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Forbidden Snacks

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Tasty to the eye, but not to the mouth.

2020.09.14 14:13 shaggypoo fuckcardiB

Cardi B is the worst singesongwriter in existence and makes music for people who are on food stamps

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A community for Milwaukee Bucks discussion, news and deer friends!

2023.06.07 05:23 IHungryAlready Tan Cheng Bock & Chee Soon Juan Met Up And Talked About "The Battle Ahead"

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2023.06.07 05:23 c_hunt363 Is there a way to make things better?

So my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me 2 months ago. I still live with her and her parents over breaks. I want to keep living with them because I love it here, I’m taken care of while in college, and I’ve built a great relationship with them. But living here is unbelievably hard when I’m still in love with her. I can’t bring myself to accept that it’s over. And moving out means losing a lot more than just her. But it’s almost unbearable living with her when she has no desire to get back together.
Should I wait and see if she changes her mind? Should I bite the bullet and move back home 1,500 miles away? Should I live in my college town and have to pay for food and rent and have no social life?
Any advice helps
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2023.06.07 05:23 TheGreaterDecatur Spotted in Atlanta (Cumberland): Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites

Spotted in Atlanta (Cumberland): Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites
I always thought these would be in the giant refrigerators with the other breakfast foods but they were actually in a refrigerated end-cap where they keep lunch meats and dips.
Can't wait for breakfast!
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2023.06.07 05:22 piscesprincess444 My bf’s mom

My bf & I (24f, 26m) have been together for 8 months now, and things between the two us have been really good so far. However, I’m starting not to like his mom. I went into this with the utmost respect for both of his parents but after getting to know his mom, I just feel like her behavior is really weird. His mom lives in a different state than we do, but she’s here visiting my bf for a week (his dad is a very nice man btw, I really like him!). We went & had brunch and dinner with them Sunday, and during that time she made a number of comments that rubbed me the wrong way.
Comment 1: My bf and I have two separate apartments in the same complex because we didn’t want to move in together too soon. His mom insinuated during dinner that he spends too much time with me & at my place in general, and that he should spend some time alone at his own place. I didn’t have much of an issue with this because I agree, but I did have an issue with the accusatory subtext of the conversation. I feel like she was trying to say I was forcing him to be here at my place when that couldn’t be further from the truth. He chooses to spend the majority of his time here, I definitely don’t force that on him.
Comment #2: She said (basically verbatim) that she thinks he takes me out too much to restaurants, and that we should develop some kind of 50/50 rule moving forward so that he pays the tab sometimes & I pay the tab others. I have no issue with this, but it’s 9 times out of 10 my bf’s choice to eat at restaurants. I’m used to cooking & I usually do that 6 days out of the week. She even said that any woman who cares about their significant other will also care about their finances. What she said wouldn’t have rubbed me the wrong way if we didn’t already have an agreement with taking turns paying for food, and more importantly if it’s my idea to get food I know it’s my responsibility to pay. I didn’t really like that she had it in her mind that I’m a burden on him financially when I’m not. I’ve been taking care of myself since before her son came along just fine. I also had an issue with him not correcting her in the moment, which I voiced to my bf.
Comment #3: As we were leaving dinner, his mom also mentioned how she had paid for all of us at brunch & dinner and spent nearly $300. The way I was raised, it’s considered tacky to bring up money. I feel like if she had a problem paying she could’ve voiced that at the moment. I might not be explaining it well, but I felt like it was really passive aggressive to bring up the exact amount. Due to this, I already told my bf that the remainder of the time his parents are here I won’t allow them to spend another penny on me, because I don’t want anything thrown back in my face later.
Comment #4: On the way home, I pointed out some apartments that me & my bf were considering moving into together once our current leases are up. Seconds after I said this, I heard her sigh really dramatically & say to her husband, “Pray for me.” I thought this was probably the weirdest of her comments and it really made me wish I hadn’t said anything at all about our future plans. Later that night my bf mentioned to her that I was upset by her reaction & she said she just wasn’t prepared to hear that in the moment, which is totally understandable but still a rude reaction in my opinion.
I should probably also mention that when me & my bf first started dating, I overheard her refer to me as “that girl”, to which my bf did correct her which I appreciated. I think I knew then that I wasn’t dealing with an average mom. She has also made it a point to mention on multiple occasions that she “doesn’t get involved with her son’s gfs”, which made me feel uneasy.
I’m sorry this turned out to be super long. I guess I just need advice to see if I’m being overly sensitive? Or is this an issue that will continue looming on? I’m not sure how to move forward with my bf knowing I have this problem with his mom.
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2023.06.07 05:22 Extreme_Manager_5697 Switching from 100% Freelancing to FT work after 8 years

I'm not even sure what flair to assign this one ... maybe just putting this one out there for some solidarity and reassurance. The long and the short is -- I'm leaving my super flexible job as a freelancer to head back to FT work on Monday for the first time in 8 years. I have two kiddos and my youngest is starting Kindergarten this fall -- ergo I got both kids out of the house full time in September for the first time in 8 years.
I've been a freelancer for years -- (I teach business English online and do misc admin work) but things got scary with my hubby's company -- they got bought out and a consulting company came in (yes -- cue imagines of 'Office Space' in your head!). I saw the writing on the wall last December -- at least that some major downsizing might happen soon. What was always a sure thing with his job suddenly seemed more like a fragile thing and I simply couldn't deal with the risk of being without healthcare or losing a huge amount of income...just didn't feel responsible with our kiddos or some of the bills we currently have. The decision is incredibly bittersweet because the contractor I worked for was,to say the very least, phenomenal. Best place I've ever worked -- they all have been so supportive because they all get it too! The pay was a nice little buffer to the 'household budget' for years but with inflation/cost of things really wasn't sufficient anymore. Years of no vacation, constant cancellations to deal with sick babies...etc. -- just gets old and exhausting when you're the only one handling it. (To be clear - I handled it because I had the lower pay and most flexibility...)
Fast forward through a turbulent 5 months -- I did get a job. It took forever and was way more challenging than I anticipated, but I did it and I start on Monday! It's a government job and above all the benefits are solid (I can't get much better than NO benefits...but they really are quite good!) The job security is solid... and provides a nice balance to hubby's iffy position/company situation. (And of course, as all of this was happening 5 people did let go in his department -- luckily not him!) Above all, it's hybrid. After I get trained up, I'll be 2 days in office and 3 at home.
The only thing that gives me pause is the same thing that gives me pause every time I take on a big commitment like this-- the what ifs of childcare. My husband and I have literally been making childcare work since March 2020 when the pandemic started. My husband went 100% remote...until all of a sudden last month (you know, the month I finally got an interview after 4 months of applying) they suddenly want him in the office so much more. And they are threatening to track their logins... something they doubled down on recently.
The pandemic obliterated the daycare situation near me -- wait lists/no availability -- you name it. Summer programs last minute? Forget it. Grandma doesn't like to be 'on call' during the summer for regular babysitting (which is fine -- I respect that!) but I literally have a list of neighbors/friends to have on call at a short notice. I'm VERY thankful for the village that I do have -- don't get me wrong. I know so many moms who have less resources than I do.
But it is so terrifying to make this leap. I'm at the point where I HOPE we can toggle -- that my hubby can handle the kids when I'm in office and he can go in on the days I work from home. I'm VERY used to working with my children (again, pandemic hardened...LOL) and they are MOSTLY okay -- but of course this is a brand new job with a lot to learn so I have no idea how that will be in the beginning so I have to be cautious.
Phew -- if you made it that far, thanks for coming to my TED talk. Overall, I'm very excited but working FT for the first time ever with two kids after being freelance by choice for years to accommodate's big. I also strongly suspect hubby underestimates how different it's gonna be -- but hey -- one challenge at a time :D I'm hopeful it will be a great experience.
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2023.06.07 05:22 chefthedxman Food Theory Sequel Idea

I have my own theory about something that MatPat said in this video ( He said that if you ate a fish with the bones, the bones would pop your stomach walls. However, I have my own theory using the other side of that, both literally and figuratively.

Let's say Klyve (the character MatPat used in his video) went to a restaurant and got all the food down. Then he leaves the restaurant feeling fuller and ever. He would also be more tired than ever, meaning that he won't be able to make split decisions. With that in mind, say he tries to exit the restaurant after paying, but instead of leaving out the door, he accidentally breaks the window somehow by falling on it. After he falls out of the window, he *somehow* hits something sharp enough to puncture his stomach.

After Klyve punctures his stomach, someone nearby sees him bleeding out, and applies first aid (antiseptics and bandage). Then he takes him to the hospital.

Even if you are bleeding out and in need of surgery, you are still able to consume things, even if not by means of eating or drinking.

Klyve gets to the hospital (thanks to the person who applied first aid), and they decide to stitch it up through a surgical process. He's unconscious due to him hitting the floor and the sharp object, but they still apply the anaesthetics just to be sure he's numbed while they do the surgery. Right there, Klyve is already consuming things - even though he's not eating or drinking it (or them). It may not be essential for you, but it's still something you consume. When MatPat said that when you're full - that you couldn't take another bite, he didn't take into account breathing. He was breathing in the anaesthetics. So it wasn't entirely true that he couldn't take another bite. He was breathing a "bite" in.

Same thing for the saline solution they gave him in his IV. He wasn't drinking it, but he was still consuming it because it was still entering his body, through means of a syringe or needle. That was essential: he was getting his water and his sodium through the salt (The chemical abbreviation for salt is NaCl, where Na is sodium and Cl is Chlorine).

So basically, I was just giving a scenario where if what happened to Klyve in the Theory didn't happen, what actually MIGHT have happened and what someone would do to fix it.
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2023.06.07 05:22 Fit-Marzipan9247 Overeating

Background; I have cared for my 4 NK (16M,13M,9F,8F) for 14 years, they are like my children and I have a wonderful relationship with MB. 2 years ago MB and DB divorced and naturally it has been an adjustment for everyone.
My biggest concern is the overeating that 9F and 8F are doing on a daily basis. Today 9f, 8f get home from school and both ask for and prepare a snack which is the usual routine, it has always been a struggle with portion sizes and has steadily gotten worse. Both girls have snack at 3:30pm and then the moment MB SO walks in NK 9f quietly ask him for popcorn which he allows not knowing they have already snacked. So 3:30 snack and 5pm Tupperware bowl of popcorn while MB is preparing dinner! After dinner snack is typically a bowl of ice cream or 3-4 smores. MB understands that they are overeating and would like them not to but WILL NOT enforce any limitations. Both MB and I have struggled with our weight but I am very aware of what I eat and how my eating habits can influence them so I am very careful to eat healthy foods in the proper portions. I am losing my mind with the constant asking about food. They eat healthy foods ie. fruits and vegetables as well as not so healthy foods but the real issue is the amount they eat on a daily basis. 16M and 13M are in physically demanding sports so the caloric intake they take in is used as fuel but 9F is not in any sports ATM and 8F is in a sport that is 2 days a week for 1 hour so they aren't offsetting the calories. The children have not experienced food insecurity at all but MB got a letter from the school cafeteria oweing $90+ because 9f was buying lunch everyday and taking a packed lunch! For reference only 9f is 110lbs and 8f is 150lbs so I am very concerned with the health ramifications of being obese plus the psychological effects. I am the one that takes the children to Well Child visits where I am being lectured on healthy habits but it isn't me! (I did tell MB that I will not be taking them this year) I'm not sure what exactly I am hoping for as far as advice goes but I would love to hear others suggestions and personal experiences. TIA
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2023.06.07 05:21 MozzLand So frustrated

I’ve been actively applying for remote work for over a year with very nominal success. Prior to the pandemic I was mostly focused on sales/territory management, with some emphasis on e-commerce. I’ve run my own consultancy for Amazon sellers since last year, but it’s not enough. My resume looks well polished, and I include a cover letter for every job I apply to. Despite these efforts, I’m failing to even receive a sign of acknowledgment, much less an interview. Most of the jobs I’m applying for are customer service roles, which I’m vastly overqualified for. I’m honestly at my wits end.
Resources I currently use:
I’m basically open for any role at this point, considering the alternative is homelessness.
Any suggestions, advice, or wisdom you’re able to provide is massively appreciated.
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2023.06.07 05:21 JoshAsdvgi THE PANTHER'S CHILDREN AND COYOTE.


Two women lived alone.
One was a woman and the other a girl.
The old woman was the jimson weed; the girl the cottontail rabbit.
They lived west above Tejon creek.
In the morning the old woman saw a dead deer lying at the door.
She did not see who brought it.
She took the deer, sliced it, dried the meat, and said nothing.
She did not ask the girl about it.
Next day the same thing happened.
Three times it happened.
Then the girl gave birth to two boys, twins.
They saw no one.
She did not see her husband.
The boys grew up and she put them into a cradle.
Coyote lived at Sututaiwieyau and had seven sons.
He said: "I will go to see what they are doing."
The mother of the two boys was on the plain gathering seeds.
The old woman was caring for the children.
Coyote carne to the house.
He found that they had plenty of deer meat and acorn mush.
The old woman said to him: "Will you have meat and acorn mush?"
He said: "Yes."
Then she gave him the food and he ate.
After eating he was thirsty.
She told him: "There is water in the pitched basket (made with piñon gum)."
Coyote said: ''I do not drink from that kind.
The pitch stinks." She told him: "What kind do you drink from?"
He said: "I drink from an openwork winnowing basket (khali)."
She asked him: "How does it hold water?"
He said: "Put leaves into it."
The old woman went and tried to bring water in an openwork basket.
The water kept running out, but she kept trying a long time.
Meanwhile Coyote took the two boys and went off, making a circuit.
The mother was far off on the plain gathering seeds.
At night she came home.
"Where are my boys?" she asked her mother.
The old woman said: "Coyote came here.
I think he stole them."
Now the panther came.
"Where are the children?" he said.
"Coyote stole them," they told him.
He took pinenuts and puhuk and hapu in a sack and started to look for his children.
He looked all over the country.
He looked for them for ten years, for about twelve years.
Now the boys were large enough to go out and hunt rabbits.
Then Coyote told them: "Do not go far.
A man may come here.
He is bad.
He will catch you and kill you."
He was afraid their father would come.
Next day the boys went on the mountain and killed a deer.
Then one day they went to the top of the mountain Wachkiu.
From there they looked down on the plain on the other side.
When they had rested, they got up to go.
The younger one was behind.
Then he saw a man coming.
He was dark all over with a little white on his breast.
He said: "See, the one is coming of whom our father told us, the dangerous one."
The panther called: "Where are you going? Stop. I am your father."
Then the younger brother said: "Let us wait."
They stopped. "Hello," said the anther.
"Hello," they told him.
He asked them: "Why do you run away? I am your father.
Coyote is not your father."
Then he took one by each hand and they went.
Soon the old man became tired and fell.
He got up again, took pinenuts and puhuk and hapu from his sack, and gave them to the boys to eat.
They ate them all.
Then he asked them: "How does he do when he kills deer!"
They told him: "He eats all the intestines before he takes it home."
Then their father told them: "Well, I will do that."
Now he killed a deer.
Then the boys went and called Coyote to come.
They said they had killed a deer.
Coyote came. "Whose track is that?" he said.
The older boy said: "It is my track," and Coyote was satisfied.
Then he went to the deer.
He wanted to eat of it.
He nearly bit at it when he jumped in fear.
Three times he was afraid and jumped aside.
Then he went to it and ate.
Now the panther jumped on him, killed him, and tore him to pieces.
He strewed his flesh over the ground.
Then he went to the house.
Coyote's children were playing in a swing.
They did not work or hunt but played constantly.
The panther killed them all.
He took them by the feet and struck them on the ground.
He entered the house where Coyote's wife was, took her by the feet, and threw her out. Then he burned the house and went off.
He said: "I am going. I travel over the country."
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2023.06.07 05:21 Bubbly-Mushroom133 20$ us shipping only

20$ us shipping only
2 decks both 33 mm one messed up during sanding and chipped a piece of wood and both aren’t applied graphically that well, willing to take 20 for both shipping on me , both black top ply and blue bottom ply, second picture is the chipped one, wood was really stiff so low concave
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2023.06.07 05:21 Horror-Pace6548 Seeking answers for reoccurring mouthrot (PICS ON SLIDES 4&5)

Hi all, I have a vet appointment this Friday but I wanted to stop by here to see if I could get any feedback.
This is my little man named Salmonella (cuz he looks like a raw chicken). I got him when he was a baby from Petsmart (yes, I know—never again) and he is now approximately 3 and a half years old. This is probably the 4th time he’s had mouthrot, and it was very sneaky this time. It appears he’s all gums on the top of his mouth now. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it until it became super inflamed because there were no exterior scabs. I flushed them last night with the antiseptic solution provided by my vet.
He has been refusing food for about a month now, so he’s been on carnivore care—2 to 1 ratio, as much as I can get him to eat every other day. Gone down from about 62 grams to 55. Lethargic but relatively active—he’s happy to explore when I take him out.
I know husbandry is typically the explanation, but at this point I’m starting to wonder if he has some sort of other condition he inherited from poor breeding practices. The mouth rot always clears up after antibiotics, and then its back a few months later.
He lives in a 20 gallon tank with a 75 wattage light/lamp used during the daytime. He has a Dry warm hide, a humid warm hide, and a cool dry hide. The cage temperature remains between 95° on the warm side to 80°-75° on the cool side. His humid hide stays between 30% to 40%, though it is usually around 25% right before daily misting and 60% immediately after misting. He is on paper towel substrate, though we briefly switched to eco-earth to maintain a more consistent humidity. Unfortunately, he absolutely hated it so we switched it back. I switch out the paper towel every other week, and deep clean the tank and everything inside every other month. The water dish is cleaned weekly. This is how the tank has been for over a year now, and he’s gotten sick 3 times since then. He is having regular (albeit liquid since he’s on carnivore care) bowel movements. I see him drink water about twice a week.
He previously has had 1 eye infection (very minor, cleared up very quickly), 1 pneumonia scare (mild, cleared up with injected antibiotics every 3 days for 5-6 weeks by vet), diagnosed with early signs of MBD (has not gotten worse since showing initial signs and adjusting care). Everything else has been the reoccurring mouth rot.
Some info to know about him: Slight kink in the end of his tail, likely from proper heating during incubation, he’s quite small—his tail and head seem to be improportional to his body (compared to other, healthy leopard gecko), he has a really hard time shedding, and almost always requires assistance. His gait is fine but he is not very strong.
Anyone have any ideas? I’m happy to answer any questions. I just want my little guy to feel okay.
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2023.06.07 05:21 Fantastic-Hunt-1701 I-131 AP Travel Doc status shows as incorrect receipt number

Hello everyone, I recently applied for a marriage based green card. The 4 applications (I-130, I-131, I-485 and I-765) were submitted on 05/08/2023 and only the status of 3 applications is visible online acknowledging they received the application on the website (except for I-131).
It just says incorrect receipt number when I put the receipt number on the case status page of the website but when I go to my USCIS account, it says “Your case status is unavailable at this time. We are working to get you accurate information as soon as possible. Try again later.”
I raised a request through my USCIS account for information and haven’t heard back, already been about a couple weeks. Anybody else had the same experience before? If so, what happened next?
Service Center: NBC
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2023.06.07 05:21 EnbyKathryn is this a good instrument to buy for my kid in band

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2023.06.07 05:21 toastycinnabunn Academic re-channeling

Hi! I would like to ask how do I inquire/apply for academic re-channeling? and which colleges allow this?
Also, is this the same as shifting/transferring? Thank you!
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2023.06.07 05:20 Firm-Score6470 Recommendations for pickup of 20ft container from Chicago port to Milwaukee

20ft container Surabaya to Chicago, drayage from Chicago to Milwaukee
My apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum. I am looking for a reputable company and am hoping for recommendations for a broker who can handle the following:
20ft container from Surabaya port to Chicago port. FOB already paid from Bali to Surabya port. Household goods for international move. Agent in Bali handling export docs and Indonesia customs clearance.
Need sea freight from Surabaya to Chicago including OTHC, DTHC, ISF filing, Customs Clearance and drayage to a commercial loading dock in Cudahy, Wisconsin. Most important is the drayage as I have a preliminary quote on the sea freight.
Any advice and recommendations is greatly appreciated. I've been calling around but i understand most businesses don't want to handle non-commercial shipments. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 05:19 Dreamer98294 Regression occurring at 2-3.5 years old

Anyone here have a child that no matter how much therapy (Speech, OT, feeding, ABA, music for us) and time working with them at home, (level 3 in my sons case) the progress isn’t there … in fact, they seem further behind then they did a year or two ago?
My son seemed much further ahead at 2. He could do the motions for if you’re happy and you know it while I sang it, he could point to animals in a book when asked, he could give high fives, he was more engaged and more willing to try new foods and explore new things / toys.
My son now has a much more limited diet, is more rigid, ignores us when we ask him questions, wants to be alone, jumps up and down and runs in circle so much…
I hear so much early intervention is key but is it for all kids? I wonder if some day my son will make a ton of progress or if perhaps he has reached his full potential already.
Adore him no matter what just curious if anyone can relate or if there’s anything we can do to help him progress instead of regress. I also wonder if he could have fragile x as I heard sometimes regression occurs with fragile x.
Best wishes to all!
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2023.06.07 05:19 Glittering-Proton Tips for staying on 75H when family visits

At the end of the month my husband’s big family (of 9) is coming to visit for a week. His mother and sister are huge foodies and love to cook delicious (but super high calorie) meals morning/noon/night. I’m looking forward to their visit but dreading having to constantly battle them to turn down food. (His family is Indian and it’s essentially taboo to say no to elders about anything, especially a home cooked meal.)
Any tips or advice on how to manage this situation is greatly appreciated! I know the week they visit will be the hardest of all for this program.
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2023.06.07 05:18 mireyamejormujer Is it possible to apply for an ssv position at another store as a barista?

Haven't gotten a confident answer on this yet, so I thought I would ask here. I'm a barista trainer and have been with Starbucks for over a year. I would like to become a shift, but not at the store I am currently working at. It is falling apart at the seams and we all feel incredibly unsupported by our store managers. We have exactly one ssv left because the others quit due to poor working conditions. Multiple other stores in my area have ssv postings, and I would like to apply, but I don't know if I would be denied since I am already a partner. I am also unsure if I would even be able to jump ship as a barista since I don't have a concrete reason for transferring such as a long commute.
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2023.06.07 05:18 Cato-sicarius1919 Baphomet's plan is underway

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2023.06.07 05:18 Immediate_Offer_512 Questions about mystery snails

Sorry in advance, Im new to reddit. I was looking to get a mystery snail. I want to learn more about how to care for them. Here are my questions: 1. How big of a tank would I need for a single mystery snail? and is there a specific type of water heater I should get? 2. If I only had one, would it get lonely? 3. Would I need a filter, or just a bubbler? 4. What size of bubbler should I get? 5. Should I get live plants for it? 6. Is it okay to feed the snail algae wafers, veggies, cuttlebone, and small amounts of fish food?
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2023.06.07 05:17 Cagealicous [TOMT][VIDEO][2010s]YouTube Poop of an Episode of "Tom and Jerry Kids"

This one I have been looking for ages now and can't seem to find it.
The original source of the YouTube Poop was the Season 1, Episode 4, named "Bat Mouse". What I can remember really well was the beginning of the YTP was the title sequence followed by Penn from Penn and Teller saying the F word from the clip where he talks about food and starvation in the world, through out the theme.
Other than this so far, is what I can remember well. I know that it had the majority of the episode and was edited in the distinct YTP style from back in the day.
The year for when this could've been around was from 2010 to 2012 when I watched it. I mainly remember it because I got in trouble by my parents because they heard the cursing. (lol)
I think this one might be of the many that are lost to time, but maybe someone else has seen this. (Hopefully...)
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2023.06.07 05:17 Happiness-College [Discussion] How To Level Up Your Discipline Skill (Reframe How You Perceive Failure)

In pokemon, when I wanted to level up, I went and looked for the challenges that offered me the most EXP. As an adult Its occurred to me...
Failure is EXP in real life.
Here's how you can apply this to help become more disciplined, tenacious.
Say you want to quit smoking.
You try, fail after 1 hour. You try again, fail after 6hrs. You try again, & fail after 5 days. Then you quit and go back to smoking saying it's impossible.
Now imagine how you'd feel reframing each failure as +1 EXP and it became your goal to see how much EXP it took to level up and beat your addiction?
Each failure no longer makes you a failure, but helps you gets you closer to your goal. Try it out.
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