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2023.06.07 07:41 czarpink tips and strategies to stop paranoia?

I have moderate to bad anxiety that makes me extremely paranoid. I consumed too much “true crime” content sophomore year and now I’m terrified that I’m being watched or that my house will get broken into. I refuse to go into my kitchen at night because we have a giant window that looks into a pitch black yard and I sometimes can’t turn the home security system on because my parents like to leave the door to the yard in their room open for the breeze/outdoor ambiance. I DREAD being home alone and I’m constantly looking over my shoulder. It’s worse in public, I’m always scared that I’m being followed or that someone will assault me. I keep myself protected, but that doesn’t stop the paranoia. The second I get scared I freeze up, can’t think, and immediately feel like ten pounds heavier and like throwing up.
I tried researching a little bit but most content discussing how to deal with paranoia seem to be aimed towards those with delusions or who struggle with thinking something is out to get them. My problem is is that my brain will latch onto an impulsive, paranoid thought and instead of going away the fear I experience gets worse.
For example, I’m certain it was just a neighbor doing yard work but yesterday I heard thumping on the side of my house, now I’m terrified that someone is watching me in the ceiling. It’s just stuff like that, it’d driving me insane and I’m just always scared. Please help.
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2023.06.07 07:41 Idkcantthink2929 Is it illegal to keep a store open and employees working after a customer pooped all through out the store? Since human Feces can be hazardous? (Literally from the entrance all the way to the bathroom in the back)

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2023.06.07 07:41 Visible-Taste2804 My boyfriend (33m) and I (33f) are at a “standstill” right now - he’s scared to commit because he’s scared I’m going to break his heart - I’m nervous about staying because I’m scared he’ll never commit.

TLDR - he’s scared to commit because he’s scared I’m going to leave him/hurt him. He’s going to be vulnerable with the wrong girl again. I’m a lil scared about staying right now because I’m worried he’ll never commit and I’m wasting time on the wrong guy again. Any advice on leaving/staying how it’s worked out for you or not - I’m all ears. I want to stay I’m just so scared I’m fucking up again.
Disclaimer, Every conversation we’ve had has been well resolved and he’s created a really safe space to talk. We’re both actively in therapy and want to be better 🤷🏼‍♀️
I had some jealousy issues over social media stuff - he was traveling, I messed up and texted about it when we should have talked about it in person - it created a ton of distance between us - it was a really anxiety filled week. He had close to no cell reception and we couldn’t even get in a phone call. We both struggle with anxiety. We’ve been dating about 10 months.
When he got back, (about two weeks ago) I apologized and realized I was wrong. The texting thing and Originally, I asked him to post about me on social more but I realized this wasn’t actually me talking or my personal truth. It was a bandaid to a deeper issue. I deleted my social accounts from my phone because I’m actually way happier without them. It’s not good for my mental health right now. All of my friends are couple-y, it feels like there’s a new engagement every week, some post “look how happy we are” posts even though they’re miserable, and I get bombarded on my home page with stuff like “6 signs he’s cheating, 7 things to get him to love you, 8 signs he’s the one, 7 things guys hate, 8 red flags you have, 7 green flags” etc. it’s exhausting and I realized I’d rather spend my time on my creative endeavors - idk what social is doing for me 🤷🏼‍♀️.
Then I decided to say I love you last night. 🤦🏼‍♀️😩 The last couple of months, I really wanted to hear I love you and just went for it last night. He was slow to make me his girlfriend but he did make it exclusive after 6 weeks, I told him I needed a girlfriend title in January - he was down. It was scary for him though - even though we were pretty much there - the title felt really vulnerable to him - he was messed up by two exes. 🤷🏼‍♀️
I decided to say I love you last night because I’ve felt it for a while, and I stupidly thought maybe if I just said how I felt it would help explain why I had anxiety about some stuff. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Idk. It did give him a place to fully open up about where he’s at. He just explained how scared he was when traveling that we were going to break up and now for me to say I love him just feels like a lot. (ALSO BECAUSE IT IS! idk what I was thinking. 🫠😩😭) He said it’s not that he doesn’t love me, he does, but saying it openly and having that openness is just too much and vulnerable for him. He doesn’t feel safe to be that vulnerable with me but he can see it in our future and he wants to get there/he’s trying to get there.
I just knew he wasn’t going to say it back and tried to prep myself. I just wanted this out of the way because it had me so preoccupied- I just want to focus on myself. This stuff is hard. I know I have to love myself but gosh I just want so bad sometimes. 😭 that connection and openness, and having a life partner - it just sounds so nice. I like specific things about him - not just the idea of him or being in love - just so we’re clear. Which is part of why it aches so bad.
I don’t have a mom, dad, siblings, or my grandparents. I have an incredible group of friends - some like siblings. I just want something nice - that feels easy. This felt easy, until it didn’t. 😞 I also know by now life isn’t “fair” - and just accept it.
Anyways, I’m trying my best to hang in there but coming home and having dinner by myself tonight - 😭 I just felt kind of sad and crushed. I probably should have gone out with some friends. It felt foreboding but honestly, even writing out “foreboding” - that’s just a story and doesn’t have to be true. 🤷🏼‍♀️
I spent years waiting for my ex to come around - be open - be vulnerable - but he wasn’t willing to put in the work. I’m scared about waiting for this guy. This current guy was vulnerable with the wrong girls and is now scared to be vulnerable with me.
He isn’t dismissive like my ex- he’s in therapy and is miles healthier. He’s been very consistent with communication and he’s put forth a ton of effort showing up every way he can with what he’s capable of.
He said he needs to talk to his therapist and just figure out what he wants. I’m also almost 34. what if he never comes around and it’s just another year wasted with the wrong dude? I really want to have kids at 37/38.
This is the first time I feel like I can be myself around someone, bring stuff up safely, and have candid conversations. I’m scared of trusting myself to maintain being open and honest while I’m waiting for him to figure out if I’m going to be the one to be the one to be vulnerable with. I’ve never felt more confident in resolving issues with someone … until today I guess 😩
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2023.06.07 07:40 zavierowen Trezors

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2023.06.07 07:40 oodlesofnewdles [OC] 'Keeping Machi' - An Old Yandere Story About The Girl You Saved Wanting to Be Your Wife (Old concept art with a story summary in the text! TW for Abuse Mention! I just wanted to get this out there, lol. Maybe one day I'll revisit and revamp this story. Maybe even make small comics. *shrugs*)

[OC] 'Keeping Machi' - An Old Yandere Story About The Girl You Saved Wanting to Be Your Wife (Old concept art with a story summary in the text! TW for Abuse Mention! I just wanted to get this out there, lol. Maybe one day I'll revisit and revamp this story. Maybe even make small comics. *shrugs*)
The son of someone important in a criminal organization had an infatuation with his 'best friend' (victim), Machi, who's trans. The older they got, the more controlling he became, until he had Machi pretty much locked up in an apartment room for whenever he wanted to visit. She was there for a year, biding her time until there was finally a chance to run away. Naked, bruised but determined, she ran to the parking complex and pleaded for help to the first and only car she could see with someone inside.
Y/N had finalized the papers to move out of the apartment complex, they'd already moved into another town a long drive away and was just visiting one last time to say goodbye to people. Seeing Machi appear out of nowhere startles them, but they comply with opening the doors, letting them in and pretty much flooring it into the dark streets. Y/N is terrified, but any mention of the police has Machi begging not to turn her in, please. Y/N is stumped and suggests stopping somewhere to talk but Machi insists they just keep driving. To take her any other town but here, far away.
Y/N can feel they've just gotten involved in something, but they figure they're already this deep and the girl could really use some help. If she's that scared of the authorities… maybe it's for a reason. They keep driving as Y/N had planned anyways, eventually, they have to stop and Y/N gives Machi clothes, then they make it to Y/N's new town. Neither of them know what to do next, Machi is still in shock. Y/N decides to let her stay with them for now, and slowly, slooowly over months, the two get to know each other. Machi gets to feel comfortable for the first time. She's free.
I wouldn't really focus on the abuse stuff, but I feel it's important to address it first because what I wanted with the story is something slice-of-life-y that'd show Machi's slow progression with healing, feeling comfortable with her life, and understanding what love looks like. She's awkward but eager. She's never worked, never done any chores, and a stranger has taken her in out of sheer kindness. She feels like she has to really prove herself and keeps trying at housework until she gets stuff right. And she likes it. She enjoys feeling like she's helping, like she's needed. She loves learning new tips and new recipes to be able to impress you with how orderly she keeps things. She's always seeking praise.
She's terrified of leaving the apartment, and goes through a whole journey of holding your hand and taking baby steps to interact with the outside world. She's also terrified of people, but to her surprise, the town you moved into is very welcoming and understanding. The old lady next door especially has an intuition that clues her in to some of what Machi's gone through, and she tries to get involved. Machi has not only you to turn to anymore, after a while. But still,
After bringing her so much comfort and care, and after months (to maybe another year) of her cooped up only in your apartment together, you are her whole world. She was initially very shy, but over time, she becomes really aggressive with bridging gaps physically; as soon as she feels like she wants to hold hands she will. Same with cuddles, 'platonic' kisses and anything you let her get away with. Small victories for her as she is trying so hard to make things official. It's not all cute stuff, though. There are weird rituals she's taken to doing; love spells, incantations, messing around with fluids, she's willing to do a lot to be able to feel closer to you. To be able to have you confess and become hers in the ways that matter.
Really truly, equally as obsessively in love.
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2023.06.07 07:39 CocaPepsiPepper Long Theory: Shanks Greenbull'd Kaido Before Marineford

Long Theory: Shanks Greenbull'd Kaido Before Marineford
The title is only slightly clickbait-y but let me cook.
To start, we know for a fact that Shanks and Kaido met prior to Marineford in the New World.
The Main Evidence
According to King's vivre card, King came with Kaido but was stopped by the Red Haired Pirates. This confirms that Shanks was with his crew, and that King was with Kaido, but nothing is mentioned of Queen or anyone else so it can be reasonably assumed that Kaido and King alone were up against the Red Hair Pirates in this scuffle. The anime supplements this saying there was indeed a conflict that happened, even if it was a small one. The result of this scuffle was that Kaido was stopped.
2 years later:
Roof Piece
Kaido thinks of 5 strong pirates capable of fighting him. Shanks is counted among these five. Now who are the other four, and what have they done to get Kaido's respect, which is obviously based around strength?
Well, to start, we have the three strongest pirates in history: Rocks D. Xebec, the Pirate King Gol D. Roger and Edward Newgate.
The Kings of Eras
Kaido was a freak even as a teen, but Rocks brought him under his wing, just another strong member of Captain Rocks' great Pirate Crew. Rocks is an absolute menace who only lost when he fought Roger and Garp at God Valley, presumably with the Roger Pirates in tow. Up to that point, Rocks was the name of the era, and implications to date imply that he was every bit as strong as Roger was, and undoubtedly stronger than Kaido at that time.
After the Rocks Pirates disbanded, Roger just kept rising and rising until he eventually became the Pirate King. The very first panel of the series speaks of Roger's power, and every old legend is held to his standard, so it is abundantly clear that Roger was at the peak of power among pirates. During Roger's era, Kaido had started to take over Wano, and other than that, his exploits with big name pirates between God Valley and Roger's death aren't that well known. We can reasonably assume that Kaido was never at his peak when Roger was around and that he at least saw Roger's power first hand on God Valley.
With the end of Roger came the Golden Age of Pirates, where people wanted the One Piece but ultimately didn't stand a chance because Whitebeard was still around, sitting in front of the throne, the de facto Pirate King who didn't care for the title. Renowned as the World's Strongest, the aging and sick Whitebeard was the king of the seas until he came to Marineford and died at the hands of the Marines and Blackbeard Pirates, bringing in the New Age with his final words. Kaido was in Wano this entire age except for some expeditions, but it's unlikely that he ever fought Whitebeard after Roger's death since Whitebeard was known to have been quiet before Marineford. Only after Whitebeard's death was the throne truly open for the taking.
Whitebeard's legend
Because of this, I call Rocks, Roger and Whitebeard the Kings of Eras. From Rocks' reign to Whitebeard's death, there was a clear top dog, and only after they all died was a true free for all able to take place in the world. It's abundantly clear that their raw strength, regardless of their crews, is on a completely separate level from any other pirate, including Kaido. All three of these Kings are above Kaido and enjoy a comfortable spot in Kaido's "top 5," likely due not only to their legendary reputations but the strength that Kaido knew they had, as he was personally familiar with them all up to at least God Valley.
The fourth pirate Kaido thinks of is the samurai, Oden. As far as we know, Kaido only ever had one single fight with Oden, which resulted in Kaido gaining his first ever scar, and then the fight was interrupted. Even if it's clear that Oden is not on the same level as the aforementioned pirates, he still managed to leave this much of an impression on Kaido through the damage he was able to inflict in their one fight. Even in his prime, Kaido held as much respect for Oden's strength as he did back when they fought, and we know Kaido doesn't respect Oden as a person.
Oden's final stand
Now just to recap, we know, or can reasonably assume, that some of the things influencing Kaido's respect of these people are
  • Reputation: Roger, Whitebeard and Rocks all had insane reputations that surpass Kaido's own
  • Fights: Kaido has an on screen fight with Oden where he was scarred and likely fought the other three pirates (at least Roger and Whitebeard) at some point in his life
  • Strength: Other than direct fights, we know that Kaido laid witness to all four of these people's strengths personally
And these factors have resulted in Kaido's "top 5" so far consisting of the three strongest pirates to ever do it, and the first man to scar Kaido.
Now we come to the fifth pirate: Shanks. And how is Kaido's relationship with Shanks? We know that Shanks had a billion-berry bounty when he met Luffy and that he became an Emperor 6 years prior to the events of Wano. Shanks was only a kid when Roger died, and during his rise, Kaido had already killed Oden and established his full control of Wano. Kaido left Wano periodically but not for long at a time. The only confirmed meeting that Shanks and Kaido ever had was the one prior to Marineford, which is consistent with the fragile power balance. We are not made aware of any prior or later meetings besides the one in the Marineford arc. Despite this, Kaido still has Shanks in his "top 5."
Is this because of reputation? Unlikely, because, as many are quick to point out, Shanks is not one of the "World's Strongest" title holders. So, unless Shanks is in the list for a separate reason entirely, his placing in that list is almost definitely due to that meeting where Shanks stopped him. But it's also important to note that, by Wano, Kaido was saying he was having the first serious fight of his life in a long time, implying that whatever happened with Shanks that impressed Kaido so much still didn't require Kaido to exert himself, at least not in a one-on-one battle.
This is TCB's translation; I don't have the official on me
This fight was against Luffy. Specifically, a non-Gear 4th, pre-Gear 5th Luffy, who is obviously weaker than Shanks. So it seems that Shanks impressed Kaido without actually fighting him 1 on 1, but it's also clear that Kaido wouldn't respect Shanks if the majority of his strength came from his crew, especially when the lowest standard of comparison here is Oden, who scarred Kaido.
That's actually an important note. Oden scarred Kaido, Shanks didn't. And just giving Kaido a scar on its own isn't enough to be in that list, unless we want to put Zoro up there with Whitebeard. Oden showed parity with Kaido in combat and gave him a relatively massive scar. Yet Shanks, the rival of the World's Strongest Swordsman, gave Kaido no known scar and still got in that elite class of respect.
If Shanks wanted to scar Kaido, he DEFINITELY could have
Everything so far has established the following timeline:
  1. The Red Haired Pirates engage Kaido and King in a small-scale battle
  2. Kaido is driven away without a scar and without having fought a serious one-on-one duel
  3. Two years later, Shanks is put alongside Oden and the Kings
What exactly did Shanks do?
I believe that Shanks did pretty much exactly what he did against Greenbull.
The Haki of Red Haired Shanks
First off, compare the situations. Greenbull was a third party coming into Wano to take on Luffy, and Kaido was a third party going to Marineford to take on Whitebeard. They're definitely similar enough to believe that Shanks reacted the same way.
Second, look at what the technique actually does in Wano. Shanks releases his Haki toward Greenbull, stopping him mid attack and making him exclaim in shock or pain. We then see a sound effect before Greenbull recognizes it as the Red Haired Pirates and Shanks communicates directly with Greenbull from outside of Wano, holding him still the hold time; the Admiral was actually sweating, and eventually he ran away despite having a clear objective.
Now, let's paint a picture of the scene happening before Marineford. Kaido and King are sailing to Marineford when Shanks unleashes his Haki; from what distance, we do not know. Kaido is hit with the Haki and he starts seizing up a bit, stumbling back in his ship, concerned and surprised more than hurt while King starts sweating and shaking. Kaido wonders where the Haki is coming from when Shanks starts communicating with him, telling him something. Perhaps it's a threat, perhaps it's a negotiation around Joy Boy, who knows. The ultimate, relevant point here is that Kaido is getting a first hand taste of the Haki that Shanks possesses, a level of it that surpasses even his own in both raw power and versatility. By the end, Kaido decides to turn back.
This would explain EVERYTHING. Kaido didn't have an actual fight, but there was a conflict that happened where Kaido got to witness Shanks' capability, specifically in the most important of all factors in a fight: Conqueror's Haki. The technique inflicts no injury, so it didn't damage Kaido at all. Depending on the distance that Shanks used it at, it could even explain why he was able to get to Marineford so fast: he was closer to Marineford than he was to Kaido.
I want to be clear that this does not necessarily mean that Kaido was as embarrassed as Greenbull was. Greenbull is a powerhouse as is; if Kaido felt that much Haki coming straight at him, even if it wasn't overwhelming, he'd still be able to easily acknowledge the threat Shanks poses.
But overall, I believe this is the closest explanation for how Shanks dealt with Kaido. If they had a traditional fight, then Shanks would somehow have to impress Kaido without pressuring or scarring him, which could really only mean that he completely dominated Kaido, and I don't think that's consistent. If they had a meeting prior to that where Shanks proved himself, then that only means that a younger version of Shanks than the current one impressed Kaido. And if it's actually based only on reputation, then Shanks must have some insane reputation we are unaware of, which would be consistent with his mysterious Gorosei visits and the respect Sengoku has for him, but even then those aren't necessarily strength related; there's 0 reason for Shanks to be there, but not Mihawk or even Big Mom, based solely on reputation unless there's something we just do not know.


Shanks stopped Kaido through Wi-Fi Haki. I believe this because they're only known meeting was prior to Marineford; Kaido was uninjured and didn't have a serious fight, but he still had Shanks in his "top 5." The logical explanation is that Shanks showed off his strength without fighting Kaido, just like he did against Greenbull.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.07 07:39 OddRip8907 Heat lamp on glass top tank?

I recently purchased an aquarium, I think has been modified, from an expo. The best way I can describe it is a standard 20 gallon, but where the screen lid would go now has plastic opening doors with “drilled-in” ventilation. Im still researching what id like to put in it, but I have concerns for heating. I would like to use it vertically for climbing space, so if there were a heating area it would be on the glass as opposed to the plastic.
I have considered base heating pads as well, I was just wondering if anyone here had experience with glass tops as opposed to a screen lid. If dry heating would be too much of an issue without a screen, this would make a lovely horizontal betta tank with a non-heat emitting aquarium light over the plastic part.
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2023.06.07 07:38 LoudSize7 Giving OCs Some Love Review Exchange

Hey, everyone!
I've been lurking in review exchanges now for the last couple of weeks or so, but now, I get to host one again! I'm so happy to be back. My hiatus went really well. I'm so grateful to have taken the time away to finish my stuff for school. I've submitted my final assessment and am now just waiting for the results.
Hopefully, that goes a lot better than my back is right now. (insert cheeky emoji here)
But anyway, I always planned on hosting a review exchange when my hiatus is over. I was actually thinking of doing a profile exchange, but there's been quite a few of those lately. (Not knocking. I love a good profile exchange.) So, after talking with some friends (special shoutout to u/barewithmehoney), I decided to go with a themed exchange.
So, welcome to an OC-Centric Review Exchange.
Here's how it works. Everyone is allowed to submit up to three (3) chapters/stories where an OC is a key character. It can be from any fandom. It can be a WIP or complete. It just has to have at least one OC who is a key character. (I say a 'key character' because your OC can also be from a story where a canon character is the main character, but the OC plays a significant role.)
Because I'm allowing everyone to submit up to three chapters/stories, this means anyone who participates has to review 3 stories from 3 different authors. Let's spread the love for everyone's OCs. I'm not putting a minimum word requirement on the reviews you post, but please do more than just a generic 'nice work' or emoji. Talk about aspects of the story and/or the OC that you love.
The reason I went three chapters or stories is because I know there are some people out there who include multiple OCs in one story, so you can share up to three chapters of the same story that focuses on a different OC if you want.
When you do your submission, I want you to list your story's title, fandom, rating and warnings (mandatory for anything Mature or Explicit), length, and two summaries. I want you to do a brief summary of your story, but I also want you to introduce us to your OC. Tell us a bit about them. What's their background? What role do they play in your story? What is their link to a canon character (if there is any)? Your explanation can be as spoiler-free or as spoiler-heavy as you want. It's your OC, your call.
Also, as always, there's the same rules that applies with a lot of exchanges here. ConCrit is OPT-IN ONLY. If the author doesn't explicitly say they'll accept ConCrit, don't leave them ConCrit. Everyone else is free to leave their own additional conditions (i.e. 'Please don't say you're from Reddit').
Submissions will be open for the next 48 hours. I'll close submissions 6pm AEST Friday June 9. After that, I'll give everyone until 6pm AEST Monday June 19 to complete the required reviews. That's a ten-day window after submissions close. I hope that will be enough time for everyone, but if something happens during the exchange period, message me and we'll work something out.
I'll do two reminders during this period for those who haven't completed the reviews. I'll do one 72 hours before the deadline and a final one 24 hours before.
I can't wait to see what everyone submits! Let's give everyone's OCs some love!
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2023.06.07 07:38 chubbyxbunni Was my therapist right?

I didn't go to pre-K, I did go to a morning class, but I never went to pre-k. In 1st grade, I went half days, and my mom would take me out in the afternoons. I did go to a homeschooling teacher for a little while, I can't remember how I did. Then, 2nd through 4th grade, I went normally. Then, she took me out to homeschool me, it didn't work out so she stuck me back in later in the year.
I surely fell behind because I couldn't stay focused on my schoolwork at home, that's why my mom put me back in public schooling. Which I'm thankful for. I missed a lot of school through my education years, due to an illness I had which had me vomiting quite frequently. They took me out of class for math because I fell behind, and I had comprehension issues due to my ADHD. I have attention deficits. But, now it's gotten better. In 5th grade towards the end of the year they brought up to my mom they would like to place me on an IEP due to falling behind in a few subjects; Reading and Mathematics.
Fast forward to current time, given I was in an IEP I feel like I'm intellectually or developmentally delayed. I feel like I'm slow, I currently live at home and work in the hospital as a certified nursing assistant. I work full time, but I feel dumb. I pay rent at home even though I'm so bad with money it's insane. I'm impulsive with money especially, I prioritize things badly. I know I'm doing it too, it's just like impulsive. It's weird. I have bad anxiety, social anxiety as well.. anxiety for every situation it seems like. I've gone to therapy for it, because I feel like I'm existing... not living. My therapist says that given that I was able to pass my CNA state certification I'd have to be average or above average in intelligence to even pass it.
I feel like everyone around me knows something is "off". Even though I haven't heard it, I'm sure they talk? I don't really care about anything else anyone has to say BUT the thought of them thinking that I'd be slow or intellectually delayed bothers me. As a kid I walked and talked on time, and passed my childhood milestones. It wasn't ever indicated I was intellectually delayed.
I got employee of the month 2 months being in the hospital, but I've made big mistakes no one got hurt. I've been a CNA 4 years prior. These nurses are my age and younger and they seem so mature. I feel like sometimes I feel dumb and inadequate. I'm quiet, but I want to be smart and an intellectual. They always say how a hard job I do. These nurses hangout and are friends with each other. I feel out of sorts here. There's been times where they come sit by me cause I sit away from them. Do you think they think something is off? They seem to like me and keep me included. THEY are articulate, I think I'm articulate online but offline it's bad.
I don't know if I'm overthinking this?
There's patients that come in with cognitive deficits or intellectual disabilities. I don't act like them, but everytime I hear something along those lines I panic. I worry people think that about me. I worked with adults with intellectual disabilities and it triggered something in me. I had to quit because of it.
I got drunk the other night and said to my friends "I think I'm slow" and they were like "No you arent!" But idk if they say they cause they didn't want to hurt my feelings.
The CNA test is common sense but my therapist said that I'd have to hold an average intelligence.
I still live at home, I'm 26, needing dental work done and now I have to get insurance on my own because I don't have any now. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Is this just anxiety? My one friend said socially I probably have anxiety over. I do have bad social anxiety and I'm quiet. I spend money and sometimes go into overdrafts, I'm bad with money but I know I am and it's an issue. I spend money to be happy, because I'm so sad a lot. I am paying off my car to my mom, I pay rent everyday check to my mom. It's not like I'm living here for free. I would love my own place but I can't afford it.
I feel like at work I'm slow, even though they tell me I do amazing. These nurses are younger and my age and they are so assertive, confident and I more so go with the flow.
I'm pretty quiet, I'm opening up now. I feel like I do stupid shit all the time... and I've been a CNA for a long time.
I went to college for a few weeks, and we took standardized testing to know what classes to place you in due to your education, you know. I didn't do well on it. Idk if it was cause I didn't take my time, or I got distracted easily. I do have ADD. I'm bad with money and everything else.
I just feel like I'm 26 and I have nothing. Absolutely nothing. Dating is nonexistent, which doesn't surprise me. I've always had issues with it. I don't have kids, probably a good thing if I'm low intelligence?
For example, I was working tonight and forgot a patient was NPO. It was a silly mistake she was thirsty and she can have sips with meds. So the nurse said she can't have water. I obviously didn't read the sign that said NPO. And I feel so stupid.
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2023.06.07 07:38 StarkInLostEchoes YouTube Music is coming to Garmin watches
The most full-featured YouTube Music experience today is found on Android and iOS followed by the web. Google is now planning to release more YouTube Music apps and integrations for third-party devices.
Meanwhile, on the wearable front, we’ve learned that a YouTube Music app for Garmin smartwatches is planned. The company makes rugged devices with applications available through the Connect IQ store that already has Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music.
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2023.06.07 07:37 PandaENB I’m lost and seeking advice.

Long Post. I am 21 AMAB, I was practically raised by the internet as I have spent the majority of my life on video games, YouTube, web forums, etc. I am in sort of a bubble.. I don’t have a license, a car, I’ve never had a job, I’ve never had friends, I’ve never been romantically involved with anyone, I’ve never had a night out, my family goes on vacations to different parks yearly, This is probably the only time I get to go somewhere besides a store. I have at least from reading online: severe ADHD, severe depression, severe social anxiety. I struggle with possibly being trans and am attracted to women.
I am an extremely lonely individual.. I have been diagnosed with Autism, depression, and ADHD by a doctor in the past. I just want to note here that I am not suicidal, I have the thoughts nearly every day, multiple times a day but that’s all they are for me, thoughts, it still effects my mood heavily though. These symptoms also appear to line up with bi-polar disorder, though I can’t really tell much myself just by reading a few things. Going off of that I could easily have split personality disorder, and a few other things. I’d need actual professional help to sort what I have out.
I am just mentioning all of this as grounds for well.. My issues currently and why I feel lost. I did not have a good education, some of it is my fault but I also blame others for not helping me more and for having a lot of trouble processing information back then. I often slept through all of my classes online and when I did the work It was ALL guesses. This is from when I started homeschooling (around 1st or 2nd grade I don’t really know how old I even was) to about age 17- I struggled with political and religious thoughts privately. From 16 down, I could have seen myself as a Trump supporter and a phony (struggled with actually believing in anything) christian. At age 16 going into 17 I found myself having some really degenerate thoughts (think incel shit) and it was pretty scary how hate filled I was becoming.
I was able to completely turn my mind around upon nearing age 18. I supported more left-leaning ideas and goals and have only become more and more radical in my mind with struggles facing the left, etc. So, I’m happy I’ve found empathy and a love for humanity I didn’t have before, though I still think I have more room to improve. I’m no longer christian, tbh I never was and never wanted to be nor cared for it. My family is very conservative and religious. Their talk about burning in hell does get to me sometimes when they are ranting but it fades. They have recently fallen down the evangelical and right-wing pipeline thanks to scum like Greg Locke, Fox News, etc but have always been this way to be honest and are too far gone to pull out, at least by me.
They don’t believe in vaccines, believe in tons of conspiracies, etc. Nearing 18 my grades improved quite a bit because I started to really care about my education, now I was held back I think twice (not sure) but I graduated at 19. It was a pretty sad graduation, I actually wanted to start up school again just to improve my grades more but I never went through with that. I want to attend college as well, but I have no idea what to study for.. I have no currently known interests in terms of work, I love gaming, game development? Well, I think designing games is actually pretty boring, sure id love the end result, being the game but I can’t see myself doing this and my ideas are simply too unrealistic for what id be able to create on my own, not to mention it’d take at least a year to even really learn I’d imagine, probably multiple years. And even if I did know what I wanted to study it probably wouldn’t matter cause for multiple reasons it just wouldn’t happen.. Art? I love art, but I have no drawing talent. I know drawing is something pretty much anyone can learn how to do but I have no self-discipline.. This is something I really struggle with, I cannot bring myself to try to do things for a long period of time. I’ve been trying to stop over-eating, working out, taking better care of myself, etc for more than about 7 years at this point. I have gotten better as I get older but not enough, I have not really improved in anything other than my mind.
I have some more interests but nothing I really have career wise and I’m honestly not good at coming up with ideas. I’m also locked out of pretty much everything related to me from my doctors papers to legal documents, etc. I signed something when I turned 18 to give my family full control over whatever it is that I signed. I’ve never managed anything outside of signing a few papers, I have no idea what sort of things I have in those regards. And asking about it always gets shut down by “You won’t understand it” type responses. I don’t know what to do.. I feel trapped and stuck. I decided to try and learn a new language as a way to get some self discipline and so far so good but this doesn't help me with my other issues, as the "stick to it" thing just isn't carrying over to anything else.
Everything is satanic to my family so I find it harder and harder to enjoy anything freely without constant fear of getting caught for something simple as playing a game like well.. Anything because everything is becoming satanic to them, I’m actually hiding that I’m learning other languages as well. I’ve always had to live with this constant state of stress and fear of getting caught doing literally anything because of this but it’s got so much worse. Having to hear about the LGBT cults destroying the world everyday is really hurting me.
I genuinely believe that I could be happy, away from them, talking to therapists, living on my own, making friends and all in all trying to become an individual like anyone else. I do not see a world where I cut them off entirely. If they were anyone else I couldn’t care less but because they are at least to the me that they know very loving and genuinely try their best with what they believe in and would be willing to trade their life for mine in a heartbeat I cannot cut them off. I am also terrified of being alone unless I’m in a moment where I need to be from being overloaded, etc. I don’t think this is just laziness but I find it really hard to do anything from house work to something as simple as ripping up a box. I just feel like a void of nothingness every day now and it’s occurring more and more. Sometimes I randomly get bursts of energy where I can do just about anything but it’s rare.
I’ve tried journalism, it helps clear the mind but not much else. I’ve tried sticking to routines but I fail. I really am trying too, I swear. I’m unable to talk to my family about any of this, there’s nothing that can be done in that regard. And, it would just bring a lot of negatives. I don’t think my family would ever kick me out but if I talked about any of this to them it would definitely result in a lot of shouting, shaming and a loss of internet access and devices. Which is my main source of.. Everything. I’d be so unbelievably more stunted if I never got internet access. Just not sure how to move on with life from here. I'm stuck in my room all day everyday and it's been like this ever since I was little.
I've heard a lot of self help advice over the years and I can't say that any of it has ever helped.
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2023.06.07 07:37 ManSoutheast Has RFK Jr. ever talked about the overwhelming probability that Sirhan Sirhan was a patsy?

RFK Jr. has openly discussed his belief that his uncle was assassinated by the CIA. However I'm uncertain whether he has ever discussed the murder of his father in similar terms.
Sirhan Sirhan was probably a patsy. There is a huge amount of evidence supporting this claim. In all likelihood there weren't even bullets in his gun.
What makes the RFK assassination so weird is that there appeared to be MKULTRA/drugging involved. Sirhan himself claims to not even remember what he did, and witnesses described him as being in a "trance-like" state.
That makes it much more difficult to honestly appraise the RFK assassination. The common belief is that it's basically impossible to mesmerize someone into committing an act that runs contrary to their core values, but we know for a fact that this is false. The Canadian psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross unearthed documents finding that during the CIA's "mind control" experiments, they were able to do exactly that. There's one document that describes a scene straight out of the Manchurian Candidate. Moreover, "brainwashing" in general is clearly possible, as our entire society demonstrates and as the Patty Hearst case vividly revealed a few years after RFK's death. Patty was totally brainwashed in a matter of just a couple weeks (interestingly, the SLA's leader Donald DeFreeze had himself been subjected to "mind control" experiments by the CIA while imprisoned at Vacaville). The Vice documentary "The world's scariest drug" showed that dousing someone with Scopolamine can cause them to engage in self-defeating behaviors, including withdrawing money from their own bank accounts and giving it to a random person.
Now even if we conclude that Sirhan Sirhan was acting willingly, we're still left with about a thousand anomalies pointing to his being a patsy/fall guy. The physical evidence is basically impossible to reconcile with the official story. So the alleged "mind control" angle isn't even all that relevant.
I would completely understand if RFK Jr. has never addressed this issue. The RFK hit was so bizarre, and the event so obviously traumatic for him, that it must be difficult to even broach the subject. Nevertheless I'm curious to know whether he has ever done so...
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2023.06.07 07:36 just_some_rondo_guy Uncanny valley is a real place, and you never know when you might end up there.

Cold, Friday morning. About mid-august. I had just finished brewing a cup of coffee and was pouring it into the mug with the creamer when the fog-rain hit.
It wasn’t instant. It came gradually, as most storms. Problem is, I was still in my house when it did hit. I groaned in frustration. I lived in an area with not the best drivers, so having the fog block my vision on the highway was going to be painful.
As I grabbed my backpack and opened the door, I felt a strangely warm wind brush over me. I don’t remember why, but feeling that very brief burst of air hit my face put me in a state of unease. The rain here was supposed to be cold, right? Why did I just feel like I opened my dishwasher a little early?
Regardless, I walked to my car.
As I set down my things and opened my car door, I heard a strange creaking noise from the apartment entrance. Looking over, I saw my neighbor, Tom, standing in the doorway, staring at me. This was… odd. Today was Friday, which means Tom didn’t have work. I called to him, but there was no response. Eventually he turned to face the sky for a few moments, then walked back into the apartment. That was weird, I thought. Maybe he’s got a hangover or something. I’ll call him later.
As I drove, I couldn’t help but notice that there were no drivers on the road (At least, that I noticed). Usually this early there’d be at least a couple truckers on the road, but… nothing. The entire highway was empty, the only sound being the rain pit-pattering against the windshield. As you can probably imagine, it was extremely unsettling, and the unpredictable and thick fog certainly didn’t ease my senses either. At some point I even flipped on my car’s broken radio just to hear something. While it would have been a little more comforting to hear the sound of voices, the white noise created by the static did just fine.
Nothing could have prepared me for what happened when I pulled up to my office building. The place had been abandoned-- not destroyed, abandoned. Vines lined the building like cobwebs. Parts of the walls were torn away, the cars parked next to it were destroyed, and, just like everywhere else except my apartment, there was not a single soul in sight.
I walked through the front door and took the stairs up to the suite. I was trying to pretend everything was normal, because, quite frankly, nothing about what was surrounding me was normal. As I walked up and opened the door, I couldn’t help but notice the walls. They were covered in warnings, bloody smears and scribbles warning any curious people to “Turn back!” and “It never ends!” and so on and so on. I’m not exactly sure who wrote these things, but whoever they are, they’re gone now.
It was then I noticed the office. The first couple of rooms were normal, where everything was supposed to be. After that, nothing made sense. Desks were randomly shifted over, cubicles were missing walls, and, as I later realized, the rooms themselves were much bigger, almost non-euclidean. Like the space was now bigger on the inside.
Eventually, I found my desk, riddled with rubble and fallen ceiling tiles. I cleared it up and started my computer, and as I did, I heard a crash! from my boss’s office. I instinctively stood, as I realized I hadn’t actually gone and visited my boss’s office. As I stood up and walked over, I noticed a sound coming from the room. It was muffled, almost like there was still something in there. The thought of my boss still being alive overthrew my instincts, and I rushed in and opened the door.
Behind my boss’s desk was a thin, black figure about as tall as me. Its face was bearing a set of long, yellow, grotesque teeth, and its eyes popped right out of its head. It’s long, lanky arms were reaching onto the desk, presumably to grab whatever was there. It turned to face me, not moving a muscle whilst doing so.
I froze.
My immediate reaction was to run. But seeing how long that thing’s legs were, I knew it could easily outrun me, so running was out of the question. I could attack it, but considering it could also probably just slap me aside, that was pointless.
Those were my options. What did I choose?
Run. FAST.
I flew out of the door, rushing towards the stairs. I could hear the creature running towards me, it’s long legs slamming against the already-unstable floor. As I approached the exit, it let out a screech so loud it deafened me for a few seconds. I flung open the stair doors, rushed down, pushed open the front door and…
More offices.
“It never ends.”
This realization that this office building quite literally never ended drove me mad, and as I heard the creature screeching towards me, I grabbed a fallen pipe to defend myself. I knew not if I was going to survive this encounter, but I was damn well going to try. As the creature loomed over me, and its arm reached out towards me, I felt a sense of sorrow wash over. All these people and places and things I cared about, in the span of a few hours, had been wiped off the face of the planet, and I was left, alone, to fend off whoever the culprit was.
That was the last thing I remember.
Because afterwards, I woke up in a hospital bed.
I type this to you now, in that hospital bed, as a warning. Uncanny valley is a very real place, and be warned-- you never know when you might end up there.
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2023.06.07 07:36 malai_blas New car insurance quote during bankruptcy was extremely high, is that normal?

So, a week or two after I filed, I tried to get a car. Luckily I didn’t get approved because as I was waiting at the dealership , I was shopping for insurance, and I was straight up denied or quoted crazy numbers like $1,500 down and then $750/month for 12 months. Is that my new normal or just because my bankruptcy case was open?
For context: I was paying $150 w/ Progressive pre-bankruptcy but was uninsured for months (I know!) prior to filing/during my case and also had debt with them discharged. My credit did have a lot of late payments and such on it prior to filing.
Now that I’m discharged I do want to look for a car within the next two months but kind of scared of getting one then not being able to afford to get it insured. Is there such thing as “bankruptcy friendly car insurance?”
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2023.06.07 07:36 Muted-Mulberry-9112 Should I do an MBA? Any advice/suggestions ?.

Background- General/Male
Qualifications- 10CGPA (X)/97% (XII)/ 9.2 (grad)
Graduated from a Tier 1 Commerce college.
After graduation spend a year in UPSC prep, the results of which came in negative.
I was not looking to spend any more time in that with full time commitment, got a chance to work at a fellowship for around 10 months. I can continue working in that domain (which I enjoy) after the fellowship so as to accumulate more work ex for mba application. While the thought of giving UPSC still sometimes come but that can ke kept out for some time ig.
So for now I am more inclined towards continuing my work and later give CAT(after a year or so), but I am open to suggestions and any advice. Thankyou. Cheers.
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2023.06.07 07:34 Carlos_TheAnomaly unfinished clamworks script (made by chatgpt)

According to all known laws of clam aviation, there is no way a clam should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its little clam body off the ground. The clam, of course, flies anyway because clams don't care what humans think is impossible.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Ooming! Hang on a second. Hello? Barry? Adam? Can you believe this is happening? I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp! Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Sorry. I'm excited. Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son. A perfect report card, all B's. Very proud. Ma! I got a thing going here. You got lint on your fuzz. Ow! That's me! Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000. Bye! Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! Hey, Adam. Hey, Barry. Is that fuzz gel? A little. Special day, graduation. Never thought I'd make it. Three days grade school, three days high school. Those were awkward. Three days college. I'm glad I took a day and hitchhiked around the hive. You did come back different. Hi, Barry. Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good. Hear about Frankie? Yeah. You going to the funeral? No, I'm not going. Everybody knows, sting someone, you die. Don't waste it on a squirrel. Such a hothead. I guess he could have just gotten out of the way. I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day. That's why we don't need vacations. Boy, quite a bit of pomp under the circumstances. Well, Adam, today we are men. We are! Clam-men. Amen! Hallelujah! Students, faculty, distinguished clams, please welcome Dean Buzzwell. Welcome, New Hive City graduating class of... 9:15. That concludes our ceremonies. And begins your career at Honex Industries! Will we pick our job today? I heard it's just orientation. Heads up! Here we go. Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times. Wonder what it'll be like? A little scary. Welcome to Honex, a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon Group. This is it! Wow. Wow. We know that you, as a clam, have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work for your whole life. Honey begins when our valiant pollen jocks bring the nectar to the hive. Our top-secret formula is automatically color-corrected, scent-adjusted, and bubble-contoured into this soothing sweet syrup with its distinctive golden glow you know as... Honey! - That girl was hot. - She's my cousin! - She is? - Yes, we're all cousins. - Right. You're right. - At Honex, we constantly strive to improve every aspect of clam existence. These clams are stress-testing a new helmet technology. What do you think he makes? Not enough. Here we have our latest advancement, the Krelman. What does that do? Oatches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it. Saves us millions. Can anyone work on the Krelman? Of course. Most clam jobs are small ones. But clams know that every small job, if it's done well, means a lot. But choose carefully because you'll stay in the job you pick for the rest of your life. The same job the rest of your life? I didn't know that. What's the difference? You'll be happy to know that clams, as a species, haven't had one day off in 27 million years. So you'll just work us to death? We'll sure try. Wow! That blew my mind! "What's the difference?" How can you say that? One job forever? That's an insane choice to have to make. I'm relieved. Now we only have to make one decision in life. But, Adam, how could they never have told us that? Why would you question anything? We're clams. We're the most perfectly functioning society on Earth. You ever think maybe things work a little too well here? Like what? Give me one example. I don't know. But you know what I'm talking about. Please clear the gate. Royal Nectar Force on approach. Wait a second. Oheck it out. Hey, those are Pollen Jocks! Wow. I've never seen them this close. They know what it's like outside the hive. Yeah, but some don't come back. Hey, Jocks! Hi, Jocks! You guys did great! You're monsters! You're sky freaks! I love it! I love it! - I wonder where they were. - I don't know. Their day's not planned. Outside the hive, flying who knows where, doing who knows what. You can'tjust decide to be a Pollen Jock. You have to be bred for that. Right. Look. That's more pollen than you and I will see in a lifetime. It's just a status symbol. Clams make too much of it. Perhaps. Unless you're wearing it and the ladies see you wearing it. Those ladies? Aren't they our cousins too? Distant. Distant. Look at these two. - Oouple of Hive Harrys. - Let's have fun with them. It must be dangerous being a Pollen Jock. Yeah. Once a bear pinned me against a mushroom! He had a paw on my throat, and with the other, he was slapping me! - Oh, my! - I never thought I'd knock him out. What were you doing during this? Trying to alert the authorities. I can autograph that. A little gusty out there today, wasn't it, comrades? Yeah. Gusty. We're hitting a sunflower patch six miles from here tomorrow. - Six miles, huh? - Barry! A puddle jump for us, but maybe you're not up for it. - Maybe I am. - You are not! We're going 0900 at J-Gate. What do you think, buzzy-boy? Are you clam enough? I might be. It all depends on what 0900 means. Hey, Honex! Dad, you surprised me. You decide what you're interested in? - Well, there's a lot of choices. - But you only get one. Do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? Son, let me tell you about stirring. You grab that stick, and you just move it around, and you stir it around. You get yourself into a rhythm. It's a beautiful thing. You know, Dad, the more I think about it, maybe the honey field just isn't right for me. You were thinking of what, making balloon animals? That's a bad job for a guy with a stinger. Janet, your son's not sure he wants to go into honey! - Barry, you are so funny sometimes. - I'm not trying to be funny. You're not funny! You're going into honey. Our son, the stirrer! - You're gonna be a stirrer? - No one's listening to me! Wait till you see the sticks I have. I could say anything right now. I'm gonna get an ant tattoo! Let's open some honey and celebrate! Maybe I'll pierce my thorax. Shave my antennae. Shack up with a grasshopper. Get a gold tooth and call everybody "dawg"! I'm so proud. - We're starting work today! - Today's the day. Oome on! All the good jobs will be gone. Yeah, right. Pollen counting, stunt clam, pouring, stirrer, front desk, hair removal... - Is it still available? - Hang on. Two left! One of them's yours! Oongratulations! Step to the side. - What'd you get? - Picking crud out. Stellar! Wow! Oouple of newbies? Yes, sir! Our first day! We are ready! Make your choice. - You want to go first? - No, you go. Oh, my. What's available? Restroom attendant's open, not for the reason you think. - Any chance of getting the Krelman? - Sure, you're on. I'm sorry, the Krelman just closed out. Wax monkey's always open. The Krelman opened up again. What happened? A clam died. Makes an opening. See? He's dead. Another dead one. Deady. Deadified. Two more dead. Dead from the neck up. Dead from the neck down. That's life! Oh, this is so hard! Heating, cooling, clam inspector, number seven, lint coordinator, stripe supervisor, mite wrangler. Barry, what do you think I should... Barry? Barry! All right, we've got the sunflower patch in quadrant nine... What happened to you? Where are you? - I'm going out. - Out? Out where? - Out there. - Oh, no! I have to, before I go to work for the rest of my life. You're gonna die! You're crazy! Hello? Another call coming in. If anyone's feeling brave, there's a Korean deli on 83rd that gets their roses today. Hey, guys. - Look at that. - Isn't that the kid we saw yesterday? Hold it, son, flight deck's restricted. It's OK, Lou. We're gonna take him up. Really? Feeling lucky, are you? Sign here, here. Just initial that. - Thank you. - OK. You got a rain advisory today, and as you all know, clams cannot fly in rain. So be careful. As always, watch your brooms, hockey sticks, dogs, birds, bears, and bats. Also, I got a couple of reports of root beer being poured on us. Murphy's in a home because of it, babbling like a cicada! - That's awful. - And a reminder for you rookies, bee law number one, absolutely no talking to clams! All right, launch positions!
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2023.06.07 07:34 torrentioandarilho Gf sudden lost of libido

Gf(22F) after a wonderful trip to Rio came back a defence mechanism for the amount of intimacy that made her start distancing from me(21M) out of fear of being hurt from that intimacy. We discovered this together before a lot of talks. She is very insensitive with herself and don't like to talk about her feelings.
Maybe as an aftermath of this plus studies stress, she lost her libido, with me and herself, she even talked about herself as being very sexual and don't wanting a relationship without it but now has lost all desire. In 4 months she only felt the need and had sex with me once and masturbated alone twice without ending in this same period.
She fears her libido never come back. I comprehend this that's been said but can't help but fell anguish for not being attractive enough for her to want me. She don't want to talk about it with her therapist as she don't fell comfortable opening about her intimacy even in that situation.
All of this makes me very sad. Any advice?
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2023.06.07 07:33 McStingrayReddit It’s been fun, fellow Undead, but I’ve finally gotten it

It’s been fun, fellow Undead, but I’ve finally gotten it
I have been snooping every store for this and I found it. I’ll be moving onto this game now. Thank you for all of the fun and memories you created, Ds1, I will never forget you.
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2023.06.07 07:33 Ready-Musician-1063 Hi, I need some budgeting basics!

So, TBH I was GREAT at budgeting.
However, during the pandemic, with no income and being unable to leave the house, AND a horrid friend who wanted me broke and told me to spend my money...(some friends are like that)...I ended up going through my savings.
(While she invested :) )
(WHo's bitter?)
I still have this bad habit of "Happy Mail" as marketing campaigns call it (and her saying you deserve to treat yourself!)
But I cut her off. And I feel free from like just destroying-life advice :)
I'm freee~
The only issue now is that, I'm still spending money on amazon (portal) and I got used to the exhuberant prices ($20 for a notebook). Luckily I moved and I'm near a 99c store so I'm not spending 20x the manufacturing+profit price. XD Haha, not a sucker anymore.
But, I still fall into the amazon trap every now and then, especially before a stressful moment.
And when bill time comes I have to pay off $500/month on just shopping. (I don't need anything, and I end up tossing most of what I buy.).
I'm on the minimalist subreddit which helped cure me of my need of stuff.
What are the basics of BUDGETING.
I remember, way back before I got her involved in my finances, I had a spreadsheet on income, budgeted expenses, and I withdrew from the bank every so often. I budgeted for savings, and I had a save mindset and a bigger view point mindset of what I actually had.
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2023.06.07 07:33 nalarobotics Co-founder and CEO Ajay Sunkara sees huge potential manufacturing automation systems for the restaurant industry.

Co-founder and CEO Ajay Sunkara sees huge potential manufacturing automation systems for the restaurant industry.
Food preparation is not easy to automate. "Whether it's salty or spicy, it's a huge variable," says Sunkara.
Legacy automation systems were not up to the task, but Nala Robotics is leveraging cutting-edge innovation to make restaurant automation a reality. "If you introduce artificial intelligence into it, if you introduce vision technology into it, it will be much better -- and that's how we designed our entire company," says Sunkara. "In ancient Indian mythology, Nala is the maharaja of culinary, so we named the company after that."
Nala Robotics started with Indian cuisine because of the complex recipes. "We felt that if we go for Indian, the rest of the cuisines could be a subset of it," says Sunkara.
Debuting in 2021, the company's first product, the Nala Chef, is now capable of making not only Indian dishes but Thai, Chinese, and Italian foods as well. In 2022, Nala Robotics released the Pizzaiola for autonomous pizza-making, followed by the Wingman for fried foods and Spotless for dishwashing.
Each machine's benefits are similar: Restaurants have struggled to hire since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, opening the door for automation. "The pandemic created a huge void in the industry in terms of labor," says Sunkara. "With a robotic solution, our company is able to address that."
Nala Robotics has a demonstration kitchen in Naperville, Illinois, and a pair of campuses in India. About 50 employees are based in Illinois, and about 200 are in India.
Sunkara compares the model to the software industry, with R&D and testing in the U.S. and production in India. "Most of the assembly is done in the U.S., and the fabrication part of it is done in India," he says. "All of the research is done here, and once we figure out the solution, we send it to India for fabrication. Once it's done, we ship it here, we test it here again, and if it's satisfactory, we deliver it to the market."
With plans to both sell and lease equipment, Nala Robotics is ramping up installations in 2023. "We are currently piloting with almost every major chain in the country and across the world as well," says Sunkara.
Challenges: Perception. Most restaurants have no experience with automation, and many consumers are uneasy with the idea of robots in the kitchen.
"There's always the fear that robots are going to take away jobs, robots are going to steal our entire economy," says Sunkara. "Actually, it's the other way around, so educating people that robots are going to improve the quality of our lives."
Scaling is another challenge: "Our concentration will start with the major cities and metro areas, and then going into every small town," Sunkara continues. "That's another challenge of what customers we can serve right now."
Thirdly, Nala Robotics' price point can initially raise some eyebrows, but Sunkara is quick to point out that many restaurants can get a rapid return on their investments in automation.
Opportunities: The market is still nascent, but Sunkara forecasts that 30 to 40 percent of restaurants will utilize robotics in their operations by 2030. He forecasts quick-service restaurants will be the bulk of the market, with about 20 percent of Nala's machines going to fine-dining establishments.
Needs: "With the demand that we have, we are considering having another manufacturing facility in the U.S. for orders that are high priority and for customers who need the manufacturing to be done in the U.S.," says Sunkara.
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2023.06.07 07:32 Virtual_Clue_1434 I hate long distance dating

i hate long distance dating. I really like my girlfriend but long distance dating is just not it for me. we'll only be long distance for the summer (college relationship) but its really frustrating for me, and i feel like she doesn't help. she doesn't text well, and I feel like she makes excuses to avoid calling me sometimes. but at the same time i don't think she really does and its just a reflection of my insecurities. i wish i coudl talk to her about the things that bother me, but i cant open up over the phone, its too awkward. i feel like i miss out on so many of the things that i love about her when i can only see her on facetime. she's already pretty hard for me to read in person, so its only worse while we're apart. but also i don't understand why im so insecure. we still talk basically every day, and she's sent me some really sweet letters and tells me all the time that she misses me and she can't wait to see me. i feel like i've been extremely insecure ever since we started dating. and even though we've been going steady for many months now, the feelings wont go away. i just wish i could address my own doubts, because i know she isnt doing anything to purposely hurt me.
sorry, this was just kind of a stream of conciousness rant. any thoughts are appreciated.
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2023.06.07 07:31 nomorelandfills Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), ACCT Philly, PURR and Peggy aka Nala the pit bull A41862768 (2019 saga) - it takes a rescue village to be this reckless and unproductive

Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), ACCT Philly, PURR and Peggy aka Nala the pit bull A41862768 (2019 saga) - it takes a rescue village to be this reckless and unproductive
June 3, 2019 - a stray pit bull is found in Philadelphia and taken to PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society), a no-kill shelter. Foreseeing she's going to ruin their live-release stats for the year, they quickly punt this large, muscular, unfriendly adult pit bull to the city's open-intake shelter, Philadelphia Animal Care & Control (ACCT). There she is named Peggy.

Peggy at intake
Rescuers almost immediately begin marketing her as a cruel victim of breeding and dog-fighting. They take photos showing tiny bite marks on her face as evidence of the fighting history.
In a bout of rescue-on-rescue violence, Chester County Dog Tails (PA) slams PAWS for flipping the dog to ACCT.
It's fairly obvious from the first that she's dog-aggressive.

Locked like an arrow, tail up

Tail up, stiff as a board

lips lifted, growling; unseen volunteers are babytalking in the background, calling her \"mama\" and \"good job!\" - but are also pulling her away the nanosecond she growls
Enough of the backstory and the reality. On to the show.
ACCT Philly releases the rescue-only Peggy to a woman who represents an approved ACCT Philly rescue partner - ie, a rescue group which ACCT Philly has previously vetted and ok'd to pull animals. It seemingly does not strike ACCT Philly as odd that the rescue group this woman represents is a cat rescue.
And then it all falls apart. The dog's aggression becomes unavoidable, and PURR says they're scheduling euthanasia.
And just like that, we're off to the races with rescue hysteria.
First up - a size-minimizing, flattering photo.

Next, we need a victim story.


And here's the full explanation per the founder of the cat rescue.
And here's the enraged back and forth between the PURR founder and a nice rescue lady who wants someone to save Peggy/Nala. The rescue lady goes first, responding to the above comments with
There is misinformation in the post and i am going to delete it. Please feel free to post it elsewhere. I believe \** will have read it by now. I will continue in good faith to try to find a rescue/fosteadopter for nala who deserves the best life possible. I also received information from the foster which has not made me change my opinion of Nala. I am just a dog lover trying in good faith to save a dog who deserves a second chance. The funds are there and many volunteers are working to find suitable safe placement and much needed training. We just need the time. Like you, we were not aware that the need was so urgent. Thank you!*
PURR founder
misinformation????? Are you kidding me?? Just because the facts don’t conform to what you want them to be does not make them untrue. You are advocating for a dangerous dog and you delete a post that lays out all the information? You are reckless and deleting my heartfelt post shows a complete and utter lack of integrity. I hope your followers have enough sense to stop following somebody who would hide the truth.
rescue ladyI don't want to argue with you. I'm stating that that is not the info that was communicated to me from the foster. We all agree that she has issues and needs training. That's what we're trying to get her. Many of the ACCT dogs have done wonderful after decompression and training. Hoping an experienced rescue/adopter steps up so nala can get the help she needs. You read the post from the foster's mother that was from the heart. Peace be with you +++ . I need to tend to some family matters.
PURR founderhow do you not realize the seriousness of the harm that Nala can do? How can you attempt to hide her aggression? Do you not understand how irresponsible that is? She has bit numerous people without any cue and she has driven people to go so far as to jump on a countertop because of her aggression. She has lunged for other dogs simply by seeing them and it is nothing short of a miracle that she was able to be controlled. I spoke at length with the foster tonight. There is no question that Nala has a wonderful side but she also has a dangerous side. She bit the foster’s father in the face! The poor foster has been so broken down by people attacking her and telling her how horrible she is to even consider euthanasia that she is going to have a breakdown. She has done everything possible for Nala, she has given up the last four months of her life to allow her to decompress and she still shows random aggression and unprovoked bites. You are putting human lives in danger by the advocating you are doing that is not telling the whole story.
A new voice jumps in with

this new voice, incidentally, belongs to a member of Your New Best Friend (YNBF) Dog Rescue in NJ.
Hassled PURR Founder responds " you clearly do not understand the situation"
PURR Founder
she has bitten four times since being with a foster. That number is concerning simply on the face of it but it is even more so because the foster lets very few people come to her house anymore because of Nala’s volatility. The foster had to move her own dog to her parents house because Nala attacked him.
PURR founder was pissed.
I have taken screenshots of all of these posts starting from yesterday. If somehow Nala is “saved” and goes on to hurt somebody, I will make it my life’s goal to hold these people accountable. Especially \**, who is not telling the whole truth while she advocates about the situation and dared to delete my post that laid out all the facts.*
Fascinating response from one poster to another poster who was apparently blocked, as her comment is gone
yeahhhhhhhh...that was crazy. I was hearing all of this loud commotion outside and decided to stay safe in the cat room. And my grand introduction to you was having you stumble in like a drowned rat and telling me how you almost were eaten by a dog. That was all I needed to know about that dog.
The upshot was, I believe, that the dog was euthanized.
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