Wiring for chamberlain garage door opener

best garage door opener

2013.11.26 15:00 anodanuar best garage door opener

Finding the best garage door opener for your home can be a drawn out task at time, as there are so many different models available now. There are several things that you need to consider before buying any garage door opener to make sure that you are getting the one most suitable for your home.

2016.01.27 01:40 5heepdawg A place to find service options and opinions for Garage Doors

Garage Door service advice. If there is an issue with your Garage Door, ask a question. Use as much detail as possible. In the industry? Feel free to share experiences and advice to fellow Garage Door experts.

2023.06.07 08:50 ultimateswi Meirl

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2023.06.07 08:47 RPLforAustralia111 How to Unlock Job Opportunities in Australia with ACS Skill Assessment

How to Unlock Job Opportunities in Australia with ACS Skill Assessment
The ACS Australia skill assessment is a vital step for skilled professionals seeking to establish their careers in Australia. With its robust evaluation process, the ACS skill assessment acts as a gateway, opening doors to a multitude of employment opportunities and immigration pathways. A short article provides an overview of the significance of the ACS skill assessment in recognizing and validating the qualifications and skills of international candidates, particularly in the ICT sector. Read the article by clicking on the link https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-unlock-job-opportunities-australia-acs-skill-assessment-bella/?published=t

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2023.06.07 08:45 lococrocco Need help finding a part. Any ides?

Need help finding a part. Any ides?
After working on my jeep my connector for my Back-up Light Switch came into contact with the exhaust pipe, melting it. I ordered a new Back-up Light Switch however, the other side of the connector was melted as well, so the connecting cable also needs to be replaced. I have looked through my repair manual and cant find it anywhere. I would prefer to not buy the entire Wiring Harness just for this one plug. Any ideas as to what it is or where i could get something? Also open to some craft workarounds for the time being.
Hint: The cable has a loop-back in it. Even though it doesn't plug into anything yet, Without the cable plugged in, the engine wont turn over.
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2023.06.07 08:44 skyebangles "Can I still be --" -- YES

This message is a loving PSA for all of those out there who are new, questioning, visiting, learning, what have you.
I see so many posts on so many LGBTQIA+ subs like "Am I x because I never did/felt Y?"
"Am I really trans because I never showed signs as a kid?" YES
"Am I really a lesbian because I don't give off the vibe??" YES
"Am I really bi because I've only physically been involved with one gender?" YES
"Am I really gay, because I dated women in highschool?" YES
Yes yes yes yes. Yes to all, yes to more. You see where I'm going with this.
Y'all, there is no criteria that needs to be met beyond the basic definitions.
It doesn't matter if you knew at 6 or 60. Some of us just take the 'scenic' route on our journey of self discovery, but that doesn't make you any less valid. Just because you don't tick all the same boxes as another, doesn't mean your queerness isn't real. You are real. You are welcomed. You are loved.
Look, truth is none of this matters. We're all sentient hominids stuck on a spinning rock in the middle of nowhere hurtling through a void of infinite oblivion at speeds we can barely comprehend. Nobody has any fucking idea what any of this means, though we all like to pretend we do sometimes. We're a temporal sliver of a fraction of a blip in a sea of time far grander than anything our feeble minds can fathom.
To quote one of the greatest philosophers of our time, "This shit is bananas."
So don't sweat it so much. You're here, you're (probably) queer, and that's it! You don't need to prove it to anyone, nobody gets to define what it means to you but you. If you feel you are, you are. That's it.
And for those of us veterans of course, we must do our part and keep those gates open for those who are looking for guidance and support. Just because we got here first, doesn't mean we get to decide who gets a seat at the table. Gatekeeping does nothing but empower the wolves at the door. We cannot pull the ladder up behind us, especially not now.
So happy pride, stay safe, be well, and just be you. 🏳️‍🌈
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2023.06.07 08:44 xuvayerpro Swish Lifetime Deal $49 - An SEO-optimized blogging platform

Swish Lifetime Deal $49 - An SEO-optimized blogging platform
If you are looking for Swish Lifetime Deal or Swish Review. You came to the right place on lifetime deal updates. AppSumo offers Swish ink lifetime deals for you with discounts. If you need the Swish AppSumo lifetime deal check it out now.
Swish Lifetime Deals

Swish Use Case

  • Add an unlimited number of users, like editors and contributors, and customize their unique permissions.
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How Does Swish Work?

Swish is an excellent blogging platform for managing your blog, automating SEO tasks, and monitoring analytics for each post. It offers an unlimited number of users, like editors and contributors, and can be customized with a clean design.

Swish Lifetime Deal Review An SEO-optimized blogging platform

In today's fast-paced digital era, it is crucial for businesses to offer convenient and secure payment solutions to their customers. With the growing popularity of online transactions, finding the right payment platform becomes paramount.
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Streamline Payments with Swish
Swish is a cutting-edge payment platform designed to simplify and streamline transactions for businesses of all sizes. By integrating Swish into your operations, you can provide your customers with a seamless payment experience, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty. Let's explore the key features that make Swish the go-to choice for businesses worldwide:
Lightning-Fast Transactions
With Swish, you can bid farewell to slow and cumbersome payment processes. Swish's state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures lightning-fast transactions, allowing your customers to complete their payments in a matter of seconds. By reducing friction and eliminating unnecessary steps, Swish enhances the overall user experience, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
Unparalleled Security
Security is a top priority for any business that handles online transactions. Swish employs cutting-edge encryption and advanced security protocols to safeguard your customers' sensitive information. By choosing Swish, you can instill trust and confidence in your clientele, reassuring them that their personal and financial data is protected at all times.
Seamless Integration
Swish seamlessly integrates with your existing payment infrastructure, whether you operate an e-commerce store, a mobile app, or a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. Its flexible API allows for easy integration, enabling you to start accepting Swish payments with minimal effort. By providing a hassle-free implementation process, Swish ensures that you can get up and running quickly, saving you time and resources.
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Increased Conversion Rates
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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any successful business. Swish enables you to offer a frictionless payment experience, leaving your customers delighted and more likely to return. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, you can foster long-term relationships, drive positive reviews, and establish your brand as a leader in the industry.
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Analytics and Insights
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Analytics and Insights (continued)
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Cost Efficiency
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Extensive Feature Set
While the article you shared may touch on some aspects of payment solutions, Swish offers a comprehensive range of features that covers every aspect of the payment process. From lightning-fast transactions to robust security measures and mobile-friendly experiences, Swish ensures a holistic and unparalleled payment solution.
Integration and Adaptability
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Advanced Analytics
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Swish Review Conclusion

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2023.06.07 08:44 Delicious_Metal_5642 1 bedroom in 4 bed/1 bath Inner Mission townhouse

Need someone to replace me for a 1 bedroom in a 4 bedroom townhouse in the Inner Mission area with 3 other roommates! My roommates are great, I'm just moving in with my boyfriend. - Lease is renewed September 1st, but flexible - Contract is for a year (Ends Aug. 31 2024) - Rent: $1050 (not including utilities) - Deposit: $1500 (1.5 times rent) - Square feet ~1600 sq. feet ROOM: - 1 window, super roomy (can fit a queen bed comfortably) - Super high ceilings - Small closet with a door OVERALL HOUSE: - Lovely hardwood floors except in tiled bath and kitchen - Open Kitchen has wide granite counters - Tremendous NATURAL light and BRIGHT - New Bathroom - Updated Kitchen w/ dishwasher - Street parking is actually very easy from my experience; I have no parking pass - No pets allowed (but they have a hamster named Mimosa) AREA: - 2 laundromats (across the street and other side of the block) - Very close to nearby public transport - tech shuttles and bus lines - Close to Bart/freeways (closest bart is 24th and Mission) - Close to many cafes, taquerias, bars, restaurants - Grocery outlet is a 9 min walk away, Trader Joe's is a 20 min bus ride away - Resides right above a convenience store ROOMMATES: - All girls house - Don't mind noise at all - Clean, sweet, and friendly - 25 year old works 7am - 4pmish M-F - 21 year old goes to school at SF State and works at a coffee shop in the mornings - 18 year old works late afternoon - night at a restaurant and goes to school at City College of SF CONTACT (Instagrams): - Caitlynn (me): @ bbyhandzz (9163004918 is my number) - Neida: @ neiduhhhh - Tanya: @ tany2k - Amy: @ amyymab
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2023.06.07 08:43 Giul_Xainx My non certified GM; tales from an accomplished driver - part 4.

My non certified GM lost their first assistant manager. The reason for leaving? Nobody is good enough to work with besides myself. I did one closing shift a week before, showing how well I perform, and then the assistant turned in a one week notice after finding out I won’t be able to close every day. The manager that took their place has only been doing Jimmy John's for 5 weeks. I came onto my shift at 10 am that following morning, after the assistant quit, and the bread? It looked like it was proofed for 10 minutes, handled by a monkey, and baked until the ends turned golden brown with the rest of it looking ghost white. After I said “we can’t serve this bread” the "assistant" manager sends text messages to my non certified GM, of which proceeds to call me to silence my words of wisdom.
I put in a whole new cycle, that I had another new employee handle as I was showing how to do bread, and used the actual timer on the oven to perform the task. Because my GM does everything by sense of smell and teaches others this method, I have to step in and correct a huge mistake… Meanwhile, after the phone call from my non certified GM, the manager on duty is…. On the cell phone and the slicer. Slicing one slice of turkey meat off the hulk per 2 minutes…. Rap music is BLASTING OUT THE SPEAKERS, and I am trying to setup the cold table at 10:45 am after fixing the bread issue… because the wheat bread came out looking like two small rocks.
I show the new employee how to speed thaw the wheat bread because this is a Sunday morning. The first order walks in the door and we have 0 tomatoes… I show the new employee how to slice tomatoes fast and completes a bin within 12 minutes. Not bad. Faster than the person who opened that’s for sure.
I get my first delivery order and we ran out of vito. Instead of slicing vito the manager on shift texts my non certified GM; of which instructs the manager on duty to just use the excess pack of cap-less salami for the day….
I come back from my delivery, knowing full well I just delivered a “not a real vito” to a customer and the new thing is slicing the wheat bread…. It wasn’t sliced correctly. And upon inspection the meat slicer was not cleaned prior to…. Nor was it sharpened.
The whole day goes by and after receiving two more text messages from my non certified GM that says, well essentially translates to, “shut up,” I help close the store because no one else wants to work. I go home and the next day…. You already know, or can fathom what I got to hear.
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2023.06.07 08:39 Beautiful-Town-142 Day 1 again can I get some hugs?

If there was any doubt in my mind that I could just have the one it's officially gone.
I panic when I feel and seek to numb and suppress with alcohol which then snowballs my problems and I wake up physically and emotionally in more pain. I know what I'm doing is hurting me and is painful for my loved ones to watch. I feel very embarrassed last night I ordered delivery for more alcohol after drinking I don't even remember opening the door to get it. I only stop when I pass out.
This morning I spilled the alcohol that I don't remember buying down the sink.
I am extremely lucky that I didn't cause myself or others injury or got in trouble with the law but man, my self respect and integrity will need a good while to rebuild as I'm known socially to have a drinking problem. I know shame isn't useful so I decided to be proactive and look forward... so here I am. I used to be a lurker on this sub and flirted with Smart Recovery but I am so ready to turn my life around and leave alcohol behind. It is priority number 1 in my life, all the fitness and career goals, home reno don't matter if I'm not sober. This is life or death. Somethings will never be recovered but I can choose not to cause myself further pain through alcohol.
Thank you, awesome people.
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2023.06.07 08:38 Appropriate-Bar5944 Getting cash into US Bank account while abroad?

In Korea. I have plenty of cash, but am starting to run low on my online balances, which is going to become an issue with paying for things that require online transactions like AirBnB. Not currently working, so I can't rely on a paycheck hitting my account anytime soon.
I need to find a way to get some of my cash onto one of my U.S debit cards. I don't have any bank account locally here as I'm not a Korean citizen, so depositing and then transferring doest look like an option.
I'm not comfortable reaching out to friends or family back in the US and will not compromise on this. I would be open to paying strangers in the U.S on Craigslist or something to coordinate a deposit if there were a way to ensure I don't get scammed, but it seems like trust is required both ways for that.
Has anyone else been in a similar situation? What options do I have? I know you can use Western Union to send money to be picked up, can you send it to bank accounts directly? Or any way to wire transfer without having a bank account locally?
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2023.06.07 08:36 11cat Calm breeds to help with mental health challenges?

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
3) Describe your ideal dog.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
Additional Information and Questions
25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant.
26) Feel free to ask any questions below
*I am in treatment long term for anxiety and PTSD. I have wanted a dog consistently over the past 2 years, but I worry that introducing a dog into my life could be either a really good thing, or a really bad thing (fear of being unable to step up/push through my Stuff and care for the dog the way they deserve) so I am trying to think through every single angle of this before I commit and bring a dog into my home. I love animals and I know it would bring a light into my life right now to have a dog's unconditional, non-judgemental love and companionship again, and to get into a daily routine for the dog's sake, as I've been unable to do so for myself. I take better care of my cat than myself, and the same would go for a dog, absolutely. I feel the level of care a dog requires could benefit my recovery process, especially if I am able to train the dog to help me with my symptoms and be a reason to get out of bed/out of the house. So if anyone has experience-- positive or negative-- with getting and/or training their dog to help with your mental health issues, I would love to hear how it went for you. I'm also open to any general feedback, or gentle corrections if I am misinformed or misguided about anything I've written here. Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.07 08:35 ArkoseTTV AU PC Namalsk FallenDayZ PVP

PC Server - Namalsk- AUSTRALIAN
FallenDayZ has opened a PvP server along side our RP server! All ran from the same discord you just need to select if you're PvP or RP to see the corresponding section of the discord!
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2023.06.07 08:32 neonthis72 Using LED Signs to Make Customers More Informed

The more informed your customers are about your business, the better customers they will be. If they do not know all the services you provide or when you are open, it is much harder for them to make buying decisions. LED signs are a great way to inform clients about pertinent things concerning your business. neon wedding
One of the most important facts that LED signs can inform your customer about is simply who you are and what you do. If you have foot traffic walking by every day and have these signs in the window promoting your type of business, you are exposing your business to more and more eyes every day. Another important way signs can inform is just to let people know simple things such as the fact that you are open or where to place an order once they come through the door.
In addition, these signs can be used to promote specials offers or new products. Programmable LED signs allow you to change the message as often as you like. You can tell people about a special deal you are offering this week or about services they may not be aware of. custom neon sign
The best part is once you have an LED sign in your store doing one of these jobs, it will last for decades even with 24 hour a day, 7 day a week usage. There are not many other affordable types of advertising that can do this for you day in and day out.
LED signs are available in a variety of styles to meet your needs. No matter what type of business you are in you are likely to find several signs that can meet your needs from specific signs such as "Auto Repair" to generic messages such as "Open". You can browse through all the different designs and have the signs you purchase delivered directly to your door. neon sign custom
LED signs are very inexpensive especially when you consider their long life and what they can do for your business. For a few hundred dollars or less, you can have a full-time salesperson in the window beckoning people to come through your door.
Once you choose and receive your sign, installation is a breeze. All of the hardware you need is in the box. Your LED sign can be installed in a window, on a wall and some types of signs can even be set directly on a countertop or shelf which allows you many opportunities to draw your customers where you want them and inform them of what you want them to know.
These signs are affordable and effective; so if you are looking for ways to better inform your customers, LED signs might be perfect for your business.
View More: custom led signs
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2023.06.07 08:30 Fazbearnit3 Finished Roblox guest smash fighter concept

Roblox smash bros moveset
Jab: roblox guest throws a jab with their right hand, then they throw a jab with their left hand, then they pull out a basic sword and do a up and down slashing motion with it.
Ledge Attack: roblox climbs up and does a quick headbutt
Side Tilt: they pull out a hammer and quickly swing it down, this attack has good knock back
Up Tilt: roblox guest holds a 2x3 brick above themself to block any attacks from above, and if an opponent touches the brick from above they’ll take 2% damage
Down Tilt: Roblox guest steps on a tycoon button and spawns a simple dispenser that drops basic, dark grey blocks down every 1.5 seconds for 4 seconds and then disappears. If these blocks hit an opponent, it’ll deal 2% damage and has below average knock back, There can only be 2 dispensers per player at a time, spawning a new one will automatically remove the oldest one
Dash Attack: Roblox guest runs forward and throws their foot forward
Forward Smash: they pull out a pizza box, open the box and throw the pizza forward
Up Smash: they swing a baseball bat overhead
Down Smash: lava blocks appear on both sides of roblox guest, damaging and burning opponents that touch them and knocking them back.
Grab: Roblox guest uses the move tool to drag a sit block, if it hits an opponent they’ll be forced to sit on it
Pummel: Roblox guest pulls out the darkheart and stabs it forward, if you use this attack for 2 seconds or more without stopping, it’ll start healing 1% every second you use it until you stop.
Forward Throw: Roblox guest uses the move tool to throw the sit block forward
Backward Throw: Roblox guest uses the move tool to throw the sit block backward
Up Throw: they place the gravity coil below the opponent and cause them to launch upward
Down Throw: they use the move tool to slam the sit block downward
Neutral Air: roblox guest places a 2x2 brick below themself, giving themself a platform to stand on
Forward Air: they pull out a basic knife from murder mystery and slashes it forward from left to right
Backward Air: they turn around and throw 2 golden ninja stars
Up Air: they equip a jetpack and fly upward
Down Air: they pull out a bazooka and shoot it downward
Neutral Special: Roblox guest steps onto a tycoon button and a clone machine pops up, the door to it opens and a clone of the roblox guest walks out holding a steel sword, they automatically move towards opponents and when they get close to an opponent they’ll start doing the same up and down motion as the 3rd hit of the guests jab, the clone will last 10 seconds before disappearing. There can only be 1 clone per player at a time and trying to summon a new one before the clone has disappeared will result in the move failing
Side Special: they pull out a taser and activate it sending a jolt of electricity forward, if an opponents hit by this attack they’ll be stunned for 1 second and take 5% damage, this attack has decent knockback
Up Special: roblox guest uses the gravity coil to launch themself upward
Down Special: they pull out the hyper laser gun and shoot it at forward, it shoots a short blue beam in a single direction that deals 12% damage and stuns any opponent hit by it.
Final Smash: the lower level of the stage floods with water and anyone who makes contact with the water will be sent into a cinematic final smash. Opponents will land on the party palace map and the roblox guest will activate the weather machine and activate all disasters at once, acid rain, blizzard, deadly virus, earthquake, fire, flash flood, meteor shower, sandstorm, thunderstorm, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption one after another and then 2 airplanes get built from bricks and fly in shooting at the opponents
Side Taunt: roblox guest drinks a bloxy cola
Up Taunt: roblox guest does the roblox dance
Down Taunt: they point forward and laugh
Idle Animation: they stand there staring forward blankly, they’re arms swaying back and forth
Victory Animations:
roblox guest jumps into the air and then thrusts their fist into the air smiling
Roblox guest looks into the camera, smiles, and starts clapping
It shows the old starter place before zooming in on the starting house. The roblox guest then walks out of the doorway and waves before eating a cheese burger
Entrance Animation: a roblox spawn pad appears and roblox guest spawns in
Alt Colors: Red shirt and Black Pants (work at a pizza place),
All black with white eyes and red pupils (DOORS),
Yellow skintone and blue shirts and shorts (noob),
Alt Styles: They’re whole bodies cubic (the models before rthro),
Female Guest (anthro model guest with pink hair),
brown clothes and pig head mask (piggy),
A cardboard box robot outfit with a drawn on face (box robot),
Gold and red knight armor (knight of redcliff)
Starting Place,
Welcome to bloxburg,
Jailbreak Prison
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2023.06.07 08:28 Acrel-electric Application of Split Core Transformer in Industrial Cloud System of Vietnam

Application of Split Core Transformer in Industrial Cloud System of Vietnam
摘 要:分析低压开口式电流互感器的原理,结合工程实例分析开口电流互感器在低压配电系统中,主要是改造项目中的应用及施工细节,为用户快速实现智能配电提供解决方案,该方案具有成本低、投资少、安装接线简便等优点,有利于低压智能配电的进一步推广和应用。
Abstract: this paper analyzes the principle of low voltage split core current transformer, analyzes the application and construction details of split core current transformer in low voltage distribution system with engineering examples, and provides a solution for users to realize intelligent distribution quickly. The scheme has the advantages of low cost, low investment and simple installation and wiring, which is beneficial to the further popularization and application of low voltage intelligent distribution.
Keywords: Split core current transformer; Low Voltage Distribution System; Renovation Project; Principle; Application; Construction Details
  1. 引言 Introduction
At present, most of the low voltage current transformers in the market are mainly used in the construction of new projects. Due to the rapid development of economy, the awareness of energy saving and emission reduction is gradually improved. The electrical characteristics of many enterprises are:
1)Long running time of electric gas cabinet;
2)Most of the current transformers only measure the current of the system, and there is no corresponding metering device and protection device. The measuring device has only one master table of the power supply bureau, but the electric energy of all workshops can not be assessed, and the system line protection device is not available at all,;
3)Most of the main lines are large size copper bar, it takes a lot of manpower and time to disassemble, it is not convenient to install conventional current transformer;
4)Enterprise production time is more urgent, can not long time blackout.
Therefore, the use of split core current transformer can save a lot of investment for users.
2.产品设计Product design
1)结构特点 Structural characteristics
Our company has a complete range of split core current transformer models, including round hole transformers for cables, and square hole transformers for copper bars., this product shell material is PC/ABS alloy, with high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, environmental protection and other characteristics; The core adopts oriented cold bonded silicon steel sheet with stable performance, high mechanical strength and high magnetic conductivity.

图1(方孔型,适用于铜排) Figure.1
1-Skeleton coil ,2-transparent flip ,3-mount nut ,4-wiring terminal ,5-core ,6-spring ,7-shell ,8-mount screw.
2)开口电流互感器工作原理Working principle of open current transformer
The working principle of the low voltage split core current transformer is shown in figure 1, The primary winding of the split core current transformer is connected in series in the line under test, I1 is the primary current of the current transformer, N1 is the primary turn of the current transformer, I2 current transformer secondary current (usually 5 A、1A), N2 is the secondary turns of the current transformer, Z2e for secondary circuit equipment and connection wire impedance. As the primary current flows through the P1 end of the current transformer, P2 out, If the secondary Z2e is connected, Based on electromagnetic induction, The secondary winding of the current transformer has current I2 flowing through the S1, Z2e to S2, Form a closed loop. Hence the I1×N1=I2×N2, of current in ideal state And so there's I1/I2=N1/N2=K, K is the ratio of current transformer. But since the core of the open current transformer is cut, Make the core performance will be more powerful, So the cross section of the transformer core must be increased, And increase the number of turns, I1×N1=I2×N2≥100 AN.
图2 Figure.2
Note: Figure 2- Upper body of the 1- Open current transformer ,2- Lower body of the 2- Open current transformer ,3- Install screws, nuts
3)产品安装Product installation
As shown in figure 2, the installation screws and nuts of the transformer are opened, the lower body of the transformer is unloaded, the upper body of the transformer is loaded into the primary bus row of the distribution system, the lower body of the transformer is closed, the installation screw of the transformer passes through the fixed hole of the upper and lower body of the transformer, the nut is screwed, the upper and lower body of the transformer is fixed together, and then the transformer is fixed on the bus row through the installation fixing hole on both sides of the transformer to complete the installation of the transformer. Then connect the secondary of the transformer to the measuring device. The whole process is relatively fast and simple.
3.应用 Applications
Split core current transformer is mainly used in the low voltage distribution transformation project. Split core current transformer is output as standard 5 A or 1 A, as the conventional closed current transformer. The measuring precision is high and the capacity is large.
越南美的工厂为例如图3所示,每条线均需测量三相电流,将采集的电流信号供给电能表DTSD1352,组网之后数据传输到美的工业云系统。A相、B相、C相的可以选择我们的圆孔型开口互感器,每相额定电流为400A,采用AKH-0.66/K K-∮36 400/5开口电流互感器采集电流信号。现场无需拆线或者铜排。
For example, as shown in figure 3, each line needs to measure three-phase current, supply the collected current signal to the watt-hour meter DTSD1352, transmit the data to the industrial cloud system of the United States after networking. A phase, B phase, C phase can choose our round hole type open transformer, each phase rated current is 400 A, adopt AKH-0.66/K K-∮36 The 400/5 split core current transformer collects current signals.There is no need to remove wires or copper bars on site.

图3 Figure.3
Split core current transformer has been used in the engineering distribution monitoring system of industrial and mining enterprises in many countries, which reduces the investment cost, provides the working efficiency and reduces the working difficulty.
参考文献 Bibliography
1.Solutions For Enterprise Micro-grid System 2020.02
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2023.06.07 08:27 spicy0ctopus How to rehabilitate a dog that's very restless but afraid of humans? (sorry if this is the wrong subreddit for this!)

Hi. First time posting here but I feel I have gotten myself in a bit of a situation.
I'm helping a friend hold a dog until he finds a long-term foster, so I am the interim foster. He's a husky that was badly abused and is quite afraid of humans, so he was on death row at his shelter. So far he doesn't mind just chilling in his kennel for a while (door open!), but like any other dog he gets bored and starts pacing and finding shit to get into. However, we can't really take him on walks due to his fear - he will literally just stand there and not move if you put a leash on him.
I am planning on trying to find a toy that he likes as he seems to enjoy chewing on things. I can't really play with him as he will move away when I approach. Training is almost entirely out of the question for now as he won't eat when near us. Honestly I'm just hoping my friend finds a foster quickly, but that doesn't mean I don't want to try my best.
Any ideas or advice? I'm not new to having dogs, but I am new to his breed and to this situation where he wants nothing to do with us.
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2023.06.07 08:27 horsiefanatic Kitten Season Rescue

Kitten Season Rescue
I visited my parent’s lake house east of the area I live in, in Texas. Halfway through yesterday I walked out into the open garage, almost immediately spotting a grey tabby cat looking at me from the grass between us and the neighbor. I went out and spoke to her and she came to me, she wanted me to help her. I could see she was a mother right away. I walked with her to the back door, petting and being sweet. I had my mom bring some dog food out, all we had. Then after overeating and drinking some water too, she headed back to the neighbor’s porch. I talked to the neighbor who said the cat had like one kitten she had seen and been there a few days on the porch but she said she didn’t like cats. Mom was so skinny! I found the first kitten with the neighbor’s help and got her, had to come back because she found a second one. One kitten was super spicy, called her Miss Spice. Other one wasn’t so spice but still scared. Anyways I kept them overnight, called some local shelters. They did not have any room. So I took her back home w me and took her to another shelter. They took all three of them and I was so glad!! Anyways, this was the second time a mama cat has come to me wanting help. First time was a very pregnant one years ago. My whole trip became about them, but it was very rewarding. The mom was so sweet I’m sure they will all find homes.
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2023.06.07 08:25 QTnameless Rewriting KimetsuNoYaiba from Swordsmith Village arc onward

I think most manga readers feel the same as me , the story was a bit too rushed . So this how i would rewrite it
The end of Swordsmith Village arc :
+Gyokko got beheaded by Muchiro , yes but he would be use some weird ability similiar to Enmu`s one ( when he merge his body to the train itself ) to channel what is left of him to one of his pots then flee to Douma`s place . Muzan got so angry yet too excited discovering that Nezuko can resist the sun left Gyokko to do whatever he wants . At Douma`s place , Douma offers a part of his flesh and his cult followers as food for Gyokko to recover his strength
+The rest of the arc is pretty much the same
-New arc between Swordsmith and Infinity Castle : Eternal Paradise Cult
+Tamayo joins force with the Demon Slayer Corp and works on transforming Nezuko back to Human just the same , Tanjiro not yet 100% recovers from the last arc would stay beside Nezuko to protetct her and won`t joins this arc
+The rest of the slayers including Hashira trained themselves trying to activate the mark just the same
+At one point , Shinobu (after a long time of preparation and research) discovers this Eternal Paradise Cult where she believes Douma - her arc enemy is hidden . She asks Kagaya personally to go on this mission to defeat Douma .Kanao of course goes with Shinobu then Inosuke , Zenitsu , Sanemi and Genya ( who quickly recovers from the last arc thanks to his special ability ) joins this mission as well by order of Kagaya
+Kanao , Inosuke , Zenitsu are complimented by Shinobu and Sanemi in this mission to be already Hashira worthy
+They travel to this Paradise Cult : a huge castle build on a bridge in the center of a beautiful lake
+The arc would share some similarity to Entertainment Distract arc where the gang has to disguise themselves as cult member , blend in and find infomation about this mysterious cult leader of this Eternal Paradise Cult . i can`t go into detail but here is some importants piece :
The final battle would be like this :
Douma vs Shinobu + Kanao + Inosuke + Zenitsu ( Zenitsu has a very good reason to hate Douma , motherfucker eats a fuckton of women )
+Shinobu would sacrifice herself just the same as manga to poison Douma
+Kanao , Inosuke , Zenitsu all got their mark and successfully beheaded Douma . Zenitsu and Inosuke are mostly fine aftermath but Kanao got injured pretty bad and one of her eyes is blinded
Sanemi got his mark and deal with Gyokko with the help of Genya . There would be a sub plotline in this arc where Sanemi and Genya works on their relationship
(There battle would be good chance for Douma , Gyokko to show their true potential as we all know they got treated pretty bad in the manga to what they should really be capable of )
At the end of this arc , the gang discover a portal door to the infinity castle hidden deep in Douma`s castle , turned out to create infinity castle Muzan has to create a special portal first . This special door is always stay opened and Muzan tasked Douma the mission to protect it
Infinity Castle arc
Right at the moment the battle between Douma/Gyokko + the above gang started , Muzan got so frustrated by the chance that the demon corp found the special door above decided to make his move and visit Kagaya just like the manga
Things happed the same , Muzan drags Tanjiro and Other Hashira to infinity castle
On the side of Inosuke , Zenitsu , Sanemi and Genya , they got informed of what happened to Kagaya by those ravens and jumped in the special portal to get in infinity castle . Right before go in Zenitsu received a letter and know of his gramp`s death and Kaigaku . Kanao as i said got badly injured and lost one eye in the battle against Douma will be delivered to a safe place to recover
Main battle of infinity castle
Zenitsu beat Kaigaku with the help of Yushiro ( this battle should be longer where Yushiro show off his some of his special blood art )
Tanjiro , Giyu joins force with Inosuke to defeat Akaza ( Inosuke should battle Akaza as he was there when Akaza killed Rengoku as well )
Nakime , Mitsuri vs Nakime- new upper four ( this batte should be also longer Nakime should have more attack ability and becomes a real upper-level threat of a demon )
Gyomei , Muichiro + Genya/Sanemi vs Kokushibo , Muichiro and Genya get killed just the same
Sunrise Countdown arc
Mostly the same like the manga , near the end Nezuko turning to Human and a almost fully recovered Kanao comes and help turning Tanjiro back to human

What does everyone thinks ? Feel free to share your idea and opinion
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2023.06.07 08:22 Prestigious-Task-11 Help please 🙏🏼

Help please 🙏🏼
Trying to figure out how to wire up this old breaker to this CR on the auxiliary 120volt side (yellow and white) . If I’m not mistaken all I have to do is get 120volts to the yellow and white wires from the breaker and pigtail a pair of wires onto the normally open and common side ? Does that sound about right ?? Thanks for any advice !
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2023.06.07 08:22 AMothraDayInParadise API Changes, Blackout Protest and r/PovertyFinance. Please Read.

From June 12th till the 14th, various subs across Reddit are partaking in a blackout of their subs as a protest against changes being made to API access by third parties.
We the mods of PovertyFinance have made the hard choice to not shutter the sub during this period of time and understand that this may not sit well with many individuals in this sub. People don't pick and choose when they have a crisis and as such, we cannot in good conscience shutter the sub and prevent them from reaching resources that will aid them. Blacking out would be as inappropriate as a rehab facility, emergency room, or suicide hotline closing their doors for 2 days in protest of some legislature being signed.
This does not mean that we condone Reddit's choice to make changes on June 19th to the cost for third parties and their API access. Many people rely upon third party software to make Reddit more accessible to them in their day to day interactions. This includes screen reader software that allows the visually impaired to better interact with content for example. Other subs rely upon third party apps to effectively moderate their subs due to their size and popularity. These changes will irrevocably alter the interactions with Reddit for many and potentially not for the better. An open letter that is being circulated and posted across the sub can be found here and should be read. We encourage Reddit to rethink the actions that they are taking and consider the harm that may be done to their site if they continue to move forward with this action.
You the user can also take action. Message the mods of reddit.com who are the admins of the site. Message reddit. Submit a support request. Above all we ask that you remember Rule #1 in this situation. Be civil and respectful. Being uncivil and unkind will not get anyone anywhere.
Thank you for reading this, we appreciate your attention and hopefully things will turn out for the better. Rest assured that despite whatever happens, PovertyFinance will remain ready and available for those who find themselves in crisis and need help.
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2023.06.07 08:21 ChillFlorist Gorgeous Kentucky Fried Cowboy

(*showing off new flair!)
I had a little gay moment at work the other day, and I figured maybe someone would want to hear about it. For context, I work at a KFC (༼⁠;⁠´⁠༎ຶ⁠ ⁠۝ ⁠༎ຶ⁠༽)
I was taking orders in the front, like I usually do and it was really quite dead. I was just chatting with my coworker friends up until I heard the specific squeak of the door opening and looked to see who was coming in. Rather than the typical disheveled, miserable senior citizens who usually come round to berate me in the evenings, it was an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS guy.
I live in semi-rural Canada, so it is not uncommon for farm owners and their families to come eat here. This guy, however, was just alone. Standing just a bit shorter than me, he was wearing a neat casual blue plaid Cotton shirt tucked into a pair of rugged jeans, held up of course with a snazzy belt buckle. Everything about him was so neat, from his clean-shaven face, styled hair and dreamy blue eyes. The best part is that he was definitely so close to my age (maybe off by a year). I was in silent awe, that someone so pretty would buy food from a place so miserable. Words cannot express the primal feelings I had for this boy.
Before I took his order, I remember him smiling at me and asking (in such a deep, silky voice) how my day was going, and the little giggle he did when I told him I essentially got verbally assaulted by a woman thirty minutes prior. He couldn't decide what he wanted, so I helped him select something cheap but good in my typical deal-hunting fashion. Sometimes I'll make light banter while waiting for our ancient recipet printer to start, and though I can't recall what exactly I said, his cute laugh and gentle smile are something I won't be able to get out of my head for a while.
He got his food from our packing team, and gave me one last stunning smile before leaving. "What a nice encounter" I thought, expecting the rest of the evening to be consumed by monotony and sadness. To my surprise, he came back in shortly after and walked up to me at the counter.
My naive ass thought for a single second that he was going to ask me out, or give me his number, or anything. Instead, he said "I thought I'd just come back and spend a little more money for you" and laughed his cute, masculine laugh again. I got him his little salad, and watched those tight cowboy jeans walk out of my life, likely forever.
My coworker said I missed an obvious chance to ask him out, but I honestly think he was just being nice to me. Anyway, just feeling extremely single again after this guy ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ
Stay gay, friends
(*new flair will be wrong colour and incorrect position in flair menu until I have enough motivation to head to my PC and make it violet)
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2023.06.07 08:19 Virtual_Ad_4245 I’m thinking of rehoming my parakeets and it’s making me really sad

I (19f) have two budgies. One of them is super friendly, while the other one isn’t all that friendly but still nice. I’ve had them for about 7 months now. There were no issues at first; they would be super clingy with me and I loved it. However, I got them with clipped wings (petco), and now their wings are growing back, so they fly a lot. They are so cute, which makes me feel really guilty for considering the option of giving them away. However, their upkeep is getting too much for me. I don’t keep them caged (they have a cage, but the door is open). I do this with my other pet too (Guinea pig). I don’t want to keep them caged all day or clip their wings. But the problem is that they are so messy. They poop everywhere, including on my bed and desk. They shred my things to pieces and leave seed shells everywhere. They destroy my plants and make nests with the shredded leaves. I love them so much, but I don’t know how to fix it. If it was a behavioral issue, I would try to train them. But this is just them being birds. I live in a college apartment, so I can’t keep them in the living room. They have to stay in my room. I’m just an extremely neat freak type of person, and they are so messy. I don’t want to cage them all the time or clip their wings, but I don’t know what to do. I’m having to vacuum and wipe down my whole room every day. I feel so guilty for thinking about this, because they’re both so wonderful, and would appreciate any thoughts.
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2023.06.07 08:16 ABCGarageRepair Residential Garage Doors in Virginia

Residential Garage Doors in Virginia
Need reliable and efficient garage door services in Virginia? Look no further than ABC Garage Door Repair! We specialize in residential garage doors, offering top-notch installation, repairs, and maintenance. From broken springs to malfunctioning openers, we've got you covered. Our experienced technicians deliver prompt and professional solutions to ensure your garage door functions flawlessly. Trust ABC Garage Door Repair for all your residential garage door needs in Virginia. Contact us today for a hassle-free experience!

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