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2023.06.09 06:49 Civil_Priority_9571 Anyone up for a tournament in Ahmedabad? Please, it's urgent!!

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2023.06.09 06:49 Ethroptur Finance & Loans

One thing I’m curious about is how finance will function in LBY. We already know that every Human will have their own separate bank account - at least by default -, but I’m wondering how the minutiae of finance will function. Namely: - Would multiple Humans be able to open joint bank accounts? - Will businesses have their own separate accounts? - Would a single Human be able to have multiple bank accounts? - Do loans exist in LBY?
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2023.06.09 06:48 beetsrules Here we meet again

I’m in episode 15 right now, but wanted to stop to give a shoutout for this drama. It stars Vin Zhang and Janice Wu. Vin is his usual super smart hunky dude and Janice is a rich heiress who goes to work in her grandfather’s company (where ML works too) due to a bet with the grandpa. The FL and ML had history before this as high school classmates. FL was openly chasing him.
I just love this drama for Janice. Her character could very easily be annoying, but it is not. She’s spunky and resourceful.
Anywho, recommend it!
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2023.06.09 06:48 Civil_Priority_9571 Anyone up for a tournament in Ahmedabad? Please, it's urgent!!

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2023.06.09 06:44 WonderDia777 A Semifinal choke

Aryna Sabalenka was ahead 5 games to 2 this afternoon at the French Open. She had 2 match points. She proceeded to lose 5 straight games in her Semifinal match and choked away her ticket to the Final on Saturday for one of the most epic collapses in Roland Garros history. What an epic fail.
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2023.06.09 06:42 420bowls Getting to the gorge!

I have always wanted to see them at the Gorge after my Dad and my sister went a few years back and wouldn't stop raving about it.
I don't live in Washington, but I've been slowly convincing myself over the past month that I need to get out there for the dead shows.
I don't know anyone going, but I figured I'd reach out to all the reddit homies to see if I can make it happen.
Found a hotel in quincy I can crash at, and tickets I can buy.
My only hurdle right now is figuring out how to get to the Gorge on Friday and back to Seattle on Sunday/Saturday night.
Does anyone happen to have any recommendations on how I can get over there, besides getting a rental car by myself?
I am more than willing to compensate for my share of gas, rental fee, etc if anyone has an open seat in their car!
Any help/advice or much appreciated. Much love
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2023.06.09 06:38 AmbitiousDerp Investment banking front office role not offered and have lost motivation in the middle office. What should I do?

Hi All, I have been working in the middle office role in investment banking for about 4 years now. Its basically what the front office does minus the client exposure. The way this role works is you do your job in the mid office for the first year or two and then you are sent on “rotation” for a couple of months to the front office. If they have an opening they offer you a role or you come back. For me the rotation got delayed as the pandemic hit and I finally got to go this March and came back on May. Considering the recession in UK they don’t have any openings right now and unlikely to have one this year. As some of you may know the IB hours are gruelling and would run upto 100+ hours a week. But now that I have had the experience they expect me to deliver the same hours even from the middle office. They even made me sign a bond that keeps me in the company for 6 months, if I leave I have to pay them 10k pounds. My question is how do I keep myself motivated to work when I know there are no prospects of converting front end? Till now I was pushing myself so that I get offered a rotation and then move to the front office. It’s becoming very difficult to convince myself to keep performing at my job when I know all the money is being made at the front office and we are being paid peanuts in comparison. 6 months is a long time and on top of that we have a 2 months notice period so actually its 8 months.
Sorry for the long post and thanks a ton in advance for any suggestions.
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2023.06.09 06:38 AmbitiousDerp Investment banking front office role not offered and have lost motivation in the middle office. What should I do?

Hi All, I have been working in the middle office role in investment banking for about 4 years now. Its basically what the front office does minus the client exposure. The way this role works is you do your job in the mid office for the first year or two and then you are sent on “rotation” for a couple of months to the front office. If they have an opening they offer you a role or you come back. For me the rotation got delayed as the pandemic hit and I finally got to go this March and came back on May. Considering the recession in UK they don’t have any openings right now and unlikely to have one this year. As some of you may know the IB hours are gruelling and would run upto 100+ hours a week. But now that I have had the experience they expect me to deliver the same hours even from the middle office. They even made me sign a bond that keeps me in the company for 6 months, if I leave I have to pay them 10k pounds. My question is how do I keep myself motivated to work when I know there are no prospects of converting front end? Till now I was pushing myself so that I get offered a rotation and then move to the front office. It’s becoming very difficult to convince myself to keep performing at my job when I know all the money is being made at the front office and we are being paid peanuts in comparison. 6 months is a long time and on top of that we have a 2 months notice period so actually its 8 months.
Sorry for the long post and thanks a ton in advance for any suggestions.
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2023.06.09 06:37 AmbitiousDerp Investment banking front office role not offered and have lost motivation in the middle office. What should I do?

Hi All, I have been working in the middle office role in investment banking for about 4 years now. Its basically what the front office does minus the client exposure. The way this role works is you do your job in the mid office for the first year or two and then you are sent on “rotation” for a couple of months to the front office. If they have an opening they offer you a role or you come back. For me the rotation got delayed as the pandemic hit and I finally got to go this March and came back on May. Considering the recession in UK they don’t have any openings right now and unlikely to have one this year. As some of you may know the IB hours are gruelling and would run upto 100+ hours a week. But now that I have had the experience they expect me to deliver the same hours even from the middle office. They even made me sign a bond that keeps me in the company for 6 months, if I leave I have to pay them 10k pounds. My question is how do I keep myself motivated to work when I know there are no prospects of converting front end? Till now I was pushing myself so that I get offered a rotation and then move to the front office. It’s becoming very difficult to convince myself to keep performing at my job when I know all the money is being made at the front office and we are being paid peanuts in comparison. 6 months is a long time and on top of that we have a 2 months notice period so actually its 8 months.
Sorry for the long post and thanks a ton in advance for any suggestions.
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2023.06.09 06:34 EjahPolly Father has not paid taxes in a very long time. What are his options?

I am hoping to get some insight on some options for my father who I believe has possibly not filed taxes in over 15 years.
My father (56) has essentially gone dark over the past 15 some odd years, he has no bank account, works only cash jobs and has been very coy about his finances. My father used to own a painting company when I was a kid and from what I have heard from others it did not work out. My father has always been a very scattered individual and struggles with anxiety. For as long as I can remember he has never had a bank account and has only worked cash jobs and its my suspicion that he owes the CRA a lot of money and his solution to remedy the situation at the time was to "go dark".
He has never directly told me that he owes the government a lot of money but I have heard it come up in passing conversations that this may be the case. I do know for a fact he has no bank account and I have suggested to him that it may be necessary to open one to collect his CPP when he becomes to old to work, but he doesn't seam open to the idea. I do not believe he has any of the old paperwork from his business' or any personal tax information from the past 10 years. I know he needs professional help but I don't know where to start or how to help him/ convince him to start trying.
What are his options and what are the ramification of him trying to work towards paying off what he owes?I just want to make sure he can resolve this and work towards a better future while he is still capable of some work. Thanks.
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2023.06.09 06:29 ThrowAwayPolyIssues What am I doing wrong? Is it me?

For context, I (37F) and my husband M (38M) have been married for 18 years and have been poly for 10 years on and off. My husband and I don't have any Poly or open marriage friends or are even involved in any groups so I don't have anyone to talk to about this. We have solely been living this lifestyle based on our hearts, we haven't really discussed this with anyone so I'm not sure what we did wrong.
We have been on and off seeing our partner V (55F) for the last 6 years. We have always been publicly open with the world and our family about having her as our girlfriend and partner. My husband and I have two kids and they have met and love her as another mother. Everything was going well a few years ago, we talked about having a wedding ceremony and moving in together. At the time she decided she didn't want to move from Jacksonville, FL where she lives to Texas where we live so we ended up splitting up for several years.
She was/is married and from what she's said he's abusive (mentally/emotionally) and was afraid to walk away due to them having children (currently 21&24). We recently reconnected 2 months ago after several years of not speaking with her reaching out, saying she has changed and is ready to move forward. We have been talking since she reached out, but she still hasn't left her husband and has not told anyone about us or being poly. We are a secret in her life while we are very open about her. We give her everything she needs and try our best to make her feel included even though she is 1000 miles away. Recently she asked M if he would be willing to divorce me so that they could get legally married. M stated he wasn't comfortable divorcing me but would be willing to have a wedding ceremony, add her to our bank accounts.. essentially everything that happens when you get married except without the legal document. She wasn't happy that M said he wouldn't divorce me and stated she wanted a legal paper commitment before she blows up her whole life to move down to Texas to be with us. She is in therapy and abuse class, so she's working on herself but said it was a trigger for her that we said no to the divorce. This ended up being a huge then and her yelling at us about how we don't truly love her and aren't willing to sacrifice for her to be happy. She then said she was done and didn't want to be together anymore. This set my husband off as he is the kind that when you say you're done he's not going to be chasing after you like a teenager, we are grown and you don't just quit when you don't get your way. She hasn't spoken to me in 3 days and has my number blocked but is still messaging M trying to get his attention. I'm completely heartbroken and confused as to why she's pushing me away when all I want is for us to all be happy together. She said we aren't committed to her and this relationship unless we divorce and she legally becomes M's wife.
**A little background on our previous issues. She has issues with M and I being physically intimate together without her and doesn't want to have sex as a group either. She said she sees me as a threat and the enemy when it comes to M and her. But in the same breath says she loves me and can't live without me. She has a lot of triggers that we have to tiptoe around and be understanding that we try our best to take all the anger thrown at us and forgive her every time she was upset.
I am hurt, M is hurt and she’s hurt. I feel like no matter what, nothing seems to be good enough and we keep failing. We haven't had anything as serious with anyone but her so we are at a loss. Any advice or thoughts would be helpful. I need an outside perspective from people who are successfully having happy healthy relationships. What should I do?
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2023.06.09 06:19 SoFi Good news—our APY is increasing again! 🎉

SoFi Checking and Savings members can now earn 4.30% APY on all savings and Vault balances.* Members with direct deposit will also keep earning 1.20% APY on their checking account balances. For members without direct deposit, you’ll keep earning the same 1.20% APY on all your cash. Nice!
If you haven't signed up to bank with SoFi yet, now is the time! Open an account at
A little bit of legal for you to review: \SoFi members with direct deposit can earn up to 4.30% annual percentage yield ,APY, on savings balances, including Vaults, and 1.20% APY on checking balances. There is no minimum direct deposit amount required to qualify for the 4.30% APY for savings. Members without direct deposit will earn 1.20% APY on all account balances in checking balances and savings balances without direct deposit, including Vaults. Interest rates are variable and subject to change at any time. These rates are current as of 6/9/23. There is no minimum balance requirement. Additional information can be found at ©2023 SoFi Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. BNK23-1240097-H)
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2023.06.09 06:18 Even_Cardiologist212 What do you do when you dont feel connected to your partner anymore?

My partner (M34) works a lot lately and I feel like we’re drifting away. (I’m female 24 by the way)
Although I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied and get my head right (I have anxious attachment style, it makes me go crazy in my mind sometimes but I’m working on it) plus, he’s trying his best to find the time and balance between our relationship and his work. (He’s really passionate about his job)
But we have 12 hours different. Now, It’s so hard to have meaningful conversations during the weekdays. We don't talk much about things anymore. We only text something like ‘How’s your day going? / Great, have a great day baby, I’m going to sleep or I’m going to work. Let’s talk later.’
We usually have long calls on Saturday or Sunday though but that's it. It never feels like enough 🥲
We had a conversation about this and I communicate my concern straightly and openly, Suggesting that both of us should share more details about our day and he seemed interested to improve. I don’t know if it’s going to help.
So, in case you guys have more ideas or advice. Please share.
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2023.06.09 06:17 MangoStickyRice__x Juneteenth Schedule 2023

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2023.06.09 06:17 prankemjonh i survived top surgery!! :D

hey everyone! it’s been nearly 12 hours now since i went under the knife, and i just wanna make my own celebration post for it, given how big of a challenge it personally was.
prior to any medical changes, i was TERRIFIED of needles, bodies, and especially surgery. i was very much a “if I could push the button i would, but the only real way to do that is surgery, and that’s much too scary, i could never”
went through this process with T as well, and had to mentally be like “short term discomfort in exchange for finally having done it and not having to think of it anymore will be worth it” i decided, given i only get one life, i’d rather regret trying to chase happiness and authenticity than regret that i let fear hold me back & never did anything
surgery was a similar process. i love the look of being flat, but it was just too much to imagine being cut open. so, i REALLY had to sit down and visualize not just the surgery and recovery, but also how i would feel long term. being able to wear only one tshirt, with nothing underneath, being able to dress more femme, feeling less “fat/chunky” (having tits really does make me feel much too chubby/curvy)- the list goes on
anyhow, i booked with my surgeon last fall, telling myself i can always cancel if it comes to that. was i nervous as i got closer? totally. this morning was the worst of it, i was shaking like hell with anxiety on the surgeon table.
a few hours after i got there, next thing i know i’m waking up with the surgery done! the anticipation was by far the worst part for me, and now I don’t have to stress it anymore! though, ngl i’m nervous to see the reveal, as I did not get the chance to show reference pictures of what i want look-wise.. really hoping it came out okay, the uncertainty does scare me 😅
if anyone has related advice, experience, or thoughts they’d like to share, i’d love to hear it!
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2023.06.09 06:12 NotYetArt My ex and my mother, Neverending nightmare

I wish they would go away.
They have spent years punishing me for anything and everything. If I'm really so horrible why do they keep trying to find me and pretend everything's cool?
Any time I point out what they have done to me, it's either ignored completely and they claim it never happened or that I deserved it.
They've stolen from me, sexually harassed me, lied/used/abused me.
They made me think i was a disgusting worthless piece of shit that nobody could love. and that I needed to do whatever I could to get their affection. I bent over backwards, jumped through hoops, rarely slept and in panic mode 24/7 the years that i was with them. At one point I had to pay them to be with me. I sent them on many flights and bought them gaming consoles multiple times. I've pulled them out of a busy street in nyc after they were throwing trash cans and other debri at cars during one of their many tantrums.
I got them an easy job at my very nice office (after they whined & complained that they weren't a gold digger they just couldn't get a job) which they promptly didn't show up for and ignored all phone calls because they "needed to shower." (this man was a neat freak and constantly ordering me to bathe more since he was so repulsed by me.) Most of our relationship was him being offended/disgusted/upset by me and me trying desperately to "fix" myself.
He would throw tantrums because I didn't take him out enough, even though I had to work long hours and he was an adult older than me with free access to my bank cards in nyc - he could go out all day and do whatever he wanted, but because I was t there to hold his hand I "kept him prisoner and slave"... though it was his idea to do any cleaning and he would just get drunk while mopping...
And after we were broken up, they both kept showing up where I lived to harass/cause drama. In front of my landlords, roommates, he'd even show up while I had dates over.
He lives with my mother, and calls her mom. He told me to stay away from "his" family though they always reach out to me saying they "miss" me.
But I remember when he would scream at me that I wasn't as good as the "mom" before me. And I was also his "mom" at one point. (I had to feed him and deal with tantrums when he didnt want the food available, dress him, help him walk, and deal with him threatening to run away in the middle of the night...) But they tell me that their relationship isn't sexual...
Not only that but I get to watch my mother do all the motherly things she never did for me. As a child I was never wanted and told that children should never be heard so my mouth was covered with duct tape. My mother purposely ignored or laughed at me whenever I was injured or sad. When I broke my leg she accused me of lying, even after a doctor visit and a cast + crutches, I had to crawl on the floor across the house to fetch her remote or other things she was only a foot away from. They ignored everything to do with my schooling (fuck events, recitals, awards, etc) and didn't let me out of the house to do anything else.. but now she does all of this for her "new" children and wouldn't dare spank them like they would with my bare little girl bottom.
That is also only the tip of the iceberg, not even going into detail about how she knowingly left me in the hands of an older man (that openly expressed his desire for my underage self and everyone laughed) while she went to play bingo in a city 5 hours away.
Or the time she stopped her car in the middle of the road and walked off. While I had no license, couldn't drive, and also had her giant ass macaw bird latched into my shoulder (because she liked driving her birds around) and when I started walking down the highway she screams at me that I'm stealing her bird (that again, will not let go of me.) And left me there.
Or just a few years ago, when I finally came to live with her after she begged me over and over saying how much she missed me and then promptly evicted me and took in my ex who they both say they love each other and are so so happy together. I can't talk to one without the other knowing everything. They keep secrets for each other but anything I say is made into public mockery.
I finally moved to another city to get away from him, but they are still trying to find me. He visits the city I live in now frequently, purposely setting up long distance dates with women that live here, and posting about it in my local subreddit.
I really wish they would go away, forever. It seems like nothing I say matters, no matter how many times I tell them they aren't wanted or how nasty I get they won't leave me alone. I know this is what they want, to isolate me and make me feel like I'm a monster. They spread lies about me to their friends & family, saying I did things that never happened, but ofc completely denying anything they've actually done to me.
Their relationship hurts me in ways I cannot describe, and I know they relish that. I want to kill myself sometimes just so I never have to see or hear from them again but I know they would just love that as a new pity token to use.
The silver lining here is now I'm in a safer place with those that truly love me, they care for me and help me in ways that nobody ever has before. They tell me I'm full of love & joy and that I deserve to be cared for, something my ex and mother would never ever say to me. I'm grateful for them but I know my issues/mental health is too far gone and too much to dump on them all the time.
I know these toxic fucks are just trying to ruin that too.
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2023.06.09 06:11 futuresound1 Is open book Q-bank ok?

Currently using MM and CFAI Q-banks for L1. Already went through all the content for Quant and now I'm trying to solidify the knowledge before I move to fixed income next week. Is going through questions and using the book when I need a crutch or a learning tool? Any time I need a formula I don't know I'm forcing myself to write it down to remember it.
In the 75-80th percentile on MM and CFAI prep but the open book obviously skews the fuck out of this. Are the percentile scores even something to worry about? Cheers.
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2023.06.09 06:11 throwaway4dayz12345 Can a UK lawyer tell me if this “agreement” holds any value?

This is a continuation of a previous post (look at my other posts for context/background details).
Summary: we are in the US and were working with a broker in the UK. Accidentally bought too many shares ($300k) and they offered us a margin loan ($172k). Since then everything that’s been happening has led us to believe this company is scamming us. They won’t let us sell our active shares until we pay back the loan and are threatening legal action. We never signed any documents, may have just verbally agreed on the phone. We asked for the loan obligations/requirements and they literally sent us a bulleted Microsoft Word document. Again, everything points to this being a scam but that little bit of doubt of them taking legal action is gnawing at us. The original document was written in Russian so I translated it. It reads as such:
“You took the Margin Loan on 05/23/2023, valid until 05/31/2023 Margin Loan is provided not by the company, but by financial institutions such as banks or hedge funds. For the duration of the Margin Loan, the financial institution that provides this amount has the right to restrict any operations on the trading account of the partner, therefore, opening, closing transactions, and withdrawing profits are limited. In case of non-payment of the Margin Loan within the agreed timeframe: - The financial institution that provides the amount gives a month for repayment, but subject to a penalty of 2.5% per week. - If, within these 30 days, you do not pay off the Margin Loan, your account is frozen by HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) for 180 days until the circumstances are clarified. - After this period, if it is proven that the procedure for obtaining Margin Loan from the company has been followed, HMRC submits a request to the IRS (US Internal Revenue Service) that the US resident owes the financial institutions of the UK. - The IRS, in turn, unilaterally extinguishes the debt to HMRC. - Further, unilaterally or judicially, the IRS hangs this financial obligation on your bank (as a loan) for 2-5 years, at standard bank interest. - The most unfortunate outcome is the prosecution of money laundering and proceeds under the AML policy ( Now for the positive: -If during this month you cover 50% of the Margin Loan amount, your analyst will have the authority to resell the losing position that led to the Margin Call. -I will have the opportunity to petition the hedge fund for you not to accrue interest and have the opportunity and delay to pay off the remainder of the Margin Loan. -It is also possible to agree on a partial withdrawal of funds after repayment of more than 50% of the Margin Loan amount.”
How can we find out if any of this is true? Does the IRS even have anything to do with investments dealt with brokers overseas?
We really want to just block them and be done with it (have already lost tens of thousands of dollars) but don’t want this giant loan to be real.
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2023.06.09 06:03 Objective_Campaign82 Sins of the Father Ch36 (Hellworlder pirates 2)

Standing and moving still brought the Arbiter a lot of pain. But the Law’s grim enforcer couldn’t let anyone see that weakness. Especially not with the pirate before them and the very same assassin who had nearly killed them weeks before beneath that pirate’s foot.
The Arbiter had only just been cleared for light duty and decided to spend that time with the Officers in charge of watching the pirates Demon ship. They weren’t ADCU since those officers couldn’t be wasted on a simple stakeout. The Arbiter however had been assured the Officers in charge there were the best they had. But not two minutes within the stakeout tent the Arbiter had learned that the pirate Captain had slipped past the officers assigned to tail her. And more disturbingly that every pirate who left the Astaroth had slipped their tails with disdainful ease.
The utter lack of concern had further stoked their fury. According to the officer on duty every pirate that left eventually made a mess of something and stirred up a minor disturbance. And that only a few that left were unaccounted for. 
The complete lack of awareness for how shady and suspicious all that should have sounded baffled the Arbiter’s mind. They knew crime and violence didn’t come so naturally to other species as it did for the Arbiter’s human mind. But the failure to make such a basic connection that the pirates were creating distractions so that other pirates could do their work covertly, screamed at incompetence.
That led to the Arbiter learning that all the officers in charge of the overwatch operation were actually low level beat cops and file clerks. Looking into the system used to select these officers the Arbiter learned that they weren’t just incompetent, but so incompetent that the staggering number of negative reports had confused the filing system and had placed them into the highest bracket of trusted officers. The system was made to calculate negative values but couldn’t properly place such incompetent people into their proper bracket because there wasn’t a bracket appropriately low enough to place them into. So instead it simply went past the lowest level and placed them into the highest level.
And of course such poor officers couldn’t simply be fired because the officers workers union would make a fuss. Which meant the SS couldn’t replace these idiots with any slightly more intelligent sapients.
The bureaucratic idiocy was so infuriating that the Arbiter had lashed out at a nearby pole before they could think better of it. The pole snapped at the impact, fell over, and collapsed half the tent with it.
After that little outburst the Arbiter decided to take a walk and calm down. Only to stumble upon the missing pirate captain locked in a life-or-death battle with the very same assassin who had ambushed them just weeks before.
The Arbiter hadn’t been there for the start of the fight, but simple deduction was enough to reason that the assassin had likely initiated the conflict. They had mentioned Astarte’s name on the night of the attack. And the Pirate had no reason to seek out and attack the assassin.
During that fight The Arbiter had barely survived their encounter with the assassin. The assassin’s prosthetic modifications presented a gap in power that the Arbiter just couldn’t bridge. But despite fighting what should have been a one sided battle, the pirate was doing surprisingly well. In fact if the Arbiter was any judge, Astarte seemed to have a slight advantage.
Not in speed, power, or endurance. The assassin’s mechanical body was simply too powerful for a human to matchup. But in skill Astarte out matched the mechanical assassin.
Astarte dodged and weaved without effortless ease, getting past the assassin’s guard to strike at their, or her, mechanical body. If the assassin hadn’t been a machine then Astarte would have won by now, even with the gap in power.
Rachel felt slightly ashamed at her own poor showing against the assassin when compared to Astarte’s fight. The shame then quickly burned into anger as the Arbiter gripped the rifle at their side and pulled it out to try and shoot the assassin. Unlike the Arbiter had been that night, Astarte was wearing that ridiculous dark red armor and had a sword like she was some sort of space samurai. The Arbiter had done well that night, and their lack of superior weaponry had been their only flaw. One that had been amended with the addition of a more powerful pulse rifle.
They tried to line up a shot on the assassin that wouldn’t hit Astarte, when Astarte began to speak. “You wanna know the funny part. Greyson didn’t even care that you were gone.”
Wait, did these two share a past. The Arbiter guessed that old saying about birds of a feather was true. Who was Greyson? Some sort of man they had both known?
“Didn’t even question me about. Just said ‘Zera’s gone, now you will guard my back’” the pirate continued. “Then not even a week later I was second in command and got to sleep in his comfy bed.” The pirate gave her attacker a sloppy lascivious grin.
“And then you killed him like the deceptive whore you are!” the assassin spat, her attacks becoming sloppier with more openings.
Where these two quarreling over a man? The Arbiter felt bile rise into their throat. Two of the deadliest human women they had ever seen fighting over some man they had known. Pathetic. No man was worth that. Especially not whoever this Greyson bastard was given how quickly he had let the pirate into his bed after his first girlfriend disappeared.
Wait, Greyson, pirate, dead. Were they talking about the infamous human pirate, Byron Greyson? The one who had been a menace to the Femeri system, who was responsible for the disappearance of over thirty thousand humans and the deaths of many more? The one whose headless body had turned up one day aboard the drifting remains of the Black Saint? It couldn’t be, right?
But the rise of the Astaroth and Astarte had happened shortly before Greyson’s mysterious death. It seemed too coincidental.
“Of course I did, I refused to be the latest women he ruined and dumped into the gutter. Face it, your days were numbered. If it wasn’t me it would have been him.” The pirate said with a derisive sneer.
A bit callous and mercenary, but if they were discussing Greyson then likely not inaccurate.
The assassin however didn’t see that logic. “LIAR!” she screamed as she flew into a rage.
Then the Arbiter saw the reasoning behind Astarte’s taunts. This assassin was dangerously unhinged, and Astarte was using that to bait her into a trap.
The next sequence of attacks was too fast for the Arbiter to follow. A sword hilt to the face, followed by something launching out of the assassin’s arm. Then somehow Astarte had her other arm in her grip and flipped the assassin over a shoulder. With the assassin on the ground, Astarte quickly pressed one leg to their back, and with the arm in hand began to pull. The assassins sudden ultrasonic scream made the Arbiter vison darken at the edges, and maybe caused their ears to bleed a little.
Then the arm came out with a pop and the screaming stopped.
The pirate looked at the arm for a second, before lifting it above her head and swinging it down into the assassin’s head. The loud conk of metal on metal was enough to startle the Arbiter out of her awe and terror.
The barrel of their pulse cannon lifted up with Astarte centered in its sight “FREEZE!” the Arbiter roared with all their might.
Astarte paused mid swing, looked towards the Arbiter, and then raised both of her hands above her head. As well as the assassins severed arm. “It was self defense.” The pirate said quickly.
The Arbiter could have sworn they saw a flash of red. But it happened so fast that they weren’t sure if it was really there. And if it was then why would the pirates eye flash red?
The eye crossed by a gruesome scar. Did the pirate have a glass color changing eye?
No, her eyes were both clearly moving around and focusing on things like they should. Could it be cybernetic? Those were supposed to be impossible, too complicated to properly miniaturize with current technology.
It was something to investigate.
The Arbiter had been so focused on Astarte that they hadn’t been watching the assassin close enough. In a movement the Arbiter hadn’t seen the assassin threw Astarte off her back before popping up to her feet. Astarte went down onto the ground and the assassin lurched forward to attack her downed foe. But before she could reach the pirate three quick blasts from the Arbiters rifle stopped her in her tracks.
One had winged her side, another went wide. But the third had caught her right where a liver should have been. The assassin stuttered, but wasn’t dead. They dodged the next shot by ducking and then the second by somehow leaping ten meters into the air and onto a window seal. The assassin looked down on the two women and was clearly judging their chances at victory. But with an, admittable impressive, one-handed springlike flip Astarte was back on her feet, sword ready for another round.
The assassin’s strange mechanical face scowled before another impossible jump sent her over a nearby building and out of sight.
The Arbiter relaxed once the assassin was gone, but Astarte didn’t. The pirate turned, grabbed the Arbiters gloved hand, and pulled her into a jog down the open alleyway. “Come on, there’s an open lot nearby. Can’t jump us from there.” She said without looking back as she dragged the Arbiter along.
For a stunned few seconds Rachel stared at the strong hand grasping her own smaller one. But then the Arbiter saw the logic in Astarte’s worry and forced their hand to release the pirate and ran alongside her.
A few times the Arbiter had noticed a thin humanoid shadow leap between the buildings above them, but a quick turn down an alley from Astarte had them moving away from the incoming ambush from the assassin chasing them via roof tops. In no time at all they made it to an open loading dock for a nearby warehouse. Astarte ran into its center and scanned the roof tops, the Arbiter followed suit.
The Arbiter and the Pirate stood back to back, each searching for any signs of the mutual foe.
“There!” Astarte shouted while pointing her finger at a roof top.
The Arbiter stared up, but couldn’t see anything. But following the pirate’s direction they raised their rifle and shot at the edge of the building Astarte had pointed at. The blasts landed and then the crouched figure of the assassin rose up and backed away.
How had the pirate seen her? The Arbiter spared her a glance and saw a second flash of red before the pirate shifted her head.
“You should call for backup.” The pirate stated while still scanning the roof tops.
“To arrest the assassin?” the Arbiter asked before they could think better of it.
Astarte snorted. “Wouldn’t trust any SS to arrest a dead log, let alone Zera. But more witnesses might scare her off.”
Two things stood out in that statement, the assassin’s apparent name, and “SS, is that supposed to be short for station security?”
“Schutzstaffel actually, its just a strange coincidence they line up” the Pirate joked wryly.
The Arbiter scowled “You think the Station security are like the Nazi’s?” The Arbiter’s lessons about the various evil factions during Earths history had left her with nightmares for years. Crucifixion, death by a thousand cuts, blood eagles, and the like had disturbed their six-year-old mind. Their lessons had spent weeks on all the evils humanity inflicted upon each other, all the way until First contact.
“If the kinky boot fits.” Astarte said while examining the Arbiter’s own black boots.
The Arbiter swished their cloak to hide their boots, and the pirates gaze snapped back up to the rooftops. The Arbiter made the call, and the idiots in charge of the tent said they would need a few minutes to ‘locate’ their rifles and arm shields. Why they had to be located in the first place confused the Arbiter? They couldn’t be so incompetent as to not know where their weapons were, right?”
Tense minutes past before Astarte let out a sigh of relief. “I think she gave up.” she then shot the Arbiter an accusing glare “I almost had the bitch. If you hadn’t interfered we wouldn’t have to worry about her coming back.”
"You expect me to stand by while you committed murder?” The Arbiter growled, now stepping back from the pirate and reaching for a set of cuffs.
The pirate frowned, then glanced up as if recalling a distant memory. “I… ugh felt my life was in imminent danger, and feared for my life while facing down a clearly aggressive and violent deathworlder with a weapon. I used whatever objects I could find at the time…I carry no weapons and was forced to use ceremonial objects in crude, and ugh…unusual ways for self defense. I did not think retreat was possible so I acted to end the threat” she said in a bland staccato rhythm of everyone reciting words from memory. Her words obviously citing several different laws pertaining to self-defense.
The Arbiter felt an eye twitch. “The law pertaining to Deathworlder assailants was not intended to include Deathworlder victims.” The Arbiter said slowly.
Astarte shrugged “Union vs. Trevor Philips established that the enforcement of the law was done by the letter of the law, not the spirit. By that ruling and precedent I acted reasonably and was within my rights for self-defense. Any attempt to detain me would result in punitive measures from my legal representation.”
In all their time on the ADCU the Arbiter had never encountered a criminal so well versed in the intricacies of Union law. Some loop holes were well known, and easy for Officers to circumvent in order to attain an arrest. But the Arbiter hadn’t encountered something like this before.
The Arbiter looked down and noticed the sword she still held, red blood from the pirate running down its blade. “So that sword isn’t a weapon?” The Arbiter asked pointedly.
The feline smile that covered Astarte’s face sent shivers up their spine. “My dear officer, as you can notice I am of half Japanese heritage, a hafu if you will. I am dressing in the traditional fashions of my people. The armor, the katana, and the wakizashi are all hallmarks of the samurai I am descended from. None of these are worn for anything beyond cultural heritage. And for that matter, my crew wear the same to honor my ancestry.”
The Arbiter sighed. Astarte’s defense, though blatantly false, was airtight. Arresting her now would only give her ammunition to legally strike back. And with the recent backlash of the Deathworlder crack down the Arbiter could doom Judge’s career. It had been a celebrated move of the last chief, but the knock-on effects of it had resulted in several months of rioting, looting, and political discourse in the heart of the Union. The last chief was forced to step down and Judge took his place and was still trying to reverse the damages. Which was hard with all the precincts fighting him on it. Those officers had too many friends torn apart by Terran criminals to ever let that grudge go.
“Then you may leave the arm behind and be one your way.” The Arbiter ordered.
Astarte blinked, “the arm?”
The Arbiter pointed to the severed arm still within the pirate’s grasp “That is evidence in an on going investigation. LEAVE. IT. BEHIND” The Arbiter explained, growling out the last words slowly. Just because Astarte had likely saved the Arbiter’s life with some quick thinking didn’t erase the fact that she was a person of interest/suspect in the same case.
Astarte glanced down at the severed arm and blinked as if surprised she was still holding it. Then tossed it carelessly onto the ground. “All yours, make sure to check for bugs before plugging it in.”
“Computer viruses hidden in its OS. Thing could have all sorts of things hidden within.”
“And how do you know?”
“I don’t. It’s just the sort of thing I would do myself. Try loading it onto a separate server. Oh, and check for small explosives.”
“Danm Deathworlders” the Arbiter growled as they now considered the severed arm on the ground next to a small splatter of Astarte’s blood. She was right, Deathworlders were known for their tricks and traps. Humans especially. During one investigation a load of seized morphine from an illegal clinic had been stored next to an unstable chemical that reacted poorly to the jostling of the transport and destroyed the evidence in a fiery explosion.
Astarte chuckled “Glass stones Arbiter.”
“Glass stones, it’s a human malaphor of sorts. I’ll leave the details for you to figure out. Good luck with tracking down Zera, I’d recommend starting with the prison records on Union Station Parox.” She said as she turned aways and strode off. Walking in the opposite direction of the arriving officers, half of which were missing their weapons or shields.
The Arbiter let out a sigh as she observed the most incompetent idoits she had ever seen strut onto the lot without a care in the universe.
“You called us Sir.” The lead Voral said.
The Arbiter took in a deep breath “Yes I did. Ten minutes ago.”
“It was a long walk.” The officer said defensively, no care for the Arbiters growing anger.
“Its only a few hundred standard meters. But that doesn’t matter I encountered an assassin in the midst of their crime. That’s their arm.”
The Voral looked panicked and began to look from side to side.
The Arbiter felt an involuntary eye twitch and clenched her fist. “The assassin is gone.”
The Voral relaxed “So you want us to secure the evidence?” he asked.
That had been the Arbiters plan, but now seeing them mill about aimlessly they changed their mind. “No, secure the area and stay out of CSI’s way. Understood?”
The officer looked offended. “Sir, its just an arm. We don’t need to wait around for CSI, one of my men can bag it right now.”
Patience wearing thin the Arbiter marched right into the Voral’s face. The fact the Officer loomed over her by two meters did little to diminish the Arbiter’s menacing aura. “AM. I. UNDERSTOOD?”
“Yes Sir.” The cowed Voral officer answered with a nervous buzz of his wings.
“Then go.”
Ten minutes later six medium shuttles from the CSI unit, and two small shuttles from the ADCU were on the scene of the lot and in the alley where the Arbiter had stumbled upon Astarte. Edict and Prosecutor began to jump along the rooftops, recreating the assassin’s movements and collecting more evidence.
The assassin’s arm, and the dried sample of Astarte’s blood was collected. As well as fragments of what looked to be a broken glass eye with a micro camera.
They lost the assassin’s trail after they ducked into the inner hull of the station and escaped across the pipes, wires, and support structure of Unity.
Thirty minutes after that they departed for the central precinct. The Arbiter within the darkened confines of the ADCU shuttle felt safe enough to take off the hood. Caleb and Bartolv did the same. They noticed her pensive mood and didn’t disturb her.
It wasn’t lost on her that Astarte knew exactly who this assassin was. And if she hadn’t left those pretty blatant clues about how to identify her then then Rachel would be trying to acquire a warrant to bring her in for questioning. But that still left her with a lot of questions.
And despite the answers she might get, she had the sinking feeling it wouldn’t be enough to see the whole picture. How big was this whole thing?
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2023.06.09 06:03 Saugalyfe905 Female Hip-Hop Drop Watch: June 9th

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Janelle Monaé - The Age of Pleasure
Amaarae - Fountain Baby
Anysia Kym & Jadasea - Pressure Sensitive
7xvethegenius & DJ Green Lantern - The Genius Tape

Icis The Goddess - Walking With A Switch
Tiwa Savage - Pick Up
Treety - "Making Love"
Aneesa Badshaw Ft. Simeon Brown - Asian Secrets ft. Simeon Browne
Tocarra - Lick Back ft. BenOne
Lil Reeka - Throw it ft. Cway Beatz
DJ Chase Feat. Sunny Sofancyy - Money is My Language
The 9ine x Jada Kingdom - Turn Me On
A'sian - Dreams
YELLY - Casamigos
Renn Olympus - Runnin Back 2 U
KRISTII - All The Way
K.Flay - Shy
Savannah Hannah - DGAF
Buttagoharder - Straight Bars 2
Jeane Marie - Hello Habibi
Layton Greene - Lil Baby Forever Cover
Queen Kenzie - Pickup Truck (feat. PGF Nuk)
Mahalia - Cheat (Feat. JoJo)
Nicole Scherzinger - Purple Rain
Diddy ft. City Girls & Fabolous - ACT BAD
Mizz Frankie J Beatz - Alice
Baby Rosae - "Southside Baby"
Black Pegasus ft Emily Strange - Lucid Dreaming
Ciera Latrice - WORK ft. MPR Riche Rich
Ivorian Doll - Big Bad IVD
The Real Gabbana - MyWay
City Girls - I Need A Thug
Faith Callender x Saddis - For The Love
DeneQuia - Synergies
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Steffaani - Immature
SUGA-T" & The YGC - First Lady
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Faouzia - Plastic Therapy
Jean Deaux - Zodiac Killa
YouKnowGabbi- Hood B Freestyle
PinkPantheress - Angel
Icandy - Keep Dat N**** (Part 2) Feat. GloRilla, Kali & Big Boss Vette
Lil Kayla -Twenty-Three
BuggoutB - Up It Feat. Enny B
Comment on what songs I missed and I will add them
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