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2023.06.01 08:11 MCKtheMan How hard is it to sell a damn microwave??

I've had several interactions that have gone nowhere. I'm selling a microwave for $30 that I don't need anymore. It's still in great condition. I figured I'd get interested buyers. But here's every interaction I've had with this microwave.
#1: Wanted it for $25. I said yes and we had a time and location set up. But an hour before we were supposed to meet, she backed out saying she got a microwave somewhere else.
#2: Guy wanted it full price. I propose a location and suddenly he goes silent.
#3: Same thing. I propose a location. He goes silent.
#4: Guy wants it for $25. I say yes. He says he needs it tonight but I'm at work and can't get it to him in time.
#5: Girl wants it and asks for my address. Obviously, I'm not gonna do that so I pick a local business near my place and she stops responding. I have a sneaking suspicion she was planning to rob me.
Am I doing something wrong here?
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2023.06.01 08:08 TaintedGodKiller Potentially Complex Question Regarding Vaping

So, I've been smoking for almost 10 years (I'm 22, 23rd birthday would make 10 years). Vaping for roughly 8 years, consistently vaping (like on a routine, daily basis) for 4-5 years.
I take on average 10-20 hits every time I feel the need to vape (which is on average 2 hours most of the time). Most of the time, in between but closer to 10 at least.
The question: How do I stop vaping considering my problems?
The problems: If I go roughly 6+ hours (in some cases 4 or less hours), I start feeling the common side effects. Irritability, anxiety, etc., but I also have a couple of other things that happen to me. My depression almost skyrockets which puts my mentality damn near instantaneously into very dark thoughts. I'd probably start having advanced if not severe panic attacks if I went any more than 2 full days without vaping, but I haven't tried experimenting with that because I'd rather not.
Basically, my problem summed up is that I can't go without vaping for much longer than a day without facing somewhat severe consequences. Like if I don't vape, I fear I will..."opt out" for better words in reference to the CDC scientist in TWD.
I've tried weaning off before, but it doesn't seem to work. Recently, I went through a few days of getting barely any nicotine and I relapsed to come back worse than what I have been.
The question 2.0: How do I stop vaping if I can't even wean off of it? I've tried taking nicotine tabs, but those things barely keep me sane even taking 2 at a time.
I feel at this point that whatever I try is hopeless.
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2023.06.01 08:05 gynolurker9000 Gyno surgery and experience - 1 day post operation - Braithwaite before after
Background: Currently mid 30s, 5'10 and 150 lbs , struggled with gyno for a good 10+years (acne/scarring is another issue but honestly does not bother me as much). Used to lift seriously (weight 200+) but stopped in recent years. I never seriously considered gyno surgery as it is expensive and I felt that cutting out a portion of my tissue would somehow cause me to die much earlier so was never really motivated to pursue the surgery. I have tried stand alone cycles of SERMs (Nolva and Ralox) with varying results. Ultimately the gyno always came back even if there was some minor benefit from the cycles so I knew it was unsustainable in the long run.
I shopped around for quotes from the top rated mentioned surgeons on reddit and most of the quotes were really high ($10k-$16k...). I felt that my case was minor and didn't want to spend that much on something I wasn't that passionate about. I eventually came upon posts from others who have went with Dr. Braithwaite (Chicago) and was shocked that the price was so low (most quotes I seen were ~$2-3k range). The before/afters looked great so I went ahead and ended up getting a virtual consultation with Dr. Braithwaite and got a quote after a brief video call confirming my gyno ($3,200 total for gyno surgery + minor lipo; my cost is on the lower end as my case is not major). The main reason the surgery price is lower than most is because there is only local anesthesia administered. I had my consult mid March and was able to book my appointment for end of May. Overall out of pocket cost for me was the cost of my flights, one night hotel stay, and any public transport to and from the airport (I flew in to O'Hare, you can easily take public transport and walk if you want to save cash). I became ultra paranoid that someone was brush into me cause me to bleed internally so I ended up just taking Uber on the way back.
Office visit: I arrived early the day of surgery and waited until my surgery time slot to see the Dr. Based on his assessment, the Dr. indicated that he would also lipo a portion of my upper chest near my armpit as I had some irregular fat stores there (probably because I used to be much bigger).
The surgery itself was fine. The Dr. and his staff were very friendly. The most painful portion of the surgery was the initial shots to administer the local anesthesia, especially into sensitive tissue. All of the surgical work was done through the incisions made on my areola. The fat was first all scraped out to more easily separate the gland. The scraping was a bit uncomfortable especially as some of the fat taken near my armpit area was not fully numb but that was to be expected. The most mentally horrifying part of the surgery was the gland removal. The gland is removed and cauterized at the same time, so from a sensory perspective you can hear the revving of the cauterizer, smell your tissue being cooked from the cauterizer as it is also being carved from your body, and you can see the smoke (or vapor from the cauterizer) from your gland being burned. The combination caused me to freak out internally so I closed my eyes and focused on breathing through my mouth. Only other odd portions is sometimes you get shocked or slight burn from the cauterizer as the local anesthesia isn't perfect but if you are in pain the Dr. adjusts. The surgery was certainly not quick but overall I think it went smooth (not that I have any other experience). The resulting gland removal was pretty big for me relatively as my body is overall small. Not much fat was removed as I guess my chest before had a small amount of fat and gland in the worst positions to cause my chest to just look disgusting. Note that there are no drainage tubes here with as the thought process here is that the fluids will naturally dissipate over time and avoids the risk of drainage tubes/additional aspirations needed. Seromas forming is part of the healing process - I am not OCD and based on my reading of everyone's experiences, I understand I may have scar tissue or false alarms that the gland has come back, but in looking at my nipples I do not think there is much chance my glands can make a comeback unless I started blasting.
The follow up appointment was the next day to mainly see if there was any internal bleeding. I was very worried the night before as my armpit area became more bloody and filled with fluid, but the Dr. assured me that was normal from lipo and it was only filling because the compression vest was constricting the fluids. I ended up having some foam inserts added to the armpit area to attempt to alleviate the constriction from my armpit area.
Results: The before photo is the morning before the operation. The after photo is the day after. Most important things to note from the after photo is that my bottom chest looks indented because that is where the compression vest is most compacted/ends. Also the chest right above the indent is actually filled with fluid- that isn't my actual pec (I am swollen, not swole). I am confident this will even out once the fluid disappears as based on even the current look, I should be able to wear anything I want once I heal so I'm not worried if there is a small imperfection that may remain after all is said and done. I just want to heal as fast as possible and not get caught up in the details before the process finishes. I trust the process and know that healing will take months. The look of my areolas is already a night and day difference
Feel free to ask me any questions, I have still yet to process what a change this is but I am already pretty sure this is going to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself. There simply isn't a better price point for quality that I am aware of for a US gyno specialist. Right now my main concern is to avoid getting any hematomas because dealing with that would be too stressful, so I am trying to avoid going outside and just taking it easy for the next week.
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2023.06.01 08:02 Successful_Bag3832 She was my 10/4rubberducky kinda go getter

She was this and so much more. Tires are hard when your emotional and just want to figure out your insides. My spirit animal is a turtle so I have taken it upon myself to be strong through my divorce. She has no knowledge of the 8 months I spend homeless in Neeport news Virginia. What I had to do to survive. She was living it up while I’m being preyed upon. Non the less she finally decided to leave me alone and now I can finally get back on my feet! I’m buying a truck next week, and putting a down payment on a place to live! I have phone service now on a iPhone 12!!! Super great news. She ruined my life for about. I just know that god is here for the wicked as well. She needs help and I do too. Things could have been so amazing though she decided to treat me like I was a mental punching bag that she had sex with. She was so kind and generous though in the end she wasn’t which made me homeless… but debts had to be paid at the end of the day. I truest love that woman and honestly if she walked into a room I was in I’d go straight into cardiac arrest and I have an undated DNR for cardiac issues. Hopefully she’s careful if she comes near me because the new me found that he likes to be alive and loves to love the ways people prefer to revive it within rational expression. I love you all and hope you find the support you need within this wild rollercoaster of life and subreddit. 555
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2023.06.01 08:02 alvinallison Ultrasonic Flow Meter Market Projected to Witness Substantial Growth: Analysis and Statistics 2017-2024

The global ultrasonic flow meter market is segmented into product such as wall mount ultrasonic flow meter, handheld ultrasonic flow meter, in-line ultrasonic flow meter, ultrasonic Doppler flow meter, clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter and portable ultrasonic flow meter. Among these segments, wall mount ultrasonic flow meter segment is expected to grow at a significant CAGR in ultrasonic flow meter market during the forecast period. Growing usage in water and wastewater industry is expected to drive the demand for wall mount ultrasonic flow meter. Moreover, the market is witnessing the launch of innovative wall mount ultrasonic flow meter. For instance, on 30 March 2017, GE Measurement launched Aqua Trans AT868 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter.
Global ultrasonic flow meter market is expected to flourish at a CAGR of 7.1% over the forecast period. Moreover, the global ultrasonic flow meter market was valued at USD 6.2 Billion in 2016. Wide scale application of ultrasonic flow meter is driving the growth of ultrasonic flow meter market. Moreover, development of new and innovative ultrasonic flow meters is expected to impel the growth of the ultrasonic flow meter market.
Europe captured the largest market share in overall ultrasonic flow meter market in 2016. Further, Europe is believed to continue its dominance over the forecast period. High utilization of ultrasonic flow meter in wastewater industries is the major reason behind the growth of the Europe market. Asia Pacific region is anticipated to showcase highest CAGR during the forecast period. Increasing demand for advanced ultrasonic flow meter from various end use industries is driving the growth of the Asia Pacific ultrasonic flow meter market. Middle East and Africa is also projected to account for significant market share in ultrasonic flow meter market. This can be attributed to the rising use of ultrasonic flow meter in oil and gas industry in the region.
Request To Download Sample of This Strategic Report @
Rising Use in Water and Wastewater Industry
Increasing utilization of ultrasonic flow meter in water and wastewater industry is fueling the growth of the ultrasonic flow meter market. Moreover, water and wastewater industry are witnessing high growth rate in developing nations such as China and India which further bodes well for the growth of the market.
Enhancements in Flow Meter Technologies
Advances in technologies and development of innovative ultrasonic flow meter are believed to drive the future adoption of ultrasonic flow meter in the upcoming years. Furthermore, development of new flow meters is increasing its application in various sectors. This factor is envisioned to bolster the growth of the market.
Although, availability of other flow meters in the market is likely to inhibit the growth of the global ultrasonic flow meter market in the near future.
Further, for the in-depth analysis, the report encompasses the industry growth drivers, restraints, supply and demand risk, market attractiveness, BPS analysis and Porter’s five force model.
This report also provides the existing competitive scenario of some of the key players of the global ultrasonic flow meter market which includes company profiling of Badger Meter Inc., Emerson Electric Co., Faure Herman SA, General Electric, Hach/Marsh McBirney Inc., Honeywell International Inc., Keyence Corporation, Siemens AG, Teledyne Isco Inc. and Abzil Corporation.
The profiling enfolds key information of the companies which encompasses business overview, products and services, key financials and recent news and developments. On the whole, the report depicts detailed overview of the global ultrasonic flow meter market that will help industry consultants, equipment manufacturers, existing players searching for expansion opportunities, new players searching possibilities and other stakeholders to align their market centric strategies according to the ongoing and expected trends in the future.
About Research Nester:
Research Nester is a one-stop service provider, leading in strategic market research and consulting with an unbiased and unparalleled approach towards helping global industrial players, conglomerates and executives to make wise decisions for their future investment and expansion by providing them qualitative market insights and strategies while avoiding future uncertainties. We believe in honesty and sheer hard work that we trust is reflected in our work ethics. Our vision is not just limited to gain the trust of our clients but also to be equally respected by our employees and being appreciated by the competitors.
Contact Us:
AJ Daniel Email: [email protected] U.S. Phone: +1 646 586 9123 U.K. Phone: +44 203 608 5919
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2023.06.01 08:01 Standard-Pizza5419 Does this nosebleed warrant trip to ER?

Age: 27 Gender: Female Race: white 5’4”, 133lbs duration of complaint: two years medications: none, just got off Prozac a about a month ago for PPD. History of nosebleeds, especiallly near menstruation.
HEAVY nosebleed tonight about an hour after a minor nosebleed. Third nosebleed of the night. First one began at 7:30 pm, second at 11:30, and current one at 12:35 am. The last two occurred during sleep. This current one has a Heavy flow of blood until I passed a clot the size and width of my thumb. It’s slowing down since passing the clot, but still bleeding. It’s been 16 minutes.
I only get nosebleeds out of one nostril, and had it cauterized last year. My ENT told me to spray a few squirts of Afrin into a tissue and put it in my nostril to stop bleeding. Did the Afrin trick with the 7:30pm one
Nosebleeds started pretty consistently after my dog and I collided and she hit my nose a few summers ago.
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2023.06.01 08:01 ai_jobs [HIRING] Senior Software Engineer - Data Infrastructure in Boston, Massachusetts, USA; New York City, USA; Denver, Colorado, USA

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2023.06.01 08:00 Outside_Ad_9691 [Tinkers Construct 2/3] For those who didn't know: Tinkers Construct lets you get a lot of utility and usefulness out of just ordinary Stone.

When I play games, I sometimes try to make the strongest tools/armobuilds possible out of the cheapest materials possible. This is expecially useful early game, when you want to become very powerful very quickly and you don't have access to more expensive or rarer tools/weapons/armomaterials. This post will teach you how to do that with Tinkers Construct.
Now, there are two versions of Tinkers Construct that I've interacted with: Tinkers Construct 2 and Tinkers Construct 3. I've played lots of 1.12 modpacks, so TiCon 2 is what I'm most familiar with. In contrast, I've only just recently started playing newer modpacks (such as ones for 1.16 and 1.18) so I've only had a small exposure to TiCon 3 and am not as familiar with it. Anyway, let me start with Tinkers Construct 2:

Tinkers Construct 2 Stone Tips

Here are 5 powerful tips relating to Stone:

A final tip: When I build early game tools for Tinkers, here's how I like to build them: for my Pick, I like to Make it out of a Stone Pickaxe Head, Wood Tool Binding and Wood Tool Rod. In most modpacks, you Pickaxe starts out with 3 modifiers. What I like to do is use the first two Modifiers to apply the Diamond and Emerald traits. This shoots my durability up from slightly over 100 to just over 1,000. Then I use an Obsidian Sharpening Kit to max out its mining level. Finally, for the last Modifer, I apply Luck and try to get it up to Luck III. For my Shuriken (which is my preferred weapon when playing modded Minecraft, by the way), I also like to apply the Diamond, Emerald and Luck III modifiers (most modpacks I know have Shuriken have 3 Modifiers, but some let it only have 1; in that case, focus mainly on Luck III; Luck III requires a whopping 360 Lapis or 40 Lapis Blocks, but it's worth the effort). The materials I choose are the ones I outlined above: the first three blade are Wood, Stone and Pig Iron. I prefer the fourth one to be either Restonia, Cactus or Bone. You can attach a Nether Star to both your tools if you want, too, to apply the Soulbound trait. This makes them stay in your inventory upon death, and doesn't require a Modifier slot. Getting Nether Stars early game is usually quite difficult, but it depends on your particular modpack and/or your level of skill/bravery.
Another final tip: Obviously this Pickaxe mines relatively slowly, being made out of Stone and all. There are ways to circumvent this, however. For one, you can use Restone to add the Haste trait to your tool (not recommended, as I prefer to use my Modifier slots to add other useful traits to my Pickaxe; slower mining speed doesn't bother me anyway). Alternatively, you can use Veinminer or OreExcavation or FTB Ultimine. These let you mine large amounts of blocks, provided that they're connected and are made from the same material. VeinMiner or its equivalent are available in most modpacks, so if I'm mining Obsidian, I can just hold down the button I assigned to OreExcavation/VeinMineetc., and when I break the Obsidan block, the other Obsdian blocks near it come up as well. this saves a lot of time and makes up for the slow mining speed. That's why when I play most modpacks, having slow mining speed usually doesn't bother me.
Those are all the tips I had for TiCon 2. Now, on to TiCon 3:

Note: Here's how I would build my ultimate early game Pickaxe. First, like I said above, I would choose a Stone (sorry, Rock) Pickaxe Head. Then I would make both the Tool Bind and Rod out of Pig Iron. Next, I would maximize my durability; like I said above, I would try to add both Diamond and Emerald Modifiers, if I can get my hands of some Nehterite early somehow. Finally, I would maximize my Luck. All TiCon 3 Tools/Weapons (except for Rose Gold, which has more) have 2-3 Modifier slots (which we just used up), and 1 Ability slot, which we haven't used yet. Luck is considered an Ability, now. Luck still has three levels, but the materials needed are more expensive/rare (you still need some Lapis, but now you need more than that). Luck (1st level) requires, on a tool/weapon (because TiCon 3 has armor too, which has a different recipe for Luck), a blue flower (a Blue Orchid or a Cornflower), 2 Copper Ingots and 2 Lapis Blocks. Luckier (level 2) requires a Golden Carrot, two Gold Ingots and two Ender Pearls. And finally, Luckiest (the third and final level) requires two Rose Gold Ingots, a Diamond, a Name Tag and a Rabbit's foot (it makes sense that a Rabbit's Foot is requires for the highest level of Luck, because you'd have to be extremely Luck to be able to even get one. Ditto for a Name Tag). It's a lot harder to max out Luck in Tinkers Construct 3 than it was in Tinkers Construct 2, but it's still worth the effort.

Well, that's it. That's all the ways that I can think of getting really strong in TiCon focusing primarily on Stone. I hope this guide is useful to you all!
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2023.06.01 07:55 cxjoshuax21x Audio mixing on MAX is even worse than when it was HBOMAX.

My TV with soundbar goes from 0-40. At 40 dialogue is still nearly unintelligible. While action scenes I have to lower to around 18. This HAS TO STOP. These companies need to cater to more than the .05 percent of people that have a home theatre system. Consider my subscription canceled, and I'll pirate their stuff until they stop this shit, fuck em. Offer me a suitable product or get fucked.
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2023.06.01 07:49 cambrianraptor How do I avoid trying to address problems via text and fucking it up because of it?

I really do not have a good combo going on for me here.
So, I knew about the known symptoms of emotional dysregulation. well, the somewhat wonder years after being diagnosed where I off and on questioned if I do have borderline and the diagnosis was wrong…yeah, no. It was right. it was completely right.
So I still knew, for the most part, I had the two issues. One was impulsive responses towards problems that may cause me to either immediately snap, become silent and blank, or communicate extremely poorly and tinged by emotional distress let loose.
The problem with the communication part is not just BPD. I am autistic and have extreme impairment in communication. That got dismissed growing up after being in speech therapy briefly as a kid, insisting that I was better when I was not. I just became quiet.
we could not afford to hire a personal one. i am getting a new one soon after years. as in, I am nearing my mid 20s and iirc my speech therapy ended too early when I was 9 or 10.
As a solution to these issues, I stated that if a problem arises, to make sure I go to another room to process everything and write my thoughts down. I was able to exit into a separate room on my own. However, i was being picked up to leave soon, and so the problem left unaddressed.
But then I realized I forgot how to solve this issue with the fact I have a cell phone.
and you know what impaired communication can be seen worsened? in messages that are expected to be short. potentially not as long as I need. which would literally end up almost like an essay after five hours, because I can only write essays and stories well.
and you know what worsens that even more? Fucking bpd. Because now I had no barrier nor methods to cope with not getting mad in messages. and because of new meds that helped in other ways, it made my communication issues that were always there severely more obvious.
So not only did I keep messaging about it. I messaged a lot in complete sorrow at first that I could not get myself to stop sending. and it was too long and hard go read too.
then the cycles of my mood started shifting everywhere.
when I was able to come with a clear response, it started to get phrased too aggressively because of how urgent I felt. then I was remorseful. then I was more level headed and tried to communicate better, but it was still too vague. and because of impulse issues… I now am needing to mend it and have worked out a solution.
The solution involves leaving voice messages instead of text. i would also be more aware of tone. I could edit it, communicate quicker… it may still be confusing, but better.
and i am going to shift to calls when needed, letting the other person ask questions about what I am communicating so I can clarify as needed. But I am also going to make sure to take extra effort as needed to wait for in person. but hopefully the small parts will help. I am also going to talk to my therapist beforehand. I hope this works out.
So, if I feel like I have a solution, why am I making this post with this question? Well, I guess if you have any comments about how I am trying to solve it feel free. But I am seeking wider advice to prevent myself from any level of interpersonal problem solving through text. I am trying to get in a general habit of voice mail. But the specific issues is BPD making me text impulsively and impatiently. Made worsened by… I say speech issues, but I essentially have disorganized thoughts.
I never thought through how to handle the impulse of solving issues via text. So it doesn’t start as an issue in the first place.
i only got myself skills to use for serious communications of general life.
What advice might you have help stop myself from messaging in an inevitably incredibly harmful way in the first place? So I don’t send these sorts of messages and only register what I should have done instead both then and later? More-so with me already understanding later more.
But as known by the topic of the thread, I need help with an idea for before the act of messaging and/or to stop and not send the text or texts the first place at an inappropriate time. And doing so without consideration as to my impulsivity, emotional dysregulation, and impaired communication skills. In this, to then be able to come back later. So i could not use texts if it cant help me get an important subject communicated and understood, regardless of my current emotional state. And learning to apply this as prevention as much as possible.
i am going go talk to my therapist, but I wanted to ask to see how people came up with or learned different preventive measures.
(btw, if this post has pointed mistakes… like I said with miscommunication. But if you are thinking how I, and I don’t know if I did, sounded like I could still do well enough here…. this post took several hours lmao. one post before took me five. just to communicate a question or idea. this definitely shows further it does not help the issue when I feel more rushed/having to keep things shorter, but struggling to.)
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2023.06.01 07:48 Innovative_Panda And then the whole room gave a standing ovation

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2023.06.01 07:47 CanuckCoinsOfficial Nintendo Switch

Does anyone know places in or near Abbotsford that would sell Nintendo Switch consoles cheaper than retail?
I don’t need a brand new one, I just need to play two Zelda games because my girlfriend plays them all the time on her grandpas Switch, and I’d like to be able to understand and converse properly with her about the games.
I’ve tried GameStop, but they seem to want just as much for a used one as a new one.
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2023.06.01 07:45 BackgroundDog6937 My struggles with the dunya

I need some advice, maybe someone can help me wrap my head around this. Allah guided me to Islam years ago during the lowest point of my life, alhamdulillah. I went from drinking/smoking/women to praying and avoiding sin. Eventually I found some degree of peace in my heart for once. Me being impulsive a couple years later I threw myself into the dunya full force with those same sins, eventually stopping prayer. 8 months later the depression came back and I struggled my way out of that lifestyle again and began praying and avoiding sin.. once again. Except this time, Allah willed for me a sudden health crisis. I do not doubt allahs wisdom and plan. But this was so severe my entire world was flipped. Alhamdullilah over the next 6 months I recovered mostly. I continued to struggle with my deen during those 6 months, finally cutting out music and truly being the best I’ve ever been sin-wise.
My issue is mentally I felt worse and worse, wishing to get that feeling of peace from the Quran or the sweetness of Iman I used to get. Me being the most practicing I’ve ever been I felt the farthest from Allah, I felt super distant from Allah but I was extremely consistent with my worship.
A few days ago I messed up bad. Majorly bad. I ended up back on a major sun (near Zina) and I started listening to music again. And now I’m struggling to return.
Anyone have advice for me? Especially for why I feel further from Allah when I’m more religious?
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2023.06.01 07:41 Kahootmafia To Deserve The Skies (3/3) NOP fanfic.

Prev, First
Memory Transcription
Subject: Patient 2845
Location: Seattle, Washington.
Subject had seemingly lost sense of time, but it is believed to be only a few days after the federations bombing of earth.
Transcription content has been damaged by subject's flawed mental state.
WARNING! These transcriptions may be found disturbing, do you still wish to access?
The cool metal of my porch was the first sensation to crawl up my nerves in into my groggy mind.
Wait, my porch isn't metal.
The second was the feeling of handcuffs biting into my skin, and the cool Washington sunlight further piercing the veil of sleep.
And my idea of where I am.
I squint my eyes and look around, I'm in a cage, my back is to some rusty iron bars, there cooling touch draining my tiredness with my temperature. I look past, to see a green gold field of grass, the sun giving it an almost heavenly quality, rows of trees lay further beyond...
This is the park by my house.
Finally I force my eyes upon the blue intrusions in this fields, a white insignia of the world sits emblazoned upon the dancing blue fabric of many tents.
Knew the blue hats would be here.
I could struggle, I could fight, but it wouldn't really matter, and I just didn't feel it would truly mean anything, I was too empty to really bring any struggle out of myself.
The fire has long burned down the last of the house, now their is only time to reflect on what went wrong.
I sat there, staring up into the morning sky, watching the clouds drift by.
The sky moves as if nothing happened, as if the people it sheltered haven't been wronged in any way.
My family's bodies lie somewhere underneath the rubble of one of their ships, crushed along with thousands of others.
It's almost funny the cruelty of it, Seattle didn't actually have the population to be priority target, but in a last ditch effort a small group of ships crashed themselves straight into downtown, dooming my family, who had gone to help set up a refugee center.
All of this has happened, and yet it just keeps going doesn't it? It never stops, nothing ever does, for anybody, it just keeps going and going and goi-
Finally ripping me from the downward spiral of my internal thoughts was the rattling of the cage lock, the perpetrator being a UN soldiers, his blue helmet as loose on his head, the straps dangling open across his chin, he sits just out of reach on the truck bed. He paused for a moment, I can see the rough textured skin around his mouth furl as he ponders something for a moment.
It seems this time I am here to learn.
When he opens his mouth a gruff voice overtakes me:
- "You know kid, you could have been somebody."
That wasn't... expected.
I would have expected him to chastise me, tear into me for daring to not take the road most pure.
The disappointment sounds almost parental in nature.
- "I don- I don't really know what you mean." I sound defeated. For the first time in what felt like a long time, I was at a loss for words.
- "Oh don't look at me like that, you got dreams don't ya?"
A fog has filled my head, but yes if I push through I remembers something like that.
- "I believe I did, at... one point or another." I do not like how unsure I sound.
Did it really take so little for you to be hollowed out? rendered a husk?
- "I almost certain you did kid, those like you always do." His voice was even and pensive, as if he was in a constant state of reflection.
What does that mean, I can barely remember
- "But here's, the question kid: Then why did you do it? I don't think you had nothing to live for, at least not now I don't, so then just why?"
Because they need to know, they all need to know what has so clearly been revealed to me.
The answer that came from me felt like it was pulled from the depths of me, place that even inner reflection shined no light on:
- "I think I just needed some to listen to me, they needed to hear what is so clear to us, to you and me."
They need to listen, they need to listen, they don't know, they can't know, their blind, so blind and it infuriates me.
- "Who's they? There was only one kid in that basement."
- "N-No, you don't understand, he-he had to SEE! you don't KNOW! None of you UNDERSTAND!"
His face curled into a grimace, the disappointment growing forever beyond his sunken brown eyes, and got up without a word and left to go join the others, disappearing into the haze that was encroaching upon my mind more and more.
It goes on, and on, and on, and on... and on...........and on.
Memory Transcription Terminated:
Subject Lost Conscious.

Authors Note: Was really struggling to figure out how to end this, decided with short (and hopefully sweet). Feel free to give any pointers to improve my writing, and apologies for the large delay.
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2023.06.01 07:41 mildly_manic 2016 Ram 1500 acting screwy

I got an oil change about a week ago, they said that it looked like I have a coolant leak; I stuck my ignorant head under the hood, and some fluid was definitely spraying off of one of the belts, just from the belt spinning. Called the dealership (still under warranty, I think). They can't get me in until 6/8. I've been keeping an eye on the temps on the dash, checking the coolant level periodically, and trying to keep my driving to a minimum.
On 5/30, I had some unavoidable errands to run in the afternoon, heading home after, the coolant temp hit 250F and the dash flashed that it was too hot, but I was driving and within about 30 seconds the temp had dropped back down under 250. On 5/31, I had to go to work, during the drive (20 min commute, 5 on highway) the dash stopped showing the coolant temp. When I got to work, I turned it off then back to "on" (not started) and it showed the temp at 240F. I let it cool a couple hours, then checked the coolant level in the reservoir, it's still well above the minimum. But driving home (I get off at 11p), the check engine light came on, and said "Service Electronic Throttle Control", and the coolant temp stopped showing again. I was on the highway and 3/4 of the way home so I just clenched my butt cheeks and kept going. Just in case it was hot/heating up, I cranked the heat, I was always told that could pull some hot air off the engine, but the climate control was still blowing cold air, which is damn weird I think.
Literally 0 problems with this truck before now. Any idea if these issues are related? Are these known issues with Rams? Any idea as to what I should be expecting as far as repair costs? Sorry for the wall of text, I don't know shit about cars so I don't know what are important details.
Note: Before taking it for the oil change, it had been parked nose down on a hill for a couple hours after running the AC, and left a spot in the driveway, I assumed it was just water from the AC.
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2023.06.01 07:40 Yuukikoneko Horrible flickering in games, seemingly caused by fog.

So, for years now, I've had horrible flickering in a handful of games: WoW (a specific fog effect in one of the new dungeons), New World (in one of the dungeons and a specific area, video at the bottom), League of Legends (when hextech rift spawns, several large square areas, like a tile, start flickering, this is the longest running issue). Many games don't have any issues or flickering of any kind, even in foggy areas, but then some games are just horrible.
What happens is that certain fog effects seem to cause flickering in the shadow, causing the brightness of said shadow to go from super dark to super bright super quickly. It's like a strobe light. It's significant enough that it gives me a headache, and makes me feel sick in some games like League or New World. It's not random, and doesn't happen all over the game, only in specific spots, and very reliably.
In WoW I can turn off "compute effects" and the flickering will mostly go away, though there's still some small artifacting whenever one of the now invisible fog clouds blows past.
In League, I can get "Environment Quality" to low or very low, and the flickering goes away entirely, though I can still see the "seams" of the tiles that flicker, and if I have some kind of lighting effect near me, like Milio's backpack, the flickering happens in said lighting -- it's sort of a glow effect, like a torch, for those who don't know what I'm talking about.
In New World, there's nothing I've done that fixes it.
I've tried all sorts of things to try and fix it, including:
The only thing I haven't tried is rolling back to a much older driver (some people say they're more stable), as I'm not sure how to do that and I'm not sure which driver is the oldest that will work for my card.
Since the issue has started happening, I've replaced every piece of hardware in my PC, even the PSU. The only piece I haven't replaced is the motherboard, and at the moment I don't have the money to do so since I would also have to buy a copy of Windows (using an old prebuilt that I've upgraded over the years, so my Windows is built into my motherboard and will not follow to new hardware).
Running on: B350M Bazooka (using latest BIOS), Ryzen 5 5600, Radeon RX 6600, 32GB of DDR4 at 2667MHz, 1000W PSU.
Below I'll attach some screenshots and a couple videos.
Anyone have any ideas? It's really obnoxious.
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2023.06.01 07:33 ZanphyKing Stuck between Truth and Health…

Hey guys. I’m pretty young, and researching philosophy is usually done unrestricted and with full access for me, meaning I usually expose myself to many articles and ideas expressing anti-Catholic, or even atheistic beliefs. I feel horrible during it, but even more so, after it. I rarely see an counter argument near the proposed idea, so it leaves me with a dreadful feeling.
It’s an addiction, honestly.
But, it’s addicting because I’m fully convinced that If I stop researching, I am willfully ignoring truth. If I just settle on “I’ll learn about this later” or “Nah this is wrong because I dislike the feeling it gives me” then I am not in search of Truth.
Please persuade me to the Catholic justification of stopping this painful cycle of scrupulous (but seemingly unescapable) behavior!
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2023.06.01 07:33 Mr_DR_1 Trade in a beater for $10k or hand it off to younger brother?

Should I trade in my beat up car for $10k or just give it to my younger brother?
2017 Toyota Corolla LE 135k miles.
Front gasket oil leak, tires are nearly bald, brake pads haven't been replaced, car makes a sound when braking and doesn't always stop, transmission fluid has never been replaced, and I've driven it like a mad man.
Obviously in great condition it would be a hand it off type of situation but with the used car market being trash and a new Corolla costing way more than my 2017 I got for $16.5k brand new.... I'm not sure what to do.
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2023.06.01 07:30 NitroFish44 [WTS] [US] Pen smorgasbord-Vintage and Modern! Pelikan, Wahl, Parker, Waterman, Ingersoll, Gravitas, Tactile Turn, Platinum, Lamy :-)

Good evening folks! I hope everyone has had a great start to their week after the holiday weekend :-) Listed here is another batch of pens as I continue to curate my collection. All these pens are great writers and would serve you well. It gets harder and harder to choose which pens to let go of. As a virtue of that, there is no “bad” choice here!
Verification and photos: Please note: there may be ink on the nibs(and on my fingers lol) in the photos as a result of my testing them. Rest assured, all nibs are in great shape
-All sub rules in effect. PayPal G&S is the only acceptable form of payment! -Please post on this listing first, then PM with your PayPal email and I’ll get an invoice sent out ASAP. Users that indicate firm intention through messaging to purchase a pen will get priority for a given pen, irrespective of “pm” order in the thread.
-The cost of shipping is higher than ever. All packages ship with full value insurance-absolutely no exceptions. Shipping will be a flat rate of $10. I’m happy to combine shipping if you purchase multiple items.
On to the pens!
[D for vintage] Platinum Pocket Pen w/18k factory Music nib! $200+shipping
This pen is quite unusual in that you definitely don’t see them everyday. While I’m not an expert on Platinum as a brand, I do know these pens are few and far between. In fact, this is the only one I’ve ever seen available and I paid a pretty penny for it. I’m sure there are others out there, but they rarely come up for sale. This is a must have for any Platinum collectors out there! The 18k music nib writes absolutely beautifully and has a bit of spring. The pen is also in good shape and is ready to write sweet, sweet music! If you’re a Platinum collector(or a traveling composer), this is a must have pen for you ;-)
[D for vintage] vintage Pelikan 400 w/14k EF flexible nib $235+shipping
Vintage Pelikans do not get the hype they deserve within the community imho. They are great pens in every way! Beautiful, sleek, very easy to clean, and with great nibs, you’d be hard pressed to find a pen, either modern or vintage, with more upside/features than these models! This pen, from the early to mid 1950’s, is in good condition with very light microscratching commensurate with careful usage throughout the years. Somewhere along its life, the original cap was replaced with an example from a 400nn and is in really good shape itself with only some light brassing. The nib is absolutely wonderful and is the real draw here. It has plenty of flex available if you’d like to use the pen for that. It writes absolutely beautifully, the ebonite feed offering a steady supply of ink for wet, luscious lines. I have a bunch of these pens in all nib sizes for a good reason. If you don’t have one of these, you should seriously consider picking this pen up. I guarantee you’ll be happy you tried it out. I’ll also guarantee that you won’t stop at only one! They’re truly that good….
[D for vintage] Parker Vacumatic in Gray Pearl Shadow-Wave w/14k Med. flexible nib $125+shipping
Up next is a fantastic user grade Vac that would be perfect for someone who’s either just getting into vintage, or for the person who wants a vintage pen to carry with them daily without having to worry about losing an Uber expensive pen. The pen presents very well but is user grade with brassing to the trim and a depression or 2 on the body. The nib is awesome and has rare flexibility to add plenty of character to your writing. It is not easy to find a Vac with flexibility at this price point!
[D for vintage] Wahl full length slender pen in Jade celluloid w/14k Fine flexible nib $125+shipping
Those that know me here know that I collect Wahl as a primary focus. This pen was an early acquisition and is perfect for getting into vintage. The Jade celluloid has discoloring, as do most pens made of this material. The color on this pen is a lot better than some. The nib is awesome! A fine with flexibility to take your writing to the next level. I’ve traded up to a similar pen that has better coloring, so this pen must go! Discover why I love Wahl so much! I guarantee you would not be disappointed with this pen if you purchased it! Last minute edit: I just realized I didn’t take a picture of the nib on this pen, grrrr. The nib is in excellent condition. The light is now gone for the day however, so I’ll provide pics to whoever is interested.
[D for vintage] Ingersoll all metal pen w/14k Med. Stub Italic nib $110+shipping
This pen is great for somebody who wants to experience vintage stub flex without breaking the budget. While still a stunning pen, the exterior does have some wear, however it’s a very old pen! This is a twist filler, requiring that one simply remove the blind cap, insert the nib in ink, and twist the metal piece to “deflate” the sac. After releasing the metal piece, allowing the sac to fill with ink, boom, the pen is filled! The nib is what makes this pen special! A #2 Ingersoll, it is a truly flexible, italic like MF nib. There is some feedback when writing, however this pen is a whole lot of fun to write with! If you’ve never experienced a flexible stub, here’s your chance to do so in a relatively inexpensive manner!
[D for vintage] Waterman CF all metal pen-Crocodile pattern w/18k Broad nib $195+shipping
This beautiful all metal CF is a prodigious writer! It’s also the sought after crocodile pattern. Wet, juicy goodness! It’s in spectacular, collector grade condition! Aside from the normal marks all CF’s get on the overlay of their sections, the pen is in perfect shape. You’d be hard pressed to convince anyone this is a vintage pen! Aside from the solid gold models, this is the penultimate CF. I have one last CF I’ll be keeping. Believe me, it was a very hard choice as to which one to let go of. hard to find and expensive CF proprietary converter included in this sale
[D for vintage] Parker Vacumatic Deb. in burgundy w/14k EF-F nib $125+shipping
This may be one of the most beautiful Vacumatics I’ve ever owned! It’s certainly feature packed and is one of the most fancy pants version(aside from the gold Imperial model) you could get of this model/size pen back in the day. Double-striped jewels, duo-tone nib….this pen has it all! Nib writes a perfect, beautifully juicy MF line! There’s some brassing on the trim, and a name engraved on the barrel, but this pen is absolutely stunning in person! Take a look at the video in the gallery.
Modern pens below!
[B+] Lamy Accent Briarwood w/14k Med nib $115+shipping
Lamy’s Accent is a great way to enjoy Lamy’s gold nibs. This pen is customizable in that you can purchase additional barrel inserts if you wanted. The Medium nib writes beautifully and is exactly what one would expect from a Lamy nib. This pen is in really good shape and needs a new owner who will actually use it!
[B+] Lamy Studio Palladium w/14k Fine nib $125+shipping
There’s probably not a whole lot I can say about the Lamy Studio that hasn’t already been said and they are indeed, great pens! This one is in great condition and also writes beautifully. I’ve always liked the way Lamy gold nibs feel against paper. I also really like the ergonomics of this pen. For my hands they’re extremely comfortable to hold, and quite grippy given the texture on the section. This pen is ready to be your faithful writing companion :-) I’m primarily a vintage guy and don’t use this pen nearly enough to justify owning it.
[A2] Pelikan M200 w/SS Med. nib $110+shipping
This is Pelikans entry level model in beautifully chatoyant brown! This pen is stunningly beautiful and also writes extremely well. Hot take….Pelikan stainless nibs are fantastic! Not often talked about due to Pelikans much ballyhooed gold nibs, the stainless examples are wet, smooth, reliable writers. This pen is essentially brand new and has only been inked once with the very gentle Waterman Black(my mainstay ink). Another good thing about these stainless nibs is that they write true to size, unlike a lot of Pelikans gold nib offerings ;-) The absolute best thing about these pens are the screw in nib units standard across most of Pelikans lineup. They make these pens a breeze to clean! You get the ink capacity of a piston filler with the easy to clean nature of screw in nibs? Sign me up!!
[Parts due to no nib, A2 otherwise] Tactile Turn Gist-all copper NO NIB $125+shipping
This pen is essentially brand new and has only been inked once or twice. I’m keeping the nib that was in this pen, however it’ll take any Bock #6 nib unit that you’d like to install. This pen is in immaculate condition as it relates to the metal, save for a bit of patina to the raw copper surface of the body(which can be polished if you prefer). I don’t think Tactile Turn produces the Gist model any more(a mistake imo as these are really awesome pens) so if you’ve been wanting one of these, I’d grab it! As time has passed, it seems they come up for sale less and less often. Also willing to trade this pen for a Titanium version in similar, like new condition
[B+] Gravitas Pocket pen-copper w/SS Fine nib $90+shipping
Gravitas pens are hot right now! It’s no wonder as you can feel the quality of workmanship as soon as you pick one of these pens up. This pen is in great condition with only a bit of a developing patina. I’m happy to polish it for the new owner if requested. Grab this pen at a discount and without the wait of shipping across the pond.
[B+]Gravitas Pocket Pen-brass w/Ti ultra flex nib $100+shipping
Same story as above for this one. A quality pen with almost zero signs of usage. The ultra flex nib has been quite a surprise for me! It is much softer than say, a noodlers Ahab. I’m talking MUCH softer. It also writes extremely well! The thing is, since I’m a vintage flex guy, the nib just doesn’t get the use it deserves, so it’s listed here :-(
[B+]Platinum PTL-5000a w/14k Fine nib $90+shipping
Another Platinum, this one discontinued several years ago. While it’s a great pen that writes wet and smooth for a Japanese fine, I just don’t use it. These pens gained an almost cult like following and were known to have nibs with flexibility. This example is no different. Great pen in great condition and with a great nib!
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2023.06.01 07:25 -feedbothwolves- it genuinely trips me [35 f]out that my partner [39 m] still tries to sneak peaks at my social media messages.

i literally have nothing to hide so i’ve let this go on for years now.
i will leave my phone damn near anywhere (while there is a code, they know it) and i’m not bothered by it.
i know for a mater of fact they have been doing this religiously for a long time now, i just never said anything because.. i honestly do not care.
they continue to not find anything and i let them on with this due to not having anything to hide.
idk.. i’ve been there before……..
only i’ve always found something on every partner’s phone that breaks trust and vulnerability.. i’ve stopped even looking at this point - ignorance is bliss and all that shit.
i don’t bring up that i know they do this, because why..?
what’s the harm in letting them satisfy whatever they are worried about?
i can guarantee that absolutely nothing on my phone is worth more than that bit of relief im sure is felt after looking (that feeling i’ve longed for - god knows how long now).
just having that “well okay then i was stressing over nothing” thought has to feel good in some sort of way i imagine.
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2023.06.01 07:22 Holiday-Possible29 The Students Chapter 29

Hey guys, I didn’t really know what to do with this one, so it’s going to be a bit shorter than usual. Sorry about that. Shout out to u/spacepaladin15 for the original story and I hope that you enjoy!
First Last Next
Memory transcription subject: Janek Spot, Venlil Student
Date: [Standardized Human Time] August 28, 2142
Finally, after a long day of language study, I was back at the apartment. None of the rude professors or students could get me here. I put my hand on the doorknob and was about to twist it when I heard Gaerk uncharacteristically shout “I think I’m finished!”
I paused and put one of my ears up to the door to hear inside better. “Dang dude! For the first time painting, you did really good!” My heart sank a bit. Oh no, he couldn’t mean… There’s no way that Gaerk would be up for that if he knew anything about the lore! I inhaled deeply, turned the handle, and opened the door. What I saw, I will never forgive Connor for.
I saw Gaerk sitting at the counter, hands covered in various paints, holding a tiny paintbrush in one hand and a poorly painted Krieg guardsman in the other hand. Connor was standing next to him heaping praises on his painting skills. I froze as Connor looked at me. “Dammit Connor, did you get him into Warhammer?”
Gaerk flinched at the volume of my voice and said “W-wait, what’s wrong with that?”
“Well, first, a lot of the lore is completely incompatible with the way that humanity tries to present itself to the galaxy, and those things are so expensive that only a handful of people can really afford to make a whole army,” I said, trying to upsell all of the negatives of what Gaerk was unwittingly getting himself into.
“What do you mean they’re expensive? Surely, they can’t cost that much to make.”
I gave him a look. “Oh, you sweet summer child, you know nothing.” I turned to Connor. “Say, Connor, how much did you have to pay for the entirety of your Salamanders army?”
Connor gave me a look, practically begging me to stop talking about this, but I wasn’t going to let this go. He started to sheepishly rub the back of his neck. “Well, for the whole thing, including paints, upwards of four or five thousand credits.”
I saw Gaerk’s feathers puff out. “F-five thousand credits?” he asked incredulously.
I nodded. “And that’s one of the cheaper armies out there too. The armies that require a lot of units, like the Imperial Guard army that your helping Connor paint costs upwards of seven or eight thousand credits to buy!”
His feathers puffed out more. “Why are they so expensive?”
Connor finally decided to speak up. “Well, it’s because Games Workshop has a monopoly on these kinds of minis, and so they can charge whatever they want for them. People have tried to get them to drop their prices before, but people kept giving them money, so nothing changed.” He sat there and thought about it for a moment. “I should know, I was one of the people stupid enough to give them money instead of ripping the STL files and 3d printing them like a good portion of the Warhammer community does. I guess that I just wanted to be authentic with my armies.”
“And look where that’s gotten you, almost ten thousand credits down the drain and nothing to show for it except for a bunch of minis that you don’t even use because you live on a planet that abhors anything to do with wargames.”
“You weren’t this jaded when I and a couple of other guys managed to get you into it! What happened?”
Well, all the guys on base that would play got shipped off to other parts of the galaxy, and I had an army that I couldn’t even play with anymore because not one single person on the planet played Warhammer!”
“Wait, you play?” Gaerk asked inquisitively.
I nodded my head. “Yeah, I did. I played the Tau, as well, because they were the closest thing in 40k to what humans are like IRL. Heck, I even brought them here in the vain hope that I would find someone to play with.”
Connor perked up at that. “Wait, you brought your army?” I nodded again. “Do you want to play a game today?”
I shrugged my shoulders. “Yeah, sure. I don’t have anything going on right now, so let me just get my army.” And with that I walked back into our room and pulled out the familiar carrying case. As I walked back in the living room, Gaerk was looking at my box intensely, as if trying to guess what they might look like. I sighed as I started pulling out the individual pathfinders and riptides. Instead of the regular whites and reds that they were recommended to be painted in, I opted to color them in the signature human camouflage that the UN used during the war with the Federation. “The paintjob is a bit different than what GW recommends, but I thought it fits, don’t you think?”
“Yeah, dude. Those look awesome!” Connor said, with a squawk of agreement from Gaerk. He then started to set up the countertop with terrain that he improvised from various household objects. Before I knew it, we were off to the races. My Tau versus his Salamanders. We about an hour in, and almost tied for points. Gaerk looked intently at the game as it progressed and would occasionally ask for clarification when one of us said something that he didn’t understand, which was most of the time.
We were finally nearing the end of the game when Craulluk finally got back from whatever she was doing, took one look at what was going on, said, “I’m not dealing with this today!” and left the room.
Connor and I looked at each other and laughed. This will be one of those stories that we’ll laugh about forever.
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2023.06.01 07:21 eazy8055 Gcs of 3, brain dead for a day, coma for around a month, had to get shunt to relieve pressure. Wasn’t supposed to make it.

Just wanted to share my story cause I feel like I’m doing a solid c- but I was never supposed to be able to get a chance to try anyways. Those were my complications and kind of a gist of what happened, I was T-boned by a truck while I was on a motorcycle. He was at a stop sign and I guess didn’t see me coming and blew the stop sign and that was pretty much it. Don’t remember much of anything, just stories and paperwork I read at a time. Ambulances probably got there and I was helicoptered to the nearest hospital after being resuscitated on scene and a tracheostomy somewhere along the lines. Girlfriend and I unfortunately got into a little bit of an argument because I was on a cruise with my buddy’s to a motorcycle rally and I was pretty drunk and she was livid. We hung up cause I have this habit of being angry and just shutting everything off and just running away, and sure enough I decide to leave the group and head home. I was on a straight away and looking straight at the freeway to get onto it and there’s an intersection that intersects right there and I have the right away with no stop sign but that doesn’t always mean I’m going to be always able to go right away unfortunately… At the hospital when I arrived my girlfriend and family already knew or had a gut feeling, my girlfriend hasn’t heard from me for about an hour and checks my location (cause I have priors for needing to know where my location is lol) and she sees my location in the middle of a national forest because the town I was in was an hour and a half inland from the nearest hospital. So from other peoples perspectives from what I’ve been told I arrived around later in the after noon and it was coming to night time and the icu wasn’t allowing visitors past a certain visitation hours and the first person of contact is the pastor.. My girlfriend is a nurse and I could only imagine the thoughts and emotions running through her head because she has an understanding what the meaning of when the pastor is sent out and not the doctor. Fast foreword a bit there wasn’t brain activity for a couple days and there finally was a spark after maybe the 2nd 3rd or 4th day idk im getting mixed reviews and that was good news but for some reason they were going to start lowering the sedation and pulling stuff cause they needed the resources for people who have a better chance of living which in all fairness ok im not too bitter about it then one night after the lowering and pulling they decided not to strap me down because they didn’t think I was going to make it which was more than likely going to happen from the neck swelling and brain bleeding. Anyways one night I start getting up and I see I’m in some weird room with abunch of machines and stuff attached to me and on top of it all I guess I tested positive for covid. So when I wake up in the middle of the night in the icu it’s dark in the room except the end of the foot of the bed which was a station looking thing and there’s curtains or like plastic all over the room and at the end of the bed I see some person or whatever the hell at the end of the bed and they’re in a full hazmat suit with gloves gas mask the whole 9 yards and it looks over to me and startled that I’m sitting up grabs my leg and says “don’t move, everything’s ok!” And in my head I’m assuming I’ve seen plenty of movies to know I am not ok and I gotta get the hell out of here. Long story short again I kick and drop the nurse she runs I try and get out of bed and have no real muscle coordination or anything really in that matter so I just lay there and security gets me and puts me back. Fast forward a bit I am in intensive therapy for around 6/7ish months and started tapering off and try going back to work and therapy at the same time. It was working to I started transitioning more back into work and society again. I’m not saying things were easy and that’s how things went step for step and bam done! It took some time and I know it’s going to take some more effort and a life long effort but the fact that I was even given another chance at life the inner competitiveness came out in me and even though I fail 99/100 times at 1 thing the ecstasy of the 1/100 made the 99 failed tries worth the tears. My story isn’t done yet, I’m failing in lots of areas and thriving in others but I have another chance to give it 100 tries. I forget most days and remember bits and struggle in some areas as we all are aware but aside from all that, I’m 27 live with my girlfriend im a high volt and low volt electrician with a background in software programming and I’m looking into starting my own business I work full time and own a 2020 Mercedes c63 that I never thought I would ever be able to afford in my lifetime. My girlfriend calls me her dory and I forget a lot of things and when I stand my heart rate skies and I freak out that things aren’t going to work out. Things aren’t perfect and I still have a lot of learning and growing to go and rewire my brain. But I was never even given a chance to get this as an option. But today. It was a cloudy day out and windy with a little bit of rain, and it was a beautiful fucking day.
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