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2009.08.22 05:05 iameric Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas, A City of Excellence. Plano enjoys a reputation as one of the most desirable cities to live and work in. Plano was recently named as one of the “Safest Cities in America” and “Best Run Cities in America” by Law Street Media and 24/7 Wall Street respectively.

2023.06.07 07:05 lameegghead shoutout to the random drunk dude who shook me then bought me a shirt

shoutout to the random drunk dude who shook me then bought me a shirt
idek what just happened i was just in line at the merch booth then some dude ran up to me and wrapped his arm around my neck and started shaking me??? so i was like tripping pulling his arm off me then he just asked “would you risk your life for what you’re trying to get” which i thought was a kinda insightful question but also intimidating then he just kept saying “i got you” and walked up to the merch dude and said “i’m paying for whatever they want” and i kept going “are you sure dude” and he went “yeah i fuck with bones” (i assumed so as he was at a bones concert) then he pulled out 5 dollars to pay for a $40 shirt and looked very confused when the guy said it wasn’t enough.??? then he pulled his card out and bought me the shirt and then ran away into the crowd. i was literally so fuckijg lost the entire time. st pete i guess !
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2023.06.07 07:04 Excellent_girl_1221 The Evolution of Pharmaceutical Products: Advancements, Challenges, and Future Prospects

Pharmaceutical products play a crucial role in modern healthcare by treating diseases, alleviating symptoms, and improving overall well-being. Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry has witnessed significant advancements, resulting in the development of innovative medications and therapies. This article explores the evolution of pharmaceutical products, the challenges faced by the industry, and the promising future prospects.

  1. Historical Perspective: The origins ofpharmaceutical products can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where natural remedies were used to treat ailments. However, it was in the 19th century that the pharmaceutical industry experienced a major transformation with the development of chemical synthesis techniques and the isolation of active compounds. This marked the beginning of targeted drug therapies.
  2. Advancements in Drug Discovery and Development: The pharmaceutical industry has made remarkable progress in drug discovery and development processes. Technological advancements, such as high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, and computer-aided drug design, have revolutionised the identification and optimization of potential drug candidates. Moreover, the understanding of disease mechanisms at the molecular level has led to the development of targeted therapies, personalised medicine, and biologics.
  3. Therapeutic Innovations: Pharmaceutical products encompass a wide range of therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular diseases, oncology, infectious diseases, neurological disorders, and more. Breakthrough innovations have been witnessed in each of these areas. For instance, the development of statins revolutionised the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, while immunotherapies like checkpoint inhibitors have transformed cancer treatment. The advent of gene and cell therapies has opened new avenues for treating genetic disorders and certain types of cancer.
  4. Regulatory Framework and Safety: The pharmaceutical industry operates within a stringent regulatory framework to ensure safety, efficacy, and quality of pharmaceutical products. Regulatory agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Europe, play a vital role in reviewing and approving drugs before they reach the market. Rigorous clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance are conducted to evaluate the safety profile of pharmaceutical products.
  5. Challenges and Ethical Considerations: Despite the progress, the pharmaceutical industry faces various challenges. Drug development is a complex and time-consuming process, often taking several years and requiring significant financial investment. The rising cost of healthcare and the need for affordable medications pose ethical dilemmas for pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, issues like drug shortages, counterfeit medicines, and the opioid crisis require ongoing attention and solutions.
  6. Future Prospects: The future of pharmaceutical products holds great promise. Advancements in fields such as genomics, proteomics, and artificial intelligence are expected to drive personalised medicine, enabling tailored treatments based on an individual's genetic makeup. The development of novel drug delivery systems, such as nanotechnology-based approaches, will enhance drug efficacy and reduce side effects. Moreover, ongoing research in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies holds the potential to revolutionise the treatment of degenerative diseases.
The evolution of pharmaceutical products has significantly impacted the field of healthcare, improving patient outcomes and quality of life. With continued advancements, the industry will address existing challenges and pave the way for innovative treatments. The collaboration between academia, industry, and regulatory bodies will be crucial in shaping the future of pharmaceutical products, ensuring their safety, accessibility, and efficacy for the benefit of society as a whole.
Content Source: Ler Pharma
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2023.06.07 07:04 autotldr India border situation stable, won’t brook 3rd party ‘interference’: China

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 13%. (I'm a bot)
NEW DELHI: China continues to insist that the border situation is " overall stable" despite repeated assertions by India that bilateral ties will not see normalcy till the time disengagement along the LAC in eastern Ladakh is completed in the remaining areas.
Responding to remarks by US secretary of defence Lloyd Austin during his visit to India in which he slammed Beijing for "Bullying and coercion", the Chinese embassy here said the border standoff with India is a bilateral issue and will brook no "Interference" by any third coun try, while also claiming that China was a contributor to world peace and prosperity.
According to foreign minister S Jaishankar, the real issue between India and China right now is not whether or not the border is stable but that there's an "Abnormal position" in the border areas.
After a meeting with his counterpart Qin Gang on the margins of the S CO foreign ministers' meeting in Goa, whichagain saw China describing the border situation as stable, Jaishankar had clearly stated that China's position that everything else can continue, while the main problems remain unaddr essed, was unacceptable to India.
"It's the US, not China, who resorts to all types of measures for coercion and hegemony. Victims of US coercion and bullying include its allies and partners, with developing countries bearing the brunt of it," said Chinese embassy spokesperson Wang Xiaojing.
"We see bullying and coercion from China, Russian aggression against Ukraine that seeks to redraw borders by force and threatens national sovereignty as well as transnational challenges such as terr orism and climate change," he said.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: China#1 border#2 India#3 coercion#4 meet#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.06.07 07:04 purplelyphilly City Council Update

Hey everyone, I'm looking to ease access to local politics in our community. I wanted to share with all of you a project I am working on to inform and connect Philly residents and communities with their local government by creating and distributing a weekly newsletter summarizing Philadelphia City Council meetings. My goal is to make important government proceedings accessible so busy people can understand what is going on in their city and how they might be affected by new policies. If anyone is interested in a quick digestible update on the Philadelphia government I have included my newsletter and the link to get free weekly information about local issues important to life in Philadelphia. Previous suggestions have been super helpful so any and all feedback is appreciated!
If you want these newsletters sent to your email inbox, fill out this link!
This newsletter is from 5/25/23. I will post the last one sometime soon and continue to post them weekly as they come out!
Philadelphia City Council Meeting — 5/25/2023
Meeting length: 1 hour and 58 minutes
Notable Legislation
Communications from Mayor Kenny
Bills Introduced:
Resolutions Introduced:
Those marked with a star are privileged and were unanimously adopted in the same meeting.
Second Reading and Final Passage:
2023 Philadelphia Mayoral Election
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2023.06.07 07:04 cowhandfudca Looking for sublet / furnished apartment/home in Ballard/freemont for 3 months ($4000 monthly budget)

Hi there
I am looking to short term rent a furnished apartment or home in the Ballard or freemont area for the summer. (June - September) If anyone knows of any such availability or websites, I would really appreciate it! Budget of $4000 a month.
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2023.06.07 07:03 Soft-Piccolo-5946 Green tape on pack?

Green tape on pack?
I checked the cards and it was a bust but I left them in the same order. Petilil rotated. Packs were from Costco five tin boxes. Cheers!
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2023.06.07 07:03 dreamsqueeze911 Music Venues in/near Sacramento who book local bands

The music scene is always changing but we seem to have the absolute worst luck in getting responses from music venues.
We are in experimental electronic duo and we have contacted over 10 music venues in Chico and were completely ghosted by every single one.
We really want to play live! Anyone know of cool venues around the area who would actually respond to messages? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.07 07:03 SJinRVA One room available in Manchester

Roommate and i are looking to fill One room in Manchester! Rent: $688 per person.
Room has attached full bath that is all yours. Common areas are furnished but this can be flexible if you have furniture. Full size washer and dryer, lots of closets for storage. Two cats live here already so no pets. We have never had problems here. It’s a quiet area with nice neighbors. Street parking is always available.
This is a great space for a grad/med student or professional willing to take on a year long lease. No couples,no children. Move-in date is flexible. Dm to talk more.
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2023.06.07 07:03 purplelyphilly City Council Update

Happy Pride Month Folx!
I'm a college student looking to ease access to local politics in our community. I wanted to share with all of you a project I am working on to inform and connect Philly residents and communities with their local government by creating and distributing a weekly newsletter summarizing Philadelphia City Council meetings. My goal is to make important government proceedings accessible so busy people can understand what is going on in their city and how they might be affected by new policies. If anyone is interested in a quick digestible update on the Philadelphia government I have included my newsletter and the link to get free weekly information about local issues important to life in Philadelphia. Previous suggestions have been super helpful so any and all feedback is appreciated!
If you want these newsletters sent to your email inbox, fill out this link!
This newsletter is from 5/25/23. I will post the last one sometime soon and continue to post them weekly as they come out!
Philadelphia City Council Meeting — 5/25/2023
Meeting length: 1 hour and 58 minutes
Notable Legislation
Communications from Mayor Kenny
Bills Introduced:
Resolutions Introduced:
Those marked with a star are privileged and were unanimously adopted in the same meeting.
Second Reading and Final Passage:
2023 Philadelphia Mayoral Election
If you have any questions you would like answered by the city council or any feedback on this newsletter, please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.06.07 07:03 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (latest)

If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us at +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency.
Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste agency is the latest course by Iman Gadzhi.
Copy Paste Agency is designed for established agency owners, who can use these lessons to scale their business.
In Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency, you will learn:
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2023.06.07 07:03 Thiknutz im doing my final project for AP US history on the history of American movies + how movies reflect the culture of the era, and i need a bit of help (question/discussion)

for my AP US history final project, we have to make a model amusement park based on a topic or era of US history. i decided to make mine about the history of movies in US history. the park needs 5 areas, and each area needs 3 rides/attractions, so a total of 15 rides. i'm deciding to base each ride off a movie, so i need 15 movies. and i also decided to make each area of the theme park an era from film history.
here's the current state of my list:
please give me your thoughts on what in here could or should be replaced. i've gone through a few versions of this and gone over it with my teacher (whos also a film nerd and has some personal insight), and i feel like this is the final list but i still wouldnt mind other perspectives.
but more importantly, please give me some feedback on how exactly some of these movies reflect America's culture of the time because i honestly haven't seen all of these and im not too sure how to approach them. because each ride needs a two paragraph description of what the ride is and the historical background/what the movie reflects. some are fairly cut and dry (birth of a nation, to kill a mockingbird, forrest gump), but others need a slightly deeper look.
the main ones im unsure of are "the four horsemen of apocalypse", "king kong", "12 angry men", and "taxi driver".
thanks to anyone who's able to help
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2023.06.07 07:02 Acrel-electric Application of energy consumption system in chain catering industry in Malaysia

Application of energy consumption system in chain catering industry in Malaysia
  1. 背景信息 Background
Aiming at the problems of high energy consumption and unreasonable energy management in the chain catering industry, information technologies such as computer network technology, communication technology and measurement and control technology are used to realize the function of energy resource classification and sub-metering and energy resource operation supervision, and clearly describe the overall energy use status of each branch.
Real-time monitoring of the voltage, current, power and other power parameters of each power supply circuit to identify the effective load and invalid energy consumption, so as to achieve effective energy-saving through technology.
  1. 项目信息 Project Information
本项目为Abbaco Controls Sdn Bhd针对本地连锁餐饮业50个分店,共200个用电回路进行能耗信息采集,希望通过安科瑞能耗系统解决基础能耗数据的智能化、自动化、可视化、可量化的收集与存储,从而降低能源使用费用。
This project is designed for Abbaco Controls Sdn Bhd to collect energy consumption information for a total of 200 electrical circuits in 50 branches of the local chain catering industry. It hopes to solve the intelligent, automatic, visual and quantifiable collection and storage of basic energy consumption data through Acrel Energy Consumption system, so as to reduce the energy use cost.
  1. 系统架构 Structure
Acrel-5000 energy consumption analysis and management system takes workstation host machine, communication equipment and measurement and control unit as basic tools, and provides a basic platform for real-time data collection and remote management of large public buildings. It can transmit data with other building automation systems to form a complex monitoring system.
The energy consumption system mainly adopts the layered distributed computer network structure, as follows:
  1. 主要功能 Main Function
4.1能耗综合主界面 Platform Overview
The main interface of the system can reflect the energy consumption of each branch and the comprehensive energy consumption converted into standard coal, and calculate the energy consumption per unit area.
4.2 分项用电数据统计 Itemized electricity consumption data statistics
The system makes hourly, daily, month-by-month and year-by-year statistics of power consumption.The statistical data are presented by pie chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart and other graphics, which can directly reflect the value, trend and distribution of various statistical data.
4.3 用电支路趋势分析 Trend analysis of branch circuit
Make statistics on the power consumption of each region and equipment, accurately locate the power consumption circuit, formulate the performance appraisal system of energy conservation, and promote the effective implementation of energy conservation and consumption reduction.
In order to establish operation record files for energy-using equipment, track and record the energy efficiency analysis and evaluation results in the operation process of the equipment for a long time, and provide basis for the operation and maintenance of the equipment in combination with the equipment maintenance record.
4.4 能耗数据同环比分析 Comparative analysis of energy consumption data
The energy consumption of various types and major energy-consuming equipment was analyzed on a year-on-year basis with the values of the same period last year and the values of the last month, and the energy-saving effect was tested. According to the analysis results, the energy-saving performance assessment was carried out and the energy-saving target was revised.
4.5 能耗数据分时统计 Time-division statistics of energy consumption data
Classify the energy type, load type and regional energy consumption according to time, and compare and analyze the energy data on time, day, month, year, working day and non-working day, so as to grasp the specific energy consumption.Peak, level and valley can be set in the time period of daily energy use, and energy consumption of each period can be counted to reduce energy consumption in idle time.
4.6 电能数据实时监测和预警 Real-time monitoring and early warning of electric power data
Automatic real-time and high-density real-time energy-using monitoring can be realized by high-precision intelligent instrument with technical means to reduce the measurement error of energy-using.
Monitor the back data of the field instruments in real time, control and warn the electric energy reasonably, find and correct the abnormal electricity in the operation in time, and deal with it at any time.
The warning value of exceeding the standard of important equipment is set as required. When exceeding the standard, it should be reminded and recorded actively.
5.项目小结 Project summary
Application of energy management system can not only reduce the workload of relevant personnel, improve the work efficiency, and statistical analysis of intuitive results can help managers more effectively according to the energy consumption of the energy loss situation, the analysis properly, to improve the utilization rate of public building energy consumption system, realize the functions of the system of building energy consumption is of great significance.
参考文献 Bibliography
1、Technical requirements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development [2008] No. 114.
2、Solutions for enterprise micro-grid system
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2023.06.07 07:02 Mean-Company-3470 Secure Your Premises with Reliable Access Control Solutions in Jersey Village, TX - Nexlar

Are you looking for an Access control Jersey Village TX? We can help. Nexlar specializes in access control and security gate automation. We service the Houston area and Jersey Village, TX. Whether you are looking to secure your doors or gate, we can help. With the right expertise in lock hardware, you can ensure your company will have the best system installed. We offer a wide range of commercial security solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. We work with the latest technology in card readers, magnetic locks, electronic strikes, and locks. Schedule your free access control onsite estimate today. Call us today! 281-407-0768.
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2023.06.07 07:02 Vivid_Clue725 Thoughts on 2013 Kx250f

Thoughts on 2013 Kx250f
This is what Im looking at rn and really don't have the money for anything else and it's the best looking 250 on FB market place in my area
Link for bike
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2023.06.07 07:02 Ritinsh [PC] Accidental clicks on chat window during combat

I can't be the only one who keeps clicking on chat window by accident while in combat trying to move and attack in bottom left direction?
E.g. you are in combat, attacking and moving in bottom left direction, something appears in chat log and you click in the chat area by accident, now all your ability inputs are entered in chat and you can't move... You could easily lose a HC character to this.
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2023.06.07 07:02 itsbrayell ECLECTIC BAND SEEING BASSIST

Calling all talented bass players in Santa Barbara and nearby areas!
I'm in search of a skilled bass player to join my band as we explore a wide range of musical genres. From hip-hop to rock, indie, and pop, our goal is to create captivating music that resonates with diverse audiences. If you have a genuine passion for music and are ready to bring your unique style to the mix, I would love to hear from you!
Allow me to introduce myself: I'm a dedicated musician based in Santa Barbara, driven by the desire to push musical boundaries and experiment with different sounds. With a collection of original songs ready to be brought to life, I'm eager to share our music with the world in an electrifying and upgraded format.
To provide you with a glimpse of the songs and styles we'll be covering, I've compiled a selection of references to the originals we'll be performing. You can find them in the following playlists:
YouTube playlist:
Spotify playlist:
Please note that these playlists offer only a taste of the diverse range of songs we'll be exploring.
Here's what I'm seeking in a bass player:
Located in Santa Barbara or with convenient access for rehearsals and gigs Flexibility in your schedule to accommodate our rehearsal commitments and occasional performances Proficiency in playing across a variety of genres An open-minded and positive attitude, ready to collaborate and contribute to our band's creative journey If you're enthusiastic about the music we'll be creating together and believe you would be a great fit, I'd be thrilled to hear from you! Please reach out to me through email ([email protected]) or direct message. Take a moment to introduce yourself, share your musical background, and feel free to provide any relevant experiences or recordings that showcase your talent. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!
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2023.06.07 07:02 godefroi01 Iseki Autoportée: Efficient and Reliable Tondeuse for All Your Lawn Care Needs

Iseki Autoportée: Efficient and Reliable Tondeuse for All Your Lawn Care Needs
Maintaining a well-groomed lawn requires the right tools, and when it comes to mowing large areas with ease and efficiency, the Iseki Autoportée stands out as a top choice. This powerful and reliable tondeuse (mower) is designed to tackle even the most demanding lawn care tasks, providing homeowners and professionals alike with a seamless and enjoyable mowing experience. In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of the Iseki Autoportée, highlighting why it should be your go-to solution for all your lawn care needs.

Unparalleled Efficiency:

One of the key advantages of the Iseki Autoportée is its exceptional efficiency. Equipped with a robust engine and cutting-edge technology, this tondeuse ensures quick and effortless mowing. Its wide cutting deck allows for a larger cutting path, reducing the number of passes required to cover your entire lawn. Whether you have a sprawling estate or a compact yard, the Iseki Autoportée enables you to complete the task in a fraction of the time, leaving you with more leisure time to enjoy your well-manicured lawn.

Versatility and Adaptability:

The Tondeuse Iseki Autoportée is designed to adapt to various terrains and mowing conditions. With adjustable cutting heights, you can easily customize the mower to achieve the desired grass length, whether it's a neatly trimmed golf course-like finish or a slightly longer cut for a more natural look. Additionally, this tondeuse effortlessly handles both flat surfaces and uneven terrain, thanks to its robust build and superior traction. It effortlessly glides over bumps, inclines, and even rough patches, ensuring consistent and precise cutting results throughout your entire lawn.

Enhanced User Experience:

When it comes to comfort and ease of use, the Debroussailleuse AS MOTOR excels. Its ergonomic design includes a comfortable seat with adjustable features, allowing you to find the perfect position for a pleasant mowing experience. The intuitive controls are conveniently placed, ensuring effortless maneuverability and control over the tondeuse. Furthermore, the machine's low noise and vibration levels contribute to reduced operator fatigue, making mowing sessions less tiring and more enjoyable.

Durability and Reliability:

Investing in a Tondeuse Autoportee Husqvarna that can withstand the test of time is crucial, and the Iseki Autoportée delivers in this aspect as well. Built with high-quality materials and engineering excellence, this tondeuse is designed for durability and reliability. Its sturdy construction and powerful engine ensure consistent performance, even under heavy use. With proper maintenance and care, the Iseki Autoportée will continue to provide excellent mowing results season after season.

Safety Features:

Lawn care should always prioritize safety, and the Iseki Autoportée comes equipped with various safety features to ensure worry-free operation. From easily accessible emergency shut-off switches to automatic blade disengagement when reversing, this tondeuse puts safety first. These features provide peace of mind, particularly in households with children or pets, as they minimize the risk of accidents during mowing sessions.
Final Words: For efficient, reliable, and enjoyable lawn care, the Iseki Autoportée proves to be a top-notch choice. With its exceptional efficiency, versatility, comfort, durability, and safety features, this tondeuse stands out as a trusted companion for homeowners and professionals seeking superior mowing results. Say goodbye to labor-intensive mowing and embrace the ease and convenience of the Iseki Auto.

Source By:
Iseki Autoportée: Efficient and Reliable Tondeuse for All Your Lawn Care Needs
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2023.06.07 07:01 Ok_Teach_6953 What should I do?

I am a (27) year old female, I am dating a M(33) in a long distance relationship for 9 months. We live about 2:30 from each other. When we are together everything seems fine, better than okay, but when we are back to our lives throughout the week, we text a handful of times through the day sometime just a “good morning, love you”. We used to always be on the phone & FaceTime till a few months ago, he says with his new job he's been getting off at different hours or falls asleep after. I’ve recently noticed he recently started following females on IG from his area/State. I just don’t feel like I’m getting the same energy back. Am I over reacting??
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2023.06.07 07:01 4ShotBot My Roommate is Slenderman: Finale/Epilogue

Part 26:
I awoke an hour later, brain pulsing. I was in the back of the van laying on the floor, “The prodigal son returns, welcome back you crazy son of a bitch!” Tucker laughed.
“Took on a god face to face. Pretty sure the only one with bigger balls than that would be Abraham. Though, balls didn’t save you.” Doc said, looking up from his book.
“Took the last core I had, but at least I can say I’ve killed a god now.” Tucker snickered with a smirk.
“Concentrated light, can’t say it’s what I would have thought of, but it was effective.”
“Yeah, wasn’t effective portably until we came across some anti-matter from a crashed–”
“What?” I tried sitting up but failed.
“Right.” He stood, propping up the left row of seats, and pulled out a black case. Flicking it up he aimed it down at me, “Anti-matter annihilation laser. Think you can piece it together.” There were about five lenses that each shrunk, narrowing the barrel to a tip. Everything but the lenses was coated in a vanta black paint, “Each lens reduces the energy state while also–”
“I couldn’t give less fucks if I pulled them out of Doc’s patients. You killed him with that thing?”
“Yup, his head’s probably gettin' breathed in from the wildlife out here.” He clicked the case shut, put it back in place, and sat.
“And the data is intact?”
There was a brief pause, “While it is, I feel it’s important to be more concerned about yourself. You have major skull fractures, a concussion, you’re missing your face flesh, your back had to be clotted to avoid you bleeding out, and you are severely low on blood. You should be sleeping right now.”
“I just, I had to know.”
“Knowing you, you’ll be back on your feet in–”
I passed out again before he finished talking.
When I awoke, I was on my bed, Sepratine was applying herbs to my face, “Ho–”
“16 hours, Doctor Sadist and Rachel are busy. You really ought to be more cautious, this isn’t one of your video games.”
“Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind. You heard from Jones?”
“No, apparently he passed out at the wheel after he parked. The Sadist said they’d be out for a while. He’s having Rachel look them over once she finishes a project she’s working on.”
“Shouldn’t you be helping her?”
She put her mortar down and sighed, “Flip onto your side, I need to replace the bandages on your back, then you need to eat.”
She finished tending to me in silence, then went to cook. The whole time, I just wanted to get up and finish everything. But even if I did, the data wasn’t fully recovered until it was sifted through. So I resigned to wait until the detective got back to me.
Sepratine came back a while later with a plate toppling over itself and a glass of water. Not to get too detailed, but both were empty in a matter of… 30 seconds or so? “Now get back to sleep. Your face should be back to normal in another day, and your skull is still fusing back together.”
“Let me know when Jones has the info.” She stood, taking my plate and cup.
“Someone will I’m sure. Get some rest, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t. You were reckless enough… Whatever, goodbye.”
When I came to again, my face was dry, the medicine Sepratine had put on felt like a cracked desert, leaving a green crust behind. I stood, heading to the bathroom to wash my face. I took my meds, then removed the bandages from my back. Heading back to my room, I grabbed my phone, seeing several missed calls and texts. I immediately opened the message from Jones.
Call me when you wake up, I’ve got it, you’re not gonna believe where it is.
The phone rang four times, “Eh? Terry, that you?” He yawned.
“Yeah, what’s the deal?”
“You remember when you first met me?”
“Well, I was headed to a town down in southeastern Oregon, one that wasn’t on any maps. And you’re not gonna believe this shit, but Tenyit Lane, the place I went, that’s where he’s being held.”
“So you know where I need to go?”
“Yeah, the place is a hot zone for organizations. There’re at least seven that I’ve recorded since I first went, and that’s not including–”
“Well, point is, there’s security everywhere, people are gonna be everywhere, and the police and government officials are gonna be too busy counting bodies to care about one missing person.”
“Send me the coordinates.” I took a picture of my wall, putting the phone back against my ear.
“I’ll do you one better, I still have an old map to the place, I’ll send it over.”
“I don’t care what you say, I am paying you after this.”
I was already out the door, wearing nothing but a hoodie and sweatpants. I started the car, threw on EDM, and headed down to find Joseph.
A grey smoke rose in the night air above the town. I had a good ten miles left on the empty road before getting to the one stop on the entire strip. As I climbed the mountain, I turned my windshield wipers up more and more. The road was coated in a light crust of white, the speckles dropping ever so carefully in the light wind.
As I rounded a bend, I saw a flicker of headlights through the pine trees. Rounding the next one, I saw the lights again, this time coming around their own turn, before heading in my direction. The snow picked up as I met the gaze of the other driver, it was her.
I screeched to a stop, whipping a U-turn that nearly sent me into the rails. I stopped, having noticed her car was pulled over to the railing too. I jumped out of my car, running over to her, and grasping her in my arms, “I thought I’d killed you Tresca!”
Setting her down, my brain fully processed its surroundings. The person in front of me was Joseph, he was a bit shocked, but the rest of him reminded me of how he looked when we first met, “I-I’m sorry, I just–”
“Look, Terry. Honestly, it’s great to see you, great to have clear evidence I’m not crazy, great to know all those fun ass memories at the apartment were real. But…”
“I’m just so glad you’re okay.”
He smirked, but his eyes were hollow, “Yeah, okay…”
“I mean, you’re alive though!”
“Terry, this isn’t going to work.” He looked up, “I can’t ignore what you said when you saw me.” He looked back at me, nervous, “I read up on you, it was intrusive, and I’m sorry for that, but I can’t keep being a replacement. I need to live my own life, I need to get away from all this, I…” His eyes filled, but refused to streak, “I want to live a life away from all of this. I know a normal life isn’t really an option anymore. But I still wanna do what I can.”
“You… read my files?” I glanced at my phone, thinking about the picture I’d taken before leaving, “Which ones?”
“Your old life, hers too. Once I got ahold of my files, I decided to do some digging. I was me, but not I guess, I had to get an understanding of who the people I used to know were. I know about Tresca, I remember your conversation with Maerod.”
He waited for a while, a few cars flew by us before he took the rope, “I will never regret the time we had. We had fun, we had some adventures and even a few emotional tipping points. Without you and everyone else, I’d probably have a slab of a ruck on top of me now. I don’t feel like dying anymore, but I also don’t feel like living. I’m sorry, but… I need to find my life out there.” He threw his arm up, gesturing around, “But if I stay with you, I’ll never get that chance.”
I tried to maintain myself, for seemingly the first time, taking Joseph as a person in. His overgrown brown hair, his blue eyes, broad shoulders, bland outfit. “You look different from before.”
“I feel different.” He shot a breath out his nose.
I staggered, “Let me grab something from my car before you go. You mind coming with?”
He nodded, gazing up at the grey sky. Several more cars flew past us as we made our way to mine. When we got there, I pulled out a small bag,
I reached into my car, pulling out the contract, “This was the guy that placed a hit on your wife. He’s dead now.”
A car flew by, lighting up his face to reveal his frozen face, “Y-you mean it? Who killed him?” He snatched the paper from my hand, looking over the entire sheet.
“The detective put on her case, the original guy is my understanding. Goes by Jones, he’s a P.I. now.”
“Really? Where is he?”
I cleared my throat, “You su–”
“Positive, where is he?”
I rubbed my arm, but looking at his hopeful face, I caved, “Apex Investigation Office, downtown Albany.”
He hugged me, “Thank you… Seriously, this…” He cried into my stomach for a time before pulling back and recomposing himself. Rubbing his nose dry, he turned around.
He stopped, turning his head to me, “Yeah?”
I held onto my phone, debating to show him the picture or not. We stood still as two more cars flew by, followed by one with sirens. I pushed my phone back into my pocket, “Where are you going?”
He turned back to his car, holding up the contract, “To repay a debt. You’ll get yours too one of these days.”
Sitting in his car, he drove off without another word.
I sat in mine, pulling the phone from my pocket, and opened the gallery. I had one recent picture, it was one of the walls in my room, one with several posters. All of which were had drawn anime style portraits of Tresca. “Maybe Abraham was right, and maybe, Joseph has the right idea too.”
I dried my face as I left him behind, unsure of what to do first. I sat with music blasting for the first hour, mind flashing through the events like a slideshow. When I eventually came across a convenience store. It was a 24/7 place, the kind that had hot dogs on the roller for days at a time, and the only people that worked there couldn’t get a job anywhere else.
I pulled into a parking space and picked my phone off the passenger seat. I’d already decided I’d go to the detective’s place last. But I’d never been to Rachel’s before, and I didn’t remember her phone number. “What if I?”
I dialed a number, letting it ring a good five times when “Chad’s Cads how can I help you?”
“God, tell me that isn’t the name of your shop.”
“Joseph? Is that you bro?”
“Yeah, it’s been a while, good to hear from you.”
“Where the hell have you been man!? Terry’s out look–”
“It’s all sorted now. I don’t mean to be callous, I promise I’ll catch you up to speed later. But do you have Rachel’s number?”
“Oh, yeah. Everything good dude?”
“Yeah, she apparently told Terry to have me see her when he found me, so…”
“Oh for sure.”
“So can you send me her number?”
“Oh right, yeah. Good luck bro, come by when you have time. I wanna see how strong you are.”
“Sounds good Chad.” I hung up, smiling. A minute or so later, I had her number.
“Joseph?” Her voice was smooth.
“Hey Rachel I…”
“Chad messaged me.”
“Gotcha, Terry said you wanted to see me?”
“Yes, there’s a lot you need to know biologically if you want to pass for human.”
I sighed, rubbing my side, “Where should I meet you?”
“I’ll send you the location, Sepratine will be here too.”
“Oh, yaaaaaay.” She was alright, but she always had a whole bag of chips on her shoulder.
“See you soon. Oh, and did you happen to feel an aching in your right side at any point?”
“More than you know.”
“How frequently?”“Well, I was starved for a few days at one point, aside from that though I’d say a couple times a week if not more?”
“...Was that the entire time you were gone?”
“Not entirely sure, the first month or so is still kind of hazy, but since I was moved into town yeah.”
“...Okay, just… See you when you arrive.” Click
“I thought Doc was supposed to be the cryptic one of the bunch,” I smirked, a tear forming in my eye. “Goddamnit.” I wiped it, clicking the address she’d sent me, and heading on my way. Only after I picked up some gas station food.
“Oh my.”
“It’s me.” I did jazz hands, wearing a faux smile.
“Your soul is much… larger than I anticipated. Come inside, I’m sure you’re hungry.”
A whiff of cedar and sweetgrass slapped me in the face, “Wow, that’s… pungent.”
“Apologies, my sense of smell isn’t very strong, and Sepratine is….”She took a sharp intake of breath, closing the door behind me.
Looking around, the house seemed pretty standard, aside from the greenhouse in the living room, “So uh, what’s this you got goin here?”
“Take your shoes off please,” She did the same, “Creating chemicals from what’s in the air is taxing, it’s more convenient to just have the plants you need on hand.” She headed toward a door down the hall, “My equipment is downstairs.” She opened the door and I followed.
The air was a solid 80 or so, with humidity so thick it was like snorkeling, pollen so strong it activated allergies I hadn’t had since I was five. “Quite the quaint home you have here.”
“Oh right, sorry again.”
“No, you’re good, I’m just gonna need a few boxes of tissues is all.”
“Oh Jo–Joseph, my gods, you’re… wow. Different is a word, what happened to your soul?” Sepratine was turned to us, standing in front of a table with apparently every plant unknown to man of it.
“That’s kinda why I’m here.”
“Oh right, don’t mind me, just running a few experiments, Rachel has the perfect climate down here for a few plants.”
“Alright Joseph, hop on the bed.” Rachel stood in front of a wooden table, I couldn’t help but notice vials and jars stacked neatly on a counter that circled half the room, as well as a set of tables that held assorted plants with different lights hovering over them.
I sat on the table, “You need me to turn my head and cough?”
“No, first I need you to eat. It’ll be easier if you’re digesting food.”
She headed to a small closed-off area, then came back, plate in hand. Mostly just leafy greens. Maybe some kind of bean too?
“Go ahead, this should pass through you at just the right speed for me to catch it.” She turned, heading to another room, “Oh right, when you’re done I’ll need you to take off your shirt and lie down.” Then she headed through a door.
A few minutes passed and I finished the salad. Putting my plate on an open section of a counter and throwing my shirt to the side, I laid down, “Sepratine, you know anything about Vampirism?”
“Only rumors, they’re rare, so you’re the only one I’ve met.”
“Rarer than what you are?”
“Dryads are uncommon for sure. But given my personal experience, I’d say you’re one of a kind.”
“Awwwe, thank you.” I said sarcastically, “But is that all? They’re rare?”
“You’re here for Rachel because they’re rare. She’s met something like five, even got to do a lab experiment on one of them, saw how their stem reacted to stimulus. She’s the closest thing to an expert I can think of.”
Rachel made her entrance with the smack of the door on the wall, “Alright, don’t worry Joseph, I’m not going to cut you open today, I just want to see how large your stem has gotten. Based on your soul, you might be around half to ¾ vampire. But the only way to tell for sure is to see the size of your stem.”
“I’ve been meaning to ask, but everyone else I’ve met who knows about it has been a psychopath. What’s a stem?”
“Oh, kind of like a parasite is my current understanding.” She picked up a large metal plate, pressed it against my stomach, and used a metal rod to probe my right side.
“Come again?”
“Well… it’s more like a symbiotic relationship? Consider it another organ, only it’s wrapped around a portion of your large intestine. A full vampire has them fused, and it becomes an addition. But a partial, you can still see where they are two entities.”
“So you can cure me?”
She scoffed, “No.” Putting the plate and rod away, she pulled out a roundish object and squeezed some kind of gel onto the end before rubbing it against my right side. “If it’s removed, both entities die. You’re a symbiote now, you each rely on each other. In return for giving it nutrients, it gives you cells that allow you to regenerate anything short of half or more of it. They’re akin to stem cells, but enhanced. It extracts your DNA and replicates what it needs to to keep you alive for as long as possible. That’s the working theory I currently have anyway.”
“So I have a parasite in me?”
“A symbiote, you two aid each other, there are only benefits for each of you. Not to mention the enhanced soul… which I’m not entirely sure what causes that yet. Though the more vampirized you are, the more spiritual power a vampire seems to have. Considering that’s how it’s been with the last five, it’s only an assumption. But if that is the case, I am curious about the correlation.” She put the device down, handing me a towel, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to see the images I got back. Time to see how far along you are.”
Patting me on the stomach, she walked out of sight, and I wiped my side down. Sitting up, I hopped off the table, picked up my shirt, throwing it back on. Then, it was dark.
My eyes shot open, I was upright on the hardwood table, eyes darting around for the threat.
“Relaaaax, you’re fine.” Rachel and Sepratine stood beside me, and I loosened up, wired as hell.
Standing, I regained my balance, “Which one of you knocked me out?”
“Neither.” Rachel said, offended, “You fainted, you had several nutrient deficiencies, and call me crazy, but I don’t think you were willing to hear what I had to say.”
I mulled it over, a burst of panic surging when I thought about the thing inside me. But I managed to push it back into its little jar. Which I promptly placed back on the shelf with the rest of my emotions. “I’m fine.”
“Yes, now. But I have to be honest with you, the ultrasound came back more worrying than I expected. You’re only about ¼ so far. Your soul is far larger than any of my calculations suggested.”
“Right on.”
“Joseph, you have far more potential than I expected. While I advise safety, occasionally fasting may build up your soul to around as strong as Smudge.”
“Cool beans.”
“The issue is that you have an extremely high-functioning stem. You’ll need extremely nutrient-dense foods with extremely specific nutrients to maintain yourself as you are, let alone grow stronger. I’ll have what you need, but if you don’t want to go on a killing spree every few days, you’ll need an extremely strict diet.”
“How much is that gonna run me?”
She sighed, rubbing her eyes, “Quite frankly, I’ll charge you what it costs me. I don’t want you going on a murder frenzy. You’re my friend, but that’d also guarantee your death. As not only an alchemist, but a scientist, I can’t allow that. I’ll charge you at the end of each month. How does that sound?”
“Cool, do you have an estimate?”
“Joseph I feel you are hearing me but not listening.”
“No, I’ve got it.”
“This will be in the ballpark of 1500 dollars a month, and that’s alongside normal meals. Which should help you not only maintain but build up. The pain will feel like you’re being digested if you get to the point of dangerous starvation. Now, repeat everything I just said back to you.”
When I did from start to finish, she rubbed her face, “Alright, you can pick up your supply weekly from here. For now, though, I have something that should hold you over until next Friday, when I’ll have the actual supplies.”
She helped load a few milk crates into my overstuffed car, and when I went to start my car, she gestured for me to roll the window down. “Yes?”
“There are places you can get help you know?”
“I think I can handle the vampirism thing.”
“Joseph…” She stared at me, tugging at my bucket of guilt, tipping it ever so slightly.
“I’ll be fine. Thank you Rachel.” I flicked the button up and the window went with it as I pulled out of her driveway in the suburbs of West Salem.
“Joseph?” The familiar guy behind a desk just across from me stared, eye agape.
“D-Detective? What uh… what happened to your erm… you?”
“Long story. What happened to you?”
“Long story.”
He chuckled, “Guess you were in that town for a while. What are you doing here?”
I held up the contract, “I’ve got a debt I needa pay.”
Author’s Note:
Hey guys, 4Shot speaking. Holy FUCK guys. This has been my longest-running series, it’s been 3.5 years in the making. Hell, it was the series that got me into this whole writing shebang. It feels weird to be saying goodbye to Joseph, given this series has been with me since the start. I’ve seen my ups alongside this story, and those who read or listened to the poker scene in my detective series will know I’ve had my downs.
Though, it’s not exactly the end. I have one final series I’ll be writing to wrap everything up. Those who have followed my first three may notice a trend. And yes, the final series will be a continuation of Jones’ tale. It’s been a long time coming, and I hope to complete it before february, which is when I’ll be taking an extended hiatus. I’ll be back, but I have some things I want to do first. This entire unraveling story will have been a part of my life for over 4 years by then, something like that is hard to just let go, and I have some life I wanna experience. So I may be gone for around 6 months to a year when I’ve finished the Detective’s story.
I’m glad so many of you have enjoyed my stories. I honestly never expected to go anywhere with any of this, thought I’d give this series up around part 3, and writing would just be another dead hobby of mine. But here we are. Honestly, there are a lot of people to thank, but the main people are my boy TeeStache who got me into writing, NaturesTemper who picked up my terrible rough draft of this series, and Viidith who first found my detective series and asked to narrate it, and proceeded to narrate my Lighthouse series.
It’s been a crazy ride out there, and I only intend to make it crazier in the future. Thanks again guys, cheers.
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2023.06.07 07:01 DiscusZacharias Flights affected by Canadian Wildfires? (Plus a question about glare)

Hellooo, As you can see, this post is referring to the current historically tragic Canadian wildfires. The other day I went out to fly, and the footage was otherwise “okay” but the haziness paired with the slightly overcast day makes the visuals fairly bland compared to a normal overcast day and sunny with scattered clouds
Not to mention, the [screen] visibility was absolutely a chore, that I had to retreat under a canopy essentially to see the flight in real time, and at one point, putting my head and RC under my shirt as a makeshift viewfinder. Luckily I wasn’t flying in a busy area with worse conditions as there were times I admittedly had no view visible line of sight on my drone (only because of glare, not that I was flying too high)
1) have You(those effected by Canadian wildfires) postponed flights/projects due to conditions? Workarounds?
2) solutions to this glare problem? (My screen brightness was to the max as well, and it was like it wasn’t even on…)
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2023.06.07 07:01 Big-Research-2875 Ascaris lumbricoides

Ascaris lumbricoides

Ascariasis (as-kuh-RIE-uh-sis) may be a kind of roundworm infection. Adult worms, that reproduce, is quite a foot (30 centimeters) long.
One of the foremost common worm infections in individuals worldwide, infestation is unusual within the u. s.. Most infected individuals have delicate cases with no symptoms. however serious infestation will cause serious symptoms and complications.
Ascaris lumbricoides
Ascariasis happens most frequently in kids in tropical and climatic zone regions of the planet — particularly in areas with poor sanitation and hygiene.


Most people infected with infestation don't have any signs or symptoms. Moderate to serious infestations cause varied signs or symptoms, betting on that a part of your body is affected.
• In the lungs
After you swallow the small (microscopic) infestation eggs, they hatch within the bowel and also the larvae migrate through the blood or systema lymphaticum into the lungs. At this stage, you'll expertise signs and symptoms almost like asthma attack or respiratory illness, including:
• Persistent cough

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Has it been windy in your area this week? Has the strong wind knocked over any garbage cans around your house? Please share below.
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