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2023.05.31 10:11 Chapulana Strategies and building through MLB Draft compared to other sports?

With the MLB having the most unique draft process of the four major sports, as even the top-tier prospects take years to make their MLB debuts, which are some of the best strategies for franchises to approach the draft?
In the NFL and the NBA most first-round prospect are first-day-impact guys on the teams that pick them. In the NHL at least some of the elite draftees make the league right off the draft.
But in the MLB, with many years (in most cases) between the draft and the pro debuts in the Majors, how do franchises opt to go with their picks?
Is picking the best player available an optimal strategy and the one with the best odds of turning into a win down the road? Do development get too random to approach drafting that way, instead filling the minors and the gaps in the different teams? Also related to the minors, as far as I know, each franchise has a ton of minors teams at multiple levels, so do they have all of those possible holes into consideration when drafting (like, a top-tier prospect to fill a gap at AAA, a lesser known one for a Single-A team, etc...)?
Or... is the MLB draft just an absolute lottery, in which nobody knows a thing about how it will end up shaping a few years down the road?
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2023.05.30 17:54 Ang3r Top 5 HR Hitters Martingale

Top 5 HR Hitters Martingale
Now that we are around 2 months into the MLB season, I figured that I would try this experiment that I have been thinking of. It goes without saying that I am NOT an expert, and you should only bet within your limits, but I figured I would throw this out there and see if my thinking is sound. Sorry in advance as this is fairly lengthy. I suggest you be familiar with the Martingale strategy before reading this as I will not be explaining it.

I started betting HR parlays with the infamous Teodor87 parlay but wanted something more consistent. This led me to start betting on the top 3-5 HR hitters of the year individually and in a parlay, with modest success and a parlay hit on 5/19, but I figured this could be optimized more. This is where the Martingale comes in. Since HR props are a plus odds bet, this seems like the perfect type of bet to employ Martingale on as your potential profits increase with each miss on the individual hitter.

Let's use Aaron Judge as an example. He consistently seems to have pretty mediocre odds for his HR prop (+180 today, +200 yesterday, +300 5/26, +235 5/25). Let's set his odds at +200 for a low yield and simplicity in the math. Start betting on day 1 since last HR and at 1U.

In order to calculate Profit we need to subtract our Return and our Total Risk. Return is easy. At +200, we will receive 3U back for every 1U bet (2U in profit + 1U original bet back). This starts us off with Profit = (3 x Units) - total risk. Total risk can be tallied fairly easily by addition, but what is the fun in that. Our cumulative risk goes up in the pattern of 1 on day 1, 3 on day 2, 7 on day 3, 15 on day 4...infinity. This can be represented as (2n - 1) where n = days bet since last HR starting at n = 1. This turns our final equation to Profit = (3 x Units) - (2n - 1).

Now let's apply this to Aaron Judge at +200 odds. If he hits a HR on the first day, we are up 2U: (3 x 1U) - (21 - 1). If he misses day one and hits on the second day, we are up 3U: (3 x 2U) - (22 - 1). If he misses day one and two and hits on the third day, we are up 5U: (3 x 4U) - (23 - 1). You see where this is going. In addition to the Martingale, I figure, why not throw 1U every day on a parlay of all the participating players for fun.

The players I will be using for this strategy will be Pete Alonso (NYM), Aaron Judge (NYY), Max Muncy (LAD), Matt Olson (ATL), and Jorge Soler (MIA).

Spreadsheet I will be using to track results
5/30 HR parlay
5/19 Parlay hit
Teodor Parlay hit
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2023.05.30 07:42 Aliceyua War Hero Fen and Chapter 20 - Review

*🔪 Credits for Chapter 20 Maintenance ⚔️ *
_ _
Rayas, were you worried about my well-being? Oh, I was … training.
War Hero Fen
Earth, Human
**STATS** HP - 7843 +1414 ATK - 3289 +648 DEF - 3162 +600 _ _
SKILL 12s CT - 2300% Earth DMG (PHY). Increase own Arts by 50. 300 BREAK ~~~ Artgen on skill, tremendously useful for self-sustainability. 50 unconditional arts is huge, and helps War Hero Fen cycle his various arts easily when paired with a Primary Artsgen unit such as Hart, Emperor, or Juno.
ARTS 26000% Earth DMG (PHY). For 20s, increase Allies' accuracy and Equipment CT REC by 40%. 1300 BREAK ~~~ It cannot be stated how useful EQCT buffs are, enabling full uptime on certain defense equips and helping artgen equips reset faster. Furthermore, it is also accompanied by a 40% accuracy buff, which is somewhat useful as several bosses have evasion.
TRUE ARTS 60000% Earth DMG (PHY). Increase own Super Critical Rate by 20% during this Super Arts. For 20s, increase Allies' Arts by 4/s and Critical Rate by 100%. 1800 BREAK This unit's Arts Gen is Type A and will not stack with other Type A Arts Gen. ~~~ Teamwide crit along with unconditional artgen that stacks with most other units, something that is fairly rare so far, allowing players to slot in DPS units that previously lacked Crit Rate. And a decent TA multiplier as well. 20% super critical rate is a nice added touch, it cannot be too relied upon because of its aleatory nature but it helps buff War Hero Fen’s TA damage output.
SUPER ARTS 160000% Earth DMG (PHY). Increase own Super Critical Rate by 40% and Critical Rate by 100% during this Super True Arts. For 40s, increase own ATK by 100%. 2600 BREAK ~~~ Ridiculously high DPS coupled with a 40% supercritical rate and a long-lasting ATK buff. Outdamages virtually anything else in the game unless the boss has critical resistance, in which case it still deals appreciable damage simply due to how high the multiplier is.
*Super Crits deal 3x damage compared to Crit’s 1.25x. _ _
- When self is Leader, at the start of a Quest, increase Allies' DMG RES by 30% for 45s. Does not stack with Abilities of the same name. ~~~ 30% free DMG RES that is available from the start of the quest with no other effort needed that having War Hero Fen as leader. Most quests will not last the 45s duration with him on board, and for those that do, it gives ample time to set up proper defenses. Note that if cresting other units with him on the team, he will not be able to be leader.
At the start of a Quest, increase Allies' Arts by 50. Does not stack with Abilities of the same name. ~~~ Helps kickstart team arts, whether in a sustain or nuke scenario. Note that this passive does not stack with Dark Fen’s, but does stack with Forte/Draken/NY Milim’s.
Increase Allies' DMG to Enemies with 50% or less HP by 30%. Does not stack with Abilities of the same name. ~~~ Helps everyone finish off enemies faster, especially at low hp when they tend to be most dangerous. _ _
x1 Fragment of Wilkes x2 Fragment of Flogassa x220 Smogdragon Soulgems _ _
Newer players are considered to be those who joined during Chapter 20 release and onwards.
6☆ <:lbphys:650796348194422823>
Newer Players
Relic “Radeus” ["Glowing Dragon" (Fosradius) Giant Boss Farmable] True “IZANAGI” [Sakura Mira True Weapon] Natsu’s Scarf [Fairy Tail Collab Farmable]
True “Ouen” [Airi True Weapon] Debuffing Equipment such as Rishleys Sunset Bikini, True “Dark Bringer”, or True “Shooting Star” Aikuro’s Dotonbori Robo [Kill La Kill Collab Equip Banner] Rem’s Morningstar [Re-Zero Collab Farmable] Izumi no Kami Kanesada [Golden Kamuy Collab Equip Banner]
~~~ Airi’s True Weapon enables ridiculous bursts of damage while offering a passive 20% Phy DMG buff, and consequently is great for both nuking and sustain. Otherwise, using an artgen equip to bring War Hero Fen to 300 arts faster also works. Note that there are few 6-star physical equips that are worth at the moment so there is no rush to unlock the 6-star slot.
5☆ <:lbsupp:650797466354057228>
Newer Players
True “Euthanasia” [WarHero Fen True Weapon] Magisteel-Toe Boots [Phantom Snipers pt.1 (Hart) Side Story Farmable] Lesser Demonheart [Valzandeth Giant Boss Farmable]
True “Euthanasia” [WarHero Fen True Weapon] Any strong teamwide artgen equip (e.g. Melty’s Dress, Fight Club Goku Uniform, Aqua Heartia, Milim’s Clothes, Mikey’s Jimbei, etc.) True “EX Gate” [Leone True Weapon]
Geshpenst Type-0 [Ragsherum Event Farmable] Astral Robe “Axis” [Knights of Blood pt.7 (Leone) Side Story Farmable]
~~~ Fill this slot with the best artgen equip at your disposal, or Geshpenst Type-0/Axis for nuking.
4☆ <:lbsupp:650797466354057228>
Newer Players
Divine Green Staff “Keion” [General Equipment Banner] Blood Crest ”Arc Ignite” [Knights of Blood pt.1 (Berwick) Side Story Farmable]
Fen’s Aloha Shorts” [Summer Seasonal Equip Banner] Blood Crest ”Arc Ignite” [Knights of Blood pt.1 (Berwick) Side Story Farmable] Groitz Groovy Shorts [Summer 2022 Equipment Banners]
Holy Necklace “Dignified Silence” [Palamicia Mines Farmable]
~~~ Bring artgen, preferably teamwide. Dignified Silence can work for nukes.
4☆ <:lbdef:650797237286338589>
~~~ It is not recommended for new players to LB7 War Hero Fen. For veterans who opt to do so, bring a defense equip in accordance to the boss’ element or damage type. _ _
True Weapon - True “Euthanasia”
5☆ <:lbsupp:650797466354057228>
SKILL 30s CT - Increase Allies' Arts by 25. For 15s, increase Human Allies' DMG by 40%. ~~~ Decent instant artgen with a good arts/s rate coupled with a DMG buff for humans. It is a nice option as a permanently available teamwide artgen equip, but ultimately it is replaceable by any other teamwide artgen equip.
ABILITIES When equipped by War Hero Fen, increase own Skill CT REC and Arts DMG by 20%. ~~~ Mild damage buff passive, along with a skill CT buff which will help a bit with artgen from skill.
Increase DMG to Human enemies by 10%. ~~~ A small DMG buff against Human enemies. _ _
Overall Impressions
Arguably the best unit in the game alongside Emperor Isliid, War Hero Fen does virtually everything except healing. While his arts/s output is not as high as some other units, he has a rare artsgen type (type A) that enables him to stack arts with most units, and he will outright have every unit start with 50 arts. He offers accuracy, EQCT and crit buffs, some teamwide DMG RES when leader, and he can also deal ridiculously high damage on top. War Hero Fen is thus an extremely versatile and self-sufficient unit who can fit well on virtually any team. Being able to use three different arts also makes him a much less linear unit than some of the older awakened units who too often spam the same arts over and over again. War Hero Fen breaks this trend, and proper arts cycling will prove invaluable to extract his full potential. Note that while the defense slot is a nice addition, the scarcity of Expert Limit Break Stones makes it so that other future units may be preferable to limit break beyond the standard LB5.
_ _
Main Story Chapter 20 Farmable Equipment Reviews
*4☆ <:lbdef:650797237286338589> *
HP - 0 ATK - 0 DEF - 120
30s CT - For 10s, Increase allies' DMG RES by 20%. If the user is Earth; Additionally, for 10s, increase all allies' Poison RES by 100%. - HP Recovery Amount 5% Up ~~~ Great defense equip with the same amount of DMG Res as Siegel, with slightly better uptime and cooldown. The conditional poison Res is also a nice addition though not as commonly needed. Worse than Siegel on taunt tanks for physical DMG dealing bosses due to Siegel's passive though.
Farm 1-2 to MLB at least.
Majestic Advent - Should You Pull?
Yes, everybody should do the guaranteed multi.
There are a quite a few strong equipment on this banner, with War Hero Fen and Sanstone's TWs being two amazing option. While not quite as good, Groitz's physical equip and the two other Fens TWs are also decent equips to pick up. Do your guaranteed if you have a surplus of crystals
If you need to look here, then you're not a whale.
Alchemy Stones
War Hero Fen is debatably the best unit in the game, this is the best place to dump the alch that you've been saving for months now. It is advised to use your alch before going for pity as alch is more expendable than crystals. If you don't pull War Hero Fen from the guaranteed multi/want to possibly save your pity for the future, throw your alch.
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2023.05.29 18:42 IFTKICS It's getting so hard to be a fan of this team anymore

I jus need to vent somewhere and I feel at such a crossroads. I got back into baseball in 2018, was only a kid during the 13-15 years. I LOVE baseball. I buy and watch any game I can. I watch at work when I'm allowed, I am by all accounts a superfan. I've been optimistic about this rebuild for a while, but it's just getting so much harder. There's nothing to like right now. I feel like I'm being dramatic bcuz their record is still 500, and ik all the good that's been happening recently, but it just never feels like enough. I remember a few years ago we all said they would be competitive in 2023, then it slowly turned to 2024, and now it feels like we're starting to talk about 2025. It keeps getting pushed back. There's so many negatives still and it's so hard to day in and day out watch and hope for something I truly don't believe they will have, success. I love this team so much, sports are really important to me for some personal reasons, I'm not a bandwagon in the slightest, but it takes a toll to watch 4 straight seasons with the best record 66-96, finally have some optimism for the first time, just to have it ripped away once again. Yesterday's game broke me in a way I haven't felt. It's just hard. I don't know how to change my mindset and really enjoy watching when I can't help but feel the pessimism that none of this is gonna work out. This one team makes me lose any interest in watching the 29 others. I know it could be, and has been, worse. I mean look at the A's. I get this is progress but it doesn't feel like it's enough. I just don't know how to see the optimism sometimes. It's hard. It takes a toll mentally when you're such a huge fan and just want to see some success, not even a damn playoff win, I just want to see the regular season matter. It doesn't. I don't know what to do sometimes. Sorry for the rambling, I just need to get these emotions off my chest. How do you guys watch and keep optimism during times like this?
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2023.05.23 13:58 highhoopss Help with mlb data

Hello all, I am reaching out to see if anyone here can help me out. My goal is to generate a daily list of mlb players LEAST likely to get a HR for the games slated that day. I wanted to optimize my chances of winning an “under home run” player props parlay. I guess my first step would be to figure out what batting metrics would contribute to a batter not hitting a home run along with pitcher stats and park factors. I am willing to PAY for the data list per day.
Would i be correct to figure the following batting stats would help?
Batter: Batting average Hard hitting power Park factors (coors field, comerica, great american etc) Total home runs for the season?
Pitcher: Ground ball percentage? Strikeout percentage? Walks?
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2023.05.23 13:45 highhoopss Help with mlb data

Hello all, I am reaching out to see if anyone here can help me out. My goal is to generate a daily list of mlb players LEAST likely to get a HR for the games slated that day. I wanted to optimize my chances of winning an “under home run” player props parlay. I guess my first step would be to figure out what batting metrics would contribute to a batter not hitting a home run along with pitcher stats and park factors. I am willing to PAY for the data list per day.
Would i be correct to figure the following batting stats would help?
Batter: Batting average Hard hitting power Park factors (coors field, comerica, great american etc) Total home runs for the season?
Pitcher: Ground ball percentage? Strikeout percentage? Walks?
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2023.05.17 21:40 TheStandardSuspects [Post Series Thread] The Detroit Tigers (19-22) split a 2-game miniseries with the Pittsburgh Pirates (23-20).

After looking really good in Game One, which featured a Quality Start from Michael Lorenzen and a shutout, the Tigers look completely lifeless in Game 2 as they come apart at the seams. Eduardo Rodriguez had only allowed 2 ER in his 6 prior starts, yet he gave up 4 to the Pirates today. The offense only got 1 hit off of Rich Hill. Tigers wins and losses tend to correlate directly with Javy Baez's performance - they win when he plays well and lose when he doesn't.
The Tigers remain 3 games under .500, but they do have reason for optimism as their next 10 games are all extremely winnable - they'll head to D.C for 3 games, then play a pair of divisional series against the 2nd- and 3rd-worst teams in baseball.
Rich Hill had a phenomenal outing in Game 2, and the Pirates offense was able to punish a normally-elite pitcher. The Pirates climb to 23-20 as they try to stay competitive with the Brewers. Their schedule gets much tougher coming up as they will host the D'backs and Rangers next before heading to Seattle.
Game One
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
PIT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 1 6
DET 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 - 4 10 0 8
Key Moments:
Game Two
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
PIT 0 2 0 1 1 0 4 0 0 8 14 0 9
DET 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 4
Key Moments:
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2023.05.08 23:19 kasutori_Jack 2023 r/baseball Power Rankings -- Week 6: A Tale of Two Streaks as Boston Breaks Through and Pirates Take on Water, Dodgers Remember How to Be a Good Team Again While the Mets Forget (Again), Lots of Movement Outside Very Top and Very Bottom

Hey Sportsfans — it's time for Week 6 of baseball Power Rankings: Please enjoy our baseball numbers.
Every voter has their own style / system and the only voting instructions are these:
"To an extent determined individually, you must take into account how strong a team is right now and likely to be going forward. You must, to some degree, give weight to the events and games of the previous week."
TRANSPARENCY: This link will show you who voted each team where and has added neat statistics!
If something is a little messed up, feel free to pester me let me know.
Total Votes: 26 of 30.
# Team Δ Comment Record
1 Rays 0 This week was nothing special for the Rays as they kept up their normal ~.800 win percentage. Just your normal, pimping a putout, walking off the Yankees, sweeping the best NL team, warm water kind of week. I'm sure you're familiar. This week is a full slate against the AL East, let's hope the trends continue. 28-7
2 Braves 0 6-2 including series wins against the Mets and the Orioles. Really nice week. Getting healthier and healthier. This team can win in so many ways. We get a couple of rest days this week, which come at a good time with multiple players returning from the IL. Keep it going. 24-11
3 Dodgers +6 21-14
4 Rangers +1 The offense is going to win a lot of games for the club this year. The starting pitchers are going to win a lot of games for the club this year. The bullpen is going to blow a lot of those games this year. We're having fun though. 20-13
5 Blue Jays -2 This'll be short, as I'm in Hawaii for my birthday. We did real, real bad against the Red Sox and real, real good against the Pirates. Matt Chapman. Chris Bassitt. Whit Merrifield. Baseball. Mahalo. 21-14
6 Orioles +1 I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the games over the weekend against the Braves. Won the first one and seriously had a chance to win the next two. Bullpen was a little off and some mistakes were made, however having the chance to win 3 games in Atlanta against a really good team shows the Orioles might be for real after all. They are still, let's say, one year ahead of schedule, so there are still a lot of growing pains. Hitting with runners in scoring position is not consistent, there are 3 catchers on the roster for some reason and there is a huge logjam in the infield. I would think the biggest concern right now is Gunnar Henderson. The consensus pre-season ROTY favorite in the AL is batting .176 in 29 games. Yes, he walks, and his defense is good, but right now he looks lost at the plate. There are other prospects crushing it in AAA and the Cardinals sent Jordan Walker down to work things out and he was hitting .274. Look he is 21 years old, and the game is hard. It wouldn't be the worst thing if he gets sent down to figure a couple of things out. Big series against Tampa Bay starts today. 22-12
7 Red Sox +11 Well, losing to the Phillies the day before power rankings makes this a bit less sweet, but still FUCK THAT 8 GAME WIN STREAK INCLUDING A SWEEP OF TORONTO LETS GOOOOO! Somehow playing center field for Boston bestows the power of baseball gods onto whatever old player you throw out there. 34 year old Adam Duvall? 1.030 slugging in 37 PAs. Formerly-hyped-but-now-kinda-washed prospect Jarren Duran? Called up and immediately starts raking in hits, .366 average in 20 games. Hopefully we can keep the momentum rolling for a two game set in Atlanta. 21-15
8 Brewers -4 Milwaukee has lost 6 of the previous 7 games they've played, yet somehow they are still only 0.5 games out of first. I'm definitely scratching my head. Rookie 2B Brice Turang has haad a heck of a week slashing .467/.556/.533 and Christian Yelich might be making me eat a bit of crow hitting .308 since I mentioned him last week. 19-15
9 Twins +1 19-16
10 Astros -2 It's crazy that the Astros just suddenly stopped playing on Saturday night and the game was canceled. Don't think that's ever happened before. The team doesn't look too great right now and pitching injuries continue to pile up, with Luis Garcia as the latest victim. Hope is on the horizon, though: Brantley and McCormick are expected back this week, and Altuve is apparently close to starting a rehab assignment. 17-17
11 Padres +2 As fun as it was to see Tatis bop two homers off Kershaw on Friday, it’s hard to call the series anything but a disappointment, losing 2 / 3 vs LA, with Hader giving up the game tying homer to Mookie Betts, and the Pads losing in the 10th. Still, I’m squinting my eyes a bit, and noticing that over the last two weeks; Manny has an Ops of .970, Tatis has been doing well since he’s started the season, and even Cronenworth’s bat has picked up a bit in the same time frame. It’s not great to be just in the middle of the pack right now, but I still think there’s plenty of room for optimism. It’s gonna take a bit before the allure of getting to watch Bogaerts, Tatis, Manny, and Soto all in the same lineup wear off. 18-17
12 Pirates -6 The Pirates may be improved from 2022, but they're not ready to hang with MLB's best teams quite yet. After scoring 16 runs in a game against the Nationals on April 29, the Pirates have scored a total of 9 runs since then — and the pitching and defense haven't been so hot either. Sweeps at the hands of the Rays and Blue Jays make it 7 straight losses for the Bucs, and I shudder to think how many games this team would've lost the last couple of years had they played in the AL East. 20-15
13 Angels +3 After sweeping a rather hapless Cardinals team, the Angels scored some runs against the Rangers, but gave up a lot more. They allowed 13 runs in the 7th inning or later in the series, a bit more specifically. While the bullpen has settled in some, posting the 9th best ERA in baseball among bullpens, they are also 9th in baseball in meltdowns. It's clear the team could use another arm - or two with the injuries - to really shore things up. 19-16
14 D-Backs +1 The Diamondbacks had a good week by the W/L numbers, but failed to capitalize against a very bad Washington team and let a sweep slip through the fingers. The pitching continues to be an issue. 19-15
15 Yankees -3 A series win in Tampa would have been huge for a struggling Yankees team, and it was surprisingly a very real possibility. Tampa’s a tough team to beat —pepper in some classic Aaron Boone bullpen bungling, a couple costly errors, and the first bad start of Cole’s season, and you’ll drop at least 2/3 every time. All that aside, the offense actually showed flashes of competency this week. With Judge due back Tuesday, hopefully this is a “get right” series vs. Oakland. 18-17
16 Cubs -2 17-17
17 Mets -6 The Mets have played 8 times since my last update and lost 6 times, including a sweep in Detroit and a series loss against the Rockies at home. They are now under .500. Verlander had a solid Mets debut but Scherzer was absolutely torched in his return from suspension - bumping his ERA up to 5.56 on the year. The team heads into another week that should be easy on paper - with series against the Reds and Nationals - if they once again fail to deliver, they'll be looking even more like paper tigers than they already do. 17-18
18 Mariners +2 A 5-1 week vs. two division rivals and the Mariners are finally back to .500 - hopefully a good sign of things to come. Bryce Miller is here and doing pretty great thus far, and the team is slowly starting to pick up their hitting. Oh, and the City Connect unis are out now, I guess (though really they should just make the Turn Ahead the Clock unis a permanent fixture.) Up next: 3 vs. Walker, Texas Rangers, 3 @ Beisbolcats 17-17
19 Phillies -2 Bryce Harper's return saw the move to have Kyle Schwarber hit lead-off like he did in the postseason last year. He proceeded to go 0-19 as the Phillies lost their next 4 to cap a 6 game losing streak. Yay. On the plus side, Stott was moved back to leadoff on Sunday and the Phillies won while Schwarber went 2-3 with a home run. Baseball. Bryce Harper is back and better than ever, and Ranger Suarez should be returning this week. The pitching was atrocious, giving up 36 runs in a 3 game series to the Dodgers while bouncing back for 13 in 3 against the Red Sox. Hopefully it's just a blip in what's been a great season for the bullpen so far, but the starters continue to struggle. Even with Suarez returning and Painter potentially later in the season, the Phillies likely need starting pitching help more than anything. This week: a short two game series against the Blue Jays at home before heading to Coors for 3. Go Sixers 16-19
20 Guardians -1 The Guardians actually won a series this week! I'm hoping this is the beginning of things turning around, but I am still concerned. We aren't getting enough hits or runs, and the pitchers have given up a lot of hits and runs. Crap, that sounded bad. We also blow early leads a lot. I probably shouldn't be complaining. 16-18
21 Giants +2 The Giants took a series @ Houston and vs the Brewers, turning in what was easily the best week of the year. You are allowed to feel happy this Monday and I encourage it because it sounds more fun than hungover which I currently am. 15-18
22 Marlins -1 Im sick and tired of the marlins playing the braves and mets. The braves smacked us yet again and we dropped a series to the cubs after winning a series against chitown last week in miami. thankfully, sandy seems to be trending back up and we know which bullpen arms are gonna be dependable or not. Jazz is somewhat concerning at the plate to start the season but there is plenty of baseball left this year. We got 3 against the sneks in the desert and 3 at home against the reds this week. 17-18
23 Tigers +3 Interesting development yesterday as the Tigers demoted Spencer Turnbull, who's struggled to find his footing coming back from Tommy John surgery. This streaky team (seriously, look at their game log) has had a few more ups than downs recently and is surprisingly sitting in the middle of the AL Central, 3 games out of first place (don't expect this to continue). Last week was fun watching the returns- and losses- of Verlander and Scherzer to CoPa while wearing the wrong colors. This week: 3 at CLE, 3 vs. SEA. 15-18
24 Cardinals -2 The Cards went 1-5, dodging 3 straight sweeps. Sure, they could still turn it around. YCPB. But the situation with Contreras while the team is 11-24 has provided final clarity on John Mozeliak. He's no savant doing his best with what ownership gives him. He's the rot at the core, surviving off a decade of blind luck and generational talents compensating for his endless mistakes. Matheny, Shildt, Marmol. What's the common factor? It's John Mozeliak. Time's up. He and everyone like him in the org must go. 11-24
25 Reds -1 Sometimes I just want to watch baseball and have fun. You know, waking up like this every day can be stress inducing, I just want to drag myself out of bed half asleep and go to work to suffer through a miserable day of mediocrity and come home to watch some fun baseball to unwind. That's all I want. But nooooooo, I had to be unfortunate enough to become a Reds fan so I'm just constantly miserable. Sometimes life just works out that way huh? Sometimes you're sitting at a red light and the radio is playing some st song from someone you've never heard of named Lexi Nova or something and you think "Gee this sounds terrible, who would ever listen to this" and you look around and see a bunch of young people nodding their head to rhythem in the surrounding cars, so oh I guess that's who listens to it, what do they understand about it that I don't? And the song is over after like 2 verses because those same young people need it to make some dumb tik tok or whatever and good god I've been sitting at this red light for like 5 minutes now there's nothing coming why hasn't it turned green yet I'm gonna be late to work. Sometimes life just works that way. You could be sitting at home with the wife and you're arguing because her Dad is being a dick about who's gonna get the house between his 4 children and I personally don't care because his house is like 70 years old and the amount of money to fix it to modern standards is gonna basically the same if we were to just remodel it entirely so what's even the point anyway? And my wife's like "You never even liked my dad all that much" which yeah that's partially true, but I pretended because I loved her, and I'm all like "This isn't about your dad, I'm not sure why you're upset" and then she tells me "You've been way too distant, I want you back". You know sometimes life just works out like that, you're stuck in a soul draining job because you were too lazy to get good grades in high school and you got stuck doing GEDs at a community college that you're now thousands of dollar in debt to. Sometimes it just works like that, and you keep arguing with the wife about how unhappy you are and maybe you should take some time to think things over, we married way too young anyway, I missed out on my prime years because I got in too deep in this relationship which was flawed from the beginning because of our age and now we have a kid I barely spend time with and it's falling apart and I JUST WANT TO RELAX. She storms off to go stay at her Dad's for a bit, I just want to have fun so I turn on the Reds game and they're losing 17-4 Goddammit, fk fk fk. F***k. 14-20
26 Nationals -1 Entering 2023 with a career ERA above 5 is usually not a good sign but Josiah Gray is poving that number to be his past. Gray is currently sporting a 3.03ERA and while his most recent outing at Arizona wasn't the most sparkling of turns (5IP, 3ER), he had 3 Quality Starts in April and has lowered his barrel % to 6.3% (lower than league average 6.8%). He's throwing his slider more and inducing 42% ground balls, much closer to the league average than his previous years in the low 30%. 14-20
27 Rockies 0 The Rockies went 5-1 this week, sweeping the Brewers and taking 2 of 3 from the Mets, which is good on paper. This is kind of my least favorite type of week for the current brand of Rockies, because it inevitably means that my dad is going to call me and say something like, "They're getting hot, maybe they have a chance!" and I have to pretend like they do until they go on their next .200 winning percentage week and dash his hopes. 14-21
28 White Sox 0 This week marked the first time the White Sox won 2 games in a row this year and also marked their first series win. They actually won both series this week. Despite that and despite the 17-4 win on Sunday, they are still 11 games below .500 with a run differential of -54. Probably not ideal for a team that was supposed to be in the middle of their contention window. 12-23
29 Royals 0 John Sherman wants tax dollars for a new stadium, but can't even field a team that can win a series against the A's. The fucking A's. A team whose ownership doesn't give a fuck and isn't trying took two of three from KC. I'd say that's the nadir of the season, but it'll probably get worse. 9-26
30 Athletics 0 8-27
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2023.05.08 17:54 Then_Marionberry_259 MAY 08, 2023 DSV.TO DISCOVERY REPORTS Q1 2023 FINANCIAL RESULTS AND UPDATE

TORONTO, May 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Discovery Silver Corp. (TSX: DSV, OTCQX: DSVSF) (“Discovery” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce its financial results for the first quarter (“Q1 2023”) ended March 31, 2023, and to provide a summary of key events for the quarter and subsequent to quarter-end. All figures are stated in Canadian dollars (“C$”) unless otherwise noted. Discovery’s flagship project is the 100%-owned Cordero silver project (“Cordero” or the “Project”) located in Chihuahua State, Mexico.
  • Completion of our PFS on Cordero that outlined an 18-year mine life with average annual production of 33 Moz AgEq at an average AISC of $12.80/oz AgEq in Years 1 to 12. The after-tax NPV5% was US$1.2 B and the IRR was 28% at base case metal prices of Ag - US$22.00/oz, Au - US$1,600/oz, Pb - US$1.00/lb and Zn - US$1.20/lb.
  • The appointment of Tony Makuch as the Chief Executive Officer; Mr. Makuch has more than 35 years of development, operational and leadership experience. Most recently he was CEO of Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. where, under his five-year tenure, annual gold production grew from 315,000 oz to over 1,400,000 oz and Kirkland Lake’s share price increased over 500%.
  • Completion of a “marketed” public offering for aggregate gross proceeds of approximately C$51.75 million putting the Company in a strong position to deliver on key de-risking milestones as well as the Feasibility Study on Cordero.
  • The graduation to the main board of the Toronto Stock Exchange reflecting the Company’s maturity and growth with Cordero now having advanced to the feasibility study stage.
  • As of March 31, 2023, we had a cash and cash equivalents balance of $37 million.
The Company is currently focused on advancing its Feasibility Study (“FS” or “the Study”) with the objective of delivering the Study in the first half of 2024. Feasibility Study drilling, consisting of engineering drilling, resource upgrade drilling, and reserve expansion drilling, is progressing well with initial drill results highlighting the potential to further grow reserves within and on the margins of the open pit. The sample selection for the metallurgical testwork program is now finalized. This program will target the potential reduction of reagent costs and improved metallurgical performance through further variability testwork. Work on optimizing bench heights and mine equipment sizing with the objective of reducing mining costs will also get underway shortly. We also remain committed to the growth potential of Cordero with 9,000 m of drilling planned this year on property-wide targets. This drilling follows on from significant target generation work the Company has completed in recent years including extensive mapping and sampling work and multiple geophysical surveys.
In parallel to the FS work, the Company plans to advance the construction permitting process for Cordero. The submission of the Environmental Impact Statement (“Manifesto de Impacto Ambiental” or “MIA”) to the Mexican Federal Environmental Department (“SEMARNAT”) is currently planned for later this quarter. Assuming a 12 to 24 month permitting timeline, this would position the Company to make a potential construction decision toward the end of 2024. Of note, on Saturday April 29, 2023, the Mexican government approved a bill amending several laws relating to mining and water concessions. The Company is awaiting further details on these amendments, including publication of the approved laws in the Official Gazette, to determine the impact, if any, on the Company’s operations.
The Company’s Environment, Social and Governance (“ESG”) program continues to be an important area of focus. The 2022 ESG report is scheduled for issuance in 2Q 2023, and key government and international accreditation certifications are planned for completion in the second half of 2023.
Our balance sheet remains exceptionally strong with a current cash balance of over $80 million and no debt. This puts the Company in a strong position to complete the FS as well as other key derisking milestones required to advance Cordero to a construction decision.
Public Offering:
The Company announced on April 19, 2023, that it closed its previously announced “marketed” public offering of common shares of the Company for aggregate gross proceeds of approximately C$51.75 million (the “Offering”). The Offering was conducted by a syndicate of agents co-led by Clarus Securities Inc. and Cormark Securities Inc., and including BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc., Eight Capital, and PI Financial Corp. (collectively, the “Agents”), and consisted of the sale of 43,125,000 common shares of the Company which included the full exercise of the Agents’ option at a price of C$1.20 per Share.
The Company intends to use the net proceeds from the Offering to fund the continued advancement and de-risking of the Cordero Project and for working capital and general corporate purposes.
Further details can be found in the news releases dated April 12, 2023, and April 19, 2023.
Preliminary Feasibility Study (PFS)
On January 24, 2023, we announced the results from the PFS on Cordero. Highlights from the study include:
  • Excellent project economics: Base Case after-tax NPV5% of US$1.2 Billion (C$1.5 Billion) and IRR of 28% (Ag - US$22.00/oz, Au - US$1,600/oz, Pb - US$1.00/lb and Zn - US$1.20/lb).
  • Extended mine life & higher production: 18-year mine life with average annual production of 33 Moz AgEq
  • High margins & low capital intensity maintained: average AISC of US$12.80/oz AgEq in Years 1 to 12 with an initial development capex of US$455 M resulting in an attractive NPV-to-capex ratio of 2.5x.
  • Significantly de-risked Reserve base: new Reserves declared of Ag - 266 Moz, Au - 790 koz, Pb - 2,970 Mlb and Zn – 4,650 Mlb; more than 70% of mill feed in Years 1 to 5 classified as Proven.
  • Exceptional silver price leverage: PFS mine plan assumes only 42% of Measured & Indicated Resource tonnes are processed; clear potential to significantly extend mine life at higher silver prices.
  • ESG/economic contribution: total estimated taxes payable of US$1.2 Billion, a peak estimated local workforce of over 1,000 employees and over $4 Billion of expected goods and services purchased locally within Mexico over the life of the mine.
The PFS was released in conjunction with an updated Mineral Resource Estimate (“MRE”). Further details on the PFS and MRE results can be found in our news release dated January 24, 2023, and in the supporting technical report filed on SEDAR and on the Company’s website.
Feasibility Study drilling
Feasibility Study drilling commenced in Q3 2022 and is expected to be ongoing throughout 2023. The program is anticipated to consist of approximately 50,000 m of drilling related to engineering drilling, reserve expansion drilling and resource upgrade drilling. To date, the Company has released 45 drill holes consisting of 20,000 m of drilling. These initial drill holes were focused on two key areas: 1) expansion of reserves within and beneath the Pre-Feasibility Study open pit and 2) upgrading and expansion of the resource in the far northeast of the deposit.
Reserve Expansion Drilling – highlight intercepts from this drilling include:
  • 77 m averaging 46 g/t Ag, 0.08 g/t Au, 0.7% Pb and 1.4% Zn from 218 m and 22 m averaging 83 g/t Ag, 0.10 g/t Au, 1.8% Pb and 3.2% Zn from 374 m within the PFS pit in areas modelled as low to medium grade in hole C22-656.
  • 96 m averaging 33 g/t Ag, 0.03 g/t Au, 0.7% Pb and 1.8% Zn from 464 m on the margins of the PFS pit in hole C22-654.
    • 32 m averaging 77 g/t Ag, 0.16 g/t Au, 0.7% Pb and 1.3% Zn from 108 m and 39 m averaging 124 g/t Ag, 0.09 g/t Au, 1.2% Pb and 1.9% Zn from 185 m within the reserves pit in the South Corridor in hole C22-677.
    • 36 m averaging 35 g/t Ag, 0.06 g/t Au, 0.7% Pb and 1.7% Zn from 481 m and 27 m averaging 25 g/t Ag, 0.06 g/t Au, 0.6% Pb and 2.2% Zn from 555 m in hole C22-687; these intervals were toward the bottom and beneath the reserves pit in an area previously modelled as waste.
These positive drill results demonstrate the potential to expand reserves through the conversion of waste to ore within the reserves pit and through the expansion at depth of the reserves pit.
For further details on the drill results noted above refer to our news release dated March 22, 2023. Supporting Technical Disclosure for drill results can be found at the end of this release.
The following selected financial data is summarized from the Company’s consolidated financial statements and related notes thereto (the “Financial Statements”) for the quarter ended March 31, 2023, and the Management’s Discussion and Analysis (“MD&A”) for the quarter ended March 31, 2023.
A copy of the Financial Statements and MD&A is available at or on SEDAR at
(1) Non -GAAP measure defined as current assets less current liabilities from the Company’s consolidated financial statements.
About Discovery
Discovery’s flagship project is its 100%-owned Cordero project, one of the world’s largest silver deposits. The PFS completed in January 2023 demonstrates that Cordero has the potential to be developed into a highly capital efficient mine that offers the combination of margin, size and scaleability. Cordero is located close to infrastructure in a prolific mining belt in Chihuahua State, Mexico.
On Behalf of the Board of Directors,
Tony Makuch, P.Eng
CEO & Director
For further information contact:
Forbes Gemmell, CFA
VP Corporate Development
Phone: 416-613-9410
Email: [email protected]
Drill results: all drill results in this news release are rounded. Assays are uncut and undiluted. Widths are drilled widths, not true widths, as a full interpretation of the actual orientation of mineralization is not complete. As a guideline, intervals with disseminated mineralization were chosen based on a 25 g/t AgEq cutoff with no more than 10 m of dilution. AgEq calculations are used as the basis for total metal content calculations given Ag is the dominant metal constituent as a percentage of AgEq value in approximately 70% of the Company’s mineralized intercepts. AgEq calculations for cutoff calculations are based on USD $22.00/oz Ag, $1,600/oz Au, $1.00/lb Pb, $1.20/lb Zn and assume 100% metallurgical recovery and are indicative of gross in-situ metal value at the indicated metal prices.
Sample analysis and QA/QC Program
The true width of the veins is estimated to be approximately 70% of the drilled width. Assays are uncut except where indicated. All core assays are from HQ drill core unless stated otherwise. Drill core is logged and sampled in a secure core storage facility located at the project site 40km north of the city of Parral. Core samples from the program are cut in half, using a diamond cutting saw, and are sent to ALS Geochemistry-Mexico for preparation in Chihuahua City, Mexico, and subsequently pulps are sent to ALS Vancouver, Canada, which is an accredited mineral analysis laboratory, for analysis. All samples are prepared using a method whereby the entire sample is crushed to 70% passing -2mm, a split of 250g is taken and pulverized to better than 85% passing 75 microns. Samples are analyzed for gold using standard Fire Assay-AAS techniques (Au-AA24) from a 50g pulp. Over limits are analyzed by fire assay and gravimetric finish. Samples are also analyzed using thirty three-element inductively coupled plasma method (“ME-ICP61”). Over limit sample values are re-assayed for: (1) values of zinc > 1%; (2) values of lead > 1%; and (3) values of silver > 100 g/t. Samples are re-assayed using the ME-OG62 (high-grade material ICP-AES) analytical package. For values of silver greater than 1,500 g/t, samples are re-assayed using the Ag-CON01 analytical method, a standard 30 g fire assay with gravimetric finish. Certified standards and blanks are routinely inserted into all sample shipments to ensure integrity of the assay process. Selected samples are chosen for duplicate assay from the coarse reject and pulps of the original sample. No QAQC issues were noted with the results reported herein.
Qualified Person
Gernot Wober, P.Geo, VP Exploration, Discovery Silver Corp., is the Company's designated Qualified Person for this news release within the meaning of National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (“NI 43-101”) and has reviewed and validated that the information contained in this news release is accurate.
The most recent technical report for the Cordero Project is the 2023 Preliminary Feasibility Study for the Company’s Cordero project. The report was completed by Ausenco with support from AGP, Knight Piésold and Hard Rock and is available on Discovery’s website and on SEDAR under Discovery Silver Corp. The PFS assumed average life-of-mine recovery assumptions of 87% for Ag, 22% for Au, 86% for Pb and 85% for Zn.
Neither TSX Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies of the TSX Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
This news release is not for distribution to United States newswire services or for dissemination in the United States.
This news release does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy nor shall there be any sale of any of the securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful, including any of the securities in the United States of America. The securities have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “1933 Act”) or any state securities laws and may not be offered or sold within the United States or to, or for account or benefit of, U.S. Persons (as defined in Regulation S under the 1933 Act) unless registered under the 1933 Act and applicable state securities laws, or an exemption from such registration requirements is available.
Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
This news release may include forward-looking statements that are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties. All statements within this news release, other than statements of historical fact, are to be considered forward looking. Although Discovery believes the expectations expressed in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those described in forward-looking statements. Statements regarding the results of the pre-feasibility study and the anticipated capital and operating costs, sustaining costs, net present value, internal rate of return, payback period, process capacity, average annual metal production, average process recoveries, concession renewal, permitting of the Project, anticipated mining and processing methods, proposed pre-feasibility study production schedule and metal production profile, anticipated construction period, anticipated mine life, expected recoveries and grades, anticipated production rates, infrastructure, social and environmental impact studies, availability of labour, tax rates and commodity prices that would support development of the Project. Information concerning mineral resource/reserve estimates and the economic analysis thereof contained in the results of the pre-feasibility study are also forward-looking statements in that they reflect a prediction of the mineralization that would be encountered, and the results of mining, if a mineral deposit were developed and mined. Forward-looking statements are statements that are not historical facts which address events, results, outcomes or developments that the Company expects to occur. Forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs, estimates and opinions of the Company’s management on the date the statements are made and they involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in forward-looking statements include fluctuations in market prices, including metal prices, continued availability of capital and financing, and general economic, market or business conditions. There can be no assurances that such statements will prove accurate and, therefore, readers are advised to rely on their own evaluation of such uncertainties. Discovery does not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statements except as required under applicable laws. The risks and uncertainties that may affect forward-looking statements, or the material factors or assumptions used to develop such forward-looking information, are described under the heading "Risks Factors" in the Company’s Annual Information Form dated March 29, 2023, which is available under the Company’s issuer profile on SEDAR at
The Company has included certain non-GAAP performance measures as detailed below. In the mining industry, these are common performance measures but may not be comparable to similar measures presented by other issuers and the non-GAAP measures do not have any standardized meaning. Accordingly, it is intended to provide additional information and should not be considered in isolation or as a substitute for measures of performance prepared in accordance with IFRS.
The Company calculated total cash costs per ounce by dividing the sum of operating costs, royalty costs, production taxes, refining and shipping costs, by payable silver-equivalent ounces. While there is no standardized meaning of the measure across the industry, the Company believes that this measure is useful to external users in assessing operating performance.
The Company has provided an AISC performance measure that reflects all the expenditures that are required to produce an ounce of payable metal. While there is no standardized meaning of the measure across the industry, the Company’s definition conforms to the all-in sustaining cost definition as set out by the World Gold Council in its guidance dated June 27, 2013. Subsequent amendments to the guidance have not materially affected the figures presented.
Free Cash Flow is a non-GAAP performance measure that is calculated as cash flows from operations net of cash flows invested in mineral property, plant and equipment and exploration and evaluation assets. The Company believes that this measure is useful to the external users in assessing the Company’s ability to generate cash flows from its mineral projects.
Universal Site Links
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2023.05.05 20:19 SaguaroDesert Why would Las Vegas want the Athletics instead of an expansion team?

Addressing perhaps the most common question on this sub-Reddit and on Twitter discussions related to relocation. (Don't shoot the messenger. I'm simply providing a realistic answer. This is not an unanswerable question. The goal is an informed discussion. If you really want to fight relocation, then grappling with strawmen isn't going to do anything.)
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2023.05.04 21:22 TheStandardSuspects [Post Series Thread] - The Detroit Tigers sweep the New York Mets in a 3-game home series, defeating Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander in the process. The Tigers have won every series against non-AL East opponents (5-0).

Detroit climbs to 13-17 on the year. The Tigers are 11-3 in games against non-AL East teams. They are 2-14 vs. the AL East.
Game One - Top of Doubleheader
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
NYM 0 2 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 5 10 0 5
DET 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 - 6 7 2 2
Key Moments:
Game Two - Bottom of Doubleheader
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
NYM 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 0 0 1 5 0 5
DET 2 1 0 3 0 0 0 2 - 8 12 1 5
Key Moments:
Game Three
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
NYM 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 2
DET 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 2 5 0 5
Key Moments:
Just 4 games under .500, the Tigers all of a sudden have a reason for optimism, as they are done with the AL East until just before the All-Star break, and in general they are through the toughest part of their schedule. Next, they'll head to St. Louis with an opportunity to kick the Cardinals while they are down.
Eric Haase this series - 5 for 11, 2 HR, 1 2B, 6 RBI, 3 R. Javy Baez this series - hit his 1st & 2nd HRs of the season.
The Mets fall to 16-16 on the season and will need Max Scherzer to be much better in future starts if they hope to get back on the right track. After starting out the season hot, they've won just 2 of their last 11 games. The good news is that their schedule also gets much easier - they'll host the Rockies for 3 games next, and then they're on to Cincinatti.
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2023.05.04 07:54 Bayan_D40 Top-10 Facebook Gambling Accounts: Marketing on Facebook

Top-10 Facebook Gambling Accounts: Marketing on Facebook
Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and has become a key tool for businesses to advertise their products and services. With over 2.95 billion monthly active users in 2022, Facebook offers a vast audience for companies to target their ads. In recent years, the use of influencer marketing on Facebook has risen in popularity as a way for businesses to reach their target audience in a more personalized and engaging manner.

Why advertise on Facebook?

There are many benefits to advertising on Facebook. Here are just a few of the most compelling reasons to consider Facebook Ads for your business:
Huge audience: Regardless of what business you run, you can find your audience on Facebook. From small startups to large international companies, everyone can find their place on this social media.
Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Monthly active users 2.32 billion 2.5 billion 2.8 billion 2.91 billion 2.95 billion
Targeted advertising: Facebook's advanced targeting options allow businesses to reach their ideal audience based on a wide range of factors, including:
  • Demographic information - factors such as age, gender, income, education level, marital status, and geographic location.
  • Psychographic information - factors such as personality traits, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyle choices.
  • Behavioral Information - factors such as online behavior, search history, purchase history, and social media activity.
  • Contextual information - factors such as the content of the website being viewed, the time of day, and the device being used.
  • Retargeting - involves serving ads to people who have previously interacted with a brand or website.
  • Lookalike targeting - involves identifying individuals who have similar characteristics to existing customers, and targeting them with relevant ads.
Cost-effective: Facebook Ads can be an economically effective way to reach a larger audience, as the ads are shown only to the audience that the advertising is targeted to.
Powerful analytics: Facebook provides detailed analytics and insights on ad performance, allowing businesses to optimize their campaigns for maximum impact.
Wide range of ad formats: From image ads to video ads to carousel ads, Facebook offers a wide range of ad formats to suit any business's needs and objectives.
Despite the fact that properly configured targeted advertising is very effective, Facebook has policies in place regarding iGaming advertising. According to their advertising policies, ads promoting businesses related to iGaming, casino games, sports betting, and lotteries are generally prohibited on their platform, not including state lotteries and regular casinos. At the same time, in certain countries, advertisers may apply for targeted advertising of any type of gambling. To do this, operators need to get written permission from the Meta and provide a license to run an iGaming business.
Targeting is not the only way to advertise on Facebook. And as I wrote in the article - Using Social Media to Successfully Promote iGaming Projects, there are several types of advertising in social media. Influencer marketing and sponsored content can be used on Facebook. I have compiled the top-10 Facebook communities that can be used in the marketing strategy of iGaming business.

Top-10 Facebook accounts related to iGaming

Bleacher Report with 10 550 026 followers.
Bleacher Report's Facebook community is a place where fans of different sports can come together to discuss and share their thoughts and opinions about various sports topics. The community includes fans of different sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and more. Members of the community can post comments, photos, videos, and articles related to sports and interact with other members through likes, shares, and comments. The most popular source of sports content, with a large following on Facebook.
Bingo Blitz with 5 186 919 followers.
The Bingo Blitz Facebook account is the official page for the game on Facebook. Bingo Blitz is a social casino game that is available to play on Facebook. The game was developed by Playtika. Account provides information about the game, updates on new features and events, and allows players to connect with each other and share tips and strategies.
DoubleU Casino - Free Slots with 3 765 855 followers.
The DoubleU Casino - Free Slots Facebook account is the official page for the game and is a popular social casino game that is available to play on Facebook. The game was developed by DoubleU Games, a gaming company based in South Korea. On the page, players can access information regarding the game, stay up-to-date with new features and events, and connect with fellow players to exchange tips and strategies.
PokerStars with 2 618 592 followers.
PokerStars is an online poker company that offers real money and plays money games on its platform. The PokerStars Facebook account provides updates and news about the company, as well as promotions and special offers for players. It also features videos, photos, and other content related to the world of poker. The company is one of the largest online poker facebook communities in the world. Users can interact with the account by linking and commenting on posts, as well as sharing content with their own Facebook friends.
La Gazzetta dello Sport with 2 288 908 followers.
La Gazzetta dello Sport is an Italian daily newspaper that specializes in coverage of sports. It was founded in 1896 and is published in Milan, Italy. The paper has a national readership and is considered one of the most influential sports newspapers in the world. La Gazzetta dello Sport covers a wide range of sports, including football (soccer), basketball, cycling, tennis, and motorsports. The newspaper also provides coverage of other sports and events, including the Olympic Games and the World Cup. It is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis of sports news, as well as its coverage of Italian and international teams and athletes.
In addition to its print edition, La Gazzetta dello Sport also has a digital edition, which includes articles, photos, and videos, as well as live coverage of sports events. The newspaper also publishes a weekly magazine, SportWeek, which provides more in-depth analysis and features on sports-related topics.
La Gazzetta dello Sport has a significant influence on Italian sports culture, and its reporting and commentary are often closely followed by fans, athletes, and industry professionals. It has won numerous awards for its journalism and is widely respected for its coverage of sports news and events. with 2 256 812 followers. is an Indonesian online media company that focuses on sports news, especially football (soccer). They provide the latest news, analysis, and commentary on various football leagues and tournaments, both domestic and international. has an official Facebook account where they share their articles, videos, and other sports-related content.
SPORT1 with 1 617 190 followers.
SPORT1 is a German sports media company that was founded in 1990. The company operates several media outlets including television channels, radio stations, online platforms, social media and mobile applications, all focused on sports news, analysis, and live coverage. It has an official Facebook account.
SPORT1 also uses its Facebook account to promote its TV programs, live events, and other content across its various platforms. The account is generally active, with multiple posts per day, and often engages with its followers through comments and shares. with 1 409 042 followers. is a news website that covers a variety of topics related to New Jersey, including news, sports, entertainment, and more. They also have a Facebook account where they share their content and engage with their audience.
In terms of gambling, covers the latest news and developments related to gambling in New Jersey. This includes updates on the state's online gambling industry, as well as news about Atlantic City casinos and other gambling establishments throughout the state.'s Facebook account also covers gambling-related topics, including sharing articles and videos related to gambling in New Jersey. They may also share information about upcoming events or promotions related to gambling, such as new game releases or special offers from casinos.
PokerGO with over 1 000 000 followers.
PokerGO is a subscription-based video streaming service that provides exclusive access to live and on-demand poker tournaments, events, and original programming. The company was launched in 2017 by Poker Central, a media company that specializes in poker-related content.
PokerGO has an official Facebook account where it regularly posts updates about upcoming events, highlights from past tournaments, and behind-the-scenes content from their original programming. The account also engages with fans through comments and messages.
GIG Gaming Channel with over 1 000 000 followers.
The Facebook page "GIG Gaming Channel" is a gaming channel that focuses on a variety of different types of games, including video games, board games, and tabletop games. The page features reviews, game news, and game-related content, as well as live streams and gameplay videos.
The page also features community engagement, with frequent posts asking followers for their thoughts and opinions on various gaming-related topics.

Tips for using Facebook Accounts related to iGaming

If you are looking to achieve success with popular Facebook accounts related to iGaming, here are a few tips that might help:
  • Collaborate with different influencers or popular groups in the iGaming industry to expand your reach and build your audience. This could include hosting gaming sessions, creating content, video or photos.
  • Identify your target audience and create content that resonates with them. Your target audience could be casual gamers, professional gamers, or fans of specific iGaming genres, for instance, it can be easy to promote online-poker platforms on PokerGo facebook account.
  • Create engaging content that stands out from the rest. Use visually appealing graphics and images, interesting headlines, and compelling stories to keep your audience engaged.
  • Be consistent. Consistency is the key to creating loyal followers on Facebook. Buy ads on a regular basis to be published every day, so your audience will remember your product and will wait for new content from you.
  • Utilize Facebook Live. It is a great way to engage with your audience in real-time. Use this feature to host Q&A sessions, interviews, and gaming tournaments, play roulette live or slots.
Following these recommendations, you will be able to create a successful image of your iGaming product on Facebook, and establish contact with an enthusiastic audience who loves gambling, sports betting, etc.
These 10 accounts represent only a small portion of the total number of similar pages on Facebook. Our research has shown that there are a whopping 1666 accounts on Facebook dedicated to gambling.
Dataset - Gambling/iGaming Facebook Marketing Inventory List 2023, is very convenient for those involved in gambling and looking for ways to promote their business on social media. Since purchasing a ready-made list does not require additional searching and contains information about all pages related to gambling, including not only communities but also influencers, it can help marketers, operators, and iGaming business owners save time and resources.
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2023.05.03 19:49 Arkey-or-Arctander All the articles I've seen shared here (and a synopsis of what info the provide)

Hope this helps folks who are more limited for time and can't search through it all. Feel free to add any more links or interesting snippets that you find. I'm SUPER hopeful that the remark from today's Forbes interview is accurate when it mentions "Franchises, online."
“What we’ve tried to do here is allow for, Do you want to play with the legends? Is that what resonates with you? Well, then that’s there,” Drader said. “Do you want to stay with the classic content? That’s cool, too. Are you all about customization, and you want to make all your friends and family and do your own takes on our game? That experience is there too.”
Players will also be able to see and use some of baseball’s modern developments, like two-way performers and the new extra-innings baserunner.
“The classic Super Mega League exists, so if you just want to play with the classic content, that’s there,” Drader said. “There’s a Legends League, roughly era-based, that’s the simplest way to engage with the licensed legend players.” Players could also start a league purely with the Super Mega gang and have a free agent pool of legends.
There are also a few things that won't be coming to Super Mega Baseball 4. In Super Mega Baseball 3 you could import data from Super Mega Baseball 2, bringing your teams and players from one game into the other—but unfortunately that won't be a feature in SMB4 so players will have to start their teams and leagues over from scratch. Also, trading players between teams in franchise mode, something I've always wanted to do in an SMB game, still won't be a feature, though the sign and release system has been enhanced in SMB4.
"There's a new player retention and loyalty system that drives the mechanic around re-signing players to stay with your team," Drader said. "A lot of people want more agency over which players are going to stick with your team and which ones are going to leave at the end of the season. So, there's a new gameplay system in there."
Throughout the season in franchise mode there will be what Drader calls "manager moments" where you make decisions that can raise or lower the loyalty of players on your team, which will affect the cost of their contracts and how likely they are to want to leave your team at the end of a season.
We had player names being announced for the core Super Mega players on 3. We have that for the Legends too, but like all of the customized player names that you can pick – I think it’s actually into the thousands of names that you can pick – and all of those will be announced in game. So, from a customization perspective, that’s just super cool.
There’s hundreds of new audio clips featuring the audience just making snippy comments about what’s taking place on the field.
Lighting is updated and accurate from different sources, providing a true-to-life environment in every stadium.
Numerous community-requested features have been included in Super Mega Baseball 4 that expand gameplay and improve the experience for all. The previous title’s conditional player trait system has been expanded into Team Chemistry & Expansive Traits (55 new traits have been added for 75 total). Your team’s Chemistry affects the strengths of each player’s individual traits to make roster-building deeper and more important than ever. Other new features added from community feedback include automatic walks, automatic runners, two-way players, expanded bullpens, customizable free agent pools, and more.
“Customization is huge,” Drader mentioned. “I do think we’ve been limited in previous games on the amount of content we’ve had. I don’t know how many times I’ve read requests for more hairstyles and more facial customization options and that kind of thing. I think we’ve brought in a ton of content there and been able to flesh out an area that’s always been a key pillar of the series.”
There are more than 200 licensed players. Drader mentioned Ortiz, Jose Bautista, Hank Aaron, Ruth, Johnson, Mike Piazza, and Bartolo Colon. The full list will be revealed.
The addition of more traits has been linked to the team chemistry system. The makeup of your team influences the manifestation of player traits on the field. This system challenges users to build rosters with players that work well with the overall makeup of your team and mimics some of the real-world challenges team builders face when adding and removing players from their roster.
“You want tiered systems,” Drader said. “It can be the right fit for people who want to play at varying degrees of depth. In this one, step 1 is understanding what the basic skills do and that’s all you need to have success up to a certain level. If you want to dig one layer deeper, you benefit from getting into real-world baseball management tactics in terms of lineup management. Then there’s the layer where you optimize our lineup to maximum benefits according to teams and traits. You don’t need to engage with it, but it’s another layer of complexity that if you want to get into it and up your game, then you dig into it and try to learn it.”
• Franchise mode (1vCPU, 2vCPU, local or online)
• Play or simulate customized Seasons and Elimination brackets, solo or with friends (1vCPU, 2vCPU, 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, CPUvCPU, local or online)
EA Press Release:
Here are the features (no mention about multiplayer franchise unfortunately...)
The game includes an array of new features across foundational modes like Exhibition, Franchise, Pennant Race, Season and Online Leagues including:
Baseball Legends: Over 200 baseball legends are integrated across Super Mega Baseball 4, alongside beloved Super Mega Baseball characters. Play in a league of baseball legends with teams organized by era, or mix things up with Shuffle Draft, a new feature that allows you to draft both Legends and Super Mega All-Stars to create a unique roster.
New Platforms & Cross-Play: Super Mega Baseball 4 is expanding to PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series XS for the first time, including all-important cross-play in Pennant Race and Online Leagues on new platforms, as well as PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and PC.
Top Community Requests: From the brand-new Shuffle Draft deckbuilding-inspired feature, to expanded player traits and a new team chemistry system that add a new layer of strategy; dozens of fan requested upgrades - automatic walks and runners, two-way players, expanded bullpens, customizable free agent pools, and more - combine to add new gameplay depth.
Visuals: Experience authentic, cinematic baseball, powered by new cameras, cutscene animations and lighting provides a true-to-life environment in every stadium.
Audio: New crowd, voiceover, and foley audio give audio throughout the game a big upgrade from home plate to the bleachers. Plus, players will be immersed in the sounds of baseball with an all-new soundtrack with licensed and original music.
New Traits spotted so far
Additional Traits?
Hope that all helps! Please share anything further that's found out there, thanks!
Edited: I double posted the MSN blurb.
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2023.05.02 15:59 blue132 It's finally here!! 2016 roster available now!!

Hello everyone. I'd like to announce a new roster that I've been working on since last year. The 2016 season was a very emotional and meaningful season for me as a native Clevelander. I've always wanted to play an updated version of that roster on a newer game given the possible changes in baseball history. For example, the Cubs were absolutely stacked that year, including their farm system. How might things have turned out if they hadn't traded some prospects for Aroldis Chapman and others for their championship run? Do they have more sustained success?
Most rosters in the Vault are simply guys moved around to different teams with no change in their ratings, ages, contracts, etc. So I set out to create a roster that considered all of those things. It was a painstaking process that I put literally hundreds of hours into, but I believe this is one of the most comprehensive (recent) historic rosters. Because it took such a long time due to having a family and a full-time job, the roster is only available on MLB the Show 21. But, I think it might almost be better that way. Players will have the option to turn off the Manfred runner (not sure if you can in 22 or 23), the DH is still in effect, and Cleveland has not rebranded to the Guardians.
It was a painstaking process, but one that I'm very proud of. I sunk so many hours into researching and documenting the ages, positions, numbers, batting and pitching arms, contracts, service time, equipment, and looks to create, what I think, is a very comprehensive roster for every team. Each player has been tailored to look as close as possible to what they did in 2016 on Opening Day, with some exceptions. Certain players have longer hair or bushier beards now, so I kept those consistent with the present because they're a little more recognizable. Additionally, some players are not in the game that you might expect. As I said, these are based on Opening Day 2016. So Yordan Alvarez is not in the game because he didn't defect from Cuba until the summer. Also, a lot of prominent players now were drafted in the 2016 draft, but they don't appear, either.
The first step in creating this roster was to look up all that biographical and contractual information. I documented all of these stats and future information in a couple of Excel spreadsheets. I then used Daddy Leagues to fill in the ratings for all of the players on the 40-man rosters throughout the 2016 season. Unfortunately, that means that some ratings are a little inflated based on how they played during the season. For example, Trea Turner received numerous upgrades throughout the season, and as a result he is one of the higher rated players on the Nationals. The real challenge was the prospects. I think I did a pretty good job highlighting some of the best prospects from each team for this roster. To do this, I found the first year they appeared in MLBTS and scaled their ratings back based on how long it took them to get to the majors. Guys that were top prospects, like Juan Soto or Ronald Acuna, have much higher ratings (75+) than guys with high upside but who took longer to make it to The Show (Josh Naylor).
One important thing I want to note is that of the potential ratings. Some of you might disagree with some of the potentials for some of these players, and that is likely because we have seen some exceed their potentials or underperform. So, you might see some players and think "that is way too high of a potential for this player," and you're not wrong. But in 2016, I'd argue that Tyler Naquin was more of an A potential player than his arguably high C/low B current potential.
The creation of the players came in 3 steps: 1. See who was already created in the Vault 2. See who was created in MLB 20 3. Find players in the Vault who look similar or have similar facial features to those players that are left.
  1. This was pretty straightforward and accounted for, I'd say, 25% of the players in the roster. This was really nice for me. I simply updated their bio stats and ratings and double-checked their facial stuff and tweaked anything I felt necessary (skin tones, noses, facial haihead hair).
  2. This was definitely the most daunting task, but I think it proved to be worth it. MLB 20 has very good player creation in terms of skin tone and hair color. I honestly think it's better and more accurate to real skin tones than 21's. However, it's impossible to transfer downloaded players from 20 into 21. So, I downloaded all the players I could (HUGE SHOUTOUT TO rfrisbee15 and PuertoRick07 for their many contributions to player creation. Of course, there are many more people responsible, but these were by far the most prominent 2), and downloaded PS Remote Play on my desktop. From there, I screenshotted all of the numerical measurements under "Physical Appearance" needed to recreate the players in 21. It was by far the most complicated aspect of the process, but I think it gave me many more players that look very close to their real-life counterparts.
  3. The third step in the process sometimes went well, and sometimes the results are a little bit of a stretch. By all means, if you download this roster, please give me feedback on how my players look. For steps 2 and 3, I downloaded some player models from Bacon's Fictional Roster that featured the necessary secondary positions, especially the more unusual ones, like 1B primary with 3B and LF secondaries.
Finally, there are placeholders for random players that are simply called "First Baseman," for example. I'm indebted to a user who uploaded a roster complete with all of these players as templates, although I'm sorry I can't remember their name off the top of my head.
I tried to get the Opening Day rosters and lineups as close as possible, but the game doesn't like having only 25 men instead of 26, so when you have to optimize rosters, it changed things slightly. Also, Any players that began the season on the DL, especially those on the 60-day, should be in Single-A ball. Because of the optimized thing, some may have gotten moved back, so I'm trying to figure that out without having to change every single lineup, rotation, etc.
Overall, I'm very happy with how this roster turned out, and I'm hopeful that you will give it a try! Once again, I apologize that it's on an older version of the game, but I'm very excited to see what you all think.
The roster is titled "2016 Opening Day Roster," and my username is IronHand 52.
Thanks for taking the time to read!
Edit: I should also note that because everyone has been created, very few players have their real stats. So, if you decide to do Franchise mode, note that once you get a base hit or strikeout with each player, you will get the "First..." notification.
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2023.04.28 07:47 katabana02 Dress Evaluation: Diabolique Origine Superbia

Q1. passive? triggering self skill 1 or allies' skill 1?

This is a Showcase Video that demonstrate the dress. enjoy!

Diabolique Origine Superbia (ULIGHT/SUPP):
Skill 1: Attack 1 enemy 2 times, each hit has 75% chance to give 2 turn DEF DWN and RES DWN. Increase 30% DMG if critically hit.
Skill 2: Give 3 turns ATK UP and CRIT DMG UP to all allies. Give 3 turns DEF DWN to all enemies. (MLB: Gives 3 turns COUNTER to all allies.)
Skill 3 (passive): Increase 50% DMG when allies attacking if target has elemental disadvantage. Trigger allies skill 1 when they attacking (self not included), only dealing 50% of DMG and cannot activate during counter attack. (MLB: skill 1 triggered by this pasive deal 75% DMG instead.)
Skill 4 (passive): Increase ATK for ALL allies (Limit Break >1, set as spot 1)
Appmedia Evaluation:
My Opinion:
A supporting dress that covers the most basic and crucial buff + debuff, giving you higher flexibility in organizing a team. Her passive also great in increasing overall DPS in a team by triggering skill 1 every time someone made an attack.

Pull opinion:
New players: A powerful support dress that definitely worth rerolling for.
F2P players: A powerful support dress that definitely worth chasing after. May RNGesus ve with you.

Here is an index for future dresses that I have evaluated.
Extra: Banner schedule, Mgmc dress skill DB, Sanahtlig's future dress schedule, Speed table, magiwikia, Official Magicami YT Channel, Appmedia Event page, Sinister 5 page, Banner releasing schedule
extra info for myself:
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2023.04.24 16:59 Cover3_mx MLB: Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Rangers (April 24, 2023)

Pick: Rangers on the moneyline.
After winning 3 out of 4 NBA and MLB bets on Sunday, the week starts with optimism. Specifically, the NBA Celtics -6 bet and the over 238 points in the Warriors vs. Kings were successful. In MLB, the Braves lost but the Padres won on moneyline bets. Today, there are two preferred MLB bets, with one being the Texas Rangers on the moneyline against the Cincinnati Reds. I don't trust the Reds' ability to score runs at the moment.
You can get access to all my sports bets at
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2023.04.24 12:41 Firebll_ Jetscord 3 Round NFL Mock Draft

This is what Jets fans think your team should do/will do, I believe most GMs will reply to you if you leave a comment on this post.
Explanations for picks/trades are not in bold, trades are at the bottom of the message
Link to the spreadsheet: 1:
Pick 1.01: Carolina Panthers- Anthony Richardson, QB, Alabama Pick 1.02: Houston Texans- Bryce Young, QB, Alabama Pick 1.03: Atlanta Falcons- CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State- Stroud was the QB available at #3. I believe he can be a great franchise cornerstone as I do not place Desmond Ridder in very high regards. Pick 1.04: Indianapolis Colts- Will Levis, QB/Mayo Eater, Kentucky Pick 1.05: Seattle Seahawks- Will Anderson Jr, EDGE, Alabama- To me, the easiest decision in the draft. Anderson lost some hype this past season playing more inside than he had in 2021. Yet he was still better than most in rushing the passer and stopping the run. To me he is the best edge prospect since Bosa and will provide an elite chess piece that will make an instant impact on the playoff Seahawks. Pick 1.06: Detroit Lions- Jalen Carter, DL, Georgia Pick 1.07: Las Vegas Raiders- Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon- After all the Qbs went early I decided that the best path for the team was to pass on qb this year and to work on building the rest of the team, especially the defense. I noticed that the only guys signed long term were Maxx and Davante, so I decided to try and add a premium asset onto the secondary which has been a weakness for a while. Pick 1.08: Arizona Cardinals- Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois- Traded out of 3 to 8 and took someone who I think is able to become a shutdown corner in the NFL, while also acquiring a first round pick from the falcons. Arguably BPA imo, and I also loved watching Witherspoon too. Frame is my lone concern, though I think even that goes overstated. I love his coverage & ball skills, especially watching him in man coverage. Not to mention, I liked his tackling abilities. He is EASILY my CB1 and I was overjoyed to draft him at 8. Pick 1.09: Chicago Bears- Paris Johnson Jr, OT, Ohio State Pick 1.10: Green Bay Packers- Brian Branch, S, Alabama- I picked the best safety in the class to help a pretty poor Packers secondary Pick 1.11: Baltimore Ravens- Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, Ohio State- My main objective with the first pick was simple- get JSN. If the Ravens FO wants Lamar to stay, they gotta get him some help. And the draft has shown year after year that it provides elite WRs on cheap contracts. The trade may be tough to swallow, giving up a 2024 1st, but I expect to be in contention next year. Also, the Titans’ 2nd could be a high pick as well. Pick 1.12: Houston Texans- Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern Pick 1.13: Pittsburgh Steelers- Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia Pick 1.14: New England Patriots- Nolan Smith, EDGE, Georgia- Absolute freak on nature that BB would see as a moldable piece of clay. Nolan is an incredibly responsible defender in that he rarely ever gives up the edge, and while BB will likely need to teach him better technique to get quick wins in pass rush situations, he’s got the tools to develop into a nightmare off the edge. He honestly shouldn’t have been here. Pick 1.15: New York Jets- Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee- I feel like this one is going to be hotly contested, but for me this was a no brainer. I have Wright as OT3 for the jets and was very happy to snag him at 15. From my POV if we’re trading for a 40 year old qb we need to add pieces who can contribute immediately. Most have Broderick Jones at OT3 and while I think he has a higher ceiling than Darnell Wright, I prefer Wright because I feel like he can start at RT tomorrow. Jones wasn’t available at 15 anyway, but just my line of thought behind the prospect evaluation. Pick 1.16: Washington Commanders- Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas Pick 1.17: Philadelphia Eagles- Lukas Van Ness, EDGE, Iowa Pick 1.18: Detroit Lions- Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech Pick 1.19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Myles Murphy, EDGE, Clemson Pick 1.20: Seattle Seahawks- Joey Porter Jr, CB, Penn State- I know the Seahawks have one great corner but why not add another? The one/two combo of Woolen and Porter Jr will keep passing offenses in check. Either these two will provide an extra second for Will Anderson to get a sack or Anderson forces a toss up to one of the two young stud CBs. Love his play in man to man, believe he will be a problem for NFL receivers off the line in press man. Pick 1.21: Los Angeles Chargers- Bryan Bresee, DL, Clemson Pick 1.22: Tennessee Titans- Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College- Our wideout core was arguably the worst in all of 2022. Treylon was hurt, Woods and Westbrook-Ikhine offered virtually nothing. While there is some cautious optimism with Kyle Phillips being good, our WR core added no one and looks even worse than it did last year. The solution was either drafting JSN or trading down to barter more capital, with an added risk of someone I like being there. That he was. Zay Flowers is a dynamo on the field, with savvy eccentric route running, crazy body control, lightning speed and elevated YAC ability. Really nice complement to Treylon that can hopefully get open for us.Pick 1.23: Minnesota Vikings- Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland- It was an easy choice for me. I felt the EDGE, and IDLs available were better off in the next round. It came down to WR and CB. I could easily partnered JJ with a high end WR partner but getting a CB now seemed more so the right move. Pick 1.24: Jacksonville Jaguars- Dalton Kincaid, TE, Utah- TE in the first isn't cool anymore but he'll play that hybrid TE/slot role that teams love and allow them to move on from Engram after next year. Pick 1.25: New York Giants- Quentin Johnson, WR, TCU Pick 1.26: Dallas Cowboys- Jordan Addison, WR, USC Pick 1.27: New Orleans Saints- Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame Pick 1.28: Cincinnati Bengals- Calijah Kancey, DL, Pittsburgh- Too good of a player to pass up at this point in the draft even though the Bengals perhaps had more pressing needs. Cincinnati has the bodies in house on the interior to mask his weaknesses in the run game. What he brings they desperately needed though as DJ Reader and BJ Hill aren’t known for being top shelf pass rushers. Kancey is undersized but comes in with a leverage advantage and a surprisingly already advanced assortment of pass rush moves that will make life for linemen hell on passing downs. Has enough explosiveness and quick twitch to be deployed reps on anywhere on the line too. Pick 1.29: New Orleans Saints- Will McDonald IV, EDGE, Iowa State Pick 1.30: Philadelphia Eagles- Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Mississippi State Pick 1.31: Kansas City Chiefs- B.J. Ojulari, EDGE, LSU
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Round 2:
Pick 2.32: Seattle Seahawks- O'Cyrus Torrence, IOL, Florida- Sent 52, 83, 151 for 32 and 241. Seahawks are making a push with Geno and have the high capital to really add immediate contributors. Ken Walker is going to love the best pure guard in this draft. Torrence is a big bad man who provides plus protection in the passing game as well. The Seahawks are ok on the outside with some youth in Cross and Lucas. Completing that interior will allow them to unlock KW a little bit more. Pick 2.33: Houston Texans- Mazi Smith, DL, Michigan Pick 2.34: Arizona Cardinals- Tuli Tuipulotu, DL, USC- Production doesn’t lie. He’s an EDGE/IDL hybrid, and has shown GREAT pass rushing potential, racking up 13 sacks, proving to be a bright spot in a bad USC defense. I believe that him slimming down to 266 was massive for him because not only does he play his best at EDGE while also showing quality reps at IDL, he can also add onto his Arsenal of power rush moves by adding more versatility with his slim down. He is turning 21 in September, so lots and lots of time for him to develop. Love his floor and also his ceiling Pick 2.35: Indianapolis Colts- Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee Pick 2.36: Los Angeles Rams- Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma Pick 2.37: Seattle Seahawks- Joe Tippmann, IOL, Wisconsin- The trenches are complete. Tippman can stand a bit tall at times but he was the best center in college and the Seahawks, with Torrence, will have almost a whole OL from the last two classes. Tippman is a great run blocker and pass blocker. His incredible athleticism will make him a beast at the second level. Pick 2.38: Philadelphia Eagles- Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Alabama Pick 2.39: Carolina Panthers- Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia Pick 2.40: Buffalo Bills- Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio State Pick 2.41: Tennessee Titans- Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina- For the sake of talent, I couldn't NOT make this pick. Cam Smith is a phenom showcasing immense lockdown coverage, giving receivers hell, albeit needing some things cleaned up with his dirty tendencies. Our secondary was ranked 31st (in part to injuries), and there's no such thing as too many good corners. Cam Smith, SMB, Fulton, RMac and the corpse of Caleb Farley is a really nice CB core. Pick 2.42: New York Jets- John Michael Schmitz, IOL, Minnesota- I said folks might be critical of Wright at 1.15. I don’t think anyone will be critical of this one. John Michael Schmitz is an interior lineman who is ready to take on a starting role day one. Might not be sexy, but I’d expect him to be a league average or better starter for years to come. Submitted this pick in about 4 seconds. Pick 2.43: Green Bay Packers- Josh Downs, WR, UNC- Helping Jordan Love Pick 2.44: Atlanta Falcons- Steve Avila, IOL, TCU Pick 2.45: Tennessee Titans- Cody Mauch, IOL, North Dakota State- Unlike the last Bison that the Titans drafted (Mister Radunz), Mauch is a natural fit at a position that we so desire. A former tight end, the two toothless demon is tough, uber athletic and a mauler in the run game. Developing his technique in the pass game with plus athleticism to recover from mistakes, paired with an outstanding senior bowl showing really impressed me. His length is subpar to play tackle, but in a pinch, he can be the right guy. Pick 2.46: New England Patriots- Julius Brents, CB, Kansas State- BPA here was Drew Sanders on my board, but you guys do not need a MLB that bad and after taking Nolan R1, there didn’t seem to be a need to convert him to a hybrid edge. My next thought was Keeanu Benton, but looking at the board I figured one of Benton, Dexter or Ika would make it to 3, and I was almost correct. Benton went 1 pick in front of me. Why Brents? Another freak of nature athlete for the position. As a CB his tape screams physicality and power from the CB position. He’s a very hard hitting DB capable of pressing or dropping into zone. He has the longest wingspan ever measured for the position in the history of the combine. His COG skill are borderline elite and there's even talk of him moving to S. He’s another moldable piece of clay that BB would love. Pick 2.47: San Francisco 49ers- Antonio Johnson, S, Texas A&M- Armed with only three 3rd round picks something has to be done to acquire more to try and complete fixing the team. This pick was acquired in trading away Trey Lance. While Safety isn't top 2 need, it is a need. Johnson fits more as a FS but is fluid in the positions. Pick 2.48: Detroit Lions- Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa Pick 2.49: Pittsburgh Steelers- Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas Pick 2.50: Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson Pick 2.51: Miami Dolphins- Matthew Bergeron, OT, Syracuse Pick 2.52: Pittsburgh Steelers- Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia Pick 2.53: Chicago Bears- Felix Anudike-Uzomah, EDGE, Kansas State Pick 2.54: Los Angeles Chargers- Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State Pick 2.55: Detroit Lions- D.J. Turner, CB, Michigan Pick 2.56: Jacksonville Jaguars- Tyler Steen, OT, Alabama- Went with what I felt was BPA here. Also, Walker Little can't be the entire plan at RT for a team entering its competition window. Pick 2.57: Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Clark Phillips III, CB, Utah Pick 2.58: Dallas Cowboys- Gervon Dexter, DL, Florida Pick 2.59: Buffalo Bills- Sam LaPorta, TE, Iowa Pick 2.60: Cincinnati Bengals- Blake Freeland, OT, BYU- Interesting developmental prospect at a premium position who has a lot of tools to foster encouragement that he could potentially be a Tackle of the future for the team. Moves very well, is really long, extremely explosive as his frame allows him to generate a lot of inertia in the run game working both forward and laterally. Needs to add more to his upper half to be able to maximize his anchor and play strength to become a complete product and not have exploitable weaknesses pass protecting. 9.83 RAS score. Has drawn a lot of Mike McGlinchey and Kolton Miller comparisons in terms of frame and athleticism. Similar positive and negative traits the aforementioned had as prospects, but at a late 2nd round price. Pick 2.61: Chicago Bears- Siaki Ika, DL, Baylor Pick 2.62: Las Vegas Raiders- Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington State- There were a few guys that looked great at 38, but given that we are waiting to get the qb next year I decided that we would be better off taking more shots on building the team rather than taking one premium shot. I liked Henley because of his athletic prowess as a defensive convert from WR, which give him good ball skills. Pick 2.63: Kansas City Chiefs- Jaxson Kirkland, OT, Washington
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Round 3:
Pick 3.64: Chicago Bears- Luke Wypler, IOL, Ohio State Pick 3.65: Houston Texans- Tyrique Stevenson, CB, Miami (FL) Pick 3.66: Washington Commanders- Jaelyn Duncan, OT, Maryland Pick 3.67: Denver Broncos- Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee Pick 3.68: Denver Broncos- Jordan Battle, S, Alabama Pick 3.69: Los Angeles Rams- Garrett Williams, CB, Syracuse Pick 3.70: Las Vegas Raiders- Derick Hall, LB, Auburn- Hall was a guy whose fall surprised me. He is crazy athletic and powerful, and I think he can be a versatile piece for Patrick Graham to work with. I see him as a standup OLB, but he can also pass rush in nickel situations. Pick 3.71: Pittsburgh Steelers- Adetomiwa Adebawore, EDGE, Northwestern Pick 3.72: Green Bay Packers- Tucker Kraft, TE, South Dakota State- Give Jordan Love more help Pick 3.73: New Orleans Saints- Keion White, EDGE, Georgia Tech Pick 3.74: Cleveland Browns- Zack Kunts, TE, Old Dominion Pick 3.75: Atlanta Falcons- Keeanu Benton, DL, Wisconsin Pick 3.76: New England Patriots- Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma- I almost had benton, but this was a great consolation prize. I have Mims rated a ton higher than most. Last year I was the world’s biggest supporter of Tyquan Thornton, largely because everytime I turned on his Baylor tape I saw a tall, lanky WR blocking his ass off for a team that ran the ball twice as much as they threw it. While the whole world only saw a rail-thin flanker with small hands and a 4.28 40 time, I saw a dude with heart who combo blocked on the edge to set up a teammate for a long rushing TD. I like Mims in large part because of heart. Yes he has a great 40 time, but he played both slot and out wide, blocks in the run game and catches well in traffic. He’s the type of receiver you’re missing on the roster currently, and unless the plan is to play Marcus Jones on offense (not the worst plan TBH), he will fill a role immediately. Pick 3.77: Los Angeles Rams- Zach Harrison, EDGE, Ohio State Pick 3.78: Philadelphia Eagles- Ji'ayir Brown, S, Penn State Pick 3.79: Indianapolis Colts- Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina Pick 3.80: Los Angeles Chargers- Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA Pick 3.81: Detroit Lions- A.T. Perry, WR, Wake Forest Pick 3.82: Carolina Panthers- Andre Carter II, EDGE, Army Pick 3.83: Buffalo Bills- Isaiah Foskey, EDGE, Notre Dame Pick 3.84: Miami Dolphins- Henry To'oTo'o, LB, Alabama Pick 3.85: Las Vegas Raiders- Olusegun Oluwatimi, IOL, Michigan- Olu was probably the pick I liked the least in the draft. When I passed on 38 and moved down I gave up on getting that top tier of IOL, and since our Guard situation was a disaster with Parham last year that was something we had to invest in. At the point I took Olu I felt he was the best guard available but i def don't love the pick Pick 3.86: Baltimore Ravens- Byron Young, EDGE, Tennessee- Losing Calais Campbell will suck. With Lamar and the offense mostly set, I wanted to work on the defense and my 2 priorities were CB (Marcus Peters is not good) and EDGE. A lot of CBs were off the board, and Young had fallen a bit down the board, so I just took the good player at the position of need. Pick 3.87: Minnesota Vikings- Kayshon Boutte, WR, LSU- I was wanting an EDGE player here but the one I was targeting was taken just 3 picks earlier. Remembering that WR was still a high need and a previously thought of 1st rounder was sitting right there. Boutte has his problems but he should be a solid player running opposite JJ. Pick 3.88: Jacksonville Jaguars- Tre Hawkins III, CB, Old Dominion- This guy 100% won't be picked this high but I wanted to give him some shine anyways. Elite size/athletic testing and enough film guys I like on Twitter have said nice things about him, so yeah, he's my guy Pick 3.89: New York Giants- Eli Ricks, CB, Alabama Pick 3.90: Dallas Cowboys- Kyu Blu Kelly, CB, Stanford Pick 3.91: Houston Texans- Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee Pick 3.92: Arizona Cardinals- Tyjae Spears, RB, Tulane- Yes, James Conner is still on the team, but I believe that Tyjae was someone I could NOT pass up on. He reminds me of Tony Pollard, whom is a quality runningback. Love his agility and shiftiness, and he adds great skill to a cardinals team that is in need for talent addition. His pass blocking skill is somewhat iffy due to his size, but I’m not concerned with that because I just love his overall prospect profile. Not to mention, he was the heart and soul of a NY6 winning Tulane team. Pick 3.93: Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Chandler Zavala, IOL, NC State Pick 3.94: Philadelphia Eagles- Emil Ekiyor Jr, IOL, Alabama Pick 3.95: Kansas City Chiefs- Deuce Vaughn, RB, Kansas State Pick 3.96: Arizona Cardinals- Xavier Hutchinson, WR, Iowa State- great physical receiver who is someone that I believe is able to become a reliable in one on one, and also 50/50 plays. His build is adequate. I love his ability to run routes too, and how he can operate in most schemes, while also being an overall balanced wideout is why I favored him over other guys on the board. Pick 3.97: Cincinnati Bengals- Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan- Was really hoping to get Kayshon Boutte here as if the Bengals plan to pay Tee Higgins, JaMarr Chase, and Joe Burrow then not only is Tyler Boyd likely a goner after the season, they’re also going to have to get really cheap at the skill positions elsewhere. Liking the depth of this WR class to get a potential Boyd slot replacement later, I went with a Tight End I feel good about in Schoonmaker. The best way I can really describe his tape is just sound and solid. He offers one of the best combinations of athletic ability and blocking ability in this entire TE class and could make it so that TE isn’t a revolving door in Cincinnati for the next 4+ years. He won’t make many guys miss but he understands how to play football the right way and can be a really solid complimentary option for Cincinnati both as a pass catcher and a blocker which in turn would allow him to be on the field as much as the core offensive pieces. In the receiving game he moves well and understands how and where to find the soft spots in the zone. In the run game he has enough athleticism and body control to take on the majority of assignments and play in a variety of alignments. Pick 3.98: Cleveland Browns- Jonathan Mingo, WR, Mississippi Pick 3.99: Buffalo Bills- Nathaniel Dell, WR, Houston Pick 3.100: Las Vegas Raiders- Moro Ojomo, DL, Texas- While Moro played 5 years in college he still isnt an "old" prospect as he enrolled at 16, and he has been a versatile piece for the Longhorn defense over the past few years. He is a bit of a tweener but I have faith in Graham to figure out his role in the defense whether that be bulking him up for a DT spot or putting him in our now deep edge room Pick 3.101: San Francisco 49ers- Josh Whyle, TE, Cincinnati- TE depth is one of the biggest needs on this team. Kittle isn't young anymore but is still a good player. Having a player that Kittle can help mentor and develop to be his replacement was the play here. While Whyle has some decent flaws there is much to like. Pick 3.102: Washington Commanders- Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson, CB, TCU -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jets gets: Aaron Rodgers, Pick 15, 2024 3rd if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play in 2024- My goal for executing the rodgers trade wasn’t necessarily to “win the trade”, but rather execute a trade that I felt was realistic. For what it’s worth, this is not the trade I personally had in mind. The trade I proposed was 2.43 and a 2024 conditional pick with escalators. I actually think my offer was better for the packers, but I did not want to argue with their GM. As you’ll see in this mock, he’s a bit of a… let’s call it a wild card. Either way, I feel this is a moderately realistic trade. On to the picks. Packers gets: Pick 13, Pick 43, 2023 6th
Falcons gets: 1.03- Once I saw that either Bryce Young or CJ Stroud would be available at the third pick, I had made the decision to trade up and grab a QB of the future for the franchise. The cost of the trade was only a next year's 1st round pick, and with our FA acquisition and picks this draft, I am confident the Falcons can contend for the division in a weak NFC South. Cardinals gets: 1.08, 2024 1st
Packers gets: 1.10 Eagles gets: 1.13, 3.78
Baltimore gets: 1.11, 2023 4th, 2024 2nd Tennessee gets: 1.22, 2024 1st, 2024 3rd
Pittsburgh gets: 1.13 Eagles gets: 1.17, 3.80
Arizona gets: 3.92, Jonah Williams Bengals gets: 3.66, Kelvin Beachum- Felt like this swap was adequate for a frustrated Jonah Williams on a 1 year deal remaining to move up to high 3rd premium capital and get a solid placeholder in return. Also have confidence in some of the pieces in house at RT. Collins is recovering from his injury but I thought Jackson Carman played well replacing Jonah in the playoffs last year. Beachum also provides another body in the room who is steady and has a long track record of playing Tackle at a requisite, mediocre level.
Washington gets: Trey Lance, 3.102 San Francisco gets: 2.47, 5.150, 2024 3rd
Eagles get: 2.38 Raiders get: 2.62 and 3.80
Bills gets: 2.40, 3.71, 4.115 Saints gets: 1.27, 3.91
Pittsburgh gets: 2.52, 3.83, 5.151 Seahawks gets: 2.32, 7.241
Packers gets: Deandre Hopkins- extra help for Jordan Love Cardinals gets: 2024 3rd
Washington gets: 3.66 Bengals gets: 3.97, Brian Robinson Jr- RB was one of the needs for the Bengals and once I saw Washington take Bijan early I felt like it would be a good idea to inquire about Brian Robinson Jr. Was impressed by his film last year once he returned. Tough, physical runner who always falls forward for extra yards. Good vision and ability to cut. Will fit into Cincinnati’s new gun run power gap system they seem to want to run now. Will give you more than Joe Mixon who according to Warren Sharp led the league in rushes against light boxes due to Cincinnati’s propensity to play 3 wide and still out of 41 RBs, ranked 36th in YPC, 39th in yards after contact, 34th in explosive run rate. Robinson will give them more juice and exuberance.
Packers gets: 3.72, 2023 7th, 2024 3rd Tennessee gets: 2.45
Giants gets: Devin White, 5.175 Tampa Bay gets: 2.57, 5.160
Pittsburgh gets: 3.71 Bills gets: 3.83, 5.151
Saints gets: 3.73 Houston gets: 3.91, 5.146
Chargers gets: 3.80 Las Vegas gets: 3.85, 5.156
Carolina gets: 3.82, 5.175 Tampa Bay gets: 3.93, 4.114
Bills gets: 3.99 San Francisco gets: 4.115, 5.137
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2023.04.20 23:03 WagerTalk Betting the MLB - How to Optimize a Same Game Parlay Goldsheet

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2023.04.13 22:55 mynamestartswithCa Best Gaming Monitor to Buy in 2023

If you are looking for the best gaming monitor to buy in 2023, then you are in the right place.
In this thread we will make the decision easier for you.

1) LG UltraGear 27GL83A-B Gaming Monitor

This is the best gaming monitor overall.
The LG UltraGear 27GL83A-B stands out as the best overall gaming monitor, boasting a stunning 27-inch QHD (1440p) IPS display that delivers breathtaking visuals with vibrant colors and sharp details. Its 144Hz refresh rate provides buttery-smooth gameplay and motion, giving you a leg up on the competition. With the added support for G-Sync compatibility, this monitor ensures a tear-free gaming experience, keeping you immersed in the action like never before.
The LG UltraGear 27GL83A-B also features an ergonomic design that allows for easy adjustments to ensure the perfect viewing angle. Moreover, this monitor offers low input lag and quick response times, ensuring that your gaming performance is never compromised. With its ideal balance of high-resolution visuals, ultra-smooth refresh rate, and adaptive sync technology, the LG UltraGear 27GL83A-B is the ultimate choice for gamers seeking an unparalleled gaming experience.
-Stunning 27-inch QHD IPS display with vibrant colors and sharp details
-144Hz refresh rate provides smooth gameplay and motion
-G-Sync compatibility for tear-free gaming experience
-Ergonomic design for easy adjustments and perfect viewing angle
-Low input lag and quick response times for uncompromised gaming performance
-Solid stand with wide, thin footprint
-Fantastic image quality with near-perfect color accuracy
-Excellent menu navigation via joystick on the bottom
-Compatible with standard VESA monitor arms
-Slight anti-glare for easier daylight use
-Stand base is fairly large and takes up space
-IPS glow can be distracting in darker scenes

2) AOC C24G1 Gaming Monitor

This is the best budget gaming monitor.
The AOC C24G1 is a fantastic choice for gamers seeking an affordable yet high-performance monitor that delivers impressive results. The 24-inch curved 1080p display with a 1500R VA panel ensures outstanding color accuracy, deep blacks, and an immersive viewing experience. The monitor's 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time provide smooth and responsive gameplay, while the FreeSync technology ensures a tear-free experience, making it the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy fast-paced games without compromising on image quality.
Not only is the AOC C24G1 a budget-friendly option, but it also boasts features often found in more expensive models, such as a sleek design, HDR color for bright and vibrant visuals, and G-Sync compatibility. The monitor's curve enhances the field of view and peripheral vision in FPS games, offering an immersive experience. With its adjustable stand, you can easily find the perfect viewing angle for your gaming setup. If you're in the market for an exceptional monitor that won't break the bank, the AOC C24G1 is the one to look for.
-Unbeatable price for what you get
-144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for smooth and responsive gameplay
-Excellent color accuracy for a VA panel
-FreeSync technology for a tear-free experience
-Sleek design with HDR color and G-Sync compatibility
-Curved display enhances field of view and peripheral vision
-Great build quality and easy to change settings
-Buttons are hard to see and take time to get used to

Check our Best Gaming Keyboard list

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Check our Best Prebuilt Gaming PC list

Check our Best Gaming Mouse list

Check our Best Gaming Chair list

3) ASUS VG28UQL1A Gaming Monitor

This is the best monitor for PS5.
The ASUS VG28UQL1A is the ultimate gaming monitor designed to bring out the best in your PS5 gaming experience. With its stunning 4K resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate, and full HDR support, this 28-inch monitor ensures every game you play looks and feels incredibly lifelike, with crisp visuals and seamless gameplay. The PS5 truly shines on this monitor, providing unmatched performance for titles such as Modern Warfare 2, Rocket League, and MLB the Show, all of which boast stunning graphics and smooth, fluid motion.
Aside from its remarkable technical prowess, the ASUS VG28UQL1A also offers excellent build quality and a vast range of settings for you to customize your gaming experience. Its perfect 28-inch screen size delivers an immersive experience even when seated just a couple of feet away. For those serious about getting the most out of their PS5 gaming sessions, the ASUS VG28UQL1A is an investment that pays off with years of unparalleled visual excellence and unrivaled gaming satisfaction.
-Immersive PS5 gaming experience
-Stunning 4K resolution
-120 Hz refresh rate
-Full HDR support
-Excellent build quality
-Customizable settings

4) GIGABYTE M27Q Gaming Monitor

This is the best 1440p gaming monitor.
The Gigabyte M27Q stands out as the best 1440p gaming monitors available, offering an unparalleled gaming experience at an affordable price point. Its 27-inch IPS Super Speed panel boasts a 170Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time, which virtually eliminates ghosting and provides buttery smooth gameplay. The monitor's compatibility with both G-Sync and FreeSync ensures tear-free gaming for both NVIDIA and AMD graphics card users. The vibrant colors, exceptional contrast, and crisp image quality make this monitor a top choice for gamers seeking a visually impressive and immersive gaming experience.
Not only does the Gigabyte M27Q deliver fantastic performance, but it also comes with a host of additional features that enhance its overall appeal. With its 10-bit color support (8-bit+FRC), the monitor provides a rich color palette that brings games to life, while its HDR capability, albeit limited, offers a surprisingly pleasant gaming experience. The minimal backlight bleed and IPS glow, along with the BGR subpixel layout that renders sharp text, make the M27Q an exceptional monitor for both gaming and everyday use.
-Good for gaming with 1440p resolution and screen estate
-High refresh rate of 170Hz
-0.5ms response time
-IPS panel with great color reproduction
-Compatible with both G-Sync and FreeSync
-Minimal backlight bleed and IPS glow
-Comes with a KVM switch
-Adjustable height
-Includes all necessary cables
-BGR subpixel layout (may not matter to some users)
-Requires tinkering for optimal brightness and color ratio
-HDR capability is limited (HDR 400)

5) LG 27GL850-B Gaming Monitor

This is the best 1440p 144hz monitor.
The LG 27GL850-B is a remarkable 27-inch gaming monitor that boasts stunning visuals with its 1440p resolution and 144hz refresh rate. This display provides a noticeable upgrade in picture quality from a standard 1080p monitor, allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite titles with crisp, vibrant colors and a buttery smooth gaming experience. The monitor's wide color gamut and fast response time make it an excellent choice for both casual and competitive gamers who are looking to elevate their gaming setup.
In addition to its impressive performance, the LG 27GL850-B features a sleek design with minimalistic height-adjustable stand and a modern OSD with a nipple joystick for easy navigation. The monitor is also equipped with a range of connectivity options, including dual HDMI, Display Port, Headphone Out, and dual USB 3.0 Ports. If you are looking for a gaming monitor that strikes the perfect balance between outstanding visual quality and top-tier gaming performance, the LG 27GL850-B is an excellent choice that is sure to impress and enhance your gaming experience.
-Stunning visuals with 1440p resolution and 144hz refresh rate
-Wide color gamut and fast response time
-Height-adjustable stand and modern OSD
-Multiple connectivity options including dual HDMI and Display Port
-G-Sync and Adaptive-Sync ready
-Short power cord and clumsy alignment for multiple monitors

6) SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor

This is the best 240hz monitor.
The SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 stands out as a top-of-the-line 32-inch, 1440p gaming monitor with an impressive 240Hz refresh rate, ensuring that it delivers stunning visuals and a buttery-smooth gaming experience. With no visible ghosting, the Odyssey G7 guarantees that fast-paced scenes and movements remain crisp and clear, regardless of the frame rate. Its 1000R curvature is designed to match the natural curve of the human eye, providing a comfortable and immersive viewing experience for gamers.
In addition to its remarkable performance, the Odyssey G7 offers user-friendly customization options through an intuitive menu, allowing users to easily tweak picture settings to their preference. It also supports HDR 600, offering a notable improvement over HDR 400 in terms of color accuracy and contrast. With its sleek design, handy features such as a headphone holder, the SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 is a fantastic investment for any serious gamer seeking a high-quality gaming monitor that offers both performance and reliability.
-240Hz refresh rate for buttery-smooth gaming experience
-High-quality imagery with stunning visuals and no visible ghosting
-User-friendly customization options for picture settings
-1000R curvature for comfortable and immersive viewing experience
-1440p resolution with 32" size screen
-VA panel provides great black level and contrast
-Fast and responsive with close to 1ms response time
-Curved display takes some getting used to and may be distracting for some users
-Stand takes up a fair amount of desk space and is almost as wide as the monitor
-Firmware update from Samsung is necessary

7) BenQ MOBIUZ EX3210U Gaming Monitor

This is the best 4k 144hz monitor.
The BenQ MOBIUZ EX3210U is an impressive 4K gaming monitor that boasts a range of features, making it the perfect choice for next-generation console enthusiasts and PC gamers alike. One of the standout features of this monitor is its HDMI 2.1 connection, which allows for stunning 4K resolution at a smooth 144Hz refresh rate. This ensures that every game you play will look crisp, vibrant, and incredibly detailed, providing a truly immersive gaming experience. The monitor's auto switch functionality works flawlessly, seamlessly transitioning between different input sources as needed.
Another noteworthy aspect of the BenQ MOBIUZ EX3210U is its built-in speaker system, which delivers surprisingly good sound quality for a monitor, making it suitable for both gaming and casual TV viewing. The monitor comes with a user-friendly remote control, making it easy to adjust settings and access various menu options.
-HDMI 2.1 connection for 4K resolution at 144Hz refresh rate
-Built-in speaker system with good sound quality
-User-friendly remote control
-Fast response time
-Eye Care settings for blue light and flicker-free technology
-HDRi technology for enhanced movie viewing experience
-Colors and contrast may not be as vibrant as some high-end monitors

8) SAMSUNG Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

This is the best ultrawide gaming monitor.
The Samsung Odyssey G9 is an extraordinary monitor that brings the future of ultra-wide displays right to your desk, with its incredible 32:9 aspect ratio and stunning 1000R curvature. The immersive experience it provides is truly unmatched, making it perfect for productivity, gaming, and multimedia purposes. The aggressive curvature wraps the display around your field of view, making it not only visually appealing but also comfortable and easy to adapt to, even for extended periods of use.
This state-of-the-art monitor is packed with advanced features that make it future-proof, ensuring it will remain a valuable asset as technology continues to evolve. The Odyssey G9 offers seamless performance with its 240Hz refresh rate, FreeSync support, and impressive HDR mode, making it perfect for demanding games like COD and Destiny 2. With a Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor, you can expect a top-notch experience that elevates your home office or gaming setup to new heights, all while providing incredible visual quality and an unparalleled ultra-wide experience.
-Immersive ultra-wide experience with 32:9 aspect ratio and 1000R curvature
-High refresh rate of 240Hz and support for FreeSync and G-Sync
-Plenty of desktop space and great for productivity
-Good response times and minimal input lag
-Good picture quality with high brightness (1000 nits)
-Dual DisplayPort
-Heavy and may require assistance to move
-Some issues with firmware updates and driver compatibility

9) Sceptre 30 Gaming Monitor

This is the best curved gaming monitor.
Sceptre's curved gaming monitors offer an unparalleled visual experience, making them a top choice for gamers seeking immersive gameplay. With its ultra-wide 30" display and stunning 2560x1080p resolution, the Sceptre C30 ensures you never miss a detail, while the 200Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time provide buttery smooth motion and minimal ghosting in even the most fast-paced gaming scenarios. Competitive gamers, especially those playing FPS titles like CS:GO, will definitely notice the difference in performance and fluidity compared to standard monitors.
In addition to its top-tier performance, the Sceptre C30 curved gaming monitor comes with several gamer-centric features that make it a fantastic value for its price. Its built-in speakers provide solid audio quality, and the multiple pre-set display settings, including those specifically designed for gaming, allow for easy customization of your visual experience. Moreover, FreeSync support helps ensure seamless synchronization between the monitor and your GPU for tear-free gaming. With a combination of high-quality visuals, impressive performance, and convenient features, the Sceptre C30 is an outstanding choice for gaming enthusiasts seeking a curved monitor that delivers an exceptional experience without breaking the bank.
-Great gaming screen with ultrawide width
-Good picture quality with standard VESA mountable
-Competitive price
-Built-in speakers are decent
-Multiple preset display settings, including those designed for gaming
-Good viewing angles and color accuracy
-200Hz refresh rate provides smoother gameplay
-Low monitor height can cause discomfort for tall people

10) ASUS VG248QG Gaming Monitor

This is the best 1080p gaming monitor.
The ASUS VG248QG is a top-notch gaming monitor that delivers an exceptional 1080p experience, perfect for those seeking a smooth and immersive gaming session. With a refresh rate of 165Hz and 1ms response time, this monitor stands out for its buttery smooth performance and outstanding responsiveness, making it ideal for eSports and competitive gaming. The NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility ensures that you experience minimal screen tearing, further enhancing your gameplay.
In addition to its remarkable gaming performance, the ASUS VG248QG also excels in color accuracy, displaying 16.7 million vibrant colors that will elevate your visual experience. The adjustable stand allows you to swivel, pivot, and adjust the height, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic setup. This monitor is not only perfect for gamers but also for professionals working with graphic design, thanks to its clear picture quality and precise colors. With its combination of excellent performance, impressive visuals, and budget-friendly price, the ASUS VG248QG is undoubtedly a great investment for those in search of an exceptional 1080p gaming monitor.
-Exceptional 1080p gaming performance with 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time
-NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility for minimal screen tearing
-Good color accuracy with 16.7 million vibrant colors
-Adjustable stand for comfortable and ergonomic setup
-Ideal for both gaming and professional use
-Relatively high power consumption

11) BenQ EX2780Q Gaming Monitor

This is the best gaming monitor for xbox series x.
The BenQ EX2780Q is a fantastic gaming monitor that offers an immersive gaming experience, particularly for Xbox Series X players. This monitor stands out with its exceptional image quality, incredible color reproduction, and smooth performance, which is vital for players who enjoy fast-paced games such as first-person shooters. The impressive HDRi feature enhances realism in games, bringing out the details in grass, foliage, and other natural elements, making the gaming experience much more captivating. The monitor is capable of delivering [email protected] with VRR and HDR checked simultaneously for the Xbox Series X, giving gamers the ideal balance between resolution and refresh rate for an unparalleled visual experience.
In addition to its exceptional gaming performance, the BenQ EX2780Q also boasts remarkable sound quality, thanks to its front-firing speakers and included subwoofer. This makes it ideal not just for gaming, but also for enjoying YouTube, Spotify, and other multimedia content. The monitor's super dark backlight, minimal backlight bleed, and excellent uniformity further contribute to its impressive image quality. With the added convenience of a handy remote control, this monitor is an excellent investment for gamers seeking top-notch visuals and sound. Whether you're a competitive gamer or someone who appreciates stunning graphics, the BenQ EX2780Q is a fantastic choice that will undoubtedly elevate your gaming experience on the Xbox Series X.
-Smooth performance and fast refresh rate ([email protected] with VRR and HDR)
-Impressive HDRi feature enhances realism in games
-Built-in subwoofer and excellent sound quality
-Great for xbox gaming with no issues with input lag, motion blur or ghosting
-IPS display with fast refresh rate and response time
-Aesthetically pleasing and looks professional
-Ambient sensor to adjust screen brightness
-No built-in USB 3.0 ports
-Peak brightness isn't as high as expected
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2023.04.12 19:59 BankerXLifter What is the goal for the 2023 season?

This is the one question I’d ask the front office and ownership. As a lifelong A’s fan it’s hard to stomach this BS. It’s only week 2 of the season and this team is hopeless. The start of the season should be full of optimism and potential. I’m hopeful the experience our young guys get will help them later into their careers but at this point what positives can they take with all this loosing? We kept the opposing team under 10 runs, we had a starter go 5 innings lol this is a joke. Their confidence must be shot. We’re only 11 games in lol. We actually spent a little bit of money this off-season but this team still can’t hit and now of pitching is getting shelled most nights. I love baseball as well as the A’s but it’s painful to be the laughing stock of the MLB.
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2023.04.07 00:14 groucho7 What projections site would you use if you only played MLB cash games and want an on-site optimizer

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Today’s guest is Kelly Starrett!
To listen to the episode, please go to:
Kelly is a coach, physical therapist, author, and speaker. Along with his wife Juliet, Kelly is co-founder of The Ready State. The Ready State began as MobilityWOD in 2008 and has gone on to revolutionize the field of performance therapy and self-care. Kelly received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2007 from Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, California.
Kelly’s clients include professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. He also works with Olympic gold-medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world-and national-record-holding Olympic lifting and power athletes, CrossFit Games medalists, ballet dancers, military personnel, and competitive age-division athletes.
Kelly is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers Becoming A Supple Leopard and Ready to Run. He is also co-author (with Juliet) of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Deskbound. His latest book, Waterman 2.0, offers water-sport athletes a comprehensive guide to optimized movement and pain-free performance.
Kelly and his work have been featured on 60 Minutes, The View, The Joe Rogan Experience, CBS Sports, Outside Magazine, Men's Health, Men's Journal and dozens of other podcasts, magazines, and books — including Tim Ferriss' The 4-Hour Body and Tools of Titans.
On top of co-founding The Ready State, Kelly and Juliet also started San Francisco CrossFit and StandUpKids together.
Founded in 2005, San Francisco CrossFit was the 21st CrossFit affiliate in the world. And StandUpKids is a non-profit dedicated to combating kids' sedentary lifestyles by bringing standing and moving desks to low-income public schools. To date, StandUpKids has converted 95,000 kids from sitting to standing. Earlier in their careers, Kelly and Juliet also co-founded a kayaking camp for children with HIV called Liquid.
In his athletic career, Kelly paddled whitewater slalom canoe on the US Canoe and Kayak Teams. He lead the Men’s Whitewater Rafting Team to two national titles and competed in two World Championships. In his free time, “KStar” likes to spend time with his wife, Juliet, and two daughters, Georgia and Caroline. He also loves to mountain bike, paddle, and sauna. And while Kelly claims to only “tolerate” the ice bath, according to Juliet he actually likes that, too.
The Ready State is the world's most comprehensive collection of guided movement, mechanics, and mobility instructional videos. Renowned physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach, and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kelly Starrett and his expert staff will guide you through each routine.
TRS Virtual Mobility Coach provides users guided mobilization videos customized for your body and lifestyle, including a personal “pain prescription” to fix your aches and stiffness, guided pre and post-exercise mobilizations tailored for your training and sports schedule, and mobilizations for your “off” days to maintain your range-of-motion and reduce your risk of injury.
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