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2023.06.07 03:44 No-Dig-1314 can you get hacked from a youtube ad

I accidentally clicked an ad while on YouTube that directed me to their web page. The ad was for a pet store near me and looked kinda scammy. could I get hacked from this?
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2023.06.07 03:44 Flashy_Gate_847 Wanting to start swimming…

So I’m wanting to start swimming for fitness reasons but the problem is, I only know how to dog paddle so far. There’s not really any adult swim lessons near me as I live in a very small town and everyone is currently booked up. I’ve been watching videos on YouTube about technique and how to do the different strokes (im focused mainly on learning freestyle right now as it looks the simplest to me). Anyways, I got a gym membership but when I went, everyone there was tons better than me and I guess I just sort of felt discouraged and silly when I left. I guess the questions I was wanting to ask is does it matter if I use the lane even if the most I can actually do properly right now is dog paddle and is it possible to teach myself by watching swimming tutorials on YouTube?
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2023.06.07 03:44 atmospheresky292993 Why do I have intense emotional feelings when my bladder or intestines are full?

not sxual thoughts but weird extremely intense feelings, like when someone's at the peak of intense daydreaming at the emotional climax of the story. It's a nearly irresistible trigger for me to go read intense fanfiction or fantasize about it. But it literally disappears the moment after I go to the restroom and empty my bladder or intestines. I'm female. I've heard of women getting aroused when their bladder is full because it presses nerves in the pelvic area, but these are not sxual thoughts that I'm getting so what's going on? what nerves could it be pressing and why would that cause this
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2023.06.07 03:43 Direct_Feed_7855 29m LF dick to suck near bridgeport... dm me

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2023.06.07 03:43 Expensive-Two-8128 My mind cannot be changed: There has never been a better, more worthy leader to trust COMPLETELY with BILLIONS (and soon-to-be TRILLIONS) of our hard-earned money — Article by Ryan Cohen, May 4, 2020

A note before RC’s article below: If you are ever fearful, uncertain, and/or doubtful about GameStop’s ability to overcome the parasitic criminal shorts, JUST REMEMBER: THIS is the man we’ve entrusted with BILLIONS of dollars. Read it, read it again, and then watch the FUD completely evaporate
Link to original article:
By Ryan Cohen May 4, 2020
Everything I know — from empathy to the principles of making money — I learned by following in the footsteps of my late father, Ted Cohen. We spoke for hours every day. He was, and always will be, my best friend, advisor and biggest advocate. A successful glassware importer with an impeccable work ethic, my father never missed a day on the job. If he were here today, he’d be worried about the millions of unemployed and struggling businesses across the country. The warehouse workers, drivers, construction workers and small-business owners — those are the people he respected most. Looking back on his life and influence, the following five principles he showed me were critical to my success building and investing.
Watch your expenses
Disciplined capital allocation is one of the most important skills for running a successful business. Thanks to my father, I had the privilege of learning this firsthand. He kept track of every expense —his power bills, daily gasoline prices that impacted transportation costs, the individual prices of hundreds of glassware products that he sold. My father also kept tabs on Chewy’s metrics. He memorized the key performance indicators in both of our businesses.
At Chewy, we had maniacal discipline when it came to how we spent money. The company-wide culture of frugality came from his example. Free cash flow was our unwavering governor of growth. We grew Chewy from $200 million in sales in 2013 to $3.5 billion in 2018 while spending only $130 million in capital, all of which went into opening distribution centers across the country and acquiring new customers.
Delight your customers
My father always repeated this quote from his own father: “If you take a carload of this (pointing to a pallet of glassware) you’ll make more money. But if you take a carload of that (pointing to a different pallet), you’ll make less money, but you’ll keep the customer. So, take a carload of that.”
When we started Chewy in 2011, selling pet food online wasn’t a novel idea. The field was crowded with competitors, including Amazon. But our mission was to delight customers in a more personal way. We believed combining the experience of the neighborhood pet store with the convenience of shopping online was a key differentiator. The focus was fast shipping, competitive pricing and providing customers with a hyper-specialized experience. My father showed me how building lifelong relationships with customers was far more valuable than optimizing for short-term profits.
Be the person others want to follow
My father led by example, but not in a deliberate way. It’s who he was. He never patronized anyone. He admired the blue-collar worker. I watched him roll up his sleeves and help his employees move shipments of glassware from trucks into the warehouse, then put his suit jacket back on, shirt drenched in sweat, and do administrative work. I’ve never seen anyone work harder.
I was fortunate to find employees at Chewy who worked relentlessly to grow the company from a three-person operation to a household brand with more than 10,000 employees. We didn’t disrupt the pet industry by accident. Our team made huge sacrifices. We opened our first fulfillment center in early 2014, and everything from the warehouse management system to the Wi-Fi would constantly break down. The team worked 16-hour days for weeks until our supply chain was humming. Everyone from the fulfillment staff to the directors and executives were committed to Chewy’s success. You don’t get that level of dedication by leading through fear. My father always said, “You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.”
Take the long view
My father was never looking to make a quick buck. He had no interest in material possessions. Every year, through thick and thin, he invested his savings into the stock market. He believed the real money was made through time in the market, not timing the market. When I was 13, he gave me a chart comparing real estate to stock market returns since the 1920s. Real estate annualized returns were around 4 percent, and the stock market was around 9 percent. It didn’t take long for me to figure out which I preferred. I’ve been investing ever since. My father never invested in any fancy funds or paid management fees. He bought blue chip companies and held them forever. His 20-year annualized stock returns were over 10 percent. He never borrowed money or paid interest.
As we scaled Chewy, many advised us to slow down and raise prices. We disagreed. Key to our success was obsessing over customers and market leadership. Over the long term, customers and profits intersect.
Trust yourself
Entrepreneurs don’t operate with a handbook. My father taught me how to be independent and trust my own moral compass. He encouraged me to separate myself from the herd and think critically. When I told him I had no desire to go to college, he shrugged. Whether he agreed with my decisions or not, he supported me unconditionally. Letting me make my own decisions sowed the seeds for me to become an entrepreneur. The confidence to never compromise my vision of building Chewy into the largest pet retailer came from knowing if I failed, he would always love me.
For 45 years, he was the first employee to open his office and last one to leave. He showed me how perseverance and discipline ultimately pay off. Not only was his work ethic unmatched, so was his commitment to family. He gave me unconditional love and showed me how to be a father. Above all, he taught me that the best decisions come from heart, instincts and empathy.
Dad, I will forever be grateful.
Ryan Cohen is the founder and former CEO of, a company he started when he was 25 years old. In 2017, Cohen made history when he sold Chewy to PetSmart for $3.35 billion in the largest ecommerce deal in history. In 2019, Chewy went public at a valuation of $8.7 billion.
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2023.06.07 03:43 VisforVenom Anyone gotten extra trade-in credit for a faulty phone towards new model?

My Xperia 1 iii is just out of warranty (which is frustrating because I've been trying to get it fixed since before the warranty ended but got some bad Intel from CS and a lot of runaround.)
My camera randomly stopped working last year. I was renting a uhaul to move cross country and whipped it out to take pictures of the truck, but it wouldn't focus on anything. Within about a minute the camera completely stopped working. Ever since, I've had the "unknown error" when trying to open any stock camera app. And various other errors (like "camera is in use by another app") with third party apps.
I've tried starting in safe mode. Tried pressing and bending all around the main board and cameras. Factory reset several times. Run all updates. Clear cache and data obviously. Opening directly to front camera doesn't work. QR scan doesn't work. Snapchat. Nothing.
Seems to me that all of the cameras going out at once is not a hardware issue (with the cameras I mean.) And is either software or main board related. But for what... 8 months now? I have periodically tried everything I can find to fix it short of opening it up and nothing has worked. I half suspect a solder issue from the overheating. No local repair shops deal in camera issues. They won't even look at it.
The last time I called Sont Repair Center they quoted me minimum $280 to fix it. The trade-in value is $100. But I really would rather just get the 1 V.
The agent at the repair center mentioned that Sony has been known to offer people special additional trade-in credit for these kinds of issues if it's towards a pre-order of the next device. But I haven't been able to find any evidence of this (or had time to contact support again to ask about it.)
Has anyone here had any experience with such an offer?
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2023.06.07 03:43 Exciting_Band_2865 I 17M need guidance, my parents are dysfunctional

I've read and pretty much studied quite a bit of Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents and I'm fairly certain my parents shouldn't have had me, nor my sister
my sister has thankfully gotten out and is living with friends having a goodtime with life from what I can tell, she is able to be herself and I love hearing that... But before that? She was an anxious wreck that I could only describe as a terrified animal backed into a corner
I'm gonna keep it as short as I can but I've felt really neglected and have made that clear, not a single response
I want to be defiant, like turn off my phone and go over to a friend house for a day against their wishes when they want me to come with them to church... Of which I openly despise, the bible is full of inconstancy and imo is nowhere near what a "true" Christian should be, and at least the church I go to falls into that inconsistent category, but I'm not here to rant about my parents forcing religion on me
There's a lot of bad shit they've done to me that I've forgotten about until I read that book, I'm furious yet deeply saddened at the same time, why are they like this? Why can't they have a sliver of self awareness and how they actually affect other people?. maybe even realize that other people are human beings with lives too would be great
I want to make it clear I do not want them to interact with me unless they can be anything but toxic about it
I wish I could feel welcomed and could be myself when I get home
I wish I had someone to talk to deeply that was in my home
I wish I could actually mean something other than a trophy to them
Legitimately I don't know what to do but I'm done with this shit, if I don't figure it out before Sunday then in the early morning I'm giving my friend a call and I'm gonna nope out of my house, go to school, and make it clear I don't wanna deal with thier shit (you know maybe then they might give a damn about who I am)
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2023.06.07 03:43 PunkRockHound Yes, this title is Interesting

Made a "requested" soap today--my mom wanted an activated charcoal soap, my husband had been asking me for a new OMH scented soap, and I had 2 partial containers of lard, some seawater, and several small amounts of random additives.
I'll share pics tomorrow after the cut, but here's a basic "play by play"
I made a different batch of soap yesterday and cut it this morning. Since my only loaf mold was full, I was initially planning to make a 16oz batch and use a cute mold.
As I was weighing out my lard, I found I had nearly enough to make a full size batch. Fuck...fine.
I put every bit of lard into the crock pot with a small amount of mango butter (because reasons). I put my numbers into soapcalc to figure out how much lye I needed.
After doing all this, I raided my soap making stash. I found an old single serve applesauce that was far past its best-by date in the fridge (didn't smell, so it's fine), I used a large scoop of kaolin clay and colloidal oatmeal each, a splash of sea buckthorn extract, a glob of crystalized honey, the AC my mom requested, the scent my husband wanted and maybe something else I'm forgetting.
Anyway, everything melts, combines, the scent behaves perfectly as expected, a thin trace is achieved, and I dump the tan/dark gray mess into the newly empty mold.
(For those that don't know, I keep my mold in a small plastic box that acts as an insulator, helps keep down soda ash, and encourages gel phase)
This soap got to around 125 F surface temp. This is the hottest I've gotten my soap that I can remember. But there was no cracking, no volcano, nothing seemed weird-except when there was a lighter colored shape on the surface about an hour after pouring. But it disappeared, so all good
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2023.06.07 03:42 CorgiMan13 What to do with old GL2

What to do with old GL2
Hi gang,
I used the crap out of this GL2 when I was in High School/College. My pride and joy. But I’m no longer into videography and I finally captured the last of my DV tapes. I was looking for somewhere to donate it, maybe you have a suggestion? Or if it would make someone here happy to play with it, I don’t mind giving you a good deal.
AFAIK everything works EXCEPT the tape deck won’t close. A shop quoted me ~$150 to repair it, but I already had a different camera on hand so I used that to capture the tapes instead. Well, the DV on that one didn’t play nicely with my FireWire port on my PC so I went S-Video to my GL2 which re-digitized it then went DV into my PC… but it all worked out fine in the end, lol.
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2023.06.07 03:42 nousernamehere00 Should I pickup a M550i with 57k miles or is it at the end of its useful life?

Have had quite a few 3 series and all have treated me well over the years. I usually buy CPO with 20-30k miles and sell around 80-90k miles. I now have an itch for a 2018-2019 M550i. My budget is low 40’s plus $5k for a good extended warranty. This puts me at cars with 55-60k miles in my area. I hear great things about Carmax’s warranty and may consider going that route. I would obviously get a PPI.
I have done a ton of research and understand that the N63TU2 models have improved a lot, but issues may still pop up. My hesitation is that I buy one and it’s constantly in the shop and battling the insurance company. Is ~60k miles too much for these cars? I know for other brands 60k is just barely broken-in, but they don’t have a bad reputation of the N63 from years ago.
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2023.06.07 03:41 HopefulRecipe5 Do you have certain triggers for spending more?

I realize there’s certain times in my life where I feel more “interested” in shopping. Things like: I don’t feel good about my body and feel like getting new clothes will “fix” that, feeling lonely/bored, or overwhelmed and stressed and having something new or an order to “look forward to” gives me a little boost. I’m really trying to nail down specifically what else triggers me - I feel like it’s often a perfect storm of multiple things. Anyone else?
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2023.06.07 03:40 finnakit dont film me when im having a meltdown thats all i ask

happened today but im still not over it lol
im sitting in a park, unfortunately having a meltdown trying to regulate myself because im autistic and i got extremely overwhelmed and one thing led to another and i just felt like the world was ending. it happens, i try not to have meltdowns in public but i cant really control when they happen unless i can control the environment around me.
anyways, i was fine, just trying to regulate myself and breathe or whatever. rocking back and forth because stimming helps. usually would only do that in private but my friend was picking me up and i had no choice but to be in public. so i found myself a quiet spot under a gazebo (or so i thought) and i was hugging my stuffed fox that i carry around because hes scented and helpful if i end up needing a distraction. humming to myself, just trying not to mask because masking really wouldnt help me at that point.
also for context im 26, i know im an adult but stuffed animals are very comforting to me and ive always been into more "childish" things i guess. idk if its the autism or just me, regardless...i was minding my own business just trying to wait for my friend to come pick me up so i could go home and feel better in an environment i could control.
bunch of teenagers come near me, screaming laughing and just overall being super loud. which wasnt unexpected (because theyre teenagers) but in the moment it made me very anxious because loud noises and people dont help when im shutting down or in a meltdown. so i start gathering my stuff so i could just quickly slip away.
one of the teens notice me, shes already on her phone to begin with but she starts pointing it at me and giggling loudly with her friends. they all kinda stop next to gazebo and start barking at me (what the fuck why) and at this point im really really nervous and i cant really talk. when im upset like this i go mute and i literally cant talk, its very frustrating.
so im just trying to walk away but the girls are following me, pointing and laughing at my fox i guess? im hugging it to my face so i can smell the scented fur but i guess i look weird doing that while crying, i dont know.
i ran away at that point. so embarrassing, i ended up in a public washroom stall and just stayed there waiting for my friend. got home and just fucking lost it. i dont know why people think its okay to film others who are obviously upset. its so rude i wouldnt ever do that to someone?? i dont understand why people cant just mind their own business. its so cruel.
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2023.06.07 03:39 OGPendy Here's my pitch for FTWD after season 3

To begin, two major changes need to be made to both FTWD and TWD. Firstly, Travis is shot in the neck, and he does throw himself out of the helicopter, but he survives by landing in a river. Secondly, in TWD, Carl doesn't die. Instead, Morgan sacrifices his life in some grand gesture, and his final plea is for Rick to end the war.
My Reasoning:
  1. Not only was Travis' death sudden and absurd, but it also ruined any potential he had to become an excellent character. In my version, Madison and Co are still pushed forward by news of his "death," killing two birds with one stone and allowing for a myriad of interesting possibilities.
  2. This allows TWD to continue closer to how it did in the comics, a way I find much more narratively satisfying, and doesn't allow Morgan to crossover--thus stopping FTWD from becoming the "Morgan and Friends Show". (Maybe he can die saving Carl--bringing his character arc of not being able to protect Duane full circle.)
These are not entire seasons. These are simply general ideas. P.S. - Reading this in one sitting might make it feel like a breakneck pace, but just try to picture your own episodes within these seasons.
With Travis now alive, it allows season three to play out basically the same, until the mid-season finale, where Travis would reveal himself as alive. From there, we would get a Travis-centric episode like we did with Daniel, showing how he stitched up his own neck wound and lived in the wilderness until he was found by Walker's people. As someone else said on this sub, this would open up the possibility of Travis being a bridge between the two people groups.
Because of his siding with Walker, we could get a very interesting dynamic between Travis and the other Clarks, specifically Madison. Story beats would have to change, but this will help the overarching story overall. For my purposes, Travis (while with Walker's people) would revert to his more pacifist self as he was in seasons 1 and 2. However, this would not change his tendency for violence, which he would struggle with during the duration of the season. Luciana still leaves, Daniel is still shot by Strand, Madison still kills Troy, and Nick still destroys the dam.
TLDR: Travis survives his gunshot wound and becomes a bridge between the two communities. The rest of the season's events basically play out the same, with obvious changes.
The dam has exploded. And after a minor time skip, we meet up with our crew: Madison, Alicia, Nick, and Travis, who are hiding out in an abandoned gas station. You see, while the dam is gone and quite a few of the Proctors with it, they're still everywhere; searching for the people who tried to wipe them out. In a hail-mary attempt, the Clarks flee up north, leaving Mexico and hopefully the Proctors by heading into Texas. They all assume Daniel and Strand are dead, and whatever sense of morality they had at the ranch has now completely been lost. They are ruthless to both walkers and people, both of which they find plenty of in the Texas plains.
One of the main relationships I want to grow in this season is between Nick and Travis. While they did interact in the other seasons, it was to a very small extent--most of Travis' time was spent with his own son Chris. But with Travis' brutality more or less returning, and Nick no longer being the fun-loving and adventurous 19-year-old we knew, they grow closer--two men who have lost their innocence and themselves to the apocalypse. Nick will become the son Travis never had. But as they grow closer, so do Madison and Alycia. However, it's not a paternal healthy bond, it's Alycia trying to live up to the "Golden Child" standard she's kept for herself. With Madison's tendency to care more about Nick becoming ever more obvious, Alycia is driven by a need to please her mother--something that will eventually tear the family apart. But for all intents and purposes, the Clarks are the strongest they've ever been.
After a few episodes of traveling through Texas, they are stopped by three members of a Biker Gang (think Hell's Angels or Sons of Anarchy). They try to intimidate our crew into giving up what little supplies they have, but with a single look from Madison, two of the bikers are dead and the other is nearly beaten to death. Travis argues they take the bikes and leave, but Madison suspects they have a camp nearby--and after a torture session performed by Travis, she's told that she's right. They are led to the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium, which the Bikers call home. After an initial standoff, our crew is let in. Everyone is wary of these Bikers, but after only a little while, they quickly integrate into the group. Travis fits right in with the rough-and-tumble men, Alycia is praised for what little medical skill she has (which she uses to heal the tortured Biker, named Cole), Nick becomes a valuable asset for what the Bikers do, and Madison quickly rises up the ranks.
You see, these Bikers are like the Saviors. They run a protection racket. But instead of Negan's view of people: that they're a resource to be maintained, the Bikers simply destroy whoever doesn't bend to their will. However, there's a major problem: both manpower and bullets are hard to come by in the apocalypse, especially when they kill whoever disobeys them. But that's where Nick fits right in. With his skill with the walkers, he dons the blood and guts once more, using it to lead entire walker hordes into stubborn communities. They've found another new home. But as Travis and Madison make clear, it is not permanent.
All seems well until word begins to spread amongst the Bikers. Their pre-apocalypse rivals, the Proctors, have made their presence known. In a show of force, the leader of the Bikers takes most of his men out to meet with the Proctors. At the same time, a young girl named Charlie is let into the stadium. Nick becomes a surrogate older brother, and they grow close. But our group, of course now fearful, vote to remain at the stadium with a few other nameless civilians and a healing Cole. It's going to be a few days, so Madison and the family lock the stadium down. No one in or out. That's when the Vultures show up.
Like season four of FTWD, they're still a corny group of hippies, but our group has dealt with worse. Way worse. Madison and Travis leave the stadium to talk to the Vultures, while Nick and Alycia stay back with Charlie. However, the young girl is revealed to be a double agent, the one who let the Vultures know that the majority of the Bikers were leaving. She pulls a gun on Nick and Alycia just as Madison and Travis single-handily slaughter all of the Vultures. None are left alive. Hearing the commotion, mixed with fear and anger, Charlie shoots Nick. But Alycia, in a split second, kills Charlie.
Now dying of a gunshot wound, Alycia desperately begins surgery on Nick. Madison is purely focused on her son, but the weight of what they just did is finally beginning to set on Travis. Nick is treated just as the Bikers return, a majority of their numbers wiped out. We then get a Strand-focused episode, revealing how after the dam he was captured by Proctor John himself. But we see how he was unable to worm his way into a position of power within the Proctors. We get to see how the Proctors tracked our group all the way from Mexico, and how they had a massive battle with the Bikers we know, wiping most of them out. But the Bikers we know escaped, and the Proctors have followed them.
Out of both time and options, Nick sneaks away (still very much injured), his plans unclear. However, the Proctors show up, Strand at the helm. He's the spokesperson for the Proctors now, but a wrench is thrown in the plan for battle when he sees Madison and Alycia inside the stadium. Proctor John holds his attack too, realizing his chance for revenge is within his grasp. He then proposes a deal to the Bikers, saying that if given Madison and Co, they'll leave. This, of course, is a lie. The Bikers deliberate, with Cole being the main voice for trading them over. Travis tries everything he can to convince the Bikers to not hand them over, but realizes that being killed either by the Bikers or the Proctors isn't much of an option. Bound and gagged, the Clarks (minus Nick, who Madison fears for) are handed over.
Put on their knees and guns put to their heads, Strand tries to talk John out of it--trying to make him pause and think. But it's no use.
Just as bullets are about to be fired, a massive herd comes out of nowhere! Nick has led them all here, and being careful, he slips through the herd and unties his family. He tells them to do the guts trick, which they do, but for whatever reason, he turns back. As he moves through the herd, careful not to get shot or eaten, he finds Strand fighting for his life. Nick then steps in, helps him with the trick, and leads him to safety--but not before seeing Proctor John fighting the herd. It looks like he's winning; using a row of his soldiers to gun down the horde, until Nick sneaks up behind him and slits his throat. Now leaderless and surrounded, the Proctors and the Bikers are wiped out. Covered in guts and aimless, our crew leaves the stadium.
Weeks later, and after a few more misadventures, Nick goes out hunting. As he does so, he stumbles upon a man dressed like a cowboy, and sitting against a pickup truck: John Dorie. The same exchange happens, where John asks whoever is in the shadows if they would like to join him. Nick reveals himself, and it ends the same way as it did in the show, "So what's your story?"
TLDR: Madison and Co escape Mexico only to join up with a biker gang in an old baseball stadium in Texas. The Proctors return, old rivals of the Bikers, and a massive battle ensues. A group called the Vultures show up as the Bikers leave, and are quickly slaughtered by Madison and Travis. The Proctors come with Strand in tow, and after quick thinking from Nick, the family and Strand escape, while both the Bikers and the Proctors are wiped out by a herd of walkers. Nick then meets a man named John Dorie.
Season 5
John Dorie is what Morgan should have been for the Clarks: the exact opposite of what they are. While they're ruthless and cold, he's merciful and warm. His mission is simple: find his wife. And because of Nick's insistence (and Travis' persuasion of Madison), they decide to help him do so. He explains they separated several weeks ago, after meeting at his cabin and living there for the majority of the apocalypse. But he is far from incapable. In fact, he's the best shot of the entire group and anyone they ever come across.
Tensions however, are high. Madison of course doesn't trust John, and hates the influence he seemingly having on her son. She thinks that his kindness is weakness, and fights to keep her control over Nick.
Based on the evidence John gathered, his best guess is that his wife was abducted and taken north, into Colorado. With nowhere else to go, the Clarks travel with John north. Having entered Colorado, John soon catches a trail. He finds evidence of a camp with the same logo as he found before, that of a key. He feels that they're getting closer, and he turns out to be right, as they find a small community of survivors living inside an old motel. He wants to go in and talk, but Madison isn't risking it. Instead, and with much pushback from John, our main crew goes in guns raised.
Using a small herd of walkers Nick gathered, they take out the guards and quickly find the leader of the community. At gunpoint, the man explains that he's part of a network of communities under one woman, Virginia. They're called the Pioneers, and their goal is to make Colorado the beginning of a new United States. Madison, Alycia, and Strand laugh at the idea, but Nick and Travis are more open to it. After stealing supplies, weapons, and a vehicle, our crew moves on to find John's wife. Or so he thinks.
A few days later, our group finds another one of the settlements, an old ski lodge. This time, however, based on both Travis' and John's pleas, they go in as if they're just some survivors. As they are let in, they see that the lodge is heavily armed--a death sentence had they gone in guns blazing. They stay for a while, with Nick, Travis, and John warming up to the idea of a multi-settlement government. John finds out that his wife is at the capital of the settlement, Lawton. Eager to hit the road to see his wife again, he tells the group to get ready to head out. Madison, however, has no such plan. Nick argues they should go with him, but Madison argues that nothing like this could last and that it's likely all a lie. Madison and Strand want to take over the lodge, killing them all if it came to it. Travis is against it, his guilt driving him to try to stop murdering, but Madison's mind is unchanged. Survival at any cost is her plan now, and if a few nobodies have to die for it, so what? Madison is going to keep everyone together, no matter what. So, under the cover of the night, John and Nick sneak off the lodge grounds and leave.
In the morning, Madison sees they're both gone. Enraged, she prepares to go out and immediately find them until a massive snowstorm hits, forcing them to stay inside. For Nick and John, however, a test of will is what the storm becomes. Frostbite and starvation are mere days away, and they seem to be going in circles. Until a search party finds them. They're grabbed and treated as they are taken to the capital settlement. The search party wasn't for them, but for a young girl, but finding the men so close to death stopped the search. At least for now.
Back at the lodge, Madison is planning for a seize of power. People are anxious, and she has enough trust with the guards to grab some guns. But Travis stops her. He talks to her and looks at her as if she's a different person, something that seems to haunt her. They've grown apart, barely showing any physical affection.
At Lawton, Nick and John see that the settlement is large, larger than anything they've come across so far. They have large walls, farms, livestock, freshly constructed buildings, and people. Anxious to get to his wife, John meets with the mastermind behind it all: Virginia. But unlike the show, she's a genuinely kind woman. She really does want the best for people, and after some deliberation, John finally gets to see his wife. She explains that during her own supply run, she ran into the Pioneers needing help. She did, and they invited her to join. She left a note for John, telling him where to find her, but a massive herd forced them to leave early. It's a joyous moment and something that deeply saddens Nick, reminding him of Luciana.
Until he hears a voice, "Nick?" He turns around and sees Luciana standing behind him! They embrace, and she tells some story about how she found these communities. She apologizes for ever leaving him and promises to never do it again. And after this moment, Nick asks her to be his wife. She says yes, and he couldn't be happier.
Two weeks later, Madison, Travis, Alycia, and Strand are escorted to Lawton, where they reunite with Nick. He explains what happened, and in a seemingly hopeful moment, a wedding is held. Nick and Luciana get married, and all the while Madison plots.
After five or six months, we see how the family has gotten used to this way of life. Nick and Luciana are happy and working together, Strand has become a high-ranking Pioneer, Alycia has become a rather skilled doctor, Travis has settled down with Madison (though they're still very distant), working the fields next to a small cabin, and John and his wife work as rangers. Life is good. It's peaceful. With all the communities working together, it can seem like anything is possible. But Madison isn't happy. She doesn't trust any of it. And neither does Strand. She believes that at any second, a revolt will happen. An enemy group will rise up. She feels the Pioneers are too trusting, too hopeful. She wants to keep her family safe, and she doesn't think Virginia can.
One day, a community-wide meeting is called, where all the heads of the communities will come together to discuss general going-ons and plans for the future. All the heads come to meet in an old courthouse, including Strand. That day, Madison asks Virginia to meet, and she raises her issues: how they are too trusting, and a severe lack of top-down control. Virginia assures her that those things will happen--in time, but not to rush them. Madison asks her if she will ever actually make those changes, and Virginia pauses before Madison then pulls a gun and shoots Virginia in the head. As soon as the shot rings out, Strand leaves the main courtroom where all the heads of communities are, locks the doors, and starts a fire. In mere minutes, the entire courthouse is in flames, and everyone inside is dead.
Immediately, there is chaos, as people think it was an attack. Madison steps up, explaining that Virginia was killed, and the fire was started by anarchists. Strand then grabs a random man and drags him up to the stage where Madison stands. After making up some story about the man, she asks the people if the anarchist should live, and there is a resounding and furious flurry of "no's". She pulls out her pistol and executes the man to the horror of Travis, Nick, and John.
At night, Madison meets with John, as he's become a high-ranking ranger. He knows that that man was innocent, but Madison seems to have no remorse. She explains very calmly that he's going to help contain the chaos, or she will kill his wife. To his shock, Madison waits for a response. He finally sputters out that he'll help. She lets him go back home, knowing he'll do whatever she wants.
Then, she goes home to Travis, who's distraught. He knows everything that happened was staged, and that Strand was helping plan it from the beginning. He's enraged, but Madison remains calm, explaining that everything she did was to protect her family. Travis is beyond shocked, exclaiming that everything that was happening was protecting her family. She looks at him, cold as ice, and tells him that he's not her family. He's not blood. Nick and Alycia are all that matter to her. Travis is horrified and heartbroken--too stunned to speak. She walks over to him and explains that if all he is is against her, he's a danger to her family. She then grabs a nearby knife and stabs him in the gut. She looks away from his eyes as he gasps for air, and as she twists the knife deeper into his stomach. She rips the knife out and he collapses on the floor, dying. She watches him suffer, and just like that, both Travis and the Madison we knew, are dead.
TLDR: Madison and Co follow a good-hearted cowboy named John Dorie into Colorado in search of his wife. After a few altercations with this group's settlements, John reunites with his wife and Nick reunites with Luciana. Months later, Madison and Strand enact a plot to seize control of power. Madison kills Virginia, and Strand lights a building aflame with all head of communities inside. Madison then threatens John into working for her, and she kills Travis.
Season 6
"Travis was killed by the anarchists." That's the lie that's told. The one spread around. At his funeral, Nick is devastated, barely able to hold it together as he gives a speech. John is silent, suspecting that Madison is the one who killed him. She knows that he knows, but she doesn't care. She cries at the funeral. But just for a moment.
Thanks to John's help, the communities have calmed down. Order has been re-established. Madison and Strand have taken up leadership of the Pioneers, but they quickly ditch the key logos and outfits. The rangers are trained to be merciless--gone are the days of trusting new people. A new rule is established: kill on site. Thanks to this, the communities are stronger than ever. John lives in perpetual fear of Madison, worried that at any moment she'll claim his wife is a member of the Anarchists, and have her killed. In order to avoid this, he becomes a vital tool for Madison, doing anything she says.
Nick is deep in grief, numb to his now wife and the outside world...until Luciana breaks wonderful news: she's pregnant. Nick is shocked, but excited--ready to be the father his dad never was.
In the meantime, Madison uses John to round up people who would stand against her, and after planting evidence and calling them Anarchists, she has them executed. Her family and community is secure. It looks like no one can stand in her way--except one woman: Luciana. Now pregnant and fearful of the dangerous new woman in control of Lawton, she wants to leave with Nick. He argues that they need to stay, it's his mother after all, and that they can't keep running forever. But she sees the danger.
That night, Nick and Alycia and hanging out together when he proudly tells her Luciana is pregnant. Alycia is really happy for him, until Nick tells her that he's decided he's going to leave Lawton with her after she gives birth. At the same time, Madison goes to Nick's home and meets with Luciana. She plays up the whole "sympathetic mother figure" deducing rather quickly that Luciana is pregnant. Luciana then tells her that they'll be leaving soon, much to the dismay of Madison. She soon leaves once Nick returns, not acting as if she knows about the pregnancy and their plans.
The next day John offers to take Nick down to one of their outermost communities, a few days ride. He accepts, feeling on top of the world. At that time, a group of armed Rangers burst into Nick's home, searching the entire place. Luciana is confused, but she is quickly tackled to the ground. Then, they find what they're searching for: the same knife used to kill Travis. Dragged out of her home, she's thrown into a holding cell.
A few hours out from Lawton, John struggles with the immense guilt of something. Nick asks him what's wrong, and he finally explains that Strand told him to take Nick out of town for a few days while something happened. Fearing something really bad is going to happen, Nick races back to Lawton, with the help of John.
The knife is supposedly the one that killed Travis, and Luciana is scheduled for a public execution that same day. At the time of the execution, Luciana is brought up on the gallows, in front of public of view, and Strand gives a speech about order and safety. Madison is absent. Nick reaches the main gates, but is temporarily blocked. Using sheer adrenaline and channeling Travis, he fights off the two guards and races to the center of town to see Luciana, noose around her neck. He screams for them to stop, but with the crank of a lever, the trapdoor falls, and Luciana suffocates to death. Nick can't do anything as he falls over, weeping, saying, "She's pregnant...she's pregnant..." Alycia comes running from the Infirmary, unaware of what's happening. John finally makes it to the town square, and using his crackshot aim, shoots Luciana down. But it's too late. For whatever the reason, she turned fast, and John walks over and quietly puts an end to her reanimated self.
Nick is completely broken now. He lays in a ball on the ground, unable to move. Alycia attempts to comfort him, but he pushes her away. John walks over to him, attempting to apologize or make what he did right, but Nick snaps. Grabbing a knife off of Alycia, he stabs John is the gut, and begins to beat his face in. Alycia tries to stop him, but Nick kicks her away as he takes swing after swing, beating John nearly to death. Nick then stops, grabs John's rifle, and screams for Strand. Strand, still standing on the gallows, attempts to duck as Nick fires at him, hitting him in the shoulder with a bullet. Nicks keeps firing, until his gun clicks empty. He stands, surrounded by Rangers and civilians.
He's locked in a cell, fists bloody and eyes empty. Madison comes to the cell, trying to play innocence, until Nick grabs her by the throat. He squeezes, a fire lit behind his eyes. All the pieces fit together now. Everything. He begins to laugh hysterically, realizing it was his own mother who killed his pregnant wife. " actually thought I would what--just fall back into your own arms? Be your own little "Nicky' again!?" He tightens his grip, but he's too good a man. He can't do it. He releases her, utterly defeated. Madison leaves, telling Strand that he'll come around.
A long time later, months, years, we're not sure--somehow, Nick is out of the cell. It's wintertime in Colorado, and he's living in the wilderness now, sporting much longer hair and a beard. Using tricks he learned while in Mexico and from Travis, he lives as a nomad. But no matter how far he travels, he's still hunted by the Pioneers.
In a flashback, we see that is was Strand who let Nick out of the cell. Nick just about kills him, but seeing the guilt Strand feels, Nick decides to just leave. He's quiet and stealthy, just stealing one of Travis' jackets and a machete. But before he leaves, he sneaks to Alycia, and pleads with her to come with him. She refuses, deciding to stay with Madison. He's sad, but he doesn't stick around. He climbs over one of the walls, and slips away.
In the present, we follow Nick as he lives in the woods of Colorado. He's almost completely silent, barely even grunting. He dispatches walkers with ease, and because of Travis, he knows how to live purely off the land alone. He's almost unrecognizable. One day, while cooking a rabbit, two Pioneers come across him on horseback. They dismount, holding him up at gunpoint, and tell him that he's going to return to Lawton with them. He doesn't speak as he pulls out his machete and cleaves one of the Pioneers' arms off. The man screams in agony as Nick impales the other one mercilessly. He kills the second man, then turns and grabs the other man's rifle. He checks its ammo, slings it across his back, and begins to raise his machete at the first Pioneer--before the man begins to weep. He begins blubbering about his wife, how they have a child on the way. Nick lowers his blade, wipes the blood on his sleeve, and sheathes it. The Pioneer begs for bandage, medicine, anything, but Nick just leaves, saying, "Tell her to stop coming after me."
The problem for Nick is that, essentially, he's trapped. Because of the thirteen-community network Madison now controls, he's surrounded, on all sides, by people attempting to capture him. It miles of land, sure, but not something easily escaped. So he's done what little he can--evade the larger search parties, and deal with the smaller pairs of rangers he encounters.
His new plan is to head farther north, hopefully into Wyoming or Montana. So for an episode he heads north, evading capture.
At the same time, Madison continues to rule the communities with an iron fist. But there's a problem: people have been disappearing from within the communities. Alicia has matured over this time, taking up a leadership position under her mother. She's an advocate for letting Nick go, but Madison can't. Strand still works for her, though he has become more brazen after his secret releasing of Nick. Madison suspects it was him who did it, but she waits to act. John has become the head of tracking Nick down, but he does his job in a way that slows down the process.
Madison calls him in for a meeting, and explains that his new mission will be discovering where her citizens are going. Thankful to be off of Nick, he accepts.
Nick makes his way to the furthermost community after days of travel, called "The Lanes". Sneaking past guards and the occasional walker, he makes it to Colorado border, and stops. He feels horribly guilty for leaving his sister with his mother, and he can't seem to shake the feeling. Then, he sees something odd: a small group of civilians sneaking out of the Lanes. He watches them, then decides to follow. After traveling deeper into the woods than he's gone before, he stumbles upon the civilians destination: The Copse.
An idyllic home deep in the Colorado woods, Nick is greeted by an old eccentric man: Teddy. Teddy is kind and wise, offering to take Nick's weapons, as he won't need them there. Nick cautiously obliges, and after a few days, falls in love with the place. Everyone who's fled from the communities has come here, and it's perfect. Until John finds it.
With six rangers vs an entire commune, Nick prepares for battle. But Teddy tells him to stop, and to let happen what needs to happen. Confused by his order, he steps down. John sees the place, and realizes that this is what the communities can be. He decides not to tell Madison about the commune, and he returns to his wife, and they leave together in secret.
After more drama and death, Madison stops all her rangers from looking for Nick, and switches the mission to finding this rumored commune. Nick catches wind of this, and warns Teddy that this is coming. Teddy refuses to arm, but Nick circumvents this by talking to the people of the commune. He finally steps into a position of leadership, rallying the citizens into protecting what they have. The citizens come together and form a fighting force, right as the first Rangers arrive.
It's a bloody battle, but the Rangers are defeated. Nick realizes that the people cannot defeat 13 communities, but they can convert them. After more fights, persuading, and uprising, nearly half of all the communities have rallied under Nick against Madison and her army.
Eager to get out from under her thumb of oppression, people from within Lawton begin to revolt. Madison, of course, shuts this down--brutally beating anyone who stands against her. Alicia sees now that her mother is truly gone, and begins to communicate with Nick, planning a final stand.
After weeks of fighting and plotting, it all comes to a head. All of Nick's forces, now seven communities, rally together to charge, all at once, to Madison's six community army stationed at Lawton. Strand, however, attempts to sabotage Madison's army by destroying their ammo reserves. He's caught, tortured for his involvement in the civil war, and in one final act of brutality by Madison, beheaded in view of both her own and Nick's armies.
On this, both sides clash, resulting in a massive firefight. Hundreds are killed between the two groups, and in the end, Lawton is in flames and Nick is within Madison's home. They fight, and it's brutal and hard to watch as we see our once mother and son duo trade blows. Nick finally gets the upper hand, and a mortally wounded Madison makes one last remark, "I kept you and Alicia safe. I did that no matter what. I tried to keep us all together..." Nick shakes his head. "You tore us apart Mom. I love you, even after what you did to us. To me. But this can't go on."
Madison hears these words, and sheds a tear. Nick looks away as Madison Clark dies. Nick leaves the house, teary-eyed, and explains what happened to the people. The war is ended. The Communities are reunited.
A few weeks later, Nick and Alicia share one last moment together--embracing at Lawton's gates. Alicia has become the leader of these communities, and peace has now truly been established. But Nick can't stay. The memories here haunt him. He's decided to leave. Go north. He shares one last goodbye to everyone he's met over the past years, and he departs, once again alone and on the road.
TLDR: After a brutal betrayal by Madison, Nick leaves Lawton. After a long time spent in the woods, he finds a new home: a peaceful commune. but realizing his mother will never stop searching for him, he rallies together the people of the commune and half of all the others. After betrayals, beheadings, and losses. The war is ended, and peace returns to the Colorado Communities. Nick decides to leave, and he's once again alone on the road.
I know that this was a long read, and I appreciate all of those who did. A few parts need work, but overall, this is a very rough draft for how I would have handled Fear.
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2023.06.07 03:39 darktideDay1 A near Deadwood experience

As a young man, mid/late 1980's I was in San Francisco and an old geezer in a beat to hell muscle car nearly hit me as I was starting across the intersection. I started to give him some guff about watch where you are going old man, that sort of thing. He rolled down the window, pointed to his crotch and then bellowed "Speak into the mic, cocksucker!" and then, cackling gleefully, stamped on the gas and left me in a cloud of tire smoke laughing hysterically.
Crazy old fucker should have been cast in Deadwood. He was a natural for sure.
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2023.06.07 03:39 Bruhmoment498 How to actually detangle hair??

So as the title asks, how do i actually detangle my hair? I know the basics of it, like getting hair wet applying conditioner and then brushing it out, but i can’t add conditioner to my hair every damn day as it makes it greasy fast between wash days. My hair looks fantastic on wash days,but the next morning its nearly ruined. Now i can refresh my curls by just adding water or maybe some leave in/curl cream when i wake up, but it’s just not as good as it is on wash days when i can completely detangle. So if i don’t want to completely wet my hair and condition and all that the next morning when refreshing hair, how do i detangle?? Somebody please help me out here 😭😭.
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2023.06.07 03:38 houseofmops Struggling with controller upgrade options, DDJ-800 vs FLX10

So I have been DJing for about 2 years at this point, beginning with a DDJ-200 that I got for free from a friend, and eventually moving up to a Numark Mixstream Platinum FX after about 8 months. After using Numark for about a year and a half, I've begun to see why the brand can get an unpopular reputation. Glitches with Serato, delays on the jog wheels, and faders are among the issues. Now I recently got hired as a resident DJ for my college town's largest club, which has a DJM A9 paired with 2 CDJ-3000's. So I've begun looking to upgrade back into the Pioneer ecosystem, with something that has XLR outputs. With that being said, I'm stuck between the DDJ-800 and an FLX-10, as used DDJ-1000s are going for roughly 1300 near me. My main question is for those who have a 4 channel, two-deck controller. How often do you use the extra 2 channels? I'm worried about shelling out the extra $750 for the FLX-10 will end up as a bad financial choice seeing as I've heard from multiple people that using the extra two channels on a two-deck controller can be super tricky, and many opt not to use them at all. Obviously, there are other features that are missing from the DDJ-800 in comparison, however, the features that it comes with are all I feel is needed, and maybe even more than you need to make a proper mix. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.07 03:38 Anxious-Zucchini3926 Indoor air purifier - how necessary?

Hi all - I live in Montreal where the smog from QC forest fires has prompted a “stay inside of possible” advisory due to a high concentration of air particulates. In some regions of greater MTL, schools were advised to keep the children inside, and predictions are not great for the summer in general regarding the fires.
I recognize that I have been pretty high-anxiety for the past couple of weeks, but I’ve been thinking✨ a lot ✨ about an indoor air purifier, and if I’m being a terrible, ignorant mother by not having one in the house. Given this year’s inflation, I’m not excited about adding another very pricey purchase to our shopping list but ultimately, health is health, and I have a 9 month old baby at home.
So, I’m reaching out for some perspectives and opinions - all thoughts and evidence welcome.
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2023.06.07 03:38 ThrowRATwistedWeb Update to "I'm just so tired of saying no."

The tag is not wholly accurate, because this an SO problem. We need a "JustSOThings" tag.
I kept my distance for an entire day and night. I didn't talk to him except to let him know I was staying out late and skipping dinner (stress killed my appetite). I've thought a lot about divorce. I've considered the logistics. It isn't off my mind, if I am honest.
I stayed a little late at work today because the thought of coming home made me physically ill, which made me even more upset because this is my home.
I came home and avoided both DH and SS8, holing up the bedroom. After SS8 was put to bed, DH asked to talk. While he did apologize, he kept trying to circle back to blaming HCBM. Don't get me wrong, she's a pestilential cancerous tumor - but he was the one who made her my problem. I kept bringing him back to that point. It was his choices and his behavior that is the problem here. That it honestly felt like 3 vs 1 and now I can't even stand to be in the same room as them. I felt so fucking bullied and not because he was angry or violent or anything, but because he wanted me to shoulder the burden of his ex and kept trying to guilt me into just giving in. Because I've been trying so fucking hard with SS and the minute he's sad about his deadbeat mom, he blames me (though this is via HCBM so maybe she's convoluting it but he HAS complained about me fairly recently so I don't really doubt it). I get that I'm the easy scapegoat, but that doesn't make it hurt less. Doesn't make me less uncomfortable and sad.
I said both of them were bad examples for SK because they both disregarded me saying "no" over and over and over until I lost my cool and insulted her in SK's hearing range. Mostly I said "I'm not giving in to her fucking tantrums." I also added that SS needs therapy so he can handle his big feelings. DH pretty much instantly rejected this because that would be admitting his son might need additional help. Idk. Whatever.
He claims he had a follow up convo with her yesterday where he argued on my behalf a lot, but idk. It doesn't matter. I'm looking at actions, and quite frankly I think arguing with her is just pointless.
He said he will pursue custody. We will see. I said we absolutely need marriage counseling and he has agreed. He then tried to cuddle me and I told him I didn't want that, that right now I don't want him near me and right now I don't trust or respect him.
Maybe I'm bad at giving up, but we will attend marriage counseling and see where that gets us. If it doesn't work, then I know I've done my best. But if anyone is wondering if they should enter the stepparent world, I wholeheartedly advise you to steer clear.
I've also told him I'm not handling SK stuff for the rest of this week and I have to drive to the beach for work tomorrow and I'm gonna try to make it into a weekend thing. I need space.
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2023.06.07 03:37 newlife201764 Grocery stores

Where are people grocery shopping these days? I am so tired of the half-stocked. Filthy Kroger near me.
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2023.06.07 03:36 FaroPestControl Should I count clicks as conversions in this scenario?

Hello and thank you in advance for any help.
So basically I run a pest control company and my Ads are doing great but I currently have conversion tracking on button clicks on my website, just so you know my button on my website has my phone number.
So what I’ve noticed is that most people that click threw to my website call me but they don’t tap the button they see that number and type it in manually and call or text me. Pest control is an emergency type service so most people don’t shop around much they find me and call right away that’s how I know and I also ask them.
So my question is, should I just use page views as my primary campaign conversion goal as well as my buttons? Would you recommend page views as my primary campaign conversion goal and my buttons as my secondary goal?
My overall goal is to set it up for max conversions but I’m not getting enough conversion data currently because of this reason although it’s happening just not being recorded by google because rather then a button click it’s a manual phone number entry.
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2023.06.07 03:36 Dice134 Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers
Was doing a ruins rush and had nearly 10 terrorbeaks ob me
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2023.06.07 03:36 AccurateWriter7206 Harmony of the Seas 1st time cruiser questions

My son and I will be going on our first cruise in March of 2024 (during spring break week). He will have just turned 3 (by 3 weeks). All help is appreciated. 1. Do they have kid friendly sized dishes in areas like the windjammer? 2. What excursions would be fun for a 3 year old in Costa Maya and Cozumel? He loves animals. We are going to the Daniel Johnson sloth and monkey farm in Roatan. 3. Should I take his strollecar seat on excursions? 4. Looking at some of the excursions, it shows children under a certain age are free. Then it says infants must sit in lap. My son will be 3, (and free), Would he need to sit in my lap being transported? 5. What activities like slides, mini golf, zip lining, etc would be suitable for a 3 year old if any? 6. In the souvenir shop, about how much do Christmas ornament/stuffed animal cost? 7.About how many crew members will we interact with during our cruise? I want to bring thank you cards for them. 8.Does harmony still have an escape room? If so, can you reserve it online? 9.Are cruise compasses consistent as far as activities offered? For example if I look at a cruise compass for March 2023, would it be similar for March 2024 same ship. 10. Can he attend some of the shows with me? Im thinking the water shows, the magic show, and the ice skating shows.
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