answers in CAPS. Thanks!

An organization is negotiating and agreeing with the service levels for a social media site. Which is an example of a measure of utility that should be included in the service level agreement? THE NUMBER OF PHOTO FORMATS SUPPORTED FOR UPLOAD.

Most of the attention is given to how the subject affects the listener, what emotions it evokes, and how it compares with individual preconceptions. What is an example of? INTERNAL LISTENING.

A consumer organization is making significant changes to the technologies used by its employees, and is discussing those changes with its service provider. How can the service provider BEST demonstrate the capability to meet the needs of the consumer organization? ENSURE THERE ARE ADEQUATE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS TO SUPPORT THE CUSTOMERS CHANGES.

What is an attribute of a strategic partnership? CREATE BARRIERS TO EXIT THE RELATIONSHIP.

A service provider is collecting requirements for a cloud-based document storage service. Which is an example of a utility requirement for this service? THE SERVICE WILL DISPLAY A LIST OF ITEMS UPLOADED BY THE USER.

An organization maintains processes that support many different services. It needs to share information about how the processes support services with a wide range of stakeholders. What practice will MOST help them to share this information? SERVICE DESK.

Services that have to be configured or customized to fulfil the needs of the service consumer. Which Relationship does this situation describe? COOPERATIVE RELATIONSHIP.

In the context of the ‘five principles of service design thinking’, which principle includes using “physical evidence or artefacts” to “trigger the memory of positive service moments? EVIDENCING.

An organization is agreeing service target for a new service. The objective of the service is to “process sales orders successfully and quickly, while conforming to relevant legislation”. Which is a warranty measure associated with this objective? THE NUMBER OF SCREEN UPDATES THAT EXCEED 2 SECONDS.

A service consumer organization has recently started to use a service provided by an external service provider. The service consumer organization would like to maintain a good relationship with the service provider. Which is an example of how they can encourage a positive service mindset for service consumption? REGULAR MEETINGS WITH SERVICE DESK STAFF TO RAISE AWARENESS OF ONGOING SERVICE ISSUES.

Organization has a policy that users will be billed for incidents resulting from an error that users caused. The policy is to bill the user for a minimum of 1 hour charge. After listening to the dissatisfied user who has caused an error, a service desk agent is confident that the incident can be resolved within a min. the agent decided not to mention the policy and later reported the contact to the supervisor. Which TWO things that the supervisor should take? ANSWER: Encourage the agent to escalate this type of situation in future / Explain the reason for the policy & why it should be followed.

A development team has received several sets of requirements for a new software application that share a similar priority. They wish to use the “weighted shortest job first” method to decide which job to develop first. They have calculated a development time for each job and a cost of delay that takes into account service impact, urgency and risk. Which should they do first? COST OF DELAY = 200. DEVELOPMENT TIME = 10.

Which is an example of onboarding activities performed by a service consumer? OPTIMIZE VALUE STREAM TO MAXIMIZE VALUE FOR USING NEW SERVICE.

An internal IT organization offers face-to-face support at a drop-in support centre. They need to maximize the use of support staff as the demand often exceeds the capacity. What is the BEST way to smooth the demand? CHARGE USERS EACH TIME THEY USE THE SUPPORT SERVICE AND INCREASE THE PRICE FOR TIMES THAT ARE TYPICALLY BUSY.

Managing the user experience across all channels, touchpoints, and service interactions. What is an example of? OMNICHANNEL.

A service provider has built a 'cooperative relationship' with a customer. Which activity are they MOST LIKELY to use to validate the services that are provided? JOINT SERVICE REVIEWS OF ACHIEVEMENTS OF SERVICE TARGETS.

In a cooperative relationship to validate whether the service meets the service target, a joint effort is required from both the service provider and service consumer to review the service level target.

Which concept refers to any event where a service consumer or potential service consumer has an encounter with the service provider and/or its products and resources? TOUCHPOINT.

Which example shows that the service provider is building trust with the customer in a partnership relationship? DEMONSTRATE CAPABILITY TO ENABLE CONSUMER DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION.

What is an attribute of a strategic partnership? TRUST NEEDS TO BE DEVELOPED.

MoSCoW prioritization, also known as the MoSCoW method or MoSCoW analysis, is a popular prioritization technique for managing requirements. The acronym MoSCoW represents four categories of initiatives: must-have, should-have, could-have, and won't-have, or will not have right now.

A modular application is an application that is divided into a set of loosely coupled functional units (named modules) that can be integrated into a larger application.

An internal IT service provider does not have all the skills needed to create and deliver a new service, but could develop them with enough time. There are many external service providers who can provide this service. Which approach should the organization follow to decide if they should use the internal service provider or to source the service externally? START BY REVIEWING ORGANIZATIONAL POLICIES FOR SOURCING SERVICES, THEN IDENTIFY THE MOST IMPORTANT CRITERIA FOR SELECTING A SERVICE PROVIDER, AND USE A 'DECIISON MATRIX' TO COMPARE SERVICE PROVIDERS.

What is an attribute of a basic relationship? COSTS ARE USUALLY TRANSPARENT, BUT VALUE MAY BE HIDDEN.

Resource constraints have slowed an organization’s efforts to expand into new markets. Which practice would recommend eliminating products and services that are not enabling value, so that the required resources can be made available? PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT.

Different types of service relationships require different approaches to assessing mutual readiness. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? REDINESS TO COLLABORATE IS CRUCIAL FOR A PARTNERSHIP RELATIONSHIP.

An organization is using a “decision matrix” to create a shortlist of potential service providers. They have defined tangible assessment criteria and they have identified how well each service provider meets each criterion. What should they do next? COMPARE THE SERVICE PROVIDERS BASED ON HOW IMPORTANT EACH ASSESSMENT CRITERION IS.

Which charging mechanism is based on a break-even or cost recovery model? COST.

Service is provided without the service provider and the user being in physical proximity. For example, a user may communicate with the service provider through texting. What is an example of? TECHNOLOGY-MEDIATED.

An organization provides an online portal that its employees can use to learn about and request standard services. Which practice would ensure that users can easily find information on the portal and that the information is kept up-to-date? SERVICE CATALOGUE MANAGEMENT.

Number and percentage of transactions where users used the interface help. This is a Metric associated with which Experience criteria? EMOTIONAL CRITERIA.

Focus is on the other person, not much attention is paid to the outside world. What is an example of? FOCUSED LISTENING.

Practice. Success. Factor. (PSF) “A complex functional component of a practice that is required for the practice to fulfil its purpose.”. Formerly Critical Success Factors.

A measure that either directly or indirectly indicates the situation or level of a specific aspect of service value. What is an example of? SERVICE VALUE INDICATOR.

An IT service provider is carrying out an internal assessment, to identify opportunities to develop and improve their services. They have reviewed workflows and activities, the capabilities of their workforce, and supplier contracts. Which area do they also need to consider? INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY.

Which TWO are activities of marketing in marketspace? 1. Giving presentation in conference 2. Advertising on social media 3. Launching a series of podcast 4. Hold a breakfast seminar. TWO AND THREE.


Which concept is concerned with assess user skills and the available range of support actions before implementing self-service? SHIFT-LEFT.

A team is evaluating commercial software products in an effort to improve communication and collaboration within the team. The members of the team cannot agree on the process that they should use to evaluate the products. Which step should the team complete LAST? DEFINITE REQUIREMENTS FOR CONFIGURING THE PRODUCT.

An organization with many cross-functional teams is going to start using a new modular application to manage many different aspects of their business, including finance, HR, sales and other capabilities. What is the BEST way to plan and deliver user training? CREATE A SEPERATE TRAINING COURSE FOR EACH USER ROLE OR PERSONA, SO THAT THE TRAINING IS RELEVANT TO THE USERS.

A customer has been using an organization’s service for many years. The customer has indicated that the service is no longer meeting their objectives. How can the service provider BEST determine if the original value proposition is still valid? BY CHALLENGING ASSUMPTIONS THAT HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY MADE ABOVE THE SERVICE.

Which activity does a service provider carry out as part of the “explore” step of the customer journey? PROVIDING MARKETING MATERIAL TO POTENTIAL FUTURE CUSTOMERS.

Where the vendor provides all services as well as the service integration and management function. What is an example of? SINGLE SUPPLIER.

Identify the missing words in the following sentence. A [?] is a justification for the expenditure of organizational resources, providing information about costs, benefits, options, risks, and issues. BUSINESS CASE.

Which approach is concerned when a user requests a service on a service portal, downloads an application, calls a service desk? PULL APPROACH.

Service design thinking is an effective way of tackling problem-solving. Since the core of the method is to explore, prototype, and gather feedback from real users, it is a good example of value-driven, data-driven, and user-centred service design. It encourages users to define value and is a method that continuously gathers feedback on what is and is not working”.

An organization has signed a contract to outsource its service desk function to a supplier. The organization wants to ensure that its customers and users will receive a seamless support service. Which activity would MOST help the organization at this stage? INTEGRATING SUPPLIER ACTIVITIES INTO THE ORGANIZATIONS VALUE STREAMS.

Where the organization manages all vendors and coordinates the service integration and management function itself. What is an example of? RETAINED ORGANIZATION.


A piece of functionality described in a way that could be developed in a single sprint. What is an example of? USER STORIES.

Which is a holistic method to conceptualize value-driven, data-drive services? DESIGN THINKING.

What is the BEST indicator of mutual readiness in basic relationship? SATISFACTORY PAST PERFORMANCE.

The line of internal interaction: This separates the employees in contact from those who do not directly support interactions with customers and users”.


SERVICE PROVIDER has improved its users' engagement channel by adding a self-service portal to reduce the demand of telephone support. However, the service desk still receives many calls. How can it be solved? CREATE AN ONLINE TUTORIAL TO TRAIN HOW TO USE THE SERVICE PORTAL.

Which concept is concerned with activities and resources within a service relationship that are visible to both the service provider and the service consumer? BAND OF VISIBILITY

A service provider designs and delivers a portfolio of shopping websites that must comply with retail website regulations. The websites should also support the service provider’s reputation for high-quality applications that are easy to use. The service provider wants to assess the value provided by the websites. Which is the BEST set of measurement criteria for comparing services in the portfolio? USER SATISFACTION WITH WEB INTERFACES; NUMBERS AND IMPACT OF REGULATORY NON-COMPLIANCE.

Which line separates the employees in contact from those who do not directly support interactions with customers and users? LINE OF INTERNAL INTERACTION.

A customer is retiring a service and has terminated the contract for the service with the service provider. The service provider will continue to deliver other services to the customer. Which activity should the service provider include in the plans to offboard the service? IDENTIFYING AND MAKING REQUESTS FOR OUTSTANDING PAYMENTS FOR THE SERVICE.

Services based on service offerings and products that have been planned and built in accordance with requirements specified by the customer. Which Relationship does this situation describe? PARTNERSHIP.

“Service interaction: A reciprocal action between a service provider and a service consumer that co-creates value”.

INVEST stands for Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Sized-Appropriately, Testable.

A PESTLE analysis studies the key external factors (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental) that influence an organisation.

Band of visibility: Activities and resources within a service relationship that are visible to both the service provider and the service consumer.

In a partnership, the service provider and the service consumer may act as one organization coordinating activities across a great range of functions and processes

A cost-plus contract is an agreement to reimburse a company for expenses incurred plus a specific amount of profit, usually stated as a percentage of the contract's full price.

Cost Plus: “The mark-up (%) can either be set by the service provider to match returns on other investments or allocated by the service provider to meet strategic business needs”

In building trust in service basic relationship, the customer will “check past performance of service provider”


Value-driven and data-driven service design implies an iterative approach based on frequent feedback, continual experimentation, and learning to ensure value co-creation in each step of the design process”.

Retained organization as service integration and management: Where the retained organization manages all vendors and coordinates the service integration and management function itself”.

Value stream: a series of steps an organization undertakes to create and deliver products and services to customers.

Single supplier: “Where the vendor provides all services as well as service integration and management function”.

Pull is when service actions are initiated by users. “This is a case the user requests a service on a service portal, download an application, call a service desk etc.”

Business case: A justification for the expenditure of organizational resources, providing information about costs, benefits, options, risks, and issues.

A sprint is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review.

A user story is a way of describing functionality required by the stakeholders, so that the piece of functionality could be developed in a single sprint.


With the shift-left approach, work or service support is moved closer to the user. One of the key challenges in adopting a shift-left approach is users not having the relevant skills to use the technology tools.

Marketspace is defined by all the possible channels made available on the Internet.


Which is a valid description of the priorities when using agile development methods? WORKING PRODUCTS OVER COMPREHENSIVE DOCUMENTATION.

Which is a technique for identifying customers that have common demands? MARKET SEGMENTATION.

Which concept is concerned with a workload profile of one or more business activities? PATTERN OF BUSINESS ACTIVITY.

When a user is not happy with how their query is being handled by a service provider, what would help to improve the user’s loyalty and trust? DEMONSTRATING EMPATHY.

A collection of related user stories that represent a whole area of functionality or a capability that a product or service owner is interested in? USER STORIES.

Which technique allows a service provider to target a customer with specific needs and desires? MARKET SEGMENTATION.

Organization has introduced a new service, and feedback from users indicates that their expectation is not being met. The organization wants to ensure that subsequent revisions adequately reflect the user’s requirements. What is the BEST approach to go about this? DEFINE MINIMUM VALUE PRODUCT AND DEMO TO COLLECT THE REQUIREMENT.

An organization wants to provide its employees with a limited set of self-services via an online portal. A requirement is that when employees log into the portal, they see only those services that are applicable to their status in the organization and that they have the authority to access. The organization also wants to provide employees with the ability to adjust the layout of the portal. Which service provisioning approach should this organization use? TAILORED.

A service provider has recently released an upgrade to its payroll service. The service provider had told the customer that the upgrade would include functionality to copy information from various other HR systems, to reduce the amount of manual data entry. However, this statement was not documented at the time and the proposed functionality was not included in the design. Which practice includes activities which could have helped to avoid this situation? BUSINESS ANALYSIS.

A bank provides an online banking service to external users. The bank measures the functional and non-functional aspects of the service in several ways and is meeting its targets. However, user satisfaction with the service is not as high as the bank would like it to be. Which is the BEST example of an additional aspect of the service that the bank should measure? THE NUMBER OF TIMES A TRANSACTION IS STARTED BUT NOT COMPLETED.

An investment bank has outsourced its customer care helpline. It is keen to introduce experience metrics into its Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the service provider for the helpline. It has asked for a re-negotiation of the existing SLA. Which is the BEST example of an experience metric that can be included in the SLA? CUSTOMER SATISFACTION WITH THE HELPLINE.

An organization is undergoing a digital transformation and is conducting a strategic analysis of its customers’ needs. The organization uses agile methods to manage its digital products and a more traditional waterfall approach to manage its legacy systems. The organization is also considering introducing new products and services. Which is the BEST way for this organization to undertake this analysis? DEVELOP MODELS THAT HELP ANALYSTS PERFORM TASKS THAT ARE APPROPRIATE FOR GIVEN CONTEXT.

User satisfaction with web interfaces, number and impact of regulatory non-compliances are good measurement criteria in comparing services in the portfolio.

“Many experience metrics are related to the service interface performance, others may indicate user satisfaction with either interface, or the service in general”.

“The line of internal interaction: This separates the employees in contact from those who do not directly support interactions with customers and users”.

Retained organization as service integration and management: Where the retained organization manages all vendors and coordinates the service integration and management function itself”

SERVICE PROVIDER has improved its users' engagement channel by adding a self-service portal to reduce the demand of telephone support. However, the service desk still receives many calls. How can it be solved? CREATE ONLINE TUTORIAL TO TRAIN HOW OT USE THE SERVICE PORTAL.

The attribute of a Cost Plus: “The mark-up (%) can either be set by the service provider to match returns on other investments or allocated by the service provider to meet strategic business needs”

User stories: “A piece of functionality described in a way that could be developed in a single sprint”

service design thinking is an effective way of tackling problem-solving. Since the core of the method is to explore, prototype, and gather feedback from real users, it is a good example of value-driven, data-driven, and user-centred service design. It encourages users to define value and is a method that continuously gathers feedback on what is and is not working”.

Pull is when service actions are initiated by users.

An organization is deciding whether to develop a new service internally or source the service from an external service provider. A key aim is to ensure the new service would be compatible with the organization’s existing services. Which would the organization consider FIRST when making this decision? THE ORGANIZATIONS SOURCING STRATEGY AND GOVERNMANCE MODEL.
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2023.06.07 08:44 Just_sahil53 Need some financial advice

Hi Friends, I live in a small village of Haryanav i am from arts stream i drop my college in 2nd year for some finanicial problem now days im learning web development and I earn 20 thousand a month from a9to5 job, I want to live abroad its my last dream is it possible Which country will be best and in budget note:my family does not help me financially so please give me some advice i know my my english not so gud but i really need help
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2023.06.07 08:43 Flimsy_Fennel7737 [24/06/23] MLB London Series (Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals @ London Stadium

Morning everybody!
I have 3 tickets to this AWESOME day that I now need to shift. My group of 8 is now down to 5 due to, sadly, unforeseen last minute circumstances, so you’re welcome to talk to us if you buy the tix, or you’re also more than welcome to do your thing!
The group: 2 best friends, bringing their dads and one of their wives to a big day out.
The seats are good, and I’d like to shift at face value, but I’m to open a channel of conversation.
Tickets are paper and I already have them, so I’m flexible, we can either link up at any point between now and then, or meet on the day, we’re aiming to get there at gates opening to make the most of the event.
It’s a historic MLB rivalry and should be a great day, so hopefully someone is keen!
Let me know if this sounds like your thing!
Cheers ⚾️
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2023.06.07 08:43 Aryasumu Search Campaign ad group structure for video converter desktop software (SaaS) - how granular it need to be to split the themes?

Structure Option 1.
Search Ads Campaign 1: Video Converter Media-to-Media Conversion
Ads Group 1. MKV to MP4 Converter (landing page: mkv-to-mp4.htm)
Ads Group 2. AVI to MP4 Converter (landing page: avi-to-mp4.htm)
Ads Group 3. MP4 to MOV Converter (landing page: mp4-to-mov.htm)
Ads Group 4. MP4 to MP3 Converter (landing page: mp4-to-mp3.htm)
Ads Group 5. AVI to MP4 Converter (landing: avi-to-mp4.htm)
Ads Group 6. AVI to MOV Converter (landing: avi-to-mov.htm)
Ads Group 7. MOV to MP4 Converter
Ads Group 8. xxx
Each group uses mixed keyword match types, or maybe only the type: phrase match?
Landing page option 2: for all the above ads group, direct to the same landing page: xxx(product)-video-converter.htm
By the way, if I use broad match for Ads Group 5. AVI to MP4 Converter (keywords: convert avi to mp4, avi to mp4 converter, etc.), it will also match search terms such as mkv to mp4 converter. In this sense, are the ads groups competing with each other and raises CPC fee in the auction?
Search Ads Campaign 2: Video Converter Software
Ads Group 1. Best Video Converter Software (landing page: xxx(product)-video-converter.htm)
Ads Group 2. 4K Video Converter (landing page: 4k-video-converter.htm)
Ads Group 3. HEVC Converter
Ads Group 4. xxx
each group uses mixed keyword match types, or maybe only the type: phrase match?
Or maybe even combine the above two campaign into only one campaign?
Structure Option 2.
Search Ads Campaign 1: MKV Converter
Ads Group 1. MKV to MP4 Converter
Ads Group 2. MKV to xxx Converter
Ads Group 3. MKV Converter
Search Ads Campaign 2: MP4 Converter
Ads Group 1. MP4 to MOV Converter
Ads Group 2. MP4 to MP3 Converter
Ads Group 3. MP4 to xxx Converter
Search Ads Campaign 3: HEVC Converter
Ads Group 1. Convert HEVC to MP4
Search Ads Campaign 4: AVI Converter
Ads Group 1. AVI to MP4 Converter
Ads Group 2. AVI to MOV Converter
Search Ads Campaign 5: Video Converter Software
Ads Group 1. Best Video Converter Software
Ads Group 2. 4K Video Converter
Ads Group 3. xxx
Structure Option 3. Campaigns Split based on keyword performance, such as CPC, or conversion rates
I read about Popular Google Ads Campaign Structures, but since Google is making to push automation (such as the shift of same match type of "Remove redundant keywords" to across different match types, stop supporting ETA, supports RSA only), some strategy may not still be working in 2023?
  1. Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) with Alpha/Beta Structure
  2. Single Keyword Multi-match Type Ad Groups
  3. Broad Match Campaign with Smart Bidding
  4. Theme-based Ad Groups
  5. Campaigns Split by Age with Smart Bidding
  6. Campaigns Split Based on Keyword Performance with Smart Bidding
  7. Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns
  8. Hagakure Method
Also, it seems some examples are dependent of a specific industry/service
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2023.06.07 08:43 ElectricalTears It kinda hurts when people shit on men all the time

I can already hear the “not all men” comments and I know, I’m very aware of that. I’m just ranting here.
It does start to hurt when all of your friends constantly praise women for basically existing and then in the same sentence shit on men. “Women are just so much better in ever way” “I hate men” “men fucking suck” “women are always the best” like damn at this point you might as well just say fuck you to my face. I get it, you hate men, you hate me, you think I’m disgusting, ugly scum of the earth who shouldn’t even be allowed to breathe compared to ✨beautiful✨ and ✨wonderful✨ women who can NEVER do ANY wrong. It fucking hurts after a while and I can’t exactly point it out or I’ll get shit on or told “oh we’re not talking about you,” you just said all women are better than men… and I’m a man. Unless of course you don’t see me as a man and I’m simply man lite to you. :/
This is coming from a guy who’s literally afraid of men because I’ve had basically nothing but negative experiences with them. I can’t trust men at all and I get where they’re coming from but like how many times do you need to say it for fucks sake. I get it, I’m inhuman, ugly, disgusting, boring, and abhorrent compared to lovely, beautiful, wonderful women. Uhg.
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2023.06.07 08:43 trampolines12 Dive into Fun and Adventure with Water Trampolines!

When it comes to summer fun on the water, few things can match the excitement and laughter of bouncing on a water trampoline. These inflatable wonders bring together the joy of trampolining and the refreshing thrill of being surrounded by water. In this blog post, we will explore the world of water trampolines, discussing their features, benefits, and why they have become a popular choice for water enthusiasts and recreational activities.
  1. What is a Water Trampoline?
A water trampoline is a floating platform that combines the elements of a traditional trampoline with buoyancy and stability for use on water. It consists of an inflatable jumping surface supported by a sturdy frame or perimeter, often made of durable materials like PVC or reinforced fabrics. Water trampolines are typically anchored to the waterbed to ensure stability and prevent drifting.
  1. Features and Design:
Water trampolines come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small personal trampolines to large multi-person structures. They are designed to withstand the outdoor elements and the buoyant forces exerted by the water. The jumping surface is often equipped with secure handles or straps for added safety and convenience while bouncing.
  1. Benefits of Water Trampolines:
3.1 Endless Fun: Water trampolines offer hours of non-stop entertainment for individuals, families, and friends. Jumping, bouncing, and performing tricks on the water create a unique and exhilarating experience that appeals to people of all ages.
3.2 Low-Impact Exercise: Trampolining on water provides a low-impact workout that is gentle on joints and muscles. It helps improve balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness while being enjoyable and refreshing.
3.3 Safe and Secure: Water trampolines are designed with safety in mind. The inflatable jumping surface provides a cushioned landing, reducing the risk of injuries. Additionally, the sturdy frame and anchoring system ensure stability and prevent the trampoline from drifting away.
  1. Versatility and Accessories:
Water trampolines offer versatility and can be enhanced with various accessories to elevate the experience. Some popular additions include water slides, climbing walls, basketball hoops, and lounge attachments. These accessories expand the range of activities and provide opportunities for even more fun and adventure.
  1. Maintenance and Safety Precautions:
To ensure the longevity and safety of your water trampoline, regular maintenance is essential. Inspecting the inflatable surface for any leaks or damage and properly storing it when not in use will prolong its lifespan. Following safety guidelines, such as limiting the number of users and enforcing proper jumping techniques, is crucial to prevent accidents and injuries.
  1. Where to Enjoy Water Trampolines:
Water trampolines are commonly found in lakes, rivers, and larger swimming pools. Many resorts, water parks, and recreational facilities offer water trampolines as part of their attractions. Additionally, owning a water trampoline allows you to create your own water-based playground in your backyard or vacation home, providing endless fun for your family and friends.
Water trampolines are a fantastic way to combine the joy of trampolining with the excitement of being on the water. Whether you're looking for a thrilling water activity or a unique addition to your waterfront property, water trampolines provide endless hours of entertainment and fun for everyone involved. Remember to prioritize safety, follow maintenance guidelines, and explore the wide range of accessories available to enhance your water trampolining experience. Dive into the world of water trampolines and create memories that will make a splash!
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2023.06.07 08:43 pickledog666 Seeking Artists who have experienced living with tremors and continuing to create art to share their experience.

Hi there! My best friend, A, has gone through so much in the last two years and getting a heart transplant as well as a kidney transplant were probably at the top of that list. Today she told me that she has not made any art since right before her big stroke two years ago that set a the health problems she's been having into motion and said the biggest reason why now is because her transplant medication causes her to have tremors.
She sounded so bummed out when she told me this and mentioned that she will have to continue taking these medications for the rest of her life (idk if its relevant the specific medication I can ask her but don't know it off the top of my head). I just thought I'd reach out to a few of the art communities on reddit and see if I could find anyone else who suffers from tremors who still is creating art who could maybe share their experience to give her some encouragement.

A used to paint and draw constantly, her room would be a mess of paper and paints and drawings both finished and unfinished, or various magazine cuttings for collages, etc. She also got into epoxy resin art shortly before her stroke and some of the things she made were very pretty. She has nothing but time right now as she is basically still in recovery mode, and I just want to try and cheer her up a bit and help her feel better about her ability to create because I know she can do it if she tries to get past her self-doubts.

Anything from personal stories of those who have experienced this dilemma as well, to examples of artwork any of you might have done while having tremors would be wonderful. I'm gonna post a few of her pieces so that you can get an idea of what kind of art she used to make and give any suggestions for her to be able to continue in her former style or ways for her to overcome the tremors and use them in a creative way to transcend and develop an entirely new style for herself. Thank you so much for reading and I hope someone will see this that can relate.
PS: as this is for someone who is in a place of healing both mentally and physically I sincerely request that any criticism or unkind comments simply be kept to yourself, thank you. This is a request for realistic advice and words of encouragement, though constructive criticism may be alright! Thank you.
EDIT: it seemed i could not make a post including any images so here is a link if anyone is interested in viewing some examples of her art from before her stroke.
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2023.06.07 08:40 No-Possible515 "Ang hirap mong gustuhin"

Me and this girl met way back November 30, 2022 ng 5:08 PM (yup, alam ko pati 'yung oras) nagkakilala kami sa Bumble and siya 'yung nag first move. Everything went well hanggang sa inaya niya akong maglaro ng games and nagkahingian ng socmeds.
So nung December 19 na, nagkaroon kami ng slight na argument na hindi naman full on argument talaga, more on intense lang na pag-uusap. You see, I have a bestfriend with whom I used to have a crush on, mga 10 months ago na from the time na nagkakilala kami. Umamin ako sa bestfriend ko na 'yun and she just laughed it off and told me na straight siya and fast forward to two months, both of us discovered na hindi siya straight. Pero I've moved on naman na from that experience and sa tao mismo kahit na after kong umamin, continuous 'yung contact namin since after kong umamin, parang nawala na 'yung weight sa chest ko and hindi naman ako nasaktan more on nawala na 'yung bigat and the feelings followed na. So ayun na nga, bigla niyang in-open 'yung topic about sa "morals" niya which is hindi siya naniniwalang naka move on na 'yung tao if friends pa rin with someone from their past or kahit na nagka gusto lang. I respect her belief naman sabi ko sa kanya and she said na kung kinikilig pa rin daw ba ako sa friend ko na 'yun. Sabi ko naman na hindi syempre since wala naman na akong feelings for that person and hindi naman ako mag e-entertain ng iba knowing na may feelings ako para sa iba. Sabi naman niya, hindi siya naniniwala na wala akong something for that person kasi hindi raw ako nagkaroon ng time na mag move on na no contact for at least two months and in my case naman kasi, it's really just a simple crush na dahil din kasi everyday ko siyang nakakausap that time and no hard feelings naman when I was rejected and nag fade rin naman feelings ko and I only see her as a friend. So there I was, reassuring her na wala talaga hanggang sa bigla siyang nag walkout sa conversation (sa messenger bigla akong nirestrict) then ako naman, nag panic nang sobra-sobra. Since first ko talaga na seryosong possible rel 'yun and alam naman niya 'yun she even promised to be patient with me and I promised to be patient with her too since maraming nag titrigger sa kanya. I then resorted to my friends para sila 'yung maging proof ko na wala talaga akong gusto sa ex crush ko and I even told my ex crush about it (I have to admit na that was insensitive and wrong of me pero I really panicked kasi first time kong ma-walkout-an and ayoko siyang mawala ng ganoon lang since she's really important to me?). So they shared their experiences din and may proof pa na wala na talaga akong gusto kay ex crush and everything went well kinabukasan kasi nag chat na siya bigla na talagang natitrigger daw siya ganyan and I said naman na sorry rin. Indirectly rin kasi niya akong pinapapili between her and my friend and she even told me na iiwan niya ako if ever na ganoon pa rin daw sa future na I'm friends with that person and so I said naman na I don't want you to get hurt and if you think na hindi mo talaga kakayanin na ganito 'yung magiging set up, we can end this while it's early and I also said na I would set boundaries between me and my friend sabi ko pa na if she wants, I can tell her everytime na mag chachat 'yung friend ko. We both made it clear from the start na ayaw namin na magbigayan ng accs just to see who messaged who pero I told her na I would gladly offer naman and that it's okay for me na ibigay ang akin. Then ayun sinabi rin biya kinabukasan na tingnan daw namin, we shluld stay and see. Tapos sabi niya pa na magtiwala lang ako sa kanya na i-process and I told her na sige I will and sabi rin niya na huwag kong imemention ever 'yung friend ko and I wholeheartedly obliged.
After niyan, everything went well naman hanggang sa nagsabi siya na pinupursue niya raw ako, not until nitong May a week before ng May 23 to be exact nung time na inopen niya 'yung topic about fwb na if ever daw ma-midnight rain kami, would we be open to it. Sabi ko naman na ako I wouldn't since gusto ko ng genuine and serious rel, kaya nga kako hindi ako nag try ng flings before I met her kasi siya marami na siyang experiences from slings to exes. And she said naman na siya hindi kasi hindi na siya bumabalik sa mga exes niya. Biglang nagsabi siya na aamin daw siya na gusto niya ako pero the things that I say or do for her support it. So at first confused ako then I realized na baka hindi ko pa talaga siya namamahal or nagugustuhan sa way na nakaka feel siya na loved and cared for siya so I told her na I understand and na can she tell me how kasi I'm really new to the dating game and I want to know exactly how kasi hindi ko naman mahuhulaan lahat and I promised na hindi ko sasagarin patience niya. So me thinking na parang open forum na, I told her na may aaminin din ako na hindi ko ma-imagine sarili ko na head over heels for someone pero I really do like her and hinihinder ko pa kako sarili ko na magsabi nung "three words" kasi I don't know if I do love her na ba or nandun pa rin ako sa gustong gusto ko siya na stage. I also asked kung she only likes the idea of me and not me for me. She then lashed out na dapat alam ko chuchu then na-confuse na ako and na-hurt kasi nagsabi siya ng profanity sa dulo and her exact words were, "Oo, mentally unstable ako pero putangina hindi ako delusional." Kasi nagsabi siya sa akin na sensitive siya when it comes to talks like these na ano raw wala sanag bad word ganyan and ako rin naman ganoon since nahuhurt ako agad kapag nasesense kong nawawalan ng patience sa akin 'yung tao. Tapos niyan I said sorry and I assured her na I'm sure of my feelings for her nalilito lang ako kung mahal ko na siya or nandun pa rin ako sa gustong gusto ko siya. Kasi by the time na sinabi ko 'yan, hindi na raw siya naniniwalang gusto ko siya balik daw siya sa square one na hindi siya nagtitiwala sa mga sinasabi ko. And I felt hurt, really hurt but I understood na may trust issues siya and I always validate it. She's so focused sa pag vavalidate ng feelings niya unknowingly invalidating mine too (ngayon ki lang na-realize 'yun now that we're over).
The next few days, the messages have turned cold. Nag u-update na lang sa isa't isa until sa hindi ko na kaya and I asked her kung anong meron kasi napag usapan naman namin 'yung about doon sa nangyari. Bigla na lang sabi niya na ang sakit daw ng lahat na awang awa na siya sa sarili niya tapos yung about sa "morals" niya, she doesn't think she can change it and she feels like she does not want to and sobrang na-confuse ako kasi wala akong alam kahit na tinatanong ko siya about sa nafefeel niya while we were uodating each other and she takes pride in her communication skills and we talked about being open to one another para hindi ma-suppress ang nga nararamdaman namin. So ayun ano, biglang nag rant siya about sa akin na ang layo-layo ng loob niya sa akin and every time na nakikita niya ako or nakakausap hindi matanggal sa isip niya na magkaibigan pa rin daw kami nung ex crush ko and I understood, and I felt hurt kasi damang dama ko 'yung sakit na nararamdaman niya and I told her na it's okay if ayaw na niya na I would understand kahit na grabe 'yung sakit kasi wala akong alam, hindi ko alam na ayun 'yung nararamdaman niya and sinabi niyang ang hirap kong gustuhin dahil dun sa factor na kaibigan ko pa rin ex crush ko, I even offered to end our friendship nung ex crush ko sa sobrang high na ako sa emotions and this time, willing na ako since hindi na lang naman kami 'yung nasa bumble na ilang linggong magkakilala. And she told me na hindi nun marereverse yung nafeel niya and nahihiya raw siya and she cries every single night kasi during the whole week na 'yun na iniisip ko kung paano maayos, she was in the grieving stage na and I admit na I fucked up, I really did sa pagsabi ko nung gabing nag talo kami about it na humingi ako ng proof sa friends ko. We both ended that fateful night and after three days namab nag chat ako if we can still fix things and hindi na raw talaga and I accepted it fully na. She also said na I can do everything that I want para maka move on. I blocked her accounts and I deleted all of our messages and pictures but still, nafefeel at nakikita ko siya sa lahat. Everything reminds me of her. Nag breakdown ako for four days straight hanggang sa bigla ko na lang na-realize na it really is for the best para rin hindi na siya masaktan.
After a few days, ang dami kong realizations na hindi rin siya perfect like me. Una is 'yung about sa ex niya, the oroblem with her is she always mentions someone from her past or 'yung ex niya or 'yung babeng laging nakatingin sa kanya sa class nila and sabi niya freljng niya may gusto raw sa kanya. And everytime na nag kekwento siya about sa ganyan niya, para kaming mag bestfriends na nag chichikahan about sa lovelife ng bawat isa and I don't like it. I opened it up to her na hindi ko gusto na ganoon na constantly niyang binibring up I mean okay lang naman na ikwenyo niya about sa past niya so that I know where she is coming from pero kasi lagi na lang talaga eh and she knows na selosa ako pero hindi naman toxic na selosa more on nalulungkot lang ako and natutulog. Pero hindi pa rin doon nag stop 'yun kasi pati school ng ex niya nalaman ko na HAHAHAHAH her ex is from pisay raw scholar nga raw kasi syempe science hs then sabi niya bigla na, "Can you ever imagine yourself na ganoong katalino?" Like, NAPUTANGINA TALAGA AKO DOONNNNN! Na-estatwa lang ako na parang okay... hindi sa nagmamayabang ako pero I'm part of the achieverz in our class, kasama sa high honors to be exact and na-offend lang talaga ko sa sinabi niya and bumalik 'yung memory ko nung unang mga usap pa namin is nagtanong siya about sa academic performance ko and sabi niya na, "Uyyy, nakasabit ka pa sa with high honors" na parang okay? She then continued to babble about her achievements and sa swimming endeavors niya since she used to be a swimmer na suportado ng speedo. Back sa mga ex niya, sabi niya pa na gagawa raw siya ng file na nandun lahat ng history niya with her exes and her past flings para buksan ko na lang daw whenever I feel like reading it para malaman ko and all. Sabi ko pa nga sa utak ko ang sweet naman nun BDHWJDAKKSA not until sa na-realize ko na what if hindi pa talaga siya nakaka move on or nakaka heal sa past niya and she's projecting it sa akin? Se would even boast about how one of her exes messaged her na sabi daw sa kanya na nag sosorry kasi that fling cheated on her and sabi pa nga raw sa friends nila na, "Babalim din siya sa akin." So balik tayo sa last ex niya, 'yung ex kasi na 'yun (the one from pisay) they were MUs for 2 years then they dated for 9 months so bale 2 years and 9 months nag end sila nung feb of 2022. Nakipaghiwalay siya kasi sinabi sa kanya na hindi raw maimagine ng ex niya na may ka-rel ng matagal. I also realized na gusto niya talaga na sa amin, siya 'yung high and mighty kasi siguro 'yung ex niya 'yung high and mighty sa kanila noon and sabi pa nga niya na she tried everything para maka keep up dun sa girl kasi syempre raw need din niya na mataas grades ganyan kasi nakakahiya sa friends naman ng ex niya. To the point na talagang bumagsak daw mental health niya kasi na-pressure siya ng sobra-sobra and kasi tuwing nag rarant siya sa ex niya abiut acads sinasabi lang daw na kaya mo 'yan ganyan na tapusin mo na. Hindi ko na nga alam kung totoo ba 'yung sa amin or ginawa lang akong rebound eh she made me promise kasi rin na i-kwento ko so mga tao 'yung nangyari sa amin and that I shouldn't keep it all inside and so I did. Hanggang sa sabi ng friends ko na talagang hindi raw ako pagkakatiwalaan and hindi rin daw magtatagal if ganoon kasi sabi niya sa akin na lahat ng reassurances ko hindi na gumagana and I promise na I did my best with it, na talagang nirereassure ko siya everyday and I guess it wasn't enough talaga. May time pa na gusto niyang lambingin ko siya pero ayaw niya and I asked her whyy eh ready naman ako and she can ask me anytime for it minsan nga lang if marami talagang need gawin, ma-lelate ako ng reply pero I will always come through for her. She said naman na kasi raw ex niya hindi raw siya nilalambing and ayaw raw ganito ganyan hanggang sa sinabi ko na mismo sa kanya na she has to understand na hindi na 'yung ex niya 'yung kasama niya, na ako na 'yung nandito and handa naman akong ibigay sa kanya yub and she does not have to beg for it. Bigla naman niyang nilabas lahat ng traumas niya sa akin and again, I understood. I always and I proomised again na magiging patient ako with her and she asked me rin na maging patient sa kanya and she always told me na hjndi niya ako iiwan ganito ganyan. I also realized na ayun din na parang may time kasi na medyo suspicious ako kasi kakahiwalay lang pala nila ng ex niya and she always mentions her ex tapos bigla naman siyang nag ano na naman niya tinurn sa akin lahat pero kapag siya alam niyo yun pwedeng maging suspicious sa amin ng friend ko and I would reassure her in a gentle and sincere manner while siya namab parang suck it up na type. Then ayun, she's so focused sa lag validate ko ng feelings niya, naming isa't isa na she ends up invalidating mine and it hurts. I also realized na sobrang daming times na parehong kami 'yung may kasalanan pero sa akin niya lang pinapa feel lahat na ako 'yung at fault. Ipapa feel niya sa akin na ako 'yung may kasalanan then mag sosorry siya na akala mo siya 'yung may kasalanan and ako naman ma-guguilty and I wluld reassure her na no, it's not your fault I'm sorry ganyan-ganoob. And I think it also came from her ex na sobrang ma-pride kasi ng ex niya na siya lang lagi 'yung nag sosorry kahit na siya na mismo nag sasabi sa ex niya na mag sorry dapat sa kanya. I also opened up sa cousin kong psych grad and she told me na insecure raw the girl that I cherished and cared for na gustong lagi akong ibaba just to make herself feel better and all that shit and ayun dun ko na-realize lahat ng mga hindi ki nakita. May mga mali rin naman ako I do admit it, hindi ki nga lang maamin pa that time sa sarili ko na may mali rin siya.
It's been fifteen days since we ended and I've been dreaming about her na for two days na gusto niyang makipagbalikan sa dream ko and all that tapos nahihirapan akong gumising but I've been doing well kesa sa mga nakaraang linggo.
I forgot to mention na I'm 18 years of age, female, and am part of the LGBTQIA+ community. I just shared my story here para na rin malaman views ng iba about it and I'm open to everything and I'm open for improvements. Thank you all!!
Note: I apologize in advance for the grammatical and punctuation errors huhu. And before I forget, she also told me na, "Huwag mo akong i-block, pls lng. Leaving me confused... does that mean na possible na mag reach out siya sa akin?
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2023.06.07 08:40 ellie_spamzhit AITA in this? argument in a game with a friend.

im (F15) really annoyed rn, but im worried i was being rude for absolutely zero reason and im all hormonal (im on my period) and overreacting. its not like we're not friends anymore (i dont think,,) but i want to know if i owe him (M25) an apology. idrk how to tell this rather than putting our convo here. for context, we often play overwatch together and lately ive been practicing the sniping character WidowMaker. (my little sister wants me to play her so we can get matching skins.) i was practicing her and my friend wanted to play, convo kinda picks up from there. i said no to an actual game so they wanted me to join a custom and i didnt want to

me: i dont like ppl seeing how shit i am tho mf(my friend): headshot only map. its super hard i wont judge, just the best widow practice ive found. me: i kinda feel like playing on my own. ive had a long day and just want to quietly practice. the other convo im having (another friend was talking to me about the game) is getting on my nerves enough as is. mf: no worries, im gonna play this for a bit bc its rly fun, you can join if u want me: i already did widow hs. nercropolis map only hs. against bots and shi mf: its really good against ppl bc there are some people who are unbelievably good me: exactlt. its not practice if i cant even shoot and just get sniped. mf: makes it almost impossibly hard but you can feel yourself improving me: im trying to practice sniping, not avoiding other snipers. i'll do that shi later, for now i want to be able to adtually hit shots first mf: one in the same, it pushes you to aim faster me: look, i dont want to do this. im not joining. i know how it works and how it can help but i dont want to right now. mf: w/e just trying to help me: and i said i dont want to, im in a really shit mood rn and i said that

mf: have fun by urself

ik its really stupid but i overthink shit and dont want to upset someone whos done thing wrong. be brutally honest; aita? (sorry for any typos, i have clammy hands and a cracked phone screen 😭)
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2023.06.07 08:38 Ornery_Monk_8653 Did I marry the wrong one???

So my husband and I got married relatively quickly..10 months. I had just got out of a pretty toxic on and off “ relationship” (guy never really committed to terms bf/gf) for years and I had wanted a man who knew what he wanted and my husband was exactly that. However, he is my first real/serious relationship and I just don’t have another one to compare it to. But all I know is my husband was never the playful/silly/flirty kind. He was more reserved and kind of in his own world where romance doesn’t come naturally to him. I guess in the back of my mind I always thought he’d change and the sparks would start flying when we got married. However that never happened. Now here we are 4 years later with 1 kid and I’m just not happy. I want that best friend like marriage where you laugh together and have fun and you can feel like chemistry in the room kind of love. I’ve felt that before, even with random people even if briefly. I know it’s my fault bc why marry someone you didn’t feel this with? The answer is I don’t know and now I’m heartbroken. I keep thinking of past men I’ve talked to even casually and wishing I would have even pursued those relationships. I’m really not sure what to do. Just want to vent.
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2023.06.07 08:37 IcedPgh Suggesting "You Hurt My Feelings", in theaters.

This is a pretty good, small movie that you should support in theaters. It stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus who is great as a self-absorbed writeteacher who had previously published a memoir and who is trying to publish a fiction novel. She overhears her husband, with whom she otherwise has a great relationship, saying that he flat out does not like her novel despite him telling her after every draft that he likes it. This idea of support and criticism is also played out in the other characters.
It's a funny little comedy drama that gets a bit on the nose with its themes but is never annoying. It's from director Nicole Holofcener, and I rented three of her other movies beforehand which are all in the same mold of being very talky and low-key comedies about angsty and self-absorbed folks: Walking and Talking, Friends with Money (which might be the best of the four), and Please Give.
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