How much does walgreens pay

How much will people pay?

2014.08.15 18:38 lotr818 How much will people pay?

Post pictures of things you made and see how much people would be willing to pay for it!

2013.10.16 19:48 ruseweek Microdosing: sub-threshold dosing of psychedelic drugs for self-improvement, therapy or well-being

This is a community for discussion pertaining to microdosing research, experiments, regimens and experiences. The most probable candidates for microdosing are psychedelics, but we encourage dialogue on the effects of any drugs at sub-threshold dosage. No sourcing of drugs allowed! Please have a look at the 'microdosing Sidebar 2.0' (Desktop ⬇️); or select 'About' (Mobile).

2019.05.07 19:18 wolfalo203 howmuchdidyoupay

Not sure if you're getting a good deal or getting ripped off? Ask here how much did other redditors pay.

2023.03.31 08:33 VerliesMeisterChan The variety and uniqueness of maps is severely lacking in my opinion

This isn't just some random rant, I promise. It's a problem I see when using the software. My players noticed the same things. I'd really want to use DA, especially for the nice generation of outdoor environments, which no other map making software I know of, does as well as DA.
I used quite a bit of Dungeon Alchemist since release. What I noticed is, we have only a few floors with only dark/light variants. Most interior objects don't have any variant at all. You can only paint them in bright colors. But why would I use those for a realistic interior?
If you created 3 or 4 taverns in the past you really struggle to create something, that doesn't look like the things you have seen before. Same with every other room you use regularly.
Since this software's unique selling point is it's AI to create rooms, it isn't good that I have to rearrange and place everything myself. Clutter on tables for example only have some pre-built variants and I have to place really small objects by hand each time I want something new.
Even when placing everything by hand it still gives of the same vibes, since the wood is always the same, the floors are always the same (few) and the lighting options are lacking and that isn't the way I want to achieve uniqueness, since I am using a VTT and don't just want a tint of color over everything.
New biomes and room types are nice, but they unfortunately don't add much to existing settings and although it's really helpful to have caves and snow now, most of the time I still want to create a tavern, that has a new feel to it.
Same problem with blacksmiths, villages, chapels (by the way, why are there only christian-style symbols of worship aside from some statues of demons, people, etc?), throne rooms, bedrooms.
I have seen some people's works with maps, which are really detailed and look good, I bet it took a lot of time to arranging everything by hand, but look at their taverns, bedrooms, kitchens. They still all look really similar, even when spending a lot of time tweaking.
The AI was reworked in the latest update, but this didn't change any of the points I am making, since the placement of things isn't my primary concern. I don't have a problem with moving some stuff to where I want it.
I have also seen, that you are working on imports for 3D objects next. But, this will more then likely mean just more time tinkering by hand, since I suspect it won't be supported by the AI. It's great, that we can do that, but it should be an extra on top and not something that is required for good maps. Also does this mean we get new floor and wall textures as well?
The custom assets we can use right now with our own textures, are a nice addition as well, but also require a lot of tinkering to get it right. All in all these things are less practical than just using a different software all-together, even if they only support 2D maps.
I'd need some new wood textures for all wooden objects, a lot of new floors, new assets in general for especially taverns and bars, more presets for table clutter and clutter in general, to achieve a great long time experience for creating basic fantasy maps.
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2023.03.31 08:33 Sometimes_AnAlt Anyone else have this problem?

So like my school has a really big LGBTQ+ community, pretty much everyone there both teachers and students respect people in the community. But then there’s furries, which for some reason everyone is always making fun and and ridiculing because they are a thing that exist(I’m comparing furries to the LGBTQ+ community because they have always been vary connected). It’s gotten to a point where I wince every time someone even says furry, cause I know the follow up won’t be good. The stigma that furries act like animals is pretty much what everyone believes and it’s just so annoying as someone inside the fandom. It also makes it hard for me to find friends because I don’t want someone who may find out about and make fun of this side of me. But I regress, does anyone else have this problem? And if so how do you go about it?
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2023.03.31 08:33 AutoModerator [Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023

[Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023
Get the course here:

[Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023
First, they listen to outdated YouTube advice designed to steer them in the wrong direction.
Second, people spend far too much time looking for a winning product rather than learning how to market to customers’ emotions properly.
Third, newcomers frequently focus on the least important factors, such as building the store, rather than learning how to market and scale appropriately.
Traders Edge 2023 may not have coined the names for some of his strategies, but he has certainly added his spin to everything he employs. Discover his distinct twists and how he profits from them.
You Will Also Learn How Dux Manages Risk

  • Using Different share size variation
  • What is the max stop for a different pattern
  • How Dux knows when to stop trading a particular pattern
  • And so much more…
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2023.03.31 08:32 orangesyrek I wish I found the game sooner

Just want to say how much I enjoy this game so far. I've always liked RPGs, such as Diablo, PoE and especially Grim Dawn. A while ago, I got Torchlight II, which I played when I was a kid, but I didn't like it that much. When randomly browsing on Steam yesterday, I came across this game and checked some reviews and so and bought it on sale. I played for almost 5 hours straight, and can't wait to play more. Would you recommend any expansions straight away or should I finish the game first?
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2023.03.31 08:32 StepwiseUndrape574 A few questions before buying a mod menu

Hi, i've been thinking about getting a menu and I found Stand Regular. It's at the top of what I'm willing to pay but seems worth the money.
But I wanted to ask a few things from people who have some experience modding:
1.Is that a good choice? I don't need some options, mostly just making money(from missions, not by adding artificially) crash protections, teleport and other quality of life changes, i wouldn't be needing any griefing tools or anything that interferes with other players.
2.I understand it's an internal menu, running as part of the game. How can it avoid detection by Rockstar Launcher checking the game files? Won't it get me banned for just being there?
3.Is the site I'm looking at,, legit?
4.Is there a way to see when a Rockstar employee is spectating me? As far as I know you can get banned by auto detection of cheated money/cars, by getting reported for cheating in a public session, or by an admin who decides to take a look at what you're doing and witnesses you cheating. Can the menu prevent or warn me about the last one?
5.Are menus like Stand fun to use for someone not amused by griefing and aimbotting? As in, are there some fun things to do not designed to ruin the fun of others?
Sorry if the questions are dumb, but I've only ever used Menyoo for singleplayer and Modest Menu before for a while so I don't know much about mods, and I don't want to waste money by rushing it. Any answers and opinions are appreciated, thanks!
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2023.03.31 08:32 No-Leopard-5004 Discouraged/burn-out

Hey guys. I started my channel back in 2016 and managed to gain a decent following with plenty of views (100,000-600,000 range). I worked extremely hard on my content and then took a year break because I didn’t have fresh content to edit (the channel is focused on Japan travel and I ran out of footage).
I recently visited Japan again and got some really awesome footage but the views just aren’t the same. The first video I put out got 30k which I was hyped about but the rest of them haven’t even broken 10k.
I put a lot of effort into my videos but it’s hard when I’m not seeing a return on investment. It’s even more discouraging to see creators who aren’t putting that much effort into their content get so much traction.
Basically I’m just burnt out and discouraged. Any advice on how to raise views or raise my motivation?
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2023.03.31 08:32 vivekkrgupta111 kubuntu not update when i update its show this error i mention below

hello i install kubuntu with a old iso like 6 to 9 month old iso, after that i want to update all packages but its show this error. please eloborate what is that and how to resolve.
Not-Specified:~$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade [sudo] password for vivek: Ign:1 impish-security InRelease Err:2 impish-security Release 404 Not Found [IP: 2620:2d:4000:1::16 80] Ign:3 impish InRelease Ign:4 impish-updates InRelease Ign:5 impish-backports InRelease Err:6 impish Release 404 Not Found [IP: 2620:2d:4000:1::19 80] Err:7 impish-updates Release 404 Not Found [IP: 2620:2d:4000:1::19 80] Err:8 impish-backports Release 404 Not Found [IP: 2620:2d:4000:1::19 80] Reading package lists... Done E: The repository ' impish-security Release' does not have a Release file. N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details. E: The repository ' impish Release' does not have a Release file. N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details. E: The repository ' impish-updates Release' does not have a Release file. N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details. E: The repository ' impish-backports Release' does not have a Release file. N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.
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2023.03.31 08:32 narinetheapothecary i think abnormal output in my mom’s ostomy bag contributed to her unexpected death

hi everyone, my mom passed away unexpectedly in february of this year after battling with multiple chronic illnesses, chrons being one. she had a very severe case— she gained over 100 lbs in a year due to chrons (instead of losing weight) and was recommended for a colectomy, which she never went through with. she also had a rare occurrence where she had ulcerative colitis as well. the chrons took a very big toll on her health and she had an ostomy bag for about 2-3 years before she passed. about a month after her passing, i had to go through her phone to arrange her finances. i saw on google that she had looked up why her ostomy bag output was bright green a day before she died. there were no real results after her search, and unfortunately the county coroner’s office did not perform an autopsy so we do not know her cause of death. she was supposed to go to the hospital the next day when specialists would have been there but she didn’t make it until then. does anyone know why her output would be such an abnormal color? i’m not saying it was the sole reason as to how she passed, she was also constantly fainting and throwing up the week before her passing. i just wanted to post in this community to see if anyone has experienced that kind of abnormal colored output/would know what would cause that to happen. thank you all!
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2023.03.31 08:32 YellowLid30 How do I find out the cut of a shirt?

I was given a free shirt by a national guard guy that came by my school. I love how it fits me and it's the only shirt that frames my body the way it does, I really want more like it. How do I find out what the cut is called so I can find others in this shape/style? It has no tags.
Edited because l noticed a typo.
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2023.03.31 08:32 xoxjessox Reach Permanently Lowered after Strike?

I've gotten two posts and a comment removed in the past 6 months. Reach is less than half after that. How long does reach stay lowered after a strike? Will reach ever be the same as it was or is the reach permanently lowered?
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2023.03.31 08:32 harlesillr Help me with my squat form

Hey all! I've been going to the gym for ~2 years now, and continue to struggle with barbell-squatting. My form has always been bad and so I'm not able to progress much at all.
I read somewhere that doing goblets well would be the best way to improve form when struggling with the barbell. So I practiced my form and got stronger doing goblet squats, which was very doable. But it doesn't seem to have helped at all, and I'm very demotivated.
The problem it seems to me is I lean forward to much, and try to throw my arms/elbows out. It's really hard for me to not do this, and when I don't I fall (I'm not sure if I lose balance, or am not strong enough).
Three vids to show my form: (1) how I squat normally (2) desperatly trying to keep my arms normal/upper body upright and falling (3) no weight squat - looks fine to me (except I'm unable to do it at all with my arms at my side)
I've tested my ankle/hip mobility - those seem to not be an issue. Putting my heels up with weights doesn't seem to help at all.
I'm hoping someone has advice on what I'm doing wrong, and what I should do to fix it!
Edit: thanks all for the comments! Some really great advice here! It seems I have never braced properly, I always taken a deep breath and activate my abs but never thought much about my back and lats at all. All the other tips also sound great, I'll taken them into account and hopefully will see some improvement soon!
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2023.03.31 08:32 bignippy How do I deal with a difficult coworker?

Hi everyone. Sorry for the long post!
Tldr; boss treats me different to others when doing jobs together (negatively), boss and coworker are condescending and make me feel inadequate at my job, how do I deal with this?
So I started a kind of dream job as an arborist almost 5 months ago, everything job wise is going great, I love the work and the potential of what comes next, it's super fitting for my personality. I've struggled a lot with being surrounded solely by men and the feeling of needing to prove I belong in my job, that I'm good enough/have the drive to become good enough to keep up. It's hard, but feels super accomplished. When I started I definitely wasn't up to scratch with what everyone else can do but I've become so much stronger and more competent in my role, I have a long way to go but I've come so far and I'm really proud of myself.
The issue I'm facing is a couple of my co-workers cause my brain to do a serious backslide on my confidence with so many of our interactions. It's nothing sexist or anyone outright saying I don't belong where I do, it's a bit more regular difficult/annoying coworker.
When I started I had this great boss who made me feel super comfortable with my progress and any mistakes I made, they left and now another guy has taken over his role. And don't get me wrong, the guy in question is fantastic at his job, I aspire to be as capable as him one day. But the way he treats me is confusing and to me feels degrading. He's extremely sarcastic and snarky in the blokey bloke kind of way, passing off harsh comments about my work as humour. He either won't let me have a go or when I do try something new he'll nitpick everything I do, won't let me just figure new things out, or legit take the tool off me after 5 minutes with no feedback so I don't know if he's taking it off me because I'm not doing a good job (which I think would be shit anyway) or he's just sick of watching me doing something, I have 0 idea it's really odd to me.
The job I do also requires a lot of communication to make sure everything is safe (key fucking point, it's a dangerous job, we NEED good communication), but when I do a job in tandem with this guy he gets very blunt and huffy whenever I ask for clarification or communication. For example, while rigging (i.e. lowering big branches to the ground using a rope) I always try make sure I know how big the branch he's going to cut will be so I can figure out if I can rig it down without extra tools or I'll need the friction device. When I ask he'll either speak to me like I'm an idiot or just won't reply. The kicker for this is I've watched him with the other guys and he enthusiastically answers any of their questions and allows them time to adjust themselves and do what they need to do on the ground. This is one example of many, it blows my mind.
A major problem with this is I'm a very socially anxious person, if I'm around someone I feel doubts me or puts me down a lot it seriously stresses me out, leading to me becoming really flustered and I end up making really simple mistakes or missing simple things, essentially making me look shit at my job. (It only happens in front of these two guys because everyone else makes me feel comfortable enough).
There's also just a lot of snarky comments veiled as humour that make me feel like shit or that I'm some kind of joke. This is usually enjoyed by the other problem guy at work who's extremely condescending towards me (he'll cut me off mid sentence to say hurry up with what I'm doing even though there's no rush and he stands around and chats half the time, then runs over to me and PULLS THINGS OUT OF MY HAND to do the job I'm already doing, that I would say I wasn't doing that slowly), he also does the same behaviour with not letting me have a go or figure things out, or just tell me what to do when it's completely unnecessary in a very condescending tone.
These two are definitely the "fan faves" of the workers, one of which is still an apprentice and I feel gets unfair advantages over the other apprentice that's been there similar time (but that's just my opinion). Usually if both of them are there, I'll be having a shit day. One on one time with either is usually fine too, so idk if they're just trying to show each other up/peacock their position of power.
All of this isn't made easier by the fact I'm not super comfortable around men, there's maybe 1 or 2 men in my life I feel completely relaxed around (who aren't my dad), I'm not sure why I'm like this but it's a big player in feeling comfortable in my environment. Talking to guys is way harder than talking to women for me (in a platonic way I mean, not intimately or whatever), and building friendships seems to take way longer with men than women for me (which isn't for a lack of trying, I've tried very hard to be friends with everyone at work, go to every work event for outside socialising, we've even worked away together and slept in the same house for up to a week at a time, but I still feel I can't break that barrier with these two).
Basically the comments and the behaviour make me extremely anxious and feel inadequate, like I'm the village idiot who can't do anything right and that I'm as incompetent as when I first started, like I haven't made any progress (which I know isn't true). It's hard to ignore them because one of them is my literal boss, if I don't look like I'm doing a good job in front of him I won't progress and I'll get left out of opportunities that further my skills. The only way I can think to resolve this is by having a one on one chat (very carefully) to basically ask him to stop making me feel like shit and give me a better shot at figuring things out.
So essentially I'm here to ask, with some of the details, what the fuck do I do about this? I really don't want my dream job to be tainted by people who make me feel less than. Just to be clear as well, I don't think any of this is motivated by sexism or anything, I've seen him act this way to other apprentices and new people. I just wanna be able to enjoy my job again and focus on becoming better at what I do.
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2023.03.31 08:32 osmium999 Help with non newtonian map

Ok, I'm trying to build a video game map composed of a series of rooms, the world is an endless manor. I don't want to make a random map but I want it to be as confusing as possible so people get used to it slower. I want player to think that the layout is random at first and then slowly learn it. To be clear, the room themselves will look like normal rooms, I want to change their layout.
I first thought about a toroidal map, then a klein-bottle map, but those weren't confusing enough. So what I think is my last option : non newtonian space ! Does anybody has tried it and how did you go about representing it in a way that would make it easy to plan ? Do you have any idea of a layout that would make it really confusing for the players ?
Thanks a lot !
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2023.03.31 08:31 uno_ke_va Buying T-Bills: orders not filling

I am pretty new to t-bills, I have already bought ~$27k in 3-6 months bonds, but every time I try to buy, I find the same issue: my orders take forever to fill. I simply search for a bond in the bond scanner and it doesn't matter if I pay the ask, the orders won't fill most of the time. I know that the secondary market where this are traded can be quite illiquid, but so much that a few thousands order doesn't get filled paying the ask? Or am I missing something?
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2023.03.31 08:31 Jiehfeng Referral Program - How does one code it?

What's the logic behind the code? Specifically with regards to apps like LTK Creator, where they generate a link which modifies a purchase link with their own domain, and then they somehow know if you made a purchase on that website, which is completely new to them and not partnered with them.
How do they manage this dynamically/automatically, and how do they track the users and see if the purchase was made?
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2023.03.31 08:31 mobymoby12 Need some sensible advice

I wanted to come here and make sure I am thinking straight and not just feelings so I don’t make any mistakes.
So I am currently in the process of talking to a potential in Canada.
She is a Hijabi, prays 5 times a day and even prays tahajjud. She doesn’t hold feminist views and believes men should be the leaders in the house and that it is Fard on the women to listen to the husband. She stopped wearing makeup and perfume as well.
Now I tested her in several ways and I believe she is telling the truth. She also said she would love to move to Middle East and that growing up in a Islamic republic would have been a lot easier.
Now my conundrum, she informed me, she was in a Haram relationship 2 years ago and committed Zina. Now for the most part, that would’ve been it for me. But I have heard from several people in my community how pious she is and how much work she has done for our Muslim community.
Part of me thinks it’s okay to marry her but I wanna make sure I’m thinking straight, what do you think?
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2023.03.31 08:31 SpriteIsLucky My (19M) gf (18F) is getting closer and closer to one of my friends and I don’t know how to react

My gf and I are living in a long distance relationship at the moment.
Before I left, I noticed she got along with one of my friends she had never seen before, they would just talk and laugh together when they saw each other but in my opinion there was nothing serious to worry about, and I was always with them when they saw each other.
Since we’re in LDR though, things have changed. They spend a lot of time together, everytime I receive pics from my friends group, they are always sitting next to each other etc etc… she also started to talk more and more about him during our daily calls.
I started to feel very weird about it, I trust my gf a lot but I couldn’t get rid of that guy feeling I had so I talked to her about it and she reassured me a lot, saying that she just likes being around him because he’s the only person she really appreciates in that group besides me. However that guy feeling didn’t go away after that, maybe it’s because of distance and the fact that I can’t really see what’s happening between them with my own eyes.
I also have to mention the fact that even though the friend in question is a very good friend of mine, I haven’t seen him in a while and I know that this guy fucks and is A LOT into one night stands and FWB stuff. Now I don’t know if he would lack that much of principles to try and fuck one of his friend’s gf. Again, I’m trying to convince myself that he wouldn’t but I still have this gut feeling.
I know that in a LDR, I can’t have any controls on her actions and I’m not trying to. Whatever can happen will happen.
I’m even kind of ashamed of having that weird feeling of her possibly cheating on me and him breaking my trust, but I just can’t help it, even though I know that my gf will reassure me as much as I need.
That’s why I’m here, did it happen to any of you during your pas experiences ? How did it turned out ?
Also I have to mention something important, they had never seen each other alone until 2 days ago when they sat for like 1 hour and a half talking on a bench at night. She told it to me by herself and she was also talking with me on the phone when they were together so I didn’t think much of it on the moment but after reflexion their behavior is looking extremely similar to our debuts together…
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2023.03.31 08:31 pilot_dave Playlists keeps skipping back to first song

Not sure how to describe this exactly. I can’t form a good enough query to find anything similar via Googling. So it does not matter if it is a playlist that I create myself or one of the YouTube pre-generated playlists but the first song in the list will play fine and then when it goes to the next song it goes to load it and then it will reload back to the first song. If I click down to say the 5th song, it’ll load it, not play anything, and then immediately skip back to the 4th song where it’ll load it, not play anything, skip back to the 3rd, ect until it loads all the way back to the 1st song and then play it fine all the way through and when it’s done it’ll try to go to song 2 and repeat the whole process. And this whole loading back to the first song takes place over a matter of seconds. If it’s just the song 2 back to 1 it’s happens as quickly as the browser can load 2 then reload back to 1. This is Windows 11. Does the same exact same thing regardless of if I am on Chrome or Firefox. It’ll do it regardless of if I am logged into my YT account or not. It will do it in incognito/private mode. I even tried it on Microsoft Edge. The only thing that “fixes it” is restarting my computer. Then it’ll work for the first instance of listening to music on YT but say I close my browser and I come back later it’s legit 50/50 if it’ll act right or do the skipping thing. I thought it was maybe an issue with a hot key being stuck. So I swapped out my mouse, keyboard, disconnected my stream deck, uninstalled the Logitech software and used a non Logitech mouse. I sincerely have absolutely no idea what it could be. Please I hope I am not the only person on Earth who has had this issue and there is something I can do about it.
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2023.03.31 08:31 Desperasberry I (F24) need advice for the upcoming anniversary with my bf (M30)

Me and my bf know each other for a longer time, but our official one year anniversary is coming up. We never celebrated like one month or six months, but spoke about how we both would love to celebrate our first year together.
Its in the end of next month and a few days ago I asked him about any plans for that day. He was silent for a second, then shrugged and said "Well, I don't know", when I tried to talk more about it he was switching the subject. I told him that this (having a date on this day) would mean a lot to me.
I was hoping he would be more excited. I do not expect him to plan something super big, I do not expect him to plan for the day alone.
But now I feel like I want to prepare something small to see if he would care to plan something and so we both have something for each other.
Is that a good idea? What did you do for your first aniversary? How would I handle the situation if he does nothing at all?
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2023.03.31 08:31 tardezyx Overview of good streaming microphones and how to set them up (vocal chain)

At first, you have to decide between the type of the microphone: condenser or dynamic.
Generally, condenser microphones are more sensitive and record more of the room and thereby more color of your voice but are also more sensitive when it comes to general noise, esp. the clicking of your keyboard, mouse or controller. They are easier to drive than dynamic microphones and you can sit further away while still being recorded with enough loudness. They could be a choice when you use them in an acoustic treated room where echoes and modes are already handled or when you want to record/stream non-gaming content where your surroundings are quiet. Especially on the latter you should check out small diaphragm condenser microphones like the Okatava MK-012 which could be used out of screen and which even forgives bad room conditions. There are also so-called shotgun microphones, but their design makes them more suitable for treated rooms and outdoor use, as they cancel out the room reverberation necessary for the voice.
On the other hand, dynamic microphones which mostly come in a cardioid characteristic are less sensitive to bad room conditions and to noise as you need to speak more directly and within a short distance into them. They are also a bit harder to drive than condenser microphones. For the casual gaming streamer, who sits in an untreated room and wants to reduce all noise as much as possible, a dynamic microphone mostly is a better suit. Therefore, the focus here, lies on dynamic microphones.

Dynamic USB Microphones

Probably the best dynamic USB microphones for streaming (i.e. focusing on voice and speech including filtering of ambient noise) are currently the following, though each comes with a few drawbacks:
  • Deity VO-7U
Has a very low self-noise, is plug & play (no special drivers/software), has some fancy RGB variants (which can be switched off completely) and already sounds quite pleasant when delivered. The gain control works in reverse and triggers a very good internal limiter from about 50 %. It handles plosives relatively well without a windscreen, but is more sensitive to sibilants.
The microphone arm that comes with the set is not much good and is quite wobbly. This arm is sufficient to start with, but should be replaced within a few months, since its table attachment is only glued to relatively thin plastic material on the inside and will simply break in the foreseeable future. The set with the arm is nevertheless worthwhile if you want to use the windscreen or do not yet own any microphone arm.
To adjust it reasonably to your own voice, you should use e.g. Equalizer APO with some VSTs. I also recommend installing Volume² and TorkilsMicMuter so that you can turn off the mic via software (and thus no longer have an annoying red RGB light when it is deactivated). To handle the sibilants, you could use TDR Nova (e.g.) as De-Esser to attenuate the affected frequencies (see below where the vocal chain is explained).
  • Rode X XDM-100
It is relatively heavy and large (especially with the shock mount, which is also necessary as a mount on a microphone arm), which means that a particularly resilient microphone arm is required here. The windscreen unfortunately takes some presence away from the voice, but hardly seems necessary.
You need the Rode X Unify software for this, which - similar to Elgato's Wave Link, Steelseries GG or VoiceMeeter (see below) - creates virtual audio tracks with which you can make various presettings for streaming. However, it is more important that you can/must also make your microphone settings here, since the microphone's own Aphex DSP chip can only be set via this software, with which you can get a lot out of the basic recording, which is good in itself. The software doesn't seem to be fully developed yet, but it runs more stable than it did a few months ago. Unfortunately, this software is only available for Windows.
  • Shure MV7
The little brother of the infamous Shure SM7b which sounds a bit musty and is more suited to metal vocalists and instrument recordings than streamers, but is hyped for its elegant looks while in reality there are better options out there which are not as hard to drive.
The MV7 is also still a bit musty, unfortunately has micro USB (and no USB-C) and reacts very strongly to plosives, which can be dealt with using an alternative windscreen (for example, the Shure RK345). You can also set a limiter here, but it probably doesn't always work correctly or hardly does anything. In addition, some other integrated functions can be set via software similar to the Rode X XDM-100. A big plus is the already integrated XLR connector, which allows a later change to an interface. The bold logo, which constantly jumps into the camera, unfortunately leaves the aftertaste of a permanent commercial.
Further notes and settings
There are of course even cheaper dynamic USB variants (FDUCE SL40, FiFine 688, Mackie EM-USB, t.bone MB 7 Beta USB, etc.), even some that are similarly priced (e.g. PreSonus PD-70, PreSonus Revelator Dynamic, Rode Podcaster, Samson Q9U, etc.) but they can't keep up with the above mentioned ones in USB operation, either because they have a higher noise floor or other problems. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to test whether these are better suited to one's own voice, location and handling and whether their tonal disadvantages can be compensated via equalizer adjustments and VSTs (see below).

Dynamic XLR Microphones

XLR microphones usually provide a better recording signal with less noise floor than USB microphones, provided they are suitably amplified. There are no "best" microphones per se, since personal preferences predominate here. However, the following should be singled out here, since you can achieve very good recording quality with these and, in combination with a relatively good entry-level interface (for about $ 150-300), stay under $ 500:
  • Shure MV7X
See Shure MV7 above - is quasi identical, only without the USB functionalities. Requires about +55 dB gain.
  • Rode Procaster
Similar to the Rode X XDM-100 above, i.e. also heavy and clunky. It is also a bit bass-heavy, but this can be remedied using an equalizer. Requires about +56 dB gain.
  • SE DynaCaster DCM8
Already without software extraordinarily versatile adaptable, whereby it approaches the quality of various, partially twice as expensive competition microphones. It handles plosives very well indoors, even without a windscreen, which also makes it stand out visually. The position of the XLR connector might slightly interfere with some microphone arms. Requires about +58 dB of gain. However, you can activate the internal amplifier via 48V phantom power (must be supplied by the interface), which raises the level by +30 dB, but the recording quality suffers somewhat.
Further notes and interfaces
Here, too, there are of course cheaper variants, whereby the combination of a Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 with the Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD (delivers up to +51 dB gain) might be the cheapest entry-level combination with acceptable recording results. Also worth mentioning is the Elgato Wave DX, which comes quiet cheap in a set with interface, arm and XLR cable.
Also with the interfaces it depends clearly on the own requirements. For example, with the simple Elgato Wave XLR (provides up to +75 dB gain, of which +23 dB via software) you can use the Elgato Wave Link software, which also allows the integration of VST plug-ins in addition to virtual tracks (see below). The PreSonus Revelator io24 (delivers up to +60 dB gain), on the other hand, additionally offers DSP effects and loopback channels. Furthermore, you can also buy so-called streaming decks like the TC-Helicon GoXLR Mini (delivers up to +72 dB gain).
Attention should be paid here to the possible amplification (gain) and to the phantom power (48V) that may be necessary to be able to drive the selected XLR microphone. If the gain is not sufficient, there is also the possibility to connect additional PreAmp plugs in between (e.g. the TritonAudio FetHead).

Adjustments via equalizer and VST effects

  • Equalizer APO
For Windows users, adjusting the EQ and adding VST effects systemwide for each audio device can be done via the free software Equalizer APO. It uses the "config.txt" file as entry point in which you can include other files where you have your device-specific settings (caution: they all should be in the same folder as the config.txt). Those files are simple text files which can also adjusted via Notepad. You can also write little batch scripts and easily switch between different settings by overwriting the config files. You can either use those scripts as desktop or task bar shortcuts by which you can apply keyboard shortcuts to them or bind them in your stream deck as command.
While you are able to add VST effects to your audio device within Equalizer APO, it has one downside setting those up as you are not able to see live frequency changes on your microphone within Equalizer APO as it adjusts the signal before it is routed to the Windows audio processing. The only thing you can see, are the adjustments to the general frequency band.
  • Steelseries GG (part of Steelseries Sonar)
This little free software provides three additional virtual channels on which you can apply some EQ settings and route your audio for streaming. E.g. can it be used to set up two different audio sources for your live and VOD stream or to adjust the sound of a game (to enhance footsteps) or of your mates (e.g. in Discord). It is simple to understand and to set up but requires a registration.
  • VoiceMeeter
This is an alternative to Steelseries GG as it provides multiple virtual channels and a more complex way of routing those channels from and to different input and output devices. Unfortunately, it is way more difficult to set up and a bit more confusing than Steelseries GG.
  • Elgato Wave Link
This software is only useable with Elgato hardware like the Elgato Wave XLR. It unifies the functionality of Equalizer APO and Steelseries GG as it provides various additional virtual channels on which you can apply different EQ and VST effects on each of them. You can also directly set up plugins like "reafir" as you get a direct input signal from your microphone. It is also more easily to switch effects and to integrate it to your stream deck. Furthermore, you can set up different volume settings between your monitoring and stream channels.
  • Others
Some USB microphones and many XLR interfaces like the above mentioned PreSonus Revelator io24 (and mostly more expensive interfaces) also have integrated DSP chips by which you can apply various EQ or even VST settings and could be an alternative if you are not happy with the software solutions or are not able to use them (e.g. when you are using a Mac).

Vocal Chain: How to set up your microphone

I highly recommend adjusting your microphone to your conditions (voice, room, recording location within the room, surroundings, etc.) as those are very different for each user. Thereby, you can enhance the recording quality of your microphone tremendously but keep in mind that every setting is optional and can be very different for your conditions.
I recommend using the following VST plugins:
When I mention the Q factor in the following sections I mean the corresponding setting for the EQ setting within Equalizer APO (e.g. peaking filter). By that the affected frequency range is meant. The lower the Q factor the broader the range and vice versa.
The vocal chain is generally set up as follows:

1. Noise filter

Remove the noise of the microphone/interface and permanent surround noises (e.g. fan noise, street noise, whatever).
This is the most complex one to set up but you only have to to this once, so be patient.
You need to record a "quiet" signal for about 10 seconds and save this as audio wave file. You can use Audacity for this. Of course, do not speak or breathe into the microphone while recording. Furthermore, cut the first and last 2 seconds of your recording in order to not have any mouse clicks in the final audio file. The purpose is to have a recording of only the microphone ground noise and permanent surrounding noises.
Then open OBS, add the recording as media file and loop it. Now you should see a low audio signal within OBS. Right click on the media file source, click on filter, add an audio filter, select "VST-2.x-Plugin", name it "test123", select the plugin "reafir_standalone", close the window and open the filter overview again to see the button "open plugin interface" on which you click.
You should now see the reafir window with a low frequency signal on the bottom left. Set the "Edit Mode" to "Precise", the "FFT Size" to "4096" and the "Mode" to "Subtract". Then activate "Automatically build noise profile" and wait around 30 to 60 seconds.
Reafir is now setting a frequency filter which corresponds the signal of the audio source (our recording). After you have waited, you can simply close OBS.
Now we need the result which is stored within the corresponding OBS file which is saved under: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\obs-studio\basic\scenes
Just open the newest .json file in Notepad and search for "test123" (this was the name we gave the plugin within OBS). A bit after the result comes the chunk data of this plugin which contains the filter value that has been generated. This is a very long cryptic string which goes over several lines. We need the whole value within the quotation marks. Copy it to a new file named "ground noise" or something and save it to your desktop.
Now we need to apply this generated value to our real filter.
For Equalizer APO: - add the reafir VST plugin and close Equalizer APO - open the corresponding config file (within C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config) with Notepad and find the following line: VSTPlugin: Library "C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\ReaPlugs\reafir_standalone.dll" ChunkData ... - paste the content of your "ground noise" file within the quotation marks after "ChunkData" - save the file
For Elgato Wave Link - add the reafir VST plugin - the content of your "ground noise" file should then be inserted into the corresponding ChunkData value in one of these files: %appdata%\Elgato\WaveLink\MixerConfiguration.json %appdata%\Elgato\WaveLink\AudioRoutingSettings.xml - save the file (and perhaps reboot)

2. Noise gate

Filter all other noises (keyboard, mouse clicks, rustle, coughs, rumble, etc.).
Add the Real-time Noise Suppression Plugin (rnnoise_stereo.dll) and open its interface window. - VAD Treshhold: here you set the general filter which is defined by the propability a signal is voice/speech. The lower you set this value, the higher is the chance, that non-speech is getting recorded. The default value of 0.60 (= 60 %) should be good. - VAD Grace and Retroactive VAD Grace Period: adds a bit of tolerance time which can add some latency. You need to test this values according to your speaking behaviour (check, if your speech is cut on the beginning and end of your sentence(s)).

3. Low Cut

Filter all low bass frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a high-pass filter. I recommend setting this up at around 63-80 Hz.
Many microphones and interfaces provide one or even two high-pass filters at around 75-150 Hz on the hardware itself or within their software. If so, I recommend using the lower setting.

4. Compressor

This is used to reduce the dynamic of your speech (louder signals are softened and quieter signals are enhanced) and to distort the overall signal (e.g. to get the typical broadcasting sound). This should be set up after everything else but it is the fourth step within the vocal chain processing.
You can use the multiband compressor "ReaXCompX" (reaxcomp-standalone.dll) for this. This highly depends on your hardware and voice, but as starting point you could use the following values:
(Frequency, Threshold, Ratio, Gain, Knee, Attack, Release, RMS) - 137, -20, 3:1, 1, 0, 3, 100, 5 - 1147, -18, 2:1, 0, 0, 3, 100, 5 - 6910, -25, 2:1, -2, 0, 3, 100, 5 - 24000, -25, 3:1, 1, 0, 3, 100, 5

5. Main Cut

The main cut is split into 4 sub regions:
5.1. Low and High Cut
Filter all low bass frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a high-pass filter. We already did this on step 3 but we need to do this again as the compressor on step 4 could lead to new low bass frequencies. Use the same setting as you did in step 3.
Filter all high frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a low-pass filter. I recommend setting this up at around 18,000 Hz with a default Q value.
5.2. Handling Room Modes
If you have an untreated room, you first need to find out on which frequencies problematic room modes could be created. The frequency range should be around 80-200 Hz.
To identify the modes, you can use the room mode calculator (, enter your room dimensions and look for spots where where several red lines are closer together. Then play a song on your monitors (do not use a headphone, of course) with bass frequencies (I recommend some electronic music), turn it a little louder and use a peaking filter with a lowemedium Q factor and a moderate gain (+3 to +9 dB). Now scan the problematic region with this peaking filter. When it rumbles, the chance is high you have found a room mode. Apply a notch filter on each of the rumbling frequencies with a gain reduction of -3 to -9 dB and a high Q factor (12.00 to 30.00).
5.3. Handling Nasal Honk and Sibilances
The nasal honk lies between 800 and 1,500 Hz, depending on your voice. You can reduce it by setting a peaking filter around 1,050 Hz with a gain reduction of -3 to -6 dB and either a low or high Q factor (0.5 to 12.00).
Sibilances (s, ch, ts sounds) can be harsh and annoying, depending on your voice and hardware. You can find them by using a test record with many sibilances and using a peaking filter with a moderate gain (+6 to +12 dB). The range you should look at is between 2,800 and 11,000 Hz. Apply a peaking filter with a gain reduction of -3 to -6 dB and a higher Q factor (12.00) to each of the problematic frequencies you found.
5.4. Vocal Enhancements
Until here, we only reduced problematic frequency ranges but now we want to enhance those where our voice shines with moderate settings (+1 to +3 dB and a low Q factor):
  • Increase vocal bass with a low shelf filter around 100 to 150 Hz.
  • Boost the vocal core for more clarity with a peaking filter between 1,000 and 2,000 Hz.
  • Add presence with a peaking filter between 4,000 and 5,500 Hz.
  • Brighten the vocals for air & sparkle with a high shelf filter around 8,000 to 12,000 Hz.
Then we should apply a negative pre amp that decreases the volume with the amount we have increased it via all enhancements. The pre amp should be put before the enhancements are made. This is done for two reasons: to not change the overall volume via our main cut and to not overdrive the audio signal. By the way, this should be done on each step, if necessary and therefore most plugins provide an additional gain setting which should be used to adjust the output volume to the input level.

6. De-Esser

While we already detected and slightly reduced the problematic sibilance frequencies and we can also handle them via a so-called "De-Esser" by which we additionally compress those frequencies.
Therefore we can use TDR Nova (TDR Nova.dll). The general settings could be as follows: - Quality: Precise+ - HP: 40 Hz, 24 dB/oct - LP: 22000 Hz, 24 dB/oct - EQ Gain: ON - Dry Mix: 0 % - Out Gain: 3.0 dB
Then we can use up to 3 or 4 frequency bands to handle each sibilance frequency for which we use those settings: - Q: 6 - Gain: -3 dB - Treshold: -4.5 to -6 dB - Ratio: 2:1 - Attack: 5 ms - Release: 150 ms
Additionally we can handle plosives by applying the following frequency band: - Q: 0.5 - Frequency: 160 Hz - Gain: 0 dB - Treshold: -3 dB - Ratio: 2:1 - Attack: 5 ms - Release: 200 ms

7. Gate

This gate is used to cut all low noises while speaking (e.g. breathing).
We can use ReaGate (reagate-standalone.dll) with the following settings for this: - ReaGate: -40 to -30 dB - Pre-open: 0 ms - Attack: 3 ms - Hold: 1 ms - Release: 100 ms - Hysteresis: 0 dB

8. Limiter

The audio signal is capped at a maximum loudness level. This is used to prevent the recording from clipping and your viewers/listeners ears from bleeding.
Some microphones and interfaces provide an internal limiter setting. As those are not often reliable, I recommend to additionally set an own limiter.
You can use George Yohng's W1 Limiter (George Yohng's W1 Limiter x64.dll) with these settings for this: - Treshold: -6.0 dB - Release: 250 ms - Adaptive Release: active - Ceiling: -4.5
Thats it. Have fun and good luck by setting up your vocal chain.
submitted by tardezyx to streaming [link] [comments]

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