Laundromats near me open now


2011.08.05 03:44 TheRapAsshole MFDOOM

Remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name.

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

2011.05.22 13:06 captureMMstature Oasis - are ya mad for it?

/Oasis is Reddit's #1 community for all the latest news and discussion about Oasis, Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Beady Eye, and everything else connected to members of the band, past or present.

2023.06.04 12:56 Expert_Lengthiness_8 Struggling with loneliness.

I am struggling with loneliness right now. It sucks that I can't really do much about it. By the Grace and Mercy of Allah Azza wajal, I still able to perform my 5 daily prayers and do a lot of dua's. I always ask our Lord to remove my sadness and anxiety. But If any of you brothers can give me any piece of advice, I would be most grateful. La hawla wala quwwata illa billah.
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2023.06.04 12:56 virgoluna95 I F(27) started to have feelings for my bestfriend F(26). Help me move on from my delusions of her to having feelings for me.

So back story, I am currently falling head over heels for my best friend of 8 years. We got closer because she is also my ex gf’s bestfriend. Me and ex of 5 years broke up last 2020 because she left the country for work. I didn’t stop her because she was chasing her dreams. Time went by, I didn’t feel the same connection as when she was here with me. LDR was never a thing for me kasi mas nadadama ko talaga yung love from my partner pag magkasama kami.
Fast forward to 2022, I got closer to my now bestfriend (Let’s just call her F). She was my go-to person and was always my plus one in all of the events in my life. Last December 2022, I started to catch feelings for F. And dumb as I can be (+alcohol courage), confessed my feelings. I told her to not think about it too much kasi alam ko at that time baka happy crush lang. She was chill about it and also was not weird about it. We just went on with our friendship. We still saw each other and since we are in the same group of friends mas mahirap talaga magpakalayo and move on from this happy crush of mine.
I tried everything, from not talking to her to muting her on all my socials para di ako mag expect. But I still find myself replying to her messages. (i know, crazy) Aware naman ako na wala talagang mangyayari, I just need a little help moving on.
I just really want her so bad. She’s is my person. Ang saya ko pag kasama ko siya pero parang wala talaga eh. I already tried not talking to her pero she likes to communicate a lot. Nung nalaman niyang namute siya na galit and nanghihingi ng rason.
My friends told me she’s keeping me on a short leash. Like she wants me around but not in “that way”. I feel pathetic waiting around like a puppy for her to like me. And sinasabi ko na sa sarili ko na ayaw ko na. But I always find myself still going back to her. Still saying yes to her all fcking time.
Paano nga ba mag move on, kahit wala namang kayo? I know things take time pero ayaw ko na po talaga. Help me please.
What should I do? Please. Help a girl out. ☹️
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2023.06.04 12:56 Moist-Sir5638 Wayspots from Brazil

Hi, I live in Spain and I am getting to review wayspots from Brazil. This didn't happen to me before. And also the revision time is a lot faster now. Did they made a worldwide revision update now or smthn?
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2023.06.04 12:56 Xeranis [EUW] [TIER 4] - Team looking for mid laner

Looking for 1 more player for clash (tier IV) and flex (bronze-gold) team
We're a group of friends that have been playing together for quite a while, and we're looking for 1 more player to enable us to regularly play clash & flex.
We need someone that will play mid with us - we all speak English, and we're all somewhere between the ages of 25-35. We're free to play most days, and we'd really like to start playing a little more seriously to try to grow and improve as a team.
We're all going to make mistakes, so we're looking for someone that isn't going to tilt or be toxic towards the other members of the team.
We'd like to play clash TODAY, starting as early as possible (ideally as soon as it opens)
Feel free to add me on Discord (Sean#8913) or League (Seaneh)
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2023.06.04 12:56 Great-Distribution33 is it worth $295/275€?

I'm new here. i want to give my current tv ( philips 43pus6554) to my dad and get me a new one. I'm looking for a big smart tv but i don't got a lot of money. found this TCL LED 58P635 for cheap. pretty much what I'm looking for : google/android tv, big (wanted a 65 inch but not possible in this budget i guess), 4k. now i never had any tcl products, my only tvs were a couple of old samsung non smart tvs and now this philips. and what i want to know if it has the same picture quality as my current tv. hdr10+, dolby vision, and it looks fantastic. I'm afraid that it won't look as good, and i don't have any history with tcl so any opinion would be highly appreciated. other options too. thx :)
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2023.06.04 12:56 throwawaybusimup I just need to rant

i feel like i’ve lost anyone who truly cared for me and the one person i cared for the most doesn’t feel the same for me anymore, i feel like a third option and even then i feel very unimportant to my friends and family, i constantly feel like i don’t fit in, the only person who i feel truly cared about me was my ex who funnily enough cheated on me but even then the slightest amount of attention she gave me made me feel like i mattered to someone and now i can’t get over her, it’s a sad obsessive feeling i can’t control and it’s eating me up on the inside, just knowing she’s moving on with her life and i can’t do the same kills me, knowing nothing will ever feel the same and feeling like no one would ever care for me like she did scares me, she was my only emotional outlet and if i did try to rely on a “friend” it wouldn’t feel the same and their advice wouldn’t be comforting, i really wish i could get over this feeling and feel better but i can’t, i struggle with understanding my emotions i really wish i understood them but i don’t, i wish i could just let it all out and feel better, somedays i wish i could cry my feelings away but i can’t it’s like my body wants to but i’m stopping myself from crying and i find it so frustrating, my minds falling apart and i can’t do anything about it, when ever i find things funny now i’m cut short by an overwhelming feeling of sadness that makes me feel like crying but i cant, i can’t even do that and it hurts.
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2023.06.04 12:55 TheRetroWorkshop The Making of Aion Log #3: An Excerpt from the Postface of the Rulebook (Regarding the Birth of High King Balthazar II and the Game of Aion)

Postface: Within Aion
First, Aion is not meant to be sardonic nor satirical -- except, one could argue, in the deepest sense: meaning, contemplative. However, it occurs to me as it likely occurs to you: world-conquering powers of any sort, by their very nature, have a satirical edge to them, as they are at once both hypnotic and laughable. Meaning, too evil or grand to be believed. So, it's comforting to know that world-conquering forces, as a general rule, are considered amusing to the point of exhaustion. They are. That's why most space operas have such an edge to them. However, they are not trivial, and the very best fictionalisations of such are inexhaustible (such as Star Wars and the Foundation series). Ultimately, they teach you something about being human.
Secondly, then, at the deepest level, I wanted to do The Lord of the Rings in space. I believe, if you're not aiming at the deepest themes of Man, you're not aiming at anything worthwhile. (Of course, I certainly have not come close to Tolkien -- but, that's not the point of aiming high.)
Part I: The House of the Gathering
Zombies, and sci-fi in general, had long been on my mind in relation to creating my own wargame, so the notion of having zombies on an alien planet, then, was not foreign to me. But, for the first time, I decided to take zombies seriously, and in the context of deep space. In the end, that meant filling the universe -- or, part of it -- with them... and pitting them against a grand empire of sorts. As hearty Americans say: go big or go home. I went big, in all directions, except with respect to the small scale of the gameplay itself. I believe this somewhat harmonised the two extremes.
The Two Aions
In the first place, Aion (known as the Aion Empire) began a few years ago. It was to be a sci-fi empire (rather, empire-like structure), just like this Aion, only it was contained to Earth -- and featured not a single zombie. This was the birth of High King Balthazar (which I later changed to King Balthazar, and which High King Balthazar II retrospectively changed to High King Balthazar I), the Babylonian, god-king, super-ruler. Note that the Balthazar of Aion's central timeline is High King Balthazar II, but is simply known as High King Balthazar in all informal and most formal matters.
We must ask ourselves, 'What is this strange thing called fiction we engage with? All these games and stories and neo-myths and toy soldiers?' Is it all escapism... or, are these works trying -- yearning, clawing, dying -- to confront something real?
The Babylonian ruler concept, as with the entire the project of Aion, was a slow process of stitching ideas, sometimes disparate ideas, together and upon one another. Over ten years ago, I simply and purely loved the name Balthazar. Shockingly, perhaps, I was informed by The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) more than the Bible; I had all but forgotten that he brought the gift of myrrh to Jesus Christ.
However, I always liked the name Balthazar in a more anti-hero frame than a saint or otherwise hero (though he is the hero of the aforementioned movie). It was finally time to do something with the notion.
He was white in the movie, but is often African [black] in Biblical contexts. I had no idea what I really wanted to do with Balthazar yet, racially/culturally. But, years later, my research led me to a Near Eastern figure of a relatively similar name: Belshazzar, the regent-to-be-king of Babylon before its fall in 539 BC. He kept the title of crown prince (son of the king).
I blended all of this together, making him Babylonian in terms of his ancestry (technically, of the Neo-Babylonian Empire) and an anti-villain (largely ignoring the historical characters of Belshazzar and Balthazar). I also created some other major characters, and collected some old fantasy notes, with the most notable additions being the Rime-Giants.
High King Balthazar I swiftly became a modern Neo-Babylonian (meaning not really Neo-Babylonian at all) cultist and race supremacist: meaning, he wanted the entire world to be just like him, made in his own image, as he believed his ancestry was supreme (dating back to the Neo-Babylonian Empire, in a neo-mythic, historical revisio-negationist kind of way). This is what ultimately led to the Balthazarian world order (meaning, Earth filled only with what Balthazar considered to be descendants of the Neo-Babylonians).
The second Aion was an idea for a comic version of the first: now, High King Balthazar I was an anti-hero-turned-villain with superpowers (circa 2048 AD), and he wore black and purple clothing. His name was simply Balthazar. He was a rather typical modern, dark supervillain (in the style of Alan Moore, primarily). Here, I added the Bronzed Titan, 27, the Librarian, among other characters and supernatural beings, such as The Face (singular and plural). Many of these remained within my Aionic mythos, just in different ways.
I don't overly care whether this be true history or pure propaganda, in-universe, on the part of High King Balthazar II. Or else, some collective cultural Creation myth. You may, as you wish, shift this in your mind more towards fantasy and supernaturalism, or hard sci-fi.
By combing everything, I arrived at my new High King Balthazar I being relatively similar to the old High King Balthazar I; however, the future of his story was very different. This quickly became a long history of so-called High Balthazars thereafter: seven of them. However, I later changed this to just the first two. In fact, I first used the title of High Emperor, but wanted to move away from the Roman framework, and did not want a literal empire at all; thus, I moved back to the title of High King.
Everything else was a simple -- ah, simple -- matter of filling in the blanks for a complete timeline of over 100,000 years (which became 10,000 years as I was compelled to massively shrink the entire setting). In any event, the really difficult part was delicately crafting it, and trimming it, for the purposes of the game.
Of course, all of this became entirely fictionalised as I moved away from Babylon and the Milky Way and invented my own setting, universe, and humanoid race. I kept the name Balthazar, of course.
'Why an empire spanning many galaxies?' You must be asking this. Well, it's tied back into the Akkadian Empire, as it used and likely invented the title, 'King of the Universe'. This is what drove me to such a vast empire in the first place. I knew that High King Balthazar II, final ruler of Balthazarian Aion, had to be King of the Universe, in some sense.
Note that, as far as I'm concerned, High King Balthazar II (and all else, for that matter) is not allegorical, so much as an example of Tolkien's concept of applicability. He's not to be read or understood in any particular political, social, economic, racial, or otherwise real-world terms, either at present or historically. The themes of Aion aim to be as ambiguous and universal as possible, with Balthazar as the overarching vessel (characteplot device) to those themes, for the fandomeer* (though you don't actually play or directly interact with the character of Balthazar, in-game).
Although the overarching framework of Aion is a clear example of racial dictatorship of sorts, and the basis of the Aionic culture was Babylon, there is no real connection to be found. Indeed, I ultimately shifted away from real humans altogether, by making the Balzarian (and Balthazar's, by definition) skin tone to be a white-grey, and they have different genetic markers and overall biology. But, they are still fundamentally 'human'. (Of course, symbolically, culturally, and linguistically, Aion is a great admixture of many Earth cultures, histories, peoples, and languages. Primary focus is on all things Germanic (Germany proper), Nordic (Norse), English (British), American (U.S.), Akkadian, Babylonian, and Japanese, with some Greek and Roman connections.)
*Fandomeer (fandom + eer (in the style of mountaineer, etc.)): a word I coined to express the nuance in the 'follower' of a fandom. The term, 'fan', 'follower', 'gamer', 'reader', 'consumer', or related is not nuanced enough for our purposes, as they do not fully encapsulate the attitudes and activities of a fandomeer. The fandomeer is a very active, often multi-faceted avid fan of some given fandom or space, or multiple (such as Star Trek science, the Wizarding World, or early Nintendo video games). It's meant to be a wide-ranging, neutral term (meaning, not derogatory or complimentary).
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2023.06.04 12:55 JessicaaaLovely Looking to Heal

I am 31 and I am in a safe place now. My uncle abused me physically, emotionally and sexually growing up and in college I was abused and didnt know how to escape it all
Luckily I am safe now. When i tried to talk 5o friend or family they look at me as a victim and cry and feel so bad for me I cant be honest and share what happened. I've never shared much other than that my uncle abused me..i was hoping to talk to someone and share my story and heal. Maybe its someone who also has survived something and would like to heal or just someone who is understanding amd able to talk about serious and scary things
What happened is dark and I don't want to trigger anyone. If you're currently in a dangerous spot please get help asap <3
Private messages accept or comment here
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2023.06.04 12:55 Ugulusugulus Mail and Postcards (Malaysia)

Hi everyone! I live in Malaysia and would love to have postcard and snail mail buddies from all over the world.
I never get tired of baking every day, there goes my bills…Currently, I'm obsessed with painting, so I use my wall to display my artwork. 😂 I majored in History and I'm currently saving up to continue my studies in archival studies. My weekends are filled with films and music. My wallet is often torn between buying stickers and cute notebooks. Poetry means everything to me, just like food does!
Not really a sporty person. I blame it on my nighttime working hours but I love walking and beach!
Sometimes I get lost in my mental illness but that's what 30y/o do. If we share the same interests, please feel free to message me! But if we don't, heyy that's perfectly fine too. We can still have great conversations!
Andd I’m open to any gender or preference.
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2023.06.04 12:55 magnusnepolove I feel like a master of manipulation...

... because I realised how little men receive compliments and flowers, and now I take a lot of pleasure in surprising them with it. I try to do it as much as possible without arousing suspicion. Sometimes it's a little "oh hey man, you look good today", or a specific compliment about their clothes. Other times I'll flatter them about how cool their passion of something is. If I know they're in a relationship, I'll try to find something nice to say that doesn't step on any toes (sometimes that's difficult, because some people are difficult). I'm really not trying to call anyone out or excessively change anyone's perspective, but when a man says that they remember a specific compliment they received years ago, it makes me want to be the more recent one that might help on a bad day. I am determined to try and trick men with kindness, so we can all have slightly better self-esteem.
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2023.06.04 12:55 BigFeet234 Nice case if British Over Politeness that has turned into an aqward moment every morning.

Every morning a young lad no older than 20 makes way in the bus que for me. First time it happened I didn't know how to react. My first experience of age related special treatment. The next morning I wanted to say "I'm not that old mate" but he meant well. Now I dread going to the stop because i feel like everyone looks.
This morning I'm waiting for a different bus. He made way me I signalled with my eyes for him to just go. He stood there glancing back and forth between me and his bus panicking as as the gap got bigger and the bus the bus filled.
Eventually he gave up and Jones the que.
Now he's standing because there's no seats left and staring me out as the bus pulls off.
Very aqward.
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2023.06.04 12:55 DaveDoubleeOfficial Call Of Heroes, a new D&D like TTRPG

Hello everyone!
We’re working on a modernly-designed, simple, clean and deep fantasy RPG for the current generation of tabletop players. Here are the highlights of the system, and everything is indeed just as simple as it sounds:
· Play a modernly-designed, clean and deep fantasy TTRPG
· Easier to DM, and you can do it!
o You just call for Stat checks out of combat - players can decide to apply their bonuses
o Monsters are straightforward, have the same initiative and are easy to run
o Adventure system for smoother session pacing and thrilling dungeon delving
· Simple yet deep rules
o Stats and modifiers are the same thing
o No sub-skills, except when Proficient
o All Ability boxes have an icon, tags, and a simple description with fine prints for clarification
· Faster, simpler and more tactical combat
o No roll to hit - simply roll damage
o Mana system for all classes (yes, even Warriors)
o All weapons are unique and equally strong (you're free to use your favorite)
o All Classes have can prepare Abilities, as they should!
o Crowd Control always lasts for 1 turn
o Unique monsters from real folklore - no two enemies are alike!
o Goblins do more damage the more there are!
o Zombies need to be killed with a heavy blow!
o Ogres are EPIC Monsters and take multiple turns!
o Hundreds of thousands of character options and combinations - all viable and strong!
o Simple rules - hundreds of Abilities to break the rules!
o All classes and races have lots of awesome options that alter your playstyle
o All 10 Levels provide engaging options - every 2 levels you get a Talent - a powerful Ability that alters your playstyle!
· 100% Free and open license
If you’ve played D&D, Pathfinder or even video games or board games, you’re guaranteed to have an easy time!
We're looking for a DM for a one shot/campaign, whatever they choose to run - DM's choice.
Don't worry about the rules; I will explain everything you need to know!
You have free hand in running the one-shot/campaign however you like!
Here is a link to the website:
Let me know! We're super excited about this!
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2023.06.04 12:55 MrPringles9 I need a SDL-Pro!

Hey guys,
I'm pretty new to game development and programming. I want to make an SDL2 2D game and I'm currently laying the groundworks of my game. Now I stumbled across a problem that im not sure how to fix...
It's a pretty simple problem: I just want to initialize a struct of SDL_Textures but in the line of code
SDL_Texture* ArrayName = new SDL_Texture[ArraySize];
the "SDL_Texture" behind the new is marked red with the comment "Incomplete data type"...
So if anyone here knows their way around SDL2 and SDL_Image that is willing to help a lost soul, please contact me!
Thank you very much in advance!
Best regards MrPringles
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2023.06.04 12:55 irdka23 Dead end at 23

I don't want anything more out of life and I'm not looking forward to anything for the future. I just really really want to fall asleep, floating on the water, feeling calm somewhere, forever.
Right now I feel suffocated. My house doesn't feel like a home and my family are mere live-in strangers. I can't do this anymore. Nothing's in my control and to be honest, I don't care. All my achievements genuinely mean nothing to me. I just want to be by myself without anyone bothering me and I can't burden anyone. Neat part is I also don't have the energy to interact with others so to hell with it.
Of course I know I still need to be exploited. I plan to work my ass off to provide for my parent's retirement and siblings' futures but after I reach that goal, after if I somehow manage to save enough money to help them get by until their deaths, I'm ready to just let go.
I've thought about it for years and that was my best solution. First, I decided never to marry as it will divide my time/effort for that goal. It's just financially unrealistic. Second, I shall and will sacrifice everything for my family as breadwinner. That means no unnecessary big things for myself. Third, I'll power through everything because the sooner the better. I realize the next 10 years is gonna be tiring and lonely but whatever it takes to get it over with.
And yes sure, I understand this could be self-sabotage but whatever. I'll burn until I'm all used up. I'm fucking angry just accepting this but at the same time it is what it is.
...I don't even know why I'm writing this but hey it's offmychest right.
Does anyone else think the way I do? If so, how are you? Are you guys okay in life? Any regrets about your self-proclaimed fate?
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2023.06.04 12:54 cheeseballslayer My fear of diseases is killing me. Will I get rabies from this incident?

My various health fears have been eating me for so long. I am Indian and was born in another country but came here for college recently
Now even before coming, when I was in the other country that was a developed one I began developing a fear of diseases. Not one day of my life where I thought I will go without some disease permanently ruining me, my body and mind
Now even back there I feared rabies. India has among the leading number of cases of rabies in the world. It is almost everywhere
Anytime anywhere I go I avoid the dogs here and in my college campus
Two weeks back I had an injury. I tore my left toe and my elbow when I fell. So when they were bleeding I was very much afraid of a simple dog lick, cough or sneeze causing saliva containing rabies to reach the bleeding areas and infect ne
Infact , I heard rabies can be contracted from even a scratch if the saliva is on the scratch
Every day is hell and battle as I avoid these. But just 8-9 (not 3 as mentioned before, sorry for editing after posting) days ago, I suffered a horrible episode that is eating my mind
My toe almost healed 100% by then, the outer layer skin that you can sometimes pull off wasn't there but otherwise no bleeding no wound
Someone bumped into me with their slipper enough to scratch that particular toe a little. Again no bleeding but the skin didn't fully heal and now there was a scratch
I will add I was in my slippers. When coming back this old dog that I see frequenting my department building was walking towards myself and some classmates. It was walking normally I think. I always assess a dog' s walking and behavior because of my fear of rabies
But it was drooling from its mouth and the saliva dropping to the ground. I got scared and started to walk away especially because I walked on that portion of the ground earlier
I knew drooling isn't always good sign in dogs. Infact after I looked it up everywhere on the Internet they say that drooling is often a sign of rabies.
Except I foolishly walked back to my hostel or dorm room on the same path meaning I could've stepped on the saliva with the slippers. When I finally reached my hallway to the various rooms, I put out my slippers. In front of me, not beofr ei accidentally walked over the parts of the ground I'd walked with the slippers moments ago
Since then I have started freaking out. Anytime the thoughts of this enters my head, I shut down and become very depressed fast. I do not want my life to end this way
I even spent a minute a week later (that is around yesterday) to search for the dog. I can't find it. Maybe it didn't come out that day, maybe it was hot but there is always the possibility that it died in the earlier week and was taken away. I avoided the path for 7 days as I was very scared of it so I do not know what exactly happened to it
I don't know if I am overthinking this. My fear is killing me. And this disease will kill me too. I just want it to end. Am I overthinking this? Do I have a chance of getting rabies?
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2023.06.04 12:54 JessicaaaLovely Looking to Talk

I am 31 and I am in a safe place now. My uncle abused me physically, emotionally and sexually growing up and in college I was abused and didnt know how to escape it all
Luckily I am safe now. When i tried to talk 5o friend or family they look at me as a victim and cry and feel so bad for me I cant be honest and share what happened. I've never shared much other than that my uncle abused me..i was hoping to talk to someone and share my story and heal. Maybe its someone who also has survived something and would like to heal or just someone who is understanding amd able to talk about serious and scary things
What happened is dark and I don't want to trigger anyone. If you're activily in a dangerous spot please get help asap <3
Private messages accept or comment here
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2023.06.04 12:54 MettyMettmeier 8 hour beef chuck roast tacos

8 hour beef chuck roast tacos
Meat: Rub 2.8kg beef chuck roast with salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, cinnamon, thyme, smoked paprika, allspice, bay leaf, cloves, organo, dried jallapenios and marinate overnight.
Place the meat in the slow cooker with 2 quartered onions, 5 fresh green chillies, 2 dried ancho chillies, 2 chipotle chillies and 500ml orange juice and cook on low for 8 hours
At the end of the cooking time, remove the meat, chop it up and mix with some of the gravy.
Tomato salsa: Put 6 tomatoes, 1 pointed pepper, 2 habanero in a small saucepan, fill with water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Then remove everything from the water and puree with two cloves of garlic (possibly add some of the cooking water if too thick). Then put the pureed salsa back into a saucepan and season with salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, cinnamon, chili powder, allspice and cloves and simmer until no more foam can be seen. Now fill the hot salsa directly into small, clean mason jars, close them and turn them upside down so they can be stored for some time (a vacuum should form and pop when opened).
Guacamole: Mash 6 avocados with a potato masher and the juice of one lime. Add 2 chopped medium tomatoes, 2 crushed garlic cloves and season with salt and pepper.
Add to that, tortilla, grated cheese (I like Turkish Taze Kasar), chopped fresh cilantro, and finely chopped onions.
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2023.06.04 12:54 cahilljoe Advice on getting a JP Bank Debit Card

I get paid into my JP bank account so it would be convenient for me to have a debit card to use in stores, online and to pay bills with directly. I got rejected in May of last year, which I assumed was due to me having lived in Japan for less than 6 months at the time.
But now I've just seen that JP Bank don't accept applications for debit cards for a bunch of very common account types including 'regular savings' which I have (and I assume most others do as it was the standard account type at the time of applying). I didn't see this caveat mentioned on their FAQs last time I applied.
What kind of account must I have to get a debit card in that case?
Does anyone have any experience on this topic?
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2023.06.04 12:54 NewPlace6 Thinking about my studies

I am currently doing my MA philosophy from JNU and I have published some of the research papers in both my undergrad (from Lucknow University) and my masters. However, the professor who motivated me to come to JNU is now wanting me to apply in a foreign university (King's college or Cambridge) for my PhD. But I really do not want to go away from my hometown again as I just want to be in this academic field, even professionally, in LU. The professors in the university know me and I have my own history of musical band performances in LU (hopefully, by some other tweaks securing a job there is easy). Please help me out in this situation as to what should I do
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2023.06.04 12:54 deathacre_ Makes me feel guilty when I should not

So my Turkish bf (24) lives in Germany while im (22F) trap in this hellhole, Philippines and we've been together for 2 yrs now. Im still pursuing my degree in Architecture plus may apprenticeship for 2 yrs pa so walang-wala pa sa utak ko ang magka pamilya as soon as possible nor having a thought of bearing a child. Dami ko pang pangarap beh. Recently, his mom had a brain surgery due to Aneurysm and considering her age, her time is near (Lord wag na muna🙏). Gusto na ng mom niya na magkapamilya bf ko and magka anak para daw makita na niya mga apo. I kinda feel sad and guilty when I shouldn't be. Di ko kontrolado ang oras and ayoko muna magkapamilya. Financially emotionally stable muna >>> but I know its devastating for her not to see her future grandchildren. As much as he wanted to get us married before 25, ayoko pa. Di pa ako ready. Im happy that he respects my decisions and principles in life.
Nappressure lng talaga ako pag napag-usapan nila ang "marriage & family", i dont want to deal that kind of conversation yet.
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2023.06.04 12:54 Temporary_Method_606 Alguém com conta no OpenBank?

Alguém usa aqui a conta poupança do OpenBank? Reparei que a taxa de juro da conta poupança está a 2,75%, o que me parece bastante interessante mas não tenho qualquer referência acerca deste banco.
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2023.06.04 12:54 Future_Adeptness_437 Student Seeking Engineering Mentorship

Hello, fellow UMN students!
I'm going to be joining this fall as a first year electrical engineering student, and I'm super excited to dive into the field. I'm reaching out to the community in search of a mentor who can guide me as I embark on this journey and help me secure academically and in securing an internship as soon as possible.
I'm seeking a mentor who has a strong background in electrical engineering or any engineering in general to provide me with valuable insights, helping me navigate the vast realm of knowledge and giving me a competitive edge in my academics and landing internships.
If you're an accomplished engineering student, recent graduate, or even a seasoned professional, I'd be thrilled to connect with you. I'm open to any form of mentorship, whether it's casual discussions, sharing resources, or even working on projects together. Your guidance will be incredibly valuable in shaping my academic path and preparing me for the real-world challenges ahead.
If you're interested in providing help or if you know someone who might be a great fit, please reach out to me via direct message or drop a comment below. I'm genuinely looking forward to connecting with someone who can help me thrive and excel in my pursuit of electrical engineering.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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