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Looking for upgrade advice

2023.06.07 08:30 flygon727 Looking for upgrade advice

Just reinstalled after quitting for nearly a year, here is my current shipgirl list and OpSi fleets, what swaps/changes can I make to the OpSi fleets to make them better if any and which ships below 120 do I prioritize working on?
Also any craftable/gear lab gear that I should look out (I've included images of the ones lv 11 and above).
I would prefer explanations with the suggested fleet comps as to why particular shipgirls are chosen and which ones are interchangeable/flex slots for a particular comp vs which ones are must haves. While I'm looking for a mob fleet and a boss fleet for light, medium and heavy armor each, multiple recommendations for each fleet are encouraged as it'd give me more options. Also fleet comp suggestions including the PR5 ships would be nice to know as well.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 08:29 FarNeedleworker5230 “Undercover” perps in mental hospital

A couple years ago I was hospitalized against my will, taken by the police. It was around the time I started to really realize what I as going on. I had a mental breakdown. I stayed up all night trying to prove to my dad that “something” was happening. I was very erratic and I was explaining that I was going to buy a gun the following day, for my own protection.
So my dad calls the cops and says that I was threatening to kill myself. Apparently me buying a gun for my safety equates to me being suicidal. So of course I’m taken against my will.
In the hospital they treat me like absolute shit. They say things to me very condescendingly. Basically saying “we know you know, and we don’t care” At least 3 or 4 of the other “patients” were VERY clearly apart of the operation. And they made sure they let me know. I feared for my life. I couldn’t believe that it was really happening.
Anyone else experience something similar? This is when I realized it went way deeper than I initially imagined. That it was systemic.
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2023.06.07 08:29 kaprosuch Wanting some friends as a disabled player <:

Hi. I know the title seems stupid. PoGo isn't really a game for disabled people and I get that - I don't expect them to accommodate because how would they, really?
I am 21 years old and have a femoral non-union. In other words, I have a permanently broken leg. I have since I was sixteen.
However, I have always loved loved loved Pokemon since I was young. I no longer have access to my old games and my 2DS and such because they are states away and I cannot get them back. So my only choice for getting certain Pokémon is Go.
I do go out sometimes, and there is a Pokestop very near me so I should be able to hit that up soon. But I would like some friends in the game! I am enjoying it so far, even though a lot of the time I can only catch what I can find from my bed.
My friend code is 9784 7735 4303 if anyone would like to add me. I also would like to learn the ways of PoGo, as I have only played main series games!! So if you have any tips, please feel free to drop them down below!! And if you have any advice for a disabled player then please let me know. Thanks for reading (:
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2023.06.07 08:28 phemailleprohblemm How can I (48F) peacefully host MIL (71F) for four months when I'm furious with her?

She is a flirty martyr who loves men but not women. She expects to be catered to. She left last year after being here for 1 1/2 yrs and my husband and I nearly lost our minds. Tiny house, no ensuite or privacy, and no help from her.
She added to the clutter as fast as I tried to declutter. It was really important to me not to feel dragged down by stuff clogging the house which she knew and my husband made clear. She kept buying things and dragging stuff home when people would leave things at the curb. Packed "her" (guest) room with crap and made it ugly. It really hurt me tbh that she could be so "F--- you". We asked her not to, gently and firmly, but then my husband lost his job and we were exhausted and lost our perseverance when she ignored us.
Then on her way here this time she hit her hand. At the layover airport a dr examined it ("I'm not paying" she said). She could move her fingers just fine and he said no broken bones and they gave her ice then and on the plane. She wouldn't elevate it.
At night when she got to us, it was swollen and bruised but she said it didn't hurt. Still wouldn't elevate it. My husband explained why but she seemed to delight in it's ugliness. She wanted a dr.
The next morning still didn't hurt but she insisted on a dr again. Our universal healthcare system is broken and it's very very hard to get appointments, see drs or get seen at ERs. It's pretty heartbreaking. Someone we know actually died and I'm still trying to get a test. I tried to explain.
She wouldnt listen though and insisted I call her dr (She's not even a citizen yet and some people have been waiting for years for a family dr. I'm not even exaggerating).
I thought when I explained to the office that she could move her fingers fine and a dr had already cleared her I assumed they wouldn't take her. But they did, basically right away though it was busy like crazy. They had her wait in the hallway so no one would see she was skipping the line.
The dr is from the same country and apparently that trumps fairness. She wanted an x-ray so he obliged and sent her that day. The dr office called the same day with the results and surprise no broken bones. Duh. Everything is billed to our provincial healthcare.
Now and only now will she elevate her hand. She demands the world cater to her including her family no matter the cost or inconveniance or me driving her all around the city. How can I make this a pleasant experience and not feel miserable?
I'm feeling so annoyed, frustrated and mad, and really hurt tbh. I don't even want to deal with her ATM but I have to drive her around tomorrow and the day after when she gets her citizenship. What to do for that to celebrate when I'm feeling done with her?
How can I not lose my mind? If I feel like I'm going to lose it with her microaggressions, what's a sub for STFU? Any ideas of how to make this work?
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2023.06.07 08:28 Potential-Song9484 25 [M4A] Looking for a person I can talk tonight about random stuffs.

I've been working at home for a year now ALONE with no one to talk to and I just realized today that my verbal English speaking skills got rusty. Let's talk about your day, my day. the dinner you ate, the dinner I ate. whatever floats in our conversation.
about me:
An Architect with offshore and local clients
Proud dad of my 4 cats
Decent looking (not sure if that matters)
you can see my employment history on my profile lol
will never runs out of things to say
Despises DDS and BBM supporters
not a creep, I'm looking for a genuine person to talk to not to do any flirting.
Actively exercising, running for 30 minutes every morning on the beach near my house.
Genuinely nice and kind person
Doesn't care if you graduated from BIG4 (I'm not like them ew)
about you:
good conversationalist also
I can only call or respond during at night, I've got a lot of things happening during the day.
Hit me up if you're interested. For sure you'll leave the call as a different person lol.
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2023.06.07 08:28 shane-a112 it was her boss and I'm so afraid. it happened to me 4 years ago; and it's happening again, and worse to someone i love. why couldn't it have been me?

She just told me and i need to talk about this. i cant fucking do this. I'm scared, i feel violent and vengeful. i feel betrayed but it's wrong to feel that way. something happened to my girlfriend, and I'm losing my mind. i have so much work to do tomorrow and i can't do anything to help her or myself. what's more, I've myself been raped, it was in my freshman year of college. i know there is nothing I can do, and this may well be the beginning of the end of our relationship. i know once you're afraid of physical intimacy everything crumbles around you, I've been there. I'm so afraid I'll never hold her again, or worse.
i remember when it happened to me everyone made it their problem, and it almost killed me. now i understand why, and wish it had happened to me again instead. I'm utterly powerless as i watch the woman of my dreams fall apart and be fearful of me, as i did to someone. i don't ever want to leaver her, but I'm so afraid because that's exactly what an ex did to me when I told her. i can't lose someone else because of these sub-human monsters. i cant fucking do this anymore.
I've been so scared for her lately, she's been working her hands to the bone and skipping meals like crazy. i thought she'd come to her senses and realized I'm not worth her time and was building the nerve to tell me, but no. the only worse outcome. someone stole everything from her, and I'm utterly powerless to ever make her feel better. i was asleep in bed a state over when it happened. it was only a day after we had our only real argument in months, and i can't get rid of the disgusting intrusive thought that she wanted to get back at me and regretted it. i just want it to end. every time i close my eyes i think about her alone, 30 miles away, locked in a car screaming for help. then i think of the freezing bath tiles and orange vodka i was forced to drink.
all i, and everyone i love has done in the last 4 years is run away. i can't take it anymore. I'm 22 and already spent, now the light of my life has been smothered and I'm lost. the only way I ever got better was moving, and trying again, what if she's the same?
even weed can't calm me down, even music and exercise and food can't calm me down. I finally got past my trauma and now my beautiful girlfriend has more. i can't stop thinking about her and my own experience again and again and again. my life is just memories and images of rape and i can't live like this anymore.
it should have been me. i should have been there to help her. i should have never ran away from New York, and made her fall in love with me. i should have known.
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2023.06.07 08:26 JayHaveQuestions Who’s better,,, tiny illusion orpheus or George the bot?

(Hope I didn’t mess up flair sorryyy)
This started off as a joke between my friends but I slowly started to think “wait a minute”
So that brings us to the question,, who’s better?
George can: 1—Heal survs 2—Save survs 3—Work as a shield 4—Drop pallets 5—Decode(/open exit gate)
Tiny orpheus can: 4—Drop pallets 2--Save survs 3—Work as a shield
1: George is of course pretty helpful for healing Tracy if the others are injured or just heal any other survivor.
2: They can both save survivors, but— —If tiny orpheus gets hit, Alice gets a speed boost and she can reacue(since Alice needs to be nearby to even place tiny orpheus. However since she only has one rescue tiny orpheus, him failing could turn a win/tie into worse. —If George gets hit, it’s done deal unless another Surv/Tracy herself is nearby. Since Tracy can send George to anywhere from anywhere, George failing a rescue could easily make or break a game, just like with tiny orpheus.
3: —(referring to pallet tiny orpheus)If Tiny orpheus gets hit, Alice gets a speed boost and the Hunter gains no presence. She also of course loses one tiny orpheus. —If George gets hit, the hunter gains some presence and Tracy gains no speed boost. She also loses 50%(?) percent of her George.
4: —tiny orpheus ofc has his little timer which also ticks away as he runs to the pallet. So if the Hunter doesn’t get stunned and just flat out avoids tiny orpheus, he’s wasted. —George has no time limit he just. idk pallet stuns what else do you want me to say
5: —George can decode ciphers aswell as open the gates ofc. He can mess up the ciphers and loses some durability as he decodes.
I KNOW this is all basic stuff I just wanted to lay it all out so you could kinda Yknow
“hmmmmmminsert you reading 1-5 hmmmmmm”
But yeah!! Personally I like tiny orpheus better because I hate orpheus and getting to use him as a tiny meat shield makes my day. +and I can’t play Tracy to save my life please don’t tear me apart.
I just want opinions on the whole thing!!
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2023.06.07 08:25 astroNOT-yet Im so grateful❤️

Hi! I don't do super well with heartfelt-emotional messages. Which is why Im writing this here, at least for now. I also have zero confidence in my ability to not ramble while typing this, because I have so many thoughts in my head right now. This will likely be quite long. So heads up! I have a super complicated relationship with my parents. It's a very long story, and again, this is gonna be long enough so I wont get into it. But in result of our long, tumultuous status; I, at 23, have come out to all of my friends, my 5 siblings, my cousins/aunts/uncles (that I am close with, i have a hugeee family haha) and my grandma, (who I consider to be a second mother in many ways, I actually came out to her while living at her house with my brother.) But I have not told my parents. And its created a really odd atmosphere for many years now, as Ive had the tremendous privilege of being able to talk and act mostly openly/freedly with almost everyone in my life daily for the past 7 years, apart from when Im at home. And ONLY when my parents are here. They are both gone a lot for work and other things, sometimes for weeks at a time.
Im moving in August, from Chicago IL to Alaska. I have a job, living arrangements, transportation, a path/network set out for me to pursue further into my degree, and my finances all sorted. And I am so, so, so sosososo excited to go. I have worked so hard for this, and for the remainder of my time here of this summer Im planning to continue on working as much as possible to pay off my loans asap, and Ive even been networking, emailing, volunteering, and helping with projects with old professors and a few other folks from my school, just to secure myself as much as possible before I go. Between a few mental and physical health scares, and the stress of everything going on now, Ive been pulling my hair out 😂, but through EVERYTHING, my friends and family have remained so kind and supportive. They are truly the reason I have made it as far as I have.
I have only told a handful of people so far that Im leaving because I just recently accepted the specific job offer (and corresponding living arrangement), so Im waiting to tell most of them in person :) however, once again because of the "status" of our relationship, my parents weren't included in the handful of people Ive told about the move yet. All the folks that Ive told so far about the move have asked me what my parents said when I told them, and everyone was slightly surprised to learn that I haven't mentioned it yet. With all of the general excitement and emotions that Im feeling right now about moving, I started thinking a little deeper about my relationship with my parents. Or more specifically: I started thinking about how I want them to view me as I am. Im leaving. Im an adult. And for as long as I can remember now, my parents have been my own personal bullies/doubt at worst, or strangers at best. My relationship with my mom has been much less strained as the years have gone by, but even still, Im hesitant to go to her for anything aside of casual conversation. But Ive grown so much, and I have so much more growing to do. Im ready to start the rest of my life. And with that, I need to take that leap with no weight on my shoulders. I want to be able to be completely who I am. And I know that that could end poorly. But Im strong enough to take the bad with the good now. Im strong enough to fight for my own happiness. And I always have my family here who loves me. I reached out to a few friends in the community after I accepted the job offer, and I asked them for advice on how to come out my mom. It was the first time I was nervous to really "formally" come out. After mulling over it for quite some time, waiting for my dad to leave for work, and accepting some incredibly helpful advice and wonderful support from friends; I did it. I just came out my mom. Like an hour ago. And it went good. Not "great", but not bad. It went, well. She had a ton of questions haha, which I totally anticipated, but I stood my ground. I told her that I wasn't ready to tell my dad just yet, and she actually understood. And after all of it, she hugged me. She told me that I was her daughter, and that she would always love me. And that she wanted me to be my own person, and to follow the path that makes me feel the most myself.
Im honestly still in shock. For as awkward as the whole night ended (neither one of us really knew what to say after 😂 we don't get super personal like that *often*, as you can probably imagine atp lmao) I can honestly say that I feel 100lbs lighter right now. Im so relieved. I told my siblings immediately after, and they were so excited with me, and Im just so content right now. And im so fucking grateful. Im so, so so so sososo endlessly, beyond words grateful, to all of my loved ones, and folks from the community who have stood by me, and who came before me, and continue to support me and all others who are in the same position, there is truly not enough in this lifetime that I could do to repay all of the kindness Ive been shown.
sO, yeah very long, TLDR: I came out to my mom tonight, I feel so many things but mostly Im just grateful
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2023.06.07 08:25 Goofydood9 [Tenant US-CA]Can they evict my mom for being in the hospital?

I live with my mom. She's been living in the same apartment for 23 years. No complaints from neighbors, mangers, nobody. Never failed a section 8 inspection. Now she doesn't have inspections anymore (she's been on section 8 for 35+ years). Always paid her rent on time and in full. She just kept to herself and out of trouble and people's business.
My mom was rushed to the hospital on the 26th of May because she couldn't breathe. It turns out she had pneumonia. She's was placed in the ICU. They transferred her to another hospital because she has lung+heart failure and the hospital she was transported to specializes in it. Nows she's intubated and sedated.
I'm her caretaker. I do everything in the house. Her debit card she gets her disability income from wouldn't work at the ATM. I took it inside the bank and they informed me that it might be damaged. Some other issues happened at the bank, but that's a long stroy. I ordered a new card and expedited the shipping.
I tried to inform this new manager, that they recently hired, that my mom's in the hospital and I need a few extra days to pay the rent (because I just ordered the replacement card) but she literally never allowed me to explain the situation I was in. Instead, she kept making it seem like it was my mom's fault and her responsibility to pay on time, even though she literally couldn't.
I told her I'd have it paid by end of day and hung the phone out of frustration. I borrowed money from a friend and paid the rent.
We were 3 days past due.
Is it a legitimate reason for eviction?
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2023.06.07 08:25 QTnameless Rewriting KimetsuNoYaiba from Swordsmith Village arc onward

I think most manga readers feel the same as me , the story was a bit too rushed . So this how i would rewrite it
The end of Swordsmith Village arc :
+Gyokko got beheaded by Muchiro , yes but he would be use some weird ability similiar to Enmu`s one ( when he merge his body to the train itself ) to channel what is left of him to one of his pots then flee to Douma`s place . Muzan got so angry yet too excited discovering that Nezuko can resist the sun left Gyokko to do whatever he wants . At Douma`s place , Douma offers a part of his flesh and his cult followers as food for Gyokko to recover his strength
+The rest of the arc is pretty much the same
-New arc between Swordsmith and Infinity Castle : Eternal Paradise Cult
+Tamayo joins force with the Demon Slayer Corp and works on transforming Nezuko back to Human just the same , Tanjiro not yet 100% recovers from the last arc would stay beside Nezuko to protetct her and won`t joins this arc
+The rest of the slayers including Hashira trained themselves trying to activate the mark just the same
+At one point , Shinobu (after a long time of preparation and research) discovers this Eternal Paradise Cult where she believes Douma - her arc enemy is hidden . She asks Kagaya personally to go on this mission to defeat Douma .Kanao of course goes with Shinobu then Inosuke , Zenitsu , Sanemi and Genya ( who quickly recovers from the last arc thanks to his special ability ) joins this mission as well by order of Kagaya
+Kanao , Inosuke , Zenitsu are complimented by Shinobu and Sanemi in this mission to be already Hashira worthy
+They travel to this Paradise Cult : a huge castle build on a bridge in the center of a beautiful lake
+The arc would share some similarity to Entertainment Distract arc where the gang has to disguise themselves as cult member , blend in and find infomation about this mysterious cult leader of this Eternal Paradise Cult . i can`t go into detail but here is some importants piece :
The final battle would be like this :
Douma vs Shinobu + Kanao + Inosuke + Zenitsu ( Zenitsu has a very good reason to hate Douma , motherfucker eats a fuckton of women )
+Shinobu would sacrifice herself just the same as manga to poison Douma
+Kanao , Inosuke , Zenitsu all got their mark and successfully beheaded Douma . Zenitsu and Inosuke are mostly fine aftermath but Kanao got injured pretty bad and one of her eyes is blinded
Sanemi got his mark and deal with Gyokko with the help of Genya . There would be a sub plotline in this arc where Sanemi and Genya works on their relationship
(There battle would be good chance for Douma , Gyokko to show their true potential as we all know they got treated pretty bad in the manga to what they should really be capable of )
At the end of this arc , the gang discover a portal door to the infinity castle hidden deep in Douma`s castle , turned out to create infinity castle Muzan has to create a special portal first . This special door is always stay opened and Muzan tasked Douma the mission to protect it
Infinity Castle arc
Right at the moment the battle between Douma/Gyokko + the above gang started , Muzan got so frustrated by the chance that the demon corp found the special door above decided to make his move and visit Kagaya just like the manga
Things happed the same , Muzan drags Tanjiro and Other Hashira to infinity castle
On the side of Inosuke , Zenitsu , Sanemi and Genya , they got informed of what happened to Kagaya by those ravens and jumped in the special portal to get in infinity castle . Right before go in Zenitsu received a letter and know of his gramp`s death and Kaigaku . Kanao as i said got badly injured and lost one eye in the battle against Douma will be delivered to a safe place to recover
Main battle of infinity castle
Zenitsu beat Kaigaku with the help of Yushiro ( this battle should be longer where Yushiro show off his some of his special blood art )
Tanjiro , Giyu joins force with Inosuke to defeat Akaza ( Inosuke should battle Akaza as he was there when Akaza killed Rengoku as well )
Nakime , Mitsuri vs Nakime- new upper four ( this batte should be also longer Nakime should have more attack ability and becomes a real upper-level threat of a demon )
Gyomei , Muichiro + Genya/Sanemi vs Kokushibo , Muichiro and Genya get killed just the same
Sunrise Countdown arc
Mostly the same like the manga , near the end Nezuko turning to Human and a almost fully recovered Kanao comes and help turning Tanjiro back to human

What does everyone thinks ? Feel free to share your idea and opinion
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2023.06.07 08:25 celeste_not_overcome Sold our dream today

Sold our dream today
The house shown here was our dream. Not just a dream home, but it was a place where we tried to love people the very best we knew how. We kept the freezer stocked with ice cream, the fridge with sodas, and the cabinets with snacks. We got an enormous table to be able to host game groups, and cheap ikea couches so that no one would ever feel bad if they spilled on them.
We loved serving and caring for people in every way we could figure out how. Endless bbq’s, movie nights, game nights, and of course small group.
And you know the rest - it all fell apart a little over two years ago. Realizing that SLO was destroying my mental health, I moved away in feb 2022, and my family joined me last July. And today, we closed the sale on the house, ending the dream that turned into a nightmare.
We are doing well now - all of us. Still healing, but thriving in a way we hadn’t in years, maybe ever. And don’t cry for us too much about the house - it was a solid financial investment, at least.
But I just wanted to mark the closing of this chapter.
Hope y’all are finding some peace and joy in life to help your healing, as well.
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2023.06.07 08:24 AuSSie-HellCat Week 1: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

Week 1: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

GEW: Riot

Match 1 - Blake 'The Machine' Bailey vs Madcap Moss (Glory Qualifier)
Blake Bailey, known for his relentless aggression and technical prowess, showcased his mastery of the ring, launching a series of calculated attacks on Madcap Moss. However, Moss proved to be a formidable opponent, using his unorthodox and unpredictable style to keep Blake off balance.
As the match progressed, the intensity escalated, with near falls and daring maneuvers that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Blake, driven by his determination to secure a spot in the prestigious Glory Match, unleashed a powerful offensive assault, overwhelming Moss with a combination of strikes and hard-hitting maneuvers.
In a pivotal moment, Blake executed his devastating finishing move, the Bailey Bomb, connecting squarely with Moss and leaving him incapacitated. Seizing the opportunity, Blake swiftly covered Moss for the three-count, earning the hard-fought victory and securing his place in the Glory Match.
Winner: Blake 'The Machine' Bailey by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Backstage Segment
The camera cuts to the backstage area where Zoey Stark is seen celebrating her recent victory and newly won GEW Women's TV Championship. As she basks in the glory, Bayley approaches her, offering a smile of respect.
Bayley: "Hey, Zoey! Congratulations on that impressive win out there. You showed incredible resilience and determination. You've really earned that championship."
Zoey Stark: "Thanks, Bayley! I couldn't have done it without your help out there. You were instrumental in neutralizing Dakota and Jaime. I appreciate it."
Bayley nods, acknowledging Zoey's gratitude before turning serious.
Bayley: "Well, Zoey, since we're being honest here, I can't help but look at that shiny new title around your waist and feel a little competitive fire ignite within me. You've proven yourself as a worthy champion, and I can't help but think that maybe, just maybe, I could give you a run for your money."
Zoey Stark: [Smirks] "You know, Bayley, I respect your journey and what you've accomplished. If you think you're up for the challenge, I'd be more than willing to put my title on the line against you next week. Consider it accepted."
Bayley: "It's going to be a match for the ages. Get ready to bring your A-game because I'm coming for that title!"
Zoey firmly shakes Bayley's hand, both competitors showing mutual respect and determination.
Zoey Stark: "I wouldn't have it any other way, Bayley. Let's give the fans a match they won't forget. May the best woman win."

Match 2 - Chad Gables US Title Open Challenge
In a highly anticipated GEW US Title Open Challenge, Chad Gable put his championship on the line against the dynamic and high-flying Bandido. Chad Gable, known for his technical prowess and relentless determination, applied his mat-based expertise to gain an early advantage over Bandido. However, Bandido, with his lightning-fast speed and aerial maneuvers, countered Gable's attacks, keeping the champion on his toes.
As the match progressed, the action intensified, with near falls and impressive displays of agility from both competitors. Gable, driven to retain his title, strategically targeted Bandido's limbs, attempting to neutralize his opponent's high-flying arsenal.
Bandido, fueled by his unwavering resilience, unleashed a series of breathtaking moves, thrilling the crowd with his acrobatics. However, Gable's experience and ring awareness proved to be crucial, as he expertly countered Bandido's offensive onslaught. Gable executed his signature German suplex, delivering it with pinpoint precision. Sensing the opportunity, Gable swiftly transitioned into a bridging pin, securing the three-count and successfully defending his GEW US Championship.
Winner: Chad Gable by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Backstage Segment
Hobbs and Strickland launch a surprise attack on Theory and Riddle from behind. The backstage area erupts into chaos as the two attackers overpower their rivals. They relentlessly assault Theory and Riddle, delivering powerful strikes and devastating slams. The backstage area clears out as the wrestlers and crew members realize the intensity of the situation.
Hobbs and Strickland seize the opportunity to send a message, grabbing tables nearby. Hobbs and Strickland deliver devastating powerbombs, sending Theory and Riddle crashing through the tables with an earth-shattering impact. They quickly leave the scene, leaving behind a battered and broken Austin Theory and Matt Riddle. The backstage personnel rush in to check on their fallen comrades, shocked by the brutal display of force.

Match 3 - Rhea Ripley & Shayna Baszler vs Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (Glory Qualifier)
Despite the valiant efforts of Chance and Carter, Ripley and Baszler proved to be an unstoppable force. With precise teamwork and calculated maneuvers, they systematically dismantled their opponents, leaving them struggling to mount a comeback.
As the match neared its climax, Ripley unleashed her devastating Riptide finisher on Carter, while Baszler locked in her signature Kirifuda Clutch on Chance. The combined submission and power moves proved too much for their opponents to overcome.
With Chance tapping out to Baszler's submission hold and Carter unable to kick out of Ripley's pinfall, Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler emerged victorious, securing their spots in the highly anticipated Women's Glory Match.
Winner: Rhea Ripley & Shayna Baszler by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Backstage Segment
[Backstage, the hallways of the GEW arena are bustling with activity as wrestlers and crew members go about their business. Suddenly, the sounds of a scuffle echo through the corridor. Bryan Danielson, the GEW World Heavyweight Champion, finds himself outnumbered and under attack by the powerful duo of Bobby Lashley and Sheamus. The two assailants ruthlessly unleash a barrage of punches and kicks on Bryan, leaving him defenseless.]
[Kazuchika Okada storms down the hallway, his eyes locked on the chaos unfolding before him. He wastes no time, immediately springing into action. Okada charges towards Lashley, delivering a fierce clothesline that sends the powerhouse crashing to the floor. Sheamus turns his attention towards Okada, but the number one contender expertly dodges his attacks, delivering a swift series of strikes that staggers the Celtic Warrior.]
Okada: (firmly) That's enough!
[Sheamus stumbles back, momentarily stunned by Okada's sudden intervention. Bryan, battered and bruised, looks up at Okada with gratitude as the crowd roars with approval.]
Okada: Bryan, are you alright?
Bryan Danielson: (nodding) Yeah, thanks to you, Okada. I owe you one.
[Together, Bryan and Okada regain their footing, ready to stand united against their assailants.]
Bobby Lashley: (recovering) You think you can just interfere like that? You're both going to pay!
[Before Lashley can launch another attack, the sound of approaching security personnel can be heard. They rush in, separating the wrestlers and diffusing the volatile situation.]
Security Guard: That's enough! Break it up, now!
[Bryan and Okada reluctantly step back, their focus still locked on Lashley and Sheamus, who seethe with anger but comply with the security guard's orders.]

Match 4 - Alba Faye vs Gigi Dolin (Glory Qualifier)
The match was a back-and-forth affair, with neither Alba Faye nor Gigi Dolin willing to back down. Dolin showcased her technical prowess and agility, executing impressive aerial maneuvers and submission holds. Meanwhile, Faye relied on her power and resilience to weather Dolin's attacks.
As the match progressed, the intensity heightened, with near falls and close calls keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Faye unleashed her striking ability, delivering hard-hitting strikes that left Dolin reeling.
In a pivotal moment, Faye countered one of Dolin's high-flying maneuvers with a well-timed powerbomb, stunning her opponent. Seizing the opportunity, Faye capitalized on her advantage and executed her signature finisher, the "Faye-trip," planting Dolin to the canvas for the three-count.
Winner: Alba Faye by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Match 5 - The Miz vs Ricochet
The match begins with back-and-forth attacks, both men needing a victory to put on their record. The Miz gains momentum and looks set to secure a victory. However, as he sets up for his signature move, LA Knight rushes into the ring pulling out a foreign object and, without hesitation, delivers a low blow to The Miz. The A-Lister crumples to the mat, clutching his groin in pain. The referee, oblivious to the foul play as he is distracted by Grayson Waller. The Miz, still reeling from the unexpected attack, is unable to kick out in time, and Ricochet's victory is secured.
Winner: Ricochet by Pinfall (3.75 Stars)
Backstage Segment
[The Bullet Club are backstage when the sounds of footsteps approach from behind. They turn around to see Chad Gable, flanked by The Creed Brothers, standing tall and determined.]
Chad Gable: I see you've been keeping an eye on my matches. I hope you've been enjoying them.
Jay White: Gable, it's not about enjoyment. We're here to show you that your recent success is nothing but a fluke. You're in over your head.
Austin Gunn: Absolutely. You've been running your mouth about being the best, but you haven't faced anyone from The Bullet Club yet.
[The Creed Brothers exchange glances before stepping forward alongside Gable.]
Julius Creed: You're right, Gable. The Bullet Club may be a force to be reckoned with, but so are we. American Alpha are ready to take you on.
Brutus Creed: And we won't back down from any challenge. We're not intimidated by your mind games or your numbers advantage.
[Jay White smirks, clearly intrigued by the defiance displayed by American Alpha and The Creed Brothers.]
Jay White: Impressive words, gentlemen. If you're so eager to face us, then let's make it official. Next week, one member of The Bullet Club will accept your open challenge for the United States Championship.
Chad Gable: You're on. We'll be waiting in that ring, ready to prove that American Alpha are a force to be reckoned with.
Match 6 - The Gunns vs Undisputed Era
Right from the start, it was evident that The Gunns were determined to prove themselves against the experienced members of Undisputed Era. The match showcased a combination of high-flying maneuvers, technical prowess, and hard-hitting strikes that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.
The Gunns showcased their seamless teamwork and uncanny chemistry, executing a series of tandem moves that left their opponents reeling. However, Fish and O'Reilly displayed their resilience and strategic prowess, countering with devastating strikes and submission holds.
As the match progressed, the momentum swung back and forth, with near falls and close calls keeping everyone guessing. The crowd erupted in cheers as each team displayed their signature moves and innovative double-team maneuvers, demonstrating their exceptional tag team abilities.
In the climax of the match, The Gunns capitalized on a momentary distraction, catching Fish with their patented finisher, the Gunn Shot. The impact echoed throughout the arena as Austin Gunn made the cover, securing the hard-fought victory.
Winner: The Gunns by Pinfall (4.5 Stars)

- Match 1: Blake' The Machine' Bailey def. Madcap Moss
- Match 2: Chad Gable def. Bandido
- Match 3: Rhea Ripley & Shayna Baszler def. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance
- Match 4: Alba Faye def. Gigi Dolin
- Match 5: Ricochet def. The Miz
- Match 6: The Gunns def. Undisputed Era

- Zoey Stark accepts Bayley's respectful challenge for next week
- Swerve and Hobbs attack Theory and Riddle sending them through tables backstage
- Okada helps Danielson from an assault by Lashley and Sheamus
- LA Knight low blows The Miz costing him the match with Ricochet
- The Bullet Club and American Alpha come face to face with a member of BC accepting Gable's open challenge for next week

GEW: Unleashed

Match 1 - Malakai Black vs Bandido (Glory Qualifier)
From the opening bell, Black unleashed his aggressive and calculated offense, targeting Bandido's limbs with precision strikes and submission holds. Bandido showcased his aerial prowess and lightning-fast speed, countering Black's onslaught with high-flying maneuvers that left the audience in awe.
The match intensified with each passing minute, as both Black and Bandido exchanged near falls and displayed their resilience. Black's methodical approach and ruthless strikes created a palpable sense of danger, keeping Bandido on the defensive. Bandido, fueled by his incredible athleticism and never-say-die attitude, fought back with a flurry of high-octane offense.
However, Black's cunning and ruthless nature proved too much to overcome. In a pivotal moment, Black seized an opening and unleashed his devastating finisher, the "Black Mass," a thunderous roundhouse kick that connected with pinpoint accuracy, sending Bandido crashing to the canvas.
The referee counted the three-count, and Malakai Black emerged victorious, earning his place in the Men's Glory Match.
Winner: Malakai Black by Pinfall (3.75 Stars)
Match 2 - Asuka & Liv Morgan vs Becky Lynch & Shotzi (Glory Qualifier)
From the opening bell, the action was fast-paced and intense. Asuka showcased her unparalleled striking ability, landing devastating kicks on both Lynch and Shotzi. Liv Morgan displayed her agility and resilience, countering their opponents' offense with quick and innovative maneuvers.
The match reached its climax when Asuka rallied against the odds, delivering a blistering combination of strikes and submission holds. Liv Morgan, feeding off the energy of the crowd, launched herself into a breathtaking aerial assault, leaving both Lynch and Shotzi reeling.
In a pivotal moment, Liv Morgan executed her patented "Oblivion" finishing move on Shotzi, securing the three-count and the victory for her team. Asuka and Liv Morgan celebrated their hard-fought triumph, earning their well-deserved spots in the Women's Glory Match.
Winner: Asuka and Liv Morgan by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Match 3 - Adam Cole vs Mustafa Ali (Glory Qualifier)
From the opening bell, it was evident that this would be a hard-fought contest for Ali. Mustafa Ali brought his lightning-fast strikes and aerial maneuvers, while Adam Cole relied on his cunning tactics and relentless aggression. The chemistry between the two competitors was undeniable, creating an electric atmosphere inside the arena.
As the match progressed, both Cole and Ali exchanged near falls, keeping the audience guessing who would emerge victorious. Ali's resilience and heart were on full display as he fought back from devastating maneuvers delivered by Cole. The crowd rallied behind Ali, willing him to overcome the odds.
In a pivotal moment, Cole capitalized on a brief lapse in Ali's focus, hitting his devastating superkick, The Last Shot. The impact echoed throughout the arena as Ali fell to the canvas. Sensing an opportunity, Cole quickly covered Ali for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Adam Cole by Pinfall (4 Stars)
- Match 1: Malakai Black def. Bandido
- Match 2: Asuka and Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch & Shotzi
- Match 3: Adam Cole def. Mustafa Ali

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2023.06.07 08:24 Psycho_Duck_01 Can't breathe , please help

About 10 days ago , I went to an ENT specialist because I couldn't breathe properly. He told me that I had mild deviated septum , but that wasn't the issue. It was the allergies that were causing an inflammed nasal passage which was making my deviated septum worse. He prescribed me Mometasone and Anti allergies but none of it has been helping. I have been having a weird feeling lately. If I try a forced exhale , I can breathe out properly from both my nostrils but normally (when I am not forcing an inhale or exhale) I feel that it is very hard to inhale from my left nostril (the nostril which is slightly smaller because of a devaited septum). My Hb has always been around 13.2 and now suddenly it's near 16 and my spO2 levels were always around 99% and now they are 96%. On top of this I have been having a lot of Brain fog. Please help me.
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2023.06.07 08:23 free___byrd Panic Disorder ... Flare up?

I'm ... struggling. I was diagnosed with panic disorder 10 years ago (currently 25F) and was on several medications to manage it (including Xanax.) They helped a bit, but man I was ALWAYS exhausted/doped up it felt like. I had also gone to therapy for nearly 10 years as well. But the last 5 years I somehow pulled myself through it due to having to get off my meds (yet I did fine so cocky me assumed I was "fine" and maybe even "cured.") For the most part, I think I did okay!
Fast forward to a month ago I hit my head from tripping (clumsy) and I think I'm fine? But I started having MAJOR panic attacks/dizzy spells (like health anxiety is the trigger I think, the more I think of a possible trigger) and I just feel like I can't breathe without panicking (it's probably all unrelated but, UGH.) Can't eat, can't sleep, work is starting to become an issue (as in I can't focus properly [I LOVE my job]) ... When people talk to me and I respond it freaks me out hearing my own damn voice responding/thoughts in response feel SO loud....
I guess I just need some advice. I feel desperate. I know I should probably go to the doctor's but man it'll be expensive (another anxiety.) I'm not on insurance (why I got off meds in the first place years ago) and the fact that suddenly I have been hit with such terrible anxiety again. It's ... Terrifying. Especially the dizziness, makes me feel like I'm dying of a brain tumor or something... 😅
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2023.06.07 08:23 MrFourSeasons Career Considerations

Hello everyone. I have had a lot of late nights recently thinking about the next year or so of my life.
Current Situation: I am currently 27 about three years into a remote tech support role making about $60k/yr. However, it’s not “fully” remote so I’m stuck in the US. I have enough money saved up to move abroad for 1.5 to 2 years and plan to do so in March 2024 when my apartment lease ends.
Considerations: For obvious reasons the nature of my job is tedious and offers very limited upward mobility, also it’s not fully remote which is really crappy because it’s better than 90% of jobs from a location perspective but doesn’t offer what I truly want. I have a B.S. in IT and have soft-studied programming for a year or so as well. My current plan was to continue to self study until March, quit my job, move abroad and attend a bootcamp full time to push me over the edge. However, I’m nearly certain that I will be lucky just to find any SWE position let alone a remote one, let alone a fully remote one (as a junior). I have some mentors at my company that can guide my path for data analysis which I do also enjoy, but I am concerned about my lack of a degree in a quant field which many have urged is a necessity in todays job market.
The point: What would you do in my position for the next 9 months and beyond if my dream (for the foreseeable future) is to move abroad?
I appreciate everyone’s advice. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 08:23 ioceane_branding Digital Marketing Agency Near Me

Choosing a digital marketing agency near me can benefit businesses seeking a local digital marketing partner. In addition to offering face-to-face meetings, digital marketing agency near me can facilitate closer collaboration and a deeper understanding of a business's unique requirements. Marketing strategies tailored by these agencies can resonate with the local target audience since they have extensive knowledge of the local market. By leveraging proximity and local knowledge, a digital marketing agency near me can develop marketing campaigns that drive local engagement and improve brand awareness. This localized approach helps businesses establish a strong presence in their immediate vicinity, attracting local customers and gaining a competitive edge. It is one of the main advantages of Bangalore marketing agencies to understand the local market dynamics well. They have insights into the preferences, behaviors, and trends of Bangalore consumers in order to develop strategies that resonate with them. A third advantage of these agencies is their extensive network of contacts with media outlets, influencers, and industry professionals, which allows them to maximize exposure and impact. In addition to digital marketing technologies and platforms, Bangalore marketing agencies are also embracing them. Utilizing both traditional and digital marketing channels, the company develops integrated marketing campaigns that achieve measurable results.

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2023.06.07 08:22 motherfugher My (23F) long distance relationship seems to be falling apart in just a week with (26M)

A week into LDR and I don’t even feel like I have a partner anymore
How to deal with a boyfriend who has not made any effort to show he cares about this relationship? We’ve been together for a year, this is the first week of long distance and I feel like everything’s falling apart and I’m the only who cares about trying to fix it.
I have written paragraphs initially asking for some form of reassurance from him only to get none. I thought maybe I picked a bad time to ask, so a couple days later sent another long paragraph, this time empathising with his situation (having to navigate stressful job in a new place, living all alone). He said “I appreciate you communicating this, things have been intense”. I sent a cute video from our time together as a couple to reminisce but he never replied to it.
Two days passed where I was the one who video called at night, tried making conversation. During the calls, he is still working, multitasking, not giving me much.
Last night’s video call was silent pretty much the entire time, just him working until he gets up to brush his teeth then he says that he’s off to bed.
I didn’t text him all day today hoping he might at some point in the day. I received a “hey” at 10pm and some pointless texts about how he went to the grocery store and that it rained. He didn’t call me like I did the past two nights. He didn’t text once through the day like I had been doing the past week.
I don’t understand why do I have to be one putting all the efforts? Could he have not called? Am I crazy to expect this? His face looks so void of emotion on video call so we end up talking about random things instead of our feelings.
I decided to give him time to adjust to his new routine, until the end of this week. I haven’t told him this, I’m barely finding any opportunity to talk to him. I mentally decided to give him space and not communicate my needs until the end of the week in order to avoid burdening him
I can’t sleep at night, with all the doubts in my head. Just been crying the past week.
I want this pain to end I don’t know how to navigate this situation
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2023.06.07 08:22 Glittering_Milk9433 Please any advice will help

A person in my life who means a lot to me has been in a deep depression for awhile now. They lost both their parents a month apart from each other about a year ago and they don't see a lot of reasons to keep going. I'm trying my best to be there for them and they have tried therapy, but don't think they'll ever be okay. They have planned to end it multiple times and have written multiple notes. The only thing keeping them here is the fear of actually ending it, but they never stop thinking about it. I just want to help them see that they can still find happiness and I just don't know how. I myself am not in the best place either and go back and forth with depression. I understand their pain and reasons and I couldn't honestly say that I wouldn't feel the same if I were them. As someone who has wanted to end it all before, it's hard to tell someone to keep living when you barely want to keep going on yourself. The thought of not having them around is killing me inside and I just keep trying to be there for them and try to be positive. I don't want to lose them, yet nothing they've done has helped. Not therapy, suicide prevention, or anything I could do. I'm considering seeing if they want to try medication, but they have expressed not wanting to be dependent on it. If it's the only way yo help them is it worth it? Please any advice is appreciated I just want to save someone I care about. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.07 08:21 Olirum_nebula katrodu oru kathai-chapter 17

"I can't wait for this week to over , its so stressful"- Madhu was aimlessly turning the pages of the circuits book
"I asked you to focus on your studies"- Indhu is very strict when it comes to combine studies she is the circuit theory specialist of the group
"I am going to play with mini and maxi for a while" Madhu closed the book and sat near the fish tank
"Hey guys!! I am so tired and have a lot to study , you know if I do well in the test tomorrow I am going to buy you new pebbles , blue maybe?"
"yeah keep talking to the fishes you will definitely fail"- Indhu can be a tyrant sometimes
"God stop yelling , I will be back in few minutes"- she walked out of the room and sat in the middle of the tennis court just watching the skies
Her mind wandered everywhere, it went to home, selva, studies back and forth, It was like playing a game of ping pong. It settled on studies for a while, I have to take all the optional tests my internals are too low. They will take the best two out of periodical 1, 2 and optional. 1 was very average, I need this test to boost my internals. I have record work and a seminar. I am not really good in labs either especially mech . soldering, welding ,carpentry. Why do I even need this stuff? I am going to do MBA and do marketing .I should be working on some marketing skills.hmmm, what is Selva doing now? Is her over me already? I don't know, its bitter sweet. What is it for dinner in home now? amma might make appam and thegai pal. God I miss home food. Its Sandy's birthday next week have to order cake. Will 1kg do?I need to call yam its been a while since I talked to her, I miss her, I need to update her on this whole Selva situation. she felt a hand on her shoulder , she turned back
"Madhu, why are you sitting here?"- Sandy sat near her
"Ila d, I needed a break, why are you here. Indhu will yell and definitely blame me if you get low marks "
"LOL, screw studies d.pathukalam"
They were both starring at the clear sky.
"Madhu, what is your dream d?, like what do you want to do"
"MBA d, I dream about doing in a good college you know, I always wanted to do that ,what about you?"
"MBA suits you d, vayadi . I just want a stable job and a good life"
"Fair ask. "
"Hey, once we finish all our optional tests and records we will go out to eat? please I need to eat something flavorful"
"Sure, just two days okay? Friday we are going to cafeteria and we will eat something good, now get back to your studies"
"yup" she walked back in and opened the book and started to read from where she left. she was able to complete the chapter in an hour
For some reason the skies always calmed her down, it made her feel like she was a tiny dust in the whole wide universe and there is nothing to worry because she is going to be taken care of. she always loved to be in care of someone , to be held close and cozy. she always craved that human connection, that invisible force that will pull people closer. She loved to touch souls and understand it deeply, yet she has this childishness inside her that makes her a mystery. It is easy for her to get people curious about her and she liked it.
To be continued....
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2023.06.07 08:21 SolutionAcademic4682 AITAH for wanting my roommates to move out

I am in my masters program and while being here injured my knee and needed to move. From when I hurt myself my one friend in the program wanted to join me because they were in a very tough spot too. One night the two of us were at a bar with our other classmates when one spoke up that her partner would be moving to the UK (we are in downtown Toronto, Canada) to complete his masters. She said he would be leaving May. The two of us agreed it would be a smart decision and we started looking at 3 bedroom places immediately, knowing it would be cheaper too. Being that it's Toronto it is bloody pricey. After we signed a lease and loved the place the couple started having second thoughts because of issues with breaking their lease. At this point, I had already moved my stuff in. I had extra cash because of inheritance and said I would help with the moving fee and the first month's rent. At the time I would have rathered spend the money to get people the two of us like in here than gamble to find someone else in a short amount of time and end up spending just as much money that I would to help them. As I am the guarantor of the apartment any missed rent falls to me. The couple ended up moving in within the month that I paid for them.
We needed a lot of stuff when we moved in and I ended up spending all my inheritance from my Nana passing suddenly on setting up the place. And it's a place Im proud to call home but now I am flat broke. When we moved in the agreement was to pay per person but because I chose the room with the attached bathtub I said I would pay more. (with chronic pain and issues I need a bath to function properly). The total rent is 3800$ and we agreed I would pay 1215, and they paid 861$ each, because that's just how we determined the space.
It now turned out that the partner was not leaving in may, but hasn't even been accepted into the program. Now it's “maybe October?”. They keep telling us that they never said May, yet my friend and I and the other person at the bar that night knows that's what we heard. The couple wanted to have a meeting to discuss the amount of rent they spend and how much space we all have. Because at that time we were paying per person and each person had their own fridge space (the fridge was divided in half from me and my friend and the couple). They wanted to pay less rent and to have more room, though. We sat down and I had everything measured out and we went off of the raw size of the rooms. When I added up the room space and did some math I laughed out loud because it was saying I should pay 1800, my friend 800 and them 1100. I thought it would be a quick laugh and we could carry on. But they proceeded to argue for 45 minutes (yes I counted) about that I should pay that, and said “well we were dividing the price of the rooms if you can't afford it we can switch” to which I said, so you want the room? Take it I can't pay 1800. Stating I would never have agreed to live with roommates for 1800 when I could have found a studio for the same price. My friend and I made a statement that we hadn't even taken into consideration the living room, the 2 internets we have and the electricity or the pool and gym into our communal price. We kept repeating it should be 1200, 1200, and 1400. They argued with me until at the 45 minute mark I lost face and stormed off. Eventually because I did the equation in ChatGPT they listened to me about the price. And they still ended up paying less than what we suggested. Now some context, they were paying 2300, and I was paying 950 before moving here. Their argument to me paying that one months rent for them was that they wanted to look at places in April, even thought back in January my friend was in such a precarious situation that she needed to move out and sleep on their couch. And that the cost of rentals in Toronto has gone up by 10% since January.
My agreement to splitting the rent per room was that it meant to also divide the living room and kitchen by 3 as well. So I measured the fridge and counters, everything. I divided it as close to even as possible without saying 1/10 of this shelf etc. The came back and said “this needs to be fair for everyone”. (the audacity after arguing that I should pay as much as all 3 of them combined). And said “I cut the cake, you guys get to choose the slices” I never intended to take the biggest space, in fact at the end of the day I ended up with the smallest space. But the day I measured everything they were apparently too tired to sit down and discuss it, yet we were forced at 1am to talk about their issues. But when I waited until the new payment was in effect they made us wait for an entire week for them to come sit and look at the plans. Even still they have this one shelf in the living room that is only their stuff and they made the gesture to take my rice off of their shelf that day. Yet when I mentioned each room should have a shelf in the living room then they said there isn't enough room.
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2023.06.07 08:21 sour_dough_toast Irritation on nostril piercing after jewelry switch

Irritation on nostril piercing after jewelry switch
I got my nostril pierced about 6 months ago with nose screw jewelry that I'm pretty sure was surgical steel and the piercing kept getting bumps or small infections since then– the jewelry was pretty tight which I assumed was part of the problem but the people at the piercing shop told me it should be fine with consistent saline and whatnot.
Yesterday I happened to be near another piercing shop and really wanted to switch to a hoop because it looks better and I though it might help with the problems. When the dude there switched me to a stainless steel hoop (which now I'm seeing may not have been great) it hurt quite a bit and there was a little blood. It's still looking quite irritated. The guy said that I just have to keep disinfecting it but it seems like the hoop switch might've been a bad choice, despite having waited 6Months. Cant tell if it's surface level or a big problem. Should I switch back to the first one?
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