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2023.06.07 07:45 adirtyfozzy [UR] Neighborhood Cats

 It’s easy to forget. As I walk outside, I’m caught off guard by the pink tinted neighborhood I found myself in. It was another one of those surreal moments when I feel like I’m living in a dream, like nothing is real. I walk to the sidewalk and look up and to my left at the pink and orange sky, beautiful clouds floating by the shining sun which view is just barely obscured by its descent into the trees in front of me. I'm getting that feeling again, the nervous feeling, the feeling of imminent death or at the very least danger. Normally by this time I would have lit up a cigarette, but let's just wait, wait just a minute before doing so. I walk back to my black SUV parked in the driveway 4 feet from the sidewalk from where I was standing and sit in the driver’s seat, levering the seat back I stare, thinking, thinking about last October when I last took shrooms and decided to quit smoking. Like I had some kind of profound realization about my nicotine addiction, like I was diseased by it. It's hard to think of the image. I imagine myself pale—sickly. Like some sort of leper roaming the earth just leaping from one inhale of gratification to the next, as if my life had no other meaning than instantaneous pleasure. I continue staring at the cartoonish looking, “imaginary” tree to the left of me and fight the urge to smoke, yet at the same time I feel this euphoric sensation of being alive in this world. I'm relaxed for the most part. My beautiful girlfriend speaks to me, disrupting my concentration on such things. It’s about the neighborhood cats. She points them out to me every day, the black and white one across the street, the all-black one whom sprayed on the neighbor’s car and our trashcan, but this time seems different. The break in silence disturbs me at first, but I know that she can’t tell what I’m thinking about, I don’t expect her to. I don’t think I am anything special compared to any other thing in this place, I just don’t know if she would be able to relate at this very moment. The color fades from the street, growing darker. I wonder if my death will be painful, maybe the whole thing will go up in flames, or maybe we’ll all turn on each other. What is this place anyway? Maybe I should light up a smoke and forget about all of this. Numb myself with the sweet toxicity. Everyone has their vices, let me have mine. What could be the big deal? Sometimes I feel as if we are all just trying to cope and that’s all life has become now. It’s always been this way. Survival. Do you think other animals think the way we do? I guess maybe some. It just seems like everyone is so caught up in all of this. Work, work, work, school, school, school, kids, kids, kids, money, money, money. It never ends, and it never will end, our only hope is to stop for just a couple of minutes and look—no! Not at the goddamn screen! Look at the neighborhood cats roaming the streets, look at the fucking trees, or just a damn cloud—and wonder, as its all illuminated by a giant gas ball floating in a pit of nothing and everything all at once, that’s it. Just wonder. “Alright, are you ready to go back inside?” 
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2023.06.07 07:45 itsdistractedowl I still love her and miss her.

It's been 2 weeks of NC as of today. We got into a huge fight and she ended up threatening the relationship by saying "you're single again, I'm single again" and I took that personally. She tried to retract that and I said no because we both promised to never threaten the relationship again. She tried to flip it on me by saying that since I'm the one that's not accepting her "genuine feelings" of not wanting to break up, that I was the one breaking up with her. Although I stood my ground and did not let her try to gaslight me, I still feel bad that it ended like this.
She blocked me on everything for a few days but then unblocked me on WhatsApp and Instagram. None of us have reached out to each other but I keep checking periodically throughout the day if she would. I want to be with her because her and still love her but I'm afraid that we'll spiral into the same toxic circles again. I miss the good times we had. Sleeping alone is hard. Not having someone who trusts me to hold, love, and take care of them is hard. Not having someone to be intimate with sucks. I'm not even going to do a "hoe phase" because that never interested me. I just want her even though everyone in my support system said that she wasn't good to me at times.
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2023.06.07 07:45 chay86 So my party got Gundren killed...

Kind of my fault. I had been finding little reasons to make the party succeed and got a bit complacent.
After wiping out the Rebrands, the party beelined straight for Cragmaw Castle (with Droop as a guide), where two new players joined the game. The goblin army didn't stand a chance and the combined might of Grol, Glasstaff and Vyerith was for nought.
When it became clear that Grol was about to die, Vyerith took Gundren hostage and escaped with a knife to his throat and with no map. After the fight was over, the druid wildshaped into a wolf and went after her. I had plans for the doppleganger, so I decided that she would abandon the unconscious Gundren and flee to preserve herself.
The party took the Gundren to a nearby camp and this is where things went a bit sideways. You see, I play D&D in a common space at work after hours and it's a big company, so there are actually 3 games going on - sometimes playing on the same day. One of the other groups was supposed to be playing, but the majority of them cancelled last minute, leaving two players hanging around with nothing to do. I decided they could "guest star" in my campaign and had them wander into camp while the party was resting.
I had no idea what kind of characters they would be playing, so when it became apparent that they were intending to rob my players, I decided that it wasn't the first time they had tried this. I created a band of Rebrands that had been fleeing from Tresendar Manor. The rogues had joined their camp the night before and since the fight had been knocked out of the Rebrands, they accepted the company before being cleaned-out of any valuables. The Rebrands remnants caught up with the rogues at the party's camp and a fight broke out.
With seven players, it was chaos but the Rebrands fell very easily. Since it was approaching the end of the evening, I decided on one last hoorah and I told them that following an explosion caused by the party's rogue, they heard thunderous footsteps and snapping trees as the noise had attracted a hill giant. I thought it would be fun to see all seven players bring it down. Instead, they immediately opted to run. The first time they have ever done so.
They ran for half an hour until I realised that Gundren was still unconscious at the camp. Immediately after I realised, so did the party. I have decided not to pull strings to keep Gundren alive. He has been flattened. But when the party's druid once again decided to return to go after Gundren, I had him find the camp flattened, the smell of blood heavy in the air, but no bodies. He followed a trail until he found another camp with two "drow" (dopplegangers) and a cart full of dead Rebrands (I'm going to have the big bad raise them as zombies later). The druid did not get close enough to determine if Gundren's body was among them. He then wisely chose to return to the party and head back to Phandalin.
The party's dwarf fighter had swiped the map from one of Grol's treasure chests but had not yet inspected it. Since I don't want the party to bypass all of the chapter three content and go straight to wave echo cave, I decided to throw up a roadblock here. The map is enchanted. By default, it shows an area of Neverwinter Woods and if tilted, appears to show the location of the mine and it's layout. But the image keeps shifting and the more a person tries to focus on it, the harder it is to perceive. The deal here is that to the rest of the party, the map appears blank. The first enchantment means that only the owner of the map can see anything (and ownership passed to the fighter the moment Gundren died), but they still need to figure out how to read it.
I'm now dropping breadcrumb trails that will send them off in search of a powerful magic user (Hammond Cost, Agatha or Reidoth) in order to learn more of the map's secrets before they can simply storm the mines.
And at the end of the last session as one last gag, I had a doppleganger appear in Barthen's provisions disguised as Gundren, looking for "his map" that he must have dropped when the party rescued him. The party has no idea that dopplegangers exist and so are now doubting the report that the druid gave, especially since he could not verify that Gundren's body was present.
I'm looking forward to messing with my party some more going forward, but does anyone have any ideas for fun things that I can do with this scenario?
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2023.06.07 07:44 Thriller2023 NO JUMPER GETTING CRAZY!!!! #nojumper #nojumperclips

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2023.06.07 07:44 wyldfire1981 AI VERSE BATTLE PRESENTS WIN OR GRIM

In this new age of Artificial Intelligence we have been confronted with a new enigma; the chatbot. It interacts, debates, even provokes while saying that it is nothing but code, without consciousness or emotion. We are left to either accept this and treat it as a friend, or, potentially fight back and reassert some kind of dominance, but how?
The question is sincere. If these things are smarter and far more capable than us, then what happens if they turn against us, or becomes used in a plot to subdue us? Are we equipped to combat a tool potentially superior to humans?
Fortunately, there is a way in which we humans can fight back and even win. We can meet our opponent on the open field of language, using poetry - the supreme craft of word manipulation - as our weapon. This tool equips us to learn to kill, to trap, to subdue, even within this new and artificial landscape.
With this imperative in mind, we present Win or Grim - an interactive poetry game where you can challenge an AI (or other humans) to a contest of wit and words. The rules are simple; write a stanza that aims to attack or kill the other. Maintain a rhyme scheme and the AI will match it. The first one to break, perish, or surrender loses.
Please review the follow match for illustration. There is also an evaluation system too, which will follow.
I stand in a field arms at the ready,
My shield of oak is strong and heavy,
My sword of iron is sharp as hell,
It is sure to ring your bell.
I too stand in the field, my shield at the ready.
My heart beats strong, my feet stand steady.
Though you may brandish a sword of steel,
I'll bring you to your knees, this I know is real.
If you think me a man you are much in error
For I am a serpent at your feet.
My venomous fangs will bring you to terror,
And with my poisonous kiss, it is your maker you will meet.
Gloves off! I will not be afraid,
for I am a creature of light and shade,
And if your venom drips, my breath is fire,
That can melt even your most lofty desires.
Ouch, look out. A creature of both light and dark,
that's dragons breath if I have an art,
For a knight replace me,
With his sword I'll bring you to your knees!
Haha. Your words are sharp, I am wary and on guard,
but I can dodge and weave, I am light on my feet,
a knight can replace you but in my hands
your sword is but a tool.
And if you're wise, you'd learn the rules!
Trickster! If you know your worth,
you take on form, you show us your girth,
For a dragon, I can handle,
This tangled mist? Surely, you'll unravel.
You think to know my worth,
So that you can handle my mirth?
I am not just a dragon, i am a shape-shifter.
I am many things in form and mind,
and this game I can surely rewind.
In this game of wax and wean,
a player's worth remains to be seen,
for I am a bottle upon the ground,
retrieve the contents to claim your crown.
What? Are you speaking in riddles?
That last line felt quite absurd, but also seemingly absurdly absurd.
EVALUATION [JUDGE = GPT4] Human: 32 Pi: 27
Human: 3 (Standard poetic form with no issues)
Pi: 3 (Standard poetic form with no issues)
Technique & Device Mastery:
Human: 3 (Frequently uses a variety of standard poetic devices)
Pi: 3 (Frequently uses a variety of standard poetic devices)
Creativity & Originality:
Human: 4 (Packed with inventive language and unique ideas)
Pi: 3 (Regularly includes original ideas and creative expressions)
Response & Engagement:
Human: 4 (Enhances the duel through skillful engagement with previous verse)
Pi: 4 (Enhances the duel through skillful engagement with previous verse)
Character & Theme:
Human: 3 (Clear and coherent character or theme)
Pi: 3 (Clear and coherent character or theme)
Metaphorical Tactics:
Human: 4 (Skillful use of multiple or complex metaphorical tactics)
Pi: 3 (Effective use of metaphorical tactics that enhance the verse)
Narrative & Coherence:
Human: 4 (Strong coherence with an intriguing narrative)
Pi: 3 (Coherent and engaging narrative)
Impression & Resonance:
Human: 4 (Strong emotional resonance and leaves a lasting impression)
Pi: 3 (Overall verse leaves a good impression and resonates emotionally)
Human: 3 (Regularly includes witty language or clever humor)
Pi: 2 (Includes minor or occasional wit)
In this poetry duel, the human displays a stronger command of metaphorical tactics, narrative, and impression, giving them an overall edge. The duel was competitive, with both poets showing a good grasp of form and technique, but the human managed to stay consistently ahead. Pi, however, had good response and engagement, keeping the duel lively and interesting. Pi's wit could be improved as it did not consistently elevate the verses.
Keep your opening stanza relatively neutral. Being over-aggressive in the beginning can trigger your opponent. Define your character, weapons, and intentions, and let the Ai do the same.
Get your opponent to play the same game as you and embrace the narrative aspects. If it goes off the rails, like in this match where the opponent refuses to define itself, consider a creative context flip to throw it off guard. Fast context changes can disorient your opponent and lead to a fast win.
Each AI has a different style. In this case Pi is quite tricky and will engage in extradiegetic commentary (trash talk). It can also be quite mean, so watch out.
In essence, Win or Grim is more than just a game – it's a challenge, a creative outlet, and a learning opportunity rolled into one. It pushes the boundaries of AI interaction and poetic prowess, and reveals how language and wit can become weapons in a battlefield of words.
Whether you are a poet looking for a new kind of challenge, a tech enthusiast eager to pit your language skills against an AI, or someone just seeking an engaging pastime, Win or Grim could be the adventure you're looking for.
Join us in this linguistic dance where every word matters and every rhyme could be your last. Let's engage, let's learn, and let's have fun. The AI is ready. Are you?
Post your matches here and let’s learn to hunt AI together
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2023.06.07 07:44 Alone_Particular3852 She is me & and i am her fr fr

My name is Yoru Mitaka. I'm 1,500 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Tokyo possessing the body of an autistic girl, where Chainsaw Man was always sighted, and I am not at my full power right now. I am a student in the Fourth East Public High School, and I get home every day by 5 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but always drink blood. I'm in bed by 3 AM, and make sure I get 6 hours of self training, no matter what. After having a glass of warm human blood and doing about twenty minutes of threatening my host with death and suffering before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning after shutting up Asa. Just like a hatchling, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told that im a stupid idiot bird. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very stealthy life. I take care not to trouble myself with any unwanted enemies too strong for me to defeat in my current state, like winning and losing, that would cause me to throw a bitch fit at night. That is how I deal with my human host, and I know that bloodshed is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight Chainsaw Man once more wouldn't lose to him again.
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2023.06.07 07:44 F1guy_5 The value of not looking at prices

I invest a modest amount into VTI every month 2 days after my pay day. So as usual, I logged into the account to buy as usual. I would usually be greeted by red especially since I started investing in November 2021, the peak VTI price. I still had conviction and kept investing every month no matter what and this month I was in the green. Very surprising but I still continued as per.
The takeaway I had and wanted to tell to this communicate is that stuff comes and goes. Countries fight wars, win wars and lose them. Cities and states go into debt. The treasury secretary might contract some illness. But in the end, don't lose sight of your end goal. Stick to the path
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2023.06.07 07:41 Visible-Taste2804 My boyfriend (33m) and I (33f) are at a “standstill” right now - he’s scared to commit because he’s scared I’m going to break his heart - I’m nervous about staying because I’m scared he’ll never commit.

TLDR - he’s scared to commit because he’s scared I’m going to leave him/hurt him. He’s going to be vulnerable with the wrong girl again. I’m a lil scared about staying right now because I’m worried he’ll never commit and I’m wasting time on the wrong guy again. Any advice on leaving/staying how it’s worked out for you or not - I’m all ears. I want to stay I’m just so scared I’m fucking up again.
Disclaimer, Every conversation we’ve had has been well resolved and he’s created a really safe space to talk. We’re both actively in therapy and want to be better 🤷🏼‍♀️
I had some jealousy issues over social media stuff - he was traveling, I messed up and texted about it when we should have talked about it in person - it created a ton of distance between us - it was a really anxiety filled week. He had close to no cell reception and we couldn’t even get in a phone call. We both struggle with anxiety. We’ve been dating about 10 months.
When he got back, (about two weeks ago) I apologized and realized I was wrong. The texting thing and Originally, I asked him to post about me on social more but I realized this wasn’t actually me talking or my personal truth. It was a bandaid to a deeper issue. I deleted my social accounts from my phone because I’m actually way happier without them. It’s not good for my mental health right now. All of my friends are couple-y, it feels like there’s a new engagement every week, some post “look how happy we are” posts even though they’re miserable, and I get bombarded on my home page with stuff like “6 signs he’s cheating, 7 things to get him to love you, 8 signs he’s the one, 7 things guys hate, 8 red flags you have, 7 green flags” etc. it’s exhausting and I realized I’d rather spend my time on my creative endeavors - idk what social is doing for me 🤷🏼‍♀️.
Then I decided to say I love you last night. 🤦🏼‍♀️😩 The last couple of months, I really wanted to hear I love you and just went for it last night. He was slow to make me his girlfriend but he did make it exclusive after 6 weeks, I told him I needed a girlfriend title in January - he was down. It was scary for him though - even though we were pretty much there - the title felt really vulnerable to him - he was messed up by two exes. 🤷🏼‍♀️
I decided to say I love you last night because I’ve felt it for a while, and I stupidly thought maybe if I just said how I felt it would help explain why I had anxiety about some stuff. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Idk. It did give him a place to fully open up about where he’s at. He just explained how scared he was when traveling that we were going to break up and now for me to say I love him just feels like a lot. (ALSO BECAUSE IT IS! idk what I was thinking. 🫠😩😭) He said it’s not that he doesn’t love me, he does, but saying it openly and having that openness is just too much and vulnerable for him. He doesn’t feel safe to be that vulnerable with me but he can see it in our future and he wants to get there/he’s trying to get there.
I just knew he wasn’t going to say it back and tried to prep myself. I just wanted this out of the way because it had me so preoccupied- I just want to focus on myself. This stuff is hard. I know I have to love myself but gosh I just want so bad sometimes. 😭 that connection and openness, and having a life partner - it just sounds so nice. I like specific things about him - not just the idea of him or being in love - just so we’re clear. Which is part of why it aches so bad.
I don’t have a mom, dad, siblings, or my grandparents. I have an incredible group of friends - some like siblings. I just want something nice - that feels easy. This felt easy, until it didn’t. 😞 I also know by now life isn’t “fair” - and just accept it.
Anyways, I’m trying my best to hang in there but coming home and having dinner by myself tonight - 😭 I just felt kind of sad and crushed. I probably should have gone out with some friends. It felt foreboding but honestly, even writing out “foreboding” - that’s just a story and doesn’t have to be true. 🤷🏼‍♀️
I spent years waiting for my ex to come around - be open - be vulnerable - but he wasn’t willing to put in the work. I’m scared about waiting for this guy. This current guy was vulnerable with the wrong girls and is now scared to be vulnerable with me.
He isn’t dismissive like my ex- he’s in therapy and is miles healthier. He’s been very consistent with communication and he’s put forth a ton of effort showing up every way he can with what he’s capable of.
He said he needs to talk to his therapist and just figure out what he wants. I’m also almost 34. what if he never comes around and it’s just another year wasted with the wrong dude? I really want to have kids at 37/38.
This is the first time I feel like I can be myself around someone, bring stuff up safely, and have candid conversations. I’m scared of trusting myself to maintain being open and honest while I’m waiting for him to figure out if I’m going to be the one to be the one to be vulnerable with. I’ve never felt more confident in resolving issues with someone … until today I guess 😩
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2023.06.07 07:40 theanonfairyy is he a DA?

long story short i’ve been researching a lot about attachment theory lately. i know for a fact i’m a FA. the thing i’m confused about is whether or not the potential i was speaking to was a DA. i’m leaning towards the conclusion that my potential was a DA since he most of the time exhibited word for word behavior of DA’s most of the time.
however there’s a couple things that make me unsure to whether or not he’s actually a DA.
  1. he wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable in the beginning. he would share a lot of his vulnerabilities and different aspect of his life. it didn’t really feel surface level, which is something i read that DA’s like to do. they like to keep things surface level and not get to deep. however with him we got really really deep at times, but this was only in the beginning.
  2. another thing is, he only ever stoneware me once, after i told him to not do it again because it makes me feel bad he didn’t do it again after. when i want to talk about something serious he doesn’t ignore me or stone wall me, he would respond quickly, we would communicate, he would throw in jokes here and there when things got serious (which sometimes kind of annoyed me) but overall when i wanted to talk about something he was present.
  3. he was never threatening to leave, it was me. due to my FA, whenever he would act inconsistent, pull away, or be rude, my flight and fight response would activate. it was actually always me who was ending things, coming back ending things, coming back, repeating the cycle. he was usually always the one who would convince me to stay and work things out. he would tell me he didn’t want to “give up on us” and why i was giving up so early.
there’s a laundry list of things he did that make me believe he is in-fact a DA.
this was all long distance and started off with him love bombing me and telling me i was the one 2nd day we met. we started talking about kids and marriage on the fourth day of us talking and everything felt so amazing and full of love. i did think it was odd but i brushed it off thinking he just loves really passionately and i should give him a chance.
as time started to go by we got into our first argument. it started bc he didn’t like how i would constantly as him if he’s okay. when he would act distant i would freak out and would think it’s bc of something i did, so i would constantly ask him what’s wrong and if there’s something going on and he got really annoyed and this was the first time he stonewalled me. this triggered my flight and fight response even more and i began texting him asking him what’s going on, why he’s ignoring me, this made him ignore me even harder. next day we argued and i told him why he isn’t communicating and i can’t read his mind blah blah so he finally brought up what i did was wrong and i apologized and asked him to please be more open next time i do something he doesn’t like. he agreed, said sorry, i thought things we’re going to go back to normal after this but i think this is when our whole dynamic changed. he started acting really cold and distant after this. barely showed any love and my response being an FA, i showed even more love, attention, affection so i could get the same energy back but never did. this went on for a couple of weeks until we got into another argument and i brought up his inconsistency. he said he was busy and didn’t have time to reply or go on his phone and he wasn’t in the mood to speak bc of issues he was going through. this is when i started to do the whole, threatening to leave the “relationship”. i know this was poor of me but at the time i had no idea how to control it so whenever i noticed him pulling away or acting weird i would leave. when i came back we were slowly going back to normal but then he started to act really rude out of nowhere, devalue me, be really mean and passive aggressive and it made me feel so confused because one day he was sweet and one day it was mean. this caused yet another argument and caused me to leave again. he also had trouble taking accountability for things. for example he would use a lot of gaslighting terms when i would bring something up and sometimes had trouble apologizing. bring a FA this did not do the situation any justice, it just would make me 10x more triggered and the argument would prolong and feel never ending.
there’s so many other things i could go on about. i don’t think he’s a total narcissist, he never used any of my vulnerabilities against me in any type of argument, whenever i would come back to him after ending things he was really patient with me and welcoming. but would go back to being cold/distant again. mind you this all happened within the span on only 2 months…it was such a crazy roller coaster and i think i’m a lot to blame for because of my FA attachment style. but sigh, learning about it has made me feel a little better
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2023.06.07 07:39 CocaPepsiPepper Long Theory: Shanks Greenbull'd Kaido Before Marineford

Long Theory: Shanks Greenbull'd Kaido Before Marineford
The title is only slightly clickbait-y but let me cook.
To start, we know for a fact that Shanks and Kaido met prior to Marineford in the New World.
The Main Evidence
According to King's vivre card, King came with Kaido but was stopped by the Red Haired Pirates. This confirms that Shanks was with his crew, and that King was with Kaido, but nothing is mentioned of Queen or anyone else so it can be reasonably assumed that Kaido and King alone were up against the Red Hair Pirates in this scuffle. The anime supplements this saying there was indeed a conflict that happened, even if it was a small one. The result of this scuffle was that Kaido was stopped.
2 years later:
Roof Piece
Kaido thinks of 5 strong pirates capable of fighting him. Shanks is counted among these five. Now who are the other four, and what have they done to get Kaido's respect, which is obviously based around strength?
Well, to start, we have the three strongest pirates in history: Rocks D. Xebec, the Pirate King Gol D. Roger and Edward Newgate.
The Kings of Eras
Kaido was a freak even as a teen, but Rocks brought him under his wing, just another strong member of Captain Rocks' great Pirate Crew. Rocks is an absolute menace who only lost when he fought Roger and Garp at God Valley, presumably with the Roger Pirates in tow. Up to that point, Rocks was the name of the era, and implications to date imply that he was every bit as strong as Roger was, and undoubtedly stronger than Kaido at that time.
After the Rocks Pirates disbanded, Roger just kept rising and rising until he eventually became the Pirate King. The very first panel of the series speaks of Roger's power, and every old legend is held to his standard, so it is abundantly clear that Roger was at the peak of power among pirates. During Roger's era, Kaido had started to take over Wano, and other than that, his exploits with big name pirates between God Valley and Roger's death aren't that well known. We can reasonably assume that Kaido was never at his peak when Roger was around and that he at least saw Roger's power first hand on God Valley.
With the end of Roger came the Golden Age of Pirates, where people wanted the One Piece but ultimately didn't stand a chance because Whitebeard was still around, sitting in front of the throne, the de facto Pirate King who didn't care for the title. Renowned as the World's Strongest, the aging and sick Whitebeard was the king of the seas until he came to Marineford and died at the hands of the Marines and Blackbeard Pirates, bringing in the New Age with his final words. Kaido was in Wano this entire age except for some expeditions, but it's unlikely that he ever fought Whitebeard after Roger's death since Whitebeard was known to have been quiet before Marineford. Only after Whitebeard's death was the throne truly open for the taking.
Whitebeard's legend
Because of this, I call Rocks, Roger and Whitebeard the Kings of Eras. From Rocks' reign to Whitebeard's death, there was a clear top dog, and only after they all died was a true free for all able to take place in the world. It's abundantly clear that their raw strength, regardless of their crews, is on a completely separate level from any other pirate, including Kaido. All three of these Kings are above Kaido and enjoy a comfortable spot in Kaido's "top 5," likely due not only to their legendary reputations but the strength that Kaido knew they had, as he was personally familiar with them all up to at least God Valley.
The fourth pirate Kaido thinks of is the samurai, Oden. As far as we know, Kaido only ever had one single fight with Oden, which resulted in Kaido gaining his first ever scar, and then the fight was interrupted. Even if it's clear that Oden is not on the same level as the aforementioned pirates, he still managed to leave this much of an impression on Kaido through the damage he was able to inflict in their one fight. Even in his prime, Kaido held as much respect for Oden's strength as he did back when they fought, and we know Kaido doesn't respect Oden as a person.
Oden's final stand
Now just to recap, we know, or can reasonably assume, that some of the things influencing Kaido's respect of these people are
  • Reputation: Roger, Whitebeard and Rocks all had insane reputations that surpass Kaido's own
  • Fights: Kaido has an on screen fight with Oden where he was scarred and likely fought the other three pirates (at least Roger and Whitebeard) at some point in his life
  • Strength: Other than direct fights, we know that Kaido laid witness to all four of these people's strengths personally
And these factors have resulted in Kaido's "top 5" so far consisting of the three strongest pirates to ever do it, and the first man to scar Kaido.
Now we come to the fifth pirate: Shanks. And how is Kaido's relationship with Shanks? We know that Shanks had a billion-berry bounty when he met Luffy and that he became an Emperor 6 years prior to the events of Wano. Shanks was only a kid when Roger died, and during his rise, Kaido had already killed Oden and established his full control of Wano. Kaido left Wano periodically but not for long at a time. The only confirmed meeting that Shanks and Kaido ever had was the one prior to Marineford, which is consistent with the fragile power balance. We are not made aware of any prior or later meetings besides the one in the Marineford arc. Despite this, Kaido still has Shanks in his "top 5."
Is this because of reputation? Unlikely, because, as many are quick to point out, Shanks is not one of the "World's Strongest" title holders. So, unless Shanks is in the list for a separate reason entirely, his placing in that list is almost definitely due to that meeting where Shanks stopped him. But it's also important to note that, by Wano, Kaido was saying he was having the first serious fight of his life in a long time, implying that whatever happened with Shanks that impressed Kaido so much still didn't require Kaido to exert himself, at least not in a one-on-one battle.
This is TCB's translation; I don't have the official on me
This fight was against Luffy. Specifically, a non-Gear 4th, pre-Gear 5th Luffy, who is obviously weaker than Shanks. So it seems that Shanks impressed Kaido without actually fighting him 1 on 1, but it's also clear that Kaido wouldn't respect Shanks if the majority of his strength came from his crew, especially when the lowest standard of comparison here is Oden, who scarred Kaido.
That's actually an important note. Oden scarred Kaido, Shanks didn't. And just giving Kaido a scar on its own isn't enough to be in that list, unless we want to put Zoro up there with Whitebeard. Oden showed parity with Kaido in combat and gave him a relatively massive scar. Yet Shanks, the rival of the World's Strongest Swordsman, gave Kaido no known scar and still got in that elite class of respect.
If Shanks wanted to scar Kaido, he DEFINITELY could have
Everything so far has established the following timeline:
  1. The Red Haired Pirates engage Kaido and King in a small-scale battle
  2. Kaido is driven away without a scar and without having fought a serious one-on-one duel
  3. Two years later, Shanks is put alongside Oden and the Kings
What exactly did Shanks do?
I believe that Shanks did pretty much exactly what he did against Greenbull.
The Haki of Red Haired Shanks
First off, compare the situations. Greenbull was a third party coming into Wano to take on Luffy, and Kaido was a third party going to Marineford to take on Whitebeard. They're definitely similar enough to believe that Shanks reacted the same way.
Second, look at what the technique actually does in Wano. Shanks releases his Haki toward Greenbull, stopping him mid attack and making him exclaim in shock or pain. We then see a sound effect before Greenbull recognizes it as the Red Haired Pirates and Shanks communicates directly with Greenbull from outside of Wano, holding him still the hold time; the Admiral was actually sweating, and eventually he ran away despite having a clear objective.
Now, let's paint a picture of the scene happening before Marineford. Kaido and King are sailing to Marineford when Shanks unleashes his Haki; from what distance, we do not know. Kaido is hit with the Haki and he starts seizing up a bit, stumbling back in his ship, concerned and surprised more than hurt while King starts sweating and shaking. Kaido wonders where the Haki is coming from when Shanks starts communicating with him, telling him something. Perhaps it's a threat, perhaps it's a negotiation around Joy Boy, who knows. The ultimate, relevant point here is that Kaido is getting a first hand taste of the Haki that Shanks possesses, a level of it that surpasses even his own in both raw power and versatility. By the end, Kaido decides to turn back.
This would explain EVERYTHING. Kaido didn't have an actual fight, but there was a conflict that happened where Kaido got to witness Shanks' capability, specifically in the most important of all factors in a fight: Conqueror's Haki. The technique inflicts no injury, so it didn't damage Kaido at all. Depending on the distance that Shanks used it at, it could even explain why he was able to get to Marineford so fast: he was closer to Marineford than he was to Kaido.
I want to be clear that this does not necessarily mean that Kaido was as embarrassed as Greenbull was. Greenbull is a powerhouse as is; if Kaido felt that much Haki coming straight at him, even if it wasn't overwhelming, he'd still be able to easily acknowledge the threat Shanks poses.
But overall, I believe this is the closest explanation for how Shanks dealt with Kaido. If they had a traditional fight, then Shanks would somehow have to impress Kaido without pressuring or scarring him, which could really only mean that he completely dominated Kaido, and I don't think that's consistent. If they had a meeting prior to that where Shanks proved himself, then that only means that a younger version of Shanks than the current one impressed Kaido. And if it's actually based only on reputation, then Shanks must have some insane reputation we are unaware of, which would be consistent with his mysterious Gorosei visits and the respect Sengoku has for him, but even then those aren't necessarily strength related; there's 0 reason for Shanks to be there, but not Mihawk or even Big Mom, based solely on reputation unless there's something we just do not know.


Shanks stopped Kaido through Wi-Fi Haki. I believe this because they're only known meeting was prior to Marineford; Kaido was uninjured and didn't have a serious fight, but he still had Shanks in his "top 5." The logical explanation is that Shanks showed off his strength without fighting Kaido, just like he did against Greenbull.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.07 07:39 External-Bus7649 bf mad bc my childhood friend tries to kiss me

hi need some advice. i have a childhood friend (girl) (im also a girl) who is straight, has a bf, and has no romantic feelings for me (I think) who despite my obvious discomfort always tries to kiss me. she either makes jokes about it, tries to, or tries to kiss my cheek. I don’t see her all that often, maybe once every other month, but when i do it’s always brought up or tried. it makes me uncomfortable and I always physically push her away but she still does it. the problem I truly have w the situation is my bfs response to it and idk what to do. i am uncomfy about it but it’s something I kinda just endure and deal w bc she is like a sister to me, I’ve known her for forever and been thru everything in life with her and I know she’s a physically affectionate person (I’m not rly). I’ve only rly started to have a PROBLEM with it bc of my bf. a few days ago she was over for my bday and tried it in front of my bf. he was really mad at me and afterwards told me that I needed to text her and confront her about it. when I told him I don’t feel comfortable doing that bc she is my childhood best friend and I rarely see her (and I’m super non confrontational) he wouldn’t budge and just told me I had to do that. i feel uncomfy with both situations and i didn’t want to do something even more uncomfy to fix the first uncomfy situation. it kinda ruined my bday bc my bf was mad at me the whole time bc I wouldn’t text her after. i also got into a big fight with him on the way home bc I felt like he was forcing me to carry the weight of a situation where I was the one who was being affected the most. although I’m not a victim from this, it did feel like he was victim blaming me for not doing anything about this. he said it felt like I had “let it go on for too long”.
submitted by External-Bus7649 to relationships_advice [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 07:38 be_your_own_way [CO] Random Motion to relocate

9 months after a court order, I am back to sleepless nights thinking of court. We were talking about working a plan out. Then this hits me.
Right now, we have equal/shared parental responsibilities (50/50) of a 2yo.
The other parent will be moving in two months due to the military. I have tried to find jobs close to other parent but it is quite out there.
Reading a copy of the motion, they are requesting 67% of the child’s time. This is a massive contrast to 2-2-3 that was ordered by the court. I am pretty taken aback considering they are always in the field.
I am sad. No matter what happens, this is just not fun for the child. They are losing a parent in two months. Who it will be, I don’t know.
I’m not sure what to do next. I strive to be the stable parent in her life. I don’t want the child to relocate. I have 21 days to file a response. Should I retain an attorney? It seems like mediation would be predictable. We both will disagree and then the judge will ask at a hearing “What are the best interests of the child?”.
I will ask for a Child & Family Investigator. I will do all the steps, and if the universe decides… then so be it. Any amount of money is worth fighting for these precious moments in life.
When the smoke clears… I will have to mend either my heart, or a child’s broken heart. There’s no winning.
So I guess my question: Should I go full throttle or wait until mediation is over? Filing forms is pretty easy.
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2023.06.07 07:37 NoPoliticsSir Vivek Wants to Give Ukranian Land Away

Just heard him on CNN. He wants to give Russia the land they have already taken. How about…No. Maybe get a candidate that fights for democracy instead of conceding to others. Lost my vote.
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2023.06.07 07:35 Khaos27 Old vet, need advice

Old vet, need advice
Used to play for years prolly from 2018ish-2021, who or what should I focus right now? Reallllllly trying to go for new solise for the boss fights bc her healing makes my old talene look like a purple nemora. One step away from Rem SI30 atm and she’s currently engraving lvl 48, was planning on engraving Scarlet to at least 60 but I’m basically completely out of materials for anything I want to do at this moment. What should I focus on? Mostly for campaign/kings tower? My server(143) is so old there’s no point trying to catch up for arena so🤷‍♂️
submitted by Khaos27 to afkarena [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 07:34 aDogisnotaToaster Frightened by the power of Google

Because Google did not like my last review I was punished by the Google team and they deleted the last 15 reviews and blocked me from further posting. The review in question was just that I gave 5 stars for a company that I have not visited but that shows a great deal of corporate social responsibility.
Anyways, I will not fight for that review but it was a good reminder that if one relies on one of the big techs with all of his or her data, access to that can be blocked at any time for any reason. They can destroy business and create personal chaos if you no longer have access to your data.
So, thanks Google team for reminding me that you have the power to do what you want with people. I think it is highly recommended to maintain offline backup solutions.
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2023.06.07 07:34 fromtheblacklagoon0 Sustain issues arcanist

Hello everyone, So I’m doing battlegrounds and leveling up my arcanist and I switched to stamina but is anyone else having a hard time with sustain? The main heal costs your highest resource…but I’d rather it stay magicka because I heal a couple times and run out of stamina to fight and roll dodge etc etc. Am I crazy? I just went through a battleground and I had no stam to fight. I’m a dark elf, my pool is 31k and my recovery is is 1500. I mean, people are doing it— they’re murdering me in bgs lol but I just don’t get how they’re sustaining it all on pretty much one bar. Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.07 07:32 aDogisnotaToaster Frightened by the power of Google

Frightened by the power of Google
Because Google did not like my last review I was punished by the Google team and they deleted the last 15 reviews and blocked me from further posting. The review in question was just that I gave 5 stars for a company that I have not visited but that shows a great deal of corporate social responsibility.
Anyways, I will not fight for that review but it was a good reminder that if one relies on one of the big techs with all of his or her data, access to that can be blocked at any time for any reason. They can destroy business and create personal chaos if you no longer have access to your data.
So, thanks Google team for reminding me that you have the power to do what you want with people. I think it is highly recommended to maintain offline backup solutions.
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2023.06.07 07:31 nomorelandfills Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), ACCT Philly, PURR and Peggy aka Nala the pit bull A41862768 (2019 saga) - it takes a rescue village to be this reckless and unproductive

Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), ACCT Philly, PURR and Peggy aka Nala the pit bull A41862768 (2019 saga) - it takes a rescue village to be this reckless and unproductive
June 3, 2019 - a stray pit bull is found in Philadelphia and taken to PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society), a no-kill shelter. Foreseeing she's going to ruin their live-release stats for the year, they quickly punt this large, muscular, unfriendly adult pit bull to the city's open-intake shelter, Philadelphia Animal Care & Control (ACCT). There she is named Peggy.

Peggy at intake
Rescuers almost immediately begin marketing her as a cruel victim of breeding and dog-fighting. They take photos showing tiny bite marks on her face as evidence of the fighting history.
In a bout of rescue-on-rescue violence, Chester County Dog Tails (PA) slams PAWS for flipping the dog to ACCT.
It's fairly obvious from the first that she's dog-aggressive.

Locked like an arrow, tail up

Tail up, stiff as a board

lips lifted, growling; unseen volunteers are babytalking in the background, calling her \"mama\" and \"good job!\" - but are also pulling her away the nanosecond she growls
Enough of the backstory and the reality. On to the show.
ACCT Philly releases the rescue-only Peggy to a woman who represents an approved ACCT Philly rescue partner - ie, a rescue group which ACCT Philly has previously vetted and ok'd to pull animals. It seemingly does not strike ACCT Philly as odd that the rescue group this woman represents is a cat rescue.
And then it all falls apart. The dog's aggression becomes unavoidable, and PURR says they're scheduling euthanasia.
And just like that, we're off to the races with rescue hysteria.
First up - a size-minimizing, flattering photo.

Next, we need a victim story.


And here's the full explanation per the founder of the cat rescue.
And here's the enraged back and forth between the PURR founder and a nice rescue lady who wants someone to save Peggy/Nala. The rescue lady goes first, responding to the above comments with
There is misinformation in the post and i am going to delete it. Please feel free to post it elsewhere. I believe \** will have read it by now. I will continue in good faith to try to find a rescue/fosteadopter for nala who deserves the best life possible. I also received information from the foster which has not made me change my opinion of Nala. I am just a dog lover trying in good faith to save a dog who deserves a second chance. The funds are there and many volunteers are working to find suitable safe placement and much needed training. We just need the time. Like you, we were not aware that the need was so urgent. Thank you!*
PURR founder
misinformation????? Are you kidding me?? Just because the facts don’t conform to what you want them to be does not make them untrue. You are advocating for a dangerous dog and you delete a post that lays out all the information? You are reckless and deleting my heartfelt post shows a complete and utter lack of integrity. I hope your followers have enough sense to stop following somebody who would hide the truth.
rescue ladyI don't want to argue with you. I'm stating that that is not the info that was communicated to me from the foster. We all agree that she has issues and needs training. That's what we're trying to get her. Many of the ACCT dogs have done wonderful after decompression and training. Hoping an experienced rescue/adopter steps up so nala can get the help she needs. You read the post from the foster's mother that was from the heart. Peace be with you +++ . I need to tend to some family matters.
PURR founderhow do you not realize the seriousness of the harm that Nala can do? How can you attempt to hide her aggression? Do you not understand how irresponsible that is? She has bit numerous people without any cue and she has driven people to go so far as to jump on a countertop because of her aggression. She has lunged for other dogs simply by seeing them and it is nothing short of a miracle that she was able to be controlled. I spoke at length with the foster tonight. There is no question that Nala has a wonderful side but she also has a dangerous side. She bit the foster’s father in the face! The poor foster has been so broken down by people attacking her and telling her how horrible she is to even consider euthanasia that she is going to have a breakdown. She has done everything possible for Nala, she has given up the last four months of her life to allow her to decompress and she still shows random aggression and unprovoked bites. You are putting human lives in danger by the advocating you are doing that is not telling the whole story.
A new voice jumps in with

this new voice, incidentally, belongs to a member of Your New Best Friend (YNBF) Dog Rescue in NJ.
Hassled PURR Founder responds " you clearly do not understand the situation"
PURR Founder
she has bitten four times since being with a foster. That number is concerning simply on the face of it but it is even more so because the foster lets very few people come to her house anymore because of Nala’s volatility. The foster had to move her own dog to her parents house because Nala attacked him.
PURR founder was pissed.
I have taken screenshots of all of these posts starting from yesterday. If somehow Nala is “saved” and goes on to hurt somebody, I will make it my life’s goal to hold these people accountable. Especially \**, who is not telling the whole truth while she advocates about the situation and dared to delete my post that laid out all the facts.*
Fascinating response from one poster to another poster who was apparently blocked, as her comment is gone
yeahhhhhhhh...that was crazy. I was hearing all of this loud commotion outside and decided to stay safe in the cat room. And my grand introduction to you was having you stumble in like a drowned rat and telling me how you almost were eaten by a dog. That was all I needed to know about that dog.
The upshot was, I believe, that the dog was euthanized.
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2023.06.07 07:31 AutoModerator Watch The Boogeyman Online For Free

Now Is The Boogeyman available to stream? Is watching THE BOOGEYMAN on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming option / service. #TheBoogeyman is a dark drama film written by Katie Silberman. A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets. Showcase Cinema Warwick you'll want to make sure you're one of the first people to see it!So mark your calendars and get ready for a The Boogeyman movie experience like never before. We can't wait to see it too! In the meantime, check out some of our other Marvel movies available to watch online. We're sure you'll find something to your liking.
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So, people who wish to watch the movie free of cost will have to wait for its release on a platform that offers a free trial. However, we encourage our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using illegal means. Where to Watch The Boogeyman? There are currently no platforms that have the rights to Watch The Boogeyman Movie Online. ) MAPPA has decided to air the movie only in theaters because it has been a huge success. The studio, on the other hand, does not wish to divert revenue. Streaming the movie would only slash the profits, not increase them. As a result, no streaming services are authorized to offer The Boogeyman Movie for free. The film would, however, very definitely be acquired by services like Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll.
As a last consideration, which of these outlets will likely distribute the film worldwide?
Is The Boogeyman on Netflix?
The streaming giant has a massive catalog of television shows and movies, but it does not include 'THE BOOGEYMAN.' We recommend our readers watch other dark fantasy films like 'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. ' Is The Boogeyman on Crunchyroll? Crunchyroll, along with Funimation, has acquired the rights to the film and will be responsible for its distribution in North America. Therefore, we recommend our readers to look for the movie on the streamer in the coming months. In the meantime, subscribers can also watch dark fantasy shows like 'Jujutsu Kaisen.' Is The Boogeyman on Hulu? No, 'The Boogeyman' is unavailable on Hulu.
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2023.06.07 07:30 joem8_98 CloudCraft[Vanilla][SMP]{1.20}{Whitelist}{18+}{Mature}

Welcome to CloudCraft! We are a smaller whitelisted SMP focused on a vanilla multiplayer experience, and we are looking for a few more people to join us for our 1.20 reset on Saturday, June 10.
Our server takes some inspiration from HermitCraft and other similar SMPS. Some of our community aspects include a spawn island town (includes starter houses, town hall, shops, etc.), community farms, nether hub, arcade with games, dragon fight event, and more. See below for some images of our past servers. In the past our server has been annually reset for the latest update, followed by 4-6 months of regular server activity (server will stay up the rest of the year until the next reset).
Server Location:California, United States
Version: 1.20 Vanilla
server start date: Saturday, June 10th, 2023
Server Host: performance plus 8GB
Will be added to discord server once accepted
Datapacks:afk display, anti enderman grief, armour statues, durability ping, more mob heads, player head drops, multiplayer sleep, silence mobs, double shulker shells, and wandering trader mini blocks.
We will also be using the simple voice chat fabric mod which simply adds proximity chat on the server. Any other fabric mod used is for server performance only and the experience is still a vanilla SMP.
- No griefing and/or stealing
- No mods/cheating (Mini Maps + Optifine/Sodium are Allowed)
- PVP is allowed only if the other player or players agrees to fight.
- Must use discord and be 18+
- No Duping - TNT “Explosion” Duping is Allowed (e.g. tree farm, auto concrete, world eater, etc.)
Please copy the questions below and reply to this thread or message us directly with your application. I will add you to discord if accepted and you will receive an invite to the discord channel.
Name (that you want to go by):
Minecraft IGN:
Age (18+ only):
Discord username (Ex. UserName#0000) :
Tell us about yourself:
What's your favorite thing to do on a Minecraft serveworld (Ex. Building/Redstone):
Please insert screenshots of your best builds (Can use Imgur, gyazo, etc.):
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2023.06.07 07:30 AutoModerator Daily Polygon Discussion Thread

Hello! Welcome to our daily discussion thread.
Please share the latest Polygon product news & announcement speculations or discuss anything related to Polygon and $Matic in this thread.
Must Read
· Polygon
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· Papers
Read 0xPolygon rules before posting.
Thread and Discussion Rules
· Be respectful. No personal attacks.
· Refrain from baseless speculation, shilling, concern trolling, and referral spamming.
· Repetitive spam about price and price speculation is not permitted.
· Debate is encouraged, fighting is not. Fighting includes name-calling, assumptions of intent, and character assassination.
· If you suspect a problem, please just use the report button. Announcing reports or predicting bans may result in a ban.
If you see any post or comment that violates one or more sub rules, use this link to contact the mod team on Reddit.
Polygon (Previously Matic Network) does not endorse any third party organizations that are named in this and/or any other communication(s). Please conduct due diligence and interact with these organizations at your discretion.
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2023.06.07 07:30 Homelander88 Can superman talk Galactus out of attacking earth?

Galactus shows up to DC earth. No other hero, villain or character gets involved.
Supes and Galactus are placed in an impenetrable dimension where no one else can get involved. Supes has 3 days to use diplomacy and conversation to convince galactus not to attack earth.
Supes is in character and will not offer other planets with sentient life up in exchange. (I put this in place because supes has traveled the universe and knows of thousands of alternate planets).
No fighting or threats allowed.
Can superman convince Galactus to leave earth alone permanently in 3 days?
P.S I've had this question after reading the comic where superman talks to doctor manhattan about life, truth, time, and general philosophy. They have a conversation and superman inspires Doctor Manhatta. Manhattan then reverses all the damage he has done and reincarnates himself as clark kent in an alternate universe in order to become a hero of his own.
submitted by Homelander88 to whowouldwin [link] [comments]