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A place for you to self advertise your rap music. If you make rap, instrumentals, or remixes of rap track this is the place to put it. This is also a great place to discus making rap music and look for advice and feedback

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2023.03.31 07:55 GlobalScore8186 Tired of my husband's sex drive

I have always had a higher sex drive than my husband, but his libido went way down after he gained 60 lbs. Every time we go to bed and I try to seduce him he defends his virtue from me!!!!! I even offer to give him blowjobs as he plays video games. Sometimes he gets horny and he teases me but then gets tired and doesn't feel like going all the way.
So I have just taken things into my own hands and just jerk off to porn and hentai maybe 3 or 4 times a day and he GETS JEALOUS WTF????
I don't understand. I love him though and if I have to jerk it to hentai for the rest of my life that's fine.
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2023.03.31 07:54 N3rF_NeRd56 Feeling better

Like the title says, I feel better. Just a bit.
My parents came to town for workshops for the past 2 days and my brothers and I went to visit them in their hotel room this evening.
The huge dip in my mental health this past month I figure was due to not letting my mind rest enough, then soon after feeling directionless and burntout. While visiting my parents, we talked about everything going at home, politically, what our plans were for the future and talking about past memories. That really warmed my heart and lifted me up a lot.
But what stuck with me was the political state of the rez. And no, we weren't talking down on anyone. We talked about how all of the people now are retiring, and we need a new generation to step up. It got me thinking. What if I take on a leadership role in the future. Along side my tech career (sounds like burnout waiting to happen). What I think about a lot is that I had a nice community to grow up in, I was fortunate enough to not have to worry about living in a bad place like other reserves. I want to help keep it that way.
Idk just a thought tho. The current C&C dont really have my trust rn. My dad being the band manager, he knows a few things. And from what I heard our leadership isn't the most trustworthy. (Story for another time) Which then my mind zoomin' around led me to think about me in a leadership role. Which might become a real thing, but will require a lot of effort. I think I will stick with my silly computers, for now.
Overall, I just needed a quick mental restart (the magic IT method, just turn it off and on again) and a visit with my parents is what I needed. It was nice to see my parents after a while. Maybe their encouragement is what I needed, and a bit of guidence in the right direction.
(I'm sorry if I worried you so much, I just needed a bit of help. Also, thank you so much again for checking in on me, it means a lot to me)
After we left it seemed like the dark thoughts cleared out and the fog lifted. I still feel tired, but I have the whole weekend to reset.
Also I should see a doctor about my medication, they didn't seem to help too much lmfao
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2023.03.31 07:54 sirfreerunner Can they advertise a position as a certain amount of pay then not fulfill that obligation?

So I work as a coach at a gym and have moved up to a management position. I really like where I work I’m just concerned because they had me apply for the position, advertised it as a 25-35 hourly wage but since I’ve gotten it I’ve been told I won’t receive even the base 25 until Im “through training” which is kinda open ended without an exact finish date. As of now Im at 22 but am wondering when and if I should push the bare minimum of 25? I come with leadership experience and an Associates in business so I was honestly hoping to start higher than 25 but now it seems that probably not happening :/ Can companies legally advertise a starting pay and then not fulfill that? And how long is a legal “training period”? Like I said I really like where I work I just don’t want to be taken advantage of by doing a job for less than what was advertised. Any advice on the situation?
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2023.03.31 07:54 Busy_Ocelot2424 When does it get good?

Started playing EFT about 4 days ago. I’ve got 21 raid attempts so far with 4 successful extracts. I spent a lot of time watching streamers and YouTubers play this game so I was pretty excited when I got my pc running to jump into it myself. I’m at the point now where I know why I died and what mistakes I made and what I could’ve done to survive better. I don’t think I’ve even encountered anything unusual like hacking/bugs that really annoyed me. The game itself is annoying is really the problem. I’m a solo player, I’m fine with being solo, but I have to say I got an extract on woods today and it did not hit like (3) successful extracts have in the past. All I do is sit and wait and hit headshot and wait and then loot and then crouch walk and then extract and then play scav to cover my losses when I inevitably die to some unusual hazard. I feel like the only way I can learn to be good at this game is by repeatedly dying, even watching others play isn’t enough info. How much longer is it going to take me to become competent? Do you ever start to succeed in extracting say, more than 50% of the time?
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2023.03.31 07:54 Sofia_Wagner477 Outsourcing Software in the Finance Industry: Benefits, Risks, and Best Practices

In recent years, the global finance industry has witnessed growth in both up and down directions. The financial situation has considerably changed, with many new peaks being established, continually surprising the public.
Amidst all the market uncertainty, businesses continue to focus on the subject of digital transformation. According to Software Outsourcing Journal, software outsourcing – particularly outsourcing healthcare software development or fintech – has attracted the most attention and vendor search since then.
Financial organizations to go outsource software development can more easily keep up with market trends and compete effectively. The following outline a few of the advantages and disadvantages of contracting software development in the financial sector.

Benefits of Outsourcing Software in Finance Industry

Outsourcing Software in the Finance Industry, What Risks to Tell?

What are the directions to these potential risks?

However, there are ways for banks and other financial organizations to reduce their exposure to risk when delegating software development. They can begin by thoroughly investigating any prospective outsourcing partners to guarantee they are reputable, experienced, and properly certified.
In addition, financial institutions can establish transparent lines of contact with the hiring team and schedule frequent check-ins to monitor progress. Moreover, banks and other financial organizations can take extra precautions to safeguard their customers’ personal information.

Best Practices for Outsourcing

It is crucial to establish your needs and objectives before contracting out software engineering. Finding the correct outsourcing collaborator and making certain that the undertaking is in line with your company goals will be much easier with this information.
Find a collaborator who has worked with financial institutions before, has a previous record of success, and has a staff of talented coders who can meet your deadlines and stay within your budget.
For hiring to be effective, clear and consistent information sharing is a must. Maintain open lines of contact with your contractor by providing them with frequent status updates, progress reports, and evaluations of key milestones.
In the world of banking, where the smallest of mistakes can have enormous repercussions, quality assurance is more important than ever. Then, you should verify that the outsourcing company you choose employs stringent testing and certification processes as part of their quality assurance strategy.
Keeping sensitive information safe and meeting regulatory requirements are two of the financial sector’s top priorities. If you’re going to outsource software development, you should check that your partner is taking all the necessary precautions to keep your data secure, by employing encryption, implementing access controls, etc.

Key Takeaways

One of the successful strategies for financial organizations to maintain competitiveness and adapt to shifting market demands is to go digital transformation. And for businesses that need to be fast and safe in terms of cybersecurity but achieve high efficiency in output quality, software outsourcing is the way. This importance is shown even for outsourcing healthcare software development, or financial services and many other fields.
With the suggested advantages, disadvantages as well as best practices above, the effectiveness of your project and the delivery of high-quality software that fulfills your business goals can be guaranteed.
Source: https://softwareoutsourcing.com/insights/outsourcing-software-in-the-finance-industry-benefits-risks-and-best-practices/
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2023.03.31 07:53 BB17xx Disappointed in Best Buy re: Totaltech

Tl;dr - my store has been lying about the price of 2 years protection under Totaltech, and management is effectively encouraging it by not saying it.
I started working for Best Buy 2 months ago. Since then, I’ve enjoyed it overall, met some great people, and now a shift lead in my department (have previous supervisory experience.) I have good numbers - my Totaltech numbers are best in the district.
But won’t be going forward.
I have recently figured out Totaltech is synonymous with plausible deniability; that is, you must convince yourself its perks outweigh the large $199 a year price tag.
Let’s disregard the elderly customers who genuinely need Geek Squad if they don’t have a family member nearby. Most of the non-elderly generally don’t need one off service from Geek Squad - though there certainly is a staple of customers who do and Geek Squad are pros at handling those problems as they arise.
That brings us to the by far most important perk of TT: protection of expensive items. Should be fairly straightforward, right?
Management and coworkers alike told me that even if you choose not to renew TT, you still are entitled to 24 months (1 remaining year) of protection/Apple Care; you just lose access to Geek Squad. At first I found this strange, but figured $199 is still profitable for Best Buy.
Figured out today that isn’t the case, and you must have an active membership to maintain the protection. Likely obvious to a large majority of y’all, but simply was told something else.
So excluding the folks who happen to also need important services like free elliptical delivery, 20% off iPhone battery replacements, exclusive deals like $30 off a $3000 MacBook Pro, and access to “VIP” customer service reps, the every day electronic purchaser typically cares about the current, expensive item they are purchasing. I don’t have data to back that up other than my experience of selling 4+ laptops a day the last 2 months.
My department has been promising customers 2 years of protection on items and most others) for $200. Not the actual amount of $400.
Management has heard me pitch TT multiple times and not said anything.
Pretty pathetic.
Store management has somehow convinced themselves we aren’t absolutely fucking over a massive amount of customers, while corporate has found a way to explain what the “24 months of protection” deal means in the most vague and ambiguous way as possible on the signs, pamphlets, and website.
I can’t rationalize selling a TT membership if it’s going to fuck over customers that badly - getting 1 year or protection for $200. And as someone with pseudo leadership in my area, I can’t just justify not saying something. Simply isn’t worth it.
Again, probably in the minority of people who don’t know this (especially on this subreddit) but it’s yet another stain on leadership and Best Buy as a whole.
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2023.03.31 07:53 hhrredcv2 feeling defeated

today i have felt so defeated, if that’s the right word. i have a 9 month old, and i have 0 motivation to do anything with him. i try to get him outside or play with him but 90% of the time it takes me hours to get the motivation to even go to the bathroom. just a few minutes ago he was inconsolably crying and nothing i was doing was working, and then i give him to my dad and he stops immediately. it makes me feel like i’m doing a horrible job and that he can’t find comfort in me. i just want to be able to get up and be happy for my baby but i can’t do it right now, all i want to do is lay down all day. i have 0 desire to eat or shower, i haven’t talked to anyone outside my family pretty much since i had him. i am just lost. sorry this post is kind of everywhere, i’m still getting used to actually posting things.
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2023.03.31 07:53 Usual_Ad_730 When your toxic mother fucked you up so badly that this is how your first pillow talk goes

I remember the night vividly even though it was well over a decade ago.
I'm 36, M and I lost my virginity to my girlfriend in college at the age of 22. I had fooled around with other women in hook ups before, but had never had sex.
She was my first time.
I remember I was holding out as long as I could on getting condoms due to toxic guilt brought on my my narc mother.
"Don't let them take your purity" and bull shit like that.
I was on a date with my girlfriend. We were like a few weeks I to dating at this point, seeing each other basically every day because we both loved in the dorms.
She marches me into a pharmacy to the condom aisle, hands me a pack and says, "were doing this."
I go buy the pack and we leave.
We go back to her dorm room, put a sock on the door and make love.
I throw away the condom and she pulls me back into bed.
"So, how do you feel?". She has a huge smile on her face and her eyes are full of empathy.
"About what?"
She looks confused
"About the sex."
"It was fine."
She looks down and then decides to come at this from another angle.
"Someone's not a virgin anymore", she says sticking out her tongue at me.
"Yes, I am."
"Richard, you literally just had sex with me."
"No, we used a condom."
She laughs at me, not in a bad way.
"Of course, we used a condom. I mean, I'm on birth control, but it isn't perfect. It's still sex!"
"It is."
"Yes. Richard, there's nothing wrong with fucking your girlfriend. In fact it is recommended."
We eventually changed the subject and went to bed.
And that is how my toxic mom turned my first time into a therapy session.
What an amazing person.
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2023.03.31 07:53 Accomplished_Wear_24 I think I accepted a ghost order and now stuck with it, can’t even log back In

So my zone doesn’t really ever send offers past 9pm, but tonight I randomly got an offer at 9:48.. I was skeptical it might be some ghost order bs, but it was good Pat and the Walmart was 2 miles away. I get there and it’s a ghost town, no loaders in sight and I call after waiting a few minutes.. no answer. Wait a few more mins then try to cancel, I get an error.. try to cancel many more times, error. Signed out and tried to sign back in, now I’m getting an error and can’t even sign in . Spark support closed for the night. Wtf is going on and wtf am I supposed to do?
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2023.03.31 07:52 whudismin2713 MCO relay gone wrong

When I was 17, I met this guy (18 make) through a friend of a friend(during MCO), we became friends, at this time I wasn't looking for any relationship but I started having feelings for him and so did he. We got together and at first it seemed like there was no problem and that we fit together well, however once MCO had ended so many problems began.
It was after 5 months of dating, he had this neighbor (girl A) that he recently became close to after a few exchange of items due to lockdown, and he told me about it that he got a new friend, I didn't mind that. Then, when we went out on a date he started video calling her and introduced us and let the call stay on after, I was confused aren't we on a date? why is he calling his friend at this time, I think the girl noticed that it was weird for him to call her at this time so she said she was gonna end it and head to sleep, she seemed like a nice girl. I didn't like what he did so I told him right there and then, that he shouldn't video call his friends when we are on a date, if it's for awhile to say hi and how they're doing I'm okay with it but to stay on that call the entire time we are on a date sounds abit off. he said okay he'll stop. I thought it was going to end there.
He had some arguments with his family and he wanted to get away, so he went to his neighbor(girl A) house and do his assignments there, both him and her are doing a similar course, so they have similar interests. he video called me and I was surprised to see that he was in her house, I tried not to think much of it, both of them were talking and I couldn't say anything because I didn't know what they were talking about, so I felt like the third wheel all the time. A similar situation happen again where he invited me to a coffee house near where he lives and told me that he was inviting girl A too, before this I told him I was uncomfortable that he was meeting up with her more than me his gf and he said sorry he'll try to limit it, he wanted me to be friends with girl A so bad I don't even know why. she came and we talked I tried conversing with her on topics she and I might be interested in, it was going well then she brought up about something my bf did and she laughed and he laughed too and I was confused, basically they had an inside joke and I suddenly felt like a third wheel again. I didn't meet her again after that, but whenever I call my bf he was always with her, they'd either be in the car laughing or at her house. I told him again and again that I was uncomfortable with the situation and he keeps saying sorry he will do something about it until he didn't bring her up anymore and I thought everything was going fine. Suddenly I saw on IG that he went out with her alone again, I asked him I didn't know he went out with her why didn't he tell me anything, then he proceeded to guilt trip me saying I was being insecure, but the fact that he lied to me saying he is not going out with her again hurt me. he kept lieing to me about going out with his friends when it was just her and he tried comforting me saying he will never get feelings for her because she is in the same course with him which I find a bit stupid.
Then there was this other girl (girl b), this girl was friends with him way before I knew him and she was 15-16 at time. when I was dating him I didn't see any problem with her but after we broke up, one of girl b friend told me these stories, 1. whenever I didn't go out with the 3 of them (my ex, girl b and her bff) girl b would be very touchy feely with my ex, like sitting on his lap, leaning on his shoulder, putting her hands on his thigh, he would do the same to her. 2. he would stay overnight at girl b place sometimes all this happen when I was still dating him. 3. He would secretly go out with the 2 of them (girl b and her bff), sometimes with girl b only. Side note,I was becoming close to girl b's bff so she'd ask where I was, thinking she'd see me when my ex was going out with them, but he gave excuses saying I couldn't go out because my parents don't allow. Funny thing is he never asked me and I didn't even know he was going out.
What I didn't realize before when in the relationship, at times when I didn't want to have sex with him, he'd force me by constantly touching me here and there when I kept saying no and I didn't think much of it because I thought it was normal to please ur own bf and that if I didn't, he'd be upset and it would be on me for not helping him. Everytime he meet up with me, he'd get so horny as if I was his sex object and that's his only reason to meet me.
I was depressed the whole time after all the guilt tripping and lies he put me through and I felt like I wasn't enough because he always had these girls around him. I wanted to break up with him which took 3 tries because he always said to give him a chance and he'll do better and that he loves me until finally he said ok he can't make me stay anymore and he told me that no one could ever love me and that I was hard to love. He really tried to make me feel shit about breaking up with me.
After a couple of weeks, I was at home having an online class when I suddenly got a text and call saying he was outside and that he wanted to talk. I got freaked out because wtf he knows where I live and he came unannounced, what if I was alone at home? Being the dumbass I was, I went out to see him, luckily he didn't do me any harm, he just wanted to get back tgt and he told me he loves me so much, he misses me and he's sorry for everything and he won't do it again. I told him he doesn't actually love me, he just liked the idea of me because if he did love me he would actually listen whenever I was feeling shitty or uncomfortable and do something about it.
After years he still tries to befriend me, he asked if I wanted to meet up and asked for favours but i cut him out of my life, he really made me feel like utter shit for so long.
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2023.03.31 07:52 Officer_Woods How To Make a Papers, Please Style Game?

I've tried scouring the internet on how to make a papers, please style game - but can't find anything at all. Here's what I want to make.
I want to make a game that looks exactly like Papers, Please. However, you're a detective at his desk who is trying to solve unsolved murders. On the right, you have the investigation files that you can look at and connect the dots (like the matching data thing) which is where you check the passports and permits and whatnot. Then, on the left, you have a computer you can look at DNA results from the crime scenes and search up names in the criminal database to see if they have records.
Honestly, if I could pay someone to make it and just talk to them about what to do, that'd be great. But trusting random strangers online could be risky. I think Lucas Pope used OpenFL but I can't even install it correctly. I really want this game idea I have to be a reality. It's something I've been thinking about for a few years now.
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2023.03.31 07:52 __ZenMaster__ And people would say that a Buddha had appeared in the world

Were you now to practice keeping your minds motionless at all times, whether walking, standing, sitting or lying; concentrating entirely upon the goal of no thought-creation, no duality, no reliance on others and no attachments; just allowing all things to take their course the whole day long, as though you were too ill to bother; unknown to the world; innocent of any urge to be known or unknown to others; with your minds like blocks of stone that mend no holes—then all the Dharmas would penetrate your understanding through and through.
In a little while you would find yourselves firmly unattached. Thus, for the first time in your lives, you would discover your reactions to phenomena decreasing and, ultimately, you would pass beyond the Triple World; and people would say that a Buddha had appeared in the world. Pure and passionless knowledge implies putting an end to the ceaseless flow of thoughts and images, for in that way you stop creating the karma that leads to rebirth—whether as gods or men or as sufferers in hell.
Huangbo Xiyun: On the Transmission of Mind [Zen master, died 850?]
Commentary: My work is almost done, for I have seen and followed the Way towards ultimate truth. I would say that there are other people, myself and even this earth and something to attain here in some way, but this is all in fact delusion. I would say that there is enlightenment in contrast to ignorance, but this is would still fall into the realm of picking and choosing...
All eight billion people are but differing aspects and illusory separate forms of the same Absolute; what interest would they have in the Way beyond delusion and suffering? The myriad things are the myriad things, knowing only conflict and turmoil, thus unknowingly entirely mired in a maelstrom of their own devices. Circumstances and conditions, circumstances and conditions... rare is the person who would set down their delusion and suffering all at once and give the entirety up their worldly treasures.
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2023.03.31 07:52 anngieeem Is he breadcrumbing/using me?

The guy I've been talking to, we've been talking for almost 2 years now. We met when I was pregnant & have been seeing each other 2-3 times every week, talk every day, he says he loves me. But doesn't want to commit. He always tells me I need to communicate but when I do he's dismissive or just changes the subject. He says "i can't wait to make you my gf" then never asks, never compliments me unless we're doing the deed/nakey. Whenever I try to talk to him about things I'm excited about or care about he is dry but always talks about everything going on in his life right after I bring anything up. If he gets upset or frustrated with something he's dry and sarcastic and short toward me. Should I just let him go? feel like if I do l'm going to hurt him but honestly, I rarely feel loved unless we're together in person and even then he's not very affectionate.
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2023.03.31 07:52 CrimsonCloverwriter Chapter Five : Where is Mona?

Hello and welcome to chapter five, below is a link to other chapters :
A book about cycles, size and perception : CrimsonCloverwriter (reddit.com)
The collective smiles. Through crowds it wanders unseen, down to the place where man rests. They are lined in their metallic coffins, hidden from view but evidently there, and the collective strolls between them. The collective salvates at the thought of him. Osmundowne, back for more? It had been such a long time, many of the collective had never seen him in the flesh. It was only their collectiveness that revealed Osmundowne, and the potential he brings.
The collective’s minds race, clashing into each other, bickering and floating together in a true state of catharsis. One of the collective remarked at the dangers contacting Osmundowne could bring, but he was quickly shut out by the overwhelming potential. There was no time to worry, no moments to rest in this place, the time had come to leave this place and never come back, lest the collective risk falling to the blankness. The argument continued, rising in the collective’s head, until finally they reached Osmundowne’s prison.
A sleek black gloss permeated the outer rim of this coffin, and through the wall the collective could hear it… the screams for something. The smile grew from ear to ear, and the collective moved their hands to the release.
The light had stretched to Osmund’s chest, revealing Osmund’s first true vision of what was below. Smooth stone floors were on the floor, sleekly carved and stretching around the room, bearing many hallmarks of the average fortress at a more even carving. Osmund also observed a small black object on his glass prison, and quickly realised it was a fly, buzzing in freedom. More of the room was revealed, and now Osmund could see to the other end of the room. It appeared to be a hallway of some sort, walls stretching down in both directions for an unknown distance. Directly across from Osmund was a large black object stretching far above into the ceiling. Strange objects connected to the object, resembling veins in the human body. On either side of the object were identical duplicates, leading Osmund to the conclusion of what he was inside of.
Beyond the black objects Osmund could see alabaster walls lining behind these prisons. The ceiling was high, even more so than the objects stretching to at the very least 30 feet in the air. A grey, foreign material looked down from this ceiling, and alongside it came a bright light, one that far exceeded the power of a lantern. It was cylindrical, pointing out of the ceiling and felt like looking at the sun itself. Osmund quickly averted his eyes.
No sound escaped the prison, and there was nothing more than silence in the air. There was no one around, the entire place appeared deserted, although there wasn’t enough information to make a sound judgement. Now with the gift of sight Osmund looked back to his own prison, making a few new judgements compared to before. The object attached to the rope appeared to be a piece of silver, with the shape of a strange key that seemingly clicked into the wall. Up above Osmund could see where he fell from, small holes that attached to the object he had taken with him. Above that Osmund could see an identical rope to the first and still failed to find any form of seam where the walls met. This place, while slightly better with light, was still going to remain Osmund’s prison.
Osmund was unnerved, but the terror of the black had faded. Now he knew there was a world out there, and the first thing to do was escape to it. He once again called out her name but to no avail, then he tried to slam himself against the glass, bouncing directly off. He searched his clothes, looking for any kind of material that may aid him in the future, however all was for naught. Osmund looked back to the outside, which remained alone, but then he saw it.
Across the ground, a dark shape appeared. A shadow. It was slowly edging closer and closer towards Osmund. He laughed to himself, a saviour was approaching, until he saw more of the shadow and began to worry. The lights appeared close together and yet this shadow was long, stretching far beyond a creature of human proportions. Osmund could see whatever was coming was tall, at the very least 17 ft tall, in line with such tall ceilings.
Slowly the shadow creeped closer, long since past the threshold of a human’s form, and Osmund began to feel the anxiety pressing in. An immense weight pressed down onto Osmund, shattering through his defences and beginning to make him lose himself to the fear. The shadow edged ever closer, and now it was just outside his sight, waiting to reveal itself and whatever monstrous creation it could be.
A hand stretched into Osmund’s view, reaching forward for something. The hand was similar to Osmund’s own, sharing the same basic concepts of a human hand, and yet things were mismanaged, abnormal. The skin was a sickly green, with purplish veins along the hand. Its fingers were each at least thirty centimetres, and Osmund could see the thumb was absent, a stump being all that was left. Surprisingly the hand’s nails were neatly trimmed, and the hand grabbed one side of the prison, using it to pull the unknown entity’s body towards Osmund’s sight.
There was a moment of peace before the full form of the figure appeared, and then it filled Osmund’s sight, everything it was taking up the glass in its entirety. Osmund froze, observing the eldritch creature in all its glory. A giant hulking mass of green flesh, the creature stood to be almost 18 ft tall, towering over Osmund. The creature was a poor attempt at making a human, with physical aspects such as the head, centre and limbs all being present, and yet they were all distorted, misunderstood, a half recollection of what man looks like.
The creature’s arms began as broad shoulders, Suddenly forming the shape of arms as they got further and further across. The shoulders themselves were an extension of a thick, pudgy neck, and even from below Osmund could see large clumps of bone extending through the throat, barely hidden by the skin. The creature’s legs were practically non-existent, seeming to meld together from the hip bone below. There was seemingly no gap between the thing’s legs, however Osmund couldn’t be sure due to the creature’s attire. The clothes were simple, a jumpsuit of some kind atop the creature’s waist ending in a black skirt to accommodate for the thing’s legs. In all honesty the clothes appeared to be finely crafted, and yet Osmund couldn’t comprehend what tailor would provide clothes for such a beast. Being so tall Osmund couldn’t see the thing’s face, only that it was looking down towards him.
The creature lowered its face, pressing its two long hands against the glass to steady itself. And now Osmund could see its face in full form, the abomination’s misshapen illusion of human form given shape from a talentless creator. The creature had those remnants of human design, eyes, a nose and a mouth, and yet it completely misunderstood the purpose of these things, their natural harmonic placement. The creature’s eyes were on either side of its head, with the nose breaching the location of the forehead. The creature’s mouth began far lower than any human, presenting the thing’s bluish gums to Osmund, and two rows of teeth. The mouth ended higher than it should, presenting much the same thing.
Osmund revolted at the creature, it was a disgrace, a misshapen reimagining of the human form, an unfinished project that was never started to begin with. Something foul made this beast, this undercooked piece of monstrous meat that now perverted the natural existence of nature. There was no divinity in this creature that existed in all others, there was only the soul of a tree stump. It had evidence of what once could be but was now never to be. This thing was a dishevelled replication of what humans should be, and would never match the majestic nature of the human form.
The thing, this monster, this abomination raised its hand, slowly tapping the glass. Even through such thick glass Osmund could hear the thumps of its incessant tapping. The creature’s mouth began to contort, moving up and down, stretching horizontally, tongue rising and lowering in the back of its mouth. It was trying to communicate. Osmund felt safe for now, knowing the creature couldn’t get to him at least for a time, and began to shiver at the thought of this abomination’s potential voice.
Its mouth contorted again, only this time the contortion was in slight befuddlement, and for a moment Osmund breathed a sigh of relief. The creature must lack intelligence to attempt speaking through the wall, but then the loud cracking began. It shattered Osmund’s ears, screeched inside and penetrated him, forcing itself into his head until finally it stopped. Osmund’s ears were covered by his hands, which he promptly lowered. One of the beast’s hands had slid out of sight onto something out of view, and remained there. A voice echoed through the room as the creature resumed its vocal contortions.
“Well hello there, why are you clutching your ears? Was it a bit loud? Sorry that I’m not good with these techy things. But I guess neither are you huh? I’m actually a big fan, maybe soon you could sign a shirt or something, I’ll ask later. So I see your belt must’ve snapped, sorry if you’re hurt, are you? You should actually still be asleep but sometimes these things are prone to failure.” The creature’s voice echoed into the room from strange black boxes in the top corners of the prison. It was shrill and fast, filled with a sense of excitement for some unknowable reason. Osmund steadied himself, assembling all of his courage, and pointed at the monster.
“I am Osmund of Alizia! Release me you foul abomination lest I free your head from your thick neck!” Osmund rarely spoke in such a manner, reserving it for times when he needed to strike fear into the hearts of greater enemy forces. The abomination just shrugged, pointing at Osmund and then towards his ears. The voice croaked back.
“Sorry I can’t hear you through the glass. This is one way, so no talking back. Listen I’ll go tell the boss that someone’s woken up but I’ll be back as soon as I can alright? Nod your head for yes if you understand.” Osmund slowly nodded his head.
“Okay good. Before I go though I just wanna say that was a great ending, with the siege and the sudden kooky kick you went on. I know a lot of people didn’t want the boss to do it, but fixing you up for the grand finale was a darn fine way to end it. Really gives perspective to them older ones like me that us coots have still got some lives to live ya know? I mean I know you’re only fifty but you still took a bedpan to the face, and it was good to see Balmun had a good ending. Funny guy, when he didn’t have a sword I gosh darn near pissed myself. Anyways, enough about that I’ll go get the big man upstairs. See ya mister Osmund sir.” And with that the creature slowly moved back the way it came, the shadow slowly getting further and further away.
Osmund quickly realised he was shaking, so he breathed in and out, relaxing his body by breathing in and out. Osmund had learnt fragments about this place, this location he was trapped in. All he needed to do was look back through them to try and find a way out, before whatever the ‘man upstairs’ could be.
Slowly Osmund began. The room he was in was clearly built as a temporary prison of some sort, as the abomination expected him to be asleep. The rope came undone, Osmund fell and woke up. Therefore the prisons are not high security and likely feature some form of overlooked feature that allows for escape. Supposing Osmund finds that and runs, he could likely outrun the monster should it see him, as the thing’s melted legs made it quite a slow creature. All Osmund needed to do was find a way out and he could do this, find a solution to this challenge.
During Osmund’s brainstorming session, he was so focused he failed to see the collective, observing from the distance. Osmund turned back to the glass and noticed them as if they had appeared from thin air, despite the fact that they walked like almost everyone else. Osmund jumped, an action unbecoming of a warrior such as himself but acceptable after such a hard day.
The collective stood tall, at twelve feet tall it still looked down upon Osmund, and yet this thing was by no means a monstrosity. It wore the clothes of a noble, a blue suit and tie combination that gave a certain sense of style to the man, one Osmund would’ve never expected. Grey hair obscured what was once the face of an attractive man, likely the kind that would never go home alone, and now was lined with age. The man likely only had around ten years on Osmund, and yet his incredible height made Osmund feel perplexed. As he moved closer to the glass Osmund saw the stranger’s eyes, in which the iris had been completely dilated, leaving no sense of what colour the eyes could be. The eyes of this man weren’t human, Osmund would struggle to say they were the colour of anything living, not even that of a god, who occasionally had peculiar features such as a sixth finger. This was a man like none Osmund had ever seen, and in that respect he was even worse than the abomination, so familiar and so wrong at the same time.
“Osmundowne, what a thrill to see such an old friend after so long. I see you’re still a fighter, threatening even the poor janitors of this world. Listen my friend, I know you don’t know me, but trust me when I say that we’ve known each other a long time.” The man placed a certain level of emphasis on the word long, and yet Osmund continued to struggle, not recalling any man who looked like him. And the distressing thing here was that the man’s voice wasn’t coming from above, it was merely going through the wall like there was nothing between the two.
“What are you? You are no creature that I’ve known. Even the monstrosity before you couldn’t project such a voice, so reveal your majick’s demon, for I know this reaches your ears.” A smile played upon the man’s face, and he slowly clapped his hands, the sounds continuing to bounce through the wall.
“Good my friend, still so smart even in your twilight years. I remember you before, back when you still had all of your hair, and to tell you the truth I prefer it like this. I’m also no magician, just a guy that knows a thing or two. But Osmundowne, all I wanna know now is do you wanna do your old friend a favour? If you do, I'll let you out right here and now, put some freedom into the air baby.”
“What favour could such a monster desire from one such as myself?” The smile grew.
“Simple my friend. No need to remember the details, as long as I tell you fate itself will place you in his path. There’s a man, a tailor by the name of Bybernabus Rexarbonous who I need killed. He’s similar to the janitor you just shit yourself when seeing. Do it however you want, just make it bloody.”
“Why would I kill a-” Osmund was interrupted by the sudden movement of the glass wall. Down it fell, becoming a small ramp for him to leave the prison on. Osmund jumped, surprised at the speed, before looking back to the mysterious man. But there was nothing there, the man had vanished in the flash of a second.
Osmund spun, peeking down either side of the hallway and yet the man had disappeared, without any form of goodbye or final message. Realising that he had jumped out of his prison Osmund froze dead in his tracks. He was out, he was free, the darkness had lost its grip on him. Osmund felt many things swell inside of him, joy, anxiety and dread, but he could feel something underlying, something powerful. Determination.
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2023.03.31 07:52 phantomroguegalaxy 23 f (US) Still haven't found any long term friends... Help me change that?

Significant note: Please only message me if you're 21+ years old and from the U.S ONLY (due to the difference in timezones past 3 hours (PST) and I would like to hopefully meet up one day) no minors. I'm not interested in NSFW, drugs, or alcohol either so please don't contact me if you like those things
Me neither and I'd really like to change that! I'm honestly tired of how copy paste, low effort, and boring some people are who hit me up from these posts. It feels like most people here are either going through break ups (and that's all they want to talk about. While I'm a very supportive person/like to listen to others vent/try to give them advice, I do not want every single message to be about problems), don't want to be present and only reply sometimes (also some people just hit me up just to never speak to me again despite asking questions and me answering them. Then commenting on other posts and ignoring me), or we just aren't compatible even with effort being put in. It's also very hard to find people willing and able to have full fledged conversations where we can both give and take. I'm not interested in small talk either, got it memorized? If you're a supportive, uplifting, and positive person then you're my kinda person!
In terms of what you'd be getting from me:
• I'm a kind, caring, understanding, and considerate individual (unless you're giving me reasons not to be obviously)
• If things bother me (such as overstepping of boundaries or saying offensive things) I'm going to be bringing them up. And if you do not want to do anything we most likely will not work out as friends. It's very important for both of us to be able to communicate
• Again, while I'm open to listening to you vent and giving advice if that's all we do then that isn't healthy. I'm not going to be your online therapist
• I like sending and receiving long messages and putting in effort. If you aren't giving me anything to work with then that's a no go on my end
• I'm high energy usually unless I'm not feeling well (and even then I usually am), it would be cool if you were like this too or just the type to get really excited about online friends or just chatting with others in general!
• I'm a night owl and tend to stay up very late most days. It's preferable you're one too so we can chat our days/nights away! It's always fun being able to chat with someone and you end up falling asleep chatting cuz they're just that great to talk to
• I'm open to moving off this app if we get along well/possible voice chats: HOWEVER, I'm not interested in solely having voice chats or getting into voice chats right away
• I mirror the other person: so you get back what you give! I'm pretty high energy most, if not all the time so someone who could also match that would be nice!
I love nature, stuffed animals, taking nature pictures, going for walks, going for long car rides (especially at night), listening to music, gaming, reading comics/manga/fiction, online and irl shopping, thrifting, going to milk tea shops, going to arcades, playing pool, playing tabletop, and much more! Now, I'm not looking for a gaming buddy (unless you are open to playing this lesser known battle royal I have!). Please don't message me if you only want to play that with me as I'm trying to find friends that want to do a plethora of things with me! I'd also like it if you were open to listening to Spotify with me instead of sharing playlists.
If you liked this and want to get to know me feel free to send messages telling me about you, how old you are, and what you are looking for! I also have other posts on my page about me you're more than welcome to look at :)
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2023.03.31 07:52 Sandomane [Forsaken Sands] - Chapter IX

They marched through the darkness for a while, with Kite doing his best to lead the way in the dim light. Eventually, his nose detected a foul smell, and when he reported it, Leo told him to describe it. It took him a second to find the right words, but he eventually said, “Well… it smells like that bottle we found back at the dewfarm.” Leo perked up at that. “We’re going that way then.” Kite didn’t like the sound of that. “Wasn’t that water… not water?”
“Something like that. We need to go that way.”
“Whatever. The smell’s faint, but it’s getting stronger in… this direction.” He pointed, and began to walk in that direction. After a few twists and turns through the Underdune, Kite saw a glimmer of light beginning to poke through. “We’ve got light.” He called back. Leo and Alouette both nodded, and Kite led the way to a ramp leading up into the light. As soon as he exited back out into the light of day, he stopped before he fell into a sea of black water. He did a quick rotation to try and get his bearings, and saw that they had exited into a small island in a sea of blackness. At least, it seemed like it. There were many small islands poking out of the water, and as he looked around, he saw a couple of buildings erected out of it. Leo exited next, and took his own look around. “Hmph. It’s a different part than we’d been through.”
“So you have no idea where we are.”
“Nope. Not a clue, except that we’re obviously in the Blacklands.”
“Well…” Kite asked, looking at the water with grim trepidation. “What now?”
“Let’s go check out the buildings.” Ploob came out next, and grimly shook his head. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Metal and Water don’t mix. You all go on. I’ll wait right here.” Leo turned, and glared at Ploob. “It’s not water. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not water.”
“So? Is that supposed to make me want to go in it? I don’t know what’s in it.”
“That’s right. You don’t. But it’s either that, or go back into the Underdune alone.” Leo gave him a half smirk, before turning back. “Your choice.” He called, jogging ahead to catch up to Alouette and Kite. Kite heard Ploob groan in disgust before following. They walked to the edge of the island, and jumped down into the water. Kite sniffed the water experimentally, and curled his lip in disgust. “What the hells is this? This isn’t any kind of water I’ve ever seen.”
“It’s cursed water.” Leo bluntly stated. “Something big died a long, long time ago, and it cursed the land around here.” What? Cursed water, corrupted by the death of some figure centuries, or even millennia ago? Kite’s brain began turning those details with all his studies about the Great Blood War. Was it possible that this accursed land (or lack thereof) used to be free and clear? Was this the Great Blue? The ancient legends said that the Great Blue was a hydro-utopia, free of all imperfections and guarded by the Great Wyrms who dwelled in it. He knew that those Wyrms were still alive. Putting those inconsistencies together proved that this wasn’t his goal, but it was getting closer. Something to study when he got the chance. However, right now he had to focus on trudging through this waist-high water, and the horrible sensations that were singing his flesh. At least it felt that way. When they finally managed to clamber over to the wooden dock, he gratefully accepted Alouette’s hand to help him out of the water. Only then did he realize what was happening. There were thousands of little bite marks all over his skin, weaving through the robes he wore. In fact, the robes were covered in small dark splotches that disappeared as he shook around. “Fucking hells. What’s in that water?”
“Parasites.” Leo answered, sweeping down his legs. “They live in there, and eat anything that stays in it too long.”
“Ugh!” Kite called, patting himself down to try and get as many of them off him as possible. Their bites began to burn slightly, then growing steadily more irritable as time passed. “Gods above…”
“Hey, look on the bright side. At least they’re not poisonous.” Leo chimed. Kite glared at him. “I really hope at least a few snuck down below.”
“They’re everywhere, man. Come on, let’s check this place out.” Kite tried to follow, but these bug-bites were getting really annoying. Alouette seemed to notice, and smiled at Kite. “I’ve got you.” She called, and clutched at her necklace. A soft yellow glow emanated from Alouette which spread over to Kite, and he felt a warmth overtake him. Wherever it went, the itchiness and irritation faded to nothingness. “Ah. Thanks, Alouette.”
“Don’t mention it.” She grinned back. They moved as a group to a small collection of huts that jutted out of the water next to a half-sunken tower. Kite walked over to the closest hut’s door, and tried the handle. “Locked.” He reported. Alouette moved close, raising her mace, but stepped back when Leo shook his head at her. Instead, Leo raised his hand, and with a flick of his wrist, produced a small glowing white glove. It floated ahead of the group, and slid its way under the door. Within a few seconds, Kite heard a soft “click”, and the door swung open. “Right. We’re in.” Leo called. Kite nodded, and entered the small hut. The hut was pretty bare, with a small bedroll laid out in the corner. Kite moved closer and carefully pulled back the cover. “Oh gods…” he muttered as a humanoid skeleton rolled out. Alouette walked over at the sound, and slowly shook her head. “Poor bastard.”
“He’s been here a while. Two centuries at the least. There’s not a drop of moisture in these bones.” Kite said aloud, picking up the femur. He turned when Leo said, “He was a soldier. Likely perished when the beast that cursed this land died.”
“Where’d you guess that?” Kite asked. Leo pointed to a rusted sword-hilt peeking out from the edge of the bedroll. “This place is as abandoned as it gets. Even the Vultures don’t like this place.”
“So why are we here then?” Ploob asked, exasperatedly. “Because this isn’t the only place here.”
“I get the feeling you know something more about this place.” Kite said, turning back to Leo. Leo didn’t smile, but Kite could feel his smug demeanor through the air between them. “I might. I might not.”
“Would you be so kind as to inform us then, so we aren’t caught unawares like this guy?” Kite asked with a frown on his face. Leo rolled his eyes. “Sure thing. Bring me a parchment and quill, and I’ll write out the entire history of this place, dating back all the way to the Great Blood War.” Kite raised an eyebrow. “You know that much, huh?”
“Let me put it this way. I know some things. I know some things about this place. I know some things about the thing that died here. Do I want to know? No. Do I want to tell you? No. Do I know where we need to go? Yes.”
“Well then, if you’re being so tight-lipped, where do we need to go?”
“I can feel… I sort of know where we’re going.” Kite raised his hands in exasperation. “Great. We’re just stumbling around in this gods-forsaken wasteland, and you don’t even fucking know where we’re going.” A frown appeared on Leo’s face. “Hey, I didn’t ask for this shit. You think I actually like being stuck in a swamp full of parasites? If I had my way, I’d be off doing anything, and I mean, ANYTHING else. If you don’t like it, you can either shut up, or leave. I’m not forcing you to be here.” Kite growled, and let one of his claws emerge. “Maybe I will.” He shot back. “Fine! Go. You’ll be dead within a day.” Leo waved him away, and Kite unsheathed the rest of his claws. “Kite! Don’t. It’s not worth it. Leo’s right. We can’t afford to split up now!” Alouette pleaded to him. With her insistence, Kite was able to think past his frustrations. They were right. Both of them. Kite retracted his claws, and nodded. “I’m sorry. You’re right. You’re right. It’s just… I hate not having control. I hate not knowing where we’re going.” Leo seemed to relax a little, and nodded sympathetically. “Yeah, I know the feeling. We’re getting closer, though. Once we’re done, we just keep going in this direction.” Kite nodded, and they went to check out the other houses. The next one was a sort of fishery, with racks of strange fishes lining the walls. There were buckets, rods, and bait all spread out haphazardly across the floor, and Kite went to examine the fish a bit more. To be fair, fish were a rarity that he’d read more about then actually seen. These matched no description he’d ever read. These fish were about as large as him, and looked quite heavy. He touched it, and marveled at the strange, slimy sensation of the scales on the outside. Kite opened the lower lip, and studied the sharp fangs in the fish’s mouth. They looked like they could seriously tear something up. Kite decided that this fish shouldn’t go to waste. He unsheathed a single claw, and tore one of the teeth from the jaw. He pocketed the tooth, and followed Leo out, who had apparently decided there wasn’t much to keep him interested here. Together, the group continued on through the muck, and failing passageways. “Hells sakes. Couldn’t they have included some guardrails?” Kite called after nearly falling when a plank broke beneath him. Leo smirked back. “Where’s the excitement in that?” Kite shrugged. “Better that than fall in.”
“Yeah, you’re telling me.” Leo said. Skib suddenly pointed ahead. “Skib thinks he sees it.” Kite craned his neck and thought he could make out the top of some kind of structure way out in the distance. “What is that?” Kite asked. Leo answered, “You’ll see soon. You’re going to love it.” Kite was sure he wasn’t. They continued trekking forwards, and the structure began to be revealed. It was a massive pyramid, surrounded on the lowest base by a curled tail of a slightly smaller wyrm. However, as they approached, the stench of death began to wave through the air. Kite had to pause every now and then to prevent himself from vomiting up his last meal. The other humanoids didn’t seem much better, with Alouette and Leo pulling clips from somewhere to plug their nose. “Can I get one of those?” Kite asked Leo. After a brief eyeroll, Leo pulled another one from his pack and handed it over. Kite plugged his nose, and tried to continue onwards. Soon, they could see the entire corpse wrapped around the pyramid. “Gods above…” Kite said. The massive Wyrm’s inky black skin was riddled with holes from centuries, if not millennia of decay. Only the gods could truly know. Skib slowly approached the dead Wyrm, and began to scrape the side with his claws. “Uh… Skib? Whatcha doing?” Kite called, only to watch as Skib pulled a vial from his bag and collecting some kind of dark liquid from the Wyrm. He then turned to Leo and nodded. What was that about? Kite followed Leo and Skib as they walked around the side of the pyramid, and began to scale the outside. Skib was tall enough to simply pull himself up each side, before turning back to help Leo up. He in turn, helped Alouette up, who helped Kite up. Ploob, meanwhile, simply rode his Rust Beast directly up the side. For once, Ploob took the lead. He whooped in excitement, and turned in his seat to look at the others. “See ya at the top, slowpokes!” He called. Kite shook his head in disgust, trying his best not to slow down, while simultaneously trying not to show how exhausted he was getting. It had been a long day, and he was rapidly approaching the limit of his stamina reserves. Alouette turned, and helped him up another step. “Come on, Kite. We’re nearly there.” She was right. Just four more, and they’d be at the top. He nodded breathlessly, and continued climbing. After four more exertions, they reached the top of the Pyramid. There, they all looked confusedly at a half-broken wooden door. “Uh… what does your sense tell you?” Kite says, letting his concern appear on his face. “We go in.” Leo says, kicking in the half a door. They walked inside, and Kite’s eyes took a second to adjust to the darkness inside. The light shining through the door illuminated a rickety elevator made of wood, a lever, and a single rusting chain. Skib didn’t even hesitate. He strode past everyone, and stood on the elevator. “Skib will operate it.” He said. Alouette looked at the chain with hesitation, and growing concern. “Skib, I don’t think that chain will hold.”
“Nonsense.” Skib replied, jumping up to grab ahold. He hung there on the chain for a solid minute before jumping back down onto the elevator. “Look. Safe.” He said. That seemed to be enough for Ploob who brushed past Kite and Leo to join Skib on the elevator. The elevator groaned in protest, and Skib flicked the lever. With a shudder, the elevator slowly started to descend into the darkness below. Kite looked at Alouette. “See? Skib knows what he was talking about.” Right as he finished saying that, the chain snapped, and the elevator collapsed into the darkness below.
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2023.03.31 07:52 Frenchbulldogl0ver Why is my game performing perfectly but all I see is people having issues?

I’m confused why people are having crashes and performance issues. I’ve seen much worse performance in other games when ray tracing is turned all the way up and running in 4K even with DLSS. I got the game then proceeded telling my girlfriend who has wanted to play it with me since it was announced that we will have allot of issues with the game. I said we will most likely have low frame rate issues stuttering and tons of crashing. I told her if we are patient though I’m sure we will have a great time.
My system specs are no longer top of the line and my CPU never really was that crazy to begin with. Here is a list of my specs incase it help. My system specs are: -RTX 3090 FE -INTEL I5-11600k OC to 5ghz stable -32 GB Tridant Royal Z at 3200mhz
Less important specs just incase somehow it matters: -1TB m.2 NVME where game and win10 are installed -MSI Mag Z590 GEW -1200 watt platinum PSU. While seeing reviews I was reading even with the 3090 which isn’t top of the line anymore they said I would be not even able to run on high settings m with DLSS at a solid 60fps.
My experience has blown me away maybe it’s the amount of ram I have since all benchmark system I seen had 16gb? My game is running so well better then most games since I have every setting at the max and I mean every setting as high as it will go I even have AF at 16x which is never needed running 4K but it runs so well I kept it like that.
All my ray tracing settings are cranked. Only settings I don’t have on and never use in any game are the film grain and the chromatic abbreviation with motion blur set to only “3” since I hate using the first 2 settings. I also don’t like too much motion blur either. So with everything possible on max plus being in 4K with quality DLSS which is scaling up from 1440p I have not gone below 60fps which one time at all.
I am playing this on a 4K tv instead of monitor so my girlfriend can watch the game too so i have v sync on which makes it stay at 60fps since its 60 hz tv and then I have my frame rate limiter set to 70 just to give it 10 frames extra without v sync
So basically I have steady fps, but why? I have been thinking of uploading a video even to ask why it runs so well for me. On top of steady FPS I have played the game for 14 hours so far without a single crash at all. I have yet to even have a long loading screen. It loads the same speed as most games these days I haven’t had issues yet. The only long load was at the beginning first launch when I let it do the shader thing. I found the shader thing interesting as it maxed my GPU and CPU to 100% usage the entire time it loaded them and it even had my ram usage at 83% a number I have never seen on my 32gb ram in a game in my life.
First seeing this I figured the game would surely run bad but after the shaders installed and the game came on my GPU stayed at high usage my CPU stayed around 40-50% usage and my ram around 25-30%. So I have had a amazing experience with this game to say the least I love it and I’m just so sorry for people who are having issues especially when I’m reading people who even have 4090- 4080s are having trouble.
Even people with RTX 3090 like me are having issues. I’m not sure what the issue is and I hope I can get insight why mine seems to be perfect while others with better hardware can have a hard time. I also play with a wired PS5 controller for the haptics. I was reading the mouse controls have stutter issues that are fixed by using a gamepad so maybe that’s also something to think about.
Anyways I really hope they do patch it or explain how people could run it better if it is needing more ram maybe because it’s not right to see all these people having issues.
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2023.03.31 07:52 Namesthatareused Need Wisely card help and HR won’t respond fast enough

So here’s my situation:
My rent is due, I have $100 less than I need. I physically went to my HR in my building and got a wisely card and packet. The HR dude told me to activate it outside of the building, so I waited until I got home to set it up. Got the card registered through A to Z, and then it brought me to the screen where you can make transfers and how much pay you have during that period. It says I still need to activate my card before I can transfer or use any money on it, so I go to activate the card by putting in all the details and it just keeps telling me that they’re unable to activate the card.
I call the number, it’s not a human and tells me to enter the 16 digit number on the card, so I do, and it says that it’s not a valid number. I’ve created an HR case and created a case for wisely/ADP and have had no response at all so far.
This is bad because my rent is due tomorrow and I have been trying to set this up since Saturday, I have no idea what I’m going to do and it’s all because something is either wrong with the card or I did something wrong setting it up, even though I did exactly what the packet told me to.
Was anyone else not able to activate their card?
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2023.03.31 07:51 Zenby-Yak Wildly swing between go-getter full of life and “leave me alone I want to die”

Does anyone else get this? I mean yes, I could also be bipolar but I think it’s related to motivation?
There are days when the music I listen to makes me want to dance and twirl around my flat and I want to just do all the things. I’m going to complete all my tasks and nothing can stop me. Everything feels rewarding.
And then even a few hours later when I’ve worn myself out I’m just laying around, nothing is satisfying me, I feel too lazy to do anything but I’m also bored. People ask me to do things and I just want to tell them to fuck right off.
Do I need another diagnosis or is this just good old ADHD?
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2023.03.31 07:51 TrajedyAnn Question regarding Missing pieces before a set actually releases.

So I bought the new Disney sets releasing Saturday at KOHLS today - Both Carl's House from Up and the Celebration train.
Put the House together this evening and was missing a single 1x1 brick - I know I know, 99 times out of 100 when you think something is missing it's actually there somewhere, but at this point I have fully assembled the set to completion (I swapped in the same brick in a different color from another set) and the missing brick in question is still nowhere to be found. My table is now 100% bare - No loose lego bricks at all. And it is not in the box - And yes I have quadruple checked the bags and the surrounding floor (furthermore at no point did I note anything falling to the floor, or hear anything fall off the table while I was building).
I went to the "missing bricks" section of the Lego website to fill out a request for a replacement (as similar happened to me once before - fairly recently actually - My Disney Haunted Mansion was missing two 1x1 bricks, and had two extras of a different 1x1 brick which seemed to have been swapped in erroneously) - Started to fill out the request only to find Carl's House is listed as having no replacement parts available, despite being a brand new set.
Wondering if this is just because the set doesn't officially release until Saturday April 1st?? Anyone know if you have to wait until the official release date before you can request replacement parts?
If I check back this weekend will I then be able to request the missing brick?
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2023.03.31 07:51 illustrious_error21 Me (M21), and I'm infatuated to my best friend (F22)

And i feel confused about it. We have been friends for eight years now after we say our promise to "keep our friendship forever" (it's childish i know, this was back then when we was in middle school).
We rarely meet each other, we rarely chatted with each other after we graduated middle school and went our separates way. But, if we meet, we just get along well as if we just continue our previous convo months ago. I dunno, maybe she just being nice with me.
She is in a relationship now, though she did tell me her current relationship is undecided and can be said a bit cracking (but that's the farthest i know about it). That night i was intent on confessing so i can stop thinking about it, but because she tell me that, i hold it back, again, after holding it for two years.
I did try to get closer to her, but even in our friendship i feel this isn't mutual. She always try her best to find a schedule when i ask her out, while i rarely do so. More often than not, it will be me who ask her out, though need to be noted she did ask me out a few times.
I have a set date. In three months or sooner, i have to confessed my feeling, and in the meantime i will slowly opened up. Either i will get lucky, or she will rejects and even drifts us apart, either way at the very least this thing will stop living rent free in my head.
And... on top of that. This is my first time pursuing a romantic interest, and as such i'm still as clueless as a toddler, so there's that.
Oh, and that plan to confess... i'm actually still undecided and conflicted about it lol. Well... i think i will just keep pushing somehow, and see where things going. I hope i don't missed my chance.
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2023.03.31 07:51 GreenStrawbebby This has been posted dozens of times already, but SCAD Yikyak Edition: You Killed The App.

This update is disgusting. You purchased an IP to absorb a user base, but you didn’t fucking KEEP THE PURPOSE OF THE APP. Sure, update it. Make it ugly! I don’t care! But the purpose of the app is to get regional (5 mi radius) chitchat—gossip, “town crier” style news, relatable chat and interests.
By making icons optional for comments, you’ve prevented us from calling out certain users that repeatedly harass others, make unwanted sexual advances, etc. We used to be able to warn people to block certain predators that use the app. Now, with anonymous comments, it’s a free-for-all.
I cannot even begin to describe how god awful ugly scrolling the feed is. Design-wise, the incorporation of videos before was fine as posts were still small until clicked on. The feed had an aesthetic uniformity to it, and posts were easy to scroll past. Now, photos are massive in the feed (not thumbnails). It feels much less text-centric and more photo-centric, like Reddit, twitter or Instagram.
The chats feature is, for one, an absolute disaster. There is no option to just post nearby, only your college or nationwide. The nationwide chat is full of Raw Penis, Hairy Gaping Arses, And Other Holes. No amount of moderation takes them down fast enough.
Even then, if you genuinely want to chat, the user experience of chatting is AWFUL. 9 times out of 10 it is glitching. The inbox floods quickly and you need to click into individual chats to delete.
My school has multiple locations, so the “college” chat is basically an entire mess and we can’t post regional content without each campus wondering what we’re discussing.
Just… great! The only social media I really enjoyed—the kind of “underground town crier” kind of chats about my area—is obliterated. This is disgusting. You want to start a new social app? Great! Get your own! Don’t buy out another just to try to force people to sign up for it.
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