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2023.03.21 20:48 Subhuman100 An update 2.5 years later

We were together 10 years, I am in the early 30s. My exgf moved on long time ago, she is in a new relationship since 1.5 years ago.
Meanwhile I am stuck in life, tried all the self improvement stuff, got a promotion, moved to a new flat, joined multiple activities (swimming and CrossFit), traveled to 4 countries in this time and made new friends. I am happier now than when I was in my relationship because I reached to a relaxed and peaceful state. Before I was always anxious and unhappy.
I tried to date again but no girl is interested, I tried dating apps for many months but got zero matches, I got rejected IRL multiple times when I stopped the dating apps. I haven't been on a date in 2.5 years, and I don't think this is going to change anytime soon.
Today I opened my social media after years and I saw photos of my exgf with the new dude on a trip. I feel devastated, she is enjoying life and having new experiences and I don't even talk to any girl.
I tried everything for 2.5 years but seems I failed to make it, all the self improvement stuff does not work, I don't even know what to improve next, I am fit, I make good money, I go out a lot, I do sports, I travel, I have a great flat. I ran out of ideas, I am done.
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2023.03.21 20:48 J7373adams Rashed/very dry lips after going vegetarian

Hi everyone! It's been almost 3 years since I went vegetarian, yay! :)
I just wanted to ask you about this because it's something that's bothering me a lot, and maybe some of you have experienced something similar... Shortly after turning vegetarian, I started to experience very very dry lips. It kept escalating, with the lips skin pealing of, the skin around them red and a constant burning sensation. It's been like this almost constantly, some days worse, others better for all this time.
Possibly it is just something completely unrelated to becoming vegetarian, but as it coincided so well I can't help but wonder if it's related.
Do you know what might be, or have experienced something similar?
Edit 1: at first I thought it would be related to vitamin deficiencies, but I regularly take b12, b9, D and omega3. I also thought it could be related to lack of protein in the diet, but right now I am being carefull with that and still happening. I am wondering if it's some kind of allergy to something I introduced to my diet.
Edit 2: I have been to the doctor twice, but they didn't try to find out why it was happening, just tried to alleviate the symptoms giving me cortisone based creams that work for a week and then everything comes back.
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2023.03.21 20:48 thecodequeen POTS & Nicotine Patches

Hey fellow long haulers! This is my first post but I’ve been dealing with long COVID since my first infection in October 2022. I have two autoimmune diseases (ulcerative colitis and celiac) and I was not hospitalized for the initial COVID infection (thank you vaxes and boosters) but I got very sick with pneumonia just after, requiring two rounds of antibiotics as well as inhalers.
I am diagnosed with autism and ADHD, I think this could be important to mention since nicotine is a stimulant, and there also seems to be a lot of comorbidity with ADHD and long COVID.
My main long COVID issues so far have been POTS, PEM, and insane brain fog. I was a full time web developer running my own startup on grant up until I got sick, and because of my autoimmune diseases, I was on an extremely strict exercise and nutrition regiment. I miss intense exercise so much. I tried to return to intense exercise way too early in my recovery, like many others here. I regret it so much.
I also think I should mention, although I was in very good shape / eating healthy / in remission from ulcerative colitis for the four years leading up to catching COVID, before that I was an alcoholic and extremely unhealthy. I was a full time musician and being a night worker is really hard on your body, even without all the substance abuse. I was hospitalized for a liver injury in late 2018 and since then I have been sober and I admit I used exercise to replace my addiction. It’s been incredibly difficult to stop myself from exercising, I miss that dopamine!
I’ve been trying out different supplements suggested on this subreddit with some great results so far with magnesium glutamate and L-theanine when it comes to reducing anxiety, but I hadn’t found any relief for this insane brain fog. I decided to try nicotine patches. I’m in Canada and they are free, I’m using the 7mg 24 hour delivery kind.
I know nicotine is a stimulant, and stimulants can have very negative effects on POTS. I’m so desperate to get some brain function back that I decided it was worth the risk.
Day 1: I am usually around 80BPM sitting down and anywhere from 120-160BPM when standing for more than a few minutes. With the nicotine patch my BPM was stuck around 100-125 even sitting down. However, it only took about an hour to feel my brain fog beginning to lift. It felt as though my eyes grew wider, light was brighter, I felt chatty for the first time in half a year, and I was excited to try to do some work. I did feel some nausea around mid day, but eating took that away. I could not fall asleep so I took the patch off in order to sleep, which took about two hours after removing the patch.
Day 2: I still felt all the same positive effects, and my heart rate was lower while sitting (90-110). Still some nausea, but far less. I took the patch off earlier so I could have a better chance at sleeping. I tested out walking a bit to see how my POTS was doing and nothing has changed for me in the higher range. My heart rate still easily climbs up to 140-160BPM if I’m standing too long, especially if I’m warm. This is great news because my fear was that the patch would make my heart rate spike higher, but so far it’s only changed my resting heart rate.
Day 3: My resting heart rate is even lower (85-105), I feel really clear headed with zero nausea and less nervous energy. On the first two days, my energy was stronger but this is because of adjusting to the nicotine. The first two days I was knocking stuff over and dropping stuff by accident and by day three I’m feeling much more steady handed. Took the patch off two hours before bed and slept just fine.
Day 4: The same as day 3 really! I’m hoping my resting heart rate goes lower but it’s about the same, still no new all time highs for my heart spikes so that’s great. I didn’t sleep at all this night even though I took the patch off at the same time, but I’ve suffered from insomnia my entire life and I know this event was not related to the patch.
Day 5: Without enough sleep it’s hard to say which symptoms are stemming from the patch or lack of sleep. I still feel my brain fog improving like the past days, but the nausea is back and my POTS is way worse. My resting heart rate was back above 100BPM most of the day, but I still got lots of work done.
Day 6: I slept last night and my POTS is back to day 4 levels. I feel much more calm than the first few days, but the clarity and my energy in terms of capacity to sustain activity and hold conversations remains. I am still hoping to see my resting heart rate go lower.
Day 7: I had a bad sleep last night, I ger night sweats really bad sometimes since getting COVID so this is not related to the patch, but once again my resting heart rate is way higher than I want it to be (95-110). All the clarity from the first days remains, with no nausea or nervous energy.
In conclusion: Before the patch, the most I could do was 1-2 hours of work without crashing hard. With the patch I’m getting 4-5 hours. I feel social for the first time since getting sick. I feel hopeful. My resting heart rate is higher than it was before, even when I remove the patch, my heart rate is higher than it was at night. I’m noticing that in the mornings before I even put the patch on, I’m feeling much more clear headed.
To the other POTS people, this is a risky trial but I can say with certainty that my heart rates did not spike any higher than before the patch, it’s my resting heart rate that’s scary. I know the trial is meant to be for 7 days, so I’m going to take a break now to see if my symptoms overall have reduced since this trial, but I’m honestly considering keeping these patches as an extra tool for challenging / mentally demanding days. Maybe just for weekdays. I mentioned earlier that I’m diagnosed with ADHD, and since nicotine is a stimulant, it can reduce ADHD symptoms, which means it’s entirely possible that the patches are only addressing my previously existing condition. Either way I’m really glad I tried it.
The other reason I think nicotine is helping so much is because it’s an immune suppressant. Because of my ulcerative colitis, I’m very aware of how much immune suppressants can help address inflammation hell, and I really feel like long COVID is causing autoimmunity.
I also want to say thank you to everyone here, there is so much valuable information in this group! As someone who’s been dealing with autoimmune diseases for over a decade, my number one tip is to only change one variable in your treatment at a time. If you want to test out the patches, make sure all your other variables are consistent so you can observe the changes as clearly as possible.
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2023.03.21 20:48 Nataliathecracked Some uncommon beginner/intermediate tips from a (decently) good player

While there is a lot of good information out there in the community, which is fantastic, I think there could still be better tips on how to improve, and also have fun in this game.
  1. Every time you die, try to learn something. Try to ask yourself why you actually died. Most of the time it's because you were out of position, got swarmed, gangbanged, and killed before you could blink. At least for me lol. Either that or you were too aggressive and attacked when you didn't have the initiative (more on that later).
  2. Move towards your allies, not your enemies. People like to say "just play the fucking objective!!1!!", But this is really the best advice. 1vX is hard. Don't take on difficulty you don't need to, which also feeds into my next point.
  3. Don't fight fair. Your enemies will have no inclination to stick to manly one on one duels in the middle of the battlefield, or to not shoot you in the back of the head. Return the favor. Look for easy targets. Throw from afar when they're already fighting someone else. Flee early, and flee often. Pretend to flee, then turn around and kill them. You get the point, sun tzu said the battle is won before it is fought, same idea. Don't leave it up to skill when you can stack the deck in your favor.
  4. Contrary to popular opinion, duel servers are NOT the fastest way to learn. On duel servers you often have to wait a long period between each short fight, and face players that might be way above your skill level. Duel servers also don't teach certain important skills, like situational awareness or target switching. Normal servers will be more informational, and just be more fun imo. The more fun you're having, the faster you'll learn.
  5. Learn initiative. Initiative determines who will hit who first. If you are both attacking, the one who clicks first has the initiative, and will hit. If you attack, they counter, and you attack again without countering, their counter went in first, and they have initiative. If you sprint attack at them, and their swing went in before your attack, they have initiative. To take initiative, you have to predict you opponent. This gets a little more complicated when talking about slow vs fast weapons and stuff, but this is the gist.
6.Misc. points about weapons. Start off with the best weapons, then work on the more niche ones. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each. Learn which attack are best on each weapon, and how they come out. You can pick up other people's weapons on the ground, which is an insanely useful feature I have seen most people forget about. You can literally play any weapon on any class if you just find it laying around. Play with one weapon for a while, then shuffle for a bit, then go to a different weapon, to learn both adaptability and specific knowledge.
That's about all I can come up with for now, but I might add to this later. Let me know what you think, or if you have any other tips to share! :D
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2023.03.21 20:48 iRooy Guy doesn’t want to lose me by committing into a sexual/romantic relationship

Short long story…
⬇️ TL;DR at the bottom ⬇️
🌹 I met this guy about a year ago on Grindr. We started chatting and we had a great chemistry. We facetimed and talked almost everyday (he lives 4 hours away). About two weeks later I took a weekend trip to his city, we met, we talked and we cuddled, nothing more. When I was on my way home the other day, he wrote to me ”you’re mine” and I wrote the same back.
💔 Weeks went by, we had some small fights and he later told me that we’re better of as friends. Months went by, and we were still talking almost daily. We still argued sometimes, blocked each other, then unblocked. Something just drew us back together.
❤️‍🔥 Now this year, we’ve become real close, almost as best friends and we’re still talking several times a day. He confessed that I’m his best friend and that he have never had hours long conversations with someone else before except than me. He really enjoys talking deep with me. He’s also not the kind to fully open himself up to anyone, which he did with me. He’s vulnerable with me and feels like he can be himself to the fullest. I’ve also helped him with a lot of hardships in his life which he’s very grateful for. Sometimes we would end our calls with quick kisses and wholesome moments.
🚩 The problem is, he lies a lot but gaslightning me into thinking they’re only ”jokes”. He also randomly brags to me about how many sexy bottoms (he’s top, I’m bottom) he can pull and have sex with. Often he would provide details about the act and their bodies. He also views himself as ”alpha dom only top” and states that he’s ”10/10 perfect human with great confidence”. Yeah I know I know… But read the next paragraph.
🚩 Now for the paradox to unfold: He told me that if he really likes a person for their personality, he does not want to sabotage the friendship by creating a romantic relationship and having sex with them. That’s because he claimed that sex doesn’t mean shit to him, so by not having sexual/romantic relationship with someone, it means he values that person and want them permanently in his life. Almost all of his relationships lasted about 1-2 months. After the breakups, he would tell me how much he dislikes that person and how they mean nothing to him anymore. Another contradiction is that he has some FWB he regularly meet..
👨🏼‍❤️‍👨🏽 Now for the last month, he have been telling me that there is this guy he really like for his personality. He told me that they’ve knew each other for 2 years. I told him ”is he another fuck friend?” he then became really defensive and said that I should never mention that person again.
💭 I’m aware that he seem toxic, narcissistic, egoistic and manipulative. But I just want to know if he views me as a potential partner. Because he have been giving me mixed signals, as if he do want something serious with me or not. Right now, I feel like a placeholder and someone he’s using as his ”pocket-therapist” (he knows I’m studying major psychology).
💡 Good to know: We have only met twice irl. For the past months, he have been the one initiating almost all the phonecalls with me. If I wouldn’t answer, he would then call several times. When I’m absent for a longer time, he would then joke about me being a ”cheater” and that I’ve been ”fucked by other guys in a basement” or something like that.
💬 TL;DR: Guy I got to know and dated a year ago friendzoned me. We’ve been talking everyday for hours ever since. Now he’s giving me mixed signals about him wanting something romantic with me or not. He’s always the one calling me and seems to be obsessed with me, but in a puzzling way. I feel as his precious reserve/placeholder and pocket-therapist which he does not want to lose by spoiling me with romantic relationship and sex.
🗣️ What do you think of this guy? Is he using me? Or simply enjoying every moment with me as a friend? Should I stop being optimistic about a potential romantic relationship with him?
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2023.03.21 20:47 itsjusttoomuch104 AITA for not wanting to stay at my mum's home to take care of my mum's disabled niece?

I (24F) have been living on my own for 5 years now and I currently have a rented apartment, but since I'm working at my mum's city (1h drive from my city to my mum's city) she lets me stay at her place whenever I need to, which is pretty much everyday that I have to go to work. Then on my days off I'll go back to my apartment on my city, and I usually make plans with my friends or my boyfriend.
Since about 3 weeks ago, my mum has been kinda "fostering" her disabled niece, since my mum's sister had to undergo a delicate medical procedure and my mum is a housewife so she doesn't have a work to go to. This woman is biologicaly an adult but due to her disability she behaves, thinks, acts, etc like a child, so taking care of her is basically like taking care of a toddler.
This next sunday and monday are gonna be my days off so I'll be heading to my apartment as I usually do. My mum knew that since I usually get my weekly schedules with a two weeks notice.
Now she told me that on Monday she has a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning, and that since she doesn't drive her husband has to drive her. When I asked what's gonna happen with the niece (because of course she can"t be left alone at home) my mum said "I guess I'll have to take her with me". And she added that, in order to do so, she'll have to wake up like an hour earlier than she's supposed to, to get her niece dressed and overall ready to go. So she "subtly asked" if I would mind being at her's on monday morning so I her niece can stay with me.
I know it's a pain in the ass for her, but I only have one to two days off a week, and I usually spend the week looking forward to my days off to meet my boyfriend and my friends, and they (mum and niece) usually wake up whenever they feel like it so it is a one-time thing.
So I told her that I'm going to my apartment anyway. Also I can"t drive so there's no way I could be moving between cities unless I waste a shit tone of time in public transportation.
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2023.03.21 20:47 JSkywalker93 Screen Burn-in

Inquisitive Universe: Good evening guys how is everyone?
Let's quickly look at Screen burn in.
Now before we start we can talk about the things that screen burn in is not.
No it doesn't mean that your screen caught fire or that it has literally burnt. Absolutely not.
It also does not mean that your display panel has melted or that one component has burnt.
When it comes it to screen burn, I have heard a lot of funny things about it. 😂
A screen burn-in, also known as image burn-in or ghost image is a discoloration of areas over an electronic display.
As we should know, a screen is made up of pixels. These pixels are what light up to display the images on your screen.
They work by displaying something and then switching to something else and after that something else...and so on.
However, just like all silicon technology, the pixels on a display have a lifespan. With every use, they grow older. As they switch from one image or colours to another, they age.
This is one of the reasons I'm not very sold on very high refresh rates like 120Hz or 144Hz.
They cause displays to age really fast.
So if you tend to use only one particular app that shows on one area of your screen a lot, that area is going to get old faster than the others.
This means that that area of the display will then slowly lose it's ability to reset and display something else.
As a result, the last image that was shown is what would remain on the screen.
People who use their keyboards a lot would see the ghost of their keyboards on the screen. Instagrammers would see the IG logo permanently. Same goes for the Twitter folk.
In extreme cases, it may just turn black.
If you tend to leave your screen lit up for a long time and stay put on only one app (e.g Facebook), you’re definitely inviting screen burn. This is because the part of the screen displaying the F logo of facebook will age faster and the F may be burned into your screen.
Using a device at top brightness for long periods of time is not healthy for a smartphone display. Staying on a single app like Facebook, Opera mini or Snapchat just tends to compound the problem. Excessive gaming too could also be a contributing factor as well.
LCD and OLEDs tend to react differently to overuse and aging.
LCDs do not light themselves, instead the pixel is separate from the backlight so the pixels tend to last longer and are more resistant to screen burn.
In fact, if another image is purposely displayed over the burnt-in culprit, it slowly fades away and the pixels can then reset.
As a result, LCDs do not suffer from true screen burn-in. They suffer from what is otherwise known as Image persistence or Temporary image retention.
OLEDs and AMOLED on the other hand tend to succumb to screen burn more easily.
This is because the pixels on an AMOLED screen do two things i.e. display information and light up the screen.
So if a pixel ages or is damaged, there's no backlight to keep it lit up. It slowly dies and eventually turns black.
Finally how to avoid screen burn in, especially if you use an AMOLED. LCDs no too get issue but AMOLED...
  1. Reduce screen brightness
  2. Never use at max brightness for long periods
  3. Reduce screen time out
  4. Avoid staying on one page or app for too long
  5. Give your phone breaks in-between use
  6. Use dark mode. Dark mode is useless on LCDs but highly effective on AMOLEDs
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2023.03.21 20:47 JIGACHAD 33 mins and stuck at "Test in Progress"

It took me 33 mins (I like to really speak my thoughts) for an unmoderated test (10$) to now be stuck at the "Test in Progress" screen.
I'm aware that other testers have had this problem but those threads were like 3 years ago. And I'm still getting the same error they faced years back. How hasn't this been fixed? I can accept this loss, but I would like to know what causes this error so I can prevent it in the future.
Sorry for the long read, appreciate your time.
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2023.03.21 20:47 militarycrab Need guidance on headphone choice. 100-500€ budget

Hi everyone, through the years I've been trying a lot of different headphones.. but still no luck in finding what I feel is the perfect headphone for me, maybe it's a never-ending quest. I'm in search of a good headphone for mainly gaming and listening to drum and bass/ electronic music. I've tried both open back and closed back headphones and I'm comfortable with either one. I would like to have clarity in the sound but with a good extension down into the bass. These are some of the higher end (for me) headphones I have tried:
- Sennheiser hd600, was not to my satisfaction, very warm and not that wide in soundstage, overall pretty good for the price
- Sennheiser hd6XX, different tuning than the above mentioned, sounded fine for my ears, but was expecting more
- Hifiman HE400, detailed and with good punch, but not to my liking, scared of long time quality issues.
- audio-technica ath-m40/50, good closed back, but lacking in overall quality + bad comfort.
- philips shp9600, these are the headphones I use right now, need to have eq on them to sound okay-ish. pretty good bass, but lacking in overall clarity
so my problem right now is finding a good pair of headphones, a sort of do it all for me, since I don't enjoy having multiple headphones around. I've been looking around for different options, but need help in further research. Headphones I'm looking at right now is:
Dekoni blue
røde nth-100
thieaudio ghost
beyerdynamic dt 700/900 pro X / dt880
hifiman sundare
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2023.03.21 20:47 UnderstandingOk7494 Girlfriend (23F) lost on what to do about boyfriend (23M) This is my first ever relationship

I’m not sure what to do me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 3 years now and in the past few months I feel myself feeling lonely while being with him. My main issue is talking to him, we often have nothing to talk about. He doesn’t speak to me seriously half the time he’s just making sarcastic comments or “jokes” that I either don’t understand or don’t want to hear (something I’ve told him to stop many MANY times). When we do talk it’s him talking about work, money, stocks, or the gym. Another thing is romance, does not exist in our relationship- barely kiss, no sweet words or exchanges. Only recently has he started complementing me after I’ve been begging him to do so. There’s not much of a physical attraction either i mean we have sex once in a while but as soon as he finishes it’s over and I just lay there sinking into these thoughts.
I don’t know how a relationship is supposed to be, I haven’t seen a manual or a book about what’s right or wrong. Am I the problem? or am I being too nice and suffering in somewhat silence. But I’m dreading a breakup I don’t think there’s anything else out there for me. Please help.
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2023.03.21 20:47 EyePuzzleheaded5698 AITA for shaming my son for not spending time with his youngest brother?

I have six boys ages 7 to 20.
My eldest son goes to college and babysits a 7yo boy for easy money. He started this year. My 7yo son has always viewed my eldest as an older brothedad and is very jealous that his brother is spending time and doing fun stuff with another kid.
I told my 20yo why can't he make time to spend with him and he says he's too busy. I told him he's not too busy to play Legos or take him to the park or hangout with him when he's taking a bath or to run an errand with him. Like I said, my 7yo feels "replaced."
My son is now angry at me!
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2023.03.21 20:46 a519shitfan Working with Lucifer

Ive worked with Lucifer in the past and really enjoyed his presence. I felt much more grounded in my self confidence, like I was learning to forgive myself with much more ease. Feeling his guidance while learning self love helped me tremendously in the past!
Anyway, its been a while since i last made contact with him and last night i tried to work with him again, as ive been fumbling into a depression.
This time his presence was much stronger and not long after making contact, i began to feel a heavy "churning", swirling in my stomach, not painful, but definitely some high energy swirling around the top of my stomach region. Moreso in my chest but it was vibrating throughout my whole stomach.
I got up, and stopped my secession. Feeling like i might need to use the bathroom. To my surprise i had began bleeding. Starting my menstrual cycle.
Now for the most part my cycle stays very steady, maybe late or early by a day or two. Usually starting around the 29th-30th, or 3rd-4th if its late. Starting my cycle last night would make me early by over a week! Im not often early, if anything im more late.
Ive not ever had this happen while working with a deity before. Was curious if this could possibly be a form of liberation associated with Lucifer.
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2023.03.21 20:46 No_Phrase_5644 Does NoFap help this?

I haven't got morning wood in a long time properly and no random boners anymore, i was quite addicted to masturbation and porn , if i do NoFap will it help me regain morning wood and natural boners? my main problem with this is when i start off the first day or so i cant get hard even when playing with it for a little i don't wanna watch porn but then i end up getting myself hard to it, if i stop it all now will it help me?
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2023.03.21 20:46 JuhKohTee 2K23 Body Types are Boring, Bring Back Body Adjustments.

2K23 Body Types are Boring, Bring Back Body Adjustments.
Where did Body Adjustments go? I'm tired of the same 40 preset Body Types(Because 2K thinks the body scans look perfect with the renders and want more realistic bodies). This is the second year since the WWE2K break. 7 of the cruiserweights look malnourished. I can't make a big bulky Super Heavyweight without the other Online CAW looking like my body. There's more personality in being able to touch up every part of a CAW. Stop worrying about making MyFaction cards for a week & bring the Body Adjustments back. We throw body templates over the body anyways for a more realistic look. I don't need my wrestling simulator telling me you CAW to look realistic when give us Horse Legs and Tron Suits. Also, fix the weight in 2K23, don't give me a weight slider if it does not visually affect my CAW. Not every powerlifter has abs. So allow me to make my beer belly with large traps with smaller calf's and large thighs. That sounds more realistic than that rail thin body type y'all got now. I love the wrestling simulator aspect but, I hate the roster. I need a more in depth CAW that doesn't go backwards. Y'all took away the background while creating a Superstar because the game engine couldn't handle the load times. It shows someone looked at the CAW section at one point. So, now add back Body Adjustments, Please.
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2023.03.21 20:46 Bread_disolver The new MyRise

I just finished the new myRise mode and it’s really good. I enjoyed 2k22’s MyRise but this year’s MyRise is wayyy better. The best one we got up until now by far. No one really seems to talk about it and some ppl say it’s worse than the last one.
This year’s MyRise is just so jam packed with cool details and the story is so much better. In the old ones it always felt like you were just doing side quests until you get to the top but this time there’s actually a story.
And it’s actually pretty good too. I really really enjoyed this MyRise and it’s extremely underrated
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2023.03.21 20:46 Infinite_Bruh Ken Oyanagi ASBR Moveset

Ken Oyanagi ASBR Moveset:
Intro line: Hey! Let's Play a Game of Rock Papers Scissors
Switch between Boys II Man/Heaven's Door - (style)
Grab or Throw "Awesome!"
"Rock Paper Scissors" - A special interraction - If a ☆ skill is successful - A special mode where Ken plays Rock Papers Scissors with the opponent, by selecting one of X/Y/B, you play against the opponent. If you win, the Rock Papers Scissors gauge rise by 1, and if you lose it depletes by one and you take white damage. If the opponent does not respond, you win by default. The gauge depletes by 1 if you are hit with a HHA/GHA, or a take enough damage.
Rock Paper Scissors Gauge - a gauge of 3 parts - Stage I: Removes the ability to perform skills. Stage II: Removes the option to use style. Stage III: Disables HH gauge.
Boys II Man Mode:
"Play Me at Rock Paper Scissors!" 22 L/H/M: A counter. If successful, you will trigger "Rock Papers Scissors" ☆
"Attack" 236 L/M/H: Boys II Man charges and barrages forwards. Stand-Rush Compatible. Range increasing in L/M/H order.
"I'll Challenge You To a Game of Rock Paper Scissors" 214 L/M/H: Ken rushes forwards and if connected will trigger "Rock Papers Scissors" Range increasing in L/M/H order. ☆
"It's a Shower of Glass" 263 L/M/H: Ken breaks a window, and glass rains down from above. Rain placement increasing in L/M/H order.
Heaven's Door Mode:
"Safety Lock" 22 L/M/H: Draws a image, and if connected will seal the opponent's same attack for 4 seconds.
"It's Plain to See, Which One of Us Is on The Rise" 236 L/M/H: Heaven's Door charges forwards while barraging. Follow-up Skills possible.
"This Means Your Luck is Dropping!" 6 L/M/H after "It's Plain to See, Which One of Us Is on The Rise": Heaven's Door writes in the opponent's head, disabling grabs for a while.
"It's a Shower of Glass" 263 L/M/H: Ken breaks a window, and glass rains down from above. Rain placement increasing L/M/H order.
"Get The Point, You?" 63214 L/M/H: Heaven's Door charges forwards and writes in the opponent's head, crumbling them. Range increasing in L/M/H order.
HHA "I'm Trying to Think of My Next Move" - Boys II Man charges forwards, and if connected the opponent will be challenged to a high-stakes RPS game, and if Ken wins, the gauge will fill by 2 and the opponent take massive damage, or if you lose you lose 1 tier and take damage. If you win, you regain 0.5 HH gauge, and if you lose you lose an additional 0.5 HH gauge.
GHA "Boys II Man" - Boys II Man charges forwards, and if connected will grab the opponent's soul and take it for himself. Fills the RPS gauge by 2, and deals massive damage. Briefly after, you will have the option to play RPS by both pressing style during a fixed time, and if you win, you fill the gauge by another 1, and deal even more damage to the opponent, or if you lose you lose 1 tier of the RPS gauge and the damage dealt to the opponent is halved.
Special Interractions:
Ken: Let's Play Rock Paper Scissors Rohan: What the Hell is This Kid? Ken win: Yippee! I Won! Rohan win: I Won! Now Give me my Heaven's Door back!
Hey! Thanks for reading. I might or might not appreciate some feedback!
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2023.03.21 20:46 Pretend-Frame-6543 V parting chisel

I'm having a hard time sharpining my V tool. I hit a piece of metal in a carving and had to regrind the bevel now I'm having a heck of a time getting it right. Its a Pfeil so I don't want to wreck it or throw it away. Any guidance will be apprieciated.
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2023.03.21 20:46 TrapQueenYuri 25 [M4A] North Dakota/Midwest/US - Don't mind me, just your average bisexual dude looking for a nerdy introverted girl, a tall athletic boy, or a cute femboy...

...the title is MOSTLY a joke, please still feel free to message if you aren't any of the above! <3
Hi all! My name is Yuri, I'm a 25 bisexual dude from the US Midwest, specifically North Dakota. Due to it being a small, rural state, dating really sucks for introverted nerds like me. Thus I've decided to peruse the internet, on the search for partnerships and even friendships that can supply me with good times and new experiences!
A little more about me, I'm 5'7" and 160 pounds, fairly lanky and/or frail. I like to go on walks, but don't otherwise exercise a ton (I'm getting better at it, I swear!). Due to allergies and other health conditions, I don't love to do a lot of outdoor activities, but do enjoy leaving my home for events or fun when the situations arise. Otherwise I'm very, very introverted, and do a majority of my hobbies (And even my work, haha.) from home. I'm already done with my education (At least for now?) and basically just do my work and hobbies. I try to be as funny as possible, as I think laughter is really important, and I would say personality wise I'm very balanced! I deal with some mental health issues, though I mostly keep them managed with medication and meditation, and I'm happy to help you with yours as well!
As for my hobbies, my biggest one is video games! Normally I'm playing single player games, mostly RPGs and strategy games. Right now I'm addicted to Octopath Traveler 2 and Fire Emblem Engage, both of which I'm enjoying immensely! I'm a big PC and Switch gamer, and my most played game on PC by far is Terraria. I also play a ton of Pokémon, basically any Pokémon game I've at least touched a little, including romhacks! That being said, I am getting back into Overwatch 2 right now and enjoying it immensely.
Another big hobby of mine is board games and Magic the Gathering. I will likely show you my large board game shelf, and hopefully in the future we can play many together! I will definitely be talking to you about Magic at some points, even if you aren't super into it. Sorry about that in advance!
Outside of those things, I love comedy and horror, especially the dark and macabre stuff. I'm a big fan of ARGs, unfiction stories, and analogue horror, things like Marble Hornets or more recently The Mandela Catalogue. I recently watched The Incantation on Netflix, which I thought was incredible! Recently I've been fixated on two games, Fear and Hunger and it's sequel Termina. I think their stories are both very interesting, and the world is so gritty. My favorite book ever is House of Leaves, which is an incredible horror novel that destabilizes writing as a concept, it's very cool.
I'm looking for someone to indulge in these hobbies with, as well as many other things! Someone to voice chat with on an almost daily basis. I don't mind if you're clingy, I am a bit as well! Just as long as it doesn't reach a toxic level. I'm competitive and would love to challenge each other to things, though I'm not hyper focused on winning. Relationship wise, I'm definitely looking for a life partner!
I don't want to reveal too much about myself so there's more to share when we actually talk! Plus, I don't want to make this post too insanely long (Too late, haha.). If you were able to read this far, thank you so much! When you send me a private message or chat, include something about your favorite ice cream topping! Thanks for reading! <3
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2023.03.21 20:46 Kakarolinka AITA for planing a revange on my ex?

First i want to say sorry for any mistakes. English is not my first language. Me (F15) and my now ex bf (TransM16) where in a relationship since Christmas 2022 till Valentines 2023. The reason of me breaking up with him was that he was ignoring me and not meating with me almost at all. He even didn't come to our meeting at valentine's day, telling me he was to lazy to go. Then he spend the whole day watching Netflix on my account with someone else. When i found out I got kinda pissed and confronted him, and he said that he's not going to come to the city (he lives 20/30 minutes by train) every time i want to and started "yelling" at me through texts, we got into an argument and i had enough and broke up with him, he commented it saying "Good". I had enough because he was not treating me right, he cheated on me at first having a thresome with some random guys he met at a party, and then he was sex partners for money with one of them, i have no for idea how long. After we broke up, he had the audacity to show up on my front door. When it was time to go back to school (the whole thing took place on a winter brake) i tas calm, i had to stand him because we had the same group of friends and we are in the same team on the workshop probably till the end of the year. But then he started ignoring your friends, then eventually he cut the ties with them. After that he started to hang out with some fake girls in our class, the ones that act so kind and lovely to everyone but then talk crap about them. Today i heard them talking crap about me and my bff. He told them some crap about her having a thresome with some random guys (even tho it was him), the told them some private stuff about my childhood (definitely not the stuff you share with everyone), he was talking about how he used us, how he had the worst time i he's life when he went to a cat caffe with my bff. He also lied to everyone about what happened between us. He literally change our places, he was talking about how i ignored him, and cheated on him. He was also telling my friend from upper class that i started to be best friends with some girl that destroyed half a school life of this friend, even tho he was the on friends with her, and he was the one talking crap about her. I woried cause i can't live this school because my mother wouldn't let me, i can only change classes, but even that can only be done the next school year. But anyway, funny part is that he was talking all of this crap about us, next to us and the only thing that thay changed while talking about this where the names. We got pissed. And we had a what i thought back then was a genius idea. He forgot to delete all of our conversations, when he was talking crap about the girls he's now friends with, so the plan was that i would take screenshots of the worst stuff he said and send this to girls he was badmouthing. But i'm not sure. Thay deserve to know, but i don't know if i wanna get involved more
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2023.03.21 20:46 throwaway-clonewars [NM] Possibly have someone harassing me; how many times until I get authorities involved or is a lawyer better?

So first off, i believe i tagged this correctly, please let me know if not- i can repost under the correct one if needed.
So, there's been 2 possible instances (months apart) of someone purposefully harassing me and my mother. Nothing is sent directly to us such as threats or letters or messages, but there have been 2 calls to the city on us. (It's more a nuisance type thing but we're both stretched thin at the moment so it's more emotionally distressing than it usually would be)
The first instance was (what we thought) a "freelance" Gardner who reported weeds to the city to get us fined (or so we'd hire him to do the work). We took care of everything ourselves, but the inspector we spoke to stated basically "we can't tell you even if someone did call in" but said it in such a way that insinuated that yes we were indeed called in on. He also mentioned that everyone in our area with weeds was also cited and the city would clean up the weeds if they did not.
There was also during that a whole fiasco of getting a 2nd notice for things we'd already done because the inspector hadn't actually make the trip out and just assumed we didn't do it.
(It's been roughly 3 months since then and there's been no such action taken on the many neighbor; they had threatened us with fines for the weeds and the city getting them cleaned up and jail time for ours- which leads us in combo with this next event to the conclusion that it was a targeted call and we were only told such things from the inspector to keep us from complaining on others they had no intention of pursuing).
The second just happened today, so we're still waiting on the complete info for everything, but we confirmed we were called in on to our water company for the property apparently being "vacant" and "possible water leak" so it needed to be shut off (its been raining with snow the recent week when they supposedly made the trip out). The water had been shut off and our account closed (its now turned back on, so only a few hours- roughly 5 hours about) as a technician apparently came and deemed the property vacant on the 16th- despite our current usage (the meter being different), personal property clearly visible, no weeds, average mail amount (so no "abundance of mail"), and myself and the dogs being home (we've also had packages, but no one at the door in the days the tech supposedly visited).
We spoke with two representatives- different calls- and were told "I don't know how this happened, we have procedures to prevent this from happening" all of which would have shown this wasn't vacant (as previously listed) if were checked in the slightest. My mother requested that we be told who called in and who the technician was (as he obviously didnt do his job and wanted to file a formal complaint), but we were told by the first that there were no notes on file about that so she didnt know, and the second came back (after stating yes, we were called in on) and said the system went down and she'd have to escalate it to her manager who'd give us a call. We had to explain that our home previous to our buying was vacant for 6 months (we've been here all through the lockdowns) and all power, water, trash, and gas was still active when it was visibly vacant in order for them to finally disclose that we were called on as we know this wasn't a "in the area random visit" event that they could have mistaken- if they even ever visited which we find highly unlikely. As well, we never recieved any kind of contact- email, call, text, or physically showing up - mentioning that there was a call on our property/account despite the visit being 5 days ago (Date of the call was not disclosed, only visit/determination of vacancy)
We ourselves cannot think of anyone who might do this (we don't speak with our neighbors so no disputes, I myself am a homebody/work from home freelancing, and neither of us bring people around so it's not like anyone knows where our house is)- the only possibility we can think of is if someone who worked with my mom in the past suddenly has a grudge as well as family in the city to pull our information in order to make such calls and/or connections within those companies and searched our info to make the reports.
We've had issues with bad employers as well as other disgruntled employees/coworkers practically all the time i can remember (there could be a whole list of things- mainly stemming from my mom being a "I'm here to work not socialize" type which either gives her a cold/unfriendly vibe when she's busy or intimidates people by the sheer volume she's capable of- ive worked in the office with her a few times so its not a "my mom can do no wrong" rose tinted glasses idea).
Back on topic though, I've skimmed NM laws, but the results I'm getting appear more for workplaces than general type instances so they're not particularly helpful.
Do we need to wait until this happens a third time/someone tries again- successful or not? Or do we need to wait a 4th time since we dont know with solid proof that it was the same person who called us in the first time?
Would authorities be able to get the info from both the city and the water company if they refuse to hand it over to us (like how the city refused to specify if we were called in or not) if/or when they get involved? Should we start looking out for a lawyer instead and keep an eye out for anyother possible harassment events?
We're considering calling the gas and electric companies tomorrow to give them a heads up and make a note on our account because of this, on the instance that these 2 aren't some freak events of bad and lazy employees but someone actually out to harass us (by messing with our necessities and wasting our time).
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2023.03.21 20:46 charmanderslayer I made an ugly “necklace” for my little queen but i already put in the time and she likes it so ig she’ll wear it from now on (this is my first project)

I made an ugly “necklace” for my little queen but i already put in the time and she likes it so ig she’ll wear it from now on (this is my first project) submitted by charmanderslayer to crochet [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 20:46 Alannablazeheart Getting a sense of scale for the open zones

Watching the new gameplay footage i noticed something regarding the size of the open areas.
On the left side of the screen there is a what seems to be somekind of marker with a distance noted as 1102y
Clive and torgal are fighting the Cray claw which is standing on the edge of a small puddle. during the fighting clive moves in towards the puddle and ends the fight standing in it.
Now standing in the puddle the marker is now 1104y away
Knowing this we can see that from the point clive starts up to the puddle is about 2y in distance. Now dividing the total distance of the marker by the 2y we can see in the footage, that would mean that the objective being marked is about 550 times the distance between clives starting point and the puddle.
Knowing that it seems like the areas are going to be absolutly massive, especialy considering that there also still seems quite a bit of space looking forward as the marker is pointing to the opposite direction. Really excited for this knowing that in between al the epic set pieces and we also have some huge spaces to explore(not that i was doubting that in the first place).
Also i think the hype is really going to my brain, as im now just rambling about a miniscule detail in a 20 sec combat clip. Also torgal is the goodest of boys
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