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RoyalWreckers: Many have entered, few will win

2015.11.13 02:43 RoyalWreckers: Many have entered, few will win

The most headstrong, strong willed, and skilled squadron in the Royal Blue Battalion.

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/Bushcraft defines Bushcraft as the usage and practice of skills, acquiring and developing knowledge and understanding, in order to survive and thrive in the natural environment. In this subreddit we discuss the development, and practise, of those skills and techniques, the use of appropriate tools, schools of thought and the historical context.

2023.05.30 16:56 Achilles_virus If you value your sanity, I beg of you, DO NOT go looking for the Achilles files…

I don’t know how long I have left, I don’t know how long it will take for it to kill me, but it sure as hell won’t be fast…
I’m an eighteen year old male from Los Angeles, California. I’m your typical, run of the mill high school student, I do sports, go to the games with my friends, and have a boyfriend I love with all my heart ( yes, I’m gay ), but unlike everyone else I know, I seem to have a huge obsession with the medical field.
I thought, for fun, I would do a small project to boost my terrible grade in biology, on viral out breaks that have occurred in our city/state in the past century…
God…I shouldn’t have done it…
My bio teacher loved the idea, and said she would gladly boost my grade from an F to an A if I gather a certain amount of info from any hospital in the city.
For weeks and weeks I searched for a hospital that would allow me to go through their files, and try to find a pattern in viral outbreaks that they had dealt with, to no avail.
Most hospitals rejected me, “we don’t let anyone go through our files with our authorisation, sir”, they said…
But one…let me
One hospital, on the outskirts of downtown LA, actually let me go into their files and look, I was ecstatic, I was so happy that I could finally get my grade up! But something was off…
The file room stank, it stunk of rotting meat and dried blood ( but then again, it’s a hospital ) the room was littered with rappers and tissues, and even a snot covered face mask…disgusting
But I prevailed, I ignored the vile mess and went to look for any patterns…but something else…caught my eye…
“ project Achilles “ it said on its folder, in bold red letters, it’s author was smudged by coffee, but looking at the star of this place, that was the tidiest thing yet.
In my head, I thought “a little look won’t hurt, I mean, what if this will be enough to boost my grade”
My fucking head, it was wrong as usual..
I flip through the oddly bloodied pages, reading the recorded results of the project, from what I read, it was some sort of viral testing on humans, a cancer treatment with people with brain cancer, but something went wrong..
As I continued reading the texts, all written by different doctors, it got more…disturbing…
They had gathered twelve fourteen year olds, six boys and six girls, each with brain cancer, with which they would test a virus that they simply named “ Achilles”
Oh god…oh god, oh god, oh god
These poor children, I’ll read from what I remember to you from the files…
It said:
“ All children have been changed into gowns and placed within their own testing chambers, separated from one another, injection will commence…now.
All children have been injected with Achilles, as soon as the needle touched their arms and injected a drop of Achilles into their blood stream, the began to seize, vomit and scream in pain, the test must go on.
Subject six has already died from exhaustion, but all remaining eleven have survived, it has been five minutes since the injection process began, and each child has grown exponentially.
Their once five foot five bodies have now exceeded the eight foot six mark, and still growing, as I write this report, the children are banging against the glass, as their eyes and mouth ooze a thick black substance, that seems ti burn their skin, all children display a sense of anger and rage, as they bang on the glass, their screams don’t seem to be of pain, but of anger “
The report goes on to explain that, the cancer has been burned away, but something as replaced it, the virus had accumulated into a huge mass on their heads, but what is next made me run from that hospital in tears, right the way home…
“ it’s has been exactly seven days since the project began, and we have already lost half of our staff to those…those THINGS, they have all been bitten and have transformed into the same things as the children, they are not human, WHAT THE FUCK ATE THOSE THINGS, their teeth are huge and sharp and they use them to rip apart anything that moves, I’m trapped, all I can do now…is beg for mercy…”
I beg of you, to whom ever reads this, DO NOT go looking for that file, its content goes much more dark, but I suppose that is what is killing me.
As I hang my noose and prepare my stool, the final thing I can write, to my family, friends and my precious boyfriend…
once he’ll is full, the dead will walk the earth…beware project Achilles…
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2023.05.30 16:55 voltaire_had_a_point So now that we have established the cultural irrelevance of Greece, when do we start to use their population as forced labour to pay off their loans? The French grape vines aren’t going to pick themselves

So now that we have established the cultural irrelevance of Greece, when do we start to use their population as forced labour to pay off their loans? The French grape vines aren’t going to pick themselves submitted by voltaire_had_a_point to 2westerneurope4u [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:55 Suspicious_Ad5105 Postman request not getting saved to database.

I been following this YT tutorial on building a twitter backend spring boot project. When I try making an API call in postman, its showing me the 403 error. I have made the connection to the database, but then when I call the user creation method from the controller class, it's saying that ; "The request was a legal request, but the server is refusing to respond to it. Unlike a 401 Unauthorized response, authenticating will make no difference. "
Entity class:
public class ApplicationUser {
u/GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
private Integer userId;
private String firstName;
private String lastName;
u/Column(unique = true)
private String email;
private String phone;
private Date dateOfBirth;
u/Column(unique = true)
private String userName;
//@JsonIgnore is used at field level to mark a property or list of properties to be ignored.
private String password;
joinColumns = {@JoinColumn(name="user_id")},
inverseJoinColumns = {@JoinColumn(name="role_id")}
private Set authorities;
public Integer getUserId() {
return userId;
public void setUserId(Integer userId) {
this.userId = userId;
public String getFirstName() {
return firstName;
public void setFirstName(String firstName) {
this.firstName = firstName;
public String getLastName() {
return lastName;
public void setLastName(String lastName) {
this.lastName = lastName;
public String getEmail() {
return email;
public void setEmail(String email) { = email;
public String getPhone() {
return phone;
public void setPhone(String phone) { = phone;
public Date getDateOfBirth() {
return dateOfBirth;
public void setDateOfBirth(Date dateOfBirth) {
this.dateOfBirth = dateOfBirth;
public String getUserName() {
return userName;
public void setUserName(String userName) {
this.userName = userName;
public String getPassword() {
return password;
public void setPassword(String password) {
this.password = password;
public Set getAuthorities() {
return authorities;
public void setAuthorities(Set authorities) {
this.authorities = authorities;
public ApplicationUser(){
this.authorities=new HashSet<>();
public String toString() {
return "ApplicationUser{" +
"userId=" + userId +
", firstName='" + firstName + '\'' +
", lastName='" + lastName + '\'' +
", email='" + email + '\'' +
", phone='" + phone + '\'' +
", dateOfBirth=" + dateOfBirth +
", userName='" + userName + '\'' +
", password='" + password + '\'' +
", authorities=" + authorities +
Security Config class for granting permissions (although I suspect something wrong in this)
public class SecurityConfiguration {
public SecurityFilterChain filterChain(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception{
return http
.csrf(csrf -> csrf.disable())
.authorizeHttpRequests(auth -> auth.anyRequest().permitAll())
Service class:
public class UserService {
private final UserRepository userRepo;
private final RoleRepository roleRepo;
public UserService(UserRepository userRepo,RoleRepository roleRepo){
public ApplicationUser registerUser(ApplicationUser user){
Set roles=user.getAuthorities();
roles.add(roleRepo.findByAuthority("ADMIN").get()) ;
public class AuthenticationController {
private final UserService userService;
public AuthenticationController(UserService userService){
//goes to http://localhost:8000/auth/register
public ApplicationUser registerUser(@RequestBody ApplicationUser user){
return user;
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2023.05.30 16:55 Specific-Question594 i hate being poor and not being able to afford healthcare

When adulting kicks in, the realities of the once fantastic world you knew start to surface. Some people try to romanticize or find the beauty behind being in the lower class of this highly money-based society but when actual problems hit you—you can’t just help but pity yourself and be angry at your situation.
My parents, both in their 40s, were recently diagnosed with illnesses. Both of them need to take maintenance medications now. But the painful part is we barely could afford it. We are surviving with more or less 5k per month (a family of four) and now with their medications… idk how we could afford to pay everything.
Initially, they did not want to seek consultation because they were scared of the outcomes and possible costs. Thankfully, because of my parents’ siblings they had them checked and thankfully they did bcs if not, their condition might have worsened and worse, that might have caused their demise (they dont have the same illness).
Also, we have a dog that has severe skin allergy. We always wanted to have him treated but then again—we couldn’t afford it. The once active and playful dog that we loved… now rarely gets up and barks. He was once a happy dog and now I could only see his pain and suffering. I really do wish we could do something. If only I could turn back time, and we would give him to a more financially stable fur parent.
I am so mad at myself. I could not even do something. I am still in third year of nursing school (hence, working part-time is not an option due to the hectic school load). I am also studying in a private school funded by my relatives, but still there are costs that my parents shoulder. Punyeta patong inflation. Ewan ko nalang. Hindi naman pwede na puro nalang kami asa sa relatives namin.
I am in the healthcare field and my family could not even afford healthcare for ourselves. I HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO AFFORD HEALTHCARE. I will graduate by year 2025 and that’s still too far away. Lord, please keep my family healthy by then please. Patapusin mo muna ako lord then ako na bahala sa kanila 😭 Seeing them suffer like this hurts my heart so much. Bakit pa kasi kami mahirap. But i promise mama and papa, we will not be in this situation forever. So please hang on until I can make our lives comfortable 😭
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2023.05.30 16:54 Lo-I-Am-Not I Applied for a Job on the 17th to a high profile bank. The recruiter emailed me questions, and told me she submitted them and my resume for review. She stated she didn't have one at the moment. It's been 2 weeks. How do I write a inquiry letter?

I recently applied for a remote job for a big bank in my area, direct from their website. The interview was done via email, her sending me questions about my experience with customer service, etc. She said she would send in my answers, and that she did not have an exact time frame due to having more roles for the position then the original be approved and needing to sort through that.
It's been 2 weeks since then and no response. It still says I am under review. Other positions where they let you go as a candidate say No Longer Under Consideration, so I am still in the running I believe. (I've applied to a couple different positions that didn't pan out so I can see this).
My question is how should I word my Inquiry email? I wanna send one to see if there is a time frame available now. I'm crossing my fingers because this position is a entry level one for the field I wanna be as professional as possible without sounding desperate.
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2023.05.30 16:54 watty-t [STORE] KNIVES/GLOVES/SKINS, $5.000+ INVENTORY, AK-47 Gold Arabesque, M4A1-S Icarus Fell, ★ Sport Gloves Amphibious, ★ Gut Knife Gamma Doppler, ★ Ursus Knife Damascus Steel, ★ Driver Gloves Black Tie, ★ Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth, AWP Asiimov, Desert Eagle Printstream & MORE

Everything in my inventory is up for trade. The most valuable items are listed here, the rest you can find in my Inventory
Feel free to Add me or just send me a Tradeoffer
All B/O in USD$ down below!

"AK-47 Gold Arabesque",Battle-Scarred,2100
"M4A1-S Icarus Fell",Factory New,560
"★ Sport Gloves Amphibious",Battle-Scarred,565
"★ Gut Knife Gamma Doppler",Factory New,320
"★ Ursus Knife Damascus Steel",Factory New,245
"★ Driver Gloves Black Tie",Field-Tested,243
"★ Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth",Factory New,230
"AWP Asiimov",Field-Tested,149
"Desert Eagle Printstream",Factory New,118
"Desert Eagle Golden Koi",Factory New,99
"AWP BOOM",Minimal Wear,102
"★ Navaja Knife Night Stripe",Minimal Wear,96
"USP-S Orion",Minimal Wear,47
"Desert Eagle Printstream",Field-Tested,49
"StatTrak™ USP-S Monster Mashup",Minimal Wear,45

Some Items on the list may no longer be available or are still locked.

Trade Offer Link - Steam Profil Link
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2023.05.30 16:54 luddface It's honestly staggering how they just admit out in the open how dumb they are. Unfortunately, there is no satire to be found. LibsOfSocialMedia is a cess pool

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2023.05.30 16:53 FooFighter407 Perfect chair under $300?

Hey, I hope this is the right place to post this if not sorry, and can someone point me to the right place, please? Either way ill just get right into it.
I need a new office chair and some help if you would be willing. The last one broke at the arm. Is there a chair with better construction and quality comfort that would be around $300 or less including shipping? I'm having trouble finding something in my price range. My last office chair was a lazy boy which was fairly comfortable.
I have fibromyalgia which includes severe chronic pain. Im 6'5 and about 200 pounds.
I had a very comfortable lazy-boy but the arm kept breaking off. I sit weirdly so my foot would end up pushing against the arm and it would break after a bit at the center bottom bolt. I have been using an outdoor table chair that is made of metal and mesh. The gaps in the arms are much wider which I like but it still is very uncomfortable and I can feel my lower back hurting more and more each day I use it.
Is there a chair with better construction and quality comfort for someone with severe chronic pain that would be around $300 or less including shipping?
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2023.05.30 16:52 Ok_Ear_5674 How can I put a stop to someone contacting my employers and disclosing my past to them?

A couple years ago I was working at youth sports club as a coach and had parent of a player of mine accuse and report me to our governing body for verbal abuse towards their child. The governing body of our program found the complaint valid and banned me from participation. I don't agree with the decision or the representation of the events which were brought forth. However, I have no recourse to challenge the governing body and have moved on. This situation comes no where close to a criminal matter and has never been pursued. Now this parent is continuing to search for my current location and employer (which is still in the youth development field) and pass on the decision made by the governing body to my employers. I am no where near the state and not participating in any many with the organization or activity. I am unsure of what to do about this issue, as it is harming my career, but I don't know what category this may fall under if any to where I would have any recourse. Any insight or advice would be great. I am not in the state and am unsure if that affects the situation. Do I have any options to respond to this? Is this a legal issue that I can put a stop to?
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2023.05.30 16:52 ExpensiveRecord998 M19 from the UK looking to meet new friends! [friendship]

Hi All i am 19m from the UK, I’m not comfortable sharing my name right now until I get to know you better :)
I’m looking to form some friendships and hopefully talk day to day about how our lives are going. In most regards I’d say im an average guy, I like playing video games occasionally along side your typical shows although my friends have been getting me into some anime’s.
I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a nerd as I work in IT and enjoy most things you’d typically associate with someone who works in that field such as DND and Star Wars 😂
My biggest personality trait is definitely that I ride motorcycles that’s most of the pictures you’ll see on my social media haha
Anyways I look forward to hearing from you all don’t be afraid to drop me a message! Tell me a bit about yourself I’d love to hear your hobbies 😄
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2023.05.30 16:52 Ok_Ear_5674 What are my options for putting a stop to someone calling my employers and disclosing my past?

A couple years ago I was working at youth sports club as a coach and had parent of a player of mine accuse and report me to our governing body for verbal abuse towards their child. The governing body of our program found the complaint valid and banned me from participation. I don't agree with the decision or the representation of the events which were brought forth. However, I have no recourse to challenge the governing body and have moved on. This situation comes no where close to a criminal matter and has never been pursued. Now this parent is continuing to search for my current location and employer (which is still in the youth development field) and pass on the decision made by the governing body to my employers. I am no where near the state and not participating in any many with the organization or activity. I am unsure of what to do about this issue, as it is harming my career, but I don't know what category this may fall under if any to where I would have any recourse. Any insight or advice would be great. I am not in the state and am unsure if that affects the situation. Do I have any options to respond to this? Is this a legal issue that I can put a stop to?
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2023.05.30 16:52 babyshark8607 Question about Forest Hills TNH this Saturday

Looking to go this saturday for the first time and had a few questions regarding the venue. Is it true that there will be a certain number of people allowed to be in the general field area? If so, what time should our group arrive to make sure we get in. We want to be dancing and having an open space vs being on the stands. Also, does the venue have places to sit and chill? Thank you!!
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2023.05.30 16:52 Commander_Oganessian I've not had as much motivation to work on my fanfics, but Nonetheless here is The Trials and Tribulations of a 'Traitorous' HiveWing Chapter 3

Once he starts to wake up he feels a comforting warmth around him. Opening his eyes his vision is still dark. Once his vision clears he realizes he's looking at a black claw.
Following the claw he finds Palinurus snuggled against his back, her face settled in a peaceful bliss.
'This feels nice,' muses Crabron, making sure not to move and wake her, 'But should it? She's my friend and this is a very intimate pose.'
'What if you became more?' asks another train of thought, 'You could be happy.'
'But what if she doesn't want anything more,' questions Crabron.
'Of course she does, think back a little bit, she wasn't looking for guards she was looking at you. Need proof? Her flustered response is all you need, or how about when you mentioned dating and she hastily backtracked?'
As he is arguing with himself Crabron notices that her smile has turned to fear and her breath quickens, as she mumbles, "No, Crabron! No, no, no!"
'She must be having a nightmare!' thinks Crabron as he shakes her awake, "Palinurus, Palinurus, wake up. I'm alright."
With a gasp she jumps awake. Wrapping his wings around her he whispers, "It's okay Palinurus. It's okay. I'm right here. I'm alright."
"Thank the moons!" Exclaims Palinurus, "I dreamt that you never woke up from Sheyleyong's attack. I was thinking about what I would do. If, if you died. I was thinking about how I could even live with you gone," she starts to panic. "I couldn't bear the thought of living without you and all the things I would never say. What I would miss out on!"
As she rambles an he carefully shuts her mouth with a gentle claw silencing her worries.
In the sudden silence he speaks, "You don't need to worry about that, ever. I'll always be here when you need me, even if it means leaving a mission. You've been at my side for as long as I can remember. Hell I don't even remember how we met, just that you've been there for me just as I have for you. Some stuck up, slaving, honey snorter, won't change that."
She looks at him with tears in her eyes, "But you nearly died. When you were out it was like you were gone, no matter what I did you never even flinched, you had two dislocated ribs and you'd lost a lot of blood."
"Looks like Clearsight hasn't decided to accept me." Comments Crabron with a smug but gentle smile, "And a couple dislocated ribs certainly won't kill me."
A look of sudden remembrance crosses her face, "Ooh, that reminds me, to fix your ribs you need to relocate them yourself."
"How am I supposed to do that?" Asks Crabron.
"According to Viceroy, the doctor who lives here, you need to take a deep breath and try to blow it out without opening your mouth and plugging your nose." Crabron tries and gasps in pain.
Palinurus places a comforting claw on his shoulder, "Keep at it until you feel them pop back into place. If you black out I have some hartshorn."
After a few painful attempts he finally feels them relocate with a relieved sigh, "Wow, I never thought it was that hard to breathe. Where are we?"
"Viceroy's house, in the Bloodworm Hive SilkWing District. I told you that." Says Palinurus with a disapproving look, "Viceroy didn't mention brain damage."
Crabron smiles as he pushes aside the entrance curtain, "That you did, but where in the district?"
"Just outside the Plaza of the Hope for Peace." Says Palinurus as Crabron lays eyes on a large, vividly painted statue depicting Monarch, Wasp, and a rather monochromatic LeafWing, each working together to hold up a crown. "How is that thing not tearing through the silk?"
In reply a voice comes from the street as Grayling steps through a line of SilkWings, "It's made from treestuff and it's hollow, as such it's a lot lighter than it looks."
"Hello again Grayling," Crabron suddenly remembers something, "Did I miss the handout?"
"No, I fact you're just in time," he motions to the line he just walked through, "These are the ones who showed up. Come with me. Palinurus, you too."
Grayling leads him to a row of tables overflowing with baskets full of various goods with yet more still in the crates behind it, "How much did y'all get?"
"Three quarters of the entire warehouse." Answers Leafcutter as she flicks her tail at a table, "You'll be there with Palinurus, your father and I will be asleep at home. However before I go," she grabs a curious scabbard off a table and hands it to him, "I do believe this is yours."
Looking at it he notices that it seems to be made out of long strands of grass. Wrapping one loop before his wings and the other just behind his wings Crabron asks, "What is it?"
"Sheyleyong's sword," answers Leafcutter, "I took the liberty to procure a new scabbard from my contact. Apparently she had to steal this one from another group that doesn't share their opinion. When her daughter was told to get it they had a big argument. I have never seen such a dysfunctional family. But I get it, she was hiding someone."
"If she's hiding it, how'd you know?" Asks Crabron.
She points to her eyes, "Her eyes, it was just for a split second, but it was there. The same look I always hid during my experimentation phase, before I met your father."
"You experimented? With who?" Asks Crabron.
"Well, I say it's time to stop wasting these family's days, and get me some sleep. Each family gets one basket and try not to vandalize anything." Dismisses Leafcutter as she rushes away calling behind her, "He's in charge guys!"
"You'd think she 'experimented' with my mother with how she rushed away," muses Palinurus, "How is the sword not slicing through those grass fibers?"
"Maybe it's lined with something?" Asks Crabron as he gives the scabbard a light squeeze, feeling something hard as steel between the wrappings and sword, "I'll have to ask my mom."
Stepping behind the table he calls out, "I can help the next family!"
A few families down the line Crabron hears a squeaky voice, "That's him! That's the Hiveing that saved me!"
As a familiar purple dragonet runs up, his mother close behind, Crabron smiles, "If it isn't Dusky, the toughest dragonet I ever met. Have you shown your friends your awesome new scar?"
"Not yet, he has construction work today," says the dragoness accompanying him, presumably his mother.
"It's Friday shouldn't he be at school?" Asks Crabron.
She gives a sad nod, "Yes, but after his father died he was expected to pick up his shifts, Thursday nights and Friday to Monday days."
A look of horror crosses Palinurus' face, "He's a dragonet! He deserves an education!"
Dusky's mother sighs, "I know, but Lady Bloodworm won't allow it."
"I'll see if I can change her mind," growls Crabron.
"How?" Asks Palinurus.
"Enough threats can change any mind." Hisses Crabron before taking on a kind look, "Say, little Dusky, what is your favorite fruit?"
"Bananas!" Chirps Dusky.
Taking an extra bushel of bananas from the crates behind him Crabron places them and an extra loaf of bread into a basket before handing it to Dusky's mother, "Have a wonderful day."
Once the line diminishes Crabron looks over the still remaining food and tells the other SilkWings that were helping him pass out baskets to help themselves to the food.
"Your parents say you killed Vinegaroon's son last night," prefaces Grayling, "Is it true?"
"Who?" Asks Crabron.
"Lord Sheyleyong is, or rather was, Vinegaroon's youngest son." Supplies Grayling.
"Oh, him." says Crabron, "I did."
"How'd you do it?" Asks Grayling.
"Nothing too hard," says Crabron with a shrug.
"Not too hard?" Exclaims Grayling, "In Vinegaroon hive every HiveWing is expected to start training in combat at five and serve for three years minimum. However, the most skilled Dragons are placed under Sheyleyong, yet you killed him!"
"I wouldn't say those soldiers were skilled," scoffs Crabron.
"What armor were they wearing?" Questions Grayling.
"Leather." Says Crabron.
"Then those were probably peasants sent along with him." Dismisses Grayling, "Vinegaroon's Midnight Sons wear plate armor coated in a black lacquer, with the exception of Sheyleyong himself."
Crabron's mind flashes back to that night as he once again hears Sheyleyong, "My son has cared for Valeriophonus, that's the dragoness you just murdered, for years. He was sure he would marry her, but now that will never happen."
'Valeriophonus must've been a peasant,' Thinks Crabron, 'By Clearsight! That might've been her first mission, and I killed her!'
"Crabron? Asks Palinurus a concerned tone in her voice, "Are you okay?"
"I killed her." Breaths Crabron, "It was probably her first mission and I killed her."
"Who? Who did you kill?" Asks Palinurus
"One of the soldiers sent on what was supposed to be a simple investigation last night was a peasant girl named Valeriophonus. She was no older than five or six, probably on her first mission, a-and I killed her," her terrified face flashes through Crabron's eyes causing an involuntary shiver to race down his spine, "I saw her face, I saw the light leave her eyes. She was terrified."
Palinurus gives his shoulder a comforting squeeze, "I'm sure you didn't have a choice."
"But did I?" Asks Crabron, "We could've tried to talk our way out of it, or escaped after they arrested us, but my mom decided to kill one of those innocent peasants in cold blood. Not to mention she feigned surrender, now whenever one of the Chrysalis actually tries to surrender the guards won't trust them!"
"Crabron," says Grayling with an understanding look, "Killing will never get any easier, but unless a HiveWing's eyes are white then that HiveWing chose to attack. That's what gets me through fights."
"And if their eyes are white?" Questions Crabron.
Grayling shrugs, "Then it's not them, it's Wasp forcing them to fight."
“Y-yes of course,” says Crabron before changing the subject, "Does Lady Bloodworm ever leave Bloodworm Place?"
"Not without, at the absolute least, a dozen guards," answers Grayling.
"Rest up, we have a night trip to make," states Crabron before nodding to Palinurus, "You too."
"Where are we going to sleep?" Asks Palinurus, "This isn't our hive."
"I have a place," says Grayling.
"What would your pare- mother say?" Asks Crabron.
"She didn't handle the death of my brother and father very well." Answers Grayling before mumbling, "Now I live alone."
"I'm so sorry," apologizes Palinurus, "It must be hard on you."
"Don't be," says the gray Silkwing with a smile. "It gives me more resolve."
Once they arrive at Grayling's house Crabron spies writing materials on a desk, "Before I sleep I'll need to write a letter to my parents, telling them my plan so they don't panic."
Taking his newly written scroll he finds Codling and passes the scroll over with a kind request to deliver it to Leafcutter.
Re-entering Grayling's house he curls up beside Palinurus quickly falling asleep.
After a brief stop to steal a pair of spears, support straps included, and basic armor for his SilkWings as well as a roundel dagger and armor for himself he leads his group to Bloodworm Place. Sneaking to the windows Crabron spies Bloodworm sitting at an overflowing table with her courtiers.
"She has that much food yet her SilkWings are starving!" Cries Palinurus, "That's perverse!"
Yanking Palinurus into the nearby bushes Crabron hisses, "Lower your voice! We are trying not to be discovered." At her meek nod he continues, "Good now we have to find all possible entrances and exits and where Bloodworm sleeps. So somebody needs to track Bloodworm through the windows while the others examine the outside."
"I'll track Bloodworm," volunteers Grayling, "However there are areas without windows so I'll have to track her from inside."
"That seems risky," says Palinurus.
"My family has always been Hive Drones." Grayling waves, "I just have to act like one if I get caught."
"As soon as things seem dicey, run," orders Crabron, "I don't need to lose anyone."
"Yes, sir!" Snaps Grayling as he removes his gambeson and kernel helm.
"You make me sound like some old, grizzled guard," muses Crabron as Grayling slips in through a window and worms his way into the serving staff.
"This is your mission," says Palinurus, "It makes sense for you to be the leader."
She picks up his chin and whispers in an attempt of a sultry tone, "Besides it leaves us alone."
"If I'm the leader, as you say, then I think you should study the bottom floor and I'll use my wings to study the upper floors. Keep track of any potential exits and remain unseen." says Crabron missing her insinuation.
If Crabron had looked behind him he would've seen Palinurus smack a fist onto the ground with a hiss, "I came on too strongly."
After searching the exterior he spies Grayling on the topmost floor balcony waving him in, swooping around to pick up Palinurus he drops her and Grayling's armor on the balcony, "Did you find her?"
"Yes, she is protected by two guards at her door." Reports Grayling.
"What about in the hallway leading to it?" Asks Palinurus.
"None," answers Grayling, "Hell I haven't seen a guard, except those two, since I came in!"
"Didn't you say she's paranoid?" Asks Palinurus.
"Maybe she feels safe in her home." Shrugs Crabron, "Though we're about to shatter that illusion."
"Something doesn't feel right about that." Says Palinurus as a visible shudder runs down her back, "Grayling, I think you should don your armor before we head in."
"Relax, it's just nerves," dismisses Crabron, a confident smile on his face, "We'll be in and out before they can spring any traps. Grayling if you will?"
"Right this way." Stopping just short of a three way intersection, Grayling motions to the intersecting hall, "Just at the end of that hallway is her room, be careful though the hall is rather empty."
Glancing around the corner he sees a long, wide hallway painted with a vivid scarlet red, the columns painted a vibrant and contrasting yellow. The floor is covered with a plush high pile, purple carpet trimmed with golden flamesilk.
At each column is a statue of various important HiveWings, including Bloodworm herself, each supporting a flame silk lantern, half of which are covered by silk darkening the hall.
The gaps between the columns are occupied with shallow pools and elaborate fountains, where there isn't a doorway. Looking to the other side of the hall the space between columns is occupied with huge and nearly invisible panes of crystal glass leading to the night outside.
Following the colors up he sees an arched glass ceiling that is completely invisible against the night sky, giving the impression of being outside without the wet of the monsoon rains that have just started up.
At the end of the hall stands two guards, just as Grayling reported, eerily staring straight ahead with empty, glowing white eyes and spears at the ready to intercept any intruders.
Dipping back around the corner, Crabron digs his talons into the tree stuff wall and climbs up to the darkened arch of glass, not willing to risk his wingbeats being heard. After examining the slick gold-plated girders supporting the glass he determines that they are too flush to utilize as claw holds. Opting to use his claws, Crabron slowly inches along the top of the wall until he is above a guard. Watching a lightning bolt in the distance he counts it out until the thunder strikes. When another strikes at a similar distance he drops, fist balled at the ready, and lands on one of the guards just as the thunder hits, overwhelming what little sound his strike made.
Hooking his arm around the other's throat he waits until he stops struggling. Motioning to his friends they run up the hall, claw taps silenced by the rug.
"What'd I tell you?" Smiles Crabron as he removes the key ring from one of the guards and starts trying them on the door. "Easy. We'll be in and out lickety split."
"We still should be quick," warns Palinurus, "Who knows when these guards will wake up."
"Of course." calls Crabron as the lock gives a quiet click and he pushes open the door revealing what could be the definition of luxury.
The color scheme and carpet match the hall with a sunken pit in the floor surrounded by various lounge cushions and squat tables, all facing a stone fire pit. Looking around the room he sees various highly detailed tapestries depicting HiveWing triumphs and SilkWing suffering hung between curtained doorways to different rooms.
"I didn't take Bloodworm as the devout type," whispers Palinurus.
Following her eyes through a slightly open curtain Crabron sees a large, regal portrait of Clearsight writing her book of prophecies while nestled within the wings of her primary husband, Sunstreak, though she is far more prominent. Below the painting is a short wooden desk cluttered with various offerings, from jewelry to food to a small statuette of Clearsight, between unlit incense lamps.
Entering the room, Palinurus picks up a finely detailed egg carved from jade from the shrine to admire it.
"Woah, woah, woah!" Calls Crabron trying to keep his voice at a whisper, "Put that back now!" Startled, she quickly puts it back. Sitting down in front of the shrine he closes his eyes, keeping his head down, "Forgive her Clearsight, for she didn't know."
"What the hell was that!" Cries Palinurus.
"Stealing from a shrine is the surest way to be denied by Clearsight's doormen. Being left to wander the void as a twisted shade," says Crabron.
"I just thought it was a pretty color," mumbles Palinurus.
"I'll see about buying you some jade knick knacks." Suggests Crabron.
"Like that one?" Asks Palinurus pointing to the egg.
"I'm sure you don't want a fertility charm," dismisses Crabron.
"A what?" Asks Palinurus.
"A fertility charm," repeats Crabron, "You keep it where eggs come from and pull it out when you're about to make eggs. Pretty common with Lady Jewel's crowd."
Her confusion turns to horror, "Ew, ew, ew! I had it in my claws! I eat with those!" She rushes towards the curtain separating the shrine from the common area, still somehow keeping her voice down, "I need a sink, now!"
“Is she alright?” asks Grayling, catching his eye through the swinging curtain.
Crabron shrugs as he leaves the shrine room, “She was holding a Jade egg and just learned what they're used for."
"She had to learn somehow," he holds out a mask of Odorata, messenger of Clearsight and a guide for lost souls, "There's a black table cloth over there."
"Brilliant!" Calls Crabron with a pat on Grayling's back, "Bloodworm is obviously devout so she'll listen if she thinks Odorata is after her! We need to turn that tablecloth into a hooded cloak, can you sew?"
He smiles, "Of course, I have been living alone after all. I think I saw sewing supplies in a side room."
By the time Palinurus re-enters the room Crabron is already wearing his makeshift costume as Grayling finishes his stitches, "There you are. Looks like we have a plan! Now I need you on standby as Clearsight if I need it, Grayling you will be a look out after you wake Bloodworm. Understood?"
With two simultaneous salutes Crabron goes through the only wooden, yes wooden, door in the suite revealing a giant bed with silky, see through curtains. Stepping up on a chest at the end of the bed he points from Grayling to Bloodworm before pointing from Palinurus to the shadows at the corner of the room where her dark scales render her nearly invisible.
Getting the message, Grayling taps her on the thigh until she starts to stir, prompting Grayling to sprint out the door.
Striking an intimidating pose he glares down at her with his wings wide. With a start Lady Bloodworm shoots up her back against the headboard, "W-who are you."
As lightning flashes lighting up his skull mask Crabron speaks with a deep projecting voice, "Madame Clearsight is hurt that you don't recognize her one and only messenger!"
Recognition spreads across her face, "You're Odorata, am I dead?"
"Not yet," hisses Crabron, "But you will be if you don't heed my mistresses warning. She told me that you must not allow dragonets to work on school days or a figure, scales dark as night, will send you to Clearsight early."
"I'll get right on that!" Says Bloodworm with a sarcastic tone.
"Are you questioning Clearsight?" Asks Crabron.
"Of course not," says Bloodworm with a shake of her head.
"I don't believe you," says Crabron before he gets an idea, "In fact Clearsight wants to give you a reminder."
Drawing his sword he slashes it across the side of her snout, digging deep enough to surly leave a scar, "Let that be a reminder of Clearsight's warning. If you do not obey, a matching gash will adorn your throat. Now I must take my leave. May you live long."
Making his escape he finds Grayling at the door to the hallway. Spotting him out of the corner of his eye, Grayling starts to walk down the ornate hall outside Bloodworms suite before speaking up, "How'd it go?"
Taking the hood off he lets the Odorata mask hang around his neck, "Optimistically it went well. Realistically I might need to pay her a visit out of costume."
Grayling rolls his eyes, "Knowing her, that's a definite revisit."
Crabron's reply dies on his tongue as a voice booms from the hallway they had just started down, "Intruders, identify yourself!"
"Shit," hisses Crabron, reversing direction just to see another group cutting them off at the other side of the intersection.
Thinking quickly, Crabron rips a painting from the wall and hurls it through the nearby window, shattering it. Without needing instruction Grayling leaps through the window and into the pool below it, however Palinurus hesitates at the window.
Avoiding a slash from a guard, Crabron calls out, "Go!"
"Not without you!" Exclaims Palinurus, her helmet narrowly deflecting a blow.
"No time to discuss this!" Hisses Crabron as he headbutts Palinurus hard enough to knock her through.
Nursing a cut claw, Palinurus surfaces to see Crabron draw both of his blades and rear up onto his back legs, his escape now blocked by a guard.
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2023.05.30 16:50 LemonTreeHigh Best play style for mlb the show 23?

New to the show 23 (first baseball game) and was wondering why no one talks about the field program/play style? Is it bad or are the others just that good? & is there any build recommendations?
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2023.05.30 16:50 leogian4511 Fan Setting for Mistborn Adventure Game

Spoilers for mistborn era 1 ahead, you have been warned. Also this is going to be really long as it's basically a stream of consciousness of my fanfiction ideas I thought were fun. I'm going to focus more on lore ideas since I think they're more interesting than the mechanical changes we've made, though I will include some of the Latter.
So a friend of mine and I are working on a campaign for the Mistborn Adventure Game. My friend had the idea of remixing the setting to keep things fresh for our players who all know Mistborn inside and out. We thought it would be fun to share our ideas here to get some extra ideas, inspire others, or just give some fun things to think about.
So the basic premise of the world is as follows. The game takes place on a planet in the same system as Scadrial, and was made by preservation and ruin at the same time. The core difference being that the people have this planet have an extra bit of Ruin in them rather than Preservation. This means that in our setting, Ruin and Preservation remained perfectly equal. So at the time in the main series where Preservation betrayed and sealed Ruin, the two actually betrayed each other in the same way at the same time.
So Scadrial is more or less as we know it, but that isn't the focus here. The second world (name pending), is overall very similar to Scadrial but inverted in many ways due to preservation being sealed there. This planet has it's own well of ascension, attuned to ruin instead of preservation. Among other things as a result of the first person to take up this power, the planet is significantly further from it's star than it should be and is blanketed in snow/ice.
_*_The Culture_*_
To keep things somewhat similar but remixed, this planet does have it's own divine ruler who took up the power of the well of ascension and attained Demigod status. The Divine Conqueror (placeholder name), is outwardly less evil than the Lord Ruler but still uses some pretty brutal methods. The government in this world are more like a holy order of crusaders, being friendly to believers but considerably less so to the unfaithful.
The Divine Conqueror has not banned Feruchemy and even welcomes the Birth of Twinborn, including Full Twinborn. DC welcomes any and all challenges to his throne, believing anyone capable of defeating him deserves to rule. He holds a tournament once every 16 years, open to all citizens of the empire, and the final 16 competitors draw slots to challenge him for the Throne.
Because DC held the power of Ruin, he is far more knowledgeable of hemalurgy than The Lord Ruler was, and Hemalurgy is a much more regular part of the culture. Metalborn passing their powers on to their offspring when they're about to die is more or less common practice. His equivalent of Steel Inquisitors are far more common, numbering in the Hundreds for reasons explained below, though they're made to be less intimidating and are more like a Holy Order of Paladins. My placeholder name for these guys is the Iron Crusaders.
_*_The Haze_*_
Rather than the mists, this world has what I'm currently calling The Haze. A black fog that appears during the day, making the planet almost permanently as dark as night. Due to the Haze being aligned to Ruin, it actually reacts negatively to Allomancy. An allomancer burning Tin would actually have a harder time seeing through the Haze than a normal person for example. These limitations do not apply to any powers granted via Hemalurgy, these resonate and actually work more effectively under the influence of the Haze.
_*_The Field of Stasis_*_
This planet's equivalent to the Pits of Hathsin, a place that grows Lerasium rather than atium. Because of this place, Allomancers are far far more common than on Scadrial. However, their power weakens more quickly through the generations due to the extra Ruin present in every being. Actually mining the Lerasium from the Field of Stasis is an ordeal requiring inordinate amounts of effort. Inducing any kind of change within the area at all is extremely difficult to the power of Preservation investing the area.
The Lerasium Crystals that grow here mostly create powerful mistings, the geodes naturally manifesting as Lerasium alloyed with the basic Allomantic metals. Maybe every 1 in 10,000 Lerasium geodes is pure, making full strength Lerasium Mistborn still extremely rare in this setting, though mistborn of lesser strength are still more common than on Scadrial.
Pure Atium does exist on this world in very very small amounts, as little as there is Lerasium on Scadrial. Like Lerasium, pure Atium can be burned by anyone, and in my setting turns you into what I call a Hazeborn. Hazeborn use all of the same metals as allomancers to fuel their powers, but the Push/pull and internal/external nature of those metals are all inverted. I haven't finished statting what each Hazeborn power does yet, but I'll use Pewter as an example of the general concept.
Hazeborn Pewter is an External Pulling Metal. While burning it, you pick a target at medium range and reduce their physique stat by an amount equal to your Pewter rating. A Hazeborn using this power against a normal person can often completely immobilize them, and can even the odds against an Allomancer with access to Pewter.
I'm still planning out how Hazeborn powers interact with Feruchemy. The current idea is that instead of any kind of compounding, burning a metalmind as a Hazeborn allows you to drain that metal's attribute from someone else to fill your metalminds. Trying to burn the same metal as a Hazeborn and Allomancer at the same thing causes a violent reaction between the two powers that would destroy you from the inside and pretty much instantly kill you unless you're a gold compounder. In which case you can use both powers at once (maybe with some kind of resonance though planning every possible combination of that sounds painful), as long as you spend massive amounts of health every beat to keep the conflicting power from ripping you apart.
That covers just about all of our major ideas so far. We're still planning how/if to implement the Kandra and Koloss or to just come up with our own Hemalurgic creatures. If you have any thoughts on the setting, maybe any suggestions for Hazeborn powers with the various metals, please feel free to share.
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2023.05.30 16:48 austinalexan Fall Protection on Ladders

Hello everyone,
New safety coordinator here in the field, and I had some questions about fall protection on ladders. It is to my understanding that fall protection is NOT required on portable ladders because one is always maintaining three points of contact; however, our welders use portable ladders so I’m assuming that because they are not maintaining three points of contact that they need to be tied off to the ladder correct? I’m a bit of a noob so I apologize.
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2023.05.30 16:48 InspiratorAG112 What is the worst case of waste mismanagement you have seen from a corporation, organization, or university?

Lab safety is obviously very important, and I am glad that the majority of chemistry users value safety, (even if some chemistry posters disregard lab safety as well). Part of lab safety though is also disposal of chemicals, or waste management, which NileBlue mentions in a safety video. And here, u/Egechem highlights waste management.
This is part of what leads to the question in the title. There are also some other questions that could extend that, and also lead to the question in the title: - Does corporations, organizations, or universities trying to save money often lead to waste mismanagement? (I distrust corporations the most here.) - What are common red flags for waste management from corporations/organizations? - What common examples of waste mismanagement have you seen in your field? - How many guidelines are often broken? (Hopefully 0.)
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2023.05.30 16:48 Beeseumz26 30 in 30 Fundraising

Hey everyone, Tom Grossi is starting his 30 day fundraiser for St. Judes Children's Hospital at Lambeau Field today! There are a ton of incentives along the way and the first one is $25k, if it's met then he has to wear Vikings gear in Minnesota tomorrow. Let do some good everyone!
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2023.05.30 16:48 Inner_Thanks_8191 Husband says I embarrass him. I think the issue is deeper than that.

Edit: TLDR- husband is giving me the silent treatment /seemingly withdrawing even though I apologized bc i laughed at a photo showing his heights difference with a professional athlete. Every time we are out together there's always an issue. We don't have a positive experience. Why? What should I do? Am I wrong?
My husband (36M) and I (34F) have been together for 5 years and married for 1.5 years. We recently went to an outdoor sporting event. We were a little late but made it for the most of the events including being able to spot some other sports athletes. One in particular was a boxer. I dont know his name but my husband was a fan and wanted to get a photo so I encouraged him to go get it bc When would he have that opportunity again? So he runs to get the photo he comes back and I ask to see it. He shows me and I laugh. There was an obvious height difference... he's a tall boxer and my husband is 5'9" (average height as my husband loves to proclaim as we joke often about it). He quickly asked whats funny and I said oh nothing and moved on. I knew in that moment he probably felt a little hurt but didn't expect him to be too butt hurt about it. We stay the entire event and on the ride home I asked how it was and he said he had a good time. we get home and I figure he is tired. He fell asleep pretty fast but sent me a text saying he had something to discuss about our future at 130ish in the morning.
However since then he hasn't spoken to me just short answers and when I ask about his text he says he's not ready to talk about it. Ok cool but He has been avoiding me and ignoring all of my bids. So I decided that this photo incident was why he was upset and I apologized the next day. He didn't respond. The day after I apologized, he responds with a bit more than a few words (finally) but I eventually get him to open up that night and he says that I embarrass him every time we go out. Somehow I was loud, obnoxious, and attention seeking at the outdoor event and I asked how and he could not provide a single instance. He just said that he would expect for anyone he's with to be quiet and mature and that I don't respect his boundaries. Therefore he doesn't want to go out with me anymore and that he has chosen to do things that bring him peace, which from what I have observed so far, includes limiting his interactions with me.
This isn't the first time something like this happened where I say or do something he dislikes and he gives me silent treatment/stonewalling. There are other underlying issues/ insecurities in my opinion. Am I wrong here? I understand that I hurt his feelings/bruised his ego a bit but I dont think his response is warranted and if this is how he responds to every infraction im not sure we will make it. Thoughts/advice?
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2023.05.30 16:47 GUCCIBUKKAKE The Memorial Tournament - “Sleeper Picks”

I’ve been seeing some success with golf betting this year, and wanted to share my picks. Here’s my “sleepers” for the tournament, and some notes. Take note that picking the winner outside of the top dogs is extremely difficult, and with a stacked top, I believe one of the big guys are gonna take it. With that being said, here are my picks in no particular order. All odds are DK.

Patrick Cantlay# +1000, $10 for $110

With this stacked lineup, this is one of the “big dogs” I’ve picked to cover the bets and make a little profit. 1st in driving and 1st in going for the green, which will help with the 4 par 5’s the memorial has. Also has 7 top 10’s and no wins this season, I believe he’s due one soon. Could also do “Winner without Rahm and Scheffler” at +800 I believe.

Corey Conners# +4000 $10 for $410

Not to thrilled with this pick, really only picked because the tournaments in Ohio, and Canadians aren’t too fazed with colder conditions, and used to the feel of greens up north. Two solid previous showings with T8 and T12 last two tournaments. Also had a win this year, and might be hungry for another. 9 top 25 in 15 played tournaments, so pretty consistent, needs to catch fire.

Adam Scott# +4500 $10 for $460

Has not missed a cut this year, with two top 10’s. I feel like he’s starting to break out and will win one soon. He’s first in putting from 10-15’ and second in approaches from more then 275 yards. Huge for the 4 par 5’s.

Keith Mitchell# +13000 $10 for $1,310

Streaky golfer, but has 4 top 10’s and is 15/18 cuts. When he catches fire, he can be deadly. Really good off the tee.

Stephan Jaeger# +15000 $10 for $1,510

Might be my favorite sleeper pick of all these. He’s been on a small slump these past two tournaments, but I think he’s turn it around. 18/21 cuts made, first in total birdies. Also has played in many tournaments compared to the field, and will enjoy these conditions.

Adam Svensson# +15000 $10 for 1,510

Just because I’ve rolled with him a few times, very streaky. Has great early rounds. Pretty good at approach shots. Not in love with the pick, but he may catch fire. Also another Canadian.

Adam Schenk# +20000 $5 for $1,005

Runner up twice this year. Coming off that hot play last week, I believe these odds are pretty good. Looked really good last week, was consistent with the pressure, even though grillo got some lucky bounces at the end. Will be hungry for this one.
Good luck, let me know who you are going with for the Memorial!
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2023.05.30 16:46 uhhItsJustaUsername Am I developing early signs?

Sup everyone I’m a 19M currently in the military and ever since I was in a field exercise in November I’ve been hearing what sounds like people screaming my name in agonizing pain and in the corner of my eye I see a very old bald guy with a screaming expression following me around. At first I thought it was just me going through some sleep troubles but last night was the final straw when I heard what sounded like someone was banging on my door and started screaming my name for help again. To be honest idk if it’s lack of sleep or potentially some signs all I know is that old fart is creeping me out and the screaming is messing with me while working any help would be appreciated!!
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2023.05.30 16:46 Business-Stuff8711 40% off select items-plus, new and existing Reebok loyalty members enjoy free shipping.

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