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Realtors Are Criminals

2015.07.14 01:32 shawnee_ Realtors Are Criminals

Documenting and exposing the theft, conspiracy, fraud, malfeasance, tax evasion, felonies, embezzlement, sleaze and slime of your local REALTORS®

2023.05.30 17:00 AgencyLogic Real Estate Podcast: 4 Reasons REALTORS Are hated So Much

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2023.05.30 17:00 casper5632 Can't find address for lawsuit

I recently purchased a home and I have ran into some complications that have forced me to sue to seller. The real estate agent is ghosting me, and I cannot find any record of the current address of the seller to file the suit. Is there a reliable way to collect an address in this situation, or a way to file the suit without it?
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2023.05.30 17:00 markets_bot Here are the current market sector performances: (Tues May 30, 2023 EST)

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2023.05.30 16:58 littlehermitgirl Entry level associate agent interview advice (no home sale experience)

Please let me know if there is a better sub to post this in, but I have an interview for an entry level associate agent position for a luxury home developer in Florida. The online posting did not indicate that a license was required, and the recruiter just wanted to know if I would be willing to get one upon hire (I wasn’t sure if it was rentals or sales at the time of applying). I already enrolled in a course so that I can inform them of that during the interview. My professional experience has been in apartment leasing for property management companies.
That being said, though they are aware that I do not have a real estate license yet, what would you recommend I do research on to sound somewhat knowledgeable during the interview process? I am already doing extensive research on the area and competitors I would be dealing with, but my question applies more so to the jargon and concepts of new home sales that are “need to know”. This is essentially a trainee position, and they seem to be interested with my current related experience, but I really want to dive into the process prior to this interview and show that I will be able to learn fast. Any advice would be appreciated!
Edit for sub rules: I cannot ask the broker or developer as I am still in the interview process and will most definitely be open to that once (fingers crossed!) hired
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2023.05.30 16:56 TayneTheBetaSequence Virtu Tin Foil Deep Dive - Part 2

Virtu Tin Foil Deep Dive - Part 2
DISCLAIMER: Everything from this point on is SPECULATION and a lot of this information is NOT PROVEN. Any accusations I make towards any people are not proven and should not be used to make financial decisions. I am not a financial advisor and any information provided is from resources alleging accusations against certain people/parties that may not be proven in a court of law as of this writing.
Please read my previous post before reading this post:
Please also read:
Panthers owner Viola accused of draining "staggering" $ from public investors (
TLDR - From last post
Through a series of tweets, I believe RC and Pulte are trying to point to Virtue financial based on their interesting responses to Florida Panther Tweets.
  2. BBBY is a high volume stock that has been traded on high volume over the past year and is being manipulated and barcoded for months on end being forced into Chapter 11 quicker than it should have.
  3. BBBY is one of the highest watched stocks on a daily basis
  4. Pulte tweeted about "Virtue Signaling" on 5/22/23. Alluding to a possible tip off of Virtu Financial.
  5. Pulte has already tweeted in the past month that they are going to be revealing major corruption.
  6. On Mothers Day, Cohen tweeted about shareholders and cronyism. Pulte follows up 30ish minutes later with a tweet regarding shareholders as well.
  8. Vincent Viola is accused of stealing money from shareholders and paying friends and family (AKA CRONYISM).
    1. More specifically the lead complaint is from Ohio's Iron Workers Local No. 55 pension fund which suspects it has been cheated.
  9. Could they be the market maker behind manipulating BBBY and GME stock prices?
On to the new developments:
When Pulte tweeted BIG WEEK AHEAD, holy shit, he wasn't kidding.
I worked on my previous post until about 2:30am on 5/23/23 in the morning and posted. Right around the same time as my previous post, Ryan Cohen commented on a Florida Panthers tweet at the same time in the morning. Ryan Cohen very rarely tweets this late in the day, most of his activity is within reasonable hours of the day.

5/23/23 - Ryan Cohen responds with a Fist/Punch emoji to Florida Panthers around 3:30am EST.
The fact that I did a write up about Vincent Viola and Virtu based on the Twitter activity from Pulte and Ryan Cohen, and RC makes a comment at the same time in the morning on the Florida Panthers Twitter account bewildered me.
5/22/23 - Pulte also responds to a Panthers GIF with a fire symbol. Both RC and Pulte are both responding to Panthers on the same day? Interesting.
It get's even more strange from there. Starting the morning of 5/23/23 a string of lawsuits began being filed against Virtu Financial:
I called in a personal dear friend of mine, The Count from Sesame Street, he did his due diligence and reported back to me: 13 lawsuits.
Ryan Cohen tweeted a fist/punch just before this string of lawsuits started very late at night.. I think there may have only been one pending before the tweet. RC tweets a punch.. and the lawsuits start flowing in? Is RC behind this chain of events? Also, later that morning.. Pulte tweets a fire? Maybe.. alluding to the fire has been started?
Legitimately, I post the article early in the morning. I goto bed and wake up, and I see tons of messages for me to check out all the new lawsuits against Virtu Financial. (Crazy timing)
Strange right? Not really, IMO. As in my previous post, I outline the cookie crumb trail that Ryan Cohen and Pulte were dropping over the past month (from what I can gather). The timing was definitely strange though.

5/23/23 - Ryan Cohen tweets about CEO compensation. There is some tinfoild here with the number 351 and 351 mergers.. could be a thing, but not getting into that here.
(Going back in time for this tweet) 5/14/23 - Pulte tweets about CEO Compensation and one scheme that bad CEO's do.
5/23/23 - (Same Day as RC Rocket CEO Tweet) - Pulte tweets about SHAREHOLDERS yet again. The S in shareholders is capitalized, not sure why he has done this in a few tweets (capitalizing letters of things that shouldn't be)
On May 25th, Pulte responds to a photoshopped tweet of both his head and RC's head photoshopped on Panthers players bodies.. \"True. Go cats\"
Pulte had a string of interesting tweets on 5/29/23 (Memorial Day):
5/29/2023 - Notice here, he bolds \"TM\" and \"Who Rigged it?\". Clearly he is setting up a connection for the next tweet. Could he be alluding to the Market Maker Virtu Financial who specializes in HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING?
Also, what does TM stand for? Tomorrow? Trademark? "The Market"? .... "THE MAYO!?!?!"
5/29/2023 - Notice Pulte bolds: \"There is a They\". Also this is the first time I have seen Pulte use bold in tweets in the same day, on the same subject matter. Strange that the \"T\" in They is capitalized. It shouldn't be.
Also, a wise live-streamer... Roaring Kitty? But.. I also kinda remember ABC ranting on the PP Show about something very similar to this. (I'm not combing through 100 hours of PPshow to find that)
5/29/2023 - Pulte is referencing \"They\" multiple times in this tweet. Based on the previous two bolded tweets, it appears to me he is saying: The market is rigged by someone who knows they are lying, the public/apes know it, but they don't give a flying fuck.
There is no hard evidence all three of these tweets are connected but I think the third tweet, he uses the term them "they" SIX times. In the previous tweet, on the same day, he outlines that there is a "they" and its BOLDED. The tweet before, he bolds "Who rigged it?" I see from my line of thinking: They are the ones who rigged the market. And that is the "they" he is referring to in the third tweet.
Detractors will say Pulte is talking about the bad eggs on the PulteHome board/Management or the former employee who was trolling Pulte on random accounts trying to smear his reputation. And they could easily be right, and that lines of thinking makes sense as well.
In my previous post, I mention that Pulte said that they would be revealing major corruption, does Pulte know "who they are"? Both Pulte and RC have been commenting on Florida Panther Tweets ALOT this month.
Based on the string of at least 13 lawsuits from Tuesday (5/23/23) against Virtu Financial, it's not making them look any better.
There is also this interesting article from about a month ago in regard to Virtu Financial Co-President and Co-COO selling stock:
The Co-President & Co-COO of Virtu Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIRT), Brett Fairclough, Just Sold 57% Of Their Holding - Simply Wall St News (link)
Brett Fairclough, the Co-COO just happens to sell 57% before all these lawsuits start piling up? This seems rather sus.
The board of Virtu Financial is filled with non-qualified friends and family of Vincent Viola and Vincent Viola shares a majority stake ownership in the company. This is what is referred to as Cronyism.
Here's some highlights from the article:
"We wouldn't blame Virtu Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ:VIRT) shareholders if they were a little worried about the fact that Brett Fairclough, the Co-President & Co-COO recently netted about US$970k selling shares at an average price of US$19.39. Probably the most concerning element of the whole transaction is that the disposal amounted to 57% of their entire holding.
In the last twelve months, the biggest single sale by an insider was when the Executive VP of Markets & Global Head of Execution Services, Stephen Cavoli, sold US$2.6m worth of shares at a price of US$29.52 per share. While insider selling is a negative, to us, it is more negative if the shares are sold at a lower price. It's of some comfort that this sale was conducted at a price well above the current share price, which is US$19.00. So it may not shed much light on insider confidence at current levels.
In total, Virtu Financial insiders sold more than they bought over the last year. "
Also here is some additional sus information from the original article that started this whole theory:
Panthers owner Viola accused of draining "staggering" $ from public investors (
"According to Forbes, which ranks Viola’s current real time net worth as $3.4 billion, Viola used the money to splurge on real estate – including the $10-million purchase of a pair of beachfront condos in Fort Lauderdale’s Auberge Beach Residences & Spa.
Viola and his wife, Teresa, sold the places in March for $11.3 million. In December 2021 they paid $19.725 million for a six-bedroom, six-bathroom single-family beachfront home on the Gulf of Mexico in Boca Grande, records show. The home is held in the name of a Delaware corporation using the property’s address."
Beach front properties not under their own name? Under the name of a Delware corporation? (for those of you who don't understand the significance of a "Delaware" corporation. Delaware is a tax haven state, many major banks and corporations are based out of DE to get large tax breaks. If you drive into the city of Wilmington, DE... (Don't its actually very dangerous), you will see there is a ton of major banks headquartered there.)
In my previous post I highlight Ryan Cohen referencing Cronyism:
This was tweeted by Ryan Cohen, the same day (Mothers Day) as when the responses to the Florida Panthers tweets started.
In conclusion, you can see in the past one week all the developments above in my crackpot theory that RC/Pulte are targeting Virtu/Vincent Viola.
We have about 13 class action lawsuits being filed, alot of selling from insiders at Virtu Financial over the past year, we have two more interactions from RC and Pulte with the Florida Panthers Twitter account, more mentions of "SHAREHOLDERS", and Pulte ranting about the mysterious THEY... and if you can't figure out who THEY is from this post. God bless your soul and HODL.
I think we are going to see huge developments on Virtu in the coming days/weeks.
AGAIN, none of this is proven to be true, it is just me connecting tweets and news articles. I am a certified idiot, and you should not make any financial decisions based on this information, because I am not a financial advisor nor am I a legal expert.
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2023.05.30 16:56 carb8n I have been impersonating a random stranger to his own family for almost three years now

I don’t know if the title is totally accurate but I can’t think of another word that properly shows the extent of my sin. Didn't realize how long this got so TL;DR at the bottom.
For some reason, when people give out the wrong number, it's my number they give. I have counted 8 different area codes and even more instances of people genuinely having an incorrect number. I have been wished a Happy Resurrection (I am not religious), asked to reach out if I have further questions about a particular real estate agent (I have never owned my own property at any point in my life thus far), and told that my latest Facebook message has been received (I do not have a Facebook profile).
Sure, it's kinda annoying to see how incompetent people are at verifying their own number and I cannot fathom why it has happened with so many people, but a text or two every few months is easily manageable. I usually won't respond to any message so the conversation goes one of two ways: I never get another text from that number again or I shoot a quick "wrong number, sorry" to anyone that didn't get the hint the first time and tried to reach out a second time. Simple, right?
And oh, how simple it could have been had I followed the routine previously established. I remember the exact day I was condemned because I can look at my messages. July 26, 2020. The first text. A text that was like no other I had received before because of one simple factor: It was part of a groupchat. Not just any groupchat, but a family groupchat. Never before had I experienced 3 wrong numbers simultaneously. I had no idea what to think or say to these people. I didn't even know who I was supposed to be in relation to them.
Unfortunately, I couldn't interject at first because the conversation was already in full swing by the time I could even begin to correct them about my number. Resigned to my fate, I decided to bite the bullet and wait for the right time to come forward with the truth. My naive self thought it might even be fun to observe this family's dynamic. I even took the time to figure out who I was supposed to be playing the role of solely based on context clues.
From what I have gathered and with 99% confidence, I can say that this groupchat consists of who is supposed to be my dad, my uncle, and my cousin. Finding out this information felt like unlocking a whole new side of me, and I really connected with these strangers on a completely different level.
Yet, as the days went on, I never found an appropriate time to set the record straight. Conversation died down and no matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn't bring myself the embarrassment of saying the truth. Days quickly turned into months, and those months have turned into almost 3 years and I am still not a single step closer to telling them.
To be fair, this isn't as dramatic as I've made it sound. There has not been any new messages in the groupchat since November of 2020 and I technically never impersonated this man because I have not sent a single text to the group or any individual family member. However, I do get sporadic text messages from my "cousin" so I am still deeply entangled in this lie. I had hoped to just ignore all his messages and never have to deal with the shame again, but he is very persistent.
It's way past the point now to say anything to them. I would rather be a creepy stalker than freak out an innocent family. I have seen pictures of what I presume to be my "cousin's" child and that feels like a commitment I need to keep now. I am part of their family for the foreseeable future.
I think back to that day and wonder what it was that compelled me to keep the lie in the first place. Was it curiosity? Was it cowardice? Was it another feeling entirely? Was it the fact that the first text was a link to a Logic song and the rest of the family members called it deep and I thought it was so funny I just had to survey them?
The only thing that makes me feel even the slightest bit better is how dense these people must be. I'm assuming that they see each other in person (based on a random thank you that was texted to me last month) and nobody decides to confront him about (his? my?) lack of response? He doesn’t question why he never receives texts from his cousin? His cousin never thinks to ask if he saw his last text? I hate to victim blame because I am the perpetrator of this man's identity theft but there comes a point where confrontation needs to happen. I will be waiting in fear until this day comes.
TL;DR: I was added to a family's groupchat and never corrected the fact they had the wrong number. 3 years later, I have still never told the truth and have become so entrapped with this stranger's family that I fear I will have to assume his entire identity to keep the lie going.
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2023.05.30 16:55 Key_Imagination_497 Selling to renters without a real estate agent

Just curious if anyone has any advice or experience here. Currently own a rental in which the renters have voiced wanting to buy the house from me. I would like to sell as I’m tired of dealing with the hoa. My question is if I should try selling without an agent since I would already have a buyer? My current thinking is I could hire an attorney for the transaction and still come out ahead of where I would be by paying commissions. Am I forgetting/ missing something? Will this be more headache than it’s worth? Another piece of information is while I have purchased 3 sfh’s so far, this would be the first time I have sold a house. Any first hand experience or advice is welcomed.
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2023.05.30 16:53 TripSitter111 My Housemate’s girlfriend moved in and I’m paying more rent

I’m not sure whether this is going to be a pointless question to ask but it is my first time renting and I am still learning as I go,
Basically a couple months ago my housemate mentioned his girlfriend will be moving in with us and also told us that rent and bills will be cheaper when she does move in. I was all for this and now she has moved in and it’s coming up to the day we pay rent and today he told me and my other housemate that we will be paying equally the same amount of $730 whereas he and his girlfriend will be collectively putting in $800 not separately but together. Another key aspect is that our rent is increasing by $109 so I assumed we would split that evenly between the four of us. I originally was paying $680 and can’t justify why I have to pay $50 more. I tried asking him if we could just split the total rent evenly by 4 but he said he can’t justify paying $1130 for his one room, but I would’ve thought that $1130 also pays for everything else in the house like the bathroom, kitchen, etc. for both him and his girlfriends use. And also that he would just split that evenly with his girlfriend to pay which is a considerably cheap rent for them each to pay. But he has refused and still keeps telling me it’s too much to pay for one bedroom. And he is adamant on him and his girlfriend chipping in only $800 for the 1 room, despite telling me months ago I would have a cheaper rent, I’ve emailed my real estate agent hoping they will be able to help us decide what to do, but I don’t think they will have much power over this situation and we may have to sort it out, or can they have power to dictate what we pay? Any advice would be helpful, thanks guys!
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2023.05.30 16:49 maskgirlnft 21 University – Education for Ideal Man

21 University – Education for Ideal Man
21 University – Education for Ideal Man

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21 University Is NOT For …
Men looking for an easy fix. Men who have no interest in becoming the Ideal Man. Men who don’t question the status quo. Men who choose to live a life of quiet desperation.
I’m proud to have built The 21 Convention over the past nine years. I’m even more proud to have made a small dent in the universe with hundreds of incredible videos from the event, and over ten million people reached.
But what I’m most proud of is to have applied the videos to my life, to walk my own talk, and enjoy those results in real life, every day. Anthony Dream Johnson, CEO & Founder of The 21 Convention
Livestream 1 – Socrates.mp4 Livestream 2 – Nick Sparks.mp4 Livestream 3 – Sasha Daygame.mp4 Livestream 4 – Steve Mayeda.mp4 Livestream 5 – Robbie Kramer.mp4 Livestream 6 – Edward Druce.mp4 Livestream 7 – Wade Alters aka Brad Branson.mp4 Livestream 8 – Brent Smith.mp4 Livestream 9 – Marcus Oakey.mp4 Podcast 1 – Damien Diecke.mp4 Podcast 10 – Dr. David Tian.mp4 Podcast 11 – Anthony Johnson.mp4 Podcast 12 – James Marshall & Sasha Daygame.mp4 Podcast 13 – Nick Sparks Book Special.mp4 Podcast 14 – Doug McGuff, Bill DeSimone & Skyler Tanner.mp4 Podcast 15 – Socrates & Greg Swan.mp4 Podcast 16 – Nick Sparks & Steve Mayeda.mp4 Podcast 17 – James Maclane & James Marshall.mp4 Podcast 2 – Skyler Tanner.mp4 Podcast 3 – Robbie Kramer.mp4 Podcast 4 – Mark Ottobre.mp4 Podcast 5 – Ed Aiken.mp4 Podcast 6 – James Marshall.mp4 Podcast 7 – Mark Alexander.mp4 Podcast 8 – Liam McRae.mp4 Podcast 9 – Keith Norris.mp4
Documentary #1 – An Attendee.mp4 Documentary #10 – Jason Savage.mp4 Documentary #2 – Right Hand Man.mp4 Documentary #3 – Steve Mayeda.mp4 Documentary #4 – DJ Fuji.mp4 Documentary #5 – Adam Lyons.mp4 Documentary #6 – Drew Baye.mp4 Documentary #7 – Socrates.mp4 Documentary #8 – James Marshall.mp4 Documentary #9 – James Steele II.mp4
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2023.05.30 16:44 ahleedc Relocating to SA - Johannesburg from UK - London

I'm a UK citizen currently considering the exciting possibility of living in South Africa for a year or more. I'm here seeking your valuable advice and insights on the necessary steps I should take to make this dream a reality. If you have any experience or knowledge in this area, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Here are some specific questions I have:
1. Visa Requirements: As a UK citizen, what type of visa would I need to live in South Africa for an extended period? Are there any specific requirements or qualifications I should be aware of? Any insights into the visa application process and the best resources to consult would be incredibly helpful.
2. Researching Locations: South Africa is a diverse and vast country, and I'm curious about the best places to live as an expat. Are there any particular cities or regions that are recommended for foreigners, especially considering factors such as safety, amenities, and quality of life? I would appreciate any suggestions or personal experiences you can share.
3. Finding Accommodation: Once I've identified a suitable location, what is the best way to find long-term accommodation in South Africa? Are there any online platforms or real estate agencies that cater specifically to expats? Any tips on budgeting, lease agreements, and ensuring a smooth renting process would be greatly appreciated.
4. Financial Considerations: Managing finances while living abroad is crucial. Are there any specific banking or tax considerations I should be aware of as a UK citizen living in South Africa? Are there any limitations or restrictions on transferring funds between countries? It would be helpful to know if there are any recommended banking institutions or financial services for expats in South Africa.
5. Healthcare and Insurance: Understanding the healthcare system in South Africa is vital for any long-term resident. As a UK citizen, would I be eligible for any medical benefits or should I consider private health insurance? If so, what are some reputable insurance providers in South Africa? Any insights on the quality of healthcare services and potential costs would be invaluable.
6. Social Integration and Networking: Building a social network and integrating into the local community is an essential aspect of living abroad. Are there any recommended resources, social clubs, or expat groups in South Africa that can assist with social integration? How welcoming is the local community towards expats, and what are some tips for making new friends and connections?
Thank you all in advance for your assistance and guidance. Your insights and experiences will play a significant role in helping me navigate the necessary steps to make my dream of living in South Africa a reality. I look forward to your responses and any additional advice you can provide.
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2023.05.30 16:42 CountessOfAbbingdon [F4A][F4Anyone Playing M][Multiple Prompts.] ; Adventuresses, Superheroes, ASOIAF, Monsters, & More!

Hello! I thought I'd lay out a smorgasbord of ideas. Hopefully some of them pique your fancy!
I'm open to other ideas, of course!


  • Polite
  • Creative.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Able to write in 3rd person.
  • Available on Discord.
  • Over the age of 21.
Also, please don't reach out to me via Reddit Chat. I don't read them. I only check DM's. If you choose to DM me, please make the subject line your current favorite song, just so I know you've read this post from top to bottom. Thanks! 💖


Lara hated these functions.
No. 'Hate' wasn't the right word. She loathed them. This one in particular was a charity gala with the profits going to build a new childrens' ward in Surrey Parkside Hospital -- the very hospital she herself had been born in. That helped make the event a tad more palatable; but not enough to make it feel like anything other than a chore.
The estate of the Earl of Brixton was filled with socialites and nobility from all over Europe. They had all put on their best finery and their well-practiced courtesies. They made navigating these things look so effortless ... And, in a way, Lara was jealous of them for that. This had never come easy to her. Even now, she found herself wishing she had dirt under her nails rather than a French manicure.
At least she knew how to look the part. For all her perceived faults, no one could deny that the young woman cleaned up beautifully when she cared to put in the effort. Her petite figure was wrapped in a one-of-a-kind, crimson-colored dress designed for her by one of Paris's trendiest fashion houses. The bustline was particularly dramatic -- showing off more cleavage than most noblewomen would ever dare to. The back was also open, though the fabric had been draped across it in the semblance of a capelet -- making her seem more like a goddess of old rather than a modern Countess. She had overheard several women whispering about her choice to wear something so revealing; but she couldn't bring herself to care all that much.
"You're conflating the Maya with the Aztecs," she drolled in that elocution-trained accent as she finished what was her third glass of champagne thus far. A portly, older man had been bending her ear for the past twenty minutes attempting to impress her with tales of his private collection. Having claimed to be an expert on South American indigenous peoples, the correction made his face turn almost as red as her dress. He opened his mouth to say something; but before he had the chance, she gave a little shake of her now-empty glass.
"I need a refill. Pardon me, Sir." Before he had a chance to object, she made a hasty retreat from him. Along the way, she dropped the crystal flute onto the tray of a passing waiter and collected another. While her small stature did little to hold her back in the field -- if anything, it was an advantage -- but when it came to alcohol, it left her as something of a lightweight. She made a mental note to slow down; or else she risked the very real possibility of her already sharp tongue slicing a few more socialites to ribbons. That would truly defeat the purpose of her showing up to these things to preserve her reputation. Or, at least, preserve it as much as she could. Between herself and her late father, the name Croft had carried a dubious notoriety for quite some time. Some admired her for her ambition, intelligence, and bravery in the field. Others saw it as uncouth, at best -- destructive, at worst.
Lara took a moment to survey the room, noting how the majority of guests were preoccupied with the band that had begun to play a waltz. Perfect. She took the opportunity to sneak out of the ballroom and through the winding corridors of the estate. Before long, she found the door that led out to the rose garden. It was a chilly, damp English night; but she couldn't find herself to mind. If anything, it exhilarated her.
And it also kept the others from wandering out this way.
She tilted her head back to peer up at the full moon and stars above. She sipped her drink and took in the night air. She had needed this breather. She hadn't realized just how tightly coiled her muscles had become until she was away from the oppressive stuffiness of the party.
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2023.05.30 16:42 TrueReconsillyation Tina Turner was quite candid about her health issues. Do you suppose she became a Swiss citizen to access their healthcare system, best in the world? Or just to buy a place?

A LOT of US celebrities (film/music) choose to live abroad; the fan culture in the US can apparently be quite toxic and they are able to have a much more normal life in the UK or Western European countries, to say nothing of escaping the IRS! So Tina Turner was living with her German husband (then boyfriend) Edwin Bach in Switzerland since 1995; she didn't obtain Swiss citizenship until 2013, the same year she and Bach married. (And didn't she look FABULOUS??) Bach likewise obtained Swiss citizenship.
Note that in Switzerland, non-citizens are prohibited from owning real estate property:
Bach, a German native, expressed their affinity for Switzerland in an interview with the local newspaper Handelszeitung. He revealed that their decision to invest in additional properties in the European country stemmed from their newly acquired Swiss citizenship. This move was a strategic one, as nonresidents are prohibited from owning land in Switzerland. Source
It took quite an effort to gain Swiss citizenship, including learning German (no mean feat at her advanced age, though her boyfriend/husband being a native German no doubt helped immensely) and passing a citizenship exam.
And then, once her Swiss citizenship was attained, she gave up her US citizenship:
In 2013, Turner reportedly filed paperwork to relinquish her U.S. citizenship. According to The Washington Post, that meant that she had taken Swiss citizenship with the intent to "lose her U.S. citizenship," as opposed to formally "renouncing" her U.S. citizenship, a more complex process. The publication also reported that Turner declared she no longer had strong ties to the U.S. "except for family, and has no plans to reside in the United States in the future." Source
That was the point Turner's health took a steep downhill:
The singer died at her Switzerland home after battling poor health, including a stroke in 2013, intestinal cancer in 2016 and a kidney transplant in 2017. Source
She'd already lived in Switzerland for some 20 years at that point. She and Bach had been together for nearly 30 years (they started dating in 1985). She suffered her first stroke in 2009, at which point she discovered that her hypertension had reduced her kidney function by 35%. Her second stroke was in 2013, just 3 (some say "weeks"; others say "months") after she and Bach married. Bach donated a kidney to her in 2017.
The US has famously inadequate + overly costly healthcare; given that Ms. Turner had so many health problems over her last decades of life, is it possible she made the decision to seek and acquire Swiss citizenship in order to secure the BEST healthcare for herself in her final years? They'd already lived there without citizenship for almost 20 years!
You can find very high-quality healthcare in Switzerland, ranked first on the 2018 Euro Health Consumer Index out of 35 European nations. It was the only country to score all green on accessibility and received praise for low infant mortality and high cancer survival rates. Source
It's a smart strategy, isn't it??
Note that Switzerland has high tax rates; Turner wouldn't have chosen to move there for tax purposes as some do when moving abroad (such as formerly French actor Gérard Depardieu [Cyrano, Green Card] who became a Russian citizen). Besides, Switzerland's an extremely nice, civilized place - you know they aren't going to be radically changing the rules overnight.
Ms. Turner gave up her US citizenship in 2013; she had her kidney transplant (with a kidney lovingly provided by her own husband) in 2017. By the time she relinquished her US citizenship, she'd already lived in Switzerland for nearly two decades.
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2023.05.30 16:41 Blocksquare_io Oceanpoint Passive Income Returns

Oceanpoint Passive Income Returns
An update on the passive income returns you can currently expect from our four pools on
📷 Issuer asset pool: 11.7% 📷 Community asset pool: 34.29% 📷 📷 $BST governance pool: 10.6% 📷 $BST : $ETH liquidity pool: 40.76%
Giving a combined TVL of over $6.1m
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2023.05.30 16:40 EVH4104 Anyone actively working in the real estate field ever gone through a recession before?

Becoming a little worried on job security with the economy continuing to show signs of recession. Seeing different shops (mine included) lay off people on the front end such as originators and underwriters. I am more on the back end of the deal process with portfolio management which gives me a little sense of security… but never been in anything but a raging bull market since college so just trying to be realistic and see what others’ experiences have been. Are there any roles in CRE that are actually “recession proof”?
As a secondary question, are there any skills, certificates, etc that are worth investing in and learning that will add value to my resume/skill set that would make me worth hiring even during a downturn?
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2023.05.30 16:34 dength Need advice on my next job - CRE/FP&A

Hi all,
First time posing here, seeking advice on my career path and my next job. Any help is appreciated
A little bit background of myself.
Graduated from Cornell hotel school in 2016 with a master focusing on real estate and finance. Ever since then, I have been working for a hotel financing firm, and now serves as the director of finance. My main responsibilities are FP&A, warehouse/credit facility financing, and portfolio management. Among the 3, I am most experienced with warehouse financing. FP&A is the newly added duty but I discovered that I am pretty good with it. Additionally, I have got my CFA charter last year.
Now, I am planning to leave the current company later this year and wondering what my options are. I would like to transition to the equity/investment side of the industry, ideally REPE or REIB. I have started looking for jobs this month but didn't have much luck. I am thinking it's probably because of the lack of investment experience. What career path do you guys think I should go? FP&A or continue in CRE?
If you know any good CRE companies are hiring, please let me know
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2023.05.30 16:31 monicasellsnaples_ Properties for Sale in Naples Realtors in Naples - Monicasellsnaples

Properties for Sale in Naples Realtors in Naples - Monicasellsnaples
Discover the finest properties for sale in Naples with the help of our experienced realtors. Whether you're searching for your dream home or an investment opportunity, we have a wide range of Naples real estate listings to suit your needs. Explore the vibrant market of Naples homes for sale and find the perfect match for your lifestyle and preferences. From luxurious houses to charming properties, our inventory offers a diverse selection of Naples real estate for sale. Let our expert realtors guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless and successful transaction. Start your search for Naples real estate today and turn your dreams into reality. Visit our website:
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2023.05.30 16:21 its__Jason Are there any great jobs outside of the education field for substitute teachers ?

I've seen lots of videos for teachers that have bachelor's degrees that can easily pivot there career to things like project management, finance, real estate, ect. I almost have an A.A degree (50 college credits) and I am looking to get out of substitute teaching. Are there any jobs that value someone that was a former substitute teacher ?
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2023.05.30 16:21 CherryShort2563 Elon Musk warns house prices are set to plunge – and says commercial real estate is in meltdown
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2023.05.30 16:19 primadonnerparty Rental Company Recommendations

I know "good landlord" can be a bit of an oxymoron, but does anyone have any recommendations for small property management or real estate companies that handle rentals in the area?
I'm in the process of looking for a new place and would prefer to stay away from the big corporate apartment complexes. Smaller companies have given me great experiences in the past, but they can be so hard to find!
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2023.05.30 16:16 mubydram Sunny Day Real Estate - Waffle

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2023.05.30 16:11 myrmekochoria Leadville, Colorado 1879

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