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2023.06.09 06:50 Mental_Shine8098 Finally feeling the heat

I've seen many posts on here about pvp players jumping in and going all blood hound mode on unsuspecting players, I finally know first hand how that felt. Mind you that I'm not at all a great player, I've had my fair share of dying (more than most people I'd say), usually sticking to only killing AI, but today was the day that made me want to hunt players, especially the ones that kill and teabag you for no reason whatsoever.
So veteran DMZ players, how do I go about getting good at hunting these people?
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2023.06.09 06:49 Outside-War1509 I want to take our marriage to the next level but I feel like I'm doing it all alone

My partner is loving, caring, supportive, he checks off most of the boxes. Besides sometimes saying off the wall things <.< overall he is a really great guy.
At the same time, I'm realizing that we don't share a love/interest in searching for relational/self improvement knowledge/awareness. For example, I follow many many therapists and life coaches on IG, just striving to get better as a person, and a partner, and learn more about myself and the world around. I read often. I ask questions and self- reflect. And I fear my partner does not. He hasn't read a book in years and.. he doesn't follow the types of accounts to gain emotional education and for that reason we aren't able to exchange discoveries.
It makes me feel like a void is missing but it's not just within for the relationship, but not seeing him strive to improve himself as an individual and unlearn unhealthy stuff is concerning, because I genuinely thought everyone wanted to improve themselves.
All he really searches for is how to make money, the politics in his country, and soccer. Thats it. That's the content he consumes. Which isn't bad, but that's the ONLY content... I didn't think it'd be so important for me but I do care about what my partner engages in and doesn't.
He isn't opposed to any of it, I often share knowledge with him, but he doesn't put his part. Meaning, if I want us to do a couples retreat, or read a relationship book, or even just implement a cool new practice/ritual, I already know I will have to be the one to search for it, bring it up because he has no idea about any of that stuff. It doesn't fair because we're a team.. shouldn't we both be eager to gain this type of knowledge??
I do it anyway. I share knowledge, I send him posts on IG, I suggest books, i play podcasts out loud... I even had us download a relationship app, to make it more fun.. I want the relationship to grow but it's exhausting putting in all the effort..
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2023.06.09 06:48 DiscordUserThatGotHa Can bacteria from black mold go inside the body?

I got black mold on my ceiling due to humidity and I was sleeping just under it and I had to smell that shit for 2 years before they fix it The smell was so unbearable I couldnt sleep if my window wasnt wide open even if it was raining idc I had to open it And a few months after that black mold start appearing I got hyperhydrosis and odor problem so is it just a coincidence or not? Its the only different thing that happen in my life between before having this and after
I always asked my doctors if this could be related but only about my hyperhydrosis (and they all said no) cauz at that time I tought the smell was from my sweat so I didnt even mention my odor problem during 6 years cauz I really tought it would disapear once the sweating problem fixed cauz they appear both almost if not at the same time as far as I remember but now that my sweat is "mostly" fixed like I wont sweat if Im at home doing nothing but I still smell as bad as before when my body would be contantly sweating
Like how many bacterias must I have inhaled from this black mold for over fucking 2 years before they finnaly fix it, I remember my mom had to threat them of stop paying rent for they really fix it cauz they sent people 2 times before to fix it but it was all bs
And I got tested tmau recently but its negative 🥲 and from the posts I saw here I asked my gastroenterologist skin test, gi test, whole exome sequencing test but ofc this bitch only gived me blood test for tmau like fuck why doesnt odor specialist exist, maybe I should have fake cry for she give me what I wanted?but im not a good actor anyway... Its not like its been ruining my life for the past 6 years and I hate when I clearly see the way they talk that they dont realise what its like to live with it so they dont do shit even tought the situation is critical like the only people I ve seen show compassion for my situation and really cared where 1 surgeron specialist in hyperhydrosis and another surgeron that also do surgery for hh because they have already seen patients with it and when the final solution is surgery for hh that mean it must be really bad so they know it ruin the patient life Thats why I need to see a doctor specialist in odor not random doctor so he can test everything that need to be tested but where can I find one? And one that do video consultation cauz I didnt see any odor specialist in my country
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2023.06.09 06:47 stygarfield r/Nanaimo will be going dark on June 12 for 48 hours to protest the API changes.

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users. If you, or someone you know has a visual impairment - these changes will also block the tools they use to access reddit, as the reddit website and official app are ill-designed and un-equipped to aid those with accessibility issues.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill many useful third party apps on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.

What's the plan?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.

What can you do?

  1. Complain. Message the mods of /, who are the admins of the site: message reddit: submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on /reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app- and sign your username in support to this post.
  2. Spread the word. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit join us at our sister sub at /ModCoord - but please don't pester mods you don't know by simply spamming their modmail, or by breaking the rules of other subreddits.
  3. Boycott and spread the Reddit's competition! Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th- instead, take to your favourite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
  4. Don't be a jerk. As upsetting this may be, threats, profanity and vandalism will be worse than useless in getting people on our side. Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible. This includes not harassing moderators of subreddits who have chosen not to take part: no one likes a missionary, a used-car salesman, or a flame warrior.

How does it affect you?

In 2021, Reddit opened a Canadian office. This new office symbolised a recognition of the Canadian market being a model for what Reddit was seeking in other international market places. Reddit's own COO, Jen Wong has said, “Canada is already home to a deeply engaged Reddit audience that is growing steadily by the day and it is a top priority for us and our internationalisation strategy." source
Canadians are a largely sought after market, we have a disproportionate voice to lend to this important issue. Canadians on reddit punch way above their weight class, Nanaimo will join with countless subreddits in defense of these third party apps. These applications provide us as users, and as moderators, tools that make Reddit more usable, accessible, functionable, and easier to moderate.
Countless users have reached out on this important issue, and we are in agreement. Reddit's failure to listen to the community means we must speak in unison to protect these services. For those in disagreement, we will see you back on June 15.
We acknowledge that Reddit has been reaching out to moderators, and is recognizing the concern raised by the communities. We will keep users updated through this post as the situation changes.
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2023.06.09 06:47 Fair_Feature3731 Just to be curious, what are the name of Jason victim that sleeps naked

I notice that in the show there are some character that seems to have this habit, so I got curios and wanted to ask how many have they shown character that have this habit
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2023.06.09 06:47 Rainyfriedtofu Attempt at explaining AI by other healthcare providers

Hello fellow Apes,
I am supposed to be playing D4 with my kids but instead I am writing this post for you. It's ok. I'm having fun because I'm actually into talking about this shit. Anyway, I was inspired to write an explanation regarding other companies used of AI based on u/Sandro316 's reply from this post I made earlier I'm posting it here to we can highlight this topic, and the information doesn't get lost in the comments section.
The purpose of this post is to explain in laymen terms what these companies are doing in AI from the perspective of a healthcare administrator. A little bit about my background. I started out in healthcare research and did my fellowship at NIH. I have 13+ years of experience working at director and c level positions in healthcare and social services. I'm also a big computer geek, and I current have my staff working on an AI system so I can train staff faster and equip them with the skills to help clients/consumers/patients navigate the complex healthcare and social service systems that we have in California. With that said, let get started.
As a side note, I will make another post regarding the patents CLOV has which pertain to how its AI's is and will be functioning in the future.
Humana for example is mainly focused on improving the customer experience and streamlining administrative tasks
This article is using a lot of big words to explain to you that they trying to build a system that mimic Kaiser and a automated call bot that will hopefully answer all of your questions. Here is a same quote
" Call Center Experience
Humana members call for many reasons: understanding a claim status, inquiring about benefits eligibility, placing orders for new or re-filled prescriptions or appealing a medical coverage decision.
The answers to these questions are stored in different information systems. The company uses artificial intelligence and intelligent automation to help bridge gaps between systems. The aim is a better call experience. "
This is just a small reduction of the current problem regarding claim processing. They are not giving providers a better tool to process claims faster and more accurately. They are just improving their call bot.
The rest of the stuff that was wrote in the article are just Humana trying to copy Kaiser's current system. IF you have Kaiser and appreciate how fast and seamless they make some process such as drug refill, you should get a rough idea of what Humana's AI is trying to achieve.
"United is a little closer to Clover with their optum subsidiary but it is mainly focused on improving patient outcomes by getting them care faster and with the right physician for their case."
This is exactly what you think it is. They are creating an AI to hopefully understand patients and providers communication better so that they can route them to the appropriate people to process the claim. The reason why United is doing this way go back to the comments I made in my previous posts. They are a very old healthcare company that has a lot of money. However, because their system is so old and deeply rooted in their money making process, it is hard for them to build something like CA which can process treatment, make recommendation, and process the claim--"giving providers more time to treat patients instead of doing paperwork." Want to know what happen when a provider fuck up on their claim? They delay your treatment until the claim is approved by the insurance. This is what United System is trying to reduce with AI.

This second part of their AI is exactly what CA is currently doing. While Optum and United are in development of a system that they still have to figure out how to integrate into their legacy system without causing catastrophic errors--CA is being used and has proven to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce cost (MCR). As a side note, if you think integrating, migrating, or switching to a new system is easy, just take a look at the shit show that is redetermination for Medi-caid that is currently going on. So many people are being dropped from Medi-caid and they don't even know it.
As for the rest of the article and the fancy words they used, it's fucking Kaiser. I'm sorry that I get annoyed, but whenever I read an article that used fancy words to trick laymen people, I get mad. I advocate for the people with 9th grade literacy, and this kind of shit are just describing Kaiser's system which is the current king of primary care if you haven't heard about it. Their system is used at the role model at so many meetings, it's not even funny. They have amazing coordinated care because they are the insurance and provider.
Anyway, next article..
"Oscar is again trying to improve outcomes by routing members to the correct place. Then also improve efficiency."
The AI being deploy here is to reduce the amount of fraudulent claims basically medical misuses. I'm actually very knowledgeable about Oscar, and they not investing in AI as much as they should. They are just improving their current system to detect bad claims and speed up the processing time.
In summary, CLOV's current competitors are trying to build AI on top of their current medical billing systems/platforms. Consequently, due to the limitation of those systems/platforms, they are not able to innovate as much as CA. By the end of the day, their system is still heavily reliant on a human being on insurance side to process the claim and another human being on the provider side to file the claim correctly.
This is very different than providing providers with the tools to
1) process claims
2) make recommendation on what claims (treatment) should be used based on the data from previous patients.
The big problem with health insurance companies now a day is they are so out of touch with the amount of time a provider need to invest into their staff to understand each company's process to file claims, reconciliation, out of network referral, and etc so they keep finding ways to make it easier for their staff while introducing a bunch of new rules and procedures that are not helping providers. Providers cannot provide services without authorization. Authorization should not require a fucking manual for every god damn insurance company. Ever wonder why you have to check whether your provider accept your insurance? What you are really checking is whether or not they are vendorized or are on the panel to bill the insurance company. Low payout and complicated procedures for processing claim and vendorization are barriers to care.
The only company that even come close to CLOV is United and they are still in development. CLOV's AI is live with multiple patents.
The best analogy I can give here to compare Tesla (pre-big-ass company) to GM during the EV1 era. GM made the first electric car and was much bigger than Tesla. Tesla was testing out it's battery powered roadster. However, Tesla had years to test out building their car, battery, and production line.
While CLOV is working on testing and proving the profitability of its AI, other companies are just in the process of developing them. Some of them aren't working on it at all.
Before I forgot, all of the healthcare company mentioned above are basically trying to reduce their turnaround time for when a claim is submitted for both new and prior authorization.
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2023.06.09 06:47 throwaway0115899 I'm Lying to my Parents About Having a Job

About a year ago, I lost my job due to too many absences. The reason for the absences was a disability and I am currently in the process of trying to secure disability benefits. When I lost my job, my best friend suggested that instead of finding another one, she and her husband would pay my bills until I get a final decision on my disability case. I feel guilty taking their money but am so thankful because the reality is I cannot work. My parents know I'm applying for disability benefits but they don't fully buy that my disability is "real" because it is mental health related. They also have staunch beliefs about work and how working hard is a virtue. My parents have always taught me to avoid borrowing money from friends if it can be helped. Because of these reasons, I didn't feel comfortable telling them about the situation with my best friend. It's been a year now and the guilt of it all eats at me, and I'm still months away from a final decision on my case. Sometimes I want to come clean but fear the fallout of that decision. I'm an adult, 27 years old, and know I can make my own decisions but I still feel guilty whenever the topic of work comes up. My parents also sometimes help me out financially, like money for gas or groceries here and there. Should I tell my folks I lost my job? Or should I continue to stay quiet?
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2023.06.09 06:47 WispyBo1 I hate that wanting to excel even when you are doing well by other people’s standards is considered a bad thing

I’m a high school senior who recently got into some colleges and committed to where I’ll be the next couple of years. The school I’ll be going to has a single digit acceptance rate and is considered one of the top 10 universities by sites like USNews - which has its own list of issues but that’s a different story. Many people have come up to congratulate me, but for the last couple of months, I couldn’t - and still can’t - help but feel so unbearably frustrated at myself. My peers at school never considered me smart and they always complimented the people in my friend group for how intelligent they are but I was never one of them. Many people have made fun of me by assuming I have extremely poor grades or that I would be homeless when I’m older when, in reality, I have a 4.0 GPA and a 35 ACT, while thinking heavily about careers paths. People did a 180 degree turn when word got out that I got into the school I did, but I had also gotten rejected by 3 schools I really loved and held in higher regard. The reason I’m frustrated is not because I got rejected from these schools, but because I didn’t give my all when applying to them. I have myself 2 weeks to apply to 10 schools when most applicants spend months working on their applications. Not only do am I confident I would have gotten into at least one of these schools, but I would’ve had time to apply to many more that I couldn’t because of the time restraint. Although people are treating me better now, I can’t help but hate myself for wasting the years of work I put in, and whenever I try to share this sentiment of wanting to have done better, even with what I got, I am told I am being unreasonable or not thankful.
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2023.06.09 06:47 chronic-venting Long-Silenced Victim of a Predatory Writer Gets to Tell Her Story

For decades, the writer Gabriel Matzneff used Francesca Gee's image and letters to champion his sexual pursuit of adolescents. But her own account was rejected, until now.
March 31, 2020
PARIS—In her telling, Francesca Gee was out with a girlfriend, a late autumn day in Paris in 1983, when they spotted a new bookstore. As they lingered before the storefront, her friend suddenly pointed to the bottom of the window.
"Look, it's you!"
Ms. Gee's face was staring back at her from the cover of a novel, Drunk on Lost Wine, by Gabriel Matzneff, the writer and champion of [child and adolescent sexual abuse].
A decade earlier, at 15, Ms. Gee, had gotten involved in a traumatic three-year relationship with the much older Mr. Matzneff. Now, he was using her teenage face on his novel's cover, and her letters in its pages, without having asked her or even informing her, she said.
For decades, despite Ms. Gee's protests, Mr. Matzneff used her letters to justify [adolescent sexual abuse] and what he cast as great love affairs with teenage girls, all the while supported by members of France's literary, media, business and political elite.
Mr. Matzneff's books were endorsed by some of France's most prestigious publishers, including Gallimard, which printed Drunk on Lost Wine (Ivre du vin perdu) for nearly four decades with the same cover—in effect using Ms. Gee's face to promote the kind of relationship that has scarred some of Mr. Matzneff's victims for life.
"I'm persecuted by this image of me, which is like a malevolent double," Ms. Gee said.
Hers is the story of a woman unable to tell her own story—until now.
Ms. Gee, now 62, contacted The New York Times after the publication of an article that described how Mr. Matzneff openly wrote about and engaged in sex with teenage girls and prepubescent boys for decades.
After anguishing over her decision, Ms. Gee—who had a career as a journalist and speaks fluent English, French, Italian and Spanish—broke her silence of 44 years in a series of interviews over two days in southwest France, where she lives.
That decision was facilitated by a recent cultural shift in France.
Mr. Matzneff first achieved renown in the 1970s, when some French intellectuals regarded [adult-child sex] as a form of liberation against parental oppression. Though those views fell out of favor in the 1990s, he continued to publish and prosper until late last year.
But in the past couple of months, he was charged with promoting the sexual abuse of children, stripped of state-conferred honors and dropped by his three publishers.
Gallimard stopped selling the novel with Ms. Gee's image on the cover only in January, after the publication of Le Consentement (Consent), the first account by one of Mr. Matzneff's underage victims, Vanessa Springora.
Consent turned the widely celebrated Mr. Matzneff into a social pariah overnight. While he went into hiding in Italy, his former supporters, across France's elite, have studiously distanced themselves or jettisoned him.
When she first heard of Consent, Ms. Gee said, she was "elated" that the "Vanessa" in Mr. Matzneff's books—someone she had never met but had always considered a little sister—was speaking.
"She has done the work, I don't have to worry about it anymore," Ms. Gee remembers thinking. "But then within a week or two, I realize that I'm very much a part of this story."
In fact, nearly two decades before Consent shook up France, Ms. Gee tried—unsuccessfully—to tell her story, in 2004. She wrote a manuscript that, in detailing her involvement with Mr. Matzneff, grappled with some of the same themes and used the same vocabulary as Consent.
But no publisher accepted her manuscript.
At Albin Michel, a major house, an editor appeared receptive—but when he took Ms. Gee's manuscript to a committee, it was ultimately turned down.
In a rejection letter, the editor, Thierry Pfister, explained that some committee members had expressed reservations, noting that Mr. Matzneff, was a part of "Saint-Germain-des-Prés"—shorthand for the French publishing industry concentrated in that Paris neighborhood.
"Back then, Matzneff wasn't the old, isolated man he is today," said Mr. Pfister, who is no longer at Albin Michel. "He was still in Paris with his network, his friends."
"We made the decision not to go cross swords with that group," he recalled. "There was more to lose than to gain. I spoke in her favor. They didn't agree with me."
Mr. Matzneff's network of supporters was surprisingly wide.
In 1973, when Ms. Gee was 15 and Mr. Matzneff was 37, a friend of the writer introduced them to a gynecologist who agreed to prescribe contraceptive pills to underage girls without their parents' authorization—an illegal act back then.
In his diary of the period, "Élie et Phaéton," Mr. Matzneff writes that the gynecologist, Dr. Michèle Barzach, "at no point felt the need to lecture this man of 37 years and his lover of 15."
Ms. Gee said she saw Dr. Barzach a half-dozen times over three years, always accompanied by Mr. Matzneff.
"He calls her and makes an appointment, and we go," she recalled. "He's in the waiting room while I'm with her. And then he comes in, and they talk and he pays her."
In his other diaries, Mr. Matzneff writes that Dr. Barzach became the go-to gynecologist to whom he took underage girls for years after he and Ms. Gee parted in 1976.
Dr. Barzach, who was also a psychoanalyst, was France's health minister from 1986 to 1988 under President François Mitterrand.
From 2012 to 2015, she was the head in France of UNICEF, the United Nation's child protection agency. Citing privacy reasons, UNICEF refused to provide contact details for Dr. Barzach, who is no longer at the agency. Dr. Barzach did not reply to an interview request that UNICEF said had been forwarded to her.
"Love"? Or a "Hostage Taking"?
For decades, Mr. Matzneff claimed that his relations with underage girls had helped them for the rest of their lives. Their initiation into art, literature, love and sex, by an older man, had left them happier and freer, he claimed.
The claim—repeated by his supporters—went unchallenged until the publication in January of Consent, in which Ms. Springora writes that her involvement with Mr. Matzneff, starting at age 14, left her with psychological problems for decades.
In her unpublished manuscript of 2004, Ms. Gee described her involvement with the writer as a "cataclysm that shattered me when I was 15 years old, and that changed the course of my life"—leaving her "ashamed, bitter and confused."
The accounts by Ms. Gee and Ms. Springora are especially significant because Mr. Matzneff has often described them as two of the three great loves of his life. He devoted diaries, novels, poems and essays to each woman—material that, according to anti-[child sexual abuse] groups, provided the intellectual cover for many men to target prepubescent children or adolescent girls.
Ms. Gee recalls running into Mr. Matzneff for the first time in Paris in 1973 with her mother, who had known him years before.
David Gee, Ms. Gee's younger brother, said their parents regularly invited the writer over for dinner parties. His presence especially pleased their father, a British journalist long based in Paris who sought his place in French society.
"It was one of those very important things, socially speaking, to be established in the intelligentsia," Mr. Gee said. "That was more important than looking at the side effects of [child and adolescent sexual abuse]."
With her father's approval, Ms. Gee saw the writer over three years, unable to break away from him. Ms. Gee's father died in 2014.
Using the same methods he later would with Ms. Springora, Mr. Matzneff exercised a hold on the teenage girl. He isolated her, forbidding her to socialize with friends her age.
He pulled political strings to have Ms. Gee transferred to a high school near his home—and boasted about it in his diaries. Then he got into the habit of waiting for Ms. Gee outside her new high school, Lycée Montaigne, next to the Luxembourg Gardens.
"He came every day to make sure that everyone understood that no one was supposed to try anything with me," Ms. Gee recalled. "It was a very specific place where he was just standing there waiting for me."
Ms. Gee recently met with one of the detectives who began investigating Mr. Matzneff and his supporters in the aftermath of the publication of Consent. After she detailed her involvement with Mr. Matzneff during the five-hour meeting in Paris, she said, the detective described it as a "hostage taking."
Trapped in His Stories
Ms. Gee turned 18 in 1976 and, after several anguished attempts, was finally able to free herself from Mr. Matzneff's grip, having become more and more critical of him. "It was growing up, basically," she said.
Still, she would remain hostage for decades—trapped in his storytelling and his use of her letters.
Encouraged by Mr. Matzneff, Ms. Gee had written him hundreds of amorous and sexually explicit letters during their three years together.
Some of them he published in 1974, without her authorization, in his fierce defense of [child and adolescent sexual abuse], Les moins de seize ans (Under 16 Years Old). He was offering those letters, he wrote in another book, Les passions schismatiques, as evidence that "a relationship of love between an adult and a child could be for the latter extremely rich, and the source of a fullness of life."
Ms. Gee said the words in the letters were those of a teenager manipulated by a man the age of her parents. Her letters were also used in Ivre du vin perdu, the novel whose cover featured an illustration of her.
"Now I consider they were extorted and used as a weapon against me," Ms. Gee said.
In her manuscript, Ms. Gee writes that "he used me to justify the sexual exploitation of children and teenagers."
For years, Ms. Gee's feelings about her experience with Mr. Matzneff were "muddied." Then in the early 1990s, her understanding became clearer.
"It was only when I was almost 35 years old that I realized this wasn't a love story," Ms. Gee recalled.
It was in 1992 that she contacted Mr. Matzneff, demanding that he stop using her letters and that he return them to her. Eventually, he sent her a photocopied stack—a carefully selected batch that excluded her negative correspondence.
A decade later, in 2002, it was Mr. Matzneff who wrote to her, asking, for the first time, her permission to use old photographs of her in a book. In the turquoise blue ink that he always used to pen his letters, Mr. Matzneff offered to identify the teenager as "the young girl who inspired the character of Angiolina in Ivre du vin perdu."
Not only did Ms. Gee refuse, but she also demanded again that his books be purged of her letters and that her face be taken off the cover of Ivre du vin perdu. She also demanded that three old photographs of her be taken off a website devoted to Mr. Matzneff and created by an admirer, Frank Laganier. The photos were pulled only seven years later, in 2010, after Ms. Gee's continued pressure, she said.
Mr. Laganier, who is now living in Paris, declined interview requests. His lawyer, Emmanuel Pierrat—who is representing Mr. Matzneff in a [promotion of child sexual abuse] case and is a longtime supporter of the writer—declined to be interviewed.
In 2004, Ms. Gee began preparing to sue Gallimard, the publisher of Ivre du vin perdu, and La passion Francesca, Mr. Matzneff's diary of their relationship, but stopped because of the high legal costs. Gallimard did not respond to interview requests; Antoine Gallimard, the head of the publishing house, did not respond to an interview request sent to his email address.
Unable to stop Mr. Matzneff, Ms. Gee also could not tell her own story.
After her manuscript was rejected by Albin Michel, she took it, unsuccessfully, to several other publishing houses.
Geneviève Jurgensen, who was an editor at Bayard and met with Ms. Gee in 2004, said the manuscript's focus was not in line with Bayard, which specialized in publishing youth books, as well as works on philosophy and religion.
Ms. Jurgensen, after recently reading excerpts from the manuscript, described it as "well written" and containing "situations that seem almost word for word those described by Vanessa Springora."
"Obviously, it wasn't the quality of the book that was the issue," Ms. Jurgensen said of Ms. Gee's failure to find a publisher in 2004. "Clearly, it was 15 years too early. The world wasn't ready yet."
The final rejection came from Grasset, the very same publisher that broke a taboo by issuing Ms. Springora's Consent in January.
Martine Boutang, an editor at Grasset, remembers being moved by Ms. Gee's account, she said, but couldn't see a way to get it published: the subject was "too sensitive," and two members of Grasset's editorial committee were "close to Matzneff."
"The question wasn't the quality of the text," she said.
Ms. Gee recalls feeling that Ms. Boutang was trying to stall the project by asking her to rework a manuscript that she had no intention of publishing. Ms. Boutang said she did not remember asking for a rewrite.
By contrast, Mr. Matzneff had no problems continuing to get his writings published—including Under 16 Years Old, the book that used Ms. Gee's letters to justify [adult] sex with underage girls.
Whose Story?
In a recent interview in the Italian Riviera, where he has been hiding, Mr. Matzneff said that if Ms. Gee "called me tomorrow, I would be delighted to see her."
Ms. Gee would be delighted if she could stop being reminded of him. In a book published last November, more than four decades after she left him, Mr. Matzneff mentioned her no fewer than a dozen times. Ms. Gee herself is now working on a new manuscript on the writer.
Over the years, unexpected incidents have sometimes reminded her that she remains a prisoner inside Mr. Matzneff's story.
A few years ago, she found herself waiting outside the Lycée Montaigne, her old high school, which her niece Lélia was now attending.
"I wait for her where Matzneff used to wait for me," Ms. Gee recalled.
Over lunch, her niece, a literature student, told her that she was "working on a contemporary author called Gabriel Matzneff."
That's how LĂ©lia, who is now 25, learned that the books she had been reading described a "family history," she says. To this day, she says, she had talked little with her aunt about her days with Mr. Matzneff.
"Most of what I know about all of this comes from Gabriel Matzneff, and not my aunt," she said. "And that's exactly where the problem lies."
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2023.06.09 06:47 PlumpPhoenix Torrhen Hornwood, Lord of the Hornwood

Reddit Username: PlumpPhoenix
Discord Name: plumpphoenix
Name and House: Torrhen Hornwood
Age: 21
Cultural Group: Northerner (First Men)
Religion: Old Gods
Appearance: Torrhen has short dark brown hair that is at most ear length, and is clean shaven. He is of average height but has a robust build. He is very much a warrior. He is slightly darker than the average Northman, a tan that was obtained over his years as a sellsword in Essos. He has dark gray eyes that are prototypical of a Northman. He dresses simply, wearing furs and leathers with little adornment to them. The only symbol on his clothing is that of his house, that of the bull moose. Even then, the adornment is small in size.
Trait: Strong
Skill(s): One-Handed Swords (e), Two-Handed Weapons (e), Riding , Vanguard (e), Tactician
Talent(s): Games (Board/Card), Gardening, Cooking
Negative Trait: N/A
Starting Title(s): Lord of the Hornwood
Starting Location(s): White Harbor (changed this on advice of another player)
Alternate Characters: N/A

Torrhen Hornwood was born the last of four children to Lord Jorah Hornwood and Lady Alys Glover. His elder siblings in order of birth are Beron Hornwood, Alaric Hornwood, and Alarra Hornwood. As the third-born son and the youngest in the family, it was generally expected that he would not inherit into any lands or holdings. In most other families, it would have been likely that Torrhen would have received a lord’s education from a Maester before going off to find his own destiny and life. However, Lord Jorah Hornwood was a man who was a meticulous planner, and assigned every child’s destiny to them shortly after birth. He had dreams of making House Hornwood a house of great repute and renown, and wished each child of his to form a part of a greater whole. Therefore, Beron Hornwood, as the eldest, was specifically trained to be the lord’s heir, to be a master of diplomacy and intrigue, to charm and to impress. Alaric, the lord’s spare, was educated in numbers and administration, so that he would serve as his brother’s steward and principle advisor. Alarra was raised to be the perfect lady, so that she might help to forge a marriage alliance with another noble house. Finally, Torrhen was raised to be a soldier, so that he might server as the master-at-arms and lead his brother’s armies. Although his father had his plans, he could be cruel in crushing his children’s other interests and hobbies.
As such, when it came to skill at arms, although all the sons received some training, it was Torrhen who was deemed the primary focus of the master-at-arms instruction, and worked in a brutal regime, drilling for hours each day every day. He was additionally brought up learning military strategy and tactics, and studying ancient battles from before and after the Conquest. He did learn what would be considered an acceptable education for a noble in numbers and letters from the Maester, but beyond that his father demanded that Torrhen focus on martial skills. This decision did not disappoint Torrhen, as he largely did not really care about nor have any particular talent or gift for numbers and administration.
He was not particularly close with any of his brothers or sister, in part due to an 6 year age gap between the younger two siblings and himself, and also due to a difference in upbringing, as the other three siblings were educated together largely under the care of the Maester, whereas Torrhen was largely educated out in the field. The only member of his family with whom he was close to was his mother, who secretly taught Torrhen how to garden, as such a hobby was considered by Lord Jorah Hornwood to be beneath Torrhen. On his 14th name day, Torrhen was given a fine crafted bastard sword as a gift and has subsequently used that blade in every battle and fight he has been in.
In 195 AC, when Torrhen came of age, Lord Jorah Hornwood announced that Torrhen would depart for Essos at once, where he would take up residency and arms among the Ragged Standard, so that he would further hone his martial skills in genuine live combat. All the necessary arrangements had been made, and Torrhen departed that evening. Whilst overseas fighting in the Disputed Lands, he became familiar with foreign cultures and developed an interest in them. During this time, he became acquainted with various board and card games that were frequently played among sellswords, and was halfway decent at them. He additionally began to learn the basic tenets of cooking, after he grew tired of eating the same gruel that the Ragged Standard called food. This skill came particularly useful during a difficult campaign in the Disputed Lands, where the sellswords of the Ragged Standard were forced to consume rats and insects to survive. However, life was not all perfect in the Hornwood. In 198 AC, Beron Hornwood disappeared without a trace one evening. Servants had opened his chamber door to find the bed neatly made and empty, with no evidence of any struggle. None of the guards had seen him depart and to this day his disappearance remains a mystery. When Lord Jorah sought to recall his second son, Alaric, home from the Free Cities where he was being educated more deeply in numbers, the ship that was carrying Alaric was destroyed in a storm and sank without even seeing White Harbor. In the face of many of his sons dying and his lifelong established plans being torn asunder, Lord Jorah died in a fit of rage.
The news of Lord Jorah and his two elder brother’s deaths only reached Torrhen in 200 AC, when he had returned to Lys after a final campaign in the Disputed Lands. Upon finding out the news, he chartered a ship to White Harbor, where he expects to assume his duties as the Lord of the Hornwood.

179 AC - Torrhen Hornwood is born the fourth child of Lord Jorah Hornwood and Lady Alys Glover
183 AC - Torrhen begins learning the basics of gardening from his mother
185 AC - Torrhen begins his training in arms with the Master-at-Arms of the Hornwood
193 AC - Torrhen is gifted his bastard sword
195 AC - Torrhen departs Westeros to join the Ragged Standard and engage in combat in the Disputed Lands
197 AC - Torrhen distinguishes his skill as a commander and fighter in a difficult campaign while in the Disputed Lands.
200 AC - After returning from campaign, Torrhen discovers the news about his father and brothers and opts to return to Westeros and the North.
200 AC - Torrhen arrives in White Harbor. Present Day.

Hornwood Family Tree

Alarra Hornwood: (Archetype: Castellan) Alarra is not considered a comely nor homely woman and is tall and strong, taller than Torrhen. She wears her dark brown hair with braids and it flows down to her shoulders. She possesses intelligent dark gray eyes, and has a mind suitable for administration and numbers. She enjoys wearing subtle grays and whites as color in her clothing, and wears slightly more elaborate clothing, such as fine linens and silks.
Lady Alys Glover: (Archetype: Trader) Lady Alys, the mother of Alarra and Torrhen, is still alive. She has black hair that has begun to gray, and has brown eyes that are soft. Despite her age, she still possesses a strength in her posture and eyes. She is a woman of average height and build. She dresses similar to her daughter, but wears more reds and grays in the color of her house.
Maester Walder: (Archetype: Medic) The Maester assigned to serve the Lord of the Hornwood. He is a man of middle age, with a slight receding hairline of gray hair.
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2023.06.09 06:46 mathographer_ IIT student, failed in all subjects in first sem. Really need help, advice and motivation.

Hi Guys,
As the title suggests, I am a 2nd semester student at an old IIT in the EE department. My academic situation is very very bleak. I have failed literally all cources in first semester and will most likely fail a few (most likely 1) courses this semester too. I am very very depressed. I feel like I have wasted any advantage that I could have had by having a degree from IIT. I feel like my two years of tireless hard work has been wasted. I really need your honest advice on the following:
1) Is it even possible to complete my degree in 4 years?
2) Is campus placement even a possibility for me considering I may not be able to clear my backlogs before placement season?
3) How hard will off campus placements be? Will I be able to get a similar CTC to my on- campus peers? Will companies hire someone in my position? What kinds of firms would be open to hiring me?
4) What's the most reasonable CPI I can get before end of 6th and 7th sens respectively?
5) I always wanted to pursue higher education abroad (MS and most likely PhD) from a top university. Is there any chance of that? What would my CPI need to be for that? How can I make up for my past mistakes?
6) Any kind of motivational stories etc would also be very helpful.
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2023.06.09 06:46 Desperate-Purple-586 The True Ending FNAF SB:Ruin Will Follow

The True Ending FNAF SB:Ruin Will Follow
Game Theory-The True Ending FNAF SB:Ruin Will Follow (sorry for grammar)
Many people presume that Ruin will follow the ending where Gregory and Freddy burn Burntrap and the Blob then kidnaps Burntrap. However, I believe this is wrong due too one major thing, the damage to freddy in the recent trailer. If you pause where they show the damages and compare it to the ending cutscene you can see different damages, however this may lead you too thinking, if this ending is not the real one, which one is? I believe the true ending is the "dissemble vanny(i will be calling it the D.V.)" ending. Here are the reasons:
1-The damages to freddy in the DV ending and trailer are close to exactly the same.
2-This ending is the only ending where freddy is intact enough to still function like we see in the trailer and is still in the trailer (the burntrap ending follows this slightly differently however it still fits this rule as in the BT ending freddy is in a TOO good state, this ending also implys gregory AND freddy escape the underground pizzaria however in the trailer gregory stating he was trapped in the underground, however freddy somehow would have had to been able to escape to get into the rubble in fazerblast in the trailer, you know which ending he ends up in fazerblast THE DV ENDING!)
Freddy Pic In Comic

Freddy In Trailer
More evidence is the comics which often show where freddy ends up and his state of repair (i dont to overstimulate with like 20 pics)

My Theory On How Ruin Will Start:
Cut to the DV ending, this time 3d animated like the rest of the game
Cutscene with small credits as it shows slow moving shots of the ruined pizzaplex as light music plays in background.
After the major credits (scot, devs, etc) a quick black screen then it cuts to you playing as cassy and you are tasked with a bit of tutorial stuff like the freddy room in basegame
-prediction ends off-

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2023.06.09 06:45 Takoshi88 Question about Fortnite and ip rights

Let me preface first; I'm a non-Fortnite player and I've never so much as touched the game. Still very, very sore about Unreal...
I am curious how the intellectual property rights holding works with Fortnite's very many collaboration skins and content. Does it mean another developer cannot use said characters in their own collabs/games? Or is it solely limited to the Fortnite version of said characters (ie; Fortnite Thor is off-limits for, say Activision, but Thor as a Marvel ip is not?)
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2023.06.09 06:45 GrennTerius Best type of exercises (diet?) for a thin and feminine body?

Hi, AMAB here, I'm working towards using long dresses and skirts in the future (I don't feel comfortable using revealing clothes for now, either masc or femme). I'm fat but fairly tall, which helps concealing some of my obesity, but I think will not look good on those clothes as long as I mantain this kind of weight. Some plus sized people look really good in that setup, but I think that isn't my case, maybe it's psychological or """genetic""", I don't know, I'm fairly confused tbh.
(Before continuing the read, keep in mind that I haven't started hormones yet, not sure how to get around that over here, how much , I'm still insecure and a bit terrified of looking bad. I'm new at this.)
So I have been dieting, mostly just reducing my caloric intake, nothing really being "forbidden" as long as I don't go over my daily rate. It's been great, too early to really tell any change, but don't really feel starved and I succesfully cut sugars and flours. I accept any tips about this, but this isn't the main topic.
The thing is about exercise, I'm really sedentary and I know that start is going to be hard, but that isn't the setback: I don't want to develop any significant muscle that would make me look any more masculine (my slightly wide shoulders are enough, thanks). I just want to be like, healthtily thin, lean, the physique some feminine male cosplayers have so they can look nice as a female characters ( as much as my "skeleton structur"e allows, of course). I realize this is kind of irrational, but that's why I came here to ask, because google offers many contradictory answers about the topic.
What kind exercise can I do? What would be a starting routine to start this process? I have a pretty good ellyptical at home but not enough budget for a gym subscription.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post!

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2023.06.09 06:45 screechypete I'm(28M) going to ask my stepdad if I can legally change my last name to his.

This is something I've thought about doing for a while now. Since I'm going to miss spending father's day with him this year due to work, I've decided I'm going to pull the trigger. I can't think of a better gift than letting him know I fully accept him as my dad and that I want to carry his name throughout the rest of my life! I'm sharing this here because I can't talk about it without getting emotional and happy crying, but I have to tell someone because of how happy and excited I am about this! There's a little bit of a back story here but I'm hoping after I share it, you'll understand why I have so much respect for this amazing man and why I want to do this.
To put things bluntly, my father was not a good man. I won't go into details, but I will say that he was verbally and physically abusive to both me and my little brother. He walked out on us when I was around 10, and even though I didn't know it at the time, it was the best thing that ever happened to us. He may have been gone, but the damage was already done and I didn't know how to process him leaving us. Combine that with the trauma he inflicted on us, and I was the definition of a demon child. I'd throw daily tantrums and lash out at everyone and everything around me, and was constantly getting in trouble at school because of it. I had to change schools, and we went through so many different baby sitters because I was too much to handle. I honestly still feel bad about the things I said and did that made the job of trying to raise me extremely difficult for my mom. She is an amazing woman who didn't deserve any of what I put her through, especially since she was raising me and my brother on her own and just barely making ends meet.
We were on our own for maybe a year when me and my brother met my stepdad. Let's call him Tom for the purposes of the story. I know they met on a phone dating service, but I'm not sure how long they were seeing each other before we met him. Regardless of that though, after seeing all the horror stories about step parents... I'm honestly so thankful that my mom got things right and found a good one on the first try! IMO they did everything right in regards to introducing my brother and I to him. He came over to our house and my mom introduced him to us as simply her friend. Not her boyfriend, our new dad, stepdad or anything like that because she didn't want to confuse us in case things didn't work out. He even brought his dog (Toblerone or Toby for short) with him and me and my brother played with him for a few hours while the adults hung out. TBH I don't really remember much of what we talked about with Tom. He was just my mom's cool friend that brought his dog over for us to play with, but Tom must have thought things went well because we started seeing more of him as my mom started spending more time with him. I was still a demon child though and I did have a couple meltdowns and temper tantrums while Tom was around, but he just sat back and watched as my mom dealt with me and somehow I didn't scare him off.
After a few months, Mom and Tom sat both me and my brother down and my mom told us that Tom was now officially her boyfriend. I asked them if that meant that Tom was our new dad and Tom took over and started talking to my brother and I. He told us that he loves our mom and that we can call him whatever whatever we want. Tom was really good about not forcing us to see him a certain way, or call him dad or any of that stuff. He was just Tom, my mom's new boyfriend. Once they made it official, we slowly started to meet other members of Tom's family. He has a big family, but no kids of his own. Things were going well enough that when thanksgiving rolled around, we went to go spend it with Tom's family. Unfortunately thanksgiving was a disaster... I had a meltdown in front of Tom's entire family, and I was chasing his nephew (Who had a broken foot and crutches) around the house yelling that I hated him and I was yelling death threats at him. Somehow though even after doing this and embarrassing both Tom and my Mom in front of Tom's entire family, Tom stuck around and tried his best because of how much he loved my mom. I honestly have no idea how he didn't head for the hills after that, because there's no way I would be able to put up with someone like me if I were in his shoes.
My brother and I started seeing a child therapist shortly after Tom came into our lives, and it helped a lot, but I was still a demon child and I didn't really mellow out until I was around 14 and went to high school. Even though it was only 2-3 years, that part of my life feels like it lasted much longer than that. Tom is a much better man than I could ever hope to be, and he's the person that I respect most in this world. Even though I was a nightmare to deal with, he never gave up on us and he did everything he could to try and support us. He wasn't perfect, but he tried his best and did everything in his power to try and raise my brother and I like we were his own kids. Most importantly he never laid a hand on me because he knew about the trauma that had been inflicted on me and my brother because of my father. He and his family loved and accepted us and were very patient with me regardless of all the shit that I would do. They never made me feel like I wasn't loved or that they didn't want me around. Tom may not be my father, but he is my dad and I am so thankful to have him in my life. Without him, I wouldn't be the man that I am today. He taught me how to always look for the good in people and no matter how bad things may seem, that things will always get better. He and my mom have been together for almost 20 years now and they are still so in love with each other that it almost seems like no time has passed for them at all. I'm excited, happy and nervous and I'm probably going to ugly cry after I ask Tom if I can change my last name to his.
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2023.06.09 06:45 cocoawaterfallbeet Starting a SR with a doctor ?

I felt like it’s best to post this here considering there are many doctors on this sub and I would appreciate their perspective . My general doctor is referring me (24 F) to see a specialist that he recommends for a consultation. When I searched the doctor(37 M) up his picture popped up and he looks handsome and i believe he’s single. We’re also from the same country ethically. The problem is in the USA doctors can’t date their patients and his consultation fee is very expensive. I don’t know what to do. Until now he has no idea I exist. Any ideas on meeting him? How can i let him know I’m single/interested in a SR and how can I get him hooked?
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2023.06.09 06:44 Kierkegaard_Soren ENTJs, Disabuse Yourself of the Notion that You Are Superior

This is a long overdue post. I'm often on mobile but now that I'm sitting down at the keyboard, I wanted to put a few thoughts together for my ENTJ companions.
I see a LOT of posts on this sub that are disappointing. Many posts cover the best qualities of ENTJs in the worst possible framing. Some examples: - "How to gain power, how to gain success, how to gain prestige..." - "Others around me are put off by my ambition" - "Why won't others just...XYZ"
The content of many posts on this sub, but a fair number of comments as well, play into the worst ego-centric tendencies of ENTJs. And I can say this as someone who was there in my younger years... currently a recovering ego-centrist.
I would like to encourage all of us to approach conversations around our personality type starting from places of empathy, of others-centeredness, of humility. We should be encouraging each other to GROW in the ways that are least natural to us, not necessarily always just reinforcing the same strengths we have over and over again at the expense of others or other lesser developed parts of ourselves.
Vulnerability, patience, slowing down sometimes, and (dare I say) inefficiency for the sake of being in the moment are things to celebrate and help each other figure out as a group. Let's not fall into the trap of creating an echo chamber that reinforces some of our most dangerous tendencies without the balance of building up those things where we might naturally be less inclined.
Personally, I have found more happiness, balance, success because of hard work I’ve done on myself. and the journey is never finished.
For the younger ENTJs reading this, maybe coming to this sub for the first time, it is not you that is always right and the world that is always wrong. Others' personalities and worldviews are just as relevant as yours, even if you see them as asinine. The most dangerous thing you can do as an ENTJ is fall into this trap. It will only push others away from you.
Focus on growing yourselves in the things that are hard. It's just as important as focusing on the things we are good at. We’re here to learn from the world, not conquer it.
Take care all. Peace and love.
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2023.06.09 06:44 networkn Recommendation for Barber in Auckland ideally central-West

I am on the search for a Barber who knows how to do a proper Flat Top haircut. Many claim to be able to do them, but rarely is it true. You can usually tell from the first few seconds. It does tend to be the older barbers, as the Flat Top isn't as popular any more so they don't really teach it at barber school any more.
If anyone knows of a Barber in the central to central west area, I'd appreciate a heads-up.


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2023.06.09 06:44 Blackmetzuk help with 1.9

Need help listing in 1.9 threads... how do I know how many fp I need to put in to secure al slots before I post?
For example a completely empty lvl 20 CoA I'll need to put in how many fp before posting? so all p1 -> p5 slots are available in the 1.9 thread
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2023.06.09 06:43 GrennTerius Best type of exercises (diet?) for a thin and feminine body?

Hi, AMAB here, I'm working towards using long dresses and skirts in the future (I don't feel comfortable using revealing clothes for now, either masc or femme). I'm fat but fairly tall, which helps concealing some of my obesity, but I think will not look good on those clothes as long as I mantain this kind of weight. Some plus sized people look really good in that setup, but I think that isn't my case, maybe it's psychological or """genetic""", I don't know, I'm fairly confused tbh.
(Before continuing the read, keep in mind that I haven't started hormones yet, not sure how to get around that over here, how much , I'm still insecure and a bit terrified of looking bad. I'm new at this.)
So I have been dieting, mostly just reducing my caloric intake, nothing really being "forbidden" as long as I don't go over my daily rate. It's been great, too early to really tell any change, but don't really feel starved and I succesfully cut sugars and flours. I accept any tips about this, but this isn't the main topic.
The thing is about exercise, I'm really sedentary and I know that start is going to be hard, but that isn't the setback: I don't want to develop any significant muscle that would make me look any more masculine (my slightly wide shoulders are enough, thanks). I just want to be like, healthtily thin, lean, the physique some feminine male cosplayers have so they can look nice as a female characters ( as much as my "skeleton structur"e allows, of course). I realize this is kind of irrational, but that's why I came here to ask, because google offers many contradictory answers about the topic.
What kind exercise can I do? What would be a starting routine to start this process? I have a pretty good ellyptical at home but not enough budget for a gym subscription.
Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post!

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2023.06.09 06:43 Environmental-Toe635 Near-Death Experience?

Has anyone ever had a near-death experience while tripping? I have a friend with extensive trip experience (most of which was wonderful and enlightening) who recently took a large dose, and it did not end well. They TRULY thought they were dying and had to accept that reality. I see that this is an experience shared by many people. My friend is still dealing with emotional and physical symptoms related to this experience. I’m not sure how to help them cope with the experience, as they seem changed for the worse because of it. Any resources or stories out there that they might find solace in? Thanks in advance ✨
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2023.06.09 06:43 AutoModerator [] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download
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Learn how 3 simple principles of behavioral psychology will allow you to get inside your interviewer’s brain and help you build a strong relationship with them Utilizing Conversation Ratio to leave a positive impression on your interviewer down to the molecular level (seriously…I’ll show you the science behind it) Illustrating how The Recency Effect can allow you to choose exactly what our interview remembers about you 5 psychologically-rooted questions I asked every interviewer and the breakdown of why they are so powerful [Templates Included]
Learn the salary negotiation strategies that DJS students have used to boost their salaries by an average of 36% – 44% Leverage a simple framework to control the conversation when your future employer asks about your salary expectations Discover the different types of negotiators and the specialized techniques you can use to be successful with each type Share other forms of compensations that you can negotiate beyond salary (that might actually be worth more!)
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